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is wablbk dally, ( Bandars atqtoU
f !-. U Wilt r OBIf Ml"".
IB rilll r BBSS to llvrd to lubsorllwn la
UtudwuOorinctoBtalBswjart, andsar
swadlnf dUsa end towns, et the u
1 trcmelf lovyrtotof
In f ooylM lo.t 1 month too.; I monthi Hi 1 m? It
1 M
W Bf
Ion 4. Emua, Ja.,.- 8ol Lessee ant HaBetsr.
last night bat two of
Miss Eliza tosran's
THIS BVEKIHO, Jnnrr M.wUl be preformed
ths over-popular fir act-play of
Ltd; Ten............-...-....- MlM Jilt lopi
Sir PetrTnl............ ...."- Mr. Kllsltr
I, bade. Hnrfao ,.m Laogdon
Mra. Caodnr..........-... ..... ...Mr. EU.Ier
Lady Soeerwctl..- Bri Gilbert
To conduit with to rl ana magnincent on-
I Ob, Tub WonBierni, Lamp.
'.Aladdin,,. .....Mil Kfle Viator
Knsrao (the dumb alert),.. ,,.. .,,tlr, Kinder
i-Alanagar (a magician) , ,........Mr, Langdon
:.obedie,M...............-.-..M Fanny Denhein
mron. .......
L In consequence of the daily apslieatlons for tba
'intorlcot play of "Tonssalot L'Overtnrej Or, The
J naurrection of Hay tl," tb. manager will fortbwltb
Suake tba necessary efforts for ita early and brilliant
Ctabticui.ab Nonet. The doorawlll open t )
1 'olocs. and the performance commence precisely at
I nVlnnk. during Ihia .real attract ioa.
" I!n in n w 1 nyi.imu llriul HrM Mil P.ftitlilita.
Went! Gallery. 25 cents.
Ti. V. Pike...........
IV. B. Uonway,
Btage Director.
SU V. Herbert ..M....l... mm..
Barond week of thcee established favorites,
Mr. ana Mrs. w. J. rioreiice.
TTITH IVKNTNa. Janutrv 36. will be presented
:lie drama, in three acta, called
egged Pit .......... .........M......-....Mr. Florence
udr O'Trot ...-Mrs. Florence
fOttu O'Oftrolaa. .,............. ....Mr. Sheridan
iionor O'Uarolan.........-.. .. ....in. wiiiui
Florence ..........M In Helen llonro
I To conclude with the Pioteaa fare called
tarta, Panl Bnrttn, Elite Heatherbloiaom,
L Forney Uray, Jernaha Joylul makepeace
f m......, ....... M.ulw.jun. a iuivu.fi
be Tragedian.... ............Mr. Florence
SBB-ln AnhTM rAhearattl. an ormlnal burleaau.
vrtilen expreeaur lor nr. ana ore. w. ,1. rioreuce,
napiayea or mem wun tne must uuouunueu .uu
ese at Wallack' Theater for upward of fifty throe
ucceaalve nigh ta, entities 1jALi1,& uuuuu.
N. B Wuntol Tarentr rouni ladUa for the bal
let. Apply at the Box-office, between tb hour of
' 10 A. at. and a P.M. .
Bridal. Motick. All peraoni are respecimiiy re
seated to refrain from loud or improper language,
yelling, wbiatling, or any other condnot calculated to
disturb the audience or violate the rulea of decornm.
I'Bioaa or Adihioh. Parquette Circle, Parquette
and H.tMtnr. Mk Mnfat Amnhltheatar. 2A rant. !
arrival Boxes ior eigm persona, va.
f Doora open at H o'clock ; commence at 7M.
John Bates
.Proprietor and Hanagar
AiTiKiTinn n Pansa. Tickets for Ladies and
Children, Dress Circle, 25 cts.; family Circle, 24 ots.;
( Colored Doiei, a cis., uauery, iu cm.
raw lujnim.
THIS KVITNTNrv Jannarv . the entertainment
, will commence wun tneurama enwiiai
On, WoMAB'a Hiabt.
To conclude with tb new
Tn nrnnnrfttlnn. ilia itartlinff drama taken from Sir
Walter Soott'a novel of that name, called "Tb Heart
or Mid liotkutD."
KnTTfTB TraitMrnan and others are cautioned
against furniahing any article, for tb theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
Theater, la now open ror the reception oi goesu.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meaia raraiahod at all nonrs.
BPEUT FULLY annonncas, that in oomptiapo
with the invitation of a large number of cltisens, be
will reneat bis Connie of Six Illustrated Leoiures on
Geology and the Natural History of Creation; the first
Lecture being illuatiated by Experiments in Natural
Philosophy, at SMITH A NIXON'S HALL, com
mencing THURSDAY EVENING, January 36.
Second Lecture, VBIDAY IVIMIMQ, January
2. ana cumiuue aa r luium uutiuv.
The whole Course will be given in the above Hall
Lictubb Ohi. Evidence of Design by the Crea
tor, in tb btructure of tb Solar and Terrestrial
Ligtubi Two. Igneous Condition of the Interior
ol the Karth. Causes of Volcanoes, Earthquakes
and tne isievatios oi uoniinems ana isianas. uom
position and Position of Bocks. Gold Deposits,
Uuartz Veins ana formations oi uaiuornia.
r.anTiiac Thkis. First Created Animal Life,
Classification of ttocki by Fossil Remains found in
Liotubi FouB.-Coal Beds; how ths Coal was pro.
duced, wltb proofs that all Coala, Graphite and tb
Diamond, are of Vegetable origin.
Licydbs Fiva Tho Period of Beptiles. Organic
remains of myriads of Animals that existed on the
earth and in tbe seas millions of years before tb
creation of man. The warm-blooded Animals.
Maatadon and Mammoth Period.
LicruBt Six -The Present Order of Animals, with
Man and Woman. Ana of the Earth. Affreemens
nf tha Biblical and Geoloiloal Chronolosv. Tb
Harmony of Geology with tb Mosaio Account of
Ailiiaions will ba made, and some Interestini facts
stated, wltb regard to the Geological formation of
tne uopper siegiona oi jjaae supenor, wun remaxas
nn California,lts Geology, Mineral worth, Gold and
Mercury Mines, front on year's Geological oDserva
t tlon In that oountry.
Each of the Lectures will be Illustrated by tbe ex
. blbltlon of s series of large and splendid Paintings,
which cover over three thousand feet of canvas, and
were executed at a cost of over 4,000. They re pre
sent Volcanoes, California scenes, Coral Islands, Ooal
Vegetstion, Beptiles and Monsters of the deep, Ani
mals of the nre-adamtta world, warm-blooded Ani
mals, and tbe Human Hace, being representative of
tne entire animal crewuuo.
It is universally admitted that a view of these
Paintings alone Is worth more than tie price of tbe
whole Course.
Dr. Boynton has concluded, that during bis Course
of Lectures, he will devote tbe latter part of one
evening to an exbibiiion of his great lion Galvanio
Battery, and give a series of startling and brilliant
experiments, illustrating its power. Tbe season
Tiekets to his Course on Geology will also admit to
this entertainment.
Ticke'a fur the Course (six lectures), 79 cents; Pu
pils or schools to tne course, 39 cents; tingle aamis
Ion, Scents.
Lionels lur ante n.i'.iewia cvu iuuiiuowid.
Smith 4 Nixon's Piano Ware rooma, and at the Hall
on tbs evening of the Lectuies.
. Doors open at 7 o'olock; Lecture to commence at
in. . jazoq
mm in
Natloaal Hnll, Vlnewitreet, a FHch.
Tbe lessons are so arranged that lunar can
ommenoe at any time. oewtf
pupils of the vVestom Female Seminary, Hx
ford, Ohio, br Miss Mary S. Adams, and Illustrated
with a tine view of ths (Seminary Buildings. Price,
adeems. juun uHuauti, jr.,
Jnl6 No. m West Fourth-street,
. tha a ever. Great sacrifice of
Pianos , Melotleons , violoncello ,
1'ianos , meiuueos. v luiuuuviiu. ,pr a
Violins, Guitars, Banjo Btrlngt-Trlm ta Tfylt
minga, Ac, daring the Holidays. 0 Q U
U.llil- t,AAuUi( Im. than -- W w
other House in this city, and llrstolsss instrument
at that. Do not buy an Inatrnment until yon have
DUII1IU wow w.w ' "
called at No. 227 Bifth-street, second, door east of
1'lnm, south side. , caininusi oau..
Piano Makers, aad Sealers la First-claaa Instnt.
tnenta. iltf
Excelsior Fluid Inki.
Manufactory. Vina Bt M
B. Bloat Go's. Family Sewing Machines ha
been removed to No, 30 Wast Fourth-street, over
lefiouteUlen, (jam) B,H,CtQK, Agent,
VOL 2.. NO. 136.
Lrrrxi Mum. Night Express, 8:00 A. a.; Aceou
modatittn, r. a.; Day Express, 6:35 r. a.
iNDIAHiFOLIS AMD ClMCUIIIATI.-ll:15 A. H.) 5:40 r.
St.: 1:40 a. at.
Ohio and MiMiMim.-8:2S A. a.; ll:i A. a.s 10:15
viNoiraATT, HAaiLToa ahs DATToa. 7:15 A. a.; 11:03
a. at., is-.os r, m. o:oj r. ., o:ou r.
HsBIBTTA ABD ClHClMSATl. 11:20 A. M. (:M T. M,
Bioubobd abo IxDiABAroLU.-U:60 a.j 6:54 w. a.
Littib Muai.-Day Express, 10:01) A. B.J Accom
modation, 4:40 T. H.; Night Express, 11:90 r. a.
Ibdiahapoui abo Cibouimaii. :W A. a. U:44 v,
is.t 7:1A 9. is.
Ohio abb Miasijsim. 7:10 A. a.; 1:00 p. a.; 7:80 p. a.
OiBoiMBATi, Uabutob amo Davtob. 0:00 a. a.; 710
a. at., iwuu a, , &:w r. si.; o:ou p. si., u:su r. a.
Mabibtta abb Cinoibbati. . a. a.; 1:40 p. a.
Btotiaoao abb Ibdiabapous. :oo a. a.; till r. a.
mala Omhan Asvlam ii to ha estah.
llihed la Aloztnaria, Va.
. STOat of twenty prisoners In jail at Day
ton, sixteen are charged with Penitentiary of
fenaei. PMr. Sannden, author of Xoce's Mar
tyrdom, has a new domeatio drama in the handt
of tha Adelphi management in London.
M'lIe Batta, a young Frenoh lady, of
whom high expectations have been raised, ia
about to appear at the Italian Opera of Paris.
BMr. Andrew Scott, a well-known Phil
adelphia printer, died in that eity recently.
He wag the proprietor of Seott't Weekly Biper.
SBFrank Hiilman, a fireman on a tow
bosX wai murdered recently, in a sailor board
ing house ia New Orleans.
f&"k little child of Mr. Nje, residing in
Rosa County, Ohio, wag burnt to death a day
or two ago, by her olothea taking fire.
JThe foyer of the Comedie Franoaiie, at
Paris, hat just been adorned with a fall-length
life-size portrait of Raohel, painted by the
oelebrated Jerome;
9 The Frenoh Theater ia New York ia
now firmly established one hundred and fifty
anbecribera among the Frenoh residents hav
ing been recently obtained.
1J& Tho J apanese Embassy to this oountry,
It ia said, will consist of some eighty peraons.
They will want a hotel all to themselves.
&"An Australian manager,of the name of
Wibbs, mould nave lull houses, aa ne makes a
nightly distribution of watohes to induce peo
ple to attend.
' irTJp to Friday last the corporation and
citisens of Boston, including the Suffolk Club,
nave contributed $i3,uuv to tne auuerers oy
the Lawrence disaster.
$Z9 The QiMsns of Society, a series of memoirs
or tne most celebrated women or tne seven
taentb, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, ii
la preparation in JSogitnd.
5Tbe Art Union of London offers a pre
mium of one hundred guineas for the best set
of illustrations, "in shaded outline," or pore
outline, oi Tennyson's laylu of tht Jtmy.
pBl is worthy of notioe that while second
thoughts are best in matters of judgment, first
thoughts are always to be preferred in matters
that relate to morality.
The Governors of the States, inolud-
inir Kansas, are sixteen Kepnblioans, sixteen
Bemoerata, and two, in Texas and Maryland,
In 1835, only twontv-fire years ago,
there were not five thousand white inhabitants
between Lake Michigan and the PaoifioOoean
Now there are nearly two millions.
M. Dumas a few davs ago prodnoed
. . , . n i . 1 - r. ' . ...
ueiore toe r rencn Aoauemy oi ooienoo a oei'
met made of aluminum, and as bright as sil
rer, for the King of Denmark.
MS" An unpublished and musical play,
written by Leigh Hunt, has been discovered,
and will most likely soon find its way on to
the boards.
S" Joel Hair, now residing in Sampton
County, N. C, was one hundred and six years
old on the 27th of December last, and is en
joying excellent health.
7pk cynical Frenchman once laid there
are two parties to a love affair the party who
loves, and the party who contents to be so
SsT0ft what aeemt a trifle, a mere nothing
by itself, in some nice eltuations, turns the
scale of fate, and rules the most important
etVAn Ignorant man who "stands upon
his dimity." is like tha fellow who tried to
elevate himself by standing npon a piece of
brown paper.
esTThe deaths in New Orleans during the
year 18 were 0,oi7; male adults, 2,477: fe
males, 1,148; boys, i.two; girls, l.&ZB. There
were twenty-six oases of cholera, and ninety
one of yellow fever.
asTThe total number of deaths in New
York last week was one nanarea ana twenty
six, of which thirty-three were adults, ninety
three ohildren; sixty-seven males, and fifty,
nine females.
Ekv In the Bank of England twenty-eight
thousand notes are thrown off daily, and so
accurately is the number induated by ma
ohinery that to purloin one without deteotion
is impossible.
Damoib of Wiariho Hoops, Aa estimable
young woman named Walters, in Oswego
county, ci.x., was burnt to deatn a lew days
sinoe. The immediate cause of the fatal ac
cident was the amplitude of ber skirts, which,
being Inflated with hoops, were readily
orougnt in oontaoi wun tne stove.
Will Disaavin Ssbtshob. In Adams
Oonnty, 0., last week a lad named John W.
Murphy, ror attempting to violate tne person
or a ntgmy reapeotaoie young laoy near man
cheater, was sentenoed to fire years' imprison'
ment in the Penitentiary.
Child Scalded to Diath. At Cleveland,
on Thursday, a little girl, daughter of Henry
Chieholm, died from the effects of scalding.
The child was playing In a room and fell over
backward into a vessel containing hot water.
Charitabli Biquibts. Among the bequests
of the late Miss Elise Tippany, of Baltimore,
were $10,000 to the Benevolent Society of the
City and County of Baltimore, and $6,000 to
the Baltimore City Mission of the Protestant
Eplsoopal Uburon.
A Law-Oibtiiq rsoPLS. It is said that
out of a German population of fifty thousand
in tha State of Wiioonsin. there is not a sin
gle individual from the Paderland confined In
tbe Penitentiary oi e eutte . .
BsioiDt. Mrs. Folsom, wife of Elijah Fol
som. of Younastown. Mahoning County, com
mitted sniolde by taking poiaon. She was la
bad health, and at times snbjeot to mental de
presilon. .
Hialth or Maa. Browsixo.. At the latest
dates, Mrs. Browning, the poetess, was about
going to Rome, tn order to avoid the bleak
winter winds of the Apennines her health
being auon as to neeeimata tne utmost oare.
The Capital the State of Ohio.
It may be of interest to the distinguished
visitors, the Executive officers and members of
the General Assemblies of the sister States of
Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana, now pros
eouting a visit to the Capital of Ohio, to know
that the first session of the Legislature was
held in the borough of Columbus In Deoember,
1818, and that the site, lour years preceding,
was a forest, known and described, as the
"High Bank of the Scioto River," opposite
irrankiinton. Tbe city, its Capitol, Benevolent
Institutions, the vast Improvements, have
been made in the last forty-three yeara.
Tne town of ifrankiinton, whlcn tne pas
senger cars whirl through, was a pott where
the army rendetvouied in 1812, passing to
Urbane, Fort Meigs and other points north.
The town of Columbus was laid oat on the
18th of June, 1812, the same day, we believe,
that war was declared against ureat Britain.
The City House or Tavern was opened by
David o. urodenok in lla. in mat year tne
population of the town was 700. About this
time a weekly paper waa published in tbe
place by Ezra Griswold, now of Delaware, and
Colonel Philo U. Olmsted and Joel Buttles, of
Columbus. GuBtavut Swan, we believe, is the
oldest surviving lawyer.
Jn 1814 the first Methodist Church was or
ganized, and the same year they erected a
small hewed log-house, with a shingle roof.
Of tbe teachera in this pioneer school-bouse of
Franklin County, were Joseph Whitehill, after
ward Treaaurer of Stare, Rodolphua Dickinson,
for a number of years a member of the Board
of Public Works, Joseph Old, in Congreta, and
Samuel Bigger, afterward, we believe, Gov
ernor of Indiana. "
The first aucoesaful attempt to carry a mail
to or from Columbus, otherwise than on horse
back, was by Philip Zinn, about the year 1810,
onoe a week, between Chillioothe and Colum
bus. The proprietors of the town, built the
State-house and government oUices, which
oost tht State but a small sum of money. The
proprietors extended $50,000 therefor, under
a contract, and the State paid tbe remalner of
the bin. wnion amounted to only xss.uuu,
For this they got twenty acrea of land, all the
publio buildings, including the first peniten
It was not until 1821 that the town was
made the oounty seat. The present Court'
house was built in 1810. The Inttlligmcer and
Gazette, in 1825, was enlarged, and entitled
(Jam state Journal and Columbiu UatetU.
Soon afterward the Wettem Statesman, com
menced in 1825, was merged in the Journal.
As the Sentinel, Eeqieter, Journal and Begitter,
and Bullttin, the paper has been published,
until It ia known now as the CAto elate Journal,
The Wettern EemUphere Commenced in 1832,
and was finally merged into the Ohio Statu-
man. A number of other newspapers rose and
sunt every tew yeara.
Tbe legislation for the erection of this
edinee was commenced in isaa. Tne corner
stone was laid July 4, 1839; but on account of
some supposed indignity to the .Legislature,
by the people of Columbus, the law to erect
the Btats-house was repealed say next year.
It was not until 1146 that it was finally de
termined to constitute permanently Columbus
as the seat or government.
The magnificent structure, as it will now ap
pear to visitors, has been but two years eccu
pled by the State officers.
Visitor! will be profited by visiting the
home of this olasa of unfortunates, so provi
dentially oared for by the Stat. The build-
Ines were erected in 1833-'34. The inatitu
tion went into operation in November, 1829,
being the first of the humane enterpriaes of
tne Htate.
This benevolent enterprise commenced ope
ration on the 1th of July, 1137, with but five
scholars, under tne care or Mr. A. w. renal
man. The edifice, now the nuoleus of subse
quent improvements, was erected in luiv.
Since thia edifice waa erected, the inoreased
number of patients in the State baa required
the establishment of branohea at Cleveland,
Dayton and Cinoinnati. This magnificent
structure, in the superiority of its structural
architecture and extent, is only equaled by
tne important services its managers and pa'
Irons confer upon suffering humanity.
Thia State prison will be a point of interest
to the visitors. Large and convenient, and
well managed as it is, its fullest capacity is
over taxed by tbe number or its inmates, viz.
The High School and Common School
Buildings, the Starling Medical College,
chnrohes, and other publio edifices, as also
the well designed private residences about
Columbus, are wormy or tne attention oi visitors.
Tbs Soikhcs op Sxlv-Eatiso. At a late
meeting of the Frenoh Academy of Medicine,
a very singular paper was read on Autopn
agy. Spontaneous and ArtiOolal. M. Ansel
mier. the author of the paper, bates his theory
on the fact that the body, when deprived of
its ordinary nutriment, consumes itself, until,
as its substance wastes away, ita temperature
falls and death ensues. He has proved by
experiments that the most economical method
for thia aelf-oonsumption is to keep up the
ordinary process of nutrition by slight bleed
ing and diinking tbe blood. Of two animals
in a similar condition, one of which he starved
and the other fed npon its own blood alone, the
latter lived several days longer than the
Poverty ir Niw York. The Secretary of the
State of New York, In his returns for the year
1858, states that the whole number of paupers
relieved that year amounted to 261,165, and
that there wete 63,948 inmates of the poor-
house. This result snows tne extraordinary
fact that, of the whole population of the State
of Mew lork in isoo, tnere was one in every
tlxtv-four an inmate of an alms-house, and
one In every thirteen and a half to needy as
to require alms at tne hands or the uovern
ment. -
Tbamlatioits or Popular Eholish Works,
The tongs of Thomas Hood have just been
produced in a German dress, at Hanover,
translated by M. Herman Harrys. Another
translation from the English, that of Presebtt's
Hietory of the Reign of Philip II, has been
published by Messrs. jrirmin viaoi, rreres,
Frihch Piofositioi to Tax Luxury. The
Salut Public, of Lyons, says: A petition ad
dressed to the Senate is now being signed by
the female operatives of this eity, in which
the DetitionarsNDray that all men who attain
tbe age of forty without marrying may be
compelled to pay a tax, as unproductive me-n
bora of sooiety.
Brhaikabm Fact. It Is a remarkable fact
that nearly Al the candidates for Vice-President,
at the Cinoinnati Convention, ia Jane,
1856. are dead bynn nova, oi n.eniueiy j,
C. Dobbin, of North Carolina; General Quit
man, of Mississippi; General Rusk, of Texas;
and Aaron v. crown, or Tennessee.
Iroohi or thi Nsw York Couhtt Shriiff.
Ths New York TW6un says the annual in
come of the Sheriff of the oonnty amounts to
$60,000. while the servioes rendered ahonld
I not at tne outside oost more tnaa T,uvv.
Kentucky Legislature.
The following are tho standing committees
of the Legislature of Kentucky:
On Judioiary Messrs. Clssell, JJellaven, An
drews, Fisk and Bruner.
On Court of Appeals Bead, Gillis, Cham
bers, Walker and Khea.
On Cireuit Courts Whittaker, Uarnaby,
Read, Hay ore ft and Jenkins.
On County Courts McBrayer, Alexander,
Prall, Rhea and Rust.
On Proposition and Grievances Grundy,
Haysraft, MoK.ee, Anthony and Grovor.
On Religion Wait, Whitaker, Irvln, Hay
craft and Davidson.
On Internal Improvements Chambers, Da
vidson, MeKee, Taylor and Walker.
On Priviledgee and Kleotlonv lrvan, Bar-
rick, McBrayer, Wait and Denny.
On Pinenoe DoHaveo, Bead, Rhea, Alex
ander and Cisaell.
On Education Barrtok, Cosby, Fisk, Gillis,
and Wait.
On Penitentiary Darnaby, Gibson, Lyons,
Cosby and Johnson.
ua Military Affairs Bowies, Andrews, vo
Haven, Whittaker and Grundy.
On Agriculture and Manufactures Glenn,
McKee, Anthony, Grunday and Denny.
On Sinking Jfund Bruner, Darnaby ana
On Federal Relations Prall, Andrews, Cls
sell, Pennebaker and Marshall.
On Executive Affairs Walton, Bowles, John
son, Denny and Cosby.
On Publio ', Buildings Antnony, Lyons,
Bruner and Gibson.
On Revised Statutes Flak, Taylor, Grover.
Pennebaker and Marshall.
On Codes of Practice Grover. Taylor, Pen
nebaker, Jenkins and Walker.
On Geologioal Survey Ruat, Jenkins, Wal
ton, McBrayer and Davidson.
HOUSE. On Propositions and Grievances
Geiger, Day, Ritter, Duniao, Burns, Terry and
un Privileges and Elections tmawnan,
Armstrong, Roberts, Linn, Alexander, Aoreo
and H. H. Smith.
On Claims Abell, I. H. Smith, Coleman,
Ratcliffe, F. Nlel, Shaver and J. W. Cook.
On Judiciary MoElroy, Rodman, Carlisle,
Bookner, Rice, Wolf and Borton.
On Religion Hines,' Massey, Downing,
Ellis, Walker, Gilbert and Foster.
OnWays and Means Wm. Johnaon, McKee,
Thomas Griffin, Luttrell, Croxton and Sneed.
On Internal Improvements Husbands, i or-
man, McFarlsnd, Fisher, Salyear, Stivers and
Fogle. ;
On Education Chambers. Jaoob Backnor,
Alexander, J. W. White. Ratoliff and Brown.
un Military AlUira Thompson, Croxton,
Htonarason, uoaan, Laoltey, conee, and
On Expenditnrcs of the Board of Internal
improvement Hidden, Lynn, Jaoob, W. It.
Niel, Sledd, Haynea and Hines.
On Penitentiary Gale, S. Johnson, Sherrill,
J. W.Cook, Gannaway, Gob een and Gilbert.
On Agriculture and Manufactures Clay,
Burbrldge, Mann, Bohannon, Brown, Hill and
On Sinking Fund Hitt, Greed, Sherrill,
Tye, Gaither, Faulooner and Ward.
On Banks D. P. White, Harrison, J. W.
White, Elds, Borbriiige and Hill.
On Library Hunter, Walker, Luttrell, M.
J. Cook and Downing.
On Printing Gowdy, Bohannon, Cleveland,
uoneen ana uuageii.
On Publio Offices Dobyns, English, Fogle
and Haynes.
On Federal Relations Hodge, Wolf, Hus
bands, Rice, Burnan, Coffee and Leach.
On Court of Appeals Clay, Ewlng, Rod
man, Green and McKee.
On Circuit Court Leach, Burdett, Ireland,
Lanaom and Donan.
On County Court Finn, Gales, Ireland,
Lynn and Carlisle.
On Revised Statutes Tevis, Burnman,
Boms, Burton and Riddell.
On Code of Practioe Goodloe, Riddell,
Finn and Harrison.
On Enrollments Lannom, Gannoway, 8.
donnaon, Hitter and uatber.
HisroRTtma of Havino a Will-Forvid
Wifi. A divorce suit in London, Sir Hugh
Rowley against his wife, Is reported at length
in the London papers. Mrs. Rowley, it hd-
pears, has very handsome legs, and, being
fond of showing tbem, enraged ber husband
upon several occasions while traveling on the
Continent. He told her "to tie her breeches
downl" And, because she refused. Sir Hugh
was brutal, and oorreoted her by oorporeal
punishment. Mrs. Rowley seems to have de
lighted in exhibiting her ankles and oalves to
porters, oierki, soldiers, and men of all olasses
indscriminately; and these frequently ex
pressed their admiration, if they did nothing
Lawea and Gilbert, the Engliah agricultural
chemists, have, after long experiments, estab
lished the fact that the proportion of solid
matter Is much greater in fat animals than in
lean; that while in a lean ox the proportion of
water is often two-thirds, in a fat one it is
often less than half. This shows the great
economy of purchasing fat meat, although, of
oourse, the proportion of mineral and nitro
genous matter in lean beef la greater than in
Mr. Thomas D'Aroy McGe was announced to
lecture in Bradford, (O. W.) recently. Tbe
Orangemen of the vicinity, who are bitterly
opposed to him, made dooided demonstrations
toward treating him roughly, gathering to
gether in large numbers from the neighboring
towns, and posting themselves through tho
streets of Bradford so as to assail him when he
left the railroad ears to go to his hotel. Mr.
MoGee was Informed of the movement, and
postponed his lecture.
Tbs Niw York Hrrald at thi South. The
Southern Confederacy, published at Atlanta,
Georgia, in a recent issue, contains a strong
editorial denouncing the New York Herald
as a vile and contemptible sheet, that should
be driven from the Southern States. It pub
lishes, says the Confederacy, "more vile Aboli
tion trash than any other journal; and, by
virtue of its large circulation, gives it a prom
inence and importance that it would not other
wise possess."
Tati Eilarqiiimt of Paiis. Hitherto the
city of Paris has occupied an area of 8,288
heotares, with a population of 1,174,346. On
tbe first of January last, by the incorporation
of adjaeent communes, the aieaof the city
was increased to 7,088 hectares, (about twenty
six square miles,) and the population to 1,
626,942. The estimate of munieipal expen
ditures for 1860 is 11,707,994 francs.
Narrow Esoafr of a Vsitrrui Prikst.
Just as the Patriarch of Venice had finished
his sermon on Christmas day, a large atone
fell from the roof of St. Mark'a on to the stairs
leading to the pulpit The Cathedral was
crowded, bat fortunately no one waa injured,
as the people had left an open space round the
pulpit, in order that they might be able to tee
as well as to hear the preacher.
Stiamioat Sicosd Hamb. A clergyman
of the Church of Scotland has been detected
In preaching as his own the sermon of another
clergyman, a Methodist of some celebrity.
But, npon examination, it was found that the
latter reverend gentlman had atolea the same
sermon from a volume by ths Rev. Dr. Green
wood, of Boston, entitled Vernon of Omnia-tion.
Washington News.
Niw York, January 25. The 2Wim' cor
respondent aaya M. Austin will be superseded
in the Collectorshlp of Boston, by John Apple
ton, and that the latter gentleman will probably
be succeeded ia the State Department by Dad
ley Mann. '
Mr. Austin is accused of Dooglaaism.
The Herald' $ correspondent says: Callander.
Cashier of the Hartford Bank, testified to-day,
before the Senate Brown Raid Committee, that
Brown deposited with him, and that he never
paid money lor Brown's cheek to any one bnt
Brown, except in one ease to Col. Forbes, to
whom he gave $600 on Brown's check. This
is a contradiction of Forbes' statement in his
letter, in which he stated that be never re
ceived money from Brown. Callender also
tesuned that wnen Missonrians invaded Kan
sas, he and other Connecticut men advised
him to go there, and he gave him a Sharpe's
riue, ana tola mm to use it. canenaei was
informed that the Committee did not oare
about Buoh testimony.
Mr. Charles Blair, of Colllervtlle, Conn.,
testified that he made Brown's pikes, and that
Brown paid him for them himself, and he
knew no other parties concerned with Brown
in the matter.
Mr. Blair is a Democrat, and made the con
tracts aa be would with any other person, not
knowing for what purpose the weapon would
be employed, Had a ballot been taken to-day
the result would have been about the same as
formerly, no obange having taken place suffi
cient to produce a result on either side. For
several days a report has been circulated that
some of the South Amerioana will vote for Mr.
Corwln and thus foroe the Republicans to go
to him.
Anothsr rumor is that Messrs. Briggs, Rlggt,
Adrain, and Clark, will vote for Mr. Penning
ton, and thus diotate terms to the Republicans.
Neither of these projects will divert enough of
the inenda ot Mr. Bherman away from him to
eleot either Corwin or Pennington.
Since' Mr. Corwin's speech to-day, it ia
doubted whether the Americana will pursue
the oourse Indicated.
Giddings and John Brown Summoned
to Appear Before the Senate Committee.
Clivilino, January 25. United Slatea
Marshal Johnson waa in Ashtabula County
yesterday, to serve summons on Hon. J. A.
Giddings and John Brown, jr., to appear
before the Senate Committee.
Giddings Is in the State of New York, but
waa telegraphed to, and will no doubt proceed
to Washington forthwith.
Brown could not be found. A copy of the
summons was lert at nit noose, and tne probe
bllity is that he will obey.
Both are summoned to appear on tbe 30th
January 25. Clinton,
Wis., on Monday night, destroyed property to
tne amonnt or $zo,ouu, on whlon there was an
insurance ot ipTuuv,
Chicago, January 25. A fire occurred at
Delavan, Wis., on Monday night, which de
stroyed tho dry goods establishment of H
Toppinjr. and the boot and shoe a to re of G. O.
Lyon, the cloth iue store of W. W. Bradley.
book store of Baker A Farrieh, and law offioe
of Clark A Patohin. The total loss is esti
mated at $20,000; Insured for $12,000.
Republican State Convention.
Hartford, January 25. The Reoublioan
State Convention for the nomination of State
officers and their choice of delegates to tbe
Chicago Convention, meet in thia eity to-day.
A large delegation baa already arrived, and
tho Convention promises to be the largeat and
ablest ever held by tbe party in thia State.
- Tbe present State ticket promises to bs
unanimously re-nominated.
From New York.
Niw York, January 25. The bark Gleaner
Culton, laden, bound to Amsterdam, waa burnt
yesterday off Apalaobicola, Florida.
A dispatch from Washington, yesterday,
says the Government in about arranging for a
horse express from St. Joseph's to Placorville.
to connect with the telegraph to San Franoisoo,
thus securing dispatches from the Pacific in
ten days.
Arrested for Passing Counterfeit
Nsw York, January 25. Several parties
were arrested last evening by the polloe for
passing and attempting to pass oountes)
two-dollar bills on the State Bank of Mont-
poller, Vermont.
r , ......... T-- OS XV.- T?tt T -.1 J
ol North Vernon, Ind., who has been deranged
some ten days, hang herself la an out-house
with a clothes-line this morning, and when
discovered life was extinct.
From Albany.
Albany, January 25. D. M. Irwin, of
Fulton, Oswego County, one of tbe injured
passengers by tho accident last week on the
Hudson Biver Railroad, died this morning,
War with Mexico Anticipated.
Niw Orliahs, January 24. Tbe Galveston
Aeuts thinks, on the authority of reliable In
formation from the Rio Grande, that present
difficulties there wiU end with a war with
Non-Arrival of the Nova Scotian.
Portland, January 25. The Nona Scotian
has not yet arrived. A pilot boat outside
threw np a rocket last night, causing the sup
position that the steamer had arrived.
A Famous Sword. It is said that the verit
able sword which Ethan Allen carried through
the perils of many well-fought battles, is now
in the possession of one of his female descend
ants, at Grand Haven, Mich. It it the same
staunch blade that he waved aloft when, "In
the name of Jehovah and the Continental Con
gress," he demanded the surrender of the
stronghold of Ticonderoga.
A "Hiivy" Dirt. One hundred men could
not oarry the amount of national dobt of Eng
land, oounted out In ten pound Bank of Eng
land notes, notwithstanding tho lightness of
the paper they are printed on.
Vixocs Exports raou" Fbam&i. Of ths
Immense quantity of wine manufactured in
France, careful statistics, recently prepared,
from authentie sources, show that she exports
only about one-elghty-elghth part of her whole
wine produce.
ArriopRiATi Tots roi Slavi Btati Oart
drib. Little wooden John Browns hanging
npon the gallows, with crank attached, by
wbloh ths legt and arms may be made to Jerk
and dangle in a beautifully suggestive manner.
Soioidi or A Fsuals Lubatio. On Friday
morning the wife of Albert W. Bryant, resid
ing iu Perry Township, Ind., was found hang
ing to the bed-pott in her own room, dead.
Advert laemenU not .xoeedlng five line (Agate) :
Un insertion. 4. 93 I On weak J1 Oft
Two weeka 1 30 On month it AO
Larger advertiaementa Inserted at the following rate
tor quar oi leu uaa or tea:
On Insertion.. 0 O Two weeks $3 Oft
Bach addiUonalTiM iS5 Throe wlt 4 OO
On wo 13 One month.. SOU
Job Printing
In all its branches don with neatneas and dispatch.
Wheeler & Wilson's
rrlnclpal Office, No. 77 West Foarth-st..
Jk Wll.on Rnwlnc Machine, with im
portant improvement, and to meet Use demand for
a good, low-priced Family Machine, have intro
A..rA - nsw MT-Yf.Si. vnrkin. nnon tne aame nrin-
clnle, and making tba aame etltcb, though not so
hUlifr flulahed, at UPTV-FIVE UTIAK.
The eipffanoe, speeu, Boieaieaanewt ana biuipiiu7 ,
the Machine, the beauty and strength of stitch, being
ALIeHC ON BOTH blDKS, Imtoaalbls to ravel, and
leaving no chain or ridge on the under aide, tho
economy of thread and adaptability to tbe tblckeat
or thinneat fabrics, ba rendered this the moat suc
cessful and popular family Sewing Machine now
At nn, nrln oSim w. aell at New York nrlcea.
and give instructions free of charge, to enable pur
chase to sew ordinary aeame, hem, fell, quilt,
gather, bind am! tuck, all on tbe a am. machine, and
warrant it tor wrae i a.
send or call for a circular containing full particu
lars, prices, testimonials, Ao.
iai7ar : WM. SU INNER Sc CO.
Goal Cooking Stove!
Has been pronounced br competent judge to be the
ever Invented.
Patented Dec. t, 85a
For sale by the inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati".
, aI
Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
No. 30 East Colnmblo-atreet.
XvJL trade at tha most reasonable prices and on tbe
most accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and liurnor fr
sal br our agent, J. 8KLLEHS, Oovlngton, Ky.
Coal Cooking Stove,
II Til
Held at anesvllle, Oe ai- r 1 13 '.
IVos. 51 and S3 Vinc-st.,
(Seoond door Bslow Colombia,)
f n Semi
THlRD-BTftKfJT. Cincinnati. Ohio, are mann.
faotnring largely. Palmer' oelebraMU Dydraulloi
Force and Lift Pump. Also, his Portable Htean)
Engines. All thoa who are about to purchase
PltNffi for Tnnaerir, Breweries, DlaliW
lerle, Dry Dock. I'laper Mill stallremd
ntuliona, mine, WreeKlnsT Purpoami, or, Iu
fact, for any purpose wbore a pump ia needed, will
find it to thefr advantajre to call and see tbe work
ins of these valuable Inventions, or address the
PALMEU POHPOOMPABV for a circular, whioh
will famish the namea of many who have used these
Pomp with perfect satlfaetlon. d21dm
TALLIC) HOOFING" la offered to the publio
as the beet and cheapest Metal Uoof now need, it
merit tested by an experience of years Id this eity
andvioinlty, Applied to flat or steep, old or new
buildings. No solder used fastened securely with
out expoenre to tb action of the element.
Prepared ehoeta, boxed for shipment to any part o
the United Dtates, can be applied by any on with
ordinary mechanical skill. Orders promptly tilled.
113 Wrat Seoond street.
Holiday Presents.
Bisqn and China Figures. Fancy Inkstands,
Vases, Jewel and ttatch-boxe, Fancy Shaving aaf
Work -boxe, and other Fancy Qooda too numerooa
to mention, anltabl for tha Holidays, which I will
sell cheaper thaa any other establishment In tb
dir. , HIM BY DAVID,
No. ITS HalB-atraat, betweas Sixth sad Seventh. .
N. B.-AUoanewlotof Fancy hoap. Perfumery,
Kitraet. o- Mtj
I. & B. BRUCE,
Street Kallresul Oar aad Omalbna Manu
keep on hands supply of STREET BAIL- '
BOAD OAKS and Omnibuses, which w will war.
rant qual In aiyle, finish and durability, and at aa
low price., a any mad. in the oountry.
omoo-Conwr of Third and Vine-streets, jalttf

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