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ra,M -fob saw "io i.it.'",wst,"
. Djt'..bi thisoolumn, ooowtnj fits .lines
, two insertion, twenty -Ave ore t. . '
"ANTED All who need help, male or
female, tor eltyor ootintrr, to mil end ret
ltd wltn eooke, chamber, aim, wwing, din.
:oom snd girl for general work ; inrm lor th
. and girl to tratsl ; alio clerks, ealeemau, por
i, carrlage-drlveri, gardeners, meohanice, ap
itlcee. errand-boyi, men nod boy for all kind of
k, daily, et my office, north-weet oorner of Ilia
i Ninth-street. Da3l'l THOS. BOOHANAN.
VAKTK D flood gtrlt for hem rework.
BefarcQOM required Call at Km WAE
4B'8 Employment Office. Ho. SOS f ifth-trcet, be
tfeen Watrn-row and John. AIM famine wsot
f good domeatles osa be supplied. Call at th
noovs number. 131 pe
WANTED A young1
FrotaiUnt Girl to U
German or oth
taka oar of children.
AdbIt at Ho. 137 Broadway, between Fourth and
U Fllth-ltreets. jaSlb
' , WM bbV Jt ra 1 IIbJI nil laaiA rlflllE niLMIIl TWII
of as, to mfhd an offlc. Good reference
reuird. Apply t Mo. W Wait fourth-street, ayo.
ond story.
WANTED A B07 Seventeen years of
age, to learn a trade, Inquire at Ko. 149
Fifth-street, between Baca and Elm. Jailb
ant book-keeper, antry or ahipplng clerk, a
t, orwori can ma mraeu generally nae
AcldremJ. 11. B., at thl office. Jeilb
WANTED By young man who hat
badWTeral yean' experience, a i tuition
l. i. .. .1 i. wi.ni i . t. - r .
uwi'ininvifink 11 iivibmio uiuuumi o io i c,
Addrea Q. g. M,, Penny Preaa Offlo. jaSIb ,
man and wife, la a arirata Dimllf . where
W w
there are bat few or no other boarder. Addr,
WANTED TO BENT A itoro on Fifth
er roarth-etreeU, between Main and Kao.
A ny one baring a iraaU iture on either of trie above
etreeu can hear of a food tenant br addretalng
1. H.H., thiioflica. 31de
ANTED TO KENT A tmaU botuo
In the Weat and, or OommliuTUl. Apply
to JA8. H. HOOLK, Kat Thlrd-ttreet. JaSlb
woman, a cook, or to do general hoaaework.
Apply at No, 274 Weat Third atreet, aorner of John.
A man and hie wife to go on a farm; alto,
three goodlnle men, need to farming and garden
ing; aleo, a male oook and a man to light file; aleo.
a few good girl for general home-work. Apply at
the General Intelligence Agency. Ko. .381Witera
row. j30-b A. D. OABSOB k 00.
WANTED. A flrit-rate Cook, to do
nothing elae bat cook, at a pleaaant and re.
nee table place, sitvatlon glren for three year.
Addren Box 7,137, gWlug reaidenoe, reference and
term. I will call on the applicant to male all ar-
rangementa rtqulwd.- ja39-b
WANTED - A ROOM. One or two
Booma, nnfnrnlahed, for a family. Addreas
M..I,,atthiofllca. , . ja80-b
WANTED A man with a small eapital,
or with a stock of drr xooda. crooerlaa or
Jewelry, to trade en the rlrer. Inquire at Ho. US
Drcamore-airtei, no iniemperaie man neea apply,
fjSob f
"XTA H TED Seteral married ladies, to en
W gage in an aaay and proll table bnainea, both
In thla eltr and to travel abroad, and who oan oom
niaad t& or $10. Addree, through tb Poetoffloe,
box i,zj. Ajommgniiionaoonnuennai. jajtaw
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keepers, porters, cooper, oarsen
tera. mecbanioa. laborera and other, can find aftoa-
tlon at the Merchant' Clerks Segiatry Office, US
wainnt-atreec. ja3Utw , uiumaw,
SOOR RENT A new two-story Brlok
JE? ' Borne, rear room and kitchen .with front and
back yard, and In good order, aituated in the weetera
part of tbe clry-No. is Oet-treet. Apply to IS.
ETurunaB, on tne premne. , jejiD'
"lOR RENT A two-itory Briok House,
jb.' newir nnianea, wun mooern improTements,
balcony in front, altaated on Clark -treet. near Free-
man. Bent 128 pel
HUN, Henrle House,
Kent i per moncn. Apply to jab. wat
man" and wife, with board, at $ per week.
Alto two girl oan hay a room to themserres , Board
low. Aoareaa Mr. A. B , roatomc. lallb
"E10R RENT. Two yery pleasant bouies
on me aouia-weflt oorner or Aim ana -i nua
treet, with gee,
Bent rr low to aP'-peying
Inquire on rei
.Xft- taining eight acres, on the Beading Hoed, Are
mnea iron tne city. Tne improvement are ; Dwell
Ing and out-home, barn, yonng orchard, 1,100 bear.
mg grape., go. inquire at QIC uiQiroe. jaoip
EjOR SALE Miasouri Graduated Lands,
J, in me central part or tne state, atx mile iron
a railroad line ; rich toil, good timber and water :
improved forma adjoining. Will be aold at a una I
advance on government price, for cah or good trade.
jasio" a. 0. most Art AJHA,ts w . 1 nira-it,
" ' OST The walit and sleeves of a purple-JLJand-blKk
dreea, eold by miatake to a rag-dealer.
Tne onuer will be rewardea by retnrnlng (be earn
to Dr. J.J. TIMPLB, Sixth and Madiaon-etreata,
wvingion, ay. jaaio-
T OST. On Friday, P.' M.j in a orowd, on
JL4 thecorner of Vine and Fourth treet, a boy'
rp. The finder will be rewarded by leaving It at
tma oruoe. )w.b
OA RDIN (J A large, pleasant front
room, wun nre ana aa. amianie loraramuv
or single gentlemen, can oe naa, wun ooara, or ap-
piyiug at no: ici rium-etnet. xwo laaieswuiini
to room together can also be accommodated. j31d'
BOARDING. Two young gentlemen oan
be accommodated with tnt-clas Boarding and
pieaaant aoom at ira i-ium-atreet, near rourtn.
Aiao.arew nay Boaraer wantea. J30-d
, "Warranted to (Ire satUfactloa.M -.'
-U V- . ' .... i- .
. ' Mow, 19 and 91 Eaat Heeead-streot,
,:"fcl2tf ' ' VfJIHOIlrN ATI, OHIO.
; Coal! Coal! Coal!
M. deals In the bestqaalUies of the varioss kinds
oi i;oi orongnt to tne city;
Office and yard. No. 108 Kast Third-street. . .
Orders solicited and promptly attended to.
ja28aw W. M. EOBBEtL, Bec'y,
Cannel Coal.
ntvTOW RECEIVING-A superior article of
XI Canuel Goal, and for sale at No. 108 last
jeataw ' W. M. HCBBELL, Secretary.
Winiftede CoaL
-s mine, and an excellent arlicle for cooking-
m imn. mio a ius r.nflt i njni-Btreet.
laaiaw w. M. yOBBIiI.Ii, setfy.
M. B,81oatOo'a. Familr Sewing Machlms has
bee" removed to o. SO Wet Foor'h-etre.t, over
k jv ttumuwio. u.ui) m. a. vi y, agent.
TEAS A large and well-assorted stook 0!
"Fine flrsea and Slaak To" at
Oorner Vlathaadficetnets.
-sT FOUNDBT, B. ALLI80H. Insertatendnit..
Prlntlns Material of all hind. Ins Tlne-etrees.
Concentrated Zlineral "V7ater.
MINERAL-tVATBR, from thb ar.
TXsIAM Wall, Bt. Utherlne. Canada Weat,
a aovareign remedy for liver and kidney complaint,
aoerrectlve for ladlgeetion and Its varioua and man
fold conaequenoee, aad an external application for
chronio rbeumetlam, gont, lumbago, neuralgia,
erofula .and all diaeaaes of the akln-atteaded with
nniiorm aucoea in an cases. Foraaleby
. . DVftilillXI JJ.I .
. Bnuraiat and Ohemlibi.
I mo
.X, oorner ( Main and Fourth-eta.
Niobt BoHOota. Tha night school which
have bean carried on with such saeoess for the
Uit four monthi, will oIon on Friday evening
Xt. ;: , .- . c i'i. a.
Lamm BBimioTa of Ciitaov Bitxil-One
hundred and fifty turn of cannon balli war
yesterday shipped from this eity to the United
states narraeiu at naton Kongo. .,. , ,
PSOCIBDIBOS 0 TBI Oonarr Comnaiirjaaui.
At the regular session af the County Commis
sioners, neia yeaiaraay morning, ordart wre
SatMd amounting Id th aggregate to $80 80.
part front this no business of importanoa tu
Taa Uaioi Saf And crime oritera as
eheap as ever at Robart Orr'a wall-known
stand, No. 11 West Fifth-strsot. Thsy oan
bo procured la any quantity, at prioei to
suit, CaU and satisfy yourself. ;
TTiriiD Littiba. Ths following ii a Hit of
letters detained for non-payment of Toetaga at
the Poitoffloa, in toll city, Janeary JO:
Alexander Bharea, Brandy City, Sierra Co., Cel.
Mltallewman, lawrencebDrg. Indiana.
Mn. Sarah Smith, Obarleeton, 111.
XiTaoiouMiOAb OsfliTii!oa "or the
ikway Prtm, by Henry Ware, Optioian, No. 1
Weat jrooru-nreet, January iv:
O'cleok, . . Barometer. ' Thermometer.
T A. n ,.m.w , . Anore xero-se
U M... M.SO - Aboreiero-M
t r. Mm .m - Abore aero C
ExMinoiiu V7e hare been reauetted to
itato that the A. B. alicu A. J. Kendall, aN
rested in Mempbli on Tneidey laat, aa haring
been concerned in a robbery perpetrated in
toil eity soma time ilnoe, it not A. J, Ken
dall, the Cinoinnatl printer. M mieht hare
been inferred from the itatement in onr iune
of yeiterday.
To TBI Bmivolmt. The Board of Mana
gers of the Colored Orphan Asylum hare
suthoriwd Mr. W. W. Watson, formerly of
tnu ony, out now ot Aenia, to can upon the
eitiaens for contributions to urn Institution.
The Aajlum needs an entire renoTation. and
apart from its wants in this reepeot, it reall
aetsrres tne uoerai inppoic of oar oitiseni.
Complihmtast Bali, to Mixtir'i Basd.
We undntand tbat oar oltlxeni, appreciating
uiw exooiieu. guuiyauy ot oiuioianB, naye
tendered them a complimentary ball, to take
place at Melodeon Hall on tbe 9th of February.
Tbe fame of Menter'i Band has reaohed the
ntremeties of the Union, and this aotlonis the
best evidence that their worth Is fully so
knowledged here. The affair will doubtless be
a pleasant one and we hope it may be a benefit
indeed. -- . -. .a ...
Assist Uro a Chaios or Highway Rob-
bt. A man named Barney Magnire was
arrested yeiterday and eommitted to tbe
Hammond-itreet btation-bouie, upon a ebarge
of highway robbery. . It is alleged that on
Saturday night I ait he auaultedaman named
John Tidings, on tbe oorner of Broadway and
Oonrt-itreet, and after knocking him down,
robbed mm oi lourteen dollars. Magnire will
be taken before Judge Lowe for elimination
tnu morning. - -
Favai, RtsTjLT or a Lam Aooidsitt. In
onr bine of yesterday we gave an acoonnt of
an aooident by wnion a boy named Henry
Johnston wss seriously injured, on Third-
street, east of Broadway, in wh'oh we itated
that bit recovery was hopeless. It now appears
tnai no was aeaa wnen tn paragraph wss
written. His wounds, as will be remembersd
were earned by a street railroad oar, which
ran over him, bat they were Drinoinallv of an
internal character and entirely baffled the skill
oi ins pnyuoisns. ,
Mioiaiios' avd Marumotcbiss' Ezohixsb.
'ike attendance at th regular meeting of the
Meobanios' Exchange was quits large yester
day morning. After reading the minutes ot
the previous meeting, tbe following persons
warosicctea mem Deri : Joan if. nor bus. tan
ner and leather dealer, proposed by 0. F,
Wilstach; JohnH. Rawlingi, builder, by P,
Hini ij D. M. Fisher, plaaterer, by W. H
Melons j John C. Lewis, bill poster, Hugh
a-auey, stone cutter, by u. o. Foot; W.a
Stewart, builder, by H. P. Honkins.
i The new advertising circular is In type and
a proof of it may be seen at the Exchange
this morning. The report of the Committee on
Interest and Usury has been made the menial
order for this meeting, and the diiouseion,
is thought, will be more than ordinarily in
teresting. ...
Is Adah Isaacs Mshks IIissas's Wir.
Th Qcsarioi Ssttlso In referring to this
matter tue otaeraay, we expressed some doubt
as to the oorrectneas of the New York IH
6une' statemellt that Adah Isaacs Menken, as
in aireeay naa on Husband here; hat Bat
Urn: n
'We made the announcement oriirlnallw
pon tbe authority of the ladv herself, and
have sines received a communication over her
own signature in which 'ihe reiterates the
statement that the is the wife of Mr. Heenan
and further adds tbatshs "is proud of bear
ing that relation to the bravest man in the
We IUDD0IS Adah Isaacs knows whether
no is jueensn's wire or not. She ought to.
certainly, as th nuptials could not have been
so remote as to impsir her naturally good
memory of so interesting aa event But how
about bar Cincinnati husband? She had one
here, and may have still. We should snppose
the fact of bar marriage) to Heenan might in
terfere with her relation to Menken; or are we
behind the times in these connubial matters?
Pray, how is it? Is Adah Isaacs Mrs. Menken
or Mrs. Heensn; Mrs. Menken-Heenan
Mrs. Heenan-Menken? Droll relation and ex
traordinary affair altogether is it not?
School Boabb The -Board was called
order last night at ths usual hour by Presi
dent King. The minutes of the previous orsn-
ing were reaa ana aaoptea. . v
The monthly report of the Superintendent
was read, from whioh we extract the following
stausuu: . . .
Sail tele
iMia..ee.Mi 117
t , TOKMseeMM ,mmhm e , a eiei sets t a utete Hiietss 16
piltriOIItHiwMeatesMisitswMeMM est llt604
., .. !
, 17,tS
. 19,5
! eeeeeeeeeeei easaeeMiists Hl 11,414
'. B nr cent
.7.1 per seat.
1 ; ' ' "( - . a. . B. . 0.:
Piatrlct......... 1,019 16M,;SJM
iniHBniini,M,.,.,HmM, sol
flinnr oi iecner..,HHM,
Hnmber atudying Qermaa.
The usual appropriation for monthly sala-
Mr. Bossall was ohesen a menibef cf the
Union Board, tie Dr. Dautberty, rssiirasd.
F. H. RowekamD was seleeted as a member
of the Boar! from the Ninth Ward, etc Judge
Aiiosn, resigned.
The Trustees of th Industrial School wars
authorised to appoint aa additional teacher,
at a salary of $25 per month. ' i
On motion of Mr. Gilpin, it was ordered that
tnenousa on the Runner property be com
pleted previous to the 16th of December, 1880.
Aojuuxuea, i
Pus's Orsu-HoDss. Quite a'larre audi
ence wasattracted. to th Opera-house laat Sight br
tbe production or Lilla Boots bytha Florence.
Tin burletque ti quite langhable, and was nlaoed
upon tb ug In the mdt excellent atyle. Mr.
Florence, ee aanal, delighted her admirer, and gave
another proof, if any were neoeuary, to how that
be really deerve th repntalloa the ha already at
tained. The borleeaue will be reneated toll evening
IneouBootioa with Taa Iaisu Lioa.
Wood's Tbiath This establiihment waa in
much too email to contain tbe admirer of Cilia Lo-
f ao that her complimentary benefit ha been con.
Inned, and tbe am performance wtll be repeated
thla evening. The hoae u overflowing Indeed,
it wee lmot Impeeaible to get a view of tbeatage, o
6n.t wa. lueorova in toe loooie
nndred ticket have been alreadv
bble, and nearly three
. The "Blanoa" or our gifted citoyenne wa an ex
qnUlte pleoe of acting and the difficult lines were
read with that jaat appreciation of their meaning,
whioh ba placed her, In this retpect, fore moat
among th artltte of this country. Her audience
om ior to-nignt.
to feel the rbroe of her impersonation, for it
abaorhfn In av.rv narfc. and .1.- u.niu1 mn.Ii
Id.ntiHed with the obereoler he portrayed, that the
play loot its notion and became to Ultra almost a
We are glad It has been neceiaarr to aire another
opportunity of witnessing thla performance that all
her friend mar be accommodated. A nttmnltm.nl .r.
benefit continued for two nights for auch a oanee 1
Indeed a compliment, and we are convinced tbat It
ha no parallel in bUtrionlo hlttory. Let tb hours
be full again thla evening, for w are assured It will
n ar nuai appaaranc. . . .. r . .
Natiofal Tbsatis. Ths Hias or m
MiDun-aua drew suite a large aadlence laat night
to the National. The play baa been placed upon the
use wun great care ana eonaiaerable teste, and de.
oervt to draw, se we have no doubt It will, .till
more largely, it wilt be repeated this evening, the
performance concluding with Taa MiurAST Ixiod-
Th UsitAsiai Chdiob Sorr. The hesring
in mo w vi n uweii aRamn tne xmaiees or tne
s irt uongregauonai unorcn was rwsmed yeiterday
before Judge Uollin, In room Mo. 1, of th Uommon
Flee Court. Charlee Stauwn. (laleh Allen. am.
ridge and William Ureen were examined especially
touching their opinion aa to the etandingof the Bev,
M. D. Conway, a a man er a preacher, and a chris.
tian teacher, all oononrrlng tbat in thee nepeot h.
tood very high. Mr. Oreen detailed at great length
waa. uMiiujMimi uie jruawe ana nimeeu in
relation to the aliened dlaaatlafaotion of Mr. Gonwa.
ta ting that th advice be gave them wa to await an
appeal from the congregation to oonvene a meeting
on tbe rnbjeot, and nnen reoeivlng auch appeal to no-
tiry mr. uonway, o tnat n mignt nave an opportu
nity of anticipating the notion of tbe congregation
by resigning.
Be never made tbe atatement that If half a dozen
names were attached to the pper it would meet with
hie annrobatioa. 11a voted for the onmnrnmltn rum.
olution for the sale of the Church anddietiibutlon
of the fund, as he did not desire to aland In tbe way
oi tne majority, dui was nnaer protest ss io in le
aelltref the nroceedins. .
Tbe witneis was cross-examined at oonslderabli
length by Mr. Keblor.
xniaii or udolpho. i no state va. r. uanaoinno.
In BoomMo.Softhi Court, before Judge Garter. The
partial lummoned on the apecial venire, in the above
oaae, attended, and the
tee, attenoaa, ana tne ionowing were nworn M
iron: Wm. Knott, Sycamore Townahlp: Tboe.
vwn. Miami Townahln: Antbonv Swerne. Walnnt
urors: nm. B-nott,
Hill.: W. H. Smith. Svcamore Townahln: J.mea
Boyd. Clifton: Jo. BunUw. Mlllcreek: Jaa. McOill.
Anderwn Town.hlpj O. W. Sowder, Miami Town
ahlp; Peter I. Xckman, Miami Townahlp: 0. Yatea,
Miami Townahlp; JamesKendrick, Miami Townihip,
.uutfvun iieini, mitui xowueuip, .
About ball a a Often wttneuee were examined
Divoaca Burr. In the case of CharlM avalnat Ann
Krell.aauit for a divorce on tbe aronnd of roia ne
glect of doty the burden of the evldenoe being that
tne petitioner oouia not get m. wue to live witn blm
because he to a member of ths Protectant Evan-
eiical uoarcn, ana ni wue a Jtoman Uatholle,
udse Collin dismissed the eetltlon and aim a nntu
tlon of th wife' for alimony th Oonrt conceiving
tbat in th laat matter the husband would win on
execution. The sartiea were married in Garmanr in
1836, and have three danghtera between the age of
eignteen ana twnty-tnree year.
A HAKDioMiCoiirLmsirr wcll BrsTOwss.
The Tennesiee Legislature, who visited onr
eity last week, purshased a handsome silver
service from M. de o. JLinsey, wnion they pre
sented to Captain Sherley, of the Louiivllle
Mall Line, on the Jacob Siradtr, whileon their
way to Louisville. The presentation"-speech
was made by D. Richardson, of Tennessee, to
wnien captain s. reiponaea in, an appropri
ate addreis, thanking them for the compli
ment and assuring them that thie mark of
their esteem would live forever In his momory.
ah excellent conation was men prepared,
of which the oompany partook, and nntu they
reached Louisville at two o'olock in the morn
ing, sentiments were given, toaits drank and
wine flowed freely ss the water' upon which
they were floating. Upon their arrival at that
eity they were greeted oy a number of the oiti-
sens with a saiuto or artillery and were imme
diately eieorted to a special train upon whioh
tney nepsrtea ior nasnvuie.
1 Rswoiocs Mrro Distdbbsd by Rowdiss,
The congregation of the Second Mission
Ohurch on Fonrth-itreet. near Mill, comnlaia
bitterly through a lettir to Mayor Bishop, of
tue conauct or some ooys ana yonng men who
habitually disturb their religious exeroises.
They open the door and shout, throw pieces
of wood into the church during ssrvioss, place
boards and logs across the path in ths yard,
and in almost every conceivable method annoy
tne worsnipptrs. it nas been borne so long
that patience, of whioh they seem to have
eonalderable, has at length beoome weary,
and they have asked protection of the o(ty
auinoriues. xt is painiui to tninK tnat,Der-
sons can be guilty of euoh rudeness, and we
heartily hope they may reoelve inoh lessons
iu ueiiaviur, irom aouio lource, as will not
easily be lorgotten. ; ' :
Nabbow Esoapi or a Win rtoH Dsaih.
A man named, Christopher Bohlaschter was
arrested last evening for disorderly conduct,
under the following oircumitanoei: He) keens
grocery on Front-street, between Ludlow and
Lswrenoe, and became somewhat Inebriated
yesterday afternoon, in whioh oondltioa he
quarreled with hiiwlfe. He happened to have
a piitol in his hand at the time, which he
Struok UDon the oonnter in auch . a ' man.
ner as to dlsoharge it, tbe ball passing oloie
to tne tace oi nis wue ana outting off some
her hair. Fearing that in bis temporary
inianlty he might do her some bodily injury,
either accidentally or otherwise, aha oaused
nis arreit, ana be win nave a hearing th;
morning oerore d nage iowe.
Sissn CoMMiasioNia Wabtsd. Some
the reildents of the neighborhood of the corner
of Tins-street and Allison, bavins- become
heartily disgusted with the filthy condition
the streets in that locality, a day or two aso
turned out enmatn, and, placing a Quantity
mua in a large neap, niea aDove it tne ad
vertisement. "Street Commluioner Wanted.'
Tbli is not the only locality where an individ
ual of this class is greatly needed, and, in the
hope that one of these myths may be speedily
found to attend not only to this but other
parts of the eity, we cheerfully give the ad
vertisers the benefit of our extensive circula
The complimentary to Eliza Logan last even
ing wss a triumph Indeed j Wood's The
being so densely crowded that it was necessary
to cease selling tioiets at an early Hour, and
to turn nunareas away, xne audienoe, as
wss, wss probably at large as any oyer assent
uieu in toe waiu oi mat uramatic tempi.
As several hundred tickets are already ou
standing, it has been deemed neoeuary ana
advisable to repeat the programme thla even
ing. The entire recslpts will doublets surpass
tnose or any complimentary ever given to any
artiste m inn city. - . ,;
BvaOLAav o SsTssTi-iTBiBT, The resi
dence tif a man named J. S. Perkins, looated
at no. 864 iseventn-iireet, waa reionisuiiy en
tered nlsht before Isst and robbed of spoons,
forks and other articles of silver-ware to the
amount of twenty-five or thirty dollars. The
burglars affected an entrance, by means of
"outsider," and did their work so quietly
to escape without arousing tne inmates.
T Polios Ooobt. Forty oases wert) examined
yeiterday, at the Polioe Oonrt, by Judge
Lowe, but they were principally without Interest.-
Not a single ease teemed to us worthy
of a paragraph, and we ar glad of it: for
literature arising from such a source does not
appear tons ue son rsaaabia or interest
lng, -: - - , .. ." ;
Nsw Novbl. T Adopted Stir, by Mill
Pardoe, Is the title of a well-written and
interesting novel from the Msin-f tract publish
ing Arm of Rickey, Mallory k Co. All Miss
Pardoe's works are yery good, and this Is one
or wa posy -; r ... v. . . .
6T"ThU morning at half-past tM e'closk
J. Graff A Co. sell, at Ko. 2 Harrison-street,
the enre furniture of a family declining
Fail Nioioxs; iMrorrAWvLxoiL Danisms.
It is well known, both at kome and abroad, that
there Is, and has been, since 1850, a law pro
hibiting the immigration into this State of
free negroes from abroad, for the purpose of
becoming citizens, and visiting heavy penal
ties upon suoh as violate iu provisions ; also
preventing the same class from-oomlog into the
State for temporary purposes, except under
certain restrictions. A he provisions or tne law
areas follows: . . , ....
I. That If any negro or mulatto remove
into the State with the Intention of making it
bis permanent residence, he shall, on oonvio
uon, do sentenced to tne penitentiary tor a
term not exceeding Ire years. -.
J. If any negro enter the State to transact
any business, he shall procure a permit from
the Clerk of tbe County Court, authorising
him to do so, provided such permit shall not
be valid more than thirty days.
lr said negro shall rail to obtain luoh
permit within twenty-four hoars, he shall be
lodged in jail, and continue there until he give
bond to leave the state and to pay the ex
penses of bis arrest and Imprisonment, ' -
Under these provisions two negroes, named
Samuel Murrelt and Thomas Bowman, resi
dents of Cincinnati, were arrested and brought
before Judge Mooar, of tbe County Court,
charged With the orimes thus denned.
From the testimony adduced, it appears
that they are men of good habits and charac
ter, and have been for three months employed
1. .1. - a-U . - w - , a. xr . -. v.
m .us wuaoov laotgry w nuosier at &eitn, on
They earn from Cincinnati each morning,
and returning each evening, regarding it a
their home, and from which they have had no
intention of removing. Their visits to Cov
ington were ior temporary purposes only, and
they never remained in the State more than
fiesfe hours at a time, much lets hcenly bur.
But to avoid all difficulty, the employers of the
negroes obtained for them the required permits
from 8. 0. Perrin, of the County Court, and
which were renewed from time to time, aa the
tnirty days expired.
' Judge Kinkead, counsel for the defense, de
nied that any permit was necessary, as they
never remained in the State twenty-four
hours, and that they had no intention of re
judge mooar, However, overruled this posi
tion, and deoided that thelrenterinir into bust
nets here was a migration within the meaning
of the statute. He also deoided that the re
newal of the permits, undsr the oircumitanoei.
was illegal, and never contemplated by the
Tbe defendants were held to ball in tbe sum
of $200 each for their appearance at the Circuit
Court, Their employers immediately sab
scribed to the bonds, stating that they had
solicited tne services or tne negroes, and tney
lntenuea to seeuem urouga tne aimouity.
ATTBiirTBD Fshimioidi. On Saturday night
list, cries were heard issuing from a small
building on Stewart-street, occupied by a man
named Brown. As ba and his wife were in
the habit of quarreling when Inebriated, it at
first attrsoted little attention, bat hearing it
continued, several ' persons visited the prem
ises, where they found Mrs. Brown lying on
tnanoorana nieeamg proiuseiy. near by stood
another female named Bridget MoMahon, quite
intoxicated, and at the same time, apparently
very naaiy ingutenoa, wno stated tnat Mrs.
Brown, having partaken freely of liquor, en
deavored to reach a pine on the mantle above
the lire, bat on account of herlntoxioation fell
with the back part of her head on the grate of
tne n replace, causing tne wound irom wnion
the blood was flowing.
On the other hand, the wounded woman.
during the intervals between the paroxysms
of the dalintm tremens, under whioh ' she has
since been laboring, avers that she wss struck
over the bead with an iron pokor, in the
nana or Bridget mouanon, tne parties bar
ing had some difflulty, the particulars of
wnicn ine does net recollect.
Dr. Adams. Citv Physician, waa called in
who, after examining the grate, gave it ss his
opinion that the wound sould not have been
produced oy a u, out was tne result er a
blow, administered by some heavy instru
ment. Bridget wss arrested by Marshal McLaugh
lin and lodged in jail. Yesterday morning she
was brought before tbe Mayor for examina
tion) but on account of the critical condition
of Mrs. Brown, she was remanded until Wed
neiday, the Court hoping by that time to as
certain wnetner or not tbe contusion would
prove fatal.
uotn tne females are degraded prostitutes.
Mrs. Brown is now in the poor-bouse, as her
hovel was possessed of none of the comforts
wbton ner situation rendered necessary.
Stbakob abd Snsnciorjs Pboobbdidos
Confiding Gahs Plavbo Without amy Ar
pabbnt Objiot. On Friday last, a man rep
resenting himself as Marshal Johnson, of
Cleveland, engaged a horse and buggy at
Scales A Co.'s livery stable, on Madison-street.
Ior tne alleged purpose or pursuing a thief
some nve miles in tne country, wnere, accord
ing to tne statement or tbejMiudo Manual, be
was concealed. Bo skillfully was the matter
managed, that no susploion wss excited, and
the horse and buggy given over to bis posses
sion. Instead of goiLg to the South, he went
the Western-row ferry, where he crossed, and
from thence proceeded to Riling Sup, Ind.
While on the way he made no effort to sell the
animal, or vehiole, bat invariably represented
himself as a Marshal from Cleveland, having
changed his name from Johnson to Mellon.
' On arriving at Rising Sun ho left the
buggy, but borrowed a saddle and overcoat,
and proceeded to Patriot, eight miles below,
where he left the horse, at the same time tel
egraphing back to Scales A Co., itatlng that
the horse and buggy was at Patriot, and that
he would return on Sunday. On receiving the
dispatch late oa; Saturday night, Mr. Herod
started in pursuit, and found both horse and
buggy; but the thief, about fifteen hours be
fore, had taken pssssge on a steamboat
Louisville, taking with him nothing but the
overcoat he had borrowed. Yesterday an offi
cer arrived from Michigan in pursuit of an in
dividual suiting the deioription of the self
styled Marshal, who, it is alleged, had com
mitted sundry forgeries In that Stats.
hearing of bis exploits in Covington, the offlosr
started In pursuit, bat with what success
hava not learned.
' Labosrt. A young man named Caldwell,
who resides some distance in the country, was
ysaterday arrested on a charge of stealing
overcoat from Jacob Yaa Dyne, a eonduotor
on one or tne passenger trains on the Kentuoky
Central Railroad, under the following elrcum-
stances: Mr. Y. had engaged and paid for
am. 4 am. .Klt.kM.., I ft-1 ! .'
wmm mm lum, hwvuiuhvui ,u VAUVUIWB.l, wav
ing orders that when finished it should be
at the magnolia House in this eity. Accord
Ing to agreement a porter brought the eoat
the place designated and inquired for Mr. Van
Dyne, when a young man standing near stated
that that was his name, and the eoat waa
aaaaed over to nun. . ...
As soon as the deception was discovered
information was given to several individuals,
who ar competent detectives, and yesterday
they saooeeded in the arrest of Caldwell.
will be examined to-day. v i-,, i
. Aaibst of a Eoui Taisr-On Saturday
last a man named Olaypole, from Dover,
Mason County, passed through this city with
two hones, of which ha appeared very anxious
to disposal but not succeeding ha went over
Cincinnati, where ha sold them to sons per
son, wuoes sains we were unaom to learn.
noon anerwara ne wm parsusa by a man
named Jennings, who traced out the where
abouts of the horses and claimed them as
property, which claim he established by com
petent proof. . Having aoecmplistied tils,
et out in pursuit of tha thief, whom ha found
In this city yesterday and caused his arrest.
Olavpola has already acknowledged ihe theft,
aad will ba returned to Mason County to-day.
City ItvaxmoiT. An eleotlon for members
the City Council and some other cltv officers
will be held on the flrat Monday la Maroh
next. t . ;
The Ohio River at this point was declining
throughout vday. and wariilre4ltg,lhonsE
very gradually, laeteveulog; the water in TheThan- I
net bin nearly th earn then as twenty-four hoar
vi.-iuu.. ine npm oarwoea sere ana ixmunii
uim moraine will not be br from twelve feet, which
leiufflcl.nt forllcleseof teuer . ,
The Lkadinf ith eniniAlwl (Mt.Nl.,. Ih. mimh..
of bot that arrived being greater on a elagle day
iuu iura mnnm pan. negniwria gooa lup
plr. meetly for lower sorts, at tbeee arirei:
ii Flour7seTwk?
Pitleburg-Ootton, ..: Mouueee. SSc.s Wbtaky.
Naghvtlla Whl.kr. n. Kvl . tne t At. iAn . W.NnS
. . i.u. Mr tw lua.
rrelghU,Ja!lOo.perlTiolber ' 7 '
Bt. LouiafHaavy Pound Freights, JSC. per UMlb.;
Whitky and Oil, fee. pel bri, Btoves, Ko.i Ale, W
per nri.
cvananiie wnuxy anaotl.SOCper en.
Cairo W hlakr nil. An. brl Vr,mA
Freight, Wo. per 100 lb.
New Orleans Wbl.k r and (HI Ha- Vtnnv. vn i Pari,
Mc.i Bsoon, and other pound Frelgto, avjXlc per
loo lb.; Keg Lard, loo.; bora. Sio per bead.
The steamer A. O. Tvlor It hi Ihnn.hL will ha
railed In a day or two. .Ooaaidatahl other freight
will be laved.
ths J.cos Btbadbb Ooiso rjrro ras : MSMsrns
PaeKST TBAHa. Tha Hannhl, Avalennh. Inarna
that th Packet Oompany have chartered the fatnoo
low-pretsurs a (earner Jaoob Btradar, and Intend
placing her in the New I'rleen trade. She will be
there by the flrat of April next, and leave on tbe M
dnyof that month, and every Monday thereafter,
uMiug wveaiy trip u, xiew uriean ana oCK.
Boar DinsoTiD v fisx Th Ham Howell. Oast.
Baiikt.from Upper Bed Biver, bound down, with a
cargo of m bale of cotton and S0,U)0 hidee, took firs
on tne nigot oi tne xutn ln.tant, ana tne Post and
vcuau wor omireiy oonaamea.
ABBiVAU.-Snaday Anglo Baxoa. PltUbnrc: Tel
graph Lounvill.: Swallow. Whaelln.; Huuiu
Wheeling; Magnolia,
MsyaTllle. Monday Foreet Oneen. Madleon: Jacob
Binder, Lealaville; Clipper. Mashvlll; Ohio No.S,
Marietta; Olend.le, Memphla; A. W. Qnarrler, Ka-
iiaeAarusM. ounaar Telesrasb. Loulevilli: An-
Sio naxon, oi. ixiui': memotte, rittiburg. Hon.
ay Foreet Queen, Madison; Jacob Btrader, Loals
ville) Ohio No. 1, Atarietu; Sir Wm. Wallace. Pitts-
ourg; ampire uuy, new vrieans; imnlaitb, Mevlll.
Monetary and Commercial.
Money matters opened quietly yesterday,
and though th demand for Currency continued
active, the market still seemed growing u tuti
The Discount-houses ware doing meet of the really
good namea presented at th regular loild rates-io
012 per cent.
Eastern Sxchange was not active, bnt the market
we moderately arm, at about 4Ac buying on Boston
and Baltimore and i on Philadelphia and Mew York;
the sailing figure continuing generally steady at H.
although some dealers were drawing occasionally at
airaciiua ueiuwtuat price.
Gold waa quiet, and Mew Orleana Exchange lnac.
tire frcm a look of aopply. Time-bill, on the Seat
and South and Uncurront Money were without alter
ation. lour wa in gooa aemana ana very arm yeeterday.
nniaxy ami oa low.ri urain ana urocenea nn
changed. The buoyancy heretofore noticed in Fro-
vlilon. con tinned, and city dealer aaked rate eon.
eidsred eauifalent to a withdrawal from the market.
Aiairtraoeu aotng mill in nutter, ubeesi, tley,
ruwHin via uutit omju,
The lmsorta and Exnoit of varlonaartlele for tha
iorty-eignt noure snuing yeateraay noon, were i
relt; Ooro. 4,933 buibeU; Wbemt, 3,330 buihela; 0t,
4.T63 bTMhlr, Bsrlw , 1,49(1; Hog, 256 hd; Pork And
1lain-a krla lirfknai.. iQt U'lil Kai . I 9,1 A,l
AltrVUlii SMw Mi lis. ll" irVAOif SS7W tJO s wm AJCSl U arl I LIS !
lkgi;i Coffee, 2 bag.; Asplee, 734 brla.; Butter,
49kea.i Oh,
in ooxea; roiawM, siu uria.; sail.
OAObrla.: uav. aMba ee.
KxronreoFlonr. 2.W7 brla.t
Whiaky, i,im fcrla.:
uheli: Barler. l.MA
Corn, 600 bnah.; Wheat, 172 buiheli;
buihel: Pork and Baoon. 325 bhdi.. 832 tierces. Ml
U.l- u lu.u. T . t 4 ttl, IV... T . I k. .. U ...
toe, l,SiSbrls.; Bait, 24s bri.
Th followina- Is a eomcarative itatement of tha
import, of Foreign Dry tiooda at Maw York for th
salt wees ana einoe January i;
For the week. 1 838. 183t. IS60.
Entered at the prt.....$73l,sil tWMi 14,368,471
Thrown on market ,172,200 - S,23i,uss 4U,lt3
Since January 1.
Entered at the port..,..J,M6.m 10,675,607 11,770,095
Thrown on market ....J,70,06S 10,846,440 12,001,K9S
Saturday'! New York Times, under date of Friday
evening, oiwervea;
"In Money rates we hear of sorai favorite eS-dar
acceptances being done at 6 per cent., and other
prime enort raper at 7 per cent. iMmand Lo.n ar
generally S per cent., and eally had on approved
atock collateral. The large and amall bank ar both
accommodating their dealer freely, and aome of the
former are lending Money on the afreet at S percent.,
mhject to call. Exchange la without alteration.
The mail to-morrow goee by the acrew-ateamer Edin
burgh for Liverpool. Ihe rate, on London are 10SH
ajiiart-ciaa xiiu, ana i.o.a.cni.o.i.M ou raru. '
. The exnort from Charleston. 8. 0.. It rear, wa
I7,958,418, and the Imports for tbe lame period
tl,MK,136. 'I be export of Savannah, Ga., for IMS
WM 10,WI iVW, HIU lUipVri M,lMQ.
In Baltimore flnt-class paper la scares in ths
atreet, aa tne oan at are aieoounung more -freely.
rtaie remain to wnia, a. v per cent, ior nrat.
clai paper, ana 10 to u ior otner ueeoription.
' Ii.liroii Basxb. Accordlns to the Anditor'. TU.
port, the outatandlng circulation of tbe Bank on th
let of December, loot, amounted to SD,!95,l21-ecared
by a deposit of etook to the amount of 17,123,641 711,
the market valne of which, at that date, waa to,70,-
740 w enowius wa axce. ui ecuniiee to oe aajo,.
Sr. Lovis BAHKi.-The aggregatea of the St, Loula
nsnsa isat weea were aa lonowa:
Jan. 38.
Jan. 21, Ino. Dec.
S4.302.699 102, 1 34
Exchange niat,g....84.2V0,5ta
483,340 102.179 6,825
663,333 M0.764 ...... 17,419
Monetary and Commercial. CINCINNATI MARKET-JANUARY 30.
FLOU tt A good demand and the mirket very
. ...... ... .... -.. , . a. .l .
and to W&b 85 for extra, sou barreli luperdne told
nt so 70, to ne aeuvorea meron l.
WHISKY The market i dull, and nrlcee lower:
aalca of 1,900 barrels at 20s., and 150 do, high preof
at ivc.
PROVISIONS Ths buovancv In the market oon.
tlnue. nd th diinoeltlon to vnrchaae Inoraaua.
while cellar! are moredlapoeed to hold back, and are
aaklng pricei whioh they coneider equivalent to hold
ing their itocke out of tbe market; Indeed, our eity
nearer generally reiuee toeu, auo it u cnieuyoonn-
try cures, wnion oan ne purcnaiea at tne cuotationa.
and thii, too, ie offered unite aparingly. No meet
Pork of consequence offering, though 817 50 waa
offered for cltv brandi: 485 barreli Bold at S17. d.liv-
erea at Hipiey, ana 05 ao. at sir m, aonverea at tne
lame place. A good demand for bulk Meat, at H
gMo.. out the ealee were confined to 122.000 sound at
6MMc, and 2,600 piece, delivered the last week
!Xo., with bat little dlapotitlon to cell, end s very
strong one to bay it Mc. below these rate. An ao
tlve demand for Bacon, with ial of 250 bhde. at 7H
reoroary, ex ana omo.; noioer exiag tt ana
9Mc. for Shoulders and Sidea, and at thecloee there
were more onyera loan seiiera, at in Quotation.
Lard buoyant, with a large demand at 10c. for barrel,
and lCiiailo. for keg, bnt holder aik Ho, higher.
400 barrel and tierce old at 10c., and 300 kegs at
107.(31 Io. 4'JO green Ham eold at 8s.
GUO0EBIS8 There la ao change In the market;
the demand contlnuee of a local nature. Molamee
ell, In the regular way, at 4646c. Sugar at 70
fitio. Coffee ateadr at !Mtai3c. fur fair to choice.
are firm at ll 83! 36 for prime white, and tl &&180
ior prime rea: saio oi ii7s noisei prime ra at si
snd 1,200 do. prime whits at f 1 iO-tbli last sale I
below the market.
COBN The market oontlnuea dull, but we have
no cnange to note in prices iince our last suotationss
aalee of suo bnabela, In bulk, at too,, and 1,000 do.
.helled at A5o.
OATS There Is a fair demand, and arlce ateadr
at 480..' sales of WO buahels, la bgi, at 490., snd WO
ao. in nuiK at wo.
BYK The market Is dull, and price ar nominal
at SI.
BABLKY The market oontlnuea dull, and prices
unchanged. We quota prim mil at tossMe., and fair
togosj atooctseoo.
HAVr-There la a good demand, and light receipts;
snd price bare advanced l per tun. We now quote
prime Timothy at 8120 per tun.
OHKKSH The market 1 firm, with a good de
mand: sales of sso boxe Weetera Reserve at Wo.,
sun iuu ao. extra larga at iuu.
BDTTKB The market Is dull, and prices ar nn
APPLES Th market Is firm, with a rood demand
at lal cuotatlonsi aalee ol 600 barrel good Northern
at 83 06.
POTATOmt There I a rood demand, and arise
firsh at 1 SO per barrel for prime Northern; aalesof
inn earreia prime neananocseatsi aw. - '
4JLOVSB BE1CD The market is ateady, with a fair
demand: sales ol 70 aack at ti 9, and 11 barrels
MSW Yosa Masbsw. Jaanarr SO-P. M.-Tha de
mand for Aahee la fair and iteady: sale of 75 barrel
Pot at ti 2, and 40 barrel. Pearleat 85 37X. Cotton
In limited demand: eales of 700 bale at UMOlltta,
for middling Vplandi. Flour a .had eaeier, and
transaction only to a moderateeitent; ahlppers will
at V 60(2W 76 for common to choice extra. Bye
Floor stead v. and a moderate bu.lnMfl dune at 13
0r4 46 for common to choloe anpertne. Buckwheat
r lour plenty anil aali at i TXnl 7)i per cwt. Corn
Meal dull at Si 7MM IS for rendvwine. - Wheat
ouit. and nominally In favor of bnvan. witnoat
anything of moment doing; ahlppers ere holding
tor a material aecune, to wnicn noiaers are unwil
ling, to lubmlt. Ths anotatlons ar at l I6l
for Chicago bpnng: Si laepl a fornilwanki Club.
Bye oulett sale or 1,300 buih.li at 90P92O. Barley
dull snd beam ealee of 3.0U0 buaheli rood fonr.r,,w.d
State at 76o. Corn dull and droopina: sales of 8,600
bnshel, at TSdbSlo. for new yellow and whit. Oat
pienir ana lower: aaiee at Haw, ior mate, weetera
and Canadian. Perk firmer, aad deotdedlr mors ac
tire. Tb transaction In the.aggregat were 6,000
barreli, at !7 25 for old meaa; Sif M)I8 12 tor n.w
mM; sisn ooros ow prime; bis 76 for new prime,
eloeing buoyant; included la aalee were l,O0 barreli
newmei for delivery on tbe 16th or April at I
and l-iXX) do. seller' ostioa. all Aeril. at tla. Bv
is unchanged: sales of 276 barrela. at l4a4 tS
conntrr nrimat KM SB for conntrv meu: SMCft
for re-packed mesa; 10 60011 for extra nee. Beef
Harni Quiet: amall sale at I2 for rut, and f iseeia
for Weetera. Prime met Beef steady: aale of
ttersee vnicago at ia, ana no ao. 1001a meei at ssi.
Dreaied Bogs In fair requeat at 7A7Xc. for Weet
era. Bacon quiet and nnchaaged. Cut Meat iteedy
and in fair demanl. sale of 260 nackase. at Kc
for Shoulder., and tHme. for Ham. Lard uit
aad firm: sale of 180 barrel at MMAlOMe. Butter
plenty, dull and lower: aalee at lltaioo. for Ohio,
ana iobujuo. ior dhw. www urn u vmiiio. Da
nr unlet, bnt firm: Sale Of 450 hhda. Onlie and Mn.
covado. at lli&Who. for fair reflnlns. and 9A bhde
New Orleans, part at SXo. Coffee ateadyi ealee of
bag Bio st 12o and 76 bag Jamaica at llXo. Mo
urns quwti aim af asu, jsusoeysae at SK,
Aim tiJTS ...
.fJ.'t?. A.oeJVn' t..Bo- l-V.V
irm- ovum aw uuiliiiiawuVUVD ft U1U
(Tneed.y) MOBNIBO.JaH. 3l,ieo,t CM o'clock,
wmily, ooaiMIng. ot en hair-cloth sofa, one a.
nogauy oenier-uoie, mar rosewood par lev okalra,
lx reception chair, en walnut faacv labia, m
quartet do,, tine Ingrain cat fret.
uisuo-suoai.-vBs exteB.toa' table, roar nnn
bottom chairs, one aofa loiug., do. breialtfaet table,
'YT. i ,''' J?' dltn,.ro cesswts.
. apring, nucK asacotion mattraaaM. linn.
three-ply carpet, drawer standa, toilet were, waih-
tta"d, chamber carrela, oil-eloths, wiolew-rJiodA.
looking-glaaiet. "
AliBO A general assortment ef Kitehea Fsrnl- '
tor-iov naa nxturee, inns, noes, sw. .
laai j , - no is avset soorvaweet.
BAD,at Tno Sale-room rlo. t Wert Flit.
treet, ap Ulrs. Aolgnee'e Hal ef Blaok-lteokt
ana ninnoueri, on inv ear.- cieniu. will Dseoia
on WSDNXSUAY XTKMIMO, Feemarf I, at t
o'clock, Ih antir stock of B'ank books aad Sta -tioaery
of Mewrs. Trnaaan A BporTord, comprieing a
large variety of blank, compoelilon, memoradnm
ana pese-booka, playlng-oards,ches-men,denlaoe. .
mathematical iti.truoieut., portfolios, lakeland.,
Ink. alatee, aote-paper and envelss, pvat-kuiders,
lead pencil., ileal pnue, Ac .
Tian. On all bill of 150 and onward, elxtr dan
eredite, tor note, aatufactory to lh BMlguee; all
enme under M, caih. Catalogs e are now laady for
ai.iriouiion, iiuij b. u. lit un A u, &uo r.
xm. bb
BHEAB8 00. Ralaa-rooma. ti aad M Main.
atreet Bexular Bale of Groceries, Se , tt Anotton.
we will sell, on wavniCtjDAY MOBMNQ. Feb. I,
at S o'clock, a general aatortment of Grocarle, oon-.
v i errrw. SHBisiai tycsev ua uitfitji sr-a, asu , ( slUUI mm,
We will Mil, on WIDSKoDAY MOBNINO, Feb. I,
liniog of SO hhda. augar. 74 brie, molaaiee, 1M bag
oonee, mi aege nana, iuu ooxe souaiu ana 9 to Dec-
sot loo boxe sons.
auw-utnaiee, rope, staren. inmgo, glassware,
buoketa. tab and washboard, t none, currant., allva
oil, Ao. j3) O. BKA8HBABS A O0 ,Auc'ra.
II Cut Thlrdtreet. oimo.ltetba Henrie Hon.
MOBNINO, February 1, at half part o'clock, will ,
be auld at A action, withont reeerre, S packige ef
fiae Cognac and othw Dranote. iast arrived front i
l New York, and will be aald la lots to snltpnrch-.
iTermieash.. ..
jaai ' ' i. aanuai, auctioneer.
JOHNSTON, in BaJee-room. Ho. SHaln.etmet.
next to Trail Co. Bask. TUESDAY MOBNINO, -Januarys),
commeneing atX o'clock, will he aold, "
withont reeerva, aodoaen Oempechy fine Kid, Brnah.
grain and Tampioo Boot-skina, with om4 cam .
man's prime heavy Boots, men and bey's Brogaas, ,
ladle' Gaiter Beat, children' Shoes, as.
A MH immeataieiy alter tne arwre, w win sen ,
witho it reearve. a larse and deairabla .took of Drr
Gooria, Tailors' Good., THaU, Cape, Ao. '
jaai iiiubii juinrou, Aoetioneer.
WILLIAMB-Balea-roon. Noa. n and 34 Zaat
Tbird-etreet.-On TUESDAY MORNING, Jannary
II, at o'clock, a geueral atock of good new Forsi-.
tare, vi eoiee, sociaDiee, .priog Mai parior urge
rcklns and ElllabelhObire.oaee-eet dining, cot. .
tag and rocking do., dreMing boreal., Bide-boardt,
maroie top lauiea, otaqaa, imosh
marble top Tabiee, Standi,
lead, Wkat-ats,
iar gut xtirrora, ao.
u-aa allt Mirror.. Ac
ALnO A alook of second-hand sTnrnitnra of a
family removing. . ,
ALSO A variety of Table Cutlery and Fancy ,
Goods, Ao. - r
A bod A large iron Bate, goooas new; a lot or
Brandies and Liquors, and other iode, .
Ja30 ii . . A. kkllouu, Auctioneer.
talk If IVIfflUlllllaWV
Durable Machine exUnt.
Vail and see them. . . ' f
ja9tf. 80 Weat Fourth-street.
! .:
wfQ (kTnt
rnBD.'XOKiiil 5
jjl. i i i t'i ssif
Incorporated 9. Charter Perpetual
SHW-AsencT etbUhedln OlndnnaHin ltMS, an.
tedatlng all yreaent looal Inanranoe Opuipanles and
Agonele in the In.nrance boilnse in tbli city. 83
years constant dnty here, oomblned with wealth, ex
perlenoe.cn terpHae and liberality, mpecially eom.
Diena tne Jxtta A ineuranoe wrap.. , w ,n .-."--ble
satronaireof IhU oommnnlW .tandlogeolltery
and alone, the sol anrvlvor and Uvlag pioneer of
Idnclnnatl ondererriters of IS'JS.
Losses iBldlwCtaolwwjitl dwrlsit Met sTtva
Year, 136,094 'AT.
Oash OapitalsBl.000,000.
8UHPLU8 Os? $I,030.33 80.
And th preetlge of 40 years sucoeesanoeapsmsBO.
. . IWVSBTltSB-TS Of .". .
Over $100,000 in Ohio Securities.
upwards of tiaooasooo, LOSSES
Have been paid by the JBtna Inanraoee Oompany IB
ho past 40 yean.
,t terms oouititent with solvenoy and flr profits.
lepeoial attention given 10 inenraaoa 01 vweiungs
and content, ior term ot 1 wpr a.
Application maaa to any amy miuora e"; ,
promptly attended to. uy itnct attention to a e
litnt. in.nrance knalnees. thlaOomoeny le enabled
Io Oder both Indemnity for tbe seat and aeonrity for
thefntore. P llolealsaneolwiinoul aeiay oy
. OABT1B, A seat, Ko. 40 Slain ItrsH.
B.Tlift auilMjLnt Amnt.
ft i.fNiiakiT 1-..I ivi Vfneatreel. . ,
J.'j. HOOKklt, Agent. Fnl ton. 17th Waid. sui
No. 2 Front-atreet, between MalBSndSrcsmore.
Tbl. (Jomnanr I taking Fire). Inland and Marina
Bilk at current ratesof prsmlnm.
liosaea tairiy aajuatea ana promptly para. . ,
TFIckeri, Ball. SWPomeroy,
WUU.m Glenn, W O Whlkher, W 0 Mann.
Bobert Mitchell, W H Oom.toch, I-III Htoos, ,
BobtBuobanau, OGHhaw, ., 43o Stall,
Wm Bellow, , Beth Irani, JUTaaffe, :
DavMGibeoa,.'. H Brachman, I fl libera,
H Clearwater, ThosMXlUott,
x. r. vs.ajiT, rreaiaent. ,
BTargss Moans, Secretary. . , . nog
Fire and Marine Insurance.
Citizens' Insurance Company, ;
WlllUm Wood, . Ieaao 0. Oopelea, .
' James F. Cnnnlngbam, Sydney S. Clark, .
Andrew Irkenbreobsr. Joaeph Beakirt, .'
, Geo. W. Bilbos, lishsr, v ,
George B, Dixon.
ISAAC a 00iJBLI5, President)'
Gso. W. Oorsixs, beoreurr. ,
A. M. BOSS, Surveyor.
Is smeared to lee a Pallcte on Fire and Marin
Blak. on favorable terms. Offlc No. I West Third-
treet, Trast Co. BulMlag. aoebfm
National Ins uranee Co.,
tTlaelaaatl, OHe. '"
(Office South-weet Obr. Msin and Front-etrsets.)
Jfaxiiio, Inland Trajuportation and
M Smith, .
Clisa L Moore,
John Burgoyne,
Bobert Moors,'
M Feehheimaf,
wm nepwonii,
F X Wiedemer. ThoaOn,
is. . B W Smith. .
f bos B Biggs. ' Henry Bill. :
H. 0. UBBSB, Beo'y.
jho. Buaoux MS, rres.
P. A. Bramaas, Bnrveyor.
8TABUUEU IsT 1838.
OAPITAIa 150,000.
OrricH no. 4 rnoNT-STKXZT. in
B0BB8 against Los sad Dsmaas by tllM alsoi
Peril of the Sea aad Inland Natl3oV , -, -
o.WBariwell, AllerTOiilter, Wtlllam 1
bn Willi,. JanMsLaiSon, Chai.WJt
Sow Land.
John w .Vudleyt JamesA Fraaer,
O T Wood row, IK W Taylor, A 8 Wlnalow,
fl B Williams, H McBlrney, Bowat.adB.Ver.
- . , n. UAraXWAljii, XTSSlosnt, ,
Q. W.WiutA,Seere4ary. , . o
- PUtB AUO IrfABINB. : 1 ,'.!
Eagle Insuranoe Company,
V. BIIDBB, Bserslary. , . t - : .,...,
utsscToae rjenry massisr, .Antbony fay, Wm,
Wood, 1
uw-,.riTf.on' Ba,u1 xart, Ueorg W.
Soavasoas-nft a, Amirder aad DstMBOav. Aasag
m 1 w-1 W aWsWS-
ii ,11-
V-l fi:.tl

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