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"WAVnTB," "FOB BALI." "TO I.tfr.""LOBT,"
nJrOOND,"o.,ln tbisoolumn, oeMpylnflre lliiss
fire the belt of reference. Cull at Mrsj
Warner's Employment Office, 808 Fifth-Street, be
tween Weetorn-row and John. j23b
WANTED BOY A boy to make him
self generally nuful. Apply in the after
noon at the Daguerrean Gallery, 8. W. oorner of
Ninth and Main-streets, jaltb
ment wanted by an experienced and compe
tent drug clerk. Good reference. Addreea B. 0. P.,
care Box 1718, Cincinnati Poetofflce. ja2Sb
eighteen years wlihei situation in a dry
Koods, grocery, or other alore where he can learn the
uetness.and make himself generally ueelul. Ad.
drew J. fllAOEI.oaro Penny Press. Ja2Sb
Book-keeper, Intry or Shipping Clerk, or ai
Copyist. Beat of city references given. Address J.
C, B,,atlhls office. jasb
WANTED A boy tbat bM bad tome
, . perlence as a brasi finisher. Apply at 2 West
Sixth-ifoiet. JaD
WANTED To toll soma Mining Stock)
for ciish. Call at the Walnnt-street Home,
between 5 and a P. At, A good inducement will be
offered for cash. Ua24b' M. I. GLOVER.
to do general homework, In a private fam
ily. Apply at No. 239 Sixth-street, between Plotn
and Western-row. jal4b
It yeara of age, to work In a ttore and make
himself generally nseful. Beet Mty relerence glren.
Apply at Mo. 23 Sixth-street, between Plum and
Wostorn-row. jallb
WANTED Two Glrli to baete oa ladies'
ahoei for a machine. Call at No. 223 Clln
ton -street. Ja2ib
WANTED To rent a imall House or
Cottage, containing three to fire roomi, by a
good, prompt tenant, without children, Address
BOwE, till, offloe. ja24b
man who wlehet to study for the ministry,
as asexton in tbii city. Information can be had at
this office.
WAN TED -Clerks, Agents, Mechanise,
Farm Hands, Porters, Waiters, men need to
horiei; alio, Female Servants, for city and country.
Applrat the General Intelligence Agency, Mo. 382
r wieru-ruw. &. u, UAMHt as UU.
sale drv-sroods honse. bT a vnnn. man nf
strictly temperate habits, thorough business quali
fications, and has had eight years experience in tbe
business. First-class references given, if required.
Address "Young Man," at this offloe. jaile
man, by a person who bus a thorongh knowl-
edge of horses and gardening. Has never served In
any oiuor capacity, ana can uriug ins Dost or
euces. Aaaress j . j., sr. mis omcc,
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, lalea
mon, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, earpen.
ten, mechanics, laborers and others, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks Beglatry Offloe, 121
Walnut-street. ja23awl HALB ACO.
FOR, SALE The following parcels of va
cant property and Building Lots, in the western
partot tbe city, vis:
Two lots on tbo north side of Oliver-street, betweei
John and Western-row, each 25 fset fiont by 37 feet
deep. Will be sold for $35 per foot.
Tiro lots on the south side of Poplar street, be
tween John and Western-row, each 33 feet front by 37
feet d'ep, at $33 per foot.
Two lots on the east side of Joha-strret, between
Oliver and Poplar, each 23 feet front by 90 (est csep
to an alley, at fa per foot.
Two lota on tbe south aide of Uelancfhon-street,
between John and Western-row, each 23 feet front by
(7 feet deep, at 48 per foo.
Two lots on i he soath side of David-street, between
John and Cutter, each 23 feet front by 87 feet deep,
VII IUQ Wl UD VI mil uej. B. t" VVI 1VUI.
Two lots on the south side of Wade-street, between
Cuttsr and Jones, each 23 fset front by 37 feet deep,
a sw per i.NJs.
I. r... . I-.. IV. .M. 1W..I .1 ....... V.
' tweea Cutter and Jones, 23 feet front by 87 feet deep,
at 4 11 ner foot.
f Lot on the south sldeof David-street, between Cnt,
mr uuu-vf uiiei, o im irvnt uy Bf link ueep, as s9 per
Lot on the east side ot Pleasant-street, between
Fifteenth aud Liberty, 30 feet front by 83 feet, at 43
per foot.
Let on Vine-street, near the corporation line, 23
feet front by 100 feet deep, for J70(i.
Two lots on the south side of Oehler-street, west
- (if Freeman, each 20 feet front by 18) feet deep, at
- Lot on tha north-east corner of Simon and Oehler.
streets, 30 feet on Oehler and SO leet on Simon, for
Lt on the north side of Betts-slreet, between Bay
miller and Freeman, 23 feet front by 93 feet deep to
sn alley, lur vlVJVo.
Lot on the south-east corner of Cotter end Liberty.
streets, 37 tVet t lnohes on Liberty and 87 feet on Gut
ter, tor $i, 875.
Five lots on the west side of Jones-street, betwren
David and Wade, each 24 feet front by 96 f,iet deep,
at vs per foot.
Lot on the aonth slda of DaTld.atrMt. hetwMvn
John and Western -row, on the corner of an alley, 43
ieet irons oy ei leeiaoep, iorei,Mw.
Lot on the east side of Jane-street, between Sixth
and Hathaway, 20 feet front by 80 feet deep to an
aiicy, as 930 per loot.
Lot on the north side of OenrM.itniAt. hetwaan
Btjmlller and Freeman, 23 feet front by 83 feet deep,
nt sou per loot.
Lot on the south side of Brown-street, near Pun
lan. 3a feet front bv 90 feet, at 845 ner foot.
f.n ah .ha -bu, mlAm. T...l. ...... .....
uu. wu uo wen. diu. wi juunj '.,imt, mvwnu
Liberty and Poplar-street, 23 feet front by 126 feet
deep to an alley, at too per foot.
ALSO A number of Building Lots la Newport
nuu vvviumwu, some .xceueni oargams.
Mo. S Amllo Hnilrilnm.
Corner of Fifth and Walnnt-sts.
TOOK, SALE Tha owner of a Ladies' and
Jav Qentlomen's Furnishing Store, established for
the ltst six years, and located la one of the best
thoroughfares in this city, with a good run of cus
tomers, wishes to retire from the same, and offers a
first- rate otaance for a man with a cash capital of from
SnOO to S8U0. to bur part of the stock. For ssrtiimlsrs
direct a few lines to box 1,841, Postofflce. Huts
wpere an interview can oe naa. )ati
JL wick's make, slate top, for sa cash; bas been
In nss only about three months, cost H00. ,
Also the fixtures, shelves, counter, Ac, o the store
134 Main-street. -Apply
at onooofi the premhves. ja23o
JL1 a good run of custom, and In a central part of
tne city, auaress t. a. at tnis omce. jaan"
OR SALE OR RENT A imall Farm of
11 acres, within twenty miles of tbe eltv. in
this Btato, to a good tensut. Liberal terms will bs
given. Address "farm," ai this office. jaUob
V0R BALE. A itoond-hand Portable En
JL gine, of eight-horse power. Bas been used
four months, and oan be sesn In operation at ths
Palmer Pump Works, at tbe Intersection of Miami
uanai anu Auirq-strees. muw
II10R SALE 80 sore or more of first-rate
. Timber Land, four miles west from Ctllna,
Mercer County, Ohio. Only to per acre, cash, if sold
soon. w, u. nana,
jaiuf 73 Wait Tbu-c!-street, Cincinnati.
FOR RENT HOUSE A new and elegant
brick Honse. containing six rooms, nanered.
water and gas. Complete for 20 per month, in ad
vance. etiuatea on iiongwortn-etrect, a lew doors
West of Stone, Booth side. For particulars call at
nortn west corner oi iniru ana siain-sireei.
ja23b S. M. SLOOUM, Agent.
FOR LEASE With privilege of purchase,
Ave lota of ground on the north aids of Oliver
street, commencing tbirty-flve feet east of Baymiller
slreot. A perpetual lease will be given for the whole
or aoy pars oj me grounu, wiin sue prif liege oi pur-
cnasing as any time on psyuienie as a low price,
SAMUEL A. sABirENT, No. 2 Apollo Builolngs,
corner oi m sun ana nainas-ssrees. jkam
BOARDING Two persons can be aeeom
modated with a room and board in a private
ramny at no, v ueorge ssrees. jaaoo
OARDINQ Two single gentleman ean
1 obtain a room with flrat-elasa board. Also, a
few day boarders can be accommodated In a private
family, by applying at residence ho. 164 Bn
n OARDINGr FamUiei aooommodated with
aLSV board and pleasant rooms on second floor,
lighted with gas, furnished or untarnished. Severn
single rooms for gentlemen can also be had. Gen
tlemen lodging elsewhre boarded on reasonable
r OSI DUU-On Friday evening a large
JLA blsck and white Haw Fosnrtland Dog: black
not. around his nose. He bad oa a leather collar,
with a ring. Any person returning him to Mo. 22
sreas o.Tonia-.wes whv umvmjmij lewarueq.
, tlsbl
"KOUjnD A bnneh ef Key three in nam.
JL ber. They were fonnd last Monday morning,
on Fourth -street. Tbe owner oan have ths asms
upon appllcttioa to this offloe, and paylag for this
utic. , jastB
I you want a servant, sdvertteeln
If job nil a house, advertise In
If yon want to MU anything, advertise In
Ir yoa want to boy anything, advertise la
I not, every want supplied by advertising la
Biiaiiws. IfToawant to nnr or lime a.
boUM and lot. on advantageous terms . rand
S. A. Sargent', advertisement in "want
OtstbbSi Tha reeeat warm weather has
diminished neither tbe demand nor supply of
oysters at Bobert Orrs, No. 11 Went Fifth
street. The new auppllei are equal in quan
tity and quality to any prerioaily reoeived.
Mbtboiologicai. Obhitatioms Tor tha
Amy Prat, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
nw ottna-sireei, January n:
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
A. M .29.36 Abore aero 41
M 79,81 Abore aero ftl
P. M Above aero 62
Exaiimei at Smith Niio'aHir.r..Th
tblrty-first leml-annual exhibition of the lit
erary gocietiee of Herron's Seminary will take
plaee tbii evening at Smith & Nizon'a Hall.
The programme hag been earefully selected
and will arranged, and the exercises will
doubtlesi be quite interesting.
DgtOINT UP0K A HoUM or lLL-FlM.Tti
poucemen or tbe Fifteenth Ward made a de
scent on a basnlo nn Fllih..tT.f l..v
last night, and arrested the proprietor, named
Ada DoKain, and lodged her in the Ninth
street 8Ution-honie. The other lnmatee
maae weir etoape,
UkFAID LiTTIBS. The foilowinir Is a list nf
louors ueuincu icr non-payment or postage at
u tuotuuioo, in iqu city, January 24:
imon aertnwn, New Tork city.
Mr. A. Shutturllck, Philadelphia, Fsnn.
James B. Miller, Lonisville, Ky.
FreeUnder Gerson, New urleani, La.
Jaa, Bleu A Co., Boston, Mass.
H. B. King ft Co., Memphis, Tenn.
Henry Hendricks, Carthage, 111.
BtBOLilT OH CllTBiL-AVIHnsL Alinnt ln
o'olook, night before last, tha hnnaa
by Andrlae Soroth, located on the corner of
uenlral-avenueana Findlay -street, was feloni
ously entered through the kitohen in tbe rear
of the bnlldlog. Mrs. S. hearing a noise, in
an attempt to discover its cause, frightened
the burglar and he fled without any booty
whatever. She called the police, bat it wi
wo latsj coo ieuow naa entirely escaped,
Bor DeowHD A bor named Matthew
Flack, about twelve yean of age, whose
parents reside some plaoe on Water-street,
near Central-avenue, white playing at the
nver,near tne toot or nam-itreet, accident
ally fell Into the water and was drowned
Some peraons saw the accident, bnt too late to
reoaer mm any asiiitaoce: and altnoatth
ever exertion was made, the body, at a late
nour iui nignt, naa not been recovered. -
PaooiKDwag or ths Oouurr Cohuiriiohbu
At the regular daily session of the County
Commissioners, held yesterday morning, orders
were passed amounting1 in the afores-ata to
no 03, oi wnien ouu were paid to ferry J
moore, ior gas ana steam nxtnres for the
Eonth-westsrn LunetioJAsylum. Tbe changes
in the arrangements for lighting and hentins
the new Asylum, for whioh the above amount
was paid, we believe, were made by the com
mittee from the Legislature, who latelv visited
the oity for the purpose of examining its No
ower Business oi importance was transaoted
Rccurrs at thb Mitob's Ornoi Ddeibo in
Fast Wibk. During tbe week ending yes
teraav, me receipts at tne uaror's Offloe. as
reported to the City Auditor, by the Mayor's
vierK, mr. unsnei uctw, amounted to S747.99,
J f J it.. ;
uerivou irem tuo loiiowing sources:
Drays .
4 (10
Express Wagons,,,
1'urnlture Oars....
1 W
8 09
8 09
4 (0
Hucksters mm...mm..m....
Peddlers ,
Beceipli from Oincinnatl Street Railroad
raesenger company, for passengers carried
in jwxiuuer.,
727 49
..$747 9
TVBiga ExoHmoB. The Mechanics' and
Manufacturers' Exchange about fifty-five
members being present met at the usual hour
yesterday morning, President Runyan in the
chair. After the minutes of the previous
meeting had been read and approved, tbe
louowing new members were eleoted: A. u.
Hodges, Treasurer of Kanawha Oil Manufao
taring Company, nroeosed bv G. W. Runvan
Messrs. Ayres A Cravens, bricklayers, proposed
by 0. D. Footo; Peter Berger, pattern maker.
ana ueorge u. tvmoheii a .Brother, pump
m&nulacturen, proposed by Hall, Carroll
k Co.
Tha discussion of the report of the Commit
tee on Interest and Usury, being the special
order of the day, waa then taken up ana con
tinued at considerable length, by Messrs.
Green, Latta, Glenn, Poole, Rale, Jewell and
Bailey, after whioh It was laid over for further
discussion this morning.
Hbavilt Pibid fob Costbmpt. Immediately
after the jury in the Broekmsn gambling oase
had retired from the Police Court room, yes
terday afternoon, constable George Carr, who,
It appears, had a writ of re: evin, issued by
Justice Merchant, for the faro-boxes and
checks taken by the polios, seised upon one
them which was lying upon the table, and
wag about to carry it off. This seemed to be
the signal for a general row for the purpose
preventing the action, upon the part of the
constable, from being carried Into effect.
i Carr was caught by two or three policemen.
I; they in turn by two or three interested parties
V mw.A . -.-fll. IjutW J ll.V .
r.u m luvuig iwi piirou, uunsigj vruiuu aovorsii
of those concerned in it were thrown about
the room somewhat promiscuously. In such
cases the victory always belongs to the strong
est patty, and as this did not happen to be
the constable, he was .finally overoome and
locked up in one of the Station-house cells.
Later m charge of contempt of court was filed
against him and he was fined $60 and oosts,
to stand committed until the fine was paid.
Bo abo or Citt IstrBOviMBHTs. At the reg
ular semi-weekly session of the Board of City
Improvements, held yesterday morning, the
Clerk was Instructed to advertise for sealed
proposals to build five stone arch culverts,
three feet interior diameter and seventy feet in
length each, to paas the water across Brown
street, between J. S. Browne's west line and
the north corporation line.
The Commissioner of the Northern Distriot
was authorized to have repaired the culvert
the intersection of Beit and Free man-streets,
at a cost of $7.
The Clerk was directed to transmit to the
City Council an ordinance to establish the
grade of Pendletoa-street, from Hoot to Wood
ward. .
The sealed proposals, which had Men of
fered, were opened, and tte Clerk was ordered
to prepare and transmit to the City Council,
resolutions authorising the City Auditor
contract u follows: -
With Jones A Bonte, at 63 cents per square
yard, to pave with bowlders Hopkini-street,
frees Linn to Freeman. -'
Also, with A. R. Smith, at eents per
square yard, to pave with brick tbeunpaved
sidewalks on John-street, from Hopkins
Clinton. , Adjourned. . ,
The Proposed Legislative Visit.—Meeting
of the Committee of Arrangements
The Committee of Arrangements. aPDointed
to make the necessary arrangemsnts for the
reception and entertainment of the Legisla
tures or Aentucky ana Tennessee, heia a meet
ing, yesterday morning, t the Merohants'
Exohange. The Committee from the Ohio
Legislature having expressed a desire that
their guests should pass dlreotly through the
city to Columbus, and that the festivities here
be deferred until their return, a telegram wis
sent to Louisville to know what their withes
were in regard to the matter. After appoint
ing Jtufas King. Stanley Matthews and W. w.
Posdick, a Committee on Toasts for the ban
quet, and Miles Greenwood, thasQrand Mar
shal of the day, the committee AOjsurned until
nair-past two o clock.
Having reassembiea in tne afternoon, very
little business was done apart from a general
discussion in regard to the minutla of the
affair, for no diipatoh bad been reoelved in
answer to the inquiry of the Committee con
cerning the time at which the visitors might
be expeoted, and after a short session the Com
mittee adjourned to meet in the evening at the
liurnet House.
After the Committee had teen ealled to
order in the evening, Mayor Bishop read the
following telegram:
TiOVisviLLl, January 24, 1830.
Bow. R. M. Bishor Both Leaislatures and othara
will visit you, arriving on Thursday morning, pro
ceeding, alter breakfast, to Oolumbus, returning to
Cincinnati on Friday morning to spend Friday and
part of Saturday with you.
taigneu,; , w.j. gjUAUU.
Mr. Qallgher then moved that the Chair
man be instructed to inform Cant. Shermak
that it is the wish of the committee to have the
Legislatures of Hentueky and Tennessee arrive
here about eight o'olock on Thursday, so that
after a brief ceremony at the river they might
proceed to the Little Miami Rsilroad Depot
in time for the 9:1S train, whioh was passed.
upon motion or Mr. King, uaptain itean
was instructed to procure two or three steam
boats, to leave the city at five o'clock, for the
purpose of meeting the Jacob Strader some
distance down the river and accompany her
to tne city.
The Committee on Reception was thin Au
thorized to procure tlokats from Mr. Durand
to be distributed among those invited to Colum
bus and to the Legislatures of Kentucky and
Tennessee, and Mr. Greenwood named the
following Assistant Marshal): J. Kiersted, C.
J. W. Smith, E. T. Carson and Benjamin
From the above teligram it will be seen that
our guests do not intend to stop in the oity on
xoursasy. iney win no received witn musio
and the tiring of cannon, and the nroeramme
with some modifications whioh has already
Dion puDiisnsa win be deterred until J) riday.
Lictuib Bsroti ths Y.M. M. L. Associa
tion Omvbb P. Bildwii o thb "Good
Tims Cohibo." Oliver P. Baldwin, of Rich
mond, Va., delivered a leoture on the "Good
lime Coming" last evening at tbe Melodeon
to a fair audience, in point of numbers, but
left them, we opine, with as megre an idea of
what that "good time" was, as before they
I Us- J ' -
onru uis uiEuuurse.
As there was nothing whatever new in Mr.
B.'s leoturs, we have little to report. He
stated tbat be had been induced to select bis
theme from having once heard John Mitchel
at the University of Virginia, deliver an ad
dress in praise of the past at the expense of
tne present age.
The lecturer thought this was the best pe
rlod the world bad ever.knowe; that it was iar
superior to ancient or msdiosral times; that
the world was progressing constantly in mind
and morals, and despite of various isms and
ansurd theories prevsient at present, ana even
popular, that we were nearer perfection now
man we ever naa been before.
Mr. Baldwin's lecture was not at all what
we had been led to anticipate, and failed
either to entertain or interest us. It -was
rambling, verbose and oommon-plaoe, and
though it seemed to please many by a certain
ad mplandvm style, it was by no means worthy
of the reputation that had preceded the gen
tleman. The ideas were trite ana the rnetorio
was ordinary) and while it might have an
swered for a barbecue or stump-speech, was
wholly out of place before the Mercantile Li
brary of Cincinnati.
Polioi Covm. The business at the Police
Court yesterday morning was extraordinarily
heavy, and the session lasted throughout the
entire day and evening. The time was
mostly taken up with the examination of the
late gambling oases, only one of whioh was
disposed of, an account of which will be found
in another place. The number of oases
amounted to forty-five, bnt many of them were
continued for further examination.
James Johnston waa charged with stealing
a pair of drawers from Henry Myers, and
sentenced to an imprisonment of three months
at hard labor in the County Jail.
William) Whltten and John Niamey, arres
ted day before yesterday, for a malicious ai
sault noon a man named Thomas Kelly, an
account cf which we published yesterday, were
disposed or as follows: wnttten was fined S10
and costs, and Nierney sent to the dungeon of
the County Jail, to he fed on bread and water
only, for five davs.
A young man named William Rhodes was
ohargsd with habitually frequenting homes of
ill-repute, ana being loana guilty, was nnea
$10 and costs.
James Johnston, arrested several days ago
upon charge of stealing a hone and buggy
from, a man namea cassunere, was examined.
but as the property was subsequently returned
to the owner,and there being no evidence of a
theft having been intended, the case was dis
missed and the young man honorably acquit-
rBiiroBS or thi Sixth stbbbt Gahblibo
ovsii The case of Theodore Brookman,
Daniel O'Bryan and Robert Jones, for keeping
a gamoiing-nouse, was irtea yesterday in ins
Police Court. The defendants called for a
jury, and, after one had been impanneled.
a noils was entered in regard to O'Bryan, and
the examination began. A large number
witnesses testmed in regard to tne ease, ana
quantity of the paraphernalia of snob estab
lishments, taken at the time of the arrest of
tbe parties, wis exhibited to the jury for the
purpose of substantiating the charge. Tbe
testimony was discussed at considerable
length by the counsel for. the parties, and the
case went to tne jury about two o'olook.
session of the Court was held at seven o'olook
in the evening, when the jury returned with
a verdict declaring Jones gouty, ana ais
charging Brookman. Not satisfied with this.
the oounsel for the defense filed a motion for
new trial, which will be argued before Judge
Lowe on Thursday morning. -
Estimatid Exrusss or tb Citt Govbrh
hbbt roi thi Mom or Fbbbdabt. The fol
lowing are the estimated expenses of the city
government for the month of February, as
reported to the City Auditor by the heads of
tne various departments :
Police Department Fund,
$3,193 00
Superior Uoiirt rund
Llvht Fund..
3,0110 00
3.133 00
4,319 00
Fire Department Fund
Board of City ImproTements,
w nan Boats ana auraeia.,
i.a bs
423 33
Auditor's O0)oe
City Solicitor's Offloe-..
Treasarer's Office
' 2(10 00
Oity Council and Oierk'sOfllce....,
343 37
4.11 53
uivii engineer untie
Konce uourl
Oity Prison.
Printing -.,
38 Bl
7(0 00
Total. e(fMeeeecseoeeei seecwsei
fiSTHt. P. Evens, jr., bas removed his fac
tory for making and repairing sewing ma
chines to No. M West Fourth-street. Those
who want a perfect seal press or a (cod sew
ing machine should not forget the address,
No. 04 West Fourth-street, between Walnut
and Vine.
Families In the West End will find the
choicest oysters in the city at Waggoner's,
203 Westsra-row, above Fiftht alio beaatiful
osnnsd peaches, tomatoes, sk. Try them,
i ssvsmm eesxeoi mimh see
Pibi at Smith k Nixoi's Hill Lass
$1,600. About two o'clock yesterday after
noon tire was discovered in the basement cf
Smith A Nixon's Hall, which for some mo
ments threatened to destroy it entirely. It
appears that a fire had been started for the
purpose of heating the hall preparatory to
being used In the evening, when some flimsy
soreens used upon the stage, and temporarily
placed In the cellar, fell against the furnace
aud caught, the flames soon communicating
themselves to the floor. The alarm was im
mediately given and the Fire Department,
whioh was promptly brought to the ground,
succeeded in quenching the fire before the
loss exoeeded $1,500. The property was fully
insured; and, with an enterprise that deserves
emulation, the proprietors expect to have the
building so far repaired as to be ready for
use in an laperfeot condition, of course
this evening.
pat or Robbbt Busks. The Cincinnati Burns
Club will celebrate the one hundred and first
anniversary of the birthday of Robert Barns,
this evening, at the Gibson House. The exer
cises usual on snob occasions, will take plaoe,
"mine host" Goeffroy, furnishing the supper,
and a large attendance as well as a good time
is anticipated. .
The Caledonian Club will also celebrate the
present anniversary of the "poet of all hearts,"
this evening, at the Shades, No. 159 Vine
street. Several excellent singers are expected
to be in attendance, and with the combined
influence of musio and wine, the time will
doubtless pass pleasantly to an who may at
tend. Scbdat School Eihibitiok. The pupils of
tne tssptiet uunaay school gave an exhibition
last evening at the church en Freeman-street,
near Fifth, whioh was quite largely attended
by their friends. Tha excroises consisted of
declamations, recitations, singing, Ac, and
were well received by the audience. Every
thing pasted on pleasantly ana tne perform'
ances were qaile creditable.
X3Tkl 914 o'olook this morning1. 3. Graff
4 uo. sell, at no. 27V ueorge-street, between
Mound and Cutter, excellent Furniture of a
family. See advertisement.
Pressure Upon our columns again compels
ns to embrace the amusements in a paragraph. Tho
Opera-home and theaters were well atteuded laxt
evening, and will be again to-nlght, probably, as tbe
periurmances onerea are aiiraoiive. ine s iorences
aenear at the Onera-honee in y.uDsis O'KArrnkTV
and Misohiivoits Anna; Eliza Logau, at Wood's, as
"rarinenis, in ikoohas; ana inessocs company hi
ine vaiooai iniue comic pamomine ana apiece en,
titled tbe Militabv Kxioutiost.
The Ohio continues in her downward course,
oavwgreceaeamorerapiniy yesteraay man on raon
dy or Sunday. Lurlna tha twentv.four hour, end,
lug last evening tbe river bad lallen about four and
a uait rest, leuvlng no more than sixteen feet
iweeu nsre ana Liouuvine.
AnilVALS Prioress. Madlnon: Malrnsa. MiTSvllle
Jacob Strader, Louisville; Duulelth and Virginia
oome, neviue; jioaron, nigeanay; Bostons, forts
mouth; Poland, VaahvIIIe.
UiFABTuaia. Meirose, SfaysTllle: Prioress. Madl
pin. rinwu DirvKior, uuuiaviilv, uunieilU .UU V lr-
inia Home, Seville; isoston, Dig Sandy: Bostona,
'ortsmouth: Liberty. Wheellm: W. I. Maclav.
Plttsbnrg; A. W. Quarrier, Kanawha; Culierse,
ush vimw,
School Boabd Cowiittbh. The following
are tbe committees appointed by tbe Presideut
of the School Board, to serve during the en
suing yean On Proposition and Grievances
Messrs. Parrel I, Kaiber, Sargent. On Law-
Messrs. Francis, Maokey, Dinham. On
Claims Messrs. Kaiber, Dunham, Sargent.
On Ways and Means Messrs. Mackoy, Far
tell, Pranois. On Public Buildings Messrs,
Dunham, Pranois, Kaiber. On Text Books
Ueisn. Esrgent, Mackoy, Farrell.
ATTBUrr to Elodb Rsfortibs. For some
reason tbe reoord of the trial of Benjamin
Stevenson was obliterated from the slate yes
terday. Those persons are greatly mistaken
who think thus to evade the vigilance of tbe
reporters. It was put there by the Marshal,
and there it ought to have remained.
SARroKP-STBBBT. The paving of this beau
tiful suburban avenue, which has been sus
pended for some time past, was returned yes
terday, it is to no nopeu mat the wore win
be completed in a style corresponding with
the beauty of the location, which is certainly
Poliob Cocrt. A man named Benjamin
Stevenson was yesterday fined $16 40 for
abasing a lady named Mrs. Dixon, who re
sides on Main-street. The outrage being an
aggravated one, a line in proportion was at-
taohed to it.
Fiqht. Two men, one an attack of Wolf's,
and the other of Swift's Boiling Mill, became
intoxioated and Indulged in a fight in the
market-house yesterday afternoon. Both
parties were arrested.
Committbs. A man named John Elesby, a
resident of the neighboring oity of James
town, was committed to our County Jail yes
terday, in default of the payment of a fine of
&i, impoiea upon mm ior a oreaon oi we
Suits Instituted Aqaisst thosb Ekoaqid
in Destroying thi Prkb South NiwsrAPiB.
Suits were yesterday entered in the Campbell
Coanty Court, against Dr. Hosier, J. .
Ballam. J. A. Plner, A. S. Berry, J. Berry,
Chas. Strieker, Geo. Kendall, T. D. Edwards,
Jas. Taylor, jr., John Doxon,Thos. Anderson,
Oliver Root, Chas. Air, and Jas. E. Perry,
ohargad with assisting in the destruction of
the free South newipaper. We believe the
damages, in each ease, is laid at $15,000, but
or course tne amount awaraea, ir any ne
allowed, must be filed by a jury. S. T. Wall,
of Covington, is attorney for Mr. Bailey.
fjf A. A. Xyster, Clocks, Watches and
fewi lry, Hot. HI and 271 western-row.
Pictures in natural oolors taken at the
Broadway Gallery, No. 68 Broadway, below Pearl-st.
JSat Dagnerrean Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over HannaTord's
drug -store. Clotures taken and nt In good cases
for twenty cents. Warranted te paaei
Sprague A Co., oorner of Fourth and
Vine, have on hand 137 Overcoats, 75 Oasslmere Bus!
ness Coats, 34 Cloth Frock Goals, 100 pairs fanoy Ou
slmere Pants, II Oasslmere Testa, and 73 Bilk Vests,
besides a great variety of other goods, whioh they
offer to their customers at cost. Bee advertisement,
TIT7filrRAT,TI CBK88-On Tuesdtv evening
January 24, at the residence of the bride's father, by
th Bat. Dr. Will's. Mr. Jaa. FilBfarald. of the O.
and M. B. B to AMss Isabella, youngest daughter of
U, w, ureas, aw.
BURNIS. On Monday morning, January 23, at 2
o'ciooa, oa lonammanon oi sne lungs, Atonort 4,
Bnrnea. In the Mth rear of his as.
Tbe funeral will take place at bis late residence, on
Deerrreek Road, this afternoon, at 2 o'clock. The
friends of the family are invited to attend without
lurtner notice.
DONOVAN. On Sunday evening, the 23d Inst.,
Jerry Donovan. .
TUBMBR. On the 21st, on board the steamer 811
vsr Moon, John Tnrner, aged 22 years.
LABARGX. Joseph Labarge, en departed this
liooh. In the 73th year of his age, and a resident of
ins cisy during in. lass oi yeara.
McfABLAN On Friday Morning, January JO,
after a short illness, James 0., eldest son of James
nil K. In D. Mo Sarlan. in tha Utk .ear of his a...
The funeral will take plaoe from the reeldeaoe of
his parents, 214 west Nintn-atreet, this arternoon, at
1 o'olook. Friends of tha family are invited to attend.
YAM AttS INGB.-At Warren, Lee County, Iowa,
on tbe 17th Inst., of consumption, Wm. Aug. Ann
Inge, late of California, In hla 80th year, second son
of John and Suae Yaa Aaaige, ef this cisy.
Thi TJsitabiabt Chubch Caii Foubth
Day. The evidence proceeded before Judge Oolling
in the oase of William Wiswoll va. The First Congre
gational Church.
juuge uoaaioy was recalled by the counsel forth
Ghorch of the Kudeemer to prove certain newspaper
publlcal Ions In relation to meetings of the Society.
r, init nerv wquirau oi ine Wliuess WUAt M
thought of Mr. Oonwsy as a Christian teacher.
Judge Uoadley replied thai herefanltd Mr. Con-
vayas a conscientious and laborious teacher; and
maim nis sermons ne enlorced tb moral obliga
tions of bis bearer with rrvjit nownr. II wonlrf
olasslfy him with those who were tbe salt of tbe
earth; andaa the subject of free-will bad been talked
oi nere. ne anew no man who by any power of lan
guage, by act or preaching, could enforce the dot
trlu. of moral responsibility more soundly than he
did, or carry it through every relation of lire mora
completely. Hence it was he could not understand
now nr. uonway broached tbe subject of fatalism.
Q. (By Mr. UprwineHDurlng thli excitement in
the church which reenltul In th mttirtnns r .
number of the congregation, had yon It in yonr power
to have given this church Mr. Conway's resignation!
A.-Tea; I bad it in writiug; but thought it due to
him it should not be done. I was opposed to the
move at the time I received it.
Q.-(By Mr. Taft.)-Was there not a very great
anxiety that he should remain?
A. That waa tue reason I never felt at llbertr to
present the resignation. 1 atone time thought be
ought to resign, but many clrcnmatancea changed
my mind, tie had been charged with improprieties
of one kind or unotbes, and the affair assumed a
shape that witness thouKht it would look loo much
like a confession of faith if such a step should be
0 Are yon awaro of a counter-naner to tha "im.
mortal Thirteen" being got up.
A .There was a naner and mv name waa tha first
attached to it.
or. J 'otter waa recalled and examined aa In matters
already In evidence.
Mr. BawMon examined. aimed the naneir n&llln.i
id. nievjiina
Mr. Uoodson recalled. lie wished to comet a
statement that he waa In power of a sale of the pro
perty. Be was always opposed to it.
One or two warm discussions took place between
counsel In relation to the introduction of certain
testimony onerea.
Toe uourt sojourned at aix o'clock.
Tua TaiAL or Ulawbon. The fliuinff arvtim.nt
for the State was made by Mr. Gaines, Judge Carter
charged the jury abeut noon. Mo verdict was agreed
to up to a laie nour.
KmaMCIPATICBL Thirteen bUta. wera tn.nivmlttjvil
befure Judge Oolllns twelve mnlattoes, the properly
of B. F. Adair, of Phillips County, Arkansas-and
uuv in. eiare oi n. vswau,oi we aame place.
Monetary and Commercial.
The rate of Eastern Exchange declined yes
terdsytt, dealers buying at X and drawing at Hon
all points. The decline was hardly anticipated, bnt
the fact that several Bankers were "culling under,'
induced the step, which, once taken, was generally
The rateof Gold wss lowered.and dull at X selling,
though some parties wore not desirous of disposing
of the (Join they had ou hand at that prico, thinking
the; could soli it to more advantage in a fortnight to
me nanus.
Currency has been coming in more freely for a day
or two past, uui tue supply remains inniicu.
In Time-bills, Mew Orleans uchauge and Uncur
rent moner. there waa no alteration.
The rates ol Kxchange and Coin at the doss of
Danit nours were:
H prem.
X prem.
H prem.
H prem,
6 prem,
H prem,
1 prem.
New York Sight,
ruiiadeipnia "
Boston "
Baltimore "
New Orleans "
H prem,
American Gold.
71 lisjui
X prvm,
Flour wns in moderate demand yesterdsr at full
nrlces. and Whisky was rather dull. Mo asses and
Sugar wero dull, aud the latter was Mo. lower per gal
loo. Mo alteration in Grains occurred Provisions
were still firm, aud In fair demand, Lard excepted.
In Hoes there were no transactions.
1 be Torelgn trade at tbo port of flew York, for the
past week, falls short of the corresponding week last
season. In the Import entries, nearly one-half. The
total, Including tue Dry Goods table In our last pa,
ner. la S3 I72.K5.1 asnlnat Sli.ill H.VJ for the third week
in Jannarv. IrtM Th. Kxoort clearances of the
week are Sl.iiM.eW, against 187,260 same we-k last
year The Hi port of Spools is over 8239,400, against
(137,339 same week liutt season.
The Imports and exnorta of various articles duilng
ine icrty-eignt nour euuwg yeeieruay noon were:
luniRTs rionr. DM brla.: Wbisty. I. ?S7 barrels:
Corn, 11,837 bushels; Wheat, 2,131 bushels: Oats, 3,303
nustiois; uariey, i t Duanris; slogs, zzineaa: rorx
and Hiicon, hlids., tierces; III brls., boxes.
31,100 Ins.; Lard, is brls; H3 kegs; Sngar, hlids.)
moiasees, ens.; Lonee, it nags; Apples, 372 oris.
Butter, 6.1 kegs; Cheese, 30 boxes; Potatoes, 339 brls.
Salt, brls.; Hay, 4C0 bales.
ExroiTB.-Flour, 384 8 brls. I Whisky, 873 brls,
n -. i . tV'V. . ,i ... i. w
uulUt uu.unis, vr iiw,, uuvuma. unm, uuvu-
els; Barley, 142 bushels; Hogs, 4 head; Pork and Ba-
oon jut nnua., o nerces, n o one , lot ooxes, ius;
Lard. 133 brls . 2 kens; Sngsr, 92 hlids.: Molasses,
2;9 brls.; Coffee, 309 bags; Apples, 30 brls ; Bu ter,
S9 xegs; vueese, 10 ooxes; roiatoes, iw oris.; salt.
Monday's New York Times, nnder date of Satur
day evonlng, observes I
"The Loan and Disconnt line will also probably be
lurtner reuueeu on tne return oi tuts aiternoon, al
though the tendency is rather In tlse opposite dlreo
HnH Hllh .nnA n . h - . ...... t
HVU -II. VI . lOt ,D U.U.I. M. ,I-HU. juu,-
Ing from the increased freedom of temporary Loans
on the street at tbe close of the week-6 per cent, be-
I, .a ...lul I. . . . 1 1 L. 1 " . 1 1
private lenders on Saturday. In lnscounts.atso, the
rates nave xurtner mouerareu outaiueoi nana irou
.1. .. . i i. .. ... . i. .. . ., . .
lu. ivi uia vi uiv .luviwii. tivub, uu I Dvrwu, UU
sixty days, and 7X(fl per cent, on tbres and six
months' strictly prime indorsed Bills are now
ouotod, and Si&lO per cent, fair Paper. The demand
tor money during the week was good, bnt not press,
Ina. for the navment of Custom unties and tha our-
chtise of Foreign Exchange, while the snnnlv on
temporary loan to the Stock and Money Brokers was
in auvanca or tne employment wnicn tne present
rather tame movement on the Stock Xxohanse af
fords. Thb Foreign Exchanges have recovered to
109 percent, on London: standard Bills, after sell
ing heavily for the Cunarderof Wednesday last, at
iiWHCoiu' percent, una rate on ranee naa also
recovered to fS.lMs. The market quiet at the close
of the week on a small business for tbe steamer
which sailed on Saturday."
FLOntt A fair demand, at fnll nrica. Mule, nf
1.IM0 barrels, at 85 3SS 4U for supeiBne, and i 30
,0 Ki ior extra.
WHISKX-The market Is rather dull, and nrlces
tend downwsrd. though thevcAn not be called lower:
sales of 300 barrels at 21)40., Including that from
PROVISIONS-There Is moderate demand for all
articles except Lsrd, and the market continues to
rule firm at very full rates. Mess Pork Is arm, at
f 17 for good city brands; 430 barrels country brand
soia at ei73. doik meats, cny cut, neia nrniiyat
OM and SMo. for Shoulders and Sides; 6,000 pieces
country, delivered here, at t'4, 8H and 8Ho. for
snouiaers, staes ana iiams. jiacon nrm at 7 ana
9Mo.,for Shoulders and Sides, and lOTso. for clear
Sidoa. Lard held at lwailo. for tierce and keg; 200
kegs sold at lOTnc., and 9jo. is about tbe outside rate
obtainable for barrel.
GROCERIES The market for Sugar Is dull, and
)4o. lower; fair must be quoted at Sc., and good fair
at 80. Molasses heavy, with saloa at 43o. We quote
at 4343o. as the range In the large way, at the close.
CotTee unchanged, and in moderate demand.
WHEAT The market is nrm, with demand
Jn excess of the receipts. We quote prime white
II 281 30. and prime red at tl 231 23.
OOUM-The market Is steady, with a good demand
at 33o. per bushel. In bulk.
OATS There is a good demand, and prices nrm
4900. 1 sales of 800 bushela, ill bulk, at 49o.
BYE The market continues dull, but we have
no change to notice in prices since our last quota
tions BARLEY The market is dull. We quote prime
fell at 8&70o., and fair to good at 384$&Sc.
HAY The market Is dull, owing to large receipts,
and prices have declined to $ 18l per tun, for prime
Timothy, on arrival: sales of 30 bales prime Timothy
C II ESSE The market Is firm, with an active de
maud: sales of 300 boxes Western Keaorvo atomic,
and 100 do. common English Dairy at 10c.
BUTTER The market is dull, aud prices un
changed. prices are firm at (3 233 23 per barrel; there Is but
utile aoiug in uio suiau way.
POTATOES 1 here is a good demand, and prices
firm at Si 73 por barrel for prime Jtiesbanocks, from
in twrmn own n . j , i .. Mui -n
Ubv i mta anvil' j ne ueiuauu uuuiiuueo iwu, wiu
prices steady at $4 U04 9': snlus of 60 barrels
14 90; so do. at S4 90, aud 120 sacks atS4 SO.
i by m AGNirrrn telkgraph.i
Nbw Yoaa MaaaiT, January 24 P. M. Flour
a shsds easier, with little more business both for ex
nort and home trade. Demaud bv no means active:
sales of 7,200 barrels, at (4 933 10 for suiierflne
State; 3 20&3 30 tor extra SUte; (5fs8 10 lor snper
fin. Wnsteru: Bo 20SA 33 for common to medium
extra Western! to 603 71 for shipping brands
extra round-hoop Ohio closing quiet. Shippers
are In the market to a fair extent, nt 13 23
choice extra Btate. Whisky lower: sales of 1,000
barrels at ZlkiMao. Wheat dnll and declining;
shippers are willing to operate at aaecnne oi oge.
per bushel, while holders refuse to accept any
tSirlfiAv r.dnellnn than 2u.to. For nrlme Mllwaukle
Club Jl 08, delivered, Is offered for export: sales
2,WJOOU8Uell iair rea ooaiaernat i wsau asaiau
mita! white Hfinthern at 8 Ift. unsonnd. Bre aulet
at 90&91O. Barley In moderate request: sales
17,(00 bushels, at 76o. for two-rowed, and 79o.
four-rowed State. Corn a shade nrmer, with some
export demand: sales of 17.IMO bushels, at i 7s82o.
for Inferior to prime new white and yellow-including
4,800 bushels new white Bonthern, for ship.
Sing to Liverpool, at 82o. Tbe first ebipmont
rest Britain for some months. Oats very Cull, ex
oeptfor strictly prime, which is scarce: aales at 430
48c. for Btate, Western and Canadian. There is
fair demand ror rora, anil ma maraos may oe quoteo
a shade nrmer: sales, aggregate, oi luu Darreis,
111 33018 73 for old mess; 17 for heavy uninspected
niess; . i ou ior div iuvmw, .it wwi i -v wr uiu pi iiuk
f 13 s&iai3 so for new Western nrline mess: 11611330
oil -u ior oiu prime
for city Co.. and 113 BOrialS 73 ior new prime. Beef
e'eedy and quiet. Lard nrmt "alee of 31S barrels
lOXtaiOMo., and 200 kegs at 12o. Butter steady,
llsleo. for Ohio, and I3&230, for Bute. Obeoseln
moderate request at 9llc Cotton easier, though
qnotatlona lower: sales of 10,000 bales at llHo. for
middling Cplanda. The Shipping List of to-morrow
will quote Cotton steady: ernes of three days 3.300
bales; no change in prices; middling Orleans at 1 1 lie,
Sngar quite dull ana unchanged; prices favor buyers.
Molasses heavy, and little demand: sales of Mew Or-
leansatooo. lonacco inactive
FrelshU on Cotton to Liverpool 3-lf7-S2d.
ling Exchange
Francs 3.170
PaiLADiLrnix Mabxit, Jsmnary M-M.-nonr
dull: sales ofssuperllneat 13 ft Wheat firm: sain
of 7,000 bnshsls red at II til S3. Corn dull: sales
3,000 bushels, at 730. ior yellow, ana am. ior waits.
Whisky steady at X23o.
it.i.TianBB MaaasT. January 24. Flour arm.
at I) K&i 87M for Howard-street. Wheat quiet and
steady: sales at tl 3l to for red. and Si tmi
for white. Corn active: sale of white at 70vg72o.,
and yellow at CSATOc. Provisions quleti Mess Pork
at 17 23017 to, Whiskj steady at w.
WILLIAMS-Sales-rooms His. 22 and 24 Zaat "
Third-street. On WkDMESDAY MOIININU, Janu- .
arv 2. at Bin. a'alock. . ffAiientl UMitmant lit llrv
and tMoy Goods, Ctothii.g,liilk and other Dresses,
TV B lira, uutiery, c. ...... . s - . ,
ALSO At t.Q O'clock, th. WtirnKnra of a. f-mllr
ninoring, consisting of (he usual Tarloty of Burraus,
Bedsteads. Tables, Chairs, Stands, Carpeta, Meds.' f
Bedding, Ac.
A uw A goou ssocst er new Furniture, o.
A. KKLLOGQ, Auctioneer. '
SHEARS A CO. Bftlee-room Mo. Mend M Main. ;
Bareet.-VulanciaBa(sin.,Ullvaull,o, at Auction.
We will sell THIS MOUKINO, (Wednesday) Jenn
et y 23, for account of whom it may concern, 40 boxes
Valencia Raisins; 10 boxes Olive Oil; I cam Cinna
mon. ja2 . BKASHBiAna t uu.. Auctioneers.
SHES. R8 A flO.-BalseroonM. 67 and 3 Main
street -Kexnlar Bale of Groceries, Ao. We will sell,
on WEDBBbDAY MORNlliO, January 23, at
o'clock, a general assortment of Groceries, Ac con
sisting or 70 oris. saoiaaaBs; ii nags mo uunea: ou
n nos. sugar; woris. ougar, u eng. jiwja; no lue.
and 3'a Tobacco.
A LBO-ttoap, Candles, Rope, Oronnd Spices, Glass
ware, Qneenaware, Teas, Paper, Soda, Bed Cords,
Woodeuwers, sc.
jazi G. BKABnaAna asju., Auctioneers.
J. BAUD, at Trade Sale-rooms Ho. 31 West Fifth
street, up stairs. Valentines, Stereoscopic Views,
Books. Stationery, Ao.-On WEDNESDAY BTVBN.
ING, January 23, at 7 o'clock, will be sold, by cata
logue, a splendid collection of Valentines, rttereo
soopic Views, Books, Stationery, Gold Pens) and Pen
cils, Porte-monuaiea, Cutlery, Ac.
M. B. Catalogues will be published en Wednesday
morning, and the gowla will be open for examination
on Wednesday during the day.
jaMO ' s. u. uuhd&du, Auctioneer.
(Times and Enquirer copy.) - -
k CO. For account of whom it may concern.
Sheeting, Morocco bklns, Aa On THURSDAY
MOBN ING, January 23, at Wi o'clock, at onr store.
Mo. 13 Bast Fourth-street, will be sold 13,000 yards of
Sue Sheetings; lOdoa. XXTampIco Morocco Skins;
10 don. XX Ourraco Morocco Skins; ID doa, XXX
Sne French finish MorooCo Bkins; 20 doss, line Oak,
AO. 70 and 80 lbs.. Kip Skins: 30 rioa. double and single.
Traveling Bags; 12 laities' hue Traxellng Trunks.
N. St. 10 tie sola in iota to suit tne traue.
Jay JACOB QUAFF, Auctioneer.
ING. January 25, will be sold, at tH o'clock, at Ko.
winn-Diimrl uu.--i.-j. hu.im ruu vu.vti. ids
en tiro Furoitnre of a family, consisting of two Rose
wood, Blue Satin covered Sofas; two do. do. Arm
Chairs; four do Parlor Chain, all to match; Boee
wood stagers, Mantle Clock, Rosewood Marble-top
Oenter Table, Lace Curtains, Gilt Stands, Fire Set,
riciures, surerune musseis vjarpew aouoie Jtug,
Door Mat, llalr Cloth Lounge, extension Table,
Dining and Tea Ware, Glassware, Vel'ot Carpets,
iruKijei, iiiuuw nmuiu, wiivuiw, . Aairivp'ritlur,
Half and Dining-room Oil Cloth, Brussels Stair Car
pet, Boris, Ac; Bosnwood Col tag Bedsteads, Bone
wool Marble-top and plain Dressing Unrenns, do.
vtashs'ands. Hair and Shuck Mattresses, Feather
Bolsters and Pillows. Toilet Glass. Cane Chairs. Brus
sels Carpet. io.; two Cooking Btovt s, aud an assort
ment of IMtcbeu Furniture.
javub uitAir, Auctioneer,
ja24 . Ho. 18 East Fourth-street.
Durable Machine extant
Call and sss them.
jaOtt 80 West Fourth, street.
New Mode of 7 entila .ion!
Call and Be One of
He.ting and Ventilating Fainices,
In operation at
Stois Ware-rooms, Nos. 51 and (S Vine-st.,
(Below Columbia.)
Sawyer & Co.
EsTWarranted to give satisfaotionjrAV
Noi, 10 and 31 East Second-street,
$30. , $30. $30. $30.
Ihirty-Bollai DoubleLock-Stitch
JNOUNCBD by all eenspetent Jndsjf wfc
have seen It, to bs the beat and most desirable Fam
ily Sewing Machine ever Introduced, resmrtlleesj
ef price. It will sew all klndc of family goods,
from tha verv
r thickest to the very nnaatfabriesmada,
snu utm an amu. vi tin in,iivui v. v v.
him. Mll la MMA as l...f tk. PiTjBfllllSin.
i ,, c i vA a ,n neia
Send for a ciroular, or aU and see It in operation.
Opon early app lioation, State and Uounty Bightainay
bo secured. . . . , . .
An eaergetlo parson oan make a fortune in a snort
time. Agents wail ted In all unsold territory.
ii. o. nsjRTniANs
8c le lud exclusive agent for the united States,
sepjffat ffSWeat jTourtli-stil, fyvveryjiaj,
Free from Offensive Odor, at
INTO. 97
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O.
AL with any manufacturing establishment
a America. ....
mar w warrant our Oils to be equal, If not saps.
rlor. to any In the market.
tHr We invite those In the edty and vicinity to
call and examine for themselves.
aaer Bo persons ordering from a distance, satis,
faction guaranteed In all cases. Address
C. K. HAHKIN. Agnnt, er
AY. U. HOOK4, Treo.wrer,
Kanawha Ott M. Oil Man. Co.,
d2S n Walnut-street. Cincinnati.
Merchart Tailor
No. 48 FOTjrtrH-STREET,
Boots & Shoes !
and superior stock of Boots, Shoes and Slippers,
which for eSjtent and variety Is not sarpaawed west of
slew York. Mynrioeaarenasonabtajgivesneaoau.
P1TBBS. Wssrt Fonrth-wa,
JLaafiVf Moroooo-kMM Boots;
120 cartoons of Children's Fancy-heeled Boots;
,000 pairs of Woman's retted Ooat Boots, custom
made, at 7t OMta a pair.
In store sad Iba! lebyl '

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