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i "
"WAHT8,""F0 iAiB." "TO LBT," "MWr,
"POUND," Ac, In thla oolmmi, ooowpvlng five lines
rlMt.twolnMTtloiuhnaiy-lhrtSMts. r- -
A maa ul bit wlfk to go on tanai alao,
three food stngl men, need to forming ud garden.
log; alao, a ma e cook ana e man to light Aim! alio,
atewsood airla for general bonne-work. Apply at
tlie General lotelllgeno Agency, Ho. MlW.eWrn
row. tJ80-h A. D. 0 AB80H 00.
T ANTED. A fint-rat Cook, to do
flfllh n llu hilt KAnb . I - A
labia place, situation given for thro year.
Addroae Box 9.137. giving residence, reference and
terms. I will call on tba applicant to make alias
rangamunti required. JeJO-b
WANTED - A ROOM. On or two
. Boom, unfurnished, for a family. Addnat
M.l.L.,atthii office. ja3fl-b
WANTED POT A imart, actlTe oy,
lo work In a confectionery-shop. Aptly at
So. 130 Wait fourth ali-oat. Mrs. W.J. JOHHSON.
Cameras, Vamara-itandi.
Head-rests, Stands, Screens, stock, Oe.alcala, aad
anything elia required in tba bullae. At ply at
tba Daa uerreian Gallery, aouth-weat oornar ot Mala
ana Ninth-street, v JeMb
WANTED Mm of good address to toll
an arllcta In dally na by every on. Maa
now engaged are making f torn ll goto St hi day.
A. A .4oT' capital required. Apply at 131 Waal
fifth-street. jaMb
anraa, by a woman who haa had experience,
nd can give reference. Apply at tba Ooamarclal
loedeGrevel Apply to LAN I A BODLKT,
cornar of John and Water-etreet. jaMb
married man, aa Ooechman: understand
tking oar of horaaa i alao la a Ho. 1 Oardonar. Hla
wifa ia willing to angaga aa Cook, or to do household
Best reference given.
Addraaa D. M., at thig
WW whereabout of Patrick OaaaMc iIiikiim .
tba United State In-tba ahlp " Unlerwrlter," by
hla wifa Ellen ; alio of tba whereabout of Bridget
P?ffiiln ' Si,y HUH OAMIDT,
late Ellon Bharadan, at thla office. , jao
WANTED A GIRL To do chamber-
. work and take care of children, at No. its
West Sortnth-stnet. kotween Lion and Baymiller.
LiaSOb' L'
WANTED A man with a small capital,
or with a atock of dry f oods, grooerls or
jewelry, to trade on tha rlvr. Inquire at Ho. US
8rcmore-itrt. Ho lntemparata man need apply.
WA N TED SeToral married ladles, to en-
.v, eaeay and profitable bnalnew, both
In thie eity and to travel abroad, and who can com.
mand $J or $10. Addraaa, through tha Foatofnoe,
BQK1.7M. Oommnnlotlonconfldentll. Jai7w
If ANTED Clerks, book-keeper, galea-
WW men, bar-keepers, porter, coo para, careen
ten, mechanic!, laborer aad other, can and eitna
Uona at the Merchant' Clerk Beglatry Office, lit
OR SALE One of the most derirable
Boarding-house In the dry, Ailed with coot
reaa Offloe. jaJ8b
good Family Bora, tlx year old,
perfeotly gentle, for aala very low, with or without
"w , B- BIDDALL, ital bUU Agent,
87 Weat Third-atreet. JaiSb
FOR BALE. A geoond-haad Portable En
gine, of eUht-hora power. Baa bean need
four month, and eaa be een In operation at tba
Palmer Pomp Work, at tha Interaction of Miami
Canal and Thlrd-atroet. laMf
' T OaT.-rOn Friday, P. M., In a crowd, on
MA tke comer of Vine and Foorth-atreete, a boy'
op. The Under will be rewarded byUaring it at
thla office. JaM-b
T 0ST NOTE-Loit or mislaid, a note
MS drawn by Btite In fayor of L. Ucaarrey, pay.
able at the office of Mr. Beaekiah Btitea, in Ooluin.
bia, for eigbty-ienn dollar, indoraed ly L. McOar.
Toy. Thla i to give notice that payment haa been
topnei, and all peraona are warned agalnat buying
or trading for the aboye not.
January la, 18M. ' ja37o
jl 0 U N D GOLD WATCH Yesterday
afternoon. The owner can hay It by calling
Porter AHoag' Oatlery. No. 100 fourth -atreat,
I giving a description of the earn. jaMb
FOR RENT. T'FO Yery pleasant bouses
on the aouth-wmt corner of Kim and Third,
treat, with g a. Bent very low to a prompt-paying
tenant. Inquire on thiyremiae. jafu-b
FOR RENT A front Room, with Fur
nlture and every thing that I naoeMary. In
quire on the north-eaat oornar of Seventh and Main
creet, in the grocery. Itbl first-rate room for a
ingle gentleman. - Ja28b
BOARDING rjfwo young gentlemen ean
be accommodat' td with flnt-claaa Boarding and
pleaaant Boom at un Plum-atreet, near Fourth.
Alao, a few Bay Boar der wanted. jJ0-d
11 KutTblrd-ritreeCoppoaitetb HenrleHonae.
MORNING. Febraarvl. at half nut 9 o'olnnk.
bewddat Auotlon, aitbout rewire, it packages of
nav i.ugoau aou oi anr orauaiaa, joav arnraa Irom
New York, and will to sold in lot to ault pnrohaaer.
Terniacaib. .
J30 -1 I. AAKOW, Auctioneer.
JOHNSTON, in Bales-room Ho. tS Hain-rtreet,
next to Trnat Co. Badk. TDS8DAT MOBNIHO,
JannarySl, comma neing atX o'clock, will beaold.
without reaerve, 81 dosen (lampaohy fin Kid, Brush.
grain and Tampicti Boot-akina, with eoe caaas
men's prim heavy Boota, maa and boy's Brogaas.
ladlea'OalterWs, chlldien'a Shoe. o.
A LSO Imniedla.ielyafter tha ab.iv, w will Mil,
wltho it reaerve, a large and desirable stock of Dry
uuk'u., Aaiiui. uuw,,uii, apa, CO
)a30 TH OMA3 J0HN8I0H, Auctioneer,
WILLIAMJ Bnlea-rooma Noa. M .nrf u SJui
Tbird-atreet.-On TCE8DAT MORNING, January
31. at tH o'clock, fcceneral atoek of anod saw IWnf.
tare, via: Solas, ftxiablea, iprlng-seat parlor large
rocking and Elllebatb Chain, eane-aeat dining, cot
tage and rocking do., dreeaing Bureau., Blde-board,
marble-top Tabled, Stead, Bedstead, What-aet,
large gilt Mirrora, Ao.
ALBO-A alock of seoond-hand Furnilur of
family removing.
AJ.10-A variety of Table Cutlery aad Fancy
alootla. Ao. 'mi
AtBo A lame Iron Safe, good as nsw; a lot of
jh.uuh,wihivwi vuiuiriugoi, -
jao . , A. KELLOGG, Auctioneer,
jb. uoraoie BacDin extant.
Call and see them. ' " .i
javci : ou vress tjounn-sireei.
ataTWarranted to give latiafactJonjBSJ '
.. No. 19 aad 91 Baat Beoeadtiwet,
R. Hloat A Oo'a. Family Bearing Machine has
been removed to No. 30 West Voartk-street, over
Lt iloutelliars. rjaeaa) Ja. J, vk v., Agiat.
BUSOIT SOBOOt, Exanmoi-Tba budIIs of
the Sandsy School oonneeted with Mew's
Chapel, will iveaa exhibition at their ohurca
this srsnlDg, to which all axe cordially in
vited. . -. ,
Nsw Riii.inin Vf i. rvu. v.. '--v.
liihed new railroad maps of the Middle and
Vutu. flu... , . i ... i ... ...
do mii U outwa, who au los stations ana ais-
tancss batwaaa atattnna T .l...kl t.
shippers and baslness man. D. Needhsm, No.
11& Western-row, Is a general agent. Trar-
iiDg agenis wantea.
TTiTn T,Mnn ft, r.iii.B t- . it.. ,
letters detained for non-payment of postage it
v vswuiov, ia uu citj, anoaiy jijj
J K.Ohrlatonhar, Dayton, O.
Wm. M. Goodrich, Hew Tork Oitf.
t. If. Hnnter, Aabley, III. '
W B. Ohr. Schiach, Lonlavll'a, Ky. .
Ulrich Bophart, Uarrolton, Ky.
John rrank, Ht. Louis, Mo.
B. Btratton, Bichmond, Ind.
tarn. Parker, steamer Swallow, on Ohio Blvar.
Tin o Saiuioat Ansssooi. About two
o'olook on Saturday afternoon a ore broke out
in the wine-eellar of Zimmerman k Co., on
Slxth-stresty below the Whitewater Canal,
which caused oonilderable alarm, but was ex
tinguished before any material damage had
been done. The entire loss has been estimated
at $600, whioh Is, we beliere, fully eorered by
Htubiii. Tinrlno K uv
- i"e uw n luutuj va
Saturday last forty-two marriage lloenssa
were issued by the Clerk of the Probate Court,
against fifty-two during the week previous.
Notwithstanding the Union sentiment so
IITMllMtl tkM..tmit 41.. .. . . f.l
r--"--- . --6UUU' iuuii vwi, ia wiu
be sees that there haa tiaan a faliina r
twenty per oent in the number who entered
that one of the United States matrimony.
Mstsoso logical Obssitatioss To tha
Aaatf firm, by Henry Ware, OptioUn, No. T
neat ji vurw-iireet, tianuary Xot
u-eiocit. Barometer.
r a. a g-
II Je.insiiiiesianmiensa2V.44
Above aero ST
Above sero S4
Above aero 40
January it.
Above aero 30
Above aero ol
Above aero
M t Neeess seseste ee 39. ft 3
O'olook. Barometer.
i. v S...M.-MWWWM 29.6ft
IS M...MM.MIMM.n..MMM....... 39.4ft
LlrmiUin f!nira.e tm ana W...
Miskop Ciuioh. The first of a course of fonr
leotnres, to bs given at the West End Minion
Chnrah. en Pntilawatraat. ill W. j.i;..mj
this svening, by Professor Milton Sayler. At
(uffwuujuiuuvi ujo leoture, a srana concert
L If . J Tl , . . 1 . . .
uj iuauaiu Aive, ana etnsr weu Known TO-
fiallatll. will lalra viIbaa TIaIIi ..j
lecturer ar quite popular, and their Combined
magnetio tower should, and doubtless will,
fill the churoh to its utmost capacity.
SlNfllTLAa AVn PanaABt.T Vatit. Annrnara
A llttl hov. ahnnt aloh. .f... . f .
widow named Johnson, residing on Third-street,
easv oi uroaaway, was run over by one of the
ears of the City Passenger Railroad Company,
day before yesterday, and nearly killed. He
made an sffort to jump upon the forward part
of the ears, but missed his footing and fell
acroa uo ino, me wneeis oi tne yenicle
Vassing OTsr ona of his levs both at tha ankla
and thigh. The most singular part of the
eireumstance I, that so bones were fratiured,
and at tha ankla tha aVin w c . nAf mm IimV.
although at the thigh the flesh was out open
for the length of several inohes. The wounds
at nrst itemed so slignt mat It was thought
he would recover, but the symptoms sinoe
hava been of annh a nature aa an fwnrlo. fKia
result extremely doubtful.
Pubov, Jail aid Hospital. In the Cltw
Prison, at the oiose of the week, there were 149
prisoners. (CS of them females,) against 145
the previous week. During the week 63 pris
oners were anocargea.
In the County Jail there were 1 lunatics;
28 females; 6 on bread and water: 32 on chain-
gang; 77 in main Jail 149 in all, against 143
tne weei previous.
At the Commercial Hospital 27 nersons were
admitted during tha week; 82 discharged; 0
bornj and 2 died John Moran and Lucy
In the Hospital last evening Ui natienta
were unaer treatment, against too tne previ
vious week.
At the oloie of the week there were four
esses of small-pox at the Pest-house.
PouoiCovit. Judge Lowe examined fortv,
four cases at the Police Court on Saturday
morning, dqi mev were generally ummnortant.
The following were dispoied of, and are the
oniy ones oi general intercut which came before
that tribunal during the session:
John Cardemsn, the driver of the wagon
whieh some day slnoe ran over and killed a
little boy near tne Brighton House, was held
in $500 ball te answer the charge of man
slaughter at the Court of Common Pleas.
John Cottle, convicted of stabbing an un
known man on Central-avenue, with intent to
kill, sevsral woeks ago, was oommltted, in de
fault of $350 bail, to await a trial at the Court
of Common Pleas. .
Robert Jones, the convioted Sixth-street
gambler, was nned $75 and costs.
H. L. Wyatt, convioted of keeping a gam'
lag-homo on Baker-street, was fined $200 and
oosts. .
Assist or a Alligid Cihoirrati Thrfii
MinraiB. On Tuesday last, according to the
Memphis Argus, Captain Garrett, of ths night
nollca of that nlaca. received a dlanateh from
this oity stating that an extensive robbery of
jewelry and money Bad been committed here
a short Urn slnoe, and giving a description
of the supposed thief. Some of the day police
were immediately informed of the facts in ths
ease, and during the afternoon arrested a man
calling himself A. B. Kendall, alias A. J.
KsndalL The prisoner, who ii said to per-
ieeiiy answer us aesonpuon sent by . our
police, was looked up in the oity jsil to await
a requisition from Governor Dennlson, of this
Stats. It is said that Kendall wag formerly
puuiuuer oi n uisgusung aneei in mis Oity,
with whose name we will not sullv oar
columns, and, if this statement be true, he
nas oen taking a step forward; for lt Is cer
tainlv lets bad, speaking from a moral atand
point, to steal than to be the proprietor ef
uvu miv aa u to wtuoa w nave SU'
luded. .
Ill LiTl Hovioisi 1ST (hi fiiXTiam
Waib Cosom'a Ikqoist. In our last issue
we gsvs an account of a homicide that occurred
on tne eoraer or Carr-street and the White
water Canal, on Friday evening. We were
not aware of the oireuuutaneea at tha time.
but from the developemsnti made before the
coroner's jury It teems to have been one of the
most cold-blooded affairs of the kind with
whioh the fame of onr eity haa been stained.
XI appears tbat John MoUarty and Thomas
Reed had been drinking together in a house
at the above-named locality, when high words
arose and MoCarty walked away, laying that
he would not strike Reed ander any circum
stances. Thii, it was supposed, ended the
quarrel, and the bystanders had ceased te
think of it: but R. walked to a wall whereon
his eoat was hanging, whioh he took down,
drew a knife from one of its jMoketo and de-
Lllberatsly approaching MoCarty plunged lt Into
I his heart. The wounded mun fell dead at hla
feet, and he quietly wf nt out of the house as
if be had been guilty of no violation of law.
. The nolleemea who went to arrest Read
stated that they found him In the act of groom
ing on none, ana instead or enenng any ex
cuse for his ael he coolly said he had killed
MoCarty and would do it again, either him or
any other man, under similar eymimstanoes,
He ww oonflnsd In the Ninth-street Station-
house, and dav before yesterday was before the
Poiloo0onrt,aud committed without ball to await
a preliminary trial to-morrow morning, xne
deceased was married, and lived on Tromont-
street, bat fortunately, we believe, had never
oecom a parent. .
Wood's Thut TA.ni.ht ana if the
brighteet etar in the dramatic armament In thla
Country will diaanrviar. Aft... hllH..,MM.. nj
joat at the time aba baa reached tha meridian of her
i, amn tiogan naaconelnded to leave the atage.
we are aware tbat lie dntiee ar ardaoua and Ita com.
paoaatlona geuecally Inadequate to thetaak and tha
toll, bat upon her nature .railed and fort'ine'a way.
ward goddeea never frowned. Her theatrical path
way ha bean atrawn with flower, and fame has
placed upon her brow a wreath which can not fade.
It te with coaaiderabl aadnaaa. therefore, that we
are compelled to bid here profeaeionel farewell. 8h
te too young, too gifred, too great to leave the pro
nation her geniui has adorned, and then ar too
few person upon the atage, repreeentatlvee of the
atrlctly classic achool of dramatic art, to permit na
to part with her wlthont regret. Having el way
beea Intereeted in bar profeealona! eucceae, and hav
ing, for aom time, In eontesuenceof ourpnaitlon,
tha power to ohroniolelt, we part with her reluct-
ui noping, nowever, that life may be still
ffht In the nalh ah I. .hnnl n I.
baa beanln the one she la about to leave.
Our cltitene, appreciating her worth, andanvlona
tbat aha ahould Iwve hr profeealon with a fitting
niiuiouiai, nave tenaerea ner a complimentary
beneAt. to tAKe nl ana thUmnln.., U ,
Bhe haa choavn the character of "Bianca," id the
celebrated tragedy of 141:0. and that of "Juliana,"
in Tas Hoatraooa, in which to make her final ap
pearance, and, we donbt not, the hunae will be
crowd td to Ita utmoat capacity. It la, indeed, meet
loamenouia Deeo, and we heartily hope ehemay
bv an audienoe which will add yet another link to
tba flowery chain that already binds bar to thla city.
fill's OrikA-BOPSa. Ths Florence era
till at thla magnincent eatabliahment, and will ap
pear thla evening in laughable new burleaone, en
titled Laua Boom. They ar loaing none of their
popularity, and have haea playing to Targe audienoe
during their entire engagement. Iu aer dance,
onga. farce and protean performance, Hi. Iter
ance ha ooaaiderable merit, a we have Wore laid,
and-alweyaaote a well .he can. We doubt not lt has
been tola ooaaclentionanet that baa made her pop
ular, and the production of the burleaou will doubt
lei draw all her admlrara to witneea her perform
ance of "Lalla Bookh." The opening piece isTiu
Iaisa Lion, with Mr. Florence a "Tim Moore."
Natiowal Tbiatm Thi Hsait or m
HtDLOTniAii, received upon Its lint representation a
few week ago with immense applause, will be re
produced at the National thi evening. The entire
trength of the company I embodied In the cast, and
tne neriormanoe will oloae with tha l.n.hivh a fmrnm
of PopnNo thi Quutioh aa excellent bill, and one
which ahould all the house to repletion.
The Legislative Visit to Cincinnati—
Finale of the Festivities and
of the Guests.
On Saturday morning the trio of legisla
tures, who arrived in the city and partook of
1,. 1- :.,!,!.. T. ! , . .
lie uuipiwiuea ud ji naav aiiernoon ana even
ing, assembled at the Fifth-street Market-
space to witness an exhibition of our Steam
Fire Department. The entire police force was
on the ground, and, having cleared the street,
the engines were driven up and steam was
raised m at lew moments, ine exnieiuon
lasted about an hour aad was very satisfactory,
not only to ths guests, but also to an immense
ooneourio of our sitisens who wsre upon the
At the conclusion of the exhibition the
guests, in company with the City Council and
the Committee of Arrangements, repaired to
the residence of Nicholas Longworth. in com
pliance with aa invitation they had received
the evening before at the banquet. Great
preparations had been made for their recep
tion. Tables wsre spread with tenanting
edibles and the most delicious Catawba, of
which the entire party partook freely.
Mr. tongworth haying bean toasted by the
Hon. Mr. Underwood, of Eentnoky, as the
representative men of the times, when men
counted not the value of the Union, Mr.
Flagg, of the Ohio House of Representative!,
responded with the following sentiment :
Tht TV JVees The Ash of Kentucky, fur
nishing the wood of the lance, emblem of
chivalry 1 the Hickory of Tennessee, rook
rooted, storm-defying, emblem cf thought;
tne jjuckeye or unio, blooming and refresh
ing as woman, emblem of beauty. Chivalry,
beauty and strength, the Tine that has Its
home on the hills of Ohio, Eentnoky and Ten
nessee, shall twine around them all, binding
trunk and branch into an emblem of Union
not the bundle of dry and sapless roots of the
Roman Republis, but in a living aicei of per
petual growth.
At tne conoiusion ot tnis entertainment, the
gueBts were oonduoted through Mr. Long
worth's wine-cellars, and after they had
visited tbem in every part and wandered indis
criminately tnrougn these Immense vaults,
they returned to their hotels to prepare for
their departure.
During the banquet of Friday evening the
following dispatch was received and read from
Governor Morgan, of New Tork:
ALBANY, January 27, 1860.
TO of
State has just paaaad the following resolution unani
mously :
Beeolvad, That the Governor be requoated to ex
tend to the Governori and Legislators of the State
of Kentucky and Tennesare, now on a visit to the
capital of Ohio, and to the Governor and Legislature
of the State or Ohio, a cordial invitation to visit this
capital, a the gueata of the Stat.
i add the expression of my earnest hope, tbat the
Invitation hereby extended may be accepted. Please
communicate the abov to the concerned.
ALBANY, January 27, 1860. E. D. MORGAN.
Daring the visit to the residence of Mr.
Longworth, day before yesterday, the follow
ing diapatch was prepared and lent in reply to
the above:
CINCINNATI, O., January 28, 1860.
iin at n un... 111,... w v 1. , j
Invitation to the lieela atui ea of Kentucky. Tennea.
aee and Ohio, to visit Albany, was received too late
for present acceptance.
w a will promptly present lt to our respective Legislature.
J. HASKELL NEWMAN,Lient Gov. of Tenn.
Most of the guests of the city from Een
tnoky left at one o'clock In the afternoon on
the Eentnoky Central Railroad, fin hoard a
special train placed at their disposal by R. S.
Bowler, tne superintendent or the road. They
were escorted to the depot by the City Coun
cil and the Committee cf Arrangements, and
denartad annarentlv highly delighted with
iheir visit, In excellent spirits, and amid the
hearty cheers of a large number, or the cit
izens of Covington who had assembled to bid
them adieu.
The visitors from Tsnnessee left the city at
four o'clock, upon tbeJaeoo Strader, that
steamer having been detailed especially for
the purpose. A large number of onr oititeni
Had assembled at the wnarr, and, as tne boat
left the shore, a shout that started the eohoes
from the hills cf our sister State arose upon the
air and bads the guests a hearty "Ood speed."
The steamer went up the river some distance,
and, turning, went put the oity gracefully as
a thing of life. Cannon were fired, the bells
of the steamers lying at the wharf were rung,
and amid the moit euthusiastio oheeri of the
people, our guests departed.
Thus ended this imposing end magnificent
affair, alike complimentary to the oity and
her distinguished guests. That those who
have visited sympathise more deeply with us
than ever before, none ean doubt; that they
were hospitably entertained,' no one will
deny. The visit hss been beneldal in many
respects, bnt particularly In this: it hag ihown
that the people of the States, whatever their
diflorenoes or opinion in regard to national
polloy, are bound together not only by their
devotion to tha Union, but also by a sympathy,
uniting thsm as individuals, which will re
main unbroken, though all the rest be severed.
PAimvThe friends and admirers of Thomas
Pains celebrated the one hundred and twenty-
ninm anniversary 01 at uirvu-uaj, jeeveiuBj,
the 20th Inst .The movement originated
chiefly among the Oermans, who. turned cut
In" great numbers, af sampling at Arbelter
Hall and proceeding to the Melodeon, where
the celebration took place.
Kamerous resolutions la German, express
ing sympathy with Mr. Paine's political
principles, wsre passed. John A. Willich, of
the Cincinnati Jfeynteltibaaer, delivered an ad'
dress In his native tonne, eulogising the so
litlcal and other services cf Mr. Faiae, pro
nouncing him the embodiment of patriotism
ana tree tnongnt. -, "
He was followed bv several English speakers,
who reviewed brlsfl all the service Paine
had rendered his country and .the earns
liberty in general.
, The great feature of the occasion, however,
was the address on the "Superstitions of the
Day," delivered by Joseph Treat, of this State..
The- speaker took the ultra Atheistical
ground, muoh to the chagrin of Jj greater
part of his audience, who, while they admire
Mr. Pslne's political principles, and even hii
religious theories, yet were opposed to such
discussion, regarding it as altogether out
place in an anniversary osieornuon
.' . - : . 1 -..
RasDLT or ab Iarasritigoi with Douiitio
Amosimist Bkitos vs. Tsutos. Happiness
Is not so much in outward objects as in us.
Surrounding' oircumstanoes. hare but one in
fluence in determining the amouaj of enjoy
ment allotted to any particular person, and
that la invariably to enhance it. Xheie oir
cumstanoes are always peculiarly adapted to
the Individual they attend, and were it posii
sible for him to divest himself of them, and
place himself la the position of another, be
would at once be the most miierable of mor
tals: and this is true, too, though it conduot
the person from vagrancy to affluence. The
carae preying upon him in this ease would be
so greet that he would at once cry out for re
lief; h would rather want for breed than fcr
peaoe; be could sleep sweeter on the paving
stone than on the downy pillow. The latter
might be taken away or destroyed by fire, the
former never.
We are apt to Judge of the hanninaaa of an.
other from our own stand-point. Wt Would
not be happy if in his situation, therefore hi
is not, is the usual concluiion, though alto
gether an unlogioal one.
Thoie little difficulties ws encounter are the
mere over sowings of an overgrown happiness,
little ebulltions and episodes, absolutely ne
cessary to onr existenoe. If there be one
thing more palpable than another, It Is that
existenoe is balanced in every respect; that
elevation is inoceeded by deprssslon, and that
every evil finds its compeniatlon. The re
lentleis bachelor sees from a distance those
little jars wblsh occasionally occur In the best
regulated families, and moralises upon the
trials of married men. Benediot visits the
desolate apartment of his rival, and thanks
his stars that fate has given him a wife. Tb
maiden of we came near saying forty, but
we do not wish to be rude, besides unwedded
women never arrive at that age while play
ing with her poodle, is unsparing in her de
nunciation of children; the matron takes the
child on her knee and kioks the canine from
her door.
This theory, we think, ii ielf-evident, but
we will illustrate it by an example. In an ob
scure street In this city lives a Briton and his
spouse whose relations are not always harmoni
ous, but at times the twain are accustomed to
engage in small bickerings, whinh.hnw.vai.
are abundantly compensated by an excess of
love and Kindness, noar by lives, or rather
rooms, a Teutonic bachelor, one who rejoiosi in
the moral courage he has ever displayed.when
besieged by any of the fair sex, and who always
expressed, whenever an occasion is presented
his abhorrence of matrimony In all its features.
He is wont to deoant upon the tyranny
of woman, and ia frequently compelled to oall
to his assistance all the philosophy of his na
tion to mollify his Indignation; -The
Briton and his congenial partner have
frequently attracted the attention of the Teu
ton. He scrutinised their differences, but
heeded not their harmonies; be treasured their
quarrels, dui neglected their kindnesses. At
length, becoming excited, he rashly determined
to asiiit his neighbor to vindicate hii sex
whenever assailed by his female partner.
He waited not long for an occasion. About
a week since Lewellyn visited a friend, and
not having the fear of his wife hefora hit
eyes imbibed freely, and about the small hours
of ths morning made his way borne, where he
was satuteu witn mat oiasncai rmale weapon,
the broomitlok, and was for some time the
unwilling reolplent of well dealt blows. His
cries at length brought Barney to the spot,
who at once protested against the proceeding;
dus instead 01 receiving tne tnanks or the un
fortunate husband, a truce was quickly oon
eluded between the belligerents, and the in
trader found It convenient to absent himself
When passing out of the doorha was informed
that all family discord was "harmony not un
derstood," and that the darkest hour of mat
rimonial life was a thousand times preferable
10 tue nappioii 01 oacneiorjnipi. uur hero
retired to his room and spent the dav hi mu
log upon the baseness of ingratitude and the
folly of bestowing philanthropy where it was
Ei.ictiok or Tsachibs lis thi Schools.,
At the meeting of the School Board on Friday
nignt meiouowing teaoners were elected:
First District-Mr. W. H. Worrell. Princi
pal: First Assistant, Miss 0. E. Oilman: 6eo
ond Assistant, Mil Qinnie Davidson; First
Third Assistant, Mies Mary Hill; Second
Xbtrd Assistant, Mm HUe Pratt.
Second District Mr. J. M. Bodine, Prinol
psl; First Aislslant, Miss Mary Gray; Ssoond
Assistant, Miss Nolan; Third Assistant, Miss
Anna nan.
Third Diitrlep-Mr. W. 0. Perrin, Prinoi'
pal: Flnt Assistant, Miss Norah Weidler.
Fourth Distriot Mr. M. 0. Perrin, Princi
pal; first Aisistant, Miss Bhroek; Second As
sistant, Mtes uarrie xnomss; Xbird Assistant,
Bliss u. Brown,
wirif, Tiii,.t nr. a n n.;..:..i
..... u. v. vjai.uiu, iiiuei.ii
First Assistant, Miss Mattie Young; Seoond
Assistant, Miss Ella Oilman.
Sixth District Miss Jane E. Thicker. First
Assistant; second Assistant, Miss Lottie Hull.
High Sohool Prof. Asa Drurv. Prlnelnal:
First Assistant, Mr. H. N. Philbrlok; Second
ABitstant, mils s. a. uwens.
To ln Editor ojpmnu Preui
Gists Some days since, under the head of
"uovington news," in tue Cincinnati i-i-out'rer,
my name was used as being a candi
date tor tne Mayoralty or tne eity or coving
ton. The office referred to would necessarily
interfere with my professional engagements
and business. For the reason above, and, to
me, other sufficient reasons, I feel compelled
to decline the honor of a contest forthatoffice.
By giving the above one insertion in your
win tne -
Respectfully, S. H. CAMBRON.
COVINGTON, KY., Jan. 28, 1860.
RisoLTjTioa IPDiiiHiiYirto On or Oui Crr t
smb. The following resolution was offered in
the House, a few days since, by J. O. Carlisle,
out was laid on the table for one day:
"Rtiohed bii lh General Auemblv th
OommonuealtX of Kentucky, That the Auditor of
Public Accounts be, and is hereby, directed to
draw his warrant on the Treesurer in favor of
John W. Menzies, for the sum of $90, to be
expended in removing the remains of Billion
Williams, late of Kenton County, and relnter-
ring the same near those of Daniel Boons In
tne cemetery at x ranklort.
Biblb Class. The Young Men'i Christian
Union of this city held a meeting on Monday
evening last, 23d Inst, for the purpose of or
ganiilng a Bible class, and, having completed
their arrangements, will again meet this even
ing in the lecture-room ef the First Baptist
Church, on Fourth-street, west of Madison.
where they will be happy to receive such of
tnu uuuoi or outers wno may wisn to par
ticipate In the exercises of the class, or become
Covktt Covit. In the County Clerk's offloe
last week, there were thirteen deeds, seven
mortgages, and fonr releases recorded, and
two marriage licenses granted.
DiSTirotriSHiD VraiTots. Gov. Magoffin,
several of the State officers, and numerous
members of the State Legislature, passed
through our oity yesterday, ea rout to Frank
fort. On their arrival at the ferry landing,
they were greeted by a salute from the Wash
ington Artillery, and afterward escorted
through the principal streets cf the city, to
the Licking Bridge, where they were received
by the Kentucky Rovers and Eenton Cadets,
and by them escorted to the, railroad depot.
They left on the oars at two o'clock and fifteen
minutes P. M., after giving three hearty
cheers In honor of our eitisens, together with
those ef Covington, whioh were returned with
a hearty good will by the assembled multitude.
Committee on Ways and Means, acting under
the direction cf the City Council, has trans
mitted to New Tork a draft for $701, the
amount of interest whioh will be- due on onr
city bonds, oa the 1st of February next.
Mssriao or ths Coggrrria or AaiAioi-
mskts The Committee of Arrangements ap
pointed to receive and entertain the guests of
to eity from Kentucky and Tennessee, are
requested to meet this afternoon at half-past
two o'clock at the Chamber of Commerce, at
which time persons having bills against them
will present them for py menu A full attend
ance is earnestly requested, and It la hoped
each member will be at the Committee-room
promptly at th time, as the buiiness Is of Im
portance and should be attended to imme
diately. .
The River at this point has continued to da.
dine gradnallr since onr laat laana. and waa lut
evening atill receding, with about twelve feet water
111 tne cnaonoi Detween nere ana Liouiavil e. The
Oblo ia In a good navigable condition all the way
from Pittsburg to the mouth, at present, but will not
be, if the full continue mn-h longer.
The weather has been dry and eloaaantaince Fri
day night, the temperature yesterday being lower
than on Ha'nrday, aad somewhat indicative of rain.
Business on the Landing waa rather Quiet on 8s,
tnrday, and froight for th upper porta were light,
but abundant for the lower. A number of boat were
at ths wharf receiving cargoes.
Batei of froight are unchanged and as follow :
Pittaliurg-Cotton. .: Molaaaea. Soo.t Whlskv.
3V;.: Flour, 5c. Pork and Lard, SJc: Poind
might, li-io. per 100 lb.
Nashville Whiakv. tier hrl.. Sflo Ala. 40s.! Pound
Freights, lyaaoo. per 100 lb.
m. uouia iieavy runa r reiguti, zoo. per too ina.:
Whisky and Oil, 65c. per brL; tltoves, Uo.; AU, too.
per brl. .
Bivanavine nniaiy anu ui 1,000. per on.
Uairo W hlakv and Oil. Stm. ner brl ! Pnnnd
Freights, w. per 100 lbs.
New Orleans Whlskv and Oil lie: Floor. Bon.! Park
eflo.i Bacon, and other pound ITrelgt, per
iw iu.., nK Ajnnii inc.; norsen. iu per oeaa.
At Louisville the River waa falling Quite lowly on
Friday, with seven feet water In the canal laat even
ing by the mark, and five fet on the fall in th
pas. During the previous twenly-fonr hour the
witter at the head of tha falls had fallen four Inches.
The weather had turned unite cold, and ice was
made on Friday morning and that night.
inemiasissippiativer, at siempnts, on Tnurwiay,
had come to a atand, attar rising within some forty
inches of the laatfreshet. The Olendale and Messen
ger left Unit port on that day for the Ohio.
VabIatHov. Ml T.nnl. nAn,u. 1 Ak..A
''The weather veaterdHV waa varv flue and eheerfnl.
and the levee baa a much more animated appearance
than on Thursday. The river la still declinfog, hav
ing fallen some too or three Inches up te dark last
evening. The atate of things In the Missouri at
present do not appear to be very encouraging, there
uoi oeing moretnan inree to lourieet scant; nenoe
boat going np will experience some dtilicutty. The
Ifaballa la the flrat boat this aeaaon for that stream.
There are no doubt about navigation being opened
to St. Joe, though much Ice Is reported at certain
points. The channel ia open, however, aad that's all
snffl lent. We expect a rise of some aort to take
place shortly, and did lt come now, Missouri boat
wonld consider ita blessing."
The Ice in the Missouri Klrer at Leavenworth has
broken up and navigation is resumed there.
The New Orleana Picayune of the 311, informs us:
"The weather waa onite mild and aloaaant venter-
day. There waa considerable actli ity on the lower
lanaing. i nis waa in conaequence or the large num
bar of packets which are to leave to-day for the lower
tributaries. The upper landing waa rather dull.
Now that ths Oblo iliver ia in send naviaable order.
and the Mississippi open between Cairo and St. Louis,
w snail auon exneci 10 aeeuusiuesa vasr.iv more an.
tive on the upper portion of tha levee than it has
neretotore Deon tnis snuaon.'
Monetary and Commercial.
The Monetary Market was quite active on
Saturday, and the checkings were heavier than on
any previous day of the week. The supply of Cur
rency was atill augmentlag, and the prospect were
good of a continued Improvement In Honey. The
week ended with a oloss market, and with a fairly
active business.
Eastern Exchange was firm, and in Increased de
mand at H buying and H prem, selling rate. The
Ohio Valley Bank drew, as muni, for , and another
house for Its customer at Hi but the market was
Bieany mi re.
oold was au etat a. and New Orleans Mlont Ex.
hangei firm at 1 premium, with very little to be
Home of the Uncurrent Moner waa better, and rate
at the close were aa follows:
Indiana Stock Virginia (except Wheeling Oily)
Hi Pennsylvania (interior) M i Missouri (Ht Louii)
n, Missouri (interior; in; xowa 2,4; Illinois 3a: Wis
consin 2!4: Maryland (interior) W. Michigan 1: North
Carolina I; South Carolina Georgia h: Tennessee
3a: Tennessee Free Bank 1: Alabama 1: tun.
aua 1.
Flour waa verv nrm on Bnltirnav. ami held higher.
but Whisky waa unchanged. There waa no change
In Orocoriea, nor iu Gralne. except in Wheat and
unrioy; tne lormoraurancmg lor prime w lute, and
the latter declining 3c. per bushel. Provisions were
buoyant, anil holders' views ao elevated that buvera
oouldnot meet their figures, and stocka were for the
mo.t part witnurawn irum ine mamet.
t he iuinortaanaexnorta or var oua artic ea dniini
tne iwenty-iour noura euaing yesterday noon were:
latroKt. Flour. 1.486 hirteis: Minsk v. A7S bar
rum, vviu,,-rt, uuaiiv,,, iiubui, niu uuHuri., uftis.
i.iiiu ousneis; Baney.Dra; n"Ks, ztv neau; rorg anu
oacon, i'J oris ,202,011 ins ; li.ru, 1,212 oris., 10 Kegs;
Molaaaea. 13J brig.: CorTee. 466 bazs: Aenles. 171
brla.: Butter. 4A kegs: Cheese. 110 boxaa: Potatoea.
010 uri.. onr, iiouaies.
ITnn LI,.,,. . 1. .1 . I U 1, 1 .1. AM, , , . Tl' 1 A
46 bushels; Barley, '.Ot bushels; Pork and Btoon, 15
nntis., w tierces, too Dris., atci ooxes; sugar, bv onus
Molaaaes, l.W brla.; Coffee, 170 bags: Apple, 11 brls.
Potatoes, 167 brla.; gait, in brla.
Friday's New Tork Tribune tt us refers to Thurs
day last:
The Money Market la irmrlred hv InerAMtrtff i
osneoialiv In demand loans. The aiinnlv orTerfna on
call at 6 per cent, to favoiite borrower, ia in excess of
tue aemaun. ana transactions areoccaaaiona v made
at a lower figure. In tba Discount-houses the ra'ea
are lower, ana strictly nrt-c ae naeer o-oea at
ser cent, -xne uaoae renort no nreasure oi a mand
por discount from their dealers. Treasury Motea are
in tetr uemana. anu aoont nan million have been
so'd within aday or twi,;t 1.10' per cent, premium
tor per cents, aua per cent, aiscount tor otner ae
scrfotlona. The deposits for the fonr find a ha f m III
ious issued a short time li"-o have been n. urly all
made. The bids for about 81. K0.0i.0S Dor cent, atock
due In 1874 will be opened by tha Secretary of the
Treaenry on the Slat inet., (next Tuesday) fartlea
tiliiuinff nure tne onllon or taklrnr counon or reo,
istereu b'ock. ine lounaiu prouaoiy ao at aoout
par,anuuoeano attract mucu a'tentton."
There ia noquotablechangein Foreign Bill, which
were dull, with a downward teadencv.
JSiw York Imv Good's Maukst. Friday's Tribune
nas tne iouowing:
"The Dry Goods buiiness during the week haa in
creased, and many honsea are aieuniiog an activlly
which we have not hitherto reported. The larger
Southern houses who have reridsnt buyers have been
in tne marxec lor ine naat aix weesa. and their nur.
cbasea have been moderately largo, while the early
trade from the more interior portions of the country
uia not reauy open ontii tne present wees, and even
now we cannot report that briskness whioh a few
week! will aeve on. xne ua rorn a. New Orleans.
Mobile, Ht. Louis, and other package trade, ha been
quite equal to the expectations of ailpartin,and from
present Indications will be larger than that of any
prevlona yenr.
".'he export demand has continued without abate
ment, and the oeening of new channels of American
trade on the South American coast is an encouraging
feature for the manufacturing Interrata. This trade
nas oeen hitherto almost monopolized DytheKng
liah manufacturers, who have been aided In their en,
terrorises bv the establishment of lincaof ateamera
between th varlona porta on the coast. Theie lines
have been maintained by the English Government
by that system of subsidies which characterize their
policy, ana wmcn oa exienuea foe trade of Man'
caeater an over tne woria. '
FLOUB The market la very firm, and extra
held higher. About .,10O barrels aold at t Bfl(So5
lor anpernne, anu ao eovoa so ior exira. inere is
continued ffood demand from Tenneasee.
WHISKY No change in themarket: sales of 1,200
imrrein ni iti7vroaJia., me inner 1110 prevailing rale,
PB0VIS10N8 Thefeellnsin the market ia bnnv.
ant, and holders hare very generally withdrawn their
siuvnn iivui .uo tu.i .flv aiiuKo.uer. w iun it la U1U1-
cult to buy at the quotation, and tha busineaa doea
uoea not correanona witn iu oemana. Meaa Pork
is generally held at 117 601S, whioh la equivalent
holding It out of the market. None but country
brands oan be bought at 817. Ouite alarm hminaea
was done In bulk Meat at very full rates. The aalei
ware 780 piece Side, averaging 30 pounds, at 8140.1
2tM hhds. Shoulders and Sides, to be delivered th
15th of February at B rllngtnn, lowa, at o8o , in
oludlug tiackiaea: M.OIIO sounds Side, delivered Fnh.
rnary in, at SHc.; 200,000 ponud Sides and Shoulders,
delivered 15th of February, at M8Mo. M hhda.
Sidea at (IHc, and 6,2(10 piece, delivered at Coving
ton, Indiana, at 6c. for Shoulder, and So. for Side
and Earn, in many case for city cut 6X8Xo,
were aaked for future delivery. The aale of mess
Pork consisted of 175 barrels two year eld mesa, de
livered at Marsvllie, K., at tie. and t re-sale of th
aame, but at Jill 12; 266 do,, at Covington, Indiana,
at tie 50. Lard 1 geuerally held at 10Xailo.
barrel and keg, but 3tM barrel! were procured at inc.,
and 600 kega at lofto. Bacon la very firm: 76 hhda,
aold at 7o. for Shoulders, and Mo. lor Side. Clear
Hides are worth loo.
GBOCEU1GS No change In the market.
WHHAT TJiere ia an active demand, with light
receipts; and prime white ha advanced to tl S241
and prime red to l i!6l 90: saleaof OOObuihelsprlme
white at 8189.
OOBH Th market continues dull, bnt w hev
no change to notice in price since our laat report.
OATS The marl et 1 steady, with a fair demand
at 48c. In bulk.'. ........
BY K The market continues dull, and prices ar
nominal at 81.
UABLIY Price have declined So. per bushel,
closing dull at 660660. for prime fall, and 6'06Oc.
fair to good: sales of 700 bushel prime fall at esc.
and 600 do. at 67o. .
HAY There la a lair demand, and price iteady
at 818 per tun, for prime Timothy, on arrival, and
fisfrom store.
OHKIC8R There I a good demand, and themarket
Arm at Ho. for Western Beaerve, and He. for Eng
lish Dairy: lales of 200 boxes Western Keeerv.
W have no change to notice In
market since onr laat report. We quote Ventral Ohio
at IMSloc., and Western Beaerve at 16o.i a lew choice
lota Weatorn Reaerve are selling at 17c .
APPLES There I a good demand, and th
are light. Prices ar Arm at fl 25s 16
barrel, from store. '
POTATOBS Th receipts ar liberal, bnt th de
mand la fully equal to them, and price firm at ll
per barrel for prim Northern, from store) sale
JOObarrele choir Northern at 8186.
OLOVIBSEKD The market Is steady, with agood
demand at ft W: sales of SO barrel at t W, and,
do. at 4 85. , . .
Haw Obliaws Mabiit, January M. Cotton
sale to-day 7,600 bales, at unchanged ptloe. Sugar
at 6Mia7)l0. for fair to fnllv fair Mm Pork .n
ltl7 86lU. IiardstluXc
1 t
Wheeler & Wilson's
Frlaolpal Office, No. 7T West Frth-t,,
Wheeler A Wlleon Sewiiie- Machine, with Im
portant improvement, and to meet the demand for
a govu, luw-pricu. aanuiy jdikuiuv. iuiiw-
duoedeNBW BTYLR, working npoa the tame prin
ciple, and making the aame si Itch, though not so
ngmy nniaaeu, ii-rir ri-riTa sf iiijAna.
The eleeance, apted, aoiaeleianeia and simplicity ef
ia Mach no. the bean tr and atrangth of etitflh. being
ALI BK ON BOTU 81UK3, imposatble to ravel, and
leaving no chain or ridge en the under aide, the
economy of thread and adaptability to th thickest
or thlnneat fabrics, haa rendered thi the moat suc
cessful and popular Family sawing- Machine now
A t onr varlou offloe we tell at New Tork prlc,
and give lnstructlona free ef charge, to enable par
cli atom to new ordinary aeama, hem, fell, uuilt,
gather, btnd aua tuck, an on tne same tnacnin, ana
warrant it for three yoara.
Bend or can lor a circular containing run particu
lars, prices, teatimoniala, Ac.
jaiay tvm. au unnn oi aju.
Goal Cooking Stove!
Has been pronounced by competent Judges to be the
I253ZS3 !
Patented Decvl, 8S8. ,
Tor sale by the Inventors and Manufacturer,
No. 333 Fowth-strect, Cincinnati.
del61 -
Manufactory! CovtDffton, Ky,
No. 90 East Colnmbla-xreet.
trade at the moat reasonable price and on th
mott accommodating terms with
For OU, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B.Jones's Improved Lamm and Burners fr
sals by our agent, J. HKLIiEUH, Covington, Ky.
Excelsior -
Free from Ofleusltc Odor, at
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O
AL with any manufacturing, establishment
n America.
tr We warrant onr Oil to be equal, If not np
rlor. to any in the mat hot.
mr Ws invite thoso in the cllv ind vicinity to
call and examine for themselves.
am- no persona ordering irom a niatanc,iatw
faction guaranteed in all case. Address
J. K. II AH KIN. Agent, or
A. Ci. IIODUKS Trennurer,
Kanawha 0.0. M. Oil Man. Co.,
d3a 7 Walnnt-Btreet, Cincinnati.
Manufacturer and Importer of
Soaps, Perfumery and Fancy Goods
than any other eatabliahment In the city or
West, country and city. Merchaut and druggist
will find lt to their interest to call and examine my
atock before purchasing elsewhere. jM
TH1BD-STBEET, Cincinnati, Ohio, ar mannt
fnotnring largely, Falmer'a celebratoT) Hdraullfli
Foroe and Lilt Pump. Alao, bia Portable Hteam
Engines. All those who are about to purchae
PUAIPet for Tanuerle, Brewwries. Dletll.
lerle. Dry Doc ha. Paper mills liallroadi
ntatlon, All nee, VVrecltinaT Purpose, or, la
fact, for any purpose where a pnmpia needed, will
And lt to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of these valuable inventions, or addreaa the
PALMBB PUMP UOUPANT for a circular, which
will furnish the names of many wbo have used thee
Pumps with perfect aatlfacUon. deZldm
TALLIC) BOOriNd" Is offered to th publlo
aa the beat and cheapest at atal Boor now used, It
merits teated by an experience of year in thi city
and vicinity, A polled to oat or steep, old or new
hnlldinca. Ho eoldar need uutened aaonrelr with
out exposure to th Mtion of the element.
rreparea aneeia, ooaen ior anipmeni ao any para o
Ht vuHNBHmii m n ruw VJ muj vum Wliu
ordinary DWhanlcal Skill. Orders, pi-omptly filled.
UAui'vvaiijij m w.
yl-tf ' m Vint Heeond street.
Street Kail read Var anal Omaiba Mana
keep on hand a snpply of 8TBRKT BAIL
ROAD OABS and Omniboae. whkh w will war
rant equal in style, finish and durability, and at a
low prices, a any mad in the oountry.
Orfloe Corner of Third and Vine-alraete. jalttf
-v'-n iiAiiriA'rnruBa op
Wood-Working Zlaolilhery,
Corner Job" susd Water a.sCiBaBMt,0. .
... For Young ' Ladies,
I. HABDIHQ and Mies 8. A. HtJBD, Principals.
Th Snrlng Term of thla Sernlnary Will commeno
en MONDAY, SOtk of Jannaty. ja27o
Banc, te do, pints an i half-pint; ' '
i Continental Bauce, SS gallon jugs;
Continental Bance, In fiv-gallon kage. The
above sauoea areeqnal to Worceaterahlr. .
Liquid Bennit, IS doi. baif-plnUt
' Bolubl Oayenne, la do, half-plntat
French M nstard, SO do, jars;
" ' rrenoh MoaUrd, 10ttt-gallon kegs. For sale,
wholesale and retail. b JOHS BATIB,
jal National Theatar Building, Sycamore st.
r-sp- , . . ill'
eS5an.Bnjtis.eMM.Artau.ej(;AasM- a

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