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II HIVlh4 (UUr, Cauda exosptsd,, by
'. norsiacoBS. ;
TBI ttxni PKISflli delivered to subscribers In
Ulnolnnatl, Oovln(ton Mid Newport, and eur.
I rosndlnl cities and town), at tha ex..
r: 1 - tremelr low price of
nmw MAiuiia: .
Blnfl oop he te. I month tOo.s I mouths 1 1 rees li.
Jobr A. liinn, J ,..... Jola bww and Bteaator.
The but six nights of
Mist Eliza Koean'i
TBI8 KVKMNQ, January 23, wUl be presented
th celebrated play cf
Farthenie....M. ..........."MIs'lGll's Logan
lDgomAr.MtittMitiMMMMMtAr. Lansuon
rolydor.................... .,..............Mr. Dnnn
TitnfcTi-h . . Mr. Bead
Acteh.. .--.--.-.-'...--..."Mrs Gilbert
To conclude with tha areas and magnificent Ori
ental Spectacle called
, iVi''" ALADDIN J . ' y
'i 2 ' ? Oe, Till WoHDiBTDb Lamp. '
Aladdin ....... ..............Hiss Kffis Ellsler
Kasrao (the dumb slave)............... Mr. Xllsler
Alanagar (a magician).....-............ Langdon
FrincoM.,..,,.,...............--........MIs Annie Waits
Kolutdia Mlia Fanny Denbam
Aniron Miaa Amelia JCvorett
filing Mustapha... .........Mrs. Gilbert
In consequeoce of the dully applications for the
historical play of "Tonnaint L'Overture ; Or, Tbe
Insurrection of Haytl," the manager will forthwith
make the necossary efforts for its early and brilliant
proatiction. ' '
PiuTinri.An NnTirm. The doors will osen at 6K
o'clook. and the performance sonimencs precisely at
7 o'clock, during this groat attraction.
Pbiou or Admission Dress Uirolo and Farquette,
encentei Uallery, scents.
John Bates.,
Prootletor and Manager
W.8. Irwin.
Altibatiok or Pbiom, Tickots for Ladle and
Children, Dress Circle, 2acts.; Family Circle, 23 eta.;
uoioreu boios, jo cis,; uaiiery, iu cis.
Another new drama to-nlght.
military Execution Or, The (Manet King.
To conclude with the new
THIS EVENING, January 2i,
Ob. Tax Signet Binii.
The Kins Mr. Allen
Adelhert ........Mr. W. Carter
ltosalie...... ....... ....Urs. Vanderen
NOTKJK. Tradesman and othors are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
THH NKW NATIONAL IlOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, In now open for tha recuption of guests,
Uoonia can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals ltirmsned at an uours.
H. N. Pike., t St Si tt Hfl IMNMIOHH tSSS t t t s Proprietor.
r. B. Conwy................,. Stage Director.
J. Jr. Herbert
Second weak of those established favorite!,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence.
THIS KVKNINQ, January 29. will be presented
tha comic drama, written by the late Tyrone Power,
P.nilAAn fVRn.ff.rtT Mr. Florence
ttouut Main..... Mr. Ball
Margaretta., Miss Monroe
Nina .., . Miss Froetor
To coaolude with the beautiful Protean drama,
written by Mr. W. J. Florence, entitmu
In which Mrs Florence will appear In five different
character!, with Bonus, Dances, do.
Tim Mr. Florence
' ttWIn active rehearsal, an original bnrlesque,
written cxprwiiy lor air. aim mm. w. riorenco,
: Anri nlitvpfi li thnni with the moet nnbonnded suo-
oesa at Wallack'a Theater for upward ot ri fly-three
, aucccsslre nigtits, entitled liAiiijA. nuu&n. , ,
M R -W....,l.T.Anl. vnnn. lailt.a fnr tllA hal
' lot. Apply at the Box-office, between the boors of
' V) A.M. and 2 P.M.
,; Bmxui, Hotioe. All person! am respectfully re-
Quested to retrain Irom loud or improper iangu,
yelling, whistling, orany other conduct calculated to
iliHtnrh tin mndlpiicA nr vtolatA the rulea of deoorum.
I'BicEaor Admission. Parqnette Ulrcle, Pttrw.uette
and Balcony, to cents; Amphitheater, 25 cents;
A'rivate uoxea ior eigix parsone, 90.
Doors open at t o'clock : commence at 7M.
BPIIOTIi'lJLLy announces, that in compliance
with the invitation of a large number of citizens, he
will rnAt hi. Cnnrsn nf Six Illustrated Lectures on
Geology and tho Natnral History of Creation ; the first
Loctnre being illustrated by Experiments in Natnral
Philosophy, at SMITH k NIXON'S HALL, com
mencing THUB8DAY KVKNINO, January 28.
Second Lecture, FRIDAY EVENING, January
27. and continue as per future notice.
The whole Course will be given in the above Ball
PROGRAMME. LtcruRB ON. Evidence of Design by the Crea
tor, in the structure of lbs Solar and Terrestrial
Lictubb Two. Igneous Condition of the Interior
ol the Kurth. Causes of Volcanoes, Earthquake
and the Elevation of Continents aud iilnnds. Cora-
, position and Position or Rocks. Gold Deposits,
GuarU Veins and Formations of California,
i Lbotubb Tubei. First Oroated Animal Life.
Ulnssiflcation of Bocks by Fossil Remains found in
Lkctpbb FotiB.-Ooal Beds: how tha Coal wai pro
dnced, with proofs that all Coals, Graphite) and the
Diamond, are of Vegetable origin.
Lictubb Fivi.-The Period of Reptilea. Organ lo
rsmnlnsof myriads of Animals that existed on the
earth and in the leas millions of years bofore the
creation of man. The warm-blooded Animals.
Mastadon and Mammoth Period. ...
Leotubk Six.-Tba Present Order of Animals, with
Man and Woman. Age of the Earth. Agreement
of the Biblical and Geological Chronology. The
Harmony of Geology with the Moeaio Account of
Creation. . ....
Allusions will be made, and some interesting facts
stated, with regard to the Geological formation of
the Copper Regions of Lake Superior, with remarks
on California. Its Geology, M ineral worth, Gold and
Mercury Minos, from one year's Geological observa
tion In that country. v
Each of the Lectures will be illustrated by the ex
lilliition of a series ot lane and splendid Paintings,
which cover over three thousand foot of canvas, and
were executed at a cost of over (4,000. The' nSn;
sent Volcanoes, California scenes, Coral Islands, Coal
Vegetation, Reptiles and Monsters of tho deep, Anl
mni. nf th. ni-A.1aniirA wnrld. wflvm-blooded Ani
mals, and tho Human Race, being representatives of
me enure anisnai creation. m '
It is universally admitted that a view of these
' Paintings alone is worth more than the price of the
whole Course. ,
Dr. Boynton has concluded, that during his Course
of Lectures, he will devote the latter part of one
evening to an exhibition of his great Iron Galvanlo
Battery, and give a series of startling and brilliant
experiments, Illustrating Its power. The season
Tickets to hla Course on Geology will tAmS admit to
this entertainment.
Tickets for the Course (six lectures), 76 cents; Pu
pils of Schools to the Course, 33 cents; single admis
sion, W cents,
Tickets lor tule At W. fl. Peters A Bon's Music 8 tore.
Hiuith Nixon's Piano Ware-rooms, and at the Hall
on the evening of the Lectures.
Doon open at 7 o'clock; Lecture to commence at
VM. . J-"U
National Hnll, Tlne-ttreet, m
The lessons are so arranged that
Inner can
commence as any lime.
pupils of the Western Female Seminary, Ox
ford. Ohio, bv Miu Biarv I!. Adams, and Illustrated
with a fino view of the Seminary Buildings. Price,
juconis. juart uhuhuh. jr.,
jalfi No. 66 West Fourth-street,
ArraiKBU ior nine, 17 raor, BUUlflS. wuub
rwAtitituI Litbograph of the New Masonlo Building.
Just published by JOHN CHURCH, JR., v
d3i 66 West Fourth-street.
Bel luff at.lliiiMr cent, less than anv
other House In this city, and first-class instruments
at that. Do not bur an Instrument nnttl yon hav
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door aast of
i tiiui.soutn sine. jjttnriNu tuiv..
Piano Makers, aid Sealers la Virst-cUsi lnstru.
tnents. eel) tf
EiccIior Fluid Ink.
Mannftctory, Vine Bt .14
lhaa ever. Great sac rifle of i.i 1
, Melodeons , Violoncellos
.Guitars, Banjo Htrlngs.Trlra IU ar-v-wtI
iss, Ac, during the Holidays. U U If If U
01. 2. NO. 135.
LA - ! ... .
j 1
' j. Arf"- rift rwSv ' " f ' :"
IiTttii MkAVT. Bight Express, 1:40 A. If .; Accom
modatiSi, 2Ab r. at. I Day Express, :85 7. m.
Oui'o asi ilisiiMiprT. :25 a. a.; U:4f a..sl( 10:15
r.m. '
Ai n. ioi F. s:mp. a. i saur, m.
M.ain-r. 1 Oi.ni .!. 11120 L. BT.I 1:92,. H.
Littib Mum.-Day Kxpress. 1M0 A. . Acoom
modatlon, iAO r. M.) Nltfht Express, f. n.
iBDIANArOLII AND ClNOUUIAtl. 8t50 A. M .g 12:49 F.
Ohio ad Bisissim.-7:J0 A.n.i r-.Mp.n.) 7:M.w.
a.m.; iu-.uu A.H.; a:wr. h.; "
Mabistta and Ciiioiati.-9:;0a.ii.; ttiOp. .
BlOBHOND AND IsniAjAfom. 6.W A. it.; 1:40 . St.
aVA loi ota been purchased it Rlohmoaa,
Va., for Seaman'i Bethel.
-Thi number of deathi la Brooklyn, N.
T., last week was 128.
rIn Italy, tbii winter, tut nurcary hu
been eleven dsgreei below zero. . . ;
Th first railroad In the United Statei
was oontttuoted in 1831. , .
pS'The number of intermentt in St. looli
daring the patt week was leveaty-eight.
' "Let the light beam en me," aa tie
fellow laid when a toantling itruck hU.
pS'K dead king la his ooantry, for ii he
not a king-dumi t
flgrOtiW the sweet uies of Prosperity, the
sweetest ia in knowing how to use iu
A nap of China, made one thouoand
yean before unrist, 11 urn in exutonce.
g There are a thousand handi at work
upon the mobile ana uoio aauroaa.
$r The matoleeof the human jaw produce
a power equal to four hundred and thirty-four
pounds. .
J After a tongue has once got the knack
Of lying, 'tn not to do imagines, now lmpot
ible it is almost to reolaim IU
gtrlt yon wish to offer your hand to a
lady, the best time is wnen ene, is gelling
out of an omnibus.
There is many a man whose tongue
jiiigDs govern iuuikiiuuvB, u uo uvuiu, vuijr
govern bis tougae.
Ellen Bulger, a girl of twelve, fell
into a vault in Bt. Louis the other day, and
was smothered to death.
J5 Pierre XV Bene, an elderly French
gentleman, aeatroyea nimsoii recently in new
I org, on account i nis lii-neutn. -
Verdl'i utiw open, "Aroldo," wai a
failure at Naples, although the principal parts
were sung by ezooLient artists.
fiS The large cafe oalled Eldorado, in
Paris, near the Boulevard St. Denis, is about
to be transformed intv a uoater.
A young man named DeWitt, of East
New York, was shot on Sunday morning, by
sit, atta, wno diibiook aim ior a ourgtar.
Mr. Ball, the Boston Sculptor, is en
gaged on a colossal statue of Washington,
wnion is to be piaoea in tna jsoston uommon
jTn the time that men waste in bewail
ing the pervereeness of their fortune they
oouid gain a competency.
jj-Charles J. Foster, formerly of the Co
Iambus Ohio Stateman, has, it is said, written
a very creditable novel.
iZar-The Italian hand-organ grinders of
V . 1 1 ! 1. 1 G'ltL . - I I 4 1 T
DOSton nave Buoscriouu 90 w aiu mo jjaw
rence sufferers.
flE9Catharlne Pendorgast, ayoanc woman
fell through a hatchway in New York, a day
or two since, ana wen Kiuea.
Anegto boy at Plymouth, N. C, at
tempted to commit suicide a few days sinoe,
under the innuence or aisappo'itsa love.
ttThe Boston Pott says that the fur trade
of that city Is very brisk. One lady paid
$i,2uv tor a bbdio oape.
fl"Iilbraraiei are the shrines where all
the relics of the anoient saints, full ot trne
virtue, and that without delusion or impos
tore, are weserved and reposed.
S&- A woman in South Troy, N. Y., has
given birth, within thirteen months, to two
pairs of twins, all of whom are alive and doing
' OS" T. Oilmore Sims is to deliver the ad'
dress 00 the occasion of the inauguration of
Mills 1 equestrian statue 01 Washington, on
tuo iia 01 rooruary.
Among the passengers in the steamer
Orizaba at San Francisco was the wife of
Nathan Moser, who bad committed suioide
the day before she arrived there.
9The amount of taxable property in
Kansas, aa snown ny toe report 01 tne '.territo
rial Auditor, is $15,000,000. The Indebtedness
of the Territory amounts to $21,000.
US' During the year 1359 the Western
Railroad, running from Albany, N. Y., to
Boston, Mass., earned oiu.uuu passengers, not
one or wnom received tne least injury.
9PQalignani says that Dr. Hartune, in
Paris, hu successfully applied nitrio acid to
the cure of rheumatism, it kills both disease
and patient. ' - ::- .
$31" k saloon keeper named MoCulIy was
literally cat to pieces, a day or two sinoe, in
an affray with some soldiers at Leavenworth,
nansaa. ....
SStr David- Whaaton. of Wast i7il1inl
Conn., eollected over 600 pickerel on a small
plot 01 ice, just neiow a asm Belonging to him
one day last week.
- TThe Philadelphia Prat hu reason to
believe that . P. B. James intends leavins?
Venice and returing to hie former ofllce of
British Consul at Kionmond, Va.
5It is announced in the fashionabie
world tnat tne Handsome Madame Uodlscft,
widow of the late Bussian Embassador, will
shortly wed Captain Soott of the British navy.
g&" Silk worms are sent on speculation
from San Frauoiaoo and China to Italy. The
steamer Africa recently took out from New
xoik 83,000 ounoet of Chinese silk worms.
B. T. Barnum, the great showman,
wu nearly suffocated a night or two since In
New York, in consequence of having neglected
to turn off the "register" in his sleeping-room,
tne nousa oeing neawa Dy a mrnace.
The lottery ease of Swan k Co. hu
been decided bv the Supreme Court of Geor
gia, sustaining the points of 8wan'i counsel,
and reversing the decision of (the lower court
gainst ewan. ,
jScT The extensive nail factory connected
with the Dnncannon Works, near Johnstown,
Penn., was destroyed by fire the other night.
The main building and sixty maohlnes are a
total wreck. Less
' Jf"A lady, a near relative of one of the
Ex-Governors of New York, hu, it is said.
completed an Epic Poem, in the progress of
wnion tne late Washington irring evince.
muoa interest.
Ax EiTKioiDiifiiT. J BiniT Chub Pi.ivsh.
Rev. Mr. Lamb, in bis "History of Cheat,"
published in 1705, gives this aeoountof a re
markable blindfold player of that day;
Sichlerl, a Jesuit of Turin, lately dead, had a
most suprisieg memory. He could play at
chess with three different persons, without
seeing one of the three boards. His rep.
resentative only telling him every move of the
adversary, Saohierl would direct him what
man to play, and converse with company all
the time. If there hannened a disnnta about
the place of a man, he could, repeat every
mova uieuu ny doiu parties iron, tne neguning
of the game, in Order to ascertain the place
where the man ought to stand.
Illioitih.ii Cbilsbih in Kuaora. While
l London tha r.hlldrAti Knvn nut nf waiIIaaV
are only one in twenty, in Paris and Vienna
every surra cnua is illegitimate; and, in Am
nion, years cave oecurrea wnen tne numoer 01
UleKitimate births have ontnnmbnnd tha
legitimate. No material change, however,
has taken place in this respect throughout
crusiia iince me year isio, tne average being
abont eiffht illflffitimatAS in HTllrvnn hnnd..it
births. In Westphalia, the province of Posen,
ana ins nuemsn provinces, tne proportion of
illegitimate births is only about half as great
in otner parts 01 tne Kingdom, in Berlin,
the rear 1849. the nronortinn was one in
Pbihatvbi EmjOATios or Childbii. -Rev.
Dr. Chapin, ol New York, preached a dis
course on "Childhood" last Sabbath evening,
which contained an earnest protest against
the system of schooling children and prema
turely cramming them with book-learning.
He said it was atrocious that the blood and
vigor that wee Intended to strengthen the
hands and body should be forced into the
head until it beoanie a disproportionate intel
lectual wen on the child.
Mar Hcira bv a Mississippi Mob A man
by the name of Switzer waa arrested in
Natchez, Miss,, recently, on the charge of at
tempting to commit a rape on a little girl of
eleven years, and, amid great excitement,
taken to prison. In the evening the people,
more excited still, assembled ia a great crowd,
and marohed deliberately to the jail, took the
prisoner irom bis cell, and nunc Hint in the
court-house yard.
Til Nsxt Gbiat "Mill." The Buffalo
Expnm says that the 21th of April next is the
day fixed for the light be .ween two noted pu
gilists, Grlbben and Wilson. It is stated that
the encounter is to come off somewhere in
Canada, the place to be selected hereafter, but
that it was expressly stipulated in the trtioles
of agreement that Point Abi no should not be
the ohosen ground.
Diatb o a Phtbioiaic ahd SoLDien. Dr.
John F. Posey, one of the oldest and most
respected physicians of Savannah, Ga,, died
in that eity recently. He served as a volun
teer in the forces raised tor the defense of
Savannah in the war of 1812, and was after
ward, during the same war, a surgeon in the
United Stabs Navy.
A Labqb Boa Constbjgtob. One of the
largest Boa Constrictors ever captured arrived
at Salem, Mass., last Sunday. Hirsnakeshlp
measured forty feet from tip to tip; in oiroum
ference, twenty-four Inches, and weighs four
hundred and seventy-three pounds. He is
capable of taking at one meal a full-grown
goat or sheep,
Diabolical Villairv. The Syracuse (N. Y.)
Journal learns that on Sunday night last some
miscreants placed two iron rails across the
track of the railroad near Geddes. A little
girl saw one of the obstructions and notified
some men who removed it, and the engineer
of an approaching train discovered the other
in time to stop his engine.
Explosion or a Niw Jibsbt Gas Works.
Beoently an explosion took place in the old
building of the Newark Gas Light Company.
A portion of the structure was entirely demol
ished, and tha foreman buried in the ruins.
He was soon extrloated, and found to be dan
gerously injured.
Ladv Fbarklih to Pat TJb a Visit. Ladv
Franklin will pay a visit to this country
within a few weeks, and will be the guest of a
leading eltisen of New York, (Mr. Orinnell
we presume,) distinguished for bis philan
thropic exertions in prosecuting the search for
pir o onu 1 ruumin.
Axothib Abkarsas TsiosDT, An unknown
villain, havini received some imaginary in
jury from a Mr. Klmber, near Little Rook,
Ark., last week, went to his house and calling
K. ont on pretense of business, shot him dead
In the yard. The murderer immediately lied.
Tbi Latist Sttlr or Stbaliro. A thef in
the disguise of a woman applied for a situa
tlon as a domestio in the house of Jacob Hoff
man, in Columbus, 0., a day or two sinoe, and
during the absenee of the family, carried off
valuables worth s?Qtf.
Cblorofoku Makes a Mar Bliro. Several
weeks sinoe, chloroform wu administered to a
young man by the name of Bumngton. living;
near Rome, Ga., for the purpose of having a
tootn extraotea, and tne eneot was to make
him blind.
Dbath raov Skatikg. A son of Mrs. Lewis,
who lives in Canada, just across the river from
Blaok Rock, fell on the ice a few days ago,
while skating, and reoeived such severe inju
ries that he died in a short time.
s A FaiKoou-LoviRa Husband. The wife of
G. W. Brown, of the Kansas Herald of Fret-
dom, has applied for divorce, enargtng nor
liege lord with adultery and inhuman treat
ment. His ideas of freedom must bave been
oarrled to extremes.
Bost or Ladv Moeoar. A marble butt of
the late Lady Morgan, by the French soulptor,
Charles d' Angers, has been aocepted from her
executors by the trustees of the National ui
lery. .
Bbirt to Dbath. At Portsmouth the other
day the clothes of a little girl, daughter of
Mrs. Margaret P. uamden, acoiaentany eaugnt
are, and so seriously burnt nor tnat sne ouea
the following morning
Nkw Plav Bt Grobob Sard. It is said that
Madame George Sand hu completed a piece
for the Palais Koyai, grounded,upon tne re
markable work of M. Maurice Sand, "Les
Masques and Buflons." ...... ... ,
'tor Bbatbr to Diatb. A white boy, aged
about ten vears. son of Catharine McCann,
living in Augusta, Ga., died on Sunday night
from injuries inflicted by a airs. Miner, wno
bad orneliy beaten mm the day neiore,
Mason's Stattjb. The bronze statue ot the
distinguished Virginia Statesman, George Ma
son, hu been elevated to l' pedestal, on the
eastern projection of the Washington Monu
ment, in Riohmond.
Shall Pox I-tobtid nou Cihoirrati.
Several eases of small pox are reported in
Stratford. Delaware County, whion were con
tracted at the paper mill from rags taken from
tnis city. .
Cottor Faotobt ih MiaaiBsirn. A cotton
faotory is to be established in Lexington,
Miss., $10,000 having been seoured there for
tnat purpose.
Hrlpib ' Book ard Abolitionism ih North
Cabolira. The Raleigh (N. O.) Standard of a
late date says: Judge Dick is Indefatigable in
his efforts to brine the venders and circulators
of Helper's book to justice. He issued hia
warrant to the Bhenii of Guilford, directing
him to make search in Randolph, and muoh
additional evidence wu obtained against Dan
iel Worth. The Judge bad him brought out
of jail, examined him, and required him to
give ball in $5,000, to answer at the next term
of Randolph Superior Court for incendiary
preaching and for circulating inoendiary doc
uments in that county. Worth wu remanded
to jail in default of security. Among other
things it was proved that at a meeting held
by Worth last summer, in Randolph, seme
white females had taken some chairs in front
of his pulpit, and there were some negro wo
men seated on benches in the rear of the
pulpit. Before he began to preach he or
dered the white women to give up their chairs
to the "black sisters," which wu accordingly
done. . . ,
N110 Put to tub Bumn. In the Criminal
Court in Blairsvillo, Penn., recently, a mon
ster named John 0. Stnohall wu convicted of
assault and battery upon his own son, seven
years old. It was proved that be han god the
child to the joist by a rope fastened around
his thumbs, and compelled a younger brothor
to burn him with piue fagots; also that he
seated the child with its bare body upon the
red hot stove, and made it stand upon the
heated lids of the stove with the bare feet.
Hirooo Casts on Railboads. The Madras
Rising Sm, a native English paper in India,
says the railway company have resolved to
attach a carriage to each train for the ex
clusive use of Hindoo female passengers. Not
satisfied with this, the editor tells Sir Charles
Trevelyan "It will greatly tend to enhanoe
the value of his administration" if he causes
more than one oarriage to be set uide for this
purpose, that the pariahs may be kept by
Cmua m (liHim P. . uii nfit,.
Chief of Police of Toronto. It anno... Lti.f liv
ing 1859 there were four thousand five hun-
uiou sua nineiy-ioree arrests in tnat oity. Of
these, two thousand one hundred and fifty
five were for rirtlnknnnnm Tan tlin..,,J
nine hundred and forty-two of those arrested
were natives 01 ireiand, seventy-nine of the
United States, and one hundred and seventeen
colored persons.
SroiLS in Ihdia The
captured at Elrwee, India, appears to have
been enormous. It is stated that the prize
money is so immense that T.nril Ol.il.'a ,!,
u Commander-in-Chief in India, will alone
auiuuut w xiiv.uvu, uir ueorge vvmtiock s
share being half of that sum. Captain's
shares are estimated at hAtwa.n 1.3 nnn ..j
4,000, and lubaskerns at a proportionate
.gum. ; -
A BTnraianflBrTimgu V.n..n... !.,....
for the performance of Marmontel's Cleopatra
an BSD which faatanail Itn.lf with . hi..
bosom of the actress who played the prlnoipal
uuar.uicr. uu me nrst penormance ot the
tragedy, a jester, more struck by the hissing
of the automaton than by the beauty of the
tragedienne, exclaimed: " I am of tho asp's
opinion I" v
Explosion or a Ptniintviuri flu.Vn..,
The Johnstown (Penn.) fcAo says that the
purifying-house of the Gas-Works in that
rtlaoa was artivArAd a .tam. am a.tn..
r .. . ....... vv -win. v wnhM.u.j 11.OV,
there being but a small portion of ono of the
1 n .1 1 mi . .
wans urn sutnaing. x no cupoia was blown
forty-five or fifty feet into the air, and fell be
tween the PUrlfvins and retort hnnsM unin.
Collections roa Tits Morocco Ruruorts.
The New York Jewiih Meuenger of last week
says that upward of $10,000 have already been
oolleoted in this country for the relief of the
exiled" Jews'at Gibraltar. When the reports
from tne western and California congregations
are received, it may b safoly asserted that
the contributions in the United State! will not
fall short of $20,000.
Habitual Dbonkinnms Jddiciallt Dr
fikrd. Judge Balcom, in the Tompkins (N.
Y.) County Court of Oyer and Terminer, on
an iodlottnont for selling liquor to a person
"guilty of habitual drunkenness." told
jury that a man who gets drunk once a month
ror a year or more, should be deemed guilty
of habitual drunkenness.
Political Corbuftior ir England. One
the witnesses before the English Parliamentary
Commission appointed to investigate the cor
ruptions of the Wakefield Borough, testified
that she had been offered five hundred dollars
for a warming pan, if she induoed her husband
to vote the right ticket.
An Ahiablr ahd Ensroitio Old Lady.
a woman eighty years or ago, residing near
Auburn. Indiana. beAt fcni fcn.h.nrf. .h.
as old as herself, with an axe and club till he
oioa. dub was wugea in jail, and having
prooured a common oaBe-knlfo, cut out her in
testines, but it is thought she will recover.
DBURKBRNI88 ahono Slavrs. A gentlemen
who "has some eighty slaves in bis employ informs
the New Orleans Picayune that fortytwo
of that number, in spite of his vigilance,
Bra tntAmrteratn and th.t a? 4Vi. knl. Ar it,
f , " - ww "UV1 VI U1S
male servants he has owned during the past
twenty years more than one-half have died
uetenum tremens,
Shbif-Raisiro in Tsxab. Tho Gomales
(Texas) JJnoiurer says that not less than one
iourth of a million of sheen hav a haAtt kmn.lit
Into Texas from Mexico, since the first
January, 1859, exclusive of those imported
irom xennessee, Illinois, Missouri and Ar
A Whiti Pnapnia. T)a .t.am.t,: r
taptco, from Portland, Me., carried to New
York, for exhibition, a white porpoise which
wu caught in the Saginaw River. It weighs
two thousand three hundred and sixty pounds
uu is rare speoiuien.
A PooKBr Umbbbi.la. A patent pocket
umbrella is among the latest inventions that
have been patented. A company with a cap
ital of $10,000, and employing about fifty men,
has been erected in the North-east for their
A Cahpbikb Tbaoibv in Iliiroib. The
wife and little son of Isaac MoBean were
burnt to death in Canton, 111., a few days
sinoe, by the use of eamphene, which the
mother spilled upon her dress, and ignited at
a stove; - .
Tsxan Rbvbrqb. In Crockett, Texas, about
two weeks ago, a merchant, Dr. Stall, of Leon
County, shot Mr. R. Herndon, and Dr. Stell
was In turn shot by Mr. Dickson, a clerk in
the employ of Mr. Herndon.
A Vbrrbablh Neobbss. Rschael Stewart,
a colored woman, supposed to be ever 110
years of age, died in Kent County, Md., last
week. She wu the mother of thirteen chil
dren, the yonngest over lb years old. .
Oil Sr rings ir Pbrrsvlvaria. Glorious ac
counts come from the Oil Springs of Western
Pennsylvania. Several wells have been sunk,
and about one gallon of pure oil is pumped
from each every minute. The quantity ap
pears to be nallmited.
Washington Correspondence of the New
York Dailies—Tribune's
Correspondence—The Harper's
Niw Yobs. January 24. No testimony haa
oeen given Deiore the Committee cf investi
gation in any way implicating the Republi
cans with John Brown's raid.
Mr. Realf states emphatically that the
movement was known to but few persons, as
Brown wu a secretive man, and kept his own
counsels. None who aooomranied him to
Harper's Ferry put Kagi was informed of the
plan, whloh did not contemplate running off
negroes. He says, also, that Brown and
those in his confidence were radical Aboli
tionists, who denounced the Republicans.
When Senator Wilson made his spoeoh in
Lawrence, they usailed him for failing to ap
proach their standard of duty. Mr. Wilson
appeared before the Committee, and stated
that he bad written to Dr. IIowo, of Boston,
for the original letter wbioh had been referred
to by Realf.
Tnat letter was written in May, 1858, and
substantially tells Dr. Howe that information
has reached bin to the effect that Brown in
tended using arms furnished for Kansas by
tho Massachusetts Aid isocioty in a manner
not oontomplated, and advises that they should
tie witnarawn irom mm. Mr. uiair, or col
linsville, who manufactured the pikes which
figured at Harper's Ferry, states that they
were orderod during the Kansas troubles a
weapons of protection. Mr. Callendor, cash
ler of the Bank at Hartford, proves that Brown
had funds there, which were drawn to furnish
supplies for Kansas. Neither had the re
motest idea of the movement in Virginia nntil
it was pnbllsned.
The Herald't correspondent ssyt: Realf eon
eluded his testimony before the committee to
day. It was a detailed aocount of the organ'
ization of the Brown Provisional Government,
in Canada, which has already been published.
He testified that he went to England In 1858,
and knew nothing about Brown's operations
after that time, lie wu requested to exam
ine certain letters found in Brown's bag, to
see if he could Identify them, but testified that
ne Knew nothing about Brown's correspond
ence or the authorship of the letters.
It is evident that some members of the com
roittee have been disappointed in Realf's tes
timony, he having testified to nothing of any
importance that was not before in evidence.
Mr. ii. B. Newton, the Vermont member ol
the .National Kansas Uommlttee. and rirevi.
ousiy tne leader 01 a colony at Mapieton, Bour
bon County, Kansas, confirmed the testimony
of Mr. Corning. The refusal of the National
Committee to furnish arms to Brown, in 1857,
when he oommenced testifying in relation to
the invasion of Kansu by armed bodies of
men, He was stopped, senator Wilson wont
before the committee to-day and informed
them of the time ho would produce a copy of
tne letter to ur. uowe, concerning tne move
ments of Brown, based upon the information
he reooived from Col. Forbes.
He sent to Natlcb for It. The Chairman
informed him they were willing to give him
his own time to prepare his testimony.
'ine president sent to tne senate to-day tne
name of Theo. Uogue, as Marshal of the
Northern District of Illinois.
Later from Buenos Ayres.
adrioes from Buenos Ayres to the 29 ta of No
vember, inclusive. The Governor of Buenos
Avres has issued an address to the military
congratulating them upon the restoration of
peaoe, and calling upon tnem to lend tne
weignt ot tneir innuence in carrying ont the
decrees of the new Government.
The ratifications of the treaty of peace have
been oelebrated by a te deum in all the churches
and grand military displays throughout the
An eleotion was to be held on the 31st of
December to select Deputies to revise the Pro
Visional Constitution of May 1, 185s.
The new Government enjoys In an eminent
degree the oonndenoe ol the JJaenos Ayrians,
and political and oommerolal affairs move on
Aid for the Lawrence Sufferers.
Boston, January 21. The Mavor of Law
rence and the Committee of Relief, bavins:
charza the funds contributed to tha aid nf tha
Pemberton Mill sufferers, announce to the
publie that so generous have been the coa
tributions from all quarters that no more as
sistance than what bu been received and
pledged willjbe necessary to supply liberally
ior uio wauw vi muao many neeuy.
Destructive Fire.
Grand Rapids, Mich., January 24. A fire
liwtlr A Allf l.flt AVftnln. In T.vln-- 1,1..
cupied by Miller & Orinnell, grooers; Porter
a. Biign, ary goons; uoouricn a. uay, Hard
ware, and Postoffice and county offices, which,
with the adjoining wooden buildlnors and con
tents, was almost entirely consumed. But
very few of the county records were saved.
The loss is estimated at $100,000; Insured for
The Lawrence Disaster—Another
a nieoe of Judge Stevens of this oity, died
Saturday from injuries received at the Pem
berton Mill accident. The Coroner's inquest
is approaoning a conclusion, (several wanes'
ses were examined to-day reeardins; the con
struction of the mill, but nothing new wu
Ar Extrrbivr SaviRoa Barb. In the
Bleeeker-street Savings Bank, New York
there are over fifty-one thousand depositors.
Under the present rules of the bank no tier-arm
Is allowed to deposit over $1,000. Borne
moneys are still on deposit which were put
mo nana nineteen jeers ago, wnen it waa
founded. Last year the nnolaimed deposits
footed up $121,000. The present assets of the
bank are $10,005,649 68.
A Silvrr CoRTBiBtirioR to thr National
Monom brt. A mammoth lump of silver ore
from the Washoe Mines, in Carson Valley, has
been forwardod by Morrison, Walsh A Co.,
San Francisco, to the Washington National
Monument. It Is two feet six inches long, ten
Inches wide and eight inohes thick, weighs
one hundred and sixty-three pounds, and
valued at $e00. .
A Cbubl Bchool-Trachbr. - A school
master in Boardman, Ohio, named B. P. Bald
win, has been hound orer in $300 for trial,
a oharge of assault and battery for orneliy
whipping a girl of eighteen years, for disobe
dience of school regulations in going home
without leave.
Ar Almtrrativr Corrbspordsht. -A cor
respondent of the Savannah (Ga.) Republican
writes of Boston as an "Emporium of learn
ing and lucre, fanaticism and figures, refine
ment and radicalism, pioty and puritanical
bigotry, trade and treason, nobility and
nations. ' - "
. aa
Lsardbr-likb OiSR. A yoke of oxen be
longing to a farmer residing near Newtown,
Md., rushed into the river one day last week
and swam across distance of three hundred
yards with a large cart heavily laden with
green lumber.
Advettiseants not exceeding ft re lines (Agate) 1
One rnsertlan. at n't On. wMjtt 1 on
Two weeks.vi ot One uioutlw.-. SO
Larger advertisements inserted at tha following rates
I r square 01 ten lines or teas 1
One Insertion... 4 SO I Two works....'! OO
Kach additional.- ISS Three we.kj. C II l
Cue woek,. 1 JJ One month. 4 00
1 -,.
Job Printing .
n all its branches done with Beataess and dispatch.
Wheeler & Wilson's
Principal Offlee, No. T? West Fenrth-st.,
whMi a Wllaon RnwiDs Machine, with Im
portant Improvements, and to meet the domand for
. i.,-.nriMf1 R.mllr Machine, have Intro.
duced a NKW HTVLI, working upon the same prin
ciple, and making tbe same stitch, thongh not so
highly finished, at sriFTV-FIVB IMll.LARsl.
The elegance, spted, nolseleuneas and simplicity or
the Machine, the beauty and strength of stitch, beina;
ALIKE ON BOTH K10K3, Impossible to ravel, and
leaving no chain or ritlgo on the under aloe, tbo
economy of thread and adaptability to the thickest
or thinnest fabrics, haa rendered tbia the mostanc
cessfnl and popular Family Bowing Machine now
""at'our various offices we sell at New Tork prices,
audsive Instructions free of charge, to enable pnr
ch users to sew ordinary seams, hem, fell, quilt.
Bather, bind and tuck, all on the same machine, end
warrant li ior turee year.
Send or call for a circular containing full particu
lars. prices, testimonials. c. . .
jaway win. OKHinan, t.u.
Coal Cooking Stove!
Has been pronounced by competent Judges to be tbe
Patented Dec. 1, .858.
for sale by tbe Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
del.l ' '
Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
, Ne. 30 East Columbia-street.
trade at the aiost reasonable prices and on the
most accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
-a.1 n T t TM..n..l T.ikm anil Tin moral fU !
Ale ,! Oil"" Allioiurm uniuv sauia -
Ml bj our Agent, ). bKLLKKS, Covington, Ky.
Coal Cooking Store,
Held at nuesvllle, Oe ah, r I1S5 .
lYos. 51 and 53 Viuc-st.,1
(Seooad door Below Columbia,)
J THLRD-8TBEBT, Olncinnatl, Ohio, are mann.
factoring largely. Palmer's colebrateU llvdraullo,
force and Lift Pump. Also, his Portable Wtoam
Engines. All those who are about to porch am
PUMPS for Tanneries, Breweries, Distil
lerles, Dry Docks. Paper Mills Kallrvad
Htatlssn, Mines, Wreeklngt Partteawe, or, Iu
fact, for any purpose where a ponip is needed, wilt
find it to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of these valuable Inventions, or address lbs
PALMKK PUMP OUMPABV for a circular, whloh
will furnish the names of many who have need these
Pumps with perfect satlfaotlon. d?ldm
sbjsbbbjbbbbbbjbbj - -
TAIiUO BOOriNO" la offered to the pnbllo
as the beet and cheapest Motel Jioof now aara, Its
merits letted by an experience of years In this city
and vicinity. A pvlied to flat or steep, old or new
buildings. No solder ased fastened securely with
out exposure to the action of Mieelementa.
Prepared shoets, boxed for shipment to aDT part o
the United States, can be applied by any one with
ordinary mechanical skill. Orders promptly tiled.
, m , , s ., ,. . OALDWKXL X,
ylt-tf ; ' IM West Beoond street
Holiday Presents.
Bisons and Ohina Figures, ffaaoy Iakstaaas,
Vases, Jewel and Match-box, Fancy Shaving end
Work-boxes, and other Fancy deeds too numerous
toaMBtlon.snitable for the Holidays, whloh I wilt
sell cheaper than any other establishment In tbe
No. ITS Main-Street, between Sixth and Beveutn.
H. B.-Also a hi lot el Fanes Soaps, Perfumery,
Kstracra. Ac. , -'
I. & B. BRUCE,
Street itaUread Oar and Omnlbna Moaa-
, fkciarers.
keep on hands supply of STRUT KAIL
ROAD (J A K8 andaPmnlbnaes, which we will war
rant eenai la style, flnlsh and durability, and at aa
low prices, aa any made la the country.
(Ilflce-Oonier of Third and Vine-streets. Jelitf
mmmw & n,

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