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ANTS," "fOll BALI," "TO IiIT," "I1O8T,"
'J,OUMD,"to.,ln thiioolamn, oecapylngffv lines
er tese, two lneortlon,twnty-tv pent.
yANTED BOYl smart, active toy,
w ion i? "."I ' V oonftcHonerr-ihop. Apply at
No. 120 Wnt ITourU ttreet. lln, W. 1. JOHlsuN.
Head r.j. J;.J,Da """i camera-stands,
KnAhuJ .'1.. seen., Stock, Chemical, and
IT at
irAKTi5D-. Men of good address to tell
now mXJ "Hcl In dally w bv every on. Men
A faZ i re making fiom $1 00 to tl per day.
rifili 'olU1 eapital required. Apply at 181 West
riiiu-i Ktt ja2Sb
. nurse, by a woman who bu had experience,
" . id can giro reference!. Apply at the Commercial
iioapltal. m Ja2b
loads Gravel. Apply to LANE BODLEY,
corner of John and Water-streets. ja28b
married man, an Coachman: understand
taking cre of hortee ; alao U a No. I Gardenor. Hie
wire ie willing to engage a Cook, or to do household
w;rk. Boat refersuc given. Addrea D. M.iat this
i!552: - ja28b
.1 TT.hSrw.b?u,", Jt,trlJk Oasaldp. who came to
the United Slates in the hip "UnJerwrlter," by
hi" wife Ellen; alio of the whereat mti of Bridget
1 0 "i"y- Add roe KLLKN CABS1DT,
late KllenBharaden, at this offlcs. jaMo
ANTED-A GIRL To do ehamber
UT!. mor d taka care of children, at Mo.-us
W eat Seventh-street, between Linn and Bsymlller.
Ua28b '
yANTED-BOAP.Dla a private fam
an hiL Ji7'i A ent,1?,in wiahea beard, with room
?.iV??Vh' Ia .n,"i prirato family, where cn t
?Z of pJH"'"'-'-"19 hom- AddreeeA.K 0.,
pare of fenny yreM, jaWb
..,, Uliteen yean wiahea a altnatloa In a dry
EJJi . grocery, o, othw more where lie can learn the
ii" .nose, and make hlmaelt ynerally uaetul. Ad.
ur.eaJ. BTAQBY.car Penny-Press. jaCTb
WANTED Thirty Dining-room Sonrants
for to-day and banquet to-night, at the Bur
net Houbo. t'l JOHMSON, 8ATJ01DEB8 A CO.
dining-room and the other chamber-work.
None but thoae who understand waiting upon the
table needapply at 160 f Inm-atreet. ja87h
WAITED The eubjoribei, who la at
p-eeent connected with a commiaaion and
forwardfig house In Uisctty, la desirous of obtain
ing a eltiatlpn in a wholesale grocery, hardware or
com min i on honae, whore he can make himaelf ten
eta! lyweful. Can give beat of reference!, 0. Ad
drwta Bx 1,808, PoatoHlce, Cincinnati. jaffb
"ATPANTED Three or four girli, to 000k,
uMh Jt?2i. Good refereooee required,
0RlU!uM.r" WABNEE'8 Kmployment Offlce, No
20i Jlfth-atreet, betweem Weatorn-row and John.
VW'ANTED A man with . email capital,
. Ti 0.w.1,hj ,to?Jt 0,.dr 00d,t K"oerlM or
jelry, to trade on the river. Inquire at Mo. 1S3
giamoro-strett. Ho intemperate man need apply.
. fja27b
rmANTED Several married ladiet, to en
' n ay and profitable bntinew, both
tl!i,,c."T 'id 0 travel abroad, and who can com
5? JE2 T, '9 Addreaa, through the Poatofflce,
Boa l,Ta. Ccnimnnleatlonaconfldentlal. ja87nw
rnn Singer' Hewing Machine, to work on
Keller-work. An experieuoed hand on this kind of
work ia wanted. Call at No. 281 Uixth-atreet.
from the East wiahea a situation in a whole
ale hardware, grocory or other etore, where be can
leftrn the linnineM and maka hlmanlf nur.il (Pk.
beat of reference given. Addreea U. 0., at this
oflice. L1 ja37b
WANTED TO 8 E L L An EipreTa
Wagon, Horse and Harness, all ln good run
ning order. Will be Bold very low, if applied for
awn, at the Western Hotel, corner of John and
Wade-atifeta. jaJ7b
WANTED A man that understands Oar
. . deuing and the cultivation of fruit, to go a
ahert distance Into the country-married or etngle,
if the married man has no children, and would en
gage the wife to ; do th housework of a small family.
Addrena ULKitMOMT, at this office. jajTb'
w meDv used to f irming and gardening. Very
largewages will be given to euitable men. Apply at
tu General lnlelllgnnce Agency, No. 382 Western-
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, galea
mon, bar-keepers, porters, ooopera, carnen
tnra, mechanics, laborers and others, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks Begletry Office, 128
KjOH SALE One of the most desirable
lloardlEg-bouaes ln the city, filled with good
paying boarders. Can be bought low. Addren F.
t. S., l'reaa Qffloe. ja2St
. NESS -A good Family Horse, six years old,
perfectly gentle, tor sale very low, with or without
the bunny. J OD N B. MIDI) A LL, Boal EiUte Agen t,
67 Weat Third-atrees. jaab
FOR SALE. A second-hand Portable En
gine, of eisht-horse power. Baa been nied
four montlie, and can be seen In operation at the
Palmer Tump Work, at the intersection of Miami
Canal aud Tblrd-etroet. jaa4f
3710R SALE The following parcels of a
. cant property and Building Lot, in the western
partot the city, vie:
Two lots on tbe north side of Oliver-street, betwees.
John and Weatorn-row, each 23 feet fiont dj 87 feet
deep. Will be sold for $36 per foot.
Taro lots on the south side of Poplar-street, be
tween John and Western-raw, each 31 feet front by 87
feet d"ep, at $36 per foot.
Two lots 011 the east side of Joha-street, between
Oliver and Poplar, each 26 feet front by 80 feet Ceep
to an alley, at fl& per foot.
Two lots on the aoutb aide of Holancfhon-stroet,
between John and Western-row, each 26 toet front by
87 feet ili-ep, at ti per foot.
Two lots on 1 be sooth aid of David.jtreet, between
John and Cutter, each 26 feet front by 87 feet deep,
on the corner of an alley, at $40 per foot.
Two lots on the south aide of Wade-street, between
Cutter and Jones, each 25 feet front by 17 feet deep,
at (40 per f lot.
L t on the north side of Helanothon -street, bf.
twren Cutter and Jones, 26 feet front by 87 feot deep,
at $41 per foot.
Lot on the south side of David-street, between Ous
ter and Jones, 26 feet front by 87 feet deep, at $36 per
Lot on the east side of Pleasant-street, between
Fifteenth and Liberty, SO feet front by 86 feel, at $16
per foot.
Lot on Tine-street, near the oorporatlon lln, 16
feet front by 100 feel deep, for $700.
Two lota on the aonth side of Oehler-street, west
nf Freeman, each 20 feet front by $86 feet deep, at
$92 60.
Lot on the north-east oorner of Blmon and Oehler-
streets, 30 feet on Oehler and 90 leet on Simon, for
Lot on the sonth side of Betrs-street. between Bav
miller and Freeman, 26 feet front by 96 leet deep to
an alley, for $l,(iou.
Lot on the anutb-east oorner of Cotter and Liberty
streeta, 37 fret 8 Incbes on Liberty and 87 feet on Cut
ler, ior B)ite7D. -
Five lots on the west side of Jones-atreet, between
David and Wade, each 24 feet front by 98 feet deep,
nt $40 per foot.
Lot on the south aide of Davld.atreet. tietwaen
John aud Western-row, on the oorner of an alley, 48
feet front by 87 feet deep, for $1,800.
Lot on the east aide of Jane-street, between Sixth
aud Hathaway, 20 feet front by 80 feet deep to an
icy, at ao per ioo ,
Lot on the north aide of QeorM-ah-Mit. lietwMm
Bajmllter and Freeman, 26 feet front by 86 feet deep,
lift U R71 XllUt-
Lot on the sonth id of Brown-street, near Dun
llD. 30 feet front bv On feet, at 4S mtr font
hot on the vnt aid A rtnillAv.fltrMi. 1i4wami
Liberty and Poplar-street, 28 feet front by 126 foet
deep to an alley, at $60 per fool.
ALSO A somber of Building Let In Newport
i(jit vvviugfcuo, sums excellent oargaina.
' No. 2 Apollo Buildings,
jaZSd Oorner of Fifth and Walnut-ate
TOST NOTE Lost or mislaid, a note
m-m arawn ny an tea in lavoror ii. Mcuarvey, pay.
able at the office of Mr. Hetekiab Stites, ln (Jolnnv
bla. for elshtv-aavan dollar. ftirlnrd bv 1.. Mnau.
Toy. This Is to give notice that payment has been
stopsel, and all .persons are warned against buying
or trauma iur tuv amove sets.
. H. W. 8HOXTZ.
January IB, 1880. 1 . ja27c
? afternoon. The owner can hare II bvMiiinK
at Porter A Hoag' Gallon. No. 1U0 fourth-street.
"WOUND Oa the floor of the Y. M. M. T.
V Aaaoclatlon Booms, yesterday, a $1 bill, The
owner can have lt by calling at 168 Sycamore-street
ana aeaonoiog tea Dill. - 1270'
E0R BENT A front Boom, with Fur-
ja. niwire ana avwytniag mat I neoeesary. In
oairaon the north-east aornr af suT.Bth and ifaln.
street, in the grocery. It la a flrst-ret room for a
single geaueman, . )a28b
BOARDING A gentleman and wife, or
two ilnsle sen tlcman can obtain board with. iVia
comforts of a home, In a very pleasant part of the
city, at 2M Seven th-atraot. inWb
U0ARDING A few gentlemen can be ao-
oosaaiodated with nice, pleasant rooms, well
furnished, at No. N3 West Fifth-street, south aide,
three doors below Central-avnue. Ja27b
BOARDING Families accommodated with
board and pleaaant rooms on second floor.
lighted with gas, furnished or unfiirnlahed. Several
single roomi for gentlemen can alio be bad. (Jen
tlemen lodging elaewhre boarded on reasonable
trma, at Wo. lfij Broadway. j a23w
FOB Want servant, advertise In
yon want a home, advertise In
70a want to sell anything, advertise ln
rem want to buy anything, advertise In
bet, mrr want supplied by advertising In
Sb Don't forget that the Penny
Preai ia tbe medium through, which to
make known your wants I Advertise
ment! of five lluea and less, Inserted
twice (br twenty-five cents!
UNIOH BpICIACLIS. Seo advortiaament In
another column.
UHIOM OVSTIHH. f!ll.roAl h..nJ. ....
ranted to luit the taste of North, Sontb, East
or West, at Robert Orr's depot, No. 11 West
Fifth-atrset. bv tha nan nv half
and procure a supply for to-morrow.
Adams' Expeibb Co. This excellent eom
pany will please aooept onr thanks for the
tally prompt delivery of Eastern and other
lournala. wninh am a raf .Nnnmmulati.k .
hi duriDg the present irregularity of the mailt.
MmoioLOOiOAt Obsibvatiohb For N the
Prat, by Henry Ware, Optioian, No. 7
nest xoarm-sireet, January a:
Above sero 2s
Above aero 34
Above aero S3
T A. Mt.MMHH.l.M....
,.29 M
..M eft
u m
Pockit Picking. A man from Louisville.
Ky., named John Storlinjr, had his pooket
pioked last evening, either at or near wood's
Theater, of a porte-monnaie containing $130
and some valuable papers.
Another man, whose name we are unable to
learn, had hia pocket picked of $75, in the
crowd on Fourth-street, about the time of the
arrival at the Opera-house of the Legislative
gueita cf the city.
Bcbqliiy ok CtiitTiL-ivENni. The house
of a man named Joseph Bergman, located on
Central-avenue, near David-street, was felon
iously entered night before last and robbed of
$88 in gold ooin. Tha burglars entered the
building by the hail-door, whioh it appears
has been usually unlocked, and made their
way into one of the rooms by means of an
"outsider," in whioh tbey discovered their
booty, and afterward made their escape with
out disturbing the inmates.
Sumwo A little girl, about three years
of age, daughter of Mr. George Griffey, resid
ing on Eighth-street, hear Mound, was so
severely burnt day before yesterday, that her
reoovery is considered extremely doubtful.
She was playing near the Are, and by some
aooiaeni iu wnn ner lace against tbe grate.
Before she could be extricated from ber posi
tion the bars had burnt her ftoe terribly, and
hor hands and arms were almost crisp. The
acoident was extromely unfortunate, for even
If she recovers1 she will be disfigured for life.
Lou Hortiz's Liotdris. The Ieotures of
LolaMontoj on "lieautiful Women," "Gal
lantry," "Comic Aspect of Lave," "Heroines
of History," "Wits and Women of Paris,"
"RomanUm," with an autobiography of her
life, from the publishing house of T. B. Pe
terson k Bros., .Philadelphia, has been re
ceived by Blckey, Mallory & Co., Main-street.
They have also received The Ifaunted Hoiu;
by Charles Siokensj The Man in Black, an his
torical romance of the days of Queen Anne,
by a.P.R. James; and Taletofa Grand-father,
first series of Sir Walter Bcott, from the
same publishers.
MicHimca'iirD MahufaotubbbV Exchanoi.
The meeting of the Mechanics' and Manufac
turers' Exchange yesterday morning was very
largely astended, President Runyan in the
Chair. After the minutes of the previous
meeting had been read and approved the fol
lowing persons were unanimously eleotcd
members of the Exohange: Banj. Oossin, spike
and R. R. chair manufacturer, proposed by
A. B. Latta; Moores Si Co., saddlors, proposed
by Isaao Bogart; Alf. Monniok, iron railroad
msnufaoturer, proposed by John Kean; Fay &
Btickney, manufacturers of building materials,
proposed by Moore A Dickson; James Thomp
son, manufacturer of leather belting.
On motion of Mr. Latta it was resolved that
the Report on Interest and Usury be taken
from the table and made the special order for
next Monday, after which the meetlne ad
Simi-amuai Exhibition or thb Woodward
Hioh School. The semi-annual exhibition
of the Woodward High Sohool took place
yesterday atternoon, at the hall or. tbe Insti
tute, on Franklin-street, between Broadway
and Sycamore. The exercise consisted of
addresses, essays, reoitations, music, Ac, and
passed off in the most agteeable manner.
When all were excellent, it is unnecessary to
particularise; and, as our space is limited, we
publish the programme, with this general
commenaauoa ot tne entire performance :
I. Ood Bevealed in His Wrks...,Henry H. Finch.
S. Now and Then -....Qeorfit a. Cor.
3. Nature's OrchMtra...,..,....MlM MattU Clawson.
4. Washington Irving ,w,Wn. A. Gibson,
o. The Kflects or Tlme..........,.,.MIa Emma Mo Bav.
. Kfllglon and Education.... John Wyttembach.
T. Llfo Is Action .......n.,Uiss Jennie Townley.
Geo. r. Davia, Jr.
9. "Unwritten Muaio"............Ilieall Vnraueon.
10. Oar Model Uepabllo-w Satira...Uenry O. (loader.
II. Money ......IM.nM.,H. James Irvine.
13. Nature's Eloquence .......,.U. K.Bowe.
13. TheUhildand the Aufel-Poem..llle M.Jaokaoo.
14. War and Peace si. 0. William.
)S. "There Is no Night, Thera".Mtai M. E Cheever.
It. Music and its Ooiapoiera... David Heinaheimer.Jr.
17. "ThouUnatan Influonoe,".MiaI!.U. Uubbell.
18. The Ueparted ...... ,..,...,....ltolert li. Scbulta.
15. "Tbe World is foil of Beanty"...BIa B. Baldwin.
20. Oar Unlon...,....M.......0o. . Utrobrldge.
Horrible Homicide—Mall Stabbed to
the Heart in a Fight.
It has been 10 long slnoe a murder has been
committed in the eity that we had begun to be
half inclined to believe we would not again
have oeoasion to record another. The demon,
however, has not yet departel and the skins
of tbe metropolis are again erimsoned with the
blood of a human victim.
Last evening about six c'clook, from the
best information we oould get ia regard to tbe
mattor, an engineer on the Cincinnati, Hamil
ton and Dayton Railroad, named Reed, be.
came involved in a difficulty with a drayman
named MeOarty, la a drlnking-houso oa the
corner of Freeman-street and the Whitewater
Canal. : .
Loud words arose, and MeOarty applied an
epithet to Reed whioh shonld not be mentioned
to polite ears, when the latter drew a knife
and stabbed the other to the heart, Inflicting
a wound whioh Droved fatal In a few min
iates.- - : . . ....... - s-..,
The Visit of the and
Legislatures—Reception at
Columbus and Departure for Cincinnati
Columbus and Departure for Cincinnati —Enthusiasm at Dayton and
Middleiown—Reception at the Depot
and Procession to the Opera house—
Speeches of Bellamy Storer, Gov.
Magoffin, of Kentucky, Lieutenant
Gov. Newman, of Tennessee, Gorden
Tanner, of Indiana, and Gov. Dennison,
of Ohio—The Banquet at the
Burner House—Toasts, Speeches, Incidents,
The Legislatures of Kentucky and Tennes
see left the oltv day before vesterdav. in eharva
of a committee of the Ohio Legislature, whioh
uaa own, appointea ior tne purpose of escort
ing them to Columbus. Throughout the en
tire length of the road the train was trrnatixi
In the most enthusiastic manner, and atXenia
a lunch had been prepared by order of the
State, to whioh. the guests were invited by
another delegation of the Legislature and a
committee of the City Council of Columbus.
Beveral military companies were drawn nr.
in a line ia front of the depot, and after tbe
party hsd partaken of the oollation, they
were welcomed in a neat address by the Quar-tor-Master
General of the State, which was
responded to by the members of the Kentuoky
and Tennessee Legislatures in speeches short
and eloquent, elielting the heartiest applause.
A salute was fired at London when tbe train
passed, and it arrived at Columbus amid a
snow storm, whioh, instead of being an an
noyanoe, enlivened the company, and the
flakes danelng downward toward the earth
seemed glad that they were permitted to fall
upon our Southern guests, while they ln turn
appeared to enjoy it with all the spirit of
Alter a procession naa ssen tormed. which
mads quite an imposing appearance, the party
proceeded to the State-house, where they
were weloomed by Governor Dennison, both
Homes being in session and awaitine the
arrival of their visitors. Responses to the
Governor's welcome were made by Governor
Magoffin, or h-entuoxy, ana Lieutenant Uov-
ernor Newman, of Tennessee, which were
received with great enthusiasm.
In the evening banquets were prepared at
the hotels, and at 10 o'oloek the company re
paired to the Odoon Hall, where sentiments
were given and responses made which lasted
until after midnight, when the guests retired
in the highest spirits and delighted with the
manner in which tbey had been entertained.
At nine o'clock yesterday morning, the
Legislature or Kentucky and Tennessee. ae
eompanled by tne entire unto Legislature, the
Executive and State Officers, repaired to the
depot and took seats in thenars for Cinolnnati,
in cnarge or tne uommitioo irom wis city, ap
nointed for the enroose.
The greatest enthusiasm oxlsted along the
route, until the guests arrived at Davton.
where a lunch had been prepared by order of
too committee from ibis city, and the .Legisla
tive guests were received with the highest
manilestations or pleasure and or welcome.
At Middletown the train again stopped, and
tne cttisensor tnatpiaoe emulated their neigh
bors of Dayton in the attention paid to the
visitors to tne btate, ana in tne manner in
which the train was received and its departure
greeted. - It was growing lato when the cors
witn their distinguished passengers left Mid-
dleton, and, although great preparations had
been made for a reception at Hamilton, the
citizens of this place, much to their chagrin,
were compelled to content tbemselvea with a
passing salute and tne most entnnsiaetio
About three o'oloek the train arrived at the
Cinolnnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railrcad
Depot, where an immense crowd had been
gathered, and tho guests were received by the
Mayor of the city, together with tbe military,
amd shouts, cheers, tbe strains of inspiring:
muslo and the hoarse thunder of a doien pieoes
or artillery,
As soon as the train arrived, in accordance
with the arrangement of tbe committee, the
bells of the city from their iron tongues gave
torta a poai ot joyous welcome, wnion thrilled
to the heart of the metropolis and its inhab
itants, and drew the oitizens to the line of
march. It seemed that every demonstration
of joy that evor manifested itself in outward
signs was made by the people. The children
clapped their tiny Lands, the women waved
snowy handkerchicfr, and the men threw up
their hats and shouted. Music lent its
delicious effect to the affair, and drums, fifes
and trumpets, mingled with tbe rolling base
of the eannon and the hum of voioes, made
the eity appear the very bomer hospitality,
As the guests left tbe cars they were seated
in carriages and formed ln a prooession, undor
the direction of the Grand Marshal, in the
roiiowing older,
1 TkeUrasd Marshal and staff of military ofllcors
on horseback followed by the German Cavalrv
2. The visiting military companies, consisting of
tne iiayion iiiRiu uuaru, me aioniganiery unaras
the BpringSela Guards, and the Lafayette Guards, of
3. Home military companies in the follow
ing order :
Independent Kentucky Borers,
Highland Guards.
Lafayette Guards.
Uovor Onards.
Shields Ouard.
Republican Light Guard. . -Guthrie
4. Governors of Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio, ao
eompanled by Mayor Bishop.
ft. Ladies accompanying the Lcglalatsros of Ken
tacky and Tenneaaee.
. Tha Committees of Invitation, Escort and Ar
rangements. 7. Seoate of Kentucky.
(. Houeoof Representatives of Kentucky.
9. Seoate of Tenneaaee.
10. Hou.e of Representatives of Tennessee.
11. Senate of Ohio and State Ofllcera.
12. Home of Beprepentatives of Ohio.
The procession made a very imposing ap
pearanoe, and moved from the depot about
four o'oloek, along tbe line of maroh whioh
had previously been deoided upon.
Throughout the entire length of the line
the streets were filled with people who, greeted
the guesta with the most enthusiastic cheers,
making the beautiful vale, of which the eity
Is the eenter, re-echo with the sound, while
the wind, catohing the shouts, bore them off
to the hills of Kentuoky, which sent them
baok ln murmers of thanks for the manner in
which tne representatives or me estate nad
been received.
The houses were decorated with flags and
banners and festoons of evergreen, whioh,
hanging gracefully from the window-eills,
seemed to gather a fresher and brighter hue
frem the scene. - Mottoes were thrown aeross
the streets, and the city wote the appearanoo
of a gala day. i
Long before the guests arrived at the Opera
houBe the ladles who had been provided with
tiokets were admitted to and comfortably
seated in the balcony. Tbe crowd in the
street was Immense, ' and for two squares
Fourth-street was almost impassable for ve
hicles. The Chief of Police, with a large force and
with some difficulty, tueoeeded in olearing the
space in front of the building, and when the
procession marched np tbe military were sta
tioned on eaoh side of the street. The car
riages containing the guests of the olty were
driven up between these lines and tbe eom-
Sany, under the charge of the Committee of
.eoeptlon, entered and were seated in the par
quette. After the visitors had been provide !
for tbe door were thrown open and the re
mainder of the space was rapidly filled up by
the citizens invited and Ibis magnificent temple
was crowded to Its utmost capacity. "
Hon. R. M. Btihoo. who presided at the
Opera-house, after the company had been
comfortably seated, arose and welcomed tbe
guesta in a short, neat and eloquent apeee.1!
whioh was received with the heartiest applause.
He walked forward to the foot-lights of tbe
stage in company with the Governors ef Ken
tucky, Tennessee and Ohio, whom he intro
duced to tbe people, who arose n mows, the
ladiss waving their handkerchiefs and dp
ping their hands with delight, while tho build
ing echoed with the atmost deafening shouts
of the men.
After the Governors had lalren that ut.
tho Mayor, addressing them, said that in the
name of the citizens of Cincinnati he extended
to the representatives of Kentucky 'and Ten
nessee a most cordial welcome, and hoped
k.t il. t:.b .r .i ..r
ua v. uiDUBD,ip cemented oeiwooa
them might never be broken, however far
time and oireomstancea miuht sever the
parties. The Metropolis of the West, almost
in the center of the greatest country the planet
had ever seen, was a fitting place for sneh a
union; and the bond of sympathy which now
united us as mends, anouid and could not be
broken not even by the "wreck of elements
and the orush of worlds."
Mr. Bishop then, amid the greatest ap
plause, introduced Bellamy Storor, who ad
dressed the guests as follows:
WBWeicOalavon to the mntrnnnll. Af w.t
city not ours alone, but yours. It is a portion of
these conn-derated Statrs, whose soil U the common
property ofevery American citizen, whoae hlitory la .
onr common heritage, whoae proaperlly ia a commou
cate"'"8' M" mho uon" W8 an bound to viadi
Vhe spirit which we prefer, and which we wialt to
exhibit in onr welcome, is the manly Impulse, or
ion ruo iu conaiimitonai liberty; una wnat u in
sympathy with jour own guneruua and fearleu na
tures. We claim no exclusive rUht among the con
stellations In onr political firmament, but we do
olaim to recoir all our light, all our heat, and to
regulate onr movotnents from u common source the
Union of the States; nud that while traversing our
pathway, we feel we oan alone fulfil onr mission
when we harmoniously revolve around, with our sla
ter planeta, the common center aud own ita attrac
tion. If we should diaown thl (treat principle, or re
fuse even negative obedience toita nitininte author
ity, we see but the history of the lost Fleiad rewrit
ten, a star extlnguiabed, or wandering desolate and
unknown in the influity of apace.
hi i welcome yon io a city wnoae mrancy as well as
manhood, ia within the memory af man win. nm
bere,and yet which has already exh ibited all the mar-
venous acnieremenn mat enterprise una eklll, Ititui
leet and industry can do toward tocial nuinoso
within the brief period rf onr history. Our people
aro the archltauta of their own fortunes, and they ex
hibit in our ships and warehouses the great truth
that labor is the foundation of all permanent pros
perity, and the great lever tb.it moves the world.
in tne lniusi or so many exniDitions or human
riwer aud comforts la social condition, so many
Ind congratulations,!! ia painful to believe there are
those who, in tneir madness and folly, would dare
to threaten the integrity of the Union, whoae ideal
la the great diatincti ire feature in the organisation of
the last republio on earth; and this to gratify mis
taken theories or false ambition. . Like the Strong
Man of old, they have lost their political vision, and
alike unable to Instructor to injure, are yet willing
to destroy the temple of constitutional liberty,
although they may perish in the ruins. Itiseadlo
feel there at e such; but, my friends, It is onr consola
tion to believe that the pillars may not anil will not
be torn down, nor tho ediltco he demolished, and
that the lute of the would-be dual rover will be the
wheel oflxlon or the vulture of Prom.theus.
Weare a brotherhood varying indeed in our phy.
leal condition, inourellmato, our Holland our pro
ductions; varylug indeed in our temperamenra, per
chance ln our tastes, but, when joined together,
composing a Uoaaio whose Incoigruues portions
make up a beautiful whole, and rejoice in the
harmony of the adjustment. I welcome you sgaiu
in tbe name of tbe aged men and the young men of
our state, euu ia mo name oi oar wive aua
Hare the spsaker led a young lady, Miss Heaver,
by the hand, to the rospeotlve Governors of tbe dif
ferent States, to each of which she presented a
boug.net of flowers.
present to yon, continued Judge Storer, I pre
sent to you, through her, the'e beautiful (lowers,
fresh, lovely aud bloomiug, amid the did winter of
this, our Northern region, a type of what onr
country will te when aba is uureil and encouraged
by the people of the whole nation.
My trie., ils, that beautiful rivor which separates
our State from your two prond Commonwealths is
but an imaginary line, a thread of silver; it ia not a
barrier, and never was intended to be. Ohlouud
Kentucky aro the offspring of a common mother.
I he solid ground on which we stand was once a ,art
oi Vligiinu, aud Heaven forbid its children should
bave become ungrateful to the parent. Upon tbe
aoll ot Ohio, during tho paBt alxty years, have beeu
dug, and may be found, the graves of sonieu! the best
and noblest men of onr sister Status.
On overy battle-tield our nion have fought to
gethertit. Olalr, Wayne, 'iipton and Harrison.
Oheers.j lour blood has beeu uiDgled with ours.
To dare to feel that Kentucky and Ohio are not one,
is to utter political blasphemy. That river, gushing
from tho Allegbanies, which bind in chains of gran
ite so many proud States, from the Union Mouutiiins
of tbe twit lu the far North-west, furnishesthe head
springs of the rivor that fertilizes this beautiful val
ley. That river is drawn at lust Into that mysteri
ous stream that washxa our whole bordor trnui the
Itio del Norte to the St. Croix, that sparkled in the
bow of the cataract; lias been with the St. Lawrence
to the ocean "Juncto in uno" joined In oue. W hat
Ood has joined let no man put asunder. Great
cheers. 1
In reply to the address ef Judge Storer,
Oovernor Magoffin made quite a lengthy and
pleasing address. lie said that words were
too poor and feeble to express the emotions
throbbing through his heart. He and his
friends had oomo to the State with the expec
tation of being received as friends, but thoy
did not expect anything like tho demonstra
tion and recaption they had recoived.
From the time they first set foot upon Ohio
their pathway had been strewn with flowers,
and beautiful women had met them with
smiles. Here tho speaker paid a tribute to the
sex and spoke of the Union, the different
opinions of the States in regard to their do
mestic policy, his own political bias, but said
that upon the sentiments which he had just
heard expressed Louisville to Cinolnnati,
Frankfort to Columbus, and Kentuoky to Ohio,
extended the right hand of fellowship.
After Gov. Magoffin had taken his seat, Gor
don Tanner, of Indiana, lion. Taswell W.
Newman, of Tennessee, and Gov. Dennison,
were each called upon in turn and made short,
neat and appropriate speeches, after which
the adjourned to the different hotels.
The banquet at the Burnet House in the
eveninir was really a magnifioent affair. The
Immense dining-room had been decorated for
the oeoasion by Mr. Wilkinson, and looked
extremely neat. Flags with the names of the
different States of the Union printed upon
them were draped from tho ceiling, while the
tri-oolors which has been made tbe emblems
of the country twined lovingly together, hung
suspended over head fastened in the oentar
and at the corners of the room.
The tibles, upon the entrance cf the guests,
wero really magnificent In their appearance.
Thoy were ten in number, and extended the
entire length of the room, loaded with all the
delicacies that a metropolis can afford, and
capable of seating eight hundred persons.
Messrs. Johnson & Saunders, tho proprietors
of the establishment, superceded even the
anticipations of the eommitteo, and wine
flowed ln abundance throughout the entire
Aftor the company had been feastod, the
President, Mayor Bishop, arose, and with a
few remarks, introduced the following toasts,
to whieh responses were made by different
persons, the whole affair passing off in the
most agreeable mannor:
1 Thb Vaga or WasniNQTON A logacy too great
and too glorioos to belong to anything less than the
whole Continent It Bhall never be divided Trans.
ln si enoo and standing. Music, "Washington's
march "
1-Tn- H an Ki.naH Bunas. Kintcckt AND Tunnis
Sl Ohio, two million of people In her metropolis
to-night, bid yon welcome to their borne and their
beans, und with oue voice proclaim a perpetual era
of good feeling to the whole household of tho Con-
leaeracy. music, -via Aenmcay xiome.
S Indiana Onr sister Slate, cemented to us by onr
common blood ansa upon nor sou. anisic, "jiivrcn
to the Uattle fold."
4. Tsi Ooveenob and Lioisi.ATtra or Onto The
Queen City tender her allegiance to the sovereignty
ot to mate.
9. JUaHFHia, flAPUVlbl-a, UUV1B1I.I.., VimjinnAII.
Oolcsjbus Not quite a straight line; but Cincinnati
straight enough, aud proud to welooui her istec
a. Tur .Tnnifif ar An nnrisrht Judffe. the em
bodied spirit of liberty and law, the steadfast pillar
or our perpetuity.
7. Ths Qbrat Wist The Elgh Constable of the
nation commands tne peace oi tne uulm; lei stal
lion difloerae the Uiot Act ha biien read. Music.
"Of a' the alrt the wind can blew, I dearly loe the
ft. Hxnbt Oiay and Andmw Jackson The Orator
of Ashland, the Hero of tho Hermitage. Their lives
honored the States whose soil preserves their aehe.
As long as their example ia rooembered, nilther
parsouai rivalries, nor party excitements, nor see.
noual jealousies can moke us forget our patriot,
lain. , j , .
. . T Pbesidsnt or tub TJnitio Btatss Earth's
nrai potentate, tne servant oi in people.
10. Ths Abut ano Navy Th Angel of Peace, one
root upon tne tana ana on upon tne sea, proclaim.
Ing that war shall be no more. Music "Star Span
gled llanner."
1 11. The IiAdiis No Union without them no die
eolation with them. Muslo, "list the toast be Dear
' 12. Ths Faxas The first words printed by Faust
"uoa sal a set taer ne ugnt, ana mere was iignt. .
13- Taa Ukion or tb States Esto perpetua.
ja,iusio, -'laua irooaj.
The eity during tbe entire day wore the
appearanoo oi a carnival, in the morning
and until the arrival of the guests, tha princi
pal thoroughfares were thronged with beauti
ful and elegantly dressed women, tbe military,
paraded through tbe streets ia brilliant uni
forms, and the entire population, exhilarated
by the music which accompanied them, seemed
to catoh the joy-inspiring theme and transmit
it to the buildings.
The Madison House was msgnlfloently fes
tooned with evergreen, while flags waving
from evory winder in the building, evidenced
tbe good taste that had been displayed by tho
proprietors and tbe fact that neither expense
nor care had been spared to make the ap
pearanoo of their building grand, and the
eomfort of their guests complete.
The Carlisle-building, on the corner of
Fourth and Walnut-streets, the Opera and
Custom-houses, the printing offices, Bhillito's
establishment, and tbat of Mitchell Jc Rsm
melsburg, adjoining it, were decorated in the
same manner, and made an elegant appear
ance. Many of the private residences of our cit
isens were similarly ornamented, while on al
most all the housesKf tho principal streets,
flags were hoiated7banners suspended, and
mottoes placed the whole eity presenting do
expression of any thought save that of pleas
ure at the honor that bad been conferred opon
it by the visit of a trio of Legislatures.
In the evening many of the principle houses
on Fourth, Vino, Main, Walnut and fifth
streots wero brilliantly illuminated, and these
night did not appear to have overshadowed
with her sable wings. Altogether, the affair
was the most remarkable and magnificent ever
attempted in the West, and will long be re
membered as such by all who were present in
tbe oily.
To-day, between nine and eleven o'clookl
an exhibition cf the eJTlre Department wil'
take place, and at twelve o'clock: those of the
guests who intend to leave tha eity will be
escorted to the steamboats. Thota whn m.
main will be furnished with tiolteta to the
theaters, and be wailed upon by the Com,
mittee of Arrangements.
Urpaid Tjbttibb. The following Is a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
tne roatooioe, in mis eity, January Zii
James Tlatn, Esq., 8r. Louis, Mo.
Mrs. Jacob 9. llerrlll, St. Lnuia, Mo.
Mrs. Harnh Poter, New Yorkdtv.
Mies Sophia Krewlenburg, New York City,
Messrs. Iluduut A Ti-foid, Edinburg, Ind.
Henry Shaffer, Toll Cilv. Ind.
HI iss Nettle Pavldson, XenU, 0.
Ignalz Usy, Wupokeanta, 0. "
Room Nit. 1 Bepobb Judcb Bpbnobb. A
Fay vs. Mary S. Ewlns and olhors. a. 8. Wright A
Co. vs. the same. A proceeding in the nature of a
oreuuor a on, (oseti certain property to nay Jung.
ui.-u.Mrmiuii.im tuui igaB?.. vase uearu auu BUD
milted to t in Court.
noon So. 'l-lir.roax Junoa hoadly. Blgbee vs.
Rosera. Trial to a mrvto reonv.! mnnAv nH .
DlainiilTftS a uretv on a boad to diacharen a boat frnm
Civil Siib No. 1 Bsporb Jpdge Collins.
Iu the mattur of the guardianship of F. Gngel. This
came upon 'appeal ironi tne rrooato l)Urt.
The Court-on examination nf the rflnnrt nfa.lri
Court as tbe aocountHot Chaa. Mnvdr, deceased, (late
B,,.kli..nf -ni.l L-i,n , ......... ..l .1.... .1
oaired the mma errtinoona lli.t it imnnnr.lir.il li.
vamracrer oi o. on lesuincieui leiitiuiouy mat items
were rwecii'a in rue iiocout lorwnira tironi,r vtmri,.
eis wero Hied; and in matters in which he erred at
most, oniy in juugmoni. uruor tor a new trail before
a reieree.
Mo 2-ltrroBK JomiE DIallon. J. O. Bark e vs.
F. Mi'hmelzer. A suiton two notei. which rinf.,nr1,it
swears uuuiu not execute.
1'ITY I;jhr Jnwb Jamba vs. The C.ltv nf ntn.n.
natl. In 18.12 ttin iilalntilf was elected (it the Citv
Council to serve us n troet Commissioner for one yuar
ii aoooi nvo iiionius iue uuioo whh anollsni'il, ana
that of C'ltv Coiiiniinaionr wua anlmtitiitKil. Tim rll
3'oar's salary wa. claimed.
judge Collins nein mat tbe ptantilrwas not enti
tled to his salary after the office was abolished, aa
there was no rorii,rooal oblisrittlonnn hi. n.rt h.t'
erve-i me enure year, a punuo oinrer Doing at lib
erty to nwign at any tlmo A judgment was bt
lowed fur lintenctuu.llvorv-d.
Mo. 3-THEljr.isi.TiVB Visit. 1,'pon ill opening
of the Com t Judge l.'artur ulluded lo tbe arrange
ments made by the Rillzen for devoting tho day to
tne welcome and entertainment of the I
and Kxecuiiva oflicurs of ihreo ef the sister diatea,
'fenm-nsee, Kentrn ky and Indlanu, also, of Ohio, lie
regarded the oocasion n a groat an important
ctlculattd to lnakeatronrer and bind ion ver tlie lies
of natriotisui and love of Union, and alti r tew annro.
dpriate remai ks on the a tiue subject, the Judge directe
an aujnuroment ui mis uraucn ox tne court until
iuoniiuy morniug.
Poi.iou Couw YgsiRBUAT. Two men. Wm.
Nlnll and H. I'eltman, were fined $5 each, for
a nrcccn oi me peace.
Stbket Railboads. A special session of the
Council will convene on Tuesday night next,
io consiaer ine street ranrtiaa question.
Uilitabv Companies. Tho Kentuokv Ko
vers end Kenton Cadets turned nut to wel
oomo the Legislators in Cinolnnati yesterday,
HARD, at Trade Kale-rooms. No. 21 Want Vlfih
strret,upntiiirs,onbATCUi)AY KVENI NO, January
ito, i f o uivuh-lueuiuai nun miscellaneous iSJOMS
aua stationery ai auociou, or cniain run.
j aS7b Enquirer copy.
WILLIAMS-Salea-rooms Fioa. M and n E,,.i
Thlnl-atroet. Large Hale of Ar, soiled GooiIm. Uu
SAi udvb x iiiuanintf, janua ry at 9 o clock, s
general vannsy ui x,ry auu ar,cy uoous, Clotblug,
Cutlery, Watches, Ao.
At 10 o'clock a. largo stock or new and ancniiil.
band Furniture, Carpets. Ucililing, Blankets, Ao.
At II o'clock-?(l itosen Black berry Brandy ; kegs
JYmhIi do. t half-brl. Kye Whisky.
Auau-une iare iron nam; oue large reildler's
Waiion : asnlendid United htateii 811k Fine, ftwariia
and other accoutrements, Ac.
J.7 a. auu! iUUO, Auctioneer.
SH I5ABH A CO.-8aIes-ro.ms, 87 and A9 Main
atrest. Orocejin, Ao. We will ,.. ouBATUKDAY
MOKNlMO, January 28. at II o'clock, a gnnsral as
sortment ot Groceries, Ac, eortiaisting of 10 bhda.
Bugar; 75 brls, Molosaes; 2.r brls. bugar; 1,10 bags
Conee; iiio ncxos.ins.snao-s rotiacco; 2H0ksg Nails.
ALSO Soap, Candles, Ground and Uugrouud
Spices, Bope, Starch, Gias-are, Paper, Ac.
jazo u. unMiiianos uu Auctioneers.
JL Durable Uaohineeztaut,
Call and son them.
80 Weat Fourtli-street.
X9"Warranted to give tatisfsctlon.a
No. 19 and 31 East Second-street,
Free from Offensive Odor, at
ISTo. 97
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O
Ab with any manufacturing establishment
n America. ., . ....
Xr We warrant onr Oils to be equal, If not supe
rior, to any in tlie market. ....
We Invite those in th city and vicinity t
eat) and examine for themselves.
Mr Bo persons ordering from a dlstanoe, satis
taction guaranteed in all case. Address .
S, R. HAHKIN, Agent, or
, O. HOIHJK, Trrn.urer,
Kanawha 0. 0. M. Cll Man. Co., '
d 7 WalnuHtmt, ClneiAnaU,
Arrest of a Great Forger in Pittsburg'.
Some weeks since a number of heavy forge
ries were perpotrated on Banks in Philadel
phia and elsewhere, amounting to near $100,
000. It was ascertained tbat an individual
named J ames Uaohanau, alia$ J. R. RoBe, alia
J. Boretcnea, was luo principal operator, lie
was traced to Pittsburg, whence two offloers.
were dispaehed after bliu. ' Ha was found in
one of the principal hotels, where, with his
mistress and a aegro, purchased some time
ago at the expense of $2,000, he was leading a
moot ease ana luxury, visiting tne Hotel,
tbe officers found the negro and the lady ln
their room, apparently tbe happiest couple lu.
the world. Doth were placed under arrest,
and the gentleman himself malting bis appear
anoo some time soon after, he wag taken into
we, being; asked (ho same of the
Inventor oi butter sumps, replied that it wag
probably Cadmus, as he first brought letters
into Qreeee.
Monetary and Commercial.
The reoopllon ceremonies to the different
Btate Legislature absorbed everything else yester
day, and business was generally suspended in all
the department of trade.
Th banklnsr auartar was verv enlet. and the de-
maud foralonoy was light; transactions being con-
nnen to tne necessary operations ot sue ajy.
Ifaitern Exchange was leas firm than on tbe two
previous days, but the rate was as before X bujlug :
sod H preni. selling rato.
at Gold was dull, and hardly any demand exptrlenoed
for New Orleana Exchange.
Time llilla and Uncurxent Money underwent no
ehaag. ....
Ahe atienoancs on 'unange was nnuauauy amaii.
and transactions in Produce were light. The demand
for Flour continued good, and prices were tending
npware. nni.aywas ami aau tower, x'tu.iaioue
were stifler, aud the increased firmueas of holders
praventea large operations, uorn ana Mats uecunta,
Dill oiuer Kiuus oi ursin wi re uuceangea.
The iniDOrta and exnorts of various atticles doling
the twcnttf-lour hour ending yesterday noon were:
Imfobts. Klonr. 3.991 barrels: Whiakv. 11.721 bar
rels; Corn, 8,711 bushels; Wheat, 1,34 bushels; Oats,
S.G.I buslifls; Barmy, l,tW; Hogs, .144 head; Fork and
Bncou, .',53 bils., 340 boxes, 31,350 1 1, s ; Lard. to6brla.,
622 kegs; Alolatsee, llibrls.; Coffee, 1,2.0 beg.; Ap
ples, 1,030 oris.; Diitrer, eo aega; vnicsa uoaeei
toiatocs, 1,208 brls.i Halt, (195 brls.; Hay, 7 hales.
Exfobts - (lour, 1,310 brls; Whisky, 3,713 brls; -Corn,
13 buehuls; Wheat, 1,301 bushels; Oats, 114
Barley, 160 bushels; i'ork aud Bacon, 219 bhda.,
33! timccs, 74H brls., 613 boios, Lard, 370 brls., 3t3
kegs; tingar. l.'O bhda : Polioses, 3(U brls.; Colfre, TM .
bsgs; Apples, 501 brla ; Butter, 333 kegs; Cheese, 6W
boxes; foUktoes, 1,001 oris.; aau, in ntis. ,
Thursday' Kew York Herald thus refers to
Wedneedav: - .
"A lu bills on Paris, mads at tbe Foutb, sold here
this morning at 6.22i(a)o.23; but, as usual on Wednes
day, the Kxcbange market wns not activu.
Money la very easy; any quantity ot it cuu d naa at
I Im tn-.an... it .'. ..n l.HHS.ll ltfn.
D. IUU IU Rl'UiV llWtaUVU ..yy.. , .... .'-.BVI..
ties. At tbe Uieoount-bouBua there is a erai ked uia
tncllnnllnn In l.k. snr Paner Luluw 7 ncr cent.: but
at that rata first-class long Paper, with two good
namos, cau be disposed of. aud wo presume that very
choice short acceptance would gt at 0&6M, If lim
ited at tuat ngure."
me imports 01 uuiu ai can xrswiacv were:
Total for IS.-. ,
, ?2,iTS,5ti 1
. SfitiW 4')
, $5,3o8,OT7 00
. i.t'Xi.oS'J 01
Total for
The exports were:
Total lor 1Mb..
The deso.'lcs and coinage at the United Slates San
iruncuco mini:
Gold Deposits.
Total Coinage.
817,422 150
is m,m
13m-o ;. m run n
ltwtl-oi I'J,6M 02
Bocrene-oi ai,0S7 !l ?,lfO 850
Land Warrants were quoted, la New York a
Wednesday us iollows:
Buying. Selling.
Macro Warrants, per acre...... Sltsi $110
fcfl acre Warrants, per acre...... 01 lie
1211 acre Warrants, per acre...... on 7:1
160 acre Warrants, per aero...... 0-i Ti
Hew Tobk Cattle Maitxr.T 'fhursiluv. Jannanr
85. At tho Live Stock maikfts Ibe total leceipts lor
the week ending yesterday- tlie gnnt-ral markot day
of the week numbered 3,110 luxf cattle, 98 mllrh
oows, 412 veal calves, 8,iki7 all rp, aud 1,192 lion;
total, 13.139. This laa atnnl.er toial uumber than ln
any week since May 4, Isr.i, ai da smaller number of
otevos man nave come in since luo ween enaing
llnrW. The weekly aterago of beeves for nit of Inst
year was 3,'JjO; esd tlis weekly average oi al! kinds
il,n. ibedeUciency ia live animals ia however,
nearly made up by recelplaofdrcased meat. At es
terday's general market most of tbe sales of Wevcs
were at au adrnnce of k&Jio. per lb., cstiuiated
dresssd weight, as compared with last week; tho
clo-lug sales drnpiied down to the former rates, at
which price the yards were cleared out. Milch cons
sola at tne low rates prevaieui ior aoiue nine pusi,
and the deuiiind very limited. Veals were in fairde
niand at previous quotations. Bheepalsoaeld readily
at price rather better if anything than during the
previous week. Bogs, both live and dressed, are
somewhat scarce, aud an advance of Wc. per lb. was
pretty readily obtaiued. No live hogs remain unsold.
FLOCH The demand coutlnurs good, and prices
are tending upward: sales of a.lOii barrel, at 8-'' Ml
liai K ior superfine, aud V WQi 60 fur otra. 2'ho
rurcipta am largo.
WHISKY The market Is doll, nnder tbe operation
of large receipts, aud prices are loner, and somewhat
Irregular: sales of 61ft barrels at 2iihc., and 1,160 do.
at th latter rate for wagon, closing
riiUVISIONeV-Ganenltr speaking, tho feeling la '
the markot, to day, was etiffnr and there was an im
proved demand for all nrticlts, though the iscroHsed "
Hrmneas of holders checked buslutas, ao that the
tranaactiona were but few. There was a good de
mand for Bacon Shoulders at 7Mc , but boldera aaVi-d
i ,S7Xo., ao that the buslnt ss done was not as largo
aa it otherwise would have been. Very little mess
Pork tube bad, except country pocked, al (j!7, and
bulk Meat was wan tea at a shade bilowCM and 8)40 ,
ou the spot. We notice a good demand for Lsrd, sua
lllc. was ftetily o (lurid for future delivery, sfy lb
latter part of next month; bnt very little oflorlug,
holders asking loMfplOko. The rales were lU.iiiO
pounds bulk Wests, at CMc. for rJhoulders, and 6'au.
for bides; .'XI, IMI pounds Bid as, delivered from tho 1st
to the Kith of Febrnary, at Ho., and 60,000 do., de
livered from the 1st to the loth ot March, at 8Ssc. Ml
hhds. clear Bacon 8ldos at 10o.; M do. Hhnuldeni at
7'c ; l.Vi iiarrels country mesa I'ork atSlo 70(iil7;
1,1100 do., at Oircleviili', O., on private ternm, oud 100
barrela Lnrrt nt 10o., and MX) kegs do. at ItrMo.
uuucHliuus no change in ino msraet; tneue
nmud is trifling. Bnsineaa, in most departments,
was partially euarended to-day, owing to tbe gen
eral entliusia.m which pervades the whole commu
nity, consequent npun tbe publlo reception of tbe
visitors Irom Tennessee and Kentncky,
WI1KAT The market continues firm, with a good
demand; the receipts are light, Pi Ices are triune
tl 28t 10 for prime white, aud $1 2:131 2) for prime
CORN The market is dull, and prices have de
clined lo. per bushel. We now quote it lit .'c.
OATS Prices bav declined to4Se. in bnlk, and
tbe market ia dull; sales of l,eU0 bushels, iu bulk,
at 440.
K If K We have no change to no! loe In the market,
since our last roport. Prices are nominal at SI.
BAULKY Tbe market contiuurs (lull, and prices
unchanged:- sales of 1,1 (HI bushels lair tail at Ks.
HAY There is an improved demand, but prices
are without change, We unot prime Timothy at Hid
por ttin, oa arrival, and $19 from store.
CHKESK There Is a good demand, and price Arm
at 9Ho. for Western iteserve, and lie for English
Dairy: sale of 250 boxes Western Heaerve at Wc,
acd 200 do. .English Dairy at 11c.
BUTTER The market ia dull, and price un
changed: sales of 6(1 firkins fair to good WesU-i n lie
serve at lig)16o.: 10 do. choice aelocted Western Un
serve at ISO.
APPLES The market is firm, with a good de
mand at t3 233 20 per barrel for fair to choioo,
fjom stoto.
POTAT0K3 There Is a good demand, and prloea
firm at last quotations: sale of 2,000 large barrels
time N' rthuru at it HO.
CLOVKIt 6KKD The maiket ia firm, with a good
demand Httl 90, for aacka and barrels: sales ot 21 0
bushels, In sacks and baarela, at ft 90, and 10 barrels
choice at $4 94.
New lose Habict, January r-P. M.-Ashns
in moderate request, and unchanged: sales of so
barrels, at $1 2o for Pots, and 93 37!tj for Pearls.
I otion steady: sales nf 1,2110 bales at UKo. lor mid
dlingUplamls. The demand lor Flour is lessaotlva,
and the market scarcely so buoyant; prires, however,
are without material change: sales of 7,400 barrels,
at 4 t'M 10 for superfine btate; $ MS So for rxlra
State; tx&i 10 for superlln Western; fi i so for
common to moulum extra Weatero: $5 6t'ini3 7A for
shipping brands extra round. boon Ohio the market
closing quiet. Canadian Flour leas active, but uu
ohanged: sales of SAO barrels, at t SOgi 76 for com
mon To choice extra, Ky flonr steady at $3 7S4 49.
Corn Meal dull and unchanged. Buckwheat flour
plenty and heavy at $1 87H per cwt. Whisky scarcely
ao buoyant: aale o' 400 barrel at tatio. cleaing
with no buyer. Wheat rule in favor of buyers,
with only moderate deuand: sale of 0,300 bushel
Milwaukee Club at f I 18, In store; also, wltbia a few
day and before reported, 0,000 bushels Milwankie
Club at 1 30, and 6,000 do. lair Ohio go Spring at -
II 10; both lot In store, and taken on speculation.
Uy auiet and firm at 9i92o. Barley plenty and
heavy: sales of ,9no bushels, at 7tio. for two-rowed,
and 78)o. for four-rowed btate. Corn Is dull and
heavy: sales of 12,000 bushels, at 7io60o. for new
yellowand white. Oats plenty and very dull, at 40(e)
40a. for Mate, Western and Canadian. Tallow in
fair request: sales of 40,(100 pounds at lllisWIu),.'.
Tbe Wool market la dull and unchanged: sale of
2H0 bales foreign at previous prices. Transactions
of prime Pork to a fair extent: sale of 7,200 barrels,
at $16 I7I7 for old mess; 17 026O17 67 for new mess;
it 20 lor new uninfected mess: ill S7forold prime;
S a2 for new prim. ; f IS 20 for new Western prime
uioa; II0'S Mlfovcitydo j 250. per barrel was paid
for th privilege of delivering 1,000 barrels new me
in Match and April at I7 73, and the same price
for eh privilege ol delivering MO barrel new prim
In "ebruiry,at SIS 75, Beef is nnchansed: salas of
000 barrels, at svhoh a ior country prime; svoa sa
for conutry mess; v9 71 for re-racked mess; f ie OS .
scsau sarsa, tiu 00 ,
oublevtra mess. ,
mil ior extra mess, ana viz uouoie-evira mess,
fleet Hams nnebanged and quiet, at IU(ffll5 for '
Western, ana 112 for eity. Prime sness
at 17
Cfii 7. Dressed Hogs in good reiarst at 7M7Ho.
Bacon a
in steany: saresoiiwwo.-. aaain-cwar annnieaj
Lunl ateadr: aalr cf 220 barrel at I0i(&
10 n. It
Butler Is dull for com mn, and Arm for prime:
alea at iiiaiae. Ibr Ohio, and IOkszso. for mate.
Clioeae staady, at SsS'lC; for common to prim. We
note a fairdemandm Tobacco for old grades, with
antes of Kentucky at 40120.: Has A Oo.r at 0090. ;
Coffee sieadyi sale or 400 W Bio at UMla,So.
Molasses dull end loweri alee of Hew Orleans at 4
avoic. ttugar without change, bat ajolel: Bales ef 100
bhda. Hsw Orleans at to. ' . .

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