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1 H E P E N N Y PB 128 8
' I rbiih4 'daily, (Bandar excepted,) by ; .
if loi-a. U tin f ovBn.f asst.
Ml mil PBBBBI aUvar4tonbK1bcra Ik
UnolBWtl,0laatoBUdayort,Mdl ,
tewadlni era dtowae,et tb
nz oma a wuk, atabu to saabus,
x raioan ot uiunt ' t
Wail goIm k.l 1 month 40.; moathstl) 1 yu It.
Corner of Bath ml Tint- streets, ... .
John A, Xlltler, jr., soleaianager and Lest.,
Patens of Aoanaioa Dree Olrole ud rarquett,
Doent Gallery, acoente.
Door op. q at tX, onrtain rise at TX o'clock. .
Changer of Attraction! r, -t
THI8 I VININO, February S, will b presented
the now historical play. In fonr acta, called
Itxuvu. IrtCI.ro. M r. Hann; Vinoent, Mr. Head;
Hedenville, Mr. Hall; Bijeau, Hr. Smyth; General
Uoucbembeau, Hr. finhar: rrenob Bo idler, Ac.
Hattiix. Toawaluti Mr. fcangiloa; Old Hate, Mr.
EUaler; Marie, Mia Julia Irving: Negro, Plan
tation Servant, Slav, Buceri, untltlatu, Negro
Bolder, Ao.-. - i f.r , .
To conolnde with 1 - ::, r. :
' Xvery eTanlng, in which the wholecompeny will ap-
w -v , . 1 1 1 w .. i vt
John Batei, Proprietor and Manager ; W. 8. Irwin,
Altiritio or Tins. Door opeq at 7 Curtain
rime at H paat 7, precisely.
Paiose or Adhusiom. Dreea Circle and Parqnetto,
M cents; Yamily Circle, 29 cents : Colored Boxes, u
centa; Gallery, 10 cents j Private Boxe,t3
Immense Attraction To-Nfgbt.
On which oocailoa ehe will appear in Bonn, Dancei
and beantital Drama, aaalsted by the celebrated Mr.
B. A. Bight, Mr. James Fraaer and John Maxwell,
who willln the court, of the evening appear ana
Ing some beautiful ionge
THIS EVENING, t riday, February 3,' to cent.
irence with the startling drama of
The Golden Farmer, Hr. H. A. Hight; Hammer: Mr.
Allen; Twltcher, Hr. Bernard; Illsabeth, Mr.
Vanderen The piece embrace the entire strength
of the company.
Bong by Mlea Jennie-Hight : Ballad, Mr. J. Trailer.
Te be followed by
Cousin Oherry, Mr. C. Henri; Bir Charln, Stuart)
other character by the (Jonifauy. i .-
After which
Dance, Vivandl.re, first time Hit Jennie Hight.
To conclode with
Jnitln, Mis Jennie Hight;' Paul, Mr. 0. Henri;
Count, Mr. W. Garter; mpportM by the conipaay.
Saturday, benefit of Mr. BBBNABP.
8. N. Pike, Proprietor; F. B. Conway, Stag Dl
rector ; J. t. Herbert, Treaaorer.
Paioa ot Annuaion. Parquette CHrole, Parqnette
and Balcony,' M cent; Amphitheater, 25 cent;
Private Boxea for eight pereona, fa. ;
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until 1 P. At., where
teat on be eecnred.
Door open at 6X o'clock t commence at 7M '
Farewell Benefit of thoe dletlntulihed favorite of
ane American itg.,
Mr. and Mr. IV. J. Florence,
And poil lively their laet appearance in Cincinnati
(bat one) for many year. ,
THIS 1VININO, February S. will be preiented
a new" piece de clroonatance," entitled
On, Th Fini-woBMtPiu. ' "'
d.ii.. w- t .... . I .J.I u . . u . n
lumbla the Gem of the Ocean, Knamaaubad, chief
oi tneunenor ( ire (department, iiaua ttooxn, a
(polled child, Mr. Florenoe; Manager, Mr. Bbrr
idan ; The Bhade of Xbakapaare, Mr. Addlaon ; Th
Shade of Byron, Mr. Florenoe; Hamonee, Mia
Prootor; Foramory, Mba Crocker.
The performance will comineno with a new pro.
tean oomedlstta, written by K. L. Blanohard, x
proeely for Mr. and Mr. Florence, and denominated
In which Hr. and Mr. Florence will enataln the
pnnolpal enaraoler. ,
The Management take eleaanre to annonnoe that
Mra. JULIA DKAM HAYNI baa been engaged for
ix nlghta only, and, will appear on Monday evening,
February S.
A grand ipectaenlar and tb rilling Drama 1 in act.
ive nretaratlon. with new teenerr drewee. effect.
Ac., and nutalned by the entile atrength of th
Thl magnlflcent Panorama 1 not " Waagh'
Italia," ehown in tbla oily tome month ilnoe, but
me uruiuai mirror oi iiaiy. exnionea nereaoino
ceaarully at Smith A Dixon' Hall in 1802. It now
return to Cincinnati for the flrat time since that
date, with new and beautiful Dloramlc Kffeota,
and acenea Ulnatratlng the Theater of the l,ate
linlian War, and will exhibit for a few day
only, at Bmlth A filxon'i Hall, commencing
Saturday Afternoon, Feu. 4, I860, '.
And giving Twa Kxblbltion Daily, at t o'olock
Door open in the evening at t)i o'clock. Mirror
move at 7tt o'olock preoiaeiy, Doom open in th
afternoon at 2 o'clock; oommenoea at 3 o'clock. To
Afternoon Exhibition Ladle' Ticket 19 cent;
uuiiuron o oeui. ooiy. uuyr
, National Hall, TineMtreet, at
The leaaon are to arranged that
tommence at any time.
inner can
pupils of the Wee tern Female Seminary, Ox
ford, Ohio, br Mia Wary I. Adam, and Illustrated
with a fine view ef the Seminar Builctings. Price,
lucent. junn uBuaun.jr.,
j16 ' " No. e West Fonrth-etreet,
Piano , Helodeone , Violoncello JftlZ
vioiina, uuiiara, jianjo Btnora,'iTim-
minim. Ac. during .the Ho.ldava.
flnllfnff at 10A Mr Mnt- Im. than .nv
other Honsaintbiaoity, and firat-claa futrnment
at that. Do not bnr an Instrument until mn h.vM
called at No. 217 jflrth-itreet, second door t of
ft mm, aouin siae. - BBtiiinu a UHU.r -
Plana Maker, nod Deajar ia,. Flrat la Inrtrn
mnt. dellt
New Mode of JTentilatlon!
Call and Snl One of ' "
" v.,
He it ing and Ventilating Furnaces,
IatraUoaM .
Bton Wart-roomi, Nog. tl aoi Vlna-tti
(Below Colombia.) . . , ,
Sawyer & Co.
103 Main.trt, threa daora ahoTa Third,
DEB all k nd of Hon. TraDaini. in th beat
so moit suosuniiai manner. A wo, large amort.
tiient or none viaaxeta, rr , uarpet ana lieatnei
Sag. Bridle BIlaTBnffato Kobe, Valise (the re
Bole-leather), Mail Trunk. Bponge.and large as
ortment belohglaf t tbi hn. I will tell a loi
l the
BOllHIf '
mm ., , aiooMi
VOliJ Sv i 'NO. 143.
it., i . 1 ...
a- ,-;
If.Kri.'.ji v'k' i.o ,.
jj . v'
Littl Dbairt. Hight Xxprea, MO l. '.; Aocom
. modatlNi, Iittr. v.; Day Kxprwa, t:U p. (.
IxDiAXiroLia am Cixoihiiail 11:15 A. .; fctt w.
MA IMA. M. .
Ohio ajs d M its uum.-t a a. m.U:4S A. .t'19:l
OiaoiaxiTi, HamiTon aim Sarroa.-f :U A. K.t 11:08
a. .; U:M r. a.; t-.a r. 8:60 r. a.
MauiTTA aan Cincinnati. uao a. i6t p. , r
Bioaaoan Ain Ixcuxiroua.-UsM a.; r. u.
Litti, HUHlDaf XxpreM, 10:00 A. K.t Aoooa
modatlon, 4:40 T. Night cxpree, 1L-S0 r. a.
.;T:Mr. a. . i .
Ohio ajio MiMiMim. 7:J0 A. a.; 1:00 p. .j 1M I. u.
OuoiNKATi, Maaaroa aMs l)iTroa. :C0 a. a.; 7:18
a. a., iir.oua, a.; :wf. a.; o:aur. 1 luwr.a,
Maiiitta Ann Oimoimhati, 4:40 A. a.; S:40 r. a.
BioaaOVD amo loiAaAroug.-:O0 a. a.; 1:40 1, ,
'aMhera are 1,M tin peddlert tb Muia.
aar-A biography 'of Mra. H. B. Btowa ii
printed In a lata iaatie of la Bepublimt of
Haytf-t ! v - . , -
9An affected mrva can not ba a moral
man. The whole atudj of hi life ia to oheat
JOB. , .y-r. ,. . ..
f&lt ia reported that the imall-pox haa
not abated in Lexington, V., bat It la again
on thelnoraaae.
JBirTwo Franeh Oenerala are about to vialt
the aountilea-ef Europe in order to atadi tal.
antifloajly th armiea of eaoh nation.
Hon. Joieph Earpor, a member of tee
New Jerae State Legialatnre from Glouoeater
County, died reoently of eryaipelaa. .
JEBTho deatha in Not York during th
put week numbeaad 480 a decroaee of 35
from th preriou week.
JEfrTom Taylor haa dramatized Diokena'a
"Tal of Two Cities," whloh will be ipeedlly
produced at th Lyoeam Theater.
"BTAn Indian, aged aeventy yeara, la oon
fined in the Onondaga, N. Y., Penitentiary,
for violating an Indian girl aix yeara old.
" Ebeneser Spear, of Hartford, Conn,,
waa killed Thursday night, by falling down
ataira in hla own honae.
1RjF A wnman. Sarah TvfArrl. wa. mn na.
by a train of oara, Uie other night, on the
Philadelphia Railroad, and killed. -
'9rTh' Green Bay Advttat .gaya a honae
ia Olenmore, was bunt, and Mra. Bane and
two children were destroyed.
HEfirTn ISrifrlanri AH, mmwar mi,ll.H ta
oultivaUd in pota. and called the "Araorioan
velvet pwut. . , ,
TTK aaia of th ITaln tinnlr la It la
aaidibeaa prohibited in the oara on ail th
railroad leading out of New York City.
jr A married woman, flatharlna HmtiW
realdlrjff in New Tork. aommlttarl mlntH. th.
other night by taking a dote of amnio. .
JF Helper' eopy right of th "Impending
Crisis." realize for him ahnnt Sfl(1 . w..v
and one week' receipts amountad to $625.
Eir Geo. M nirlna hlaw Mm Kn. Ant
eently near Raleigh, N. 0., on aoooant of an
uaiurfcuuaw wvv auair. .
' TThe atatue of Henry Clay, ordered by
the ladiea of Virginia, haa arrired at Rioh
mond. .': ' i ; . .'.
"Tha flit flnnnnll nf f!L T.nnli ...
propriated (8.000 to aid in the removal of the
nuua. xaiauu Diiugo over toejaiaiiiaippi Itirer.
' jVaThe Mount Vernon Htpublitan offioe
waa aold reoently for $2,600 to A. L. Harris,
looa) editor of the Ohio Stale Journal. , . ..
afA bill haa been introdaoed into the
New York Legislature to regulate the rates of
fare on the New York and Brie Railroad.
jbA negro was aold In Thomaaton, Ga.,
one day last week, for the enormous sum of
$3,600. Hi purchaser waa shortly afterward
offered $4,000 for him. , "
Oliver Mnnsen, th late nostmaster
at Pindlay, Hanoook County, waa lately
lodged In jail, charged with embezzling money
while serving in that capacity.
fiSf A man, when asked how old h waa,
answered, ''just forty year, bat if you oount
by the fun I're seen, I am at least eighty,"
H muat have been a "fanny" fellow. .
' f9" Th proprietor of th lllinotian, end
Mting a th postcSc clerk at Marshall, 111.,
ha bean arrested for rifling letters, and held
to bail for the offense. ;
1 JEtTThe ProTidenoe (R. I.) Prtu aocuiei
Henry Ward Beeoher of making half-a-dosen
esgagemants on the aame evening, and of
course breaking nv of them. 1
aTwo negroes were aold at auction in
Portsmouth, Virginia, recently a woman
twenty-eight ytan old for $1,125, and girl
nln year old fortl,000. . (
' aVA man named Love waa killed at a
quilting party In Balton, 8a., by J. F. Shel
ley. The homioid grew out of a trivial dia-
VUte. j ..-.rt..w ..-v - , -. - .... , , , :
btI for the lnoorporatloa of a College
ef Dental Surgeons, the capital atock not to ex
oeed $50,000, In shares of $20 each, haa been
introduced into the New York Legialatnre.
JT-The Mademoiselle Ella Zoyara, per
forming a a ciroua tider at Niblo'a Garden,
la a male. Half hi tlm is spent in orinoline,
and half in trowser. - -
jEdwin' Booth, the tragedian, had a
great benefit at New Orleans, on the 21st
mat., and was orowned with a triumphal
wreath. .
"Can a nan marry hi own mothert"
waa recently demonstrated In the affirmative,
inthetityof Boston. The Rev. B. C. Eddy
married hi own mother to Mr. Jaoob Baocn,
If&'h lv man belonging te Senator Hun
ter, of Vs., haa been kidnapped and taken
North by a lady belonging to a distinguished
North family. , , ;
The military men of the garrison at
Havana, especially of the artillery corps, com
plain sadly of being eonatantly and unneoet
aarlly drilled.
vPf" Ex-Prnldent Pierce and lady have
arrlted at Naaaau, N; P., where they were
reoslred with gnat polltenat by the Gov
ernor. ' ... . ....
p" Ool. Wnu 8. Campbell, of the Great
Northern and Jackson Railroad Company,
was found dead in hia bed in New Orleans a
few day line.
:pp M. Bird, who had adrertiaed to give
an txhibitlott of ventriloquism at Niagara, N.
Y., dlaappeared from that place reoently, aid
haa not ainoe been heard oh ... ... ..
Tbi Oihci Sidi or Joruah, Laura Been
haa at last got "the ether aide of Jordan."
The latter ued her, om time ago, for a
week' salary ($100) and gained hia ease. He
then anad her for two weeks' salary, bat the
Jury returned a vtrdiot for Laura.
A CunuoiL Jois.A worthy olergymen,
upon being asked why be did not venture to
aa election, at whloh the proceeding ware
riotously conducted, and give hla vote, re
plied, "I do not aee why I atouli endanger
vjf vm poU to binefit anothf r mktl'a."
, MiOACUv'g AKanioa ain OeiviUAnoa.
The London AOmmm hat the following state
ment in an article on the burial ef Macaulay:
. "Lord Macanlay' ambition was to itand ia
the tame rank with Hume. If a publisher'
balane sheet proved anything, his rank would
b far higher thaa that of Home. Th Meatrs.
Longman have paid to him the menu of a
prince. We have heard, on the best authority,
of on ilngl check from, publishers to his
torian for 20,0001 , . , , ,. ,j -, , , v
"Aa a Uble-talker, Lord Macaulay bad a
reputation moat peculiar. He waa not witty,
like Jerrold, nor humorous, like Smith, nor
poetical, like Moore, nor dreamy, like Cole
ridge.. Be waa narrative. He wag the trou
badour of dining-room, who ehanaed the
company with noble pech while they eracked
th nut and pasted the wine. Jn his oonver
(tlon, often as it took the form of monologue,
there wa no indication of arrogance on his
part, ox of deaire to- monopaliie the attention
of everybody , The stream welled forth eat of
the fullness of his mind and prodigious mem
ory. A quick and fertile intellect got exoifed
by th applause of auditor and by th vi
vacity of its own eloquence.' When -he
lanehed Into any snbjeot there was no hope
of arresting hi voyage, nor any wish to do so.
He would begin with the remoteat beginning
of th topio-just as he begins hla History of
the Beign of James the Second with the
Phoenician would gather strength and aub
atanoe aa he went on would piok up illustra
tion her and there from men and from book,
leaving no corner for objection to fasten on,
no opportunity for reply. There aeemed no
reason why the discourse should ever cease;
no more than for the Thame to run dry or
Time to pause. The talk had aomething nf
Milton's crgsn-roll, and was only to be cloied
by Milton' organ-stop. It waa not vivacious,
ae much a flowing, sugge live, and sonorously
poetical. It waa like his Essays and hia Lays
aa a lad daaarlbarl it IA hn. frlanllt mi .Tl
pn'nf. - Time, though hia reputation for oon-
vvnauuuM opmenoo was great, lew of nia
aayinga are abroad, or will survive the per
sonal reoolleotions of his friends."
Dhfsaah Amuri to BaiAK v Jail. An
attempt was made by two prisoners in the
House of Correction at Lawrence, Mass., on
Monday, to escape. Their names are Orlando
Rockwood and James W. Reynold. They
eaoaped from their cell by maana of placing
a nail under the latoh of the door before it
waa fastened, wbloh prevented it from catch
ing, and afterward hooking a oord to the
handle of the boli by manipulating It with the
iron ball of their bucket. They then pro
ceeded to an outer room, where Mr. Poor, the
keeper, alept, and violently assaulted him,
itriklng him upon the bead with a bludgeon so
forcibly that he was for a moment rendered
uosonsetoue. They then attempted to choke
him, when Mr. Poor rallied, and in the
trength of desperation, he drove the ruOan
back to their oell before assistance arrived. :
ErrioTB or ah EiaTHQUAt m Eolaxo.
The English papers give an account of an
earthqeake felt in Yorkshire Oountyon the
15th of December, between the hours of two
and three o'clock, on a bright cloudlet morn
ing. The noise and vibratory motion aroused
and alarmed great numbers ef the sleeping in
habitant. The shook wa distinctly felt over
aa area of more than 200 square mile. Some
miners were at work at the moment on Qraaa-ington-moor,
aixty fathom or 370 feet beneath
the surface, and 200 fathom from the opening
to the day. Those men heard distinctly the
noise attending the shook, and mistook it for
th falling in of th mint. , , , ,
Ihfbisoxmbiw roa , Ahti-Saiitbhip. A
milkman at Klosternenburg, a town in the
neighborhood of Vienna, haa been sentenced
to three mouths' imprisonment for speaking
disreepeotfully of St. Leopold, the patron aaint
of the province. Th Lower Austrian free
thinker declared that the doughty rival of
Richard Cceur do Lion waa a robber knight,
who lived on the top of a high hill, in order
that he might be able to aee at a distance the
vessels whloh were coming down the Danube.
"Aa to the title or aaint," aaid the impious
dealer in milk, "anybody oan have it who ha
the morwy to pay for it." ..
A PoxiBAi Jsbi. A negro wag at New
Orleana. the other rlav. aa rm.mA tn..
t ' J T o -" ".j vmw
carnages to go to a funeral. The train of
carnages Biuwiy wenuea it way t a o nurcn.
No one at the churoh had heard of a funeral.
The negro tried to get away, but did not
snooted. Ha then induced the funeral cortege
to move on to a' cemetery; no funeral there.
The prooesBloa returned to Canal-street, and
the victimised Jehus prooeeded to hold an
inquest upon him. He ran, hid In a dry good
store, and waa protected till a constable took
charge of him. . . . . , . ,
An UirogTBKATS Air Atx A BiAtmrtjL
Win Rdinid. The Chicago Herald gaya that
a few daya siaoe a beautiful wife of that city
the , mother of . three daughters hitherto
courted and respected, and moving in the
first circles of society ha permitted herself
to become the victim of one who had been
honored with the confidence of both herself
and her husband. The affair has , been dis
covered and the faithless wife discarded, but
theseduoer still lives. . . .
'Houibli Diatb oraa la valid. A colored
man named Moore, residing near New York,
was found in his room, lying with hi bead in
the fire-place the other evening. He had
been lick for four month, and his wife hav
ing gone cut for some medicine, saw him as
above stated on her return, hia head being
almost roasted. It is supposed that he got out
of bed for some purpose, and falling from
weakness was unable to help himself, and thaa
A Rdurkabli Pah. A reliable oltiaen
of South Soituate, Mas., mentiona the follow
ing remarkable fact: Simeon Pinoin and wife
were eaoh born on the 23d day of th same
month; they were married on the 22d day of
ine same momn; ana com aiea on tne xza
day of the tame month; and the aggregate
age of both wa just 200 year to a day. Six
or (even of the deceased eltizen hare reached
the age of 100 or more. . .
Naw Baxk RaouUTion. By the new draft
of tne revised atatate or Maaaachusette, which
go into operation in June next, it i made
the duty ef bank officers to stamp the words
"counterfeit," "altered," or "worthless," upon
every bill of that character which they re
ceive. If they fail to do thia they are liable
to pay the full amount of the bill allowed to
pass. If they stamp a bill whioh turn cat to
be genuine, they are liable to the holder for
it value on demand.
Boot MAXur actot ii Viioixia. The Rich
mond (Va.) DitpakK lay that a rabierlptien
has been opened ia that olty "for raising a
joint atock company, with a capital of not less
than $20,000 nor more than $100,000, to build
a boot and shoe manufactory" in the town of
Chester, in Cherterfield County, and one hun
dred and twenty share were at onoe taken by
three gentlemen. .
IxoaiAsi or LoooMoms SraaD. J. B.
Ward, of Lynohburg, Va., olaima an inven
tion by whioh he can greatly increase the mo
tive power and accelerate the apeed of looo
motlvea. Thia is done by lengthening the
crank and giving greater length of stroke to
the piston-rod.' The machinery work well la
mlBiatore, iu. . ,.,,,..
IP .
iA,RoMATi0 Rvjuwat ii ComoTiotrt.
the Stamford AdvceaU aire thai Dartlcnlara
of a runaway wife at that place, which haa
been the topio of conversation among scandal
monger for soma days:
"A few weeka since a youn and beautiful
eirl took tin Via M.til.nA. tn K. t.. . a
O r -... .MOT WTVU, MV1
altered the High School m pnpU. Every
body, eepeoiallj the younf men, were eoriooe
keoir who the young itrenger vm, end
nuw vbuiv uuuij eat wua mu ine in
Mnnlt InVAtavAtrl An ank suiM.tAsi. tka I.
-"" waa . awuvaj vvveaeiauiiii, buj
tematod onea were completely baffled in their
effort to ascertain her place of residence. A
few day inco, however, a gentleman from
Ntrw York mad bis appearaaoe and claimed
... iair Mwjrw mt ai inwiui wit, i n nus
band insisted on Uking bis wife with him, bat
iha laelvm.lat.il n. ,.nAW.iiiA. ..j k a
- r j MufviniuiMi., Niu ak.ue
her person beyond hi reach. Hereupon the
gsuuwiHLu uemuoa more violent in us demon
stration!, stod would probably have resorted
tal foralrilA vnaan. tn .n.M th. Af
- - ..'v. mv iiiiuh VI luV
lady, but for th arrival of her brother. Two
men "met at the Stamford Hons on Friday
laet, when aa exoitod ooltoquy ensued, during
which the husband indulged in remark
swnwrr to m onareeter ot ntt wu ana ker
family. Thes remarks were followed by a
blow Irani tha Sat nf th. kmlk.. n,hin1. l.JJ
. mv ... m. , n U.UU ASIU
the UooMoUte hueUnd at toll length on the
mm uuor. ine f peouion Here iauriered
mnd MrntA4 &T1V fllvtha. rlamAtitrMitAaa f
a-- WJ --,) wvagaWJUSIM atlVUD VA
thl character. Otrthe following morning the
iruwr auvt ai.wr worn, paatag on tne ear lor
New York, whither they were followed by the
baffled but nat vat dn.n.liln timh.nil Pn.
tier than thia deponent aayeth not.".
Taaaiai.a TarnHni'mw rw flmnm 1
from Niaoiia. in tbnTalanil nfrWnm.
account of a terrible inundation whioh re
cently toox piece mere t nxne weather became
cloudy, the wind blew with violence, and the
thunder and lichtnin war .nil wiAl.nt 1
noon the rain began to fall In torrents, and In
a anon time alter tne river o vera owed its
banks. The inhabitants not having time to
ehut the gate, the water rushed ia with fear
ful impetuosity, and Inundated the town. The
L t 1 . M - ....
uaiHr aooa nau eix i est oi water in it, and,
to add to iha mlafnetiin. th. m. .t tl.. ..4
Of th town onnoalta tn wham th. h,A
rushed in became closed, and there being that
no outlet ior too torrent, nearly every home
wa oon filled. Toward evening the gate
gave way, and the water began gradually to
ubsid. No fewer than 47 honae and 150
ahopa Were undermined and felt, and 4 men,
11 women and a child perished beneath the
ruina. Considerable injury waa done to the
merchandise in the bssaar. Upward of 100
mules also perished, and the total lost oan not
be estimated at leu than two million of nia.
tera."' ( . . .
A Woki Ha it as Hiaasur o Jonit Baown's
AoootHT. A lady, residing near the village of
Hunt' Hollow, in Lexington County, N. Y.,
hung herself a few ago under peouilar circum
atancea. Tha Buffalo fbprewsays:
Ehe had been an attentive peruser of all
procurable newapaper information relative to
the execution of John Brown, and her mind
badbeeoanao far infatuated thereby aa to lead
her to experiment, for the purpose of ascer
taining the kind of physical sensation attend
ant upon hanging. Her flrat effort resulted
fatally. Oa a certain morning she waa seen
to ascend to the chambers, by her mother,
who wa os;.Bged below. Shortly after, the
latter wishing her assistance tn aome domestic
matters, approached the stairway, and called
her by name. The failure of a reply, after
several repetitions of the call, led to an inves
tigation, which resulted in the discovery of
her lifeless corpse, suspended from the rafters
of the ohamber ahe bad entered. An unfin
ished pieoe of knitting was clasped in her
hand, ends ball of yarn waa found in one of
her pockets. ...
TatainLi Explosion or i War Stcihix
Two TBooaB?D Pxbsons Kiuao add Woumdeo.
The correspondent of the Charleston (S. C.)
Netet, writing from , Malaga on the 25th of
December, gives a horrible account of an ex
plosion of the steamer Gmeva, a Sardinian
war-steamer, laden with Grenadeoa and mu
nitions of war, b which 2,000 persona were
killed and wounded. : She afterward caught
fire, and several vessels raked ber with tbeir
batteries until ahe aank, thereby preventing
the explosion of twelve tuns of powder still
ion in ner noia.
bany, by a company of amateurs. Among
the oompany present were the Governor, Con
troller, Speaker of the Assembly, and other
distinguiahed gentlemen. ,
" . Stbiaxs obt ths Moomc A German astrono
mer, M. Sohwabe, endeavor to show that cer
tain furrow-like streaks, observable upon the
urfaoeef the moon are ascribable to the exis
tence of vegetation. These streaks appear
and disappear, hq saya, aooording to the
Tea LaortJxa-LiOHT. A red light is now
exhibited oa the top of the high tower of the
Smithsonian Institution on the evenings of
lectures. Should there be any failure of a leo
hirer to arrive, or if the leoture for any reason
be postponed, th public can always ascertain
th (act by looking at the tower.
DiscHAJtoan Soldi. Two soldiers, who
had been coaviotcd of dmnkenneaa, and who
were considered incurable, were drammed out
of the garrison at Old Point, Va., recently.
One of them, it ia aaid, had passed about ten
eat ef the last twelve months In the guard
house. ,-,
, aaa
OoxnxnisD by thsib ow Conriasion. The
Newborn (N. C.) Ptogra fails, on examina
tion, to find evidenoes of Abolitionism In th
Naw York ledger, but deplore th effect of
it "sensation stories on weak and susoeptlble
minds." On thia account, it aaya, the South
should Immediately drop it. . ,
Childish Bubht to Diatb. Ia Mifflin
County, Penn., reoently, the house of Michael
Garrits wu burnt, with all its contents, and
two children periahed in the flames. Two
other children, a Utile boy and girl, made
their eaeape by leaping from the oond-tory
window to the ground, i .
ExTBAOBoitTABY EsOAraw Th paper lay
that a child, born in a ear oa the Lake Shore
Railroad, wa thrown from the window by it
inhuman mother, when two mile from Erie,
Penn., and pioked op, and la now alive and
well. i '
DttrUAT ArrajfTv-A desperat affray oc
curred in Indlanola, Texaa, recently, between
a Spaniard named Juan Gotuale and Niooleg
Grieves, a Greek, in which the latter waa
killed, having been almost literally cat to
pieces. . . ,..--. .-.,;-.
A Pbaotiou, Gsbiu. A gtnlus lft Phila
delphia three year ago ia company with a
live halibut. : He returned a short time ago
wltha$8,000, all mad by exhibiting his hal
ibut a the "American flounder."
Ax Extbbdbb Fibobb Nau,. For forty
year a fanatical Hindoo cultivated th growth
of a fin gar nail, and he found it measure to
be thirteen Inohea and a halt. Th finger nail
growtholt whole length in a ftw months.
PaiVATi Thsatuoals. The other evening,
Bulwer'i play of the "Lady of Lyon" was pro
duced at the honae of E. Esndrick. Eta.. Al
From Washington.
Naw Yon, Pobrnary 1. The IWiuae't
Washington correspondent says: The com
mittee will be announced next week; Mr.
Sherman will be Chairman of the Way and
Mean Committee, and leader of the Home.
Mr. Grow will be at the head of the Terri
tovie, and others who were member of .the
Thirty-fourth Congress will probably be res
tored to the poaitiona they then occupied.
Nothing is yet determined. ,, .-,
Mr. Realf is discharged by the Harper's
Perry Committee. Mr. Hyatt will appear
to-morrow. Mr-. : Wendell bae refused to
answer certe'n interrogatories propounded by
the Printing Investigating Committee, aad u
allowed time to decide whether he will adhere
to that purpose; If he persists, imprisonment
may be the eonteqoeno. . . ;
The New York Rtrald't correspondent y:
Th olty ha been wild with rejoioing during
the night over the election of a Speaker. It
i participated in by all parties who have inf.
fered more or let, financially, In th delay
of organisation. Speaker Pennington, and
Mestr. Sherman and Ulokman were serenaded,
at Willard'i, by Wither' band, accompanied
by a large company of citisen and resident
of the Distriot. Willard'a Hotel waa thronged
with people, and the sentiment attend by the
Speaker, Sherman and Hickman, were bold
and deolded against the extension of slavery.
The aerenadera prooeeded to th residence of
H. Winter Davis, but did not find him at
nome. a nay men prooeeaed, about one
o'olock, to the residence of Mr. Grow, and
called him out of hi bad: he reanondod in a
ahortapeech. . , ..
Accident on the Dayton and Michigan
DavtoX. Fabrnarv 1 An acclrl.nl nunirni1
In tha Tin., tnn .nil Mlnnliv.n n..nna, t.in
coming south, thia morning, three miles thia
.11. -j rni - . ..
oiuo oi Aippeoanoe. in consequence or tne
breaking of a rail, th two passenger car ware
precipitated into the canal. The paasengera
all enflan.fi arlthnnr. Mrlnni tninrv nnt n.t
without a cold bath. The engine and bag-
gag oar remained on tne track and brought
the passengers to Dayton about 9 o'clook thia
From Newark, N. J.
Nswak, N. J., February 1. The elaotion
of Mr. Pennington wa received here to-day
with general satisfaction. Thia evening the
VtrevryoSlee ' Illuminated, bonfire are blaz
ing in the streets, and 118 guns are being
fired in honor of the event. The Governor'e
political frienda are passing oompliments
freely. Mr. Pennington is a popular man at
home. . ...
Arrival of a Captured Slaver.
Ohaelistor, February 1 Arrived at Quar
antine brig Dslioia, Lieut. MoAvaun, from th
Coast of Africa; a prise to the frigate Con
tttUaHon, No negroes war on board of her.
Charleston Races.
Pebruary 1. "Planet" woo
th four-mile race here to-day-time 7:64.
"Arthur Macon" was distanced.
"Congaree" won the mile raoe time IMU
and "
A Vibsimia Sihatob oa thb JohBeow
ArrAia axo thb Stats Abhobv. The apeech
of Mr. Rives, of Albemarle, in the Virginia
Senate, on the bill "providing for the purohaa
and manufacture of arms," appears in the
Virginia newapaper. He Btka, what ia the
use of ,an armory? "Wo were never aafer,"
he says, "from John Browns than now," and
adds: "I have no fear that John Brown has
sown any dragons' teeth among us, from which
armed men will spring up; or that for our age
any, irom any quarter, win aare to tread in
hia fatal footsteps. For ail such ruthless in
vaders of the Commonwealth, the calm and
deliberate execution of our laws will bear for
ever a grand lesson and a terrible warning.
Bistory will din in th eara of any that shall
dare approach our bordera for such guilty pur
poses a perpetual 'mmtnto snort.' I assume,
therefore, thia armory ia not necessary to pro
tect aa from any of the demented admirers or
aucoeaaora of this defunct John Brown. Are
we threatened by any of our sister States? Ia
any one of them arming or fonndlng armories
to prepare for an attack upon at? I believe
not. Peace la la all oar bordera and around
us. ,. We only have onr partisan quarrels true,
ialtgratio amorit such as many other happy
families have. An armory is not necessary,
then, to repel any anticipated attack from other
States. Let those who plot against the integ
rity of the Constitution take themselves out
of the Union if they can. For my part, I
deem Virginia aafer nnder It than out of it."
Impoetakt Disoovsav Rspboduotios ' or
OrSTxas. The America in, of. Brest, states
that the system of M. Costs for the repro
duction of oystera haa just been tried by
Captain LeRoy, of the French navy, in a large
pond filled with aalt water, at the head of the
Bay of Pculmic. On the 15th of July last,
he had one hundred and fifty mother oysters,
whloh had been dredged on the bank of St.
Marc, placed in thl pond, and on th 25th he
had a number of plank and bushee plaoed ao
a to collect the ipawn. A short time after
the Captain had some oystera dredged at
Tregorvan, which, from their bad auality,
war not considered fit for use. These "he had
plaoed in the Bay of Poulmio, a short distance
from the shore. , On th fifteenth ef November
an examination of the bed formed in the ult
water pond was made, and the results were
found most satisfactory, To th planks and
branches placed there, a number of veunx
oysters were attached, aome of them nearly
half an inch In diameter. Thoae of bad
nn.lttw wtlf.k Vi o I knnn nl.n.J 1 . 11,. v.w
had, from the removal, completely changed
tneir nature, ana naa oeoome excellent ror use.
Irtbhdsd Abdioatiox or thb Afstkux Em
psbob. A foreign correspondent says: Apiece
of newa so extraordinary haa reached the high
politioal oiroles of Peetb, that it is not without
hesitation I venture to communicate it, and
vet tnese oiroles nave excellent means of ob
taining the earliest information. The newa la
that io Emperor of Austria contemplate ab
dicating the crown in favor of his ton. a ohlld
born the 21st of August, 1868, and appointiag
a iiegeni, an nrotner, tne aw noun Maxi
milian, formerly Governor of Lombardo
Venltia. The reason assigned for th pro
jected abdication ' ii, that th Emperor sees
with dismay that Austria is going to wreck
and ruin, and shrinks from the risk of figur
ing personally ia history aa tha laat ef the
napsourgs. .
Caios Sooibtt ii Naw Yoex. The New
York correspondent of the New Orleans
Courier aaya that "a number of our firtt olaaa
citliena gentlemen ot the 6oa ton are asso
ciating together ior the purpose of forming a
tociety, the ebjeols of which shall be to x
tead hospitality to distinguished man from all
parts of the Union upon their arrival in New
York." ' . '
Taa Paorira or Jobb Bbown's Lira. The
publlshersof Redpath's "Life of John Brown,",
have forwarded to Mrs, Mary A. Brown, at
North Elba, N. Y a draft for one thousand dol
lars, as a first instalment of the profit the. fam
ily of Captain Brown are to receive from the
publication of thia biography, .. .
U a two g-ixi a rtTroTjrpTTjrrtfri
V TVAJS.V JUi4.V4. AA.1 va m
t) f TERMS--CASH.';; " -
AdTekrtiaUtsauAai. avvA ' a i J ' Is .11' f k -1 L l" tV
(In lnrtloa. I On. wak. t)l M
Twewa..,lMJOnaontb . .;,T.
- tvranxof tottUaesorlen;
Onevneli 1 1 OnaoaU.. Str-;i
mwv oaveVUaUlf UWSJ HUB yYBr
Ia all It braachMeonewitn BAtnei anl4bnatet!.u' '
it" ' - - - " tj '''S-t1 1 - -i -tfi
Wheeler ftWilsoii's
il,.m. ..i rtv.tf, b'iei j-'f .i
., -ietrf-"' Y'rn
i-i'f -'u !.o ; .Mill
titll) .'I ;. :.(;
rrlnelval tjfnee, H: Tf West teanlMt.,
Wheeler A Wllaon Sewing Machine, with la. '
portent improvamenta, aad to meet the rtemand for
a good, low-priced ramllv Machine, jv Intro-
olple, and making the aame atltch, thorutb not eo '
hlRblr anlahed, at MKTY-FIVB sHtLLARe). :
Tde elnrance, speed, nolseleeaneae and almpllcitv of
the if aolilne, the Mantr and strength of atltch, being
AMttlS ON BOTH 81DKH, impoHibl to ravel, and
leaving no chain or ridge on tha sudor alee, tha
economy of thread and adaptability to the thlckeet
or thin scat fabrics, has rendered thia the mostauc.
coaafui and popular Jamil Sewing Machine now
made. : r .... ,
At onr various office we sell at Mew Tork price,
and give Instruction, free of obarga, to enable pnr
chaaera to eew ordinary aeams, hem, fell, quilt,
gather, bind and tock, all on the came machine, aad
warrant It for three rear. .
Send or call for a circular containing full partion-
lara, prices, teetimooUle, o.
j17ar WH. 8UTINEB. cV CO.
ancea int en un, won ing upon in sam pnn
THE AlUflAToil!'
Coal Cooking Stove !
Ha been pronounced by competent Judge to be the
six sizaiiQ! ;:
, ,; Patented Dec 1858.7"" . ,. .
For ale by the Inventors and Manufacturer, '
No. 333 Fourtli-street, Cineiniiati
r,i ; j. ;
. Manufactory, Covington, Ky. ' '
I '.: ;-!! -.! .-t, !..: i j,s
No, aO East CelavnblaMtreet,';
trade at tbe most reasonable nrlcea and on th -moat
accommodating terms with i i
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones' Improved Lamps and Burners for
al by onr agent, J. BILLKliti, Covington. Kjr. u
Excelsior J
.. ii Free from Offenalve Odor, at -: ' 1
Walnut-street, Crlneitiiiati, O.
All with any mannfaotnring eatabllihment '
n America. .. vl . . ,. . r. - ,
r We warrant onr Oil to be canal, if not snpe
rior, to any in the market.
asr We Invite those In the city and vicinity to ,
call and examine for themselves. ' - '
MT SLo peraona ordering from a distance, latl-
faction guaranteed In all case. Addres
J. 11. HAHKIN, Aatent, or . , ,
A. G. I10DGKS TTraaaarer, y
, , . Kanawha O. O. M. Oil Men. Co.,
del 7 Walnnt-ttiwt. (llnclnri.tL
. ; I " Manufacturer anoImporter of ' n ''"
Soaps, ?wtmnsnifvktjW4$
than any other eatabliehiaent In th. city or
W eat, country and city. Merchant and druggist
will find it to their interest to call and exaatjue my
tock before pnrobaslng elwwhere. jaM
THIBD-flTBKST, Cincinnati, OUo, are mann.
factoring iargelr. Palmer's oalebratA Mvdranlln,
Force and Lilt Puma. Aleo. hla Portabi. Mtum
Engine. All thoe wbo are about to peroliem
And it to their advanl
Call and aee tbe work
ing of these valuable inventions, or addree the
PALMM PUUPOOMPADI for a otrcniag, which
will furnish the names of many who have ned the
Pump with aerfnet aatlfaotion. deaidna
BporiHfl" K offered to the wablte
a th beet and cneapeel Hetal Koof now need, It
merite tested by an eirperimo of yeara In tat city
andvloinlty. ApplM to Sa r aiet, old r new
bnildlnga. No eolder need faetaaed aecarely with
out expoenre to the action of tbe element..
Prepared eheet. boxed for shipment to ear part a
the United etate. can be applied by any one with
ordinary ateohanleal skill. Menvromwtly HUed.
IMWeet iwrnnd trl
lerlrs, Dry Ueok. Paper ftlllla RatlCMA
ntntlona, Mines, Wreeklnw Far, or, In
fact, for anrsnrvoae where a nnmnia nnodnil. will
; l. & D. DRUCE. :i r
Street BallraadCar and Otealba Diana '
Caetwrere. ... , ,
. Beep. oa liand a upply of 8TBKT KAIIr- "
svnv uans no,, vmniuiam, wnioa w. will war
rant equal in etyle, finish and durability, aad at as
low price, a any mad. in the ccon try- . ' . i.
Offlce Oorner of Third and Vine-street. feMtf
Bauoe, 86 do, pints an I half-pint; - "
Oomlnental Sauce, JJ gallon Jogs;
' Continental Bauoe.- is nv.-g.ilon keg. The ,t '
above aaucea are nanal to Woroeaterahlra, , ,. . i , "
I.lo.nldB.nnU.iadoa.half jilnUi ' ' " "
. Holnble Oarenne, IJdos. half-plntei I' ,' V"J
l; f ranch Huatard,MdoB.Jar ' In;
Vreoch Muatard, 10 five-gallon keg. For sale
Wholeeeleend retail, by JOHN BATK8V-'
jaM Hilloaal Iheatw Building, eytasMt-'. v.
J .-- . .
: . .St

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