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The penny press. (Cincinnati [Ohio]) 1859-1860, January 30, 1860, Image 1

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i nunM daily, ( tartan wNi) a
peopbiwobs. .
i r i o e. M wJTWait.ta .
TBI rums- runwu MiffitdtainbMribtn u
OInoUtiatl.QevlngiaoeudJUwsort, .ulw
rounding title end to win, at th si
tUtnmlrmBrletof v.:--BIX
':' nicaaor un.Ter -
Blngl eeites to. 1 nootk Mo.; I month till yew tH.
Corner of Blxlb aad Tine-itreet. , ,
John A. Sillier, jr., ol Manager and Lassoe.
Paioiaor AoaiMiOB-Dre Circle and Fro.uett,
SOoentst Gallery, gcoent. .
iiwr opeu at ih, enrlalsrrise at TX o'cloay .
Grand Complimentary Farewell Benent to 4
MiM Eliza Logan,
Tendered bra number ef te moat prominent ettt.
you Ai thia, positively, bef final appr arauce In fin.
clumitl. Un thin oocaaton the particularly end moat
leipeclfully wiahe all her friend! to tar '?god-by."
THIS IVENIN3, jsnnarr 80, WOIU nerfcrmed
the celebrated tragedy of : , .
-) ' 'FAZIO, -'v ?'
BUnoa, Mis tllaa Luf i rlo, Br., lengdoa t
I.abelle, MiM irvlps. . ' .
nnoo.....u....M...;...-.....M Kata Pennoycr.
Mis Logan will chant ber celebrated rendition
of the " Marseillaise fljmD." . '4
To contlnde with .,.,. 1 A.
Jnllannn, Hln Kllaa Lecan: nb Aranta, Mr.
Langdon ; Hock Puke, Mr. Adams! Orlando, Air.
Head ; Violaote, Mia. tannr Benbam. .
None. Qeotlemen. wishing ticket for Mia m,
gen's llonetlt on secure them at the Box Office.
Toesdsy, the long-promised ' TouaUt VOver
tnre: or, The Insurrection of Ilaytt," with new
Soen'ry. Mu-io, charaoUtrlstlo Negro Dancet, Fee.
ilvities. Processions, Battles, Fortiacatlon. Ac
John Betas, Proprietor and Manager ; W,B. Irwin,
Treaeucer. t '
Altsiutio or Tmi -Door open at 7r Onrtaln
rises at X past 7. precisely.
Paicrs or Abmibion. Drew Circle and Parquette,
Mcentaj Family Circle, centa: Colored Box,lA
eenta; Gallery, 10 ointi i Privat Boxes, tij .
In consequence of the immense applause and unl
Tennl approbation bestowed upon tie first reprs
aentatfon of i. '
Ob, Till Lit.t or tr. Linnanna, i
It will be repeated THIS BVKNIMa, Monday, Jan.
30, I860, embracing the entire etrdugthof the com
puny, together with the new and laughable Jan of
Mr, Frlmroee, Mr, Allen ; Henry Thornton, fir.
Kwlft; Ml Blffln, Mrs. taws: Kin Wlnterbloa.
aom, Mre. 0. Hear! i Bobbin, Mlsa L.Graham ; il-
len Munay, Mine A. Graham.
NoTlOJ. Tradeemaa and other artf rSrotloned
againit Tumlahlng any articlea Iter the theater with
out a written order.efened by the Manager. ,
Theater, 1 now open for the reeepllon of guest.
Booma can be obtained by tba day or week, and
meitla fum tihed at all honra.
8. N. Pike, Proprietor I f . B. Conway, Stage Di
rector J. V. Herbert, Treaaorer.
Paioia or Aphimiom. f arunette Circle, Parquet to
and Balcony, 60 eenta ; Amphitheater, U centi;
Private Boxee fur eight pereone, t. .
Box Office open from 10 A. M, until i P. M., wbera
teata ctn be aeenred. . .-
lieora open at 6H o'clock I commence at 734. .
Third week or thoee eateMiahed farorttea, . f ,
Mr. and Mra. TV. J. rloreuce,
Whoee rendition of 'the- pecnliarltiea of the Irish
Hoy and Yankee Gal haa been eulogised by the preie
and public of the Old and New World.
The engagement of these young Amerloane haa
been attended with brilliaat ancceu. . ,
Jltral night of LALLA BOOKS. ' " '
TniS XTKNINO, January 80. will be presented
a new " piece de circonitanoe," entitled
. t LAIiLA R00KH; ,. ,
0a, Tsa I(.wdiiipu. ' T . .
Bailer, Mr. Lanagan : Orjaticke. M r. Arnold Oo.
liimlila, the Gem of the Ocean, Kharaaanbad, chief
of the Ghehora Vire Department, Laila Rook h, a
applied child, Mrs. Florence; Manager, Mr. Bh-r-lilnn
; The tJhade of abak speare, Mr. Addison ; The
Miade of Byren, Mr. Vioreaoei Bamonee, Mia
l'roctor: Foramory, Mlei Orocker. .
The porformance will eommrnce with ,
Tim Moore, Mr. riorenoe I Bejoabbe, Mr, Hall t Mre.
rtr.gig, Mia Proctor) Mra. Crummy, Mre. Wil
kin i Mia JCebo, Mi Monro. ' .
A graud pectacuia.r ana thrilling Drama 1 tn act
ive preparation, with new aeeuery dretaea, effect),
Ac, and anstained by the entile (trength of too
National Bnll, Tlne-vtreet, m. FaMh.
The laeaon are ao arranged that ' Inner can
eomnienoeat any time. , dettf
pupil of lb Weatern Teaoal Seminary, Ox
ford, Ohio, bf Miss Mart C. Adam, and illaatcaied
with a tine Tiew of the Semi nary Bulla ing. Price,
30 cent. JOHN CB.U BOH, jr., "
jalB No. ftg Wet f onrth-street.
X1.M. than ever. Qreat aaoriflce of
i'iano , jnolodeona , Violoncello ,1
Violins, Guitar, Banjo Htringi.Trlin
minus. Ac. d arias tha Holidan.
Belliiie at 1(10 ner cant. iMa than stir
other House In tbl city, and firat-claaa Inatrnmenta
at that. So not buy an Inurnment until yon hay
called at No. 227 avlftb-atreot. second door out of
Plum, aonth aide. BBITIINO A BBO.,
Piano Maker, and Dealer in firtt-claaa Jnstrn
went. delltf
New Mode of (Tentilaaloiil
- v M.Ji ' , J. .
Call aid Sow Oaaaf
. pate itt
Heating and Ventilating Foinace s,
- -...
IB pgraMoa at '
Bton Tfart-roomg, Nog. 51 and SS Visa-it.
, (Botow Oolombla.) r ,, ,..,: ..
' -v.- ... ( .. -if
Sawyer & Ob.
ao9ayj -,"
109 BTaln-atraet, thro door abawa TUrel,
DBB all k id of Horee Trapping, In the beat
and most aubetantial manuea, Also, a large assort-
no I
a the loweat.
7n. 8. CASBICX!
JaM'EmVEY. ,
Herchart Tailor
No. 48 FOtjiirH-STREET,
dWf ' 1 10 1) BOS WTTT f.TiTW
Boots & Shoes !
atadeppsiloritookof Boot, Bhoee and Slipper,
whloh for extent and variety i not anrpaend went of
. Mew York. My price are reaaonable; giro a oalL
Ja JoaV H. DTtB8. trwt ronrtat. '
COMPANY " AOXNCT, Newport, Ky.-ror
pollolea againat ire and marine risk. OapitaL
, "fetYWAkrpo.
JaNam Tork street, Newport. Ey.
T1AS A )tk aad wall-afgorUd iteek of
"fin Green aod Blu Tra" at ,
Jala ' ' Corner Mlnth and Tiontreeli.
v. ---Jnr' hi
A. -a.
ITg'OT".isii..iila..,, i,.....,,.
! 1
A -
fl "a.
1 Wvi
-,-f - .-t ,. ..ft
Advertised Letters.
All IftltAM ail V.. H mmA ,M MM. A M. AV
charge of one cent. Persona calling for them will please
efljeprired with the neeeuary change. , .
' lw Person calling for three letter uleaeenay Hey
areariVflrtuwri, ami aire number and 4S of list.
t"Tle office will he open at IS A, M.. and close at
P. M. Bundayt-Offlc open from It A. M. to lOX
a.m.-: . t . ..-r - .
No. 4—January 27. 1860.
AldrlrJl A J tlnivt.,1Hla IMvtMMrstJJ
Alexander MreEOAnnatrongMnHlAnieaMrijl J .
. " "B
BrtwU Miss A 1 Barrett Mr A 7 BaU&rd Hln 1 B
BrigxaMn A? Bredel Mr ' Barber MlseV
llatiila? Mr K '.Bell Miea II Baaa Miss B
BerthondtiselTBrlKoeMlsel 'BrraaMisal .
Baldwin Mr K MBecter M lea Q B&ker Mies l, J '
BargerMra F Bishop Louisa BarrMiasM . ,.,
Bentley Mr M X Buihoell Mr HK Butler Mist & -' '
Bruce Mis L Black Mlsa M 1! BottaMlsiM .
BurkettMlaaM Butler Mr MB' Bannister Mia M
Relume Matti
Black B A
Bill Mr TO
Boyle Miss M B Barlow Mr A
Boone Mis 8 J BrummeU Mrt B
Brown Mr Mary B . . i
v- c " ;
Cheney Ml0 Catlln Blirnbetb ,
Caldwell 11 in If fl mnknr tl la. V
Collier Mlsa A
uole MrsB
Campbell MuaJMCliariman lleeter Chapman Mr It B
CbacealiwL , Chanln MraM 8 Collin Mm 8 -
Connor Mrs M - Campbell Mra M Craig Mr il ' I
tjouiier nua a A uorro sirs B JS
Cook Mr A , OuokUJab ,
. Child MIM S
Clark Ulat 811 ,,
Darla Mia KMr
Donaldaoa Hit AJDonnell Mlsa A
LKx! re M r. B W
Doyle Mr B it Dabaon Biiinbeth
Daggaa Mia 9 . Daral Mies II
Dillon MIsaKata DurantMraM
tongnty mis jk
DIhlngerMi M
. Drake Mr K
Day MrWH
Dun lap Mra M Donahoe Mia II
Pari Sir M
Dickson MiM B
KllM 1111 J '
Jam Mr A
Bill Mr Kitty A
Enoa Hanoy . .
BtmondaMrsNW V
yoterUrCharle'Tuller Mr JDL farran Miss H
V lemlng Mr 0 T Pox Mrs Jane H Pratier Mlsa M
-wt.. tallon Mia Kate PltzmorrU Mn S
Franklin Mrs O Fisher Laura A
Kraneiaoo Mr I JFall. Mia M D t Pennell MraM 8
FordMnEJ PinchHlsiHB JTenlonMnH '
! G - -
GallagherBrldgetGlenn Miss T J Gaudy Miss L
Gamy Mr 0 . Gregg Mrs Hetty Oray Mm Mary B
GamionMr Gardner Mia HHQriffln Mia Mar
GrooyesMrsO Gorman Mia Kate garat
Gibbon Miss D Green Mis LA Gasaavrey Mr B2
OilbertMla Linda
ITenesy Mlsa A TTlll Mra Fannie HugbartMr Mary
Hefterin Alio Hall Mis Jane Hurdeety Mrs M
Hewnrt Mrs B Hettlremer Kate Hyson Hln M If
Hayman Mis B llayne Miss L HaleMnMary
Harman Miss 0 Heydenger Mrs M Hodges Mrs OllTer
Haryey Mra C limy Mrs Marian Hnrt Mrs Sarah J
HoraserMraOM HunlerMoilie Hays Mrs Susan
Hardetty Miss E Hammons Mr M Uublsrd MIhi 8 J
HalpinMisa l Hawks Martha A Head Barah K
Hunt Mrs K ' Hartley Mr M A Huffnuuter Mis
Harris Mr P llawkensmith N J Harrison Mis V
i nil J and Initial. ', s- h
Johns Ml A A Iliff MissJennie Judkln Miss M '
JoliaMiaa Anna JacluonMrsJ JenkinrMrsTO
Jones Mrs Betsy Irwin Miss L Isaacs Mrs W P
Jenkins Mrs K . Jolly Mrs Lucre's Jiickaon Miss I
JndkiniMnM. MAP Mis
Knnwlton Mln A KnlrVit Ml '
Ktnaey Anna L Kennedy Mits L
KuhniHrsB Kilby Margaret
Kelly Mrs Jane Krle Mr alarr
neenec mm Mary
Kendall MImR '
KennUtoaMr A Humping Miss Sophie
Ludlow Mr A
Lewis Mrs 0
Lawrence Mrs
Lawaon Mlu L
LoralneMrsI , LaJjgMIn Mlsi M
Liagins Mrs L Ludlow Mis M 0
Luck Mlsa Lucy Lathrop Mra 0
Little Mra Suaan Lester Mra EW
' Macs.
Mi-("!nlloni7hM' 1 MnTVntl Mntinr
McPeely Mrs II
ucv uiium miss j AiuvoriaXMiiiaejl inc.liiiiiiu. Mrs a
McCoy Mr TiioeJ
nr.- -.
Maker BI la B Meader Mln F Mlaner Mr Mary
Mayor MIseClaraMayMrs nino! Mnrry Miss M M
Mack Catherine Maus Mi Julia Morrison Mr ML
Monroe Mis OB MeynekeJTa Martin Mr MJ
Myers Mrs Delia Miller Mra JosenhMay ley Mrs M
Miller Mrs B . Morgan Mra JJJ Montgomery M
MosaMlraETB Mol.n Mlas H Morrison Mrs N C
Miller MlasF B Meyer MiatK Mikerell Miss T
Moss Mi Fid Blla Morgan Mij M Merrill Mia Hi
N .
Noone His Anna NoggKiler ' Nicholson Mis N
NeukoBiMriB Now leu MiM I J Nixon Mr Sasan
Noye Miss Collie J
O'Neal Mr D A Oalgart Mn 0 Oldham MrtE '
Olyer Mr Jana Oligar Mist Maria
, , ... p . . .
Perry Mrs Ann Pendsrgaat MIssAPeepanjh Mr A
Parish MissO ' Payne Miss Dianaf rice Kmllle B
Poweir Mije Flora Palmer M s P PMIllpaMlssbTdla
Price Mrs LJ Page Mis Lou Partello MissM
Penton Miss MnryPelton Mrs Mary Palmer Miss M H
Pberaon Mra M L Perry Mra M&ryEPorter Boiannah
Riddle Mn AnnaOKoe Mlsa Amelia Reed Miss 0 - '
Bansom MissO BeldMlssB Ramsey Rleanor
Ross Mn Fanny Rogers Mn SneM Roger MiasHetty
RatTerty Mis JaneKiohards Mrs J Roger Miss Kste
Robert MissLydinRoaieukewicsLO aRlcbardsou MraM
Itr Miss M A Richards M rsThosRandolph MrsMA
Ram.ey MisaMB Regmann MrsM RowellidlssN
Ramsey Mia 0 Hope Mis B P Bustell Miss 8 .
Shennan Mis. i A MghappellMr B A Stephnni MIF
Bwift Mis Alice OStrong Mn A 0 Shelcut Mn Kits
BnodgraasMissJ Berick Clarls-a BhlppenMnB
Swif I MUs B A Sperry Mn Eliza btreafTen Miss J T
Simpson Mr B O Bcott MissHattie Bteward MlssJM
Sullivan Miss M Stoddard M las N Bilsbee Miss Kate
Bedam Mrs M F Bwift MImP BpeacerMlssM
BulliyanMlaMMHharenMlssP Straab Mr Mlna
Bwift Mr I. .. Bhaw Mia Sarah Btreeyer Mr A
i -. , ,- ' , Smitlii. ......
BmlftMlsaOO BmItliMrB BimthMlgiJmliy
Smith Mia Molly - , ... '
Todd Mry A Taylor B AngnstaTaytor Mrs H A
TraheyMisaA Thompson Miss J Teter Mrs 0
TaylorMlssLmeyThoniuMlssMJlanAaiMiasB '
Trudala Mn 0 TeoDkin Mr, jj
ix ''-.' ..' ' : D- : ;',.;",,
! Usher Margaret
i . V
, ' Tattgha Mary Jane . ' Van Braon Mn Baehel 1
. . ... ., , ,.n
Whlppl Mr . White MnDA Whitsley Mis
White Miss A Whipple Miss Wheeler Mies L 3
Whltten Anna H Well Mra Ella Woodbury Mis L
Wolfman Anna Wray Mra H O White Mr M
Warren Mn A Woodward Mr '. Wheeler Miss M 0
Wood MissO Harriot R Winter MnJB
WarrenMJ s WestMnMA V, f ,
: t Q and Y . .' "'.
Quinn f lUabrth QnlnoyMlj U. QuInaMUiB i .
Young Mrs ML Young BM
Addlemtn B W
Adderly George ' Alpangh Joha
Archibald B AiioUJB .
Addison Andrew Archibald B
Acker u w
Arnold 0 B
Alexander John . Allen Lewis HH
idler Julius ' AllgerN
AvnilltHM -i ' Ann.hil Tr TT
Armstrong Dr If F
Andreoni Berafino
Allen Irvine
Ankenbaner Geo Anderson John
AbeUUenry . ' AyenBllaili ,
BrandtChatl ; Barrett Ool KB Barrett J II , ,
Beach a Bray Bray OR Bryant Ja '
Bos ley Abraham. BarnhartOeo Blgler Henr .
JPIIa HJ B lira T wn "
Baker CI
Bond Bno
(Brewer t W
Behlen A Kelfel Beeb
jnrnjj . .
BnekieyMO XT'.
Rockier M ' "
f rendll Nendella
arnard Norrii
Blake Lyman i
Becker Louis
Bowers R .
Biskard Peter
Bratnara III
Black Geo
Geo '
Balcom 0
IL .
Bodge Uugal
BeaneJame ;
B reman Ja
Beach 0
eC 0
1. n
Bryan U a M
Barton Benlamln Bennett Jas
BrnlatCha BabcockJB -Bowman
Dr A 0 Brinkman John
Bailey u a . , Buu John Borer Robt Tl
Bradley, Smith Boyd Henry ' , Baunnsn RA l
Cot' Bird J H Bate Richard
Bncku-ignamDr A Berry John Brooks Sidney
Bailey J . -BrownhillWw BerkemelerA
Borer Robt Tl
Brackingten JP Bennett Jesse
Baker Wm
Buirord a Bowman U A
Bimnrllle Dr E J Blackraan H,
Bailey Thomas
Breel Wm
Block B
Beeby B
Brown Key B
Baldwin WM1,
Brown ChasK
Bracken Wm , ,
Crembley T
Clark Israeli
Brunl Jo
Blybum John '
Brekman J
BlumeT .
BaaweUBN , ...
BowertY- . .
gornwell k Co
owley Aleck X
Castle Co
CarllllerA "
Cruise Oha :
CbartererOb '
Copeman A P
Coalman Banl
Coffin Ell .
Carey John -noiiMU
Jean N
BlytheWN; .
Barrett Tons
BewleaTO ,
Bernstein 3 , ..
Brown II
BrowaDarid B
C .
Cochran Jo
SroghanJa ,"
reeaier John
Clark ValI i
Clark A P
Cook Vincent
Cnnnughua J t
Cummlnga J N
Uroningaaa I
Chandler H . , Clay Tho ,
8olesnan Jn ; Cady 8 H ' . '
amnltsJM. CurrWmH'Vl
vwwuj v .rwa n u i
Calhoun Ja OoghiilThni .
Connor M ' CartlMielrm a 1
CulrerMDO CarterBL . k .
Clark A L i Cleg Thoa '
ObamplainLS OorwlnB W " J
Onnv flnrneHna Coatea M P
i tare Mcgson
lammack WmH
r.rtrJnhoH Loleman 8aml
ColbartR . Crocker LH -Oolenaa R.
Comb John . CopenPlncn Crawford PA
CruslerJohn Conway Pew , Carroll Thoa
Campbell CaptH Clark HI " CorMns Philip i
Campbell J 1 Collin IK Ooebrap R M
Campbell FraxOT Cooper BerB Carter Richard
ChardBJ - Cooney Owen . . T. .
Daller John B Daim John W
Dailey Jesse Y
Dnffield Johneon Dar ton John Wl Dryer Junta
Dewey Joseph W Dun John Dounon Jean ,
DcTMaud M Day William H iJooaiWUUaia
Drtnlers WH
DeYanghDr B
. Dunean Darid B '
IlunnJohnA . tvtvltj.aai.i
dud lap josrpn.
DoddlraP Dickey James B Dryer June 0
uuuutfosnun ijempsieronn iMnigan x u
Derelin William Dutoer Vincent Dinsman 0
Kodson Charles Dall it Oo r Diamond B - .
Dunton DHnford Dunham Lonis R Dud ley Robert B
Dooyan Patrick Donnelly Peter - Da fall Thomas J
tovuSliJafc . ?I)ayleThom.
F.llas Charle
BaeiananB B -Baton
Dr QtO 0 '
Kdward H
EthemlgeH 8 '
Karl Will 8 ,
Howard Win J
Bston Alexander tmilA! t
lirersonDmn B Kw George W i
EreladdH i
EldlaH H.
Baton WVt
, Kitoourl Henry J
Kdwlugtoo Wm -:
" -' .1 ' . . : m ... S-l,,,
Franklin Reni A Foot, if) WIm fi VLIanW t(mtl '
Faremaa Andrew Plahbeck Adolph Pnllcrton Geo W
Vnll'V Thar!.!. eavMl florae. ) Vrm TW.Iil
FlnleyDayid VisberJA Fisher John
Foster Daniel French James Farrell Michael
Fundi Dayid Fredericks H ' Feneran Michael
Frary George M Frommell John' Fisher Wm M
Fuliy James Fugerjobn French WmM
Pulley John. Fitsslmmon J Fose Thomas B
FyeJamea Fortrash John FlullenWm
FayJame IreeWm
flansehow A K .
Guild O Fa '
Orayhlll John " Green Michael
uerrisn jame
Griffin P J
Groff Benjamin Grefon Jame
Gilmer Robert
Goodwin Bamnel
Gary Smith
Graves Hlmeon K
uiue tiau umora i o
Glenn Alex H ' nriffln J T, 1
Gremley Fred Goln Henry '
GlipnerP GateaJB
Galeher Daniel (lerowJBI-
Garlicbe G F G reave Jame
Gnaawav DatM ll GlnMon Jnbn
Gllmore Thomas
umbo f B
GaakleEtlieibert Ooodbourne John Gorman Wm
uaraner ueorge uioreriaaao uateansi
GroeneJuB Gibson J Guise William
Grew John Oorman Prof U B . ,
i '' H '!
TTnghlit ProfeesorTIenry B J Ileller Dr M
Huber Anthony Hoover George Herman N 8
Herron 0 H Heller Francis P Hardy R B
Harrington Dr A Hensner F Hardy R B
Hubbard Off Hartman Joseph Ham II Robert .
II.. ; ..... a m, a. ti ,, -.1 Ti. ' Tim n . a
itarlnnaer A . Hale Junes
. Hopkins P 0
Horton Charle , llerry J D 8
notour ,
nerbert Patrick '
, Hushes BP .
Hoamar & ilo
Horsum Isoao ,
Hill J OA Co
hughes Israel
looker Charle
fasten Bf
licks Mr
lopklns B J i -lullOB
. ,
legley AO ,
lartwell EL
lormann Fred
Hackenger Q M
nana ley g vr
Huckins John JSHoward Wm ' ' 1
HawklnsHlramJ Huntington TCI
JIaugh Jacob . HeltherU or Mary
Hyland John Hotcliklss Wm B
Hennessr Jame HurdWmC
Hume James II Hall Frederick .
Harvravs George llonrv James M
Uall Ueorie
Hall E 0
Hoffman John H
Harrison J M t
Iliuaey Matthew
Henderson H G
Hlckey Nichols
Henderson E B Horton Harry K
Humphries O P Heller John
HnnterQeoW HewJW ,
HonakerDrO ' HewaonJohnlt
JIunter Garrett HopklnsHeury '
lml ley N Ichola SHager K
Hughes Edward K
Xdltor of tb Trathfnl Friend Cincinnati Col-
lege of Medicine and Surgery,... ..Coach Maker Mag
line., ... .W. F. 8., NealDow Lodge No. 179 1. 0. G.T
......The Dally Commercial Reporter To the Edi
tor and Proprietor of tbe Cincinnati Commercial Ad.
rertiser Superintendent ot the New Hospital for
the Insane Publisher Spiritual Messenger
Editor of the Christian Bra No. 9 Western-row.
r I and J -
Johnsnn Jame Her Henry . JlnklusBen
Johnson Jame B Jackson B 0 Jackson Christo
one ML . Jones Frank J J pber .,
Jones Thomag Jones Daniel ' JoslinOH '
Johnson W A Jones John Dayid John B A
JoQcsonTboma JouesHenry . . , , ,
Klmher J V KelleyObarle King Hurry I '
KautTmannJeromeKnell Andrew 1 King W L
Keeuan James Kohen ft Waller king Patrick - '
Kramer Joseph" KetcbumFH - KiDgThomaa
ferrMW r ".KentFM King John " '
eyesRW ', KelseyBIIO ' Kelfcy Dr Albert
Kallfed Wm&tCo Kant John 'KelieyBHas
Kennedy Wm Kessler ft Keid 'i . Kelley Albert
Ketmch William" Knight W A ' King John W
Kemptoq Dr 8 D )t -r . V " . f .- ';,
a. a!."'.' '-' Jj " '. ' " '
LantJM tinman, Mark! A Lee Abraham '
liuBlier J A Co Lobstrut r ; ' ,
Livingston JJ .. LelghtonGeoN Lambert A ,J '
Lewie Jacob F , Lyon David Lynch AM
LsmphearJos Loyal and Hon EJ Laf en tain Cbal .
Lunt Jas M LxneJF Lewis Josoph
Leavltt Samuel Lisle Jos T LangilonUA
Lire IswinalehurstLareader Michael Laird J B
Liyerpool I' N 0 Lee Robert R LunchlandJas
Loomis P D Ladley John M
Law Peter ,. . . . .
" m ,.;-.,.,
Maxwell ft Belfor Martin, Brown ft
Myers Ed B Dotty
Meyer 0. Adol- Do ft Bellman
Lago Willi
Morrlse B M
Morrise A U
Morrise Geo
Morrison Z 9 '
Morrison Jame
Mathews ft Bauer
Mitchell JT
Madison R A
Mackling Philip
Mitchell Oscar
Meredith P
Megel Robert ' '
Martland V 0 '
Mulholland The
MyenMrA .
Miilor Aenrm
morrisou ot maoaniananan ueo
Moore JR Miner Henry
Moore Peter ,
MafHt Jamea
Miller Joseph '
Miller B '
Miller Jerry
Miller George
Martin Cooper
Mara ball Wm
Manila jamea
Monroe Jamea
Merrick H J
Moss J Michael
Morgan Jacob
: Macs ' ' ; '"
McOarthv Prof D MoCreath Mlchaa I
McOormack T
McOormack OscarMcOlelland W H MsOook CliarlesU
nicuormacK & jnoiuannis jrrenK JHcuormaclc Wm
McOlaroth Wm
McKonsie H
McUee Samuel
MeNurchy Wm
Nelson Albert
NiohoU ...
Noble Colonel
Noble F J
NigleyllaL .
McCoy Pranci McQal 1 John D
McCoy Samuel McCall Wm . .
McVadgenJohn Mcllenrylt '
MoOullough Smith ft Oo .
- IS
NarmanJohn NyetTB
Newton James 8 NlckoURBl
Need Jamea 8 Newton 8
Newell John Neeley Thomas
NeyissJBAOo Noble W
' O.-' .., ,:...;:" J
Orr Jamea Osgood Smith ftOo
O'Nell J G Ormsby George 8
Opllr Henry " ' Oliver James 0
OribeM . O'Oonnor Mai tin
Orne Richard B
Orr Bobert ,
O'Gorman P
8melia Thoma
'Connor John
Phelps J Brrla
Pug ll John L
Pratt JosiahK
Preyton Pryor
Preston 0
PetenAO ,
Plmphry 0 B
Post Collin 0
Price Geo
Page Bdmond
Peach U P. -?
Peterson P -Plcken
? helps 8 F
arker Bamnel
Power B A
Quins. Jame
Robinson WmT
fhare Geo W
atton Daniel
Preston B J
Penrose u
Parkes Martin D Perry James H
Parson L B
Perrlll Jamea
Preston LJ '
Parker Nathan
Pierce Wm
Pierce -Price
Jamea H
Paterson A P
Pauley Joseph
Peterson Jame
Puraell Thos F . '
Palmer Collin .
Pierce Phinea
rieroe ou ..
PatsnonJohnD PlerceOO
Qatonlan ' 1'1
Robinson Wm P
Robinson JT ( ,
Roberts Jas D :
Rymann A
Bodgen Pholtn
Richard Morga
Rogers 8 W
RoaaWm R 'i.
HobertsoR sT
Klley uapt u V
Richardson Cbaa Robert Dr P
Richardson 0 Kor Rankin A L
, W T Bautier -
RoiTBr. J II Tl Kin. Levi
Russell ft Austin Rice Julian 8
Keen ueo
Russell Ca.pt J
Rudolph Ja :
Ranaom Geo I ,
Heed Philander
Rand Wm D
Ratlin SB
Began Tho .
Rabe B A Robinson A D
Reynold JO Buffier Jo .-7
Began Martin Headman J A '
Bobb Ly mann A Redleld Geo 8
aookwooq ti il juvira '
Racklev Jno
Kowe OeoT
Renlok Henry
Rowe Sidney
Rosa Wm
Byantho . i
Smith H ichola
Smith JB ,.. ;
Bmlth Horace . SmlthHichola BmlUiPN Jr a-
Smith WlllleO : Bmith JB ,.. ; Smith Jas A C
Bmlth Harrison Smith IiP. , Bmith John M
BmithJ Vft Wil-SmluOB BmlUiHarria
mog v. ,v u-r. ' I .. , : , .. - ,
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Saline Ber Mr .-. Btniat tt Lip- BonnorAndy ,
Snyder BP 1 ' mann Bater ft Co t
Sexton ft TenwlckSurle Henry RandenHW '
oofleld Joha , - Shearer JameaW Stawley John i
Bcllmann John A Bwope T ft Bro Sexton Martin -'
BtrobelWm Surging ThosR SkhlmoreWmNJ
Summers 8 T ' Bnodgnun Wm B Sargent 8 H m
Bidwell Nathan H Stewart Wm , Stuart Jnllu f
BpeanAW - . Swelt ft Baker Swell A W ' "
totlwld, HariwareSpeersWm Bton John ' "
dealer - Smead SD "" Sullivan Jas M
Btackmann John Bernann Joseph ASutton H W
SuterJaaA -' Spade Richard flhem Robert " '
Summon. W B Hoott Krtward Bcott Wm H ' ' '
Bcott Tbor Altor-Soott Frederick Bhaw Thoa W I
new at Law ... BpenoerRichardMScunlcke Cha
Blote G W at Co Spark Fred R , Hhater Fred
SibbeEdward BUlleyDPPr' BUemanH
Summon Morri Sherman 1
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Bide Lewi
Bynon Patrick
Thomu W i
: Thomas T
Thomson B '
Thompson J
Thompson J B
Thomson 8 L
Thompson I
Sullivan U P
Short Richard
' s; I. ,
TlbbethlBN ' ''
Taff 8 . -Tracey
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TalbottJ ,;.
TuskeyU ""
Tnttle J II s
Treat I
Toole T
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'. Taylor B r
Taylor M
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Taylor 0 ft Co
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Watton Joseph
Watson Joseph
Warmer John ,
Weed Geo W
W.llsJohnK r
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Thorns J . '
Talbott N ' i ,l
TuraeyP W ;
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Tata W M ,
Underwood OJ
Tandenhurg 0 -VanAhityneJ
Walker Ja
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Vandyke AO tO
Vincent Al ,
, Whit John " 1
War land Fraaetl
Wallace Frederick
walker varan
White BJ -Warren
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Whipple GM -f.
Wilkes Daniel -Winder
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Williamson Geo
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Wallace A '
Wallace Samuel
Warrall Henry
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William AM '
Williams BI '
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Wal thole AG Jr J Worthlngton T 0
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Wakeman M W
ate J ' t . -
J. L. VATTIER, Postmaster.
Post office, January , 1880 .u- -4 .1
Alley Mis Mary Bartlett Mr H " Bartiley SHner
BrewaMluMU Baiter Wm Bowllng-JJ ,r
Browa Mn V Buohraiui A . ., Bollier Wm '
Brandy Miss N Behraian Ch ' Rruteche Fred :'
Barley Cha t Bumgarner MrA Brady Tho
1 trown Mia M ; Black Roy Mr ... Cline Jno ,
CotterWm Conway Jno ClemenU Jo ' '!
Cartwrlght Ink Carroll B J Ceray A : ,
unamoen Bon. Jareey Mr M Oartner ft OolUttt
ummlngJaa Dorothy Ann Davis Jnn '
Dean Emma Dwyert) J Denkman T , f
Davi MissO KvansMnLA Elliott JP
Bran Jno ,. , Freeman Tho . Fitcmorrls Pat
Foly Siiaan Fisher Conrad Fowler Bin MA
FieldJ A Prant Peter t : Foulkea Thos
goyN 8 . j.! Greer MraM ... Oray Mnjemtl
GnyMiss A Garrison JD Uiv5nMI.sE -Garrison
Jno Gerhard Jno K 1 GaleMnO -P,llfP?.M,iI,.
-Qate Henry-... UordMissMary
1U1I Mn M A . Herbert Miss L Houston Jno tl
1IU.8W . Harris Mtssff IB
Huntley Mra L Harrison Jnn V 11,,nWh a
Hawkins WM Ilukel MnMary Harris Mis Bettle
Immejart Fred t Jolly Thos Jones Wm
f"0", Mr Jane Johnston Geo 0 Kuatwlargrunel
Kenney Mis J Kenney Alex gain Mif s Lottte
LogneMlsj LJ Logan Mis It 1 Lcenanl Wm
Lamb Martha , . Lvuoh John Miller Mln Julia
Moore Samuel MundFranci McOonr..ii Mr.
MoLeave Robert Malches Jacob ' Montgom'rvMissL
M'ifS S?"'"..7 1 Manbar.OotOhatJ
i, ', ' i.'r H"r !"! f 'Sa neeie jura L g
No ar .Widow . . . Neidel J 9 Orina-Benrw
u-el H B " Pratt Mrs tf B P.ttewen Dr WB
.,o..iju- mum tfunn rower uti
Pinkerton Thna Una alia. 11 n M T,
Royse Erne tine Reynold John H RadclVfreMrsO M
-u wjitu niiuianuajnew - noott'Uion B A
Rents Mra MarthaSmrl John r BtreeterMlstHl
Score Tho. Scott Mn J A Btroh OA
BnvderNJ " Snnlnger Charle Searny Jonas y
Snnelder George Bhortle. Miss J BpoonkJohu- .
Hm th Mr. A Rm,fh.T W Q;.u m .
Smith 8 M ' Towniend jf i i Turner Mm Annie
TpompnJaY TnllMleaOJ TusseyMUsH
TMmaiMiss AM Taylor Miss a Thomson U O
ThomaJohnO Walden MImM WendtFreI
WhltWm m White O . WadeJ B '
WlnelerMraJ WadeMary A : Williams Jas j
J. Q. A. FOSTER, P. M.
4rTnar art about 8,000 aottng Jastioag of
us reaoej m in otate or JuaseMhuiettg. ,
Hob. Alexander Bolleu, SearoUry 0f
-EB-Sbury, a fenotng master in London,
can cut two aheep asunder at a blow.
' jtsTMmic ean make a aad man meirj, a
juerry uiaui nserriwr, m loyor more JOTlDg, aid
a relljlon nanmoraroligiom.i ,,
Madam Bodiico attended th Presi
dent' laat levee in tier court dress, valued at
$50,000. ,,,.v: (1
'0ft here are now no less than eight tnllt
tary eompanieg in Berkeley County, Ta. Be
fore the Brora raid there wag toarooly one.
'flat-Three white men wore whipped in
Cabarru Cotatj H. C, last week, for a teal-
ing. v.' .;(;( . l.
ar-Mr. John 'Wfttkini.'of Giles County,
Tenn., died recently, ia the one hundred and
fourth j ear of hlg age.
J&'k child of Mr. Cowd.n.of Harriibara;,
Pens., bitten by a dog nine weeki ago, died
the other day of hydrophobia. . . .
'tThe thareg of the Qrtol Enter con
tinue to dolin in England. Old jankdealeri
are laid to keep A aharp eye on the Teasel.
'arAbiil baa been reported in the New
Tork Legialature appropriating $1,000,000 in
aid of the Sunjuehanna (Penn.) Railroad. , .
! fiBM. Mercir, the new French Minister,
haa taken tha residenoe in Georgetown, D. C,
lately occupied by Count Sartlges. ' . , ..-
1 Ihompion has ' been arretted in
Huntingdon County, Penn., charged with rob
bing the mail, .n ',., . ., Jlt. ; . , ;;
i ipSfka Abolition lecturer named Coates
was ordered to leare Haddonfleld, N. J., last
Saturday. ,
jB&r-Tbere are Bow In California 84 lodges,
with a total membership of 04,700, The
lodge disbursed eharltiea daring last year to.
the amount of $40,000. .:.. , . . ,
Bar-A phyeioian of Milwaukie, Wiioontln,
lately made a partially new nose for a maa
named Ward, out of a piece of flesh from the
patient' arm.
,' Cneral Robert Butler, Assistant Adju
tant General to General Jackson at the battle
of New Orleans, died reoently, sear Tallahas
see, Florida.
i jflThe London iVming Herald, In an ar
ticle on the Divorce Court, state that there
Were in proajjess and ready for hearing in all
four hundred and four cans.
1 i...i.. ....... .... n.-t .t.t J.
Alto. nuugwu muj9 suns Bowing OO
spite her 10 much as to gee people who proteis
to expeet galration go to ehuroh without their
purses when a recolleotioa is to be taken up.
afltmao Cole, a young man residing a few
lies from Winohetter, Ta., was killed a few
days ago by the accidental discharge of hit
gun,- . : ; f .,.-; ' , . . . .. ,.
ptt'HoUH Broderiok and John BToderick,
residenbi of New Tork City; sUte that they are
next heir to th lato Senator Iiroderiok'g prop
erty, Senator B.'s father and, their father being
brothers. ' '
'Til Sbiat EiigAg-Sayma Piobt. A prov
fesaioaal eorreapondent of Wi;ite'(N.T.) Spirit
aay that Eeenan ia tha viotim of oonstltutional
disaaee of the worst type, whloh will prevent
hit winninf the fight with Bayers that ie, if
he subject himself to severe training. Gener
ous 11 ting keep the disease down, but hard
training will develop it again. - If. be would
train loajj enough, it would perhaps euro him, i
but the alternate effect of a few weeks will only
bring It to the surface. jTlnnegai forfeited to
Roach loot tnumer from the sameoaui. Fin-'
negaa eonld not endure training, from the faot
that the devil in hi system would, not bo
rooted out without a struggle. Ihe "aool
dent" was orchitis. For these two reason
Th Spirit correspondent believes Beeaaa can
not wig, and say that nalees be rose in on
"half train," and lights Bayen fast, he Is
doomed to defeat. 1 ,..1 , , j
A Uts XiAabT DivocigD iv His Owk Doe
An old man named Haalett, who reside neai
Stillveldlo, on the line of the Plqua (Ohio)
Railroad, wa nlud on Saturday, by a bul
dog, whloh he had raised, and mangled in 4
horrible manner. 1 The infuriated brute stripped
off all tha flesh on one of the eld man's legs,
and bit his right ana bo badly that both leg
and arm will have to be amputated. j
Koi-iiniioon-asi wiih l Va.ioi. Tbi
Savannah Expr a ten. that during thii
winter a looomotlre builder of Philadelphia
ha been to the South soliciting orders, aad
hag obtained them to the extent of fifty-tix'
locomotives, for Southern roads. ' The average
cost of a locomotive is about $9,000; so bare t
one house engaging; a business of more), than
jjouijopo in one season. . , , , . , . ' I J
, i ATAt atfiat i inigaigBri. ir, Bhep-
fird, formerly Secretary of the Navy in the
ezan Republle, undertook to cane James
Blair, In Columbus, Mlig., a few days siace,
aad while doing 10, waa shot dead by th party
aesaa assauea.
"il.-'l .
Four Days Later from Europe.
Poethsb, Mh., January 23-The ateamar
Nova Scotian, from Liverpool on the 11th,
oi Qoaenatown on the Uth, haa arrived. Ihe
news is nnlmportant ; ,.!. . i -'
. The Royal Mail steamer Amenta from Bos
ton via Halifax, arrived at Queenstosn on the
9th. a) V,.. . .i;,. ,. t;it... , ,.
Ihe steamer iVorr Anurican from Portland,
arrived at Qurenstown on th 10th. , , -
TheAera reached Liverpool en, the
night ef the vth, and the iVortA Ameriorm ar
med there on tbe 11th. i . . ... , . 4.
' A Paris dispatch says it waa becoming every
day more doubtful whether k the Congress
would assemble, aad the Paris oonespondeat
of the London 3Vmesays the chances of the
Congress meeting were of the most shadow
character. . '' 1-., !- ,' . , .
A French journal The Opinio de Nalio.
ate which wa tunrjonel tn anaalr with
authority, believes that If Italy decided forth
annexation of th north and center of tb Ital
ian Peninsula, England would gladly accept
tb. AAtnblnarinn .kll. Tl. ! , .
11 , u ' "u" ;w wouio accept
it with tlill greater eagerness, on condition
that Savoy and Nice are restored to her. The
Onuiumdoes not anticipate that the Cabinet
of Turin wonld objeot, and after arguing that
neither Austria, Russia r Prmela ha the
powsr, will or right to interfere, says that
m.urcu vntv. mis ' oomoinatlon i se
rioaaly entertained by the governments of Lon-
ena ana jrans. - , t. .. .. :.. 1., ,
The London JVete comments on a sumtntry
of the President's Message.. It say there is
no reason to complain of the manner in which
the President deals with the general relations
between England and the United States, -f
Italy. The 'Prussian mini. I..I.1-
thong h still of the opinion of the restoration 0
me uranu uuaes tn Italy would have been thS
most desirable solution of the Italian question,
irives DDth Drofmect a lmrn..1kl tvi.k.
that annexation to Sardinia is by far the next
best thing. ; -. ;. .. .
vntna. canton adv ceg of tha SILh nf V-
vembsr say the treaty between the United
States and China has been in fore Mol
boiirne dates are to November 19, - No news
of interest. v
The funeral of Lord Maeanlav tnoV nl.n. .(
1 li .i .7. " i---
? .aiiuiuuior Aoooy on ine Via, -Among
the nall-bearera at T.nnl M...iit.4.
funeral were the Lord Chancellor, the Speaker
01 ion uoute or uommont, Lord John Russell
ana me nan ot uarlisle. Among those pres
ent were a great number of gentlemen of emi
nence, both its ' noli tioa and lifaarmtnt-a. Th.
funeral w eisontially private, and, although
divested of all pomp snd ceremony, was very
Impressive. ; , .. ,1 . , ., . t
An election at Read in a lad rAluli.,1 In lb.
eholoe of another Jew, Mr. tioldsmid t, as mem
ber of Parliament. r ,-. j.. j ... , . . .. ,
A large Panel demanitrkLlnn. ne..lil.it '.v..
by Br. Cullen. bad baen held at Dnhlln b,,t
it it represented to have been a failure.
France Lord Cowley had returned to Paris.
The i'tttrie says his mission to London was
truly one of importance. He Is represented by
one authority to have announced'that Count
Walewikl's retirement very materially facili
tated batter relatios boiweeu-th Cabinet of
France and England. .
U. Thonvenel, the new Foreign Ministers,
was expected to reach Paris about the lfith
Count 6ullemand had baan
Charge dt A if aire ad inlen'm at Con .tan ti n nnl a.
lie was first Seoretarv under M. Thonvenel In
Paris. '
The arrjointmen t-of Marshal MnMahnn tn
tbe command of the army in Italy, numbering
fifty thousand men, was regarded as a sign of
warlike complications.
1 A chapel in connection with the En dish
ehurobj, in Paris, after being opened for two
rears, had been suddenly olosed by ths
French authorities. It was believed to bs on
account of a short service having been given
In French for the benefit of the children of
British subjtets who do not understand Eng
lish. . ...
Tbe Pari Floor market waa drill.
were not reduced. .
The Paris Bourse had shown tome imnrove-
paent, but a relapse occurred on the 10th. The
last price waa 68f. 4So. The market again
showed symptoms of Improvement at th
olose. v:
Spain md Moroceo.Th following -. tele
grams indicate the course of events in Moroooo,
according to Spanish aooountsr - ; .
Madbid, J anuary 8. Th Spanish have ad
vanced on the road to Ketran without being
attacked, General Zabala had recovered from
hit illness. The Spanish loss In the action at
Oastillogos was seventy-three killed and fortv-
eight wounded.': r -, ,-js
midsid, January 0. Yesterday the Span
ish were attacked in the Valley of Negro by
two thousand Moorish cavalry and two thou
sand infantry. They were dispersed by the.
Spaniards, who had five killed and fifteen
wounded. The health of th troops at tha encamn-
ment at Serallo is improving.
Madiis, January 7. The whole army en
camped this morning to the north' of Negro
vauey, alter navmg denied tbrougn thepetses
without opposition. - Ia the course of the day
sound! of Generals waa held, to determine
upon a plan of operations. It is stated that
the army in Africa will be considerably in-
caeasea. -
The latest dispatches, dated Madrid, Jan-
nary 9, report that stormy weather had pre
vented communication with the squadron,
out tne storm bad abated and communication
was re-established. The Spanish forces had
again moved forward. ... ,
iTALv. The news of Count Walewikl's
resignation had produced a vary painful Im
pression on the Pep. - He called together tbe
principal members of the Sacred College, and
declared to' them that he wenld never fall In
the minion whloh God had Intrusted to him,
but that, like his predecessor Pius VII, he
would suffer exile and even martyrdom, rather
than do so.
It is said that Franca rapports the protest of
Piedmont against the enlistment ef foreigners 1
for the papal army, and particularly against
the wholeiale introduction of Austrian reoroit'
into Aneona. ' ,
Th theater of Vienna had been olosed,:
owinr to political demonstration. v
Letters from Genoa speak of ths possibility!
01 noauuties oeiag reeamea in xtaiy. . ,
it wa believed that tbe A'apel troops, rwlo-4
forced by the Austrian, would enter the
Legations, and in that ease Sardinia would
send a force to the aid of theRoman insurgentsj
The, King of Naples was reported to M
largely Increasing his army. - The Pope Is said
to nave addressed another note to all the)
Oatbelio powers except Sardinia.' Ramon)
had been current of an intention en the part
of th Pop to quit Rome, but the Pari faerie
gives a denial to the report " j
Auilria Charges were rife against Aastrif
of.diijtuised intervention in Italy. The Aus
trian Sovernment hd ordered Prince Mettti
ntoh to declare to dae French Cabinet that jt
would decline to enter Into negotiations - on
any other bail than the agreement of Villi
fraooa, orthe treaty of Zurich. ' !
Miamd China. A. Trieste diipalchsgiVa
tdditioaal news from China and India, nnder;
date of Canton, November 38, and Calcutta,
December 8. . ''
. The treaty between the TJnittd 8tate and
China had been put ia foroe. rati ef the
, ... j
': i fi-j jiaj I
linA fllsMHUsi. (ft f . a. .- a "
Larger advertleemraU iaeertad at the Miowlng rate
. ,. . ; T ,rF y wa now w iissi
On lnsortlon..Sl fld I Tn, .t,'-
acnadUlllonaL-. a. Three week.
-1 MlOtMsnMUiMZZl 2
vu VHlMlwMir-1 tit I V
:: . ..;
Job .Pxxitiiip; .:
1 .;
In all It branche don with Beataea and dispatch.
English troops designed for operations against -'
the Chinese, had already left for' the North.
India dliratehe anneunoe that Jung Bahador .
was opstaUsg against th rebeU in Terai. ,
Bologna, anuary 11. Tha Revolutionary
eommitteeha organixed manifestations In the
neighborhood of the Papal provinces. Those
Which took plaes In' the theaters of Aneona
and Berne are specially mentioned. On the
authorities appearing in their boxes the spec
tators left the theater, as fn aeeordance with
a preoonotrtedarrsngement.! Newpampklet
againit the temporal power ef tba Pope, had
been published i the Legations and Tuscany.
' The Urivere ia th only paper allowed to
publish the Pope's discourse. Ths impres
sion produced by th Imperial missive is gen
erally favorably regarded at Paris, and pro.
duoed nearly as mash sensation at the pamph- .
letl etf' t,i 'u!to ' :. . -M .'..
X'he Independence Beige says that there was
no foundation for th statement that Marshal
Canrobort was to be tent on an extraordinary
mission to Rome, and that he has already re
turned to his command at Nanoy.
" The aspect ot the Italian question has
earned, much rjoilnjr, . both at Venice and
Milan. : The. first Electoral College , of the
latter place chose Count Cavour as Us candl- "
date, after previously obtaining his oonsent.
Aiwtrva. Tbe agitation against the con
eordant was Increasing. ., The Austrian pub
lie openly speak of the propriety of selling
V'ebetia, Employee and some government
officers htvs received orders not to take part
in publlo conversation respecting the events
of ihe times. , t ....
, Jfronoe. The f7iee de France had received
a first waining from the Minister of the In
terior. ', M' .V ' " '.' ! i - s .
Washington News.
'Nsw ,yox,.. Ja
anuarv 28. Tha TWKun.'.
Washington correspondent savs: Mr. Sher
man has caller! a Conference of his friends to - :
meet at noon to-day, land will withdraw if
anplher easdidste can be elected, fie has -been
prepared to do so for a fortnight, and
wa only restrained by the fact that additional '
votes bad not been demonstrated upon Mesir.
Pennington, Oorwin and Morris, a has been
repeatedly promised. , Mr. Pennington will
probably be nominated!.
Mr. Smith willbedropped by tbe Democrats,
and the Americans allowes) to select a Demo
orat upon whom they oan unite. '
The Time' eorreipondent says the chances
ow are that Oorwin will be slatted on Mon
day...') '., ,.;. MT. . . , t ... .
line Herald' e eorreapondent says: The pro
ceeding In the House to-day demonstrated
the fact that Mr. Sherman can not be elected.
Six of his friendl from fenntvlvania and New
J orsey want over to Smith, of North Carolina, '
mfire to ttntalize the Democrats, not from any ( '
imposition that the latter would concentrate
upon Mr. Smith, he beinff an'Amerioarj; but -to
the eontternation of these gentlemen, all ,
the Democrats exoept Dolman and Davis, of '
Indiana, and Allen, of Ohiovoted for him,
w iloh wonld bar elected him had not five of
th Sherman- man taker the back track and ,
clanged their votei from Smith to Corwin.
add Pennington. They did, not do 10 until
Mr. Sherman rone aid recorded hi vota for
Corwin, making an additional vote necessary
w a euoioa, wnion was tne signal or danger.
Many of (he Republicans would like to vote '
tot Oorwin, other Jor BUakmaa, bat It la vl-t
dent froa th oan rats , of opinion to-night, .
that Penuinston can retch more men outsida
of Sherman'a 1 trength than any other man,
and the friend of tiuermaa will not obiect to
bim If th majority of tha Republicans de-
outre wr aim. . - .,,' .( ..-; ,:.. , ,
Mr. Adrian refuted to vote for Smith, a
Southern Whig, because he understood him to '
oe in lavor of protecting; slavery In the Terri- -
torlet, but lay he will vote for a Northern ,
Whir, like Gov. Pinnineton. whloh ha will
Srobably have an opportunity of doing on '
tonday. ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' '
I Mr. Seward had a nubile racantlnn skt hi.
residence to-night,-which wa numerouily
attended. !'' e Jt i' rT S
j Wab9ixotor, January 2tr In the diious
lion to-day which preoeded the vote for
Speaker, Valladigham, of Ohio, said, under- 1
standing Mr. Smith to always have been a
Whig, and never anything bat a Whig, and
representing as he (Mr. V.) did, a large and
rnostreapiotable Whig element, he was ready, i
wnenever nis vote coma no maae eniaient, to
vote for Mr. Bmith for Speaker over Mr. Sher
man. He would not," in such a ease, be re
sponsible for th disorganisttioa of the House,
S not a dissolution of the Government. ' Public
uty demanded the waiving of men's prefer-
enees as to the candidate, and the time when ,
his vote would eleot a national man Sneaker
over Mr. Sherman having, arrived, he would
Iow vote for Mr. Smith. , ,. . ,
Pendleton,, of Ohio, said lie represented
atlve and naturalized citisens of all religious
peilefs,(rman and Irinh, Protestant and Oath-
lio. i His naturalised constituents were honest ,
tod patriotic. - He wonld vote for no man who
Would presoribe them, or whose sympathies '
were againat them. He -had converted with
Mr. Smith and learned from him that he had
never bid any connection with the Enow
Nothing order, or sympathy with it prescrip
tive tenets. He, therefore, to organise the
House on a national basis, voted for Bmith.
Mr. Cox, of bio, said when Mr. Smith's ,
name was presented, he made inquiry, and '
learned that he was an Old-line Whig. His
(Cox's) colleague (Pendleton). had jest been
in oonveraatloq with Smith, and reported that
Mr. Bmith was not only not a Know-Nothing,
bat that he was opposed to the order and tho
principles, and that ha had ; never been and
was not now a member of a Enow-Nothing
lodge, but had denennoed it, If this be true,
and I say it is, and I look Mr. Smith, who is
now present, ia the eye when I assert it, there
can be no difficulty in my giving him my
vote in thil emergency ef the Bepublio, and
defeat ths RepublloaiisY ,
v An Old-line Whig who Is net In any way
connected with theoffeisive order, who stands
on th Compromis oLXtSO, and who, I nnder
tand, WMOlaoted over . a. gentltmaa of the
slave 'code I ean veto for, but I would net go
out or my party to vota If I was not assured
H would produce en organisation. I said I
aever would vote for a Republican or a Know
Nothing; I never will; I do not now. I vote
for an Old-Line Whig, and suoh men voted to
send me here. I am the more " satisfied with
rny tote, as sines this call gentlsmen on the
other aide, members from Pennsylvania, ds
rtrted Mr. Bmlth aftot voting for him. I have
given at a reason that he was not an Ameri
can. This confirms Mr. Smith's own state
ment tt Mr. Pendleton, and my own statement '
in hi pretense, " -.i f ,
- The Republican soember of Oeagnu held
a cancas at ths Capitol to-day There waa a
fall attoadanee, bat no result attained. Many
came away before the adjoaramtnt, having
other discussing la brief speech the subject
of the Spakershlpr-In conteqweaee of this
non-sgremsat, the Republicans will go lato '
th Hons en Monday without any partieolar
candidate , among themselves, as, on th first
day uf ths session. ' ' N J ; -,
Later from Havana.
SAfiiiii, Jaanary ja theetiamer !
hu arrived off Lybeo, oa her way to Chatles
ton, with Havana, advices of the 25th.
New whits Muscovado sugar 88 reals.
Molasses quiet. Freights dull. Ejcohangeon
New York S4 per owat premlsm.
-nTh ttee,mr Empire Oity, front New Orleans
for New Terki has been ashore at the entrance
of the Jtarkor at Havana, hot got off without
material dama. " ' ' w- - ,- '.
w rvi::ud

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