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la arssa I atM th aft afiiwi
wlhM at ar frtaaaa hi tba eaaatry,
rfcwlr ta a fervkato wit. tfcaaa Dally
Pavcrt wa km hm4 ai-toa f aar
' aaaertatlaa fraas faar la three 4 all an er
ear, payable la all eaaaa hi advaaea. far
aar leas pa Had taaa aae year aar ters.
will he at the aid rata af tear dollar.
Three dallar barely anffloe ta aar far the
blaak paper w aaa la rlatla It, ret we
are deterailuea' ta aire the eoaatry mer
ckuMi a well aa ear eisy patron, the
cheapest aad heat taper ever aabUahed In
the Qaeea City 'The Preae farnlahea the
aaae fllarketa aad Telettrajph report glvea
by ear larger eotemverarlea, with a greater
variety of ceaeral aad sateeellueous read
ing. ' M
Salmon P. Chase, U. S. Senator Elect.
Tbo Stat of Ohio bai given Governor Oh as
another syidsnoa of hat estimate of hit worth,
by restoring him to offiolal position. As Got
ernor, bs adorned hi oOoe. At Senator of
the United SUte he was the repreMntatire of
the political sentiment of his" State, fir a
very large majority of Totas jirsn in the Gen
eral Alterably Tsiterday, he wu eleoted for
the leoond time United States Senator from
Ohio. Mr. Chase M emphatically a man to
serve in publio station. . This we can say" of
him without having any thing to say of his
politics. We beliere him to be a conservative
free-soil politician. , He was a student at law
at Annapolis, ML, and wu at one time in the
law office, at Washington City, of the United
States District Attorney, the celebrated Wm.
Mr. Emerson, the Thinker and Lecturer.
This favorite of cultured people of Cincin
nati lectured with success last night, and do
signs to lecture on "Saceets," at the First Con
gregational or Unitarian Church, to-night.
The man oomes round at the light time to
magnetise and idealise men and women who
are much engaged in many things, and diverts
their mental activities toward those manners
whioh are more potent on character than the
laws. The feast of Candlemas was observed
by many a silent votary who came to have his
farthing rush-light blessed with a lighting up
from the toroh of this great illuminator. II
lamlnees, in early church times, at the cere
mony of baptism received a lighted taper, as a
symbol of the faith and graoe they had re-
csived by that sacrament So with those who
partake of the lecturer's literary banquet each
bears away a lighter heart and enlightened
mind from such communions.
The "Helpers" to Make a Speaker.
Mr. Clark, of Mo., introduced a resolution,
eight weeks ago, in the unorganized House,
that no one who indorsed Helper's Book
ought to be chosen the presidios- officer. This
protracted the choice of Speaker; but, in a
round-about-way, have not the candidates of
the three parties indorsed tha indnm of
Helper's Compendium? Mr." MeCIeraand, ef
Illinois, indorsed Mr. Smith, of North Caro
lina, by giving him his rote. Mr. Smith gave
his vote to Mr. Briggs, of New York Mr.
Briggs indorsed Mr. Pennington by making
him Speaker, and Mr. Pennington indorsed
Mr. Sherman, and Mr. Sherman was the In
dorser of "Helper." Have not the candidates
all been helpers to make the Speaker? Have
not all the members of Congress in this way
indorsed the Helper book, for all have in
dorsed the indorsers. This is one of the odd
. things of politics.
Good Percentage.
We have heard the remark that rich men
can't spare their money to build for the pub
lie, while they lire, a public edifice for
benevolent purpose. So far as making money
isconoerned, arloh maneould save at least
25 per eent. of the amount he leaves in his
will, by being willing to build and superintend
the work himself. A merchant could honor
his name and evince his sagacity best by
orecting a Merchants' Exchange and Young
Men's Mercantile Library Association while
he lives, than to defer its erection from funds
left by devise. Mr. McMicken might have
had hit orphan schools and university in op
eration, if he had net delayed it onto lawyers
and relatives could quarrel over the money he
had bequeathed.
It should be the spirit of all who wish to do
good, to do that good in their daily life and
With Pope, wo say
"Moillvar ealnta by dying alter given."
"A Minute Man."
There is to be a monument erected at Lex
ington, Mass., capping which is to be a figure
of "a minute man.J flnoh a man represents
those who rushed with the accoutrements of a
huntermusket-pouch and powder-horn to
the defense of the colonies against the Red
coats at Lexington Green, April 19, 1775. All
those in favor of contributing dimes and dol
lars to bnild this monument say aye. An as
sociation hai been formed to raise the funds
and do the work, Edward Everett is Presi
dent, Charles 0. Whitmore, of Boston, is
Treasurer, and every true-hearted American
may and ought to be a stockholder, if build
ing monuments be at all in order. We believe
in ereotinga monument more enduring than
brass, and firmer than marble, in the adaman
tine virtues of every true American. A noted
priest was rebuked by one of his dram-selling
parishoners, for his eloquent advocacy of the
cause of temperance. The father turned to
the audience and said: "If yon will be eating
and drinking and goiag your own road, you
might as well spend your Hps with Barney
Coyle as any ether man." We say, if monu
ments are to be built, aid the one to honor the
heroes of the first battle of the Revolutionary
The Millennium.
One of the guests, after witnessing the ev
idences of fraternity between differing men of
different sections, and of the conoord and am
ity evinoed with soon a bounteous flow of
splrita at the "citisens"' grand re-union in this
city, cried out, "The Millennium is setting
la" well be bound it will be more than a
thousand years before Satan will be bound
Ml if any signs be favorable to the "good time
coming," those manifested here a few days
since were such. ; . "'. ...."
Asouonva. At Philadelphia, a ' young
married man named Danean haa haaa Mma
mitted by Alderman Beitler, in default of
si,avu osui, to answer toe charge or abduct
ing a girt named Myers, sixteen yean of age,
woo cannot be found. . .-u. .
WASHINGTON, February 2.
SENATE. Susdry communications were
received irem the Xxeeutive Department
On motion of Mr. Gwln it was resolved that
on aad after Monday next the Senate meet at
twelve o'clock.
Mr. Gwln gave notice that on Monday he
would move to go en with the calendar..1
The first bill upon the calendar was for the
construction of a railroad to the raeino, and
he desired to take that up.
- Mr. Sumner introduced a resolution, request
ing the Committee on Commerce to inquire
into me sxpeuiency or repealing the Hospital
tax en seamen, and abolishing the present svt-
viiu oi marine nospitais. Adopted.
Mr. Wigfell gave notice of a bill for a rail
road and telegraph between the Atlantic
States and California.
Mr. Lane offered a resolution insturuoting
the Committee on Naval Affairs to inquire
Into the expediency of establishing a naval
station on Poget's Sound. Adopted.
Mr. Davis introduced a series of resolutions
relating to the obligations imposed on the
States by the Constitution, to protect the
rights of the people in the Territories, Ao.
Mr. Davis said he referred to these resolu
tions for the purpose of having a vote
taken on them separately. He would be glad
it they could be adopted without debate and
with unanimity. Ordered to be printed and
made the special order for Wednesday at one
P.M. I ' .:!. . , '
t Mr. Wilson introduced a bill appropriating
a million acres of the public lands for the bene
fit of the free schools of the District of Colum
bia. -
Mr. Poster Introduced a resolution of Inquiry
whether the appropriation for tho new post
office in New York is now in force, and whether
further legislation Is necessary. Adopted.
Mi1. Brown's resolutions were taken up.
Mr. Fitch discussed the Territorial question.
He thought the new doctrine of popular
sovereignty a departure from the views of the
founders of the Government. lie defended
the course of the Democratic Senators in dis
placing Mr. Douglas from the Chairmanship
of the Committee on : Territories. Mr. Fitoh
then examined the Dred Scott Decision, con
tending that it sustained the views he had ad
vanced. He also claimed that thoy were
supported by the Cincinnati Platform. He
thought these were points, however, on which
Democrats differ without feeling that they
were judioial, not legislative questions.
Mr. Douglas said4nat it was not necessary
at this time to go into any controversy with
the gentleman from Indiana. : He might have
used these arguments with more propriety
in his own State bofore the meeting of the late
Democratic Convention.
Mr. Fitch replied that the action of that
Convention might add to the Senator's vote at
Charleston, but according to the rules govern
ing former Conventions, it did not give him
votes enough to secure his nomination. Did
he then expect to transfer or sell them to
somebody else?
Air. uougias said teat tno action oi ths re
cent Convention showed that the Democrats of
Indiana could not be bought.
Mr. Brown wished to press a vote on the
resolution, but yielded to a motion to post
pone, and after an executive session the Son-
ate adjourned.
Trial of Stephens.
CnaiLSSTOWH. Vi.. February 2. The town
is thronged to-day to witness the proceedings
of the trial of Stephens, one of the 'Harper's
Ferry conspirators.
At eleven o'clock the Court opened, Judge
John Kenny, of Rockingham, presiding, Judge
Parker being engaged la holding the regular
wwn ieurc in nampeuiro iounty.
The Grand Jury, of whiob R. V. Shirley is
foreman, was sworn.
The J udge delivered his charge, and, in re
ferring to the Harper's Ferry invasion, ssid:
"It is known to you, end is now a part of
the history of the country, that on the nieht
of the 10th of Ootober last a band of traitors,
murderers and Incendiaries, stealthily made a
descent on the soil of Virginia in the oountv
of Jefferson, and wantonly murdered several
of our citizens and people with the design to
incite our slaves to revolt, and to subvert our
Government. Some of these desperadoes, and
others, the dupes of designing cowards, were
captured and punished according to their
deserts; but there are some engaged, or sup
posed tq.have been engaged in this foray who
nave not as yet been apprehended, and others
who are believed to have been actively en
gaged in this tragedy, but who are not yet
known to the publie.
It will be your duty, and I believe your
pleasure also, to Inquire who wae guilty of
polluting our soil and attempting to dishonor
the sovereignty of Virginia, I deem it un
necessary for me to recommend you to con
duct your inquiries with that coolness, justice
and good sense which has distinguished your
predecessors in their inquisition, and which
has met the approbation of the good and pa
triotic citizens of our eommon oountry. So
conduct your inquiries that the bright escut
cheon of your beloved State shall not be
dimmed by passion or groundless suspicion,
and also let them be conducted without fear,
favor or affection as you may elioit the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
The jury then retired to their roomi and the
witnesses in the esse of the Commonwealth et.
Aaron D. Stephens, were sent up.
Before the jury retired, Mr. Harding, Dis
trict Attorney, made an address to them.
After an absenoe of an hour, they returned
with a bill against Stephens, charging him
with murder and treason, and conspiring with
slaves to create a rebellion.
The witnesses in the case of the Common
wealth vi. Hazlett were then sent up, and an
Indiotment of the same character was shortly
afterward returned against him.
' The work of empannelling the jory in the
ease of Stephens was postponed until to-morrow,
in order to allow counsel time to examine
the indictment against him. Stephens and
Hazlett will be defended by Mr. Bennett; the
Commonwealth is represented by Andrew
Hunter. It is deemed unnecessary at present
to lnoreese to any extent the military force
now here. Thelonly addition that has been
made is a company of twenty cavalry from
Shepardstown. No fear Is entertained of an
attempt at rescue.
Republican Caucus.
Wash motoi, February J. The Republicans
held a caucus to-day. Many seekers after
plaoee were gathered in the lobbies impatiently
awaiting the result. The rumors from time to
time created muoh excitement among them.
It was ascertained from the proceedings in the
hall that the preponderance of feeling there
waa in favor of Mr. Forney for Clerk, and
Henry W. Hoffman for Sergeant-at-Arms of
the House. '
These gentlemen were recommended, but not
elected. No definite action was taken on can
didates for the offices.
Some difficulty was occasioned by there
being two candidates for Doorkeeper from
New York, Captain Darling and Ira Goode
nough, while George Marsten, of N. H., is a
prominent candidate for that office.
Fatal Boiler Explosion.
Yoik, February 2. This morning a
dreadfsl explosion occurred in tbo distillery
situated at the corner of North Fourth and
Fifth-streets, owned by a man named Policy.
A large portion of the building was blown up,
and two men instantly killed. A piece of the
boiler fell into a blacksmith shop about a
block distant, instantly killing a man who was
working there. A number of men are sup
posed to be buried in tho ruins, and efforts sre
making to extricate them.
Burnt to Death.
PaoviDiaoi, February 2, Miss Rebecca
Blodgett, a very estimable lady, was burnt to
death this morning. Her clothing accidentally
caught fire, and Wore relief could be ren
dered, ehe died in extreme agony. She is re
spectably connected. :
Three Days Later from Europe.
Haliux, February J. The steamer America,
wbioh left Liverpool at half-past two o'olock,
r. la.., on tne urn nit., ana yaeenswwn en
the following day, arrived here at one o'clock
this afternoon. She will be due at Boston on
Saturday morning. The City of Wathington,
from New York, arrived at Qeenstown at two
o'clock A. M. on the 12th ulU The Borunia
reached Southampton at the same time. The
Bremen, from New York, arrived at South
ampton on the mornins of the 14th.
The object of Lord Cowley's mission to
London was to resume negotiations between
England and France, which ' were instituted
by the former and interrupted by Count
Walewski's proposition. The principle of
these negotiations was nonintervention in the
affairs of Central Italy. Franoe, adopting the
same basis, is desirous that the whole of
Europe ehould give its formal assent to the
principle. . . ..
With this view Lord Cowley was solicited
to sound the feeling of the British Cabinet as
to the advisability of addressing a collective
note to the European Cabinets. In this note
an Infraction of the prinoiple of non-intervention
was to be treated as eaiuibelli. Ths British
Cabinet, while expressing its readiness to
support the prinoipal of non-intervention,
either at the Congress or in its communication
with the foreign powers, pointed out the im
possibility of pledging itself without the con
tent of Parliament to a course of policy which
might possibly involve hostilities. The feel
ing of the Northern Courts give rise to some
fear that Europe would not passively submit
to to threateaing an intimation, and which
also implied the adoption of principles opposed
to the Independence of every State whioh pos
sesses the right of forming alliances as it may
think proper at its own risk and peril.
The British Cabinet having thus declined
the proposition to enter into engagements hav
ing suoh an important bearing, an early meet
ing of the Congress was again revived.
There was a doubtful rumor that the Em
peror of Austria has invited RussiaTlnd Prus
sia to defend the legitimate rights of mon
arch!!. The Manchester Chamber of Commerce had
memorialized Lord Palmereton to bring the
subject of international maritime law before
the European Congress.
At tbe latest accounts tne Spanish army wu
near Tetuan.
Reports are ourrent, and believed in Paris,
that an agreement was made between Franoe
and England for the reciprocal import of Eng
lish iron and coal and Frenoh wares.
The Paris correspondent of the Pott reports
that the Papal Nuncio has said that the Pope
will give up the Bomsgna, provided the rest -
of his dominions be secured to him. Cardinal
Antonelli's resignation was not confirmed. It
was rumored that Garibaldi had gone to
General Montalban, Commander-in-Chief of
the Frenoh expedition to China, had embarked
with his staff at Marseilles for his destination,
via tho overland route.
The monthly returns of the Bank of France
show a decrease in cash of 45,000,000 francs,
and an morease in disoounts of nearly 40,
000,000. ...
A sub -marine telegraph cable had been
successfully laid between the Channel Islands
and Franoe.
The London Times editorially criticises the
financial statement of the American Govern,
ment, and points out that allowing for tha
South of one State and the maturity of another,
lore is tho strongest possible analogy between
tne respective proceedings ot .England and
America. Iu another leader the same journal
expatiates on Mexican affairs, in connection
with the Presidents Message. It says: "There
is not a question but what the Amertoans, if
(boy plwaad, oould march to Mexico, nor is it
to be doubted that the advance would be at
tended with at least the temporary benefit of
"Saving British interests we should look on
such a proceeding with the least dissatisfaction;
but If Mr. Buchanan's description of Mexico
Is a faithful ploture, it will require far more
than one casual intervention to restore the
country to the rank of an organized State."
A stormy meeting of the great ship company
had been held in London. A report was
presented , showing the position of the com
pany and announcing the resignation of the
Board. A motion' to receive the report was
followed by an amendment, tbat before doing
so a eommittee of investigation be appointed.
After a warm discussion it was resolved to
decide the question by ballot.
The result was expeoted to be known tbe
day the America sailed. The meeting stood
adjourned till the 17th ult.
A Captain Walker, said to be the captain of
the slaver Wanderer, and who recently arrived
at Liverpool under extraordinary circum
stances, was under arrest in that nlaae. chanted
with having conspired with others to obtain
money by false pretense. The evidence before
the magistrate showed that Walker was treat
ing for the purchase of a ship for a slave ex
Edmund Lane and George Hinds, first and
second mates of the ship Anna, of New York,
were under arrest in London, charged With
having murdered several colored seamen dur
ing the voyage from Ligona to England.
A ootton mill at Blackburn, called the
Swallow-street Mill, containing 20,000 spin
dles, had been burnt. Loss $30,000.
Imdii Ann Cbiha. The Calcutta mail of
December 10, and the Hong-Hong mail of
November 7, had reached England. The gov
ernment dispatches from Oude confirm the
complete overthrow and dispersion of the re
mainder of the rebel army. The salt tax
was to be Increased one shilling on 80 pounds,
adding nearly one million sterling to the reve
Calcutta imports were aulet. Cotton goods
and yarns wsre deolining. Freights were ac
tive. The Chinese were reported to be making
great warlike preparations.
Imports at Hong-Kong and Canton wsre
dull, but prices were generally sustained, owing
to light stocks. Tea was quiet, but holders
refused to reduce prices. Imports at Shang
hai were quiet. The tea business was almost
stopped, owing to the exorbitant rates de
manded. Silk was lower, and a good business
in tea was doing at Foo-Choo-Foo at former
rates. .
At Japan, trade progressed favorably. "
A Bombay telegram of Deoember 27, rto
Aden, reports the campaign against the rebels
in Neapaul progressing favorably. The rebels
had all surrendered exoept the Begum.
It was said the Chinese had addressed a de
mand to Russia that sheuvaouate all the ooun
try south of the Amoor.
Lodoh, January 13. The weekly meeting
of the Bank of England Directors passed ol
without any advance in the rate of discount.
Tbe demand for money continued active.
Wheeler Sc Co., of London, ship-owners,
have suspended for about 40,000. Church A
Son, of London, have also suspended.
Lokdoh, January 14. M. VlUienarne is
publishing a pamphlet, in which he advocates
the territorial rights of the Pope. It Is ru
mored that a majority of the French Bishops
have expressed themselves ready to launoh
into publie, but Roma hesitates to give the
signal. . .
At Vienna it is fully believed that the Gov
ernment intends openly and actively to inter
fere in Central Italy in favor of the exiled
Dukes and the Papal Government The pas
toral of the Aroh-Bishop, published In the
Weimer Zrituitg oonttrms this fear.
SouTHiiirroir, January 14. .The steamer
Bremen, whioh sailed from New York on the
30th of Deoember, has arrived. '
The Paris Univcri announces that the Bishop
of Perigua is about to publish a pamphlet in
answer to "The Pope et le Congress."
The Militia United Xervict Oazettt says : "A
rumor gives credit in military circles that it is
the intention of the Government to disband
the militia embodied very early in the spring."
The London Ti'sWe oity article of Saturday
evening says t "The funde to-day are firm at
tbe closing price of yesterday. In the share
market there is searoely feature ef interest.
The railroad share market waa inactive, but
prices ue steady, ,. u.-i .. v . . .
Pasib. January 14. The Pan of this morn
ing says t "Should our information be correct
tbe state of affairs is daily improving, not oniy
as regards the relations of the French govern
ment with the Holy Sea, but also in reference
to those of England, which are continually be
coming more intimate." : ..- 'I v '
Rentes opened at a further advance , of '4,
the first price being 691.
S P. M. The market has become very flat
and prices have materially declined. Rentes
are quoted at 88f 050., being M below yester
day's closing price. ...
- The Vienna Gaxettt publishes an Imperial
decree, enacting tbat the testimony of Jews is
to be regarded as of the same value as that of
Christians.-lit measure is eonsiaerea pre
llmiaary to according full, civil and political
rights. . " t. . .
The Plot of Denmark has acceded, by a
large majority, that the bill for the separation
ef Church and State thoald be read a second
time. -
The Independent Beige retracts the state
ment that Prince Metternich had left for VI'
enna. ., ; ' ' '
Livibtocl, January 3. The sales of cotton
for the week add up 79,000 bales, of whioh
6,000 wsre to speculators, and 10,500 to ex
porters. All quotations had slightly declined,
and holders were pressing their stock on the
market. Tha decline ranges from 'A to d.
The sales to-day (Friday) were 8,000 balee, of
which z,ouo were on speculation ana tor ex
port The market closed quiet at the follow
ing quotations: Orleans fair 7d; do. mid
dlings 6i.i Mobile fair 7c; do. middlings
6d.; Uplands fair 6o. do. middlins 6d.
The stock in port amounts, to 570.000 bales.
inoludlng 418,000 American.
The advices from Manchester are favorable.
The market closes firm for both goods and
yarns..; ; ' ' . ." ;
jjoaoov, January is. xno aemana tor
money Is active, but rates are generally un
changed. The bullion in the Bank of En-
gland has decreased 237,000. : Consols closed
at 9&J495 for money and 95K95 for
Messrs. Barinrs's circular ouotes Dollars at
4s 24di Esgles 7S 3d.
American Stocks Messrs. Barings report
the business limited at previous rates. '
Messrs. Bell & Co. report an active market
at steady prices for State stocks, and railroad
securities generally unchanged. ''
The Timet of Friday tsays: Ths market is
without change, and quotations of Illinois
Central 7's, of 1850, at 89; Illinois Central
Railroad stock 42 dis.; Erie stook 99.
Lohdoh, January 14 P. M. Consols closed
at WA)Qb for money and 95 for account
Texas Legislature.
Nxw Orliars. February 2. Gov. Houston's
Message to the Legislature, tranmittlng the
resolutions of the South Carolina Legislature.
opposes the Southorn Convention." The LegJ
lsiature passea resolutions sustaining Gov.
Houston's views, that Texas gave no her in
dependence to the Union, and was unwilling
to surrender tbe Union on an emergenoy not
deemed sufficient to excuse so important a
Election of Ex-Governor Chase to the
United States Senate.
Columbus, February 2. Ex-Governor Chase
was elected United States Senator on the first
ballot this afternoon. The vote stood: Chase,
75; Fugh, 64; Corwin, 6. , , .
Dsxtib, Mich., February 2. A fire last
evening destroyed the building and store of
George Arnold, grocer, and tbe Dexter Hotel,
adjoining. Loss $5,000, partially insured.
From Cleveland.
C'utvsLiMD, February 2. The Republicans
fired one hundred and seventeen guns this
afternoon in honor of the election of Pennington.
Convicted of Manslaughter.
Pittsbuio, February 2. Polioeman Jones,
tried for the murder of Mary Delaney, wet
convicted of manslaughter to-day.
River News.
Lomsviui, February 2 P. M. River fall
ing slowly, with six feet two inches in tbe
Canal. '
DiSAGRiiiBLi PaiDioiutNT. Last week a
couple were married in Fall River, and imme
diately started for New York in the steamer.
At Newport the happy man stepped ashore to
see an acquaintance for a moment, when the
boat started, leaving him behind, and carry
ing his blooming bride to Gotham.
A Missiho Husband Tubiid Up. Some
three years ago a Dr. Baltzley disappeared
mysteriously from Cleveland, O., and bis wife
sought to recover the insurance on his life.
The company refused payment, however, and
wisely, for he was found a fortnight sinoe keep
ing school in Virginia.
Th3 Latist Musical Phroiiiho. The
Burlington (Vt) Free Preu publishes an ac
oonnt of a new musical prodigy ajgirl three
years old, daughter of Andrew Story, jr., of
Essex, Mass. who plays a dozen tunes on the
melodeon, in four parts, in correct time, and
imitates by ear. - -
Attaoksu bt a Sial. A man named Kelly
Wds attacked off Montauk Point, N. J., on
Wednesday, by an immense-seal which was
lying on the beach. The monster had its
mouth wide open, jumped about six feet, and
made every effort to seize the man, but was
finally killed.
A movement is on foot In New York city to
tender a publio dinner to Hon. Stephen A.
Douglas and Hon. Roger A. Pryor. Mr.
Douglas visited New York on Saturday, but
hat since returned to Washington. '
FoROBiv in Nsw Oblbaks. A forged check
for $4,000. purporting to be drawn bv 8. J.
Adler, and indorsed by John M. Lee, of New
Orleans, La., was presented at the counter of
the Crescent City Bank in that city recently
and paid. ' ,
W A. A. Eytter. Clocks. Watches and
Jewi lry, Hot. Mi end 171 Western-row. ;
Daguerrean GaUery, south-west eor
aer of Sixth and Waitra-row, over Hannaford'a
drug-store. Pictures taken and nt In tool cases
for twenty otnta. Warranted to aleaaet
At tbe " International," (Sycamore-
street, opposite the National Theater,) to-day, low
Bowman and Phil. Tieman will be nappy to see their
friends. Bllllardi an d Lunch will be the programme
Tbe "big Jug" will alio be exhibited.
Spbaoub & Co. 'g. The ruth at this
popular establishment etill increases. The people
know where to purchase tbe beatanalltyof Clothing,
and consequently (0 to Sprague's, south-east corner
or fourth and Vine-atreeti. Remember, Ibeir
figures are down to ooet. :
CiTizms Ann Stbamqrbs RiauiRigo
Stereoecopee In mahogany, rosewood and leather;
Stereoscopic Views In groupe.statuary, landscapes;
Steel Bracelets, Brooches, Clasps, Buckles; '
Tans in pearl, Ivory, stndal-wood, mourning; ' "
Bracelet in coral, Jet, gold and in beads; ' ''
Coral Mecklaeea, Shoulder Ties', Hegllgees; '
' Wax Beads, in white, coral, blue, lavender;
Card Baskets, Card Beceivert, Card Oases; ' ' '
Odor Stands, Odor Boxee.Tollot Bottles; " "
Jewel Caskets, Jewol Boxes, Work Boxes; '
Wrltlntr Tkuka. Pnrlfalln. nM P...
Crying Babies, Bpeaklng Dolls, China Wax Dolls; '
IiBllet' Fursee in leather, wir, velvet, pearl, ehell;
, Traveling Bags, Satchels, Cabas Dressiog Cases;
Meerschaum Pipes, HnufT-boxes, Cigar Cases,
And every variety of fANCT OOOD8, suitable for
Gifts, will And them at -' -.
feaawd N. X. Cor, fourth and Walnut-sit, '
BLLtR-OOIilMAH-' On January 23, by BMer
Alexander Anderaon. John litis, Esq.. to still Vic
tory Coleman, all ol Broken County, By. -, '
OOB-nOBKnTS-On tha Nth of Deoember ISM,
air. Henry S. Ooe. formarlr of Ohio, to airs. Virginia
B. Roberts, of Lebanon, IIL . i '.,
QA VAONA-Thureday morning at 1 o'clock, Cant,
line Bents, wife of Augustus Oaragna, in the 21th
year of ber age.
The funeral will take place at 0 o'olock, Saturday
morning, from the reaid.nce of B. Uarugna, No. 31
West Fifth -street. Tbe friend and relatives are in
vited to attend without further notice.
'JAMES-Of consumption, en the evening of Jan.
Si, at 10 o'clock I. At., Mrs. Elmlra, wire of Dr. L.
A.Jamea.-- ....,.-...
ANDBCW8 On tbe Slst day of January, Charles,
only eon of William fl. and Julia U. Andrews, agea
years and 30 days.
FOLLY announces, tbat be will give one
more :. .:i , . .- ... -
SUBJECT i " Blectrlolty ef the Hainan
Body," showing man to be a living Galranio Bat
tery; his Brain a Hagnet; Electricity subject to his
will, and the connecting link between mind and
matter. t .
At the close of the lecture be will introduce a great
variety of experiment in Electricity, Galvanism,
Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, with explana
tions adapted to the capacity of all.
Admission 2S oents. Pupils of Bchoolt IS oenta,
Lecture to oommeDoe at 1H o'elook.' ' fe2b
Young Ladies'
AJT SESSION on MONDAY, Februarys, with
a full complement of able and efficient Teacher. "
Wo care or expense has been spared to make this
School all tbat a Seminary for Toung Ladles should
be. All the pupils from abroad board In the family
of the President, makiug it mere like a family than
a boarding school. Besides a full supply of appara
tus for illustrating the sciences, it is furnished with
a Library and Reading Boom. ' .
For pleasurable recreation, choice is given between
the UaUlstheneum for Indoor aud tbe Biding school
for outdoor exeroise.
atsriror particulars, address the President, or I. H.
WHITE, 2i West Fourth-street, Cincinnati. jaUani
i Wholesale Jewelers, ' t
Walnnt-stroet to their new store-room.
norm-west corner of Main and Fearl-streeta, where
ineyare now optpmgas large a stock of Watohca,
Jewelry, Clocks, Silver Ware, Plated Wsre, Watch
Toole and Materials a can be found in the city, and
at prices that can not fail to pleaae. Remember the
store, north-west corner of Main and Pearl-streets,
Hemoval. :, ;
Pookflt.ltnnk Htora'anri W.tnrr h.mhMn
reiuovrd to Mo. IM) Walnut-street, two door below
Fourth, where the best and largest assortment of
Wallets, Porte-monnaics, Purses, Bags, Portfolios,
Bankers' Casea, jb. Cases for Jewelry, Ac, can
be had at the lowest prices. jaSlaw
The members of the Y. M. M. L. Associa
tion are requested to attend a meeting to be held at
tha Merchants' Exchange on BATDBDAY NIGHT,
February 4, at 8 o'olock, to consider the propriety of
celebrating the 2Mb Auniversarv of the Institution.
Ie31) J. J. MoDOWELL, Bee. Sao'y.
tg7 HABDINQB, the most profound Fhilo.
Joptaical (Medlumlstlcl breaker iu America, will
eoturoln National Ball. Vine-street, between Fifth
and Sixth, on SUNDAY ilOHtUHti and EVEN
ING, February 5, 1M0. fe2c
The Stockholders of the Ohio Life Insur
ance Company aro notified that the Annual Meeting
forth choice of Directors will be held at the olnc
of the company, No. en West Third-street, on MON
DAY, tho 6th day of February, I860, between tbe
hours of 11 o'clock A. M. and 1 1'. M.
ial2t HENRY HOOKEY, Secretary.
Sjl ED FEET. Palmer'a Vegotable Oosmetlc
Lotion Is the never-falling remedy for these great
annoyance. It not only effects a oomplete cure,
often by one thorough application, but it decreases
the liability to a return of the same difficulty, for
saie oyuraggiii generally.
' No. S6 West Fourth -etreet.
Ifs OiNOiitHATi, Deo. 17, 1859. Mr. S. Palmer
Dear Sir: Some Ave years since I received a severe
Ininryon my left arm, near tbe elbow, since which
I have been greatly annoyed byaoutan.ous disease
on the same. After usiug various lemo.lies without
success, 1 waa induced to try your Vegetable (Joe
luetic boclon, and am happy In informing yon that
the use of half a bottle has left my arm as smooth
and free from disease a it male. -. .
Gratefully yours,
No. 146 West Third-Btreet.
For sale by druggist everywhere, Be sure to get
Palmer's Vegetable Coemetfo Lotion, and accept of
nothing else. SOLON PALMER, Agent, ,
doai No. 30 West Fourth-street, Cincinnati, O.
CO VERY is acknowledged by the moat em
nent physicians, and by til most careful druggist
throughout the United States, to be the most effectual
blood-purifier ever known, and to have relieved more
suffering, and effeoted more permanent oures, than
any preparation known to the profession. Scrofula,
Salt Rheum, EryalpoIa,Boald-hed, scaly eruptions
of whatsoever nature, are oured by a few bottloa, and
the system restored to full strength and vigor. Full
and explicit directions for the cure of ulcerated sor
legs, and other corrupt and running uloers, 1 given In
mo nunpmet wun eacu oonie, or sale oy jutifl v,
M.DIXON. Price tl. seplS-ay
f-E-woFFicE op rum pasben.
NATI. S. W. corner of Third
and Race-streets. OetobAr-
14, 18M.-Thi road 1 now open. Car will start,
'""STf'SJ0' ,en "tnute, from 8:30 A.I M. un
til midnight, running eastward on Tbird-etreet
fron Wood to Lawrence-atreet, and westward on
fi?u.!2n"&r.'?et BnntMis and on Fifth-atroet to
Wood. Citisens will please bear in mind that the
Cars will invaalablv atms (nhtMMUn. .iMt,
stopping for passengers: "" "
rfasisa j. bobbins. President. -
Stoneheng. The Dog In Health and Disease. -
o.u., un i-oolinu......,....,. ,.........,..., 14 DO
The Romollst. Vol. 8, Umqy cloth... 2 65
Uand-Book of Geological Terms. By David
Page. 12mo., oloth........M.-...-.............. 2 00
Prinoiple or Beauty. By Mra.Schimmelpenn.
tuck. Colored plate; 12tno cloth.... t 7t
Tho iarth We Inhabit. By Captain Drawn.
13mo., cloth., 1 00
Lessons on Objects. Pestalos.lan. 12mo., cloth 1 0
Papers on Teaching. By Rev, Wm.Ros,12mo.,
cloth 1 10
Evidences of Christianity. By J.O. Ilalllwell,
Umo , cloth 1 15
The Shakspeare Fabrication. BrC.At.Ingleby.
12mo cloth... I 00
Lanlner on Electric Telegraph. )2mo., cloth,.. , 0
Lardneron Microscope. l2mo., cloth esetsssMsgttee eo
General Paralysis.' By Thomas J. Austin. 8vo., '
cloth... 42 00
Operative Surgery on tbe Dead Bod;. ByThoa.
Smith. Mino., cloth 100
Diseasee and Injuries of the Joint. , By Tho.
, Bryant. lSoao., cloth...... 2 24
PhthisisandtheStethetoope. By B. P. Cotton, --
K.l). ISmo., clotl ,,.- (o
Robert Clarke & Co,
, ; 55 West Fourth-street,
n3a) : . , : :
SONS are hereby informed that the subscriber
will not be responsible for the debts contracted by
his wire, Margaret Crowley, from and after this date.
Interested parties must settle with me according to
law. JOHN CKOW LEY, Charcoal -alley. ,
Cincinnati, February 3, IBoO. fe3o
(iAQB at the M ADISON HOUSE trill baaold
at publio auction unless called for before February
1, I wo. fb
aa.' FOUNDRY, fl. ALLISON, HnperinUnCMt.
scaling Materials of all kinds. 16iTvia-sUettv
Great Mstiibfltioii;
sa ; tfc lira t 1 .. 4.' -
OF- wisg "'' 'Ste'frv" !
Ti n .-v : -n:ffc t Ti d
MJ MMl JL . 'SJ W'VJLT K-7 .-
wm & cows,
; i SWssbsps - -
"West Fpiirth-sfc.
Pampadour Broche Silks, r ;.
l Flounced Silk Bobes, , j
.t.FlcHr Marguerite.
C L 0 1 K S A SF SI! AWL S !
- .u...; I tjlJDfXSSm i -'::.X.
Robes de Chambre!
' ;.v.;. i - ' -AT ' .
ILiO-W; 3PlTiOOl3 !
; . With a Vast Variety at Other '
Dress - Goocls. ,
, February and March. ,'
Ji. worst winter weather w. have In this olintate. ,
It would be well for those who hare not got tha
Patent to order it at once, as no investment ean be
made tbat will pay eo well in economy and comfort.
For the proof of this fact, inquire of any of tha
many thousands who are nownalng it intnlsclty.
Orders left at tbe BAGLK BTOVB KTORE, Mo. 17
Weet Fifth-street, or Bent through mail, will receir
prompt attention, J. 1). UTAN,
fe2o Proprietor of Bodge' Patent.
JL the store lately occupied by llenry falls,
No. 65 West Fourth-street,
And will keop always On hand one of the largest
stocks and the latest patterns of
To be found in the country, which they offer at .
v . v i : ; At prices beyond competition. -
No. 65 , West , fourth-street, ,
JaWamf ' ;: Adjoining -Pike's Opera-house. ,
:i New and Improved
. , '
Tht beat aad only Machine la the market suitable .
for' all kinds of manufacturing purposes at the
58 West
rjaiitf '
LI. . i. 1 i.i,. a . . . . --. uu
- uib KUUUI, 0'a DOTOUlll-B,rOOi VU iUVll
DAT next, February 6. and oontlnne till th end of
June. There will be taught the usual branches of
an English Education, the various branches ot th
Mathematioe, the Latin, Oreek and French Lan.
luase. Term for the English, 20; ortt per month;
for the other branche, $30, or 16 per month. Pupil
charged from the data of entry,
Mfoj-joo . ' '"w .' '(dni
sKtsod qi nojo4d no ins S4tnojo Jem
nsaqs-wiqtnnioo pas (sLoi-annss
xtnuoj ) snasAs-isiquao aaoiog isso-qiJoy
dO 2? HHUVH jM. 'AJl
1 -I 'STOKPoeilPUBtuoo
- Jtumoa pa 9aiptqj!Q iq)joa
ranted at .
No. Sl and S21 Halntreesj 1
i"IiODH and Corn Heal at OOI.TEB'8.
' fel No. S19 aad SSI Main-atreet.
fa3 Una. 3I and 821 Maln-atwet. . .
J brands Sirup., -r . r . OTW'tE'B,
fcS Ho. 11 and 31 Maln-stxeet.
Lin can be had at " OOLTER'B, '
fe3 . - Mo.l9ad2IMalmtret.
existing between MulHns, Johnston A M.
Smith expired on the 1st Jan., by It own limitation
and the withdrawal of Mr. Bmith. I h. boeines of
tbe old Arm will b ettled by the nndenlgnwl and, '
wmbj copUnur J ft0M$J ;
I, .
r i

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