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j ; -".5 :.v . ;
li n Mhht dally, ( Srae eept,) by ,
rioruacoBi.y " ,'
trics-ae. 1 ot.itHT.
TBI mil nHM aelivered to rabeeribers U
UtneriaaU, Oovlngton and wport, Badger.
rounding 0m sad towns, it ths rs .
toeaery low price of
Blasts eavtM la.t l month ioa.; t mootbitll 1 mi It.
Corner of BUth ml Vine-street. '
John A. Blister, Jr., sole Minsgtr end Lessee.
Ftionor ADMiMiOH-Drew Circle' end Purqaette,
SOoeots; Gallery. Moent. -
Doom open at tX, curtain rliei at TX o'clook.
Change of Attraction. ' ' '
THIS ITININCr, Tebrnary 3, will be'pretinted
the new historical play, in four act, called , .
J (
Fbssoh. LeOlero, Mr. Bann; Vluoent, Mr. Head:
ueuenviiie, nr. uaii: oijeau. nr. Bmyiai uwtm
Houcbeubeau, Hr. rtshar: rrenoh 8oldtrt, Ac
Hattibui Touaaelot, Mr. LtagdooiOldMsfc. Mr.
JEllaler: Marie, Mia Julia Irvlngj Negroes, Pleu
' tttlon fiemnt, BIbVMi Dnors, Vnitoiuii, Mtgro
Soldier, Ac. ,. . w . ....... .
To conclude with - .
err craning, In which the whole company will ep
peer. Jf AT I O MAIjT HE ATE R.
John Bttee, Proprietor end Heotter ; W. 8. Irwin,
Treeinrer. c ,
Altbbatiob of Ti.-Don opn a! t; CmrleUn
rliee et H past 7, preoleslr.
Pbiobj of ADHianioH. Oreae Olrole n Pere.aette,
60 cents; Pamilr Circle, 38 cen U : Colored Boseiils
cents; Gallery, lOoents; PrUste Bozee, f 8S .
Becontf: night of
Miai Lucy Etcott nd Mr. Mlmnda,
Who will apptar thle ereilnf In the besatlful oper
Btic play of ,rBoh Boy," with all the erlglasl music.
THIS EVENING, Thnrsday, febmery I, to oom
mence with
Ob, Otn Lso Bthb.
Diana Vfrnon, (with all the original nueio.) H In
Lncr Eacott: rrancie Oebaldlitone, with sons,
duetts, so.,) Mr.D. Mlruida; Bob Boy.Blr. Outer,
Jtathlelgh, Vanderen; Owen Dougal, 0. Uearlj
Capt. Thornton, Swift: Bailie, Allen; Major Gil
braith, HIstId, HamUh, MlM Jennie Bight: Sir.
Fred. Yernon, Bight; Helen, Mr. Vanderen; Mat
tie, Mlu li. Graham. " -
Dance - ....HI Jennie Rlsht
To oonclnde with (for the eecond time) the laughable
Mr. Primrose. Mr. Allen; Henry Thornton, Mr.
Swift: Mlu Biffin. Mr. Itawa; Mis WlnterMo.
ion, Mrs. O. Henri; Bobbin, Mies A Graham; El
len Murray, Mlu A. Graham.
NOTIOK. Tradesman and others ore owtloned
Malnit furnlahlnn any articles for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manas sr. -
THE NEW NATION All HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, is now open for the reception of saests.
Boom can be obtained by the day or weei, and
meals famished at all horns, . . .
8. N. Pike, Proprietor; F. 9. Conway, Stage Dl-
Pbiob of Admimiok. Parquette Oircie, Psrqnette
ana Balcony, ou oenis; ampnitneaier, v cenia
Private Boxes for elsht mraoni. 18.
Box Office onen from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M.. when
'oats no do seonrea.
Doors open at 6 o'clock ; eommeaoe at 7a.
I Third week of tHiose establhh
Third week of tHiose establhhed (RTOrlte,
Mr. aud mtu vr. s. tfiorenee,
Whoae rendition of the peculiarities of the Iriih
Boy and Vankee Gal has been euloglaed by the press
ana pudiic oi tne uia ana new worm.
The engagement of these young Americans bis
Been auenaea witn Brilliant lucceis.
First night of IiALIiA HOOKH. .
THIS EVENING, February 3. will be presented
new " piece ae eirconeuncs," enuiiea
I.ALLA. B0OKH ; .--1 , ;
tumble, the Gem of the Ocean, Kharscanbid, chief
oi tne uneoors rira uepsrimens, aus neosa,
Boiled child, Mrs. Florence; Manager, Mr. Sher
idan ; The Shade of Mhekspeare, Mr. Addison ; Tbe
Shade of Myren, Mr. Florence; Hamones, Mini
rroctor; eoramory, sites vrecser.
The performance will commenoewlth
Tim Moore. Mr. Florence ; Bonabbs, Mr. Hall ; Hri.
visgig. bus rrocior; nr. u rummy, sirs, nil'
kin ; Mise loho, Mies Monroe.
A arand soectacniar and tbrlllins Drama Is In sot.
Its preparation, with new scenery dresses, effects,
Ac, and raetalned by the entire, strength of the
company. ,
This magnificent Panorama Is not " Waugh's
, It lia," abown in this city some month ilnce, out
theOrlginsi Mirror of Italy, exhibited hereserao
eeaafuliy at Smith A NIxob's Ball In 1883. It bow
returne to Cincinnati for the flrst time since that
date, with new and beautiful Dtoramto K fleets,
and acenes Ulnetratlns the Theater of the Lai)
Iiallan War, and will sxhlbit for a few day
only mi omun m mx.vu s jasu, com meaning
Saturday Ajflernoon, Feb. , i860,
And giving Two Exhibitions Dally, at i o'oiock
Jil. anu 17 v uiuca eitcn vveuius. . . ...
Ticketa 38 cent, or elx for 11. Children 10 eente.
Doors open in the evening st tX o'oiock. Minor
moves at 7X o'clook precisely. Door open la the
afternoon at 3 o'oiock; commence at 1 o'clock. To
Afternoon Kxbibitlon iiadlea' Tickets li oentt:
yL i 1 .1 - a nasi
Usesa SECOND TEBtf. 'fcaA
Natlaaal Hall, Vine-Street,
Tbe leaaona are so arranged that
tommenoe at any time.
a FHch.
loners can
papils or the Western Female Seminary, Ox
ford, uhlo.br Mies Marr C. Adam, and lllnatrated
with a one view of the Seminary Buildings, Price,
Buoenia. ua ususun, jr.,
No. 88 West Fourth-atreet.
. thss ever. Great sacrifice of
Pianos , Blelodeons , violoncellos
VioliDS. Guitars, fiauo Btrlnn. Trim-in nri
mings, o., during tbe HolldAys.U B M U
8elllngatlOOper cent, lee than any
other House In tbla city, and Irat-claas Inatruments
at that. Do not bny an Instrument until von save
called at No. 337 Fiftk-atreet, aeooad door east
Plum, south side. BBITT1NO A BB0
Jfiano maaers, am sveawrs in BimHuass insira
menu. oexttr
New Mod of 7entila lion!
ciiftaUsiOBr t : 4
Belting and Ventilating Funiccs,
.; ' , . Ia swatloa at "
Btort Wsrt-roonu, Nog. (1 ui II Vlna-it,
(Below Oolumbla.)
Sawver & Oo.
- BQay)
M Maia-strwet. thrta daara akawa third.
. DIB ail a no oi none iTappinn, m is m
l wo, a
a the lowest.
D. 8. CAX&ICK!
y and most snnaumisi mannra. m.w,nm wmnn-
neat of Horse Blaakets WHps, Owpet anajLMther
Sags. Bridle BitSi Bnflate Robes, Valises (the, reel
ioli.fathr).Mall Trnnk. 8 pong, and a Wi
urtm.at belohglagto this Qn. I will sella
.'-V'. i
- !1
vol.; a.1 no. U2.
. j.
lit AT.( .' C 't '1
J;;'l n r.r f
Lrmi BAL-Hlght Expirees, 8:00 A. H.j Aoeom.
modatiCn, gits r. B.; Day Express, 6:34 p. at.
IbdIABAPOLUI ABB OlBOlSBATl. 11:1$ A, j 5;M V,
M.i 1:40 a. H.
Ouo and MisussiPPr.-8:2o A. .11:48 A. t.l 10:15
F. M.
A. M.; 13:63 p. a.; 8:81 r. M.i 8:80 r. sr.
10HM0MB ABB iBBlABAFOm. Ui M.i 8:88 F. M.
Littu Miajii. D&r Xxpreee, lfcOO A. M.; Aoocm-
modAtlon, 4:40 r. M.; Mght Bxpreee, 11:80 p.
Oaio anb UiMiieim. 7:30 A. 1:00 F. at.; 7:80 p. v.
A. m.i 10:09 A.m.; S:40F. BUS 8:80 P.M.; 11:10 P.M.
MABIBTTA ABO OlHOIHMATI . :40 A. M.', 8:40 F. M. '
BlOHBOBB ABO ImdiABaFOUB. 8:00 A. BUI 1:40 1. M.
lfirBlnfnl omlBgioni load to lnftil oommU-
jtfA ladv ti sometinieg itruok with a mtn
befora marriage, and ty afterward.
'jMsT-Gen: Almonte hag bean apptlntod Em-
baaiadoj of Meiloo at Madrid; " '
gaflht two polea aoali tooiier meet, thta
the love of Chriit and tba lore of the world.
r - ) I v. ....,., . .... 1
JBeTSome thora are who gin away sname.
inataad of be ashamed of tin. f
r JBaTOwnerg of ilarag in Virginia and Geor
gia are asking Ian advance often to fifteen per
sent, orer tbe hiring ratea of last year.
ffieTPeter Heroy. of Boalon, will publish
next gammer hii pergonal recollections of
Daniel Webster.
wish," laid Prime Minister Mel-
bourne, "that I wag iure of any one thing as
lorn nacauiay if enre oi every uung. ,
EGemt Smith hag contributed $50 for
the beneat of the sufferer g by the Lawteneo
oalamlty. t - t .
f jVbT Albert Smith hag reeovered from big re-
otnt Mvere illness, and haa ngruned hie en
tertainment! in London. .
BtTrlt is nronoeed to raise a irionnment at
Trinidad ae uuds in memory oi tne immortal
Humboldt, j
At the late fire in Loavinworth, Kan-
gas, a large number of women turned oat to
the esiutanee or the Bremen.
3SJBTruth lies within the holy of holies in
the temple of knowledge, but donbt is the res
tlbule that leads to it.
VTo make an exoellent jam squeeze elx
or eight women, oow-a-dayi, into a oommoQ
stage-coaen. . .
a-The Grand Jury of the Qaarter Ses
stons in Philadelphia bag presented the ease of
the drag inops, for creieisnets in patting ap
poyuoiani preaonpuoni. ,
. S&Mlti Dehors, Hall B rough ton, a young
laar, lately -oommitiea guiome cy nangiog
while yiilting at her brother's house in JBalti
mora. , i '
SIt li stated that Adeliia Patti receives
but $400, Colaon $1,100 Brignoli $100, and
Stigelli $700 per month for singing in the
Ulluaaa ilwrilmsdh ttwape. yf : i - ' . 7
' flrTw4 Rnssiani (a naval officer and a
seaman) were married In - the main street at
Yoka-Hawa, Japan, reoently, by some of the
nativei. ;
handsome marble monument bag
been raised to the memory of little Mary
Manb, burnt to death lome months sinoe in
Maoon, (ia, ,
jfisflt ii the onlnion of the dootor thai the
lawyer geti nil living Dy plunder, while the
lawyer uiaki that the dootor gets his by piU
age. jar7Not a poor-house in California, and
gambling is a collapsed institution, writes the
Ban Francisco correspondent of the New York
- jBtt-The new play of Henry I, written by a
gentleman of New York for Edwin Booth, and
played by him in New Orleans, Is pronounced
only a moderate success. .
9A Newborn, Ye., paper sets that Mrs,
Alice Day, of that eity, was lately delivered of
four sturdy boys, ao one knows what a Day
may oriog lorw. n . .
When the present Marquis of Buteat-
ns his maisrlty, he will be one of. the most
opulent noblemen of the British peerage, and
equal to the Westminsters, Baeoleuchs, and
The committee' who managed the
SohiUer Feet, held at Gotha, Intend to devote
the proeeedi of it to building a monument to
Andreae Romberg, the composer, who get the
"Bong of fue Ben. , , -
i aaj i i f
Hbaitk or Los dos aid Niw Yosx. The
bills of mortality for the city of London for
the week previous to the a ailing of the Fultm,
exhibits 1,281 deaths. The last week's return in
New York show 610. wnenwe consider that
London haa a population four timet, or there
about, as great as New York, there would
seem to oe a great dupropornon in tne mor
tality or tne two elites.
. sTAjESM---MB--.- . 1 .. Al
Thb Potwsb or Psids Pride is like certain
files, which alight especially upon the fairest
wheat and the loveliest rosea. A proud cardi
nal, In Luther's time, said, "A reformation is
indeed needful and to be desired, bat, that
Lather, a raaoally friar, should be the man to
do it, la intolerable." - t
Htrald tells a story of a child whioh narrowly
assaped death in consequence of having tbe
blood sucked from its nostrils by a eat. The
pillow and bed on which the child lay asleep
were saturated with blood. This is termed
a felineoug assault. .
ThsPsisidMt aid Habpsb's Fbxbt. It
is said that the Republicans in Washington
.have positive proof that the President wag in
possession of- information that John. Brown
was about to Invade Virginia and seize the
Arsenal at Harper's Ferry, as early as May
last. I -
Tax R. J. C.'s The New York corre
spondent of the Charleston (3. 0.) Ooarter states
that the R. 0. C.'i have positively started on
their expedition to Mexico. About 600 have
left that city for New Orleans, sad many more
have gone from raiaaeipma ana Baltimore.
A Noxtbssst Omabib Xipbllbd rsoif a
Sotjthbbx Cxuboh. A young man named Da
kar, farrnarl an omnia t and Daajuerreotvolst
at Rome, New York, and son of Ihe Rev. Mr.
Baker, of UUaa. was lately drirsn from Au
gusta, Georgia, by a ilaveholding mob.
ArroiFTMsn bp a Diusbtxs Lord Pal
erstoa aaS just appointed a Methodiat,JUie
sob of a Methodist preacher, to the responsi
ble office of Solloitof-Qsneral of England Ihe
first dissenter plaoed in jadieial office since the
him or cromweii. . .
' Fsabftut laosT-BiiTiB. A bey at We-wasUce-
Mills, Md., recently had his lower
limbs so badly mit-Htten thathii reel mora
fled and werealouxhlnt of at the ankle Joints,
merely haoglng en by the tendons. Beth legs
had to be amputated below ue knwi.
BwauAar Souio Xmcrs At ihi Bostoi
Oriaa. Of the soeoio effeoti of "Der Jreis-
ohuti,'.' a Boston orltlo lay
"Tbe incantation act. where the ' raaatd
bullets were oast, was a screaming farce. . An
Inebriate owl whs perched upon the bough of
a tree, and with drunken regularity raised bis
wings and showed a pair of fiery ayes; some
cheap pyrotechnics" gara a lurid and fitful
glare to the geene; a languid cascade hitched
aauiaiterta in tne baok ground; an lneom.
prehentlble woman in white robes gestloulated
from the summit of a crag; the first bullet was
caat, and flight of pasteboard owls danced
in, dangling on strings in mid air; two ballets,
and enter riving monsters, a hooded ghost, a
red devil; three bullets, and the ugly erew was
reinforced by a squad ol skeletons and a pair
of orooadllee; four bullets, and an aerial bant
ing party wiggled along over the beads of the
inouiaers, wnue ue oirwe oiikbiu around
the furnace grinned with firt; tra bullets, and
the skeleton of a fait young man oa a trotting
wagon eroteed and re-oreseed; six bullet, and
the fly tne monster began to suit fire like eon-
gumptiva ateam engines; the seventh bullet;
loud laughter, shrieks, g roam, all tbe ghosts
on, a fresh (light pf owls, more skeletons in..
oiaaing.ine last young man on tner Trotting
wagon, a general convocation of ghosts, Junoa
at lull length on the stage our tain-",- ...
iS f.
Tbs DiyraiuoB is tis Two Domas. The
Paris correspondent of . the Boston TraveUsr,
writing of the two Dumas, father and ion,
lays:" u w j f'". '' '
The ancient tosiea awav his money and 1
indifferent how deeply he may go in debt; the
son is 'economical and avoids debt ai a mare
to talents. The father works fast: the ion
works slowly; the former is proltfio, the latter
costive or new worn. The rattier nag above
a hundred literary co-partnen; the ion worki
alone.. The father draws his character! from
history and hli own imagination; the son
daguerreotypes tne cnar actors around Aim, nil
mistreat, his friend, the men he meets in so
ciety, the person he elbows at leatauranta.
The father Is openly licentious and boasts of
hv wivii imnra. WAV avu swy HUD
oe less licentious, but he throws the vail of
leoreey over Big amours, and never bouts even
of tbe favors he obtains from the mercenary
V . 1 - , ... -i. : nt. ... .
vmuuve in imuiuu. abb laiaer is Boisterous
and full of rhedomontade; the ion li quiet and
unasauming. The father knows everybody,
and hai boat of friends; the ion has few
acauaintanooi and fewer friends. The father
is surrounded by parasites; the sen has not
one. The father is fond of the field; the ion
u indifferent to sport.
Tbs Chaiaotbr or1 Mamhal MoMaho!.
Marshal MoMahon unites the energy of a
Cambronne with tbe elegant valor of a Rioh
elieu. He Is one of those heroio soldiers who
carry into the field the easy grace that is proper
to the esloa. His is eminently the oqurage of
an aristocratic race. If with hint the soldier
always savors of the gentleman, the gentleman
noes in notning savor or tne soldier. It is
hard to describe how unlimited is the modesty
(almost reaching: to bashfnlness) of the illus
trious warrior, who, everywhere, unices in the
midst of grapeshot and musketry, seems to
take pains to hide himself from notioe. In
his outward appearance Marshal MoMahon
baa much of what his moral qualities would
lead one t suspect. His countenance is aus
tere, but pleasing, and tells of the man who
submits to duty only, and of the thorough
gentleman. Not above, but scarcely below
the middle bight, rather thin than Stool, what
first strikes one is the exoeeding' smallness of
the head. Intrepid as a Zouave, he yet pre.
serves all the elegance and Polite Brace of a
cavpxawM'auz garaet or toe old time.
Abotbsb ticsrioioos Chaiaotbb ih thb
South. A white-looking men, calling himself
anew rort drummer, came down on tne
train on Monday evening last, who, on amv
log at the hotel, manifested so muoh regard
and sociability for the darkies about the hotel,
that he oreated suspicion whioh led to his ar
rest by the Bnentr, who alter examining bis
trunk and person, aud unung nothing to eon'
firm his guilt, permitted him to depart. iVaur
ern(JY. (J.) Jttgmtr. ,
. Gamb Law is Nbw Tosk-A convention of
sportsmen held in Albany, reoently, perfeoted
a bill prohibiting the killing of deer between
the 1st of January and of August: the haying
in uosseaslos freeh veniaon. or freeh deer-skin.
between the loth or February and tbe 1st of
August: taking; trout or musoaiuneje, witn
net, iq any water of the State, at any sea
Son; and the killing of song-birds at certain
Lira-WsABisBia aud Bbioids. Laoius Qs
pen. of Middletown, Ind., committed soiolde
lately by teklnx prusglo acid. Ha was a
young man of good charaotef and enjoyed the
eateena of all who knew him.' His age was
twenty-three, and the only cause he assigned
in the letter tor nis act, was the very pniio
sophio and natural reason that he "was weary
orure." i-
A Noibd Puos ron LoxosvT-The town
of South Scituate, Mass., is remarkable for the
longevity of its Inhabitants. Out of a total of
J.7U0 there are 127 persons over seventy years
ofsge. There are four brothers living, the
youngest of whom is over seventy yean
ol age. In another family four persons are
living together who have each passed the
limit ot "three loore and ten.
Ball PLATiro ox thb Ios. On Saturday
last a party of the bsse ball players of Roches
ter tried the experiment of a game on the ice,
with skates. The .JBiora( 'pronounces the
experiment a decided success, and say s the play
was very lively and exciting, not aa mucn dif
ficulty being experienced from the use of
ikates by the players ss was expected.
Kisa or Psussii Drrsa. The Berlin cor
respondent of the New York fine says: The
death or tne Jung or rroisia seems to oe ap
croachlnsr. although he maw recover again, as
he did a month or two ago, and live through
the Winter. Thii really benevolent monarch
will add another name to the list of the vio-
time of the glass. ;
. P aviso Foil Pbiob fob a Wipi-A couple
. - , t .i T? - l a .
were marnou vj i usucw nmn at oarawga
lot! RiiHilav. Tha willara aonatarila asftap.
tetnlnw inAR aft that ttia wnman haA annthav
husband, arrested her. Her flrst husband
soon appeared, entered into negotiations witn
tbe second leige lord, paid hint one dollar,and
ten witn nia wue lor pans unanown.
Slight Oaosb pox Coxscsial Sbpabatiox.
A wedding took place in Oxford, Wis., a few
days since, and soon after the knot was tied
the bride was taken off bv a neighbor to sit no
with a tiok carton, the bridegroom next
morning applied to the justioeto have himself
unmarried, but the runotioaary tnrormea mm
the thing soma not pc aid.
i Nbw Aubucab Status. Crawford's statue,
"Danolsg Jenny." presented by his widow to
Dr. Fell, who attended the artist in his latest
moments, has arrived at this port, la the ship
AtsriM, from London, and li at the Dassel-
aorrciaiiery. . '
Yalvablb Stats Tsbasvbv The new Trea
surer of tha State of Minnesota, in taking pos
session of that department, was put into pos
session of two three-cent pieces in specie, and
ii,oi la nils oi oroxen an rTonwess ousi,
Sruaaios ex Amibicas Slavsbv. The Rev.
Mr. Spargeon ia a recent letter his the fol
lowingf ' : .. . t j
I dot from mv inmost soul detest sUvr
anywhere and everywhere, and although I
oommune at the Lord's table with men of all
creeda, yet with a slaveholder I have no fel
lowship of any sort or kind. Whenever one
nag caned upon me I have considered it my
duty to express my detestation of his wicked
ness, ahd would a soon think of receiving a
murderer into my ehuroh, or into any sort of
friendship, asMi manstealer.1 Nevertheless, as
I have preaosed in London and not in New
York, I have very seldom made any allusion
to American slavery in mv sermons. . This ao-
count for the rumor that I have left oat the
anti-tlovrry from my American edition of ser
mons. This la not true in any measure, for,
as far u my memory serves me, I cannot re
member that the subject waa handled at all
In any of my printed sermons beyond a passing
allusion, and I have never altered a single
gontenoe in a germon which has been sent out
to my American publishers beyond the mere
correction which Involved words and not tense.
However, If any think me capable of auoh
double-dealing, I doubt not that they judge of
me by themselves, and from such persons es
teem Is not desirable. I do not therefore re
gret the loss of It. I have this muoh to
say to an who respect me In America: I did
not want to be blamiag yon constantly, whlls
there are tins enough in my own country, bat
I shall not spare your nation in future.
Y : sag) f
Tts Coxsuhptiox or Chamfagnb Coiious
Facts. The United States are represented to
be the largest consumers of champagne in the
world, and the consumption per annum is es
timated to be one million basket. The whole
champagne district is but twenty thousand
acres, and the amount of wine mam featured
for exportation is ten million bottles, or about
sight hundred thousand baskets. Of this,
Hussia consumes 180,009, Ureat Britain and
her possessions 165,000, France 1(2,000, (to-
many Au.uuu, ana we united states 220,000;
The Custom-house In New York City, through
wuicb passes a large amount ci tne champagne
Imported into this country, reports only 175,
028 baskets per annum. Seven hnndmd and
eighty thousand baskets, . therefore, of the
wine arena in tais oountry tor Imported
champagne, ia counterfeit an amoufc equal
to the whole supply of the champagne dirtrlct
for the world.
A PuiOHAasa or "Aothob's Tiokstb."A
Bostonlan writes from Paris: "You don't know
who Poroher la? He is ons of ths mysteries of
Paris. Porcher is the great purchaser of
auiuor s tioxets" in ram. Me knows tha
exact value of a piece tbe first time he sees it
tana ne goes to an tbe last rehearsals,) aud
how muoh money he oan advance the author
en it. He is tbe State-street of our authors,
too, but, unlike State-street, be advance
money frequently witnout immediate prospcot
ot ' pavment. and without being nartianlu
about the bills' maturity. He never takes
more than the legal rates of Interest. Poroher
nes made a fortune in this business.
. t- i ., ' i . il i i. 3
AsoTHia Bbbach or Pbomisb Cash. Mia
Watestill Stevens, of Pawtucket, Mass., a lady
fifty-six years of age, claimed $4,000 damages
of EHehe O. Fuller, of Jail River, for n al
leged breach of promise of marriage. . Tha
fondant is sixty-eight years of age, and the
plaintiff charged that he married another
woman, after paying his attentions to her for
some months. Tbe jury remained out for
three hours, and as they were then unable to
agree, the parties compromised by Mr. Fuller
paving the disconsolate Miss Stevens !oft
damages, and $75 to defray tbe expense of
toe sun. . ,
Thb DirrssBxcB Now and Thsm. Arnnrrf.
Ing to the Richmond corresnondent of the
jreasrioKSDurgiva.j ivawi, jonn minor Bolts
speaks thus of Mr.. Memmlnger's speech:
"Fifty-four years sgo Aaron Burr waa tried
for his life In the same Hall for being twptcitd
of holding the tame views and advooating the
same cause jnr. memminger nas substantially
mgedand been respectfully listened to te
wlt, to dismember the Onion and establish a
southern Confederacy."
Gbavb Rsobbt at tib Sooth. At a late
public meeting in Mobile. Alabama, oalled to
ratify something, a Dr. Lylis, in presenting
himself upon the vlatform. commenced hi
address by expressing his regret that the
bones of some of his kindred "enriched the
soil of one of the Yankee States." He wss
sorry that it wss so, and if bis own wishes
oould control the dust, he would have It at
onee removed to southern sepulture. This la
rawer running tne thing into tbe ground.
fiXTTLXMBnT WITH A BiSX. It il stated that
the stockholders of the unfortunate Norombega
jibbk nave eneciea a settlement Witn the
Cashier, by whioh he pays the bank $5,000,
gives secured notes of $3,000, tbe bondsmen's
notes of $12,000, with guarantees for tbe pay.
moot of the memorandum checks of all other
parties, exoept Peck's for $5,00O,the money on
whioh is said to have gone directly Into the
otaie Areasury.
Laroi Masisb Losbib. The losses of the
Marine Insurance Companies of Boston fso-
oording to the Tratnller,) are said to be larger
urn season tnan tney nave been since the
year when the steamer San Franciito was lost.
At the same time the aggregate business is
muon smaller at the present time. Last year
tne losses py nre were heavy; this year they
are muou msuer.
Btabbiko Pojjoimbx. Great excitement
was oreated at Manchester. N. H.. on Satur
day, by the stabbing of Policeman Carr, by
man named Merrill,: whom he attempted to
arrest for obstructing the sidewalks and insult
ing passers-by. Subsequently Merrill stabbed
another officer and Sheriff Farmer, who event
ually secured him. None of the parties were
injured iataiiy. ,v
Esjotiso His Ows Shads. On the corner
of Pine and Washington-streets. Boston, on
ths land adjoining the Pine-street Church, sre
some beautiful and luxuriantly-growing trees.
They were planted upwards of thirty years
ago, by Mr. Oren Peck, an old resident
Boston, who has lived to enjoy ths shsde
ths noble trees his hand planted. .
PAixrot, RxsrjxT op Si Aimo-A young IaJy
of Boston, who Indulged In an afternoon's sport
on Jamaioa Pond during the reoent extremely
cold sTeather, had her skates strapped on so
tightly that ths circulation of the blood ia her
feet was stopped. Both of them, in conse
quenoe, were frosen, and it wu found neces-.
ary, a short time ago, to amputate one In
order to aave her life. t ,
RnriQTrDLLV Dsfniss, Mr. James Rep
path, now residing at Maiden, Mass., has been
served with a summons to appear and testify
before the Senatorial Harper1! Ferry Investi
gating Committee. He has written to Mr.
Masoi, urging pressing business engagements
as aa excuse for bis non-appeerene at Wash
ington. .,
ASTsas. The Boston travlhr says: It
stated that one of our wealthiest merchants,
who had been engaged extensively in trade
with the Paolfie Coast ef South America, has
become insane from reoent heavy losses, and
will be taken to an Insane Asylum. He waa
fearful that he should die poor in consequence
oi bis iMN; tnouga wetu nsu a muuoa
Washington News.
Wabhifqtcx, February 1. The President
has prepared a spesial massage, roeoismendiag
the Paoifio Railroad, whioh will be submitted
soon after the organization of tha House. He
favors no particular project. . .., , ,
Mr. Metans returns to Washington by order
from the Government, that he may be present
to explain and aid in tha ratlfioation of the
Mexican treaty.
' The Senate Committee of Investigation on
the printing met yesterday sad summoned
Messrs. Wendell and Powers, They then ad
journed to Friday.
mo senate committee on commerce have
agreed to report Mr, Clay's bill repealing the
naning oounuaa. ,
The fallowing nominations were confirmed:
James B. Gordon, of California. .Consul at
Talpsraiso; 0. Posey, United States Attorney
for Mississippi; M. J. Turnley, United States
Attorney for Alabama. :,-,.
Tbe Postmaster-General has decided to dis
continue the ooaoh servioe between Yuma and
San Diego, Cel., and substitute hone service
as more economical. . . ... ,
Another Railroad Accident.
Ialtihois, February 1. . This - morning
about VA o'clook, a the traiil from Philadel
phia resohed the Susquehanna River, the
express mail and Sleeping car passed ss usual
on the ferry-boat, but from . too muoh head
way tbe express car went over into deep water.
the traok falling on the deck of ths boat, but
doing no damage to her.'
The passengers la the sleepisg car knew
nothing of the affair for some minutes after.
It is supposed that the ioe on the brakes pre
vented them from acting properly. The mail
car cams near going over, and the mail agent
jumped from the window, but the brakesman
promptly disconnected the ooupling and thus
saved further disaster. The accident, together
with the storm, delayed the arrival of the train
here till C o'oiock.
Fire and Loss of Life.
Taov, February 1. The boot and shoe store
of Q. W. Seaman, No. 131 Congress-street,
wss partially destroyed by fire this morning.
Loss $3,000. Fully insured. Tbbaia Gra
ham, a fireman, was run ever by sn engine
ana instantly killed,.. , , . , . ,
Railroad Accident.
February 1. Aa accident oe
eurred on tbe Portland Road, near tbe
boundary lino, yesterday. The baggage ear
of a train was ttirown down an eighty feet
embankment The express mail conductor
wss injured, but not seriously.
The America Not Yet Arrived.
Halifax, February 19 A. M. No signs
or tne Amtxta. mowing a iraie.
When Mr. Adam Black, M. P.. commenced
the new edition Of his Encuclovmdm Britan-
nUa, Macaulay felt to strong an interest in the
undertaking, and so warm a regard for his old
triend, the publisher, that be said he would
endeavor to send bias an arttole for each letter
or the alphabet. This generoui offer the no
ble historian's failing health and various avo
cations prevented him from fully realizing;
but he sent five articles to the Snatlopadin
memoirs of Atterburv. Bunvan. Goldsmith.
Johnson and William Pitt the last being the
latest finished production from his pen. As
any publisher would have been glad to give
i,uuu ior tnese contriDUtlons, their beinj
presented as a free-will offering to Mr. Blaol
is a faot so honorable to both parties, espe
cially to tbe noble donor, that it deserves to
be publicly known and recorded.
A Laxob Fostchb Old PirsES, A story
of good luok Ii being circulated In Danbury,
Conn. A man near Fairfield, named Stevens.
it is said, lately bid off at an faction sale, for
a triniDg sum, a package or old papers, belong
ing to bis father's estate, among which was
found a deed for a soldier's land warrant
Rumor says that the location is where the
village of Batesville, in Arkansas, is now built.
aud that he told his claim to a gentleman of
mat ptate ior bb.buu.
Exfbbimexts ir Iboh Ths Troy (N. Y.
manufacturers have for sometime been exper
imenting on mixtures of different iron ia the
puddling lurnaee, and have luooeoded in mak
ing bar that sustain a tensile strain ef over
100,000 pound! per square inoh ef section.
They believe that they will succeed in pro
ducing iron of this quality for the market,
with as muoh uniformity and certainty as the
rjest qualities neretoiore produced.
Moss Sioxs or Wab. Report aayi that
Viotor jEmmanuei on new rear's day, in reply
to the hope of the Neapolitan Embassador
that all would be arranged peacefully, said:
"now arrangea in peace not at an; the can
non will settle that;" aud to the Spanish Em
bassador, "Tell your Queen the ought to unite
with me, and not believe all those ptutiei of
wo priests. .
Rbhabkabb Sobfhibb Pastt. William No
ble, of Pltttfield, Mass., now eighty-two yean
old, lately had a surprise patty rrom all his
descendants, excepting one son and family.
There were present six children whose united
ages were 292 years: ninety-eight grand-ohil
dren whose ages amount to 425 years; four
great-grand-ohildren, whose sgei amounted
to lo yean.
Erraor op thb Pshsbbtok Mills Catab
trofhs. The Salisbury (Mass.) Mill Corpora
tion, who employ nearly a thousand persons,
have reoently built upon- the . aides of their
mills, at Newburvport, Massachusetts, iron
balustrades from each story, with ladders run
ning from tbem to the ground, for the better
protection or tne uvea ot weir mptoyti.
Johb Roobbs's Childbsx Chancellor Wat
worth, of Saratoga. N. J. has written an arti
cle in which the long mooted question of how
many children John Rogers had when he wu
burnt at the stake is clearly and definitely
settled; ' The number is two.. Many of the
Chancellor's relatives are descendants from tbe
Two Viaws or BAsiss.-cSomebody sayss "A
baby laughing in Its dreams is conversing with
angels." Somebody else says: "We have seen
them orylng in their waking bouts as though
they were having a spat with the devil." We
have generally found them In the last condl
tion. . j v " -
Mabtlaso Psxitsxtiabt. There are In the
Penitentiary cf Maryland 422 convicts,
Whom, 117 are foreigners, zis are Intemperate,
and 117 moderate drinkers. 174 could neither
read nor write, and 08 could read but not
write. , : -
A BvRitiKO Vssssl Soottlsd. The bark
Eleanor, loading for Amsterdam, took fire
Apalachioola, Fla., the other night, and was
souttled and sunk. She had on board 1,TJ0
bales of ootton, of which only 100 bales were
saved.; .
Chokbb to D bath. Charles Caswell, resid
ing nesr Petersburg, Vs., whlls at breakfast
oa Thursday morning, endeavored to swallow
the tough tendoni of a fowl'i leg and was
strangled to death.
bates op advertiring. 1 !
AdTsrtlseaMBts not exceedhu Ave Use CAiat) t
yne inwraw. ..w VII una wIT l .
Two weeks.
l si i un aomn. i
One month
Larger advertisement InMrtod at the following raUf
for staare of Ua Use or lea :
On tBJertlon..4 1 7e inikt 5
Bach adolttoBAW.. i fkre mmiSZZTi W ' r
Oa ,, ,. , , 1 1$ Onemoath... 8
' , Job Printing , , ,
la all its braacaee done with aestnees and dhaasra. ,
Wheeler & Wilson's'
1 Si I
frtnelpal Offlea, Km. U Wert TaBrtfc-eU,
Wheelar A Wllnon Sewie Machine, with Im
portant improvement, and to meet the demand for '
B good, low-priced family SUchine. have Intro
duced a NBW STILE, working upon the same prin
ciple, and making tbe mm Mitch, though not aoVj
igniy nniasea, ai riiTi.riin ansi.tiA.iva).
The elegance, aeted. noieelMsneae ana BimDlloIty ef
the Machine, the bean ty and atrength of stitch, being
ALIUS ON BUTH SIDES, ImpoMlble to ravel, and 1
earing no cutua or nuMo uu tne uuuor nin, tiw
economy of thread and adaptability to the thickset
or thloueat fabric, ha rendered this lb moat eno-
ceaifnl and popular family Sewing Altohine now
made. '
At onr varlon offlcea w sell at New York price,
and give instruction free of charge, to enable pur
chaser to ew ordinary Beam, hem, fell, quilt,
gather, bind and tuck, all on the earn machine, ana
warrant u ior inree year.
Bend or call for a circular containing foil partlcn
lar, price, teatlmonlal. Ac. .
ji?ay , wiu,Buanaitwtv.
i i rtt cu-i-vt
KjV'dl vuuiuiig otuve .v
Ha been pronounced by competent judge to be the .
Patented Dec. 1, .888. . , : ,-.
For sale by the Inventors and Mansracrarers, , r
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
' ' ' " d18) ' ' -..!,'
Ma nufactory, Covington, Ky. '
ivinrnAran iSTianTBWB a
, Ne. dO East Columbia-street.
i .j . ,. .......... .,
trade at the moat reasonable nrice and en tha
most accommodating terms with
, ....... .!.,..,,
... I ... , . ... .. ...
Oil,' nuid or Coal OU,
N. B. Jonfta' Improved IiUOM and Burners fr
albyoulent,J.HELLIB8,Oovlngton,Ky. ,
FrU from Offensive Odor, at ,. .
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O
AL with any manufacturing establishment
n America.
SHT We warrant onr Oils to be aonal. if not sun.
rlor,to any In the market.
W- WeT Invite those In the eilv and vtdalsrta
oall and examine for themeelvea.
My Bo person ordering from a dlttanoe, satis-
laoMva auai.uieeu in an case. AXlurcna
SJ. B. HAHKIN. Agent, or
A. U. HODS Ti-enBi-r,
Kanawha O. O. M. Oil Man. Oo.,
j JIanufsoturer end Importer of
Soaps, Perfumery and Fancy Gooda
V T than anv other eatabllahmeat In the eitv m -
We t, oountry and olty. Merchant and druggiat
will nod It to their interest to call and examine my
tock before purchasing etaewhere. ja28
TH1SD-8TBIXT, Olnclnnatl, Ohio, are mann.
factarinB largely. Palmer' celenrateh Hydraalkii
Toroa and Lift Pump. Also, hi Portable Steam
Knginea. All those who are about to pnrohas
PIJAIPrl for Tanneries. Bvawartna. niuil.
lerie, Bry .Dank. Paper Mills Kallrend
sttatlonB, Itllnea, tVrtwUingt Pnrpeses, or, In
fact, for anyporpoee where a pump I needed, will
And it to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of the valuable invention, or address the
PALHXB PUMP COMPART for a circular, which
will furnJih the name of many who have used theaa
mmpe wiin perroca sminxmon. Cesidin
TALtIO BOOriMO" I offered to the pnhllo
aa the beat and cheapest Metal Bool sow need, Its
merits tee ted by an experience of year In this oily
and vicinity. Applied to flat or steep, old or new
buildings. No solder used fastened seonraly with
out expoanr to the nation ef ths elements. -
Pnpared aheete, boxed for (hlpment to any part e
the United State, oan be applied by any on wttn
ordinary macbantoal skllL Ordenjaromptlv fUUd.
.1 aula m vu,
yhV . - UlWeet Second atrs
I. & D. ORUCC.
tvaaSi ttallvaaJ Slav and n.u.J v - "7
fnotarere. .
ui n.. I,? u.inwu h
kees en hand a anenlvAf avDvse sitiw .tftf.
nvav va ana vmniuueee, which we will war-
- """" VIB.IUWW, wuiuu ww wiu war
quai In MnjjYInlsh and durability, and at aa
.rloaa.MaS- d in ths conntry.
low prloa,,i
Offlce Ooro.
'lrd and Vln-trets. al4tf
2f 1"T1B.-V-.1VRJ) - CON HERNIAL
SIS' Bam,45dos. pint an half-plBts:. ...
tleiatloental Seuce, lu flve-galloa kegs. . Ted
boe atevea areeual to WorcMiterehlre
mniiawuial aauca, XI mi on inn;
hluiarMBnit,usoa,Bai.Blntst i f i 1
Soluble (laienn. 11 do, hi
French Milliard. 00 doa. iaia:
air-plnu; .
eraDCO niw.ni, vi OTegailO!
jait uooal theater Buildlsf, Sycamore it.
It f:u-.J
I -, , ,
if 'I nl

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