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AJ7ANTED Immedlately
T general housework a 0-
FOUND," A.,la this oohmn,oiWnT lines
01 lew, two Insertions, twen tT-llTC onts.
ANTED-GIKL Aged 12 or 14 years",
to ak care of children. Mo one need apply
unless they speak German ud i French. Address M.
N at this office, in (Jermau, Ingltah or Frenob.
fe3tf 1
-A GIRL to do
Inanlre at No, 77 Laurel-street, between John and
Cutter. - feSh
WANTED Families wanting croud do-meatlcsteall-at
tnent Orncs.SU Fifth-street, between Westsrn-vow
ana jonn. uooq reierence given. IMb
office is desired bT an active anil IntalliR-ent
boy, IS year of mo; would triv tomakshlmM'f
useiui to on employer. Aaareas jajusis, tun omce,,
or Mayor's office. fe3b
AVANTED-BOARD-By a young lady
In a prlrata family where there ara no othsr
hoarder. Nona other need aruwer. Address M. 0.,
at inn omce. ie.iD-
wardrobe, bad. Ac. aaltabla for an omce or
small room, requiring a apaoe, when oloeed, or only
alioHt iHbyt feet. Inquire at Main-it. feSb
WANTED A good house Servant , umt
find employment and good wages, if well
rocommenaeq,at 167 aiim-ssrset, lejo-
v tlon b? a com Detent man. with a small fam
llr. In a wholesale or retail dry good or grocery
store. In city or eonntry the latter preferred; can
prnouce sauaiactory reierencea aa to competency, ao.
Address J. A., Preea office. fa3d
"VtrANTED QIBt To oook, wash and
Iron.. Apply at No. M Wert Beventb-strset.
y feb -
lady to work at dreasmaklng-one who thor,
nugmy unaeratanaf ner Business, auureas u. u.
Press office. ; fe2b
aged woman, ai monthly Norte; ha had oon.
aiderable experience. Good references given. Apply
at ui ueDirai-avenne, tiormeriy vreeiern-row.j
w i
ant book-keener, entry or ahlaninc-elerk in
any wnoieeaie noaae. ueai oi ramrence given.
areaa J. u. ai., tint omce.
m, in
fe2b -
hia wife to go on a term; two eingle men
naed to farming and gardening. Alio, a few good
Rlrli to do general housework In email famine. Ap
ply at the Oeneral Intelligence Agency, No. U'i
Weatern row. (f2 b) A. D.vApbON e: CO.
ANTEr TO RENT A small honae
Intha Weat End. or (tammlnaville. Annlv
IrxJkR H Hnni.E. M BiutThlrd-atreat. itHId
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, lalei
mon, bar-keepera, porter, coopers, rarpen
tera, niechanh-s, laborer and other, can find aftna
tlona at the Merchants' Olerka Heglatry Office, 128
time, a very desirable place containing M acre.,
in Campbell County, Ky., 20 mile from Newport and
3 mile from the Ohio Blver. Land i good and
mostly ia gras. For a fruit farm the situation can
not be excelled. Good neighborhood tor aociai Inter
mnfM. Hohnnli. nhurchea and mills convenient.
Snug Improvement In boaee, barn, oorn crib, and
cisterns frail of all kinda in bearing, shrubbery,
Ac, beaidea a yonng orchard of 1,000 peaoh and apple
trees of the choicest kinda. Alao, Stock and House
hold Farnitura for sale. Everything complete for
any one wtsning immemaio posseisioD. appiy at xiu.
24 Pearl-street, hetweon Alain and Walnnt,
V fe2-3c BAM BATE.
-sTTinn. BAT.'Hr'nTf'rlT'B.V PTiAf) US Con.
M? tainina eiiht acrea. on the Reading Boad. lire
mllaa frnm ihiirltv. The Imnrovem.nlS are i VWeil
. . . - - .
B BOARDING A -- very pleasant front
room on second Boor (famished) snltsble lor
a gentleman and wile or two gentlemen; can De oo.
tained, wlth.boardlng, at lez rium-ti. near sottrin,
Also, a few day-boarders Wanted. . lea
BOARDING A gentleman and bis wife;
also, two single gentlemen can obtain a pleas
ant room and board, in a private family, by duxes.
ing A. B., Cincinnati Fostoffloe. fe2b
BOARDING Two gentlemen can secure
a very pleasant room, with board, In a private
family wnere a tew Doiiraera are receiveo, dj apply
ing immediately at 107 Longwortb-atreet, near FInm,
j arm moqerate. . i ioo-
BOARDING Two or three young men can
be accommodattd with board and lodging at
298 West Fifth-street. Also, a few more day-boarders
wanted. le2D
0 A R D I N G A large, pleasant front
room, with fire and era, anltabls for a family
or single gentlemen, can oe naa, witn noara, ov ap
plying at no. Mi x'lnm-streei, xwo laaieswuuni
to room together ean also be accommodated. ja31d'
TilOR RENT Desirable Furnished Rooms
JD to let without board. Apply at the northeast
corner oi gonrtn ana xiim.streeis. icn-
"OOR RENT Two good front Chambers.
-B. Inauire corner of iiajmiller and ligbth-
treat. leif
Coal! Coal! Coal!
deals In the best Qualities of the various kinda
oi uoris orougnr so tne oity.
Office and yard. No. 103 East Third-street.
Orders solicited and promptly attended to,
W. M. HDBBKLL, Beo'y.
Cannel CoaL
TI-TOW RECEIVING A superior article
is cannel uoai, ana ior saie at ao. uo avast
Tblrd-Btreet. .
ja28aw ' W. M. HTJBBKtili, SecreUry.
Winifrede Coal.
m. mines, and an excellent article for cooking-
uu u l a hue -mirn.nrmi.
i vm. Vnr sate at 103 East Thlrd-atreet.
Ja28aw W. M. HDBBELL,
Wood-Working Machinery,
('rater latin Watr aM CUelaaatl.O.
a at)-IV
Eiccflslor Fluid : Inks.
Htnnftctory Vint St s
atOAL OIL At DO cents per gallon, and
warremuea tne nest m tne
j,!8 r' " "': Corner Klnth and Vine-etreeM.
ceivd.evrydayat ' FKBOTJ80N'B
I Corner Flnth and Vine-streets.
HKCKiER'S FARINA. Just received,
box Becker's Farina. For sale, wholesale
and retail, IV - a. moiwrAijjL a uu
ja.10 6S and Branch StosoMa West Fourth-!,
AKEBl'8 COCOA Just received. 12 boxes
JOt Baker' S Cocoa. For sale, wholesale and retail,
by A. mciiur Aiixi vu.,
ja30 8 and BranshStoveSM West Fnnrth-.t
OLIVE OIL Just received, 23 dozen
flagon anry superior Oil. For sale, wholesale
aud retail, by A. McuqHAiiJja co.,
ja30 a6, and Branch Store, JM West Fourth-st.
Commissioner of tne Superior and common r
5hi'rdttiSi! .
"IFigwam Tonics
a fresh supply of this excel-
. LINT TON IO just received and for sals by
Js3 B. V. cor. Elgr th-st. and Western-row.
Essence of Fine-Apple,
Basence of Strawberry, Oil of Orange, Ksaenc
of Oran Olio, .roroy -
iaM B.W. -bot. KIhiu.tentfWiwtro-iw.
Pure Liquors.
PLY of Liquors, selected especially for medi
ral nurpoeea, such it Old Cognac Brandy, Old Bour
bon Whisky, Old By WhTskr, Old Holland
Old Port Wine. Old Sherry Wine; Old Maderla Win,
Old Catawba Wine, j or sate oy
uiovataw" ALBKBTB088. Druggist,
ja30 S, W. W. SigbU-st, ud Western-reir,
r Don't forget that he - Penny
Press Is the medium through which to
make known your wants I Advertise.
ments of fire lines and less, Inserted
twice for twenty-five centsi
Naw RTi,oiD 0pics. Tht LittI Miami
liallroad Company hava opened a saw oftioe
on Thlrd-itreet, touth aid, between Main and
B j camera; Beno Bpejer, Agent. , , ' .
Lioht KfiDiRO. 8. W. Pm k Co.. No.
28 West Slxth-itreot. have received the Naw
York Ltdtjtr, Harper' t Waklg, Vont Letlit,
Horn Journal and other literary newipepers
ior ine preaeni weea.
UiriokoiiOaioAi. Obhvatiokb By Henry
War, Optician, No. T West Fourth-street,
l obruary z:
O'clock. ' Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. U......................U.J4.6I ' Aboreiero M
U M .,...,..29.8H AboTexero n
r. Mm...h.m WiSO AIxjtb tero 23
JsTBODConoit or Gas ixto thi Stbmt Cars.
The Paaianger Railroad ComDanv hare Intro-
duotd gas into their dan, and the other roads
will soon imitate their example. The gas is
pumped Into a receiver in the ear from the
city pipes, ana lervet the purpoie in all re
spects. - ... i
February 2:
S. E. O'Neal, San Vranelaco, Oal,
J. J. Thomnion. Jaaoer Oonntv. 111.
Charlpt Moblman, Florence, Ky.
Mlaa Kate Thoinoion. New Haven. Conn.v
Wm. Dobaon, Hayavillo, Ky.
jonatnan u. rincner.rniiadeipnia, rein,
Harriet 0. Banning, Hennlng lliUa, 0.
mind over electrloitv. The lecture and ezper
I mmll IjiMhhM fAnil tn nl tnl.Mit.
, .HwMw n..HwHv. v. m. muw.i,ii i.tviwr
ln wtertainment, and po.aeise suffloient
luaguamo jiunvr hi mi uio nail to ivo uiuivat
Mar Drowhbd at thi Lamdiio. A man
named Patrick Flaherty, who occupiod the
position of a deck-hand on board tho ateamer
Aleut mow, now Ivtng at the wharr, aocidentallv
fell into the river yesterday afternoon about
two o'olook, and was drowned. Every effort
was made to reoover the body, but up to a
late now tney naa Men altogether untuoceis
ful. f
Ckxsbbatior or thi AxuiviiMiar or Wabh
iroton's Birtr-dat. The oitixeni of the
Eichth ud ad joining Wards, night before
last, held a meeting at tho corner of Central-
avenue and Everett-atroet, for the purpoie of
making arrangements for the celebration of
the oominc annlveriary of Washington's birth
day, and elected the following officers of Com
pany U oi trie American Continental tiuard:
captain, j. A. Kemiey: lit liieutenant, a. F,
CampbeUf 2d LienUnant, Philip Flthianj 3d
Lieutenant, xnatoner Lewis; 4th Lieutenant,
wunurait. .
Lictubi at Smith & Nixon's Hall. Dr.
Boynton announoes one of the moat interest
Ing leotares in his course, to be delivored this
evening at Smith Sc Nixon's Hall suUeot,
"Electricity of the Human Body." At the
clone of the lecture a number of IntereAing and
novel eiectrioai experiments will be Intro-
duced, showing how the forms of the heavenly
bodlea were produced ana tne power or the
Pbocsbdikqs or ths Coontt Commissiokbib.
At the regular aeselon of the County Commis
sioners yesterday morning, orders were passed
amounting in tne aggregate to S3.019 tb, of
which sz,022 50 were paid for interest on Lu-
natlo Asylum bond, $215 75 for gas used at
the Court-house, $247 for work done at the
South-western Lunatio Asylum, and $112 97
for provisions for the Liok Kun Lunatio Asy
lum. John Huat, Thomas Reefa and Martha
Reef were discharged from jail, as they had no
means wherewith to pay the finea and costs
oharged against them. No other business of
importance waa transacted.
SflgBirp's Salu or Rial Ebtati. The
Sheriff's sales of real estate, yesterday, were
well attended and the bidding was quite
spirited, xno following described property
waa disposed of:
Lot of land in Cincinnati, lately a part of
MincreeK xownBhln, in Jden a. fteeder s
subdivision, commencing on the east aide of
V ine-street ill road, at a point zou leet north
ot tne nortn-oaatcornerof Mulberry and Vine-
streets, thenco north 140' feet, thence east 00
feet, thence south 140 feet, and thence west
90 feet to the plaoe of beginning, subdivided
into five lots, and valued at $20 per front foot
each; sold to R. H. Bordell, tho first four for
$21, and the last for ou per front root.
The attendance yesterday morning at the Me
chanics' and Manufacturers' Exchange was
quite fair, President Runyan oooupying hia
seat, After the minutes of the previous meet
ing had been read and approved, the follow
ing persons were elected members oi tne ax
change: xnomas isown. Looung-giass and Picture
frame Manufacturer; Jas. J. Butler, Fluid Ink
Manufacturer; Kelloy A Britt, Architects and
Builders. All the above were proposed by 11
Qn. motion of Mr. wmtaon, a committee or
three, consisting of Messrs. Farrin, Mitchell
and Hud, was appointed to report tnu morn
ing on toe propriety ot issuing a price current
for artioles eonneoted with the interest of the
members, after which the Board adjourned.
Railroad Two Pabbbroib Cabs Thbowr
Dowr a Bark Thibtt Fbit irtothi Canal.-
An aooldent occurred on the Dayton and
Michigan Railroad about eight o'olook yester
day morning, by which two passengorooaob.es
were thrown over a bang a distance of tnirty
feet into the Miami Canal. : The train at tne
time was nearing Dayton, and when about
four miles from Trey, a rail was broken by
the locomotive. The baggage car, with the
engine, vaased safelv over the broken plaoe,
but when the brakes were put down tho coupling
broke, and the passenger cars were
thrown from the track.
The eoaohes contained twenty-fire or thirty
passengers, all of whom were more or less
injured, although none of them dangerously.
The cars turned entirely over in the passage
down the bank, ud those who were within
them were tossed about and bruised consid
erably. The accident caused a delay of a few
houra, but apart from the loss of the ears and
tne broken ran, no serious damage was sus
CoirhicT of Corrtjbial Natioraliths Ar
Auid Italia r Wins Thbii Wivis. An Ital
ian of sixty, who had been married to u Eng
lish woman for a number of years, separated
without reooars to law; his spouse agreeing
iaiau 1'hlleridilnn.la. wrhaea an nan valeffVAS.
1 Bis sopsortnad been absent but about a fort-
In this oity some two or tare months ainoe,
night when the old Italian married a German
woman, not nan nis age, and he was living
with her quite comfortably, when wife number
one made her re-appeamnoe, and caused
exciting domestio soene tnat ended in the two
women tearing eson outers ciotnes and
scratching sach other's faces most effectually,
The frail French womu finally left, threat
ening to have her huaband arrested for big
amy; ud the day following went to the house
with two polloemen for the purpose. The Ital
ian, having an antipathy to confinement,
deemed it wisest to fiy, and he did so, leaving
the Teutonic Madame alone.
On the second day after this, the Italian
eleped with a third woman, a native of En
gland, and has not slice been seen. This
heroine is only twenty, we learn, ud is quite
nretty and Intelligent. How the European
contrived to deceive and ohenn these women,
Ian mystery that oan not at present be solved,
CITY NEWS. Y. M. M. L. Lectures-R. W. Emerson
CITY NEWS. Y. M. M. L. Lectures-R. W. Emerson on "Manners."
Smith 4 Nixon'i
io aoootnpliihed a aoholar ud so aceurate an
Tr-it , , ... i
xi ail waa oruwaea lass i
evening to hear Ralph Waldo Imerson's lecture I
before th Library Asioriation on "Maontrt"
a theme io original and profound a thinker,
i in i . juuiDrnuu wui inuuin HUM OYnilllJ tt Uli Mil
UniUriaa Chnroh, oornerof Race ud Fourth-
i streets, pa "OUOOes.
w wwvi v, wttu Ml H,OIIJ ntUSUU IDUHl
eoald not fall to treat with marked ability and
eloquent. The audiensa, ai may be sup
posed, was a very Intellectual one, the moat
so probably that baa attended the Library
lestures during the season.
jsmeraon is the same odd, self-poised,
half Egyptian-looking gentleman lis was when
we saw him last, two veers ago with the same
semi-sad, semi-genial taoe, heavy with thought,
looking outwardly ud inwardly at ones, and
full of the ideal ud of belief In himself ud
nature. - Hia mannor ui delivery wera as
peculiar, and his voice was as strangely
musical. He had in no rise ehanged: he who
stands by himself for the age to judge of him,
and utters the uioughts that are bis, inde
pendent of aught but nis own oonviotions. -
Emsnon referred to "Manners," not only
as essential to all civilized beings, but spoke
of them in respect to their conveniens, power
end beauty. They distinguished men from
each other; evinced the culture, position, rank
in mo, and were tne exponents or onaraoter.
They were in the blood to a certain extent,
but were capable of improvement to an Infinite
degree. The olose observer aaw all the inte
rior, the esoterlo existenoe of men in their
manners, which, fictitious as they sometimes
might be, were self-revealera ever.
Manners were power and beauty combined,
and those were best and nearest perfection
that sprang from seif-balanoed, aelf-reliant
nature, j We must depend on ourselves if we
would be respected and esteemed. Stand bv
yourself ud the universe would stand by you
Manners made us masters of our fellows :
they conquered silently, but surely, and the
inferior nature oould not resist them if it
would. They were magnetio and miraouloua,
and often clothed their possessor in comeliness
and interest, such as nooomplexion or features
oould. The eye ruled everywhere it was the
measure ef man and the world, ud he who
met yours firmly, ud returned its influence,
was your peer and your brother. ;
It was difficult to give rules for manners, for
they who- had them understood not how they
ware theirs; but the beat law was to be sinoere
and honest. This was the true test of friend
ship, and oon firmed the French expression of
friendship to understand eaon other. It was
glorious and sublime to behold two natures
that, laying aside all deceit, all sham, all as
sumption-, spoke what was true, only and
entirely true, to themselves.
manners depended, too, on goodness oi
heart, for heart was the center of life, and
hoanitalitv was the heroism of manners. Ev
ery state pf aooiety was graduated to manners,
and the highest was reached by the loftiest
courtesy and the gentlest bearing. In the
finest people were repose, amiability and be
nevolence, and there the magio of humanitv
was felt and distributed. All should love, and
all tended to, the good and beautiful, which
lay at the base of manners; ud perhaps the
Deat means to acquire forms was, as Lord Da-
con had kald, not wholly to despise them.
'Uur ertide ageton nardiy gives an idea, we
are aware, of Emerson's lscture, which, like
his discourses generally, should have been
heard to, be appreciated or comprehended. He
is so peculiar, pointed and subtle, that he
can not be in any manner aetisiactoriiy repro
duced except in nis own words.
Sir. jsmeraon will lecture tnia evening at tne
Annual Eliotior or thb Fibihin'b Bihbv
olbrt Association. The Firemen's Benevo
lent Association of this oity held their regular
annual meeting night before last, for the pur
pose of electing omoers ud appointing stand
ing committees for the ensuing year. The fol
lowing fas the result of the election: President,
Et)oeh Q.Megrae; Vice-President, Lewis
Wisbee; secretary, LewiB (iueilon; Treasurer,
Finley jLatta. Finanee Committee: William
H. Glass, Chairman; Jacob Huat, William
Moore. Relief Committee: John Moorwood,
Chairman; Henry Carroll, George Aokerman,
Committee on Application for Membership: E.
B. Turner, Chairman; James Jfinke, T. Cham
bers. Investigating Committee: Hook and
Ladder Company, E. B. Turner; Company No,
l, ll. canui; company jso. z, u. w.Fer
kins: Company No. 3, H. H. Horton; Com
pany No. 4, Frederick Schmidt; Company No,
5, George Mahl; Company No. 0, F. Bloom;
Company Ho. 7, James FInke; Company Ho,
8, George K. Warner; Company No. 9, John
Vetter; company no. iv, n. uaucmer; uom
pany No. 11, R. R. Bromwell; Company No
12, Joseph Klelne; Company No. 13, H. Roll;
Company iNO. ll, U. JJ. JsngllsD; ifi. U. Me-
K1UV, U Bn ID v.B,IVU unu.MUJ) Ul,
Mealy and Wm. Beimer, from Watch Tower,
The late benefit at the Opera-houae waa
emit a successful affair and produoed the sum
of nearly fifteen hundred dollars, for the use
of disabled Women, xne Association is in
prosperous eondition and more than an ordi
nary interest ia now maniieateo in its success,
The 'following eucnarisuo resolution was
unanimously adopted, after whioh the meet
ing adjourned :
Aaolvtd, That the Association return their
sincere and heartfelt thanks to Mr. S. N. Pike
for the gratuitous use of his house on the
night of the benefit; to the Cincinnati Sag
Company, for the free use of gas; to Messrs.
Feeheimer Y Co., for a donation of twenty-
five dollars; and to the publlo at largo,
thsir liberal patronage bestowed upon us,
Soumaby or M btbobo logic alObsbbvatiors,
rjABT. 1860 Latitude 39 deg. 8 nun. N
Longitude 84 deg. 28 min. W. Hight above
low water mark in the Ohio River 82 feet,
and aoove tneievei ot tne sea oiu leet.
gist. Maximum hight ...
2d, Minimum nignt below zero
Monthly rani...........
23d. Greatest dally variation,.,....
uth. Iisaat dailv variation.........
10th. Mean temperature, warmest day,
of month
at 7 A.M.
at I P. M.
at 9 P.M.
seH 'J
! !
s eeeaee 4?67
jsarg. j
.itk. Maximum hight,,.
7th. Minimum " ...
mean nignt tor in month
mommy range...
!( ft ' 09
Fernendioular death of rain and snow........ 2:19
JDeptU Of DOWM.,,...MM...MMMM.M.m..,..MM.
Clear 12 days. Cloudy 19 days, Variable Odays.
' WINDS. .
North Odsrs. . KaitOdav. West days.
i oays. ; uaim i aays.
. K. 1 dar. South 9 1
N.W. 16 day. 8. S. 0 days, 8.W. a day.
Rbhabci. The month has been very cold,
below the mean temperature. The range of
the thermometer was large, but the amount of
water that feu during tne month was small,
though the depth oi snow was above the aver-
T"rtver UhM quite high, having
Littli Girl Bob Ovbb ard Nrablt Killbd.
A little girl about four years of age, daughter
of a Mrs. Bannister, residing on Pike-street,
near Front, was run over by a oray yesterday
afternoon,' near the residenoe of her mother,
and seriously injured. Her wounds were
principally internal, although her left arm
was fractured ud her body otherwise consid
erably bruised. The hemorrhage at her mouth
and nose was quite great waen sne waa taien
up, but her recovery is regarded as entirely
certain. -.
Bubqlait or Sivirth-stbbbt. The resi
denoe of Samuel D. Llsoomb, located on
Seventh-street, near Linn, was feloniously
entered, night before last, by some scoundrels
who did their work so bungllngly as to
arouse the inmates. They were pursued for
some distuoe, but finally succeeded in making
good their escapea.. v
. , r, , . m iii t. i
i-iaa a vraaa-Huuna. Ao-nigus n ooea
. . 1 a..,.L. m r rL. wmi.
an excellent oae, and ihoaldaeoure the benellclare
a crowded home. It consists of the new burlesque.
jJAbU nw'KHiaua new protean ounieuietw, wnwn
axprewly for Mr. F., entitled Woaatao tux Oaten.
Wood's ,Thsatbe. The new play Toms-
sat L'ODViaiDXX, we understand, drew quite a
large audience to wood's Theater last evening, but
as we were not present we have little to say In regard
io u. rna arama pas, we are tniormeo, oeen put
upon the atage In good style, and employ the full
strength of the company in t production. At will
be repeated tnls evening.
Natioral Thiatib. The pretty and pop
ular danaeus at ths National Jenny Hlght takes
abeaeitt tun evening at tnat eatauustiment. in.
beneSoialre I Quite graceful, dances very well, and,
la her endeavors to please, ha used her power io the
utmost. She, therefore, deearve and will doubtlea
a Deoent
receive from the Habitues ot "Old Vrury'
that will be substantial. The bill 1 thb Golds
Fashes, Cousin uutatr and Tax Wmcixisa Boia.
Smith A Nixor'B Hall Waugh's magnifi
cent xUrror of Italy, one of the finest panoramas ever
exhibited in this city, will be shown at Smith A
Nixon nan to-morrow evening.
Dbati raoi! DsLiRttm TaiitsitB. A man
named W. W. Cox, who resides at Lancaster,
Ohio, died at the Broadway Hotel yesterday
afternoon of delirium tremens. He arrived in
the city on Tuesday last, and took rooms at
the above-named establishment; but be was
ill at the time, and, after fullering severely,
found release in death. Coroner Carey held
an inquest upon the body, whioh resulted in a
verdict in accordance witn tne tacts, i ne de
ceased has a wife and family in Lancaster, and
his remains we presume will be taken to that
place for interment. '
Cmtbal-avihub We notico that this new
and appropriate name for the thoroughfare
formerly known as western-row, naa been
placed upon several of the corners of that
street in quite neat and eiegant letters, ny
the time the ordinance changing the name
goes into effect. Central-avenue will be "fa
miliar in eur months as household words," and
Weatem-row, antiquated and absurd, will
have been forgotten'
Pibsoral. Mr. Joaeph Culbertaon, late
clerk of the Gibson House, where he gained
many friends by his courteous bearing and
obliging disposition, has left tne city for a
Southern -trip; wnion, alter a oioae oonnne
ment of nine or ten months, will prove highly
beneficial. We wish him a pleasant journey
ud a apeedy return to the Queen City.
Judge Oliver M. Spencer, we understand,
has left the olty to make u trip to the South
for the purpose or rsorutting nis neaitn.
Polioi Cotjbt. Buslnesas at the Police
Oourt yesterday morning was quite brisk, but
very unintereeting. Judge Lowe examined
thirty-one easea, not one of which, however,
contained sufficient interest to warrant its re
production here, even if it oould be stated in
Bor Dbowrbd. A boy about twelve years
of age, named dames juarker, foil into the
Miami Canal, at the elbow on Plum-street,
yesterday morning, and was drowned. Hit
body was recovered shortly afterward, and
taken to the residence of his parents, on
i'lum-street, near Ann. ,
Otstbbs Fbbsh Supplies. One of the
most extensive oyster dealers in this olty ia
nooerturr, jno. u weat jj inn-street. Malt-
by's celebrated bruds always on hand. Take
a oan home to-day by all means.
Joules Last Night. An hundred guns
were fired laat evening, at the Landing, in
honor of the election of Hon. Salmon P. Chaae
to the United States Senato, whioh took place
yesterday in tne unio Legislature.
9Thla morning at 914 o'olook, J. Graff i-
Co., sell extra quality of Fnrnitufe at No.
Z7i beventn-street, between John and Smith.
Irtbb-Stati Couetisiis. The following
joint resolution was offered in the House
Representatives yesterday, Jy Hon. J. G.
Carlisle, of tnis oity:
Miiolvd bu the Qentral Anemilu of the Com'
momseaUh of Kentucky, That the Governor and
Legislature of JNow xork are entitled to receive,
and we hereby tender to them, our warmest
thanks for the kind invitation which they have
so generously extended to us, to visit Albany,
and enjoy the hospitalities of their powerful and
prosperous State; and that, while we are con
strained, by the urgent domands of important
publio duties at home, to deny oursolves the
pleasure of a meeting and fraternal interchange
ot opinion witn tnem, we out rcneot tne unant
moua sentiment of the people whom we repre
sent, when we declare that the Empire State oan
rely, with the most implicit conlidence,upon the
sympatny and cordial co-operation of Ken
tucky in all her efforts to promote the culti
vation of an amicable ud oonoiliatory spirit
among tne several states ot the Confederacy.
Kentuoky has no ambition which ia not
bounded by the Union, as the Constitution has
defined it, no prejudioe whioh sho ia willing
gratify at tbe exponae ol its pesos and har
mony, no hopea that oould be realized by
dissolution; air as an earnest of her devotion
to it, ahe pledges for its maintenance all the
strength ud energies of a brave and patriotio
xaoivca, inat tne uovernor 01 mis com
monwealth be requested to communicate
copy of the foregoing resolution to the Gov
ernor ot jnow xorg, witn tne request tnat
will lay the same before the Legislature
tnat estate.
Being a joint resolution, it lays over one
day under the rules, but will doubtless pass
to-day oy a unanimous vote.
Cut Eliotior, On the first Monday
Auguat next an election will be held in this
city, at which will bs chosen a Mayor and City
Martnai, tne tormer to serve four years and
the latter two. A great nnmbor of aspirants
for the offices are already canvassing their
ohuces for nomination previous to the holding
ot conventions oy tne oiuerent parties. Who
will be the successful ones it is too soon to ooh-
jecturo. : ,.
Aoiicdltdbal. The Director! of the Kenton
County Agricultural Society have, resolved
re -erect the Independenoe Amphitheater, pro
vided $5,000 be subscribed for that purpose,
prior to the third Monday of this month.
Should they fail to obtain this amount,
grounds of tbe society will be sold.
Polios Couit. Bridget MoMahon.
female who assaulted Elisabeth Brown,
Saturday night last, was yesterday fined
ud costs) by Mayor Foley. She was com
mitted in default of payment.
Militabt TjRtroBii. The Kentucky Gravs
have ordered their uniforms from Henry
Drexlirs, on Madison-street, in this city,
states that they will be completed in a
Dividend Dbclabed. On the first instant
the Bank Liok Turnpike Company declared
semi-annud dividend of two and one-half
Circuit Cocbt. The regular aprine session
of the Kenton Circuit Court will commence
this oity on the second Monday in March.
Pibss Bbllbtir. Our carrier for this
baa established a bulletin-boar 1 on each of
ferry-boats, on whioh passengers can have
opportunity to tee our paper every -morning.
iveaa ana ne mraaneo. . - ...
Mar Dbowrbd. A man named Bernard
Looming, yesterday morning, fell . from
Cinoinnati Btll while attempting to step upon
the Landing on the Cincinnati side, and
drowned. The unfortunate man was twenty
three years of age, resided in Brooklyn,
worked in a plow manufactory, on Seventh
street, Cinoinnati. BJe was engaged to be mar
ried oi Saturday next, ud was a member
the Turner Association of Newport, by
memDorsorwnionnis remains will be followed
to the grave to-day..
CoRSvRrtiioR or a TirsT DibM4dhbt
m Lava Omni Svstaoxs Trustee of J. B. Hum.
on it. Tb. Heir and widow or Bummons ana
others. The Court wa asked to give a construction
to certain trneta. contained la a dd acuted bv
Jaiiea B. Summon just prior to hii death. It was
oaiuat mecnuaren or Armstrong, or win. sum
none and James Summon were invested to the
right to their several proportion, the full enjoyment
oemg poaiponea until tney arrived at ine age oi
tw.ntv-one veara: that Wm. Rtitnmonn. t)m &nn . v.i
entitled to receive duriog life half the intne belong
ing w niacnuaren, tne resiaue to tie paid to tueir
guardian; that the administrator of Mary Armstrong
be naid a-fourth of the income comlnir to tier chli.
dren; that the son of James Summons, while his
falher remains In the penitajitlary, Is entitled to the
entire Inounie of his share, but bis father, In ease ha
shall be released trom confinement, shall receive fifty
per cent, of the tnoome.
Kxeoutors of Grandon vs. Orandon'i heir. In
this case It was held by Judg. gtorer, that a trust
oreated by the will or Uraudon wm but a personal
J. Orr was appointed. The Court also decreed that
Urraud wife could lease oertain unimproved estate
lor any term not exceeding twenty-nve years.
jontt ueverva. James (iiu. i ne aamta ware en.
fisged at the cabinet making business. Ueyer ram.
ihtd thecanital stock, aud Olllwaato receive a
share of the profit for hia ser rices. Tb concern
was bnrnt down; and the insurance not covering the
toss, tne cieinuni ciatmea mat uui was pound to max
good his share of the deficiency, amounting to
Of .WW.
The Court held that a narlr receiving comnen.
eatlun for hia services, and contributing nothing to
ine scoca wm not a partner, auu ararniea a report
of the master in which tb same view ot the case bad
seen tax.n.
Wiawell vs. The Trustees of the First Con-
SrssmonalCChurcfa. Messrs. nobler and Force ad
resaed the Court.
Caiman, Bid. The State vs. Feter OandOIBhO.
The Jury were aix hours io deliberation np to the
nour ei sojournment, ana naa not agreed to a ver
dict. - '
The Ohio was still deolining at this point
yesterday, but so very gradually that for hours it
seeineu to be at a stand. 1 here are at aresent about
teu foot between hore and Louisville, with a mnch
lower stage above this port; no more than fiv feet
oeiDg reponcu as nitsourg,
Tho weather moderated r eeUrder. and thouab cold.
was not at aiiunseasonaoie. eaore-ioe waa sun lorm
Ing, but the proepeot of a suspension of navigation la
now more remote than It has been, and we uow look
tor a tanner aeciine in temperature.
'in landing was decidedly animated yesterday,
more so than on any previous dsy of the week.
i reigttta were enerea treaty on an point, and oeyond
thecaoecftvof thetunnaxe to accommodate. Con
siderable freight is now being hold back until the
pressure is over.
Kates of freight have undergone no special change.
ana remain as touows:
n i . . v... i . ... . u.i... ... . wli.i..
too.: Flour, 25c.; Fork and Lard, Sic. I Found
Freight. 13Xc per 100 lb.
Naahvuie-Whisky, per brl.,oOc.; Ale, 40c.; Found
Freights. 2MJl30o. nor foo lbs.
ai. uouib xieavy rounu vreignte, ex, per iw ira.;
Whisky and 011,65c. per brl.; Stoves, 25c; Ale, Wo.
per on.
jvvanavme wnissv anu uii.hoc. oar on.
Cairo Whlskv and Oil. Mkt. bh, hrl.! Pnund
reigmB, mo, per iw I OS.
XJ.. wki.L..JAn m, .... . n
now viwur-irun.J nfltl.'ll ((H;,B tur,iiWi, k ura,
60o.; Bacon and other Found Freights, iMUOc. per 100
iu, n.ug iaxu, inc., uureee, iu per neau
AaaiVAU. PrloreM. Madimn! Helrnaa. Mavavllla:
Telegraph, Louisville; Uunleith Neville; Ilostona,
Portsmouth: Caroline, Wabash. Defender and Dia
mond. Fittflbnrff: Lehiffh. Ht. T,nuia; Kmerald and
J. K. Bell. Mew Orleans: A. O. Trier. Aurora.
Btaysville; Frioress, Madison; Duoloith, Neville;
uosiona, rortsmoutn; unio no. a, xiarieita; t, e.
rremont and Defender, Mew Uriean.
Monetary and Commercial.
Business in the banking quarter was quiet
yesterday, and few transactions of importance oc
curred there during the aix financial hours.
The Bankers generally report an improved supply
of Currency, and the demand, though brisk, 1 not
nearly so large as it was two week ago.
Kaatarn Kxchanffe waa tolerably ereadv at 4to.AU
burlntf, and H premium selling, but the transactions
were lmht.
tiull was dull, and no New Orleans Kxchange of
any amount could be had, though 1 premium was tbe
Tbe failure of Josoph Xlstner, the flour dealer, waa
announced yesterday ou 'Change. We have not
learnea tne extent oi nis iiaouiiics, out we near mat
lhoyarelarge-t79,0U0toS100,(IO0. The failure is bs-
lleved to be a Dad one.
The Imports and Exports ot various articles for tbe
twenty-four houra ending yesterday noon, were :
Imvoet. Annie. 290 barrels: Barlov.ort bushels:
Ttiittar. AO kena: tjorn. M.74U bnuhela: llheann. 2ftl
boxes; Coffee, bags; Flour, 672 barrels; Hay, 174
bales; Bogs, 016 head: Lard, 335 barrels; Molasses,
832 brls.; Malt, 200 bushels; oats. 1,1M Ousfcels; Pork
auu jmivuu, to tmreoB, ,u vu,iai.i,,,iiM,, rui-
toea, 1,140 brls.; Sugar, oWJihds,; Wheat, 1,104 bush.;
Whisky, 863 bar-rels.
nixroRTs -Apples, eo barrets; uerioy. sis ouaneis;
Corn, 440 bushels; Cheese, 6 boxes; Coffee, 19t bags;
riour. 290 barrels: Lard. 129 brls.. 2110 kens: Holm
sea. Ill brls.; Oats, 176 bushels; Pork and Bacon, 160
hb.i., 70 tierces, 2t oris;, co boxes; I'otaioes. 20 oris.;
Sugar, 7 bhds.; Salt, 63 barrels; Wheat, S1U brl,;
wnisay, mo.
Monetary and Commercial. CINCINNATI MARKET-FEBRUARY 2.
FLOUB The market has not undergone any
change; tne aemana is lair, ana aoiaer verv nriu,
The salea add UD 1.000 barrols at . WM)." 73 for BU
nerune. aud S3 HOViM for extra. The failure of
miller and leading dealer ia the article Mr. Joseph
Elstner, was announced on unange, ana proaacea
soma surprise.
WHISKY The market (s unchanged and steady:
sales of 1,100 barrels at 19,Sl9Hc tbe latter rate
for wacron.
PliOVISIONS-Tbe market is very firm, and the
demand ior duik meat and Bacou good; but price
have not chauued essentialir. Mesa Pork attracts
but little atteutiou, tnougn it is nein at extreme
rates: the sales were 900 barrela rati Pork, delivered
at Circlevllle. Ohio; understood to be any time belore
Mar 1. buyer ontion. at 818; 290 barrels on the spot,
at 17 KX1917 do tne latter rate ior a ciry nranu. 2141
hhda. Bacon Sidea at (tc. and lOOdo. Shoulders and
Sides, to be delivered the last week of February,
7,'n9.4o. 200,000 pounds bulk Ments. on the spot,
at mm.s.. and 40.000 do. Bides at 8 2-So.. Indicating
a alixnt improvement. Lard ia held at luHo.
barrel and tfcrcea, and llMc. for keg, but there seems
to be but little d.mand,
GROCERIES There I no change In the market;
the demaud Is quite limited, but prices are un
changed: sales of Sugar at 7M6ilc.; Molasses at
(jpifto., ana uonee at ingiao.
W BU AT There ia an active demand: with ll.ht
receipt; price are firm at tl S3l 15 for prime white,
and II 2801 30 for prime red.
COItN-Wo have no change to note In the market,
and auoto oar-corn dull at AOc. There la a xood de
mand for shelled, and this quality readily commands
OATS The market is steady, with a fair demand
at 4'Jo.: sales of 660 bushels, la bulk. at4SXo.
BVB The market is dull; wo have no change
notice in pric s. ne quote it at pi: ais oi lou dusu.
at ft.
ItAKLIY Tho market is dull, and nrices nn
changed. We quote prime fall at (6ej68c, and fair
io goon at oodoooo.
HAT There is an active demand, with light re
ceipts; and prime Timothy ha advanced $1 per tun.
w e quote it at tJxg.i per tun, on arrival, ana iron
CHEESE There is a fair demand, and prices
nrm at vto Ior western ueserve, and I io. tor angusn
Dnirv: sales of 130 boxes Western Reserve at 9Xo.
BOTTEH The market contlnuoe dull, and prices
are unchanged.
APPLES The demand continues good, and prices
firm at last quotations.
POTATOES There I a good demand, and prices
have advanced loc. per barrel. We quote prime
Northern at ft Ml, from store; sale of 400 bushel
mixed at 66c, Hverd.
CLOVER SEED The matket is dull, and prices
nave aroiinea I, per bushel, we quote it at
saiea oi w oarrois at st no, ana ?u ao. at 9 w,
Mauxv, February 2-P. -Flottr
opened quiet, and closed more active, with a better
demand both for export and home consumption,
also some little soeciilatlve inauirv. Prices hare
slightly improved: sales of 200 barrols, at 84
for superfine State: fi 269M for extra State: $4
fe.S for auperflne Western; $3 135 76 for shipping
brands extra round-hoop Ohio the market closing
steady. Canadian Flour Is without change, and
demand Is moderate: sale of 900 barrels, at f 3
A 70 for common to choice extra. Bye Flour in
demand, and market stead at $3 754 46. Buck
wheat Flour in rather boiler reoueet, with sales
tl 7641 SIM per cwt. Corn Meal unchanged: sales
of 240 barrels Baltimore at ft 12. Whisky dull
drooping: sales of 40u barrels at 23XS4o., chlsfly
the Inside price. There is a little better milling
for Wheat, and the market I a shade higher:
sales of 8.600 bushels, at tl 26 for good red Southern,
and II 40. delivered, for flood white Canadian: Mil-
waukie Club is held at II V$l 23, In store, with
buyers for export at Si 18 1 20, delivered. Bye
neis ai tse.wc. t
and heavy: sales of 2,700 buaheli
at 88 V89C.
In better demand, chieflv for Phlfadelbhla: Baiaa
37,000 bushels, part good four rowed Stateat 76c
the remainder Canadian East, on private term.
Corn in moderate request, and without material
change In prices: sales of 136.600 bushels, at 6081o.
for new yellow and white. Oat in better demand!
sale at 44i46o. for State, Western and Canadian.
Pork scarcely so buoyant; prices, however, are with
out change, and tbe the demand 1 moderate: salea
of 1,600 barrels, at $17 37(S17 60 for old mess; lis
ftlg 26 for new mess; 11213 12 for old printo; $14
new nnme: aie ior citv crime meas: aia ou ror
inspected Western do.; Included in the sales were
barrel new mm, buyer's option, all Maroh,
i sv. nee i more active, out price are uncnana-ea:
sales of 1,400 barrels, at 14(94 26 for country prime;
$36 15 for oountry mess; 9a9 76 for re-packed mess;
110 50ll for extra meas. Prime ms Beef more
quiet, and firm at V''). Beef Hams mora actlfe
aud Srmer: sales of 580 barrels, at 113 for State,
$14 60!3 for Western. Dressed Hog firmer, with
a great demand at 7)4 o. for Western, and ikt.
oity. Bacon quiet and steady: sale of 6,000 barrel
pickled Side at 80. Out Meats rule firm, with
good Inquiry, sale of .180 package., at t.'iio.
Shoulders, and 94uKo. for Hams. Lard firm: sale
of 760 brls., at 10H1'. A moderate business doing
In Batter, atl113o fv-r Ohio, and 1673200, for State.
Cheese steady at 9tfollic. Pending the auction
to-morrow, the market for Coffee is very dull,
but few salea of either description are reported.
Molasses heavy, with sales ef 26 bhds. Muscovado
270.1 10 do. new Cuba at 26o., and 100 barrel New
terms not made publlo. Sugar dull and heavy;
sales of 100 hhds. Cuba at 77Mc, and bv auction,
hhds. New Orleans. Bice heavy ud dull salea
100 tierces at 3Jid4Xc, cash. , ,
auction: sales;
Auction 'Cognao Srajj. A f
" By I. AARON, Auctioneer rC-'f i" t
Ba'.es rooms Ho. II Seat Third-street, opposite tb , - . . .
j Hnri Bout.
i - .
o'clock A. M., will be sold st Auction, SOoasks
ef flneCoxnao Brandies, in tackateeof Kaud l.iuk.
just arrived from New York, ami ill be pat up In
lots to suit parcuasers. .-
Sal without reMirve. " " ' ...
hi i - I. AABON, AwMooear. V -
A CO. Very Excellent farnitura at Auction.
Win be sold at public auction on FKlfMY MO UN. -1NU.
Februarr 1660, at ) u'elor.k. the Furniture ;.
of a family d eel lug housekeeping, ntNo. 71 Seventh
street a few doom west of John, consisting of green '
damask aoclatite, oo.easy.cnair, no. tutaDoiti ensir,
do.fourparlorchalrs,alltomatcb;eentr-table,ab- -Ine',
chaudeliera, damaak and lace window curtains,
Brussels carpet, hall oil-cloth, twelve-foot extension
table, oll-elotb, China, glaa and BrttaonU.ware,
sight-day mantle dorks, stair carpet and rods, aiar-
Die-iop aresslug Dureaoj, uo. wsin.atanas, sroncn ,
sad oottaae bedsteads, fanov table, rocking and '
arm-chairs, cotton and shuck mettraases, ingrain
carpet., looklHg-glaMes, wioduW4bauee. lollet-nare, ,
Schooley's refnserator, oook-stove ana apparatus,
and a general assortment of Kitchen Furniture.
jauud umass, Auctioneer,
fe2 No. 18 Bsst Foortb-etreet.-
SHEaBS A CO.-Hsales-rooma, 37 and 69 Main-
street OKoerles, Ao , at A uctloi. We will sell, on
SAXDBOAV alUJiUlnu), b.4,ato-ci!g,agen- .
oral assortment of Groceries, emulating of sugar,
molasses, coffee, nulls, rope, candles, aosp, starch, ,
woodeuwara, glaaaware, guoensware, aoda, ground
1 spices, teas, almonds, Ac., in lots to suit purchaser.
lea- j w. gitAouaiaiio at viv., uo rs.
B Ann. at Trad Hata-rooms. No. 31 West Fifth-
Street, upstair. A targe Aasortnnat of Oood Mis- -eellaneous
Books at Auction. FR11AF IVKNINU.
Feb, 3, at 7 o'clocX. catalogues wttl be ready a rtaar
morning, and books open tor examination . -' . .
leiO- - I ... D. U. UUDUAAVi aiuiivami, . h
. . j i i. . i
M.' Bu-able Machine extant. ' '
Call and see them.
eo West Fourth-street.
., IV"Warranted to give setlafaotioo,.aM
. . ti-.A .
100 TJaiTS FfillCV C&S3. cQJlli t
No. 10 and 31 Boat Second-street,
ja!2tf OIBOINNAT;, OHIO. .
157 Overcoats; '.
75 Cass. Business Coats ;
64 Cloth Frock Coats;
33 Cassimere Vests;
75 Silk Vests. ' ; ; , :
The above will be sold at coat etlces to alosa
Winter Week. , ,1 .- .
T. W." SPRAGUE $f. CO., i
jal'cw - 8. E. corner Fourth and Tine-sis.
JANUARY 25, 1860. ,
, Have ihla day romovod to tholr MEW STOBE,
Where, with greatly-increased facilities, they will
-' eontinn the
Blank Book Manufacturing Business.
mand dull
OBAVINOand LIchtMachlne Works to the large
and elegant building
No. 64 West Fonrth-strcet,
Between Walnut and Vine, Third Flour.
If you want any kind of light MACHINIST made or
repaired, GIVE MS A CALL.
. . x a- n W A WTO
jmau ' -Tanp
Auctioneer, aud Stock and Bill Broker,
Ko. 2S Third-. t.. Basement ot Masonic Balding.
Blocks and Bonds bought and sold on commission.
Mercantile Paper aud Loans negotiated.
Notes, Dividends and Interest Coupons collected. -
Of Btecks. Bond. Beat Istate. Ao., on any day re-
qulnvl. ,
wm ine patronage u, toe puuuc is regpcuuuiir so.
llclted. i . -, , , jaifrcm .
a iantcio,Ai-rijavxi, w v igi viun, aa..
eetween uentn ana aievontn-streeia, 1 as
Eighth Sesiion or this institution will eommsoc
on MONDAY, January 30, 10.
Assisted by a full corps of Teacher. One hundred
pupil have been enrolled the past eession. Btlll
tew more can be accommodated. For further par
ticulars, catalogue mar be obtained by addressing
the Principal. Jallbw
leans, 10
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
, ? very description, which I am sailing at a srea
ue en Mew York prises, wheiesal and retail,
in ,i. tui.eTe WEBB, Jr., -..
no4 ; 1d4 - . b BaesandHm.
Tin-waxe, Spouting, &c. ;
... CINCINNATI, ,: ',. '
TCBK8 to order all varieties of Tin and Sheet.
Iron Ware. Publlo Lanterns, and othsr articles la
his line. Manufactures to order all varieties ef Ms- -talllo
Boohing, Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron.
Lantern Glass always on hand. ' J.T
Orders from a distance promptly attended to.
A few Stores on hand to dispose of cheap for cash,
Btovo-plpe furnished and put up at hort notice. :
. Uaatrfl ,
Ulerchart Tailor
" Mo. 48 FOtitre-STREET, .. ,
deUtf , L0D40H BUIXPIia.

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