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.la order ! asee the eftea eaevssesa'
wlshee ol oajr trleada la the caaalrr. WB"
desire te he faralate. wltk a Cheap Dally
Paper, we hare redaoed the price of ear
eabseiiptleaiYoaa foar te three dollars vcr
year payable la all eaaa la advance. For
ay leee period thaa eoe rear ear teraia
will he at the eld rata er rear dollars.
Three dollars barrly aafflee to pay for the
bleak paper we aso la ptintlaa It, ret we
re determined to aire, the esnntry aier
cliaate, as welt as ear eltr patroatt the
eheapeat aad heat paper ever pahllahed la
the (aeea City. The Preae iarabhes the
Name JHarketa aad Telesraph reperta sivea
by oar larper eeteaaporarlest with a creator
variety of general aad atlseellaaeeas read
Editorial and Selected Melange.
On trst pgo will bo found a recital of sor
rowful newt, from New York City, of a fir
breaking out in, a bakery on Elm-Street of
that olty, by which twenty persons were barr j
to death. How dreadful would this calamity
bi to us if the sufferers were our friends,
Tai Bis Midioikm. .
"Joy, temperance and repose,
Blam tbe door on the Doctor's noM.',
In one month's time, goods forwarded from
Liverpool oan bt delivered la our city. Cln
aionati meats and lard are shipped hence to
the warehouse! on the dooks at Liverpool at
the extreme low rata for rail of eighty-five
eents per hundred barrels. The roste is by
the Dayton and Miohigsn and Canada Trunk
Virtue without success it a fair pictnraihown
by an ill-light It is good manners In us to
put our neighbors in eondition that their fair
picture may be seen to advantage.
Ai it it mooted in Congress to dispense with
the United States Marine Hospital tyttetn,
It might bs well for the City Counotl of Cin
cinnati to negotiate -with the General Govern
ment for the transfer to the muntoipal author
ities the newly finished hospital, corner of
Sixth and Lock-streets, in this city. Since
the completion of this costly edifice, Congrew
has nut been organised so sa to make appro
priation! by which it oould be occupied.
Longfellow said the the talent of success it
nothing more than doing what yon tan do
well, end doing well whatever you do without
a thought of fame. ; : . i . . -'
The term of Christopher ?. Hanielman, at
nugistrate, eloses in April. It it the desire
fit a large eirele of friends, of all parties, that
he bs re-eleoted. Agreed. lie knows how to
poise the cause of Justice's equal setlei. The
virtue of justice he understands, which con
sists in moderation as regulated by wisdom.
If yon wish luccesa in life, make persever
ance your bosom friend, experience your wise
counsellor, eautbn your elder brother, and
hope your guardian genius.
The voters of the Seventeenth Ward in this
city wilt, on Monday, hold a special election
in that preolnot (the old township of Fulton,)
for one Justice of the Peace in that ward, to
all the place of 'William Vinton, whose term
expires on the succeeding Friday.
Saooest is the child of eheerfulnees and
Dome, let us counsel together to-night upon
the most efficient mode of celebrating the ap
proaching anniversary of the organization of
the 7. M. M. L. AasooJatlon. It it an epoch
one-fourth of a century. Let a grand reunion
be provided at the Opera-house a short ad
dressreadings by Murdoch and a dance to
oioee the evening.
The petition of fifteen patriots of Etna,
Licking County, Ohio, has been presented to
the General Assembly, praying the Legisla
ture to invite the President of the United
States, Heads of Department, Congress, all the
Southern States and Central America, to par
take of the hospitalities cf the State. They
wish the guests to be made welcome at Hamil
ton, Butler County.
Who should yon marry? The daughter of
a good mother.
The recurrence of Washington's birth-day,
under the circumstances, should, this year, be
celebrated by all classes in the true Amerlosn
spirit. He's only great who dares to be free.
To him nothing Is possible who is always
dreaming of his past possibilities.
Time is an old novelist, who takes pleasure
in printing his tales on our countenance. He
writes the first chapters with swan's down,
and engrave the laet with a steel pen.
To-morrow ia Eeptuagesima Sunday, the
third before Lent
T enteral was Bt. Blaise's Day, the patron
(tint of the wool-combers.
He that la slothful in his work Is brother to
him that is a great waster.
We have just time to make the observation
that time la short; and by the time we have
made the observation, time is gone.
The jury find that Mr. Bigelow, the archi
tect, who superintended the erection of the
Pemberton Mills, is responsible for the death
of twenty-two persons. '
The dictatorial talk of nature is "move
. - ' .
Tat Ihrsa-StATB TasiTr. Let the Incident
cf the treaty . between Ptnn and the
Indians bave lta lesson Illustrated in the inter
state pledges of Ohio and Kentucky, Ten
nasiee and Indiana. When the Indians eon-
eluded their settlement with William Penn,
they pledged themselves, in long and stately
harangues, to return hu promised friendship
by living In love with Penn and hit children
' 'As long as the sun and moon should endure'
Voltaire remarked of this famous treaty, with
much truth and severity, that It was the only
one ever concluded between savages and
Christians, that was not ratified by aa oath.
Aad the only one that never was broken.
The Ohio Educational Monthly.
The Ohio Journal a JSAtetHon commences
Its ninth volume under the new name; and
ander inantial direction likely to secure sue
eess. It ia bow published by V, W. Hurtt k
Co., Columbus, edited by aa experienced ed
ucator the School Commissioner of the State,
The book looks better than aver, and being
identified with the State Teachers' Attociatlon
in a way not to embarrass that organisation!
It is Incumbent upon the teachers of the State
give the new enterprise a cordial support
Hemlt the dollar at onee.
WASHINGTON, February 3.
SENATE Not in session. '
HOUSE Mr. Fenton ealled unais resolu
tion offered on Wednesday Iaat, that a message
be sent to the Senate, informing that body
that a quorum bas assembled ana chosen Mr.
Pennington as Speaker, and that the Iloues Is
now ready to proceed to business.
Mr. Nlblaok wanted to know If the resolu
tion was adopted, who waa to cany It to the
Senate. : '
. The Speaker replied that, the aollug Cltrk
weuld. -
Mr. Smith, of Virginia, raised the question
sat oy toe law or uav, ana me preeeaent in
the Thirty-first Congress, nobody can notify
the Senate until a Clerk is elected and sworn
In, and until then no business is la order. Ha
moved to proceed to the election of a Clerk.
Mr. Barksdate asked, if there should be a
protracted contest for Clerk, who would re
count the proceedings. 1
Mr. Smith replied, in such cate they could
appoint a pro tempore Clerk.
The Speaker decided that the practice has
bean In accordance with Mr. Fenton's resolu
tion. There was no necessity to have any
delay till the election of a Clerk.
Mr. John Cochrane said the Beading of
ineeeage to the Senate waa no mora business
than the running up of a flag every day to
indicate that the House waa in session.
Mr. Fenton's resolution waa adopted.
Mr. Grow offered a resolution that a com
mittee be appointed to act in oonjunotion with
suoh a committee at may be appointed by the
Senate to wait on the President and inform
him that both Houaes are assembled and ready
to receive any communication he may be
pleased to make.
Mr. Grow gave notice of his Intention to
introduce a Homestead Bill.
Mr. Washbtirne, of III., gave notloe of his
intention to introduce a bill amendatory of
the steamboat law, and also a river and har
bor blU. '
Mr. Sherman moved to proceed to the elec
tion of a Clerk, previous to which there was a
call of the House.
Mr. Schwarta nominated Mr. Forney. Mr.
Smith, of Va., nominated James C. Allen, the
late Clerk. Mr. Nelson nominated Samuel
Taylor, of Tenn. Mr. Cobb nominated David
E. L. Davison, or Ala.
The Speaker appointed Messrs. Klliott,
Whitely, Smith, of Va., and Maynard tellers.
The ballot resulted: whole number of votes.
221; necessary to a choice, 111; Forney, 112;
Allen, 77; Taylor, 23; Davison, ; McEeaa, 2.
On motion of Mr. Shermin the House pro
ceeded to the. election of Sergeant-at-Arms.
Mr. Bocoex nominated the present moum
bent, Mr. Glossbrenner; he was one of the beet
officers who have ever I lied the plaoe, and
against whom not one word of complaint had
ever been made in any quarter.
i&ir. Harris, or Mi., nominated u. a. Hoff
man, of Md.
Mr. Garaett nominated James C. Allen, who
he said had been a steady and consistent Dem
ocrat, and had never voted for tbe exclusion
of naturalised foreigners from the privileges
to which they were entitled under the Consti
tution and laws. He believed Mr. Hoffman
was elected to a former Congress by Know
Nothings, and supported all the proreriptivo
principles and policy of the Know Nothing
party. : . . '
He commended to the admiration of the
country the fact that the party whose ehief
desire for organisation was. as their nominee
(Mr. Sherman) had asserted, that they might
oppose the corruption of the Administration,
by electing as Clerk a man whom a committee
of this House hu found guilty of malfeaeanoe.
Cries from the Republican side of "Order."
Mr. Houston inquired whether Mr. Hoff
man was not nominated or recommended, as
rumor said, by the Black Republican caucus
Mr. Oarnett thanked God that he was not a
member of that oauous, but he understood the
fact to be as Mr. Houston had stated. He
withdrew the nomination of Mr. Allen.
Messrs. Bococh, Harris, of Maryland, Coif a
and Garnett were appointed as tellers.
Before the vote waa announoed Mr. Forney
was sworn in as Clerk.
Mr. Hoffman waa eleoted Sergeant-at-Arms.
He received 114 votes; Mr. Gloibrenner, 2;
Mr. Underwood, 7.
The Speaker declared Mr. Hoffman elected.
On motion of Mr. Winslow, the Speaker was
authorized to appoint the standing committees
of the House.
Mr. Spinner offered a resolution that Mr.
Allen, the late Clerk of the House, be allowed
$8 per diem, from the 4th of December, 1969,
till the 3d of February, 1860, for extra services
in addition to bit salary.
Mr. Burnett knew he was doing an ungra
cious not, but ho felt bound to oppose the res
olution, as he did a similar one some years
ago, for tbe benefit of the gentleman just
elected Clerk. The law fixes tbe compensa
tion at $3,(500, and that waa enough.
Mr. Spinner referred to the fact that when a
similar resolution was pasted for the benefit
of Forney, It waa almost unanimously adopted.
The yeaa and nays were taken on the adop
tion of the resolution, whioh was rejected.
An unsuccessful attempt was made to recon
sider the vote.
Mr. Davis, of Ind., asked but failed to re
ceive consent to offer a resolution proposing to
replace the former seats and desks In the
Mr. Covode rave notloe of hla intention to
introduce a bill for the purpose of raiting a
revenue to meet tha current expenses of the
Government, for preventing frauds on the rev
enue, and for protecting iron, coal and other
Several gentlemen on the Democratic side
objected to tne notice.
Mr. Sherman moved that when tbe House
adjourn it be until Monday.
Mr. urawrora wtsnea to Know whether tnis
was desired by the Speaker in order to appoint
tne Btanaing committees.
Mr. Sherman replied tbe Committees would
not be announced earlier than Wednesday.
but hit friends wanted some time to arrange
the election of the remaining officers of the
Mr. Hurhta wanted tha Poetcffina Defielenev
Bill passed. If it was not, the country would
see on whom the responsibility retted.
.Mr. intake said tne reason assigned by Air.
Sherman was not sufficient to induce the
Democrats to assent to an adjournment till
Mr. Sherman replied that by meeting them
they do nothing, aa a single objection would
prevent the Poetoffioo Deficiency Bill being
acted upon, as the rnlea require it shall first be
referred to the Committee of Wayt and
Mr. Leake. Do you want a eaucui to-mor
row r
Mr. Sherman. You may hare one.
Mr. Houston. Let us stay here and finish
the election of offloers.
The question on adjournment till Monday
waa oecidea in tne estrmauve.
' Mr. Phelps asked and obtained leave
make aa appropriation to the Postoffioe De
partment for the laet fisoal and part of this
He moved it be referred to the Committee
or the wnoie on State of the Union. Pending
wnica tne House aojournea.
River News.
FiTTtaoae, February 2 Mr Kiver four
feet sine inchei by the pier-mark, and falling.
weatber ciouay ana coia
LoouviLM, February 3. The river li fall
tne- slowly, with tlx feet water ia the Canal
v Sr.. Loon, February 3 Blver falling, with
lesa ice running. Weather clear and mild all
day.. . i .
Niw Yoat, February 3. James Stevens
was hung this morning for the murder of
wife by poison. Tke execution look place
the prison yard. About two hundred persons
were present. He met bit fate nrmly. pro
wore present., tie met nis laienrmiy, pro-
tasting his innocence. He was attended to
iae toanoia by turn clergymen. ,
Hung. Another Calamity-Near Fifteen Persons
BaooELTa, February 2. Ames k Honlton's
wool and hat factory has Jos t blown up, and
from tea to fifteen persons buried In the ruins.
: Ltraa. The killed are Eastman, the en
gineer, Joseph "McCracken, the foreman, John
Wenter, and one person not identified, John
Farrall is badly injured, and not expected to
recover. Half a dotcn persons, who were in
the front part of the building, were slightly
Injured, and a girl named Harriet Costiged
waa badly injured by tbe felling timbers.
Loss on property $22,000; insured for $20,000.
The building was an immense structure,
and usually contained about 220 mployet, in
cluding 100 females;' Very few of the opera
tives were on the premises, the catastrophe
having happened before the hour of commenc
ing work. The engines and machinery were
entirely new, having just been; put up by
Messrs. Woodruff k Beach, cf Hartford, and
were then in charge of an engineer in their
employ, who was seot on to superintend the
putting up and testing. The main building,
which was of briok, was 200 feet long-and three
stories high, which Is almost entirely demol
ished. The killed are John MoCracken, Superin
tendent, and one of the owners, 'John N.
Arner, boss hatters; Eastman, the engineer
from Hartford. Theodore Higby, a young
man who had come to tbe factory to work for
the first time. Patrick McNally, an appren
tice; two men, names unknown, one supposed,
to be an engineer from Hartford. '
The wounded are: John Hill, badly hurt in
spine; John Gallagher, skull fractured; John
Van Voorhics, badly scalded; John Farrell, not
expected to live; Daniel Coleman, terribly cut,
not expeoted to recover; John Mullholland,
dreadfully scalded; E. M. Smith, leg broken
and badly tcalded; John Orr, badly hurt; two
sisters named Foley were frightfully cut and
bruised, one having her jaw broken; John
Gallan, badly tcalded, will probably die; Ar
thur Bowen, compound fracture of the skull,
will probably die; John Warrington, badly
hurt, has had one leg amputated, will proba
bly die; Ann H. Garrity, badly hurt, not ex
peoted to live. John Garrity and John Mull
holland, mentioned abort, have since died la
the Hospital.
mere were eoout two nunarea employes
In the building at the time of the explosion, of
whom nine were killed. The explosion ia
supposed to have been caused by the f resting
of the water in the pumps. The boiler wis
torn into fragments. Ons piece passed through
three twelve-Inch walls, another passed the
yard, striking the building used aa a drying
room and passed through both walla. Four
girls were found, after tbe explosion, dinging
to tbe rafters of the building. Thoy were res
cued with but trifling injurios. It it feared
there are others in the ruins.
Latbb. Additional Womdtd O. H. Bar
rows, badly, will probably die; Wm. Urook,
adly scalded; James Woithington, badly
hurt; Harriet Csstlgsn, Injured in spine. Loss
on the building $12,000; machinery $1,000;
stock $15,000. , - -,;.!.
Maryland Legislature.
AxruoPOLis, Md., February J. The Mary
land Legislature to-day received the resolu
tions of the South Carolina Legislature pro
posing a disunion. Tne leading men ol bow
parties denounced them as a proposition for
national treason. . There was quite a strong
vote to lay them on the table without reading
them, and they would have been so disposed
of but for the plea of respect due to a sovereign
State. They were finally made the order of
the day for Wednesday next The debate
on the resolutions waa of the most exoiting
oharaoter, but two members apologising for
t&e course or tne Bourn Carolina legislature.
Governor Hicks's letter to the Governor of
South Carolina tells him be oan not see any
rolief for her injury but in the establishment
on her border of a foreign asylum for her fugi
tive slaves. ,
A Swindler Arrested.
Phiudhtiu, February 3. One Captain
Moses was arrested at the Exchange to-day
for attempting to swindle our oitiiens. He
published an announcement that ho was com
mander of a charity ship bound to Gibraltar
with food and raiment for the afflioted Morocco
refugees. He presented to the Sont of Malta
bere wnat was supposed to be a forged letter
ol introduction irom toe (frand uommanaer ol
that order in New York. He was held to bail
for further hearing. The prisoner pro
tested his innooenoe, alleging that a certain
party in new xork would testily to bis hon
esty of purpose.
From Detroit.
Detroit, February 3. The Daih Tribunt
of to-day publishes a full and important
commercial and statistical statement of
Miohigan. It estimates the produots of pine
lumber last yesr at 4,000,000 feet. In the
m anufacture of pine lumber $8,000,000 are in
vetted. Full oapaclty of the mills are 900,000,-
000 feet. The yield of the fisheries last vear
on the chain of lakes above Sandusky is placed
at 3uU,WU0, ot which $ozu,uuo pertains to
Michigan. Value of Lake Superior exports,
$3,000,000; imports, about $5,250,000.
Auction Sales of Groceries.
New Tobx. February 8. Groceries quiet
At the auction sale 3,200 bags coffee offered,
1.1V2 bags witndrawn, ana z,uoh bags sold at
1212, averageing 12 30-100. Sugar and
molasses both exceedingly dull, and prioes
tending strongly downward. JNotnlna doing
In cotton. Good Inquiry for teas. During the
last few dayt 5,000(3,6,000 half chesta Oolong
and Souchong have changed hands at full
prioes. The public sale is announced for Wed
nesday next.
New York Items.
Niw Yobk, February 3. There is a rumor
in tne streets tnat Tom Hyer waa sbot last
night by John Morrissey, while the two were
engaged in a souffle.
Counterfeit nves on tbe Wreatnan Dank of
Massachusetts were put in circulation last
It Is announoed to-day that the Glasgow
line of steamers havt been withdrawn, and
the vessels will be put on the Liverpool route
Prize-fighter Fined.
Bcmu), February 3. John Morrissey,
tne notorious pugilist, waa arraigned, yester
day, In tbe superior Uourt, upon an Indict
ment tor setting root a prise ngat, ana ror leav
ing; the State to witness a prize-fight He plead
guilty to tha last charge and was, to-day, fined
$300. O'Donnell, the referee, aad Briggs, ons
of theseoonds in the late prize-fight in Canada,
were also ansa $zuv eaon. for their participa
tion in the fight The finea were promptly paid.
Sentenced to be Hung.
Ltoks, S. i., February 8. The trial of
Fee for the mdrder of F. Male, near Clyde, in
September last, was eonoluded last night.
Judge Knox delivered a lucid oharge, giving
tbe prisoner the benefit of every rule in favor
of life. The jury retired at 6 o'olock, and at
9 o'oiooK, rendered a verdict or guilty. Jle it
te be hung on the 23d of March.
Grain Trade of the Lakes.
Oswboo, February 3. The Oommenial and
Timtt't annual statement of commerce ol the
lakes now being prepared, thows that bv con
verting flour into wheat, the total amount of
grain shipped from the lake regions eastward
over Lake Ontario In 1859, waa 14,800,000
ousnois, against zi,buv,uvu outneit in less.
Grain Trade of the Lakes. The Fire in New York-Additional
Nsw Yobx, February 3. The building con.
tained ninety-nine inmates, ail of whom are
saved excepting eight, who doubtless perished
in the fire.
Another aooount makes the lost and missing
nny-tnree, ana gives tne details ana naaies.
CnABxarrov, February 3. The Governor hu
I prtruoneu micoaoi roner, m toe sieamoi
I ilirion, who was sentenced te he hung for aid
pardoned Michael Porter, of the steamer
i ing in tne etoepe ot slaves. ;
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, February 3.
Mr. Forney's election aa Clerk of the House
was effected by the votea ot all present who
had voted for Mr. Pennington, together with
those of H. F. Clark and Blggt, and with the
exception of Mr, Davis. Mr. Hoffman alto
received the votes of the Republicans, and
about half the votes of the Americans, and
was thus elected fljrgaot-at-Arme. , .
The bill introduced In tbe Home, by Mr,
Phelps, appropriates $4,290,000 for tbe de-
Iclsacy of tbe year ending June last, and part
of tbe present fiscal year $2,400,000, under
tha law of 1836, in payment of tbe salaries of
tbe officers and olerkt tor the transportatli t of
tha malls. "' ' '
The third section provides, on aad slu the
expiration of the quarter in which the I tval
service was rendered, and a sufficient sa t to
pay it, and appropriate! $1,000 for tempi. ry
Clerk here to expedite the payment ; No
doubt is entertained tnai tne biu will oe paisea
next week. - . 4v ,.
Hon. Clark B.Cochrane writes to a friend
here that ho will soon return to Washington,
and that inttead of being a patient in a luna
tic asylum he is living: with the family of Dr.
Gray, the superintendent having gone to Utica
to obtain his medical advice lor enronio con
stipation and rheumatism, ' 1 r'
Mr. Brlggt gave notloe in the House to-day
that he would Introduce a bill granting power
to the Assay Office in New York to coin gold
and silver. -
Mr. Scott also gave notloe of a bill to estab
lish communication by a railroad and telegraph
oeiweeu tne auauuc ouies ana usuiumia.
The Bepublicant will meet again in confer
ence to-morrow on the subject of election of
door-keeper and post-master. The number of
ppiioationt for subordinate places is unusually
Destructive Fire.
Yoax, February 3. Three brown-stone
ouses la Lexington-avenue were destroyed by
fire last night The oocupanta and losses are
as follows: Julian A. Hasbrouok, lost $40,000:
Rev. Dr. flosg, loss $12,000: and Moses Wolf,
loss $15,000. Messrs. Hasbrouok and Wolf
were insured. .......
Charleston Races.
Chailebtok, February 3. In the first race
here to-day "Albino" was tha winner. Time
3:51-4:45. "Gongaree" woa the second
race. Time 3:473:48. In the third race
of 1,000 yards, "Fenny Parker" beat "Ride."
Time 9 seconds.
Fire at Madison, Ind.
MiDisov, Iso.. February 3. The building
occupied by A. M. Hoffstadt as a clothing
store caugat nre last night, and tbe contents
were totally destroyed. . Loss $2,000; Insured
in the jEtna. Damage to the building about
$500; insured here. , -,
From Leavenworth.
Lai vbbwobth, February 3. The express
from Denver City has arrived, bringtna:$3.00Q
in gold dust and seven passengers. The news
from the mines is very favorable. Flour is
quoted at $16 per hundred pounds.
Marine Disaster.
Liwbs, Dsl., February 3. An unknown
Upper tchooner. with a deck load of oottoa.
is ashore below Indian River. Her stern is
under water, and a oorpse is along side of her.
It it supposed all on board hare perished. .
i9" A. A. Eyster, Clocks, Watches and
lewi lrjr, Not. HI and Ml Weetern.row.
0f H. J. Dewey k Co.'s one-dollar Pho
tographs are becoming universal favorites. Their
rooms are at Ko. 112 West Tiftb-etnet.
Ball k Thomas, No. 120 West Fourth-
street, employ aone but the best artists, and there
fore ire prepared to execute the beet pictures.
$&" Lew. Boman k Phil. TIeman, of " In
ternational " notoriety, will be " at home " lo-moi.
row at 10 o'clock A.M.
Bibbert k Bro.'i four-dollar Silk Hati
are attracting tbe attention of the public They
may be procured at No. 210 West fifth-street, ror
nettness tbey are not surpassed ia this clly. .
taT Daguerrean Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannaford't
drag -store. Pictures taken and ut ia good cases
(or twenty cents. Warranted to sleate: .
$3 The finest and most durable article of
Clothing to be procured In this city may be found at
Bprague a Co.'s, south-east corner of Fourth and
Vine-streets. Ibe attention ot the public Is respect,
fully Invited to their cheap tablet.
CiTizsna abd STtUBOBBS Riqcibihq
Btereoscopee In mahogany, rosewood and leather;
Stereoscopic Tlewt In groups, etatuary, landscapes;
Stsel Bracelets, Brooches, Olaspe, Buckles;
Fans in pearl, ivory, ssndal-wood, mourning; .
Bracelets In coral, Jet, gold and ia beads;
Ooral Necklaces, Shoulder Ties, Negligees;
' Wax Beads, in white, coral, blue, lavender;
Card Baskets, Card Becelvers, Card Caws;
Odor Stands, Odor Boxes, Toilet Bottles;
Jewel Caskets, Jewel Boxes, Work Boxes;
Writing Peeks, Portfolios, Gold Pens;
Crying Babies, Speaking Dolls, China Wax Bolls;
Ladles' Parses In leather, wire, velvet, pearl, shell;
Traveling Bags, Batohels, Cabas Dressing Cases;
Meerschaum Pipes, Snuff-boxes, Cigar Oasee,
And every variety of IANOT GOODS, suitable for
Gifts, will Hod them at .
f.3awd N. X. Cor. Fourth and Walnnt-sts.
JANUARY 25, I860.
Have this day removed to their NIW STOBI,
185 lACoStUa-st.,
Where, with greatly-Increased facilities, they will
continue tbe
Blank Book Manufacturing Business.
uaretr-xoyi ....
167 Overcoats; ;,
75 Casa. Business Coats;
64 Cloth Frock Coats;
100 pairs Fancy Cass. Pants;
33 Cassimere vests ;
75 Silk Vests! , ;
ear The above will be sold at cost prioes to close
Winter 8loc. ' ,
. )a2Sc : . , 8. X. eoraer Fenrtk and Tlne-sts.
Feathers and .Winter Millinery,
' very description, which I eat telling at a una
. ; ease ea New Fork arises, wholesale aad retail,
""- T. WBBB, Jr., :
el';' !";lsW.; ' "' . sk ttoeeaatBat.
Marine Disaster. MARRIED.
prjOH-WAOSTAir.-On the M'n m..tu vm
elnnatl. at the waldnoe of Idward Bbl.Me, fit
by RV. Wm. Prios, Mr. A. W. Pugh 10 BUs Anna
Wegstaff, fbrmerlr of Marietta, Ohio. '
WATER3-HUBBABD.-At Milton Indiana, Ml
Wed'idiy, F.brurry l.by Eev.. 1 O'NeJ.Ur. W.
r. Watars io Uua Battle, deugbter cf.B. J. JBub
bard.Ksa. ' i ' ' 1 t -
WALKEB BOFFMAN. Also, tt tbe tame time
and place, by the same. Mr. D. K. Walker to UIm
Annl. 8., daughter of Michael Uofiuao, Kq., all
of Milton, Indiana. .
DAVIS WILSON. On ' the 1st Instant, by tne
B.v. W. 8. Kennedr. at the residence of Dr. Wilson,
Mr. n.ni-1 R n.ii. or Graen. to Mies Marr WU-
son, of Clnolunatl. .
WABBKN HALL. At the Bneneer Honse, Fri
day morning, February S. by tb. Bv. W. F. Splloer,
r-. '. 11. A M... vii..h-,h Mall. -M nt I :lnll
BOSIBOONVpa ThursJey ennlng, February 1,
at 10 o'olock, of congrstlon of the brtln. Laars
Belle, youngest daughter Ol Mary ana y m- a. auw
boon, aged ova year, nine months and tea days.
i atnantrtti - Attn, rualdsnce of his oon-ln-lair.
Oeorne Long, Campbell County, Er., on Thursday,
reDruary as o o ciocs, r. ju . miiuiw uguui.U)
la the eighty-fourth year of bis age. -.t ;
BBOA DDD8 .-In OoTingtOD. Ky., February' 2, at
11 o'clock P. U., John F. Broaddus, aged thirty.;
at t P. H Isaao D. Shaw, aged thirty-three years.
. . . Youhr .Ladies ,.r
SESSION oa MONDAY, February , With
a fu 11 complement of able and efficient Teachers. , , ;
No care or expense bat been spared to make this
School all that a Seminary for Toong Ladles should
be. All the pupils from abroad board la the bmlly
of the President, snaking it mere like a family than
a boarding school. Besides a run supply ol appara
tus for Illustrating the sciences, it Is furnlsNd with
a Library and Beading Boom.' -i; K " ' -
For pleasurable recreation, choice ia given between
the Oallistheneum for indoor and the Biding bchool
for outdoor exercise, .'
our-ror particulars, aoaress tne i-resiaent, or i n,
WHITE, 85 Weet Fourth-street, Cincinnati. iaUam
Wholesale Jewelers.
Walnnt-etrset to their new store-room.
norm -west oorner of Main and Pearl-streets, whoro
the nre now onenins as laree a stock of Watches.
Jewelry, Clocks, Silver Ware, Plated Ware, Watch
Tools ana meienais aa can ue itiuua in in. cicr, una
at price that can not fall to please. Remember the
tore, north-west corner of Mela and Pearl-atreets,
Removal. ;
Pook.t-bnok Store and Factory bnve been
rmiKkVf A tn ln. Wnlnllt-Htlnet. two doors below
Fourth, where me Dost ana larguet assortment oi
Wallets, Porte-monnalcs, Puracs, Bags, Portfolios,
Bankers' Uaaee, tjubas, Oasee for Jewelry, Ac, oan.
UB BBU m tap iuwpbe price.. jaomw
TFOIl'Nr. will Breach in Waslur Oh a eel.
on f ifth street, between Bycamoro and Broodway,
10-UORROW (Sunday), at 11 A. M. and IP. M.
Strangers end citizens generally are most cordially
Invited to attend, Beats free. fe4a
ni imtW auanivan uv.uiuffliiiauDi fvu. .,
lrtfiu. All Hrmni who are authorized to solicit con
tributions for the American Continentals will hare
a subscription list, signed by the President and
countersigned by the Secretary. By order ot the
engage. : un- nanrti a. hubb, neoretary.
Tho members of the Y. M. 11. L. Aisocia-
iron are requested to attend a meeting to be held at
. . m ... in i i . i mir i . i i . v vi r n n m
nereaiDH Aicnangt va oa iuaua i niuai.
Vebrnanr 4. at S o'clock, to consider the nronrletv of
celebrating tnoutn anniversary or tne inautution.
I03U ' r.f. nuwff ntiu, nee, awe j,
(War : HAKDINUB, the most profound rnno.
sopmcai (meaiumisuci Dpeaaer in amenta, win
and Bixth, on SUNDAY MOKN1NO atd EVKN.
ijwu, February a, men. ikc
The Stockholders of the Ohio Life Insur
ance OomnanT are notified that she Annual Meeting
lor tne cnotce ol Directors wm oe neia me omce
of the company, Ho. 68 Weet Third-street, on MON
DAY, the 6th day of February, 1860, between tbe
nours oi li o ciooa a. m. ana i r.n.
jaizt nanm Kuuna i , peoreiarj,
IraV KD FCHT. -Palmer's Vegetable Ooemetio
Lotion Is the never-failing remedy for theee great
annoyances. It not only effects a complete cure,
often by one thorough application, but it decreases
the liability to a return of the same difficulty. For
sale by druggists generally.
... Dvuvja raiiJBia, arbdi, '
de29 No. 86 West Fourth-street,
IfSasa JtH(fiBK4Ti, Deo. 17, 18S9.-Mr. B. Palmer
Dear dlr : Some fire years since I received a sever
Iniuryou my left arm, near the elbow, since which
I have been greatly annoyed by a outantous disease
on the same. After using various remedies wltbout
success, 1 wa Induced to try your Vegetable Cos
metio Lotion .and am happy in Informing you that
the use of half a bottle baa left my arm as smooth
and free from disease a Its mate. .1 '
Gratefully yours,
So. 146 West Third-street.
For sale by druggists everywhere. Be sure to get
Palmer's Vegetable Uosmetlc Loiion.and accept of
nothing else. SOLON FALUKli, Agent.
de29 No. 6 West Fourth-street, Oincmnatl, O.
wCur CO VEJtY Is acknowledged by the most em
nent physicians, and by the most careful druggists
throughout tbe United States, to be the most effectual
blood-purifier ever known, and to have relieved more
suffering, and effected more pormanent cures, than
any preparation known to the profeeeion. Scrofula,
Halt Bbeum, Kryslpelae, Bcald-head, scaly eruptions
of whatsoever nature, are oured by a few bottles, and
tbe system restored to full strength and rigor. Full
and explicit directions for thecureof ulcerated sore
lege, and other corrupt and running ulcers, ia given in
the pamphlet with each bottle. For sale by JOHN V.
U.DIXON. Price SI. eepl9-av
Company of Cincin
nati. B. W. corner of Third
and Bace-atraets. fMnher "TrryTffil'fJB'
W, 18S.-This,road is now open- Cars will start,
at intervale of ten minute, from S:JO A. BI, un
til midnight, running eastward on Third-street
from Wood to Lawrence-street, and westward on
Fourth-etreet to Buiith, and on Fifth-street to
Wood. Oitisens will please bear in mind that the
cars will Invariably cross Interaeoting streets before
stopping for passengers,
oclo-tl . JAMES J, BOBBINS, President.
R. C.& CO.
'annual of scientific discovery
FOB 1HCO : or, Year Book of Facts In Bolenoe and
Art Exhibiting the most imaortunt disooveries
: and Improvements in mechanics, useful arts, net
urai pmiosoenr, enemuny, astronomr, geoiogr,
do. Edited brbaTid A. Wells, A. Al. lift. .
D18COVBBED A narrative of the dlsooTerj of
ine ieie oi sir toan t ranaun ana nis comnsnione.
Br Oaf tain ilcOlintock, B.N., Lit. D. Jl 50.
natural neiection, or tne preservation or tavoreo
' races in the struggle for life. Br Charles Darwin,
1 m. a. vi . . . , .
POEMS. By tbe author of " Joba Halifax."
T1VB Arranged for the use of schools, and in
tonded to he read In connection with the first three
books of Euclid. S3oents.
gold. TSoents. - . t . .
KINGS OF INOLAND-Contalnlna Personal In
cidents of their Lire. Publlo KvenU of their
Beigns, Ac. Br bamuel At. Hmucker, LL. D. jl X,
SELF-HELP With Illustrations ef Charac
ter and Conduct. Br Bamuel flmllos, author of the
jjiie ox woorgo oiepneuton. va cent. .
aim, Jeer aaoiivin, ratsa eyih-iM er l,:
cioin,st. - '
a -i iai rn i i tvini Tk at), nr
AilVaVOAlft nVAUVe t lit, ....
Robert Clarke & Co..
55 West Poortli-Btreet.' ?T
fetal ) !- "
1 OAOB at the MADISON UOUHI will be sold
at ynbllo aoetioa unless oalUd for before February
F0C8DBT i B. ALLUOM, Sueerlntendent.-
rnaUaf aUterlais ol au ainas.. m vine-stieet,,
r..j k ... 'i ' i' i ' ' ' f i H I
dreat ; Distribution k' i
I -.vjeft.n(tT .. Ti,-3.7v-t 'l'--a-.'i!! . ,r--rtl
im tt fincoiftioiH
,ol,'.jVW."l bl ''i rt.'-. e - .-'I - H.i, . 1. 1 '
-i1' "
'..I t ..:; ' ' -OF ' '
rAnlo NUVtL I Ito I :
Farapkoor Brochc iSllks,
1 ;flonnce(i Silk Robes,
Flear Margaerite.
..! ... i.'l
..in ) ..I
Roties tie Chambre!
With a Vast
of Other','
IDress ; Qoodisi
EQUAL 1.7 CHE API , .. ;. i.i ' , t
t ',7 I " ; fe2ci; Jl ' :" '? ' ' ' ' '
February and March.,
worst winter weather we bave in this climate. ,
It would be well for those who bave not got the
Patent to order It at once, as no Investment ean be -mriA
fhftt will mat ha WAli In Aftatiomv and oomfort. '
For the proof of this fact, Inquire of anr of tbe '
many tbousaade who are now using It in tbls city.
Order left at the IAQLK 8TOV1C STOBB, No. IT '
West rutn-etreer, or sent tnrosgn man. win receive .
prompt attention. , J. B. ItYAN, , . -
r . Bl. .a TL,J.-t D.aowat
IfiZC . 1 njpriPtfl vi wu(sj a m tatoait. j , '
JL ths store lately occupied by Hoary Falls, '
No. 65 West Fourth-street,
And will keep always on baud one of the largest ;
etocae an tne lateei patterns oi .
' To be found In the country, which they offer et
At prices beyond competition. "
No. 65 , West , Fourth-street,
latTamf1 Adjoining Pike's Opera-honse.
JSfe vv and txiiproVed
The beet aad only Machines In tbe market suitable
for all kinds of manufacturing purposes at the
' 58 i West; Fourth-street. :
;'! " ''rjaMtfJ
bit school,, at 964 Berenth-etreet, ea MOM-'
DAT next, February t, and continue till the end of
June. Thero will be taught tbe usual branches of
an Eniliea Education, the various branches of tbe
Mathematics, the Latin, Greek and French Lan-
Jfuagee.. Terms tor the Kngtlsb, 920; erst per months
or the other branches, 1 30, or (6 per month. Pupils
charged from the date of entry.
iiv)io4 qtiat aonniiut ao tuee aiepuJto .
. . - -ri iv r- - u
Auwaoj ) anaA-iaj)uao itmOQ ie-qiaer
OO a? HHlttVH Ai ;M
aienog prie suSu erqvtjoj "o 'onirf
Hif) tnitiofl 'aieiaej jiioij 'sauiqaim inm() 'siert
anjjepanpuaMdU4toq(7pnoetso)1seuiuj'arr . A
kovi oxouis ki an xnd 'eazis 11 v ,y a
nmog pm Jtnpnuo wiqawoj , ,. . . ,
ranted, at OOLTBB'g,
fcS ' I Not. 31 and 831 ataln-street.
t Hau,. jnnmainA ttns r MOI.1UMH u '
FLOOB and Corn Maal at.. OAI.TKR'a. . .-.
8 ; ' Mos.laad Ml Main-street.
1 - .TOLTB'hV, ,
Hos.Jlt and Ml Matn-etrtat.
T n Hos.Slal KihVtreet.
, oan be had at ' OLTBB'8, . , i
, .. Noe. 31 and 821 Main-street.
HONS are hereby informed that the subscriber '
wilt not be responsible for the debte contracted by
bis wife, Margaret Crawler", from and after this date. '
:;.i:y..i .
f. ".t
1 :
' t '.

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