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i pabuabed teUr.tBMten excepted.) by .
v i -i 4 ttowpww X y .? 3 o 1
tieWeM wa fooii-iiiii.
TBI ruHT HSU Is deliver to ssbtflrtters
rport, end nr. j
of, ,,,. ,
at, an A BBn
UuMtnaatl, Covington and Newport,
rounding oltle Motown,
, . " tremelv low price
fix onm a intcK, tatabli to casbiu.
f. A - r v , niOM Of HAIUM3 1 . , .'. .
Hat I ooyle e. l wonts iSo.1 I months til 1 fer la,
K'.r -
i al -ii. J .
John A.Sllsler.'jr., tola Manager and teesee.
Pbiob or AsKiMioa Dim Olrel and Perouett,
WceuUi Gallery, ttoentm. t
Door open at port tin rim it o'clock.
' Tint night of tho celebrated Iilah Comedian an
Vocalist, ,. ' ... r- . ?
s Mr. Colllne, , ,
Who Ii engaged far ilx night only.
TBIS EVENING, lebruary U, will bo presented
Bernard'! Ada comedy of - - -THB
. , OF NERVE. .
If cShao, tho Ban of nna, In which charaotor ho
will ling "Bprlgof bhllUlah" and "Widow Ma--hi,"
Mr. Colllmv Aipnn, it mrfoin man,
Mr. John Kllilar) Lord Lounge, Mr. Head; Uls.
' Mr. Adama; Hrf. iJlaclntl, Mia Donham; Knlljr
VWUn.iliiaWalta. ... .. 0 ,. ...
Aftot which tho lupolar Irlih farce ef..
i , , T&uM THE TILER. ..
Teddr Unllowoer, with tba aeon of "The tow
booked Or" nd "Widow Mihoiir," Mr. Col.
Una; Lord Pandorford, Mr- Klalier: Irederlck,
Mr. flail ; Tim, Mr. Adama ; flora, Mlu Dealiam i
Vritl, alia lrrlDf . t , .. v ; '.!.
, To oonolud with ' v ' J
Bwll, Mr. Adana i Boaatte. with aong. Atiia fannr
. Penham.' ' , . '
S. N. Flke, Proprietor) T. B. Oonwar, Stage Dl
Kotorf J. V. Harborl, Treaturer.
Paiote or Abm imnm.- ParQiwtt OlroU, Parrnette
and BakDiif. w oonla; Amphitheater, 24 ounUi
private Hoiui for eight poreonn, J8.
Box Office open from 10 A. at. until 4 P. M., wher
eat can be ccnrd.
Uuor open at 6H o'olock ; commence at TM. ' ;
Mr Barrti for: one flight only
TH18 IVBKIK3, February 11. the nrformanc
will commence whh Mr. Barraa'a comedietta of .
Terttgo llorlilil. (of whoe case the medical
facaltj l reKvectfullr reQneeted, a m matter of tin
maultr to future aunVrera, to form a dlagnooi,)
Mr. ufiarlea llartaa ; Charln, Mr. Chpllo : Den
nil, Mr. Ball; Alice, Ula Vrooker) Martha Suit-
klur, AliM rroctjr.i ,,,, i ,i .- ,, ......
To be followed Ij the original traTMlle, bj Mr.
Barrae, eniuied u,.' -.
Thli vlar la a literal tranelatlon of manuiorlpt
found during a recent exploration of the Catacomb
of Egypt, in the baud of a littrarr mummy, more
than tti roe thoueant ) tare old, and prurea couolu.
irely when Mr. 8baktpeire got Bil " Hamlet."
'Bamlet, an Injured orphanv Mrv llarrMi Poopoo
lout, Mr. UaTldite 1 Uplieelyer, Mm Proctor.
After which Mr. Bam will addreaa the audleno
' opoa tha lubjeot of the Venality of to Pie.
Tooonclndowlth ' ".'" -'"i -'"'"-'J .
Moor, MrPaTldge-i Beta Dakar, Mlu Proctor,
. Tneada; erening, fihakapeare' great plar of " Ben
rrVHl, in which Mn. Julia bean Uayne will
perforin, being tli laat night bat four of her fere
well engagement.- - , . , .
'- ' A grand iveetacotar and thrilling Drama 1 In act
-Ire J reparation, with new aoenery dreeiee, effects,
1 Ac., eud ua tallied tij U,ntiiB.atrngtbj of th
John Batea, Proprietor and Manager; W.B.Irwin,
AbTiaiTiBif op Tim. Boon open at 7; Cartali
llae at X peat 7, preclelf . f '. - - -
i . 'r, ri 1- j t, ...
. HIVMI'I AI'BlHIVH.'ilOMIVIISiaftUa i i uu biv.
DOaentai Vanillrui lie, ai oenta; Colored Boxm, 14
ceuia , uaiiery, iu oenia ; i nraie noxei,
0, USIIX A4iil KKBAilMA, . t , ' ,
V, ' . Ii nrt, 7tU' '
. . 4 . i MAX. WBLL. . , .
.TH18 EVININ, frldap, Teb. 13, will bi per
formed the beautiful operatio play of
. alarie. II lu LricT Saoottl 8nl Dice. Mr. -Maxwell:
Aailreu, Mr. Miranda; Qamara, Mr, Bernard ;
: marcuonwi, air, hiwi,
i Bano....-...,..M..,.M......Mui Jenny Bight,
' To conclude with ' ' '
Ob, Tui tiuuara or tub Gaixs.
Jack Ootaway, Mr. Carter; Patrick, Mr. O.Henri;
. Barebodee, Mr. Bernard; Mytboa, Mr. Stuart;
' Metlssl, Mr. Vanderen j Koppo, Mr. Bletln : Pacha,
Mr. Bight; Kalolle. Mr. ttwlft; Bucloi, Mr. Wll
on i Zerliaa, Mr. Vanderen i Myra, Mia A, Gra
ham. "
flOTICB. Tradeamsn and other are eantloned
pgainet ruruMBiDg any arnctea ror tne i neater who
Aiifc a written order. alned br I he Manaser.
TUB NGW KATlOMAIi HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, I now open for the reception of gaeata.
Boom can be obtained by the day or week, and
V meal furnlehed at all hour. -
and 1 o'clock each craning (tncaday erenlng
Ti,ku'inti.riralifbrli; Yjhlldren 10 oeol.
Poor open in the erenlng at tH o'clock. Mirror
BiOTee at 7M o'olock preoleely. Poor open in th
aftorntK.n at 1 o'clock; oommencee at S o'clock. To
Afternoon Kxhlbltion Ladle' , Ticket 14 cent;
Children 4 eent only. .
Kotiox. The Mirror will exhibit ererr ereolDg
thi week, except Tueeday, when the Halli to be
' nr.fliinliwl tiw tha Llbrar AMoclatlon. '1 he Mirror
will, howerer, be ibown Tneadity afternoon at
o'clock, aa well aa aver auernoou uu weea, ana
poeiureiy no longer. : r. leiww
Seal) Maaaftaotarrri -
41 Kail Beoond-itraet. between BToamor and
.. Ml roadway, Ulnoinnati, keep every iteeonption or
Canntor, ri
atforra, rnttle, II allraad Depat,
V jV Z-wT- ' M.
inua dohihi a auvac'if
' Btalrag dono p tue etorteet aotioe.
45 Bi Oharle treet, Sew Orleanf, Lb
Impartera of Gaas Sporrlat Apparataai
:yl: t -i A DIAXIU fiVI POWDBB.
ATA and iuiler iron, no siaD, liaJLroM ipike
I to.
Alio, Ajeut lor me euie ol ironton Bv Mall
troomj flo, 1 Eat eoond Btreet, OUKniiat
. Wareroome
nhtn. -
' IHTAH Ha I Iron mad to order.-
No. M tfttth'-eeTect, between Vina and ataoe.ln
th Modlcal OotUge, Olnolnnati, Ohio. Pero who
may farorhla with their patronag,oan relyee pnuo
i , taallty and tow prloea. ., .. . pl-r
Money! JTloney! iTIoucyl
. . Ramered trooa 86 Waal SUtr-arraot,
XT-aVlLB? ttid all kind of Merohandlae. at low
Fitee of lnUreil. at Ho. 171 V loan tree t, batwee
onrth and fifth.. " 444
. , - :v ,', How. Wholenla .i
, , 19, West Pourtix Street
' . wier can b had evary article appertaining to th
' B urine at a maefc leea rtea, for OA8H, thaa
"" ha ever before been offered la thi market. '
And tee forronwelve.'" ' .'' -"- H
BBGC8 SMITH, Mo. 6 West 4th Bt.
iai Um. their large amort men t f . watchc, JnreliTi
uvirwareana viamonaa. u i i ;
.ei-.j -I,. u uu i.u.i : also i .i
A fine aaaortment Of Plated Tea Bti and Ootlery
I'd andProraOutMe. , . ... XX
.. f Af w.phM BoUding.Bo, I Beat Third'
j, Tt Itfav-v-r nv.' Inr'ii t'tft'iiir
-jrttn;Ti1 .mMUrf.t.' . .tU'lr.'Hr '
, ili-euif t II Iv aJ,-iil' iv)i,l.iii,i i
'i -.,.,' ':ti-'. ,?- .''.ti-.,.-v.
i - .1 5
v k ft j&
pCfd ?'.- T
f "M
1 1 Wa-WBBWA-e--ee.BBBBnve-.
?0I. NO. 151. j r
a-a-aw. A ,,.-., u. : a.. I a.
Limi Huari. Night Ixrrea, t:3S A. K.t Aooom
notation, S.00 a. . Aeoomnodatlon,iU.M.;
Da Xxpreaa. 6:40 . a.
UDumroLj Ajro OuiorjnATl.ll:U A. au t-M w.
m.i 1:40 a. at. i '
Ohio aip MuHmnrw&X A. V. Uito A. 10:14
r. u.
Ouoimin, BAHrtT0 aro Ditrcw. 7:tt a.m. 11:08
HtaianA IX D CiMoiKRAn. IVM k. u.j :M r. U.
Littii Hum. Dar Ixvraei, 10:00 a. .; Aooom
Dictation, 4,0 r. m.j Might Iierew, 11:10 r. w.
lDHAfOLU ajib CwaiaiATU 4:MI a. M.; 12:44 r.
m.; r.ior. m. .
BIO AMD MiHtMim. T: A. .! KM r. w.i 1-JO
tmomTi, Uauutok and Dattom. :00a. m. 7:10
A. . 10:U0 k, M.j 1:40 p. a.; 4:30 p. j 11.30 p. M.
Vuimt and CiKomxiri. 9:49 a. a.; 1:40 p. a.
BlOBMOBO ABO lKBlAa.rOLM.-t:09 A. B.l 140 P. K.
3"Th affirezite rote of tb whole Unitod
Btatei in 1823 wag but 1,100,000.
"An EoglUhmin'i lanob (i !. to bo
tlie of '4tn, Blx he; gi Bad mtt of bale.
M9Moot olmiaoni cotopwloti Olrli in
tlwlr gigglehood, nd bojt in tholr boobjbood.
2 Always bear in mind thalrepontanoo li
not tingle aot, but tbo habit of Tlrto.
To ba worthy of n offloo now--daj.
one must bo entirely umortby of ny thing
XaT-BoehafoaoanH ijt: "I'laderf is g lort
of bad monejr to which our vanity glvei ont-
. JSTAUemDU r tnaklnt' In Baltimore to
fig tho faro on oity railroad, at threo. ingttad
of four oents. i ., ,.r,M .
aTha merbnU .of Texas. In favor of
direct trad, propose a lino of steameri from
Belgium to the Qulf porta via Charleston.
fflaVFivv thouiand of th London builders
till hold out In their strlko, and are rodaoed
to the oztronest poverty and wast..
agr-Thc wife of A. P. Blmoatan. of Elk
hart, Iod,, whll temporarily insane, itabbed
hersolf fatally with a pair of Minora. - ,
A little one, after andenroiDK the dis
agreeable Deration of vaoinatlon. exclaimed.
Now, I.yfoo't have to be baptised, will It" :
A stirl, Vranets Sanell. vru burnt to
death, in Louisville, the other day, hereto. beg
having taken fire, from grate., ,-; J;..:;
CTA trcjeot Is on foot for building In one
of the avenues of Paris twelve large mansions
or palaoss for the twelve Marshals of France.
C9"Thre fires ooonrred in Troy, N. T'.. on
Sunday night, gtrlng rise to the belief that in
oendlaries had again 'oommeneed their foul
wort. . u:-ii .:.
jSlMorlna PratoiL formerly of the Ron
aanl ballet troupe, U atpretent keeping a cigar
store in rnnaaeipnia. . - . . . .i 4 i
29Bt"Little bove should be eeen and not
heard." That's what the little fellow told hia
master when he couldn't gay his lesson.
ffiB-The bniiness men of Oswego, K. Y.,
have to banish the Canada : half-pennies front
circulation after the Tii Inst. "It la nigh time
to get ria or iuoq a nuisance. . '
aweanrabudy aavs mat it iaKg a smart
woman to make a capital fool, but we know
many a woman, . not very smart, that hag
made a score of fools. ....
3&Th schooner NohtnU arrived at Olou
eester. Mas., the-other day, from George'
with 13,000 pounds halibut, whioh were gold
for eight eenu per pound. ;n .
SA lervant maid, who wag oeoupied in
pickling her mistresaee'g eabbages, took the
opportunity of cabbaging her mlstregies'g
pioklos, saying it made no difference.
aSTRowlogi recommended by the Phlladel
hta JTrenVtio BulUtin aa a. good ezerotae for
ladies who wish to develop the bust. Why not
have oaliea it a robust ezeroue at oboot
riJttdgo Btumn, of Baltimore, bag gone
to Annaopoll to offer rebutting evidence in
his impeaohmeat ease; but his judiolal fate la
eoniideroa sealed. - -
SThe) Frenoh Government is making ex
periment! with tba eleotrle light for fight-
nouses, witn suon great eneoess that it is hoped
it may soon do pot into praouoai lervioo.
gSVA man that marries a widow la bound
to tire np smoking and shewing. If aha
gives up her weeds for him, he should give up
tba weed ror ner. ... ... ,.
Rev. Cranmora Wallaee, Ruotor of
St. Stephen's Chapel, near Charleston, S. 0.
died last week, In tha nftr-eightb, year of his
SNew Orleans is a great place for duels
Three were fought there week before last, and.
Indeed, hostile meetings are every day affairs
in;tne cresoent vttyi. -
1AtA hotuholder in a Weitern vlUatre. in
filling be his census schedule under the column
headed "Where born," described one of ble
children as bom "in the parlor" and tha other
up stMray
fflBA very intelligent and attractive) young
lady, ' named Olara FUher, wa tentenoed at
Buffalo, N. Y., on Thursday, to four year and
sli months imprisonment at Sing Sing, for
grand laroeny.
Tag Wim Slavbs op Zkolamo. According
to testimony In a snit In Leicestershire), Bog
land, It appears that by working fifteen hours
per day, the stocking knitters can earn from
six to nine ghUling per week. Of this, they
paid front one to two shillings a week to the
employer for- tha Use of his knitting frame,
so that the aetaal wages were redaoed from
live to aeven shillings a week, of whioh they
matt take the largtr amount in groceries
tneir employer, at hie pneeg. The average
weges is about one dollar and e-belf per week.
Tub condition of tnose Having families t
support may be Imagined. Some of those isn
moned a witnes could not appear In Court
until deoent clothing had been borrowed for
tvem...,-, ... .
Tbikioh vitw or Miiauoa. Two
three nights since a yonng couple were mar
rled in Roohenter. N. T. Tha hrlda wa
very beautiful girl, and bad quite a beautiful
a sister who was also unmarried... After the
two had been made one, tho reverend unltor
of heart and souli, kneeling down and pray
log fervently, entreated the tlobest blessings
and mercies of Providence upon the bride an
groom, a well a upon (A earviowo (titer
The mlnleter was right. 1 The women who re
main single are the only ones that live.
Tama Widowsb Bbactim to as Rbwitid,
The London Coarf VoHraai says in a recent
inuet Three widowed Marchionesses, two
them the most beautiful wctnea in England,
are abont btlng married, and report speaks
tbe third Doing, u not so striking u ner torn
peresseg, gomewnat moreaubatanuai.
OokmsVdablb Sooth si Sa-mraisi. The
Bristol (Tenn.ViVewg states that reeponalbli
drovara of Virginia. Teaaeasetaad Kentucky
have aet on foot a protect for esUblishlng
that ulaea aa aitensive oork-saoklnr estab-
lishmeni on the Joint stock principle. It will
MtnOra oapUal of f 300,900 to begin Hn,
1 t.'l
The Forthcoming Great Prize Fight.
Tha expected light for the championship,
between tha Banlola Boy and Tom Bayers, la
now, andwlUbe for gome time to come, the
principal topio of interest among tha sportlpg
fraternity. Money will be freely staked on
both sides, and, when the eonteatU decided, It
will he safe" to presume that large irnna will
change hands.: The London Qhbt sayg In
reference to tha matttn , ' . - .. ' '
The great prlae fight, of which alL sporting
men are talking, la to take place en the 16.h
of April, and will be fought privately, though
not perhaps confidentially, not very far from
Middenhaii, a Utile village town in Suffolk,
on the Etitern Oountlee line of railway. Mr.
Smiles, tha secretary of the south-eastern
railway, was applied to for a epeoial train
along hi Hoe, but thoooneemlou has been re
fused. The assailant In tbe forthoomlog bat
tie are Tom 8ayers, "the Champion of Eng
lrnd,"and a young fellow who U called "the
Beuicla Boy, an American, who ba reoentiy
arrived la this country for tbe purpose of
flghtiog any body wbowlibes to distinguish
himself pugiiistioally, eipeoially "tbe Cbani.
plon of Bogland," from whom he want to get
me belt," la order to take it aorois tbe AV
lit to. i .
Tom Savers, the eruent ehampton, is, aa-
ocrdlng to oommon rumor, a small man, at the.
somewhat mature age of thirty-eight. Be
may, therefore, expeot tome rough treatment
irom a youngster or twenty-two, wno lougnc
tbe American Cbaoaploe, but without sucooss.
Mr, Savers, it appeirs, followed the honorable
occupation of a brioklayer, until he got a taste
ror ngntiog, ana when be got a utile "up" in
tbe world had the pretumption to challenge
Ben Caont, who had "the belt." Tbe magis
trates of Middlesex, with a propriety of eonj
duot whioh en not be too highly oommended,
told "Ben" that he might do oneof two thlugn
let, That be might fight, and net get hi lioenae
for hi pnblio houi in 8 1. Martin' lane; and Id,
that ho might not fight, and have hie license
continued. The valiant mag of pagilistlo
fame preferred hia licent to hi flitt, and Tom
Bayer became ohempion of Bogland without
a light. . Now a veritable Yankee challenges
him, and the bets are in fjtvorof "our Cousin."
There ie a rumor in sporting olrole that tha
"roughs" will not allow the Amerioan to win,
and that if he should get the advantage there
win be a wrangle, with a view to deprive him
of hit honors. Without eating much for the
remit which, 'It will be admitted, without
much doubt, will not anoct our national InterJ
ets it may be hoped that Tom Bayers and
young "iJenioia" will nave lair play.
PBoaracr ov Savaa'a TgirjuPBj The editor
of the Mobile (Ala ) 7roW has estimated
ueenen'g lungs; and reports: "in our ex
amination of Heenan, while in Mobile, we taw
that he lacked oheet, or, in other words, wind;
and generally he looked anything but hardy,
although big. And it wis this defeot of lungs
which teaored His defeat in the light with mor
riaiey, who Is a bull-headed fellow, with lungs
as large as a forge bellows. -' lie can stand and
be beaten all day. Heenaa has to .do his
work in 'rounds' of a few minutes: After that
be become weak. Bayer', the Englieh chain
plon. is a little fellow, but has sluok and
plenty of 'wind;' and added to the two qoal
itiet of .endurance he hag great 'loience,', and
toon know the than that lie hat to pTay with.
The profanities area ho, mat ATeenan
111 not get- the Moglieb belt.' Savers will
take pains to wear him out and flog him at hi
leisure." . ......... .. , r
Nbw Wab op thi Robu. A little "Paris
gosalp" says there is a mortal antipathy
between Perileny and Fould, dating from the
time of the Emperor's marriage. Pereigny,
wno is one or napoieorrs oldest and truest
friends, wag strongly opposed to big alliance
with Mile Montijo, and, before the marriage.
Madame do Periigny was in' the habit of
"snubbing" the future Bmprest on all avail
able ooeaeion. But Eugenie was a protest of
tho wily financier, who is bow Minister of
State, and he qletly set to work to make her
Mrs. H apoleon III, and, as everybody knows,
suoceeded. Hence the enmity between the
houses of Fould and Persigny; whioh, If the
two gentlemen live, Is likely to last as long as
in war oi ine xtosts.
Mobb Ebboiim at thi Liwaaaoi Mill
DiUBTaa. General Henry K. Oliver, In a let
ter ' acknowledging donations from Balem,
uui relates in foiiowlog: xnere were in
stance of heroism, in the attempts at rescue,
that were above even the highest praise. J ohn
Sbaw, a youngster of some twenty years, him
self witbln the building when it fell, drew
arouna mm tnree gins to a oiace or aaretyi
when the mill was all down, he took tbem out
of tbe danger, went back "and dug oat and
aved three more." I place this same John
Shaw above the John Sbaw of the Englieh
Lire btuaros, wno, at tne battle or Waterloo,
sle w seven Frenchmen. A higher hero ha who
saves tnau no wnoaiay.
LttrROia Ann IgotrsTST The Industrial Al
location of Hew York furniih temporary em
ployment to those wbo apply to tbem for food;
being unable to procure it on account of want
of work. Bach one 1 rrqulred to work one
hour before being allowed a teat at the dining
table. Tbe work I of variou kind, adapted
to tbe pbyiioal oipacity of tbe applicant,
whether man, woman, or child. Blnee the
plan ha been in operation, the report of the
superintendent show that one-third of the ap
plicants nave icrueea tue condition! imposed,
Aa InTiiraiLT OaiaivaL Sbowmast. A dime
glde-show In New Orleana having been de
servedly denounced by two of the Journal In
that city, and having been refused license by
tbe Mayor, the proprietor of the show brought
suit agslnat the rfficee and the Mayor, laying
hit damage at $10,000 in each cue. That Is
altogether thaoooleit and most original legal
proceeding we renumber to have heard of
for a number of yean. ; "
i Taa BuHaia Twins Oiowise Ostbodox.
Among the convert btptlaed during the lata
revival in Surrey Oountv. North Carolina.
was Mrs. i Adelaide Booker, wife of. Chang
Banker, one of the Siamese twin.- The
twins took a deep intereit In th meeting, and
were muoh concerned about their aouli' otor
nal salvation, and asked tbe minister to re
member them In their prayers. ". ,
Wom Tabbbo aid FsiTHMiD. Threo
women were tarred and feathered In Oakvllle,
0. W., recently, by a gang of rowdies; a lack
of virtue on tbe part of tbe viotima, being the
pretext for tho violence. Is thia a specimen
of Canadian chlvaliyf ' Such an outrage could
hardly have been committed, we are proud to
tay, in tne uniteaptatea. - -
PoiaoMD Pabtbimib. Ts Springfield Rf
publican cautions tbe publio against eating
partridges ut tblt season, as they are obliged
to reed on laurel leave, tbe extract of whioh
la a, virulent potion to tne human system,
This extract Impregnate th flosh of the bird,
and Dumber of persons have been poisoned
irviu eaiing it. .
. A Max; Boilip to DsaTa. John Struble, a
band employed at the salt works in Hempneld
Township, Fenn,' while Intoxicated, fell into
pan of boiling salt waUr, causing the flh
to arop irom nts oone wnea extricated
from hi horrible situation. Singular to say,
he lived till the next day, when death tor
uunana guuernp, ,. ; ri'7,. ;v
." '."ii (i;iy.j t'i. i.i . n i.-. I i
j- i; e;.,,.i , .in.-,--, ma.i-wr i
WASHINGTON, February 11.
BOUSE. Mr. Worrell preteated the me
morial of Wm. A. Howard, of Michigan, con
testing Mr. Coopar'a seat, ! ' . HI
Mr. usrnet wa excused from service as a
member of the Committee en the Diitrlot of
Columbia. ' ' l . .
Mr. Morris, of Illinois, offered raiolutlons
ealllng on the Executive and heads of depart
ment to ecmmunlcat a 'at th name of per
son appointed to efflto by the present Ad
tuin'stration in Illinois, ooptea of ail petitions,
letters, remonstrances and other paper on
wbloh the appointments and removals were
made. ;
Mr. Barkidale objected to the farther read
ing of the rssoluMons. , -
Mr. Morris aaid the information should not
ba aupprseiid. ..,'.
air iiarisdale said when the resolutions
ware In order nobody would otjeet,
John Coohran presented a n py of the reso
lutiooa adopted by the New Tork Chamber of
Oomooeree, in relation to the advantagea of
mail oommunieation with Mexico, which were
referred to the Committee on Commerce.
Mr. Sherman, from the Committee on Ways
and Mean, reported baok the Potofflae Ap
propriation Bill, whereupon the Hiu ie
solved itself Into a Committee of the Whole
on tbe subject. Mr. Grow in th ohatr.
Mr. Sherman laid the Senate amendment.
providing for the printing of tbe Postou.ce
blanks by oontract, wa ; one whioh ought to
be adopted In an Independent law, and all tbe
membera of tbe -Committee of Ways and
Mean were In favor of tuch legislation, but
they were opposed to it Incorporation n an
appropriation bill; to carry out an exis'iog
law nonaw legislation should be iniertcd
therein. Such a prietloe had been growing
up for a few year paet, and the committee
want to pot a stop to it; be would, therefore,
recommend that the House now oonoor in the
amendment ',. . , I
Mr. Phelps said that Mr. Sherman had cor
rectly ataUd the opinion of th Committee,
hut he differed from it eollon, and was will
ing to concur In the amendment under protest.
It was a measure of reform, and ieveuty per
cent, would oe saved oy it to tne uovernmoot.
Mr. Loveioy expreased the hope- that tbe
Houa would concur In th amendment. '
Mr. Million opposed the amendment abol
ishing tbs franking privilege. - -
Mr. uodd advocated tne giving cut or the
in ting of postoffloe blanks by contract. '
Mr. f loreooe (aid that it was a mistake that
aeventy per cent-would be saved; but about
thirty would bo.
Mr. Cobb replied that that wag worth saving.
He alio advooated the abolition of the frank
ing privilege. The good in the system wag
not equal to the evils.
Mr. otanton favored the etrixing outoi com
amendments. He w under an obligation
thus early to vote o as to prevent tbe evil
practice of Incorporating of ladependent legis
iations In appropriation bills. ' He expresaed
himself favorable to tbe abolition or the frank
ing privilege, and relative to giving the print
ing of poitoffice blanks to the loweat bidder,
when the committee rose. No definite action
on the bill was taktn.
From Washington.
'Vaw'TOBK. February 11 The Tribnu't
Washington correspondence of the 10th aayn
. A personal difiloulty happened after the ad
journment of the Hou.o to-day. . A Mr.
Uiokman wa returning home through the
oapitol ground, he waa overtaken by Mr.
Hdmondion. of Virginia, who. unon annroaoh
lng him, called out and draw back his hand
to strike. Mr. Cliogman. who was accident
ally passing, slipped up and aeized his arm,
when Mr. JKdmondton struok at Mr. .Uiokman
with his left hand, knocking off bis hat, but
doing him no injury. The whole affair was
instantaneous, and seemed to surprise Mr.
Uiokman. Mr. Breckinridge, who oame up,
took him away, and the scene ended. The
alleged provocation for this attack was an in
sulting renection on Virginia, oontained in
reoent speech of Mr. Hiokman, in which he
charged that seventeen men and a oow had
frightened the State.
Tbe Republican Congressional Committee
a. e
for the Presidential campaign, decided
unanimously, last night, not to receive any
portion of the profits of the House printing,
as had baen suggested, but to obtain means by
voluntary contributions, as heretofore, for cir
culating document and necessary expense.
uovernor nooinaon, oi Kansas, appeared
before tbe Harper's Ferry Committee, and
will eoaolude his evidenoe to-morrow. He
bed not seen John Brown for over two years,
and had only a limited Intercourse with hta.
He had no knowledge of any sort of bis raid
into Virginia, until the event waa published.
WaiBiTox, February 11 Senator Wilson
leavee thi afternoon for Massachusetts hav
ing been oalled thither In ooneequenoe of tbe
death of hi father. 1
Mr. Ben. Parley Poore has been appointed
uiera oi tne Mouse committee on foreign ai
aaua. 1
Cahaxdaioita. February 11. The Franklin
House, in this olty, was destroyed by lire last
night at nine o'clock. .
' PntUDKLran, February 11. Th planing
milt of Boodeg, Bae it Co, was burnt at three
o'clook this morning. Th fire extended'
th lumber wharf. George B. Sloat A Co.,
ewing-maoblne faotory, adjoining, was saved
Lou not aioertained. Fir lupposed to have
been toe wore oi aa inceniiary. i
Oahtox, N. 7., February 11 -A fire broke
out in Clark A Smith' drug store, on Main
street, and has laid In ruins half the busineia
portion of the village. Ten - or twelve build
Ings wsre destroyed. The loss, on which
there u some Insurance, amounted to $4,600.
daman, February 11 Tbe blaoksmlth
lop, and part of th repair shop, of tbe
Cleveland and Mahoning Btilroad was burnt
laat night. . Loss 91,000.,..' The engines were
savea. ( ;
'' Boarei, February 11. The building I
Causeway and Laneaster-streetay occupied
Samutl Howard k Sons, baker, and other,
waa destroyed by fire about midnight. Loss
abjut $8,000. l . , . :, ..
saggfakga .
Maine Delegates to the Charleston
- Baioob, Ma., February 9. Tba Democratic
Convention for the Fifth Distriot assembled
here to day, and, after an earnest contest,
Henry A. Wyman, of Skowhegan. and Chas.
D. Jameson, of Oidtown, the candidate!
the popular sovereignty men, were elected
delegates to the Charleston Convention, by
vote respectively of 138 and 110 out of 118
vote-. The following brief resolution iwas
adopted as a substitute for a reported series,
particularly indorsing the AdminUtration
all it measures i .'. ml
Rtnlttd. That we Indorse the Cincinnati
Platform, the resolution of tha Malnn State
Convention of 1859, and the Administration
Mr. BttOhanan.. ;, .,;.. ;;r,-
River News.
Louiviui, Ftbmary 11 P. M. The river
Is rising, with six feet eight Inches warier
the Canal and four feet eight Inoheaen
rails. - "-'
, New Toil, February 11-L.' Tonrs th
Custom-houie watebmao, wa last Bight found
morderea on hU but, neat toe Battery,
Additional Foreign News.
Nsw Toit, Fehraary 11. The vroeesslon
attending the removal of Captain Harrison'
remain from Southampton was heeded by
tne omoers and crew or the ureal fairer
The American Consul was among the large
number who took part la it. -;
Tbe eoro'e reaobed Livernool on the morn
ing of tbe 27tb, and was Interred In the St
J.mes Cemetery in that city in tbe presence
of an Immense crowd. Many of tbe ibop
long the road ware closed, and all th flag
were at half mast. Among tbe pall-beater
were Captain Judkln. Lang and others, of
the Cunard Company.
A meeting of Captain Harrison I minds
wad to b held In London for the parpo of
recording their sympathy for th bereavtd
Tbe offlolal Board of Trade' report on tee
loit of th iteamer ladim ha bean published. ,
The commander, Captain Smith, is exculpated,
but the mate is blamed for not stopping the.
ship when danger waa apparent.
'ranee. ai. Tbouverei had- assumed emee
Minister of Foreign Affairs. On th 24th
be issued a circular to the various Kmbissa-i
dors pledging his best off rts to maintain and
eoniolldate the existing friendly relations, 1
The commercial treaty between Franoe and
Ei gland continued to attract attention and
speculation. The OotuiVtutumnef publlabessev-)
oral artloles of th treaty, ag th following:
"On and after July next the import duties1
on cotton and wool will be suppressed; En-;
llsh eoal and coke will be lubjeot to the same;
utiss as in Belgium. After October next, ai
duty of 3f. will be substituted for tbe actual
duty on iron. From December, duties on ma-f
cbinery will be dimlnlebed. - From January j
1880, the sugar duty will be reduced.. From
Jane, 1801, prohibitions of the importation
of thread and hemp will be replaoed by a duty
not exneeatng tnmy per cent , and irom Octo
ber, 1861, all remaining prohibition will be
abolished.. . The advantages granted to Franoa
will be stated shortly." . !
tjome D rench journals report that the duty
nn French wlcee Imported into England will
be only 2d. per bottle, and Is. instead of 6j. 91:
per gallon; that silk will be admitted free, j
i n project ror tne annexation or svoy anq
Nice to Franee wis being ODenlv alluded to ini
tbe Frenoh semi official Journals as an almost
accomplished fact ". -
The Bourse waa ioaotive and dull; Bentes
elosed on the 37th at 68 f. 60o. . ' I
Pruuia. The statement that Prussia had
consented to the annexation of Savoy and
Nice to France, is denied in reliable quarters,
luricty bit nenry nuiwer bad ordered tne
Britieh Oonsol in Rodoste to break off official
relation! with the authorltiea.
9pai and Uorowt. The latest dispatches
from the seat of war sy that the Moors had
attacktd tbe advanoed redoubt of the Spaniards
on the Martin Aiver, but were repulsed with
ounBiuaraoiw jubb. i
Iuilu The Independent, of ' Turin. Count
Cavour's organ, aje: ''Nothing now opposes
the Prince Caragnanes' aisumption of the re
genoy." xne Marquis of Massmo oigraglle la ao-
tointed Governor of Milan. Rauiia has left
brNice. ' .'(.,:,, ,
From New York.
New Tok, February II. Rev. Dr. Brown-
lee, of the Collegiate Dutch Reform Church,
died yesterday, aged seventy-seven. : '
xne steam-lug Xanlue towed to toll port
last night the sohoener Kidron, found drag
ging out to sea, with the tea making a com
plete breach over her. The crew must have
all perished but for tbe steamer's aialstanoe.
The damage on the Hudson from the storm
will reach $200,000. Not a village or oity but
has suffered serious injury to buildings, trees
or green-houses. At Peekskill the damage Is
from $60,000 to $70,000, of whioh 910,000 to
926,000 was caused by the destruction of Dr.
Grant's green-house and nursery. The Greg
ory Houae at fake Moboppae was destroyed.
Tbe river is again freezing over from, loo
kers to Peekskill, and navigation is danger-
out from this oity to Tonkers from floating
ice. : , '.. . ,
Tbe steamer Ci'i of Baltimore sailed to-day
for Liverpool with one hundred and thirty
four paiaengor and $60,000 in ipeoie. .
From Brownsville.
NiwOiLtAis. February 11 The iteamer
Arisena has arrived here, with Brownsville,
Texea, dates to the 6th Inst A courier from
Col. Ford to M-ior Qeintselman reports that
tba Amerioan steamer ntearo wa fired into
thirty miles above Brownsville by Mexicans
bearing the Mix loan flag. Several shots
passed through the steamer. Subsequently
tbe Mexicans fired on Col. Ford's forces from
tbe Mexican side of tbe river, dangerously
wouodiog one man. Col. Ford returned the
fiie, and crossed the river in pursuit of tbe
enemy. Capt Stonemsn s dragoons bad been
reintoieed, now numberiog two hundred men.
The people of Matamoraa sympathise with
Oortinas. War was considered inevitable.
The Royal Arch Masons.
Aliabv. February 11. The Grand Chanter
of Royal Arch Masons held a seuion to-day.
One hundred aad fifty Chapters were repre
sented. The following offioer were elected.
James M. Austin, of New Turk, G. U. P.; Syl
vester Gilbert, of Ogdeogburg, D G II. P.;
Augustus Wlllard. of Greene. U K t George N
Williams, of Syracuse, Q. B.; John o. Ucie, er
Albany, U. Beo'y: wm. Seymour, or Albany,
G. T t Edgar 0. Diddle, of Batavia, G. O. of
the Host; Wm. Connolly, of Albany, G, R.A
O.j Alonxo Crosby, of Albany, G. Sentinel.
From New Orleans.
- a n i.v.. it a nut.i
Nw Orleana dispatch to the Cornier tay that
any wealthy Dee agriculturist irom the tU'
terior of Loaisima are preparing to depart for
tuyu. -
A Diaioltcal MoTMiBotangC) n Chiuo.
Julia Ana Cateady, a married woman, rid!ng
in Chenango, N. Y., recently burnt her illegit
imate child, a girl aboot four year old,
aeverely that ih can not live. . From the
ehild's own abatement and from tbe evidenoe
adduced and cltcumitaaoeg developed, it ap
pears that th fiendish woman (tripped th
child of It olothing, and put it head foremost
into tbe (tore, holding It there uatu ane tup
nosed it dead: then putting It into the aek
gown, aha plaoed it la th bed and let the bed
on ore. . v . . -r ,
SruROiog'a Cos viasios Spurgeon, in on
oi his letters, says that in bis own enuron "tor
more than five years we have had all the fruits
of a revival without ita excessive excitement
The number of convert seems to be aa con
stant as if aome divine law regulated and
ooatroled their Influx. Each week brings its
quota, until we have no room to aooommodate
them at the communion, table, and are obliged
to meet In two bodies, that all may find
piece.",. . - .- , , fc.
A Sin RiilboAp. The Pennsylvania Rail
road Company, In th laat annual report,
inform the itockhotder and tbe public that
there has not been a life lost upon their line,
and thli notwithstanding that in I860 there
were 1.4)6,llv passenger transported, and
64,S5,ovi mt lei traveled, u ,
Ica Plibiso Machisb A new machine
for planing the turfact of ioe wa applied
jrriday, ror ne erst time, on Salisbury ronn,
'i'ne macmne works wen, taking on an men,
and itaTiPg tat toe imooth lot; mating. :
..Vi-!.'v-- till ,ift.;i ,x i-'..
bates of advebtiring
... , c T K KM 8 C A9 H " '
'AittrrllBiBBSuti at exceeding Ave tlaea (Agato)B
One tf-rtlom.4 flflOneweek, 9K&
Two i l St) I On month -.
Larger advertliaaainta Inaertad at the following rauaV
aoi Kjuaxe or ten tine or seaa t
Oo tiwrtloa t SB I Two weeks
keek additional aa I Tbrx ml
One wnk ,,n 1 791 One bum th
a vtl
m m -m-k . '..'Ill
In all Its braBchea done with Beatnoae and dispatch.
4 i tt
Wheeler & Wilson's
FrlaHpal OsTJee, No. tf Weat rearth-at.
Whreler Wlleon Sewing Machine, with Im
portant improvement, and to meet tbe demand for
a good, low-prlr-d Family Machine, have intro
duced a HaW XTTLB, aorklng upon the same prln
elple, and making tbe eume eiltch, thou ah not to
blghfy flolaaed, at tflFTV-PIVB UOLiUARw.
Toe eleaance.apted, nolaeleesnr and limpliclty of
the Maohi ne, th heanty sod strength of etitob, being
AlilKS ON lluTU Bli'Kd Impowible to ravel, and
Iravlug no chain or ridge o tbe nnder aide, tbe
eoonomy of thread and a.laptabllitr to the thickset
or thinnest fabric-, hat rendered tbla tbe moat inc.
ceerfnl and popular family Sewing Maohlu bow
At onrvarlotie offloMW kell at New Tork trice,
and give Inatroctlona free of charge, to enable par
chaser to eew ordinary learns, hem, tell, quilt.
gatbr, bind and tuck, all on the aame machine, and
warrant it for three years.
Send or call for a circular containing full paiticu
lar. prices, ttlmonial, o. ,
jal7ay -. ' . WM. STJfflNBH. tie CO.
Coal Cooking Stove!
Bas been pronounced by competent judge to be the
v Patented Dec. 1, 858.
lor sal b th Innntor and Manufaoturan,
No. 333 Fourth-street, ClnclMatl.
deisl -.
, , Manulactory, Corlngton, &ye '
; Ne. 90 Baet Colaatbla-ertreeC . i
trade at the most reasonable price and on the
moat accommodating urma with . . , .
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
M. n. lonaa'a Imeroved Lame and Barnan for
al by oar agout, J.eLIiIlUi,Uvlagtoa, a. ,
Free from Offeuaive Odor, at
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, Oi
AL with any aiannfactaring wUbUibmeat
B America.
BW W. trarrant onr Oils to ba anna. If not anna-
rlor, to any in the maiket.
MT Wa Invite thoaa in tha Htr and vtnlnltr as
Sail and xawine for themeelvea.
r Bo person, orderiug from a distance, aatil
taction guaranteed In all caee. Addreaa
u, it. H4-ni.i,ai4ai, tr . .
A. 0. IIODOK-f, Treaewrcp,
aUoahaJp. O. M. Oil Man. Co.,
aioTit.atrwt, Dini-ljinetJ,
Manufacturer and Importer of ''
Soaps, Perfumery and Fancy Goods
than anv other eatabllihment In thm oitv or
Welt, country and elty. Merchants and druggist
will find ittothuir interest so call and examine mg
atock before pnrcoaslng elsewhere. Jags
THIRD-BTHE1T. Cincinnati. Ohio, ana maun.
factaring largely, fainter' celebrates Hydraulic
roroe aaa iiit rump, a mo, bib rortaeie ateam
Enelnee. All those whe are abont to ptuvcbaee
Pldlrs fur Tuunerlea, Breweries, DUttl-
terten, urr uwhi rapw itiiiib avausrwaw
MalloBB, Oilnc, Wrfteklngi Parpe, or, In
reel, tor any purpose wncre a pump la nseuea, wm
Bnd It to their advantage to call aud see the work
ing of theae veluaMe faventlone, or addree th
f ALUEB PDiiF OOMrAiSX for a olrenlar, wbloh
will furnl.h the name of many who have need thee
rampe witn permoi atjmaciion. ;; aeiiam
lOH ItlsJa-etrwet. three daore above Third,
B.BV j
DIB all k ads of OorseTrapplofPi, In the beet
ana most euosunuei manner. Also, a large eeaort
meat of florae Hlantete, VlBe,UBrptaa3 Leatbei
Hairs, Bridle BUe, Bnffalo Robee, Valleee (tbe tea
sole-leather), Mall TrnnKv. Bpooge, an a large a
ortment belohglngto thia One. lwlUeeUaaWi
I th lows!. . - '
. .,...,.-! D. 8..CAB&I0K
TALIIOE(H)riNQ"m-oflfred la the poblle
a the beet and eheapest Metal Voof now need, lis
nwrlte seated by aa xpeiienc Of yean In thi city
and vicinity. A nulled So Oat or stoea. Old or new
tmlldlnga. Ko eolder oeod-fanteeed aeoiirely wlth-
ont aBBaanre to tba aelloa of the elemonta.
Frcuared hcott, hosed for shipment to any part o
th United Mate, can be applied by any one with
cdlnar, w-obealeai XtiM?'
'"yM-tf ''-"' ': . taWttl00Bdtrti-t.
pMWe at.ilntt
OOMPANT" AUCMor. fcewporl, KV.-for
or, and marine mis, Uapitat,
JelJaaa .
"H llfees vori, gay,
..hi ,.:
sf'' ' .-aTgwt;--. iv 'J ..
iJ'4 'f.'.'J !!1J"

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