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etr-Don't forget tomt tn ; Peony
Press to the medium through which to
make known your wantet Advertisement-
of t five llnee Ynd Ion, inserted
twice ftrtwenty-flfeeentiJ
WASH D Tor everybody to Mud a
the best work n published on planting, pruning
and growing all kinds of tree. Purely selfish mo
tlve alone should Indue evsry on to bar vopr.
Bold on liberal term to bookseller. Address MEN.
PAL BHArKB, Cincinnati, Ohio. f,nb'
WANTED SALOON Any on havings
Saloon or Confectionery, with t dwelling
or room attached, that they wiib to tall, can find a
purchaser by addi-etng a not to SALOON, to th
offle of thl paper, stating number of street, alio
nnmbw of rootni. fellb
AHTI D A lew mora enterDriainc
TOn QK I A ra.riCAn Tn.n to Mil m. n.w nil tui.
ful article, never before offered for sale lathi oity.
uioersi arrangements mac lor uounty and Btate
Bight. Apply at Boom No. 67 Southgate Home,
between 10 aad 12 A.M., 2 and 4 end 7 end 8 P.M.
gentlemen and wife desire on or two fur
Dlibed room In a good location, within tan or fif
teen mlautea' walk nf tba foe tome. Address, stat
Ing tern, wblcb most not be orar tip or 20 per
month, Box 1,738, PostofBce, fallb
ital of from J150 to $300, to taka oharga of a
dree J. M.. at this office.
vusiurw bus. will pmj irvm W IV per uny. AO-
none out responsinie
sons neea apply.
man. at any employment where he can snake
himself generally nmtnl, Oood references given.
Address t. M., this office. Mib
iaon Hon, Oovington. Apply immediately.
WANTED A G I R t-To do chamber,
work and Mai children.' Inquire at Mr.
BBOOKl'8, Madieon-slreet, Newport, Ky. lellb
on veal. , Apply at Mo. 71 Providence-street.
WANTED By a repctabla girl, s situ-
atlon aa chambermaid, or to do plain sewing.
Address M h., this office. fellb
WANTED A few smart and energetic
young men (Americana) to tell a new and
useful artlole, never berore offered for aale in this
city. Apply, between 10 and 11 A. 11. and 1 and 4 P.
M at Boom 7, Southgate Mouse. felOb'
WANTED TO RENT A email Farm,
with comfortable house, to Inqulro of or
address DAN. HEBIDER, at Probata Court, or No.
1U Poplar-etraet. -j felOb
WANTED A PACKER Nona bat those
that are competent need apply, we want an
A No. 1 Paoker only. To inch liberal wagee will be
felOb ' No. 20 East Uoinmblastroet.
WANTED -A MAN Who understands
drivlnn and the care of boraea and to wnrk
In garden. Mo one need answer thla who can not
5 no goon reierenoe aa to capaDtitty and good habits,
ddrea Lock Boa I 438, Poetofllce. fM
WANTED Clerks, book-keeper!!, tales
men, bar-keepers, porter, ooopers, careen-
wi unuiiuui, wuurwi iau un.caD auu situ
Hon at the Merchants' Ulerka Registry Office, 118
naium-airset. ieoaw- - uajubauu,
two-story Frame Honee, of aix rooma and an
attic, oa aonth side of Longworth-etreet, near Central-avenue,
for $2,800.
A two-story Prase Hons, of six room, on north
side of Mulberry-street, near Main will beaold low.
. A two-story frame fionse, of four rooms, on eaat
Ida of Sim-street, near Liberty lot 17 feet 8 inches
front be 91 feet dat-for Bl.Suo.
To entirely new ihree-etory Brick House, of
sunt rooms eacn, wen nctsneu tnrongnout, on soutn
Side of Hatbaway-ttroet, ntar Jane will oe sold low.
Two entirely new two-story Brick Homes, of six
room each, on east aid of Monnd-at., near Clark.
A three-story Brick Howe, of twelve room, on
Mlltnn.it . near Broadwav will be sold for ts.uto.
: Two entirely new threewstory Brick Houses, of
seven rooms eacn, on xorcatreet, near uaymiuer
will be sold so as to pay 10 per cent. Income on the
' A throe-atm-v Brick House, of efeht rooms, and
lot 11 feat front by 87 feet, on Bushes-street, for
fUjZW renie lot ooou per year.
Two entirely new two-story Brick House, of ix
rooms aad basement, oa aonth side of Wadt-street,
pear reman,ior a,ou eacn,
A two-atory Frame House, of five root
aid of Klfhlh-atreet. near John, for Si.
A two-stcrr Frame House on north aide of Betts-i
erreet, near iiinn-ioi z teat iront by yo lest deep, to
sn alley, with a brick stable-will be sold a bargain,'
A iwo-anox-naii-amry Dries tiouse, oi nve rooms
end kitchen, on north side of George-street, near,
f wo Frame Cottage Houses, of fopr rooms each,
en South side of Popler-etreet, near Freemao'lots.
i saiuo uuLuun uuubiii ui luur nnms iuirui
each lg feet
atfrontbyMdeep-atSl,40(laaeh. !
A two-atory Frame House, of six rooms, on south
side of Iiaarel-street, near John' for S j,M0 I
A two.story Brick Bona, of seven room, on south
side of Seventh-street, near Linn lot 29 feet front
by Si feet deep will be sold low. (
AL8t A number of House and Lots in Newport
ALSO A number of vacant Lots In this olty,
Covington and Bewport-soma excellent tnrgalns. f
- Ho. Apollo Boildinge, oor. Fifth and Walnut.
TjlOR SALE A very good second-hand
M. Top Buggy in good repair, for sale very low,
Frame House, six rooms, porch, Ac Lot 66 by I0,
nuwiy improveo, uuerea very cneapiy.
fellb Baal Batata Agent, 87 W. Third-st.
"E10R SALE OA TRADE Homes Nol.
JL 87 and 69 Observatory-road will be sold obeap
lor cash or traded to s carpenter lor csrpenterrwors.
ffellbl .
170R BALE A full set of Dentist 'i Instrn-
JL' menta, nearly new. Apply at 178 Vine t'reet,
peiween sonrtn ana i in. toiiidt
FOR SALE A desirable Lot, 30x84 feet,
to e lil.foot alley, south aide of LoogwortV
streec, wees oi num. ac i convenient to ine m
ket. and in the most oulet and pleasant part of I
city. Apply to J. H. GETZtfKDANKEH, li
Thlid-atreet, or on the premises.
JD elv at l.W.WATMK'S Washboard Factorrj
' , Klgbth'Street, east of Broadway. The room la 40 by
jHfgeec, iiRQtt-afiD an aea. reiio
, !, ', Jav1 papered, with eight rooms, earrlsge-honn. Set
, den. Ao,,onWaluut Bills. Apply to W. L. KVIN
',' CO , Mo. West Tolrd.itreet. fellp
j TCOR RENT The major part of a (Ine
JT three-story brick hnnse, in perfect repair, 4Kb
f as, eto,, located iu the most desfrabl part of Cov
ngton, Ky. Tbeoocupaut (a tingle genilenian)ex
. peota to retain the front pirlor and beard outi the
rent, and selLto the teusot the furniture oflihe
. Lonsa, which is bat partly rurnlabed. Address Box
,. 78, Uovlngton, Ky .or olllce ol Penny Press, full
"OOR RENT ROOMS Three Furnished
X: Booms, either for single gentlemen or ladyand
gentleman. Inquire at Bo. 217 Broadway, between
- tuxm auo eeveuin. isiuo-
M. ronr room, wun front ana nani-yam, on sixtn
atraa', two tauares above Baum. Bent KD per mob tb
- teiuir
:TO0R RENT Kew Brlok Home of six
M! rooms, on Oeorge-strset, Bo. 21, between West
ern-row anu nam, inquire nei poor, n,
FOR LEASE Peipetually, with privilege
of purohaee any time within fifteen rears, 80
feet front on the south side of Oliver, eommencuiK
tee leac eaat oi nayniiiier-ai. i
ALVO-nO feet front on the south aide nf Pokier.
street, oommeBOlog 38 fet eaat of Bsy miller afreet.
BTo.1 Apollo Bolldioga,
Irtb e4 Walnut.
FOR RENT COTTAGE Of four 160ms
and attie, small barn, with three or fourjecrea
IDS lino, imaii dstd, viin inreeur lour'acree
rich land. uiteblefr gardening pnrposea, lying
in a good pis, end near the eity. - Poeaeealon given
Ja-ch I, or sooner if desirod. Apply to thesub-
crlber. Ho. 4 Public Landins. front 9 to 10 A
2tolF.M. foaw) T, tIBAtlB.
B0ARDINO A gentleman end wif can
obtain board, with the comforts of a home, in
s very pleasant location. One who an furnish, or
partly so, their room preferred. House supplied
in gas, no. aw pevenm-street. leuu
vf .uOARDINQ One or two gentlemen ean
aLeVsMur. a comfoatable room, tutwiv mmhmI. with
board, in a private family, br applying immediately
at No. 107 Lougworth-street, between aTlm and Plum.
Terms mooerata. . : i- . llb
f.t , rTfOARDINQ A geatlemas and kit wife
8 2 v. ! MJf can bare nice front room, with board, at Bo.
T OST A Crold Locket, with Danerreo
MJ typai. The finder will please leave the seme
st th office of Ml Psnoy Press, end receive a lib.
i i'
; -fi.ii.-t
.w r
Lrrrus Dman res tin n Pnevin
Tsbroary 10 1 . r , k ,
Joseph M. James, Philadelphia, Peso.
A. If. Tenson, Dayton, Ohio. it
Mis Martha X. Anderson, Orawfordsvill. Ind. ,
Hessr. O. Muerkedlcka, Tell City, Ind.
Mr. A. A.Wl!llams,8t. Louis,Mo,
HmoaOLOOIOAL Osasivitioss Br Henrr
Wsrs, OptieUn, No. 1 West Ponrth-itreet,
February lOi
Q.'00'-. Barometer. Thermometer.
J . M w.84 Above saro-10
1? 79.83 . ' Aboveaaro M
r M.h. W 71 ' Above aaro 80
POLIOS CotJM. Jndfa Lowe examined and
diSDOSed Of twantv.thna nf tha mnat nninlu.
estlng eaeei, yesterday morning, that hare
ever been before his tribunal Not a single
circumstance was developed whioh would war
rant a psragTph. .. t
PlOCHDIiag or TBI Conrrr Oounnsrowna.
At the regular session of the County Commls
iloneis.'held yesterday morning, one order only
was passed, whloh amounted to $39 72, paid
to John Lanton for cutlery for the South
western Lunatlo Asylum. No other buslntsi
of Importano was transacted.
Clmioil Liorcss To-mobsow Evnrn.
Rt. W. J. Bsrry, Professor at Mount Si-
Mary's Seminary of the West, will deliver a
lectare to-morrow (8andsy) evening, before
the members of the Young Men') Catholie
Institute, at Metropolitan Hall, en the name
of Ninth and Walnut-streets. ,
BiLTlMosi Otbtma, Celebrated .brands.
warranted to suit the taste of North, South,
East or West, at Robert Ore's depot, No. 11
West Fifth-street, by the en or half ean. He
snre and procure a supply for to-morrow.
Also, s fine supply of fresh shad, which oan
not fail to please the most delicate epicure.
Boabd or Citt Imfbovbmbiit At the reg
ular semt-hebdomlnal session of the Board of
oity improvements, held yesterday morning,
tbe bids which had been effered for the stone
work for extending tbe abutments of theFied-ley-street
bridge, were opened and laid on the
table, after whioh the Board adiourned wiLh-
out transacting soy further business.
Sita or thb Lira am o Tansx Oompiht T!iir
Boildisq We were informed yesterday that
the Liverpool and London Firo and Life In
surance Company bad purchased the former
Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Comuany
Building, corner of Main and Thlrd-sti'eets,
for $125,000. The building, which was as
signed to the Merchants' Bank of Cleveland,
win o nam in iee-stmpie ny tne purchasing
Prty. ,
Robbbbt op a Uwiuspiotiso Stbivobb a
man named R. H. At urrararrivsd at the wharf
yesterday morning on the steamboat City of
maamm, ana was mm at me landing by a
ooupleof kind-hearted, individuali who pro
posed to shew him to a hotel, and while dolnc
so picked his pockets of a porte-monnaie oon-
Huuiug enu. as injmeaiawiy miormea tile
police of tbe fact and described the men, who,
we sincerely hops, nay be found and repaid
for their benevolenoa.
"PsBPsrtiAL Mwios" Ones Mom Mr.
Wm. Wiggins, now in our eity, thinki he has
difooverea that constant dream of men of
science perpetual motion) and has a diagram
of the machine en exhibition in the Carlisle
Building, No. 8, third floor, where he will be
happy to explain its principles. Mr. Wiggins
is a hard thinker and an honest toiler, having
expended nearly forty years snd a large sum
of monev in the cursull of this eharlahiul oh.
jeot of his life. Mr. W. feels very confident of
success, ana invites us attention of the seien-
tine to bis endeavor. . We mar have some
thing to ssy of the "perpetual motion" here
after. ' ' -
Dsxiat, Comas. The students at the Ohio
Dental College yesterday evening had a soolal
reunion at the relidenee of Dr. J. Taft, on the
corner of Eighth and Plnm, and were hand
somely entertained by that gentleman. Tbe
anatr passea oa very agreeably, and musio and
sentiment gave wings to the pleasure-laden
hours and they flew into the past, leaving no
trace save a memory of the happiness anioved
by those who partook of the hospitality of the
The examination of the graduating olaas of
this institution will take place to-day and the
commencement exercises on Wednesday next.
Anpal Xlmtior orOrnoiKS ahdDimot-
obs or ths Eatoi aid Hsiiiltos Railboad,
The annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Eaton and Hamilton Railroad was held
during: the oast week at Eaton, and the follow.
ing persons elected aa Directors for tbe ensu
ing year : David jsarnet, Daniel Beckel, John
Carlisle, Lurton Dunham, John We Erwin,
james n. mewninney, nugn MoJBirney, J as,
neei, dames m. ejtarr, josepn Torrence, Wm
Whiteside, John 0. Wright and Thomas H,
Tbe newly-elected Board afterward con
vened and organised by th re eleotion of the
following officers, ana appointed James H.
MoWhinney and Lurton Dunham to act with
the President a Executive Committee! David
Bamet, President; Lurton Dunham, Vice
Presid nt; J. B Stephens, 8eortarvj E. W.
juouaire, xreaiurer; u. M. Morrow, Superin
tendent, - -
MisaioB Sohoolb. Quite a number of Mis
sion Sohools have already been established in
toe city ny toe amsrent religious denomina
tions, and yet there are not half enough. All
are In a flourishing; condition and are lare-aiv
attended by that class of children who most
need care, nainelj: those who are uncared for
by their natural protectors. One of these
schools has been in operation for tbe past few
months under the name of the Wade-street
Mission. Meetings are held regularly every
Sunday afternoon in a hall cn tbe corner of
VYade street and Central-avenue, whloh have,
thns far, been attended with marked suooeis.
It Is onderthesuperintendenoe of Mr. E- Shaw,
wuo i emiuinuy ousiinea for tne position)
while another meeting, under the ears of Rev.
J. Emory. City Missionary, is also held on
Sunday evenings at ti o'clook, at the same
piece, to wnicn ooin parents and children are
eoraiuiy invitea,
... ii i .i ;-'
YlUAWOUS Qotbaoi Attikptso Coxstd-
fbitior. uue ot the most daring and determ
ined attempts at oonstupration upon t the pet-
son of a respiotable woman which we have
been called upon to record for some time took
plaoe day before yesterday, at the ocrner of
niztn ana Droaaway. -ine circumstances, as
related to u, are briefly these : Some time dur
ing the afternoon of Thursday rough, brutal
looking man entered a house in the above
locality, and, walking ap stairs, knocked at
ine aoor or a room occupied ny woman.
withhold. ' (be appeared a( the door, and the
man inquired for a Airs. Kelly, who, he said,
resided In that house. Upon being informed
that no person of that name lived there, he
forcibly entered the room, caught the woman
in hit arms and earried her into an adjoining
apartment, where he endeavored to violate her
perMn. ., . - : .11-. - . , -
Br a superhuman "slreecth and anarew.
which nothing but the circumstances could
have caused, she managed to free herself from
his grasp, and rushed into a room, on the op
posite side of the hall, which wm occupied
by a couple of females who were boarding at
ths homo. Seeing that he bad failed in bis
diabolioal endeavor, the man fled, leaving the
woman half-uneonaclous and trembling from
the excitement Into whloh they had been
thrown. A correct daseriptloa of the Tarauln
like scoundrel has been left at the Station
house, and we heartily hope he may, be
brought to that punishment he so rlohly de-
.sevvea . : i f.f: ,t ,f,; r v ' i -
l .-- '. f v.. i vv- n.v. -1 v ;? -i
I ,:n r,,.. . ; ... j.fi v .... , ., -, .
'3 I Ii
Mechanics' and Manufacturers' Ex
changeReport of the Committee
on Banka and Banking;.
The. attendance at the Mechanics' and
Manufacturers' . Exchange was remarkably
large, yesterday morning, and a more than
ordinary Interest was manifested in the pro
ceedings. President Ranvan oocnoied the
chair; and, after the minutes of the last meet
ing Had been read and approved, the follow
ing new members ' .were proposed and
elected: J. 9. Darbeck, coal-oil manufacturer,
proposed tby Howell k Evanl.' Jobn Mask,
ear-wheel manufacturer, proposed by II. R.
Corwin.' Daniel Daeh, brloklayer, proposed
by D. M. Fisher. : P. Evans, Jr., variety ma
chine works, proposed by J. B. Elliott, . W,
W. Cones, iron foundery; J. A. Diet, same;
Washington Kemper, plumber; W. Olenay,
druggist proposed by O. W. Runyan. Grow
A Sharp, nose and belt, manufacturers, pro
posed by J. B. Helch. ' Walters k Wilson,
arohlteets; Oraveson & Co., stone cutters; pro
posed by J. k D. Decamp. Messrs. Asbury
vo.f ice meronants; proposed oy u. w. itun-.
yan. . f . -
Mr. Plenon then iatrodaeed to the Ex
change Mr. B. B. Rowe, who read the follow
ing paper on banks ana banking:
"The Banking Law of 1851 U atlll.ln force.
This Is th law tinder which the Ohio Vellei
Bank is working, but inasmuch as It has never'
been very generally adopted In the State, I
suppose it ean not be considered as a very
practicable system.
its ean not nave a reauy gooa worxing
banking law in Ohio until the constitution U
changed. At present a majority of the votes
oast at any general election, where the law is
submitted to tbe people, must be expressed
directly in favor of th fate thus, if 100,000
votes be oajf, over au.uuu must be given directly
in Its favor, and, although there may be no
twyf , a neglect to vote being counted ss against,
it is scarcely possible to obtain the required
number. If this provision of the constitution
were sn amended that a majority of the votes
east directly on the proposition were saffloient
to make the act of tbe Legislature become the
law, a goed working general banking law could
be enaeted, secure in all respeets to the publfo
and profitable to the bankers) but a pretty fair
law nas been twice defeated by the indiffer
ence of the voters as to Its fate, or their neglect
to Tote at all. - It would take an immense
amount of labor to so bring the subject before
them as to induoe all to vote directly opon it
yea or nayi whereas If this provision of the con
stitution were cnangea, l nave no aouot mat
a good law might be passed at any general
alaatlnn. . .. .
"My own theory, however, Is, that we ean
never have Banting done on a tptcit bant,
while the Legislature instate on sitner incor
porating banks with branch!, or prescribes
that notes Issued by one bank, under any sys
tem, thnll be taken at par by any other, un
less such banks are foroed to redeem at par at
tbe commercial center of tbe State, as well as
at their own counters, no bank in Uincln-
nati ean even pay out Its own notes at its own
counter, while it 1b compelled by law to take
the issue of banks situated hundreds of miles
away, and very frequently at very Inaooesil
ble points. The distant issues will always
drive out the near ones, and currency beeomes
toe stauuuTU, ana ouy note anu epeoe are at a
premium. If any one wants to see the legit
imate effects of the irancA syifem fully illus
trated, be haa only to look at St, Louis, where
tne distant notes form tbe bankable funds, and
those payable at home are worth a premium
of from 1 to 114 per eent, ' 1 -
"If tnis matter were left to tne law of trade,
as it ought to be, all tne Legislature would
have to do woald be to take oare that the
notes were wU ueurtd and vromvtlv rtdumtd
at hm, and then it would not matter to the
holder whether the otber banks received them
at par or not: The discount would only be
nominal, just enough to cover the coat of col
lecting, ana in mat respect would not cost
the whole oommumty any more than it does
now, and eventually would result in all tbe
country issues being made equal to specie in
Cincinnati, either by the free action of the
banks themselves, or by the fact that their
notes being below par, would find their way
home to them with accelerated speed. The
banks themselves oan alone judge of what
they can afford to take at par with their own
Issues, and are always disposed to be as liberal
as they ean in this wsy, so as to obtain more
business. The natural competition, tbe one
with the other, to secure as large a deposit
acoount as possioie, win induce tnem to make
the range as wide as they ean afford.
"Our farmer general banking laws have, as
near as I can now recollect, limited the cap
ital of banki doing business under them to
$500,000. I ean see no necessity for this, and
would leave that question entirely open. I
do not see why they should not have capitals
ranging from that amount up to $5,000,000, if
they find it profitable to do so. The Bank of
Commerce in New York has a paid eapltal of
over $v,uuu,uuu, ana tne Amenoan Jfxobange
Bank $5,000,000; and so far as I can judge,
and I have carefully looked over their reports
for several years, neither the pommunlty nor
tbe other banks suffer any inconvenience from
their size. I would also advooate tbat the
rate of interest should be raised to 7 percent,
Instead of 0 as heretofore."
The Committee on Banks and Banking
then offered the above paper as their report,
which was received and entered upon the
minutes of the Board) after which, aidresses
upon tots subject were delivered by Messrs
Rowe, Valletta, Pierson and Latta.
Mr. R. M. White then offered the following
resolution, whioh waa unanimously adopted:
Retohed, That the thanks of the Eiebange
be tendered to 8. S. Rowe, Esq., for his vain
able paper, and tbat the daily papers of the
oity be requested to publish the report in full.
The Exchange then tendered a vote of
thanks to Mr. Valletta, snd adjourned, to meet
uis morning at tne usual nour.
EtJCHBt8Tic The managers of the Home
fir the Friendless present their sincere thanks
for the following donations i A lot in tbe City
of Covington, Ky-, from Wm. 8. Johnston,
cqi Dsrrei or ODur from Mrs. Jf liner) four
nams, bui. dames mormon; a turkey, Mr.
iluncke; gratuitous transportation. Adam'i
Express Co.; jury fees in Judge Storer'n Court,
Han. Jt. IS. Buhop, Mayor of Cincinnati i j
Sib Your note inolosing the very liberal
uonauon oi tuu irom tne commute of Ar
rangements on the recent Legislative fes
tivities, together with $20 from the Chief of
Police is received, for whioh please accept our
most greauui aoKnowieogmenta, - - j
'' ;:
Treasurer of the Home for the Friendless.
MasHblo to Bail Oif a Ciaboi or Paa
jobt. A man named Alexander Packer wai
yesterday afternoon arraigned before Justice
Harris, on a charge of perjury, preferred
gainst him by a woman named Susan Brown.
It appeara that in a former suit in which this
woman was the plaintiff, snd a man named
Btuhn tbe defendant, Packer bad testified that
be law the pUintip" under snoh circumstances
as could leave no doubt In regard to her chas
tity. The statement, the female now avers.
was wilfully and maliciously false, and ! the
circumstances induotd the Justice to believe
her story. Packer was, therefore, held to bail
In the earn of $600 for his appearance to an
swer the charge at the next term of the Court
of Common Pleas, and In default of surety was
oommittea totaevounty.au. 1 )
Nbwspambiai. We call the attention of
those of e.ut readers who desire to advertise
their business in Central Kentucky to the ad
vertleemeot of the WutoAatlar CKronitl; id this
morning's uiae or xbi r asst. "
Valbbtii is A Urge and excellent stock
of Valentines are en hand and will be told
Cheap at 120 Vine-street, opposite the Burnet
House. Call soon, as they , must be sold by
monaay morning. i
"Oavaoba's. If yba want a supply of the
nesi oysters Mat to this city, go to uavsgna's.
No. 81 West Fifth-street, and von will be
tailed, Remember this and act aooordlnglt
t'1 ' ''' ..,(!:. ,i t.iv- ( f
Pub's OraiA-woois. A large and brilliant
andienoe witnessed th performance at th Opera
house last nlgbt. Thla erening Julia Dean will ap
pear aa "Juliet" In that most beautiful lova etory in
any language, Kowao Ann Jumit. Oa Monday
Oharle M. Bam will appear a "Vertigo Morbid''
In bisorlainal comedy of ins Httochondmao, and
a "The Injured Orphan" In th new travesty en
utisa tb uaiaisAi haulm, aiterwntcn be will de
liver an sdd reason "The Venalltvof thePfM." Th
entertainment will, no doubt, be anite agreeable and
draw aa aodionoe which will fill the bouse. .
Wood's ThbatbbvTbb Doom or D stills
will be repeated at this establishment thl evening,
la connection with Tb Ohabooai, Boshxxs. On
Monday evening air. Collins, the popular Irish Com,
dian, will appear.
NatiobalThiaibb. This evenlm ths onera
of BontAWiuxa will be given, with Lacy Xsoott a
- ainioa,- iqh nuranaaas ",mno, also in meio.
drama of Halvib, Ta Daaaow quite aa attro
live programme for lorer of amtuemeat,
Smith k Nixob's Haix. Venice. Nanles
and the beautiful Arno, with Its pleasant valley and
Diu aaiee, iransierrea to oenvea, will pa again on
exhibition thl afternoon and evening at Smith A
M lion's Hall.
The Ohio at this nolnt waa aomin nr
slow y during th whole of yesterday, having
swslled, np toleat evening Ave or six incbee; the rise
being eauwd by th pouring out or th npper tribu
taries from tb melting of the snow and lea upon
their border. Th river wa also (welling above,
and will eontlnue If the wratber remain at Its pres
ent temperature. -
Tba weather was raw and cool her yesterday, but
less windy than Thursday, and rather moderating
than otherwise. Tbe Landing was .quite ac'.ive yes
terday and lined with steamers. . fh offering of
freight were good at former rate.
1 Be A. O. Tylor, looking quite new, was at ths
wharf yesterday, with her sign up for Hew Orleans,
btsamboat bsoisth.
ABBrvALS.-Telegraph, Louisville; Forest Qnen;
Madison: ftfaenolla. Mnv.viiu. Rn.ti,n m il.n.i-
Decotah, N Orleans; Courier, Wheeling; Swallow,
' aiireBau ami nesi wino. rituuure; a.
D. Blear. WheaTinl: Elian flru. ITan.ul,.- rinn.
lei th, Neville. ' '
DsPiSTiiass. -Telegraph. Louisville; Magnolia,
Hnyavillei forest Queen, iladlson; Uunleith, Ne
vlllo: Oonrler, Wheeling; Dacotnh, Pittsburg; Bos
ton, Blg ent-dyi J.K. Bell. New Orleans; West Wind,
bouuviiie; neii ureoie, Kashvui.
AtBtsT op in ALtiom DsiLta n Cons-
TBrni Bax-Notxs. Yesterday morning a
man namea wuiism in. morgan received a
letter through the Postoffice, apparently ad
dressed to him, whioh he opeoed and found to
contain $U in spurious bank bills, r-arporticg
to be upon tbe Wentford Bank of Massachu
setts. After reading the letter he handed it to
Mayor Bishop, who in torn gave it to Captain
Wilson, Chief of tbe Police. Cape. W. placed
It In the hands of Detectives Bloom and
Rsanay, telling them to arrest the man for
whom it was intended, and they euoceeded in
doing so by putting the letter back into the
postoffice and waiting there until it was called
for. They were not compelled to remain long
in suspense, for before the letter bad been re
placed a man who styled himself Dr. J. B.
McEeehan asked for and received it, when
they arrested and committed him to the Ninth
street Station-house. He will, in all proba
bility, be arraigned before Judge Lowe this
morning, and be called upon for an explana
tion of the mysterious epistle and its counter
feit contents. . : -
! Sbbious aro Phobiblt Fatal Aooidbit.
A laborer named Myers, in the employ of
Messrs. Dean k Bale, Liquor Merohants, at
Nos. 19 and 31 Sycamore-street, was so se
verely Injured yesUrday morning that It is
feared he can not recover. A new hoisting
apparatus had just been nut in oneration at
the establishment, and the man, together with
- v nutoAjr, we iu ibv not ox as
cending upon it, when, after he had rauharl
tbe fourth-story, a eog-wheel broke and the
piatiorm ana us contents fell into ths cellar.
The unfortunate man was taken up in an
apparently moribund eondition, and eonveyed
to his residence, where he received all the
attention that his eondition reoulred. er med
ical aid could bestow. Although nolimbt were
nroxen, tne snocs was so great It would teem
that it must necessarily prove fatal.
Lola Moms to Liotubi Hbbb. Lola
Montes will be here next week, nrohahlv. nnrl
deliver her entertaining course of leotures,
which have been so popular in other leading
cities. Lola has never appeared in Cincin
nati on the rostrum, and will doubtless draw
largely. With all her eccentriolties, Lola is
a gooa-hearted woman, and so exceeding
clever withal, that it is not singular she has
been sncoessful in all her undertakings, whioh,
as is well known, are of a very miscellaneous
cnuaoter. .
Minus's Bamo Orr roa thb South. Men
tor's Cornet Band leave for Now Orleans to
fulfill their engagement with the Creole Fire
uompany on the steamer Tecumsen, adver
tised to leave for the South to-day. This is
the longest trip anv band bai ever made in
this oonntry for professional reasons, and Men
tor and his fellow-musicians have reason to be
proud of the compliment they bave been paid.
Labosst Fish or thb Ssasor. J. B. Tozer,
208 Vine-street, reosived last night per Amer
ican Express a halibut weighing one hundred
and fifty poundi; also, fresh cod, black-Ash,
uounaers, eeis, oiams, 07c . . ,
' City Ccukcil Nioit Bbbobb Last. Tha
City Council held its regular meeting night
before last, President Ooodson in the chair.
A great number of small bills were parsed
upon, and the Oity Clerk ordered to issue scrip
for the amounts named.' ' ,
The monthly report of the Oity Treasurer
was received, whioh shows the following oon-
uiuuu ui iuo eity nnanoes:
4 OIHBBAL rCMO. , ' '
Wecelptt. ... . $1,249 90
, uaiance.M-...........MM... as so
SCHOOL yuan.
Receipts m.,.M
. Balance.,.,. ,
.. 219 71
tea - 214 M
trsoui, roRD,
Rejelpta .....
$770 00
.............Mn.n,M.M, xtoue.
bbioos runn. i
ecelpts ........M.. J288
wwumnujBuiiM ,MMWMWNH,H,IHHniM Kone.
The "receipt" include "balances" cn hand
from the previous month. !
The street railroad nutation was'nnt Manned.
but in order to allow ample discussion of so
important a topio an adjournment was bad
unuiiast nignt. ., , .., :,, , j
KXTBA Sassioir or tub Coubcil Last Niobt.
Barely a quorum was present at the Council
Chamber last night, and the speoial order
street railroads was postponed. - - j
A proposition was received from 8. fit. Stout.
offering to sell his testes in Seventh-street
market space. 1 Referred. r , . - i
A few other matters were discussed, when
un adjournment waa voted.
Malioiods Dbstbootiox or Pbofbbtt.
fllgnt berore last some Persons unknown de
stroyed tha windows and doors, and defaced
much of tbe Inside work of a house belonging
to Mrs. Ludlow, situated nearly , opposite
iuuuiu ui miiioreex. :.- xetteroay tne ten
ant in possession, who had been . warned
to leave the premises, was arrested and ar
raigned before ' Eiq. Shrook, charged with
bavins committed the offense, but aa no nos-
Hive evideno of the fact eonld be adduced, he
was discharged. He claimed to have heard
no noise, and knew nothing of the matter
until after the perpetrators, whoever they
wore, nau niaa weir escape.
Cams ia Covibotob. Hinety-nine persons
were eonvicted of offenses, in the Polloe Court,
during tne inroemonins enuing Jfebruarv o.
Illrksi 6r tb Mator. 0a account of the
illness or Mayor Hawkins, no Polioe Oourt
waa nam yHraay. ' ' " i i : i x
i, Citv Coorica-The Cltv Counnll held a short
session nlgbt before lut, but no business of
importanos was transacted. '
' PaBPABAVions roa IuraovaMisTS. With
tne approaon of spring we notice a great nam
bar of our eitiieta and others are maklna? nvan.
aratlont te erect houses upon vacant lots ia the
Southern and South-western part of the; oity.
ura i no aouot mat tne number or bouses
erected during tbe present year will far eioeed
eaat VI amy previous; 0O A , ,
Room Ne. 1. Birois Jrrnoa Rronaa J a.
McDonaldaon vs. J. B. A T. Gibson. An notion, sob.
mltted to th Court, for th dissolution of a partner
ship and tbe appointment of a receiver.
No. 3, bet'or Judge Headier .-In the case of Albro
va. Oreighton, th fury returned a vrdlct for plain-
Beveral eases war dlsooatinnsd. , ,t tj J . , . ,
The SUte vs. Daniel Kahn. Th rl.fWenl
toooj.julJjM for an assault on H. Mack, with InUnt
batTSrV. rriilSfiZ&22?mmn
unTtlK.1dt.y",7 dlMh"d' b' 3ai- tt,U"
jonniiineni entered a plea of guilty to an Indict,
mant for petit larceny, and waa remanded for sen
tence, ..... ,
Emaioipatiow. Edward Butler'' s hIams
mja, emancipated hbj sister " elarl," negro woman
whom n purchased, In March lait.from Louisa & teen
of Memphis, Tenn., for the sum of auo.
Monetary and Commercial.
Money was in better demand yesterday
than on Thursday, but the supply wa abundant for
th right kind of business Paper. and Banker war
lending freely to their customer at th regular rate
10?1J per cent. . . . i, .-. :
Katern KxchenM sulm mA in k.i.b
ft K10o buying and H prem. selling. Beveral lots
h iT. TWi ; "Qm ",w un" were quickly
bought op at 100, ,
In Oolil and Mew flrlanna V..h..-. II.. ....
alteration. - ...
: Htauhope 8. Rowe, tb Banker, read a very sensible
pepor on Improvement In banking yestei day, before
the Mechanics1 and UiiTiiiriuinrur,' v-i.a..D- ui.
Siigpstlons should be acted on br our Legislature.
ii ri.Tj. "j unKin ysateraay with a
light dem.nd aid Whisky w-s nuchanged. Bulk
rfc.".' iWo ,n g0?d doniand atfnll price., but tranaao
Wh l,o)B.';oniLrdnl Mes. Pork weieuuchange.1.
.. ... v.vl, w. nn - urn ia per Duanei. xio va
rietiiniuotherklndaofOralo. ,. -,
Th. Imporis and Bxpoi t at various article for the
twenty.fonr hour ending yesterday noon, wer t
fcKTr1 "? barrels; Bar ey. 81 bnehebl
But tr. 8ft keas: Corn. e.TMihn.iiAi.. r..- ' .
A!!S'' f 'on'. .a bwral; Gar. 8. la'e.;
..", ... upnu, unru, fu narrei and rJ k: Mo-
lln";.''T!Uw,'p',,S', barrel.; Barley; IMbntbeti;
Butter. 202 keffiti iVpn. win hn.i..i.. , ii - J
b..xtr. Cheeee. SM KVi," nw"Y.V ZZ?"2t'y
W barrals; Lard. 8n8 barrels .nTar ks, H.S
fJ'r?J.?""''''"in buahsls; P rk aud BaconuSrt
5.";' ul i't,6611 J10?"! Woe. 81 barfolsT
Sugar, lhhd.;8t. 71 barrels: Wheal. ssn hn.h
w m.ky, 4 848 barrel . ,
Thursdays New fork Times, thus refers' t
Wednandav'a Monatarv it.Im. . ' """."'
Tue money market during the day wa aglet.
r - r-- ;. , m uisoiunung paper at
fn-m 8 to 7 per oent for v-ry onoice names and at
8 per cent, for fair bills. There -a, nothing d5?,i Tn
Jfi..w nM(OB f T"terdy after
noon. Tha next oenormnli I. m rfiMn. AKA i.. .k.
crew steamer City or Ba tlmore on Katardar. The
standard Bills? """'""M 1W per oent, for
Wednda""nt" bnl "w"4 ,n 4wTorkon
.. Bnv'na. Belllnv
Sarrn lr aor'.'Z3 8 . .73
WM warrants, per acre , 70 Js
FLonit-Th.,. I. "KaT-rBBawav IB.
the market oontlnnea nolle unsettled. dmaiTaale
EXT r '"I at M8(98T8 buyer ofifer
fl Kt 88 f r auperdne, and A jo 80 for extra.
J.:Se"'U conUnM and tOVrs nOMport
WUIHKT-Nn hn I. k. ..v... .t-J -j
raSfcr'SlaJen' .a trrolw at suWJie., tbi totwi
MIrti.te?."4' J??od hmmi for bulk
' V j?" r,0,-- , Tne 'e reached too,.
000 Ppunde, including 100,000 do. Hldee delivered next
SMS Ef Ev. .Vd TWi"3Sr
reikis. "S, ! " "ft0- muen oon m Bacon;
h?.f if VJSS 8i,le?,,oW,0P, J" Altered tb it
hJfi M.KhJ.f 1 "y110 n"'f nxtweek,at 10c,
S;A5Lr,b?ld6'i,t 3-1''f held with
T" lui "u. in only s w beard
ofwa 100 barrels at 10c.s bnjersire not freest
Klft'R! "5L.m1- MothlK nPlr.d In meas
iw. u, nvin u oe muon demand Tor It
butholdereare firm at 118 forth, best oltv brands.
Since the above waa wriu k.Vj f , " 1
80,000 ponnda bulk Hldea at 8 tS-iooo. ,
Jtr? ond for Sugar in the
regular way, at full prices: sale of SCO hhds. at SO
8tfo. for fair to prim.. Molasae steady: riles of m
; . ""j" r mat la eypreaa, and 480.
t'JL'ifV fl 0lfc ?"i Wffea unchanged and
Jrmat nillprfoe. -There ha been a good demand
kl!0.1;?.?? " " ,,B J6e ". t of which were
kept prirate, reach i,ooo ,sga at 12l2)io ; UHSIJllo.
for common to prime, choice selllSV at ii," .
rHtAT-rT,'!e marko !s dull nd heavy, and
prices have declined 8n. mr h.hi w. ..TT..
,h.,,,!..,LlM!s3' the tter for Kentucky, and
I' for prime red: sales of 038 bushels i prime
wii.iv a, vi oa, auu fiiy uo. at I SO.
OOBN Tha markntfnr1CA.iAn i-a.. ... ,
have deolined lo. per bushel. We quote it at ufiiito.
in nuia. me oemand for Shelled is good at too.,
stett buk"aH8o,:i,hl,', ,toks! tkiMon
OATS The market J. dull, and we have n change
Rvic ThJ eeles of 1,000 bushel. tl6o. '
BlKTJ BA"ket onlnue dull, and price or
unchanged. Weauotaltttiib, "
.A?fcI5ie.dTi,Bd ! W'land prices steady
at 88a6o. for prime fall, and S86So. for fair to good.
HA7.rTb? "Wte oIVnd prices have o:
l n eirival?0, T q,',, p"m Tlm" th
oiBBBo-Th demand Is fair, and prices firm at
nrZptoil,h,V;"ei ior Mtralarm do"
and lie for English Dairys sales of 160 boxes. Western
BDTTBB-T'be market ,'s dull and nnehanired.
We auote Central Ohio at ixaifo . ..m ii.:
serve at lsp.
APPLK8 The demand continue good, and prices
S?n,fl.rSr.t J W per barrel, for fair to cSoice,
end Is fully equal to them: prices are Arm at lut
ViiyS5 Jt"D-The market U irreguUr and -n-settled;
prices range from $1 80 to 4 78: ealeeof iOo
Tjlil ' M' 'nd 79 d0
Haw xoaa UAaaa. February 10-P. M.-Tbere
I a little more doing In Clour, and th market is a
shade firmer; the demand for home consumption is
moderate, and there is also ome speculative Inquiry.
Sblipr are not buying at present: sales ot 8,200
barrel, at I 088 18 for snpernne Sta'e; tft SOffli 40
for extra State; 85 165 as for anptrflne Western!
E 5J 52 fliT ooffln'oa to me .turn i xtra Weatern;
$l8H8 e8 for ahipring brand extra round-boos
Ohln-tb market olotlng quiet and firm. There
moderate builue.a doing In (Janadlan Clonr, and
without material change in price: sale of 80 barrel,
at f8 4il6 48 for common to choice extra. Bye
rioiir ie selling at S3 7U4 40 Ourn Meal quiet and
nnchanged. Hmsli parcels if Buckwheat Shursold
at Si 78A1 87)4 per cwt. The demand for Whisky In
active, and tha market firman aale of 1,600 barrel,
at 84c. Wheat "Jeady, while the demauil la fulr for
locl miillna. There Is also mine .peculative In
quiry, and ehippnr are not dl.po.ed to operate
pieemt: sales of 4 2 bushel clinic hicago Snrlna
at l 18; l.inodo. talr Mllwaukla Olnh at 11 III, de
llvered. an I M do. choice white Southern at Si 88
Bye dull at 874$c.; aa ea of i.noo huihela within tbe
range. Btrley la more sought after, and ia pretty
firmly held at 7.VS8AC.: sales nf ,mni l.n.nl. inf.r,,..
dlateatWo Ourn dull and nnchangtd: selrsof7,OOii
uH-iiDii, ud. .uiw nuu j-uiivw. vas . reiiy nrm, at
44i8c. furftate. Western and ansdian. foiki.
wli hont special ohauee, and demaud uiiHlerate: sain
of l,9()ii barrels, at 817 On for old mess; li la for new
moss: 112 126812 28 fur old arfnn: fin stmis mi a
new prime; $17 for new thl i mess, and $l6tSjlT for
prima meas; Included in sale are Imi barrels old
prime, sailor's option, all March, at (12 M. Heel it
ui 're t i ne, anu ratner ueiter: aniia or W barrels,
it 81 I5u4 w for couutrv nrlme: tlZ'airui rr nmn,
try mrns; tug 10 fur repacked mtss;io for
exrrarnesa Beef Bams firmer: eulesof4M) barrel
el (12 for Htate, and tl4l5 80 tor Weatern. Prime
met Beef quiet, but firm at I61. Out Meutr
llrui, with a good Inqulr: sale of r package, at
7o for Shoulders, and KXlSIMlo. for Mama )
Bona fliin. at 87 87(y 90. bacon lirm; aale of 3st
boxes long-clear Middle, at lI(i4o., the latter
imv iwr v.ij, tiniu i. iqm ouuraui: uifoi aw oris
at HfmllMO. There la a mmtiiri,n hn.l,,A.a Anln i.
Butter, at llffllOc for uhlo, and UQXc. for Slate.
vum. mwmuy m vtipU10.
WILLIAMS-Hale-rooma rtinA u Rut Thlrrf.
street. -THIS (daturday) MOIIN1NO, February II,
Clothing, Boota, Sleee, Watches, ic.
ALSO A stock of Beds, Qullte, Oovsrlld, Ulan-
trala. Am ....... - 7 . .
At lo4 o'clock i general assortment of new and
ncpnd hand rurnlture, Look Ing-glaaaea, atone.aiass
nan vuiua waray . A. HfcliUUUU auctioneer.
M. SHEARS at 0O.-8ale-room Nos. 87 and 88
Main-etreet Groceries, Qlaesware, Ac. at Anotlon.
n will sii,d SAlUftVAI aUKKIMU, 11,
at 9 o'clock. a general aasoiiment ofGroceilaa. So.
oonsltting of 20 hhds. sugar, 40 brls. molaaaee, loo
bags colltfe, M) h xes pound and 8a tobacco.
ALoO-ulaesware, buckets, tub, washboards, six
twist tobacco, nails, almonds, prunes, smoking to
bacco, cigars, teas, twine, soap, candle, Indigo, nut.
niegs, ground plme, o.,ln lota to suit purchaser.
lev 0. HEAoUKAB8 CU, Ano'rs.
nrms best, simplest
- Durable Muhlneaxlaiit.
j .nt
Call and aethaa.
?'i:;-v. ii i
thl-.-,; t
I' -iJ-'! ;
-' I.! i 'fl
;'. kATK TBBPnrjBgi m; j$ rai'.'
W "AStitok UTIaae Bstvee Vlnujnt 3
AS accidents will happen, even ta wsU-rvTilat4
families. It Is very lealratil to have aeea ahaae Bad v 1 1
convenient war for repairing hraltatlTors,Crecjk-
ry, Ac ' - ' .- i ' r .;
klMta all such emargeaele, and aa hoiwahoM ejus ' ' ':;
aabrd to be witbont It. It is alway ready and ap t
the stlckng point. Then ia ao longer a ninseellj lr
limping chairs, tplln tared vsneeas, headless doUaaad
broken cradle. It is Jaitt tbaartlola tor eoaa, shell -, '
and ether ornamesttl vrork, so popular wita laaUse
ef refinement and taste.
, Thl admirable preparation Is ased sold, being
cbemloally held in solutlaa, aad poweaslnf sll the
valtubUssailtlasof the beat oablaat-makers' glu., :
It may be need la th place of ertlnaty muelUgaa .
being vastly mor adhaalra. '
"OSKrOIi IBI 1TXBX HOtmE," : . '
H. B. A Brsih aeeonpaalae aaoh bottl. Price
tseents... - .,. . '
Wholesale Detvet) Ne4 ftaaseetx-eetj N. T. ',
Box: Wa. 8,800 New Yerit.
' Put up for Dealers In Cue oostalnlng fanr, eight '.
and twelve dozen e beautiful Lithognph Show-card
tcoompanying each paokacai ui n
V A single packagTTf BPALDnTO'i PKB- '
PABID GLOB will save Ua time IUcot annually -to
every household. '
Sold by'all prominent ItaUciietl SnggUt, Sard. , .
ware and Vurnltare Dealers, Otooers ana fancy
Stores, ,'.'' i . . ."
Oonntry Merchant ahonld auk a net of BPALD- 1 ' '
IMO'S PKIPABKD GLUI.when Biaklng up their . ,
list. It yiU atand any climate. - :.
1 CSBrUfi IM IT1BT H0V8K.' p t
SOLD U x BTAl'lOMBBB. -' J 1 ' ' f
" bold Br DBuaeisTa.
llaanXactund by
- 48 CedaMks New Yertu :
Addran Postafaee, Box Ho. 8,800. .. u i ;
Annexed Is an Alphabetical List of Articles whloh
tf damaged, mar be restored to their origloal
strength end tuefulnets by i
oMM.menus nu as, AU9M
S .Mends OBADLaa
Manda nol.l.H
.adDoi riss u.
H.Uends HsBPfL.
.jnena i &hs..
..Mends KNORH , , ,,, -
..Mends LKATHSK-vf ORK-
..Mends M1BBOB.PHAm3m-.i
..Mends MBWBL P0tiT8-
.menus wnvuA B..
K.nenas ituUeVUtit-HUBtt;
DMM.ID.eDUS Dur&s.
V.. Mmri, Viai.Vfl
DMends CMBBILTeTo'lfo'
menus VABKS...
W.Mnda WOBK-BOXIS..-........ . .W
Y.Mend TAfD 8TI0K8.. I
mauu. z,M-iitiwi ii in-vii r
CiV"-iwu, njravijirijrw n ra.rA.au
GLUE Is nasful La Libraries aad aUioola,
.Mends kitFuhwh. w ...
1 P
8 ...Meuds AOOOBDEOMB-
4.L...Mend lBTTEB-8EALING...L-. 4
8....p,....Mends Paatntijuuftna OlSSS,,,, , T) 8
J -.attends IMAGES ...I
tVfsiairla nTTJ aTl IT Q
.J..Mendj B0UOOL-BOOK8.
iuMur -iaooa rattAHULtl,
ll.R-Mecd KOLKRS
12 E Mends Xliotbicai, Maowihss.
iaa-Jmno i-ArxiK-UAMUlttWl,
tA L VI - - .1 - .UM All . IUJ
IS H ...M.nila RICKKTV XnRNITnna..K.
iejcinenas kabkb hiudi.u ., ai
17-..D..Mend DESKS..
18.....0.,.Menda GLOBES..., .-....G.ltl
18 L Uenda LOOSENEdTkaVUH I, Id
20...U.Mend TJfholhtbrio rcanrT0aa...U. ,J0
2UM.lnd BOO.IIBATKBJI.,,,1,,,,,., bj t
23..M6Hd AtiORW-woitir ,, , ya
3.Menda timcwu-nriA una ,.,., , w
24.........,Menda TTnnT.ir.n . ..,..
.hlenda BHBLL-WOR
menda riLLET-WOHK
menda aaliiouhuufi
ijtenaa BKUKKrAHimj
mend rAriKst MAUUE.,
sl.na UBIB...,....-........
Mend BAni-Jy MrEBB.1
nena ivuhi-wuuk...
mnd PIUTUBKS..-..
m.Mnds WASH 8TAND8,
..Mends DRUMS
M.Hends cJUBS8alEN....MMM
mend bikbkiumu.......,
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ES5B7 0. fiPAISDsd & CO.,
48 Cedaretreet New Terk.
Address Poetofnca, Box Ka 8,800. (
Bat' ay la watalnlng either Ibar, Bight of
Twelve Doaaa aeon. .. A eeaatUst Lithograph la
Shew Card aeoompanl each pkag. ,.
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