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Ii mitaMI Ajiir (Btadaeawrted,) tf . )
rBoranrbBa.1 1 '
f f !-. M; if I Vo it fl'-l f I it,
TBI mil BI8S U deltvendtosobeorlbert u
UlnelnnaU, Covington and Newport, end in
roudlsgjdliaa aadtovnl,attooeI
. tremely loir trio of yt -r
v rxiont or auinnei ..' 'i
Single eopleolo.l l nonta Mo.; I onUiitli l pit f t.
Corasr of Sixth and Tine-streets, j! t ;
' John A. KJUIer, Jr., toll Map agar and testae, j
PiiouorADiiMioa-DrtH Circle and Parens tta,
Meente) Gallery, ftoents.
Doors open at X, eurtalnrlies at o'cloek. '
Great Attraction. ' . :
THIS EVENING,, February 4, will be presented.
lor th laat time, lb tew historical play, in bar
acts, celled , t . ';.'' ft
Oa, Thb IssuaanoTioa or Haiti.
Faaaon.-LaOlnro. Mr. Maun; Vincent, Mr. Read:
Hedenvllle, Mr. Hallr Bijean, Mr. Smyth; General
Kouchembeau, Hr. fisher! trench Soldiers, 4c.
Uattikkb.-Toiueaint, Mr. Langdon: Old Marc. Br.
V 1 1 1 UIA U 1 T 1 1 I 7 V Ai..
wi'wpit hi ibi id, ui inn ii unit srviuH. nfgrum,, I IRQ.
tation Servants, Ultra, Ianeers,nuaiclans, Negro
oimiiers, o, ,i. i- y i . .
Dance ........MIat Kata Pennoyer.
To conclude with
Mom, Mr. Adams ; patchy, Mr. Elleler Liza, Mite
r smnte uennaat. j-
Mondav evenlne? wHI be firodnced Mra. Ronlh.
worth'a great Ledger story, entitled "The Doom of
Deville.' Tliit will prove one of iba beat dramaa
ever produced lrom tboee popular atones, and nil!
be ant upon the stage with great care. , . ,
8. N. Pike, Proprietor ; 1", B. Conway, Stage SI.
rector j j. r. ateraorh Treasurer.! i
Patera or ADHiasiON. Pargnetta Ofrole, Parqnette
U DBlWIBf, Of OQQHl A HI DII 1 1 QMtter, jK CCUlS ,
Box Office open from 10 A, M.' nnUl 1 P. ii., where
avaia did ue aeuureu. ' i in ' B ' . ( ' ' '
Doors open at 6X o'clock; commence at 7J4. v '
Last night of those dlatingolahed faroritea of tba
American attge, - -
Mr. and Mrs. YT, J.' Florence, "
And positively their laat appearance in Cincinnati
for many years. . , .. . , ?. , ., ... . ,
THIS XTBNIliO, lebruarr i. will be presented
anew " pieoe de eirconatance," entitled . .
. i LALLA B0OKH; , C...
Oa, Thu FiRi-woaanipiiu.
Dulii. at i n . ik-Hii.L. u i i .1 .
"""ii .us, u . P"J" nv,n , m i . muu'U , vu-
lumbla the Gem of the Ocean, Eharaaauliad, chief
i uieuneDora aire uepauiuent, ijalla .uoaQ,a
polled child, Mra. Florence; Manager, Mr. Hher.
tdan i The Hhade of Hhakapeare, Mr. Additon ; The
Shade of Byran, Mr. Florence; Hamonoe, Mlaa
Proctor : Foramorr, Mlaa Crocker.
The performancea will commence with the faraom
drama, by John Brongham, called .
Tim O'Brien, the Iriah Kmlarant, Hr. Florenoe;
marling, Mr. Xianagau; Polly Boballnk, Mra, A.
The Management taliea pleainro to announce that
Dirt. JULIA DEAN HA.YMB baa been engaged for
tlx nlghta only, and will appear on Monday evening,
February 6. ,. .... ...
A grand tpectaco'ar and thrilling Drama la In act
Ive preparation, with new acenerr dream, effecta,
Ac, and euataiued by the entlie atrength of the
John Batea, Proprietor and Manager W. B. Irwin,
ALTBaaTion or Int.-Doori open at 7; Curtain
rlet at X paet 7, preclaely.
Paiota or Admimior. Dreaa Circle and Parqnette.
60 cent bj Family VI cle,3 centa ; Colored Boxea, 29
can la : Hultarv. lAnAntttl PrlvatA Rnvaa. at5a .
Immenie attraction for the Benefit of
Mr. Bernard.
THIS EVKNINO, Saturday, February i, to com.
mence wlih tho beautiful comedy of . . ...
. . .. SELF.
Mr. Unit, Mr. Bernard) Mr: Apex. Mr. Tanderenl
(lharlea landlord, Mr. Swift; Cypher, Mr. Stuart;
Graham Mra. Badiua, Mra. 0. Henri ; Mra. Cod
liver, nra. i. lawi Aunt uioe, mra. owitt.
La 8ylphide..............,..,Miae Jenaie Hlght,
To conclude with
Tom Rakewell. Mr. W. Carter ; Mark ham, Mr. Tan
deren; Florid, Mr. Stuart; Sam Slap, Mr. Bar
nard; Mokes, Mra. 0. Henri; Fanny Moreland,
Mra. Tanderen ; Betty, JUiaa L. Graham ; Lady
Blazon, Miaa A. Graham. . , .,
On Monday, Mlaa Lncy Eaoott and Mr. D. Miranda
win appear in " hod uoy " anu tna laat act 01 "Hon
nambula." HITU tV NIXON'S IlAIil,.
Tbia magniacent Panorama la not " Wangh'a
Italia," shown In this city some months alnce, but
the Original Mirror of Italy, exhibited hereaosnn
cesafullyat Smith ft N lion '9 Hall In 1812. It now
returns to I'luoiunatl for the first time alnce that
date, with new and beautiful IHommln klloem.
and acenea lllnatratins the Theater of the Iaie
iinnna vr, ano win exniuit lor a lew days
oqly, at Smith A Mxon'a Hall, eommenciug
Saturday Afternoon, Feb. 4, I860,
An-I glringTvro Rxlilbltlona Dally, at 3 o'clock
P. M. and Hi o'clock each evening.
Tickets centa, or six for fl. Children 10 centa.
Doors open in the evening at 6,' o'clock. Mirror
moves at 7X o'olock precisely. Doors open in the
aflernocn at 2 o'clock; ooranieacee at 3 o'olock. To
Afternoon Exhibition Ladies' Ticketa lit oeote;
Children ft cents only. fe2-t
SKOONS TKBM. -. , ,f In
Nntlonnl Hall( Vlne-atreet, a , Filth.
The lemons are ao arnmgod that lnnera can
commence at any time. deftf
fi ,-i .t THIS- f y 1
pupils of the Weal em Female Seminary, Ox
ford, Ohio, by Mlaa Mary . Adams, and illustrated
with a floe view of the Meml nary Buildings. Price,
30 cents. JOHN OHl'BOH, jr., '
Jal6 Wo. n6 West Fourth-Street
thaa ever. Great aacriSoe of
Pianos , Jtlelodeona , Violoncellos ,
Violins, Guitars, Banjo Strinrs.Trim
minaa. Ac. durlna the Holldava.
(ellina at 100 per cent, less than anv
other House in this city, and flrat-claas Instruments
at that. Do not buy an InsUnment until yea have
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door east ef
1'liim, south side. BU1TTINO A BRO
Tlano Makers, aad Sealers in. rirtt-claaa lintru.
menta. " le2l tf
New Mode of 7 entila ion!
: ' "' t 1. . - v'; f
r - VmU and 84 0 f
i ' v..,j',.-.,.:..,.
Heiting and Ventilating Furnaces,
' In earaUoa at
Slort Waxe-room, Not. 61 and It ViaMi.
(Below (Jolumbia.) ... 7
Sawyer & Co.
JO-J Malntreet, three) doora aharr Third,
DER all k nda of Bern Innings, In the beat
and moat substantial manner. Aura, a Urge assort
ment of Horse Blankets, While, Carpet and Leather
Baca, Bridle BltsT Buffalo Bo bee, Valises (the real
ule-leather), Mail Tr-uike, Sponge, and a large aav
tirtmant belottglPlW UiM Une, I will sell aa low
lathe lowest, i
P. 8. 0AKEICZ!
aVT-a. '
UMk it
w-rt,; '..ff.:tri;;4'S.,r.'-.'-r''i-? ft-rrr.-'ty -'") yf r..; --'i
-jaf f if.ni n.'."
VOL 2. :Nd. U4r!,
J .I'! i ii
! I - 1
-t . a .
a .tv Mia
. rfi' . i.' .
,1 l."ll f t !!
H i -l t.f.' ;:'
.r , r.t'i
'. V4:.,...rr,
V k
m mxmm
. m I 1 1 I r vv tn v-a -ri- i rsy 'Mi. w
V f
.It ' I
I II I I ffitJf vW vdW" .
Checkmate the Counterfeiters.
If tome exUmal influano be not exerted
to have counlerfeitera chtokmated, wa fear
that banks will oontinne at indifferent aaerer.
We plead the eaate of the people, of imall
Iradei, of the meohanio the market woman,
the day faborer, when we cry cut against the
Imposition by which 10. many people are
earned to be loseri by counterfeit bills of a
irqall dtaomlnalion.XEvery. poor man don't
carry a eonnterfeit deleotor; if inch did, they
would , make the detection too late. There
are organized eompanlea in different parti of
the United States, employing large capital and
Immeme force, having in aome oaaei the en
graviog done In England, who proceed imme
diately to distribute their counterfeit paroeli
on the issue day of the Dateotors, whloh
money' ii started by Eipreau all over the
country, 10 as to hare half a month in which
to impose on the over-oonftdent poiieiaOT of
Xeteotor pamphlets; and 10 the Prooesa eon
tlnuei semi-monthly new counterfeits and
new dtipei. , . , , - ;
. Poorlyt-exeouUd bills issued by banks is one
oaure of the readiness of their being counter
feited.- Ihis evil is going on with aooelerated
force, ripening, however, to a oondition of
mind on the part of the people that will require
a remedy very soon. 'The banks East and
West should confer oombine their wisdom
deoide definitely on a course to secure a check
mating of forgers and ooanlerfeiteri. Those
competent to advise are ready to servo, in a
suitable way, to cut off the tap root of: this
foul weed, that Is of snch a growth at to be a
poisonous one. Cnt it off die it ud. If nosii
ble. We suggest that a conference of bankers
and bank-note engravers be held at an early
flay. , .H-a. v tll.-.M-ji !...:!;
We suggest that a fund be raised to employ
a national chief of a detective police, author
ised to employ five assistants, who, being paid
a good salary, will go to work to, cost them
selves and take instant and active measures
to stop the circulation of counterfeit paper.
Skillful detectives in our eity and in the
East can be fonnd who can overtake and over
whelm these despredators, but can't pursue a
line of policy eliioient enough to accomplish
the prosecation of their desleni, at the ordi
nary engagement of a district police salary of
per month. .
Bankers must have bills entravod that ean't
easily be counterfeited; must . withdraw all
plates counterfeited, or take some measure as
suggested above, to save the pockets and
temper of a wronged and exolted people.
Have a Care for Destitute Children.
. Some say that ravens foster forlorn children.
There are hundreds of noelectod youth in this
eity who have no parent's care, who are be
coming dally more and more demoralized.
By and by these ignorant, forlorn, despised
onuaren win inflict piercing wounds on the
body of the State. Seek these now. that vou
may And them; let each alley be visited, oaoh
novel caiiea upon, and let provision be made
in each ward to oonduct indigent children to
the School of the Children's Aid Society.
How can these little ones be cared for when
Christians, so-called, negleot them, unless it
be that the ravens foster them? If there is
any object for which a mass maetinrr of nltl.
zenl should be held for conference and action,
it is that to secure the care of indigent children.
Rarey in Congress.
The pHncipleis, get the animal down, show
him you are the strongest show him you are
in earnest. The high-flyer colts and the break
neck ones all say, as the ooon to Capt. Soott
-"I-reome down don't shoot," Be kind
though in the display of your power. Be
nobly great. Tamers don't get into or mani
fest passion. Crowned heads have paid
royal revenues for this sicret j it is only by
exhibiting "Barey" power and "Rarey" cool
ness, that you can get what is rarely got, the
proper power ruling. '
The Washington Irving description of hos
pitality has been illustrated by Longworth,
"Breaking through the chilis of ceremony and
selfishness and thawing every heart into a
flow."-: ' '' '' y 1
Hands Off-Each to His Own.
Development .will proceed effectively on
this prlnoiple "Safe in ourselves while on
ourselves we stand." .
Tbi dasit Nsw Philadelphii Hotsl. An
exchange gives this description of the Conti
nental Hotel: The building, six stories In
hlght, ekolusive of the basement, presents at
front 171 feet on Chestnut-street, 235 feet on
Ninth-street, any 194 feet on George-street.
The principal story on both Chestnut and
Ninth-streets, being mostly occupied with
stores, ii of richly ornamented cut iron piers,
excepting the principal entrance on Chestnnt
street, and the carriage and baggage entrance
on Ninth-street, which, together with the en
tire Chestnut-street front above the principal
door, is of Albert and Piotou sandstone.
Through two of the arohes and across the ves
tibule look the windows of the gentlemen's
reading I and writing-room, while the third,
directly Jopposite the grand corridor, leads im
mediately to the exchange, separating the
reading-room, from the gentlemen's parlor,
which, being twelve feet wide, and extending
back the depth of the parlor, sixty-eight feet,
opens at once into the exchange, which it
teventy-felght feet by, fifty-four foot, and
oontalnsj the publlo office, private business
rooms; and two steam elevatlns cars, convey
ing guests and baggage to and from the upper
floors.. .
.1.1 i ana
A IiroBsnuBT Baas BaiasL. One of the
ears of si freight train, on the New York and
New Huron Bailroad was discovered to be on
re, whOe oomlng up the road one night last
week add it was found thai the fire came from.
v w.iivi u , uuiuqu uviij niuva uiautuvuu,
snugly fastened in the middle, what is called
a "blow lamp," steadily burning, and sur
rounded) with combustible material, thor
oughly saturated with liquid tar. The barrel
was shipped at New York, consigned to a firm
in Greenwich, and it was probably the inten
tion oi we scoundrel to destroy the depot at
the latter plaoe.
Hands Off-Each to His Own. RAILROAD TIME-TABLE.
'."'-Mlght Itaprea. S:0B A. .i Aceorn
uiodattofi, I;tr. a.; Day ipraa,3or. a.
Imdiaratous aao Vimouhati.-11:U a. M.t 6:40 P.
. Mi.a. ' .
OmouMiB MiMissim.j:JS A.al.t 11:45 A. .:, 10:16
CiaoianATt, Haaitroa Asm Pi mm.r.U a. a.; 11:08
a. a. 12S1 r. a.; i-.a r. u.; :m r. u.
MaainrrA aao OiMCinTt.-U:ao a. w.J e: t. . -lUeauioao
ab laDuaaeoiia.-una a.; : i. a. i-.i
L"Ti".?IU"IrI,r vnnj. l Av a.t Aecom.
modatlon,4:10..; Night Kxpreaa, U:3U. a.
IaniMAreiis nd Oihointi;,-;50 a. a.; U:15 r,
Ohio a"nb MiMiisirr'iw-l7:!0 1. a.) 1:00 . : t. u,
OiNomATi. Haan.ro nj AATroa.-:ia. u.i 1M
a. a. 10:00 a, a.j jho r. a.; 6:30 r. a 11:80 r. a.
MABiarrA Ann CiMoiiaaTi,-r:0A.a.; l:0r. a. '
Bioumoho amp IgpiAMajOMs. 6:(M a. a.t :40 r. a.
Aorevasse has occurred in the levee
below Lake Providence, La. 1
SeT-Judge Saydam, of East New York, has
been arrested in Brooklyn for brutally assault
ing a female servant A pretty Judge, he.
Jp&'Th Legislature of Massachusetts will
soon oonsider the propriety of cutting a ship
oanal across Cape Cod. , . . . .,
A woman in Louisa County, Iowa)
eommitted suicide, recently, beeaute her hus
band was involved In a law suit. v
An infant son of Jonathan McAtee
was burnt to death in his cradle in Morgan
County, Va., a few days ago. : . , ' . ; : . ,
Rev. Thos;' Abbott, of Blue Point, ill.',
is under heavy bonds for whipping hit wife
nearly to death.' , .
0f Otto CroIdschmUt, Jenny Lind's hus
band, is again reportedto be gambling despe
rately with her money, and she is about
making personal investments for security. . i
' $SS An explosion took place (n the steam-saw-mill
of P. Fries, in Salem, N.C., recently,
tearing the building to fragments, and badly
injuring the negro fireman.
3fT An affray oeourred recently in Cam
den District, S. C, between . Browell Outlaw
and Nelson Newman, in which the former re
ceived a fatal cut on the head with an ax.
aJTSaxe, the humorist, has filled already
bis season fifty-four lecture appointments, and
hat between thirty and forty engagements yet
tomeet. -us rtf,i!
jSFPive thoniAnd iwninHi.'amAn.vliAM
. , . r ""a - "uiu
were many ladles, were ont skating on the
Connecticut Rivor, at Hartford, on Thursday
afternoon. '' ,v--. '. '' " ' -
BIn the Rhode Island Legislature an act
has been nassnrl mtllna thai 11 ii nt T.km..., .
legal holiday instead of the 1st of January,
o IUO IttW uuw pruviueB
3sr"Two doer having recently found them
selves In the atraela of Hea.rannrt. M. . h u
ixensgave chase, when the animals took to
us aawr tun were onpuireu.
A TtXAS HllOIHS AMD Hir Soif. While
Coriinna waa a.t Rln flnn. n:i n-j
upon the lady of Captain H. Clay Davis. He
uiuiuinu um wan ue naa oraers to Kill her
husband on sight, but assured her of his in
tention not to molest herself or family..1 She
replied with all the heroism of a Spartan wo
man, "My husband has gone with a company
of volunteers to help the people of Browns
ville. You may be able to attack and kill
him, but If you do, yon will have to go home
and tell your folks you had to fight for UI
He told me to- stay here when he left. It is
our home and I will stay In it while one brick
is on top of another." Her little son-coming
up at this moment, shouted "Hurrah for
Texas and and death to Cortinas." The
brigand chief laughed heartily and giving the
boy a pieoe of money, took his departure.
CowniDits a CtiRK. A young man of Nor
walk, Ohio, not long since went to Pike's Peak,
leaving his wife, who, a few days since, re
ceived a letter signed by a fiotitious name,
stating that if she would meet the writer at a
certain place be would never mention it. In
sulted by the note and determined to trace out
the author; she wrote an answer and watohed
at the Poitoffioe to see who called for it. A
yountr olerk was the destined victim, and as
ho left the office, she seized him by the collar
and proceeded to gtve him a cowhlding, he
begging piteously, meanwhile, to be let alone,
and protesting he did not write the letter.
., AkAbcarbis Jobtiiax's Exousa A jury
was being empaneled some years ago in
Ouachita. Uncle Zeke, from the pine hills,
was on the panel. When called up to be
sworn, he objected to sitting on the case. It
required some urging from the Court to get his
"reasons." Finding it necessary, however, to
devulge, he said: "Judge C, I don't like to
expose this town, but the faot is I've been
drinking mighty mean lioker for near a week,
and have had nothing but catfish to eat at the
tavern, and fear, under the circumitanoes,
my serves being powerfully weak, that I
oouldn't do justice." Of course Unole Zeke
was excused. ,'. r' : ,.:, , ,(.. . v.. 4
ANsw Italian Opsaa and Cohpobib. On
the 7th of January there was performed at the
Italian Opera, In Paris, a new opera, ealled
Marghtrita la Mmdiante, ( Margaret, the Beg
gar,) words by Slgnor Piave, and musio by a
vnnnr ArnnnAM, n.m.A fluta.n Rmm Tli.
story is taken from a drama written by Michel
lr . 1 1 r. .
juasavu ana Autcet .Bourgeois. 1 xne opera
had a neat snocesa. and if nawananae ri.
can be relied on, there U a new Italian com.
poser, oesiaes verai, to write Italian operas.
.t aw, . 't
Nsw los-PaoDOOst-M. Calls has invented
a new apparatus for the produotion of ice by
continuous circulation . of ether the circula
tion bain nrodnoed hv numna vni-Usil tin
steam-power. This apparatus is not new in
liiuui'io, vim ju. vii naa inirouooeasomany
eoonomles thai he gets seventy pounds of loe
ner hour tier linru.rnv.. omnlnv.J nn..l
r W . . ,v..n ww.vv- .11.11
double what has been obtained before. "
AaTnTnan Rasa n M M A Jnlnhs P.J.
iguel, a civil engineer, who has long made
human remains in the 'different geological
strata a special study, hat oalled the attention
of tha French AnnaUm tin' fiuta whin. h
thinks prove the exlstenoe, at a distant epoch,
vi a specie 01 man aisiinct irotn tne present.
1 - 1 i . .
respondent bju that Frank ii. Converw, th
tianiA v1. 1... - 1 J . AIEA AAA
widow, named Mn. Hattie A, Olark. The
lady ii daughter of Xbomu Maxwell, 6f
Elmlra, N y.f and tha oourttbip wai quite
A VATHMB TilAVn vdau aTvnatAanAairi TaIiti
B. Hough died of hydrophobia is Seneea
vuuaij, a. x,, recently, navmg neon, outen
by a dog about three yean before. H.1 newer
dreamed of having eontraoted tha dreadful
disease until a month before, his decease. i
Colos-Blmdmiss AoaiX. Tha invest(a.
lions into the late fatal collision on tha Hud.
ton River Railroad have bronchi no the snb-
jeot of oolor-blindness, or Inability to distin-
guisn tne most opposite colors, as red and
green signals, &o., a defect not nnfrequently
Great Conflagration in New York.
Twenty or Thirty Persons Burnt to
h Jttw Yonx, February 3. Last evening be
tween seven and eight o'olock, a fire broke out
in the basement of a double six-story tene
ment house, No. 403 Elm-street.: The fire
originated in a bakery. The flames shot up
the stairway with great rapidity, and extended
to the upper floors, oeoopied by about twenty
families. . The moment the alarm was given
the soene of confusion that ensued throughout
the building was of the most heart-rending
character. The stairway was burnt away, and
of ewina all chanoe for escape was cut off in
thatquaiter. Men, women and ohildren oould
be teen by the spectators on the sidewalk
oluitered at the windows screaming for as
siatanoe, and wringing their hands in agony
Of dfSpair. ,.,.:! ...,.-.,,'.,!, ;
,- Borne ef them mustered eourage to jump
front tha windows, and escaped with slight
Mr. Wise, with his family, eonslsting of
his Tfife and three children, oocupied a por
tion of the front seoond floor. Mr. Wise es
capel, and one child, three years old, was
rescued, but one of his legs was broken. No
particluart oould be obtained at to what be
came of the rest of the family, and it is feared
they .were burnt to death.
Isaac "White, with his wife and five child
ren, occupied part of the second floor. Mr.
and Mrs. W. escaped, and also two ohildren.
Ellzsl aged 20 years, and Louis, aged 11, and
GuitaVus, aged 17, were absent. ' Esther, aged
18 years, was nearly suffocated. Pauline, aged
7 years, was also nearly suffocated.' ' The two
last Were taken to tha hnanltnl. hnt t.
juries are not very serious. .!
ueorge uoraner oeoopied a part of the seo
ond floor, with his wife, Frederika, and two
children, Caroline, aged four years, and Henry,
aged sixteen. Mr. B. and two children escaped
uninjured, but Mrs. B. was badly burnt. , 6he
was found nearly desd by detective Keefe, as
sisted by several members of engine No. 30.
The officer took her to the shoe store of Oeorgo
Scheffmerey, No.2( Grand-street. The shoe
makes inhumanly ordered them out, but the
policeman pushed him aside and put tbe woman
oa a sofa, and she was afterward takon to the
hospital.! :, . . - : -
Mr. MoLaiae occupied part of the third
story floor, with hit wife and two children.
All taved. .;
A J ewish family, consisting of eight persons,
oocupied a portion of the third floor. The only
member of the family that oould be found was
a child two and a half years of age. It
is (eared a portion of the family were
burnt. i -."'.I :
Mr. Drioks, wife and five children, oocupied
a portion of the third floor. As none of them
were seen after the fire broke out, it is feared
tbey wore all burnt. , i
. . Air, Walks, his wife and two children, oc
cupied a portion of the third story floor. . No
particulars could be learned of them, although
diligent search was made for them among the
crowd to find if any were rescaed.
Mr. Armstrong, wife and child occupied a
part of the fourth floor. Nothing conld be
learned of them after the fire broke out. Mr.
Rebecea with his wife and two ohildren oocu
pied a part of the fourth story nothing could
belearnedof them. Mrs. North, a widow, oo
cupied a room on the fifth floor she was not
seen after the fire broke out. Mr. Vapel and
bis wife, Frances, occupied a part of tho fifth
floor. Mr. Vapel, on the disoovery of the fire,
and finding that be could not escape by the
stairways threw a ohlhes-line out of the win
dow and fastened ona end on the window-sill.
He let bis wife partially down, when she slip
ped and fell on the shed, injuring her severely.
He followed and escaped with a few slight in
juries. Mrs. Vapel was taken to the hospital,
but her life is despaired of. Francis Pysleyer,
with his wife and three children, occupied a
part of the fifth floor. He escaped by jump
ing out of the window, receiving severe in
juries. It is feared his wlfn anil ehllrle.., w...
burnt to death. Owing to the intense exoite-
ment that prevailed, the names of the ocou
pants of the sixth floor could not be ascer
tained, and It Is supposed that the occupants
of this floor, about a dozen in all, were burnt
to death.
The Verdict in the Pemberton Mill
Lawisnos, Mass., February 3. The jury
of.inquest in the Pemberton Mill calamity
rendered their verdiot last evening. - It is
quite lengthy, embraoing a oareful review of
the testimony. The jury find from all the
evidenoe adduced before them, they do not
believe that the ownersof said mill, at the
time of demolition, ever had reason to distrust
its security. ,
The jury further find that the fire originated
after the fall of the said wall, and was caused
by the accidental breaking of a lantern, in the.
hands of some person to them unknown, and
at the time aotually engaged in aiding, assist
ing and rescuing the sufferers then above and
beneath the flooring of the mill. Upon all of
whloh several findings the jury determine and
say that the direot cause of tbe fall of this
mill was the weakness and ineffiolenoy of the
east-iron shores; that in the thinness of the
brick walls and the manner of oonstruotion,
the length of span from one support tojanother,
beneath . the floor timber, were additional
causes, and aided in the general demolition of
the building; that so far as aotual defects In
the cast-iron pillars existed, the responsibility
rests upon Albert Fuller, the former contract
ing agent and foreman of the Eagle Iron
Founder?, then at West Boston. That upon
Chas. L. Bigelow, being the architect as well
as the superintendent of this struoture, rests
ail the responsibility arising from an insuffi
cient test of said pillars, and from any and
every direct weakness from insecurity appar
ent in or about the general oonstruotion of
laid buildings.
' That the walls were laid under hit super
vision, that the timbers and flooring were in
every respect constructed and located as he
originally designed; that the inner supports of
cast-iron, previous to erection, had hit appro
val, and were by him adopted, as in sll parts,
safe and secure; that such Inspection required
was given to the Iron pillars, andarthat any
want of skill in designing and error of iudi-
ment in approving or adopting, and anv want
of dot care and caution In properly testing the
different parts of the struoture on hit part ap
pearing to that extent, rendered him respon
sible for the direful catastrophe Involving the
death of those twenty-two human beings.
Signed by the Coroner, Win. B. Lamb, and
by the Jury. i .rr
The inquest was held in view of the twentv-
two dead bodies taken from the ruins.
Another Fire and Loss of Life.
HtdbPask, Puis.. February 3. The dwell-
ing of Daniel Early, sr., was burnt last night,
and three ohildren perished in the flames.
The mother and three other ohildren escaped
from a seoond-ttory window, but all badly
burnt. The father was absent. The weather
was Intensely cold this morning, the' ther
mometer marki sixteon degrees below nrp.
From Washington.
'Nsw York, February S Tbe Htmld't
Washington oorreepondenoe says: Dr. 8. D.
Howe will appear Wore the Senate Brown
Raid Committee to-morrow and will testify
under protest. Mr. Hyatt will not appear
until next week. He has been advised by bit
political admirers here that he cannot be tue
teined if he attempts to resist the Committee
when asked to testify, and I learn, he hat
yielded to their judgment, and will not attempt
to carry the case to the Supreme Court, but if
compelled to testify he will do so under pro
test. .. j . ,. , . e
Governor Hloks, of Maryland, dispatched
his Secretary of State to-day to pay the eon-
fratulatlons of his Kxcelleney to Qovernor
ennington, upon his eleotion to the office of
Speakership. Governor Pennington received
the Secretary with courtesies due to his posi
tion, and replied to the Oovernor of Maryland,
thanking him for the prompt evidence he offers
of bit recognition of the authority of law
against fanaticism. 1
The Tribmu't Washington correspondence
says: At the Republican conference yesterday
the general understanding was that Mr. For
ney should be supported for Clerk. There was
a disposition to yield the point without muoh
hesitation. . . : ,
On the basis of Mr. Pennington's vote, Mr.
Corning will require two additional to replace
Winter Davis and Mr. Briggs, who will not
adopt him. v!l V ' I. ,-r, , , . ,.. . ..1 ,
Mr. Pennington's own vote, which was not
oast on the ballot for Speaker, furnishes one,
and Mr. Briggs, of New Jersey, it suggested
for the other. .. , . ., : , 1
Hoffman, of Maryland, will be sustained for
Sergeant-at-Arms, and with the aid of the
Southern Opposition, can easily be elected.
The House will adjourn from to-morrow till
Monday; for the purpose of allowing tbe
Speaker time to construct the committees,
which can not be announced before the mid
dle of next week. ..,; ..
No appointments have as yet been tendered,
except the Chairmanship of Ways and Means,
to Mr. Sherman. ,-. r :. ..
A Maqistbats Sxncots axd Pbobablt Mub
iBRs a GisiThe High Point Reporter givet
the following account of an affair which oc
curred recently in Rockingham County, N. C.t
A man bv the nam winl.. T.ti...
- ...., m viHtiv.
of the Peace and a member of the Special
vuurt oi xvocKingnam, naa seduced a young
lady, under promise of marriage. ' fu order to
avoid the fulfillment of the promise, he deter
mined, it Is tuppssed, to murdor her. The
girl waa missing, and no inquiry led to any
intelligence concerning her, until recently her
eomb wat found In Haw River, which faot,
coupled with other circumstanoee, created sus
picion that Williami hsd made way with her.
Subsequently a plant-bed which Williamt bad
burnt for the purpose of tewing tobacco seeds
was searohed, and among the ashes was found
the rings and necklace that was known to
have belonged to the girl, partially melted,
and also some substance pronounoed to be part
of a human body. Upon these discoveries
Williams was arrested, and is now in jail.
tsb. Some time sinoe a large number of the
principal hatters of New Orleans formed an
association and entered into a solemn agree
ment, drawn np according to law, not to keep
open on Sunday under a penalty of $100 for
each infringement. It was so specified that
in oase of an infringement the money was to
be nald over tn tha Kt. .Tnunh it.iim. f n.
phans. It appears that Mr. Magnler, hatter
vm-uoo-dmto, ucx i, w me entrance to
Spalding fc Roger't Amphitheater, though be
longing to the astooiation, did actually, with
the fear of the penalty before hit eyes, keep
open shop ibr six Sundays. The Directors of
the Aeylnm then brought suit for $600 and
recovered $300. The hatter asks for a new
trial. 1
A CiNixa Soavivon or thb Abtio Exfkdi
tion A distinguished Arotio voyager is pass
ing his oldageatldlewild, the home of Mr.
N. P. Willis, who, in the Home Journal, says:
We have a pet whom you will like to hear
news of "Cwsar," tbe Newfoundland dog,
survivor of the Arotio Expedition, who has
left his fame adrift on the nncertain sea of
popular remembrance, and come to end his
days peacefully in unexaoting retirement.
And you will be surprised to hear that his
health is not improved bv it. It would Benin.
sometimes, as if the disease that only dog oar
footsteps in life's more rapid career overtake
and fasten upon us with tbe first loitering of
IOIVDV ... .. ...
Thb Last Adroit Swindlb. A day or two
ago a man, respectably dressed, oalled at a
firrooerv stare in thn nniM a? Ph.lmi.i
phia, end inquired after a late attendant in
I U ....... TI . r 1.1 1 . .
vub ..urn. iio waa miormooj mat ne naa gone
to California; upon whioh he expressed his
reoret that hn had' nnfe KeAn aIiIa fa boa 1iim
before he started, aa be owed him $20, which
ne was anxious to pay. The storekeeper laid
he would forward it to him, if desired; to
which tha other, with th
, ...hhj wmunu, Buu
handed over a $50 bill, receiving $30 in
vintage, viae too diu was subsequently ascer
tained to be a counterfeit. .
DiscovtBV or a Cavb is Virginia. A letter
from Prlnoe William County, Va., describes a
remarkable discovery near the mouth of
Quantioo Creek, of a oara which had evident! v
been out by piok and shovel, in a hard sandy
auu. xne cave exienas lorty leet into tbe
bank; is six feet wide, and eight feet high;
the top cut in the form of an aroh. There are
many letters cut in the sides, and dates aa far
back at 1718. There are various conjectures
as to the purpose for which it was made, hut
no one living knows anything relative to its
origin. , ... .. :'..." .... ,1 :
Dsathop a Loving Ladt isoh a Bsoks
Hbart. A young lady died in Salem, Va., a
-ww v. xwtai. fee-ovi HUM! fBII tUgUIU7 UiniUlU
stances. She was engaged to bo married to a
student, at school in that town, -who, after
train Inn hr s.fTtwtiinnti anA .MtmiA :..,. ui.
o a .. e. mi uuu vum rivj viug said
studies, left,ohose preaohing forhis profossion,
uu nruio iu uor, smting mat ne oouia not
marry her. Upon the reception of this unwel
come news she became serious and melancholy,
and, in a very short time, died the victim ot
m I.H.t..H 1. .
a uivtuu utwrt. : .- 1
A Plantbb Mobosbsd sr bis Slivbs.
Laurant Normand, whose plantation is sit
uated near Mantura, La., was lately mur
dered by two of his slaves. The statement of
the negroes, who have made full confession of
their guilt, Is to the effect that one of them
struck hiin on the head from behind with a
toe, as be was leaving tha quarters for hit
house. The blow felled him to tha oronnH.
whereupon the two dispatched him with - an
ax, smashing hit skull, and enttisg deep
gashes across hit face. . ., nwi.-i-j
i i iati ' i si' .
, New Mona nw rjoannnriaa Riilvivi Tha
Northern Railroad of Fransa. aa whtah art-
employed tome of the largest locomotives ever
toovca ran, spiaou uirecuy.io ine sleepers,
the joint, being fished, and no chairs being
USOd. ' , i. ..: ..v.' .. .1; T
TJuani.irtit. OrtTBina 'tan 'nnnslnla vol
cently discharged from tha Ohio Penitentiary
entered the house of an honest German in Co
lumbus. daV before) vnntanlnv. rlnrlna- III.
absonoe, and violated the chastity of his wife
- It.- . n r I P i i . . i . I
ui tun imnun vt trtv vi oar llllHUl cnuoron,
J rt 1.1 - : -i ' i . Kl.-r)Aiil . i
TERM3--CA8H.'1 "i
Aoertavajienta net ixot3lflv lines (AiaU): H j t A
On Inaertloa. 95 1 One wet. J1 SJO "
two weea,-M, 4. M Une saontk-- p A , , . , , .;1
Larger adrMtiaraianU tntartedat tha fb!Urwlnra,t ' ,, '
j for square ot tea Hues or less; . -OnelneertlOB-
O0 Two wake.ja 0 .
ach addlUoaatZT !3 Three weekZZl I VO
Uneweek. ,7T I 3 1 One month.. B ti "
f n all Its braaiehes dona with aeatneta and Slaeatch. . , ; .
Wheeler feWilsbiVs
, . .:1m. . ji'i
tn tint wv.t
1 rU i la"j
i wntalri
J .WnmeTnf
Frlnolpal Onlee, No. 11 West Fearih-at.,
Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine, wtthlia
aortant lmrroyenif nts, and to meet the demand for
a good, low-priced Family Machine, have Intro,
duced a NKW 8TYLB, working upon the tame prin
ciple, and making the same atitch, though not so
highlr DDiahed, at KJKTY-FIVK UOLLARH.
The elegance, speed, noiaeleasueas and timplicf ty of
the M achine, tha heautr and strength of atitch, belnaj
ALIKE ON UOTH UIDKS, iroposaible to ravel, and
leaving no chain or ridce on the nnder side, the '
economy of thread and adaptability to the thickest
er thinnest fabrics, has rendered this the moatauc
oeaaful and popular family Sewing Machine Bow
At onr various offices we sell at New York prices,
and give Instructions free of charge, to enable pur
chasers to tew ordinary seams, hem, fall, unlit,
gather, bind and tuck, all on the sain machine, and
warrant it f.ir three years.
Send or call for a circular containing full fartlcu
lara, prices, testimonial,, Ac.
jaWay . . ., VM. SUMNKK cfc CO.
I .- V -v.
v: ' f; . j
'far 'Jk-';(
,'t'1' 'ilS? 1' :i i
! v;;'
Pp Cookuig Stove !
Has-been pronoon'oed by competent jnrtges to be the
six sSizes! :
Patented Decvl 8CS.; , . .
Tor sale by the Inventors and Manofactnrert, . ,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati. , ;
'" deltl
,: , Manufactory, Covin jrton, Ry '
WAREHOUsis, - - CINCINNATI, 0. v ;
N,0Eatt Colambla-ttreec. ' " T 'J
trade at the most reasonable prices and on the A"
moat accommodating Venae wlla : ,n ;.?;-,'. .1 -
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Barriers for
salt by onr agent, J. BKLLKltS, Oovlngtou, Ky.
; l Free front Offensive Odor, at
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O,
AL wltb any manufacturing establishment
0 America.
aMT IVS warrant onr Oils to-be equal, if not aupe
rlorto any in the market.
a- We Invite those in the city and vicinity to
call and examine for themselves,
, ho persons ordering from a distance, eatlt
faction guaranteed In all cases. Address
J. K. HA SKIN, Aaenl, or
A. Ct. HODtiKS Trenaurnr,
Kanawha O. (I. M. Oil Man. do.,
, deM 7 WalniK-strent.. Olndnnatl,
Manufacturer and Importer of ,
Soaps, Pcrfiimcry and Fancy Cioods
than any other establishment In thecity or
West, country and city. Merchants and drnggiaia '
will find it to their interest to call and examine my .
stock before purchasing elsewhere. ja.2
V TH1BD-STBIIT, Cincinnati, OWo.aremann. -faotnrlng
largely. Palmer's celebrated Uydraulio,
force and Lift Pomp. Also, bis Portable Steara '
Knginee. All those who are about to purchase .
VIJIrU'H for Tnnnerlea, Breweries, Itlaill.
lerlea, 0rv 'Duotta, Paper 01111. Rallraad
nmtlona, fflinea, Wroeklnc Paraaaea. or. in '
tHct, for any purpose where a pomp is needed, will
Bnd It to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of them valuable Inventions, or address the
PALM KB PUMP OOMPABl- for a clroular, which u
will fnrnish the names of many who haTe used these
Pnmps with perfect satlfaotlon... - deahlm .
TALLIO BOOriMO" la offered to the public
aa the best and oheapeat Metal Boof now need, ita
merits tested by an experience of years in this city
and vicinity. Applied to Sat or steep, old or new
buildings. Ho solder need fastened eecarelr with-. .
ont exposure to the action of the elements. ' '
Prepared sheets, boxed for shipment to any part
the fJnlted States, can be amllSk. V?. TJ.rVi.T.
ordinary mechanloal skill. Ordert wromptly sued.
.... ,, r,. ,,UAlil)WKLL CO, .,
rlt-tf ,'liit:i.i!': 1M Weat Beooidreet. ' '
r 1. & b: DRUCE: 0 c
Street ltallread Oar aad Onaaibas Man a. ' ,
..... ,,. aaoaararaa ..-.! r.j -j',i
.. '.?f?R.0B hand a supply of 8TKKET BAIL- .,
BOADCAiW an Umnlbnaea, whloh we will war-1' t
rant eqnalln style, flnlah and durability, and at aa ,
low prices, as any made in the country. " " '
OfHce-Ooroer of Third and Vine streeta. JaUtf
Banco. S5 doa. pints anl half.elnta:
Ooatinental 8nuoe,a gallon joga; .: ' tr"i
Continental Sauce, ID five-gallon keca. Tbe
above sasoea are eqnal tO Woroeaterahlre. 1 - : '
Liquid Bennlt.U doe. half-nlntt; .. . ,
, BolnbleOayenne, 12 dot. half-plutt; ' ' i '
, French Mnstard, SO doe. jars; mijiV. ,
' 'v lfreuch Muaurd, 10 flre-gallon keas. For tale
Wholesale and retail, by JOHN BATES,
jaU liatiunalthearBnUding,8rGamore-tt.

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