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"W AHT8," "I OB 8 All," "IO UI," "IMSl,"
,rOUND,"c.,.n this column. oocajrlrig iv list
or leu, two tnaort.oa,twatr-avea9t. -.-.:. , i
ANTED A GIBL To do homework
Id smell family, inquire corner of Bay.
miliar and Ughth-tree.. r y r
WANTED-GIRL-Aged 12 or 14 nut.
to eb ear of Children. Mo on Dead asnlr
nnlee they speak German and French. Address M.
N., at this office, Id German. Ingliih or lfrenoh.
; - , - : hcjii
WANTED Immediately A GIRL to do
. . Wiwrr booiWwork- German preferred.
Inquire at No, 77 Launl-ttr., between John and
Cutter. MifT
V"ANTED-Fmilli warning Rood do-
T .ertlcstoeall at Mn WABSIB'5 Imploy
meat Office, S0 Flfth-street, between WesUroVw
ana John. Qood reference given. fc3b
.. offlce to Jilredbjrnollfnd Intelligent
boy, 13 Teen or ag; would strivs to make him-eif
useful to bis employer. AddreM JAHJU, this offlce,
or Mayor' offloe. , . fe3le
WANTED BOARD By a young lady
. in a private family where there are no other
boarder. Nona other need answer. ,- AddreM M. 0.,
etthli offloe. feJt
wardrobe, bed, Ao., soitablefar anoffio or
mall room, requiring a apaoa, when dosed, of only
shouts), by S fee.. Inquire at SO Maln-at. faSb
V"ANTED A good house Servant may
w And employment and good wage-, if well
recommended, at 17 Klm-straet, tfb
w Hon by a competent man, with a email fm
liy. In a wholesale or retail dry goods or grocery
w, ... V... M WHlllj IKD WkWi piWIVirUU CflH
produce satisfactory referenoe a to competency, Ao,
AddreM J. ., Prese office, feM
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, galea
men, bar-keepere, porter, ooopen, carpon.
ter, mechanic, laborer and other, can find altua.
tlon at the Merchant' Olerka Begiatry Office, 138
Vj.alnut-Btrt. rj30awl HALBAOO.
' time, a Terr desirable place containing M acrea,
in Campbell County, Ky., jv mile from KewBortana
AH mile from the Ohio Hirer. Land 1 good and
moatly in graaa. Tor a fruit farm the (Itnatloa can
nut be excelled. Good neighborhood for aocial inter
course. School!, cburchea and mills convenient,
Snug lmproremont in honae, barn, corn crib, and
cistern fruit of all kinds in bearing, shrubbery,
Ac, beside a yonsg orchard of 1,000 peach and apple
trees of the choicest klud. Also, Stock and House
hold Furniture for sale.. Everything complete for
any one wishing Immediate poeieMlon. Apply at ito,
24 Pesrl-street, between Main and Walnut.
frH-3c . BAM BATS.
K10R SALE Fifty or slaty feet of 6-lnoh
.t1 India-rubber Belting. Call at W. K. LAN.
PHEAR U UU.'S Stencil Booms, 102 West Fourth.
stroet. - - tetb
taining eight acre, on the Beading Boad, Are
mile from the city. The improvements axe . Dwell.
Iuk and out-houses, barn, young orchard, 1,900 bear
ing grape, Ao. Inquire at 518 fifth-street, jaaiaw
FOR RENT HOUSE A new and ele
gant Brick Honae of els rooms, papered, water
and gas, altnated on Longworth-ttreet, a few doors
west of Store, south aide. Cor particulars, call at
N. W. cor. Third and alain.
Mb' K. H. BLO0PM, Agent.
FOR RENT Deiirable Furnished Roomi
to let without board. Apply at the northeast
corner of fourth and Ilm.atreat. f3b
v. i m
BOARDING A few day-boarders can be
accommodated at Ao, m Plum-street, near
j-uunu. - . Tela
SH K ARS A CO. Ha laa-rooms. A7 and sa Main,
treet -Oroceiles, Ac. at Auotlon. Wo will sell, on
BATUBDAY MORNINO, Feb. , at 9 o'clock, a V
oral assortment of Groceries, consisting of lugar,
molasses, coffee, nail, rope, candle, aoap, starch,
woodsnware, glasaware, qneenswsre, soda, ground
spies, teas, aimonas, sc., in lot to eutt purchaser,
fe2 , . G. BBASHiiA&S A CO., Auc'r.
m. xiuraDie Machine extant,
Call and see them. . . "
bu vreif rourm street.
ltAfTVAlmaiBai niw
Wood-Working Machinery,
Corner Jena aad Water .Ciolaaatl,0
OAL OIL At 80 cents per gallon, and
warrnnieu sue seal m ue maraei, at
'Coraor Wnth und Vlne-atreett.
JS. ceiTOd every day at lEBGVSOM'S,
jalS Oorneryinthand Vine-streets.
HKCKER'S FARINA, Jast received, 15
boxe Becker's Farina. Tor sale, wholesale
ana reuii, vy a. jnouun alxi m uu
jaau M and Branch Store m West Fonrth-at.
BAKER'S COCOA Jnat reoeived, 12 boxes
Baker's Cocoa. For Sale, wholesale and retail.
vr a. auuui-auxf cs w,i
ja30 ft and Branch Store Hi West fonrth-.
OLIVE OIL Juat reoeived, 22 dozen
flagons very superior 011. For sale, wholesale
ana renin, or a. moiiun Alii) a uu
jttW 66, snd Branoh Store, Wi West JCourth-st
Commissioner of the Superior and Common Pita
uonru. nana n analog, aoria west corner 01 Mtln
B l niraiKreecs. w
tVfgwam Tonics :
LENS TONIC just received and for sale by
ALBBIIT BOSS, Drugiflst,
ja3 B. W. cor, Klgb th-st. and Westorn-row,
Essence of Pine-Apple,
jmm &pence oi otrawnerry, uu or (range, essence
of Orange, Oil of Boss, for sal by '
130 B. W. eor. KUhtbwrt. and Waal
item -so
Pure Liquors
PL t of Liquors, selected especially for medt
eal purposes, snch a Old Oognao Brandy, Old Bour
don wuiskt, uin ny wnisiy, uin Holland Uln,
Old Port Wine. Old Sherry Wine, Old Maderia Wins
Old Catawba Wine. For sale by
ai,bktmw, Drnggtat,
JaW S. W. eor. Eighth -at. and Weatern-rew,
eVWarran ted to give satisfaction, jet .
Ne. IB aad 91 Baat ReeeaaVeireets
Auctioneer, and Stock and BUI Broker,
No. 38 Third.!., Basement of Haaoaio Balding
Stccxa and Bonds bought and sold on commission.
mercantile rapor ana boane negotiated.
Motes, Dividend and Interest Coupon collected,
Of Stocks, Bonds, Bcal Istate, Ac, on any da; re
ear The patronage or lb pnblle is msectfuliy so
Helled. . , ;,( , , . : . ,, . , JeJSm,
.February-it ,.: .: -iA 1 M .,1 ! J
John H, King, BlppldP. 0., Marion 0ou lad.,'
August Kretchlruar.Msysvllle, Ky.
Mwar. Blcbard Co., Ht.Carinel, Ky. r. r, U
H. B. Harris, -Chester Cross Koads O. i'-' - v
MrrininLc-smir. Ouinimiii n Tr.,-
Wan. ODtidlan. No. T Waat aFflnrthUataaa
Febniary. Ji ;;-.:.,... ;
'Jock..; . Barometer. - Thermometer.
12 nM..MH,,M aM,,...MMUI,I9U.fi' j i AlM-ivanem 9
P. M.M.-....lil.til ' ' - Abovero-S4
Tbi Di-ukd Inoniain. The demand for
i fine, fresh and fat avatars anlJ hw RnVart
Orr, No. 11 Weal Fifth-street, increases daily.
Th bade supplied ai uinal. In ouantitiaa In
Suit. 1 y.i,i , r." a.".-'i v.
PllMHala- Right Reverend Qntar' ' T.
Bedell, late of Ascension Church, New York,
but now Biikop of thlo, will preach to-mor-row
morning at St. Faal'i, en Fourth-itreet,
tcf Walnut. , . ... i
TairaiGHOMAa. Thai.
laat evening by Mr. and Mn.: Shank, at
national nail, was in every respect a fine
affair. It waa largely attended, tbe mule
exoellent, and the whole affair paaaed off very
BniOLlBT OM MllI.HnilT TV. knot J
hoe eaUbliehment ef F. Borgen, at No. 462
Main-Btreet, waa burglarioosly entered night
before lat, and robbed of thirty teven pain
k ouum. xuo eoarcn tor ma loonndreii has
thua far been bootlesa, althongh their opera
tlon waa not. .
CLIBICU.. Th mamhara f 1a n.nA
Presbyterian Church held a meeting night
before laat. at whlnh a Ult wa . J r
Rv. Dr. Thompson, of Buffalo, announcing
utm amuoiiHUlvci VI IUB call Ml 000010 IDSLT DtS-
tor. and Statin? that ha wnnM nn k.
duties of his new charge the last oi this month.
; , , , ,. ,
Tri T.iti Rnnnair Tknurow km Da.ln.
Wiv Hotkl. We have been requested to state
tuat me remain oi v. y. uoz, wno died sud
denly a day or two ago, at the Broadway
Hotel, are now in the possession of the Coroner,
bu a. uaroy, wno win aeep tnem as long si
possible awaiting the order of hii friends.
The de.eaHtl. it la aaiit. lias a wrIF 4 f.-,:i-
some plaoe In Indiana, and an aunt in Lan-
aa.taa fiki'
asaTan tw
THIS lITT. A man namarl IV. P Hums waa
arrested lait evening and committed to the
JNlnth-street Station-house, upon information
from Cleveland to the Mayor that he had
beaten bis wlfn an mtsmI. in that it a a
L . aw V7 -
days ago that her recovery was regarded ai a
ma.ter oi aouut. tie win await tbe action of
tne Cleveland authorities, and afterward be
saaen to insi ouy for examination and trial,
Akubt ov A Paimr.a RoARi.rvnis & vsum-.
. nviu.u
named Catnarlna Wtlann. .Tana fMnnH
was arrested yosterday afternoon and oommit-
m mi mi nuunoni-nrnt etauon-nonse npon
a ebarge of shoplifting. When found she tad
a Dleee Of Cloth, a knit nf Vimam m.n. aaJ .
basket, In her possession, all of which had nn
doabtedly been stolen. The articles may be
seen at the station-bouse, and the women will
in, caaniiutiu oeiorajuoge j-swetms morning,
LlfiTnt avTia Rnrin. Tu -Rn.ai, k..
generously consented to deliver a lecture for
Ih. k..B, .I- a : r i i .
wu wauvub ui mo suuoriog israeiiiee ai mo
rooco. It will take place at the hall of the
AUetnanla Society, on the corner of Sixth and
Main, to-morrow Avamn. a, i'a1An1
Subjeot "Geology and Mosses." The subject
is quiM) an mieresung one, ana tne object will
certainly (111 tha hall. . TUbaia . ka .k
- " " - T -- umi; v- HU
tained at the door or of any of tha officers of
11. . A II -i I i
iu AiiemaniB Dooiety. ,
, . i m :
FOLICI ContT. Jnrlca I.ms
twenty-are cases yesterday morning In the
Police Court, but they were principally unlm-
Tjortant. Wa mnntlnn Iha rAllanln. ka.n..
r . . w -V.1VIT1WJI U-W.F,
uicy nave oeiore louott place in our columns
t . r y , ...
noroor mouuire. arrutari Tnr aitytiwav .ak.
berv. bavinc knackarl down a man ..a.ii
John Lvdinpa and rifled hla nnnlrata af Ikala
oontents, was held to ball in the sum of $500
lor ms appearance to answer tne charge before
the next torn, of the Court of Common Pleas.
a teiiow named Martin Faulkner, charged
with a malicious assault upon a man named
James Gabriel, at the corner of Main-Btreet
and Front, an acoount of whioh we published
a few davS atrO. WU tentannarl tn n ika anata
and undergo an imprisonment of live dove in
.1.- J . P ... 1-1 i -r ,. . a
.us uuugeun 01 too vouniy wan, to DO led on
ur.au ana wnter.
Citt Council Statistics Durlnt the ten
months ending on the 1st Inst., thsre were
71 meetings or tne City Council, of whioh
Baum attended 52s Cunnineham. 64: 8. S.
Davis, 62: J. B. Davis, (6: Frasir. 54: Ham.
bleton, 0; Hannan, 68) Hawkins, 69; Higbee,
no; xiouuter, oo; joDDSton, 04; natenitamp,
52) Ktertted, 58; Looker, 66; Mack, 57; Marsh,
55; Mayer, 60; Moore, 66; Meyers, 60: Noble,
63; Poarce, 59; Ferry, 64; Ross, 61; Runysn,
67; Sobafer, 64; Shearer, 67; Snodgrass, 62;
Tafal. !M- TaaIiv. Tnaia 1 .
-' 1 J vmmj f vv, aivaavaivv, v., '1 WHUBIl
61; Whltcomb, 66; rTlsnewski, 29; President
Eggleston, 64.
During the same time the Council nassed 892
orainances; receivea zzv petitions; eleotel 43
officers: taken 4 excursions; adopted 497 reso
lutions; considered 9,687 motions; heard 63
reports, and neia l investigation or a charge
of bribery, and 1 ef a ohune of oppression Tn
office. The minutes of the prooeedines cover
on. - t 1 ' i .
onv lisgva ui oiubbi writiiea manuscript.
PiHiTiitTMBT. A girt named Mary Fuller,
who was sent from this city to the Ohio Peni
tentiary some time sinoe, escaped from that
Institution a few days ago, but enjoysd her
iioeriy oniy seventy -iour noun, in speaking
ef the affair the Columbus Sialtman til yester
day savi: "She escaped through a window in
the fifth story, and by passing thirty pace
along a very narrow oornice that distance from
tbe ground, without any inpport other than
this frail projection, only ten inches wide. She
then leaped npon the roof of a lower building,
a distance of tea or twelve feet. From this
giddy bight she swung off npon a rope ladder
made from her bed clothing, and reached the
ground in safety, where an aooompliee was
awaiting me result oi er perilous under
taking.'7 1 This was a desperate) venture for freedom
that not one woman in a million would have
uodertaken,anddese.vedtohave been orowned
with better suoeess.
. ExiutKATinH ! Mn.ua at nu Pnai.Tn
BcHoOLa.The . musical examinations by the
Musis Committee will take plaoe during the
present monin as iouows, ai wnion ume tne
mends or the scnoois are invited to attend
Eiithth District February 6. at IK P. M.
Ninth District February, at 8 P.M.) Fifth
Diitriot February 7 at i P. M.; Fourth
Intermediate February 7. at 3 P. M ; Sixth
DUtriot-Febraarv 8, at IK P. M.; Third In
termed is te February 8, at 8 P. M.; Mount
Anburn February , at l'A F. M.: First Die
trict February 9, at 3 P. M.: Twelfth Dis
trict February 10, at 1M P. M.j Seventh Dia
trlot February 10. at J P. M.t Fourteenth
Dlatriot February 18, at 1 P. M.j Eleventh
District February 13, at 8 T. M.: Orphan
Asylum February 14, at IH P.M.; Thir
teenth District February 14, at 3 F. H ; See
ena Ulstrlot February 15, at IX r. M
jentn District rebmary id, at v. u.t
Fourth Dlstriot rebruafy 19, at lP. M.;
r irst intermeaiatejtebraary it, at f., m,
Third Dialriot February 20. at IV P. M
Seoond Intermedia teFebruaty 20, at 8 F.U,
Pllt'g Orsai-Hocsi Tha andianna at ttia.
ppsra-hona last night waa quite large and the per-
""""" ." eBieDiy. s re. r loreace '
by a style which is peculiarly her own, has beeom a
favoriM, and it 1 therefor not to he wonder! at
that she hdlar audience npon th occasion of
her beooflt. Tn.night will be posidvely her last ap.
pearance in this city, and those who deslr to se
"r aius.a.aii aemsives oi tuis opporlunity, The
bill Is Lau.4 Booxh and las Iaisa KmoauiT. :
WOOD'S TbIITSIL Tha anillanaa laat ntakt
at Wood's wa very fair, although not large, bat the
permrmanos, to judge in what we aw of Ii, wa any.
thing but agreeable. Touskiikt L'OCTsias may
not h altOtfiitbar without merit, hut ara ara aatl.ri.1
it h dead as an Siting play. We witnessed but a part
of it, and left th theater because, not being at all
interested In th plot and incldenU, w very nalur.
ally ooncluded the denouement could not be pleas.
us. uaa .urr uvtie to rwvmmeou 11. a tne
laagusgs I never eluant. bat t so Intarlardaii wiih
tbe corrupt BDKllih of Ilaytlens, that it I often of
femiv.-. The Insurrection of llayti certainly had
some incident connected with it which might be
maue ai-anuucauy intenatiug; bat to u "ToDseaint
u uuvniiura aaae appoaiai vrooa a, in one word
I simply a bore. The p'ay will be repeated for tbe
last time tbi evening, to be followed by A Oiilno
AT MS YpBB.,. . ;-' .. . . ,
NATIom THIATia. Mr.' Bernard, tha
clever oomedlan at the National, appesla to th
habitues of the National tbi evening, it being th
occasion of hiabenefltv Hr. B. is quite a good actor,
always oonscieaUoiuu.no' jdays everything he under,
take as well as h can. This ia saying much in hi
favor, and this quality has made him a larse number
of profesMonsl friend. Tbe bill iDolndesMr. Bate
man.oomedyof Snr. in which Mr. Bernard will
appear as "John Unit," and Tna Baki' Paoaaxsg,
with Mr. B. a "Sam Blap," We heartily bop the
occasion "will pay." - , , . , ,
Suith k Nixon's Hall Waus-h'i Ploiur nt
Italy will be exhibited, thla evsnlDg, at Smith A
Nixon' Hall. It 1 beautiful as th country it por
trays, and most be seen to be folly appreciated.
Tracv, Irwin A Co. Phillips, Bliss A Co. vs.
th same. Motions were presented to Jndge 8 torsi
to dissolve attachments in these oases, lbs writs
had been allowed npon the affidavit of an agent of
i" iiiaiu.niB, aiioaiuH uaa tuo uoieuuaDi irauou
lentlv conlraeted the debt. Itannaarad that tha Ha.
fendant gave hla note at aiz months for th aooda,
and it waa nrged on hla behalf that the attachment
law a in not auiooris in issuing oi a writ that
would treat these note a nullity. In on of the cases
th note wa not due, in th other it was; and one of
th nrlaclpal question raised in the oaae wa,
wbetbel il wa necesaary that tbe affidavit upon
which tbe writwas Issued should contain tbe grounds
of the affiant's belief. .
The questions aro under advtasment.
Thi Uiitabiaji CHoaon Comoviiui. Wia-
well vs. The Trustof tbe Tint Congregational
Church-Before Judge Collins. Mr. Taft addressed
the Court on the part of the Trustees.
IJatBHMAI. Sina. Tha Stat aa. Patar ilandnlnkn.
The Jury, who hare been out since noon Thursday,
not being able to agree to a verdict at the hour of ad
journment of the Uourt, last evening at half-past tlv
nVltu-lr lilitD. 1-a.tiiv ..l'n..il ,a itl.A.... lh.M ,1
the Court stood adjourned nntll the usual hour on
the following morning.
Ralph Waldo Emerson's Lecture on
' Ralph Waldo Emerson leotured, last evening.
at tbe First Congregational Churofa, on "fiuo
cets," to a large and Intellectual auditory.
The America people were given to boast
iog, and naturally enough, beoauss they had
obtained and continued to obtain all kinds of
praotical suooeas. They had built railways
and steam-engines ana telegraphs, and in
vented countless sorts of machinery by whioh
to abridge exertion and diminish labor. , All
thsie were the evidences of suecees, but not
of the best or highest. Napoleop, Byron,
Goethe and all oommandors, poets and artists
bad done what they only could do, and the
secret by whichthoy had succeeded had died
with them. bba toe means of success were
open to all, and they who had gone before
might teaon tnose mat followed, i
The first requisite of suoeess was telf-truBt;
tbst power we obtained from confidence in our
individual efforts, Independent of all others'
aid or counsel. Few men had faith in, or
obeyed, their own thought; but they who did,
gained the truest success. The best influence
came from within i Nature revealed herself
through the soul, and what she decided was
ever good and beautiful.
Xne seoond requisite of suoeess was sensibil
ity, which more than talent accomplished ob
jects in life, since by it we gained sympathy
wnn onrienows, ana comprenenaea the wants
of our own being. Sensibility placed us in
large and aocurate relations with ths world.
Through; it we are taught the ways of truth
and the forms of earnestness and merit, and
were enabled to grapple with the spiritual
realities f existence and traoe the chain of
cause and effeot. ' '
Amraatlreness,too,was needful for success.
Negatives did not advance, but held baok
and retarded all operation of tha brain and
oonning of the band. Affirmatives gave us
content, oalmneis, oheerfulness, and by thsm
we were taugnt to reveal tne lair and good
alone. The most affirmative of affirmatives
was love, which conquered where it went.
Men should not live lor or demonstrate the
dark and painful. We all had enough of those,
ana snowu Keep tnem out ot sight as much
as we oould. What was pleasing alone was
weloome, and effort should be dlreotod to the
ij;fr..aiitM r it.fV,AiiA . -.1 i fpl
was noplace here for oynios and misanthropes.
Ws nesdtd to look on the bright side of things
that we eight have a bright side to our own
lire, without which life was a failure. Health.
serenity,! faith, were the guardians of our
Doing, ana wnen we tost tnese, we were in all
manner df danger, and liable to be wounded at
every turn.
tJlnosrity and virtue were larjte elements in
all true iuooess, and until we had them, we
might prate of tunneling mountains and
draining Jakes and ereoting ohurehss to little
purpose.! There wae a vulgar suoeess inher
ited perhaps from our Teutonlo forefathers,
wbloh was popular and praised; while the true
success, because it brought ia no per centage',
was regarded as cntmeraical. Such ohlmoras
were the result of spiritual laws, the rulers of
the universe, the solemn lnter-communlcatlon
between the soul and its author, the shapers
of our. destiny, and the features that ren
dered life worthy and the world beautiful.
The lecture, though fine, of course, and
interesting, was less absorbing than most we
have hsard from Mr. Emerson, and, even for
him, so unusually rambling and episodical,
that one often lost tight of the theme alto
Ai Aubuoa Cato A Rdkawat Wire
Ovsitasss and Foboivsi. Some weeks ago
the wife of a man named Battles, residing in
St. Louis, becoming; tired of her lord and
fond of another, eloped from that city with a
man nasaea J. a. uinstnam. . Tne deserted
husband, whose forgiveness is large as tbe love
of his wife is small an exoellent qual
ity in I a husband followsd the pair
through keveral of the Western States, and at
last was informed they bad come to this
oity. Hither also eame the husband, and,
when about on the eve of leaving tne oity, to
return in despair, while passing down Central
avenue, he discovered his wife sitting at the
window of a house near Court- street. He pro
vided an officer, and. noon returnintr. cauirht
his wife and her lover iu a roomjogetber. The
Sartles ware arrested and confined in the
nth-street Station-house, but when the wife
ditooversd her situation aad looked into the
future, she became alarmed, hsr fear caused
nor to repent, ner repontanoo orongnt torgive
ness,' and this modern Belisarius left for his
home last evening with his truant wife on his
arm. . ,
. a '
" ' I .
DsDicinoii or Ttra Nbw Hall or tbi Bitbil
Sabsatb Scbool. The new hall to be occu
pied hereafter by the Bethel Sunday School,
located on Front-street, near Byoamore, will
be dedioated to-morrow afternoon at three
o'clock. I The exercises will consist, of ad
dresses by Rev. W. M. Scott, of Chicago, Hon
Bellamy Storer, Rev. Wa. Taylor, of Califor
nia, and Rev. 8. D. Clayton, Chaplain of the
Bethel. I As a religious work this is or e whioh
should deeply interest every friend ot human
ity, for those children who are neglected every
where else are taken care of here. The school
now numbers about five hundred, and is
doubtless the largest of it kind in the West.
The exercises will doubtless be Interestinir, and
should be attended by all who feel an Interest
in the wslfare of children whose natural vro'
tec tors either earn not or will not care for
i thsm. ; ", ' ; ',.,,. , ,..,. ,
Alleged Kidnapping and Sale of a
Free Negro-Extraordinary Proceedings
ceedlnga. .l.-.-
A few days ago a aegro boy went to the of
floe of Dr Hardy, on the corner f Court and
Sycamore-streets, and applied fur the privi
lege of tell. , The physician, we believe, en
gaged biiq, and afterward, it Is alleged, bought
blm for a certain sum, the boy selling himself.
Dr. H. then took the boy to Newport and sold
him to a man named Brown, who In turn took
him to Louisville, where he was sold for $1,
100. The purchasers, however, besoming
aware that the negro waa free, telegraphed to
this city, and Dr. H. was yesterday taken into
the custody of United States, Marshal, and
will be removed to Louisville to-day for trial,
1 -
: MsngAKioi' Attn ' Mircvaotubsss' Ex
CHANGS. The attendance at the Mechanics'
and ' Manufacturers' Biobange r yesterday
morning waa very large. President Kun
yn in the chair. Aitor the minutes of the,
last meeting bed been read and approved, the
following persons were elected members of the
Exchange! - -1 ': :''' ' '
J. M. Blair, bricklayer, proposed by B. B,
Moore.' ! : v ) : . . : - -
U. M. Bates, painter and glazier, proposed
by President Runyan. ...
J. W. Swezey, saw-mill, proposed by Wm.
Cameron. ,
Messrs. Farrin and Hand, the Committee
on Price Current, made the following report,
whtoh was adopted ' i '
That id their opinion tbe interests of the Ex
change would be advanced, and in faot one of
tha prinolpal objects of its organisation sc
oured, by having a weekly report of the prloes
of leading artioles, manufactured and sold by
the members of this Exchange.
We would therefore offer the following: ' "
Stiolved, That the members of the different
branches of business represented in this Ex
change be requested to select from their own
particular business one or more persons,
whose duty it shall be to report to the Clerk
of this Exchange, weekly, the prices of the
principal artioles In their trade, together with
any review of their particular business during
the past week, as they may see proper to
make. -
Retolvtd, That the Clerk of this Board,
under the direction of a proper committee,
shall arrange the reports from the different
trades in proper form as a rrice Current, and
shall have printed, in proper style and size,
copies of , the same, with all figures of pricss
in blank, and it shall be the duty of the Clerk
to fill up the blanks in one or more oopies of
tne I'rica turrenr witn tuon nguros as the
persons authorized by esoh trade shall give
to him, every . Wednesday morning, and
poet the tame in a oonspiouous place in tht
rooms, i
"Upon motion of Mr. Latta it wss resolvod
that a Pries CWmrbe commenced on Wednes
day morning next; after whiob, on motion of
Mr. ureon, toe committee which prepared tbe
report were re-appointed for the purpose of
assisting tne Deoretary tn preparing the term
for the Vic Currant.
Mr. Whitten moved that th Seoretarv be
instructed to procure two additional tiers of
members' boxes, carried.
Mr. C. D. Foot then offered the following
resolution, whioh was adopted:
Kuolved, That the President appoint a earn-
mlttee of three to report upon the expediency
of petitioning our Legislature to so amend our
banking laws as to invite banking and bank
ing capital m our estate, earned.
The following wore appointed by the Presi
dent to act as said oommittee: V. is. Fleraon.
ii. Bwaru ana u. time. Alter whioh thtt meet
ing adjourned.
BoisDor OiTiIiiraovaMMTS At the seen.
lar semi-hebdomedal meeting of the Board of
uitv improvements, neid yesterday nsornint.
the Commissioner of the Eastern Dlstriot was
authorised to have repaired with broken stone
the intersections of Cnuron-street and Forrest-
avenue, at a cost not to exceed $50. Apart
irom tnis no Dullness or importance was trans
acted. t
TjKnrrraw Tn-vnnanw 1Cvai.rwa A latln-a
wiu oe delivered to-morrow evening before
toe xouog Men s uatnoiio institute, at the
MehvmAMtan ITall. aamai nf Nlnfh WmiI
Walnut) by Dennis J. Toohey. gubjeot
"AiTlnTimil I 1.11 VtlFT " ft I 1" (S AHSIA s
fluent speaker, and will doubtless trsat his
-1 I j .,
luojeoi aDiy ana eloquently. , .
Chahosd Hakds. The Bros. C. 0. A L. D.
Watson have become proprietors of tbe South
gate House, corner Sixth and Elm-street, oics
r . t . watsoD, ma-, wno nas retired to prl
vate life. The present proprietors know how
to Keep a notoi.
The Ohio continued gradually to decline at
mis poms yeateruay, naving receded during the
twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon about nine
or ten Inchon, leaving aomethlugovcr nine feet water
m me cnannei nencero Linimviiin.
All tha way from Pittsburg to tbe month the water
ia fulling, glvina adlacoursgtng semblance to rivor
matter at present. Reports from above announce
heavy floating tor. but as the wenthar has modratnd
materially, the ice will probably melt' before it
reaches this nolnt.
The Landing waa fairly active yesterday, and more
freight being offered for the upper ports than there
a a H...,,- . . . 1. n i. a. n U . 1 i .a i
" " v una, .a hi mu i.. iwi g,i jiwuts UUeriugB WSr
moderate, and for New Orleans good, Bate are as
Tlli.-l u n.ii ... . ar... .a- . nr. ...
400-1 Flour. 2so.; Fork and Lard, 35o. J Pound
m nuBuia, i.ao. per luu id.
Haahville-Whiky, per brl., 5dc.; Ale, too.; Pound
FreiKhtB. SSasMo. ner 00 lbs.
StTLonia Heavy Found Freights, 26c per 100 lb.;
t uiim miu vii, ooo. per on., otove, xdq,, aiv, ouc.
par uu.
Xvanaville Whlskv and Oil. Son. aar brl.
(lalro Whisky and Oil, two. per brl.; Found
m reigu., -ov. per iw iu.
Naa-n-l ina 1. 1.1. .. I A I, CI .. VI M-.1U.
v.-a,u it uua, nuu "11 cJ, B IWUI , llliiun,i
Applea, Ao., Mio.; Pork, Too.; Bacon and other Pound
Freights, 3035c. per 100 lb.; Keg Lard, 2uo.; Homes,
eiu pur uvau.
AaanrAU.-Jaeob Strader. Lulville: Haanolla,
Mayaville; Torest Queen, Uaditon; Boston, Big
l: .. .. . . 11 l 11.- v. ... , i m i , i
Bllen Gray, Sanawba; Duulelth, Nevlll; Dr. Eane,
01. bonis.
DaraaTCBM. Jacob Strader, Louisville; Magno.
lia, Mayaville; Forest Queen, Madison; Boston. Lou
isTiue, vuurier, wueaiiag; uupper Boa osm. n.ira
man, Nashville; J.S.Priogle, New Orleans; Cudine,
araansa itirer; Aunieitn, rieviiie. -
. AocioiRT. A little German girl, about nine
years ot age, named Bauer, fell from the) sec
ond story of a house in West Covington, yes-
1 J .' , 1 a , !.
wruay uioruiog, sun oroao ner leu arm.
Tin-ware, Spouting, &c.
TUBKS toordur all varieties of Tin and Sheet.
iron Ware.rnbllo Lanterns, and other article
ms line, nanuiactures to oruer an varieties oi
tamo nooniDg, Tin, uopperand aheot-iron.
Lantern Olaaa alwaya on hand.
Ordera from a distance nromntlv attended to.
A few Stoves on band to dispose of obeap for cash
ptove-pif rarnlaueo j1jjjln ' snort notice.
Jl OB A VINO and Light Machine Work to the large
ana eiegani oanuing
No. 64 West Fourtu-strcet,
Between Walnut and Vine, Third Flour.
ir Ton want a eiwiso maobini
If you want any kind of Ittbt M ACBINKBT mad
repaired, uivm ms a vaaiai.
jsSc-tf P. ETAHS, Ja,
Her chart Tailor
dslltf 1.OM0H BTjrLMlfO.
TEAS A large and well-assorted stock
."Fine flreen snd Bias Toaa" at
Cornw Mlnth and f lc-trits,
RoMAitto ArrAia Abscmlt Tseuiiatsb
A Htnoiq 7cuso Ma Elopsa Without Hia
Arruscsn. In a neighboring city lived a
young man whose romantic tendencies long'
sines besama proverbial among hit associates,
aad so ardent waa his desire for adventure,
that it appeared the ruling passion of bis life.
Not a rnmnntla. Hint a hill a .la. a .-aa-
. w -ji u-, a. w i.i, -i 5.wa, m Via ,viu,
a oataract, within the circuit of a thousand
miles, but ha had visited and re-vlsltsd, ex
plored and re-explorcd. Disgusted with the
monotony of city life, and being emphatically
a "gentleman of leisure," he has recently
spent tnnoh of bis time rsmblinv over tha tow.
ering olifis that overhang, and through the
magnificent groves that skirt, the Licking,
some eighty miles above this city. Sometimes
he smuted himself by contemplating tbe
beauties of nature, and sometimes be hunted
suoh game aa frequent that region of the
oountry. Again, he mused upon the best
means of acquiring a competence, without
being ootnpelled to put forth the necessary
exertion, and awaiting the slow, but sure,
reward of honeet industry. - . , i .
Our hero waa, as we have said, a gentleman
of leisure "poor but proud" but one whoso
glittering stories of untold wealth completely
ueceivea strangers, ana veiled bis poverty.
Iu all his Intercourse, he arrogated to himself
manners whioh are supposed to belong to
millionaires aione, ana wnion It would t0
profanity in any onoe.se to imitate. ;
His intimate associates, although in conver
sation they charitably attribute his rambles to
a love for the charms of nature, had secret
misgivings that his real object waa b captivate
an heiress and appropriate to himself her
wealth. i . . .).; ... , ,.i ui ;.,,
If this were indesd his obi eat. he had been
remaikably unsuccessful, for during five sum-
mar no nan vuitea au tne taahionable resorts
In the oountry and though he had seen Innumer
able Mademoiselles of wealth and faslon, ho
nan not luccesaea in onarming any one. His
"hosts of friends" at length becomlnsr tired of
granting him "small favors," his fsce growing
umiusv to louse wno naoituaiiy visit summer
resorts, his name being the tenor of every
lauaiom every wnore, no nas lor six months
past been despondent, and after mature reflec
tion, he anathematized summer amusements,
watering places, false friends, and landlords,
and at ones determined to change his tactics.
It was then that he became a haUtu of the
spot we have mentioned. He believed that
unsophisticated country lassos were more
eaiily wooed and won than city Misses, and
tne oonsent oi tneir papas miion sooner ob
tained, snd what was of the utmost impor
tance, tbeit wealth was of a fsr more solid
character. ,. .
'Tiras autumn, and the forests were iust as
suming a golden tinge- gentle Imprint of the
first breathings of a Septembor wind. Filled
with renewed anticipations, he set out and
rambled to the soot wo have Indicated. Aa.
quataUnoot were soon formed, and to those be
represented Himself as a wealthy merchant,
who, fatigued with business, had retired to
enjoy a few weeks sporting among the bills of
lits new character succeeded beyond his
mom sen guine expectations.
We will omit, as of no consequence, the
Introduction; the first kindly glanoes; the
progress of the suit; but merely say that In an
Incredibly short spsco of time, a beautiful
miss of nineteen had placed ber heart and
hand at bis disposal. She was overjoyed at
the giddy prospeot of city life theaters.
operas, concerts and balls; and even the good
old father, an unsophisticated gentleman of
sixty, was charmed at the thought of having
for a son-in-law a wealthy metropolitan mer
chant. Things wont on elorioualv.andthe iUv of tha
Lothario was prolonged nearly two months, in
whioh the wedding programme was all ar
ranged, and the nuptials were to have taken
giaoe on ivDrutmaa last. Dunag the interval
etween ths betrothal and tha expected wed
ding our hero returned to his home, to convey
the information of his success to his friends,
and to anticipate with them the untold enjoy
ments that wsre to flow from the wealth he
expected soon to oommand. i
But tbe best laid schemes are often thwarted:
and so it happened iu the preeont instance.
No sooner had the gay young man quitted his
amauoeu man tne voice or slander Began to
detraet from his chsraoter and question his
motives yigiie doubts, or surmises concerning
the truth of the story of his wealth, whioh he
had told with such an air of importance, were
whispered among the lady's friends: susDloions
soon became rumors, and rumors were as
sumed as faots, and conveyed to the lady's
tainer. At nrst tne oia gentleman wss en
raged at what he deemed a malicious slander;
but Itsoonatant repetition by the whole neigh
borhood induced him to prosecute an Inquiry
upon the subject, and in order to do this vis
ited sscretly the oity where his future son-in-law
claimed to figure so oonspicuously. The
truth was soon learned, and not only the truth,
but some of the young man's boasts of antici
pated woalth reached his ears.
wnen ne returned tne whole ianuly, includ
ing the daughter, were highly incenaed at the
deception praoticed, and whioh hsd well nigh
proved suooessful. Revenge was Imprinted
on every oounteuanoe and muttered by every
tongue, xae nana must not no permitted to
escape unpunished, and various were the
motbods proposed by which to accompli
their purposes.
The lady herself the one most aggrieved
finally suggested a plan which was immedi
ately put in execution. A note over her sig
nature was dispatched to her lover, iu whioh
he was informed that for some nnsocountable
reason her father had forbidden their nuptials,
and had used harsh means to induoe her te
change her purpose, whioh she had apparently
none to sausiy mm, ana to aisioage any sus
picion he might entertain of an intention to
elope, an enterprise she signified her willing
nets to embark in, though, to avoid all diffi
culty, she suggested that it ought not to take
place until the middle of January.
When our hero had read thus far he came
near stamping the note beneath his feet, for,
great as wta his love of adventure, his fears
that his Duloinea would be disinherited, en
tirely overcame it. His fingora, however, In
voluntarily clung to the billet; and a second
glance revtaled a sentenoe whioh completely
changed hit purpose. It was as follows: :
"Foar not; should my father disinherit me,
I still hays over sixty thousand in my own
right, something I nover before revealed to
yOU. ' . DULOIBIA." .
Our hero was at once dseided, and he deter
mined to undertake the proffered elopement.
The lady Informed him that on a oertain night.
if all were well, a signal wotld, at exactly
twelve o oioox, do attacnea to a window oi tna
house, and ah requested blm tor respond to It
by three tape. He was requested to convey
his reply to the note in a certain manner, in
dicated therein, as otherwise her father might
obtain possession of it, and discover the secret
it oontain!.
How our hero and the lady passed the inter
val is not necessary to the continuation of
this story j but, auffioe it to say that, true to
the appointed hour, Lothario was at the win
dow, and, to his inexpressible delight, found
the signal there discovered. Tbe three taps
were given, and instantly a female his fair
effianoed greeted him with smiles, and
whispered that she was almost ready, but aa
they were suspected, it might be nsosssary for
her to paBS the few first milos of their journey
closely vailed. To this no reasonable objec
tion could be urged; and as their flight was to
be on horse-back, the heroine soon after ap
peared at the window, dressed in an attire
suitable for such t, journey, and holding in her
hand a large ' oow-hide, to urge forward her
steed in case of pursuit. She wm Immediately
assisted to the ground by her lover, who. in the
enthusiasm of his soul, exclaimed, aa loud aa
the circumstances of their meeting would per-
mitt 1 . . : !-..'..-
"One smbraos, dear Dulclnea, one embraoel"
'Twss sivsn: but Csesar wss not more sur
prised when, he perceived Brutus among tha
conspirators, than was our hero in this in
stance. o "maiden s arm was rouna mm
thrown,'! but that of ber father, who seemed
slow to relinquish bis hold and the cow-hlde-it
was used unsparingly upon the victim's book,
unta hla cries for metey "werif eohod"itiI ic-
. worn, me mil around, r r-t t V
At length he was libera tail, and turn In a to. a a
id ti
wa ui sr.nuow to oaten a gianoe at tbe lair
one who, be believed, had bean auddealy bei j ;t i r a
ti, he muttered aome incoherent words,
when Dulclnea's face agaia beoaiae visible-i -'My
love, my love," he exclaiaaed, but wad
interrupted by tha lady, who laughingly -said,
"I guess we'll nottnkethesixty thonvoil' .'. ,
this time." .i- -. ..,! . ,mt
The troth flatbed upon him at once. He r
mounted his steed, "sloptd," and has not tines)
been seenj mii.ri' ' i .- i i ...
Elder W. Langarl will preach at the Baptist
Churoh in this city to-morrow moraiog, and
at the Mt, Vernon Avenue . Sshool-houM ia ,i,
theerening. -! - -' .-o ., - .!
Citt EiiioTioit. Candidates for oity efflosa ,.,.t
are busy In soliciting tbo suffrages ef the pao- 7 ..
pie preparatory to the struggle for the loaves "
and fishes of offloe, which will take plaoe en ' '
the first Monday of March next. "
I, . , ., i . . .. , .,v.f , i H
' Coal The steamer CAowtpto- Ao.1 t ar- " '
rived in the Licking, yesterday, with nine '"
coal-boats loaded almost to tbe guards. . . . i
Monetary and Commercial.
1 Tho demand for Money wu brisker yesterday
than on Thursday, bat there was no closeness In ths .
market. I ''"".;i,i,,,'i.;Jw'-,V
. Th supply of Currency JiaSi.dlmmishod daring th
past two days to meet tbe payment falling due to
day, wblcbkreqnlte larg. ' ' ' ' -" -i'- "
lantern Exchange was put down yMtetday mora .
Ing to X premium selling rate.br on of the leading
houses of tbo street, and tbe other dealer imitated
the example, and before noon all were drawing at
the same figure. . ! , ( : :i ! r . . ,
Ocin declined with Exchange and wa very quiet,
tho local demand being very small.
Now Orleans Exchange; was quiet with little do
mend aud less aupply at H aad 1 pre. - -' - -
Tha rates of Kxchange and Coin at the doe Of
Bank hour reaterday were aa follow:
' 11 I Buying.
New Tork Sight......... K40o. prem,
Philadelphia" .,.,. A&Wo. prem,
Baltimore j " ..,.... , tipten,
Boston " .... i,( M nram.
, Felling. ' .
J- ' H prem,
;i X prem.
r, X prem. '
1 rem.
JO. (NU,
ew Orleans" ........ s' )i prem.
American Oold H prem.
The total. colnaga of the Philadelphia Mint last
mouth was$l,(0,ta3, thus divided: Gold, SiMUjyd:
Bilver, $ili.660; Cent, $14,000. ' rV""
Klour was still in aond aemand vaalarilav. anil rateS -
were luc, higher. Whisky wu nacbaugedandsteady.
Corn and Oata were lower, but other grains war
unaltered. , Provision were rather heavy, with lees
disposition to operate, though price were unchanged.
The Imports and Ixpoi ti ct various artlclw forth '
twenty-four hour ending yesterday soon, were: -
lnroaie.-Applea, 377 barrele; Barley, l.liSbnsbelt; -Butter,
kens: Or in, 8,-6. btubuia, Cheeae, (- .
boxMi', Ootfc'C, 1,335 ba; Flour. 3,110 barrels: Usy,
U laics; liogs, liy head; Lard, 301 bairois; Halt, S74' :
bushels; Oats, 3,.'.W bushels; Pork and Bacon, IS
bbds.;S tierces, M barrels, 3.78l lbs.; Bugar, ST7
hhds.; Whsat,4,3H bush.; Whisky, 1,315 barrels.
fxroars-Apples, 323 barrel,; Butter, lea ksg;
Candles, U6 boiea; (Jbnese, d'Ji hoxesiVofTee, SIO baia;
Flour, ctt burets; LriJ, Wi bfls., liil kegs; Oata,
15(4 bushels; Pork and Bacon, 9s bhds., vro tlerosa,
1,243 brl s 331 boxes; Potatoes, 617 tirla.i8ugar.lt -hhds.)
Salt, 13barrels; Whisky, brls.
Iburaday'a New York Time, under date of Wed
nesday evening, obiryeei . . , ' ; . - t
"There ia less activity In tbe Honey market io-dr,
and without any abioluts change iu the Current
rates, they continue to rule more In favor of tbe bor- -rower.
On call we should put the general range at 6j
7 ner cent., arnordlncrtn tha .arnrlt. artth iramaii.
lions reported aa low a s. In papur tbete appear to be '
less uftrring to-day, and 60 to 90 days prluie rule at
6V, and t to e months at 7e. foreign Exobango
closed steady, but tbe business for to-day steamer
has been scarcely an average one, (terllng ruled at
lOdiKgMW for Bank and Uankors, and lUStttftKe'i .
for commercial ignalurii. On Paris bl.!2!4 l:ii.lik.
The Africa to-day took out I3S5.300 in epecieP' .
Land Warrants In Daw Tork ara more aotlre, and
llenrs. Thompson Bros, nctlte an advance ef two
cents on large aizes, and quote as follows:
' ! Buying. Belling.
160-acr Warrants ....., , 68 75
120-acre Warrant .a. m 6 ; 7S
80 acre Warrant .. t4 do
HJ acc Warrant, pr a:r It on Jl 10
XiwYork Cst rir HaaKXT-Thuraday, Fabrnary
2. At the Live btock Market, th total receipt of
ilT animal for the week ending yosterday. nam
ben d: 3.478 beef cattle, m milch oowa; 417 veal calve,
6,94 sbcop. aud 3.713 bogs; total, 13,667, against a
total weekly average for all of latar, of J3,4mr.
The main deficit was of awlne end nheep. Beers .
numbered aome 500 less than the average. The "
deficiency In live animal ha been nearly mad np
In dressed oarcaaes. At yesterday' general weekly . ,
market, beeves sold at nearly He, per pound, est). '
mated dressed weight, higher than nt the prevlou ..
market, some of tbe best went at luillo.; those
of good quality ranged at about 10c ; and poorer -grades
all the way down to 7c.,acoordlug to Qoallty.
ttood cows sell a little better; ordinary animals ar
still In alight demand. Veal calve aro in fair de-
mand at former prices; yet "bobs,'' which are in
large aupply, are nard to work elf at any price,
sheep ar in lair aupply, and sell at price equivalent '
to 4HI&.5X o. per nouud, live weight, fo r poor to good,
and aijpiD.U- for first qualities. Hons are Scares, and
have advanced near Nc per pound, live welaht;
ranging at 6X(nJ6Hc. for corn ted, and W.6c. for
atill-fed. '
Monetary and Commercial. CINCINNATI MARKET-FEBRUARY 3.
FLOUR The demand continue good, and prices
must he quoted 10c higher: sales of 2,000 barrel at
15 70& SO for anperilue, and ti 85ii for extra; ths
latter rate for white Wheat. -
WHISKY The market ia nnchanged and iteady:
sale of 1,100 barrel at l).19Ho., the latter rat
for wscon.
PK0VISION8 - The feeling In tbe market wa
heavy to-day, with less disposition to buy, and in
some cases, more to sell, though we did not discover
any willingness displayed to make concession in
order to Induce purchasers to come forward, llees
Pork remains unchanged; though In tbe absence ot
salea prices must be regarded nominal. Several con
tracts for bulk Meat, which bad matured, were sat
tied to-day and yesterday, at 6M and 8 c. for Shoul
ders and Sidas. 60,0X10 pound bulk Side sold laat
evening, delivered littoen tlaya hence, at 8tc,; and
1,000 piece Shoulder, to day, at 6c. Abont 190
hhds. Bacon sold at 7a and .)C, for future delivery, .
say the last half of tha month. Lard ia held at lOMe.
with buyers at lOMc
GBOOBttlKS-Ko change lathe market; there is
a fair demand for Bunar, with ealee of 120 hhds. at
73i(609o., tbe latter mta forohoice: Holaae steady
at 4ot40c., and Coffee stoady, and In fair demand at
WHEAT The market oontinaeS firm, with an act
ive demand, at $1 331 36 for prime whits, and Jl SS
1 30 for prime red: sales of 1,um) busueU prim
white at $1 35, and 1,000 do. red at Si 30.
(JOHN Ear-Corn continue dull, and prices bar
declined 2o. per bushel. We quote It at 46o. The de
mand for shelled continues good, and price are firm
at too.
OATH The market I easier, and price ar a shade
lower. We quote them at 4a4!., in bulk: sale of
w ousneis, in nnix. at 4vc., and l,wo do. at 4go.
Hi-fi Tbe market is dull, and without chance:
sale of 100 bnslmla at l.
u A B us, i xne niarset continues d ui I , aad prices
unchanged. We quote prime fall at tt8e., aud
lair to good at VftOo.: salvs ef 2nd bushel prime
fall at 70c.. but this is above ths market.
HAT Tbe demand 1 active, with light receipts. .
We quote prime Timothy at 20tg2l per tun, on ar
rival, and trom store,
CHUBS B The demand is fair, and prices are firm
at last quotations: sale of 300 boxes WesUrt. Beeerr
at 9,Ho.
BUTTUR Th market continue dull, and prloes
are unchanged.
APPLK3-There is a continued good demand, and
prices Arm at last quotations; sale of 60 barrel
choice, in large barrel, at S3 60.
POTATOES Tbe demand Is active, and prices have
further advanced 10c. per barrel. We now quote
prime Northern at (..from store: tales of 360 bushels
prime Northern at 2.
CLOVER HKUD The market ! sUadv. with a fair
demand, at $t 85: sole of 95 barrels at 4 89.
Niw loan SlAaan. February 3 J. M. Cotton
heavy, and in favor of buyers: aalee of 600 bale at
HHo. for middling Uplands. The demand for Flour
Is less active, but pries unchanged. Bhlppsr will
boy extra state to a lair extent at tf 10$& 20: sale
of 4.600 barrel, at 4 S6fM for lupertlne State; $5 1ft
65 ii for extra State; 4 S55 for superfine Western;
t6 15(2-5 80 for common tn meulum extra Western;
Is 666 n for snipping brand extra round-hoop
Ohio the market closing quiet. Canadian Flour fa
nnohanged, and the demand moderate: salea of 400
barrels, at is 40t 70 for oossmon to choice extra.
Bye Floor In lair request at S3 754 43. Buckwheat
riour plenty and dull at Si 1b0U "7. per cwt. Corn
Meal I uoohauged: sale of Baltimore at 14 18.
Whisky lower: sale of 1,000 barrel at 23c. Wheat
la dull, and in favorof byra, with only limited de
mand: salea of 6,200 bnabela white Canadian at II 3r
(til 50 Bye quiet at fKftllo. Barley lus active and
iiocbancted: aalas of S.i'kjO bushel, good Slate at 76c.
Corn quiet and unchanged: Bale 016.400 bushel, at
etK$io. for new yellow and white. Oat in moder
ate request, at 44I5. for State, Western and Cana.
dian. Pork lesa actlvs, and carcely so Arm: .sale
of 1,000 barrels, at $17 Sg)17 SI for old mesa; lis IS
for new mess; 111. for old prime; $11 for new prime;
SIS S61S 60 for Western prime mesa; l!ft18 60 for
oity do.; tnclnded in the sales were 600 barrels Dew
mer, at tl4 26, seller's option, hall March. Beef lies
active, but unchanged: (alas of 300 barrels, at t4f
4 26 for country prime; J!M 3S for oountry mem; f -
7S for re-packed mess; I0 6cU for extra mesa.
Beef Hams ladyi sales of 2O0 barrel, at tit 7516
for Western, and State Is held at $12. Prima muss
Beef in fair request at Inrftio th rale of 100 time
sstr Chicago at 19 60. Crossed Hogs teady, af
744c for Western. Cut Heat buoyant, sales of 3S0
packages, at 7c for Shoulders, and tfytHa. for Ham.
Bacon steady: sale of 131 boxes, at 7Mo. for long,
ribbed, and oHc for Western (Jnmberlaad Middle. -
tale of 30,000 pound pickled Delliea at 10 He., and
an.ono aouniis nick ed Bides at siBao. iiara ni
salecf350brfs,at to$llo. Butter In limited
8 ust, at Uftl6o. for Vblo. and ISAauo. tor state. I
heese oontlnue fair ati811Sc. In Tallow tber '
areamall ala reported at lOViiHuaie. Wool dull,
and in favorof buyers, without, however, any change
in price: sales of 26,000 pounds fleece at St$0c., aad
medium to choice Baxonyj A imaii eal of Candles
reported, at 17tftl8a. for Adamantine; Mtftttc. for .
plain, and 460600, for patent Sperm. ;
Iliw toax Btaca Mat, felrnarf S. Second 1
Board-Stock lower and doll. xcept tor Paclfto
Mall, which ha further advanced, Galena and Chi -caao,6ett;
Booda.SO. Illinois Ventral, SS. Paaama,
H))i. Michigan Southern Uutrrauleed, 13. Mich
lean Southern, 3. New York Central, 70S. PaclSo
Mall, S3t.: Uloh'gaa Southern Second Bonds, t4 i
Bondi, 60. Michigan Bonthera BlnklDg Fund, 6S. .,
TeniMMv Blue, tts. California Seveas, KH, Mt.
ISOurl Sixes, SOU., y-, :n j. v:.,.,'s ..... .,. '..it

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