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TXT A. NTi'll
"FOUND," Aclnthlaoolnmn, oooupytng At lines
Of lees, two Insertions, twonty-flrs cents.
ANTED BOARD la a private; fara
llf. A gentleman withes board, with room
to himself, tn i small prirate family, where cub to
. enjoyed the quletnde of a home. Address A. K 0.,
caic of Penny Preaa. jattb
eighteen years withe a situation la a dry
goods, grocery, or other siore whore ho can I earn the
business, and make himself generally metal. Ad
dress J. STAOBlf.care Penny Press. Ja27b
WANTED Thirty Dialog-room Servants
for to-day and banquet to-night, at the Bur
dining-room and the other chamber-work.
Done bat those who understand waiting upon the
table need analy at 160 Plum-it reet. ja27b
WANTED The subwribei, who la at
present connected with a commission and
forwarding bouio In tale oily, la desirous of obtain
ing a iltnatlon In a wholesale grocery, hardware or
oouimlselnn home, where he can make himself gen
erally nfnl. Can glvo beat of reference!, Ao. Ad
dreai Box 1.8S6. Postofftce, Cincinnati. ja27b
WANTED Threa or fonr girls, to oook,
waah and Iron. Qood references required.
Call at Mrs. WABNEB'S Employment Office, No.
03 Ilfth-itreet, between We tern-row and Jobs.
WANTED A man with a email capital,
or with a atock ef dry gooda, grooorles) or
Jewelry, to trade on tbe river, inquire at Ho. 131
Sycamore-street. Ao intemperate man need apply.
WANTED Several married ladies, to en
gage In an eaay and profitable boiinese, both
In tbla city and to travel abroad, and who can com
mand $5 or $10. Addreaa, through tbe Poatoffloe,
Box 1,725. OominMilcatlontconndontlal. ja27aw
ran Binger'a Bowing Machine, to work on
galter-work. An experienced hand on tbla kind of
work la wanted. Call at Mo. 281 Sixth-ntreet.
WW from tbe East wlthos a situation In a whole
aale hardware, grocery or other atore, where he can
"v learn the business and make himaelf useful. The
beat of references given. Addreaa B. 0., at tbla
office. . Ja27b
Wagon, Horse and Barnesa, all In good run
nlng order, will be aold very low, If applied for
soon, at the Wettern Hotel, corner of John and
. Wade-atreeta. JaJ7b
WANTED A man that understands Gar
dening and the cultivation of fruit, to go a'
abort distance Into the country married or elogle,
if the married man haa no children, and would en
gage tbe wife to do the konaework of a email family.
: Audresa ObEBMONT, at this office. jab
men, nsed to firming and gardening. Very
large wages will be given to aultabe men. Apply at
the General Intelligence Agency, No. 38J Western
row. ja27b A. D. 0AB8ON A CO.
ANTED Kltohen Girl, at 2S7 Kioh-
monu-etroet. ; jakoo
WANTED An aotive, indaitrinai boy.
jsltb Ko.iO East Oolombla-itreet.
maid, by a competent young woman. Ad
dreas "Maria," at this office. ja26b
WANTED A few firit-olasi advertise
menta for' the Wayne County Chronicle,
The Chronicle has a large circulation In the beat por
tion of Indiana. Addreaa B. J. STRICKLAND,
Publisher, or leave orders at the Press office fur two
days. ja26b
to general honsework, by a yonng woman
who profera a prirate bonae. Call at third door
. Longworth'e Building, corner of Western-row and
Pearl St.; entrance on Western-row. j26b
WANTED Clerks, book-keapen, galeg
' men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, can And aitua
tiona at the Merchants' Clerks Beglatry Office, 198
Walnut-street. fJaJBew! HALS A CO.
FOR. SALE The following1 parcels of va
cant property and Building Lota, to the weatern
part ot the city, viz:
. Twolotaon tbenorthaldeofOllrer-glreet, between
John and Western-row, each 23 feet fiont by 7 feet
deep. Will be aold for per foot. ,
Two lota on the eon in, aide of Poplar street, be
tween John and Weatern-row, each 2D feet front by 87
feet deep, at $36 per foot.
Two Jots on the east side of John-street, between
Oliver and Poplar, each 26 foet front by HO feetctep
te an alley, at (Jo per foot.
Two lots cm the south side of Melancthon-atreet,
between John aud Weateru-row, each 26 feet front by
87 feet drop, at H6 per fco(.
Twolotaon ihe south aide of Pavid.streat, between
John and Cutter, eaoh 26 feet front by 87 feet deep,
on the corner of an alley, at ltd per foot.
Two lots on the south aide of Wade-street, between
Cotter and Jones, each 2) feet front by 87 feet deep,
Lot on tho north tide of Melancthon -street, b;
tween Cutter and Jones, IS feot front by 87 feet deep,
at $41 per foot.
Lot on theaonth sidnof Dayld-itreet, between Cut
ter and Jones, 26 feet front by b7 feel deep, at f 34 per
Lot on the east side ot Plenaant-atrcot, between
fifteenth and Liberty, 30 feet front by 85 feet, at 46
per foot.
Lot on Tine-street, near the corporation line, 45
feet front by 100 feet deep, for 8700.
Two lota on the south side of Oehler-street, west
of Freeman, each 20 feet front by $85 feet deep, at
$32 50.
Lot on the north-east corner of Simon and Oehler
treats, 30 feat on Oehler and SO leet on Himon, for
Lot on the south aide of Betta-etreot, between Bay
miller and Freeman, 25 feet front by feet deep to
an alley, for $1,000.
Lot on the south-east corner of Cntter and Liberty
streets, 37 fret 0 inches on Liberty and 87 feet on Cut
ter, for $1,875.
Vive lota on the west side of Jones-street, between
Da j Id and Wade, each 2 feet front by Mi feet deep,
-' at $40 per foot.
Lot on tbe south side of David-street, between
John and Weatern-row, on the corner of an alley, 43
feet front by 87 feet deep, for $1,(100.
Loton theeastslde of Jane-street, between Sixth
and Halliaway, 20 feet front by 80 feet deep to an
alley, at $55 per foot.
Lot on tbo north tide of George-street, between
Baymlllor and freeman, 25 feet front by 85 feet deep,
at $S0 per foot.
Lot on the south side of Brown-street, near Bun--'
lap, 30 feet front by 90 feot, at $45 per foot.
Lot on tbe west side of Dndlev street, between
Liberty and Poplar-street, 25 feet front by 126 feet
e. deep to an alley, at $50 per foot.
AL80-A number of Building Lota In Newport
- and CoriDgton; acme excellent bargains.
, Mo. a Apollo Buildings.
jeara uorneroi ruin ana wainot-sts.
FOR BALE Tho Stook, Futures, and
Lease r f a Grocory, in the central part of the
city, for particulars address "Cobb," at this office.
wick's make, elate top, for $225 cash: has been
In use only about three months, cost filOO. a
Alio the fixtures, ehelrea, counter, Ac, o the store
Apply at once on tlie premises. ja25c
IjjlOB SALE. A ssoond-hand Portable Eo
. gine, of elsht-horae power. Baa been used
four months, and nan be seen In operation at tbe
Palmer Pump Works, at the intersection of Miami
Canal and Third-street.. jagtf
B0ARDINO A gentlemin and wife, or
two single gentlemen can obtain board with,the
i city, at 29 Seventh-street.
comiorra or a nome, in a very pieaaaut aura oi ine
BOARDING A few gentleman om be ac
commodated with nine, pleaeant room a, well
furniabed, at No. 203 Weat Fifth-street, south Hde,
three doors below Central avnue. ja27b
BOARDING Two or three gentlement de
alringa pleaaant-fnrnished room, with good
. board, can be anppliedat No. 107 Longwortb-street,
' between Urn and Plum BTerms moderate, jaacb
B0ARDIN3 Familial accommodated with
board and pleasant rooms on second floor,
lighted with gas, furnished or nnfurnlabed. Beveral
single rooms for gentlemen can also be bad. Gen
tlemen lodging elae'bre boarded on reasonable
terms, at No. hvl Bromlway. ja23'iw
T 03T NOTE Lost or-mislaid,
M-A drawn by Btltea In favor of L. McOar
a note
Hcflimv. AST-
able at the office of Mr. Haiekiah Stltea, In Coltnu-
, "l eig'jiy-ieven uoiiara, muoreea oy u. nauar
, voy. Thla la to give notice that par men t baa teen
. ttopnel.and all persona are warned agalnat buying
or trading for the above note.
, January 18, 1860. ja27t
"sTTIriTTIVTI 0 tha giuiv nf tk. v W If T.
, JaV Aeecoiatlon Boomi, yeaterdar, a $1 bill. The
owner can have It by culling at 158 Sycamora-etreet
and deicribing tbe I
KAiriA'ttniiKa op
Wood-Working Machinory,
Csraar Jeka and Watst Claeluatl.Oe
Att-ir r
Fan If Tn n n -n ci
j. jx Jci L' It Hi .
. JANCAttY ar
RsMcvii, S. Holmes k Son hays remoyed
from Main-street to tbe itors lately occupied
by Henry Falls, No. 05 Vest fourth-street,
where the have opened a new stock of paper
Adams' Ex miss Co. This excellent com
pany will please accept our thanks for the
rl nil r itMmnl -1 17 . - J
journals, which are a great accommodation to
us uuiwg we present irregularity ot ino malls.
HmoioLoeioiL Obsstitioss For the
Aana Prtu, by Henry Wart, Optf otan, No. T
West Fourth-street, January 36s .
O'clock. Baromoter. - Thermometer.
7 A. M. ,mm.6I ; Aboveiero-3!)
12 n ..........2V.34 Above xero 36
P. M - ... 211.47 Above iero34
Hat Psiss. Cannadsy'g new bay press is
something that the agricultural intoreitbas
long stood in need of, and as Hoasrs. Eodgsa,
Free 1 Co., of this eity, bare entered Into an
arrangement wtth the patentee for their man
ufaotars, the Western farmers can be supplied
on advantageous terms. Read advertisement.
Editobul RicsTioir. Tbsre will be an edi
torial reunion, we are requested to state, aftor
the banquet this evening, in the room at tho
head of the stairs in tho western entrance to
the Opera-house Building, where the journal
ists that accompany our Legislative guests
will meet their professional brethren of jJsla
eity. A general attendance is requested. V5
Hbsisb, Edksstok A Co. We take pleasure
In directing the city and conntry trsde to tbe
advertisement of this old-established saddlery
and ooaoh-hardware house. They have now
in atore a large, well-assorted and select stook,
from which it must be a ploaaurs for the man
ufacturer to seleot. Pay their extensive es
tablishment a visit before making your pur
chases. ' "
MiCHARica' aid IfiivrAOTDMRa' ExcHisai.
The attendance at tho Mechanics' and Manu
facturers' Exchange yesterday morning wsi
not large, and very little business of publio
interest was twrnacted. The following per
sons were eleoted members, after which the
meeting adjourded: Hill, Brown & Co., build
ers, proposed by Moore & Dickson; Henry
Weiner, stone cutter, propoied by L. Swarts;
A. Lotse, stoves, ranges, Ad , proposed by S.
SUrtiman; Harwood X- Elliot, builders, pro
posed by Mr; Melons. -
John Waggoner, for a long tine a citizen of
this city, but now a resident of AvondaIe,met
with quite a serious accident yesterday after
noon, on Sixth-street, between Vine and Wal
nut. He was, we believe, repairing his build
ing, located In the vioinity we have named,
and in the act of adjusting a window-blind,
when he fell and broke hit thigh. Mr. W. Is
nearly sixty years of age, and this fact renders
the accident much mors unfortunate than it
would probably have been under other cir
cumstances, lie was removed to his residence
after his medical wants had bten attended to;
but his jnjuries will confine him to his bed for
along time, even if he should eventually
fully recover. ' '
SHiBirr'g Balis or Rial Estati. Tbe
Sheriff's sales of real estate, yesterday, were
well attended, but the bidding was not
spirited. The following described property
was disposed of:
Lot No. 71, as designated on the plat of
subdivision of E. Knowlton, being part of
seotion 27, township S, and aeoond fractional
range In the Miami Purchase, situated on the
north-east corner of Kirby-strcet and Locust,
fronting on Kirby-atrtet SO feet, and extend
ing bask northwardly 130 feet; valued at
$3,000; sold to W. D. Gallagher tt. al. tot
A house and lot on Central-avsnue, formerly
Western-row, between Everett and Betts
street, being 55 feet front and extending bark
78 feet; valued at $2,400; sold to Louis Roll
wager for $2,700.
A bouse and lot, situated on Providence
street, being 2$ feet front and extending 78
feel: valued at $1,600; sold to Louis Rollwager
for $1,010.
Polici Coubt. Business at the Police
Court yesterday morning was quite dull, and
nothing of importance was transao'ed. The
cases were principally those of drunkenness,
vagrancy and disorderly oonduot, and they
presented no phase of intsrest. We mention
one or two, because tbey before found a place
in our columns, and, being disposed of there,
we also dispose of them here.
Borne time since we noticed the fact that
Mark Tensilon, a well-known shoe manu
facturer, at No. 221 Central-avonue, had been
charged, hy girl named Jennie Lawler, with
oonstupration, the act having been perpetrated
about year ngo, since whioh time the girl
has resided In Iowa. The ease has been con
tinued for Beveral days, but the charge was
not substantiated, and Tennison was honora
bly discharged.
On Sunday last a oouplo of men, named
Robert Linsenmeyer and Henry Gardner,
were arrested upon a charge of having com
mitted amalioious assault upon a man named
Manrad Oihner. The case was dismissed
yesterday, the prosecuting witness having
failed entirely to establish the charge.
Fatal Accidist A Lad' Killid it thb
Acoidirtal Dibchaboi or a Pistol. A boy
about fifteen years of age, named James Ring,
in the employ of a butcher named Joseph
Lawrence, was killsd yesterday forenooon,
at the Blxth-slreet market, by the ac
cidental disoharge of a pistol. He was
preparing to leave the market-house for the
purpose of going home, and in removing the
tools and unsold masts from the stall to the
wsgon he took up a coat belonging to Mr. L.,
one of tbe pockets of which contained a loaded
pistol that fell upon tbe pavement and went
off, the ball entering ths left groin of the lad,
aud Injuring him so seriously tbat he died in
about an hour afterward.
Mr. Lawrence was arrested at the time and
commitMto the Station-house, but for what
oause noajne seemed to know. Coroner Cary
was called upon to hold an inquest upon the
body, whioh resulted in a verdiot of accidental
death, whereupon Mr. L. was discharged,
after having remained in euatody but a few
hours. The parents ef the deceased, we be
lieve, reside in that portion of the city known
as Sixth-street Bill, but he lived In tbe family
of Mr. Lawrence, who regrets the affair very
much, and hag generously proposed, and in
tends to defray the funeral expenses.
Pboossdisos or ths Codstt Cohuusiohsbs.
At the regular session of the County Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, but one order
was passed that of John Buttermillcr, for
boarding the jury In the Clawson case,
amounting to $98.
James Fries offered to leace the county a
house at Lick Ron for two years, with the
privilege of ecoupying three, at the rate of
$150 per annum, and the Commiisloners
agreed to meet on tho premises on Monday, at
two o'olosk in the afternoon, for the purpose
ef examining it. .
, A resolution was ptsted to the effect that
Ihe office of the Board be eloesd this morning
at ten o'olook, and that all the county officers
be requested to close also at tbe same time,
that tbe attacAes might have an opportunity
of participating in the rtoaption exercises upon
the arrival of the trio of Legislatures.
A letter wss received from T. 8. Spooner,
Secretary of th'e 'Commlssiosers, at Columbus,
In regard to the selection of a site for the new
Penitentiary, stating that they . had visited
Hamilton County and examined the sites pro.
postd at Lockland; no others which they
deemed suitable having been offered for con
sideration. The letter further stated that un
less reme decidedly favorable location should
be designated by the County Commissioners
for their exsmiuation, they would be com
piled to dsollnt sgsinyisiUng this county.
Arrival of the Legislative Guests—
The Reception at the Wharf and
Departure for Columbus—Meeting of
the Committee of Arrangements.
Yesterday morning at tlx o'clock the iteas
ers Silver Mom and BotUma, whioh had been
chartered for the purpose of meeting and es
corting our Legislative guests to the eity, left
tbe wharf, crowded with passengers, and pro
ceeded down the river. They met the Jacob
Slradcr about aix miles below the eity, and
amid cheers, the firing of cannon and strains
of musis, gave our visitors a most enthuiiastio
Breakfast had been provided on eaoh of the
boats, and after they had been lashed together,
amid shouts for Kentucky, Tennessee and
Ohio, whioh made the hills of both tbe first
and last named States re-echo with the sound,
the company sat down to partake of their
morning meal. The trio of boats then pro
ceeded up the river to this eity, where they
arrived between eight and nine o'clock,
The wharf and the steamboats lying there
were crowded with people, and as esho boats
neared them they were saluted with the most
hearty and enthusiastic cheers, while cannon
at tho Newport Barracks and on ths levee
bellowed forth from their rough throats a
weloome, of whioh the revet boratloni do not
yet seem to have entirely csstsed. .. . , .
Here the boats parted company, tnd the
Slradtr proceeded to the Little Miami Railroad
Depot, where tbe guests were mot by another
orowd of our cltizeni, who received them In
the same hearty manner with whioh they had
twice before been welcomed. The visitors,
among whom are the entire Legislatures and
the Governors and State officers of Kentucky
and Tennessee, aocompanied by about fifty
ladies, were then seated in the cars, and at
flfteos minutes past nine the train started for
The utmost harmony, good-feeling and
enthusiasm prevailed among the entire com-
fiany, about five hundred in number, and they
aft tbe metropolis for the capital in the
highest spirits, apparently as highly delighted
with the reception as our citizens were with
the visit they had received, i
At half-past two o'clock, yesterday after
noon, the Committee met at the Chamber of
Commerce to conclude the preliminary ar
rangements for the reception, whioh will take
plaoe to-day at tbe Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Railroad Depot.
The Legislatnresof Tennessee and KentaoVy,
it is understood, in company with the Ohio
Legislature and ths Stato Officers, leave Colum
bus this morning and proceed to Dayton,
where they will dino, arriving in this city
about two o'clock.
A telegram was received from Columbus,
stating that ths guests had arrived there in
safety, and that the enthusiasm there was im
mense; remarking, also, that it was likely the
number would be increased to eight hundred
by the time of their arrival in this city.
Upon motion, the committee on behalf of
the citizens tendered their thanks to the offi
cers of the Cincinnati and Louisville mail
line, and resolved that they be added to the
list of invited guests. Tbe thanks of the com
mittee were also tendered to the Cincinnati
and Memphis Packet Company, and to Cap
tain McLean and the officers of the ateamboat
Boitona, for their kindness and attention. ' -
A committee, consisting of 8. S. Davis, Sam
uel N. Pike, O. B. Hollialer, Captain Desn
and J. W. Hartwell, was then appointed for
the purpose of seating the guests at the Opera
houte. The ladies, who aooompany the visi
tors, it was agreed should occupy the private
boxes. .i
Ths Mayor was requested to have a portion
of his polios force detailed for the purpose of
guarding the depot and Opera-house, at tbe
time of the arrival of the guos's. A special
corps will also be stationed at the hotels, for
the purpose of giving our visitors any infor
mation in regard to the city, and directing
them to euoh parts of it as they may desire to
A sub-committee, who bad been appointed
for the purpose, then stated that they oould
seat six hundred ladies in that part of the
Opera-house which was to be devoted to them
exclusively, and had provided that number of
tickets 'or distribution. It is therefore under
stood that no women will be admitted who
are not provided with tlokets, the establish
ment being opened for their reception at two
o'clook P. M. These tickets were placed in
the hands of tbe Finance Committee for dis
tribution. The Committee of Arrangements was in
formed that a number of the members of the
Kentucky and Tennestse Legislatures were
yet in the oity, and Messrs. Dean, Eggleston,
Davis and Sherlook were appointed to wait
upon them and gee that they were properly
oared for.
The Mavor was then appointed, la connec
tion with Rnfus King and Bonjtmin Eggles
ton, to receive" tbe gueeti at the depot, and
to ' take charge of tbat part of the company
which" is destined to ccoupy tbe stage at the
Opera-house, at which plaoe as well as at the
banquet in the evening, he will preside. The
following were then appointed Vice Presidents
for the evening: Messrs. Miles Greenwood, R.
B. Bowler, L. B. Harrison, Benj. Eggleston,
Caps. Dean, Rufus King, Thomas J. Galla
gher, Joseph Torrence, Edmund Dexter and
S. 8. Davis. '
Upon motion, the officers of the United
Stetes Army, now at the Newport Barracks,
were added to the list of invited guests.
During the march from the depot to the
Opera-house, all the bells in the oity will be
joyously rung the Chief Engineer of tbe Eire
Department being appointed for tbe purpose
of making the neoessary arrangements.
It wss then decided that the Pire Depart
ment should occupy the Fifth-street Market
space to-morrow morning, from nine till
eleven o'clock, that any' who desired, might
witness the working of the steam-engines,
after whioh the Comnlttee adjourned to meet
at the Burnet House at half-past seven o'clook
in the evening. ' -
Pursuant to adjournment the committee met,
when a dispatch from Columbus was received,
stating that Gov. Dennison would accompany
the guests to this oity, and that it would proba
bly be three P. M. before the guests would
After some discussion It was agreed that the
committee appointed to wait upon the guests
who remain in the city, should provide them
with tiokets to any of the theaters they may
desire to visit, ' ;
Ths oommittee, on motion of Mr. Davis, then
took a recess, for the purpose of partaking of
a luncn wnioh naa been provided by tbe pro
prietors of the Burnot House. -
Mr. Parker, of this city, having been sent to
Dayton to make arrangements for procuring a
dinner for their guests on their arrival at that
place, seat the following telegram, which was
read: .
The committee ofcltltons And It Imposalble to do
themselves justice In entertaining our guests to
morrow. Teor will, therefore, not attempt any
thing beyond firing a easalng salute. I lave made
arrangements for a lunch at tne depot, to coat two
hundred dollars.
The following haa been agreed upon as tbe
line of march after the asrival of our Legisla
tive guests at the Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Railroad Depot: .
East on Sixth to Mound, north on Mound
to Seventh; east on Seventh to Race; south
on Race to Fourth; cast on Fourth to Pike's
Opera-house. The carriages and omnibuses
will approach tbe depot from Fifth-street,
and form on the left of tbe procession, and
will continue in the line of march until reach
ing the Opera-bouse.
The Committee then adjoui ned, to meet again
at ten o'olook to-day. .
" 39 In the course of empannellng the
jury in the Gandolpho caie, it was ascertained
tbat one of the jurors sworn had heretofore
served some time in the penitentiaries ef this
and an adjoining State. Immediately upon
the fact being ascertained, he wss exouied from
&rTbls morning at i'A o'clock 3. Graff k
Co. sell, at No. 837 vine-street, between Ninth
aad Court, ths furniture of a family. See advertisement,
flir...,. .T.. A......
thb Tauiio YsLODiif Ik8titutb. The Talmld
Telodlm Institute of this city celebrated its
tenth anniversary last night at the Hall of the
Allemanls, on the corner of Sixth and Main.
As an educational institute it has been emi
nently successful, atd the exhibitions of the
pupils that have taken place during the week
reflected the highest credit upon its teachers
and officers.
At hal'.it.it a.TT.n .l.ln.V th r-.'-.- rL-
InstitaU iat down to in excellent bauqne.
wniea naa Dca preptrtd for the ooauion,
AflAP thin liniUtl rla.fl tiMtl fnitv Yiasiul AU
. ftsv. smw amaai I HllUUDIrwM f 11AV
President arose and introduced the following
toaau, wmon were responuea to in a nappy
manner, and received with ths most enthu
siastic applause:
1 Tn- n . - ... - rt..--- . im... .
... i u V .fi.i...iT.-ini lenin anniversary
of Talmld Yelodlm Institute, the hot-bod ofedoca
tlon, the homestead of trne piety, the beacon light
of the rlaieg generation. Beaponae bjr 8. Friedman,
tt TH" "T 8tati The mother and nurse of
liberty. In grateful acknowledgment of hor maler
nal cares, we fdncate her vigorous champions. Be.
aponaebi-Dr.LllUenthal. ,
.eh.!? 7XSF a,0se members and ben
K"d In,"u,t:. "1 fspeclallv Jnrtah Tonro,
Kfrm,"nd luM P"- Ur- Ooodbeart
and others. "Ihe memory of tbe juat la a blessing.'1
A. S!niinA,Atfpli ..I. i i . . . . . .
, .r I lunniansnoie mine 01
everlaating treasorea. Beaponae by I. H. W,
o. una simiiN KviiTWHtas-The falthfol con
ductors of divine truth over the highways of hu
manity. Beaponae by B. Simon-.
2i.hmatMj5"il,uThf nn AI Union of German
sociability, Hebrew geniua, and American senti
ments. Beaponae by . Seaaongocd.
7. TniTiinfmn.1.i... v
Faithful guardians of the tree of knowledge, and the
active operators In the paradise of humanity. Be-
" waia, ansa,, AOUJ.
fl. Tn TiAntWl TttA lasot anal AltA.A J
lion, the orjoectiDg liok bo tween man aad aogel.
sniairuaiB7 tij U
9. Ths Fai.s-Tbe walchtower of freedom, the
voice and guiding etar of freemen. V
After the responses to the toasts, the exer
cises were enlivened by the choir of the Benl
Yeshurun Synagogue on Lodge-street, be
tween Fifth and Sixth, and sang with much
feeling and considerable effect a number of
pieces of music. A silver goblet was presented
to Ex-Prssident L. Friedman, on behalf of
the Directors, whioh was elegant In work
manship, aud designed as a testimonial of
esteem for him both as a man and an offiser of
the Institute. The address by Drs. Wise and
Lilllentbsl, .Messrs. Friedman and Season
good, City Solloltor Hays, Mr. Mack, the
President, and Rev. M. D. Conway, were quite
eloquent and deserve a more extended notice,
but our space forbids It. The President an
nounced that subscriptions to Ihe amount of
over $1,000, of whioh about $800 were col
lected in the East by Max Staden had been
reoeived, and that tbo prospects of the Insti
tute now looked fctlghter than ever.
The entire party then adjourned to the ball
room, and, until early dawn, devoted them
selves to dancing. The whole affair passed off
very agreeably, and will be long remembered
by those who participated in it.
TJkfaid Lbttsbs. The following Is a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
ths Postoffice, in this oity, January 26:
Meaara. Howard A Mlddlelown, Louisville. Kr.
E. H. Tajlur, (lashier, Krankfort, Ky.
ihomae Walsh, Cleveland, O.
Geo. Bnnkle, Toledo, O.
Sitward Khordon, New York Oily
o. A. Bidgeway, Bliawneetnwn, 111.
Aire. Charlotte fiuinpsonbar, Indianapolis, Ind.
Clihioai Rev. Mr. Milburne, on account
of illness, was unable to fill bis engagement
at Wesley Chapel last evening, when Rev.
Wm. Taylor, of California, preached in hie
Gbousb 8rios. The attention of grocers,
hotel-keepers and others, is invited to the ad
vertisement of Harrlpon Wilson, in another
column. Their goods hold high rank in the
Western nvrket.
Casi or LnsAOT. Judge Boyd, of the
County Court, yesterday summoned a jury to
inquire concerning the canity of a man named
Allen Whittington, a resident of Campbell
County. After a hearing of the evidence the
jury unanimously pronounoed him insane,
and ths necessary steps were taken to procure
his admission into the Lunatio Asylum of the
State. From the evidence presented it ap
pears he had directed bia whole attention to
religious study for a considerable time. His
mind not possessing a proper balanoe, first
experienced a temporary, and then, it Is feared,
an incurable aberration.
Tiahstbbs Msstikq The teamsters and
draymen of our city contemplate holding a
meeting at an early day, to protest against any
action of the counoil having in view the im
provement of the streets of the city. As an
ordinary horse at the prosent time can not
haul more than fifty pounds, the number of
trips is greatly inoreased, and of course the
profits of the teamsters are much greater.
Were the streets in good condition more than
two-thirds of tbe draymen would be thrown
out of employment, and it Is against this that
they purpose entering their protest.
IOW-itbxit. Ws think the property-holders
on the west aide of East-row, south of Jefferson-street,
who have not planked their sido
walks, ought to do so without further delay.
Pedestrians who are compelled to pass that
thoroughfare find great difficulty in wading
through the mire and mud, whioh abounds to
a great extent in that particular locality. -
ArrLicmog roa a Patbkt. Mersrs. Cook
k Horsefal of this city have made application
for a patent for an improvement in weaving
looms. Of its precise nature, however, we
unable to speak, 'but we understand that it is
an Important one.
Abtillibt Shuts. The Washington Ar
tillery, under tbe superintendence of Captain
Collins, saluted the Legislatures yesterday,
with a number of disoharges from tbeir new
brats cannons.
Cut Codhcil. The Counoil met at the usual
hour, and was called to order by the President.
The minutes of the previous evening were
read and approved.
Mr. Myers presented a petition from R.
Kennedy, on behalf of the Ferry-boat Com
pany, asking the oity to rofund said company
the sum of $1,474 80, which had been expended
in repairing the wharf at the foot of Scott
street, damaged by the recent high water.
Mr. Rose presented a claim from A. Herod,
amounting to $224 67, for boarding paupers
from January 6 to January 26. Referred.
ThS remainder of the session was consumed
in the transaction of unimportant business.
CotJKOit, CoKwirrBsa. The following list of
uouncu committees was prepared tor publica
tions some time since, but was Inadvertently
omitted at the time. We give it now in full:
0a Propositions and Grievances Messrs.
Myers. Relley and Longsore, On Law-
Messrs. Sumerwell, Menzies and Mooar.
On Claims Messrs. Rose, Sumerwell and
Yonhnene. On Ways and Means Messrs.
Mensics, Kearney and Howe. On Gas
Messrs Dressman, Batteraby and Stevenson.
On Internal Improvements Messrs. Mooar,
Kearney, Rose, Reiley, Vonhoene and Sum
erwell. On Wharf Messrs. Batteraby and
Vonhoene. On Markets Meiers. Battersby,
Longaorn and Dressman. On Fire, Depart
ment Messrs Howe, Allnutt aud Kearney.
Oa Public Buildings Messrs. Kearney, Long
acre and Reiley. On Education Stevenson,
Snmerwell and Muoar. On License Mersrs.
Allnut, Howe and Reiley. On Work-house
and Jail Messrs. Rose, Sumerwell and Long
acre. - Oa Elections Messrs. Myers, Mooar
and Rose t .. ' : .
Rbtcbi or Matob Foley. Mayor Foley
returned to this city, night before last, after
ao absence of several weeks In tbe State of
Missouri. Be will resume his ollicial duties
t0"d4y' -J. fl
- PiBsoNiL. Hon.'J. O. Carlisle, member of
the Legislature from Kenton County, Is now
In this city with his family. He will rejoin
the members of the Legislature, to-day, in
We are pressed for apaoa and are compelled
to embrace ear notice of tbe theaters la a alula
paragrapn, giving each one only a sentence. Tie
audiences laat night were quite good, and the per
formances generally agreeable. Thia evening the
riorencee will appear in Tils Itisn Lion, Taaica
Mabsikd, and t Yahkbs Hoosikiepeb. At
Wood a, Illaa Logan will appear ae "Pauline" In
Trie LAovor LV..M, and will recite Mvratnoain
eVtOASBLES, the performance to conclude with Alad
rm, while at tbo National the eoraio pantoralne of
..wijiii win u repsaieu, in connec
tion wlih Tiibssii, tmn OarBaa orOaaaVa.
The Rhyme and Reality of Life—A
Sentimental a-Tete Prosaically
When sympathetic natures of opposite sexes
meet, the words they use to express the emo
tions throbbing through their souls sre always
the best they know. Their sentences are foil
and ronnd. and th . i .l :.
1 j iu ijiuiu uae
amatory poets when they sing their love,
--in uquia nnee melllOaoualy bland."
Their dello-ht rashae IntA .h.l
and all they find of beauty, in external nature'
uigmvus wast toey ieoi inus mining life as
rosy as It can be tinder any circumstances.
The influence upon such persons of what
assails their senses, when alone and unembar
rassed they sit, side by side, and, pouring
forth theiv thnxurlit. .mil- kn Ar .t.
is often ludicrous. The poetry they seem to
wuuuui u ouiy a rsueouoa riom witnin,
and the anrnrlaA tViaw waw v..-. iv-
of practical Ufa tears aside the flimsy illusion
wnu wuiou iney nave surrounded themselves,
renders vanr nsnr tnd mm. -f..l .I.. k.ru
----- . - I " THM. IHV VViWV
had found so rich and joyous.
we nearaoi a circumstance illustrative of
this faot a day or two ago, which occurred In
the was tarn cart of th ni ami tit MSB
not wholly unworthy a relation here. A
young, man of poetic temperament and a re-
"") um intellect auu oonstueraoie
culture, visited a young and lovely girl, with a
nature like his own, whose eyes and voice had
bewitched him into love, and wbost noble
qualities of heart and soul held him in fond
It wss one of those beautiful evenings when,
with Orlnn at thA mi-ittni Htti ...
. - . ... .L-, V W UVV1 V.
heaven is thick inlaid with patins of bright
slui tu oaimy atmospnere mages
every spirit buoyant with its breath. Long
they sat and talked; shs listening to his
earnest worda with patient ear, and he en
raptured with the music of her voice. They
had forgotten that under certain circum
stances time Hiss; and, e'er they were aware,
the solemn midnight chime struok theii
hearing like the sound of a funeral knell, for
it informed them they must part.
- - Reluotantly our horo took his hat, and after
a dozen "good nights," readied the door. He
opened it, gazed upon the heavens, and half
amated at their brilliancy, exolaimed "what a
beautiful sky I" Jutt at that Instant, one of
those execrable smells which have made that
portion of the oity to be avoided, fell upon
another sense, and muttering in an under
tone, not loud enough to be heard, however,
"what a damnable odor," he pressed his hat
upon his head, placed bis perfumed handker
ohief over his month and nostrils, and, without
even waiting for his usual parting kies, rushed
from the preseiace of the loved one to a locality
in one respect, at least, far more agreeable.
A Rxuo or thb War or 1812. Among tbe
decorations of the banquet-room at the Bur
net House this evenlDg, will be a flog whioh
'was made by a party of the ladies of Cincin
nati and presented to the owners Messrs.
Baum and Wallace of the ilnnp-sir.ed barge
Ci'icinnali, in the autumn of 1811. It was af
terward rmovod to the brig-sized bar;e ri7oi,
owned by the same firm, at the time she
wss sent to tbe forty-fourth United States
Regiment to meet the British, who had come
from Lake Borne to tbe Mississippi, on the
23d of December, 1814. After the Regiment
had reached the barge the flag was hoisted,
and the action was reoelvrd with great enthu
siasm. Since tbe close of the war it has been
preserved as a relic by one of the owners, and
it still bears worked in the stars the names
of Elizaheth Perry and Margaret Wallace, a
couple of women who assisted in making it.
BARD, atTrade Hnlo-rnnms. No. 2! West Fifth
street, upstairs, on 8 ATCKDAY KVKMlMa, Jamuuj
28, at 7 o'clock Medical and miscellaneous Ituoke
aud Stationery at unction, bv catnlfieuo.
8.0. HUBBARD, Auctioneer.
Ja27b Enquirer copy.l
WILtilAMS-Salca-reoms Noa. 22 and 24 last
ThM-street. Large rjnle of Assorted tioode. On
OATUBDA Y AIORNJHU, January 28, at t o'clock, a
Snneral variety ot Dry and J'ancy (JooUs, Clothing,
litlery, Watches, Ac.
At in o'clock A large atock of new and second
hand Furnitnre, Carpets. Bedding, Blankets, Ac.
At II o'clock 2 scif n Blackberry llrandy s t kegs
Trench do. ; half-brl. Rye Whisky.
ALSO One lane fron Safe; one large Peddler's
Waaon ; aapleudid United ntatea Silk flag, Uworda
and other accoutrements, Ac,
J 2J A. K8LL0GQ, Auctioneer.
January 27, at o'clock, at 337 Vine-it reet, between
Ninth and Court, will bit sold acuanty of Furniture,
cnuaUting of superior Brussels Carpet, foor Lace
Window Onrtnins, with fixtures; Double Ruga, Door
Mats, Mahogany Softs, aix do. Choirs, Mahogany
Center Table, pair of Card Tablea-Jhoe Chairs, Arm
Chairs, Book Case, Bide Boanl.Tteuainn Table,
Clock, fire Seta, Dining aud Tea Ware, Glassware,
Cottage and other Bedeteaila, Cotton and Sbnck Mat.
trasses, Wardrobe, Dreaaing and Plain Bureana,
Wasbatanda, Feather Beds, Sick Chair, Linen Preer,
Portable Gas, Bali Oil Cloth, Medicine Chest, and an
assortment oi Kitchen Furniture.
JACOB OBArr, Auctioneer, .
laM Mo. IS Hast Fourth-street.
SHEARS A CO.-Sales-rooms, 67 and S9 Main
etreet. Oroceries, Ao. We will sell, on SATURDAY
MOBNIMQ, January 18, at 9 o'clock, a general as
sortment of Groceries, Ao., eonslatiDg of 10 bhds.
Sugar; 75 brls. Molaasea; as brla. Sugar; 190 bags
Coffee: 100 boxes, lbs. and S's Tobacco; 2iiukags Halls.
ALSO Soap, Candles, Ground and Uagrouud
Spices, Rope, Starch, Glassware, Paper. Ac
jn26 G. BRASHBARS A GO., Auctioneers.
Durablo Machine extant.
Call and see them.
ja9tf 80 Went Fourth-atreet.
sa-Warrented to fire tatlsfactlonM
Noa. 10 and 31 East Second-street, -
Free from Offeiulve Gator, at
PuJO- 07
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O
AL with any manufacturing establishment
n America. 1 '' . ;
aay We warrant ourOIlt to be equal, if not sua.
rlor. to any In the matket.
- We invite these in tbe oily and Ttclnltyto
Call and examine for themaeWes.
ht Ko persona ordering from a distance, satis
faction gnaranteed In all cases. Addroas . ,
V, It. HAWKIN, Aent, sr ' .
A. . HODGtW, Trenaarer, ' .
Kanawha 0. 0. 11. Oil Mai. Co.,
deij Walnut-street, Cincinnati,
M..l.Ti f
" Wood ts. Biofc-Taa actio vat brought
against defendant ae assignee of a lease. A special
tiUS'cTr' " defodlt waarerruiid by
b.!p?0' Tant-AsacM TgaimrATios
KLSffil1b! B., p- Gandolpho.
thia case, it waa aaeeriained that tbe prlsuaer bail
never eutert d a la to t be ludkimeut.
e.,,lr.W!rf".r,.!iii1re"ln. ,h i"". that tbe
MW k. pleaXre'
ye'nlrVlatue'j?1 flw" tor MBdr.
? 'J """' f Informality, tbe Indictment
against Goo. Marahall, charged with obtaining aoode
uodor false preiensea from Cubme A Co., was auulied
"oo of Judge Pruden. Ihe prisoner was re-
Ths Ohio opposite this city continues to
decline, but gradually, with sufficient water for alt
frw ot naTlgsttoo, there belug, last OTenlng.
nearly fifteen feet in th.i channel hence tn Louisville,
anil about twenty-one reet In Ihe lower Ohio.
All the trlbutari's of the Ohio, including tbe Kan
awha, Kentucky, Cumberland, Wabash and Tennea
see Hirers, are fulling, but continue at a fair naviga
ble stage.
Ihe weather yestenlay was chilly and cloudy, with
J''T, alight rain occasionally, with indications of
foiling weather " at tw.-lve o'clock last night.
The disagreeable condition of tbe W barf ywiterday
nterlered with shipments, and Ihe Landing; waa
leMacliYethatlthiMbeea before tbiswe-ik. Bates
of freight were as follows:
Pittsburg-Cotton, eso.: Molasses. Mo.; Whisky,
Mo.: J lour, 34o.; pork and Lard, ,30c; Pound
freights, ls)c. per 100 lbs. '
Mihvflle-Whisky, per hrl,,4oc.l Ale.sOo.; Pound
Freights, 25aMo. per 100 lbs.
St. Louia-lJeavy Pound Freights, 2Se. per 100 lbs.;
Whisky and Oil, 640. per brl.; Stores, .'Oc.; Ale, sue.
per brl.
Evanevllle-Wblekyand 011,600. per brl.
talro-Wbtaky and Oil, Wo. per fctl.; Pound
freights, too. perlOOIbs.
New Orleana-WhUky and Oil 7lio; Floor, .We.: Pork
Sfto.-. Bacon, and other pound ("relate, VD((3uo. per
100 lbs.; Keg Lard, 15o.; Hones, tio per bead.
. Aaiirau.-Prloress, Madison; Helrose.HnTavllle;
Jacob Btrader, Louisville; Dunleith and Virginia
Home. Neville: J 8. Prlngle, Kew (irl.ana; J. B.
J'ort.XoulsTille; Boatona, PorUmoutb; Ohio No. 2.
UiPsaroBBS.-Melroae, Mayavllle; Prlnrars, Madi
?l'kJ,?,D S'tl"rVio'l,"li lunlelth, Neville;
A. 0. lylor. New Orleans; itostona, Portsmouth;
Silver Moon, Memphis; Fred. Trou, llew Urleaus.
Monetary and Commercial.
Business In . Third-street wag quiet yester
day, and no change was observable in Money mat
ters, except that tbey oontinuod to gruw easier.
Capital It still In active demand, aud the offeriuss
at tbe Discount-houaeaare in excesa of tbe means to
acoemmodale; but atill most of tbe nrat-cla.a fHncr
preaenied by undoubted ooatomera ia done at h dWl
per rant, per annum. Iu outaide qnarters there is
lest inquiry for Money, but good names are disposed
of there at 18(0)24 per ceot.
Katern Exchange waa Arm yesterday at X buying
and prem. selling rate; the demand and aupply
bring about equal.
TheOold market la dull; dealers giving about ,
and .oiling, when they have an opportunity, at S
priii.iuni. " -I
I he uni.nal selling figure for New Orleans Bight
Ixohangt is still lprem.
I'ucurreut sloiey is without cbanfto.
Our city Produce Market la dnll for the aeaaon, and
yesterday showed nuimportunt uhauge from Wuduea
day. Tbe Imporlsand exports of vartoua articles dming
tho twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon wen.:
lMroRTa.-riour, 78 barrels: v.hn.ay, m barrola;
Corn, 11,32 bushels; Wheat. Sf'J bmhfls; Unts, 2,Siio
bualels; Barley, 2 2rbimh(la; Uoga, Vll heail; Vulk
and Bacon, 10S brla., 10,700 lba.; Lurd, 1.013 brla., i
kens; bngiir, ITS hlids,; Wolaanea.744 brls.; Coffee, IW
bage; Apples, SM brla.; Butter. M kega; Cheese, M
boxes; fotaUs,J,llirla.; Hay,2 93l,les
n,5'xp?HT!!-Trt".r,i'i2,""'r,""i Wbishy, 77 barrels;
Wheat, 10 bnahels; Oats, MO btiahrle; Barley. :,94
liushela; Pork and Bacon, 2 tierce", 17 brla., 77 boxes:
lard, 177 brls., 20(1 kew; Sugar. 62 bhda.; Jloliiss.
Slbrbj.iJcfree, 2IS baga; Applea, 21) brls ; Lu'lir. 12
brfs"' ''7 UOJle" fotatoea, 70 brls.; fait, IS
Wo annex a comparative statement of tbe
Exports (exclusive of specie) from New York to
foreign ports fur the week and sinco January 1:
1V . .'IMS' 1N39. 1SIIO.
Fi'rtbeweek.. ... tl,i.M7 l,l7l,m8 i,4w,Va
Previously repotted. I,WH,031 . l.voi.012 2,63772r
Since Jan. $3,823,728 $6,523,200 S4,037,.S7
Wednesday's New York Tribune thus refers to last
Tueaday'a Money and Exchange market: '
"The rates for Money, while pretty steady at Bank
at 7 per cent., are tending to Increased eato iu ilia
own market, aud on temporary loan tho supply ia
liberal at 6 per cent. In aome iustaures deposit
have been let t with the old Brokers, on select colUt
tral.aalow as 4 per cent. Tbe demand for prlino
Paper from outaide lendera baa also further Improved,
and we hear to-day ot transactions in Hats of tio dnya
let mouths at 7 percent., aud othorH,of longer aver
age i in date, ai7H(f8 percent.; with goodalngleuauio
or fair Indorsed billa, at t por ceut.
'The additional business in Kxchange for the Boatou
mail was at irregular ratea, the tenildncy being to u
weaker market for Southern drawn bills, oartic.
ularly on grunce. Senie hvy Bales wete madii with
Bank IndorsemeMt otf.S MSs, and we hear of one
considerable parcel at f.S.21)t; the atand trd drawers
hero making aettlotnenU at f.S l)Wf. Is. On
London there was buslneaa in tranaieut Hank bills,
and bilia with Bnk:iudoraemeni, at UH to iih'I
per cent., and in atandard billa drawn bore at mlii
109 per sent, . . w
. 'i?1" iV."."?'.0 eo,d!. the ,ProuHon of Ihe mines
of tbe United Slates, deaoalied in the mint during
the year, waa 27,J13.M7 14; and the silver of domes
FLOUB There was a good demand for this article
to day, and prices must be called loo. higher. Tun
aalea couiprle of 2,Mki barrels, at go r.i-l m for su
perllne, and ti ftJ 76 for extra. Tbo demand ia
chiefly from the South.
WHISKY The market la unchanged: sales of 1,201)
barrel! at 2IA21MC, the latter rata for wagon.
PBOYISIONS-Tbe market la unchanged, and the
demand moderate, suo barrels inoas Fork sold at
(16 7ft17, the former rate for conntry, and 200 hhds.
Bacon at TA and Ho , for Shoulders and Hides.
Nothing done In bulk Meats or Lard. Country bulls
waa oflered at SXWsHc, without buyers.
GKOOKlims-Tlie market continues very dull,
and the demand limited. Wo beard of aosaloaor
Susar or Holaates of importance. 80 bags good Coil'eo
told at 12'iO.
wlllAI The market is firm, with a good de
mand; the receipts are light. We continue to quota
prime waits at f 1 28Q1 go, and prime red at Si 2Sto
1 23: salts of 300 bushels, prime white and hill, at
1 30.
COBN-There baa been no change in Die market,
since our last report. We continue to quote at 61c;
sales of too bnahels obotce white, at Coviugton Depot,
at .'JOj and 30U do. in bulk at 52c.
OATS Tbe market ia ateady, with a fair demand
at 4llo. in bulk: sales of 600 bushels, from stcre, at
BYI -The market ts doll, and prices unchanged.
BABLEY The market continues dnll, and prices
unchanged: sales of 460 busbsla prime fall at Mo.
HAY The market la unchanged aud dull. W
Qdote prime Timothy at $18 per tun, on arrival, and
lt from store: tales of 30 bales prime Timothy, Irom
store, at fit.
CHICKS It There Is a good demand, and prices 8 rra
at but Quotations: sales of lot) boxes West.ru He
servo at U He
BUTTEft The market Is dull, and prices nn
obanged. APPLES There Is a good demand, principally
for export, and prices firm at i 2.13 20 per barrel:
tales of Ml email barrela prime at 12 60
POTATOES Ihe receipta are liberal, bnt tho de
mand is fully equal to them, and prices have ad
vanced So. per barrel. We quote prime Northern at
fl SO; sales of 1,2(10 bushels mixed at 5o., delivered.
CLOVER SEED The maikot ia rlrm, with a good
demand at $4 90, for aacka and barrels: sales ot 120
m uarrais ai w.
Nsw Yoaa Miairr, January 26-P. M. Ashes.
ateady: sales ol 76 barrels, at 55 25 for Pota, and
It 87H tbrrearie. inoioiion marKei is quiet ana
unchanged; sales of S.OOS bales at llc. fur middling
Vplanda. Flour la without material charge, whllu
the demand both for export and heme connuoiptloa.
la ouite moderate: aalea of 7,6nu barrels at 4 v.'ri iti
f..,,..lir1. state: 86 XOA 36 for extra State: im
6 10 for auperflue W ostein; 8j 2i'6 36 for commoii
lo mouiuni extra Western: 91 tc(aiS 76 for alilpplng
brands extra round-noop oinn-tue maraet cloning
inlet and ateady. Bather mora doing in Canadian
lour, bnt prlcos are without material change: sale
of &M barrels, at $J 60S 76 for common to clioicu
extra. Bye Flour In moderate request al $3 7'i? 4S
for oomruon to ohoiee superfine. Whisky firmer:
sales SOU barrels at 24(&2tc. in Wheat there ia
nothing doing, and price nominally same. Mil
waukee Club la hold at $1 2II 23, wllh buyer for
eipvrt at fl 18 Hye scarce and Arm at tm&DKc.
B iriey "lull and drooping: sales of 6,.vsi buiheU fnir
bur-maeil btato at 70c., aud A.OOO busbols Barley
kiui, .i,...o tmnila at Mc. The Guru market la
acarvely ao firm: aales 26 01 bushela, at 7(8ic. for
inferior to prime uw. rr"yw m... y..t vivu.j,
A..11 l i.-.w. ts.vaiSc. fur Mtllto. Western ami
Canadian. Hops are ateady, and email aaleaof IM'J
at lli18o. Uiiica ateady at 21)tc. I r lluenos Ayre.
Iieatuer ami. aim ri- m . n
.1 T.llmv unlet, and email BAloant ll krA HlM -
Perk la'jahnde firmer: sales of 1,1ml barrels al $16 87
Tor old mesa; 1 0 nn i wi imw mm, u u iur viu
prime; I3 M tr new prune; 2). per barrel waa paid
tor the privilege of delivering 1,000 barrels new nie-a
..I.. nr 1 ruHi htiiiola. at Sl&4 Vi fur country nrinn-:
$564.1 26 for conntry mesa; i'.i&9 7-'' for n-packed meta,
Z...1 am Ki-fflll fur Mln mn.B Riwf Uams ulliet. Rt
tUfflUS for Western, and ill for Bute. Prime mesa
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