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FOCND,"Ao.,ln thti oolumu, eoeepylng Ave line
or Im, two Insertion, twsatp-av oent.
VITANTED IRL To do the homework
Tf of email family. Must be good cook, and
come wall reoommended. Apply to-day, between t
and S P.M.. at the south-east oorner of Ninth and
WANTED-Famille wanting good help
can be supplied on abort notice. Call at Mra.
WeBNBR'8 Employment Office, No. SOS Flfth-at.,
between weetern-row and John. fo8b
man who thoroughly understands the groiery
business: Addreea A. B., tb.li pace. fo8b
purchase home and lotos a food street,
between Walnut and ITreeman and Fourth and
Ninth-streets, to ooat not oner (8,000, for which I
.will par part cash, part a mortgage note, bearing
10 per oent. interest, and the balance la Western
lands of the finest quality and moitellglbly iltuated.
Aleo, to trade-40 fbarw of Preferred Southern
Paclfio Railroad Stock: I share ($W0) Mound Ulty
Htook ; 1 lot in Council Blafle, which I wish to trade
for a good piano and a lot of food parlor furnltare.
Anyone having the house end lot or the furniture
to trade will address JAMIS H. PllAlUsON, at this
WANTED A young lady, highly ae
oompllihed and preaossing in appearance,
with a moderate Income, wlahea to open a eorre
apondenoe with a gentleman of Irreproachable char
acter, with a view to matrimony. All communica
tion! confidential. Addrew LILLY EUHO, Peony
Preaa Office. fe7a
in an office, a man and hliwlfe to goon a
farm ; alto various other kinds of help, male and fe
male. Apply at the General Intelligence Agency,
No. 382 Central-arenas.
fe7b A. P. CAB8Q8 CO.
subscriber is desirous to purchase some see.
ond-hand fixtures for the manufacture of plain
candy. Inquire at J. O. CEBPER'd, north-east cor
ner of Walnut and Water-streets. fe7b
WANTED A GIRL To oook and a,
slst in washing and Iretilng. Most be a good
plain cook. Apply ae Ho. 67 Ninth-street, between
Walnut and Vine-streets. fo7b
with recommendation, at Ho. 268 Blchmond
atreet. fe7b
ANTED TO RENT A imall Bouse
- ,u me viir, uj a wiuftua uie who, wuiious
children. Bent not to exceed $10, payable monthly,
ioadvanoe. Inquire at 831 Broadway. fe7b
WANTED 14,000, for four or five yean,
secured by mortgage on property In the
northern part of Cincinnati. Address Bos O, Oov
Ington. fe7d
WANTED A widow lady, with one son,
wishes to get a email house, or three or four
rooms, where the party would be willing to take the
rent ont in board. Has plenty of good furniture.
Address Mrs. GABBIEb, this office. fe7b
- mi ii j wi a i wuu timiKi purv mail uermau,
to 'ake care of children. Address, in German or
English, W., care of Penny Press Office. foMf
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, can And situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks Beglstry Office. 128
Walnut-street. fe6awl HALKACO.
FOR SALE A deiirable Lot, 30x84 feet,
to a 12-foot alley, south aide of Loogworth
street, west of Plum. It Is convenient to the mar
kets, end In the most quiet and pleasant part of the
city. Apply to J. H. GETZKNDANNEB, East
Third-street, or on the premises. fe8aw
FOR RENT ROOMS Tarnished Rooms,
either for single gentlemen or lady and gentle
man. Enquire at So. W Boadway, between Blxth
and Seventh. ieSb
FOR RENT A nloely-furnished front
room, with Are and get, tor single gentlemen,
south-east corner of Fourth aid Plum. Inquire
seeoud door from Plum. Ie7b
B0ARDINQ A few mora gentlemen can
be accommodated with day-board, at No. 248
wees rma-svroos. lerma, aa per wcea. leio-
'D0ARDINQ A gentleman and his wlfa
can uave a uice iruut room, wiiu warn, at o,
76 Laurel-street. 7aw
I Monday morning, a large Pointer at )
Dog, nearly white ; liver-colored on the aaas"
Au.. ud.i i j nuiiv i iiiciuivivu uu mo
head and ears, and one apot on the back,
a little in front of the rump I had on whon he left a
chain collar, locked. Any peisen returning said
dog to No. 24 Eighth-street will receive the above
. reward. icoo-
T 08T On the Otb, at Smith Sc Nixon's
Jul Hall, a stone-marten Vktorlue. The Under
will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at Mo. 321
Fourth-street. feSb
-as. ro cents.
The Vacation Polka.........- .Price 30 cents,
The Kentucky Girls' Polka... .Price cOccntl
Tho Forest Bcse Hchottieche. ...... Price to cents.
The above have handsomel v-illustrated title-pages.
.luxta uhubuh, jr.,
fe8 ' Mo.M West Fourth-street,
Av-sL tuaa ever,
Great sacrifice of
Pianoa . Melodeona
Violoncellos ,
Violins, Guitars, Banjo (Urines, Trim
mings, Ac, during the Holidays
Hellfno! at 100 ner cent, less than am
other House In this oity, and first-class Instruments
at that. Do not hnv an Instrument until vou have
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door east of
Plum, south side. UBITX1NU duo.,
Piano Makers, and Dealera la First-class Instru
ments. deJltf
New Mod of entilaiionl
Call aa St One af
, ,'V'.' - PATENT '
' Betting and Ventilating Furnaces,
;i r In operation at
Btort Wan-rooms, . Noa. il and II Vi&a-itj
(Belon Colombia.)
Sawyer & Go.
- fco9ayl
. Coal Cooking Stove,
' ' V ; A , . STATE . FAIR. "; '
' Held at Zaneavllle, October, 183P.
, lVot. 01 and 53 ?ine-tH
(SeeoaJ door Selow OolunbU,) ;
: oiWciif H ATI. jy&i oi u
iBotcaVI '
AX'LAWi WUne nuUMaxs, BO. awasxmiy
It roa want a servant, advertise In
If yoa want a bona, advertise in
It yon want to sell anything, ad vert lis In
If yon want to bar anything, advertise In
Il tact, every want supplied by advertising la
JE" Don't forget that the Penny
Preaa la the medium through, which to
make known your wants l Advertise
ments of five lines and less, Inserted
twice for twenty-five cental
Psisoiul. General Comonfort. Ex-Presi
dent of Mexico, and suite, arrived in the eity
last evening, ana engaged rooms at tne
Spenoor House.
A Nsw Fur. Charles M. Barras. Esa..
has written and eopy-righted a very langha-
oie travesty, enuwea, th Urtgmal Jlamlel,
which is to be produced shortly at the Opera
house. Chiif ViUHTiKM. Our readers should re
member that a splendid assortment of oomlo
and sentlmwtal valentines are on exhibition,
and will be sold cheap, if called for tbia week,
at the well-known periodical store, No. 120
Vlne-ttreet, opposite the Burnet House.
MiTiosoLoaicAi, Obssevatiohs By Henry
Ware, Optioian, No. T West Fourth-street,
February 7:
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
- 7 A. U.umuw,WM..M.M..9..' Above sero 32
U M.u..M..MraH...n..J9.67 Above tero 30
( P. M.........,..M.........i.52 Above sero 34
Pouci Coubt. Bnsineai at the Police
Court, dnrlng the past week, has been remark
ably dull, and we confess that we are not
sorry. Judge Lowe examined nineteen eaiei,
yesterday morning, but only one of them was
of suffioient importance to warrant a relation
in our eolumns, and this we have given in
another place.
Fim Otbtirs. Bear In mind the fast that
Robert Orr is agent for Maltbj's superior Bal
timore oysters, which are acknowledged by
epecureans as the most dellolons imported to
this oity. He is also in daily receipt of fresh
shad from the East. Those who wish the
above delicaoiee may rely upon being suited
at No. 11 West Fifth-street.
Eiiqotioal. In a paragraph headed "Oity
Counoil Statistics," published in oar paper a
day or two ago, Mr. Hambleton wts men
tioned as not having been in attendance dur
ing the ten months ending on the 1st Inst. It
appoara thas Mr. H. attended the meetings of
the Counoil, during the time mentioned,
thirty-fire times the remainder of the time
being absent from the oity.
. Prooisdihos or tbi Cocktt Coumissiokirs.
At the regular session of the County Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning orders were
pasted amounting in the aggregate to $111 60,
of which $72 were paid to J . Buttermlller for
boarding the jury in the Clawson ease, and
$31 50 to James McClellan for work done in the
South-western Lnnatie Asylum. Apart from
this no business of importance was transacted.
Pathiht or Cirr Bohds. The asRecate of
$00,000 of the bonda issued by the City of
uinoinnati in payment oi siock subscription to
tne capital stook or the Little Miami Railroad
Company, falls due on the 1st of May next
They are payable in Philadelphia, and bear
interest at the rate of six per cent $20,000
of the same bonds fall due in 1865, and $100,
000 applied to the extension of the road in
Air. Btraitm at Riohmord. Our patrons
in Richmond, Indiana, may antloipate a rich
treat on Thursday evening next, when Mr,
Alf. Burnett is to deliver them a lecture on
elocution, giving them a variety of pieces, in
cluding his great debate between "Slabsides
and Uarolte," tbe recitation of poems, per
sonation of eomis characters, ko. Let Star
Hall be crowded. He also gives an entertain'
meat at Indianapolis, on Saturday night next.
Qdadsi-Cihtknbul Anhivibsary of thsT.
M. M. L. A. The committee of one hundred,
appointed on Saturday evening, to devise
proper means dv which tne quadrt
centennial anniversary of the foundation
of the Toung Men's Mercantile Library
Association might be properly cele
brated on the 18th of April, will meet on
xnursaay evening, at tne Merchants' Ex
change, at half-past seven o'clock. A puna
tual attendance is requested.
Eliotior or a Magibtratr ir ihr Srvrr
trrrth Ward. A special eleotion for a Jus
tice or the reaco took piaoe in the Seventeenth
Ward day before yesterday. There were three
"Richmond in the field" Harney Morris,
Justice Fenton, and Hill, and the friends
of eacb were entnusiaatio and turned out ia
immense numbers. Mr. Morris, however,
was tbe fortunate man, having received ten
votes more mas-cow or jus competitors com.
blned. " .
Bov Dsowkid itr tbi Mum Canal. A bov
named Edward Harleman, about twelve years
of age, was drowned a day or two ago in the
basin of the Miami Canal, near Broadway. He
was slaving, we Deiieve, on a boat Iving-there,
when he fell in, and although the aocldent
was witnessed by a number of persons, all ef
forts to save him from death were fruitless.
The body waa Immediately recovered and
everr remedy applied for tne purpose of re
storing it to life, without avail, after which it
was remevea to tne reiidenoe or his parents, on
Bpring-street, near aunt.
Ekctior or OrriORRS or ni Natiohal Lr
oiost. The National Legion of Mexican Vol
unteers held a meeting night before last, and
elected the following offioers for the ensuing
year by acclamation:
- President Captain John B. Armstrong.
Vice-President Jenas Seaman. Reo. Secre
tary Austin T. Earl. Corresponding Secre
taryJames Sanders. Treasurer Benjamin
Huer. Trustees Lieut. Andrew Colville,
Charles L'H. Long and Geo. Mason.
A oommlttee, consisting of Capt, John
O'Dowd, George Mason, A. T. Earl. H. Foote.
and James Sanders was then appointed for the
purpose or taxing into consideration tne pro
priety of a celebration of the comlnc anniver
sary of Washington's birthday by the Lesion.
The oommlttee will report to an adjourned
meeting to be held on Jfriday evening.
Board or Cry Ihprovrmrits. At there
nlar semi-weekly meeting of the Board of
Oity Improvements, held yesterday morning,
the Clerk was Instructed to prepare and trans
mit to the City Counoil an ordinanoe to pave
tne nniavea siaowaiRS on iiuaiow-street from
Second to Pearl-street; and also to pave the
npaved sidewalks on Second-street from
Lawrence to Lndlow. .
The Oity Civil Engineer was instructed to
report an ordinance to change, the grade of
Elm-street rrom water-street to a point about
two annureu avuui, av to cause too
water to run northwardly and empty itself
into tne weu-ttoie at tne corner or Kim and
The following repairs of accepted bowldered
street were ordered, and the acoompanvlrjg
appropriations made: Crossings at the In taneo
tions of Seventh and Elm-streets, and Elm and
Eighth-streets (or $30, after which the Board
Thr Ladies' Hour Misriorart Sootrtt.
Old style Methodism was Christianity in
earnest. Father Bnrke U rone. James B.
Flnley Is no more, and bat few of the pioneers
remain with us. Missionaries, like those.
forming a link connecting the put with the
present, are yet among ns, but few in number.
The Fanoiu littr CartwrigU. Father Oart
wright, who was born in Virginia, spent his
early days in Hentuoky, and for thirty-six
years past has been a preacher of the Meth
odist Church in Illinois, lectured last night at
Wesley Chapel, to a large auditory, for the
benefit of the Ladies' Home Missionary' So
ciety. : Rev. Peter Cartwright has been in the
valley of Ohio for sixty-eight years, a member
tf tbe Methodist Church sixty years, and in
the pulpit fifty-seven years.
rumor Anonott Munonanti. He was an
associate of Francis Poythress, who was sent
as missionary elder to Eentooky In 1778, and
preached with the xeal of St. John the Baptist
until 1800, when he became deranged, and
died in Jessamine County, Ky.; of John Ko
bler, who preached the Arst sermon to a Meth
odist congregation in Cincinnati; or John Page,
who came to Kentucky with Bishop Asbury in
1792; with James Haw, who was one of the two
first Methodist preachers in Kentucky in 1786;
of Benjamin Ogden, who organized the first
Methodist Onuroh in Kentuoky In 1786, at the
house of Thomas Stevenson, in Mason County;
of Wilson Lee, who oame to Kentuoky in 1787,
and died from rupture of a blood vessel in Ma
ryland 1804. ' -
riu ureal Mtmvai. us was an ODiervor oi
"The Great Revival," which, as described,com
menced in Tennessee and lower part of Ken
tucky, and gradually spread upward into the
interior partof the State, leavening thecountry
all around; camp meetings attended by con
vening thousands, and continuing for day
and nights, and sometime weeks, took the
place of the'ordinary stated ministrations, and
tne water nowing irom tne smitten iock o
Horeb, rolled its life giving current to thou
sands of souls thirsting for salvation. In May,
1801, the work broke out in Madison County.
Ky., and at a meeting on Cabin Creek, the
soene was reported as awmi beyond descrip
tion, "the novelty of the manner of worship,
the ranges of tents, tbe fire reflecting light
mid tne Pranones or tne towering trees, tne
candle and lamp illuminating the encamp
ment, nundredi moving to and fro with light
and torohes 11k Gideon's army, the preaching,
prayinff, singing and shouting:, all heard at
once rushing from different parts of the ground,
like the sound or many waters, was enough to
wallow up all the powers of contemplation.''
The ureal Ventral Vamp Meeting. lot cli
max of all theie meetings waa held August,
1801, at cane mare, aoout seven miles Irom
Paris, Bourbon County, at whioh 20,000 people,
it is said, were in attendance. It was about
these time that the strange exerolse took
Slace, of falling, jerking, rolling, barking,
aneing, Ac, in revival meetings.
VVafcA and rray. Kht veteran preacher
told several humorous anecdotes of his per-i
sonal experience. When he first commenced
exhorting sooner took occasion to annoy him
at his devotions. On on occasion a few young
men invited him out on a bank of a river to
oravfor them. He doubted their sincerity.
but went with them. He prayed but kept his
eyes open, for sure enough one grabbed him
by tbe arm on one side and one on the other,
to hurl him over the bank. He olinohed them
both and the three were duoked together.
Take Ur Your Vron.n was on his first
circuit in 1804, on Salt Rlrer, where Oliver
Lee bad preached, wnose text on one oooa.
sion was, "If any man will be my disoiple,
he must deny himself and take up hit oroi
and follow me."
After the sermon was over, the preaoher
mounted his horse and took the road to his
next appointment, and overtook one of hi
hearers, a Dutchman, with his-wife on hi
back. On being interrogated if his vrow was
hart, the Deltcher replied, that he had told
him to take up his cross, and nis scolding wife
was the greatest eroBS of hli life. He got off
and prayed and talked with both nntil they
were both of one mind in the love of God.
He advised that if any husband present had
suon crosses, to nacK tnem.
The Medicine for Jtrk: During the
lime that people were taken with jerks,
he had occasion, from the condition of
his health, while preaching, to take out
phial and sip a few drops of peppermint. A
young lady before him having taken the jerks
soon after, the brother at the door was about
to horsewhip Cartwright, who seeing that the
man nonestiy Deiieved he had tbe power in
the phial, drew U from his pooket and ad
vanced, saying, "If it affected the sister, so it
shall the brother, and the brother lumped
the fence. The sister and brother soon be
came converts
Paving Ih Sill in Prayina. In 1816 he was
a delegate with father Walker, of Illinois, to
GeneraUOonferenoe in Baltimore. They had
to go over the mountains on norsebaok; when
in the Cumberland Mountain of Virginia a
drunken landlord refused to allow tne preach
era to hare prayer. Cartwright reasoned the
point: you allow swearing, drinking, card-
playing now, other guest have their way,
we will have our way; father Walker, von
ray, and 1 will noiu mm it he cuts up any or
us shines. The landlord was a universalis!,
and abominated the brimstone bag of the
Methodist preaoher, who, he declared, only
wanted to pray out his bill. The landlord's
wife proved a friend to the preachers, and
chalked their hat next morning.
Breaking Up a Vance. U put UD at
tavern in a place where preaching had not
been heard for twenty year. He oould get no
room to sleep in, as the neighbors were gath
ered at the tavern for a dance; he could not
go further, and contented himself with a seat
by nimteirat tne nre-stue. a nappy-faced
yellow fellow kept lively mnslo with the fiddle.
when a likely young lady came to the silent
preacher, Inviting him to dance. He hesi
tated, but determined in a moment what to do,
He took her hand and his plaoe with her on
the floor. Stop there, he said to the darkey,
before entering upon any important under.
taking, I have been taught it a a duty to
ask a blessing from Deity. Down on hi knees
he went, holding the lady tightly by the hand
he prayed with fervor, the negro bolted to the
kitchen. Several ran, some squatted, hut
boor the girl fell on her knees and cried for
meroy: the landlord soon sought special pray'
ere for his soul, and the result was tears and
reioioing and shaking of hand.
He told other anecdotes Illustrating the ex
posure, the discomfort of the life of the pio
neer preacher, but spoke of the joy and com
fort of their minds, of the earnestness with
which their manhood and vigor had been given
for their fellow-men.
A happy audience was that whioh attended
last night at wesiey unapei.
Suriods AcoiDRiti Mar Krarlt Killrd
rt thr Fall or a Stick or Tihbri. A car
penter, named John Sprunk, who reside in
Storrs Township, a short distance from the
citv. was almost klllad. veaterdav moraine:
by the fall of a heavy piece of lumber. In
company with a fellow-laborer, he was at
tempting to remove it from a large pile of the
same material, when he missed his foothold
and fell to the ground, dragging it with him.
The right arm of the unfortunate man was
broken, together with several of hi ribs, while
he also received lome injuries in tne lower
part of the abdomen. His physician seem
to think, judging from the symptoms, that
one of the broken ribi has punctured the lungs,
whioh, if the surmise prove true, will render
his recovery almost impossible. Mr. S. ha a
wife and two children dependant upon him
for support, and this fact causes the aocldent
to do doubly painful.
Tbr Mrrtrr Cohplimrrtarv. The ar
rangements for the complimentary ball to Cap
tain Menter, to be given tomorrow evening
at Melodeon Hall have been completed, and
the affair promises to be quite brilliant. Cap
tain M. will leave the city, on4 Monday next,
for New Orleans, on the steamer Tetumieh, in
oompany with a band or twenty picked ma
tiolans, and will return by way of Charleston,
South Carolina, expecting to be ia that city
daring the session of the Demoeratie Conven
lion, and this testimonial en the ere of hi
departure should be such an on at he de-
ArrtiOATioR roe thi Arroiivuirv o a
OOAaDiAi.-A statement was made to Judge Storer
br I. A. Tbomaeoa to tb effect that an erroneous
and verr extended report had appeared In tbe Oa
utte purporting to give what had transpired ia that
Court durint the pendencv of a motion todlssolve an
attachment In the case of Tree! A Irwin and others
against Weatherbr. Be understood aaid resort ws
,,.r,wj uuneui toe attorney a tor ine piaintin,
and as Its publication had, he understood, been paid
for at tbe fall rates, her llr. Thomnann ihonoht It
8 roper a guardian should be appointed to control the
lsburaements of this aentleman.
ine uoun intimated tnat tner eonld not take cos
nlcance of tbe motion, the Fro bate Court having ju
risdiction of these matters.
Hannah Stewart vs. Charles Warren. Tbe peti
tioner sued to recover for monev deposited and for
Defendants counsel alleged that the claim was a
bogus one, as tbe defendant being a married man did
not need to go to the plaintiff's to board. It waa
asked that plaintiff should be reaulred to make her
petition more definite.
Judge Storer remarked that what might be de
veloped on the trial he kaewnotning of; but the
ell; gallons were such as would authorise the Court
to beliove there waa a just claim. He could not lock
ont of the record, to Inquire whether tbe defendant
was a married man or not the presumption wts
that he was a single man, for, if a married man. he
would have no business as a boarder at thia lady's
house, except oocaaionallrof a rainy dav.if hia house
wu termer irom nis place oi ousiaese than here.
The motion waa ovarruW and th il.f.mUnt ant
leave te answer.
flivrr, Rrnt-Jnlin fYil.man If- T V
Dolnhe and others. An aotlnn nf iAtmn n
cover land In Uolerain Township. Verdict for plain-
OBIMIRAT. Rma .Tamoa r-tnn . n!nnn.l t-i-t
before Jndtre Mellon, charged with mitilcionsly
killing two horses.
Thr Latr Klopsusrt raox Si. i.onis !-
lucuj uiutffj uu ma coains, aitnougn oiien
misplaced and galling, are not easily broken.
His arrows fly indiscriminately and often,
whether designedly or otherwise, find their
wav into hearts illy prepared to receive them.
He lurks In delicate-colored eyes, in the oor
neri of a rote-bud mouth, in the dimples that
iwinaie m Dttautys oaeeg, and laughs at the
mischief he causes, although hearts mav break
and loving souls leave the mundane for tbe
celestial sphere. No woman is safe, but mav
Become a victim or nis caprice, although men
sometime are a fact easily acoounted for,
because women think with their hearts, using
them for the same purpose that men use their
One of the pranks of the dear little TJbiaul
tary was developed yesterday morning in the
Police Court, and having before been men
tioned in our column, we herewith give it
finale t
A short time slnoe, a man named J. H.
Bingham eloped from St. Louis with the wife
or a man named isatties, was followed by the
!..' L 1 1 J il; ,. a -
uuiguaut uueunnu mi tats oity, wnere in iio
thario and victim of Eros was arrested, con
fined in the Statloa-houi on the oharge of
violating tne seventn commandment, while
the woman was forgiven and restored to the
wining arms or her uato-like Husband.
Yesterday Bingham was before Judge Lowe,
Mr. Battle testified that he wa married in
February list to the woman who cloned with
iiingnam. lie loiiowecl tne runaway pair
through several States, where he found their
names registered as "J. H. Bingham and
lauy, oi new xorit, anu at length round them
rooming together in this city.
Bingham, in his defeme, stated that he
never Knew tne woman waa married, although
Cbarle Smith testified that the defendant had
admitted this fact to him In a conversation
after the arrest.
The Court thought the case fullv estab
lished, and sentenoed the offender to be eon
fined in the dungeon of the County Jail to be
fed on bread and water for twenty davs. and
also to pay a fin of $100 and the cost of
Oharor. The attendance at the meeting of
tne meonanics- and juanuracturert' xobenge
yesterday morning was quite luge, President
Bunyan occupying the chair. After the read
ing of the minute of the last meeting, the
Exchange proceeded to tbe election of new
members, with the following result:
David 3. Cerrlck, Harness, Saddle and Trunk
Manufaeturer, proposed by J. A. Drake. H.
Kepler & Sons, Tanners and Leather Dealers,
proposed by J. K. Greene. Mills A- Spellmlre,
carpenters and Builders, proposed by u. 1)
Foote. Qano k Klier, Hardware Dealers, pro
pored by Hill, Brown A Co.
Home turtner reports were received rrom a
few ef the different branches of trade on the
proposed Price Current. It is desirable that
all branohes should make their report in re
Tiru to tuia uiatter t ns tanr uav as uvsst'
do, and members are urged to attend to it
The following resolutions, offered by Mr.
Hedges, were referred to a oommlttee consist
ing of J. A. Hedges, Samuel B. Pierson and
A. B. Latta, who will make a report this morn
ing, after which the Exchange adjourned;
Retolvei, That we, as meohanios and tnanu
facturers of the city of Cincinnati, tender our
cordial co-operation, in common with our fellow-citizens
generally, in affording such facili
ties as are consistent, and within our power, to
obtain the location of the next annual exhibi
tion of the United State Agricultural Society
in this oity.
Retolvei, That should the said exhibition
be held here, we would earnestly recommend
that all our city and county aisooiations of
similar character should merge their exhibi
tions for the season Into it, to the end that the.
occasion may be one worthy of the empire city
or tne west.
Setolved. That a committee of three mem
bers of this Exohange be appointed to act in
eonoert with similar committees in forwarding
the objects of the foregoing resolutions.
Elrsmosmabt. The Committee of Ar
rangements on the late visit of the Kentuoky
and Tenneesee Legislatures, after having
liquidated the Indebtedness Inourred upon that
occasion, finding a surplus of the sum placed
In their hands for that purpose, have made
the following donations to the various benevo
lent institutions of the city ;
Beamee 's Bethel. ..,..,.....200
Home of the rrieudlees-..-.,............. . 200
Widows' Home 160
Colored Orphan Asylum
Relief Union
Cincinnati Orphan Asylum
inousiriai scnooi..,
Lrorrbu BtosirTs at thr Mayor's Of'
riOR. During the week ending yesterday,
szt were received at the Mayor' umce lor n
censes, whioh, according to the record of Mr.
Charles S. Bettt, the Mayor's Clerk, were de
rived from the following soureei;
II uokstors. .,... ....I. .,..mm......m.... .... ....... A 00
Express Wagons,.,........M... S M
Vefdlers...-.- ...MM. . ... S 00
Exhibitions and Balls- J 00
Hackney 'oachea..... Um..... I 00
lurniture uara.,
..S24 00
Limns Drtairsd roa wart or Postaor
February 7 1
James B. Bastings A Sons, Boston, Haas.
Seaman A Herman, Leeenwrth City, Kansas,
Jos. K. Nave, Nkiholaaville, Ky.
B. Pearce, Athena, O.
Charles S. Frlsbee. Pittsburg, Fenn,
Jacob Dell, New Richmond, 0.
J. D. Owen, Pittsburg, Penn.
O. Downs, Johnstown, Penn.
A Bot's Lso and Arii Brorrr rt a Fail,
A lad about twelve years of age, named James
Phelps, whose parents reside on the Hamilton-
rcad.near the Brighton-house, olimbed upon a
shed yesterday afternoon for the purpose of
Hying a kite, and while there mad a mis-step,
by which he was precipitated to tbe ground, s
distance of nearly fifteen feet, breaking one of
hi arm and a leg, besides otherwise bruising
himself quit badly. .., i .
BvROtiiTog Davio-btrrrt. The residence
of a man named Brlgham. located en David
street, near Central-avenue, was feloniously
entered, night before last, and robbed of $60
and a Quantity of wearing apparel. The
burglars effected an entrance through a back
window, and, alter ransecxing tne nous, ue-
pertsd without atteouon.
.................................... 100
................................ 100
Pus's Orsaa-Houai Ja 11a Dean drew unite
a good audience to the O sera-house last night, and
ISS. lw. as a whole, was cleverly enacted. The
uneven ae an Impersonate, being quite good at
times, though at others faulty, and throufhontmore
natural and heavy tbanartisticeudimpreeaive. 1'hla
evening she will appear as "Perthenla" In the well
tituiSle "lt& r. Conway la the
.FO0 Thramr. Mr. South worth' story
otM.,J00., D"T':'s still offered the hebitues
and, ike all the productions of this lady, powerful
ft?.4. '"'!at' P'JWiU be represented .Ya
Bjaaiai uuaAJa
Natiohal Tbsatrl Tfila avant St.-
?f!?,?.rJI,?i( LDC5CTI Boo'A. with all the or!
tSiJjf. ?l i1 !' 0li Drury," with Lucy
Kscottas tliepolsoner.andMr. Miranda as "Gen.
naro." The music Is well known and enerally13l
mlMd, and eill doubtless draw an cvetflowlna !i
dienoe. The performance will conclude with the
-,wv v v. CJOMilCIA.
Suits k NixoB's Hall. Wimli'i Ml.
wilnnuwl,0,dr5w5,,,,1,ll,,nc, to Smith
Nixon's Hall. The land where Laura lived and Pe-
i ? "M -bJ! ". na uiore beauty than can be
pa nted, but there la aufflclentin thisVuonma to
aellsht any one for a week. It will lbs exhibited
asafn thU evening, and we advise all, who have not
yet, to witness it while they have an opportunity.
The Ohio was falling very slowly nearly all
..t.lidT bt ebont four o'clock in the afternoon
ZT... T wis pomi, witn about sight feet of
Th h5 channel between here and Loulavllle.
-"-'.' -i. vnuiy yeeieraay, tbouaa
not oold ennnph to form .1 - iM -.,.. !.
r'i.t.hL5,11,lg.b,,,'I,w!111 WM moderately active;
Plttsburs Cotton. XVi MM. - . mv,.i..
40c.; Flour, 850.; Pork and aft." vEZi
freights. lo. per 100 lb. '
Whi.ki .17 nniJT ouno AW". 25c per 100 lbs.;
pw to? ' r ' tvesi Bo-i Ale, 60o.
Cairo. W hlak. X.Y"l-!?! -
t.trslltvl I laV-KUf ttlaslrws saw..! arill a- a .
reiht..lvT ;inT.lk- "
hew Orleans Whl.kvanrf nil k-.ii.
iY&ZihsJSPd ?VJ-! B5000 .nd otiisi - tZZZl
110 per headT ' " ' aonM'
.iH.BH?fBT iWitD w I'Wso.-The flue ton's
i ll k.Wrl5'!J pesssnger steamer, BobertJ.
Ward, has been tied up at the latter port, until a
v- T-f,vw MlUUmi,
A narvi t . J.rrih ntMit-- vnt-m.. t ,
Madson; Melrose, Maysvllle; Bostons, Portsmouth
Boston. Dig Sandy; Dunleith keville: BaracenT Um'
rVneellnUg8,n Orieana; Liberty,
lBPABToais.-Jaoob 8trader, Loaisville; Helrose,
Maysvllle; Prioress, Madison; Dunleith, Neville
Bostona, Portsmouth; Boston, Big Sandy; Liberty
Wheeling; Switzerland, New Orieana: donewagb
Nashville; W. I. alsolay, St. Lools; Kmma, Pltle
burg; Caroline, Wabash Hirer.
Corvaxrscbrt. Messrs. Fitisimmons and
Wearer, the individual so seriously lninred
at Liveay k Conlan's saw-mill some time ainnn.
first made their appearance on the streets yes
terday. Although very feeble, they are in a
1 air way tor recovering.
Circuit Court. Several unlmnortant crlm.
inal oases will be tried at the approaching
term of the Circuit Court, and also Folks and
others, from Morgan County, charged with
passing counterieu money.
Dratb bt Fie. Tetter day morning, after
suffering the most exorutiating pain,, the
little daughter of Mr. Hook expired. She
was much worse burnt than was at first an
Uoinated, the flesh falling from her arms before
Ox Drx. It is said that a maiauerade ball
will soon take place at Odd Fellows' Hall.
ine anair is in competent bands, and will no
doubt pas off with eclat.
Fbrsorai.. r7e yesterday had the pleasure.
of taking by the hand Mr. William H.ty,
formerly ef our eity. When Mr. H. left us, he
was in the full enjoyment of slngle-blessei-neis,
but during his two years of absence, in
Tennessee, he has become entirely metamor
phosed, and has united his fortune with that
or one or tbe daughters of that State. We
wish them happiness in abundance.
Iiipbovsvbntb Eiquisrdk The location of
Covington is peculiarly favorable, In many re
spects. It is the terminus of the Kentuoky
Central Railroad, the only avenue of trade
with the Interior of the State, the only route
by whioh the surplus product of the Blue
Grass region oan be carried to market, and
the only one by whioh the wealthy farmers of
that section can reotive snoh articles as are
indispensable to their comfort, or which add
to their luxuries. This commanding position,
if adroitly used to its advantage, must ever
give this city advantage not possessed by
others of the sams class.
It should be the policy of the property-owner
to invite capitalists from abroad to invest
In cotton, woolen, iron, and other manufac
tures, whioh oan easily be accomplished if
the proper facilities are offered.
In order to effect an object so desirable, five
things are necessary. First. A thorough and
complete system of street Improvements.
Second. The oonstruotion of street railroads.
Third. The erection of water-works. Fourth.
The completion of the Covington and Cin
cinnati Bridge. Fifth. The extension of gas
facilities, that they may be adquate to the de
mands of the whole eity.
With reference to the Improvement of the
streets no new impetus is required. The Coun
cil is taking a liberal view of the subjeot, and
making, as rapidly a possible, all necessary
provision to secure everything that is desira
ble in eonneotion with the matter.
Street railroads and the bridge are intimately
connected, and in a great measure are depend
entupononeanother. Their completion would
bring into the eity men of eharaoter and stand
ing who do business ia Cincinnati, and who
would erect residences and improve the ap
pearanoa of the place. Water works are
absolutely essential to the existenoe of exten
sive manufacturing; and better gas facilities
are required by all classes or people.
It is for the people to decide whether a lib
eral or contracted policy shall govern in the
future, and whether Covington shall take its
proper rank among cities, or remain forever
a mere dependency of Cincinnati. If the
proper line ef policy 1 pursued, most of the
money now forwarded to th East for cloths,
Iron, Ac, could be retained here. Each inter
est will assist every other, and an era of pros
perity hitherto unknown will be Inaugurated.
jAru There are now thirty-one prisoners
in Jail, the greater portion of whom are await
ing their trial before the Circuit Court, at its
next term, commencing in aiarca next.
IiiPROVRH rkt or Mabisor-btrrrt. Out city
authorities have commenced the improvement
of Madison-street, above JflltB, by covering It
with a thick layer of limestone. The neces
sity for this ha been apparent for some time,
as the portion of the street named has been
almost impassible during the greater portion
or tne winter.
Cirr Coorcii. The City Fathers meet to
morrow evening to take some definite notion
on the subject or street railroads.
Wibtrb IR Caliporria. A Sacramento
letter writer describe th winter in California
thus: "Lilies are in bloom, together with the
chrysanthemum, tne geranium and in climb
ing plant which adorn th porches. Here
and there, too. you will see the white rose vic
ing with th lily, and the red drooping In the
presence ef tne nardier nowert, under the cool
moisture oi in nignts. vi ne ouas oi in pas
lion flower are swelling, and the green pointed
head of th hyaointh and crocus, and the
daffodil have broken the ground."
A Sao Lipb-Histort. Kate Laoount, ones
one of the handsomest women in St. Lonii, and
torn years ago worth $50,000, recently applied
for admission to the County Poer-hoose. Five
year since a man of the name of Wilson mar
ried her or at least she upposd she was
married to him, but it seems the ceremony
wa a fraud and he in om way got hold of
her property, sqandered it, and left her desti
tute. This was the beginning of misery.
The story from that time U not an cnoomnon
one, ad nd not b repeated here.
Monetary and Commercial.
Monetary metiers underwent ae partioulsr
change yesterday; butthe market: continues to lot
prove, and may now be called easy for all (rst-clat
Paper; capital bslsg abundant to meet the legitimate
demand. ' ' ' .. i
The IHscoont-hoiises are uMmnMltlfl. -ti -r
their good oustomersatjinail per cent., and the de
posit sccounte ef the Bankers are gradually swelling.
No al lerai Ion occurred in Saatarn iSaebanga. which
rated steady at H buying and X eelllng.
New Orleans exchange declined M on account of
the Increase of the supply, and the limited demand,
and dealera were desiroua of selling largely at X
flour was quiet and unchanged yesterday. Wkkky
wts in good demand and '4 per cent, higher. Graiua
ware unaltered, except Oata and Rye, which were
lower. Provisions were better, and Bulk Heats and
Bacon sold largely. The aggregate of transaction
wsa greater than It had been for a week prariutu.
The Imports and Exports d varlcma articles forth
twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon, were :
IKroBTt. Apples, 7S barrels: Barley, JJS bushels:
Butter, 135 keas;. Ucrn, I, MS bushels; Oheese, i
boxes; Coffee, SO bags: glonr, S,S71barrels; Hay, S3
balsa; Bogs, 3 head; Lard, 197 bar re la and 1,33
aw vuesiwu,nuiSkl 11 VI iaVTVIe
Butter, 68 kegs; ChM, 43 boxes; Coffee, 3W bigi;
flour, 00 bureli: Lard, 336 barrel and 30 ken: Uo
Usui, 173 Urreli; Pork sod Bacon, 17 hhds., 48
tlast-a-Aa OA hniaa Pnlalnaa at-Ju k.- .l-.tJ. l a. J
Halt, AO barrel!, Wheat, 236 biufaaU; VVfaUkr, itvi
The foreign trade of the past week at th port of
Hew York, shows a large Import entry, as usual at
tbla season of preparation for the spring jobbing '
sales, but not In excess of the corresponding week
jaar. ue wiai, lucmuiug ine ury uoooa canie.
Is 6,0.'U.34, asainit,t77,7l same week last year.
The exports of domeetie produce and miscellaneous
goods are I M98.O0U, against l J0t,0uO same week last
sesaon, and the export or specie to Europe lilbflut.
Including (70,000 by tbe Fulton on Saturday, against
tdoS.OOO same wesk last year.
Monday's New York Times thus refers to Batur
day's financial operations:
"The market for money ruled with rather Increased w
ease In discounts, mostly at T per oent., with excep
tions In favor or very choice short bills at s6 per
cent.,and against long date bills, not strictly prlme.at
1H per eent. Demand loana conliune ateady at i
per oent. On Friday there waa some extra demand
from the Stock Broken, but oa Saturday the supply
ef money offered on the street was In adoance of lie
employment. The currency of foreign exchange ia
also steady, within the ouetatlona of the week pre
viouson London, standard bills, UBMfibKM, and on
Paria lo.2fl3fo.l8M. Borne Sou thorn bills, with Bank
or Banksr'e indoi semens, on both points, were done ,
per cent, below these figures.''
iand Warrants are quite active In Nsw Tork.
Messrs. Thompson quote a farther advance of 2 ceuta
per acre in the buying rates oi the larger aises:
... Buying. Selling
40-acre Warrants, per aare, ...$1 oo , l 10
80 acre warrants, per acre...... St m
12o -acre Warrants, per scnw.. M 73
lwj-acre Warrants, per acre..,M.. 10 li
FLOTJB The market Is unchanged and quiet:
sales of 700 barrels at (9 706 so for superfine, and
i asm for extra, tbe latter rate for white Wheat.
WHISKY A good demand, and prices Mo. higher:
aalea of 1,100 barrels at nH&VlJio., the latter rata
for wagon.
PBOV1HION8 There was an aotlve demand for
bnlk Meats and Bucon to-day, and prices were a
shads in favor of sellers. Buyers seemed more dis
posed to come np to the views of holders of Lard, and
tbe price may be called 10)4 1 1 Mo. for barrel and keg,
which la an advauce of Mc Mesa Pork ia held ttrnily
at B17 M for country, and Big for oity, but buyeia
were contending for rates a ahade below theae quo
tations. The sales were 300 barrels country mesa
Pork at $17 SO; 20 do. prime at tit Mi and J00 do.
Bump at S124MJ 60. Prime Bump would bare
brought $13 at the close. 600 bbda. Paeon, at 7Xo.
for Shoulders; 9?c. for Sides, and lOMo. tot clear
Sidea. 490,000 pounds bulk Shoulders and Sldea at
OHandSHcoa tbs spot, and to be delivered tbia
and tbe fore part of next month. 7,000 piecea ghoul
ders, and 2,500 do. Sides, packed, and delivered at
Decatur, Illinois, at SM and SMc. 200 kegs Lard at
UMc.and 360 tierces do. at 10M10.tto., closing at
the latter rate,
GKOOBRIKS-We have no change to nolloeln the
market; the demand ia moderate: aalea of 109 brie.
Molaases at HUXo., the latter rate for that In oak
ooopersge. Sugar ranges from TH to ago. Coffee la
ssseuy as iztfoido.
WHEAT The market continues firm, with a good
demand at l 3ol 38 lor prime white, and 11 S3ol Si
for prime red: sales of M0 bushel prime red at f 1 33,
and 100 do. good white at II S3.
OOBN The markst la ateady, with a fair demand
at 4849o. for Kar-Corn, and Uc for Shelled: aalea of
l,sov ousneis esr at ego.
OATS Tbe market Is easier, and nrleee an a ehail
lower. We quote them at 48c, in bulk.
isiaj ine mersei is uuii, ana prices nave ae
olined to M.: sales of 400 bushels. In bulk, at 96o.
UAitLKY The market continue dull, and nrieaa
are unchanged. We quote prime fall at tSOSte., and
fair to good at Mt0c
HAY The market I firm, with good demand!
at laat quotations: sales of 00 bale prime Ilmothr
at 121 per tun.
uufiOBK ine oemanu ia gooa, ana pncee arm at
IKp. for Western Beaerve, and 11a for English Dairy.
BUTTER The market contlnuea dull and nn.
changed. We quote Central Ohio at M16o.. and
western oeserve at 100.
APPLSS The demand ia awed, and erf cm am
firm at 12 2S3 J6 per barrel, for lair to choice, from
POTATOES The demand continues good, snd th
market Arm at last quotations,
CLOVER HEED Tbe market continues dull. We
quote it at $4 75: sale of 160 sacks and barrels at ft 7ft
St 80; 22 barrels at (4 76 delivered, and 30 do. at
Haw Yoaa Habkbt, February 7 P. M. Ashe
steady: sales of 76 barrels, at 5 26 for Pots, and 40 do.
Pearls at 86 3734. Cotton la without special cbanaret
sales of 800 bale at HMo. for middling Uplands.
Flour in fair speculative demand, and also a moder
ate inquiry for home consumption, at a slight ad
vance in prlcea: salea of 12,200 barrels, at S66 (16 for
superfine State: $6 30i 39 for extra State; IW 10
for superfine Western; is 20i 3o for common to
meuiuni extra Western; $6 646 80 for shipping
brands extra round-hoop Ohio tbe market closing
quiet and firm. There Ia a fair busioeee doing in
Canadian Flour, at a sllgbt Improvement: sales of
600 barrels, at 16 466 76 for common to choloe extra.
Kye Hour is Belling to a mouerate extent, at as 70
4 46 for common to choice superfine. Corn Meal
quiet and nominally unchanged. Buckwheat Flour
plenty and dull at il 7501 87X per cwt. Whisky
doing better: aalea of 450 barrels at t3Ho. There Is
more doing in Wheat, while prices are without ma
terial change: salea of 6,000 bushels Canada jOlub at '
fl 20, delivered; 1,000 do. white Canada at II 88, In
store; 2,000 do. very choice white Southern at 11 63)4,;
400 do. red Southern at II 23, and 20,(00 do. Mil
waukie Club at II 17X31 20, delivered. Bye In mod
erate request, with sales of 6.000 bushels at 90c. de
livered. Barley dull and unchanged: sales of 4,000
bnakela good State at 70c. Corn dull and unchanged:
sales of 8.300 bushels, at 800820. for new white and
yellow. Oats plenty and dull, at 44(3450. for State,
Western and Canadian. Wool dull and unchanged.
Tallow roles firm: sales of 20,000 pounds at UiH
lOMo. Pork exhibits mare activity, but pricee are
without special change: salea of 4,409 barrels, at
J; 17 31 for old meas; $18 1218 is for new nieas; 117
or tbln mess; f 16 16 60 for Western and city prime
mess; $1212 25 for old prime, end $14 37) for new
Erlme; Included in sales are 1,000 barrels new prime,
uyer'e option, at 114 60. Beer steady, with better
bualnees renorterf:sale of 029 barrels, at t(4 26 for
country prime; ti&i 26 for oountry mess; tit 7 for
repacked meas; f 10 60(311 for extra mess. Beef
Hama in fair requent: sale of 250 barrels, at $12 for
State, and $14 oMalft for Western, Prime mesa Beef
Inlet at 171, and India mess at $3223 flu.
iressed Hogs unlet, at 7H7XcJor Western. Bacon
firm: salea of 209 boxes long-clear Middles at We.,
and 100,000 pounds short-clear smoked Middles, for
California, at 12o. Cut Meata steady, and In fair
demand: sales of 300 packages, at7o. for Shoulders,
and 9X09X0. for Hams; 185 barrels short Shoulders
sold at $13. Lard activeand firmer: sales of 650 oris.,
atlotailM". There Is a limited business doing In
ButterT at H15o. for Oblo, and U&Wc. for State.
Cheese steady at 9llXc. Coffee firm, with an ag
gregate atock of 01,326 packages, offering: sale of
2,239 bans Bio, balance of the cargo per India, at 12c,
and loo bags do. at 12S4c. Tobacco quiet: sales of 60
hhds. Kentucky at 4(3110. Molaases continues dull:
sales of 60 barrels New Orleans at 623660., and Mus
covado at 36g27c. . .. .
Puiladilphia Harkbt, February T-M. Flour
active, and firmer at $5 62X010 87M. Wheat firm:
salea of 8,000 bushels, at $1 60ai 60 for white, and
l 32ai 31 for red, Torn active and advancing:
salea of yellow at 777o. Mese Pork at 118; Bids
at SMc, and Shoulders at VAo. Lard firm at UM
12c. Whisky dull at 24o.
SHBABS A CO.-Sales-room No. 67and 6 Main
street. Sundries at Auction, for account of whom
It may concern. We will sell, THIS (Wedneaday)
MORMNO, at o'clock. 4S brla. potatoes, a do.
beans, 15 do. machinery oil, 10 bales nope, 1 brl. coal
oil, 10 bags almonds.
fe Q. BBA8HEAB8 CO., Auo'r.
WILLIAM8-8ale-rooms 22 and 34 last Third-street.-THIB
(Wednesday) MOBNING. February t,
at o'clock, a large atock of fresh ana seeeooable
Dry and Fancy Goods, Clothing, Watches, Jewelry,
Ac. At in o'clock A general assortment of new
and second-hand Fnrnlture, Ac
ALSO-3 casks or Yellow Ware, and a variety of
Other goods, Ac.
ALSO A set or Dies for cutting reeds for piano
and melodeona. A. KELLOQO, Auctioneer.
SHEARS A OO.-Salea-room. 67 and M Main
street. Benlar Bale of Groceries, Be,, at Auction.
We will sell, on WEDNESDAY MORNING, Feb. ,
at 0 o'clock, a general assortment of Groceries, Ac,
oonsisting of 30 hhds. angar, 76 brls. molaases, 160
bsgs coffee, 100 boxes pounds and fives tobacco.
A LSO-Jess, rope, candles, soap, ground apices,
six-twlat tbbacco. nails, glassware, prunes, almonds,
bed cords, paper, Ac.
fe7 G. BBASHEABS A 00., Auctioneers.
Durable MMsJatestaat. - : .t . .
Oall and sse them.
jaU 80 Wft Fwih-ltrtete
I-" I.-"! Ml ft''

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