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'"'ftWlMM 'itoUf,1 i mUw iwtoi)W . ''
P"l AZj) fca Is'delft.iiefioribsr la
,,,. CUwdJ, Covington and .fowport, end tor.
"U?10 tt 4 town, at t) x
. ,...'.K-."MlFlowfrtef ... ,7 V, ! .
. , . fatOllOr aUTLUW i ' .. I -
. Single eopUe lo.i 1 ptonth Wo.) I noiUu Hi 1 year 13.
t CornerofHixtb end Vine-street.
' John A. Ellaler, jr., sol. Manager sndtesies.
Pbiois or Admwiob Dim Circle and Panjuette,
(Soentai Gallery, Hoent.
. boon open at 0)i,ourlt4a rites at TMo'olook. -
Mrs. SouthwortVs grant Ledger story, entitled
" 1'he poom of Dovllle i or, A Maiden's Vow." .
THI8 EVENING, February 7, and mrr sterling
until further notice, Ibe performene will constat of
the exciting and powerful production, lit lire acts,
called -
Ob, A Maiokh'i Tow. ' " '
Orvllle Deville, ttr. Lengdon ; Tnloan. V r. Ulster
Karl Glen Lanerk, Mr. Fisher ; Job Kdwarde, Mr.
" lionee; Nero, a real lire negro, Mr. Adanu : Li
on ne fielafort. the Lionee of tbe Foreel, Mm.
. Kffl Kllsler: Lad y Adelaide, Miss Annie Watte;
Kate Kyte, Miss ITsnny Denbam : lady Elisabeth
Devllle, Mrs. Gilbert ; Verdita, Little Iffle.
Bervants, Backwoodsmen, As.
In consequence of the extreme length of thll play,
no other play can be produced.
John Batei, Proprietor and Manager i W. 8. Irwin,
Altiaatior or Tim i. Doors open at 7; Cnrtaln
rises at H past 7, precisely. -
DO cents: Family 01 de,2 cents Colored Boxes, 25
: cenia ; uaiiery, lu cents ; rmaut saxes, t; ,
Mill IiDOT BSOOTT and Mr. D. HIBANDA will
appear In tbe operatio play or ''Tbe waterman."
THIS EVENING, February 7, the beaollfnl speo
tacaiar, rooaaniiooraraa.m inre aow, enuueu
. . ZBRLINA, ,
On. Tmm Tb.iitm Al tnn OribkS.
Jack Cutaway, Mr. Garter ; Zerilna, Mn. Vanderea.
. Dance..,...,...............M...-....Mii Jenny Bight;
To conclude with i
Tom Tug, with songs, Mr, Miranda; Wilhslmina,
with songs, Mlas Lnoy Bscott.
NOT1UB. Tradesman and others an cautioned
against furnishing any article for the theater with
out a written order, signed by tbe Manager.
THB flBW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining tbe
. 'ineaier, is now open ior (ne recepiiou oi bumis.
Booms can be obtalnea by tbe day or week, and
meaia rarnisnea at an nonrs.
8. N. Pike, Proprietor; F. B. Conway, Stage VI
rector : J. 1. Herbert. Treasurer.
Paioas or Admission. jVarqaette Circle, Parqnette
ana Balcony, m cents ; Ampniineater, a oenuf
PrlTKte Boxes for etsht neraona. U.
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M., where
, . aeiia can oe securea.
Doors open at 6H o'clock i commence at 7M.
Farewell engagement of the dlstlniulshed actress,
rtir. rfuiia liean itajno.
: Tbls dlatlngulihed artist has been engaged for
v , , ,, j j.- . BIX MIGHT8 OMLY. , ,
THIS KVBNING, February 7, will be presented
jLnowMs s neanuini piay oi
- LOVE. ...
Countess. Mrs. Julia Dean Harne : Bnon. Mr. Con
way; Duke of Oarlnthia, Mr. Sheridan i Prince
Frederic, Mr. Addison; Sir Rupert, Mr. Chaplin ;
f TJIrio, Mr. Templeton; Kmpreea, Mre. Wilklns;
vauannt, joiae rrocwr; unrisuna, sues outuity,
To conclude with
! . THB EATON EOT, . ' 1
Mr. Dabster, Mr. Patidge; Captain Popbsm, Mr.
Chaplin; Curry, Mr. Templeton; Fanny, Miss
'i A grand spectacular and thrilling Drama la In act
1 1t jtreparatlon, with new scenery dreaaes, effects,
Ac, and sustained by the entile strength of the
company.- - - -
Complimentary Ball ,
v Appreciative of hfi mrrtost In elevating musical
la tba Wu tail I tsaVA alar
4 , I VOAVUay an aaw vhsi nsia tmv jriesruv (
On TBTJBSDAT EVENING, Fefcrnary 9, on wbish
occasion the pleasant oompany of sll nls friends is
reapectluuy soucitea. -MaNAUXUi
Daniel Flthlan, A. O. Parry, A. B.
uoMiue, v. neauer, d. nesi, sranx inaag.
' UsiEr DiascroEg-O. B. Weethcrby, Geo.l Dar
ntualc for the occasion will be fhrnlahed by Oapt,
Mentor's full Uorrjet Band and Urohestra.
Tickets, admitting gentlemen and accompanying
This masrairlcent Panorama is not 11 Wanffha
Italia," shown in this oity some months since, but
tneuriqmai mirror oi iraiy, exniouea nere so suc
cessfully at Smith A Nixon's Hall in IMS. It now
returns to Ciocinnatl for the Brat time since that
date, with new and beautiful Diommln KflfnAta.
and scenes Illustrating the Theater of the Late
' Italian War, and will exhibit for a few day
only, at Smith 4 Nixon's Ball, and is nosr open
and nixing Tws Exhibitions Daily, at 3 o'olock
i Tickets 36 cents, or aix for f 1. Children 10 cents,
. ,: Doors open in the evening at t)i o'olock. Mirr
moves at 7X o'clock precisely. Doors open In tl
afternocn at 2 o'clock; commences at 3 o'clock. To
Afternoon Bxhibition Ladles' Tickets 15 cents;
930. $30. $30. $30.
Thirty -Dollai Double Look-Btitoh
-M. XOTJNUBD by all eomnetent jndaes, whs
bays seen It, to be the best and most desirable Fam
ily Sewing Machine ever lntrodnoed, reaardlns
fprloe. It will sew all kinds of family goods,
from the very tblokest to the very flnest fabrics made,
sou nan an aiuua ui wroau.irom no. o u auu,
Na all la need toaaf Ike IHanhlaa.
flend for a circular, or call and aea It In nMratliifi.
TJpon early application, State and Uonnty Bight mat
be secured.
An energetl person can make a fortune In a short
suna. Agenu waniea in an unsora territory, i.
.'',. H. V. BUBTMAN.
Be le eud exolnalve agent for the United State.
opHlmt 9H West Fourth-street. Cincinnati
Gifts! IGifts!5 Gifts!
: ..j. next hi nmiui a nixon a nail, tnnctnnatl,
Ohio. A snlendld 431ft. worth from sneenta ta lino.
will be given with every book for which we receive
one uouar ana upwara as ana nme oi sale. -
Bolid Gold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry, One Gold
: Bracelets, Gents' Gold Vest-chains, and a large va
. riety of other article of rich Jewelry, worth from
' Ladle and gentlemen are respectfully Invited to
winauexaiiiineourB.pca. , t
, T -I'.-. ' PubUsner and Qlft Bookseller,
- st Fourth -street.
, ... , 4 .,(1 at.. j .
, r; ri. fjwoMiDT to m jj :',t
.r..f. v'h j:-. .s (. i i ;, U.V. .
MsUtHJictorcn iad .WttoUialt Dert
ii:...-(. '
: ) . I-B .117 -,a-. I r.
I'Sl d. druce.
, Street BeOlreod car bshI Onalba RIuh
.. ., . faotnrers. ; ' j
; 'Ft - keep oa hand a supply of BTBBBT BAIL
" BO AD CABS and Omnibuses, which we will war
. rant equal la style, finish and durability, and at a
low wnoes a. auj uku. ,u .a. wuuf. t
Cfi!o-K)rnef of laird and Vlns-itml. Jalttf
VOL. 2.n N0. U6.
Lintn kkin,-High Express; 8410 1. M.l Aooom
modatUm, 2:45 r. u. Day Express, :l r.n. ,
m.l 1:40 a. u.
Ohio an Mutisum. 8;25 a. U:4S a. n.s 10:11
OlCIHXTT, HAXIXTOS AMD Dattosj. 7:16 A. M., 11:08
A. M.l 13:53 r. m.j 1:62 r. H.l 8:50 r.m. , . .
Mabiktta ud Oimoukati. 11:20 A. at.i t:M P. .
Bishhoid Ann 1mdiaapoii. 13:60 ; rJA r. u.
Lima Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. H.l Acoom'
' modatlon, 4:40 T. M. Might Express, 11:30 r. M.
ljiouaArou and Uihoinnati. :50 a. H.l 13:48 r.
M.; 7:l P. H.
Ohio ah Musisnm. 7:20 A. w. :00 p. .; 7:30 r. M.
A. .i 10:M A, M.) 8:40 p. m.i 8:80 p. .; 11:30 p. m.
UaainrrA ahd OmomMAii. :40. m.; 1:40 r. m.
.2 :
- . h i i
Charlel Bpriner, well-to-do farmer
of South RIohland, Va., harjg himself In hli
barn ltutweaic.
' a-Th Rslieeh (N. 0.) Spirit of the Age
has the honor of having in operation the first
calorio pr hot-air engine in the State.
Cannon fired at Old Point, on Satur
day, were heard In Norfolk, Va., a diitanoe of
eighteen mllei. ' . .
' e9Hon. Mn. Norton, the htndoomettand
moat latoinaung or women, nu a novel in
."ffitr-The itadenU of the South Carolina
College have resolved to procure a uniform
suit of olothlng of home-made kerseys.
Dan Rite reoently refuted to perform
Tm Octoroon because he oonoideredlt lectional
Inoharaoter. ,
tigf A fiffht ooenrred between the drav-
d rivers in New Orleans, reoently, 'which re
sulted In the death of one of them named Se
bastian Kaiier.
9Sfa. Baltimore, a juror, who left hit
brother jurymen at night and went home to
get t elean shirt, ha been fined $28 and lair
prisoned three dayg by Judge Stump.,
The tea plant in the Agricultural
Garden at Washington make a finer flavored
dish of tea than that usually imported. - It 11
drank without milk, and haa arioh, oily taste.
The Whigs of North Carolina are
meeting In their respsotlre counties to tend
delegates to a State convention, to bo held on
tbe 22d of February.
S&Q. P. R. James infers Riohmond 'to
Venioe. : He Is about to abandon hit Consul
ship at tbe City of Gondolas, and return to the
Virginia capital.
' VTbe name of the TJ. S. steamer now
being re-built at the Portsmouth Navy-yard
nas oeen oaangea iron, irupatcn to roc
Clark Mills has been commiesioned to
execute in bronze, at the furnace flttod up by
him at Washington, tbe ooloisal Statue of
Freedom which is to surmonnt the new dome
of the Capital. -
S9"In Modes, on the 21 of January,
Father Feletti, Inquisitor of the Clerical Court,
was arrested for man-stealing. He was tbe
prlnoipal tool for abdueting the Jewish boy
juortara irom nu parent. , .i ,
' J9Wbi, Boyd, of "Greenbrier county,
Va., aooidentally shot bimslf in one of his
legs a few weeks ago. The limb was am
putated, and the unfortunate man died the day
following. -..
There was not an arrival or a departure
from the port of Riohmond, Va., Wednesday.
Buoh hat not been the oase previously for
many years, save when the river was closed
with ice. - '
Oni Mak Killed ahd Siztt Woikdid oif a
Railioad. An accident oceurred to the New
York Express train, on the Woitern Road, which
runs from Springfield to Boston. By the
breaking of an axle, tbe car next to the last
was thrown down an embankment sixty feet
In bight, killing the brakeman and bruising
more or less seriously nearly nil the passen
gers, about sixty in number, which the vsbiole
oontained. Hone of them, however, are
uougot to do tetany injured.
De. Cahill add tfi Irjbh. A number of
Irish mechanics of New York and Brooklyn
publish a letter in reply to the flowing state
ments whioh Dr. Cahill is circulating In Ire
land resptoting tbe cheapness of living, the
abundance of work, the high wages paid in
this oountry, &. They think that bit specu
lations will mislead his countrymen, and oause
tnera tutor sneering.
Air Ambitious Toopo Ladt. A young lady
who has not left off hoops, and who plays a
powerlul game of whist, to please her papa,
told him recently that she wished he would
buy" her the Messrs. Gait' SVtimn Oird.
"What Ms that?" asked the unsuspecting
parent. "Why their Tray of Diainondt, to be
sure," wat the reply.
Ths Lixihotoh MoituMtRT. Hon. Edward
Everett, President, and Charles Hudson, Cor
responding Secretary of the "Lexington Mon
ument Association,' have issued an address to
the people of the United States, eloquently
urging the erection of a monument at Lexing
ton, Mass., to commemorate the battle of the
lgthof April, 1775,
' Diith of a Fimch Bishop. The Bishop of
unaions, n. oe rriny, is dead, ue was porn
at Avignon, on the 25th of Ootober, 1775, and
was the oldest member of tbe French Eplsoo-
Saoy, Nominated to hli high calling by royal
scree on the 7th of April, 1823, and qoalified
the 7th of November following, he was con
secrated Bishop on the 18th of January, 1824.
,-. i'ss i i ,
MtxiOAW ard Axhica SiLViB. The New
Orleans OraatM lays (106,900, in Mexlean
silver, was received there the past week, whioh
was taken at 105 ) premium, while it quote
American silver, new ooinage, at lA per cent,
discount, making 6 per cent, difference between
aiextoan sliver ana our com. .
1 A ExTBAOkDiVABT Fish. Some "enter
prising fisherman," of Harrlaburg, Penn., ha
caught a 1th, Which I deteribed as follow :
The fish Is a flat as a buckwheat cake, hat a
tall Ilk a rat, a uoutl4ike the entranoe to
the jail, two flnt on the tip or its tail, and a
combination of erosa-eat saws running the
enure itngtn or it back.
EioissivixTiCiOTioo. It la stated that
when the twelve hundred olerks employed in
tbe Bank of England leave the building In the
evening, a detachment of troops march in to
guard it during the night, although burglar
oould not; penetrate the solid vaults in six
weeks. ,-r i,,.
Papi Bomit. Milliners are makiag
bonnets of paper. Whioh are equal , to those
made of straw, in durability and epptaranee,
and are much cheaper. The paper is eut la
narrow drips, and plated and stitched together
la the proper shape, ana Yarnitnea. .,
,"J, "saw i ' ' .
Diavi FBOnPaaiiAOi Oas. Clifton Watson,
enilnetr at Porser's lren furnace, la Rocking
ham County, Va., acoideptally inhaled the
suipnunous gas wnion issun irom me .urseot
a tew aay ago, ana atea uiianiiy.
Opinio or on Xatmisai Guxsts or thiib
Lit EirtmTAiut m Cikcihati. Our
Tennessee exchanges are fall of the most sud
atory opinions of their recent entertainment
in this city; but we have spaoe for only few
extracts. The Nashville Union nju : I
The grand "Patriotic Carnival." at the Cin
cinnati" demonstration has been appropriately
termed, which came off In that city on Fri
day, was a pageant without a parallel in the
history of the oountry, and language will fail
to convey an adequate idea of the imposing
grandeur of the display. (
The Nashville rW. observes ; 4 . -,;
Cincinnati Is a great place undoubtedlv
the metropolis of the Great North-west. I
oannot attempt to give you a description of
our reception. It was indeed one of the most
Imposing ver witnessed in the Union. On
our arrival at the depot, there mutt have been
twenty-five thousand people present, giving
cheer after oheer for the Union delegation.
The military near a mile la length, headed a
prooeuion, followed by carriages containing
the guests. The procession altogether was
several miles In length. ,
In passing from the depot toi Pike's Opera
house, we were greeted by tbe whole popula
tion. justumiJtot (Jinoinnati with her two
hundred and fifty thousand inhabitant ming
ling a gmnd Umon demonstration.'
The preparations made here for tbe recep
tion of the excursionist were gotten up in a
grand style, and at a great expense. Private
residences, hotels, public buildings, business
houses, founderiet, factories and workshops,
were covered with flags and other decorations.
Arches and festoons were to be seen over a
number of the streets; and portraits of "Wash
ington, Clay, and Webster, were suspended
from the windows in different parts of the
olty. The shouts of the messes, the smiles of
the women, and the waving of handkerchiefs,
attested the enthusiasm whioh existed among
the entire populace of the Queen City.
abtbb, The New Tork correspondence of the
New Orleans Delta writes in a recent letter:
"Long ere this you have seen all the partic
ulars of the wholesale massacre of the poor
white slaves at tbe Pemberton Mills. Our
nerves are yet thrilling at the sickening de
tails, as well as with the cold-blooded Bosto
nians, who coolly tend two or three thousand
dollars as a plaster for the orushed hearts of
tne survivors, the balm in Ulleaa .tor the burn
ing tears of anguish from tbe widowed, the or
phaned, the bereaved one who wail in vain
ever those mangled and routed remains of the
dear ones, offered up as a holooautt to the
grasping, grinding, greedy worshippers of the
Aimignty aouar tne oppressor! oi uieie poor
wnite slaves, now is ue time tor the philan
throplo Cheevers and Beeehera to preach a
sermon to tomei: 1 effeot. Haying raised
fund for the Immaculate Brown family and
tneir "million or cnaaren," jire are white
slaves In dire bondage needing ail their assist
ance far more than the merry, careless darkies
at the South. Only imagine the bowl of
lamentation this aitair would nave created
among the negro worshippers if the position
Ah Ofbba Mamaobb ahd Mosioal Camg
Sisiouslv Wovids Hit - Aftaooribt ih a
Doil. A hostile meeting took place on the
28th ult., in New Orleans, between Ernest
uanonge and Mr. Victor (ierodlas; the former
gentleman being, we believe, the manager of
the Theater D 'Orleans, and former musical
critis ef the Delta, In which capacity he killed
his antagonist in a duel, some months elnoe,
in a difficulty growing out of the merits or de
merits of Plscolomini. Of the recent affair
the Delta says: - The weapons u.ed were
double-barrel guns, loaded with ball, and the
distance forty paces. According to the ar
rangements, tne parties had a right to Ore be
tween the words "fire" and "three." The
principals having token their position, the
word was given for tbe first fire, and both guns
were discharged at the word fire, almost simul
taneously. -Neither ot the parties being
touohed, the gun were loaded a seoond time
and the word given. The weapons were again
discharged nearly at the tame moment at the
word fire, Mr. Gerodlaa receiving his antago
nist's ball in the left knee. He made an ef
fort to stand, but fell. The wound is a very
serious one, tnd tbe opinion of the physician
is that he can never recover the use of the
left leg, and possibly may have to lose it.
Mr. Canonge wat the ohallenger.
Ratiohal Rblaxatioh of Rbuoioh ih Eno
laud. A London correspondent thus write
of a novelty whioh bat been introduced la the
Britiih Metropolis! , .
The only thing new in theaters we will
not tay in theatricals It the speotal reli
gion! servloet on a Sunday, Whioh now take
pile at some ef the city .theater. Sermon
were preached at four of them on Sunday
last at St. James's Hall by two laymen, at
the Garriok Theater by olergymen of tbe Es
tablished Church and non-conforming min
isters alteratelv; fifty clergymen and other
have promised assistanoet at Saddler's Well
Theater by olergymen of the Churoh of Eng
land, and at the Britannia Theater by Wes
ley an ministers. Madame Sevigne need to
call ecclesiastical eloquence at a publio dinner
by a bishop or a dean "the thickening of re
ligion with turtle and old port." What would
she have'called this preaching in theaters?
We find so fault with this latter praotioe, but
It appears to ut to be tuoh a breaking down of
the middle wall or petition between the pulpit
and the stage at would have made good old
Jeremy Collier's hair stand on end.
Tst Rilios or Mamachtjbhth Ihoiahb.
The last relict of the Indian tribes in Massa
chusetts, few and feeble, still make their an
nual appearance before the people, in the re
port of their appointed guardians. ! The
Natick tribe seem to have dwindled to Pa
tience Blodgeit and Fatty Jeflerion, and her
family, living in East Douglas, for whom the
guardian expended $77 last year, including
$27 of the guardian' expenses. There are
about seventy ef the Troy Indians, of whom
fifty Uve oa their lands In Fall River. ! The
amount expended for the support of the poor
was $373. The Dudley tribe numbers seventy,
of whom only thirteen live on their lands at
Webster, forwhose comfort the State expended
$740 last year, beside the salary of their
Suardlaa. The expenditures for the Marshpee
ndians were $2,388 and for the Herring Pond
tribe $1,122. .;, . - . -
.... 1 ."SB . I '
Map' Mdbolb Irhabitbd. Mr. Vlrchow,
of Berlin, ha found that a singular affection.
rather common there, it doe to the presence of
the n-tcAtM tpinalie In thehnman muscle. He
has found the trtcAtna in the muscles of the
larynx, tongue, esophagus, and diaphragm,
bat he has teen them but onoe in tbe heart,
whioh, I explained by It temperature and
motion" These trichinae have been fed
dogs and swine, and found to flourish In their
intestine under the tratuforaation of Irscao-
etphalou . ".'. "'. ; -
" a i ' i ii
" A HiSTOii Chabaothe.- The widow :
Bsc tens, the brewerwho slaved so nronoi
aent a part in the first French Revolution, and
presided at the exoutlon of Loult XVI I
ttui living, ene reside in tne Dauborir St.
Germain, and affirm that the has in her pos
session the key of the BatslUej also a number
of curious minute and manuscript relative
to parsons who were Imprisoned in that fort
ress.. ,,-, ..... v, a-,.;:!' I.-
I.:? ' a 1 '-.".' . -,.
Jbtiebsoh's' Vibw or Disunion. The views
of Jefferson, on almost every subject, are
looked upon with great favor by tbe Democ
racy, and the following is bit view of the dis
union question. In a letter written to John
Taylor, of Caroline, dated June 1, 1798, Jef
ferson said: "If, on the temporary superior
ity of the one party, the other is to resort to a
scission ef the Union, no Federal Government
can ever exist. If. to rid ourselves of the
present rule of Massachusetts and Connecti
cut, we break the Union, will the evil
stop here? Suppose the New England States
alone be out off. will our nature be sbanged T
Are we not men still to the South of that, and
wun an tne passions of men 7 immediately
we shall see a Pennsylvania and a Virginia
party arise on the residuary Confederacy, and
the public mind will be distraoted with the
same party spirit. ' Whtt a game, too,
will one party have in their bands, by
eternally threatening the other that, unless
they do so and so, they will join their Northern
neighbors! If we reduce our Union to Virginia
ana norm uarouns, immediately the conflict
will be established between the representatives
of tbe two States, and they will end by break
ing up in their simple unit. Beeing, there
fore, that an association of men who will not
quarrel with ene another is l thing wbioh
never yet existed, from the greatest confed
eracy of nations down to a town meeting or a
vestry ; seeing that we mutt have somebody
to quarrel with, I had rather keep our New
England associate for that purpose, than to
see our biokerings transferred to others.
Who ean tay what would be the evils of a
eoliiion, and when and where they would
end? Better keep together as we are;
haul off from Europe at soon at we can, and
from all attachments to all portions of it; and,
if they show their power, just sufficiently to
hoop us together, it will be the happiest situa
tion in which we oan exist. If the game was
sometimes against us tt home, we must have
patience till Inok turns, and then we shall
have an opportunity to win baok the princi
ple we have lost."
Alleged Ihcohbibtbhot or ah Ahti-Slavbbt
Clibthih. A New York correspondent of a
New Orleans paper makes this assertion :
Quite a sensation was created in Parson
Cheever's Churoh of the Puritans, by the ad
vent of an English party attended by a servant
la livery, who, upon seating himself near his
master, (I beg his pardon,) employer, was or
dered to the gallery, the consistent Cheever
itas not approving tbit dole proximity of one
of their cherished pets. The party conse
quently left the churoh in high dudgeon, and
proceeded to a eolored chapel, where they
were received with due impreuement... This
story has been contradicted and denied; never
theless it it abeolutely true, and everybody does
not know that the Engllih gentleman is a
cousin of Prince Albert, satisfied probably by
thl tlmethat Amerioans are not quite so re
publican at he was led to suppose; and al
though it is easy for Friar Oheever to send fe
male emissaries to Exeter Hall on begging ex
peditions for Imaginary negroes, yet when one
of tbe speoies appear among them, they re
fuse to reoogntze his existence or tolerate his
presence. This is just at true as the faot I
onoe before mentioned to you of Mr. Cheever's
preaching an Abolition sermon and afterward
apologizing for it to one of the most influen
tial of his congregation, who has long since
seceded from the Puritan Churoh. "Consist
ency, tho;i art a jewel," rare enough.
ANbwOblbahb Jotjbhal AapiHt in Favob
or tub Union. The New Orleans Bulletin ap
proves, in glowing terms, the letter recently
addressed by the Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge,
of Kentuoky, to hit nephew, John C. Breck
inridge, on the present state of the country,
and lays:
It is a comprehensive and exhaustive re
view of the condition of the country and of
parties, and a conclusive and Irrefutable show-
lug boat ji.vu.uuay sua uiooiuor oorQerolBT.es,
as well as the whole Southern States, would
be gainers in the end to msintain their rights,
if needs be, by force of arms, and amid the
horrors of a civil war, terrible at these latter
always are, than to resort to the last and direst
alternative of destroying the constitutional
structure or tbe Uovernment of these United
States, and dissolving the Union that contains
them, because such a struggle would pass away,
leaving its true, it mournful wrecks, to show
how the devastations had raged for the time
being; and then the people, learning by sad
experience the evils of an internecine struggle,
would find the strong timbers and the founda
tions of the great structures whioh their fath
ers erected still remaining, and they oould re
invest them with the attributes, and cover
them with the gorgeous adornments of, and
re-ereot with and upon them, the first temple
of rheir liberties and their greatness. The
& jwork would not have been destroyed.
only the outer coverings would be displaced.
Excellent Mod of Filliko ah Ice-House.
The Winstead (Conn.) Herald gives the follow'
ing account of the manner In which Mr.
Goodwin, of New Hartford, fills his loe-house :
Mr. uoodwln is supplied with excellent water
from a spring, at a considerable elevation
above his house. Connected with the pipe
which supplies the latter, is a branch pipe
leading to the loe-house. across which tt is
extended. Within the ice-house thispipe.it
pleroed by twenty or thirty small holes, from
which as many fine jets of water rise to the
roof, falling baok in drops over the whole bot
tom surface of the houie. These jots are only
let on when the weather is cold, and the doors
and ventilators being opened . the water freezes
a it fall, and in a few day, or week at
farthest, the house is filled with a single block
of perfeotly pure, transparent ice. Mr. Good
win' Ice keeps through the entire season with
much let watte than tost packed in the or
dinary way. It costs him nearly nothing.
A FAiinvr Tbbeatihbd with a Hobbiblb
Fatb. The Milwaukie (Wit.) Aew says that
the member of a family residing near that
city have lately evinced unmistakable signs of
nyaropoooia, oautea oy tne use of milk irom
a cow which was bitten, tome time since, by a
mad dog. . The first intimation which the fam
ily had of tne Horror wnico await them, wat
a few dayt ago, when one of the children, a
boy, began to thow symptoms of hydrophobia,
and daring one ot tne si ne succeeded in In
flicting several wounds on the father. Physl
oians gave it at their opinion that if the boy'
madness waa caused by the use of milk, the
whole family must suffer a horrible death
sooner or later. - - i
A Miutabi Vbtbbar No Mob. Mr. D.
Hearmand, the famous centenarian of Mout
martre, hat jntt died, In hit one hundred and
ninth year. He served tinder Louis XV and
Louis XVI, daring the American war, and
waa in the first campaigns of the French Rev
olution. Up to the last moment, he fully en
joyed hit intellectual faculties.
. Hcbeditabt Homb-isi.. Hume, the Con.
neotlout Yankee Tailor, who swopped hi tplr
ituellsm for a Russian Princess, nas nermtu-
ated in hit family hli powers as a medium. A
letter from him in London says he receives
intelligent communications tnrougn nu in
(ant ton.
' Ahotbbb Adboit Swiholb. An unsuspect
Ing countryman named Blandford waa twin.
died out of $285 in Charleston. 8. 0., reoently,
by two (harper, who left with him a $500
not aa 1 collateral eeourity. i
. PioiniABiTita or Adtbobs Ahbopotbb or
thb DcMifl A Pari correspondent relate
the following: Mon. Alex. Dumas, the
younger, la seriously annoyed by the publioity
his father gives to every detail of their per
sonal history; for hi father has few secrets
from the public. He gave some time ago long
details of hi son's amour la the publio pa
pers. His son hat remonstrated again and
again with him; but when he begint to ser
monize the father look at his ton and laughs
so heartily at what appear to him a droll
sight, the son is soon obliged to give up in
despair. Sometimes his father makes him so
very angry, a harsh speech -will escape him,
and If It be witty none laugh louder or more
heartily than bis father. He said one day,
after a most giddy revelation had been made
by his father, "Really, my father ha so muoh
vanity he is capable of riding behind his own
carriage, to make the people in tbe street be
lieve he owns a negro waiter." Toung Mons.
Dumas was dining one day with some young
literary men, when one of them told a most
amusing story of oreditor life: how a creditor
got rid of a most Importunate debtor as Don
Juan freed himself from Monsieur DImanoh.
Young Mons. Duma roared with laughter.
"Don't you know your father is the hero?"
whispered one of the guests in his ear. "'Taint
possible! Father the hero? Lai man, if he
were, he'd Have told It in his memoirs."
His father for a long time held that the son
was to methodioal even to be a man of talent,
and was fond of saying that ene day he got
up in the morning and could not find a single
pair of boots, but upon looking into, his ton't
wardrobe, he discovered no less than twelve
pairs on a shelf. "That lad will never be a
man of genius!" One day, Mons. Alex. Du
mas, tbe father, was boasting of his pedigree
and asserting his right (which it unques
tioned) to the title of Marquis de la Paills
terie, until the company began to gape with
fatigue. The son exolaimed "Peace, peace,
we all know your armorial bearings; you show
them often enough. They are muoh jaw on
little gold." I may join to this series of anec
dotes two other whioh exhibit the character
of father and son in a striking light. - Young
Mons. Duma perceived on thi eve of the
maturity of several bills that he lacked about
on hundred francs of their total amount. He
went to bis father and asked him to lend him
a hundred francs. "I can't, to save my life
and soul," replied the father. "I was going
around to you to borrow fifty, and fifty franc
I must have." Young Damns left his father
fifty franes poorer than when he entered, and
found himself obliged to borrow a hundred
anumty iranos.
A religious exchange, in reviewing Miss Cath
erine E. Batcher's "Appeal to the People in
behalf of their Rights, aa authorized Interpre
ters of the Bible,", sayt:
"It has been jocosely said that the Beecher
family constitute a distinct olass and division
of the human race, but it is equally obriuus
that they are as unlike to each other as they
are to the 'rest of mankind.' ; Dr. Ed. Beecher,
in his Concord of Agee, just published, starts
with tbe assertion that all the evils and con
flicts in the religions world oome of wrong
ideas of God, and sets out to reform all theol
ogies In this regard, and bring the disjointed
world into ooncord by putting all on the right
track. His lister Catherine, in tbe book be
fore us, thinks that the Augustinian theory of
the 'origin of evil,' I not only the apple of
discord, but really the mlsohievous heresy so
fruitful of evil, that all the misery and sin of
the world may be traced to it; and to make
men believe that they are not naturally
sinners - at all, 1 the only way to cure
them of this commonly prevailing ' mal
ady. Tbe plan of talvatlon that the pro
poses has but slight resemblance to the one
instituted by the Redeemer of men. If theo
logical dogmas are propagated like 'original
sin the venerable lather of this notable fam
ily has a progeny of strangely diverse and
anomalous heresies and isms to father.
A Soothers Papeb oh ah Ahti-Slavbbt
Coterie. The New Orleans Delta, In a late
issue, remarks :
George William Curtis, of New York, is tbe
ornamental young gentleman of tbe Abolition
Propaganda. Howard piays the part or arch-
conspirator. John Brown was the melo-
dramatio Yiiuan. uaie is the Dunoon, ueorge
W. Is expeotod to perform In the genteel
comedy line. Fashionable people oan afford
to go to lashionabie enuroues or publio bant,
to hear him leoture. . They find a cheap lux
ury in wiping fashionable tears from their
eyes with fashionable cambrio, when the
eloquentefrianf of Abolitionism dilates pathet
ically on the fiotive horrors of slavery. They
are blessed with a new sensation; and in the
spirit of Louts XIV. who "took his very
emetics In state, and vomited majestically in
the presence ot tne grandee and petttee entree"
they feel it a double enjoyment when they can
display tbe agitation of their finer sensibilities
en grand regie.
Maboclikb IgjoBTioB. An indignant fe
male says: Men talked about hoops, unblush
ingly and redioulously, when they first be
came the "rage." Ministers in the pulpit,
orators on the rostrum, editors through the
papers, fops in the parlor, and boys in the
street, seemed to think it a necessary duty to
ory down hoops; they do it yet, and I'll wa
ger, if crinoline were entirely discarded, not a
man lives who wouldn't laugh at the long
shrouded figures women would appear In the
A Lbabhbd Phtsioiah. Dr. Alexander.
who died at Princeton, N. J., on Saturday,
spoke almost all the modern languages of
Europe, and, at a scholar in Oriental literature,
had no superior in this country. His eritioal
works are distinguished by keen analysis and
by bold and original views. His commentaries
on Isaiah, Job and the New Testament have
had a wide circulation both in Europe, and
Amenoa. 1
t . assa i.i
6hockiho Destitutioh. A woman calling
herself Ann Banker, arrived in Botetourt
County, Va., last week, bearing in her arms
a dead infant She said that she stayed th
previous night in an out-houae, where her
child died, ins uniortunate woman naa uvea
for the last two years near Charlottesville,
where her husband died, and the was endeav
oring to reach Seneca County, N. Y., to find
her friends. ; . -. ; - i
Thb Last Dbfbhpbb or Matbbob. Pierre
Dumont, a volunteer of 1792, the only turvi
vor of the heroic defenders of Mayenoe, died
lately at Bertheconrt, near Notulles, - aged
ninety-one. . He was in all the battles of the
North and on the Rhine, and only quitted the
fublio servioe when covered with wounds,
a La Vendee he received a sabre and a mus
ket in attestation ef hit humanity and his
bravery. , r-,n j . (.
' Ihjdbt to What ih Tbhhbsbbb. The Chat
t&nooga Advertiter of late date, says:: "We
have conversed wun numerout termers
throughout the county, and without an excep
tion they all quite ia representing the present
stand or wheat at being seriously and nop
lastly damaged, so mock so that acres upon
acres will be plowed ap aad resown with spring
grains. They inform us that seme fields ean
scarcely snow a spear oi grain even, :
, as '(-!';:
Attempted Wnra-McanBa ahd Soioidb.
Wm. X. Merriam, of Greenfield, Mast., while
deranged, attempted to klUhit wife and him
self, and tuooeeded ia his own ease, but failed
ia that of hi wife., vt "
' -t vi Tt B a .." A U i
I an w vrwr.v
Advertisement not txoeedlng Ave line (Agate) I
On insertion. ,u.J$ 23 1 On wwe ,... fl Oft '
Two weeks l Si) I On month - i 0 .
Larger adTrtlKm-mU !ner! at tfw following rate
sor Kuarjr toa lUwa-o eaaat , f
One Insertion..--. BfltTWo weeks ;.$3 99
lack additional. . 53 ThreZZri 04
Oneweek.......... 190 1 Qne month.
Job PriatfiiK.' V.
In all it braaone doo with neatsMai and disaateh .
WHeeler & WUson's
Principal Offlee, No. 77 West Fasnrth-eC,
Wheeler A Wilson Bowing Machine, with Im.
portent improvement)), and to meet tbe demand for
a good, low-priced Family Maohtne, have intro
duced a NKW BTTLE, working upon tbe eame prin
ciple, and making the same .Mich, though not so
highly finished, at flFTV-FIVB DOLI.AB.
The elegance, speed, noiaeleaeneae and simplicity of
the Machine, th. beauty and strength of stitch, being
ALiai ON BOTH 8IUK8, impoaalble to ravel, ana
leaving no chain or ridge on the under aide, the
economy of thread and adaptability to the thickest
or thinnest fabrics, has rendered this the most suc
cessful aad popular family Sewing Machine now
At our varloue offices we sell at New Tork prices,
and give instruction free of charge, to enable pur
chasers to sew ordinary seam, hem, full, quilt,
gettiar, bind and took, all oa she una machine, and
warrant it for three years.
Send or call for a circular containing full particu
lars, prices, testimonials, Ac. .
jaiyar WM. BCMNEB k CO.
Goal Cooking Stove!
Has been pronounced by competent Indge to be the
Patented Dec. 1, 858. .
For sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
- deloj
i.itiv iiraiMiiiiv&iiRii's
, Manufactory, Covington, Ry.
- r m Ma. 90 Bart CoUsnbU-etreet., ,
trade at th most reasonable prices and ou th
moit accommodating terms with , , , t
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
M. B, Jones' Improved Lamps and Burner for
sal by our agent, J. 8 BLLBK8, Uovington, Ky.
- Free from Offensive Odor, at
.NO. 07
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O.
AL with any manufacturing establishment
n America.
W We warrant our Oils to be equal, if not snpe
rlor. to any In the market.
" We Invite those in the city and vicinity to
call and examine foi themselves.
mt-no persons ordering from a distance, satis-
faotlon guaranteed In all cues. Address
U. K. HA1KIN, Agent, or
HAMKIN, Agent, or
a. u. huuu km, Treasurer,
Kanawha 0. 0. St. Oil Man. Co.,
deft ;
Mr wainm-errwet. uinnnnay.
' Manufacturer and Importer of
Soaps, Perfumery and Fancy Goods
than any other eatabliahment in the city or
West, country and city. Merchant and druggists
will And It to their Interest tooall and examine my
stock before purchasing elsewhere. jaan
J TH1BD-8T8IKT, Olnoinnatf, Ohio, are mauu.
factoring largely, FaJnisr's oelebrateii Hydraulic,
Force and Lift Pump. Also, bis Portable elteara
Engines. All those who are about to parches
f'lllUPS for Tunaerie, Brewerle. Dlatll
erles, Dry Dock. Pawer Mill itallrood
lindens, Jllnan, iVreckiasi 1'urpeeea, or, in
fact, for any purpose where a pump is needed, will
find it to their advantage to call and see the work
lug of these valuable inventions, or address the
PALMIU PUMF UGMPAN V for a circular, which
will furnjah the names of many who have used these
Pumps with perfeot aatlfactlon. deajdm
109 Blald-atraot, three doors above Third,
JLA. DEE all k tide of Borso Trapping, in the best
and most substantial manner. Ateo, a large assort
uient of Hots Blankets, Whip, Uarpet and Leather .
Bags, Bridle Bits, Buffalo Robe, Valieea (the real
eoie-ieatnerh nan itwiks, nponge, ana a large as
oftment beloaglatto thl fine, I will sell as low
th lowest.
!.it ,
aol-ay i
ttOOFIKtPt t . c HOU AflU !
. TAIiMO BOOriNO" I offend to the publio
MtVsbwtan eheapett Metal Hoof now used. It
saarita tested, by an exparlenea of year in thl city
and vicinity. Applied to Set or steep, Old or new
buildings, i Koaoldevned-rtaeteDd secorely with
out exposure to th action of tbe elements.
- Prepared cheats, txd lor ablpaeeat so aay part o
the United Htatea.oan be applied by amy one with
ordlaary aaeokanloal skill. (Mmmrsaptlr Ailed.
LU (IT (if
vajlu w muu m w,
0OMPAM1" A01MOT. Hewport, Ky.-Ior
policies against fire sod marine risks. UepitaL
: I'. ! VMjl tfc J'' H '.' .1

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