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: Is Bablbhed dally, (Bandars exossteJ,) by
If 101 It. U IIH lO(ltl'KIII).
IHI PBH1T FBlfiSli delivered to subscribers la
UUdaaatl, OortngtoB ud Hewport, and rai
imU oltiss and towns, at the ex.
tremely low axis of
nx onm a whx, r atibiji to oabbiib.
meat or ajjuaos .
tingle copies te. 1 month ttci I months tl l yeas la.
. . . , . Corner of Sixth aad Vine-streets.
John A. Illsler, Jr., ioIb Manager and Lessee.
Paicssor ADamuoa DrM Circle and Panmette,
iOoentsi Gallery, 2Soots.
Aioora open at 6X, curtain rlien at IX o'clook. .
Fourth night of the great Ledger itory, entitled
" The Doom of Devllte ; or, A Maiden's Vow."
THIS IVINIRQ, Tebrnary t, (he performanss
will commence with the exciting and powerful pro
duction, In five acts, called
Ob, A Maidsb's Tow.
Orvllls Devllle, Mr. I,angdon ; Vnlcan, Mr. Bllsler :
Karl Glen Lanerk, Mr. fisher; Job Idwardu, Mr.
, Boon: Nero, a real lire negro, Mr. Adams :L1
onne Melafort, the Lioness of the Forest, Mrs.
Kffle Bllaler: Lady Adelaide, MUe Annie WatUj
Kate Kyte, Mies rannr Denham : Lady Blisabeth
Devllle, Mrs. Gilbert ; Perdlta, Little Ifile,
Servants, Backwoodimen, 4o.
To conclude with
Ginger Bine, Mr. Adams : Dr. Galen. Mr, Tieher ;
i Oeptain Bifle, Mr. Bead; Susan, Miss Everett;
Lucy, lira. Lord.
To-morrow evening, Benefit of Mr, DONNELLY,
formerly comedian of this theater.
John Bates, Proprietor and Manager'; W. 8. Irwin,
Altsbatioh or Ttas.-Doors open at 7; Curtain
rises at M past 7, precisely.
Pbicbs or A omission. Dress 01 role and Parquet te,
M cents; Family 1H cle,J5 cents; Colored Boxes, tt
cents; Gallery, 10 cents; Private Boxes, $sj
Mill LUCY X800TT, Mr. I. MIRANDA and Mr.
J. MAXWSLL and the beautiful drama, first time
' in Ihii city, " Hal Tie, the Unknown." ...
THIS EVENING, Thnrsday, Feb. 9, to commence
with the beautiful operatio play of
Lucrelia Borgia (with all the original music), Miss
liucy Kecott; Geonaro, Mr. Miranda ; Duke, Mr.
Maxwell; MefBo, Mrs. U. Henri; Don Apostolo,
Mr. Hwlft; Oloferno, Mr. nlevln ; Jeppo, Mr. Ber
nard jAscanio, Mr. Wilson; Princess Negroni,
Mrs. Higbt.
Dane .,.Miss Jenny Bight.
Toeonclndewith .
Balvle, Mr. W. Carter f St. Clair, Mr. Tanderen :
D'Arville, Mr. Allen ; Triptolemns, Mr. Bernard ;
Jean, Mr. O. Henri ; Clara, Mrs. Vanderen ; Mad.
D'Arvllle, Mrs. J. Laws ; Octave, Miss L. Graham.
, On Friday evening, Complimentary Benefit to Mr.
W. 8. Irwin, Treaaurer.
8. N. Pike, Proprietor ; r.B. Conway, Stage Di
rector; J. F. Herbert, Treasurer.
Pbicib or Admission. Parquette Circle, Farguctte
and Balcony, 50 cents; Amphitheater, 35 oentsi
Private Boxes for eight persons, fa.
Box Office open from 0 A. M. until 4 P. M., where
eats can be secured.
Doors open at t o'clock; commence at 7X.
farewell engagement of the distinguished actress,
Mrs. Julia Dean Hay lie.
Thii distlngnlihed artist has been engaged for
THIS EVENING, February 9. will be presented
the brilliant drama, in five acts, written by Mrs.
Frances Kemble, called
Hsd'lle Gabrlelle de Belle Isle, Mrs. Julia Dean
Bayne: Marchioness de Frie, Mrs Conway ; Due
de Richelieu, Mr. Conway; Chevalier d'Aubigny,
Mr. Chaplin; Uhanilllao, Mrs. Pope; Marietta,
Miss Stanley.
Mr. Bobtail, Mr. Davldge ; Mrs. llobtall. Miss Crock.
er; Mrs. Wagtail, MUs Proctor; Nancy, Miss
. Stanley.
'To-morrow evening, a most attractive kill for the
benefit of Mrs. JULIA SEAM BAYNE.
In active rehearsal, Bhakspeare's great plar of
"Henry Till," in which Mrs. Julia Dean Hayne
will perform.
A grand spectacular and thrilling Drama Is in act
ive preparation, with new scenery dresses, effects,
Ac, and sustained by the entile strength of the
, Complimentary Ball ,
Of the "American Cornet Band,"
Appreciative of his services in elevating musical
talent in the West, will take place at
On THURSDAY EVENING, February 9, on wblsh
occasion the pleasant company of all bis friends is
respectfully solicited.
MiNiar.aa-Daniel Flthlan, A. 0. Parry, A. B.
Coliille, O. D. Meader, B West, Frank Maag.
Uiuar DiESCToaa-O. B. Weatbcrby, Gto. P. Dar
row. Music for the occasion will be furnished by Capt.
Mentor's full Cornet Band and Orchestra.
Tickets, admitting gentlemen and accompanying
ladles, (supper included,) 2. fetid
This magnificent Panorama Is not " Waugh's
Italia," shown in this city some months since, but
the Orislnal Mirror of Italy, exhibited here eo sac
cesifulli at Smith A Nixon's Hall in 1852. It now
returns to Ciaoiunati for the first time since that
data, with new and beautiful Dloramio Kfleets,
and scenes illustrating the Theater of the Late
Italian War, and will exhibit for a few day
only, at Smith A Nixon's Hall, and Is now open
and giving Two Exhibition Daily) at 3 o'clock
P. M. and 7X o'clock eacti evening.
Tickets 25 cents, or six for 1 1. Children 10 cents.
Doors open in the evening at tH o'clock. Mirror
moves at IX o'olock precisely. Doors open In the
afternoon at 2 o'clock; commences at 3 o'clock. To
Afternoon Exhibition Ladies' Tickets 15 cents;
Children B cents only. fe2-9t
Ibmsb SECOND TBBM. 'laawli
National Hall, Vlae-itreet, ahove Fifth.
The lessons are so arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. dettf
930. $30. $30. $30.
Thirty-Dollar Double lock-Stitch
1 ssHassna . I
BOUNDED by all eomaeteat Jadaes.wbe
have seen It, to be the best and moat desirable Fam
ily Hewing Machine aver Introduced, renardlesa
ferine. It will sew all kinds of family goods,
' from the very thickest to the very finest fabrios made,
and rises all kinds of thread, from No. S to 200,
. No oil la naeet on too of the Machine.
Send for a circular, or call and see It In operation.
Upon early application, State and County Bights may
tie secured. .
An eaergetlo person oan make a fortune In a short
, time. Agents wanted In all unsold territory.
So le and exelnslve agent for the United States,
nepUfmt 8 West Fonrth -street. Oinolnnatl. :
Gito! Gfjfts! Gifts!
next to Smith A Nixon's Hall, Oinolnnatl,
Ohio. A splendid Gift, worth from M cent to Ilea,
will be given with every book for which we receive
one dollar and upward at the time of sale.
Gifts consist of Bold and Siver Watches, Ladles'
- Solid Gold Ohains, splendid set of Jewelry, line Gold
-. Bracelet, Gents' Gold Test-chains, and a large va
riety of other articles of rich Jewelry, worth from
(stents toflUO. .........
Ladies and gentlemen are respecttilly Invited to
., call end examine our stock.
Pnbllsher aad QUI Bookseller,
' " at Fourtb-street
FT AlhuAW.CtassBiiildlnABhSEMtThlid-
70L. 2. NO. U8
A VI f ",
SDiroEi lien pbstbibtobs.
Limi oejuai.-Nlght Express, 8:00 l. .; Accom
modation, 2:45 r. a.; Day Ei press, 0:35 r. at.
a.; 1:40 . a.
Ohio an Huiisirm, 8:28 A. a.; 11:15 a. at.: 10:15
r. a.
Ooiciinf ati, HAraM awd Dattow. 7:48 a. st.s 11:08
a. h.i 12:52 r. a.; :M r. a.; 8:M r. .
Mabibtta abd Cuicinbati. 11:20 A. a.; 8:52 p. at.
Biobbobd abd Ibdiamafoms. 12:M at.; 8:55 r, at,
IiiTTta Miami. Day Ixpress, 10:00 a. a.; Accom.
modation, 4:40 r. M.; Night Express, 11:30 r. M.
iBOIAHArOLIS ABD ClBOlNNATI. 8:50 A. a.; 12:49 r.
a. I 7:lr.n. ...
Ohio abb Miaiseim.-7:) a.m.; 2:00 ..! 7:50 r. a.
CiNCiBNATi, HAaiLToa abd Dattom. 6:00 A. a.; 7:30
a. a.; 10:00 a, a.; 8:40 r. a.; 6:30 r. a.) 11 JO r. a.
Mabibtta and Oinoinbati.-:40a. a.; 8:40 r. a.
Biohmobd abd Ibdiabapoub. 6:00 A. a.; 8:40 r. M.
.$-TU Mayor of Bpriogfteld, Man., calla
for general Taocination of that citj.
J&"An Indian near Kingston, Canada,
lately captured a pure milk-white doe.
JSbT-Ths small-pox is prevailing to a lerlous
extent in Powell County, Ky.; aome forty or
fifty casei being reported.
$&k ion of Douglass Jerrold has recently
made his appearing, with success, as a leo
turer, in London.
9Th9 Commissionerg of Maine propose
to erect a new State Prison with two hundred
and fifty eells, at a cost of $125,000.
t9Xhe Qlouoetter (Mass.) JVetos says that
a couple have juit been married in that town,
after a courtship of thirty years 1
pfk negro girl wss burnt to death a day
tr two tinoe in Memphis, Tenn , by her
olotbes taking lire from a grate.
&Fk fruit dealer in Hochester is lending
scores of tuns of dried apples to South Amer
ica. John T. Ellis, an old citizen of Tippe
canoe County, Ind., is the father of twenty
one children. Heaven pity him I
B-Two oegftes got Into a tight at Xenia,
the ether night. One of whom diew knife
and stabbed the other mortally.
Jg&1ht deaths In St Louis last week were
sixty-fire, being a smaller number than dur
ing any week for a year previous.
l&Fk branch of the Bank of . Tennessee at
ClarkiTille, was robbed on Thursday night of
$17,382, mostly in gold. -
esT Mr. John Higdon, a soldier in the
Mexican war, and a well-known citizen of
Alexandria, Va,, died in that city on Sunday.
Seven sailors, In uniform, were bap
tised in the Delaware River, at Philadelphia,
on Saturday last.
A premium of $150 is offered for the
best plan of a paia nro department in Phila
delphia. JHTIt has been well said of the home of
the scolding wife, that "It's a bad bouse
where the hen crows louder than the cook."
drAlady pianlat.of great talent, named
Mme. Ssrvady, (formerly M'lle Claues,) has
eommenosd a series of concerts at Paris.
cTThe Independent says that the spring
business in New York was never larger, and
that the Influx of Southern buyers is greater
than ever.
J9Tlie students of the South Carolina
College, at Columbia, have come out in suits of
gray kerieys, made at the mills of a firm in
that oity.
&The Italian opera at Vienna, whioh
was closed by the government after the Ital
ian war, is shortly to be allowed to re-open
TFred. Douglass says he oould "hang
upon the interest of 'Unole Tom's Cabin' for
hours." He can hang upon something muoh
more substantial by visiting Virginia.
little son of George Porter, of Ports
mouth, Va., was so badly burnt recently, bv
his alothei taking fire, that he died of his in
juries. Strakosch having taken offense at
something one of the Boston editors said du
ring his recent opera season there, had a fight
with him and was worsted.
$t"A dealer in lottery policies in Washing
ton, D. 0., baa boon oonvisted of selling policy
tickets and senteneed to one month's impris
onment and a fine of $100.
"Tse Grand Rapids (Mioh.) salt springs,
recently discovered, have been ascertained by
experiment to yield 25 per cent of pure salt,
or one Duanei ot sail to a oarrei ot water.
98"T:be Virginia Volunteers, serving at
Harper's Ferry and Charlestown. will receive
$11 per month, or thirty-six cents per day for
tne number ot aays served.
TSixtjr-tun cranes, worth about $14,000
each, are being erected at some of the princi
pal ports in England, for the shipment of
ueavy macmnery ana gooue.
ijThe Cleveland Herald understands that
the recent difficulties at Kenyon College have
been settled, ana tne oiassos have returned to
their duties.
90a Friday nlgbt last the house of
liutner flriggs, near ueim, is. x., was eon
samed by fire, and live children perished in
tne names.
The great Indian river, the Ganges, is
to be regularly navigated by steamboats, and
two of noble size, intended for that servioe,
are new in progress of construction in Eng
"Charlotte Cushman will return to this
country in the spring, andMisi Stebbins, the
seulptor, will accompany her. Letters from
Rome speak very highly of Miss Stebblns's
works. 1
$3T0a Saturday last, near Aberdeen, in
Indians, two men, named Leatherbury and
Fralkei, got into a quarrel about cutting down
a tree, when iitatnerbury snot Frames with a
gun, killing him instantly.
flSTBome of the critics of Paris are very
severe on the new Italian opera of Slgnor
Braga, "Margharita la Mendlante," saying
that it contains tne worst faults oi tne modern
Italian style, i ' . '
Siatikq Match. -A skating niatoh for a
Srite of $20, oame off at Groton, Mass., last
aturday, on the Nashua River. The distance
was fiftsen miles, and was skated in the short
time of sixty-live minutes, by Mr. H. A.
Mansfield, of Boston, who took the prize.
' PivsBia and tsi Pops. An address from
Prussia, signed by fourteen thousand Prussian
Roman Catholics, has been presented to the
Pope, declaring that all Christendom will rise
it tne rope is amnroea.
Cobhsbdibls Movihmt A number of
wealthy gentlemen of New York bare organ
lied an association for the establishment of a
zoological and botanical garden on the Central
rarir, on toe general plan oi those in xonoon
anararis. . ; ,
ROMAWTIO CaiHiss Noftials i Califorkia.
Married, on Monday morning, Mr. Charles Po
to MissChu Lin, both of the Chinese Empire.
The above union was consummated at the
time above stated, under difficulties. Chu
Lin, one of the "high contracting parties,"
wss claimed as property by one Pong Ah Pan,
and valued at $250 in cash. Charles Po, the
other "party of the firit part," became enam
ored of the fair Celestial, who reoiprooated,
and the two resolved te be made one. With
the assistance of some Melllcans an attempt
was made to effeot an elopement on Sunday
evening last. Negotiations between the
friends of the rival houses of Po and Pan were
interrupted by a row between the prinoipals.
Several shots were exchanged, and Po took
water, Pan following him up with "hotyaris."
Fortunately no one was Injured, though one
shot whistled in olose proximity to the head of
a Mellloan Mandarin, "Ah Tomm," who was
waiting with a carriage to convey the "lov
yers" to a Magistrate. On the following
morning Fong Ah Pan was examined In
Justice Court and diaoharged, it appearing
that he had acted in self-defense. Charles Po,
who it appears was the aggressor, was then
examined, but during the interval he had
married the only witness against him, who
(like a true and faithful wife) refused to tes
tify against her "liege lord." Mr. Po, by this
adroit management, has saved himself a term
or confinement, and shown a knowledge of
Gbrat Swimuiro Fiat Lsakdkr Bsatbn
bt a Savaqs. The Feoiflo Commercial Adver
titer, of a late date, published at Honolulu,
Sandwioh Islands, says i The sohooner Mar
garet, from Kauia, picked up on Friday, at a
distance of some six or eight miles from Bar
ber's Point, a native boy by the name of
Kameoeone, a deserter from the whale-ship
Franklin, which left this port the preceding
day. The boy, about eight o'olock on Thurs
day evening, jumped overboard, and struck
out for the land tben about twenty miles
distant. He swam ell night, and at daylight
was within half a mile of the shore. Here,
however, he was opposed by a strong current;
and, after buffeting the waves for a while in
e vain endeavor to reaoh the beaob, he dis
covered a sail In the distance, several miles to
the leeward. He aocoraWly changed bis
oonrse for the vessel, and, at nine o'olock on
Friday morning, was standing upon her deck,
apparently but little the worse for bis fourteen
noors swim.
Tbi Errior or Manlt Spostb. The mar
vellous and still juvenile vitality of Lord
raimeraton nas long been matter or surprise.
But it was his pride and pleasure as a youth
to be the best rower, jumper and runner; to be
first in the sports ef the field, as he has since
been first in the senate; and to this day his
horse and gun are Invariably resorted to in his
hours of relaxation. AS for Lord Brougham,
legends of his enormous powers of labor and
triumphs over the frail pAyo,u of humanity
have gathered round him like a Hercules; and
with reference to him and others of his dais,
tne observation or a publio writer is, doubtless.
in a great measure true, that "the greatness of
great men is quite as much a bodily aflair as a
mental one."
Sadakd Sihiol HrsTORT op tbi Fsmoh
Qohns. The Dublin Vnivtriily Magatint, in
commenting upon the lives of the royal and
imperial wives of France, states that there are
but thirteen out or sixty-seven on whose mem
ory there is no dark stain of sorrow or sin.
Of the fifty-four others, eleven were divorced;
two cuoa ay taa exeoutioner; nine died very
yoang; seven were soon widowed; throe were
oruelly treated; three were exiled; the charac
ters of three were very bad, and the prisoners
and the heart-broken made up the remainder.
xweniy wno were uunea at bt. Denis since
the time of Charlemagne were denied the
rait of the grave. Their remains were
dragged from the tomb, exposed to tne insults
of the revolutionary populace, and then flung
into a trench and covered with quioklime. .
PiiNCi. A singular marriage was effected in
Paris a few weeks since. Some time since, M.
Roger, (no relation of the celebrated tenor, of
the Theater Imperial, saw a beautiful female
slipper in a shoemaker's shop in the Rue St.
Honore. The actor fell violently in love, un
seen, with the person for whom it was made,
and having discerned the young lady, proffered
her his hand, which was accepted. The an
ecdote getting circulation, increased the per-
former s popularity, ana now m. ttoger is the
lion of the day or rather night.
A Gbiat Ibish Foo. Dublin and its vicin
ity were enveloped on Tuesday evening, 10th,
in one of the densest fogs ever remem
bered. The trafflo of the oity was greatly Im
peded, and the lamps afforded little or no
light to guide the pedestrians. Crossing the
street was a perilous task, and many persons
experienced difficulty in finding their way
rrom place to place, un Wednesday morn
ing the fog was even worse. A light, except
Intensely brilliant, could not be distinguished
a few yards dastant, and the usual street traffio
almost ceased.
Fbksk aid Salt Watib John Edge has
calculated that a ship of 120 guns, length 206
ieet, oreaatn o. leet o inches, and depth 23
feet, of 2,602 tuns burden, will be b inohos
deeper in river water than in sea water.
being the difference of the specific gravity of
tiesn and salt water. This ditlerenoe Is equal
to. 143 tuns, 4 owt., and It takes 24 tuns to
Immerse the ship 1 inoh deeper. Draft of
water, when loaded, Is 24 feet 7 inches for
ward, and 20 feet aft
An Ehtim Paitt Poisoiid bt Eao-ioau
A oase of poisoning ocourred at the residence
of Mrs. Ray, near Tuscaloosa, Ala., a few
evenings since, involving some eighteen or
twenty persons, wno had eongregated to par
take of egg-nogg. The barrel from whioh the
liquor wm drawn was earefolly examined, but
no poison et any Kind could be round. The
parties "Imbibing" narrowly esoaped with
tneir lives, one or whom is scarcely oonsid'
ered oat of danger. ,
Ditibioiatioi or thi City or Mixioo.
Late letter writers state that the City of Mexico
has lost its pristine beauty, and to-day it feela
the evils of sivll war more than any other
city in the country. The streets are dirty, ita
buildings dilapidated; tbe people unsettled,
and martial law, approximating to mob law,
ruies supreme.
SxATiNe it Lampliobt. The gentlemen
eonneoted with the New York Central Railroad
have arranged several locomotives at Syrasuse
in auon a position that their bead-lights illu
mlnate the canal basin, near the machine
shops, and numbers of ladies and gentlemen
enjoy an evening s stating irono on tne toe.
Hiavt Robbibt at tbi Opbba. A Russian
nobleman in Paris, who wore a fur cloak lin
ing valued at twenty thousand silver rubles,
(about tjio.vuu,) bad tbe oostly article stolen
from him one night at the opera so deftly that
au tne tngennity or tne Parisian I'd ice was
lnaumoiont to detect tne purioiner.
"Well, Jane, this is a queer world," said Joe
to bis wife; "a seot of women philosopher!
has juit sprang up." "Indeed." said Jane.
"and what do they hold?" "The strangest
wing in oaiur, saiu as, "ineir tongues." j
Saoaoitt or Ah hals A NobliGbbtbodmo.
Tbe following inoldent, eld to be well attested,
and taken from a French work entitled L'HU
toiri det Chint CeUbret," shows that awell ed
noated dog, under exciting oiroumatsnces, ean
not only reason and act with wonderiul de
cision and presenoeof mind, but can also man
ifest a feeling of revenge, whioh is not necessa
rily his natural oharacter, but whioh ean
hardly be snrpassed ia intensity byaChristian
warrior. "Mustapba," a strong and aotive
greyhound, belonged to a captain of artillery,
raised from its birth in the midst of camps,
always aooompanied its master, and exhibited
no alarm in the midst of battle. In the hot
test engagements It remained near the cannon,
and oarried the match in its mouth. At the
memorable battle of Fontenoy, the master of
Muatapha received a mortal wound. At the
moment when about to fire upon the enemy,
he and several of hie corps were struck to the
earth by a discharge of artillery. Seeing his
master extended lifeless and bleeding, the dog
became desperate, and howled plteously.
Just at that time a body of French soldiers
were advanoing to gain possession of the piece,
which was aimed at them from the top of a
small rising ground. As if with a view to re
venge his master's death, Murtapha seized1 the
lighted match with hit jrates and set fire to the
cannon, loaded uith cate-thotl Seventy men
fell on the spot, and the remainder took to
flight After this bold stroke, the dog lay
down sadly, near tbe dead body of his master,
licked his wounds, and remained there twenty
two hours without sastenanoe. He was at
length with difficulty removed by the comrades
ef tbe deoeased. This gallant creyhonnd was
carried to London and presented to George II,
who had him taken oare of as a brave and
faithful public servant
A Vsbt Fobmibabli Isisb "Ghost," A
"ghost" has been in the habit of haunting the
neighborhood of Panmure, near Dundee, in
various disguises. He carries fire-arms, and
on being accosted presents a pistol to the per
son addressing him. One morning, at dawn,
he was perambulating about in white, and on
one oooasion he was pursued by two men, but
vanished out of their sight. The Dundee
Cbiirier says he walks on springs, whioh ena
ble him to bound like one or the feline speoies.
He is a tall, strong man, able to stand all
weathers, and to defend himself. It is said
that on one occasion he was seised by five
men, who surrounded him and succeeded in
holding him fast. Vnder his white overall
they found a breastplate, pistol and dagger.
He promised, if let go, not to annoy the neigh
borhood again, and they allowed him to escape.
Many are so muoh afraid of meeting him that
they will not venture out at dark, and the fao
tory hands go to work in the morning tremb
ling iiao uiuia aares pursued oj Bounds.
A Nbw Biitr in 'RnHTnw A l,t
called the Pawner's Bank, has just gone into
iporaviou in xiuBiou. Abo Traveller says : 1C
a on the sama nlan aa thA f.mnna M n.i. A
Pie to," or Banks of Charity, in Taris, and like
mm, clut DB maae or lncaicutaoie advantage to
the poor, and to all who may have ocoasion to
Paris only about one-twentieth of the goods
i ..,., . . ,
pawusu at mono institutions are aoanaoned,
the balance being redeemed by their owners,
and it is believed that there would be a like
result here if they could be pawned on as rea
sonable terms.
A HobSI IV A Studios Vnanirtwwr A
horse resentlv crnt lnnan In hii .tatila In t,.
idonce, R, I., raised a scuttle in the floor, anil
uuiuaiiy gui aown into tne oarn cellar, a dis
tance of six feet, through a hole sixteen by
twentv-throrf inchea- aJthrtiiffh an
, .au VIUIU.1 j -
sued horse, weighing between nine and tea
nunurta pounas. no was lound in the morn
ing standing in tbe oellar, looking vory much
surmised, sava our informant, and nn a. IUM
ashamed. It was found necessary to tear
away tne collar wail in order to get him out.
an extraordinary and beautiful appearance of
the heavens was distinctly visible, throughout
the Red River settlement, for several hours.
A broad soarlet band extended across tbe hori
lon from cast to west, and as the night was
olear and the moon shone brightly, tbe phe
nomenon was very sinning, ut suon a deep,
rioh scarlet was this luminous band, that the
snow on the earth looked like blood, from the
A Fa norm PiTnrnria TTnniD Tl,
astonishing western hunter was Lord Gobe,
who remained nearly three years on the plains
and annn the nlnteati nf itm t.KU l.nf.
tween the Sierra Madre and Sierra Nevada.
uis retinue oonsisted or thirty men, sixty
horses, large baggage and provision trains,
tuna of ammunition, and $10.1)00 mi-th nflm.
proved fire-arms.
A ClB.no n ViatiTira A ahln
from San Vrannlinn fnr tha Ml nt N v.i
with a cargo consisting of hides, horns, old
copper, oia iron, grizziy Dears, old junlr, Cal
ifornia lions, bales of rags, a sprinkling of
oougars, leopards, old rope, and old Adams
himself, the famous grlzily bear tamer. Ad
ams is stinging nis uantornia menagerie to
the Atlantic States for exhibition.
A DgSIBl BLI CosilKTrn. A mtrUln (VuMnnn.
ble countess has lone naail a miImw .h
of hftr own malrtncp. hv vhl), ,1. k
complexion until fong after the allotted three
m J . . ei . . , , .
T 1 1 . I . 1 . ,, "
uunuuii, uae given tne extraordinary sum or
3.000 for the rnlnn. onr) th l.h,.i.J
"bloom" is to be forthwith at the service of
tne less aristocratio portion or sooiety.
A SwiiiDLmo Spibitdalist. The St. Louis
Evening Netoi gives an aooount of the manner
In which a spiritualist was induced by tbe
spirits to make spirit gas, the receipt for which
he sold qnlte extensively in Tennessee. But
it turning out that the mixture would not
?;enerate gas, the officers of the law brought an
nvitation from the Governor, requesting his
attendance in Tennessee.
" Valuation or Mains. The report of the
valuation oommittee for 1860, foots up $162,.
472,014, egainst $98,242,254 in 1860. The
number of polls is set down at 1J9,031, against
105,441 in 1850. If the inorease in polls Is a
fair indication of the inorease in population,
the census will show an aggregate of over
700,000 souls in Maine.
Thi Result or Laid Spboulatiomb. A bill
has been introduced into the State Senate of
Minnesota to provide for throwing town sites,
and their additions, back into farm lands.
The Minneioiian calls this "a bill for the en
couragement of agrloulture." It is emphati
cally a good measure, and would suit other
latitudes besides that of Minnesota,
Tbci Sibtibb. Two sisters died in Port
land, Me., last week, at a very advanced age.
The elder was ninety-seven years of age, and
the younger ninety-six. They were the
last ef their family, had always lived together,
and died, one on Thursday and the other on
Friday, within one day of each other.
Tbi Oii-Hakdib Tbiob. M. Roger, who
since his accident has been provided with an
artificial band, ii engaged for two months at
the Italian Opera, his first opera there being
Lueia, in which M'lle Battu, the new deiti
tanis, is to be the prima donna. It Is reported
tnat ne win aiso appear as "uoauiovanm."
From Washington.
Washihqtob-, February 7. Mr. 'Washburn,
of Illinois, presided, and Mr. Colfax was the
Secretary at the Republican Caucus to-night'
After a spirited debate, the following were
placed ia nomination! Mr. Abram 8. Mltohell,
Editor of the St. Louis Aetes, Mr. Decrees, of
Indiana, Editor of the Atlat, and Mr. Coombi,
of the Washington Republic. Three ballots
were taken, and en tbe last Mr. Mltohell
reoeivod the highest vote, but this was not
conclusive. If elected,' it ii Mr. Mitchell's
design te unite with the Messrs. Ballsy in tbe
publication of the National Era. Another'
conference will be held to-morrow at twelve
o'olock. .. .
Colonel Forney 'a batch of appointments will
not be made for a week to some.
The Uerali'e correspondent sayst "The
Attorney-Oeneral has given an opinion to the
Secretary of State, to the effeot that under the-Kansas-Nebraska
bill two-thirds of a quorum
only, and not two-thirds of all the member
of the two branches of the Territorial Legisla
ture, are neoessary to pass a bill over th
Governor's veto. The language used in tha
act ia similar to that used in the Constitution
of the United States, in relation to bills vetoed
by the President . r
Mr. Bishop, Commissioner of Patents, has
refused to grant an extension of the Bigelow
carpet power-loom patent. ;
This will absolve tbe Carpet Company in
Hartford from the payment of $300,000, whioh
would have been their royalty fees had the
patent been extended. j
Fires in New York.
Nkw York, February 8. Early on last
Monday morning,' the hotel known as the
Grove House, in Yonkers, was completely des
troyed.. ThehandsomeresidenceofCspt. Oar-j
rison, also caught fire, and was entirely con-i
sumed. The y aoht Fremont, owned by R. LIvw
ingston, was also dostroyed. The loss on the
burnt buildings amounts to $10,000. f
At half past twelve o'olock the braes and
finishing shop of Messrs. Rioh k Neal, on
Water-street, near Fulton was, with the con
tentents, entirely destroyed by fire, together
with a building adjoining, oooupied by Mr.
Flannery as an oil factory . Messrs. Rioh &
Neat's loss is said to be $20,000, upon whioh
there is only a small insurance. ,
The loss on the building is $1,000. The
less important losses of the other oocapantl
are estimated at $1,000.
- About three o'olock yesterday morning a
fire broke out in the sash and blind faotory of
W. S. King, of Greenpot, Suffolk Conntyj
The whole building, maohinery, and one house
were destroyed. i
Fatal Railroad Accident.
Cbistlini, February 8. Two passenger
cars were thrown off the track two miles west
of Perrysville, on tbe Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne
and Chicago Railroad, this morning at half-!
past eight o'clock. WV J
Philip Farley, telegraph repairer, was killed)
Peter Hoffman, Supervisor of the road, and a
child seriously Injured. Several passengers
slightly so, but all exoept three oontinued on
the train, which was delayed one hour and
thirty minutes. Aocidont probably caused by
broken rail. i
From Halifax.
812 M. There are
no signs of tbe Canada, which left liver-
pool on the Zttth ult. On her arrival her news
will be telegraphed from this point. The
Government of Nova Sootia has resigned,
Hon. Wm. Young has been sent for to form1
another one. Hon. Jas. Howe will probably
bo Provincial Secretary; Adams Archibald At-)
torney-General; and Jonathan MoC'ully piob.
ably Solicitor-General. It is expected thai
Benj. Weir will have a Beat in the Cabinet,
without office. ,
From New York.
Nbw York, February 8. John Becker was
Inst evening elected Chief Engineer of the
Fire Department.
Outward Bound.
Boston, February 8. The America tailed
at noon to-day, with eighty passengers for
Liverpool and eight for Halifax. No speoie.
Nbw Havij, February 8. Judge Charles J.
Ingersoll expired at his residence last evening;
A Pbbbbrt fob thi Pbbsidbkt. A serving
knife and fork are to be presented to the Presi
dent of the United States from the manufac
turer, Mr. Samuel Bullen, a blacksmith, of
Maine. Tne handles are made of the horns
of a buok, shot by Mr. Bullen, and In such a
manner as to make the trunks of the antlers
answer for tho hafts, the shield of the fork
oonsiating of one of the small branohos of the
antler. ,
ExpgKB or Elsctioks i Canada. The
Canadians are not a whit behind "the old
country" people at home, in the lavish use
of money in sloetions. Bth Canada and Great
Britain are far ahead of the United States as
respects this sort of thing. The Toronto cor
respondent of tbe Markham Eeonomiit say
that lion. O. W. Allen's eloetion expenses weTe
$21,009, and Romsin's $15,000. Tbe latter,
he says, is nearly ruined.
A Ropi-dahcsb Bdbrt to Diatb. A sad
accident occurred at the Volks Garten, New
York, on Saturday night. A ballet and rope-
dancer, Mrs. Josephine Herskel, having made
a rope ascension from the stage to the gallery,
was in tne act oi stepping aown upon tne
stage, when her dress came in contaot with
one of the foot-lights and she was burnt to
A Fashionable Aitomatoh. A Yankee in
Utah has invented and set in operation an
artificial lady, in full dress, propelled by a
small boy, and advertises to sweep tbe side
walks and crossings for a certain annual sal
ary. The lady is crinolined according to the
width of the sidewalk, the crinoline being so
rigged that it can be widened or narrowed at
island of Barbadoes, it may not be generally
known, is the most densely populated country
in the world. With an area of one hundred
and sixty-six miles, or one hundred and six
thousand four hundred and seventy aares, It
contains one hundred and twenty-five thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-four inhab
itants. Ahothbb Pbima Dosha. A new prima
donna, named M'lle Marie Battu, a pupil of
Duprei, has made her debut at the Italian
opera in Paris, as "Amine," in La Sonnameula,
and baa made an immense suocess, ' Her
voice and style are pronounced perfect. She
is very pretty and a good aotress. . - '
Lakob Aostbaluk NcaaBta.VTwo extraor
dinary large nuggets hare been produoed from
ausrtzin Australia; the first, the largest up io
that discovered in that colony, and weighing
1,472 onnees, was eclipsed by the seoond,
weighing 1,722 ounces
Bsbtiai. f acuRortT. The wife of a hudv
emigrant from Indiana presented him with
two boys and a girl reoently, In Leavenworth,
Kansas. None of the children weighed less
I than seven pounds. .. . .
xiifilmsmi Sal'
AdvertlMtBeotajiot eJketed lug ftye lines (Agaie) : i.;
11 -SI?""1-. 8Onewefc...$ifiO T :
? weeka, j, J0 One mouth,JSr ! '.-..
larger advertlsementa Inserted at the following rates
-i . i 'orecjuareor tea Hues or lees: , '
One Insertion.
50 To weekly..
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Keen additional.
tine week-MM,. 1 93 Oae mouth..,
Job Printing
In all Its breaches done with neatness and disvatch.
Wheeler & WUson's
Frlaeipal Offloe, We. TV West Faarth-et.,
Wheeler Wilson Bowing Machine, with Im
portant Improvements, and to meet the demand for
a good, low-priced Family Machine, have Intro
dnced a NKW BTYLI, working upon the same prin
ciple, and making tbe same stitch, though not so
highly finished, at FIFTY-FIVE SMlLLARSJ.
Tbe elegance, speed, noiseleesneseand simplicity of
the M schine, the bean ty and strength of stitch, being
AL1KK ON BOTH H1DKB, impossible to ravel, ami
leaving no chain or rldgn on the nnder eide, the
economy of thread and adaptability to the thickest
or thinnest fabrics, has rendered this the most suc
cessful and popular Family Sewing Machine bow
At onr varions offloes we sell at New Tork prices,
and give Instructions free of charge, to enable pur
chasers to sew ordinary eeatns, hem, fell, guilt,
gather, bind and tuck, nil on tho same machlue, ana
warrant it for throe years.
Send or call for a circular containing full particu
lars, prices, testimonials, Ac.
jaUay WM, StJMNBR Si CO.
Coal Cooking Stove!
Baa been pronounced by competent Jndgea to be tbe
. Patented Dec. 7, .858.
For sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
. delSJ .
Manufactory, CoviuBoii, ky,
Na. 90 Eaat Cotamalaetreet.:
trade at the most reasonable prices and on the
most accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved lamps and Burners for
sal by our agent, J. BELLKllH, Uovington, &y. -
Free from Offensive Odor, at
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O ,
AL with any manufacturing establishment
n America.
cer We warrant onr Oils to be equal, If not snpe
rlor.to any in tbe market.
- We invite those in the oity and vicinity to
eal I and examine for themselves.
er &o persons ordering from a distance, satis,
taction guaranteed in all easos. Address -0.
K. II AN KIN, Agent, or
A. tt. HO DO EH, Treanurer,
Kanawha O. O. M. Oil Man. Oo.,
ds OT Walnnt-stroet, Olnclpj.
Manufacturer and Importer of .
Soaps, Perfumery and Fancy Goods
than any other establishment In thncityor
West, country and city. Merchants and dmggists
will find ittotbeir interest to call and examine my
stock before purchasing elsewhere. jaas
TH1RD-STHKET, Cincinnati, Ohio, are manm
Force and Lift i'onip. Also, his 1'ortable Steam
rinc largely, maimer's eeiem-at4Ni uvdratiiie.
Engines. All thoea who are abont to enrnhu.
F lion's for Tanneries, Hrevrerlea, Dlntll
lerlea, Dry Dookn, Paper mill ttnilroan
mtmlnna. lrlinea. IftreAklnst rirMua. nr. in
fact, for any rnrpose where a nunipis mwdtMl, will
Audit to their advantage to eall and He the work
ing of these valiiubln inventions, or addross the
PALMKR PnMP COMPANY for a circular, which
will furnish the name, of many who have used these
Pumps with perfect eatlfactinn. Ufl-'litm
10!) Main-street, three doors abeve Third,
DKB all k nda of Bone Trappings, In the best
and most substantial mannnw Also, a large assort
ment of Horse BlaakeU, Watse, Oarpet and Leather
Bags, Bridle Bite. Buffalo Boboe, Valises (the real
vole-leather). Hall Trinks, Sponge, and a large ae
ortment belonglnfto this fine. I will sell as low
as tbe lowest,
nOOFJM.Cr-. UOOl !
X TALLIO KOOFINO" Is offered to the pnbllo
as the best and cheapest Metal It oof now osed, Its
merits tested by an zperi.aoe of years la this oity
andvioinity. Applied to SM or steep, old er new
buildinge. No solder nsod rutened soenrely wllh
ottt expoeare to the action at the elements.
I'remred sheets, boxed for shipment to any part o
the United Btates,caa.bs applied by any one with
ordinary mechanical skill. Orders prumptly fltled.
US West Second street.
lUBrsni " auuvii newpors, .y. ror
. I ' nil
fca33k J'.

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