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U Hblished dally, ( Bandars aptd,)
): aFI0B-sT0. U Wilt Itflll-llllll
; Ml P1BIT FBlSBk delivered to rttMOiUn U
OlncUnatl, Covington and Xewport, nl sat.
rounding aitlM tad towns, at th
3 treacly low arte of
run oi builon:
. lsfIootails.laootkt()o.;lmoBtluitllrilt
0018M iixth in nnum, :
Jobb A. Ilulw, J BoU Lsss ana1 Bmpr,
Lait night of the .ngagement of
Mis Eliza Logan.
THIS EVININO, Jantmrr , WlU be perfanned
ue ceieoraKa nve-aoi tragear oi , ,
AileMlh. ; ..Hies KHi Tjoiw
Michael Ducal........................... .....Mr. Lengdon
to conclude witn in. great hi ujgaiaoeut urp
niaiBpeotecie canon
On. Th. Woitnni Law.
Aladdin ...... ...Mia. Xffie Kllalr
Kasraolthedumo I.Te;....-..-.-M.-..-..Mr. Kilmer
Alanairar (a maalolan) ......... nr. Lanidoa
Prirjc.u. Hie A onto Walt
Zouedle.... ...,.....,..... M in Fenny Denhara
. Amron Misa Amelia Everett
lining flustapbe..,..i...............,.,...llrs. Gilbert
In consequence oi tne dally anpiieation. lor tn.
historical nlav of Tonasaint Vunrtnret Or. Tba
Insurrection of Hayti.1' the manager will forthwith
make the necessary efforts for ita early and brilliant
prouqction. .
.Proprietor and Manager
-Areas urer
Ar.TiniTin. of Puck.. Ticket for Ladia and
Jblldren, Drese Olroie, z cts.; ramiiy virole, ota.)
uoioreu noies, w Qu.j umivrr, iu oi..
TU1S EVENING, January 38, th entertainment
will commence witn
End of first act, the magniSo.nl tableau, Condem
nation of Ktrie DeAna. .
tieurilie Boliertson.,.,..n..,.,.,.,......U.'......Mr. Carter
David Deana... ........-....-,...rar. Vauderen
Jennie Deans .......... ....Mr. Yandaren
Kllle ................Miss A. Graham
Madge Wlldnre.,..........................Mr. 0. Henri
Margery ......n,-MMn.Lawi
To conclude witn t. ........
NOTIOK. Tradesman and other an cautioned
against furnliblnf any article. lor tn tneater with-
uiu N wruieu unier, iiHiiRi vj iud dihiiniwi
TBB NKW NATlONAIi HOTEL, adjoining th
Theater, la now open tor me reception oi poena.
Bourne can be obtained by th day or week, and
nioais inmisnea at an noun.
8. N. Pike.,... .........Proprietor.
r. o, Conway..,.. ,..,...,....... Stage Director.
J. M . nernorfi ,.,.,..,.,.,.., .i............... xreasureri
Second week of those established favorites,
Mr, aiid Mrs. Y. J. Florence.
THIS EVENING, Jannary 28, will be presented
samu.i jiOT.r a ueentnaiurania, caiteu
Kory O'More.......... .......,..............Mr. Florence
De ffelssin. ............................... .....Mr. Davidge
cnan nan .HW.t...N.....,M......inr. Aaaisoa
Colou.l Thunder.
Mary O'More....
Mr. Hall
....Mr. Lanaaan
I a . f e.aa a
...Mis. Crocker
,...Mr. Wilkin.
yollr Eilev
,M is. Monroe
to conclude witn
Fanny Tattle, Madame Ktllota, Bladame
Julia, lleukiah Htocnm. Mollr Leaf.
Tom Ttfrall..........,........... Mrs. Florence
Fred. O'llleary.aM....., HwnM....H..Mr. Florence
win actlye robearoal, an original burlesque,
wruion ezpreesiyror air. ana mrs. w. J. Florence,
and Dltived bv them with the most nnbounded sua
chhs at Wallack'a Theater forupwurdof fifty-three
diiuvdritv utKiitv, niibibiou unnua auu n. u.
M. U Wanted-Twenly young ladies for the bal
let. Apply at the Box-oftUe, between the hoars of
1(1 A.M. and 2 P. M.
Hpecial Notice. All persons are respectfully re
quested to refrain from loud or Improper language,
jelllue, whistling, or any other conduct OHlcnluted to
disturb tbo andience or-rlulate the rule, of decorum.
PainKSor Aiihiedioh. faniuette Circle, Parquette
and Balcony, 60 cents Amphitheater, 2i conts ;
a nvuie ouxes iur dimui peirwus,
uours open ac o.) o cioca ; commenoeai
10MCIIG Jl'lDEillV,A
Nntlonal IIull, Tine-ncreet, a Filth.
Th. lessons are so arranged that 'Inner, can
Bommeuce at any tune. de9tf
pupils of the Western Female Seminary, Ox
ford, Ulilo, br Mia Mary C. Adams, and illustrated
with a tine flew of the Seminary Buildings. Price,
weenie. tiimn uuunuii, jr.,
JI6 So. 60 West Fourth-street,
-t vja. thai ever. Croat sacrifice of
Pianos . Melodeons . Vloloncnllna .1
Vlolinn, Guitars, D.vnjo Strings. Trim-lH-S1
lnliiga, &c, during the Holidays. J U
Hellintf at KM) ner cent, leas than nnv
other House in this city, and Urat-clusa Instruments
at that. Do not bur an ln.triimAnt until inn huvn
called at Mo. 227 Fifth-street, second door east of
i-ium,.nutn noe. DBiniau m dju.,
Piano Maker, and Dealers in First-class Initrn-
"innts. lTe2I tl
New Mode of entilaonl
..' Call and SfA Ona f
Hetting and Ventilating Fninaces,
v In operation at '
6krt Wan-roomi, Not. 1 and 63 Tint-it,,
(Below qolnmbU.) . ,
S awyer & Go.
109 IMaln-amett IhrM alaara abar Third,
DEB all knds of Hor Trapping In the beet
nd most substantial manner. Abo, a large awort
pient of Horse Blankets, Wklps, Ovpet and Leather
Dags. Bridle Hit. BnfTalo Kobe. Valise (the real
sole-leather). Mali Tmnka, Sponge, and a larg. as
orlmsnt belongingto this line. IwlU aeUaslow
a the lowest.
r " D. S. CABSICK!
W taleKsWIa ,
Merchart Tailor
No. 48 FOtrtra-STREET, .
Boots & Shoes !
and superior (took of Boot, Bhoe. and Slippers,
which for extent and Tariety 1. not surpassed westof
Mew Turk. My price are reasonable; (ire ne a call,
ia JOhV U. DITKBAM Was! Fnurtht.
.UOMPAUT" AOINOT, Newport. Ky.-For
gojlcies against r and marine risk.. Oapltal,
r j.Wam York .traet, Kewort.Xy.
B. gloat 4 Go's. Family Sewing Machines ha
bremoTed to Mo. M Wait Fourth-street, oyer
! BoBtelllen. Oataia) B. H. 01 OA, Agent.
tOL 2. NO. 138.
Lmx BJkAwi. Night Kxpres, M 1. .; Aooom
Ohio ui Misimirn.-8:3 A. .; 11:18 a. a.t lOtls
.fcu. r. a. via r. m,i o:w r.
MaaiwiTA and OiiicuaATi. U: a. a.t :51 p. a.
BiouMoao aid IDiAAroi.r.-u-.ao ujtMr. a.
Littl Hun. Day Ixpres., 10:09 A. Aooom
modation,:40r. M.t Might Express. ll:Wi, M.
IaniAiiAFOLi ABD (JlN0IKATl.-:5O A. B.j 12;45 p.
Onio Am MisaiMim. : a.m.: 1-m w l-v r
Kaustma Ad OmoiniiATi.-HkM A. a.; :40 p. a.
Bioaaoao Ann liAaAroui. :00 A. a.i 1:40 p. a.
fTh Phlladelphlanf aid enjoying the
c renoa comio opera.
' fl4A Tartv of mntlamAti ham. mtrimA
from ProTidenoe. R. I., on an expedition to
Arizona. ..
"DnrIn last vaai alrht hnnnlnul iml
twenty-ieyen death, oocarred in Memphis,
EA rabbit, whieh weighed when dressed,
evenponnas ana a quarter, waa mot recently
near A anewwD, ua.
j&fAn infant wae Buffocated a few week.
eino wane aaieep in a cradle at Norfolk, Eng
land, b a eat orouohing upon its body.
JBVThe House of RerreientaUrei of Ala
bama recently passed, by a large majority, a
out ra ennrter a xisnK m juoDiie.
- 9BThe Revised Code, which has just gone
invo operation in jnaryiana, nas put an end to
lotteries and lottery tioket selling in that State.
ffiS-Lore Is much a habit. Cease to enter
tain it and ita spell vanishes though the ap-
iiiuae remain long. ' '
lKtfVfhmV frifirirlHritn I. vnniiMl ..m.
fulhow yon entertain it. Remember It has
a com snouiaer. ;
3&Dlsappoinment is the sorrowful child
of the elate hope. We all experience the
Charles fllarr. sr.. una nf thai thu
onginai iounaers of tne Amerloan iSible So
oieiy, uieu an grange, a. J., last week.
BSaM ra. Mar Rnmalna OAmmittAfl ai,!nt J.
by poison a night or two since, in New York,
on account of dissatisfaction with married
member of the Church of England
is said to have given 5,000 toward erecting
tbe Rev. Mr. Spurgeon's new chapel in Lon-
4B&"A Majisaalinflairji inan. navnail 1C!a.va
i. . i i. j r a ... i-i
um ueou vAeiieu, iruui cuum varonna on a
eharge of preaching abolition sermons to the
9A sugar plantation was purchased in
St, Jamts's Parish, La., a few days ago, by Mr.
Burnsiae, a ary goous merchant ot 7 flew Or
leans, for $500,000.
senger railroads have been so multiplied in
vuau . tun. tw XOIT Ul tuviu pitjr IUO UUHK 01
nrtAvnlinfl. lliAm '
!drTha W.aliifiolon Sflnv Mia th.l- In H.
sooth part of the eastern wards a olub of youtbs
usb urau uriruniz.a unaer ina lilia m i k qa
i... ii "7 . -v
onaaea, tur uo worm purpose.
ffl-Vni. Mnlliffan ha.l,nnlj.. .1.111.. I.--
been committed to the Toomha. In W aw v.k
in default of $1,000 bail, for attemptlDe to
linnf a 1. .IIU.. r 0
fi&k pretty yoanfl: lady, telemuh onerfco
irow an iuitwDu wjwd. wa in V UOA. IN. Y..
reowDtly. and lawa railroad train traok, doDot.
L. r.A. a., a a ai, j- i it r '
a,9,t lur vuv um uuio m uer me
frVfrThts Nav Tark XtinJnu u-.' f.arai
r ---.j v suit AJUlbVU)
the comedUa, nas been abandoned, and that
nu aeam is aimosi momentarily expected.
TJ 111 A 1- at t r a. .. .
riniTti t i unri in nii Hariri it rrrvm a in mi i.h
body." ' It is not Unnatural that the husband
of Queen Vlotorla should be so afllioted.
y-Largo cakes of silver are setting to be
quite oommon in San Francisco. A lumn
about two feet in diameter may be seen in the
show-window of a jewelry establishment there.
3An Irishman, named John O'Dav.
drank a tumbler full of gin at BloSsburg,
Penn., a few days ago, and died in a few min
utes afterward.
tr-Wmt H. Parsons, of Lawrence. Mass..
eommitted suioide at Boston, a few dayt since.
TT . t .. a .
aa wa. twonvy-eigui year OI age, ana tor-
merly a Clerk of the Polio Court.
10rk young fop about itartine down to
New Orleans, proposed to purchase a life pre
server. "Oh. you'll not want it.' suraested
the eletk, "bags of wind don't sink."
"Alas, and alack a dav." is gener
ally considered an eipression of grief; a trav
eler in the East Indies says, however, that a
lass and a lao a day "ain't bald to take."
rT- One eontented wltS what he has dona
stands bnt a small chance of becSming famous
for what he will do. He has lain dowj to
die the grass Is already growing over him.
fficTTheNewburyport. Mass.. Railroad car
ried seven hundred and thirty oases of shoes,
about forty thousand pairs, from Haverhill
Boston, a day or two ago, consigned to one
the South Carolina dltunionists.
Resolutions have been submitted In
the Virginia Legislature, proposing the call of
convention oi tne siave-noiding states, to
recommend measures of self-defense and pro-
g9 It Is stated that there have been over
$4,000,000 worth of scrip issued bythePost-
omce Department, une man, it is said, Holds
two millions of this scrip, purchased at 80
cents. ;
ffiffA sang of young men. organized aa a
band of thieves, and including members of
some ot the most respectable families in the
eity, has. been discovered in New Haven,
Kanfkol!, the say Lothalro in Chicago.
who, after being shot by Williams for the great
intimacy with his wife, ran awav with her
while her husband was in jail, has not .turned
as yet, though, It is said, Mrs. W. has.
A Oriat Day's LABOfu-r-One of the great
feats of manual labor ever achieved within
our knowledge, says the Reeding (Penn.) Oa
,was performed on Friday by Mr. Thomas
Bembo, D'acksmitn, or tnis eity. Darius the
usual working hours, that is, from seven A.
to twelve M., and from one to a quarter to
P. M. nine and three-fourth hours he
forged lo drti mi tmtnty-fiw horn-ihoet.
this number twenty-seven were turned out
the first hour.
Tai RiAsog Eva Fan. It was undoubted!
laok of something to do that s.t Eva to
talking with the devil. If she had any fig
leaves to try on or show to her neighbors
when Adam wa down town at buiiness, the
fatal apple would never have been eaten.
Macablat's Histoit or Epolahd aid Hib
Oyr Opinio Thirmf. A London oorres
pondent says In a late letter:
Though when Lord Maoaulay begun his
history he hoped to bring it down to the limits
of living memory, he had long ago abandoned
this hope. Latrerly the utmost range he gave
himself was down to th accession of the House
of Hanover, and this he had hoped to accom
plish in five, if not four more volumes. I do
not think he would ever have so compressed his
material. The reign of Queen Anne with it
statesmen, poet and essayists would have
been ground too tempting to his well-stored
memory, and big strong love of the writers of
mat age, lor any sharp or narrow limitation,
He must have overlcwed Into comment, por
traiture and criticism. Two volume of the
unfinished history are, I believe, so far ad-
vancva so eempietenest as that we may look to
ee them brfore long. And with these two, I
fear, concluding the reign of William, and
ushering na over tbe threshold of that of Anne,
wo uiusi yen content.
Aiothsb Psscdo PaoPHir A new super
stition has been started in Nottingham. En.
land, by an old pensioner named Brown, who
is both lame and blind. This self-styled
firophet professes to have reoeived from heaven
nstruotions to form a "cirola of tweira mem.
bors," who were oonvened for the first time at
his home on the 19th of July, last year, which
day the whole members of the "Great Organi
zation," as they term themselves, are com
manded by the angel Gabriel to eommemorate
annually. It is the duty of the "olrcle" to
propagate tne revelations received from
heaven, and reoeived on a scroll by Gabriel
through the crystal to Brown. The crystals,
which are egg-ebaped, and of glass, aro sold
to enable members to purchase revelations.
Their leader publishes several periodical works,
whioh the members are expected to purohase
at a rather high price. Their dootrlnos are a
sad jumble of the vaticinations of Zadkiel
and Dr. Comming, mixed up with Owenism.
Socialism, Swedenborgism, and divination of
tne crystal, ,
Hihrt Ward Brsohib oh "Politics ahb
Rruqioh." In a recent lecture on this theme,
In New York, Beecher pointed out at great
lengtn tne duties oi ministers lu respect to in
fusing the religious element into politics, and
poured a torrent of ridicule upon the pulpits
that Ignored the importance of politico-religious
teaching. He said the country was more
indebted to tne secular newspapers for the
spread of religious news than to the profess
edly religious journals. He slio advocated
a judicious application of religious principle.
not only to politics, but to all the duties of
nie, ana expressed tne opinion that until
woman goes hand-In -hand with man to the
ballot-box, nothing like political purity will
oe Rttainea,
Awful Picidb or Dibtitution ahd Sor-
riRiHO, A family named Roche lived in a
bouse near the village of Fulton, N. Y., whioh
was so low on the ground es to allow the water
to half cover the floor of tbe one miserable
room In it, beside being half hidden bv mud
and filth, without the appearance of one single
oomfort in any place. The wife and mother
was illy clad, a raving maniao, and Buffering
from various disoases. About her were four
children as illy olad and filthy at hersolf, and
by the stove were lying two male infanta, who
had died for wnnt of oare. one of whom was
black with, mortification, having died four
aays colore. They were in perfect nudity,
and doubtless lay where they died, when they
were born, i
DiBSiTistucTios or Mazzihi. Maztlnl has
published, In an extra issue of the semi-occasional
sheet, Peiuiero ed Axiont, another man
ifesto, in which he expresses a profound dis
satisfaction at the eourse that things have
taken in Italy. He wishes the army of Central
Italy to make a movement upon Rome and
Naples, in defiance of oonsequenoes and in
dependence on th popular revolutionary
spirit. It b rumored that Garibaldi favored
this plan, and that Farlni. on bearing of it.
gave him the alternative of resignation or an
arrest. TOizzlm Intended, after having
formed a united Italy, either to proclaim a
Republic or to deolaro in favor of Victor
A Fastidious Gcntlr-uaw. The Mobile Mer
cury says: A gentleman engaged in a large
emauiuuiuuai 111 inia city, as no pasaoa uirougn
the department where the negro employe were
at work, called to one of them to bring him
some water. "Ike" soon followed with the
oooling draught in a battered and greasy tin
dipper, j
"Why, you rascal," exclaimed the gentle
man, "do yeu bring me water in such a thing
as mat?"
"Master," was the reply, "I 'ahure this is
clean; we all drink out of it."
Macadlat's Chabitt. A London corre
spondent says.pn a recent missive: I may also
mention what in Lord Maoaulay 's lifetime
the public never learned from him or by his
wish that lord Maoaulay waa unwearied and
most liberal in his charities, especially to all
needy literary brethren. The amount dis
tributed by him In this way would, I am sat
isfied astonish the publio; but it will never be
known. Careful aa he was in business mat
ters, in his charities, at least, his right hand
never knew what his left was doing.
Efforts or tbi Pops to Raibb ah Arht
A letter writer in Florence says: Every letter,
pabllo or private, that reaches us brings
tidings of the great efforts of the Fapal Gov
ernment to assemble a formidable armament.
By the aid of Swiss. Bavarian. Austrian and
other Catholie Germans, and more lately of
Irish, whom Cardinal Wiseman is aaid to offer
to him, It is confidently asserted that the Pope
will early in the spring master a force, native
and foreign, of 25,000 combatants,
A PhysiOiA PRoeicrjTBD fob Cbimifal Io-
bobanob. A young man in Albany, N. Y.,
has sued a physician in that city for malprac
tice, claiming damage to the amount of $30,
000. At the age of three months he wa vac
oinnated bv the defendant, and It is allezej
that, soon after, a disease spread the locality
were tbe infectious matter waa inserted, until
he lost, in a great measure, the use of hi
limbs and mental faculties, from whioh he baa
never recovered.
asa :
A Modsl fob AiisRioAir Spbarrbs. The
Papal Nuncio's address to the Emperor Na-
Soleon, at the New Year's reception, though
e was commissioned to speak for the whole
corps diplomatique, as well as for himself,
was just three lines in lengtn, ana not more
than fifteen or twenty words. American
Congressmen would do well to emulate the
example of the Nuncio.
Garibaldi's Mabbiaqb. Touching the
rumored marriage of Garibaldi, letters from
Come reiterate the statement, the day named
have been th 15th of January. His son
haa already married the young daughter of
Count Raimondl (aged sixteen;) the widowed
General marries the elder daughter, aged
twenty, who is described as endowed with th
attributes Scott depleted in Diana Vernon.
Wirs-H UBDRR hot "Use b BisTi aw. Holoomb,
Southwick, Mass., who beat his wife so
cruelly some months since, still occupies his
position in the Methodist Chureh and ehoir in
that town.-' Mrs. Holcomb is reported better,
and the husband thinks her recovery probably.
wotow Ibvibo But Mr. Irving bad himself
seen uenerai wasntegton. He said there was
some celebration going on in New York
and the Goneral was there to participate In
the ceremony. "My nurse," continued Mr.
Irving, a good old Scotchwoman, was very
anxious for me to see him, and held me up in
her arms as he rode past. This, however, did
not satisfy her; so the next day, when walking
with m la Broadway, she espied him in a
abop; ahe seized my hand, and darting in, ex
claimed In her bland Scotch, "Please your Ex
cellency, here's a bairn that's called after you!"
General Washington then turned his benevo
lent face full upon me, smiled, laid his hand
upon my head, and gave me his blessing,
whioh, added Mr. Irving, earnestly, "I have
reason to believe haa attended me through
life. I waa but five years old, yet I can feel
that hand even now." Once a Week.
A Thrillibo Advbnturi with a Sbbfbrt.
An instance of. Intrepidity is related by th
Bombay Timer. While a party of fifty per
sons of the Jewish community were engaged
in conversation, Mr. Reuben unwittingly
roused from Its repose a large cobra dl capello,
which at once pounced upon the disturber.
Eluding its grasp, the young man caught the
cobra In the middle of its body, but it darted
off with a violent jerk, and again turned upon
its assailant. Mr. Reuben, however, held tbe
cobra a second time in his hand, and, giving
it a awing in the air, struck its head against
the ground several times, and killed the dan
gerous reptile.
FbbbNbqrobs m thb Socth. A writer in
a Nashville paper has compiled the probable
number of free colored persons now in the
Slave States, whioh is about 265,000, distrib
uted as follows: Maryland 80,000; Virginia
80,000; North Carolina 30,000; Delaware 20,
000; Louisiana 20,000; Kentucky 11,000; Dis
trict of Columbia 11,000; South Carolina 10,
000; Tennessee 8,000; Georgia' 3,000; Missis
sippi, 3,000; Alabama 3,000; Florida 1,200;
Missouri 1,200; Texas 1,000; Arkansas 1,000.
Anoints Gold Mirr in Gsoroia. A new
gold vein has been found In Merriwether
County, Georgia, four milos east of the Atlanta
and Wost Point Railroad, on the lands of Mr.
Allen Post. This vein has beeu penotrated to
tbe depth of about twenty-six feet, and found
at that depth to be about eight feet thick, and
has the appearaooe of being very rich. A
pounding mill is being put up to crush the
Shocking Soicidi of a Jfsium Wnum A
shocking suioide is reported in our latest Eng-
iiou papers, as naviog oocurrea near Wolver
hampton, England. A young woman, nine
teen veara of ace. Incited tn lha tvt hn 1n.
and jealousy, threw herself down the shaft of
au unuseu coai pit. xne pit was over ninety
yards in depth, and the unfortunate girl was
not only instantly killed, but minnlatalv
Thb Way thby Dibposb or TJhple.sabt
Witpbssss is Baltiwobr. Tbe Baltimore Sun
notices the mysterious disappearance of a Ger
man named John It. Ritzins, who wns a wit
ness in regard to the utruges perpntrated at
the Second Ward polls on the day of the late
eleotiou. Almost simultaneously with tbe
publication of his own testimony Ritzins dis
appeared, and haa not sinoe boon heard of by
his family.
Tiii Stbikts and Sqoabbs op London.
Every street in London is eilhor finely Mac
adamised or paved with square stone, and the
atreets and squares are so perfectly Ouislied
that no one can only think of them as formed
in a mould. You can soarcely go ten blocks
in any direction without meeting an elegant
square, with which, however, the Now York
squares compare favorably.
A Pbrtty Qvabbel About Fidbbal Spoils.
Mr. Wendell, late publio printer at Washing
ton, has brought suit for damages against
cowman, oi tne umtftruhon, and tne present
incumbont. It is said that he intends sum
moning all the magnates who have had a
finger in the distribution of the public printing
fund among the rest President Buohacan,
Rbvoltino Murdbb Undbk Pbbtsnsb of
Friendship. a. party lately assembled at
Warren, Ohio, among whom were A. Reeves
and John Klingingsmith. both of whom had
formerly had a difficulty. Klieginisaillh
offered his hand to Reeves, which was acoepte J,
when he Immediately plunged a knife deep
into uis uoay, irom tne eueois or wnion ileeves
died in a few minutes.
Dishonest Srbvart Gibls. The servant
girls in New York have so frequently, lately,
proved dishonest, that a police sergeant en-
eourages a Daguerreotype portrait gallery of
an u too vnjt io uo ubou us tn xamous
"Rogues' Gallery," for detecting theft. This
is considered Insulting to 100,000 laboring fe
males. Popularity or Napoleon in Hungary.
The Breslau Gazette relate that In the session
of the 10th December of the Hungarian Acad
emy of Science, at Pesth, many prominent
Hungarian nobles being present, loud and en
thusiastic oheers were given for Napoleon
III., who was hailed as the champion of Eu
ropean liberty.
A Schilleb Festival at Sea. The St. Pe
tersburg Gazette says that a Schiller Centen
nial Festival took place at Astrakhan, on the
Caspian Sea. The Gorman poet's ballads,
rendered into Russian, were read and sung
upon the occasion, and suitable addresses
were delivered in the German, French and
Russian languages.
Tss New Jersey Revolutionary Mon
ument. Two thousand dollars hare been
aubsoribed toward the erection of the New
Jersey Monument to the Revolutionary he
roes. The eatimatod cost is $40,000. The
work will not he commenced until $15,000 haa
been aubsoribed.
A Choboh to bb Madr Out of Cannon Ralls.
A church is about to be erected by the Rus
sian Government, near Inkermann, the funds
for which are supplied by the sale of cannon
balls, which have been picked up at Inkor
mannand Sebastopol.
A Retbnciefcl Slavs. A slave girl baa
been arrested tn Riohmond on a charge of at
tempting to poison the infant child of Mrs, R.
F. Luck, with blister salve, in revenge for a
gentle reprimand whioh ahe had received from
that lady.
As Unfortunate Robbery. An Industrious
old man in New bury port, Mass., who had
saved four hundred dollars from his earnings
with a wheelbarrow, was recently robbed of
the whole amount, whioh he had buried three
or four feet deep In his cellar.
Stealiio rot a Purposb. Peter Davis stole
turkey in Burlington, Wis., and was angry
with the justiee because he would not send
him to jail for a longer time than thirty daya
for it-said he stole so as to get board for the
winter. - -
Goodness or Heart. The heart is tbe
spring and fountain of all natural and spir
itual actional It is th;Wftun mobifo, the great
wheel that seta other wheels going; therefore,
keep It with custody and caution, or else bid
farewell to all true joy, pea and comfort.
From Washington.
Washington, January 2T. Thaddeus Hy.
att, President of th Kansas Aid Committee,
will, on the first of February, appear before
the Committee, in relation to the disposition
of the funds reoeived by the fWsime for the
relief of Kansas in tbe fall of 1858. It la now
reported that, the promised Utter from Senator
Wilson can not be found, but the testimony
of Realf and Wilson himself as to its
contents will probably be taken as sufiloient.
Dr. Howe, to whom the letter waa written,
has not been aubpenaed to appear.
He is not in Canada, and it Is said he will
have no hesitation to appear and testify if
wanted. Mr. Giddings has never refused to
some here. He has been absent from home
on a lecturing tour, and the subpena sent to
Ohio for him did not reachhim, but a notice
of the fact has reached him In another State,
and he is daily expected here. .
Old Brown's son, John, jr., will not consent
to come here, nor Sanborn, of Massachusetts,
The Superintendent of the El Paso and Fort
Yuma Wagon Road, for the construction of
whtchsn appropriation was made in 1856, has
been lndioted by the grand jury of this dis
trict, upon a oharge of fraud, forgery, Ac.
An avalanche of witnesses from Boston has
been precipitated upon Washington to testify
in this oase, but the witnesses say they have
no knowledge of what they are expected to
testify to.
Overland Mail News.
Mklloy's Station, January 27. The Over
land Mail, with dates to the 0th Inst., one day
lator, passed here this morning.
1 (A Democratic canons to nominate a candi
date for the United States Senate was held at
Sacramento on the night of tbe 5th. Seven
ballots were taken. Waller received 3T votes;
Denver 33; Baldwin 11; Washington 0; Ma
Dougal 8. The result waa considered lees
favorable to Wollor than anticipated.
The United States steamer Suiqitehanna went
into commission on the 5th, and hoisted the
11. g of Cftpt. Schenck.
The San Francisco liquor market showed
an increased firm pens.
1,000 boxes star candles taken on speculation
The Paoifio " Railroad Convention will meet
at Sacramento tbo first Monday in February.
Dr. Win. Rnbe, the Secretary of the Conven
tion, has sent in a onmaiunication to tbe Sen
ate and House, oontainlng a full report of the
proceedings of the late Convention.
From New York.
New York, January 27. The Tribune' t
Washington correspondent says the Southern
Opposition will hold a oancus to-day for the
purpose of deciding upon their future course.
Nearly one-half are disposed to effect an organ
ization by a demonstration foraomeoandidate
on tbe Republican side in deference to its
large plurality, but it is doubtful whether the
responsibility will be takeu. '
Tbe coroner's jury ot Youkers concluded
last evening their inquisition into the late
accident on the Hudson River Railroad. The
verdict is not yet made publio, but it is under
stood that it bears heavily upon the employee
of the company, through whusonegligence the
catastrophe oocurred.
From Boston.
Boston, January 27. Hon. Win. Appleton
has addressed a communication to the Boston
Board of Trade, suggesting that a memorial be
presented to the President of tbe United States,
requesting the mediation of our government in
the existing difficulties between Englsnd,
France and China. The Board of Trade at a
speoial meetiDg adopted at a resolution to that
end, end dso invites the Boards of Trade ol
Now York, Philadelphia and Baltimore to
to join in the movement.
The Legislatures Leave Columbus.
Coluubus, Jannary 27. A large excursion
train left at 0:45, this morning, with the Ken
tucky and Tennessee Legislatures, the Gover
nor of Ohio and staff, a largo number of the
Ohio Legislature, tbe Columbus City Counoil,
three military oompanies from Dayton and
one from Springfield.
An immense crowd of enthusiastic citizens
accompanied them to tbe depot, and they went
away well pleased with their hearty welcome
and visit to Ohio's capital.
From Harrisburg.
Harbibburq, Penn., January 27. John H.
Wheeler, formerly United States Minister to
Nicaragua, has presented a memorial to our
Legislatnre, asking $5,000 Indemnity for the
loss of three slaves who, he asserts, ware stolen
from him by the eitlzens of Pennsylvania, In
1855, while the said Wheeler was on his way
through Philadelphia. The memorial has
reference to the Fassmore Williamson ease,
which oaused so muoh excitement in Pennsyl
vania a few years ago.'
Return Home of the United States Frigate
Off Highland Light, January 27. United
States steam frigate Mimiuippi, from the East
Indias and China Station via Cape of Good
From Cleveland.
Cleveland, January 27. Marshal Johnson
visited Oberlin on the 25th to subpena Plumb
in the Harper's Ferry matter. Plumb was not
Bold and Successful Swindling in Ala
bama. A family named Henderson, from
Georgia, bound for Texas, camped near Mon .
gomery, a few days sinoe. Mr. Henderson re
turned to Georgia to attend to some business,
and during the day a man appeared In the
camp, and told Mrs. Henderson that her hus
band had bought a negro, and had sent hta to
her to receive $500. Upon this statement
Mrs. H. handed h!in$500. In a few minutes
another man came and said that $200 more
was required to complete tbe purchase. This
Mrs. H. also paid, the man promising that
th negro or the $700 should b delivered to
her at seven o'clook, which promise was, of
course, made to be broken. She had not heard
of the swindlers at last aoounts, and her hus
band had not returned from Goorgla.
An Ultra and Practical AnTr.Ri.ir.nviT.
A man, living in Manliui, Onondaga County,
a, i., must do oonsiaereo a genuine hater of
th "peculiar institution," as for several years
he had worn woolen goods alone, summer and
winter, and won't allow cotton oloth about his
premises. He says he don't intend to "lux
uriate upon the fruits of unpaid labor and un
pltled toil."
Prussia and tub Popb's Tcuvn.n. Punt.
The Catholic Bishops or Prussia hav sent an
address to the Prinoe Regent, praying him
to have tbe maintenance of th temporal
power of the Pods defended ia Conirraaa bv th
Plenipotentiary of Prussia. . ,
A Rbformeb Fallbn rson Grace. The New
London Star say that Neal Dow, of Portland,
th father of tbe "Maine Law," haa become
enslaved by the terrible habit whioh it ha
been of late th effort of his life publicly to
Adrert lMments not eiceedlng Br lines (Agate) :
One Insertion. ....8 3? I One , , , 00
Two weaSa 1 60 1 On J AO
Larger advertisement. Inserted ate following rate
for square of ten Haw or lea. :
On. Insertion.. SO I Two weeks .Jt3 Ofl
Baob addlUouai... I Three 4 VO
On. weS. ,. HftlOoemonUt.... & i0
Job Printin
In all Its breaches don with neatness and dlapateh.
Wheeler & Wilson's
Principal Offloe, No. 7V Weet Faartk-st..
Wheeler A Wilson 8ewing Machine, with im
portant improvements, and to meet the demand for
a good, low-prlcnd Famllr Machine, have intro
duced a NBW 8TVLB, working upon the same prin
ciple, anrl making the sama efitch, thonch not ao
hlghlr flulelied, at 11FTY-FIVJB DOLI.Alt.
The elegance, speed, noiseleasnean and simplicity of
the Machine, the tieautpand.trength of stitch, being
AL1KK ON BOTH SI MRS, luipo.siMe to ravel, and
leaving no chain or rid no .n the under side, tbo
economy of thread and aitaptHbllir.p to th. thitteat
or thinnest fabric, haa rendered thia the noetsnc
cessful and popular Family Bewlng Machine now .
At our Tariont offices we sell at New York prices,
and give instructions free of charge, to enable pur
chaser, to sew ordinary seams, hem, fell, quilt,
gather, bind and tuck, all on the same machine, and
warrant it for three year..
ttend or call for a circular containing full particu
lar., prices, testimonials, Ac.
jeWar Will. SUMNER fc CO.
Goal Cooking Stove !
Has been pronounced bp com potent Judges to be the
Patented Dec. 7, .858.
For sale by the Inventor and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
1 tdeli '
Manufactory, Covington, Hy.
Ne. 30 Eait Colambla-street.
trade at the moat reasonable price and on tbe
most accomnAodatlug terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
K. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Bnrners fr
sale br onr agent, J. SKLLKliS, Coviu. ton, Ky. ,
Coal Cooking Store,
At ma
Held at aua.vllle, Oe ob-r t
IVos. 51 and 33 Viuc-st.j
(Seooad door Below Columbia,) -
J THIBU-BTItKKT, Cincinnati, Ohio, are mann.
factoring largely. Palmer' celebrateh Hydraulic
Force and Lilt Pump. Also, hi. Portable Steam
Engines. All those who are about tn purchase
ruiilrs lor Tnnaerlen, HrewrrleH, Dlnlll.
Irrlea, Dry Dock.. Paper mills Kallr.ed
mailona, Mine, Wrockin Parpeses, or, in
tact, for any nurnoae wher a muna I. newiArf. win
And It to their advantage to call and see the work- -lug
of these valuable Inventions, or addres. the
PALMEB POMP OOMPAPir for a circular, which
will furnish the name, of snanp who have naed thee
Pumps with perfect antifriction. de21uro
ammmi.awK V
TALLIO BOOFINd" I offered to the pabllo
(.the beet and cheapest Metal Boof now need, it
merit, tested bv an axMrlmm of tun in im. .it. :
and y olnlty. Applied to flat or ateep.old or now
building.. No aoldor need fjutened socnrelr wlth
ontexpoanr. to the action ot the element..
Prepared sueeU, oozed for shipment to anr part o
the United States, can be applied bp any one with
ordinary mechanical (kill. Orders promptly tilled, '
nn.nwvi.r. i nil T
1A3 West Second .treet.
I. & B. BRUCE.
Street Jtallraad Oar nnd Omnibus IHaau-'
keen on hand a eunslr of BTRHET RAIT
BOAD CARS and Omnibuw., which we will war
rant equal in style, finish and durability, and at a
low prices, aa any made in the country.
vmcK wroeroi xnirqana vine-.treet.. JaMtr
Sauce. 3A doa. slots an i balf. nlnta-
Continental Bunco, as gallon juga;
Continental Hauca. hi ttvA.ayiin Vam. TKa .!
i - j
above sance. are equal to V7orce.ter.hir. "
uNium nennu, is aoi. nan-piDie;
ttolubl. Cayenne, is do, half-pints! '. . -
French Mustard, AO doa. jam! ' . -, , r, .
French Mii.tAi-,1. in flvA.v-ll,,n Ir.m vn r-' '- n.
Wholesale and retail, by JOUM BATED, ' L '
110 national Tneater Banning, Byramore-at. s, , .
AND OOUN8I.U)B AT LAW and Master Ji'" ' "
Commissioner of the Superior and Com moa. Plea. ,
t'?"i?': .Bmi,: ""'Wing, north west corner ofjMiii, .,
ii Thlrd-atreets. ni ' "
, ji - t r. i ni u.jw J 1 '

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