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'rOOHD,,,A.,lnthUsolnJaB,oevylnJnv UbM
n lees, two IneertloM.tweatr-Bv cent. -
ANTED GIBjU-To 4o general home
work In a smell family. Apply at IM East
flftk-otrcet. - ' " Mb
WANTED A gentleman wisbee to get a
Ingle gentleman of goad, sober habit, to
m with him. Aleo, two or tan gentlemen cu
have a good room, Ac, at JOS, suta-aa corner of
Third and Plnm. , ttlb
A N t K D-Good glrla tot homework;
. gaftfenoa raotrd Call at Mr.. WAR
NER'S Employment Office, Ho. 30t riftb-atreet, be
tween Weat.rn-rowaad John. Alio families want
ing good domMtioa caa be tupplled. Call at tka
abora number. . , , l31b
WANTED A young German or other
. Prole lUnt OlrV to take aara of ohlldrea.
Apply at So. 137 Broadway, between fourth and
fltth-etreel. . Jatlb'
WANTED A BOY-Aboot fifUaa jer
of age, to mind an office, flood reference
runtred. Applr at Mo. 60 Weat fourth-street, neo.
ondetory. jejlb
WANTED A BOY Seventeen yoari of
age, to learn a trade. Inquire at Mo. 149
flfth-troet, between Baee and 11m. jejlb
ant book-keeper, entry or ehlpplng oterk, aa
conjl.t, or where I can make myselt generally ast
ral. Address 1. 0. B., at thle offioe. j3lb
y ANTED By a young man who baa
had several y ears experlenea, a situation aa
book -keeper orslerk. Wholesale businas preferred.
maa and wife, In private family, where
there are but few or ao other boarder. Addme,
ilallng terme, Ac, OABBOT, at thle office. Jatlb
WANTED TO RENT A ttor on Fifth
or fourth -a treeta. between Mate and Baca.
Any one baring a sraall store on either of the abora
treota can beer or a good tenant br addressing;
J. M.S., this office. ' la8ld"
WANTED TO RENT A email house
. In the Weet Knd.or Cummlnsvilla, Applr
to J A3, H. HOOLE. W Bast Thlrd-rtreet. a8lS
. wim2.'.i,0o?k4.?T ' d0 -eaeral housework.
Applr at Mo. 27t Weet Third street, torn of John.
)albJ ,.
WANTED Several married ladled, to en
gage In an easy and profitable basinets, both
In tbla city and to travel abroad, and who oan oom
maud t or tie. Address, Ihronah tba Pot toffloe,
Box l,1K. Oommunleatlonaoonfldentlal. JaJ7ae
mu, iw-aeepsr, porwra, coopers, oarpen
ten, mechanics, laborers and other, ean find situ
tloas at the Merchants' Clerks Btfiutrr Office, US
Walnut-tret. . .. UaSOaw! , HALE AGO.
TOOK BENT A Briok HOUSE containing
j- room, inquire at ?f main-screes, or n wen
wwum-iKwi! 1010
FOR RENT A sew two-story Briok
Bouse, fear rooms and kitchen, with front and
back yard, and in good order, situated In the western
part of the city-No. IS Seat-street. Apply to K.
piflroiiHoi on in premises, ,. Jaalb-
KjiOR RENT A two-story Briok Hon),
m- uewir HDieueq, wnu mouern improvements,
balcony in front, sltoeted oa Clark -street, near free-
SifS- -."nr a1 Pr montn. appiyio 4 AO. wtr
BOM, Benrle House. , jaSlb
man ard wife, with board, at te per week.
Also two girl ean hare a room to themeelrea. Board
,uw. avuini nn. A. o., rafHQUt. jeJIO
tmtninaetaht aorfla.on tha Beadlne Roed. It
muee irom tne 0117. me improremenie are j nweii
Ing and out-honaee. barn, young orohard. l.WO bear.
)ng grapes, Ao. Inquire at 818 Fifth-street. )alw
FOR SALE Missouri Graduated Landf,
n the central part of the State, six miles from
a railroad line : rich toll, good timber and water :
Improved farmi adjoining. Will be sold at a sma I
adranoe on government price, for cash or good trade.
A.. Jf . BOfll
IANAHA.M W. Third-it.
J OST BOY Left tke bonn of his paronta,
MJ situated on the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Say
ton Bailroad, below Harriet-street, about 9 o'clock
last Bunder, a email bay about 10 years of age; bad
on a oiaca owin cap, aara tweea coal ana psni.
Any Information left at 19 Freeman-street, or with
ait parents, will be tnanarnllr reoelved. lie boy'i
name Is Arter Payne. tela
OST Tho waist And ilaerei of a purplo-
JLalnnd-black dress, eold bv mleteka to a raff-deilar.
Tbe finder will be rewarded by returning the same
to Dr. J. J. TKUPLI, Sixth and Madison-etreeU,
uovragion, ay. jalD
BOARDIN Q A large, pleasant front
room, with Are and gas, suitable for a family
or single gentlemen, oan be had, with board, by p.
plying at No. 103 Plum-street. Two ladles willing
to room together can sleo be accommodated, jaild
BOAEDINQ. Two yonng gentlemen can
be accommodated with first -class Boardlug and
niOTHui wxni t ioj i-ium-siroei, near rourtn
Alio, a few Day Boarders wanted. jaM-d
Warranted to give ratiifactlon'.a -
o, 19 nd 91 Bast geeond-itreer,
jaiatf ' omoiswATi, ohio.
(DtoeeemtoMiittftM,) ,
NknafactDjapri and Wholaial Detlaurt
"-" -taylT
103 Dlalnaattwet, threw door above Third,
DBB all k nds of Hone Trappings, In the bad
and most substantial mannec A fco, a large assort-
Btps, uarpet and heather
uoties, reuses (the real
nge.and a large a
i wm ecu as tow
as the lowest.
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
very description, which I am selling ' nt a una)
ac oa Hew Tort prise, wholesale and retail.
not IflV , b Baeaandllsa.
Coal! Coal! CoalT
JL desls In the best enallties of the Tartoo kinds
ttt I!ab1b hrmiffht to the oltv.
Office and rard. No. 108 Bast Third-street.
Orders solicited and promptly attended to.
W. M. HPBBULL, gso'y.
Cannel Coal
NOW RECETVINGr A raperior artlole of
Cannel Ooal, and for sal at Mo. 103 Bast
Tbird-etreet. ... ... . " ,
jaMaw W. M. HTJBBBIti.gacrerary.
Winifrede CoaL
Jm. mine, and an exoeuent aruoi ror evoaing
st 'Vee. aorsaia aiiw aw mrw-miro,, -ijSaw
W. at. HOBBBLL, Bel'y
p9Btt fourth page pi. this morning's Ami.
,7 , i 1 . '
Lrtbss DaTiiiio rot wirr or Potriai-
JTanaary SI t
Mr. Mary Henry. Zanesvlll. Ohio.
Wm. V
alien, AIDlen, ill.
EmniiAiL Tke Clerk of the Probata Conrt
tssuad two hundred and- MTenteen marriage
Uoeniei dupirjit the month of January. gainst
one hundred and ninety daring too month
Ware, OptleUn. No. T Weet Tonrth-itreet.
Jutury 31i . ' '' ;' :- ' .
O'clock, ' Barometer. . ?. ' Tbermometar.
T A. M..,m. 29.il Above aero-3
U M..... -. . Above aero 28
a F. Mii,ii.wM,ii..Mn,iimW.63 Above aaroM
Daring tho week ending yesterday- the
reoeipU at the Mayor- Offioe amounted to
derived from tbe following lonrow:
t3 00
1 SO
S 60
2 00
4 00
Bxprees Wagons.
ymniDuoeSw. .' wu
Kxblbitions and Bal
nuc asters.!
n apeeaat ttee.ee e ea i
BokOLAiT oa Bmitii-btmw. The residence
of nan named John C. Clark, located on
Bmith-atreet, near Fifth, wm enttnod, night
before last, and robbed of money and other
valuables to the amount of thirty or forty dol
lar. - Among uto aruoie itoien were "War k I
Commentary on the NewTesUment," and
one Tolnme. of Chamber' "Information for
the People.'' The thief must have a literary
turn of mind, and if so, it ii to be hoped he
will read the hooka he has stolen and And
them beneloial to his moral nature. The
burglar affected an entranoe through a window
in tbe lower story of the balldlag, which he
apparently' ransacked before he quitted the
premises. :
Sibiocb ;AooiDi8t Ma NiiiLT Euxm
av k Qobsi A man named Eli 0. Keliey,
who, we believe, resides some miles from the
oity, on the Reading-road, ' waa seriously,
probably fatally, injured, yesterday morning,
near Walnut Hills, while on hli way to tb.ii
eity. He was on horseback and ooming down
the bill some distance beyond the toll-gate,
when the boise slipped and fell. By tome
meant the animal rolled over him, ' breaking
hie left thigh and let era! rlbi. beside injur
ing him internally to auoh an extent that it it
feared he eannot recover. Tho hemorrhage at
his mouth, which seemed to be the most an
favorable symptom, waa very profuse, when
he was taken np and carried to a houte where
hli wound were attended to and he made as
comfortable a the olronmstacoes would permit,
If ar KaociiD Down am Robbio. A man
nsmtd Franoie P. Keller, who reside,, we
believe, at No. 639 Central-arena, was knocked
down night before last, and robbed of hit
porte-monnaie, containing about $20. He
states that he was overtaken at the corner of
John-street and Clinton by a oouple of men.
Boout one o ciook, wno accosted ana asked
him the time. ' Before he had an opportunity
to reply, however, one of them strnok him with
a sinng snot, whioh felled him to the earth.
They then rifled his pockets and fled, leaving
him ttnnned and bleidini noon the lidewalk.
He had been visiting some friends in the
western part of the olty, and was on his way
home when attacked by the ruffians, who de
serve the severest punishment, if they could
oe not tonna ana orongnt to jusuoe. . .
Boaid or Oitt iHraoviMBMTS. At the rez
alar seml-hebdomedal session of the Baord of
City Improvements, held yesterday morning,
the Clerk was directed te prepare and transmit
to tot uity uounou ine rouowing ordinances :
An ordinance to pave with briok the sidewalks
on 'Carr-street, from Whitewater Canal to
Eighth-street; to grade and pave the tide
walkt on Hoadley-street, from Fifth to Sixth;
to pave the unsaved sidewalks on the north
Bide of Conrt-street, from Rao to Elm; also,
resolution authorizing tho City Auditor to
eontraot with Jaoob Bomb to build Ave itone
arch ealverts across Brown-street, between S.
J. Browne's west-line and the north corpora
tion line at the following rates: Culvert per
ioot iineai ninety cents; weu-noies ner perch
$2. ' Excavation por onbie yard sixteen oents;
repaying per square yard twenty cents. The
Clerk was alio directed to oreoare and tram
nut to tne uity uounoii an ordinance to assess
a special tax on the real estate boandlng and
abutting on certain streets therein named for
the purpose of defraying theexpenies of light
ing ue tame witn gts w tne Jutn of uoeem
ber, 16. - ; ( ; ..-. i
Pouca Corai. Judge Lowe examined fort
oases yesterday morning at tne l'olioe Court,
bat they were not generally interesting. . Tbe
rouowing were tne most lmnortant:
Thomas Reed. who. It will be remembered.
stabbed John McCarty, on Friday night
last, at the corner - of Carr-street and the
Whitewater Canal, waa examined and oom
mitted to the County Jail to await a trial, at
tne next term or tbe Uourt of Common Fleas,
for murder in tbe irst degree. "
Five aten, whose name would not enhance
the Interest of this paragraph, were fined $10
and oosta, each, for selling liquor on Sunday.
eucn penalties, ii rne parties ao a large bon
nets, might be paid, and yet tbe evil remain
unremedied. " " '
Christopher Sohleohter, whom we mentioned
Tester dar as having been, while inebriated, al
most the cause of his wife's death, was fined
S3 and oosta.
' A girl named Mary Miller waa charged with
stealing a dress belonging to a woman who
boarded la the house in which the occupied
the position of servant. She it bat sixteen
years of age, and her wagei so small that she
was unable to clothe herself respectably, The
temptation was great, but the discovery of tbe
crime almost broke her heart, and, repentant
and weeping, she silently pleaded her own
cause. - Judge Lowe thinks she may be re
claimed, and we are glad be did not aentenoe
her to the City Prison, for after that, to reclaim
her woma De aimott tm possible. ,
iHAXQaw The attendance yesterday morning
at the Jtteenanior and manufacturers' isx
change was Quite fair. President Rnnvan oc
cupied the chair, and the minutes of the last
meeting, after beiag read, were approved.
The following persona were unanimously
elected members of the Exohange: William
Tllden k Nephew, of New York and Cinoin
natl famish Comoanv. rjroDoaed bv A. B.
Pervy; Royer, Simonton 4t Co., wheels and
wheel stock manufacturers, bv 0. W. Runt
y an;: J. B.Davis, carpenter and builder, by
0. D. Foot; J. II. Huston, painter, by Wm.
Craven; Shannon Looker, earpenteri and
builders, by Dickson & Corwin.
The following amendment to the report of
tne uomminee on interest ana umry wm ot
fared by Mr. Lett: u- .. :.).-,
"Sehd, That ao much of the report as
pretcribea the per eeatage of usury of money
be stricken oat, and the following inserted:
"The legal Interest, when no contract ex
ists, shall be seven per cent., and a legal eon
tract may be made for. money or any other
ooniideratlon, between any two parties, as
made in the following manner: Said contract
shall eltarly and plainly set forth the obllja
tion on both sides, and also set forth the pen.
alty in ease of a failure on both sides, after
auea contract enau oe amy tignea oerore two
witnesses, to make It valid and beyond the
reach of litigation the parties only need aak
any Court of record to affix Its seat oa auoh
so a tract, which ahall be received of hint by
said bearer this being done the eontraot is a
valid one, and beyond dispute, or litigation."
' The above resolution was discussed at acme
length by Uessra. WeE'jk Blndlev. Moore,
Marshall, Bailey, Ofeen, Wilton and Toote,
and continued for farther discussion this
, morning. The Exchange then adjournal.
CITY NEWS. Very Serious Accident to a Well-Known
Mr. James R. Smith, of tha Arm af flnllh
A Nixon, proprietors of tha hall en Fourth.
tract, known throughout the country, left hi
uonroau reeiaence at union, yeaterday morn
lag, In a buggy, and while going down Vine
Street Bill, his horse, a spirted animal, became
frightened, and ran away. Mr. 'Smith loat
eontrol of the alarmed steed, whioh. in hi
rapid course, struck a gardener's wagon in the
roao, creating tne baggy m . throwing out
the oceapant with great: violence upon a pile
of quarre4 stones, bij head atriking first, and
rendering him Insensible.
ur. emiut waa picked up Insensible, and it
was thought at first his shall was badly frac
tured, and that he could net recover; bat after
he had been removed to his residence and a
skillful surgeon awnmoned, It waa found that
hi skull had not been injured. Mr. 8. re
gained hia ooaaeioaineea before noon, and last
evening It was hoped he would recover, though
tears were entenainea oi congestion oi tne
brain, of which there was no little danger.
Mr. S. is well-known here, having been en.
gaged la' the piano bwineaa for many years,
and having the reputation of being the beat
cheaa-player in the eity., . y f .
. g, :
Riourrs aio ExrutniTDaaa ov tbb City
roa BLBva Mobths. We are indebted to H.
H. Sokultt, Eiq., Deputy City Auditor, for the
following exhibit of tbe receipt and expends
turea of the city for the eleven montha ending
last evening: '
Balance la the Treasury March I, list. M2,m at
Beoeived Iron Inarch 1, 18)9, to reoruary 1,
IHVi.mN.iMiNMMW"HNlM.W-iM.ilijM.iM. 0011,00 OT
Total receipts,
Ite Ma ae
Warrant redeemed iatned prvlna to .
March 1, 18o... . $ 7,173 11
Paid from March I, la, to February 1, ; .
l60, as follows: Olty loUcM...M. st.'tos U
Intereet on bondt..M. 18,000 48
Superior Oourt.,
Tire Dpertmentn
McMlcken account,...
Sinking fund account.,
xioaiinaaaoi eooumn,,, ....m.
rouce uourt.
City Prison,
Cleanlnc streets..
Bepairlng bowklered accepted straet..,
ne nai nn a ree
Hewer and oulvertt..
Publio Landlnaa.
Wharf-boats, Ao,.,m. m
jnarKeie..MM .
flttv Bulldinga,
rumio unices..,
Mayor's umoe.
Auditor'! Office..
Treasurer's Omce,.
Solicitor'. Offioe....
City Council and clerk's Offlo.
uommia.ioncre unck....
mvu engineer umoe ,
uity printing
upening nreets..
Fees oi county omoers,.
Health Department.......
nine saraDie,
Betnrn paving asavsemenk,
w asaingiou oquare. ........
Total eleven months....'.. MtessMtt toM,029 7
Laartag balance In Treasury Fob.-t, 18C0....1 280,105 63
m m
7,184 SO
8,140 41
,m ao
17,000 00
,VJ tl
18.I3S a
17,764 76
l iOT as
1,085 7
712 St
18.JM 41
4i ai
S.1A1 01
1,140 T7
l.Wl 05
,46 M
i,m 49
iisem. a see ss see set
eteeaeaee . ipoeei
east etaeesesseis t
M.....W..H. .,.1. (J
- 6,110 03
IM. ttA
-....-M 05
..m..... 4 985 IS
9,000 00
1,483 73
teetaeea taaaatiae UO
.MawMHteeaH... 6M 00
nmmm.h....MMh.h 11,068 II
M cotewo4 aa eMaeee 8,165 00
9i niA 1st
... eassee.eae.ee tat .e ISA SS
s 4M ie t vnt w
! Hts(MM eaaettM 46)000 00
6,803 02
abbbsti Dnanto tn fast Horn it tbb
Matob's Pouob. The following la an exhibit
of the number of arrests made daring tho
month ot January by tne Mayor Police. Tne
aggregate number, It will be seen, is 693, againtt
t'JA daring tne montn previoai:
Obtaining money by fals pretenses...
VDMinin goooe oj laiee pretenses,
Coamltting nuisance
rent irony..
Grand larceny..
, 44
, 20
Aesault and battery.
Beck leas drlvina..
. 62
Disorderly conduct..,
. 7
, 74
Suspicion H.mw
lirueity to animals....,.,
Keeping aisoraeny neuse.
Beeisuna omcers.
Highway robbery.,.,
Carrying eonoealed weapon.
Assault witn intent to an
uontemot or uourt,
xpoeing person.
Street walking-.
Standtna onstreet-oorners..
Malloion deetruotlon f property.
Stabbing with intent to kllU..,
Overloading wagon...,
Berboring lewdwomi
Keenlna amine-honee
Selling llauor to minor.,
Honing iiQUor on sunaay.
Passing counterfeit money....,
mnraer.. M
Obstructing railroad,
un attaenment.,
Threatening personal violenoe,
Laborina on Sundar.
Lettering about houses of ill- fame.
. 4 ae tease ea eee t te t i
ShocxiroSoioioi A Max Tbbowb Himsblp
Kiiasd. 'One of the most shocking caaea of
aeii-aettruction we nave been compelled to
record for tome time took place yesterday
morning on tne Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Bailroad, near Hamilton. The victim
was an unknown German, and the oauaea that
led him to "shnfllle off this mortal ooll" we
have been unable to learn. .. ,
v. When a thort distance from the above named
nlace the engineer of tha Kxnresa train from
this city aaw a man upon tho traok, and gave
tne customary signal, tie waa standing with
hit face toward the eara, and when they were
a snort aisunse from him ne stenried irom tne
traok, waited until the train had pataed, with
tha exception of tha last car, and then threw
himself upon the rail, the wheels pasting over
Dit body, and or coarse crushing him to death
We understand, that the deceased wm
resident of Rotavflle, but the Immediate oir
eumttanoes, if any, that led to this terrible
method off casting of hit load of life have not
yet transpired-. He mutt have Buffered long
ana deeply beiore ne cotua determine to oom
mlt snob an act) of this we feel oonvlnoed, and
although we doubt the beauty of the next life,
we could heartily with he may find It better
than tbia. " ' ' 1 ' ' '
1 w
A enns Sroi tbb Era. Whal'a the
matter with Wat. Overton or McOhesaey of
the Loulaville CWier who, in speaking of our
Cincinnati movement for the reception of
guests from Kentucky- and Tennessee, lnslnu
ated that we did only one-half that we prom
ised, having aent bat one boat .to meet the
Siradtr. Where were their eyes TheBotfoM
and the Silwr Moon, both excellent steamers,
patted down to the StracUr, each having their
tablet apread with warm breakfast for the
guests. No more of your aaaao!o.
PaooiBDiBos or hi Conrrr CoMniaaioyBM.
At the regular testion of the County Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, orders were
passed, amounting In tha aggregate to t405 87,
of which $282 87 were paid to tbe employ at
the South-western Lunatio Asylum. Apart
from this, . no business of importance was
transacted. .- - :'
AMOtm or Firm Collbctbd a hi Pouca
Conar Dcaixo thi Mobth or Jaboabt. The
amount of fine and cotts collected at the Po
Hoe Court during the month ending yesterday
is $1,890 45, at Mows : ' . ' ... . .
01 if CIMIi at.tstW)teeMa4tstaWB atatl t 8ae tl
SUte case 502 U
ji Total
$1,390 45
. M MX It St et M 1
Hbbb'i Tons Pbiki Ovstibs. Where T At
th famoua stand of Ftr Oavagaa, No. SI
Watt Fifth-street. ' They oan be procured in
quantitiea to tnlt purchaser: as to the quality
tbey are of the fineat brands. Call early to
day and leave your orders. '
te .eaeae f t ee
1. 0. S. M. Judge A. a. W. Cart and Jai.
. F. FUher, Gr. Tr. o? 1. 0. 6. M., of the United
States, bav been elected by naiiey iioage a
repreeentativee to tho Grand Consistory of
that order, which convene at Washington on
thelithlntt - - ;.
Last IionrBa. To-night Dr. Boyntoa gives
the last lector of hia oourt on Geology at
Smith A Nixon's Hall, See announcement In
another column,
Riot on the Landing—The Wharf-master
Riot on the Landing—The Wharf-master and a Crowd of Stevedores at War One
Riot on the Landing—The Wharf-master and a Crowd of Stevedores at War One Man Dangerously Stabbed and Several
YatUrday a crowd of Stevedore, emnlovad
to unload tho steamer Samml Xvkman, lying
at the wharf, of a load of Iron, were ordered
by tbe W hari-master, John Baker, to carry the
freight fifty feet from the water'a edge, which
they refused to do, whereupon B. mounted a
pile of iron and told them they must comply
with his order and the ordinance. Tbe Steve,
dorea grew angry at this and one of them
-lathed him from the iron, while othara auade
hostile demonitretiont, Inducing hint to assert
mat ne waa an omoer ana mutt be ebeyed. .
Baker being In eloie quarters, Joel T. Pan
coast, the mate of the A. 0. Taylor, went to
bia aid, when the crowd began to assail him
with bowlders and sticks of wood, striking htm
several timet. Fanooast hereupon drew a
knife in aelf-defense, and ttabbed one Miohael
Connelly two or three times in. the tide, Inflict
ing, It la laid, dangerous wounds, and cutting
at, without Injuring, several others of hit
The erew were now furious, and. fortattln
all about tbe Wharf-master, apparently,
attacked with renewed vigor the mate, who,
aeeing he bad no ehance against auoh over
whelming odds, ted, pursued by nearly two
hundred men hurling all kinda of missiles, to
the Newport Terry, and got on board just as
aheaa shoving out. He there flourished hit
xntie, ana tola nit p artuen to oome on, with
which they did not deem it prudent to comply.
The police soon after arrived at the landing,
bat the stevedores had all fled. Several nor.
sons, one named Ehrman, and two or three
wno naa gone to ue aatistanee of the Wharf
master, were injured, though not seriously.
Panooatt returned to this aide of the river
In the afternoon, and delivered himself no.
alleging, aa waa no doubt the cue, that ho
naa acxea entirety in eeu-aerenao.
Riaauioa or Wirrisa at tsi Oraaox
Hoosa. Yesterday morning, the proprietors
of the Gibson House having discharged their
steward, tha waiter all aided with him, and
declared If he were not re-instated they would
all leave too. . Colonel Geffrey ordered them
to go, when they refined unlets paid their
wages, and were growing riotois, when the
ponce were cauea. ..., i .:
as aoon as tne men or the star appeared
tho waiters departed, suddenly seising their
baggage, whioh had been placed on the tide-
walk, as beat tbey could. The waiter threat
ened to revenge themselva last night upon
tba new mpfoye, but did not fulfill - their
menace. , ; - t,,., ..
Haw Litbbabt Amooiatiox op Commbb-
oial Tone Mbh. At a meeting of the stu
dents and graduates of Gandrv'a Commercial
College, last evening, in the lecture-room of
mat institution, Alack K. Barnita waa called
to the chairs and A. Gardiner, chosen Secre
tary.' . The chairman staled that the object of the
meeting was to take the initiatory steps for
organising a literary aatooiatlon. to meet In
the lecture-room of the college on Saturday
ereningi, and to be comprised of ttudent and
graduate of the college. , , ,i
After tome appropriate remarks and tugget
tions of the Chair, aa to the utility of inch an
organisation, a committee of Sva war an.
pointed to draft a constitution and by-laws lor
the government of the aooiety, and report next
oaiuruaj evening.
This U a pralseworthv movement, and tha
I first of the kind, we understand, ever made
-rttAM In m..MH.. wlil. Jl i .
The exercises of the association will consist
mainly of the discussion of literary and scien
tific questions; and the meetings will afford a
gooa opportunity lor tne exchange of senti
ment and encouragement of friendly feelings
euuvng uur ovmmcroiai young men.
i ' '' ' a i ,i-..
A Obbhav Pobuoar Bobbbo or his Hopjb
aid Buoor. George Lenta, a German propri
etor of a publio boose, at Camp Washington,
went, evening before last, in his bnt-t-v to
Tlvoler Hall, noar th earner of Conrt and
8 oy amors-street, to attend a ball; leaving the
horse and vehicle ttandrng in the atreet.
About two o'clock yesterday morning he de
sired to return home, bat found that hia horse
and buggy, worth about SWO, had been stolen,
and up to a late hoar last night he bad heard
nothing of the mieong property.
. Bauoious Rbvival. Quit an interesting
rtugioua revival ia now in progress at Wesley
Chapel, on Fifth-street, between Syoamore and
Broadway. Rev. Mr. Taylor, of California,
preachea nightly to large ooBgregatlons, and
daring the present excitement, oauaed bv hia
eloquence, a large number of converts have
been added to the cnuron. .
Wsslbtak Fiualb CoLLtast Thit popular
educational Institution began Its second term
under the direotion of their new President.
Robert AUyn, last Monday. To accommodate
city pupils they have but one daily session
from 8i A. M. to 1 'A P. M. The oollege It In
quite a nounsniog oonaitton, ana tuny aiu
tains tha high reputation it ha already at'
laintKi. ,
Pbbsintatior. Wm. R. Moore, a printer,
on tne eve oi nit departure tor uantornia, wa
presented last evening with a handsome re
volver, by John A.CuthiDg, on behalf of sev
erai intimate iraenat. ' , ,.
Cocicn PaoonioiHOB. A special meeting
of the Counoll wm hold last night, President
uooason in tne coair.
, Mr. Menriea off red the following reiolu
tlon, which was rel'erred to the Committee of
the Whole, and ' ajTrward . reported to the
Council without amendment:
"Ruolvd, That our Representative In the
present uenerai ASBemoiy 01 Kentucky be and
are hereby requested ana Instructed to pro
care, if they can, the piuaage of a law author
izing tbe City Council ot Covington to lew an
additional tax of 20 cenis on the $109 worth
of taxable property in each of the years 1880
and 1861, to be devoted to tbe payment of the
debts of the city, which are past due, and
which may fall due before toe 15th of June,
1880." ,
The Council then went into Committee of
the Whole for the pnrpoie of discussing the
T street railroad question, Air. Bummerwell In
tneunair. . .
Mr. - Myers's proposition, offered at a pre
vious evening, waa read.
Mr. Mooar moved tbe committee rife and
report it to the Council.
Mr. Menaies advocated the original ordU
nance, with alight amendment, as reported by
tne ipeotai eomBUHee, on tne iJi of uaocm
ber, 1859. : . .
After a lengthy discussion the committee
rose witnoat ooatlog to a vote, and tbe Coun
CoRDrru-t or Mas. Bacwit. The unfor
tonate Mff. Brown la still Buffering under
severe attack of oMi'rttim treat, whioh, ia
oonnection with a loss, of blood from the
wound on her head, has so debilitated her
that her recovery is deemed hopeless. The
trial ef the assailant will not take place for
tome days. ;
Pouca Codbt Ybbtbbdat. Albert Cald
well, whose arrest we noticed yesterday, waa
held over for bla appearance at the next term
of the Circuit Court, in the turn of $509, on a
charge of grand larceny, by Mayor Foley. s
r - .'ii. 1 r ' , ..
5sw PosTorrica. A new poatoaice, named
Kane, in honor of the celebrated Dr. Kane,
the Arotlo explorer, has been etUbllthed a
few mile aouth of Alexandria. - S, T. Hayman
thepostmaatar. ; ; .
MtiiTABT Miwtiio. The member of the
Washington Artillery Company meet at their
Armory to-night for the purpose of electing
omoers and adopting a style of nnlform. ..
Cn ax ma lb Foaa-The St Joseph's Be
nevolent Society will give a ball at Odd Fel
lows' Hall, on Monday evening next, the pro
ceed! to be dtvoted to the benefit of the poor
b Weoo'a .Tbutbb Eur a Looab's Fabb-
wna to via Staqs.-Th. repetlllon of Monilay evea
tng's parformauoe last night at Wood'e-theooaUa-ation
i of Kli Logan's eomplimentaiy drew a
crowded boom, and tha tragedy and comedy were
muvi, reuuorai. oeiweeo we piers ' oar own aiiiRa '
answered the tumnltuoue applause, and mede,wiih
mncb enotion, wbtch wea fully shared by her audi
ence, a few remarks similar to these:
-beaies ana uentiesjea, tellow-ellisee eel
Friend-Indeed I did not know bow hard it would
be tp part with you, who have raoeuragMl and loved
me from my girlboon in my arduous labore. I feel
that thai ia truly borne, the home where ay earliest
inai inn is truly none, the Bom w
aspirations and deeeeet ormpalhies I
"If my heart could speak, it wo
with tears in this sad honr, and f
es nxve oienaea.
woold be eloquent
I 1MI AMW f.U..I.
would weep tor her who no mora i ; utrees.buta
woman eande before von 11.- wn.tuiiinM m.,
orle. of the fftron and kiB.lM.MM- m.h v
shall ever remember yon, dearest friends, to whom 1
owe all that I am. 1 am frond of myself whea I eee
(on before me, but sadder lba languag.can eiprew.
arewell, with trembling lip and shadowed spirit,
once more, 1 say, farewell. ".
Pub's Opbba-houbb.
Thara waa annth.r I
larm ihiIImm lui i.hi .t ih. n..i.,..u ..j .i,.
rformance najaed off verv affmAahlr. l..,.f.A
ooH audlBKlaisa Lion will both be reseated ih la
Katioval' Thbatbb Tho audience last
night at the Rational waa very fair and the play wta
enacted with more spirit than at Its previoue per.
formanoe. Tn BaiaT or aa Miolotuiam I. again
adv.rtlwd for to-nieht. In connection with ihabrn.
of laa WataaaAS and Tub Valsi di Shah.
A Tailob Stabs Hia Viks witb a Paib aa
Bbbabb. A tailor named MoCormlck. who !
doea buainesa in the Bank Buildlnst. cn the
corner of Third and Metn-ttreeta, day before 1
yesterday, ttabbed bla wife with a pair of large
theara, and injured her quite severely. Itap-
pear tne partite nave oeen separated for aome
time, and the wife went to - hev baaband for
the purpose of gaining poaaeation of her child,
when they quarreled, and he mod the weapon
we have named considerably to her injury.
The woman waa taken, yesterday, to the Com
mercial Hospital, wnere her wounds, which,
although severe, are not daagwoua, were prop
erly attended to. h "' . , a,,-,,. .
Monetary and Commercial.
Monetary mattera were generally qnlet yea
terday ) but some of th Bsnkert mentioned an ac
tive business. Th demand for Currency wa iiU
oonsld.i able, and fully eaoal to th supply, which
continued to improve. , . ,.; ,.T ' ; ,, .
In Kastarn Exchange there was no alteration from
Monday, but the maraet waa firm though inactive at
X buying and M pnm. aelllng rate, (join waa dull
at H and H, and Mew Orleans Exchange quiet at M
ana i pram.
H Iseouri paper Improved M yesterday: the general
selling rate tu lb- Broken being IM discount. Ho
change In other kinds of uncurrent money.
Flour was nnoiant yisterasy, ana neiaen eeied
higher rales tbau on Monday. Whisky waa very
dull, and he. lower. Qraine were unchioiged.exorpt
Oats, which were in better riue.t, and advanced lc.
er nusaei. rrovuions were ics. animaiea, ous tee
rmnriaa of holder waa undiminished. The demand
for Hay, Uheeee, Apples, Potatoes and Clover-seed
waa kooq. ' - - . ' '
Tha eomnlete returns Irom tne vackini-honses In
and about th vicinity show th neck ini in Cincin
nati this seasoa to have been iu,vn, at an average
weight of IS9 pounds.
inaimporisana axporo m various arucie rortn
twenty -four houn ending yesterday noon, were:
lHroBva. Hour. 9.12S barrele: Whisky. 1.61 J bar.
rels; Oorn, s.590 bushels; Wheat, 1,113 butbele; Osts,
91S buiheli: Barley. 14: Ho. 60 head: Pork and Ba
con, to bhds., t tierce, 036 brls., 83.217 lbs.) Lard, m
brls., lOkegt; CaHea, low twgs; Apples, aw oris.;
Butter, 00 kegs: Potatoes, 206 brls.; Hay, 78 balce.
Exroan-riour. 1.475 brls.l Whi.ky. 718 brls I
Oorn, 41 bnsh.j Pork and llacon, W bhds., 25 tierces,
3A9 brls., 71 boxes; Lard. 621 brl. 600 kefis; Sugar,
0 hhd : Mnlaaaes, 287 brls.; Oonee, 481 bags; Ap
ples oris,; 4vneee,io ooxee; rouisoe., siu oris.
Hondtv'a New Tork Times, under data of Baturdsy
evening, ooservev:
"The rates on prime negotiations are t percent, on
temnorarv Loan, and 7 ner cent, on Dlaoonnt In.ida
60go days, and 7S per cent, for longer data prim
indorsed paper, 'i ne axenange on aurope rule io r,
and on the business of tbe weok were done at 1MM
109 per cent on London, and 6.20f.(a.liif. on Paris
Btanoara sin.; an uuhqudi oi per cans., in
some cases, on Southern Hank bills or bills indon
at flank.
Messrs. Taylor Brothers, Raw York, qaot Land
warrant lienor, is ioiiowb: : -,
, ouymg. noiiing.
40-acre Warrants, per acre tl 00 tl 10
60-acreWarrants.....u..M.....,M. t 13
ISO-acre Warrants 66 ' 73
lMI-acre Warrants 6 Tl
The followins is a comoarative statement of the
Imnorta of Foreign Dry Goods and General Mer
chandise at Mew lork for the put week and since
January 1:
Dry Goods......... -.. .
(ien'l Merchandise..
Total for the week..
'' 721,.lll
11,785, we
Previously reported
Blues Jan. i
16,790,614 810,632,120 9)18,033,233
FLOTT E The market is bnovant. and holders aak
In higher prion; superfine is held at 6 65: sales of
1,600 barrel at 6 55 for superfine, and fo 766 M
lur vitia. .
WHIBKT The market Is rerv dull, and nrlcaa Mn
lower: sales of 1,000 barrels at Ivjfo., includiug that
from wagon.
PROVISIONS - There was less activity in th
market to-day, but the flrmnes of holder is un
abated. Mess Pork was offered to seme extent at
117 60, but without finding buyers: those offering,
howerer, are parties who had contracts to receive and
were aniios to sell them. Bacon, bulk Bloats and
Lard ruled rather higher: all the Bacon Shoulders
to be bad at 74o, were taken, and Lard la tierce,
sold at WXo., which Is an advance. The sales were,
of bulk Meat, to hhds. Bides at 8Xc. packed, and 26
do. Shoulders at 6o. do.; tile product of 8,000 Hogs,
at Attica, Ind., at 6c. for Shoulders; 6c. for Hide and
Hams; loo. lor Lard, and 116 60 for mess Pork, 270,.
000 pounds Hides, delivered the hut week in Feb
ruary, at 8Xo.; 100,000 do. Shouldere, delivered March
1, atHo.,and 100,000 do. Shoulders and BiduattM
t.V. A large business could haTe been done at
these latter rate., but holders asksd tc. higher.
In Bacon, 225 hhds. clear Hides at lOHc, and 600
hhds. Shoulder and Side at 7,S9Mc. 60 tieroes
Lard sold atloMo.
GBO0BRIE8 There is ao change In the market;
the demand is suite moderate at previoue prices,
WHS AT There Is an active demand, and prices
sr firm at Si 331 36 for prime white, ana tl 2S1 30
for prime red: sales of 1,900 umbels prime wbite at
51 35, and 260 do. prime red at II 20.
CORN The market continue dull, but we bar
no change to notice in prices: sales of 600 bushels, in
bulk, at 60c.
OATS There is an Improved demand, and price
have advanced 1. per bushel. We quote them at
4e.: salos of 600 bushels, in bulk, at 40o.
BY K The market continues dull, and price are
nominal at VI.
UAULE Y We have ne change to note fo the
market, and Quote it dull at 65&660. for prime fall,
and 66ia6uc lor lair io good: sales of 1,200 bushels
prime fall at 67c; 100 do. at 70c., but this it above lb
HAY There is a good demand, and price firm at
20 per tun, for prim Timothy, on arrival.
CHERUB There is a good demand, and prtoes firm
at lut .notations: sale of 150 boxes Western Re
serve at 9Sc, and 26 do. extra large at 10c. .
BOTTIB The market continues dull, and price
are unchanged.
APPLES Th demand continues good, and prices
are firm at 12 n3 25 per barrel, according to Qual
ity nod eiie of barrels. . . ,
POTATOKS-Ths market Is firm, with a good de
mand at l tu per barrel for prime tfeabanocEs, from
, OL07KB 8ESD The market it steady, with a fair
demand at $4 w. sales of 120 barrels at 4 to.
New Yoaa M&aan, January U-P. M.-Ashes
conttnu steady: sales of 100 barrels, at 85 36 for Pots,
and B5 37H for Pearls. The demand for Cotton is
limited, and the market heavy: sales of MO bales at
llMe. lor middling Uplands, floor dull and heavy,
and without any material change. Shipper onVr
5 15 for good extra Blate: sale of 6 100 barrels, at
M B6Qs Tor superfine State: l-155 33 for extra
State; 14 W6 forsnperflu Weetern; Ii 166 10 for
common to meulum extra Western; (5 6Ui5 75 for
taipping brands extra ronud-boop Ohio market
Oloelng qnlet. Canadian .floor dull and drooping:
sales of 450 barrels, at $5 456 70 for common to
choice superfine. Bye Ilonr in limited request, at
3 70vt 40. Buckwheat flour plenty and d.li at
l 75tfal 87 per cwt. Oorn Meal dull and heavy: sale
of 60 barrel Brsndywln at 14 16. Whisky firmer:
tales of 1,10 karrsle at 24c. Wbeat quiet, and nom
inally unchanged; ehlppers are not in market toany
material extent, whll holders present no very ftes
sing desire to realise. Bre quiet: small salee at MXA
2o. Barley In good supply and dull, and heavy at 70
64630. for the wh le range. Oorn plenty, dull and
heavy: sales of 12.00U bushels, at 7660o. for new yel
low and white Houtbirn. Oats plenty, dull and
heavy: salee at 44tjB46o. for State, Western and Cana
dian. Pork in ood demand and firm: sale of 3,100
barrels, at $17 35(S17 81 for old mess: tls 13 for new
men; (is 75il7 for thin mees; 112(312 12 for old
prime: $))3 75 for new prime: $10 35lt A) for Weet
ern prim me., and $16 70 for city do.: included la
tbe sale were 600 barrel new mes, teller' option,
ail March, at $18, and 800 do. new thin mesa, same
option, at $17. Beef 1 unchanged: aales of 650 brls.,
at-4 25 for country prime; $505 it for coon try
mess;9 76 for re-packed mess; $10ll 60 for extra
mees. Beef Hams are unchanged: sale of 150 bile.,
at $1415 for Western, and $12 for State. Prime
mess Beef steady at 117019: sale of 40ft tierces within
the raage, and 250 do. India mess Beef on private
terms; the range is 120026. Dressed Hog in pretty
good request at 7;ffl7c. fur Western. Bacon steady:
salee of 100 bixes city short-ribbed Middles atfio.t
13,000 pounds pickled Side ateTto, and MMUO do. dry
salted Shoulders, In bulk, at 60. Cat Meat firm,
salee of 600 package, at HlHo. for Shoulders, and
9MQo. for Ham. Lard firmer: sale, of 400 barrel
at loaioc. A limited business in Butter la re.
ported, at 11016c. (br Ohio, and l6e20o. for Bute.
Cheese steady at 011o. Th Wool market is dull,
and about 3c. lower ainee th public sale at Boston
last weak: salee of 70,000 pound., at 3Hoo. for aeeo)
240290. for fair California, and 29c for Southern.
Molsase dull and heevy, and without sale of mo.
ment. By auction to-day war sold 86 barrel infe
rior New Orleans at 80(4(4400., cad Wis. do. at lc.
Candle are fairly inquired arter, with sale of 2,000
boxes Adamantine at 17H018o. ;
PirLiniLrRi Miaxsr, January 31 M. Hour
unobanged. Wheat declined: sale, of 3,0tO busbel
red at tl ZSX01 33, and whit at tl 4001 60. Oorn
dull: sales or yellow at 73H074C Provisions ad.
vanoed: Meat Poik at $16: Hams at liW13o.; smoked
Sides at 10o., and Sbouldert at so. Whisky dull at
A CO. KKflAllAnt Vn,.llMM -f 1u.(Im
Will be .old etpublk auction on T tilB (WedncJayr -atOBNIllU.rebniaryl,
im, at t o'clock, Kieal-.: .
lent furniture at ho. 171 Ueornetreet, belw.en
John and Smith, oon.laiing of rosewood parlor '
chair, Ho. sociable, do. center table, eteaere, man-' '
tie clocaa, no. ornament, mahn.any card table, ;i ,
dining talile, .-umU carpet, picturee. VeDltlan
blind., looking-gicas, oil-ciotb. nog, .tair-carpat. ,
and rods, aim and cane seat chairs, Uoh.miaa ware, '
siona, China and GlaKWare; wardrobe, marble-lop
dreee-bareane. d. vutiMili, cherry and cottage '"'
bedeteed., featber-bed., malu-MM, lounge, lugra.n "'
and tbrt-pl carpets and window .had.. '-
a LUU-Chamber chain, Bn-s, Ul'dt-eete, water. ,
coolers, Scnoolxy's rofi igerator, eot'king steve and ' 1
apparatus, and a generel awortaentoi' Hitk.nfut
nUore. , JACOB UUArr, AnfUoneer, , .
fel - Bo 1 Bast Fum th-.trret. "
"A -UCTIOM HAL E-B If HroTkUB- . ,
1. BAUD, at Trade Sale-roems No. 21 Weet fifth-,
street, np slain. Autgnee'e Hale of Blank-book
and Stationery, on siitr days' ciedits. Will be euiit-.
on WEDNHSOAT AVEMNO, February I. at
o'clock, tne entire stock: of a ank nooae and sta
tioaery of Mesr. Truman A SporTord, eompri.lng a ,
large variety of blank, composition, memoradnm
and pass books, plaringarus, cheaa men, dumlntea,
matbematfcal Instrument, poftfolios. Inkstand.,
it, nun, noie-peper nun cuTo,upi yvu Mvlu(v
lead peacile, steel pen., An.
Trans. -On all bills of Bbo and apward, slity days
credit, for note satisfactory to lb wsigaee; all
some under IM. caab. Catalogues are now jeady for
distribution. Ija3l) 8. ft. HUBBAKP. Ano'r.
8HKAR8 A O0.-8ale-room, 6T and K Main
street Hauler Sal ofOrcceiixe, Ac , at Auction.
We will aell. on WBDMIiSDAT MOBNINO. Feb. 1.
at 9 o'clock, a general assortment of Groceries, con
sisting ot so Hud., sugar. 76 oris, molasses, 1. 0 bags
coffee, MS k. nails, 100 boxes posnds and 6 to Duo.
eo boxee nap.
A htm uandlea. rope, si arcn, indigo, gisaswar,
bucket, tub and washboard. -. hone, currant, olira
oil, Ac. U3I1 O. BBA8HBA H8 A CO., Anc'r.
It East Tbird-street, opposite tbe Hanrle Home.
siiriiw, Ann uTOiiii-uii wtusuiMi
MOKNINO, February 1, at half put o'clock, will
be suld at Auction, without reeerre, 40 package of
Boo rognao ana oiaer uranoies, ju arriveo irom
New Tork, and will be sold in lota to suit purchasers, ,
Terms ouh.
)ti i. Aamj". fnctionf v.
Incorporated 1819. Charter Perpetual :
War AaeDcr established In Clndnnatlln 1M'J5. an. ' -
tedatlng all arceent local Insuranoe Uompanie and ,
agencies m tne insurance nearness in tnia city, u
years constant duty here, combined with wealth, ex. ...
perience, enrorpnse ana iiuerauiy, aipeciaiir duui.
mend the ASTN A Insuranoe Company to tba tavora
ble aatronaffsof thia commnnitr etandln Mlitary
and alone, the aol survivor and lliliig pioneer of
Qlnoinnatl underwriters of ls!f3.
IjM ald la Claelnnatl daring Mt tVr ,
.. i Vear. tlithOU !.
Cash Oapitall,0 00,0 00.
BURPLUa OF 1,030,493 80.
And th prestige of 40 y aara. nocen and expedience. "
IXTBBTMBirtt of '
Over $100,000 in Obio Securities.
VTWAJtm OF SI 3,000,000,
Have been paid by the jEtnaIn.nrasi Company In -,.
Fir and Ialand Nawlaatlon.-Bisks aeoepteo!
at term consistent with aolveuoy and fair proSta. -:
bpeolal attention given to Insurance ol Dwelling
and Content, for term of 1 to 6y s.
Application mad to any duly .alfaorlsed Agent
ptoibptly attended to. By strict attention to a legit
imate Insuranoe easiness, this Company Is enabled ,
to offer both indemnity for tho paat and eonrity for
the future, P Holes issued without delay by ?
JAB, H. CARTS it, Agent, Mo. 40 Mainstttet, ,.
, A. F. PATOU, Assistant Agent.
H. K. LIND8BT, Agent 171 Vine street.
I. t. HOOK aft, Agent. Fulton. 17th Ward, ant
Mo. 1 Front-street, between Main and Sycamore,
This Company la taking fire, Inland ana Marine.
BUsk at current rates of pramlnm. ,
Losses fairly adjusted and promptly paid. ' u:
Tflckert, , FBall, SWPomeror, '
William Glenn. WOWhlteher, W 0 Mann. '. :
Robert Mitchell, W H Oonutock, L 0 K Stone, ;
Bobt Buobaaan, OG Shaw, OeoSUII.
Wm Sellew, Beth Bvao, ' J TITaane,
Cavld Gibson, rJUBrachman, ,J01sbam,
H (Jlearwater. Thos R Klllott.
11 T. r.XOKXBT, President.
BTKraaw MoajBi Secretary. . no.4
Fire and Marina Insuranoe.
Citizens1 Insurance Company, v
William Wood. Isaac O, Copeln, '
Jsmes f . Onnnlngham, - Sydney 8. Clark,
Andrew Erkenbreoher, Joseph Reakirt,
Geo. W. Bishop, Wm. fisher, '
George R. Wxon. '
ISAAC C. COI'ELEN, rresidentl
Gxo. W. OoraUN, Secretary.
i A.M. BOSS, Surveyor..
It prepared to Issue Policies on fir and Marine
Bisks, on favorable terms. OSIce No. $ West Third--street.
Trust Oo. Building. noSbfm
National Insuranoe Co., .
.. Cincinnati, Ohio. : ' -
(Office South-west Cor. Main and front-street,)
Marine, Inland Transportation and'
v ' " , ! D1BB0TOB8;
John Burgoyne, E M Smith,
Wm Hepworlh, (Jbaa L Moore,
Rcb.ri Moore,
M Pechhelmer,
6 W Smith.
r a w leaemer, : i no un.
Jf L Boss. Thoa B Bii
Henry Bill.
H. 0. CBHEB.Heo'y.
nogbfm . I
A. BrniOHtH, Surveyor.
Cincinnati Insurance Company
CAPITAL. $150,000.
BOBES against Loss and Damage by fire; alto:
Perils of the Sea and Inland Navigation. ;,, .
Jno.WHartwell, Allen Collier, William Besor.
John W Ellis, JsmesLupton, Ohas.W Rowland,
John W Dudley, James A rraaeiI W Caofleld,
D T Wood row, BMW Taylor, A 8 Winslow.
0 8 Williams, B McBirner, ' Bowman 0 Baker.
JOHN W. BABTWELIi, President.
G. W, WqnAMS, Secretary. uoe
Eagle Insurance Company,
" ' J. W. G48BI80N, President.
t. V. BEBBEB, Secretary. . . .
' DiaaoTou Henry Kesaler, Anthony, fay, Wm.
Wood. J. W. Garrison, Samuel H. Toil, George W.
Townley. Smith Belts.
Scavatoas J. B. Lawder and David Baker. deOey
at last luat what the Ladle have leng neoa
and looked for in vain, the Uterine Elixir.
Tha Uterine Elixir Is warranted to cure all dis
ease of a Uterine Nature; Inflammation of tbe
Womb, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, and tbe Drethra.
Prolapensor Falling of the Womb.rainfulMon.tru
atloa, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea: in fact, a perfect cure
Is guaiTaateed by the nas of irom two to five bottle
of tbe Elixir, of any disease whatever of the Gener
ative and Urinary Organs, of mala or female, no
nutter of hew long standing. Price tl per Bottle.
Madame ELLIS calls particolar attention to tha
following Card of on of the atost prominent Drug
gist, of Cincinnati.
"To tub PoBuoaxo ma Lintae a PAancmaa.
We, tbe undersigned, are not in th habit of giving
our nam to Patent Medicines; hut knowing well th
Lady Phytioian, and themedlclne called tbe Uterine
Elixir, w cheerfully recommend It to all female
.offering from female Disease of any kind; it t .
purely itwn, H. iw bo wi -can oo injury, wa
say to all try, and our word for it, you will And re-
t F. V, HILL, Dragl
septl , . "Oorner of firth and BaoeVri
, Brags 1st, .
vwt Ki,uuui uiii, pauu ia son
Breaet, Back,
hraimiwa. H i ffl .
Bide r Limbs: Coughs, Gold, Hoarsen es. Dim
vim. , oi sreaiDing, iivaaacne,
Flatulency, Heart-
re, Chronic Bheumatism. Billion. Uhollo, tlri
ioll, Griping Pain of th Bowel, ttuin
r, Inactivity, Los of Appetite, and tea Pi
otasrr, uannvity, uom oi appetite, and In
toi Menstruation It ia a certain cure, anl gln
mB!f!'t' 's In "r ot th a nova dhieeei.
It U1 give relief in twenty minute, and a perma
nent eure oy tne moor two bottle. Only Men'
por bottle-) cheap Uiat every p.rvJU oan get it.
A --or tale by f . D. HILL, Drngiist, ootm r
of Baeeand fmh-streaUi JT D. PA BrK corner f
OKSTKIK A fit, .
oornevTlno and fourth; JOHN DICKSON, comer '
Ja Sixth; PATILBE1NLEIN. corner t
Elgandfreaman. Alao. 1)Wad 8CASLAN
ti 99il Dor?,rr ot M,n and fourth; tad Madam
TEAS A larg and, Well-aasorttd stock (
"fine Green and Blaek Ti-aa" at
L jal8
Corner Mut. aad Vlos-ttrettt.
V, 4
I. !' .

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