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" W A NTS," "10 BALK," "TO MT," "L0BT,"
"ruDND,'o., In thl ootaiBn, oocapylni At llnae
r last, two fntertlons, twnfr -B cant.
1 - . - feeb
Indispensable aU' ,. "i,!!"!! or "anufacturecfan
large; mlle--iiVr B"l5 "aht and profit
street, tide P nrWi?': o, HRace-.
o'clock P. M .sreao, third floor, between 1 and 4
. " .-i f b
.nted ROOMS Two nil fn rat shawl
lnnnma aiiiiftlsl.k i",.. . . . . ... .
'jS2? aPJ ft,lDg Kn,Vi J?" Put of U..J city nr.
ffiW' AddrgjB P. f at (hii office. faeli
WANEErA Ud hM,i,, k" hel babe,
t", JK?Vf-i we i nun at her own
..MyMWv,mUviBB,tl roHurace reto
YVANTED-Reliable help, mal ud f.
h7Jl, J1? J.0UI1 i?1 oW tor and country, to
TnVtJ? d,llf end tor kin. Tboae eek-
?M,?piy,". w!tD ?1 reference., can Bnd good
307 klm-Mrwt and ninth. THOMAS BnotJAtiAN
maiwi.cn t my constant motto. fe6b
I. v.""""?1' 10 work 0B '"' Tttera. Apply to
MO. fid lUrhi Hal h.i.. M .1 j niLr
. .. . vqa,wwwH nviiavuiu umvor,
yaw , ; ' ..k. lil
o ilk. ?.'ri'1.7.50 ' high German,
VrtfANTED-A GIRL To do homework
miliar .MVKfi'ftSl1- to" corner of Bay.
mum-ppihb. IMD
II. In kii . m 5 ' w"n asntaii ram.
- m. iun uuivoa
VXTANTEB-Clerki, book-keepers, lales-
tlermlIlllt?"E?pn, ,?t?I, eoopera, careen.
HlS'.n17'nh:A 'eborerj and other, can And ilUa.
:"vi,.t..tirrchn,,rLC',,r.k' BW Office, 1J8
'Valnut-atreet. fo6awl . ) HAMicfo. ;
F0T,6ALK5ror 1ty fet J 'not
, Indla.rnbber Belt ng. Call at W. K. LAN.
.i,AB 00-'8 8Uno" "oo"". 1W Weit ronrthl
"r'- ; - fMb
PjlOR 8ALK-C0UHTRY PLAOE-Oon-i!rt-flilnl,e,gwt
cIf'.on Beading Boad, fire
E2?nfHOB'.t9 ciX1' Jnota'P'oTemenUare. Dwell
Ing and ont-houaea, barn, young orchard, 1,200 bear
ltKgrapea,ao.. Imntr at 818 flfthireet. jaiuw
E10R RENT HOUSE A bw and el.
a "nt1Br'ck Hooaj of ilx roomi, papered, water
and gae, aitnated on Longwoith-itreet, a fewdoora
feib K. N. 8LOOPM, Agent.
FOR RENT Deeirablo Farnlfhed Boom
to let without board. Apply at tbe northeast
corner ol fourth and Blm-itreete. feab'
i;uraDie maonina eztanL.
Call and te them.
ja9tf SO Weit Fourtli-itreet.
r ?!ttil,i0,,il" Vtern female Seminary, Ox.
ferd.OhiO.br MlBI Mr f. Art.tn. nrl illn.,.nJ
with a fine Tiew ot the Hemlnanr Bnildinn. Prim.
' No. B Weet Fourth-at'reet.
itvnn ua u auu, jr.,
viollnn.Giiit'u:i. linnio HtHnV-. Trim'L-J-C J
.i ... n iff ii n ii
SlTino at I A
1 40 per cent, lea than any
ether Hou m in thii cliv. and flrat-cluu in
at that. I In nnt hn. 'l.. f
cauen at Ho. 227 Jfirth-atreet, aecond door east of
fiano raker, and Dealer In flrat-olaa Instnt.
"""t". d31 tl
New Mode of 7cntilaiionl
Cnll anal 8t Qua f
Melting and'Ventilating Furnaces,'
In oralioa at , 1
Stor Ware-roonn, No. 61 and (I Vlna-it,
(Below Columbia.)
Sawyer & do.
'. " r.nU..l . . -- ?'.-:H
ar Warranted to give itlefaction,j
. . :(., n ,4
No. 19 and 31 Bl Pecond.itreet, '.
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
Of erery description, which I am felling at aimall
drtnc on Mew York prloat, wbalHaleaad retell.
J. WEBB, Jr,,
not 1M rifthtret,bet. Bags and Hw.
IITJ Mala.trMt, Ihre daon abor Third.
M.9. i
ana mm aniiaianuai manner a wo, a lari
nent of Hone Blanket, Whip, Oarpet an
Buffalo Bobea, Valiaee (the real
. Mail Trinka, S
l and
v sponge, ann a large h
toll On. I will aaU a low
a th lowctt.
D. 8. CABSieE
I. & B. BRUCE,
Street KaJIroad Car and Omklbas Bfami.
keep on hand a rapely of BTBK1T BAIIr
ROAD OAKS and Omnlbnaee. which w will war
rant equal i
aim etyie, nnua ana auraoiuiy, an at a
i .i
Wff HKM, M mur WW. Ill .u. VUUHH7
Office Corner of Third and Vlne-itreett.
Excelsior Flnid Ink.
,Mau'ac(ory, at Via ft M
...w...4.FKBBUAEY 0
; Nuticb. Mr. Btettenkanip will forlhj fa-
uur piruui on me route north or
us juwuii vuu, Between Kim ana Mala
street. Oar subtorlbers will pleas paw to
him all mon7i da the former oarrier.
Kt m ik tiL During the week endntir on
Batarday lait fifty-on marriage. lioanie wr
liiued hr the Clerk cf the Probata Court,
H1 flfly-lwo during the prtrloug week. :
1 Back Aoai. Bennett Hitchcook, formerly
with Qroyer k Baker, hai returned from the
"smoky eity," where he hag been oloarnln
for a few month, and will aoon eet.hlinh an
agenoy for the aale of another firt-ola,
doable-threaded Sewing Maehlne, The more
tha merrier. "
i - .r
Tmp8iohoma. The numeroui friend of
Capt. Menter, whose band baa become cele
brated all oyer the Country, have determined
to give him a complimentary ball, to take
plaoe ob Thursday evening next, at Molodeon
Ha I. Mr. M. highly deserves this taillmo
nial of appreciation of hi merit a a mu
sioian, and we have no doubt it will be a fine
affair in every respect and largely attended.
Prtib Gaidolpho Convicted op MtraoiR m
ih SaooHD Dtoagg. The Jury in the case
of Peter Gandolpho, lndioted for the murder
of Peter Schnider, which took place tome
months ago, near the Brighton House, after
an absenc of forty-iiz hours, returned to the
court-room on Saturday with a verdict con
vioting the prisoner of murder in the seoond
degree. ; -t . . , , ,
. Buodim Dimsi. A man named Christian
Link, an emjoy in Hank's foundery, on East
Seoond-etreet, fell In an attack of epllipsy
day before yesterday morning, while at work,
and died in a few minutes afterward. Coroner
Carey was called upon and held an inquest
upon the body, whloh resulted in a verdiot in
acoordance with the faot we have stated. The
aeceased was about thirty-live year of ge, a
resident of Newport, and leave a wife and
three children. ... ,
' Ahibioah Contirihtalb. The young men
of the Sixth Ward held quite a spirited meet-
, ay eMnlB Ue wrner of Park
and J)ifth-itreets,for the purpose of joining in
the eeneral nararln nn lV tlA n.i .
and elected the following officers of their com-
w, "H1 rnk ,ett D: Captain,
J. W. Givenj First Lieutenant, A. Hadlock
Second Lieutenant, Thos. King Frazer: Third
nontenant, Ja Adams; Easign, Elmore MU1.
PaooHDivaa nv turn rnrr .
At thereffnlar aaa.lnn nf k. n. ...... n
sloneri, held day bforeesterday, orders were
rT Tr T WB aggregate to Sji,l79 60.
of whioh $250 were paid for water tag on the
Court-honae: itut HI n j . t
forGroeertaa fnmiiii.ii T n.u. i j
suss . ;"r. v r r:.t"'u "'mm B.a
T . m.j a, omua x vo. rorarv coods
supplied same inrtitation. Apart from this
-.v uuiu.ii ui importance was transacted,
MiwotoLoonuL OBsaavATiow By Henry
vr.,vuul, w, , nwl ji ounn-street,
OJowk. . Barometer.
p-""- -.29.74
. MMM4iHHmJ1,6
AbOTe aero 26
ADoreiero 43
A bote rero 13
i Barometer.
,1 " " 29.4.1
1 M......... 29.33
P. W............ 2S.2a
i enniary a.
A hrtVA a.rn 9.
Above iero-42
Auove zero 46
dene of a man named W. D. Sawyer, located
.u ii-lun n.Br ran, was teionlousiv
nwrea on Saturday night and robbed of
nearly $80 in gold and silver coin. Th en
trance was effected, it is thought, by means of
. vuwiu.r, ur i no irom aoor was ajar
when the family aroie yesterday morning,
nd this faot combined with their lots, which
they soon discovered, was the only trace whioh
DlDIOiTIrtW Aff mm Viv DtMtBr TT.t-w 1
The hall to bo need hereafter by the Bflthri
Dtuuot wa aeaioatea yesterasy after
noon with appropriate devotional exercises.
Addresses weradalivarAil li Kjiir TV AJt n,.
. j -.v . . T.ui.UUUIb.
of Chioago, Hon. Bellamy Storer and others,
ui ui nuica were quite eloquent, and listened
to with attention. The school is in a flour
ishing condition, numbering over five hun
dred pupils, and deserves the sympathy of all
.uv. ua,uu m uuiiurou, wuu in witn
out protection or the means of moral and re
ligious training.
Pbisor, Jail aitd Hospital. In the City
iiuuu,i taeoiose 01 taewecK, mere were 120
prisoners, (40 of them female,) against 149
th nrevious week. Durinir tha weak fit n-ia.
oner were discharged. The new Female
vuy rruon contains 17 inmates.
In the County Jail there were 7 lunatics;
25 females; 6 on bread and water: 32 on ohain-
gang; 79 in main Jail 151 in all, against 149
in weea previous.
At the Commercial Hospital 23 persons were
admlttad rlartno, th uln ea itjMrik.MJ. n
born, and S died George Washington, James
Collins and Theodore Major.
In the Hospital last evening 152 patients
were under treatment, nnainat US tha nrl.
vlous week. . . , ......
At tha elfde nf iha walr ihnr r,.l
on ease of small-pox at the Peet-houie.
MinHAmca' inn MianunTniiui1 v..
CHiKos-Tho attendance at the Mechanics'
and Manufacturers' Exchange, on Saturday
morntos. was aulta lares. President
in th Chair. AfUr the minutes of the Pre
vious meeting had been read and approved,
iuiiowioe Demons were cieciea mamhM
F. ifc C Andres. Ttaner.hanirArn anil minn.
factqrers proposed by H. Oummings.
nenoie, nern a. vo., aione-maaons; e. AIH
oraft, foundery, and John Nolan, paver and
cellar-digger proposed by President Runyan.
Phillips A Son, Iron manufacturers and deal
ers proposed by T. P. Baker.
On motion of Mr. Latta, the boxes for the
nia nf (ha mftmriAra erafti InAfAa... I In nnhMn
dred, and th Clerk waa instructed to eontract
with the lowest bidder for their construction,
after whloh the Exchange adjourned.'
CmntMir.'rr tfnm'rrrrr.TfBA.t. finirawv Ti
Cincinnati Horticultural Society held its usual
hebdomadal meeting on Saturday lost, in
Bacon s buildlnr. President William Oranca
In the chair. The minutes of the last meeting-
were read and approved.
Pursuant to th order of the Soeiety at their
leak mMttno thA Rak1at.v wane Intn f rt a .ln.
tion of a member of Council for three years, to
nil a vacancy In that body by the resignation
of A. Strauob, when 8. W. Haelt!ne was
elected to the office by a large majority; "
Tha fallnwlna ffanllaman tjrara alaaiail AM ilia
Committee on Entomology, viz : R. Buohanan,
Dr. Shaler, Dr. Moiher, Dr. Wardw and Dr.
Sturm.-, i
Mr. Frank Murphy was also elected to fill a
vacancy in the Vegetable Committee. "
The Committee on the subject of a new plan
with a. vtaWt iif faallltaflnn, a Iv.lnm tt
counts between the Seeratary and Treasurer,
nanmiiwa om rnaoiauoni, wntcn were re
ceived, and by order of the Society, laid over
mi next omuruaj. t y , j s
Dr. Warder read a letter from H. Wsger,
President of the United States Agricultural
Society, in answer to inquiries he had made of
that gentleman as to the location of the next
National Fair. Mr. W. Intimated that the
Society had not decided upon a plaoe, and
were ready te receive propositions. ; It la be
lieved that th Sooiety will be glad to come to
Cincinnati, if the usual guarantee be complied
with, as the offioers deem this a very good
place to make a first-rate exhibition.
The following gentlemen were unanimously
eleeted to membership, viai E. Locke, Indian
apolis: Dr. L. Perrla, back of Newport) J.' P.
Trombower and Ja. O. Shaughnessy, intro
duced by E. J. Hooper) S. B. Puroell, by Dr.
Warderj and 3. 0. Baum, by S. W. Haseltin.
G. W. R., Q. M. G.
Our bow to you, Governor Dennlson. Ham
ilton vounty na mourned at the retiral of
uenerai Uobmeyer to the ranks cf private life;
DUt we are en onr hah hnrumln a--.
oral Runyan I in our midst, who ha all the
uimwry stores oi in Dial at bit command.
Look out, wolverines; cool down, Governor
Wise. ; Have no fear, Governor Magoffin.
(we ve a special treaty with you ) General
nuuyan, oi Cincinnati, is the Quartermaster.
General of the whole State of Ohio from Con
neaut in Aahtahnl. flnnnlv Tim i.
Hamilton, and from North-west in Williams
vtrauiy jo ouningion in Lawrenoe County.
J ustlce has prevailed at last. Merit will obtain
its reward. Hamilton Countv once sont Mr.
Runyan to Columbus, as a member ot the
uenerai Assembly, but George had to stand
up for six or seren weeka until he became
tired, for, would you believe it, the majority
refuaed'hlm a seat. Triumph I triumphl. A
commission now comes down from the Execu.
live residing at the same ungrateful Columbus.
Upon the shoulders of one man in Hamilton
County haa been placed the oare of furnishing
warlike stores Tor th third greatest State in
the Union.- s f v : . . , ,
. We must mention, In this oonneolion, that
there has not one brlok been left on another of
that old State-house, at the Capital, in which
was doae that foul wrong to Spenoerand
Runyan. General George earned bis- great
name of Good Provider fmm havlns m.ni .11
the appropriation made to him by the State,
while contesting his seat, In a wine supper
given by him to both Houses. Generous
Runyan I Tims luckily mend all, and Ham
ilton County now drinks to the health of
uuoa uounty, mat naa lost the Quarter-master
General. It may be of interest to know
that, if another Invailnn frnm ir.nfn.lr. .nj
Tennessee takes place, General Runyan intends
to make the FAOentlnn mnnnrl. at T.nn..nn.il.,
I ei-.....,MuunUiui .,
and to appoint John Stattlnlus his first as
listen, i ' : '
The first offialalannaaranMnf tha na affix..
is to be on the 23d of February, on the City
Lot. Charles Betts, the officer-like olerk of
Mayor Bishoo. Is to mak tha eon rratn 1 itir
speech. Betts is posted in military tactics,
and has prepared a copy In vellum of the
duties of a Quarter-master General, taken from
the Military Monitor, a follows:
"The standing maxim of your office, and
of your appointees, is to receive whatever is
offered you, or you can get hold of) but not to
nart with anv thn ... 1.... vA.
I j J. ..ww. : ivur
store room must resemble the lion's den,
"r -Militate adrorsum anectantia, , ,
The English of whloh is: To take lota In,
but to let little out.
"Live and let live. I annthar anlilan mln
which you and yours must remember and
nraatlea. narlioularl r.nntina it,. ..nt......
r . r J . m.V UVU.AOVWC
for bread and forage, who, if he is grateful,
wiu uoi lorgei your sinaness; wnenoeyoumay
uiiu ii, 111 roaiiijr, b. goiuon rule.
"Tha fuel, von know. ... h .ilv.nl.iA..i.
disposed of to yourself and favorite, as the
iernuu biuk w ue nospiiai win nave oo need
of fires, i
"Whenever any regimental stores are sent to
the regiment be sure to unpack them immedi
ately, and seise npon the packages as your own
perquisite. At the conoluilon of the campaign
take care also to ttcwe the tents of th rear and
quarter-guards, ,
When your regiment Is ordered out of bar
racks, as yon are the principal depredator, It
will be necetiary for you to get ont of the way
firtt. Go off, therefore, the day before, under
the pretense of providing quarters for the reg
iment. You need not mind whether the pro
visions issued to th toUiert be good or bad.
If It were always good they would get too
much attached to eating to be good soldiers,
and sa a proof that this gormandising ii not
military, you will not find in a gallant army of
50,000 men a single fat man, unless It be a
Qoarter-maater, or a Quarter-master Sergeant."
Here is the point the most applause should
be given..
Having received the congratulations of his
fellow members of Council, whom he has con
cluded still to speak to as usual, and after
a visit to his house, where the big bowlder
presented to him will be exhibited, the whole
party will lunch at Mechanics' and Manufac
turers' Exohange, of which the General is
Meeting of the Y. M. M. Ii. A. The
ladrl-centenulal Anniversary.
The meeting cf th Young Men's Mercan
tile Library Association, held on Saturday
evening, for the purpose of takins into con.
sideratlon the beat means of celebrating the
woatj-niiu anniversary ot the Association,
wlllnk ..lit la.. Mt... Ik. lOiU.r . i
" " ... j'icw. vu MIO XOVU Oi April,
wa very largely attended. After the Presi
dent, Theodore Cook, had stated the object of
the meeting, Mr. Whitman offered the follow
ing preamble and resolution, whloh, after some
uuvueiivu, were unanimously adopted :
Whkbsas, The former ouatom of a proper
observance of the anniversary of this Asso
ciation haa of late been neglected and per
mitted to pats unnoticed, and believing this
time-honored annual ealah-atlnn .at.kn.h.j
and continued for years by the founders of the
Association, to be productive of much trooH.
and inoentive to increaaed interest and re
newed enercv. on tha nartnf mo miaW. I.
the affairs of the Association; be it, therefore.
Rttalnttl. That tha nntnlne. ninn.l
1 ' . U U U.. MIU
quadri-centennial anniversary of this Aasooia-
.1.. V. ..,.1 1 - B . . .
iuu vs oerourawu oy a reunion oi its mem
bers, on the evening f April 18, 1860, and
that a commlttAA nf ana tinnd..! m.ank...
from the Association be annotated in ant with
our Board of Direotors In the futheranoe of
lURh nlana a mav annnAaarnll m.. n.,t tk.
above, and that the Chair appoint a committee
of three persons to report the names of the
committee of one hundred.
The chair then appointed Messrs. R. M.W.
Tavlcr. W. I. Whltemnn and A. R. Mnrrtam
as the committee of three to report the names
oi .no oommieeoi one nunarea.
The report of the committee was then read
bv W. I. Whiteman. and eonalaUil nf tha fnl.
lowing names:
John W HartwoII, Chairman; C J Aoton, D
A Glldden. Rnvlnirtnn. (1 W Pn.1.t T. T
Barr. T J Gallagher. Charles Rule. T J Biir.
jr., Miles Greenwood, John Swasey, J H
Brother ton. John A Gaao, S C Newton, R M
Rifthnn. P A Rntnninv. .T fl Tl tTitm...
jr.. Covington, John C Sohoolev. O Braaheam.
rT4lna-MM- DU..U.L fl T T l. A tv rt..n. '
Auvuui quwiwi, u J) USD. A Xf JSUI10CK
J Hale. Georgo ShilUto, F U BaldiriD, H D
wr a t a na n . .
nuuungboo. a iiTior, jr.- ueorga iiaren, jr.,
15 R Win man KT W PaaIIIm a.n.. Xff TAM..
ay ww ava vvviiugv UW1 g Vf W UUM
E T Carson, H M Johnson, Jacob Tracer, P
b vioon, m u avugonr, J u Aaioott, Jonn W
Carlisle, I M Keeler, 0 W Thomas, W X Crane,
H Laws. JoseDh Torrancn. J 1) flalrfwall. V.
Loring, J A Townley, George H Christian
James Lupton, H 0 Urner, J F Cole, T O
mourew, a a Hayes, w U Comstook, A A
Marah. J W Vinton. Danrsa IT n.vla. T V
Meline, 0 W West, W H Davis, 0 P Marsh,
ni x wuuamaon, Oharles Dexter, Henry Maok,
Oenrirn T? Wnlff. n.nr.A S rin.U Ta..n W.ia
James Espy, Jabn D Minor, William Woods,
Benjamim Evana, B M Murphy, William H
Woods, H G Eaton, Theodore MoBuroie, H
Wasienioh, 0 G Enyart, W 0 Neff, John
WvntiA. R Rllla. (. . W IT Nl-rnn T tr Utrtlk.
R Fosdiok, Thomas Ong, A S Wlnslow, T H
1 j rn m tr . . n . . .
ruuiue, o a rierce, & larqiey, a v ueadis,
N Pike. James Ta.lor. ir.. Nowrnrt. T a
Gaylord, Charles Reakert, B P Hlnman,
David Gibson, Y YRiekey.GW McAlpin, G
Williams, J M Glenn, Judge G H Hilton, O
a. jmjoi, Newport, . .. .
.Unnn mntinn. tha AAmmtft tt 1am.
added to th committee of one hundred, after
which the Association adjourned. , ;
f!faruirVM.niTvflAr.aa1rf.aBM T,.t.4 A
age have concluded to oontlnu their olosing
out sales, in order to meet the great rush of
A . I f . . a .
pauonags. . xney oner superior inducement
in drew goods, hosiery, shawls, cloaks, Ac.
Onr fair reader will hmmIv. 4k. AmA
rates by refiring to Messrs. D. 4 G.'s adver-
UMtiueui in auvuier column. ., ,
11 ; t":
T.iDiia' Bnua Mitamir l T.(. r.
right, "The Pioneer Itenerant," will lecture
A. TIT 1 .-,1 . . ..
Mi-iii wruw uigov aii nwiey vuapei ior ine
benefit of the Ladies' Home Mission." See
advertisement. 1 , , "
. f"1'8 Op'A Hotsa.-The legitimate
--- -. uoaTou, Biiar ma mimetic ot sarertu
i ft hfSfi! ? Tt8lt thiB cilf' wreieUiy
ilIiA''" B"ll'OM of "tr repreeeotativfi
hinJ? S. .K"!?'?0 thl .! at the Opera-
.. . . - . y n aiAux ur i4iun. inia lanr
hM long btu a Torite here, and no hare no doubt
that oieoiorieti of the time now almoat olden will, In
l2,S.?."US.f?jr "To'l-knowo dram.tlo sbil.tr,
be sufficient to till the hunae to repletion.
Wood's Thbatm-A dramatic vrlon of
Oa, A MilDI.'s VOW. Will ba nrsrtnrarl thl. ....l.
aiihiaooer etabllhment. We are net one of the
. . . i. . Vr' "UQ '""eiore Knotr noth Inm
ol the i itoir, but whatever It may be, it will be put
upon the atega with care, and made guile a lutereet-
MJFrbBUtto7u." """" " ,UD
Natiohal Tbsaisb. Lucy Espott and Mi-
Hnrlaara.tlll . Ik. Ni , 'j .JT. ' 7. "
, : -KBuiiuBi. .uu appear r,ni. even-
I'll in UOB BOTand th. laat ..t .f k'! .:.i."i
opera of 8aiiiji.. The nnaleof tbii opera, wel
lung. U alone worth the price of admission; aud we
doubt not the honae will be crowded. . "uu
Smith A Nixob'b Hiix Waugh's maeDlfl
n!.,nhfT'ir.ro'.of.Itif1' '! be exhibited this evening,
rltTl hi laia . lii A final amllana T-V. . i -.
cellent, the lecture Interesting and the enteitain
Uxeot alto.etlior a pleculug one. . '
Serious Cutting Affray in the Thirteenth
About nlne 'e'olock on Saturday evnlni a
difficulty occurred between a couple of men
u.iuau noma ajBtnoen ana MoUoIlum, in
which the latter, theproprletor of the "Speed-
the-Plow" drill Vln.
- -o vaa Asvaunni UO-
twetn Court-street and Hunt, wai Berioualy,
probably fatall stabbed. The puticalarflof
aumr, iv lar n we nave ooen able to
ascertain them, are as follows:
1 Borne timn alnoa a' w.m.n -...v.j f..u.
Savan, whose husband is at present absent
from the city, became a boarder in the house
ot iiiovouum, ana received .Lambert as a
visitor. Her conduct waa not suoh as usually
characterizes modest married women and gave
McCollum soma prnund. aa ti. tk.mr.ht -.
. . . " O - " .UVWWH, ,U
complaint, and he thereupon remonstrated
wi,u usr, wunu ine oecame angry, ana, draw
loc a dirk, threatened tn kill klm
She then left tha hnm. anrl c.t,,.j.
evening Lambert called upon Mr. Collum,
- .mw VU V.IU1WI
wuou tne aimouny took; place. During the
affray Lambert stabbed hi antagonist twice
first in the abdomen, making an ugly and
dangerous wound, and afterward in the
shoulder, where he left the knife. He then
made his escape, but when the lnatruraont
was taken from the wound, it was found to be
tne same witn wnion Mrs. uavan had threat
ened MfOntliim', ism.
, This very naturally caused her arrest, and
ana waa rnm m i tr.r) In ik. lT.r.M..j . t i
Station-house as having been an accessory to
u.viiui.. u.muor., it appears, naa leti tne
citv and snent tha ntuM in r. k...
yesterday morning he reappeared, went to the
vavivu-uuueo ana gave niraseuup to the au-
iuuriiiop. .
Late veaterdav ereninir tha arnnnri.j
, .i. - O -" " nvuMUVU LV.U
was in a critical condition, but the probabil-
iwot am m mYor ui nis recovery, providing
inflammation of the abdominal vifcera can be
prevented oy nis physicians.
POLIO! CetlBT. Jnrl
. .vrMraatHlHIUVU U1I m
teen eases at the Police Court, on Saturday
"! """ mesa were witnout m
tereaL '.
Catharine WilionaKai Jane MoCourt, whom
wa noticed In nnr last la.n. .a k..l. k
arreated for shop-JiftIng, was before the Court,
and upon examination found guilty. She was
euuracea iu me uounty Jan for a term of five
-m ftw d4,a a'BC9 we ave n ""count of a
uiuicuiiy ueiween two men named Henry
Kettleman and Arnold Windier, that took
Dlaca near tha enrnnr nf Tlora..ir..l a c
teentb, in whioh Kettleman was quite severely
Tha rasA waa ..ll.rl In th. n.i:.. n . j
before vesterdav. whan Wlnrli..'. ......-
announced that it had been amioablv settled.
Tk. I-1&...A k , , . ...
.u vuun, xiowerer, lneiaiea upon an exami
nation of the affair, and the faot was elicited
that tha defendant harl irl..n th. v. v..i
injured, who happened to be his tenant, $11
uu a rvveipi ior .wo montns' rent, providing
he would not appear against him on trial.
Thia annearad tn.TnrlnA r.nr.. i. k. . i.-i.
acknowledgment of the offense, and he lined
ii mum ana costs, and sentenced him to
three days imprisonment in the County Jail.
Tub Visit op tub Citt Codkcil to th SmiTi.-
tfUTMIt TiUWATIfT A HTrrr.tr T. .1
- ..v ..u.uvr. U BUUOfUnUUO
with an Invitation extended by the County
Commissioners to the City Conn oil, these bodiea
win thii me oouin-weetern Lunatio Asylum
together this morning. They will meet at the
Council Chamber at ten o'clock and proceed to
Carthage in omnibuses provided for tb purpose.
. BaiiiKr roB me Poob. During the last week
$41 00 in money and 237 bushels of coal have
uocu uiBtriuutea among tne poor of this city,
Ball pob thb BsitsriT or tbb Poob. The
Bt. Joseph's Benevolent Sooiety will give a ball
at Odd-Fellows' Hall, the net proceeds of which
will be applied to the relief of the poor.
Comhbboial Babk. Ths State Legislature
has chartered a branch of the Commercial
Bank, to be located in this city. Measures
will be Immediately adopted, which will insure
epmuy organization.
Oahdidatis fob Citt Ojficss We have
bean informed that Charles Southgate, Erq
the present Clerk of nnr nltv. win k. . ..r?i
date for re-election at the election in March
next, we are alto told that J. G. Otten, the
present City Treasurer, wllllikew ise be a candi
date for re-election.
SalbobRbal Estats The Master Com
mlaiioner. ' T. M. Wlnatnn r.r. m..i..j
morning sold at publia auction a lot on the
north-east corner of Bellevue and Columbia
streets, tw enty-five feet front on Bellevue by
umcijr io n voiumoia, witn a one-story
briok UDOS it. for tha anm nf 9 VAA T
sold for the benefit of the Affle heirs, the
wiuuw b uower oeing included in the sale, and
was purchased by Henry Rhitte.
' Watbb Woaxs. A call, ligned'by Judge F.
a. doii, Biajor uawaine, uoi. it. D. Helm,
Col. Geo. R. Fearons, Thomas W.. Gideon,
Maior J. T. Barrv. Malnr J. n TT.ii.rr. r m
Caldwell, Col. A. D. Smalley, PeUr Constans,'
i-Bini iw, vwen bouian, Joan uanow, Go.
P. Webstw, Dr. Sbaler, R. B. McCraoken, J.
P. Jackson, Dr. J. Q. A. Fester, Joseph Mar
lidge .and others, is being circulated, with a
view of holding- a aublie rneUna fn tk. r,,...
pose of petitioning the Legislature to grant
ii. nil. n. i . . ..
viia vmy vuuuou power to provide tor the con
struction of water works in this eity. ,
Polici Couit. Jenny Molntyre, one of the
'immortal five" whose homos are in the city
jail, and who continue to be at '.'home," at
least four-fifths of th time, was yesterday
sentenced to twenty days more in that institu
tion, on a eharge of vagrancy. v
Rbliqioub Mattbis. During the past win.
ter numerous protracted meetings have been
held in the city, and the number of members
in nearly every congregation haa been largely
Increased. "At present a meeting of this char,
aeter li In progress at the Main-street M. E,
Church, eonduoted by Rev. Wm. H. Black.
It will continue during the present week at
least. -
Bilious Acoidbit Mai Killbd. On Fri
day eveaing.last, about seven o'clock, man
Bamed Maurloe Lane, who resides on Bank
Liok-street, waa found lying acroe the rail,
road track sar Ninth-ilreet, horribly mangled,
having both arms and on leg nearly severed
from his body. He was taken up in an in
sensible condition and carried to his home,
where he expired shortly afterward. It I not
known hew the accident occurred, but it Is
supposed that h wai lying beside the track,
intoxicated, at the time. The deceaaed leaves
a wife and moral ohlldrn,
Civic, Eidi. John Sherlock vs. The Com-
ralMloreracf the gpw ial Road DUtrlct of Walnut
"'' Mount Auburn and t'lluto. ttlle. Tills artlon,
.', .iS.'i""' J"0 t o'line. la brcuiiht to reenter
II, for griding the Butuet and tJorry Koad, ad
joiulug the north corporallon Hue. There was a
fjtten contract in thecaje. The work was done,
put the defendant! rernied to pay, alleging thai
ao power to make the contract. It appears
tnat the Ouuuty CommiMlouer. ordered the oponlus
of the road in 1M0: but It ii claimed that, lir virtue
f attatutopaeaedln IMS, which decrees that If a
5. f" opened within aoTeu yaare alter It it or
dered it shall be vacated, an road wa actually eetab
behad ' Ba' th,relor utt rcoerycaa
tX.'l?" !!V ,r.f 2 Br Judge Matthews for th
plaluttB, and by llr Hcrborough for the defense,
and was tnken under advteement? '
Jamee Wlleoo A Co. .. Ingram and others. Be.
fore Judge Mellon. Thla waa a conteet among lien
brildere, in a proceeding iuatltuted for (ha torecloeure
or mortgagee upon a distillery nsar D,rrek,
A number of lawyers appeared in the case, repre
eitiiig the pirliee eeTirally. ' : .
in L'NiT.aiAn Cacaia Casi.-lIr.Taftcloeedhlj
argument in behalf ol the Trueteee-and Mr. Hermn
ldr.ned the Court in behalf of the Church of the
Jam in ai, Bmi-CosvicfioN or Hvaeia i tn
Secwnl I)EiaEa.-Tbe jury in the case of Peter Gan
dolpho. after being locked up for two nlthti, and
btlug iu d.liberation all together ainc Thursday
noou, upon theopeulug of the (Jo m t at half-paat nine
f dock on Baturday morning, reported their verdict
mth. l.nirl.Hnnli.n tn. ...II. . . . .
: .".mi m. irnauiiri. auuij ui uiuruer
In the second d agree.
Tha rlir-lin. In tk. ftht. ...II.-.. .k-.-k
ma.H. .u ui. vua vUUHUUW, I U U liE U
at a gradual rate, leaving suffloleu t water below thl
IM nt fnpth. .In.... ... ....... 1 . t.i. ,.
quantity above. There were, laat evening, between
eight aud nine feet in the channel to Louisville, ud
the river .till falling.
m The moderation in the weather haa removed the
rear, at one time entertained, of a clout of navigation
above here. Dome little Ice was floating past the
wharf last night, but aa It was tbluand rotten, It did
DOt lntMrt-r. With ata.tn.ra '
Una neu pn the landing waa raiher quiet on Satur
day, though eeveral boats were receiving conildera
We amount of freight, freights for WheollDg and
l'ittnburg were very oral, but those forNaehvilleand
" "a1"; , An; uueriDgi ior aw urieana
continued lair, but fell off from Friday.
Bites of freight have underg ne no material alter
ation, ana are at follows
Pittsburg-Cotton, 65o.: Molasses, ; Whisky.
.: Flour, 2sc.i Pork and Lard, SBo!; PounJ
foe.: .lour. K
.w!"Q7ul!.V.111kl' PO'prl.1 Wc.! Ale, 4uc.; Pound
Freight, z430o. per 100 lbs.
nAV toul7 Pound rellbts, 26o. per 100 lbs.',
Wbieky and 011,69c. per brl.; titovea, 2&o.; Ale. two.
per brl. '
KTauivllle-W'hlikT and 011,60c. per brl. : .
.fairo- Whisky and Oil, tSdo. per brl.: Found
Freights, 20o. per 100 Iba. . '
Hew Orleana-Whlsky and Oil Mc; Flour, Potatoee,
Applet, Ac, too.; Pork, 70o.j Bacon and other Pound
tTruiuhln HVrrilrw, liiri 11.. . IT T 1 ..... . rr
.v.... ...v. ... iwiu..
.' ' .w.ubi, T.Baaivro.,iiurBea,
110 pwr head.
AtaiTAiig.-Frioreis, madlaon; Melrote, Mnytvllle
Telegrapb, Loul.vllle; Dunlelth Neville; Boetona,
rortemouth; Conewsgo, Kashrllle; Alma and Mari
ner, Pitteburg; Fort Wayne, New Orleans; Evans
ville and Belle Creole, Utadiaon; Commodore Perry,
Ht. Louii; Magnolia, Mayivllle.
iiirimnn. xeieirrapn, iioniaviiie; Melrose,
ji.ity.vniD, i-riurOTfl, iriauiBoo; tiuoioitn, rioviiie;
lioetona, Portamouth; Ellen Uray, Kauawha: Ola'
mondand Msdlion, New Orleans; Marluer.dt. Louis:
Tl. k'.n. .i.rl M..mA I) I ... 1 ' '
Monetary and Commercial.
Day before yesterday was active' in Third
street, and the movement In Monoy animated. '
The heavy Indebtedness of the 4th and 3tb.-rui.tu-rlng
on Saturday naa promptly met by our mor
chautsand manufacturers, who, though they are a
little close on acoount of the amallueee of their col
lections, are in a very sound and healthful condition.
Their country payments are improving, though they
were lighterduring the latter part ol the laatweok
than they were at the beginning.
Money will srobablr continue to be recalvort fmm
the nanal merchant more copiously than it haa been
nereroiore. xnia laaimott always anti month.be-ine-
the period between the close of the nackin.
aeaeon and the opening of the aprlog business. The
wholesale doiiler of Pearl-atreot are now doing very
little betide preparing for the epring trade, which
will not commence fairly before march,
Eastern Exchange was still firm on Saturday at
Friday's figures Sto. buying and ,H premium
aellluff. Coin remained dull and New (trlnana Vv.
change Iu alight requeat.
Few time-bills are being made; but, when offered,
So at about 10 per cent, per annum fortixly-day
Uncurrent money is without material change from
the close of lost week.
The ratea of Coin and Exchange at the close of
Saturdays business remained aa previously quoted:
New York Sight...
Philadelphia1 ...
Baltimore " ...
Boston " ...
New Orleans " ..
American Cold...,
... ?fratoo. prem.
... !ilc. prem.
? prem.
... prem.
,.. 'i prem.
34 nrnii .
Kl prero.
A prem.
-HC1511W. prem.
The Imports and Exports ot various articles for the
twenty-four hours ending Saturday noon, were:
Imposts. Apples, 162 barrels; Barley, 434 buabelr 1
Buttor. ir.3 kegs: Corn. 4.821 bushels: tlhaeaa.
bnxee; Coffee, 181 bags: Flour, 1,9)14 barrels; flay,
;M bales; Bogs, 8 head; Lard, Hit barrels and e
kegs; Molaaaes, 1.349 barrels; Malt, HA bushels; tints,
k...k.t... Il l I tl.... ir. ,1 . ... .', '
Wl ui!Burr,rj, ria nun xtw;uij, HI 11I1US., IfOlieTCet,
713 barrnlt, 220 boxes, 431,576 lbs.; Potatoes, 1 ,0i bar
rels; ougar. . nnas.; sail, aai; nneat, 2,178 bush. 1
.Ulan,, iin umiitiii,.
BlrviTu -AppieB, tto unrreis; miller. Kelts;
Hurler. ;ri8 bushels: Corn. m bushels: (:nril... :iru
tionen; Cheese, K boxes; Coflee, i)l bags; Flour, 1,02.
iiniitiia, ki.iu, ,1, hub., ltiu .vks: rnoiaaees,
barrels; Oats,542 bushels; Pork and Bacon, UI lihds.,
llBj iieruea, ur, viit.t . uuxee; ruiaioee, MI3 tins.;
(Sugar, 116 bhda.l Wheat, 2,600 bushels; Whisky, 1,)A
barrels. ,
Friday's New York Time bt) the following in re
gard to Money and Exchange;
This haa not been averractlvedftvlntha m
ket. We have heard of no transactionsof any moment
inca.ll loans, ami should quote the current tatea as
wiiuout me least cnauge, say to 6, and to up to
7 per cent,, with occasional placing of balances at in
side the minimum. Mercantile pap?r wa ratber
more active to-day, and there was no concession In
the ratea. which were lull aa high at the commence
ment of the week. 6tt to 7 are tha currant rata. tv,.
short, and 7 to S for long, with occasional sale of
very prime and short at 6. The market for Foreign
Exchange haa not fairly opened yet for Saturday's
steamer, though Iho Fulton being rather a favorite,
the business will nrobablv be a ffimd nn. (in T..n.
don tha ratea are nominally I08-VBK9 for bank and
uaD&erv, luoreiifrrufom. ior commercial, ana .ir.22H(d).H.
UH fur trance. The Teutonia took outJ'rO OOOto-dey,
probably silver. The receipts at the Assistant Treat,
urer'a Office to-day were $60,277; of which 5,000 were
for customs, and the navments i:t9.ii7. le.vins . h.i.
aace on hand oi J'J,i)25,;i).
FLOUR There is no chan.e. Tharl.ma.rl ...
tlnuoa fair at full prices: aalea of fiOO barrels at 15 70
Sr 80 for superfine, and $5 8Jfl for extra,
WHISKY A aoon demand, and tha murk. I al..rl..
sales of 1.900 barrels at 19a)l9o., the letter rate
PKOV18ION8-There was no Important change
in the market to-day, Its general aspect being about
the tame aa that yeaterdar; bu,ete were disposed to
hold off, aud sellers to aooie extent rather willing to
meet any demand which might exlat at the then ask
ing prices. There seems to be no demand for mens
Pork, and we did not hearof a eale; city brands could
have been bonghtatl7M,bntalot,deliveredat Per.
ryivllle, on the Wabash, was ofTored etSI6 50. There
waa a moderate business dona in hnlk M .ata. thnii.i.
at the quotations there were more seller of country
cured than buyers; the sales were M.OUO pounds
Hhnnldert, delivered before March l,tt,Se., buyer's
upuuu, lijiiuu nieces uams at )ic , paoaed and de
livered at Terre Haute. Indians: m.uin it. Hi,r,i.
dere and Hides, delivered here within thirty days
after the opening of navigation on the Upper Missis-
u'T. j ii'' j ji"i nv,uw uuuiius nnouitiers una
oiues, uunrereu oiarcn 1, at 0 anu 8,c. In Bacon
there was notalnr.a bnainAa. dnnn. ilinnrrh ih. .1..
mand is fair. The sales r.nninrla. IA11 hhila a. VLr:..
mo.j m do. dear sides at luJto., and 50 do., delivered
the first week of March, at 9o Nothing done in
Lard: City Uendered is held at 111 We . tint it a
delivered at points in the country, at Inc. 250 barrels
1. " t FurK aoiu .1 912, ann a lot 01 clear u.con nidea
nuit;u u.u iitwu suiik on ine "a, u. Tyior ' at 8)c,
tbebnyer taking them at the original weight as
Private dispatches from St. Louis report sales there
to-day of some 3,000 barrels of mess Pork and 4,000
r of some 3,000 barrels of mess Pork and 4,000
1 of Lard, delivered at points on the Upper Mis
ii, at 117 60 for the former, and loaioHo. for
Iter. There waa good deal of L jrd sold here,
ucrces 1
the latter.
to. day, we understand, at loo., delivered at point In
the interior.
O KOC K HIES Sucar steady, with uIm nfinnkhri.
at7Mffl8i(o.,falrtogood lair ruling at StasUo. Mo
lasso dull, and price lo. lowor, at 4446c , Coffee
unchanged: 200 bags sold at I2ljc,
WHKtT-Thfrelsa continued good demand, and
rice firm at SI nat ss fnr nrim. .hit. . 1 'a. r2
k,.w f?raPr.,mer.rr! "lea of bushel prime
white at $1 40; (this waa a premium lot. and told
above the market.) 350 bushel, fair mW.ri .11
8M do. prime wkite at II 35, and 300 do. at l 85, de-
SlOltNT Vha market fnr mT..JV.m' 1. ..u i.k .
Mr demand at 4849c. The demand for abelled con
tinns .good, and price ar Arm at 680.: sales of 1,000
bushels Ear, in bulk, at49e.,and00do.at48o.
CATS There Is a fair demand, and nrlrwa ... .uj.
at 48a4o., in bulk. ' '
BY 11 we have no change to notice In the market,
and quote It at tl.
JJABLBYThe market remains dull and nn.
changed. W quote prime fall at entaiwc,, nd fair
to good at ftm0o.i aalea of ana hn.h.iV.Vi. V.il
at69c. 7 , . - ;
OMJMB-There I a fair demand, and prices firm
at 9Xo. for Wejtern Beaerve, and lie tor English
changed. We quote Central Ohio at lie., and Us, for
Tair to choice, and Western Reserve at lo.i aa.'aanf
10 barrels fair to good Central Ohio at U(oHo.
A PPLHS Th market It linn, with a good demand
at 12 J2M43 26 per barrel for fair to choice, from store.
POTATO S The demand oonUnuet actin, and
Firioee are firm at 13 per barrel, for prime Northern,
rom ttore: ale of 100 barrels prime Mortliern at 12
m OLOVKR SKBD The aatkei la steady, with fair
demand, at 14 85; aalea of 100 bushela In lacks and
1BiiviB .1 . Wi auu wv iaari.1. H as BO.
U A V Tk. rl. in anrl anntlnn ..,1 i
arettrmat a2oa.i p., ton, for prime flmothyTon
arrival, and from ator. , "
CRANBEBRIF.S The market Is dull. We quote
them at U((S14 per barrel, for fair to shoice, Iftill
,j:,:i. 'l- Vk1r n -h . rV..-.. UtJTillmkiQ WIW.
B-k ,w'''l;lB-Wii.rTiM Not. 22 and 24 Kant
di . a .IZTa i """" Hale of Jewelry.
Plated Waraand Fancy floods, n account nf whom
it may oouo.rn.-On TUaVUAY at US Ins, FeT'
J. at W, o clock, a large and wll-ajsort.d stock of
good Jewelry, via : 20 d . seta of garnat, jet, cameo,
ooral, mosaic, basket aud auld-ttone alos and ear
rings; 60 rioisen rings; 10 dn, nirul.ing pins; 60
doa. rnir-ilngs, bracelets, plated chains. Tev-bntr
tons, studs, Ac.
ALS'i-A vatiety of plated ware, tpooerf, knives,
fotka, Ac. -. . , -.'v . ..i,., ,1
Alitiii A atockof pipes, soaps, oils, extracts, and
a variety. "
The above win ne sold In lots fertile trade, who
are invited.
A. KBLLOOO, Ano'r.
STON, in Bale-rooms, No. 98 Matn-etreet, next .
to Trust Company Bank. Dry Oooila, Boott.Shoct,
Leather, Ac , at Auolion.-On TCKBllAY AIOBN-,
ISO, February 1, cnintnenelng at .4 o'clock.wlll te
told, without reserve, a lot o4 Bouts, Shoes, One Kid -and
Tittuplco hklna, do, ,M .. ',r. ., 1 .
AliKO-Lerge lot or Dry Cfoo4e, with !f.O piece
Dark Prints, and 12 pieces extra ftrje black (JI0II11.
te. IH'iMAH JOHNaTUN. Auctioneer. ,
8HBAR8 A 00.-8alea.room No.7and 89 Main- '
ttreet.-Orocerles, 4c, at Auction, We will tell,
TH.1B (Monday) MORN I NO, Fib. S, nt o'clock, a
general aasortmentol Groceries, consisting of sugar,
molasses, coflee, mils, rope, iiAndlfS, eosp, starch,
woodenware, glasswareiueenawro, sort, ground
tplcee, teas, almonds, Ac,, in lots to suit purohaaere,
fe O. BHASUBAB3 A CO., Anc're.
Wheeler &WHson's
Prlnoipnl Offlee, No, TT West Fontlh-at.,
Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine, with lm. ,
portant Improvement, and to meet the demand for -
good, low-priced Family Machine, have Intro,
duoed a NBW 8TYLK, worklug npon the same prin
ciple, and making the same stitch, though not so :
highly finished, at tyiKTY-VlVE UOf.IiABtjl.
The elegance, speed, noiaeleesnese and simplicity of -the
Machine, the heautyand strength of stitch, bolng
ALIKK ON BOTH B1IIK3, impuselble to ravel, and
leaving no chain or ridge on the under tide, the
economy of thread and adaptability to the thickest
or thinnest fabrics, haa rendered this tho most tic.
oarul and popular Family new lug Machine now
at onr various offices we sell at Sew Tork prices, '
and give Instructions free of charge, to enable pur
chasers to aew ordinary teams, hem, fell, quilt,
gttlier, bind and tuck, all on the aalno machine, and
warrant it for three years.
Bend or call for a circular containing rail particu
lars, prices, teitlmonials, Ao. ...
jalTay VVAI. SUMNER ii I'O.
:; 1 P
,, i Ay 1
raw '' " l - U.
fe. J
Coal Cooking Stove!
Bat been prononnced by competent Jodgea to be th
Patented Dec. 1, .868.
For sale by the Inventor and Manufacturers, -
. No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
'' dell.) '
Manufactory, Covuigton., Kyi
No. 110 East t'olambltt-atreet.:
trade at the moat reasonabl prices aud ou lb
moat accommodating tcrmt with ... ...t
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved Lamna and Bnrnert for
eale by our agent, i. BRLLKRS, Covington, Ey,
Free from OflenelTe Odor, at
No. 97 ;
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O .'
AL with any manufacturing establishment
n America, i
But We warrant our Oils to ba aanal. if not anna.
riorto any in tho maiket.
r Ws invite thosa In tha altv and .lelnit. In
eall and examine for themselves.
mm- ao persona ordering from a distance, satis,
faction guaranteed iu all cnaea. Address
. K. 1IASK1N, Aarut, or . ,
a. s. iioviiKK, Trenanrer,
Kanawha 0. 0. M. Oil Man. Co..
vf ffBinnnirest, vincirHay.
.. Manufacturer and Importer of '' ; ' " ' '
Soaps, Perfumery and Fancy Goods
than any other establishment in the city or
West, country and city. Merchant and druggist
will find It to their Interest to eall and examine my -stock
before purchasing elsewhere. jaJS ,
THIBD-8TRIIT, Cincinnati, Ohio, ar manu.
laolnring lartoly. Palmer's oelebratjtl Hydraulic.
Force and MR Pump. Akw, bis Portabl Bteem
Engines. All thos who ar aboni to aarahaaa
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matloa, itflae, VVreckia; P.rp).., oTlri
fact, for any purpoee where a pump la needed, will
find it tp their advantage to oall smd the work
In of those valuable invention, or addras tha
flMtlll PUMP OOMPABYtoJl a oblirTwhteh
will fnrnieh the names of many who aav naed the
Pnrons with perfect satifiction. dq2idm
TALLIO ROOFINO" I offered to th pnbllo
as the best and cheapest Metal Hoof now need. It
"jit tested by aq exserlsnoe of rear in this city
and jtolnltr. Applied C flat or. Up, old or mw
betiding. Me solder need faauaed aatnual. ariik-
ent exposur. to the actio of the element. .
Prepared akaet, boxed for thl emeu t to any fart e
fJnTtSrdHUts.oaa be applied by any obrwlth
etdlnarr. mechanloal skill. Orier rotnttly a lied.
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