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Ia published aailr, (Sunders aaoetd,) by
rrii so. w in rouita-iTBii.
TBI PI91T FBKoSis feUTCtedtosutMoribersla
Cincinnati, Covington and Kewport, eaditu
rounding titttt and town, at th ex-
tremelr lowprloeof . .
raiemor auuua:
Single ooples lei i month Mo.; I month tit 1 rear
ooima sixth aid Tin-ariirn.
Jon A. stasia, J ,ole fw ana Kuutt,
Mist Eliza IiOffaa'i
Last night but one.
THIS IVBrllHG, January S7, will b performed,
for the laat time, the papular five-act slay of
Panline. ....... ...Ht.Mii Ellta Logan
Viands ttelnoil,.,.......,.Hr. Langaon
Mom. Beanseant ..h.II. Hall
Col. Dan u....m.....m ..a...Ur. JCII.ler
lions. Qlavl. MMia.M hihhii a Mr. Brad
- Madame Deschapelles IHHHIIUI IIMWMI . Mr. Gilbert
; Widow MelD(ille...........,....,......MlM Irving
After which Mis. Logan will rclta " Martlmonlal
Squabbles," always iscelied with unbounded ap
plause. ...
To conclude with th. great and magnificent Ori
ental Sptotacle called
0i Tb Wosdesiol Lamp.
Aladdin Miu Eflle Ellsler
Kaarao (tbe dumb lvo)....,..., Mr. Blister
Alanagar (a magician),,,.,..,..,.. Mr. Langdon
PrlnuiM....M.. ...... rUlrte Annie VVaite
Zobodie........... m..M la. fanny Denbam
Amron... ................... ................. Miss Amelia Everett
tjhlng Mntapba........... ......Mn. Gilbert
In conseqnence of tbe dally apelleattona for tbe
Iiiitorical play of "Touaaaint L'orertnre; Or, Tbe
Inaurrection of Hayll," tbe manager will forthwith
make the neceuary effort for ita early and brilliant
John Bate....
..Proprietor and Manager
AtTBBiTio or Paiois, Tickets for Ladle, and
. Children, Dress Circle, Wet..; f amily Circle, 24 eta.)
Colored Boxes, 29 ett.; Gallery, 10 ct.
To commence at 7X o'clock. , '".;"...' .
THIS EVENING, January J7, the entertainment
will conclude with the drama entitle
In preparation, th. itartling drama taken from Sir
Walter Bcott's novel ot that name. called "The Heart
of Mid Lothian."
NOTNJB.-Trade.nian and other, are caalloned
Bgainat farniahlng any articles for the theater with,
out a written order, algned by I he Manager.
THB NBV7 NATIONAL lIOTEL, adjoining the
- Theater, 1. now open for the reception cf gnosis.
Boom, can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
B. N. Plka.
Jt. B. Oonway,
Jltage director.
. . Herbert
Second week of those established favorites,
Mr. and Mr. W. Jf. Florence. -
THIS EVENING. January 27. will be presented
the laaghabl comedietta entitled
Tim Moore.......-.. Mr. Florence
To be followed by tbe beautiful comedy of
Had'lle Victoria 0, Page, with tbe chanson- :
ette " Le. J.ux Bleu.," Benorita Perea '
Ileus, with the grand dance. ' La 8eu.ua
dello;" Oarlntta 1'epottl. with the long of
"Tbe Captain with hie Whiskers;" Herr
Onataru. Vaaa de VereH.MH Mra. Floreice
Vivian lllpple -...... ........ .........Mr. Florence
To conclude with
Peg Ann Mehitable Higglnuntter.......Hrs. Florence
Barney Conner .....Mr. "orence
Win aotlre rehearsal, an original bur esque,
writ ten expressly for Mr. and Mrs. W. J. FUreuce,
and played by thorn with the nost unbound jd .no
cess at Wallace's Theater for ui,r?.t ' ?.?,y. three
successive night., entitled LALLA KOOKII.
N. B Waoted-Twenty vouch ladlea for the bal.
let. Apply at the Box-office, between the hour of
u &. di. ana r. m,
BriciAL Notici. All person, are reapectrullr n
ineated to refrain from loud er imuraner lansu&ffe.
yelling, whistling, or any other conduct calculated to
disturb the audience or violate tbe rules of docoruui.
Pbice. or Adbibbioh. Parquette Circle, Parguette
and Balcony, 50 cente; Amphitheater, 26 cents;
Privato Boxes for eight persons, $8.
Doors open atftX o'clock; commence at K4. '
Nntlonal Hall) Vlne-itreet, a
The lesHOn. are so arranged that
torn menoe at any time.
- w
a Fifth.
Inner, can
pupils of tbe Western Female Seminary, Ox
ford, Ohio, br Mite Mary C. Adams, aud illustrated
with a nneri.w of the Semlrary (tnllnlngs. Price,
woenu. JOtiw UHUt4t;u, jr.,
ja!6 No. 6ft West Kunrth-ntrcet.
XT., thai ever. Great saorlBce of
Pianos, Melodeons, Violoncellos ,
Violins, Guitar., Banjo Strings.Trim
mings, Ac. during the Holiday..
Selling at 100 per oent. ieM than any
other Bouse In this city, and hrat-claas instrument
at that.
Do not buy an Instrument until yon buve
called at No. 227 Jflfth-etreet, second door east of
nam, .outn nae. Bttiiii nu a buu.,
Piano Makers, and Dealers In Fint-olasa Inrtm-
menia. flezitr
&530. . $30. $30. $30.
Thirty-Dollar DouWa Lock-Stitoh
NOUNCED by all eompetcn!. Judge, wb
nave teen It. to be tbe best and moat desirable Fi
l Be
Jnaohlne erer Ictrodaced, rcaarrile
from t
).arythiokesttothe Tery fl net fabric, made,
it win sew an ainn. oi lamny gooas,
uu win mi ft,uB vi iuiwi, iruin x,u. a w mm
' No ell I. aeed on toaof thn nianhlB.
m ail amu. oi (urwaa. irom xio. w juu(
'Bead for circular, or call and it In operation,
ppon early applicatlon,Btateaud County Bights may
be secured.
Ananergetle person can make fortune In a .hort
time. Agent wanted Is all unsold torrltory.
ii, u. HiiKiman,
8c le aud excluriva agent for the United State, -senjfmf
fl Wert yonrth-street. OinclAOatl.
109 Maln-straett three doara above Third.
DEB all k nds of Horse Trapping.. In the beat
and most substantial manner. Also, a large assort
ment or Hone Bla.seU, Whips, Carpet and Leather
iBags, Bridle Bit.. Buffalo Bube., Valise, (tbe real
'sole-leather), Mail Trmks, Sponge, and a large &a
'sortment belonging (O this One. I wlU sell as low
in towen.
Merchart Tailor
No. 48 FOl; A t H-STREET,
Boots fe Shoes 1
-- gtuiu aiuperiiir iupokqi JXHHS, DllOfli ana Olipparia
which for extent nd Trletr ft not intpaned wMt of
JOHN H DKTKHW.M w.t Fnnrtb-at.
lH COMPANY" AGENCY, Newport. Ky.-For
policies against Are and marine risk. Uap'Utl,
Bl.OUO'tMIO-Bnrplna, A40t,OnO. Apply to
HKNBT BUUHA NAN, near Pos' office,
jaKam York atraet. N.yport. KT.
B. BloatACo's. Family Sewing Machine ha
teenremoTed to No. 30 West Fonr'h-atreet, orer
Le Boutelllers. (JaMm) R. ri. 04 OK. Agent.
, i Hoi, Sit Mil 831 ataU-gtraet,
VOL. 2. NO. 137.
a aawa.
.... Q
rU(Ternor Wise hat dechnod a
dinner is Northampton County, Va.
gl&k leader in the London Tma, few
weeks siooe, broneot eight thousand poandi
Bteiling to a eharltaM institution.
SulicrlDtioni are being made to the
stock of a proposed railroad conneotlne Bab
ylon with Jerusalemon Long Island.
About $25 J)00 hu been remitted by the
Catholic, of New York city in aid of the es
tablishment of the Ameirlcan College in Rome.
VThe agent of the Tloerov of Bernt hal
recently concluded a oontract for a large sup
ply cf Sharp' Improved arm. ' -
aRoia Bonhtur is about to visit the
United States to paint buffaloes, ai the may
see them on the Western prairies.
ffltTMr. Thaekerar ta a monthly lalary
of twelve hundred and fifty dollar for hi ser-
Tlcei a) editor of the Vornhxll Magannt.
ff"The total export! of Mobile, Ala.,
mostly cotton, for three months past, have
amounted to oyer $12,000,000. - '
-aen. Case hu given to the Board of
Edeeation of Detroit a lot of land valued at
$15,000 for a union school-house.
"CoI. Robert MoKee, late of the Mayi-
vlUe Exprtu.U now editorially astoolated with
the IouIitIIIo Courier.
SS'Iohn Morrisier, It ia laid, intend to
bet about $32,000 on tbe fight in England be
tween Heenaa and Bayers, in favor of the
sVHIram Fuller, formerly editor of the
New York veuina Mirror, hu parohised the
New Orleans Delta, and will take control of it
on or about the lit of February.
5rA email publication of Cazton, tbe first
printer, hu been disoovered. It is a broad
side, and remarkable u the first printed in
the English language. j
jrThe quantity of bon-bon given and
eaten this N.w Year's season at Pari), is es
timated at lis hundred thousand kllogrammos;
the kilogtomme ll two pounds avoirdupois.
eThe ehildren of Mr. O. E. Farnev. of
Clake County, Ky., wars seriously, if not fa
tally, poisoned a few davi einoe. br eatioe
tome oolored candy toy.
9The large cotton factory at Norristown,
Penn., formerly MoCready's, has been closed.
and eoneequently, about three hundred hands
nave been thrown out ot employment.
flThe St. Joseph (Mo.) daxettt hu a list
of more than twohundred person, resident of
that city, w nose property is Mseaeed at $10,000
The vestry of ChrlitChureh.TarrytowD.ttiaying
N. Y., is having; a tablet to the memory of
irvieg prepared, to be placid in tome proper
part of the edifice in the course of the current
Pbobfictivr Dcsl. A Now Yorkeorre
ipondent of tbe Philadelphia Ledger Ays: The
bitter personal attack of Mr. P. or, af Vir
ginia, upon the editor of the ferald, in tbe
House of Representatives an Friday, is cre
ating much talk in newspaper circles. It is a
notioeable fact that the epithets were not pub
lished in the Herald report. Mr. James Gor
don B.nn.tt jr.. It ia said, Las deolarad his
determination to call the hot-headed Virgin
ian to account for these left-handed oouiplaints
to hit father.
Equipment or an Easter Railroad. The
Western Road of Massachusetts owns 72 looo
motives, of which 18 ro passenger engines.
The freight engines, 54 in number, are mostly
of 20 tuns, 45 of them being of this weight.
The road also has 37 first-class passenger can,
8 seoond-elass ears, 12 baggage, 70S box
cars, 201 platform, 80 gravel, and 48 hand
car. Bbcovsbt from a Femt Compart. Some
months since a valuable trotting horse was
lost by the linking of a ferry-boat on the Con
necticut' River, between Hartford and East
Hartford. The owner hu just recovered
$1,287 34 and costs from the ferry company at
a trial or toe suit in jn sw uaven, uonn. The
horse wu valued at $1,600.
A Dibtirsuibhid Attobrbt. Hon. George
Nelson, who died in Baltimoro recently, wu
one cf the acknowledged leaders of the Bar
ef Maryland; having been Attorney General
of the United States under the administration
of President Tyler, and Miniiter to Naples
aaring tnatoi rresiaeni jacKion.
A Cocraobous WoviR. Two white men,
disguised as negroes, broke into the house of
Mr. Steel, ia Harrison County, Va., the other
night, ror the purpose or robbery, but were
driven off by Mrs. Steel, who loaded a rifle
and fired upon them bravely during the ab
sence of her husband. :
FiABrcL X)JR.iCTio.--In response to a brief
letter addressed him by several members of
tne Virginia btate Legislature, asking bis
opinion on the "condition of the country,"
tbe Hon. John M. Botts writes a letter which
makes eight solid columns of the Richmond
Iiipibiai, DouisTio Tboublis. It is said
that the Empress Eugenia, aoting under the
inspirations of her Spanish oonfcssor, has
heti of late teaching her imperial spouse to
adopt the oauie of the Pepi more thorougly,
and that several violent scenes have been the
mult. . : .
Tubriro a SoMiisAULTeRtiis Ice, During
tbe week before New Year's a remarkable feat
was performed on the Central Park skating
pond a person on skates turned a somer
aaolt on the ice. He was said to .be attached
to one of the Broadway theaters, and wu a
superior skater.
Fbbs Niqrovs Lbaviho) Louibiara. The
Hew Orleans IHeayxne says that eighty-one
free persons of color left that eity, recently,
ior Port-aa-Prinee, Hayti; those eighty-one
persons twenty-four adults and flfty-uven
children and youths composing fourteen
families. '
Svicidb ir Gboboia. A man named Tritt
committed suicide near Columbus, Ga., on
Sunday week, by shooting himself with a
rifle. The ball entered beneath the chin and
paased up through the mouth and note, muti
lating him ia a horrible manner.
Collections foe Americas History. The
New York Historical Society propose! to raise
a fund of $25,000 in scrip shares of $25 each,
the interest of whioh is to be devoted to tbe
publication of their transactions and collec
tions in American History.
- Melaicholt Acoideht. A few days ago a
bridge carpenter by the name of Pearlman,
while engaged in.making repair! on the Ver
mont Central Railroad Bridge, near the Wood
stock Station, accidentally fell to the rook
below, a distance of forty feet, and wai in
stantly killed.
M. C.'s Fictitious Fees. It ii said to be a
foot that the Government psys the Oregon and
California Member of Congress $7,000 a ses
sion far milage, and yet these same member!
travel to Washington on frw passe.
Mon or tsi Favodi Gobrit Elofimskt
cipl Paetiis. A letter in an Eastern paper
ayii Mr. Gurney is the son of Joteph John
Gurney, th distinguished Quaker preacher
and philanthropist, will known by his exten
sive travel in this country, some year ago,
for the purpose of visiting the meetings of the
sooiety to whioh he belonged. The latter was
a brotier of the well known banker, Samuel
Gurney; his lister was the celebrated Elizabeth
Fry, and his widow is a native of Pennsyl
vania. Th family name and character are
thns familiar to thousand! in this country,
who will be interested in hearing some par
ticulars of the domestio desolation so hastily
despatched in the foreign summary. Letters
reoeived here by the last steamer have bean
shown to me, whioh furnish me full particulars
tt the ease.
The lugitive wife was the only child of
Richard Gaerney, M. P., a oousin of Joseph
John, and was married to the husband she has
abandoned when she was only fifteen yean
old. She is now twenty-eight, and has two
children. Her father, at his death, loft a for
tune of $5,000,000 one-half to her children,
and the income of the other half to her dur
ing hor life the principal, at her death, to go
alio to her children. In addition to this
abundance, her husband is also very wealthy,
a Member of Parliament, and maintains a
spledidoity establishment and several ornntry
seats. As a man, a citizen, a husband and a
father, perhaps all England does not oontaln a
better or brighter character. He married for
love, and was passionately attached to his wife,
lavishing on her every attention and indulg
ence which an overflowing fortune and affec
tion could inggest aa likely to contribute to
her happiness, without, for a moment inspect
ing that her loyalty to him had been alienated,
until he heard the bluting intelligence from
her own lips.
kissed the foot the crowd below were
Strajoi Religious Cikdcont ir Italy
Cvttiro thr Hub or a Status. The Naples
correspondent of the London Newi lays in a
late letters
The municipality went down to the Church
of the Madonna del Carmine in their carriages,
to cut the hair of a celebrated statue of Jesus
Christ, said and believed to now every year.
With the crowd I got in also. Their worships
were at man, and the body of the building
wu erowded with people. Undoubtedly the
general impression was that the hair of the
figure on the oroas grew and wu nnt yearly,
though one man told me that it was not done
now, and that it was only an idle report. O n
arriving in tbe church the first thing which
the municipal body did was to draw uide the
curtain which conceals the miraculous oruoifii
from public view, when upward of a thousand
laces were turned toward i witn an expres
sion of tbe most intense devotion. Mass bay
ing been said, the corporate body mounUd into
tha pallarv where Lhanrnciltz 1. siianender. and
permitted to mouni aiso,ana penoim toe same
act of devotion. Whatever may have been the
custom formerly, I saw no hair cut on th
present oooasion, though a long lock appeared
to hang down on the right side.
"Ths Result or Simflsj Habits. Betty
Roberts, now living in Liverpool, was born at
Northop, Flintshire, In June, 1740, or the
twenty-second year of the reign of George II,
and hu thus attained one hundred and ten
years of age, and from present appearances
may yet survive several years. Her frame,
though shrunken and withered, ii still ereot,
and nor gait steady, and she boasts being
equal to threo miles an hour with the aid of a
stick. Her hearing and eyesight aro good.
She has been married, but bu survived her
husband thirty-six years. Two of her four
children are living at sixty-nine and eighty
years of sgs. She attributes her great length
of life chiefly to simple habits, and states to
have never used intoxioating liquors. iVofei
atio! Qiuriet.
Striks or thr Gbbhar Pbirtrbs in New
Yobi. The German printers is that oily have
determined to itrike for the same rates u the
wages paid in the English offioes. All the
principal newspaper and book publishershave
been respectfully appealed to, and have re
fused to aooede, preferring their business to be
brought to a stand still. The varioui German
daily papers In the city therefore will not, it
is said, make their appearance until suob time
M the prices asked for are granted. Thire are
about one hundred and fifty German printers
in the city, one hundred and thirty of whom
are actually on the strike. I
Vanity ard Sculpture Ab AbtisVs Rc
tiror. A young Frenoh artist hu apt into
difficulty through his "chiselling." lie had
finished the bust of a lady, who, singular to
say, fanoied herself pretty; but she did not
find the beauty hlghtoned, or even fairly de
veloped, in the bust, so she decline to pay
for it; whereupon th maliolousohiselBr care
fully incised it all over with the smjdl-pox,
and has exhibited it to the world m tie effect,
should this malady ever attack the fair lady.
Poverty ir Nrw Yon City. During one
week about six thousand persons aiplied to
ths New York Almshouse for pitltnoes of
money ana ooai. most or tnem wotia worst
if they could, but they can not get tnything
to do, or they are too siik to do it. The only
"liberty" that such poor creatures lave any
practical knowledge of, ia the liberty to free;
and starve.
Thr Cortvat foe thr Speakership. The
Srotraoted struggle over the election jf Speaker
as not yet lasted is long as thejone four
years ago. Congress met Deoembr 3, 1855,
and Banks (Republican) was elect! Speaker,
tinder the plurality rule, on tbe 2cjof Febru
ary, 1856, on the 133d ballot. The tot stood:
Bank! 103; Aiken 10GV
Slavery vi. Freedom. A oorreif ondent of
toe unariuton Mercury tninks ture are in
New York at least ten thousand poor people
who would be happy to swap tlsces with
Southern slaves. All they want M the world
Ii plenty to eat, decent clothing, atd a reason'
able amount of labor, and that any iind South
em muter wouia insure mem.
A Pabk Talked or in Baltimors(-A Central
Park ia one of the improvementsulked of la
Baltimore. The Mayor, in ha message,
thinks one of from four to fire hmdred acres
would be commensurate with the future
growth of Baltimore. The ideuiif the Balti
snoreana are expanding to metr politan pro
portions. Gbacb Gbbbbwood in thr Olio Pbnitrr
tiaby. Grace Greenwood gavaa lecture or
address to the convict and visiuri at th Ohio
Penitentiary the other afternoin. About as
thousand persons were in attendtnoe, and her
opening remarks about endearmtnts of home,
fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, were
exceedingly affeoting, moving hany to tears.
' A Good Place for NbbvocsPioplb. From
recently-published data it aeees that in Lima,
Peru, there are an average of forty-five (light
hooka of an earthquake a year. Agitation is
th order ef the day there, adi we presume
that all the vocalists are adep at the shake,
th tremolo being: chronic Ajl the residents
of Lima must in time become Quakers.
Nw Poem by TEKHYBoj-J'At th solicita
tion cf Thackeray," say the Athenaum,
"backed ly tbe proffer of a, guinea a line, the
poet laureate hai written abort poem for the
UornWl Magannt, entitle! jitnon."
Americas Piculiabitim Burlesqved or ths
Paribus Staob. Th Paris correspondent of
the New York Timet writes as follows:
New Year's day this year his been produc
tive in Americanisms. In the annual revie.vs
at the theaters we some in for more than our
ordinary share of criticism. Ia the review of
tbe Varieties, for example, we have Blondin
and his cord, Barnum, and the balloon "City
of New Yorok," (spelled with an extra o.)
Between each acin the stage manager oomei
forward, holding in hii hand a copy of the
quadruple ConttelUtion or the Courier dei Etals
Unit, bows politely and obsequiously to the
audienoe, and reads first from one paper and
then from the other, contradicting and affirm
ing the existence of Blondin, then contradlot
ing and affirming his feats on the rope, and
then ditto the story ef his death. This "saw"
continued through a greater part of the piece,
and intended to show th agonies of the public
of France a each steamer arrived from Amer
ica with the affirmation or contradiction of
Blondin and his feats, is decidedly the hit of
the piece.
But finally Barnum arrives and offer to the
gentleman who is io worried about Blondin
the whole list of his wares, from the woolly
horse and Joyce Heth down to Tom Thumb;
but he is asked only about Blondin; "Tell us
the truth about Blondin!" is the burden of the
song. "Certainly," says Barnum, "he is not
only a reality, but I will show him to you."
Whereupon the man under the trap jerks the
outside covering from Barnum and reveals
Blondin in flesh and blood. At the same Urns
a drop-scene' disappear and Teveals Niagara
with a cord stretched across the abyai. Blon
din mount his cord, and as he marches
steadily along olouds of canard appear! iu the
air behind him, before him, above and below
him, while the ballet girls, to give effective
ness to the soene, perhapi to suggest Its appli
cation, wave triumphantly numerous star
spangled banners of which, unfortunately,
some are made with the stripes running the
wrong way. That, however, is only a detail.
' Arotheb Opirior or Maoaulay's Corybb
iatios. The London correspondent of the
Manchester Guardian hu the following:
Maoaulay's conversation, more than that of
any man I have ever met, impressed me with
the notion of a memory of peirless aocuraoy,
the stores of whioh were uitd with an unfail
ing and disciplined energy of mind, mani
fested especially in the force and finish of the
speaker's langtage. All of Macaulay'i con
versation would admit of being put in print,
just as it was spoken. Thore wai nothing un
finished, slipshod, hesitatingly, or half-expressed.
The sentences wore flung bofore you
with aa irrepreasible buoyanoy and forceful
nets of utterance, complete, clear cut, well
rounded and well-linked to each other; and
yet there was nothing Johnsonian, nothing
pompous, sesquipedalian or pedantic In the
phraseology; and as th manner ao wu the
matter pleasant, interesting, amusing, but
never prosy, boring or over ambitious for the
company or the time, see Maoaulay
monologised, only because he had so much
ready to flow forth on most subjects, that it
took a long time even to pump off even his
surface water; bat, in company with people
who had something to say and oould any it,
Maoaulay did not habitually take up more
than bis fair share of the conversation. Sid
ney Smith used to complain of Maoaulay be
cause he wu a rival, and a worse monopo
list, and oould not bear to see the attention of
the table distracted from his own rampant and
Italrelalfian fun.
Thr Gallant Footmar that Bar Away
with Mrs. Gubbky. A correspondent gives
'the particulars of the footman whom Mrs.
Gurney loved not wisely but too well: A young
man whose name is Taylor, had been highly
recommended to Mr. Gurney as a groom or
footman, to take oharge of Mrs. Gurney's
horses, u ahe wu excessively fond of eques
trian exeroise, and was acootdingly employed
in that cipaoity. - Taylor wu an eduoated
man, of fine appearance and pleuing man
ners, and three or four years younger than bit
mistress. Tbui thrown often together, she
oonoeived a passion for her servant, of which
her husband did not entertain the remotest
idea until she openly avowed it to him, de
claring that, although the latter had been
faultless as a husband, and only too indulgent,
yet the had oeased to love him; that her heart
wu with Taylor, and that she had determined
to abandon the husband for him. The
tenderest remonstrance and intercession
availed nothing to lessen her infatuation.
Friends and relatives who were called in to
plead with her made no stronger impression;
and leaving her children without shedding a
tear, this infatuated being abandoned as ad
mirable a homo as woman ever inhabited, and
left England for th Continent, in company
with her seducer.
Assist or a Notorious Eiolisb Bark Rob
ber ir Nrw York. In October lut a robbery
of $5,000 in Bank of England notes wu com
mitted in one of the banking-houses of London
by Henry Clark, a notorious and expert bank
robber, who eicsped and fled to New York.
The Inspector of the London Police soon after
addressed a letter to New York, giving a de
scription of the stolen notes and also of the
thief; and a day or two since two deteotlves
encountered a person they at once suspected
to be the individual wanted in London, and
they accordingly arrested him. Thongh Clark
had probably been guilty of various robberies,
he could not be held in ths evidence offered.
Bieoher's Eably Auti-Slavbryism. II.
W. Beecher, in a recent leoture in New York,
thought he might be allowed tossy that it
wu now going on thirty years linee he began
to labor in th Anti-Slavery field. He wu
one of the special policemen who, in Cincin
nati, twenty years ago, went round with three
double-barreled pistols in his pocket, to save
the houses of the black' people from a
mob, at a time when to talk Abolitionism
was to talk treason. From that time to thii
his heart had been In the work. The first
Anti-Slavery sermon ever preached in In
diana was preached by him in th capital,
Indianapolis. '
Stabtliro Murders ir Italy. A late letter
from Naples says: Two atrocious murders have
beenlommltted. One wu by a priest in his
own house, on tbe husband of a young woman
with whom be hid Intimate Intercourse: more
than that, he being her unole. After having
murdered the man, he attempted to burn tho
body in his own kitohen. The other murder
wu committed by a pretty young woman, a
hairdresser, who had been seduced by a gen
tleman, and then abandoned when with child.
She contrived to atab her lover.
Condition or ths South Caroliba Babes.
A comparative statement of the condition of
the Banka of South Carolina, in November
and December, shows an incret.se in circula
tion for the latter month, of $1,905,090,75; in
Demestio Eioh&rfge, of $1,697,665,83; in De
posits, of $215,653,65; in Foreign Ezchango,
of $210,453,47; in Specie, of $68,260,68; and a
decrease in Disoountsof $560,549,87..
As American Dor Giovarbi ir Paris. The
rumor comes from Paris that an Amerioan
gentleman, occupying hrflj official station,
has occasioned sad grief in a domestic eirols,
by devoting btmtelf too particularly to the
sooiety of a lady of acknowledged refinement
and great peiaonel attraction. A duel was
expected at lut accounts, an injured husband
being th challenger.
From New York.
New Yobk, January 26. Ths Republican
Convention at Hartford, after renominating
the present State officers, aaleoted th follow
ing delegates to Chicago for the State at large:
First District, Gideon Wells, of Hartford;
Second DIstrlot, E. K. Foster, of New Haves;
Third District, Chauneey F. Cleveland, of
Hampton; Fourth DIstrlot, A. H. Holley, of
District Delegates First Congressional
District, O. O. Coaster, of Farming-ton, and L.
E. Plaoe, of Somen; Second, E. W. Kellogg,
of Water bury, and A. R. Clear, of Middle
town; Third, James Gallup, of Plainfield, and
H. H. btarkweather, of Norwich; Fourth, E.
S. Tweedy, of Danburg, and George H. Noble,
Resolutions of a strong Republican charac
actor were adopted, and the Convention broke
up with rousing cheers for the Union.
Hon. F. P. Blair, jr., of Missouri, gave,
last evening, before the Young Men's Repub
lican Union, in the great hall of the Cooper
Institute, a leoture on the attitude of parties.
Upon the platform were many of tbe most
prominent residents of the State. The meeting
wu called to order by the President of the
Union, Mr. Charles J. Rogers, and Hiram
Barney wu elected Chairman. After a few
preliminary remarks, theChairman introduced
the Hon. Mr. Blair, who wu reoeived with
prolonged and enthusiutie applause. Mr.
Blair's address occupied two hour in ita
delivery, and' he wag frequently interrupted
by enthusiastic and oontinued applause.
At the close, three tremendou. cheers were
given for Blair and Caitiua M. Clay, and the
State of Missouri.
A gentleman from Aeapulco informs us that
only the artillery of the Liberal Army, num
bering about 2,000 troops, wu lngaged in tstV
battle of the 21st.
The main body of the troops under Racha,
failed to come np, owing, as was
believed, to treaohery. The artillery whioh
wis under the command of Col. Hails, an
American, from San Francisoo, wu out to
pieoos, owing to the fact that Mlramon's ar
tillery was much heavier and longer range than
that of the Liberals.
Col. Harle escaped to Masatlan, where, at
last aocounts, he bad purchased and was fit
ting out two smaUvessels, with whioh he in
tended to proostj IMazanilla for the pur
pose of fiflnttfrilfuaehll tmn v.Maiila atd in
that port by Miramon. When Miramon left
the capital he had 6,000 troops in- command,
2,000 of whioh, under Marques,, dropped at
uuuoinjara, io cover miramon s retreat should
he have been forced to make one.
Marques, it will bi recollected, wai at last
Srevious accounts imprisoned in Mexieo for
is seizure of the $2,000,000 oonduota at Tepie.
From Washington.
Washington, J anuary 26. The Senate Har-
ner'i Ferrv drnmittp baa nntlflad P.air
appear from day to day, as he may be wanted
The intelligence of tbe disastrous defeat of
the Liberals' in Mexico, hv Mtmmnn. h.
damagod tho prospects of Mr. McLane's
treaty, u oeing man 1 test that Juatei has no
fast hold outside of Vera Cruz, and that even
there his tenure is frail.
A' detachment of mounted riflemen under
Lieutenant Maoy is ordered to Fort Craig, and
another under Lieutenant Jackson to Fort
Stanton. Company E of mounted riflemen
had been ordered from Fort Union to Fort
Mr. Coverly, Secretary of the American
Leiratinn nfc lint, lias nnm 1mm. .u
Balti; bringing the peremptory refusal of the
x-eruTi&u uovernmenc to liquidate f eruvlan
claims against it.
Mrs. Tillv. whn on inliivj.il in ll,
accident on the Hudson River Road, died in
mis city lut evening.
Democratic County Convention.
PiTTSBUBO, January 26. The Democratic
County Conveution yesterday was quite stormy
Ths Administrationieti prevailed over the
Douglasitei by electing their delegstes to the
Reading Convention. Resolutions of an in
definite charaoter were pused, but they eon
tain no instructions to delegates.
Fatal Affbay at Salt Lakh. A difficulty
occurred in Utah recently, between the noto
rious Bill Hiokman and a man named Lot
Huntington, both members of the Danite
band. The parties met on the street, and,
after a few words had passed between them.
Huntington and Hickman clinched, the former
inflicting a severe wound in the back of the
Utter. After the parties became separated a
general melee ensued, pistols were fired snd
knives drawn. A shot from Huntington struck
Hickman's hunting watoh, which prevented
the ball from penetrating his body. The next
shot took effeot la his thigh, and up to the lut
accounts he wu lying in a critical condition.
Huntington wu ihot by one of Hiekman'
friends, in the thlgb, but the wound was a
flesh one. There were many shots fired by
the friends of both parties, but no one she wu
Sanguinary Eiroutions ist China. The
trial of the Chinese arrested by order of the
Governor-General of Zwangtung for aid
ing and abetting th Frenoh, Dutch and
American dealers in supplying the ships of
those nations with living cargoes in the shape
of stolen men and boys, ha resulted in a swift
and terrible punishment. After a lengthened
and protracted trial, sentence ot death wu
Sused on eighteen, who have been lines be
eaded; seven are reserved for milder punish
ments, and uvn havs been acquitted.
Mabbibd Lira London. Mr. Mary
Gibson applies for a leDaration from bar hna.
band, Mr. Charles Gibson, on the ground of
auuuery wiu a sir, itepwortb, surgeon. It
turned out in the examination that Mrs. Hep
worth had been sauallv srimlnal with Mr.
Gibson, who had been, through the money of
bis ratnor-iu-iaw, a weaitny man, appointed
as Justice of the Peace, and received a oont
minion in the militia.
An Abstshiovs Doo The Orangeburg
(S. C.) Southron aaya: A friend inform us that
he aaw a dog a ehort time since that was taken
out of an old dry well, where he had remained
for fourteen day and nights, without water
or food, and tnat wnen turned. loose be imme
diately started on a rabbit hunt. It ii stated
by some naturalitst that dogs have been
known to survive for over thirty days without
receiving any food.
Too Warm a Latituds. The proprietors
of the St. Charles Hotel, in New Orleans, re
cently imported a special officer from New
York, to stay about the hotel and keep things
straight, but very lately he packed his bag
gage andHeft for home, terribly frightened.
Th superfluity of flying bullet thereabout
wu enough, he said, to "alarm the devil."
SiBOCLAB Discovery. A leather bar, con
taining five or lix hundred dollar in French
gold, was found one day last week by Mr.
Valentine Aldrich, embedded io the rand,
under "Turn N.ver's Head." on th easiern
shore of Nantucket. It is surpr sed to have
washed ashore from the English ship Etrl
n.iugwn, wreeaea at mat ptaoe m 140, By
which diiMter feveral Urea Were loit.
Rates of advertiring
AdvertltMBMnts sot exceeding; lr tine (Agate) :
Onetiuerttea. 4 3 I One nek 1 (JO
Tw0 -l SO I One month m it M
Large adT.rUa.manU Inserted at tbe following rate
or qu of ten Una or leas :
One lnartlpnjj eniTwowMks 43 OO
Xaon addlUonaU.' is three iHtaiZZl 00
On wet ld I One month.. 6 00
Job PriiitliiK
In all It branches don with neatnea. and dispatch.
Wheeler & Wilson's
Prlnelsal Offlee, No. TT Vest Fonrtb-st.,
Wheeler A Wilson Bowing Machine, with Im
portant Improvement., and to meet the demand for
a good, low-priced Family Machine, hw intro
duced a NSW 8TTLB, working upon the same prin
ciple, and making the same atlich, tbonxh not ao
hlKhlr Unlaked, at FIFTV-FIVK UOIXAR.
Tno eleganos, .peed, nolaelenneas and simplicity of
the Machine, th beaut? and atrengtb of atltch, being
ALIKE ON BOTH HI tES, Impossible to ravol, aud
leaving no chain or ridge n the wider side, the
eoonooiv of thread and adaptability to the thickest
or thiuneat fabric., ba rondered thi. th. moat suc
cessful and popular Yamllr Sewing Machine now
At our various office, we sell at New Tork prices,
and give Instructions free of chargr, to enable pur
chaser to aew ordinary seams, hem, fell, quilt,
gather, bind and took, all on the name machine, aud
warrant It for tbree rears.
Send or call for a circular containing full particu
lar, prices, testimonials, Ao.
jal7ar WJM. SUMNER Si CO.
Coal Cooking Stove!
Has been pronoun cod br competent judges to be the
Patented Dec. 1, .853.
Tor sale bj the Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
Manufactory, (Jovlngton, 14 y.
No. 30 Sast Columbla-.treet.
trade at tb. aunt reasonable prices aud on the
moat accommodating term with
For Oil Fluid or Coal Oil,
K. B. Jones'. Improved Lamp, and Burners fr
sal br our agent, J. SKLLKH8, Covington, Kr.
Coal Cooking Stove,
Held at afleivtlle, Oo ab r il S3 I.
!Hii;iiniu in.
lYos. Si and S3 Vinc-l.,
. (Seoond door Below Columbia,)
THIBD-8TBBIT, Cincinnati, Ohio, are mann
faotnrins larg.lv. Palmer', celebrate.! Hrdranllo.
fore and Lift Pump. Also, hi. Portable Dtmta
Inline. All those who are about to purchase
PUMP) for Taarjk Breweries. Itlnill
lertesH Dtj Dacha. Paper Mill Kallraarf
Mtailons, mine, Wreokiuej Purpose., or, iu
fact, for anrpurpoM where a pump Is needed, will
lad it to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of these valuable Inventions, or address the
PALMBH PUMP OOMPAH I for a clrcnlar, whioh
will fnrniah th. name, of many who have used thee
Pump with perfect aatlfaoilon. ne21dm
TALLIC) BOOriNO" I orTored to the pnlilio
aa the beat and oheapoet Metal Koof now need, iu
merits tested by an axpericnoe of rear. In this citv
andvlcinitv. Applied to Bat or steep, old or new
building.. NoaolderoMd datened aecuralg with
out expoaur. to tb. action o( the elements.
Prepared sheets, boxed for shipment to anf part o
the United State., oan be applied bp any one with
ordinarv mechanical skill. Orders promptly filled.
Plt-tf ua WMtBecond etreot
Holiday Presents.
Bison and Ghina Tl.nr. r.n Tnk..i .
Vaeee.Jeweland Match-boxes, Faucy Shaving ait'
Work-boxes, and other tanoy Goods too nuuierona
urau..vu,u,,M, ior aa. nouunya, wnuui i wm
ell cheaper than any other wtabll.bment in th
dtv. ncNuv nivin
No. ITS Haia-etnet, between Sixth and Seventh,
a. B. Also a aew let of fancy Boai, Pertumerf,
K.tracta, to.
I. & D. BRUCE.
Street Kailroad tjnr mid Uuiulbas Mnnn
., t'uciurerm
keep on hauit. supply of .-tl UKET II UL
BOAD OA 119 an I umutbUMr. which we vlll war
.aat equal a styie. Solan and durability, aud at a
low prion, a not inula in tbe country.
Oifloe-Oorner of Third aud Vine-sirc.t. ja"

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