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[From the Boston Transcript.]
Nov, spirits la vtatt.', with frotst.pt Hf V
(lone trooping djwnUe sky " "
LlkeshapM of dream, or iikasgui tW"i
At they float ao airily by. , , , ,
Oh, the winter inowl the winter saew I'
W. loved it once Tull well I , .
And with childish .hoitt, riogln f merrily out, -Relied
the fleecy shower as it ftll.
But now, elnce we kuowhst under 'tho enow, -
Thar are treasures fair treasures moat nn, .
la darkness hidden away; ..
Our gladness ieo'er, and we Ioto no more . .' "
To art Mia snow-fall corse; . ,
for a heavy ckill .and a hum of 111. ,. . .. , ,
It brings to ourhcart and home. . .
Oh, the treasures falrt the treeenree ao rare 1
HIiMtn under the enow, .
Am not the avert flowers that In summer hours ,
at mount and meadow s-glow. . , , .
Something mora bright to oor yearning light, .
Something far dearer than they,, .
Iii lying low, under the anow,
Oa this bleak and winter day, s
ir we think with dread of the blouoms dead, -Under
Ihlacorerlng chill,
W hat a deeper woe mint our end haarta know .'
For that aomething dearer atlll I
Oh, enow-Hake (lair! fall HghtH lr-
rail light and aofi, I pray.
On the treaanrea wa yet ao wlidly regret.
Curled, and hidden away 1
The Duty of Husbands—How Little
Makes a Wife's Happiness.
A writer in a late London journal ad
dresses nn article on the class of -men
styled husbands, and as there may be
omething substantial in his remarks, we
subjoin a part of ftem: ,!,.-'? sv J
I wish every husband would copy into
bis memorandum book this sentence, irom
a recently published r work: "Women
must be constituted very differently. from
men. A word said, a line written, and
we are nappy; omitted, our hearts ache.
as if for a groat misfortune. -Men cannot
feel it, or guess at it; if they did, the most
careless ot them would be slow to wound
US SO." . ' '" i ::
The grave bides many a heart which
has been stung to death, because one who
micht. alter all. nave loved it alter
certain careloss fashion, was deaf, dumb,
and blind to the ruth in the sentence we
have just quoted, or, if not, was at least
restive and impatient with regard to it
Many men. marrying late in lifo, being
accustomed oniy to take care or tnenv
selves, and that in the most erratic rani'
blintr, ezoiting fashion, eating, drinking,
sleeping, and waking whenever their
fancy, or good cheer and amnsemenr,
questionable or unquestionable, prompted,
come at last, when the tret tired of . this.
with thoir selfish habits fixed, as fate to
matrimony, for awhile it is novelty.
Shortly, it is strange as irksome, thus
always being obliged to consider the
comfort and happiaass of another. To
have something always hanging on the
arm, whioh used to swine free, or, at most,
but twirl a oane. Then they think their
duty done it they provide lood ana cloth
ing and refrain (possibly) from harsh
words. Ah, is it? Listen to that sigh as
you close the door. Watch the gradual
fading of the eye, the paling of the cheek,
hot from age she should be yet young
but that gnawing pain at thf .heart, born
of the settled conviction, that the great
hungry oraving of her soul, as far as you
are concerned, must go forever unsat
isfied. God help suoh wives, and keep
them from attempting to slake their soul s
thirst at poisoned fountains.
Think you, her husband, how littlo a
kind word, a smile, a caress to you, how
much to her. If you call these things
"childish, and beneath your notice," then
you should never have married. There
are men who should remain forever single.
You aro one. You have no right to re
quire of a woman her health, strength,
time and devotion, to mock her with this
shadowy unsatisfying return. A -, new
bonnet, a dress, a shawl, a watch, any
thing, everything but what a true woman's
heart must crave, sympathy, appreciation,
love. She may be.rioh in everything
else, but if she is poor in these, and is a
good woman, she had better die.
There lire hard, unloving, cold mon
strosities of women (rare exceptions,) who
neither require love nor know how to
give it. W are not sneaking of these.
That big hearted, loving noble men have
occasionally been thrown away upon suoh,
does not disprove what we have been
saying. But even a man thus , situated
has greatly the advantage of a woman in
a similar position, beoause, over the
needle, a woman may think herself into
an insane asylum, while the active out
door turmoil of business life is at least a
sometime reprive to him. ,t w . .
Do you ask me, "Are there no happy
wives?'1 God be praised, yes, and glori
ous, loveablo husbands, , too, who know
how to treat a woman, and would have
her neither fool nor , drudge. vAlmost
every wife would be a good and happy
wife were she only loved enough. Let
husbands, present and prospective, think
of this. . ' - - .i .
tomary, in some parts of the country,
either upon railroads or stoamboats, ' to
exact only half fare from the ministers of
the different churches. One pleasant
day, Captain S. . stood upon the upper
deck of the steamer, tolling the last bell
previous to her departure, when he was
uocosted by a serious-looking individual,
in the following terms: ' -u
"Are you Captain r?.T' "" ' " ' '
"1 am, sir," said he euptain, with
turn of the head and a quizzical glance.
"What is the regular fare to Louis
ville!" "Two dollars and a half."
"Well, captain. I am a Methodist min
ister. What will yon charge me?"
Apparently in a deep study , for
moment, the captain seemed to take the
measurs of our clerical friend and replied
in his peouliar, decided tone: .
yy ell, i guess we ehant charge yon
cent more than anybody else?"
Ukmarcablh Sicilian Echo. In the
Cathedral of Girgentf, in Sicily, the
slightest whisper is borne with perfect
distinctness from the great western door
to tne cornice behind the high altar,
distance of 250 feet By a most unlucky
coinoidince, the precise fbouii of divcr
jnce at the former station .was chosen
tor the pkee uf ausOuafessionaL - 8ecreti
never intended for the pablio ear thus
became known, to the dismay of the)
e mfessors and the scandal of the people,
ry resort of the curious to the opposite
point, which seems to havo been dis
covered accidental!, till " at- length, nna
listener, having had his curiosity some
what over gratified by hearing his wife's
avowal of her own infidelity, this tell-tale
populiarity became generally known, and
fie confessional was removed.
The Great Buried Alive.
An Em-lisb. Dinar tells ' the following
story, which is certainly most wonderful
if true: . . ;:,V . . V.r
. Thra ia Aman.' a Terr stranae man.
among the Sikhs of India,: a ' Fakir or
r aqueer, wo, one wno gains nis uveuaou
Ii7 imttinr? on the aDnearanoe of death,
and suffering himself to be buried for
three, six or twelve months, according to
the agreement and compact he "enters
into with bis employers. - i he man, tar
from being misdoubted in those parts, or
being troated as a mountebank, is held in
extraordinary reepect by the Bikh people.
The stories that are told of .this man are
truly wonderful, and try to sift the nratfer
s you' will, tho marvel only inoreases.
Both natives nd Europoans are alike
perplexed; every one in the hast' has
hoard of his extraoinary powers; every
means has been tried w. detect tne lm
nostura whioh has been suspected; but
still his credit remains unshaken, to the
hist. - : . " -
One of those who witnessed this pro-
dicious feat is Captain W., the political
agent of Loodi&nah, who stood by when
ne was umiuwrreu aiwr a uurmt ui
consecutive months, and his body seemed
then, as it had seemed at first, to be in a
state of suspendod animatioa Jn this
country it was thought a most wonderful
thine, and very instlv. when a dozen
years ago, a young Irishman allowod him-
solt to he loosed up in a ouamoer ior
three weeks, and seals to be placed on the
door and window, and agreed to stay there
in that confinement without meat or drink.
This feat as far as could be seen, he "did
perform according Jto the attestation' of
i !i P..
several modioai genueman, writers. iur
newspapers and ouiers.!" i t.tt ii.:
But look at tha difference. In theoaso
of this Indian, instead of the confinement
in a spaoious room, tne noay is put into
a bag; the bag is tied up and sealed with
several seals by men of credit and dis
tinction. Then it is put into a box, and
the seals are acain applied to that box.
This, one would suppose, wore tost enough
in all conscience,!. Not at all; the box is
put into a stone grave or vault, and grain
is sown in the very sod whioh covers the
living body of this bold and marvelous
experimentalist ' J
' Reader, do yon marvel? What think
you of this? If this be really a cunning
man, who fences with the sharp 'eyes,
and looks, and thoughts of five millions
of people, and does this for fifteen or
twenty years without being caught trip
ping, it cannot be donied he does his feat
l ' i i:i . ti :.J
in a very wuruuBuune uiuuuvc . xmnuu
for twelve months, under ground, with
corn growing over his body 1 How is he
to enter into collusion with his con
federates in the trick, if trick there be?
Men of the highest rank, doubtful .of his
powers and among these the celebrated
Itunieet Singh have seen him buried at
the commencement, and have afterwards
been present when the body, was taken
up, after a suspended animation of twelve
months'! continuance. As far as all
human observation could go, that extra
ordinary man had lived without food,
without drink, without air, for the space
of one entire year, and there he was, at
the end of this experiment, alive again
and hearty.'.. !..., ' "', " ' ,v .- ' ".,
This wonderful man is now about forty
five years old, and enjoys all the . ruddy
health that a vigorous. body and a sound
constitution can bestow. He is always
ready to repeat his surprising perform
ances jn wot he lives by them. He
gains hfs bread by living under ground,
in a close grave. . .......
' He says, that during the time he lies
thus, in a state of suspended animation,
he has. the most beatifio dreams that, can
be conceived. These dreams are not like
those of ordinary men, but they are long,
durable, continuous, full of incident and
ramified intrigue, like a well written
romance of many goodly volumes. , But
these beautiful dreams are never com
pleted, and brought to a close, because he
is in the very midst of them when tho
term of his probation comes, and tho
earth ia opened to restore him to the
world. He does not regret tho time ho
loses by these interments, for the fictions
of bis teeming brain which pass through
bis tuncy have to him a tar greater charm
than real life. One day when the great
ltunjeot Singh with his favorite minister,
and the several crandees of the Mahara
jah's court, were conversing with him
upon the subject ol these extraordinary
dreams, and trying to form some idea of
thing so marvelous, he desoribed very
happily, by comparing it to one of those
fits of musing whioh every one has at
times, when the mind in full vieor in
dulges in tho dow of its inventions, and
wuicn are so agreeaoie to ine pacienc,
that tho most amiable and kindest of men
are ready to denounce the officious friends
who arouse them from so agreeable
state ot hall-suspended consciousness. . '
When the Fakir is taken up after bur
ial, no pulsation can be felt; nt once the
heart, the wrist, and the temples are still;
there is no breathing; tho body is not
eold as a corpse would be, but it is cooler
than that ot other , living men, except
over the seat of the brain, whioh is fever
ishly hot and burning. AU tho secretions
are lully stopped, the nails havo ceasod
to grow, so have the hair and beard. He
feels great dizziness at first, and for seve
ral days he continue'd to experience the
sensations of a man in a swing, or one
just landed after a long voyage. . But
gradually be recovers his health and good
spirits, and enjoys amazingly the wonder
and admiration he has excited.
: The Sikhs look upon this man as a su
perior Ring, gifted with a supernatural
faculty, and they take great pride in his
powers of bodily endurance. After the
disinterment thoy always exhibit the
greatest joy, and celebrate the occasion
by the discharge of guns and the letting
off of fire-works.
The Rajahs and Sirdarr yd other men
of state load him with p -. J. They
not distrust him as we BUviild do, but
rather glory in him as a specimen ot the
miraculous, vouchsafed to their own priv
ileged country, He is said to be very
rich, and is the only rioh man among the
Sikhs who would dare to be so long away
from court for fear of his place being
filled up during his absonce. He is the
only one who does not suffer the baleful
effeets of calumny and slander when out
of view; for, as his peouliar merit does
interfere with other men, they leave him
unmolested in his glory. , , . .
i BSTA young man, while undergoing
an examination for the purposo of being
admitted to the bar. was asked: "What
are the Constitutional repuirements whioh
render a man eligible to the , office
President of the United States?"-
answered: "He must be forty-one years
oia, ona a mighty good democrat r
Peculiarities of Shetland.
It appears , that 'in Shetland the
greater number of marriages are between
y oaths of ninte'en and , maids , of, thirty-
twol ."Whenever a young man can act
his part in the manning of a boat, be has
arrived at the highs of his ambition, and
therefore there is no wonder at his" mar
rying early; but why he pitohes on an old
maiu,iuBieuuoi a youog pin, uup
accounted for, unless it be that young
mon have a peculiar - affection - for old
maids,, as old men have a peouliar affeo
tion for young girls. "r ,';
A recent account of that land of inverse
ratio-sensation, published in an English
Review, says very authentically: j ' , x
"In no country is a lover so faithful . to
his mistress as in Shetland. ' I never
beard of a Shetland sailor who was guilty
of a breeoh of promise, although he
should be absent lor ten years. Not only
does be not break his engagement, cut ne
never fails to write to his beloved one in
effusions of the most endearing, naturo,
always beginning of ending his epistle
with 'My Pet, 'My Jewol,' 'My watoh or
'My Diamond!" .. Years before the oele
bration of the marriage, the woman is by
no means slack in telling all her neigh
bors of the particulars of the engagement,
and of the years, ana trie monw ana
of the day, and of the hour when it is to
bo celebrated.",. ' " Vf ' ' ,'. "r :"
And there is an inverted rule also as
to welcome to the wedding: . 1
"It is no unoommon thing for neigh
bors, who have not been invited to the
marriage, to dress in disguise, and partic
ipate in the festivities of the evening. '
The usual way they disguise themselves
is by rolling the body tip in a straw-rope
and blackening the face. These maskers
have usually all the privileges of bidden
guests, and aro treated with great .civility.-"
' 1VI i'' I 'Vllfe 1 r
.. In their danoing, there is a novelty:
' "At the end'pf every danoe, every man
must kiss his -female partner, i Sometimes
the men dance by . themselves, as the
women oannot hold out to suoh long and
furious exercise; and when they finish
their danoo, they do not kiss, but they
hug eaoh other to suoh ft ' degree " as to
create disgust in those who nave been
nuaecustomed to such a habit", v ,
; And the privileges of women soom to
be oarried out to the end, , The writer
adds-, J ' ".'.
';; "There is one thing worthy of observa
tion about all Shetland marriages: I never
knew a real original native man of Shet
land who married a woman of any other
county or country; on the other hand,! a
Shetland woman often get married to
men of 'other counties throughout the
kingdom, and her parents are exceedingly
fona of suoh extraneous matohos., Thus,,
the Shetland women have a bettor chanoe
of getting married than aoy other woman
in Britain." - '.. ''' j
A Spiritual Tkmplb Closed fob
Repairs. A- good one is told of old
Judge L. His Honor , kept a demijohn
ot good old Jamaioain nis private omco,
for his own comfort and the entertain
ment of his f particular friends. The
Judge had noticed Tor some time that 'on
Monday mornings his Jamaica was eon;
siderably lighter than he . left it on Satur
day nights., Another tact. naa graauauy
established itself in his mind. His son
Sam was" missing from the paternal rew
in church on Sundays. 1 One Sunday after
noon Sam came in, and went up stairs
rather heavily, when the Judge hailed
him: ' . ; '- ... (,; .
"Sam, where have you been?
"To churoh, sir," was the
reply, i . r ' , ;
"What church, fcamr . .; . : '
"Second Methodist, sir.".'.. '.
"Had a good sermon, Sam?',' . , . ,
"Very powerful, Bir; it quite staggered
me, sir. , , . .; ;
"Ah! I see,' , said the Judgo, "quite
powerful, eh. Sam? '
The next Sunday the son came Lome
rather earlier then usual, and apparently
not so mush "under the weather." His
father hailed him with: ' '
"Well Sam, been to the .'Second Metho
dist again to-day t, ...... . (
' "Yes, sir. '. I ' 1 :- .
' "Good sermon, mv boy?"
"Fact was, father, that, I oouldn't get
in; churoh shut up and a ticket on ' the
door." , ' ?
"Sorry, Sam, 'koep going you may get
good by it yet",.
Sam, says on going to the office for his
usual spirit-ual refreshment, he found tho
"John" empty, and bearing the following
label : "There will bo no service here to
day, this church being olosed for
pairBl" , ... . - '- . '
Lamb and Db Qoinokt. Do' Quincey
was in ridmburg when the-death. 01
Charles Lamb was announced.. 'When
the news was communicated to him he
paused in his round, (he was pacing up
and down' a favorite coffee-room.) and
turning his queor eye and dried np visage
that visage so marked by intellect and
intemporance and said, "Charles Lamb
dead dead; no, sir; he is not dead! His
tory will inscribe--I will inscribe on his
grave, .'This man, . who thought himself
nobody is dead to lite: but his lite nas
been searched, and his moraory is hal
lowed forever!' ' ' Thereupon, says my old
tnend, IJe tjmnooy wrote out bis admira
ble biographical essay on Uharles .Lamb,
the last words of which are these just
quoted words that ring like the solemn
music of propheoy. . . V v 1
ao may we Bay partly ot uoincey : 111s
grave will at least bear- the inscription,
'(imntAiifn1 " . lint unit it Vta fpiilir arwH ad
(UlUlVllWai:,' VUV vaU AW aj V wwij 7tvP 1W
ho said as he meant of Charles Lamb,
"His life has been searohed?"; No, no;
his body which he has bequeathed to the
Burgeons' Collogo may be amputated, but
they will find nothing. His papers may
be pryod into, and equally vain will be
tJie inquest. ,We must read his lookB1
admiring the wisdom and the labor that
has given them to us, but forgetting tho
man, as simple man, l nomas He ijuuv
coy. y; '
Bknsiblk Advice to an Editor. In t
conversation had with a member of Mr;
Madison's Administration, Mr. Gales, tho
senior editor of the National Itolligencer,
in his diary, relates that the Secretary
gave him, then young in tho profession, a
pieco ot advice, which was as toJlows:
"Above all things avoid altercations with
other editors it is always disagreeable to
readers, and a paper is more respected for
carrying itspit above it. "ion ought
says the Cabinet oflcor to the editor, "no
more to oondosoend to it, than the Hocro
, tary or State would." -
" THg'A80TM(biN0 DatI When the day
begins to go up to heaven at night it does
not spread a pair of wings and fly aloft
like a bird, but it just climbs softly - up
on a ladder. It sets its Ted sandal on
the Bhrub you have watered these - three
days, least it should perish with'thirst;
then it steps to the tree we sit under, and
thenoeto the ridge , of the, roof, j From
the ridge to thechimneyr and. . from the
chimney to the tall elm; from the elm to
the tall churoh spire,' and then to the
cloud, and then to the threshhold - of
heaven; and thus, from round to crimson
rouhd, you can see it , go as though it
walked upon red roseB. J ereray ; a ay
' . .' ' 1 . I 1 ' ' '. HI1 f ' I '
ner of fifth and Weetorn-row. Photogratihe,
Melalnotypee and Ambrotrpea token cheaeer than
laewhere In tha oity. Oil Oolored Photograph!
made of all ilree, from life to the imalloat miniature.
Pioturea ueatly aet in Lockete, Breaat-pini, t luger
ringe and ilracelew, AU work warranted.
tiOie-af ' a. P. pm-'wro. nwr.
Useful in: every house foe
mendUig Furnitaro, Tojtf Orockerr, G1m-
?J!?" A -en ' im U.A IT Vv1
Addrou , , 'fl.fcmiY O. SPALDINQ A 00... ;
.., , I ., , , Box Ho. S,MO, Mew fork. P
i Put np for Dealers In Oaaea containing four, eight.
Oard ecnmae.'iTlrat each pacbKre. daily
BURGLAR PROOF 8A1TE8. They hare glren
-mora BatlsfkotloB than any other now In uae.
weonerarewara ui una i iiuuojinu
I liM tn mi nenon that can. ud to the Brenent
time.showa aingle inatanoa wherein they hare failed
to preeenre thnlr content.
wall tnllBAFK we onauenge aiiooinpeiiuun, ae
beingthe peat Fire Proof, Burglar Proof, or Fire
and Burglar Proof now made; and are willing to
teat with any eatabllahment ;in theTJnloo, and the
eau'trfaillna flrat. to forfeit to the other, the inm
Of $2,000.
We aro prepared to farnlah a batter Safe, and at lea
cost, than any other manufacturer In the United
tltatea. .
veoona-nana aarea or oiner maaerv, invn nana.
WerwDoctfnllTlnTltethepnblifl to oalt andaaam-
inaooratock before pnrchaaingelaewhera.
ngll-yt ' Ho. 16 and lTBaetOolnmblaatreet
BBt-B0TTOM can be applied-to aur
rMdatnarl. old' or new. In ten niinutes. Elaetio
Dnrable Oheap. Dlnpeneoa entirely with slate, of
which ao much complaint la made.: Also, an assort-'
rant of Bedatnaula fur sale: with Hprintr Bottema Id.
Uall and examine them at No. 172 Vlne-atret.
r . a n. VTintaeirir
( . '' " ) : .
! l1.'V'j nfi r ! )o .
.a a
! t Jt'a! flu.:
Held at
' aaeiTllle, Uotnbrr
' '' MANCFA.CTUMD BY ' '-.-i
Wos. 51 and 33 Vine-sC
- j (Seeoni door fielow Colombia,) ,
CI NCI N N ATii (OH io,
; rnoomT
$.10. $30. .' $30. , $30.
' Thirty-Dollar DoubULook-Stitch
BiorJBHiJ ni bkoint iKmcits JAIlUrt.'
NOCNOBDbr all oompetent Jndaje", wha
have Boon it. to be the Beat and saoat deelntbla ITam
UfSewins Machine eter introdncedr reaardleas
f vrloe. It will new all kinda or nuntly
from the Terr thlekeet to tlierery ftnoatfal.rio
famtlT aooda.
thlekeet to tlierery ftnoatfal.riormadet
ana usee ail sinaa ui mrwu, iruiu v, o w w
fUnH far, rlrrnlnr. or call and ae it in nneratloa.
M- All km ...J an l.i.f Ihe ItfltRllIlin.
noa oi tureaa. iroiu no. e to zw,
t fa larei iae uiRenuir. -v
Opoil early apf licatkiB.BtaUand Donnty fiightania,
be aoc tired. i . "-
An eaergetlo person nan make a fortune In a abort
time, Agenta wanted In all unsold rltory. 0,.
liar, or call n
the united maiea,
BCieauaeioinsiTeaffeniiortne uuimhi oiaiiw.
VH Woat 1 ounn-sireeii uiuomuuh
I! V('
It. Dodds Sir Co.,"
auiroiAoiDuas or ;;. .
r Ire and Burfflar-Prool
8. Vf, Corner of Vine Beon4 Btreets.
j I..-; j . - ... .r .... t, ( ,
nukU . ti. iniiri' rollabla WIVM AINU HnUOI.a
uaiwa ouiea,and
We have a ler;e assortment oh hand, and are da
Barnuaea K eeu at prtoea uiai oannot lau to f lease.
Take In ezetufogo.' SK00ND-HANO UM al.
ware on Band at extremely low prion.. ... aj,
AW COMPANY " AGlCNOy.Uewport. Kj.-Tai
pntioie aKamai nro ann mrme ruiaa. uapuai,
il,0O,O0n-Stirpltra, 1((l,000. Arplf to. u
., HUMBX DOUUANAM.ueiu rosioOloe,
JaUam Xork itreet, flewpoit, y.'
J:C Save XU Pieces ! , .-;
n. ia tun, Btrwiu iivvn.s
;:VDoor( and Gatir)4lprlngi,L.,4
.V Bella Hung, Kevs Fitted.
The public are reapeotfully invited to oall and ex
amine the yariooa patterns and price. AU Jobbing
jrompuj attended to.' i '.J.,i-r, 1. 1.. ..j,
. - "7 1,1 i OKOttGR flicGBBOOB, ,
. nojera ,' ' No.l rifUHitrwtU4oor from Baoa,'.'
I'l-J a
i 3
Beml OlnaaAurtarrTr
Dot 41 Iet Seoond-ttreet, between- Sroamot ad
I)roadaj, OinciunaU, keopa nrf deaoription of ..
Gaunter, Pint form, Cattle, Knllrend DcpelL
- and Track 8olen) Trurtt,
'.i -.'.' : Ire)B WftM See. ., ..ovtB
. Bepalrni done on the ihorteat aotlooj. ' aol-eav
134 MA1H 8TBHET, 01H01N5ATI, 6,f
i Ht. Oharlea atf t, v Orleani, I,
Inpertera arGnna ds Ssvrllna; Apraralii,
and Bailer Iron. Plow Blabs, Ballroat hikes
I to.- Aleo, AxenUtor the tale of lrontonShMNalll
Wareroomi No. U Kaat Sooofid Btreet, Clrrlnnat I
vmo. ' i
J No. M HUth-etreet, between Vine and Maoe, la
the Btedioal Oolleae, UinolnnaU,OMo P raaa who
mar fetor him with thoix putronage.can raly pun
tnall trend law prlce. - 1 - epl-ey S
Money! . Money! Money ! f
aemvdrreid S6 Waat hUJltaatrcU a
XVJLXTaBT and aU kinds of Merobandhie, at low
Satee of interest, at Mo. 171 Vlne-atreet, bat ween
ronrth and IPirth. ' - . -.nt'
, ;;: p u 1 1. adeiphi a .
i lJininir ana uonee saloon.
. rn toiu irrlrTr:n'fBrffr nnrrrn atrm
i., u ... v (Near the corner of Vine,) '
.i fit
OrlrB and Game isrved in all trlea. ' Mean at all
keurs.... " ..j - ...i. i amleni .
- avav-. si.. AsaiAiaa.Mi'i e
s 16 , West Fourth Street
Where can be had eVery airtiola apportalnTng tj th
Boslness at a ranch less vrloe, (or (JASH, tbas
has ever betore boon offered Ui tlili market,
... V, QIVI US A - CAUUtl- "
and aaeforyonraelvea. .. . . , . t aplt
W M i ,W H IT AK E Ki
Ho.MXJH.B. Oor. Tilth and todgo streets, betweea
Walnut and Vino, t;uciunati, ,
ASOod assortment or blbV K a and PLATED WABB,
i BPKOTAtlLH, etc., kopt consUtntlyonband.
Bpeolal attention girea to Uleouing and BesaliiBS
wnwnpi anaaeweiry.
. my 10
BEGG etc SMITH, No. West 4tU St.
Xm, their larso auortmenl of Watches, Jewelry,
Buierwaroauu viaiaonaa.' j- ,
" t !!-'l I (,:: I,: f -i.-v ;.; ,
- A fine astortBent Of Plated Tea Bets and Oatler
uvvivn.uiHtta. . . .. , , m
WOMKN, and anch Chronlo complaints as maybe
'benefitted by the Bygyeulo and, Atmopathlo system
of hiaofflce.
Yapor, SulpUnr, Iodine, Arsenic, Heronry, Tur
kish, Bnsaian and Electro-Chemical Baths, a Dla
pensary of Me41olne, and ever manner' of Xleotrlo
ananaanatlo Aenaratna. -.- - .....
wjai-omos nenra B A. M. to 5 , .'!,:, aalD-tff
0."E. NEWTON:1 M. D
' Orrrrta Nil. 90 Weat HeTonth atrMt. Itwaii Vina
ween walnut ana v ine. Ornoe Uods-74 to SH
a. ) IX u si V. M.: to g P. M. ' r '
uu uikv.' KBsiDafjoa no. oa oeventn. atreet, -
AHn km , uiiiiTrn
iu .vw'vi ; . vi . nuw i en, i
; (Baoooasor to Bnowltou A Taft.)
He. ou west voHrth Ht., bet. H alnut dc V Ins
f-i Cincinnati, num.
' i'l ..I' lamata.saai. I .,.,. r a J
: f COVB-. 'i J'
Spiced Oyster.
PiiiKV.itn nraenat
mini flTiTioniitti'ifii' 'to unto Bvnvrtr
AINO pAlLY.by the Adams Cxjrees, SLA1IJ
BI'S world-renowned Baltimore
Vxtnh can, Kef And, Shell Oyster.
I .DAivnn nun a' ' x"
avaaai van, agent j -m
. Oopftt, it West Vtfth-etrafit'
; i i u:0 A'V A Or N.AS
Oyster Importing -House.
A. INO dally, per Kxaress, his aplendtd Oysters.
Bavins oomBleted arrangonianta In Daltlmoro, oa
the moat extensive scale, I will at all times during;
tuv mto dv preparva w inmien say menoa, -ana
the rest of mankind," with the moat JUEU010US
111 V A T Trtria t a-- A a.i i sua. i r . m
wivauiAo iiupurwu w me uaeeu uity, rtuuemi
tut Tory best ini portal, Qromt lt,dociaeDU offered
hi this Importlna.hooM. ,. . T ,
f rci niv vat AnnAi
AVJ. LIMBS In. superior manner,. Sutlnfactury
references siren. Adoreai Bo. 1, Uycainore-itreet!
(Jorner of Front. . .. ; y w
Gifts!' Gifts!, Gifts!
I fl
11 41
next to nruitn ca nixon a nan, inoomnau,
Ohio. A splendid fllft. Wortn from M cents to-1111.
will be Riven witlt every book for which are reclra
one aouar ana upwaru at tue time or aaie,
.1 . r. ,. . ui . IJ .... 1
floftfl flold Ofmlna. anlendid aet of Jewelrr. nneOnld
Braoelets, Oenlt' Uoid Vest-chains, and a large ra.
riery oi oin)r articles oi ricu vwoiry, worm irom
Mlcenta to Sine. fci , j .-. , ..
Lailiea and aentlemea are raapectfolly invited to
oauauu examine eursao ujr ,
V lo
a 1 nmt 1 asassasssajassirir
isssasaaaawsiiftiaiiiiaiiaai i-i Mamvmnrnrvmmwi
Itaiwa. fAWWvleraWnmt. Sis 'r1!
' 1 1 J 1 I n 1
awn 1 nr" - - nnm miaiiriMr avnn fri rmtiTsm
,31-tf.,wflu-vjiM ,
t f ourtti-gtree't;
5i'l tf.'..
TbTO chanqb op cars to indianap-
iUT MIU UVia flt rVIUMi 111 m ft aj4 erviiu-WVaflif 'flfn, ,, ,
THB1 FASSBNOKB TBAIN8 .irn' ,..',.,,:.
leaTe ClnoiunaU daUj, fmu .the luot of vm and , ' ' ., '
f ront-eireeta. 1 - ' ' '-' ' 1 n. Tj",?
t-M A. M. OhlcaKO Mall Arrlreaat IadtonapoUg : V t
t l2:10P.M.lChlcatoat lftMf.M. ...- ,.:.,, ,.
1JM5F.M. Teriellarjte and Lafnyette Aecommo- .
daUon ArrhreaatlBdlanapollaatfcleP.M.' ; 'iii...nv
7:1F. M.-Hhloaso Kipreaa Arrirea at Indlanap- -Mm-.j, ,..
olu at 12:1S A. B..-, umcwo at ur.w a. m.
this line, and run through Vf Uhlohgoi
change ef cars. . m fi:.
Mir (u mrA .nn .re In the rlcht ticket-
HleepingUara are stlacfaej
all niaot-tralna ea ' J T VI A
ibgsu wilooal
u wiiboat .
-office be-
lore yon puronaae your iicucw, ana aa ivr iichh
Tia Lawrenoebnrg' and Indianapolis. - ' 1 .i TV
. Fare the same, aud lime shorUis than anyother .,,, )u
ronte,. .V ! - j i!;l 4. . ',. J,i v j
uaggajre cneokoo; through, - ,
TUUUOOH TIOKF.Td. araod nntil naed. can be Ob. - '
mioeu at toe xicKf40mccHtBt npeucei iioww euruer. '
N. W.:evranr qf Broadway aod Kronf j No. 1 Buruet
flouio corner i at 4he Waluut-atreet; Bonae, and at
Iwpot OAn, toot ot Mill, on Wont-street, where all
neoeseary information caa' borBAn i .
i: )niult)iie rtiu to and from naoh train, ana will
call foreanaeugersatall butele and all farts of tho
oity, by hawing address at either office. . '.'
( u. u. iiouu. rresident. '.
'i i'
! i
Change of Time—November 14, 1859.
CHICAGO, Great Western and North-Western
ill Bsanosi :xta( x twwvai: aisKiiaaanj -
' tjaastav ,ii t, , , j ,
ai'ljji j
Three PMaAnserTrainiLraOlnQlnnatld.nv. rraia
sbib loot ot jii inauus runt sarvets.
iiO A.pi,-rOhioago Hll arrlVea at Indtanasolli -at
13:10 P. M OhicftKO al lOtW V. st. Thar trala ";
oonneots with all night anlnsoul of Ohlcago for "
the Woat and Sorth-weeti prmneeta at Indianaa
lit with? trains .for Terrs Hanto: also with fei o
trains lor jreru,- Mgausyvrf, Sort Wayne and Xi.
ledo.' ." ! ''- . . , -i . i...
- li.143 P. M Terr Hiwrte and LaymyetU Ao
oomiaodation arriveaat ladlanapollaat :! P. St..
making direct eonneotlons at Indianapolis with La- i
layette trains for Beoatur, Hrrlogheld, Kaplea, Qoiu- .
oy. Bannlbal and St. Joseph. e . . r.
T r. in. unicaxo jtxpreas amyes at inaianapoiis -at
12: IS A. of., making olese oonnectiona at Uhioagu
With all morning trains out of Vhloago.
Sleeting cars are attached to all the night trains
on this line, aad ran thronBh to Ohiaasn without i
This is exclusively a western ana Northwestern v
route, and with tamable and reliablearrangementa '. .':
with all eoinneetiag roads throughout thei entire r
Westtgoaranteea unusual care and the amplest ao- '
eommodatleiia to too patrons ol this line. 1 ' '!'
The Company 'a excluaire Telegraph Line la need ' "
adieu Deeeaaary. to gorern the movement of traine, .' '.
and Loughridge Selobrated Patent Brakot, are at-
tacnea io an jpHssenger irains, oy wnicu iney canoe. ,
gerfectly controlled; besldoa all the other modern Im 1
storemsntg necessary for the comfort and surety of - l -pameugorsitheiaaaagenof
this road hare liberally "
ftoTided. i -l n . ,-.
emoiingMwi on tins una. ....v. ..M ....
an Besure yore in the right ticket offloe before .
toe) surohsse yonr tlckats, and ask for tickets Tia '
Lawroncebursaad lndlaoaaolia. ' : .... t
Fare tho earns as by any other route.
Baggage r. ..,
soeoaeu t urous n, - . u .. . ...
, TUHOOOUTIOHIrTB, tood nntll need, oan be oh.
talned atthe tlek at offlooe, at Hponcer nonae Ooiner
aorth-weat corner Broad we and Vront; tio. 1 Bur.
set House (Jorusri at tha Walnut-street Uonse, and
at Depot office, tool of Milt, on front street, where
allneoeesarylnMrmatioa naf behad. i. ji
umniDuscs roa lo.ana arjra eaott tram, ana w .,.
oall for wusengers at all aoliij and all parts of th
aity,u leavjngaaiuaasassiiniromce.
inuirvjuw. t -..(. i,
W.H. I, kOBLB. .
now M
QsBsral Tickot Agent.
J'tv ' it s
I Ul-i
NOVEMBER 14, 1859.
Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
Sixth-street Depot. -:' "' i.i. -ief,.i '
; Trains run through to OleTeland Saodoaky, To.
ledoand lndlanapoiia withontohanietoars. ,
Through Ticket, for all Eastern, Western, North.
naad,Nortii-.vretrneUlea. .;. i ,
6 A,-W EXPRKM8 TRAIN Tot Hamilton, i . .. . ,
Rlchniond, Indianapolis, Lularette, Chicago, ami all -. . . , ,-
0. Jtoad for Logansport; also Oonneots at Hamilton
forOxIc-rtUAo. :" " ' .
Ti.1l A. M. TR.ATN-1-Vor Dayton.-SsrinirfleJd.
TTBBiwni jilibb. uouDocis at iiiciimona wnn u. nua
Sandusky,' Toledo and Ohivago. this train makes
close connections with all triune leafing Chlcnifo the
same evenlne;, " Alsowmnects as UaaaaA roa Oa-
M7MSUS; it Bollefontaine withB. end 1. II. B.: nt
frorcm with Pittsburg, kort Wayne will Chicago lUi
road; at Clyde ltn Cleveland and Toledo Kail
rood trains for Cleveland) at Dayton for Greenville,
union, wiuoncnter ana anncie, , h i -
lit A. 1)1. KXPRKSf rit AlN-ForCleyeland
via Delaware for Dunkirk, Bufialo, Boston, Mew
Yorkiand alt KaBioru cltiaa. ' Alao connects at Crest
line for rtttsbargh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and ,
Kastorn cities.
:4 l.JI..TKAlN-For Hamilton, Blcnmona
LocanesiHrt. Peoria aud Burllnntan: hIho lndianan-
olit, Torre Hnute and St. LouiB, connects at iinmll-
SiSO P. ul."TH.AIJf-For Dayton: Bnrfngflold.
Bellelontalne, Lima, Fort Wayne and Chicago;"' -"
Conuoctaat JrJ9HeIontalnewlUU. and 1. tt. U. ..
Hi.10 P. M. KXPaKrawTRAIN-FOrCleTO.
lana via ueiaware io jjunnra, Jtuoaio.viiostoo,
.'nn ,vi.i auu nil uuoivmuiuDOi anv,wuuniWH
Grultlino for Pittabursh. PhiladelDhia. BalUmora.
and nil Kastorn cities. 1 -
assy-rne night r-xpross Train leaving Cincinnati at
ll:aor.ja.,leavesdaily axospr batubsau. Ail other ,
trains leave dally axom HvaDAYa; , ! ' - i A
'for further information and Tickets, apply at the
Ticket offlooe north-oaat corner front and Broad-'
way; So. U9 Walnut-street, near Gibson Uonse; at
the new Ticket Offloe, on the weataidoof Vine-etreet,
between FostoMc and or net BousoVor at the
Sixth-street Depot. ' ' f- .
con i. jnoLAJnJECf, enpenntenoeni.
- . i
evTi -fry
Three Trains Daily.
. HI J ,' 't1.H II ' (.....1 ,mr -
; Two Tbrougb. Express Trslus.
-BU-, A. 11., connect, via Columbus and Cleveland;
via ' Columbus, BUrabenvilhi and Pittsburg; via
Oolumbus, Crestline and Pittsburg; via Colum
bus and Bellalr (WheellBP), Also, for Spring flJl,
This train stops between Cincinnati aad Oolunibnt, '
at all the principal stations.
BKCOND TH AIN-Oolombus Accommodation
At 4i4ll P. M. Tbia train atops at all stations be-
iwevu ymoiuaau anu voiuiuuus, auu vincinuau auis
Borlngfleld. ' It .
THIRD TRAIM Might Express ot Tli30 P.
H., oonneots via Uolnmbua and Billair(Wheeling)
Tia Columbus, Crestline and Pittsburg; via Colum
bus Steubenvllle and Pittsburg; via Columbus and .
Cleveland. A i .. Ml
This Trala stops at Loveland. Morrow. Xenla
' wrrheDay Sxpress runa through to Olavelaud,
Wheellngaad Pltubnrg, via SteubeDiille, without
change of cart.
The KIOUT KXFBK88 Train tearing Olnoinnat) ,
t HtHO P. M., runs dally, exoopt UATUKBAIS.
ine otner rraias ruu Un, except ou niu i o.
Por all Information, and Through. Tickets to Bos.
ton, Hew York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washing. ,
ton, BufTalo, Niagara Falls, Dunkirk, OleTeland, ;
Pittsburg, Wheeling, aud all the Kaatern places, ; .
apply at theuaicea, Walnnt street Uoiuw.No. 4 Unr- ,? ,
2t Housetoonthaat ocrnor of Ilioadwey and front
streets, and at the Eastern Depot. . , , ., ' '
v Traina ran by Columbus 1 1 me, whioh it sotod Via. .
a tea faster than Cincinnati Una,
j, i .. , J. DOB AND. Hup't. . ;
Omnibuses calLforpassenrs by loailug dlreclioni
at too Ticket Ufflcco..- i noli, J
Commencing Dec. 4, 1859.
Cincinnati and , St. ( Ionia.
.Two Dally Trains lor Vlncennei, Cairo and Ht,
tools, att:30 A.M., and 7:M P. M.
?hi"t-I',"'.'rTl!l.,if,r ihiTillo,al 1-M A. H. ..,
SMI P. If., and 7:80 P. M .!, .
,iQne Train for KvaniTlllo tr:9S .H.,'ffrk
T he Trains connect at Ht. Louis for all points la
Kansas and Nobraika, Hannibal, tjulucy aud Keo.
kuk; at Ht. Lonl. and Cairo for Ueraphb, Vicksbarg,
Katoheaand Mew Orleans... . i . . , 'J
One Through Train on Sunday at T:3 P. M. , . ; . ", , ,
'' BsTDBmaa-rast Line Leaves Kaat Bt. ImuU. ,
Soiiaysejt(.irlel, at rfA. At.,erjivingat Olucla.
awtiMtftU !
xrarss TaAiaLeava Kaat Bt. Iionls dally ai tiM
P. U arriving atClnolnnati at 8:i A.M.
To all points West aLd tontn,leaae apply at the
offlooe, Welnnt-etree 1 Hons., Dot week Sixth and '
BevontH-ttroets, Ne. 1 Buruet House, corner o.Hoe,
Dorth-weat oorner of front and Broulway, Spencer , i
HeueeOfiioe.aad atthe Depot, oorner front and Mill,
stroeta. W. H. 0LBHIlNT,Jen'L8uperlnteadent.
innibnaeecnfor.pawugers. n ; , 7 . v 0029
CUA, and very superior old Rio CnlTnie, at t
. i.i ,f. tw ,. 1 aa.au uown'B.
. vomer fliBth asd VUio-ttretti. ,
; ... 1 J J -i U U J J k .

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