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the PEwiorEBE!
francisco c
' 'BOX
rnos-ae. is was
ih rnannisiii'
Wncinnatl, Oovlngtoi
r - AWA
Corne r of i!!? y,B - ''
itinuatloa Of, '.i VS i
Mies LoeBBPI1ieBUry BeBeflu
JVf"M.V. eaVamwl.-.B- f w.Atvatiei
r T? ?S mpllmeutierr occasion, tne Ax
ava determined to continue tbe
ecu live Com
of accommodating all that have
a desire la
: rarewall triBute to mil c
id citoronne, , Fioeisolr th
gililhed erti
bill will be I
jenuarr II, vfll be performed
the celebrai
.. FA
FAZIO. .. ., ,,..v
wElis Logan Teale, Mr. Lengdonl
l T,.,,, ............ .nil n.M zvanint
""oe-; will ehent liar celebrated rendition
of ti? Mtf" fi" - . r. "J
Iof IH HONSYMdOiv. "J '
jh Mb" Kllsa Xsirao.: Duke Arams, Mr.
i ltyn; Mock Duke, Mr. Adams) Orlando, Mr.
fci? Vlolan to, Miss F aofar Swuhao.. :
- 2.!.-aeotlemen wishing tickets for Miss Eo
, "Senefit pen secure them a tha Bos Offloa.
National theater.
hn Bates, Proprietor and Manager ; W. fl.Irwln,
Altssatiob o TiifB.-Doors open at 7; Curtain
aes at Klieat 7. precisely. i - !(
Pair as or AnHitaiON.-Dreaa Circle and Panjoetle,
Mcentaj Familf Cirola, oenU ! Oolored Borne, V
MDtai Gallery, lOoantajPrWaUBojtoa, to;
In coneeaoenoe of the nnlTeraal approbatioa be.
flowed aripn the ' 1 ' ( i
Oa, Th tlL or Bt. IiMRAWg,
The Manaier takoa sleaanre In announcing It for
repetition THIS IVBNrNQ, Jan. 31.
Btanoton (Oeordla Robertaon), Mr. w. Carter i John
(Uiike of Arg7le), Mr. Htiurt : Sarld Deani. Mr.
Vanderen; Laird of Snmbeidlkra, Mr. Allen;
Jeanie JUeani, Mri. Vanderen ; JCfflo Beau, Mlsa
A. Graham: Margery Murdoekaon, Mra. Lawej
MjoHal.ii afiiffinAHann. Mia (1. Hatirl. . .
:......MU Jennie Elfbt
io conoiuaa wnn - - , ' u j
Ob, Thb BiewiT Bine.
King Frederick the Great, Mr. Allen ; Adalbert, Mr,
asataevi vr
tar ',!
Fport, iu mi-
a. At tha a, i
Darler jiJioeaiie, jura, vanoeran, ,s
MOTICK. Tradeemao and other! (ire eanttonedj
against furnlehlD any artlolee for thr theater with.
out a vrrltten order, elraed br the Manager. ' '
TBI HBW NATIONAL HOTEL, . adjoining the
Theater, la now oven for the reception of gueata,
v Boomi fan be obtained by the day or week, and
mean rarnunea ei an nonra "i : : ' r '
8. N. Pike, Proprietor ; T. B. Conway, Stage PL
rector i i. f. Horbert, Treaanrer. , .
Plicae of AcHtseiox.-Parqnette Circle, Parqnetta
and Balcony, SO centa; Amphitheater, 38 oentai
PrirateBosea for eight penona,Y.
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until t P. II., when
teat. on oe eecurea. . . - ,
Boon open at eM o'clock ; commence at 1H.
Third week of those Mtabllibed farorltee,
Mr. and Mr. W. J. Florence.'
Whose rendition of the peculiarities of the Irish
Boy and Yankee Oal has been eulogised by the press
and publio of the Old and New World.
The engagement of these young Americana bar
Deen attendee, witn nnuiani incceia.
JTirst night of LALLA BOOKH.
THIS KTimira, January 31. will be prenented
anew "place do elrconstance," entitled . , j -LALLA
BOOKHj ' -
Oa, Thb Fiaa-woieHirraj,
lambla. the Oem of the Ocean, Kharaaaobad, chlof
ni tne uneoora sire ueparimeni, tiana Kooin.a
spoiled child, Mr. Plorenee ) Manager, Mr. Sher
Man ; Tbe shade of ftnakapeare, Mr. Addison ; The
Bhade of Uyren, Mr. Florence; Hamonee, Miss
Tim Moore, Mr. Florence I Bquabbs, Mr. Hall ; Mrs.
Fizgig. Mies Proctor; Mrs. Crnmmy, Mrs. Wil-
kins ; Miss Kcbo, Mies Monroe.
A grand spectacular and thrilling Drama Is In act
ive preparation, with new acenery dresses, efTeota,
Ac, and sustained by tbe entiia strength of the
mm beoono tjebm. y LA
NaUonal Hall! Vlnerttreet. a. Flltii.
The lemons are so arranged that Inner, can
eommenoe at any time. - . dogtf
nrjnllB ol tne western renal Hem! narv. tlx
ford, Ohio, br Mlsa Mary I. Adams, and illustrated
with a One flew of the ttemlnary Building.. Price.
30 cents. - . , i JOHN OH U HUH, jr.,
jal ' No. 6e West rourth-street.
. thaa ever. Oraat saoriBca of
Pianos . Melodeons . - violoncellos
Violins, Guitars, Banjo Strings, Trim
mlnflS. Ac. durlnfl the JUolldavB.
fielliea at 10(1 ner cant, less than anv
other Honae in this city, and drst-olaes lnstrnmenta
at that. Do not buv an Instrnmant nntil mm h.a
railed at No. 327 Fifth-street, second door east of
riiimts(ni.anue. K ' ' JDAti-iinu UttU., -Piano
Makers, aad Dealers in Flrst-ohts Imtrn
menta. e21rT
New Mode of f entiia on!
t T
' " Call and Be Oaf
3AWYE11 & CO?S
:;':');;; : patjb.mt.-1. ;''. ;-
, Heiting and Ventilating Furnaces,
Bkri Waw-roonn; Nog. II and ( Vlnt-gt,
(Below Oolumbia.) ' . - f
Sawyer & Obi
'1M nnln-atreot, tkrae deera abova Third,
DSB all k nds of Hone Trappings, la tbe best
and most substantial mannrr. A uo, a large assort.
i pent oT Horse Blankets, Vr kips, Oar sot anl Leather
. . Bags, Bridle Bits. Boffalo Kobes, Valine (tbe real
aole-leatberV Mall Trnaks, Beouge. and a large as
ortmsnt belonglngto tbig Une. I will seUaslow
as the lowest.
' D. S, GA&RICX! j
i J. M'CLEVCY. ; ;
nerchart Tailor
... Ko. 8 FOTjiarH-BTREET, ! j
:, ;, 6utf -: r ; i topioir BTrtiqiq!
Boots & Shoes !
M. and soaerier stock of Boots, Shoes and Bllptersi
y.. which for extent and variety ie aot aarpassid westof
Bew Tork. Mrvrloet are rnaaonable give bm a ealU
'"" ia , JOHjfM- DBTBaal West Fanrtkt.
H-XV COMPANT" AOBNOY, Newport, r.-For
r)r Bollolea against Bra and marine risks. Oapltsl,
TOL. S. NO. UO."
11. t
'Jl H,V La"a .i f.,! - . ..
M0ENIN9, JANUARY 31,1860.
JP I l r JLW VXShJ 1 AaVl A. , r. ,V1 ,
',;''!, "i!- '' ' n
Iimi Mun.-.Hlght tapreat, MO . . Asocm.
modaHon, 3:45 . m. Day Express, : p. si.
Ianiaaaroug aao CiagimuYL 11:1s a. M. 6:M r.
,.; 1:40a. . . . i .. . .
Ohio ASS MlMIasirriyHktt A. M-lUstt a. U.I life IS
OuoiaaiTT, Hamiltob a Oatto. T:U A. a. 11:08
A. l&u r. .; t-.a r. .( 8t a. . . .
HiBiana aid OinouraATI. ll:SD a. 4 ka t.M, '
BiojiHOao abd IsolaaAtolis. 11:50 u. t-.U p. a.
Lima Mum. Day Kxpreas, lort a. .) Aooom.
modation, 440 r. st. Night Express, 11:S0 p. u.
bitAroLia axs UiAcutaATi, eu a. m.i 13:4J p.
U4 7:14 r. a.
8 mo aaa Mimissrrrt. ?:X) A. a.; t:OI p. a.; 7:M p. a,
iBOwaan, Hahiltob ams Datto.-:00 a. a.; T:M
A. a. 10:00 a, w.; 8:40 r. a.; t-.Mr.a.) IliUr, a, ..
gABIBTTA A OlNOIBWATI. 1:40 A. a.; l:40r. u, .,
lOHHoan amo iBDuairous. :00 a. a.i :40 r.u, '
' JatTTha tool of liberty It tie love of Iw,
AjthaaermaapoAtKUpetook. . J ,
' f- 'k young Baa named DavU ihot Ool
len Gray aa4, recently, in Cawy County, Sy.
rTh next Btota AcrioaUonl Fair trUl
be held in Dayton;
j aT-Tho gore throat dlieaie prevalli la
Frederiok, Md., is the form of an pld.emlo.
t pfK married woman, HLvrj Ann Tripp',
residing in Sooth Bolton, Mali., -wag burnt
death recently by her olothoi taking fire.
, STThe scarlet fever ig prevailing to an
unprecedented extent at Steukenvilio, 0.
nearly every family being afflicted. - -
.' ar-The jevrslry itora of A. Stanbtr, of
Zanesville, wag robbed the other night of jew
tlry to the amount of 700.
sVThe yoang lady who isw a baby with
oat kieslng it has acknowledged that her
friend's bonnet it handgomer than her own.
, jKfrThere are now in fall operation in Rich
mond, Va., two esUbliihments turning out
that popular fertallier, manipulated guano.
jarNo man ii obliged to think beyond hli
light, and we never leave good tense behind
MU we wish to get beyond it,
' jaSewlng machines bare been introduced
into gome of our female seminaries, and in
struction is given thereon.
. 'JC-The skaiing park at Albany, N. T., is
In excellent condition, and is dtlly thronged
with ladies and gentlemen. jxii ; ' . . .
, pfX young man named William Dugan,
committed suloideatChettertown, EentCounty,
Md., reoently, by cutting hia throat.
- per. -..The- Petersburg (Va.) Expnu eays
the several cotton factories in that vicinity
are doing an astlve business. -
jB- The Blask River and TJUea (N.
Railroad is to be sold on a foreclosure of the
mortgage given to fleoure the bondholders.
Coolies from China still oontinns to ar
rive at Demarara, though nearly half of thoap
who start die on the voyage. -
TEdwln Booth received $1,217 as his
share of the profits of eight nights' perform
ance at the St, Charles Theater, New Orleans,
'fStk St. Paul paper itimates-the fur
trade oi Minnesota at over a quarter of a mil
lion of dollars a year.- . i
i sVCatslas M. Clay, In a oommnnloation to
tbe Cbunfry Gentleman, states that for many
years he has grazed a thousand cattle a year.
JBbTLoais Napoleon has secured a news
paper organ in London, it is stated, by pur
chasing the Morning Chronich for about
'' The Kirghiies of Siberia hare slgniaed
to the Russian Minister of the Interior their
willingness to emancipate all their serfs at
once. '
Jaokson, the Amerioan Deer, was
beaten by James Rowan, at Hackney Wiok.
near London, on Christmas day, in a ten-mile
race In (8 minutes and 23 seconds. . . . . ,
! &"Tb entire olive erop In the depart
ment of Van, Franoe, is said to have been
destroyed by the cold weather. The loss is
estimated at seven millions of francs. ;
drThi Pope has responded In a Latin let
ter to the Aroablshop of Dublin, acknowledg
ing the sympathy expressed for him by the
Ansa uauuuio aierareny. , . ..,
A putrid sore throat geems to be quite
8revaieai in some portions or Jjass uounty,
., and several deaths have oeoarred In Men
tor, Klrtland, end other places. .
$&rk man in the violnity of North Adams.
Mass., lost his wife, married another, and had
one child, all in the year 18S9. . He is em
phatically a fast man. - . .
flriydla White,' who sued William H.
Burr for $6,000 damages forbreaoh of promise,
recently reoovered from a Fairfield Conn.
County Jury, a vsrdiot of $1,200 and poets.
A man was arrested at Plqus, 0., last
week, on a charge of attempting to outrage
tbe person of his own daughter, a little girl
less than twelve yean old, ' .j
, . - ' 'I ..., ." t '
aVAdam Peters, an old eltissn of Jones
ville, Ohio, died reeenUy in his sixty-sixth
year. He was a soldier of the war of 1813,
and was engaged at the battle of North Point.
BBTho Navajo Indians recently captured
Ire thousand sheep from s ranoho near Fort
Craig, Arasona, and fere committing depre
dations in all quarters. . w ..
'" t-The City of Leavenworth, Iowa, was
Illuminated with gas on the night of January
24, for the first time, mush to the gratification
of the cltiiens, . .
0'4A new monthly magaiise, Th 7(sr-i
prtter, Is to be started In England with the
new year, devoted to an annalytloal aooount
of the Boriptures. .;.:!,. . : . i
"' otIa a recent affray in Franklin, Term)
between L. F. Beech, a merohant of Nashville,
and Jordan Hanlion, of Williamson County,
the Utter was shot dead.
ar"0n Saturday Zebslon Jennings, sgsd
sixteen years, went ent hunting in Vinton
County and wsa accidentally killed by the
dlsoharge ef his own gun. ; j
' 9 More than 1,700 Infants, under five
years of age, die In Boston every year, a large
part of whom perish la small and crowded
tenements from want of pore air to breathe.
fiST Hiram Powers is reported to be load
In expressions of sympathy with John Brown
among the literati at Florence; while another
story ig that the sculptor is very conservative
on the slavery question. , ( ... . .
great iethe pressure to obtain dl
voroas In Knglaid, that before long additional
Judges mast be sppolntsd to the Court. It ig
stated that there is now an arreer of six hun
dred divorce cases. '
1 ' ssTMIss Maoarthyi an'. actress at Laura
Keeus Theater in Nsw Tork, was made very
ill raeentlv bv the absorption of a . nolsonana
preparation used by actresses to. whiten the
skiB., ',1 " '':'' :
V aA ImUmr fun VAn.ri.lA a..k 1IT4 I.
Impossible to say when this country will be at
pease. .No sooner. Is one faction put down 1
than another arista, burning, plundering, and
murdering like Bepoyi." . , j
m EMrnoB-The PtopU't Soutu f
BerUn gives the following aoponht of an Inter
view which took; place before the Archduke
Maximiliaa's debartore for Madeira, fotwaan
him and his brother, the Emperor of Austria:
AVBien,.geene took place, the Arohdnke
being the only member of the Imperial family
who i seejjis to dearly see the critical situation
ff the; Austrian monarohy, and. dares frankly
tOrSPAnniMil Mfiinn. 'Tli. A
re.sed his opinions on the Bmpsror, but see
II All w.A ..!. Vjt J J v - 1 ..mi
--.5 - n TBI MV lUUOil' VJ SSkJIDgl " AUO
'.town you bear Is not the property of a single
person, but belongs to all the dynasty; and
when a member of the Imperial family sees
that it is placed In. danger, his duty is to
speakl'" This language threw the, Kmperor.
into great agitation, and he cried out several
tunes, "Only a rebel dare talk so." .The in
tervention of a high personage (it is supposed
the Empress) was at last necessary to put an
entLto the painful scene. v . , i
i ' - '
Bioomio a FiTHsa ai Sbvutt-Two. The
Hon. Theodore Frellnghnyien, of New Jer
sey, who stood a good chance fifteen Tears
sinoe of being Vice-President of the United
States, took to himself a wife twe years ago, at
.u ujog vi aevenry-iwo, inimseuana not
the wife. Wnd laflt waV IiaJ k. hi .
" It nwv. h.v W.1A W UMJ1 A
son and heir. He will probably name the boy
a.iai. iMumi xuwuurw, meaning uoa-given
it will certainly be appropriate. - Sueh in-
atanaaa of "KetlAi. uta ... . .i
- - - - vw .II.H ..IN ), UU,
very common, but there have been some very
aaui oaoAs. oir Dtepnen jox, ue
father of James Fox, was married at the age
of eighty, and was afterward blessed with
tv... .... tr ti i . .
.uio-j wuu, jnr. reuagauy sen is now memed
for the second time. He had no childien by
uo arat who.
ABKiVAbJor Gabibaldi's MOBttTS II1-
LASO -fln thai Ml tilt 1S .k. A
w AS auioiik-iu
bark O. S. Truiu, arrived at Queenstown,
ovrjuig a somewnsi renaaraaDie cargo, being
muskets,, with furnishings;- contributed by
American sympathizers to Gtertbaldl. At- the
time the vessel left the States there was no
knOWladtf. (if t1 A VMaivnAfinn aF 41ia f.M.n a
Q .VH.a,wwMVH V. M. .aiJJVUJ
guerilla. In consequence of the change of
viiuuuiauiuuQB, uiv vnasM nas Deen aesireu W
wait in her present locality nntil the issue of
of the Congress be known. The enstom-honse
aiH.AVU V L t a ' a. la.
Qebat Dihabo rou thb Labt Botts Lbtt.b,
The .Maontlv.nnhlUhail 1aa aP TTa T.t..
- - "J f -w-w. w. aavm. WVUH
Minor Botts has exolted great interest in every
part of the oountry.' Thirty thousand copies
of the Richmond Wig, in which It was pub
lished, have been required to supply the do-
iuauu ior ii. a. is a proauouon or great aou-
ItV and nonnd ataiaamanalitn. Tt la iVaI
with the characteristic boldness of Its author,
who never fears to express plainly his opin
ions, and whose eonclnslong have never yet
n roved srmnMiii. Thla latta a1aa la ....v.
ing a complete revolution In public sentiment
iu v irginiBA.
Ai Enthusiastic Fbiboh Abtist.Rou-
Diiiac, vne sauipcor, was born and eduoatod in
FvftnAA. kilt ATArntaavl Kf a-4 aIiiaAw In Ua-
gland. His biographer says that if he hap
pened to be in company with a lady whose
hands were beautiful, or whose ears wereSa)?
shaped, ne would gaxe wistfully at her, and
has been known to startle sensitive spinsters
with apprehensions of matrimony; seizing
them suddenly by the wrists, and crying rap
turously, "Madame, I must have your hand
J T -1. . . t .
niauuuo, a snail nave your ear l
Valctaslb Diahobds. Mr. Amunn has ar
rived In Iiondnn. hnvlntf fni a!a a nAH.llaM.
ble parcel of diamonds, some of them quite
extraordinary for alsa anil -joIiia TTa hmA
disposed of a few. the prioe ransring from
11 AMI. illAn, A " .
hi au,iuu. An anoui oruuani oi un
usual magnitude he has refused to part with
for seven millions franca, and atanj nnt Inr
300,000, whloh, if he can't get in Paris, he
carries vne ,gem k Amsteraam or Bt. feteri-
nurg. -
Discovbbt of a Maiihoth Bkblbtob. The
skeleton or a mammoth was recently discov
ered in a finaAFW at flaAailrAay In Aallaala
" 1 J r kw i. , ... uaii m.i
One Of tha taath ll mnnh rlamavarl K 41.A
workmen, who mistook it for a piece of wood.
put mere sun remains a piece aoont two feet
long and six feet in diameter at the base.
The knee cap Is as large as a man's bead, and
me noa ana oones are or enormous dimen
sions. ..... .. ,( ,
A Slavi-Owhib Builds a Chdsob m TTia
Nbobobs. A writer in the Texu BaptUt
states that Morgan L. Smith, of Brazoria
County, has built a church for his blacks. He
collects nis servants In tills house each Sab'
bath morning, reads and expounds the Scrip
tures, joining with them In prayer. Hia wife
aiso ceienes tne emidren tne eatechlsm pre
pared .or weir oenent.
Laboi Vibdiot roa Bbbaoh or Pbomibi u
Tbhisssbb. A Miss Thompson. In Tennessee.
has reoovered $15,000 In a suit for a breach of
premise against a man named Patterson. The
case exolted a great Interest, as the most emi
nent counsel In the State were engaged upon
it. The verdict Is the heaviest ever rendered
in a case of this kind In Tennessee. ,
Clegs of Youxe Labibs' Blush is. Jl writer
In the Smmtan Afsoltsaf t7asif furnishes this
extremely lucid reason whv vounc ladies blush
when spoken to about their lovers i "The
mina communicatee witn tne central ganglion;
the latter, br reflex action thronsh the brats
and facial nerve, to the organ io nerves la the
Jess, witn wniou its branches Inosculate." .
Stbbbt Railways Dstboit. Street rail
ways are about to be introduced into Detroit,
Mioh, Aa ordinance has been passed,, em
powering a company to lay down rails In the
streets of that city. Exclusive privilege ig
granted the contractors for thirty years, and
tsey are required to pay us oity nve per cent,
of all their receipts.
Chbaf Rsliasb fbom Mibsbt. A Fairfield
(Oene.) County jury recently gave a verdict
or i,juu ana costs, against a mr. xturr, who
did not fuIHl his promise to marry a Miss
White. Mr. Burr escaped cheaply. There
are many Benedloks who would give tea
times as much to relieve themselves of the
marriage yoke. . "': ...""-
- i . ' - 4 . '
Vibqikia Stili AtiBBSD. A resolution has
been offered In the Virginia House of Delegates,
requiring every one who has emigrated from,
or whs shall smlgrate from a non-slaveholdlng
f)tate to Virginia, to take aa oath to support
her Constitution and laws, and offend her soil
and institutions against her enemies. r nl
Piouuab Wbib.A young man in Athol,
Mass., a few days since, procured a livery team,
took his own coffin into his sleigh and drove
with it bv his side to Winohendoa, and there
exhibited It to his friends. He has recently
repeated the sot, but win give no reason for
his conduct. .-.i ..'., , ' i
1 . i
Drjoovsav of am Odd Cois. A oopper ooin
has been band In Madawaska, V-a, sight or
nine feet beneath the surface. ofShe irousd.
On one side is inscribed "Georgia Bex, 1718,"
sad ea the ether the word "fliberaia," with
tw peunoiaheera, aT aiti ,.
" A Partonr Oobboibsivb. The - -greatest
pleasure en)oyed by Prince Oorchakoff, it Is
said, is to sit in his dressing-gown in a large
ana -chair, before an easel on which there is a
fine picture. . Crossing his legs, and swinging
one on the ether, while he plays with hit
slipper, and smokes hia cigar, he gazes for
hours together on the pioture. He bad a line
gallery of modern piotures, and a valuable al
bum containing sketches by the best living ar
tists. Two or three years ago, a French diplo
matist asked to see tne album ; to his surplse,
he found the best sketches were gone, end said
so to the Prince. "True enough," replied the
latter, "my best sketches have been stolen out
ofit,", "StolenT Do you suspect by whom?"
"Oh, yes one of my messengers: he took to
imitating me la my love for art, aad helped
himself out of my album." "But didn't you
arrest the sooundrelT" "Oh, dear, not the
puppy showed suoh deuoedly good taste in the
selections he made, I eould not think of hav
ing him arrested.
Mbs.0cb.dv aid bib Pabavodb IB Pabis.
A Paris Journal says: "The lady who fled with
hr groom from England has arrived in Paris,
of ooarte. We always expect to receive visits
of the like nature from all parts ef the world.
Mush curiosity is man ires ted whenever she
appears abroad; and what is more remarka
ble, is the otter indifference manifested toward
her companion. . The lady is short and rather
tout, with an extremely juvenile gait and
manner. . The partner of her flight is of mid
dle bight, with sandy hair and whiskers, and
bears feot half so good a face upon the matter
as hla-vlotim, for he looks down, and ventures
not to raise his eyes as he walks along. Some
say that this diffidenoe is occasioned by the
novelty of his position; others declare it ii
caused by that of his costume."
FiTai. Bbbolt of a Sfbsb. A party of
foreigners, residing in Somerset, visited Fall
Rivor.R. I.,reoenUy "on a time,"and when they
started for home at night were all intoxicated.
After crossing the Ferry they only walked a
short distance and then lay down on the
ground, where they remained until night, ex
posed to the .fury; of a storm When
found next morning one of them was dead
and another scarcely able to walk. The latter
was, however, restored by the usual remedies.
Although the death of this man was clearly
caused by excessive drinking, yet so little was
the lesson regarded, that two of the deceased's
companions got drank at his funeral.
A DsTKSiiBLB Old , Htpocbits. Benj.
Lynds is in jail in Chicago, at the instance of
Miss Blla Beebe, who swears that under the
most sacred promises he accomplished her
ruin. Miss Beebe testifies that after hs bad
forced her to submit to his embraces, the
canting hypocrite knelt down and prayed.
When he was arretted, he took his Bible with
him, and has spent mush of his time sinoe in
reading that book, with other devotional ex
ercises, .1 "T ' 1 sa ii, ii ii ..
Bavtts Oodi Aoaihbt i Emfibob. The
Providenoe (R. I.) Journal says it has a good
deal of confidence in Louis Napoleon's powor.
But if; as stated, he has a Spanish priest, an
Italian pope, and a pretty woman leagued
sgBUHt him, that his chances of success are
lees than they were when he undertook to
oonquer France with an eagle.
I W gap, 'l .'
HoaAiibB Dbato or a Liosntious Plabtbb.
A wealthy planter named W. D. Adams, re
siding in Catahoula Parish, La., went to New
Orleans a few days ago, and while there visited
a house of Ill-fame. . In the night he got op
as is supposed, and accidentally fell from the
window and was almost instantly killed. -
' Putt a Bad Ibvbsimbht. At the annual
prayer meeting In Boston for the conversion
of the world the Rev. Dr. Anderson, of the
American Board, stated that tbe Board is now
$130,000 in arrears, and that the receipts must
be one-third more this year than last or the
missions must be curtailed.
' Tbb Folly of Lovb. Lola Montei says in
one of her lectures: "The reign of the mighty
god Cnpid, she believed, was about the same
all over the world, and consequently succeeded
in making as many rascals and fools, under
the guise of mis-called love, in England as
Old ofit,"
A Sfabish Dbritnoianob of Hoops. The
Qacsti of Havana fiercely denounces hooped
skirts as a diabolical invention, anronos of an
accident whloh recently happened to the
prima donna Cortesi. While ascending a
stairway she stepped on the skirt, was thrown
aownana auiooatsd ner shoulder. -
Diioovbbt of Aluk ti Abuova. The Art-
Boatoa of recent date mentions that some very
handsome ipeoimens of alum have been dis
covered near Fort Buchanan. It is desoribed
as of a superior quality, some of the pieoes
being beautifully orystalized..
Mvstabo Win. The editor of the New
Orleans Fieayutu has seen a specimen of the
mustang wine, made in Washington County,
Texas, made of the native grape, without the
intermixture of sugar or any foreign substance
w alter or improve its navor. ,
Pbopmbd Cobtbst wt Mobfbt. The
Dubuque(Icwa) Herald learns that measures
are being taken to raise a purse of $500, which
It li Intended to give Paul Morpby, provided
he will visit that city and beat Louis Paulsen
at a game oi unesi.
Modish Mimxrrr.ratKonalU lady (to
her Husband.) "I wonder how the children
areT I haven't seen them for ever so long, I
declare I am getting quite anxious. I say,
Henry, dear, I wish you would show me the
way.up to tne nursery." Plinth. - . .
Ubbbvffbbattti Suit of a Pcsusbsb.
Mr. Do Bow, the publisher of the Jtetiev, has
just recovered a verdict of sue eeiKs, in the Su
preme Court of New Tork, against D. Apple
ion k Co., who were sued to recover the value
of a thousand copies or the plaintiff's books.
Sbioidb of A Nbw Yok Lawtbb. Benja
min BV Maokle, a lawyer in New Tork, re
cently committed suioide by taking two ounces
of laudanum. The rash deed it supposed to
have been committed in a fit of temporary
Insanity brought on by tUUriim trmmu,
Giaim Smith. Oerritt Smith was In Utlca,
N. Y.. a dav or two since. He is saining-
siowly, but finds it necessary to keep himself
under the tutelage and surveillance of Dr.
Gray, of the Asylum. He toon will embark
for Borope. -
Kruro bt a PrroH-Foixv A little son of
Gardner Collins, named Norton, of Bast Rod
man, N. T., while jumping from a hay mow
recently, ran a fork-tine In his aose In such
a manner as to cause hia death almost In
stantly. - - ' - i '
daughter of Samuel .Anita, of Lewlstown,
Peon., accidentally swallowed a new penny
en Saturday morning Last, from the effects of
which shs took sick shortly after, aad died oa
Sunday. --.-i--w ,.
i Faaavnl. TIma-ht A lltila .An nf R,m..
Pitts, residing sear' High Point, N. C, fell
.-.I A - I 7.1 . V.A L1 . B
gaiius a anus ui uvi soaji, waico fcuroea
over udob him. inllctlnB lniurles from whlnh
. ............. i
Washington News.
Nbw Yobk, J snuary JO. Tha rWcuss's cor
respondent says: "A number of leading Demo
cratic politicians are here, with reference to
tbe admission of Kansas. Southern Senators
propose altering the Western boundary, which
Is on the 25th meridian longitude of the West
from Washington, under the Wyandotte Consti
tution, extending it to the summit of the Boeky
Mountains, and the Northern line to the Platte
River. This alteration is designed to make
the State Democratlo by inoluding 10,000 set
tlers at Pike's Peak. If passed it would require
new elections for Congress, Legislature and
ths like. Tbe programme is for the Benate to
amend the House bill as stated, and in the
event of Its refusal to accept the modification
to exclude Kansas the present session.
Russell dc Majors, Government contractors,
Intend starting a courier express between St.
Joseph and Carson City, whloh is the western
terminus of tha California telegraph, by the 3d
day of April. Preparatory orders have already
been given. The distance Is 1,800 miles, which
it is proposed to travel in eight days by horse
relays every twenty-five miles, thus rednclng
communication between New Tork and San
Francisco within ten davs. The cost of dis
patches to Carson City will be fire dollars a
piece, it is estimated that the courier can
carry thirty pounds of matter. They are to
start from each terminus at the same time.
These contractors have stations and horses on
the whole route, and only need organisation to
commence services. ,
From New York.
Nbw Tobx, January 80. Joseph Addison
Alexander, Professor in tbe Theological Semi
nary of the Presbyterian Church, at Prince
ton, N. J., died at that place on Saturday
By the fire yesterday, Messrs. Wynkoop,
HoUenbeck A Thomas's loss was from $70,000
to $8(1,000 Insured $81,000.. '
In addition to their own immediate work,
W., H. A T. did the press-work ef the Ledger,
N. Y. Mercury.Moms'sMsgasine and Child's
Cabinet, the Spirit of the Times, Coach Makers
Magazine, Railway's Almanao, and other pe
riodicals. Mr. Bonner's loss on stock, presses,
plates, Ac, will not fall far short of $30,000.
Insured for $27,000.
The losses of other publications were small.
Ward, Close A Co.'s loss was 235.000. fnllv in
sured. Various other minor losses were sus
Nsw Ststbu fob Tbaksbittibo Taoors
The manager of tha London, Chatham and
Dover Railway, has reoen.lv introduced a new
system for the transmission of large bodies of
troops ny railway in tbe most expeditious
manner, and a praetical illustration of tbe
metnoa was recently given at one of the sta
tions. A detachment of ninety-six men was
marched into the station and drawn up in
front of three carriages, and were then or
dered to disengage their knapsacks and take
their places in the carriages. After two or
three attempts, they were able to do so with
the greatest ease and regularity, the whole
number taking their seats in less than one
Rktdbb or thb Ibibh Dilboation' Hobb.
The Belfast (Ireland) Banner says: "The Rev.
Dr. Edgnrd, the Rev. S. M. Dill and the Rev.
David Wilson the Irish General Assembly's
deputation to the United States of America
landed at Queenstown at half past two
o'olook P. M.,. on Wednesday last, after a
somewhat tempestuous voyage. We may
mention that the friends in America of our
mission sohamoa hava aanf. tha damilatinn .nil
the mission secretaries home some $6,000
ncner man tney were npon their departure."
Dbawixo Ebstioallt oh a Mah's Stohaoh.
Among several persons resent! v arrested in
New York on a charge of passing counterfeit
notes, was a stylishly-dressed young man,
giving his name as Charles Stewart. After
His arrest Btewart swallowed some of the bills,
at least so the -officers supposed. Determined
that the evidences of guilt should not be dis
posed or in tnis way, tne officers took their
prisoner to the nearest drug store, and had an
emetio given him. The sight draft! on the
young man's stomach were dishonored, the
swallowed bills failing to appear.
Ai Imfobtabt Dboisiob Rbsfbctibo Fat
bits Judge Morsell, of the Circuit Court for
tha District of Onlnmhla. has IaIaI- maila aa
important deolaton In the matter of Moass S.
Beach acatntl Stephen D. Tucker relative to
an improvement In printing both sides of a
uiwsiainr uviorB n loaves we impression cyl
inder. Tha JndffA snBtainAd thatAatant aanAi1
to Beach in December, 1858, and reversed the
aeoision oi tne commissioner oi relents award
ing the patent to Tucker.
Mblahobolt Bbbbavshbht. The Augusta
(Ga.) OiromVe and Sentinil, in announcing
the death of James W. Jones, who for twenty
years had been the editor of that paper, says:
"What gives peculiar severity to this sudden
dispensation of Providence is the fact that,
having led a single life for so many years, Mr.
Jones was married within the last six weeks,
and bis yoang and interesting wife has hardly
laid aside the bridal wreath before she is called
to assume the veil of widowhood."
A Bab Joib. A man in Boston lately put
a pair of hand-cuffs on the wrists of a friend, and
left him to get them off as best be might; He
went to a police station have the bracelets re
moved, aad was there locked up in a cell.
Tbe officer swore that no dodge could be
played upon him that the man, of course,
escaped from some criminal institution, and
must be detained until called for. - - i
V ajg
Diati of a Tbbbbaili Hbh. A few days
ago a hen of the common Amerioan breed died
in Boston a natural death at the age of nearly
fourteen years. The deceased was through
life an exoellent layer, never offering to set
unless she wag placed upon a litter of eggs,
when her faithful performance ef maternal
duties was worthy of all praise.
A Hiohlt Iittmbstiio Fahilt. Mr. Jas.
Blair, of Washington County, Md., Is- the
father of nine children, five of whom are deaf
and dumb. The ninth child is an infant, and
its parents are apprehensive that it, too, Is a
mute.:;' ' ;- (
Sbbtbbobo fob Xmbsmlhbit. Charles M.
Young, who was convicted some time since of
embeiillBK the funds of a building association
in Philadelphia, of whloh he was secretary, has
been sentenced to six months' imprisonment
and $500 fine, twice the amount taken. s
' I ... o .-
Mobb Sodthbbh Ttbabht. A man namsd
Mavis, residing Bear Charlotte. N. C. was re
cently expelled from the Grand Jury, for hav
ing expressed sentiments in opposition to the
institution of slavery. He was also bound
over for trial.: ,-:. . :. v,,;.
Caftubi of a Whaib. . A whale was cap
tured off Southampton, La I , Tuesday morn
ing, and is new lying oa the beach, waiting
the change of the tide to enable the islanders
to takeoff theblubber. ,.. .
Kniiw bt ths Kick of a Hobsb. A man.
Jesse Glatfelter, was kioked by a horse ea the
head, in York, Penn , rteently, and Immedi
ately killed,; ... .':.v; r ,
:t a
-; , TtftMS-CASH.
' AdvertlMBtents' aot exoasd Ing live Unas ( Agast) s h $
One InseHlon a 'i.l I Ona wart It I OA
Two weeks go One month,. .... ... 80
Larger advertlasments toesrted at the following rates '
for Knars of tea lines or Imb i
One insertion..! tw I Two weeks
Iah AiMiUonai tta iThraa aaI
-4 ea
One week 1 J I Ona month.. St)
i Job Printing . ,
In all Its eraacnas don. with aeatnea. aad dispatch. .
WKeeleffc Wilson's
' - (
-:..., at
i . ' j .1,' ''
Prlnelpa.1 Offlee, No. T West Foarth-st.,
Wheeler Wilson Bowing Machine, with Im.
portent improvements, and to meet the demand for
a good, low-priced Familf Machine, have Intro- ,
dnced a NBW BTYLK, working upon the earn, prin
ciple, and making the seixe stitch, though not to
high If finished, at KJl'T V-FIVK UOIXARM.
Tb elegance, speed, nolselessness and slmplloitv .f -the
Machine, th beantr and strength of stitch, being
ALIKK ON BOTU blDKM, impoMlble to ravel, and
leaving no chain or ridge on the under side, tbe
economy of thread and adaptability to tbe thickest
or thinnest fabrics, has rendered this the moat sue
cestui and popular Jamil sewing Machine bow
at onr various o (floes we sell at New Tork prices,
and give Instructions free of charge, to enable pur
chasers to sew ordinary seams, hem, fall, quilt,
gather, bind and took, all on tbe same machine, and
warrant It for tbres years. i
Head or call foraolrcular containing full particu
lars, prices, testimonials, Ao.
,al7ay tM. SUMNER oV VO.
, i
Coal Cooking Stove!
Uhs been pronounced br competent judges to be the
! Patented Dec. 7, a858.
. For sale br the Inventors and H annfaotnrers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Clnctonatl.
Manufactory, Covlnjrton, Ey,
Wo. 0 East ColaaiblaAatToeu
trade at ths moat reasonable prioes and on the
most aocommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
: Si B.-Jonee't Improved Lamps and Burner) fr
Sals br oar agent, J. BILLEBH, Oovington, Kr. ,
fdaUavl .
' . Free from Offensive Odor, at
AL with anv manufacturing establishment
n A merles.
ap- We warrant enr Oils to be equal, if not sope.
rlorjto anr la tbe market.
stsr We invite those in the oltv and vicinity to
call and examine for themselves
Bo persona ordering from a dlstanoe, satis
motion guaranteed in all cues. Address
O. R. HANK IN, Agent, or
A. G. UODOBM, Treaaarar,
i Kanawha O. O. M. Oil Mail. Co.,
daM 97 Wlnnt-t-t. tMni-lonaU.
Manufiwturer and Importer of
Soaps, Perfumery and Fancy Goods
than anr other establishment In the clip or
West, eountrr and oity. Marehanta and drngglsts
will And It to their interest to call and examine uir
stock before pnrcbaslng elsewhere. jaas
TH1UD-8TUIIT, Cincinnati, Ohio, are manni
factoring largely. Palmer's celebrated Hydrairlln,
Force and Lift Pnrap. Also, his Portable Steaia
Knglnea. All those who are about to pnrcbase '
PIJAIPgl for Tanaerins, Breweries, Jllatll
rnries, Dry Dooke, Paper mill. Atnllraad
Htaiiona, flllaow, Wreekla Faraea.a, or, In
tact, for any purpose where a nump Is seeded, will
find It to their advantage to call and see the work .
ing of these valnable inventions, or address the
PALMIB PUMP OOIIPAHIT for a oiroular, which
will furnish tbe names of many who have nsed these .
Pumps with perfect satlfacUon. dcjjldjn
TALLIC BOOFIHQ" IB attend to the publio
as the best and cheapest Vstal Boof now used, Ita
merits tested br an axaarlAnea of veara in this HI
end vlotottj. Applied to gat or steep, old or new
buildings. No solder nsed fastened secnrelp with
out expoenrs to the action of tbe dements.
rreparea sneew, ovxwi ior snipment to ear part n
the United BtatM,ean be applied by ear one with
erdlnerr mAoaanloal skiUrd proinptl llllod.
FlS-tf . , lss Waat fccond stiet.
I. & D. BRUCE.
Street Ballread Oar mat Oaudbas Hani.
kaaa on hands ananl nf ATRRWTtAf rM
BOAD OAKS and Omnlbusos, which will war.
rant eonal la atylo, fialab and durability, and at as
low prlcas-aaany made in the country.
Olnee Cornor of Third and VIna-strsta. jaUif r
Sauce, 35 do, pints an I half pints;
Continental Saaoa. li sal Ion inaai ,
Oontinental Sauce, ft Bve-gaiiou kegs. The
above sauces are equal to Worses terahlre.
iilunia Kennu.isaoa. aaii-pints) - N
"olubleUwBe.Udca.bair-iBta; ,
trench Mnstard, AO doa. jars;
French Mustard, 10 Bve-galion k'egf. ' For salt,
rholasalesnd t-teJU by JOHN BATKS,
Jaa aUoaal Ibaatec BUdiB, eycamore- It,
evil i'H:i iiv--

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