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kHrODHO,"o.,lnttilioolamn, oconpying live line
r lees, two Insertions, twentr-nv cent.
r ANTED Kitohen QUI, at 267 Rioh-
mono-street. jawD"
r ANTED Aa active, induitrlnui boy.
j26b Mo. JO Eaat Oolnmbia-atreet.
' aJd, by a ronjeetent jomg woman. Ad.
I "Maria," at thU office. ja2fib
iWANTED A fint-olais adwtiae-
I v menu for the. Vitm Dnnntw m.Mii..i..
The Chronicle ha a large circulation in the best por-
Pnhliafmr. fir la.v. nH.H Bff th. D--- i r ....;
(ay. i6b
r to ganeral housework, by a young woman
Whs prefura a private bouts. Call at third doo
uuugworia uuuaing, corner or Weatern-row ana
yeerl-st.; entrance on Western-row. jaUob
give the beat of reference. Gall at lira.
Warnor'i Employment Office, 30o Fifth-street, be
tween Weatern-row and John. j25b
WANTED BOY-A boj to make him
self erenerallr naeful. AdsIv In the after
noon at the Ilaguerrean Gallery, 8. W. corner of
Niutb and Alain-street, jatob
wanted br an exoerienced and comiM.
rent drug clerk. Good referent. Address E. 0. P.,
re ooi 1715, uincmpati rostomaa. jaUb
I eighteen nam wishes a iituatlon In drv
oodi, grocery, or other elore where he can learn the
'iuiuchi nuu uinu U1U1SOI1
j'ress J. 8TACKY,care Penny J
usinees.ana mage nimseu generally useim.-Aa
1 Book-keeper, Kntry or Shipping Olerk, or aa
opylat. Beat of oity references given. Addreat J.
'. ,, at thia offlce. jattb
VtT ANTED A boy that baa had aoma ex
y perience aa a brui finisher. Apply at 29 Wait
t nth-street.
t Ti xrnTrn f i i. i l . i
v mon, bar-keepers, portera, coopers, carpen
I .era, mechanics, laborera and others, can find aitua-
fions at tne merchants' marts tteglstry orace, 128
r, ivainnt-stre-ei. jaz3w- ttAliJEAUU,
.JjlOR SALE The following parcela of ra
il cant property and Building Lota, in the western
art oi tne oiiy, via :
Two lots on the north side of Ollver-Btreet, betweea
ohn and Western-row, each 25 feet fiout by 87 feet
leop. will be sold for 133 per foot.
l i no lots on tne soutn aiue oi ropier-street, -be
ween John and Weatern-row, each 23 feet front by 87
Two lots on the eaat side of Joha-street, between
lifer and Poplar, each 23 feet front by DO feet deep
' an alley, at 835 per foot.
Two lota on the aouth side of Helancthon-street,
feet deeo. at SSa oer foot.
Two lota on the south aide of Dartd-street. between
nn ana uuiter, eaon aa ieet front by 87 feet deep,
i the corner of an alley, at (40 per foot.
Two lota on the south side of Wade-street, between
itter and Jones, each li feet front by 87 feet deep,
.440 per foot.
ITii. nm I, nnvth aM.. .f f 1 ... K n . 1, .
bran Gutter and Jonea, 25 foot front by 87 feet deep,
' fll UBI lUVIt
Lot on the south side of Tkavld.atrAAt. het.wrum tint.
ir and Jones, 25 feet front by 87 feet deep, at 836 per
Lot on the east side oi Plessant-streot, between
Ifteenth and Liberty, 30 feet front by 85 feet, at J 15
er foot.
Lot on Tine-street, near the corporation Una, 15
net frout by 10 feet deep, for 1700.
Two lota on the south aide of Oehter-atreet. went
Yy Freeman, each 20 feet front by $85 feet deep, at
JT Lot on tbe north-oaat corner of Simon and Oehler.
MireeiD, ou reel on venter ana w ieet on oimon, ior
: Lot on tbe soutb side or Betta-street, betwren Bay.
nlllar and Freeman, 25 feet front by W feet deep to
Lot on the south-eaat corner of tlntter and Libert.
treeta. 7 ftAt A lnr.hpa on ljiherfcv anil Mftint nn flnK
er, for $ 1,875.
Five lots on the west side of Jones-street, betwf en
't&vtdjtnil WajlA. tuph 9i f&nt tmnt ho UA f.it tlann
it SlO nar tnnt
Lot on the aouth aide of David-street, between
!'obn and Weatern-row, on the corner of an alley, 43
eet front by 87 feet deep, for $l,W0.
Lot on the east aide of Jane-street, between Sixth
md Hathaway, 20 feet frojt by 80 feet deep to an
alley, at )55 per foot.
Lot on the north aide of Oeorge-atreet, between
,.t$50 per foot.
Lot on the south side of Brown-street, near Dun
(lap, 30 feet front by 90 feot, at (43 per foot.
' Lot on tbe west aide of Dndley-street, between
Liberty and Poplar-street, 26 feet front by 125 feet
deep to an alley, at $50 per foot.
' ALSO A number of Bnlldlni Lota in Nawnnrt
and Covington; some excellent bargains.
No. 2 Apollo Buildings,
Ja25d Corner of Fifth and Walnnt-ats.
FOR SALE The Stook, Fixtures, and
Leaae of a Grocery, in tbe central part of the
city. For particulars address "Cobb," at this office.
FOR SALE. The owner of a Ladies' and
Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, established for
the last six years, and located la one of the best
thoroughfares in this eity, with a good run of cus
tomers, wishes to retire from the same, and offers a
Xrst-rstectaancefora man with a cash capital of from
('00 to toiio, to tiuy part of t ie stock. For particulars
direct a few linea to box 1,841, Poetoftfce. State
where an Interview can be had. Ja25b
wick'a make, slate top, for (226 cash; baa been
in use only about three months, cost (400. k
Also the fixtures, shelves, counter, Ac, o the store
1M Main-street.
Apply at once on tbe premises. ja25o
h .H? a good run of custom, and in a central part of
the city. Address J. B. at this office. ja25b
FOR SALE OR RENT A small Farm of
it thia State, to a good tennQt. Liberal termi will b
FOR SALE. A atobnd-hand Portable En
gine, of eisht-borso power. Eas been naed
four months, and can be Been In operation at tbe
Palmer Pump Works, at the intersection of Miami
Canal and Third-street. ja24(
FOR RENT-HOUSE A new and elegant
brick Houso. containing alx mnmi. Mtnerwri.
.water and gas. Complete for (20 per month, fn ad.
"uvfj. cmuai.0u vu jjuuworin-atreei, a iew aoors
Vest of Stone, South side. For particulars call at
north west corner of Third and Main-afreet.
ja23t IS. H. SLOCUM, Agent.
BOARDING Two or three gentlement de
siring a pleasant-furnlahed room, with good
I board, can be supplied at No. 107 Lone; wortb-at reel,
l between Kim and Plnm.gTerms moderate. ja26b
BOARDING Two persona can be accom
modated with a room and MnnrH In a nrlvat
R family at No. 73 George street. ja25b
i . Jaw ri
OARDING Two tingle gentleman ean
obtain a room with flrat-olaai hoard. Alao. a
w day boarders can be accommodated in a private
family, oy applying at residenoe Mo. 164 Broadway.
BOARDING Families aocommodated with
board and pleasant rooms on second floor,
lighted with gas, furnished or unfurnlahed. Several
single rooms lor gentlemen oan also be bad. Gen
tlemen lodging elaevhre boarded on reasonable
terma, at No. 162 Broadway. ja23aw
I" OST DOG On Friday eYenlng a large
M-d black and white New Foondland Dog; black
spots around his nose. He had on a leather collar,
with a ring. Any person rotnrnlng blm to No. 22
West Seventh-stroet will be liberally rewarded.
Between Sixth and Seventh.
-- 1859-60 closes with the asml-annnal Kxamlna
tlon on TUTJ BHDA Tand FB1DAY, the 26th and 27th
Insta. Examinations of clasats oi mmenoe at 8U A.
1 M. and close at IX P. At. each day. Friends and
patrons are cordially Invited to attend.
The Second Term begins on MONDAY, the Both
-Inst. One session daily, commencing at $H A. M.:
closing at 1 J P.M.
For further Information, or for admission, apply at
j- the Prisident'sofflce,No.60olIegBuUdlog, between
I A. M. and IP. It,
)a23c-eod BOBT. ALLYN, President.
Instantaneous Belief. Try Mall who suffer.
COMPANY" AOBNOY. Nawnnrt. Kt. Tor
llfilea -Afiratnat flM and mtrln vl-ka HanUaL
l,OUO,Ufl-Surplus, 8100,000. Apply to
n a, n a i suuaAn AK.near roaromce,
JaWam' York street. Newport, Kt.
, , at COLTIB'S
tail Nog, nd Ul Main-itrest,
"want column" of advertisements wanted.
Fr.inn. ThA Eaauirir t.fRna mAattrtia tn
another column, flags and deoorationi aoitable
for the coming celebration.
- 41
-..vj Hf I, VlW) UV
well-known stationers, bare removed to their
new etore, No. 135 Main-street, a few doori
below their old atanrl. wham hw . t
the moat tastefully fitted np and conveniently
MTBugsu nutoiiinis-anis in me west.
MmOBOLOOIOAt, OBSllVlTinna Var (Via
iVnny Bret; by Henry Ware, Optiolan. No. 7
117... 1 1. . t '
mw i'uurm-uiroei, January ZD;
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. M....u.u..,.......J.72 Above aoro 15
'i Sf'SV f-73 Above zero 46
r. M....u...........m...j.71 Above aero 42
Tai Til.uia Yimniu Tnmim TV,. . .
hibilion and dlUribation of prises to the
pupiie oi me xaimta xeiodim Institute, last
night, at the Hall of the Allemanln Sooiety,
Was iartfAlv atijinrlilil an rt naaa.fl AfV ..It.
agreeably. This evening the Institute will
vuiouiaw ih wuva anuiversary at tne Same
place, with a banquet and a ball, tbe festivities
beginning at seven and a-half o'clock.
Hah Khockid Dowiv and Robbud. A man
named Joienh Fullflrtnn. whiU nu
Sizth-alreet, below Mound, last night about
ten o'clock, waa assaulted by a couple of men,
who knocked him down and robbed him of a
porte-monnale containing about $30 and a
watch worth $88. They then fled toward Cutter-street
and made their escape.
Just Roiivid. The "Atlantic Monthly"
for Februarv. anil "All IVo V... !.., j r
Jamiary, "Frank Leslie's Budget of Fun," for
'""'""ji am ana "rvaveny magazine, for
reoeived at Pease 4 Co.'s, Sixth-streot, east of
lamui, wuuro every tning else new in the lit
erary way oan be found.
GaiHD Tbohk RiiLBOiD. Wm. B. Barry,
for savaral vanri 'Rmioronf 1 ..... r.. ,u. r
Zl- rf 0--u. -gvu- iu .ua xiww
York line of paoket ships, haa been appointed
passenger egent, at thia point, for the Grand
Trunk Railroad. It is a ospital selection, and
one too that will rlnnhflAaa ?unlt n .v..
clary advantage of the road. He ha taken
.iSa A A I at -- i
u uuiua .ub oorner oi vine ana .Burnet
streets. Uipaid Irrrias. The following is a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
the Postoffioe, in this city, January 25:
Mlulnnf. Wit.. .... a . . . .
Oonn. ' " " ' uarnora,
MessiB B. P A O. H. TUompaon, Maysville.-Ky.
f amuel Bonebreak, Martinaburg, Va.
Mias Kosa Brooks, Avon, O.
Mr- Ch"! Dna, St. Louis, Mo.
John W. Martin, Now Orleans, La.
Miss Beckie Murry, Waynesboro', Penn.
Isa&o Kirschner. formArlv Pnaimaaio- ot v.i
low Springs, Ohio, was arrested day before
j coicruay ana orongnt to wis oity by United
omm xsiu,jr laarenaii raanson. It appears
that when be left the office, he owed the De
partment at Washington $204 03, which he
had used, wpeoting to pay it by hia salary,
but Was Unable to do an hv lila nntim.l. :
moval. He will have a hearing on Saturday
uoiurs uuiieu oiates commissioner Kewhall,
having been committed until that time in
default of bail in the sum of $1,000.
" ""'-''"-"-aaaaBBaBMa-aBBisaas
TniLlTl D.THUeHwiWnT.Tttn Pma Tosi Tn..
ohir DibobabgrdandRbabrkbtid. The case
oi ueorge marBHaiwno, It will be romombered,
lOma tilllfl A0A. WM a.tPAtal nnn t nr.a.nA K
swindling Duhmo A Co. out of four or five
kimMj J-l . .a. . . . .
uuuutou. uuimm worm oi jewoiry, waa taken
OD. dar be for a tasUtiIov. in thm riv Ar
ef ..".hwji oaa tuu VVU1 VI
Common Pleai, but in consequenoe of fome
la.r.r V. I J A L 1 a i ...
uoivut tuo luuiuLiueaij was quabnea ana tuo
JT --, -a v ifttia. MU VUIO'IU IUUK
at liberty, however, for he waa immediately
rant having been iiBued for that purpose
br Justice Bell, at thA
Stowell, the clerk who sold the goods.
xao case was examinea yesterday morning,
before Justice Bell, the counsel for the de
fendant claiming his release upon the ground
that under the Constitution of State a man
oan not twice be put in jeopardy for the tame
offense. The Justice held, however, that
Marshall had not bean tried, and, therefore,
the argument oould not be applied to his case.
Ha had been muralir nrralnnaA u. t
diotment was found to be dofective and tbe
case aismissea. mere seomed to be no doubt
that the man was guilty, and he was, there
fore, held to bail in the sum of $800 for his ap
pearance at the Court of Common Pleas.
MisTina op thi Mechanics' amo MAMrria-
tubr8- jhchaboi. Tie members of the Me
chanics' and Manufacturers' Exchange held
their regular daily meeting yosterday morn
ing at the usual hour, President Runyanlntbe
chair. The following new members were pro
posed and elected: Wm. Huff, lumber merchant,
proposed by J. Mack; Dickson 3c Corwin,
painter, proposed by J. B. Ileioh; Bird Bur
rows, chair makerB, proposed by C. C. Whit
son. Mr. Foote offered the following resolution,
which was adopted:
"Retolved, That the Secretary is hereby di
rected to prooure a suitable scrap-book, and
that he paste into tbe same all printed reports,
notices, and other matter published in our
daily papara of the transactions of the Ex
change, thus preserving and handing down to
our successors for reference a perfect hiatory
of our Exchange. That the Secretary obtain
and put in their proper order all suoh mattera
that he can prooure from the commencement
of its first organization."
The report of the Committee on Interest and
Usury was then taken up and discussed at
considerable length by Messrs. 0. D. Foote, J.
R. Green, Charles Rule and B. B. Pieraon;
after which it was laid upon the table to be
taken up at some future meeting of the Board.
PoLioa Cobbt. Judge Lowe examined forty-nine
oases yesterday at the Polloe Court,
many of which were continued for further ex
amination. Those whioh were finally disposed
of were mostly unimportant and uninteresting.
A man named James Cottle was arrested a
day or two ago for committing an aisault
upon Jesse Smith sometime In June, 1159. Ha
was confined in the Ninth-street Station-house,
but as no prosecutor appeared he was dis
charged. James Planner, arrested some days ago at
the instance of Mayor Bishop, upon a charge
of swindling, was also discharged. The evi
dence adduoed showed circumstances In the
same light In which we related them at the
time of the arrest, but the transaction was of
such a nature that the amount could only be
regarded as n debt, and if recovered it will
have to be done by a civil action.
A fellow named Henry Dngan was sent to
the City Prisoner term of ten days, be
causeso far as we oould learn the oiroum
atanoes his wife threw a pitcher of hot water
upon him. It seems that he is quite lazy and
addicted to drinking. Beside this, hia wife
has the good taste to be heartily tired of him,
and day before yesterday became angry bo
cause he would not split some wood for her.
This seemed tohercauie enough to justify
her in soalding him, whloh she acoordlngly
did, and sent him Into the street howling with
pain, where, being found by the polioe, be was
arrested and eonnned in the station-house
the case resulting as we have already
stated. '
A man named John Rsaiell ntgbt before
last went home in state of bestial Intoxica
tion, and, after beating his wife, threw his
children, live In number, into the street. Some
policeman bsing apprised of the faot, entered
the house, arrested him, and confined
him in the station-house for the night. les
terdey morning he wm sent to the City Prison
for a term of twenty days, ,
One Hundred and First
of the Birth—day of Robert Burns—
Celebration by the Burns Club of
The Burns Club, of thia cltv. aelebratarl
the one hundred and first anniversary of tin
birth of Robert Burns, last evening, at tbe
Gibson House. The banquet was excellent in
every respect, and reflected the highest credit
upon CoU Geoffrey., the proprietor of the
establishment, who, ii everything that apper
tained to the comfort or enjoyment of his
guests, so far as he was concerned, left nothing
unuone. xat anau, as wnole, passed on in
the most agreeable manner: but. as our BDaoa
Is extremely limited, we must content our
selves with the sentiments merely, not having
room for the responses, which were received
witn tne greatest applause. .
1. The Night wa Celebrate.
The world that night
Shone $ni and bright, .
To hair the newel -
"Born a newmusel"
"Scotland's stern strand I"
"Tbe favored strand I"
Bong, "Rantin' Robin," by J. W. Has tie.
2. Scotland.
Men know thee from the ancient lime.
Thou miaty land and chilly clime I
H wa of the aciencea and arts,
Where freomen dwell with heroes' hearts.
Song, "Gal, bring my gude old harp," P.
3. The Land we Live in.
Thou cradle of empire I though wide Is the foam
That severs the land of our fathers and thee;
We hear from tby bosom the welcome of borne,
JTor song haa a home In the Land of the free.
Song, "Home, Sweet Home," by Crawford.
Response by Judge Mallon.
4. The Memory of Washington.
Standing and in silenoe.
5. The Buckeye State
or rlcbes and bast
la the vine of the West,
Tbatgrows by "the beautiful river,"
Whose sweet perfume
Fills all the room
With a benison on the Giver.
Response by Robert Buohanao.
6. The Songs and Sentiments of Burns
The sky lark In his matin glee,
In tenderness the wooing dove;
But when he sang for liberty,
He was the Thunder-blrd of Jove.
On Highland peaks whloh kliaed tbe sky,
In moorland glens where birdies glide,
The songs he sang will never die
While billa shall stand, or flows the tide.
Song Highland Maryj by W. MoAlpin.
Response by W. W. Fosdiok.
7. The Memories of Walter Scott and Wash
ington Irving.
Great kindred spirits of tbe wild romance,
Whose wieard words with wonder souls entrance;
The good man's bleaatng and the laurel-bay;
Your world-wide epitaphs from day to day.
8. The President of the United States
Song The Star Spangled Banner.
S. The Lasses
God's talrest gift to man.
Song Ply from the World, dear Mary, to
mi; oy nooerc Air.
At the conclusion of the regular toasts the
President arose, and, stating that he had a
volunteer sentiment, made tne following re
marks, and read a poem from the prolific pen
of W. W. Fosdick, Esq., with which we are
compelled to close our report:
Burns's description of the rivalry and trial
of strength whioh took place among tbe
Sootish Lairds, as to who should become
owner of "the whistle," must be familiar to all
readers of Burns's works. How daylight
broke on the deep carouse, and found Burns
just loft with sense enough to deoline the eon-
test, as he says:
Bo uprose bright Phcabiis, and down fell the knight t
The field thou baat won, by yon bright God of day,
oo mine w mo jjuuroi, auu luiue uu tue Day.
It will be remembered by our Burns Club,
that some time ago we were presented by the
late George T. Williamson with a shepherd's
pipe, or whistle, which had been played upon
by Burns, and whioh we therefore regard as a
sacred relic.
In these degenerate days, where is the ad'
venturous knight who would dare to blow upon
that reed?
Listen to what the, from time immemorial
poel-Zaureafe of this club says on the sub
Denmark with Lady Queen Anne,
a wumie wua urouuui uy a giant Horseman,
Who in potting hau vanquished tbe Unas aud Swede,
The Danes and the Poles; but left the black reed
To Lawrie, who lost It to Ulddel attain;
And there it remaiued till three Kiddle men,
tjoutentod tbemaelves, in claret, by turns.
And the last that setup with the victor was Burns,
The Knight won the pipe anil the Bard won the bay,
Now far In the West where the Ohio's iwut flnnrl
Hteals through the calm vale with ila fringes of wood,
mm Keep no uib pifjtj ui wo puec we pniirje,
Iiutaince dear Bobbie piped no other Bard plays,
The members of the Caledonian Club, and a
large number of their friends, met last nicht
at tbe Caledonian Shades, on Vine-street, for
the purpose of celebrating the annivorsary of
the birth of Sootia's bard J. Ball Pollook, oc
cupying tne caair. some of iturns's sweetest
songs were sung, and the evening passed off
vorv pieasanuy.
The following are the regular toasts, whioh
were responded to by various persona, the
exercises, aa will be seen, being interspersed
with songs, Until tbe "wee sme'.hours ay ant
tne iwai" ine company enjoyed themselves,
and then dispersed, highly gratified with tbe
manner in wnion tney Had spent the evening,
I , The Memory of Robert Burns and all who honor
it. song, dv nr. dick, "xnere was a Ladd waa born
in Kvle." Glee, bv Bhlelda and McLaughlin.
2. The Land o' Cakes and Land wo live In-may
they never be separated except by the broad Atlan
tic ltesponae by Col. T. H. Hundy. Hong, by Uoy
Fraaer," Here's a Beaith, Bonnie Stotland, to Then'
Bong, bv Mr. Maxwell, "Uolnrabla tbe Gem of the
Ocean." Glee, by Benedict, Frazerand Maxwell.
3. The Lassies and Weans. God bleaa tbrm. Bong.
"Green Grow the Rashes," by K. W. Jenklnton.
4. Our Slater Bfcietios -Song, by Mr. Dolan,"Mary
oi arsyte ouus, uy maxweii, -iu me west.
S. The Press of the Queen Oily of the West. Be
snonae bv Phllln Bolleau Jonea.
6. The Health and Prosperity of the Highland
Uuards. aong, "a'or xney are Jolly Uood Follows,
WikltRipobt of thi City Aoditob.
The City Auditor last night made the follow.
ing report to the City Council, showing the
receipts and disbursements during the week
ending yesterday, together with the sum of
money now remaining in the City Treasury
General Fund,
Watch Fund..
P2i S3
Interest Fuud
3,0,10 00
10,1100 00
431 00
1,077 40
Fire Department Fund.,......,..,....,,
Light i und...................,..,...
Sinking Fund....,...,
, $.17,831 JS
Watch Fund.,
Lie-lit Fund...
, (10,99 74
3,1110 00
7 on
i,m to
613 79
Biioerlor Court Fund..
Fire Denartment Fund..,
Mice Court and Prison Fund,.
e tees est see tee t setteee t attettet tee eseeeaeee i
There are now remaining in the City Treai
ury the following sums:
General Fund.,
Watch Fund...
47,!99 12
8,18 76
Intereat JTund...
3,281 64
3,067 34
14,380 64
00 SA
4,141) 7
a i 1, . I. I
Diifmriur will, J) iiuu... .,..m.,,m,mm. ..,...
Fire Department Fund
Light Fund...- eai eess)tatetstetaee(et((ttets
Worlt-hOIlM ITnndteeeMMeasMseaaeeese.MtstMit
Mc Mick on Fun-J.... ........... ,...,.,
wo hi
OIUKlUg IlllUteaee.aeea.eee
dommoD ttchool If and.
N...M....M..,a.,... fSW,llfr 07
36,Mi (JO
Uolored Bcliool Fund.,. .,......
707 TO
5310,760 29
Da. BoYNToa'a Liotobis on Geology. Dr.
Boynton will give tne first lecture of a eourse
of six on "Geolcgy and the Natural History
of Creation," arBmllh A Nixon's Hall, this
evening, to be illustrated by experiments in
physics. The Doctor's previous lectures here
were very largely attended, and the reputa
tion he has acquired is a suffiolent guarantee
that he will render his themes interesting and
eTThis'morning, at half-paat nine o'clock,
J. draff A 0b. aell at Store No. 18 Eaat Fourth
street an irjvoloe of Sheeting, Morooco and
Kip Skins, Traveling Trunk, Bags, to.
The Contemplated Visit the Trio of
Legislatures—Programme of the Arrangements.
The Committee of Arrangements on tbe eon-
templated viait of the Tennessee, Kentucky
ana vnio ueguiatures, met yesterday after
noon at tbe Chamber of Commerce. Several
telegrams from Louisville were read, stating
that tbe guests, about four hundred in number
would reach the city about nine o'clock this
Capt. Dean stated that he had procured the
steamboats Siloer Afboto, Capt. Bogher, and
Bottona, Capt. MoLean, for the purpose of
going down the river to meet the Jacob Slrader
and accompany her to the city.
Alter considerable discussion it waa than
decided that the visitors should go to Colum
bus by the Little Miami and return by the
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad.
A programme ot arrangements was then
presented ior the consideration of the commit
tee, and after some discussion adonted. It la
substantially as follows:
1. A committee will wait upon the guests,
on board the train, after leaving Columbus.
i. ua ineir arrival at tne depot, at two
o'oloek Friday afternoon, carriages-will be ia
waiting to escort them to the city, under the
directionof a special oommittee to be appointed
for that purpose.
3. The guests will be eioorted to the Opera
house by tbe military, whore they will be wel
comed by his Honor, Mayor Bishop, en behalf
of the authorities, and by Judge Storer on be
half of the people. The parquette and dress-
owe win be reserved for the guests.
4. At the close of the exercisei the guests
will repair to their hotels.
5. At seven o'olook a banquet will be given
at the Burnet House, Each guest will be
separately waitel upon and furnished with a
cara oi admission.
0. At ten o'clock Saturdav. an exhibition of
the Steam Fire Department will be given in
Fifth-street Market-space.
7. The public institutions of tbe oity will be
open to the guests, and speoial invitations ex
tended them to visit the Young Men's Mer
cantile and Publio Sohool Libraries.
8. The Committee of Arrancrements are
authorized to issue tiokets to the theaters and
other places of amusement, and will be happy
wv vuvui.uivuai.o iuo guraiB iu iua. purwouiar.
9. The cars on the different street-railroads
will be free to the guests.
10. Before reaobing the city, guests will be
fumisbed with hotel tiokets, whioh they are
requested to exhibit on registering their names
and again on departing.
11. Each guest will be furnished with a silk
badge, different colors being used for the dif
ferent States.
12. The citizen's Committee of Arrange
ments and tbe members of the City Counoil
will bo designated by arttn badees. and. in
oommon with every Cinolnnatian, are at tho
service or an ine guests, during their stay in
the oity.
After the adoption of the programme, the
following committee was appointed to receive
the representatives of tbe press who may bo
in attendanoe during the festivities: John D.
Caldwell, of the Preu; Murat Halstead, of the
uommerctot; w. u. Alussey, of the Gcuet.e;
Eben M. Spenoer. of the Timet: II. L. Winants.
of the jEn.ju.rsr; William Smith, of the Price
vurrem; unaries Altller, of the Volktblatt;
John Llmberger, of the Vtlhfrennd ; and
1 1 oi ine aepuoiiKaner.
The committee, together with the Mavor
and City Counoil, then reoeived and accepted
an invitation from the authoritei of Columbus,
to visit that place in company with the mein-
Dors ot the Kentucky and Tennessee Legisla
tures, and tendered a similar courtesy to them,
after which they adjourned, to meet this af
ternoon at ball-past two o'oloek.
TmRTT.PIRST KlCUT.ANaiflf. T!Tarturti n.
Hebron's Riurviiiv Smith Vim,,', tt.ii
was densely crowded last night to witnoss the
cuvoriaiuiueui given oy me students of iler-
ruu e DeniiuBry, on we oocasion ot tne close
of the thlrtv-flrat aennlnn nt I lint inalitnllAn
The exercises consisted of deolamation,
original addresses and dialogues. Tho greater
DOTtion of the flArfnrmannA waa Mlilw a suit
able to both teaohorand students, and received
tne unfeigned applause of tbe highly lutein
Buun auuiouuu HOBoiuuieu vo witness it.
CoRBscTioR. In stating in a former issue
that Mr. Barker, our carrier in West Coving
ton, was "entitled to all moneys due on the
route subsequent to January 14," we were in
error, lie is entitled to all dues subsequent to
ine hq instant.
Folici Coibt. A vagrant female, named
Mary O'Connor, was yesterday sent to trison
for twenty days, on a charge of vagranoy, by
the Polio Judge. No other business was
ArpowTMBHT or Tsachrk. We undorsltind
that Mr. Baker, formerly of Breckinridge
uouniy, du( now oi newport, nas been ap
Sointed assistant toaober ia the High Sohool,
e is said to have had considerable exiie
rience as a teaoher, and is otherwise woll
Public Institutions There are now twenty-two
inmates in the County Jail, and twenty-
three in the Poor-bouse, all under the oare of
father Morod.
School Board. Tho Sohool Board meets
on Friday night next for the purpose of se
lecting teachers to serve in the schools during
tha ansniniy six mnntha. Annlmnnf, a
quired to present certificates of qualifications
il.- Tl 1 V. 1 T . i . , ,
w un iiwiv vi ju&auuuera. - it is oxpootCQ.
that several of the old teaohars will be super
ceded, but for what cause we are unable to
A BkTvit. nv A bin wad TTDutt.w rin .a
' - ' " A UUR U M 10.
The small arms, designed for tho Kentucky
a i u. jo, aruveu uere uny oeiore yesterday,
They are a superior article of the Minnie mus
ket, capable of being loaded from fifteen to
twenty times per minute, and weigh less than
w u ivuuuo vault.
Visit frou as old Piohmb. For a few
days past our city has been enlivened by the
presence of .one of the original pioneers of the
Wast, named Elijah Pierce, aged seventy-six,
who at present resides some distance baok in
tha Interior. In 1781, when a mere youth, he
drove the first dray ever used in Cincinnati.
the wheels of which were "trucks" sawed
from tbe end of a gum tree. His wife, to whom
he was married more than half a century ego,
waa we um wane woman ever Dorn in Uamp
bell County, and is still living.
He has a most parfect recollection of tha
current history, not only of Cincinnati, but of
ine entire west, since its nrat settlement by
the whites, and delights to relate It to those
who wish t hoar hira. He is, in every re
spect, a genuine specimen of that olass of men
who cleared our forests and opened up the re
sources or tne west. To a person unac
quainted with htm his years would not appear
to exoeed fifty his step still retains its firm
ness and elasticity, ana his form its erectness.
To all appearances hia life may yet be pro
longed to a qaarter of a oentury, and should
this be the case, great aa has been the ehanges
he has witnessed in the Mississippi Valley,he
may yet witness greater ones.
The Ohio continues to dasoend, but the de
cline was slower yeeterrlar than on Tuesday. Last
evening there wero hanllr fourteen feet of water In
the channel benoe to Louisville; but none of the
boats in port weie in any way loUrrupted In their
upward or downward courses.
The weather waa cool aud cloudy yesterdar, but
no rain fell.
Uuslneas continued active at tbe Landing; Ike tun
naga being almost too limited to carry the freight
waiting for shipment to tbe up-river points, liatss
are unchanged.
Aaaiviis. Magnolia, Mnvsville;Gray Eagle, Pom.
eroy; Forest Qneon, Mmlilon; Kef West, Pittsburg;
Telegraph Loiisvllle: Bocket, at. Louis; Dualeith
and Virginia Home Neville.'
BavaaTunita. Magnolia, Maysvllle; Gray Uncle,
Pnmerny; Forest Quean, MadisouiTelegraph, Louis
ville; K. I. Haas, Mmpliia; Lebanon, Nashville;
I'ralrle Rose, bt. Louis; Kockot, Pittsburg; Duulelth
and Yirlnia Roma tiashvill.
rim's Opsba Ronss. The Florenoes had
an excellent audience at the Opera-house, and the
performance paaewi off very agreeably. They seem
to lnnreaae in nonnluHtv. Anil niulill. an f.r u..
are able to ju'lge from appearance, guiu new famr-l
iimw mum wuu wim (mm mem, i ma evening nr. r.
will appear as "Kaggtd Pat" In the familrar drama
of Ibrland Is it Was, and Mis. V. In liilfa don
characters in the laugtable Protean farce of I'm
Wood's Thiatsb. This establishment was
crowded last night to witness Ellia Logan's "Par
thenia." Her p'tcullar excellencies ruanilosUhem.
J"? 'W"? thlugsboattenipts.end.asthe tender
haarted Greek girl, iiupresaed the audience with an
olherphaaoof her woudartul ganiua. She seems to
us really a croater In many of thecharactersahe per.
form-, and givrsthesn almost all the beauties they
poaseas. To us Ituiin Is dull, stupid and unnat
ural, aud yet with her aa the heroine the play be
comes at least bearable.-and the Hum, aa tlier fall
from her Hp-, appear quite musical and almoatbeau
tiful. To-uiirlit "our Xliza" will appear aa "Lady
Teazle" in (Sheridan's admirable comedy of Till
School roa Scindi i., a part in which sus haa no su
perior ou the A merican stage.
Natiukal Thsutsb. The audience at the
National, last niRht, notwithstanding the new pan
tomlme, liAai.EQUiN AnOMALKit, ha been running
nwrly two weeks, waa quite largo. The pantomime
ia full of incidents, tricks and life, and ia nightly en
thusiastically received. It will be produced again
this evening, tbe performance commencing with
GwrNRETii Vauuiin.
Monetary and Commercial.
The Monetary Market oontinues to grow
easier, havlog very sensibly Improved during the
past two days. Currency has been coining In quite
freely for the season, and the supply In the bands of
the Bankers at present la better than it baa keen for
the past two months. 1
Eastern Exchange was atill Arm yesterday atX
buying and H prem, selling rate, with a rather better
demand than on Tuesday.
TJncurrent JHoney improved yesterday; Missouri
declining to 3 and Illinois and Wisconsin 2Xc dis
count H batter than It was on the previous day.
Coin waa quiet, and New Orleans Exchange Inac
tive though steady at previous quotations.
The demand for Flour was nnlfe mmtnrafp. win.
unimportant sales, aud no change iu prices. Whisky
was dull, and 'Ae, lower. All kinds of Grain were in
active except Wheat, which was iu good demand and
firm. Corn declined, and :Oats were a shade loner.
Groceries were unchanged, and Provisions without
The Imports and exports of various articles dm Ing
the twenty-four hour, ending yesterday noon wore:
Imposts. Flour, 363 barrels; Whisky, Mi barrels;
Corn, 7,733 bushels; Wheat, 202 buslieln; Oats. 128
bushels; Barley, 1.677 bushels; Hogs, 6lt) head; Pork
and Bacon, &3 brla., 46,313 lbs.; Lard, 264 brls ; Mo
lasses, 454 brls.; Coffee, 160 bugs; Apples, 361 brls.;
Butter. 123 kegu; Clieeso, 214 boxes; Potatoes, bid
brls.; Sult,3.vi brls,; liny, 561 balos.
Kxpobts. Flour, 217 bnrrols; Whisky, 948 barrels;
Wheat, 210 bn.hels; Barley, 300 bushels; Pork anil
Bacon. 20 hhds., 316 tierces, 1W brla., 102 boxes:
"f1, ,11 lf.ru. Unit.. l.,f t.lf. . 1U1
, I "f uua.,n..f.,DUHM, li 1 1 u i . f . , JUUiOO.ea,
317 brla.; Coffee, 87 bags; fepplee, 323 brla.-, Butter,
383 kegs; Cheese, 423 boxes; Potatoes, 674 brla.; Belt,
in una.
Tuesday's Tribune thus refers to last week's New
York Bauk Statement:
I'Ttia VanV Ul.f.m.i I. aaaTMuilulla f.
showing an inorease of specie, when the reverse bad
oeen expecteu. ine receipts from the interior must
bave been mcreconsidornblethan was supposed, In
cluilinff the amount in tho Biih.lrMu.nrv. tint .ium.,
iu the city amounts to S'7,.t00,U0fl, againat $.t4.ruii,ls.O
iu nia ume iasi year, wueu me loans were ei2V,ooii,
000, Tbe deposl's show an incrcaHO ef nearly a mil.
llon,conseiiuent upon the increased loans and specie.'
The following Is a coninarative ulatoment. of the
conumonui meuanasoi meuityoi lew-xorh;;
.Taiv 91. Jim A
Loans (123,843,931 S123 582,414 Inc. S263.M7
Specie 19,233,491 13.74ii.8r-6 Ice. 492,628
(;lrculatiou 7,8t0,8S 8,090,518 Pec 209,963
Deposit 7li,tyo,!.al 75,683,703 Inc. 916,818
Tuesday's Now York Times thus refers to Monday
"The. Circulation continue,! to full off after Ilia ail
tlements of the old year. The interior exchanges
are maKiug rtpiuiy in iavor oi rtew fork, partic
ularly with the Bt'iitli and 8nntli-wir. nml wiih
tihlcago, from all whieh points the collections aro
comiuK iu wen. ai me aaine time tne norniii-ri i f.
changes are in good supply in this market, and heavy
billa are maklug at Mobile and ttew Orleans against
Cotton. Tho standard rate on England to-day, while
nominally steady at 18' per cent., ia uudcraold iu
good transient billa, with City Bank or Banker's In
dorsement, by Mfffi -a pir cent., and the same remark
applies io irai.ci, tue sales ot which are large, at
f520net.for Southern drawn. There la also a con
siderable business to day In Mcicbants bills made
heroiwalust Cotton in transitu from trie South, tclih
shipping document nttaehrd. The terms are gen-
erail- linviue, uui e near mat A,u,i utl 0I e taken In
aslugle lino, nt about Ilia DM' colli. TllMdnmand for
Iho Boston stoamer from the Importers is thus far
liclit, though another day remains to make up their
remittances. Tho market for Alonoy is ataiu easy
at 6 per ceut. to tbe brokers and 7 ror cont. for prime
snort Discounts, ljonger uato prime paper rangis
iioi per eoui , wiin a lair uemanu ior cms aescriptloi
of bills, for outside money-lenders."
Bjstoji Boor ako Shou Mabket. Saturday, Jan.
nary 21. We bnve to notice a very dull and unsettled
Boot end Shoo Market. Buyers are here from all the
leading points South and West, but Um tiuir,iwi.r.
to lie inoro discouraged than any piovious time for
two years. Many holder are anxious to anil, and
bnyere appear to have every tlilug their own way.
Pi ices, in consciiionce, rule ruinously low except for
the moat desirable kind ot woi It. Brosana and nil,r
goods having been sold in some iustancos at 1720
nr ueiii.. tuuu com, j-rivaie. advices iroin tne
wear, wis ween naveaiso oeen mitre discouraging.
Money ia very scares and tlcht there, and the nnm.
pects of trade with that section Is not so luvorable as
11 was a weea or i.wo ao.
The stockof desirable work la but moderate, while
of other kinds there isa largo supply. Buyers huvo
fmrchased very sparingly as yet, and the business
alia conaiderable short of lust y jar nt this time. A
favorable change my take place before the close of
tho season, as the low prices at which goods are sell
Inn may lead to larger purchases than usual, but
from present Indications the Spring trt.de is likely to
bo a very umatlslactory one.
FLOTJR-Tho demand was quite moderate, to day,
and the aalos unimportant. There is no change in
prices, and we uuote superfine at S.I 3"(ij,5 40, and ex
tra S' -'HotTi 60. Keceipts quite moderate.
WHISKY A dull mark-t, and prices Jejc. lower.
Sales of 1,114 brla. at 2KjA21,'iic., the latler rate for
VHOVISIONS-The markot is without special
change: holders uro tirm, but the demand iB mode
rate only. The wiles compriso 2.0(H) pieces country
hulk Meat at 6'6(.iH'(io. and 8S4o, lor Shoulders,
Sides and llama; wi,U9U lbs. heavy Sides, delivered
15th of February, at 8M".. aud l"j,lil do. Shoulders,
on the spot, at OMc. In Bacon the sales were 10 hhds.
Shoulders at 7)lc , and 25 do. clear Sides, laat even
ing, lOifiO. 30 brla. llninp Pork at $12 25, aud 300 do.
mess at S 17. Lard may be quoted at 97a(&luc.
(UL A sain of 32 brls. Llnseeed nt ill.
AVHBAT The demand is good and iuexcassof the
receipts, which continue light. We have no change
to notice In prices since our last auotalion.
CultN The marker is dull, and prices have de
clined to 61o. Sales 1,900 bushels, In bulk, at 51c.
OATS' 1 he market is eaoier, and prices a shade
lower. Wo quote them at 49c, Hales 2,950 bushels, In
bn Ik, at 49c.; 7i do. at 50c.
BYE The market is dull. We have no change to
noi.ee in prices, aud continue to quote it at Si.
BAULKY The market continues dull and prices
unchanged. We quote prime fall at 6c70c., and
fair to good at Hiitsiac. Sales 300 bushels prime Ifall
at 6oc.
II AY Tho rooelpts are large and the market dull,
but prices are unchanged. Wo quote prima Timothy
at J 18.3119 per tun.
CUKESK -The demand is good, and prices Arm nt
9Hc. for W. It. and 1 1c. for K D. Bales 500 boxes W.
B. at 9fet! : 75 do., extra large do , at 10c.
BL'TTEU The market is dull and unchanged. We
aaiote Central Ohio at r415c., and W. K. at 16c. A
few choice lots W. K. are selling at 17c.
APPLKS There la a good demand, and prices firm
at ! 253 ft per brl. for fair to choice from store.
POTATOES-The demand continues good, and
prices firm at last quotations. Sales 200 brls. North
ornatl 81).
CLOVEtt SEKD-The matket Is easier, and prices
have declined 5c. per bushel. Sales 191 brls. at cl W);
15 do. at S4 91; 50 sacks at Si 90.
GUOCiflllES-Tno market is very dull for Sngar
aud M lasses, and I he demand is quite limited. Sales
of 30 hhds. fair to fully fair Sugar nt 7?48Mc; 3o0
bags Uodoe at 12X13o., and 225 brla. Molasses at
Niw ToBa MABKcr, January 23 P. M'.
Bather more doing for Flonr, both for export and
heme consumption, white prices have geaerally un
dergone no striking change. Sales 8,500 brls. at J4 95
5 lOtorsuperHueBla'e; $5 30(0)5 34 for extra State;
$55 10 for siiperllne Western; (5 30(5.5 35 for com
mon lo meuium extra Western; $ M$t 70 for ship
ping brands extra round-hoop Ohio. The market
closing quies ana aieauy; inciuaeu in tne sales are
3.(100 brie, for export. Canadian Flour in moderate
request, and without material chaugola prices. Sales
w ens. at eo nx&n io ior common to cnoice extra.
Bye flour in moderate request at $3 754 45 for com.
mon to choice siiperllne. Buckwheat abundant and
dull at Si &Ti(a2 per cwt. Corn Meal unchanged.
sales eon l os. uranuywine at SI 15, afloat. Jorsey
hold at $3 80. Whisky Urm; sales 1,400 brls. at 24c,
closing tirm at these figures. Grain Wheat market
very quiet, and nominally as quoted yesterdav, Willi
out eales of moment. Shippers atlll oner Si 18 fur
prime Milwaukee Club Bye a shade firmer; sales
700 bushels at 91c, at railroad depot. Barley quietat
80iS3c. The Corn market Is scarcely so buoyant;
aa lea 23,000 bnh. at aoti3o. for new Yellow; MM for
choice new White, for export. Oats plenty and dull
at 45(8460. for Western, Canada aud Ktato; Bales 9,0li0
bushels Prince Edward's Inland at 470. Perk market
quiet and firm, with sales of 475 brla. at $lil 75(d)
16 87 for old mess; 17 97)-a for new do.; S 17 25 for un
impeded do; Si 1 75 for old prime; Sl650for uew prime;
Sl4 75 for old thin mes. Beef without chanse to no
tice, with salts of 250 brls.: S I (it 4 25 for country
. prime; Si5 25 for do. mess; SWffi'J 75 for repacked mess;
Sill owiill for extra mesa. Beef llama unchanged;
sales lno brls. at I2 for State: Sl4(vl5 for Western.
Prlmo mess Boer more actlvtj salea .' tierces at Sl7
(!n 18 Kl. Sales of 400 tierces Indiana mess at 121. (Jut
Meats steady; sales of 25U brls. at Me. for Shoulders,
and 9!4(uiV,!jc. for Hams. Bacon quiet and firm; sales
of 200 packages grjen Hams at 9c. Droesoj Uogs in
good request nt 6M7,'4c. Lard steady; sales of 2' 5
brls at lo jIOXc., and choice eity at 1040. Butter
In moderate request at Ill6c. for Ohio; 15eS23o. for
State. Cbceae steady at '.01tc. Coffee very quiet,
but firm. Sugar steady: Cuba at 7Ve7Mo. for redo
ing, aud by auction 50 hhds. New Orleans at 7'(fl.8c.
at four months. Al classes heavy, and Cuba clayed,
new crop, now held nt 27(A.Kc.: Cuba Muscorado at
24ia30o, Sales reported of 100 brls. New Orleans at
495tc, aud by auction 489 brls. New Orleans at 47K
GilttXo., nluoty days.
Uai.vimob Mabivt, January 25. flour qnlot,
but firm; Howard at $5 6ft: City Mill- and Ohio held
at S5 370-5 51). Wheat dull and drooping; sales 3,000
bushels Bed at Si V Wol 28; White, 81 o(,ol 45. (lorn
active and steady; Yellow, 870c.: White, 72(19740.
Fork stonily; mess, (17 25017 59. Whisky active and
on altered,
4JO. rurnlture.-On TKIDAY UOBMINO,
January 27, at 9H o'chk, at 337 Vlue-ilreet, between
Ninth and Court, will beaolSaquantyof Furniture,
ennaietiug of superior BroaatU Carpet, four Lace
Window Curtains, with fixtures; Double Bugs, Door
Mats, MahogaLy Sofas, six do. Chairs, Mahogany
Outer Table, pair of Card Tallies, (,'aue (Jbaira, Arm
Chairs, Book Case, Sldn Boart, Ei tension Table,
Clock, Fire Sets, Dining and Tea Ware.r.laaaviare,
Gottago and other Badateads, Cotton and Shuck Slat
tiaaaas, Wardrobe, Sresaina and Plain Bureaus,
Washetands, Feather Beds, Sick Chair, Linen Pr.,
Ports ble Oas, Hall Oil Cloth, Medicluo Chest, and an
assorlmantoi Kitchen Furuliiire.
JACOB OKA VV, Auctioneer,
l26 Mo Iskiaat Fourth-street.
SHIABS A CO.-Salea-rooma Nos. 67 and 59
Maiu-atreet.-Boots and bhoes. We will sell, THI(
MOBNI NO, January 26, commenolng at9'4 o'clock.to
close, 150 cases Boot, Shoes, Gaiters. Ac, No. 1, as
sorted, consisting of Mou's, Bos'l Youths', Wom
en's, Misses', and Children a.
ja26 O. BBABUKAKSat CO., Auctioneers.
8HBABS A CO.-Kales-rooma, 57 and 5!) Slain-atrcot.-Orocejlcs,
4c-We will sell, on SATURDAY
AlOUNINO, January 28, at 9 o'clock, a general as
sortment of Groceries, Ao., tonaiatiiig of 10 hhds.
Sugai-t 7.1 brls. Molasses; 25 b-la. sugar; 160 bags
CofTee; loO boxes, His. and 5's Tobacco; 2IX)kegs Kails.
ALSO Soap, Caudles, C round and Usground
Bpices, Sope, Starch, Olaaawaro, Paper, Ae.
ja26 0. BBASHKAItB A CO., Auctioneers.
A CO. For account of hom It may concern.
Sheeting, Morocco Sklua, Ac. -On TUUKSDAY
MOKN I NO, January 26, at o'clock, at our store.
No. 18 Eaat Fourth-street, will be sold 15,000 yarda of
fine Sheetings; lodoi. XX Tampico Moroeoj Skina;
lOdoi. XX Cnrraco Morocco Skina; 10 dog. XXX
flue French finish Morocco Skins; 20dos, fine Oak,
60, 70 and 80 lbs., Kip Skins: 59 doe. double and single
Traveling Bags; 12 ladles' one Traveling 'irunxs.
N. b. ro be soiu in lots to suit ine traae.
ja24 JACOB QBAFF, Auolloneer.
Durable Machine extant.
Call and see them.
jaStf 80 Went Fourth-street.
N3wModeof t7entilaionl
Call and 8cA Ona of
He iting and Ventilating Furnaces,
In oioraUon at
Store War-room s, Nos. 61 and EI Vint-sl,
(Below Colombia.)
Sawyer fc Co.
HTWarriutod to giro sallefactlon. Jt
Nos. 10 and 31 Kast Htoonil-atreet,
$SO. $30. $30. $SO.
Thirty-Dollar Double lock-Stitch
X NOUNCKD by all cnmtietpnt Judgea, h
bave seen it, to be the boat ana most desirable ram
Hr Sewing Blaclilue ever introduced, rcgnrdlrss
of price. It will acw all kinds of family goods,
from the vory thickest to tlic very finest labries made,
and uses all kinds of thread, from No. 8 to 20O.
No oil la used on toy of the ftlnohlne.
Send for a circular, or call nu.il soe it In operation.
Opon early application, State and County Bightsnia;
be secured.
An energetio person can make a fortuuo In a ahurt
time. Agenta wanted in all nusold territory.
8c le aud exclusive arent for the United States,
eepKfrnt OS West Fourth Hitroot, Cincinnati.
Free from OlTeuslve Odor, at
3NTO. 97
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O
AL wltb any manufacturing establishment
n America.
star We warrant onr Oils to be equal, If not supe
rior, to any in the market.
aur We invite those in tho city and vicinity to
call and examine for themselve.
aMS 0 persons ordering from a distance, satis
faction guaranteed in all casoe. Address
!. It. HAHKIN, Asenl, or
A. G. HOlMiES Trenntirer,
Kanawha 0. O. M. Oil Man. Co.,
de23 B7 Walnnt-eti'eot, Cincinnati.
Merchart Tailor
No. 18 FOTjttrH-STREET,
Boots & Shoes !
and snperior stock of Boots, Shoes and Slippers,
whioh for extent aud variety is not surpassed westot
dew York My prices are reasonable; give uieacall.
JaJt JOHN H DKTBKH.M Wear fourth-at.
104 Main-street, ttirca door nbiva Third,
DEQ all k nds of Horse Trappings, In tbe best
and most substantial manner. Also, a largo assort
ment of Horse lllarjaeu, Wklpa, Carpet and Leather
Bags, Bridle Bite. Buffalo Kobes, Valines (the real
sole-leather), Mail Trinks, Sponge, and a large aa
Krlraent betobginf to th a line. I will U as low
is in lowest.
pockets extra Old Government Java CofTee; 10
half-bales extra old ilocha Cuilee. For salo, whole
sale ud retail, by A. McTMiN ALU A CO.,
an and Branch Store ait Went Fonrth-st.
IA half'ChfHts Vina Clirlona Oolonn! A half-lioata
Gunpowder; i hslf-chests luiperiul. For sale, whole
sale ana reuii, or A. aicUUliAijD A CO.,
M aud Branch (More 2(0 Weat F011rth.1t.
Ground Clnnasnoi, Allspiro, Clove, Ginger,
11 ace, Ao. For tale, wholesale and retail, by
a a u.nnNll.n A m .
1M IK and Branch Btor Ut Weat Fourth-at.
MArt AOTtraiBA op
Wood-Working Machinery,
forster aloha aaal Water hOINIbms1,s

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