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... Hi. II I .eli.i.1 I H ll'l-l - I
"WAKTB," "f OB BALI," "10 JiIT," "WW'.
trODND,"o.,liitbiloolaiuil cp1iujtvw UM
orlei,twoinnrtloni,twenty-BTcaat. r
ANTED GIRL To cook, wash nd
Iron. Apply at Ko. m Wet Seventh-afreet.
Mr to work at dressmaking-one who thor,
'nnghly understands her bnsineat. Address 0. li.
Pre.s office. f.2b
aged woman, aa mo thlr None; haa bad oon
sluVal'lo experience. Good reference, given.- Apply
at 233 Central-avenue, (formerly Western-row.)
, lfe2b l.
ant book-keeper, entry or shipping-clerk In
any wholesale boaw. Beat of reference given, Id
dreae J. It. B., thli office. felb'
, hie wife to go on a form: two tingle men
used to farming and gardening. Also, a few good
gins io uo general housework in imall ramillee. Ap
ply at the General Intelligence Agency, Ho. 382
wt stem-row. ,ie2-nj A. B. PAbaUN at uo.
VITANTED GIRL To do general bonis-
I worklaaimallfanUly, Apply at 106 Eaat
W ANTED A gentleman wiihei to get
single i
room with him.
gl gentleman of good, toUr habit,, to
fin. Alan. twA or thrnA irnnt lArnan ran
llftVfl ft sooil room. Ao.. it WA. sMiith-Aiat nnr fitr t.t
xmru uu num. I01U"
AN TEr -TO RENT A (mail house
in the WMt Unit, nt f"1nmmlnavillA. Annl.
to J AS. H. HOOLE. 29 ICiut Third-etreet. iaaid
WANTED Seyeral married ladles, to en
aaae In an aaav and arofltabla bnainew. both
, in inia oity ana ut rrarei auroaa, ana wno can oom
oianu a-t or atu.
jox l,7za.
throuah tha Poitoffice.
tgmmnBiwHoni onuueni. jmiwt
WANTED Clerki, book-keepere, lalet
men, bar-keapera, portera, eoopera, carpen
tart, mechanics, laborers and others, oan find silua-
leaiatrv umce.
tjoos at the Merohanla' Clerka Keguitry Oflio
wainut-atreet. ua3iiaw'
JB. time, a very desirable place containing St acros,
in Campbell County, Kr., m utiles from ewportand
3 miles from .he Ohio Blver. Land hi aood and
mostly ia grase. Jfor a frnlt farm tha situation can
not he excoiiea. uooa neiiinnornooa tor social inter'
course, bchoola. cbnrohea and mills convenient.
Bong improvement in honse, barn, corn crib, and
cisterns rrnlte or all kinds in bearing, shrubbery,
Ac, beildee a yonng orchard of 1,000 peach and apple
huihui luavuuivoii siuua. aisu, oiuun. .uu avun
hold Furnliure tor sale. Everything complete for
r immeaiate poeseieion. Apply at m
24 Pi
one wlshlna
'earl-street. I
ttween Main and Walnut.
BOARDING Two or three young men oan
beaccommtKlaUd with board and lodging
.vu west i litn-iireet. Aio,aiewmoreaay-i)oaraert
wanted. fe2b
room, with fire and aaa.aultabla foraf.milv
or single gentlemen, oan be bad, with bourd, by ap-
eight acrea, on the Beading Boad, five
uilea from the city. The improvements are . Dwell
ing ana out-boosea. barn, voung orchard. I.afl bear-
inamra at oia a litn-siroet. jaaiaw-
lng grapea, o.
TfOARDING A gentleman and bis wife:
AJ also, two tingle gentlemen oan obtain a pleas
ant room and board, in a private family, by addrws-
ing A. p., incmpau roaiomoe. legp-
OARDING Two gentlemen can icoure
a verr nleaaant room, with board, in a nrivara
iamiiy wnereaiew ooiiraera are receiveu, ny apply
ing immediately at 107 Longworth-atrcet.near PI nm.
Terms moderate. fe2b
TT OARDIN G A large, pleasant front
, mvjm room, wun nre ana gas, i
' or ainale seatlemen. oan be bat
plying at No. 182 Flum-atraet. Two ladlea willing
to room together can also be accommodated, jaild
"DOARDING. Two young gentlemen
mm i
1 beaccomaaodatedwithflrat-cbuaBoardlns.iid
pieaaant noom at icz rium-acreet, near tourtn
Aleo, a rew nay uoaraert wanted. jaao-d'
Auction of Cognao Brandy,
FOR RENT Two good front Chambers.
Inquire corner of Oaymlller and Klabth
ttreett. - feb
FOR BENT-i-A Briok HOUSE containing
4 rooms. Inijuire at 276 Uain-atreet, or 22 Weet
Deveuto-eireea. tain-
By I. AARON, Auctioneer,
ga'es-rooma Ho.
11 Xaat Thlrd-itreet, cppoilte
Henrie Home.
' o'clock A. M.. will be sold at Auction. 30
f Una (Joanne Brandies, in nackaeea of and 1-ietb.
juat arrived from Mew fork, and will be pat np
lots to suit purchasers.
bale wlthoutreeerve. -
ii . .... I. AAEON, Auctioneer.
A CO. Very Ixcellent Furniture at Auction.
VlllbeaoldatBublloanatlonon FRIDAY MORN.
IMG, February a,- m, at tH o'clock, the furniture
of a family dueling housekeeping, at So. 171 Seventh-
eireet a low aoora weetoi Jonu, consieting oi green
damask sociable, do, eaay-cbair, do. Slir.abelh
do. four parlor ohalra. all to match: oenter-lable.
Ine. chandeliers, damask and lace window onrtaina.
Brussels carpet, ball oil-cloth, twelve-foot extension
table, oil-cloth, China, glasa and Britannia-ware,
eight-day mantle elorks, atalr carpet and rods,
dressing bureaus, do. waan-atands, French
and cottage bedsteads, fancy tablet, rocking
arm-chairs, cotton and shuck mattraasoa. Ingrain
carpets. lookiag-Klaaaee. window-shades, toilet-ware.
Schooler's refrigerator, cook-stove and apparatua,
una a general asacntment oi nitcnen rurouure.
JAtiOB QBAFIT. Auctioneer.
fe2 Mo. 18 Eaat Fonrth-atreet.
J-jm. SHE ABS A CO.-Salae-rooma. 81 and M Main-
street Urocerles, Ac , at Auction. We will aell,
SATURDAY HOBN1NO, Feb. 4, at 9 o'clock, a
assortment of Groceries, constating of
molasses, coffee, naile, rope, candles, aoap,
woodenware, glaaswani. aneensware, soda, ground
eplcea, teas, almonds, Ac, in lota to suit pnrchaeera.
iei u. jpnAauaiaita a A., auc
-l. BABD, at Trade Bale-rooms Vo. 21 West
street, up stair.. Tha Assignee's Bale of Stationery
belonging to the 'ate firm of Truman A Spafford
De conttuuea xxtiB SiVxsrtiu. at 7 o'ciock.
. h. B. KE8, Assignee.
ret a. u. nuuna.nu, auq
X. BABD, at Trade Sale-rooms, No. 21 West
op stairs. A Large Assortment of Good
Books at Auction. FBI DAY EVENIMG.
Feb, 3, at 7 o'olock. Catalogues will be ready
morning, ana nooks open tor examination
feib 8. 0. B.UBBABD, Anotioneer,
avWarranted to give aatUbctlon.B
.... . . ...
Nos. 19 and 91 Eaat Second-atraef,
, m-
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
very description, whloh I am telling at a
anct on Btw Tork prioes, wholesale and retail,
(. ... j. WEBB. Jr
o4 144 r-i Baeaandiriaa.'
Merchart Tailor
No. 48 FOtitril-STBEBT,
i 1 ' -
it,. M.liSial. of ail linda. lervlneitreeu
M ( ) I
SW. 'Il'
Eccbabibtio. Meter. John Whetstone and
Vim. Ptrrv detire to acknowledge thanki. an
the part of the Relief Union, to "Tog Frank-.,
11a Cotton Ftory," for a bale of muslin
forniihad them for the us of the poor, i . i
' MbtboboLovIOAl Obsbivatioxs By Henrv
Were, OptioUn, No. 7 Wait Fourth-ttreet,
jsortuuy is
.Above aero t
Above lero 14
A bore xero 17
I O'clock. .'. Barometer.
7 A. Mi in in mi, ..,,29.02
SnBIOCS AOCIDIHT. A nan n email TTe'nrw
Mya.i yesterday fell through the hatchway of
the establishment of Wilton k Canon, on
Front-etraet, between Main and Sycamore,
from the fourth ttory to the oellar, and was
injured to badly that hit reoorery it deemed
lmposiible. ; i
Ciicinhiti Stbirt Railioad Compaky.
The Cincinnati Street Railroad Company on
juonoay lait eieotea ine following iioara or
Directors for the ensuing year: John L. Vat
tier, Gasaway Bruhaan, 0.- J. W. Smith,
, Wm. Bromwell. John S. G.Bnrt.R.D. Handy
and 0. B. Coffin.
LiTTiBS Ditaiiid roa wait or PotTASl
February It
ntaaira. Dickson, Whlttemore k Seed, New Tork
. W. Clark, Kaa , Chicago, III. ,
u. o. nartinaaia, Ksq.t Ailrtiand. O.
Dr. Thos. H. Hinrla. f.tmirm. sS.Ham flnnnl.
i i i mi mva WHWI,
rs. Floras, Nlehouon, Balsm, Ind. ..
Cols Wbathsb All are well aware thai
the months of February and March are the
wont of the winter teaton, and thould imme
diately prepare for tha "oold snap" by pro
ourlngone of Dodge's patentjgrateiand stoves.
xteaa (no aavertuement in another column,
and call at Eagle Stove Store, No. 17 West
FlIB BABOAHB Drt Goodb. Tha bar.
gains advertiied in another column by Deland
4 Goiisge, No. 74 West Fourth-street, are well
worth the attention of our lady-readers. De
land k Gostage's ttook is exoellent aft com
prises various Parisian novelties, with laoes,
oloaks and thawlt that would add luster to
any lady's toilette.
Psogkdings or thbCocittt Couui8aioiint.il.
At the regular tesiion of the Couotv Commit-
lionets, held yesterday morning, ordert were
passed amounting, in the aggregate, ttf$273 42,
of which $90 were paid to Gibhardt k Bomb,
in inn wr econe wore on me uartnage Lunatic
Asylum; $80 to the workman on the new jail,
and $50 to E. 0. Baldwin, for tervioes on the
State Board of Equalisation. Apart from this
no Business oi importance was transacted.
Policb Court. Businois at the Polioe Court
yesterday morning wat remarkably dull.
Judge Lowe examined but tizteen oaees, and
of thsma flnlv una nnntalnml .n i,.it.,ol I..
I terett '
at Jo-IB.' PMAMUt. h. m.l. f tl,. A J n
I , , z. '. . . "
Tutor, who, In the not at the landing day be
fore yesterday,' ttabbed Mlohsel Connelly,
wm xaminea ana uitonargea, as II was provea
I that ha Bated merely in self- detente. The
I wnnndAd man la still in n trltln.l ni;iUn
out ineonances are in tavor ox nis ultimate re
oovsry. , . .
Sbbiofb Aocidimt to a Child. A child
about three years of age, daughter of Mrs.
Fennel), residing on George-t treat, near Bay
miller, was scalded almost to death, day be
fore yeiterday, under the following ciroum-
stances: it appears that tne tervant wat
doing some washing and bad placed a tub of
boiling water on a chair whioh had been
turned upon its side. The child caught the
tide of the vetsel and pulled it oyer, delugtog
nor entire oouy witn tne neatea liquid. De
side being seriouily injured by the burning,
she was alto considerably hurt by the tub,
which struck her on the head, bruising it
l qnita oaoiy ana snocKing ner lenieiesii. one
u itm tying in a critical condition, but it it
buvugui bud nil uutMjy reuuvur . ,
eral augar,
atreet, Mis
callaneons Friday
Cohubncbubnt Exbboibis or tsa Phtsio-
Midical Ikstitdts. The commencement ei
eroiaei usual in Medical Colleges took plaoe in
tne rnyiio-jnedicai institute last evening.
Diplomas were awarded to the following mem-
Ummm n 4k. .1.... .fmmtm rfl Tr.w. 1 AWI.
wio v. in. uinac. wmuia Jt u.uuiiuuU vuiu
William Lane, uanada; J. a. bneliine, xen
nesiee; George Hasty, Indiana; R. H. Homer,
Kentucky; John A. Hubbi, Pennsylvania.
An addreii was read by William Lane, M. D.,
on tne part of the eraduatoit and one alao
from Prof. William Cook, M. D., the Dean,
whioh oloted the exercises
enjoined the cultivation of industry of both
body and mind, strict adherence to the
teachings of nature, and a zealous devotion
the interests of truth and humanity.
The Professor
MlLimona Assault. Dv befora veeterrlav
a couple of men named Henry Kettleman and
Arnold wemdier became involved in a diffi
culty near the corner of Rice and Liberty
streets, during whioh the former was beaten
almost to death. , What the precise nature
the quarrel was we have been unable to learn,
but it appears that K. was engaged in split
ting wood in the rear yard of his dwelling,
when no came up and arretted blm. High
woidt soon arose, when Kettleman retired
the house, but wai followed by Welndler, who
seised a brick and knocked him down, after
which he repeated his blows with the same
instrument until the unfortunate man became
uncomcious. The assailant was taken into
custody and sommitted to await an examina
tion beiore Judge Lowe, which will take plaoe
toil morning,
Mr. Esbbsob Tbib Evkbimo Y. M. M.
LiOTVBia. Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson,
"Plato of America," will lecture before
Association this evening on "Manners," which
win doubtless be the most able and interest-
I ing dlioourse of the season, as he is the most
original thinker and one of the ripest tcholars
t .
in the country. Mr. Emerson published, tome
years sinoe, an essay on "Manners" that
unequalled, and we do not doubt his new lec
ture on the ssme subject wHI be excellent
every particular. We would rather hear
than any other gentleman la the United States:
ne is perhaps tne only lecturer to whom
have ever listened that doet not weary ui
times. '
We hope Mr. Emerson will be Induced
give ui a course of leoturei here before
departure, or at his earliest convenience.
has many admirers in the oity who would
happy to attend.
ohakob. The Mechanics' and Manufacturers'
Exchange met at the usual hoar yesterday
morning, President Rnnyan in the chair.
the minutes of the previous meeting
been read and approved, the report of
Committee on Interest and Usury was taken
np and discussed at considerable length. -
A number or amendments were onerea,
the following, offered by Mr. Green, is.
only one mat was pasted: ,
"ffioead, That in the opinion of this
ganisation the General Assembly of the State
or unto should increase tne legal rate or
to seven per cent, per annum.";
Tne report was then adopted as amended.
The following: persons were then elected
members of the Exchange,- after which'
meeting adjourned: "W.' L. Degrew. builder,
proposed by O. V. toot: John u. Taylor, plane
manufacturer, proposed by CF. Wilstach;
George MiGrsgor, locksmith and bell-hanger,
proposed by 0. F. Wllstaobt Josiah Klrby,
bung manufaeturor, proposed by C. F. WU
itacb; Holllnihade, Morris k Co., bolt manu
facturer!, proposed oy Jonn n.. trrean; Atoseiy
h- Cj .on hti4Ai Btntl finf Tnl1 ii Aa. fitvTtnui1
t TT 11 (L Xi - il XtT - WusV aV . A.
I liw nUHl' AM. BiiWffAIlHI li. V mr TV BBS. Lm WJUmtt
propoMl , A. B. Llttaj O. H. Blltl,
loivll Mglneer, proposed by 9. W. ftnayan.
: 1 n
Nubbbb or Fitis Doaixa tbi Pin Moktb.
During the month of January oar oity was
visited by fire eighteen Umeo. but the lerre-
rata loaa did not nnud fan (Wd Tha fallow.
in i? it a, comnlata lint of tha Urea with tha
.Jri:k... ii-J ' WKnM"
amount Of Iota br each Vine: I
'. 1, Four-ltor briok baildinn- on Walnut-
I reet. between Second and Pearl, owned hv
and Main.
Xr.ftv tTanna n. . In.. . w. .Hnl.J In ft1 R fl A
fully Insured.; The home was occupied as
followt: flow i Sharn, Belt Faotory, loss
$4,000, iniured for $2,800; James Bradford,
Burr Mills Factory, lost $2,600, no iniuraooej
lianki s iiirkiQlre, Urooeri, ifioa, muy m
tared. t t , - i" r
2. Aocident at the United States Hotel, loss
$100. On the same day a lira broke out in the
building on the corner of Fifth and Syeamore,
which earned an alarm but no lots. .
3. Home belonging to C. H, Sammalcar,
on Fifteenth-street, between Vine and Raee.
Lots $70; no inturarjoe. Fire alio m frame
houie on Seventh-street, between Syoamore
liOM m; no inauranoe. un the
tame day tre broke out In Voat & Co.'s Jew'
elry ettabllthment on Fifth-street, between
Flam and Central-avenue. , Lots $13 only;
iniured. I .- '
0. Alarm, canted by the burning of a Lard
oil barrel. 1 ., ,: . .. ...
12. Stable burnt on Walnut-street, between
Twelfth and Thirteenth, belonging to Llpman'
A Wriler. Lou $100: no lnturanoe.
' 13. Frame home . on . Central-avenue, be
tween Ann and Maton. belonsinit to Steele k
McMeekins, whoee Ion was $160; no lnturanoe.
The building was occupied as a drinking'
home by 0. Grlgois, whote lots amounted to
$300: Insured for $200.
14. Alarm earned by tne burning of a chim
ney on bizth-street, east 01 n roadway
IS. J. W. Russia A f!n.'a naniila fatnr. nn
the corner or Jrront-street and iiarriet. , loss
$25,000; fully iniured. ' - i
19. Hn d ne nn tha snrasr or Fifth and
Sycamore, belonging to P. M. NiooU't estate.
l.nes SROAi fnllv InB.ir.rl. Tt waa Aannniad aa
followt: S. Hsztnbnth, stove ttore, lots $1,500,
Iniured; J. Reieman, meat store, loss $7. In-,
lured; Llpman & Btrauit, pawn-brouert, wqu,
lnturadf M. RosenUum, teeend-hand furnl-
tare store. $900, iniured; Jacob Runotn, bar-
bsr, $25, no inturanoe,
21. Alarm by the burning of kettle of tar
on the cornet of Fourteenth and Vine.
22. Bploe mills on Home-itreet, between
Fourth and Fifth, belonging to J. 0. Bhroyer.
Lou $40; no inturanoe.
23. Alarm earned by the burning of a ohlm
nay on Bremen-street, between Fourteenth
and fifteenth.
' 24. Smith k Nixon's Hall partially burnt,
caused by catching from the furnace. Loss
$1,500: fully iniured.
- 23. Liquor ttore on Sixth-itreet, between
Whitewater Canal and Freeman. Lots $200;
fully iniured.
The amount of the lnturanoe on the above
property wag over $35,000. to that the real
loss oy ore in this city anting ue pan montn
was less than $6,000 certainly a remarkably
small sum for a city cantaining a quarter of a
minion inhabitants. vur admirably -organnea
Fire Department, undoubtedly the beet in the
wona, may ne cmeny applauded lor tnit un-
manse tavinf of Bronerlv. '
InTKBBMiitciHiBiOBiOAi. Dooobbhm.-WU-
MoMillan Corry and Thos. T. Corry are
lurvlving sont of William Corry, first Mayor
of thli city after its Incorporation in 1815, and
exeoutort of William McMillan, deceased.
Mr. McMillan, by his last will and testament,
made a free clft to N.C. Harmony Lodge, No.
2, of Free and Accepted Masons, of the lot
now so valuable, on which they are build
ing tha present magnificent Masonic Temple.
The sons having possession of the papers of
their father, bave committed to tne Lodge
tome Interesting papers belonging to the great
benefactor oi masonry in tne west, wuion loll
into their father's hands as exesutor. These
wore submitted to the Lodge last night, and
ipeoial committee. coDtutina of J obn 1. Cald
well and George H. Wolff, was appointed to
reply to the communication and to return
thanks to the Messrs. Corry.
Mr. William MoMillan was one of the pion
eer settlers of this city, arriving here on the
26th of December, 1789. He was Initiated
Mason in the N. 0. H. Lodge No. 2 of this
oity on the 8th of April, 1795, and was in
1798-9 Senior Warden of the Lodge. He was
the first delegate in Congress from the North-
weit Territory. The documents placed in the
arohlves of the Lodge were his diploma, issued
by Mount Zion College, Winnsborough, S. C,
November, 1787.. Hit two licenses to praotieo
law in the territory at Clooinnati and Marietta,
in 1793 and 1795, signed by Jndge John Clevt
Svmmei and Rums Putnam, nit commission
as. United States Distriot Attorney for Ohio,
signed by Presldont J efforton, 12th of January,
,7 . it- -r , ' n
louz, countersigned oy wsmes uiauisua, Dec
retory of State, together with the Utter of Mr,
Maditon enclosing lame,
Wbkklt RsroBT or thb Citt Additob.
The Citv Auditor, last night, made the follow-
Ing report to tne City uounou, ot tne receipts
and expenditure! of ihe oity daring the past
week, and also of the amount remaining in
at its ciose:
... j BIOBirTB.
Sinking Fond
General Fund.............. sees tesest a a eaeeme $411
UlRbt IT OB Q a taiwttjetsaaeeeaeeaatMeaA WO
1 M i a tettM a t eMtt et S Mi IB
era i
mniHrMM SO
General Fond..
Watch Fund..,
Int.rnst Fund.
Hnnerior Ganrt Fnnd...
. ire teMir.uieo. . uuu
Folic Court and Oity Prison fund.
TOtalxilll. II. ., .W M.H.WHWHIM .1 $4,014
There are now remaining in the City Treat
ury the following turns:
Watch Fund..
interest a aoa..,M mmm-wiwi
Hnpsrlnr Court Fund ...
ire ueparunsnt a una,
Light Fnnd...HMMMM
Work -house Fund.,
KleMlcken tuna.
Hlnlrln Fnnd
Common nohool Fund (Bonds and Cash).,
uoiorea ncnooi j uua.
A Nsw Dbmoobatio Dailt to bb Estab-
. . n . n.H Tir. ... .H.t.tS.l.l
L1BSBV IS TO Villi II.MV .UUlWIlinill.l,
informed that a new Democratic daily Journal,
ter bad
i .
terest "
with a oapltal of $100,000, $50,000 of which
has already been paid In, will loon be issued
in this eity. ' The projectors of this enterprise
lay a need hu long existed for ineh a journal,
and as they are men of experience, talent
oaDltal.thevwlllinakeit adequate to the
. - . . .. . - . .
quirement. a ronr-oyiinaer press nas aueaay
been ordered, and a four-itory briok
office is soon to be erected on Vine-street,
above Fourth, though other ajuarters will
temporarily occupied. The proprietors bave,
we understand, engaged an able staff
editors, reporters and correspondents, and
make their paper, in every respect, a first-class
Monthly Rbpobt or thb Matob's Clirk.
Mr. Cbarlei Bett'i, the obliging Mayor's
Clerk, last night made the following report
the Oity Counsil of the license receipts at
Office or tne AMyor aurmg tne montn oi
y , ...
Drays m.h.h. ...... .,iiwh,...mi..w...wm.i.B 84
Express Wagons.... m 3
Street Ballroad Oara.- ...-..-. 123
Fnrnltnre Uaraw.Mw... 1
Omnibuses........ ....... ... ' J
Baokney I "oaches... .......
Street Ballroad Osplta Tax 8,107
Bihlbltlona and Balls M-.n.m.m.n..m.H. 61
e.te sees ease see eeeee leave wees
MSeealf ieiiaeeiWMmMvtM
Outbacboci Assault'. A man nfeed Jamei
Gabriel, who resides at No. 128 Mound-street,
was maliciously assaulted last evening about
tlx o'clock, while ob hli way home from
levee, where he had been at work. He states
that a man met him while near the corner
Front and Main, and after using a villainous
epithet, without cause, strack blm a severe
blow upon the head, which filled him to
ground, ana then nea. Tne outrage teems
I a.. am ejawltAllv1 ntrMVnwArl Bi1T iVial rAt1tll
BUlUr D BB W VJ kyeania ww aa V a a V NMUIVFVBWUI atwaaits vuw wwwaaai
drel, If he conlif be found, ihould be vifited
wlth th Mneii pwaity oi we law.
'i i
P" character, eontlouee to draw excellent andiancea,
Inointofnuinuer.1tothU)niagniilenttenipl.i The
piece ia admirably mounted, and ie out tinon tha
atageln capital etyla. It will be repeated triht even.
wmuienung witu ma uaa
' Prtk'a Omi-BOirsi. The new burleiau
LV4 iumnwiN,wiiB jure, norence in me priuci
Wood's Taiamb. Thlt evening haa been
set apart for tha production of tbo new and long-
pivuiiMupi.f euuuea TocaaAiMt i UDVEKtuas. it
ia, wa believe, an historical drama founded upon tha
insurrection iu tlaytl.and iesalOl to befall of loot,
dent and Interest, hut of Ihie ve,aliall be bolter able
to apeak after having witnessed It. l'ha full strength
of the eoupauy la embodied in the out, and UwlU
put uyuu me autge in mr. jsiuter a DM tine. .
NiTaiokil THATca. Quite a c-cod audi-
anoe aaeembled at tha National lait evening, attracted
by the aanonuoement that Lucy Ctcott and I). Mi
randa would aper in the musical farce of Tea Vi A
TsasiAN. nine Escott wis In excellent voice, and
auiig severel sodks quite sweetly. Inla evening Ua
will appear aa "iiane Veroon,rt in Hot Boy, the pet-
uiiuuuics oenuuoiug wn rorrma ma vIcmtiom.
Smith k Nixon's Hill. Waueh'e mflff'niH-
eent mirror of Itatr. wlm-h hihita in thta
city Quite eneceeaiullyaome yeara ago, will again be
shown at SuHth A Klxon'a Hall on buturday evening;.
It ia oeruiuly one or the finest paintings of the Kind
ye ever aar. JUilen, Venice, alonuee, Uologua,
liosneand Manlee. nfthsmuifm ,Mit,flLiini ... .n :
der the panorama an object of intereet to all; but
ii-BiuL, mo reprusentaiione 01 i lie
Milan cathedral, the Leaning lower at Pisa, the Bo
gatte at Venice, the Holy Hulrs and the Oarnlval at
Itome, the Vintage, the Dance, the falls of Tiroll,
the ascent of Vesuvius, the Lav of Kaeloe and the
urottodel Oaprl, oouc ndiugdh a grand view of
,uniu,iiuuui fusuvtue m lejy, jou leei tnai you
niust eee it again. The painting deserree to he ilber-
iiuvuihii. uiu we u.ve no uoaoi tnoeewno
once visit It will be glad to witness its beautiee the
aevuuu time.
Ntu PmUtntiary The iDtolal committee
oharged with repreieotation of the lntereit of
the oity before the General Aaaemblv were
i u uuuijr uns main is tne opinion
01 wounoil that the additional Penitentiary
suvuia in ins'.ni nsir iu mn.
Ztni.-$3,388 was reported at last month's
teoeipts for lioeutSS. paid in bv the Mavor. '
Iofton. The City Solioitor reported that
no wits had been commeBced during the wsek
4B lzt " . ' " ''""
m U,R- Co---The Finanoe Committee re-
commended resolutions whloh were adopted
to ayes, naye aoospiipg propotllion or w.
H. Atpinwall k Co. to pay to the oity $821,(00
in the new itook of the 0. and M. R. R. Com
pany, in full diioharge of the obligations of
said Company to the oity; alto, $137,000 of the
capitalised stock for cancellation of the lease
of wharf being preient value of the stock
the city bat Heretofore) held, the one million
dollan of stock to be surrendered.
The Railroad Company to proceed at once
to fill up two thouaand five hundred feet of the
wharf above Milloroek.
Xht McMMtit Bemut. Mr. J. B. Warren's
final report of collections of the MoMioken
fund was filed, and future collootions are to be
made by the Secretary of the Directors, X. B.
iiitney. .
Appropriation: Auditor's reports filed.
$150 appropriated for repairing with broken
Btene Eaat Front-street, in Seventeenth Ward.
$50 to W. R. Field, Collector of Wharfage at
nuwmrajan, monmr saury. i-
-V' out of a Strat Saihoad. The Com-
I ml(tM 00 Roau nd Canali reported a retola-
"on BBmonzing iue wiy Auaitor w aaver
Ham tlM f0.r Pposala for the following route: Com
msnoing on Front-itreot at Main-itreet,
thence on front to Sycamore, thenoe on Svca-
more to Ninth, thenee on Ninth to Walnut,
tneooe on wainnt to Twelfth, thence on
Twelfth to Vine, thence on Vine-street
Hamilton-road; thenoe on Hamilton-road east
to Main; thenoe along Main-street to Front-
street to tne place or bezmning.
Further, that the street railroad stand now
on Main, above Fourth-ttreet, be arranged
on Filth -street Markot-tpaco, where the stand
of the rendloton route shall be provided.
Alter a icngtny auoussion tne matter was
laid oo the table till next meeting:. Ad
Nouadio Nurmia -Ah Uriiatokd Match.
The other day a oouple came from Bourbon
County, Kr-i to the Spencer House, for the
purpose of being united In wedlock, and were
hymenally enjoined then and there in the
most approved style,
The pair were strangely different In appear-
...... i . u.:- . . 1 .... j . t.ie
sun, us uviug at lOMdaiAivD. .ou a-uMi uigu,
and she not more than four and a-quartor
the most. He was fifty and extremely slender,
and haggard in face; she about seventeen,
with a ruddy complexion, and nearly at large
nonzontauy at vertioaiiy.
A more gaunt, venerable and ehostly-look-
ing bridegroom, or a more good-natured,
fleshy, girlish idealeis bride we haversrely
seen. They seemed quite fond of cash other,
and as tbey passed through the coridors they
attracted much attention. The twain must
have been drawn together by the antithesis
oi anection, or oy
The law that leads to lore by pathi dlrergant,
And likeness makes dissimilarity. -
, a
I plate glass, with front next door to the largest
Hanssohb Pbbbbmtatioai. The mplovot
In Shlllito's store, on Fourth-street, about
forty In number, yetterdsy presented Mr. Wil
liam Wood, a retiring member of the firm.
with a handsome illver pitcher and a pair
goblets. The compliment was tendered in
neat speech by one or tne clerki, to which
W. replied quite gracefully, thanking them
for the mark of esteem tbey had bestowed
upon him, and anurias: them that the occa
sion would be treasured among the fondeit
nit memories. -
Sihgbxab Aooisbnt. On Monday last
Wright, of this city, while walking along
Twelfth-street with aeouple of little children,
broke a tendon la one of his legs in tha
lingular manner: He told the children
to ran, and made a motion at if about to
with them, when he put bit foot to the ground
rather heavily, with the result we nave named,
The accident leoms to us quite strange,
aitnougn painrui, it cioes not prevent
physician from visiting hli patients aa uinal,
To BtHBtst Mb. Indians nolii. Ind
a oity of thirty thousand inhabitants,
only two china and two book-stores,
opening for tither businesi. W. k H.Glenn
dr. Co. bave a store to rent in said city,
feet deep and 18 feet wide, 14 reel high to
celling, with flxturei eomplete, and French
dry goodi store in the State. Persons wishing
to commence in either or tne above, oan
to w. ii. . s vo. tor information.
Y. Bobbins, of thli city, for some time
nas neen lecturing witn considerable iuoosbi
In the Meionaon, Boston. Some perions
that sity, who appreciate tbe lecturer,
made donations that he might be enabled
deliver his conrie on "Sanitary Soience,"
the public gratis, and be delivered
first one of this series on Monday evening,
the South Congregational Churon, to a
audience. r.
Tbb Citt Council, to Visit thb Nsw Lcxa-
no Abtluk. The County Commissioners,
evening, tent an invitation to the City Coun
cil to visit the South-western Lunatio Asylum,
which bat just been completed, and mat
determined to do to on Monday next.
member will meet at the Council Chamber
half-past ten, and proceed to the building
vehicles engaged for the purpose.
TanpainnnRBiv. Ona of thota exoellent
?? I ties given by Mr. and Mrs. Shank will
. place to-morrow evening, and wa heartily
07 advise any who may deiire to enjoy the pleas
ure of "tripping the light fantastic toe" to
sound of excellent music, to visit National
Hall upon thli occasion. Theraaesrett demtmt
are always pleasant and full of enjoyment
any rotary of Terpslohora.,.,,, (1 ijr(
Pbobislb Cost of tub Nsw Wobk-hodsb.
Th architect appointed to examine the
for the new Work-home and make an ei timet
of it probable xpeas, itatei that th build
ing will not eoit lei than $20,000.- It
thought It will be located on Deercreeki
the Commltte hay not M yt dtrmlnd
to It locality.
1 ' V" ' f .1 ' .'14 '.!
Motion roa New Tbial m Slandib Sdit-
Ellen CI. Iretonva. Peter r.ehrMmaa. Intbiaeaee,
in which, la an action for slander, the plaintiff ie
covered a verdict for S1.000 demueea, a motion wat
sunuo vs jwige piorer sur a aew trial, on tne groouaa
that the verdict waa againat the law and evidence,
and next, that the damage, wereexceeelve; the Court
orrrruled the motion ana entered judgmaut on the
i ne rreeident, Dlreotors Co., of the northern
Bank of K.entui)ky v.. W, D Baxter, Byan A t'arth
Inland B.J Sarthlng. 1 he Oonrt ordered an entry
of udgment and order of sale d.magea 11,1 W U.
wataonvs. Blunt. The O.mrt overruled the mo
tion for a new trial and entered judgment on the
verdict. ,
II Croat JODOl Hoadijit.-Brooks va. Hnlford and
Othltr.. AflSF IMS mmmm hut HHiMail tA trl.l .
J aV'T "Kl'drawn, aud thaqueationa in istna were
uuuutm iv mo wars,
Thb Ukitabia Cbhecb Oasb Wlswell vs.
The Trnstrea of the Pint Oorgregallonal Chnrch.
Tha argument commenced before Judge Colllna. .
ur. vurwinenn ine part oi me piaiotm annreeaea
the Court In an argument which occupied tome four
hour and a half.
Mr. Rebier followed on the other tide, and ipoke
cp to the boar of adjournment.
Beveial oihrr apeeohee bare to be made before the
case will be anbmltted io the ronrt.
uenry swaa ve. K. at. Unn. Before Judge Mel
lon. Verdiot fur plaintiff for $59. Jury fee f JO.
(latHlNAl. 8ti.a. Tbb Htet. v.. P.t.r a.ndnlnlirt
The evidence fur the defense nroceeded before Judze
Carter. Wltnefsas were called for the pareoee nf
allowing tht tbo accused waa alrnok In the face with
a atone before the knll'e waa uaed on the person of
lun ueiritseu. -
. r. Kei ron thepart of the State and waa followed
sy 4 uugse uiwaiou sua rarier lor ine pruoner.
A HsiSTLias Phvhotah. Rev Mr. Clay
ton, the Britiih Mlnlater, and a' practical
Christian, spending moit of hit time in vltit-
Ing the indigent and raftering, heard day be.
fore yesterday of a very poor woman, residing
la the lower part of the oity, who, about to
become mother, wat in great pain and dan
ger. He visited the woman and immediately
dispatched a meiaonger for a phviloian.
. X he person tent law a certain doctor whote
namo we withhold, in hope that he may bt
more numane iu luture ana reutod tne olr
cumitaneet of the needy female, but the ph il
oi jn reiuwd to go unieu ne received hie regu
Mr. Clayton afterward tailed In person on
the M. D., stating that he oould.not believe
any man io Inhuman at be had beard he (the
doctor) wai; but the latter still refusing obstin
ately to visit the woman, the minister departed,
wun nis iiiiQ in numan nature materially
uimioituea. - -ma-.
Florida. Profenor R. 8. Baoon. of the well'
known Commercial College of this city, whioh
oears nis name, went to i lorlda a inort time
ago for the turpoie of reoruitina hit health:
but tbo journey proved fatal, and he died at
Jaokionvllle, iu that Bute, on the 28th nit.
Ue wat for many years a residont of Cincin
nati, and was to highly etteemsd that all who
knew him living will regret him dead. His
remains will be brought to this city for interment.
lowing run
mitting the
Stbkb? Railboaps, Tho street railroad
question, after having been permitted to tleep
ror some weecs, was reiuiottataa night DC tore
last by the CityCouncil, and, after a long dis
cussion, wai postponed till the next regular
meeting. Tbe prinolpal Interest it now cen
tered in tbe ordinance offered bv Mr. Mvers.
of the First Ward, of whioh the following it
a synopsis: '
hbctioh l. Permits the construction of street
railroads, on the conditions named hereafter.
Sec 2. Prohibits roads from being con
structed, except by consent nf Council, desig
nating the routo, and the Individual or oom
paDy to whom the privilege is granted. '
, See. 3. Provides that the track shall be of
good material, and laid down under the direc
tions of the Counoll and City Engineer. ' It
also establishes the grade at five feet two
Sec 4. Provides that the Railroad Comnanv
shall keop the street in repair with the track,
and to tbe dlatanoe of twelve inches on each
side. ,
Sec 6. Provides that the can shall be of the
best modern style, and shall ran as often as
uounoil shall direct. ' ,
Sec 6. Provides that the cars shall be pro
polled by animals only. .
bee. 7. prohibits tbe carriage or freight,
other than tbe baggage of passengort. '
doc. o. xixee nve cents ai tne maximum ice
for carrying passenger. , .: , ..
Sto. 9. Holds the oompasy responsible for
auaamtgesto individuals or the city, wh
either may incur, cither while constructing
mo roaa or oy careless driving.
Sec. 10. Requires railroad companies '
obierve the following rules : 1st. Cars ibould
not be driven at a speed greater tbsn six miles
per hour; 2d, Shall not be driven fatter than
a walk when turning the corners; 8d, Cart
running in tbe tame direction must not noma
nearer than thro hundred feet of each other.
except in cats of accident, or at ttationat 4th,
otn ana cb, prohibits cart from stopping
opposite the Intersections of the streets,
exoept to avoid collisions, and provides that.
wnen neoessary, tney must stop with tne rear
piauorm sitgntiy over the orosting, and re
quires persons in charge to keep a proper
waten lor vinioiei mat may ne passing; 7th.
Ladles and children must not be allowed
leave tbo cart while In motion; 8th, Rt quires
conductors to announce the streets as they
approached; Sth, Require! the cars to be pro
vided with bright lights at night; 10th, Pro
vides that the cars ' shall not remain at
station more than five minutes, except at
ferry landing; 1Kb, All vehicles must give
room for the cars, 1
Sec. 11. Provides that a llcenie tax shall
be paid on eteh oar, and also a per oent
on money received from passengers. ;
See. 12- Provides for an adveititement
a route twenty days before letting, asking bldsi
that route to be granted to the best bidder, hav
ing regard to the amount offered for the fran
chise and the price asked for carrying passen
gers, the Citv Council to be the judge.
Sec. 13. Requires the inooeeifn.1 bidder
enter into a contract for the construction
the road within twelve months, but Counoil
may extend the time if they tee proper.
Sec. 14. Requires the company to give bond
in the sum of $20,000, with four securities,
be approved by the Counoil, for a faithful per
formance of all the requirement! of this ordi
nance. Sec. 16. Provides that books shall be
by tbe company, and alio for their examina
tion by a oommlttee of the Counoil.
' Bsc. 10. Prohibits sny assignment of Interest
without the consent of Oonnoil, and reoratrei
nm oi an itocinniueri to oe reported to coun
oil on the lit of June of each year.
Sen. 17 Requirei a verrlfied statement
gross reoelpts of the company to be mads
the Council every tixty dayi. .
Sec. 18. Provides that all contracts under
this ordlaanoe shall be for twenty yean.
Sec. 19. If it beoomei neoeisary for
companies to partially use the tame route,
they thai! jointly oomtruot It, and if one com
pany shall bave already built the road
second shall pay to the former one-half
value, to be determined by appraiser!. , , , ,
1 Gbabd Maiquibadb. The Yonng Hen's
Danoing Association will close their serial
season meetings with a grand masquerade
Odd Fellows' Hall this evening.., , . .. ,
City Ibbbbtidbsss. In our yesterday's
issue we stated that Mr. Meniiea'a resolution
in favor of the amendment of the city char
ter, so at to empower the City Council to
a tax of twenty oents on each hundred dollars
of taxable property, for two years, to liquidate
the city Indebtedness, had been reported
the Council. Wo should have added that
likewise passed that body unanimously.
copy waa transmitted to Messrs. FUk and
at Frankfort, yeiterday.
, .
' School Boabd. Tbe School Board held
regular meeting on Tuesday sight last,
which the usual monthly salaries of teacher
were allowed. James Root, expelled from school
ometlmt lino, was permitted to resume
plaoe, on condition that he apologist for
pat coadaoU , i.v,;i L , Mur-y,,-..,
I', 1'
Monetary and Commercial.
Eastern Exchange continued Inactive res-F
terdar, bit rather atsody at 4343sc. buying, and 1
premium selling rate, ( Tha demand from abroad baa
fallen off this wiek, and tha local Inculry la not
Urge. . , , . .. ,
In MonetArrafTiilraT.ry llttl.i-ti.nif. riArrn-Yin -
but the supply of Currency ia sti,! better andcrOwinc ' J- 'f
tnoreeo from day to day. The anpliurttune at tha
Dlaoonnt'boueea are materially ou-niHreir list
wek, and the Bandera accumnUsttia funds.
Uwia waa uuu vxatepiav, as n iih neen ror aetarai
aoa... nv.uiiu.ui iu IW-JUWH. '
several ordara beiugje. tha market, btl lttUe ouuia . i '
In Uncorrent Honey we Ueard of no alterations ;
Wwtera and Northern fundanramilninc aa they were ' '
at our laatquoUtiona. 1 '
Huaiueaa in ine oankinx onarter was oetier v osier- -
day. un. ,.. . , . ,, ,
Flour was in ffood demand vaateniar. and nrlo 9 ..
were tending upward, bnt VYtiuky wa dull aud ,
without ohanga. Grain aud Urooerlca were un
altered, bless Pork was rather dull, and bulk meats '
and Baoon were In aotivedemand i i
Tha Imports and Expoi ta ot varlont artlcloa tor tike '
twenty-four honra ending yaatarday noon, weret
luroaTa rionr. 882 barrels: Whfakv. 1.334 bar. I
rols; Crn, I.Mti bnshela: Wheat, 1.683 bushels: Imu,
2,164 bnsuels; Barley, 1,241 bnstoele; Hogs. 140 head;
Fork and Bacon, 196,167 lbs. I Sugar. 2v2hnda.: ttto
Imism. 1,122 nrls.; Uolfee, 273 bags; Apples, I2S brla ;
Butter, aexa; vneeae, is uoxee: roiatoea, i,it
brla.; Hay,23i balee.
Kir-oat. -flour, tui brlir.i Whlakv. 1.86T brla:
Oorn. 200 buahela; Oats, 236 bmUeli: Fork and Baoon,
x1 nnas., tuy lieroee, ess oris;, 371 poxea; lara,
brla.,S6S kega; Sugar, 14 hhds.-. Molasses, 20 brla ;
Coffee, 358 bags; Apples, SO J brla.; Butter, tdS kega;
Cheese, 1,036 boxes; Potatoes, 1,367 brla., aaU.aOSbili. .,
Tnaaday'sNew York Trlbaa thos refers ta last
week's Bank statement In thatcltyr,'.., ."
The weekly ttatemant of Bank average ltnnex- .-
pectedly favorable aa allowing a contraction of loans ,
with a large Increase of the apecia reserve. 'I'neeaa ,
in money daring the week had led to the antklpallua
that the Banka would again anew an expansion. Tha
priucinal contraction has been in the America Ex- "
change and Shoe and Leather, while some of tha n'
Banka have considerably inoreaaed their loana. The-
soecie Hue to now again over B 0,ii00,i00, a point ba
low which It haa stoi'd since the seuond week ot De. :l
oeiaber, and la over ;,U0O,O0a above the lowaet point
biuos tuav lime, is aepueii. mere l. no ibiiwhssi
change, The Southern and Western balanous have)
been drawn dow a freely daring the week, bat, ww
understand, are increasing. Tke comparative figure "
vllh the prorloci weak are aa follows; ... , ,
Jan. r. Jan. 14V '''
Ijoaca....4ia,H5,Wl S.2S,tl,6M Peo.f7M,J0S ,
8recl..... 1,233,4V4 ,C3,739 Tne. eJdJtO
(Jiruulalion... 7,e0A6 r,7vO,76l Deo.. 110,104
lieposila ...... W.UO.JCl, 767V,42e 411,146
ToeeJar's Mew Tork Xlaio obwrvct oosoeiiiutg
Honey matters on Monday;, ... ,, ,. , .
Bloney matters were rather easier to-day, bnt with
Out any ohanga In tbe jatea. Tha market la fully
supplied on call, tbe general rates being I to 7 per
enne, according to the olasa of security, with oooa- '.
aional transactions reported at aomstbiug below the
Inside Mgure. Prime iudoned aboit faperlela good
di-mandatox to 7 por cent., and 7 to t per oant, tor ;
four losixmontha.
Foruizu ExcliHiiiroOnena with a firmer frallnr. and .
there I. a limited auppiy offering outside the Icily
drawers. Bank and Bankers' Bill, on London are
held at 108J41(I, and commercial signature rule at
IO&iiAIusM. Uu Parle, alao. Billa are lose fieely of- .
fared than lost wenk, and tha ratoa are a trifle
atronger. The range la 6t.2l!4$6'.l8Mi and soma
ale. are reported tills alteruoon at 61 20. ,
The aggragatoi of last week'a Philadelphia Bank
Btatomont are: I.oans, $26,636,198; Specie, $4,633,321
Deposits; $15,401,916; Circulation, $2,601,760. ';
Boston Boot ao Biton Maaxar For the week
ending Saturday, January 28. There is little im
provement to notice in tne uootana boo. market.
ineiraueooniinuesaeoreesfuanii nricee are unset
tled andentlrelynomhml. (juite a numberof buyers
are here from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston,
New Orleans and oUer polnta South aud West, but
aa yet they have purchased spirlngly, and Co not
appear io want mani gooaa. rricea, in oonewiuence,
continue to rule very low, holders oD'erlng the most
desirable goods at coat, while other goods, of which
thura is a large auppiy, are aulllng fdr leas than cost.
rricea may improve aa tne aeasou advance., out it
must bo acknowledged that the spring bueineaa opeas
very unfavorably for manufacturers aud dealers.
Among tne uianutnciurers tnere is onir a moderate
amount oi business doing, and tbe supply of goods
now turning oat by them la smeller than In any pre
vious year tor some time. If the low price induce'
buyers from the South and Wust to purchase an arer
agesupply, most kiudaof goods must be scarce at tbe '
Close oi the season.- HI die art dull and ofleredat
lower prices, but holders are not inclined to yield
much, havinirconlidouce that hieh urli. abroad will
prevent any material decline. Manufacturers par. ,
chase very sparingly and tne dullnees aud depressed
tate of the Boot and Shoe trade evidently baa a ten
dency to check all active movement, iu poib. Hide ,
and Leather. : , , , , . ,
I f
Monetary and Commercial. CINCINNATI MARKET-FEBRUARY 1.
FLOUR A trend domand and nricee tendlna n- ' '
ward: sale of 1,U00 barrels atS6 Su(a)6 for extra, and
tuperflne may be quoted at 16 6U6 id. , ,
WHISK V-The market ia dull, bnt prkee arson- '
changed: sale of 1,000 barrel at lMa, iooludiug s
that from wagon.
PBUVlSlOMS-aleea Fork ia rather dnllandSOO
barrel! good oonntry brands, aold at 817 ail the de- ,.
mand ia limited. An active demand for bulk Meate. "
witbaalesof7lili,000 ponnda at SM&B)4e , deiivered at i i
aipiey, unio.anu o?t aaaao. aeiivereu aount me in
of March. A large business could have been done '
at tAQHHo. on the spot, bnt bolder asked K an ,
IXo, an activo demand for Bacon, with sales of , '
i,iMinnas. at 7((0'niO. on tne spot, or oeuverea next i
week, and loiaio. lor clear Sides, delivered tha last ot ,.,
this mouth. Lard la held at 10Xo., with tome de
mand at luVfe. -i
uauuuniais nocnange in inemaraei wnetever;
the demand continues ult limited, and the ealea
conCDtd to email parcela, tu meet t he current want.
of dealer. We quote Sugar at 74SKo.; Molasaca
at 46,ytCo., and Coflee at 18rall3o. i.
VV HiilAT Tbodemaud contiunoa active, and prior
are Drra at $1 331 3i tut prime white, and $1 iWSl 30 '
for prime red 1 , ,
X1UM V i) have no change to note In the market,
and quote It dull at cue: aaloa of 6u0 buahela shelled.
in ouia, at tioc. i,
OATS The market Is ateady, with fair demand
at 4., in bulk. . 1
BKk The market cbntluaea dull. We quote It at ,
Jl: aales of I0tt hnehela at 81.
uiauiitx xoa uaraet t.nau: we neve noonaugw , -to
no to Id prlcoe since our last report.and quota prim ,
fall at UfMSc., and lair to good at 6Vn)Wo.
HAV The demand lsjrood, and prices are firm at '
SlVpertun, for prime Timothy, ou arrival, and U) ,
i'rom .tore. ; . . . ..
CiUiiaiSR There isafalr demand, and prices Arm .
at hut quotations: enlea of 260 boxes We. tern lie
serve at d Sjc, aud 60 do. extra large at lOo, '
BUTTER There Is no change in the market. We
qnote it dull, at UfjilOo. for Oiutral Ohio, and inc. for '
Western Beservo: tale of 13 batrela Central Ohio at
ArpLatS Tbe demand continue, good, and price
are firm at $2 i.vii3 25 per barrel, from store.
PUTATOUi4-Hie market la firm, with a good de
mand at laat quotations: tales of luu barrelt prim
Nesfaanonka, in large barrels, at 81 V0.
OLOVEB SEKU The maiketia ateady, with a fair
demand at l W: Bale ot 100 barrel! at $4 9. ,
Saw Yoax bIabsbjt, February 1 P. M.-Cottea
eonlinuea dull and heavy, with sale, of 1.000 balee,
on a basis of HMo. tot middling Uplands. Vlonr
rulea iu favor of buyers, with rather aiore doing for
export, and the home trade refuted to pnrchaM more '
than aufflclent to anpply present wants: sale, of touo ...
barrelB, at 94 04 vi for superfine Slain; $6 10S 25
for extra State the bulk or the sales; t 16Sialfbr
tuperflne Western; $6 30 (br common to meul- i ,.
um extra Wearern; 1 toS 73 forahipying brand '
extra round-hoop Ohio, Included in ine aalee are .' '
9 9iia t,.rr.la nrMttvirnfwl extra Htitln for (-snort .t
16 16. Canadian Flour dull and unchanged: eulee of
ISA banels, at $6 40(36 60 for oummon to choice. ,
Whisky ecaroelyio buoyant: aalea of 40 barrelaat
M(jt2tc., closing ijaiet. Wheat quiet, and without
material change: aalea of 600 buahofa Milwaukee ,
Olubatll U delivered, and 2,200 do. lair Southern .
e about t be same price. Bye ateady and uacbaugeut -.
aalea of 2,000 bushels prime at l2o. Barley In good
supply, and dull at 702o. Corn a shade firmer, but
the demand la by no meana aotivei aalea of 6 0OO
buahela, at WH&mHo. ror new yellow and white. Oat
dull and heavy: aalea at 42(2(50. for state, Western
and Canadian. Pork a ahade firmer, with lea. doingi ,
aiea or 6,0110 barrels, at $17 23317 37 for old met;
lleAl 12 for new mesa; tl7 for thin mess: S12013 IS ,
forold prime; $13 876114 for new prime.. Total stock
rehmarr 1. 61.610 barrels: aame time last month
1,120 do.! and aame data laat. year, 77.363 do. Beef
was active, bnt unohanied: aals of liO barrels, at
tana w tor country prime; voitpo so ov ouuuh j "i, -
'(tvv 7. tor re-paoaeu mesa, eiu ouiii wr wn. iuo...
mf Bum oulit-with small aalea at $12 for State.
and $ul J for Western. Total ttock, Beef, Bebroarr ,
1, 13,10 oarreisi asoia ue i. uiw"mi o,o,, uw
ttra.laat year, (K. 111. Dressed Bogs firmer: aalea or
Western at 7Hio and go. for Jersey. Bacon nn .
Changed, with ealea of 160 bixee ahort-rlbbed slid.
aiea, ana ov,wu pounos suuri,-riooeu u.i'.ir., .
about previona rates. Iiard firmer: aalea of 460 brla. ,
at ln40! t. A limited bnsinoaa doing in Butter, at '
lldal&orfor Ohio, and 16ae. for Stat. -Uheeea In
good request at XcilUio. Pending the anctioii salea
snnonnced for Friday next, the market for Coffee I '
nulet, bat lirm, and no aalea are reported. Sugar
quiet but firm: aalea of 60 finds. Cuba and Musco
vado at 7J47Xc., and 12 palverired Sugar; extra '
clarlged Mew Orleana at o. Molasses quiet but
I toady; no ealea have transpired. .
' Hsw Tonk Sioox Miitxrr, rebruary i. Second "
Board Prices rather stronger, narliouiarly at the ;
oloae. Chicago and Bock Island, 6i;i. Olevelaod
ana Toledo, 30; Bonn., on. oaienaanauniogo.4.
Michigan Central, SI. Hudson. 4IH. Kew York 4n. ,
tral, TIMo. Illinois Central Bond, sa. Brooklyn
Water LoanJioM: Missouri Slxee, Sl.S. Tirgiala
Kam,Wt TenneaBix,8., . ,. ; .....
Hxw Yoai; Cattu Habkh, rebmary l-Beef '
Oettle are doll, but price are trifle higher. Re.
celved 2H,nnO head. Inferior analltyat 67Ho. tee-
diumst 8(9 J and beat at 4(dlle.-Utter the ex- ,.
treue price; average of all aalea about laSMo. Sheep
rather eaaler In prfos, though some extra lota told at -
4o. higher; the domand waa good; receipt. 4,460
head. Swine in good demand and better prlosa; re.
eel put 2,900 head. Dreaaed Hog at 73. Live
lisle, its
l ? " '-' IMPR0YED TJwHT-STirCli ;' ',
i!j';-) i !).., I li i I !'( ,i . :-t'. ...rn.v
, Parable Maoalneextaut. !it.iit)tl.-:K(j- ,....
Vail and we then.
80 Went sJourth-Btreet.

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