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Don't forget that the Penny
Press is the medium through which to
make known your wants! Advertise
mentTef five llnea and lew, Inserted
twice for twenty-fire eentst . )
lfANTED HOU8E-T0 rent,oontalning
JT . f,E !i roomj " e, within ariem
m,nnto" w' "i Poetofflce.. Addiess,witb wirtiw
lara, Box 3,313, Pcstoffloe. fol 8 b
WANTED To supply merchants, hotels
and others gratis, with clerks, book-keepers,
salesmen, bar keepsrs, porters, coo pan, nrpenUn,
mechanics, laborers, Ac., at lbs Merchants' Clerks'
Beelstry Offloo, 1 Walnut-street.
fei3-b HAI,CO.
WANTED One hundred boarders, at
Kerl'snew Restaurant, Ho. S East Fourth
Street. Board S3 per week. Meals at all honra or
the day wl tnont extra charge fel3-b
machinists wanted to work onplows. Apply
Immediately to VAN DKUR8EN GIBBB,
fel3eb Booth-west corner of Front and John-its
ANTE D For everybody to seod a
W1K ,, Li'. w- F'anung, pruning
and (rowing all kindeof treaa. Purely selfish mo.
tivee alone should induce every one to buy a copr.
Bold on liberal terms to booksellers. Address MEN
PA1, 8HAF1HR, Cincinnati, Obla. fa lib'
WANTED SALOON Any one having a
a Saloon or Confectionery, with . dwelling
or rooms attuned, that they wish to sell, can find a
purchaser by addressing a note to SALOON, to the
offloe of this paper, stating number of street, alio
number of room. fellb
WANTS D A fair more enterprising
, i,?on(A;rtcnn,,I,to,11Bw'dn
ful article, never before offered for rale in this city.
Liberal arrangements made for County and Stats
Bights. Apply at Boom No. 67 Bouihpete House,
between 10 and U A. M, J and 4 and 7 and P. II.
. , , gentleman and wife deilre one or two fur.
nlihed room a in good location, within ten or fif
teen minntee' walk of the Poetofflce. Address, Stat
lug terms, which must not be over $14 or $20 per
month, Bos 1,786, Poetofflce. - ftub
v . frSm '150i totake charge of a
buslneea that will par from i to $10 per day. Ad
dresi J. M.. at this offloe. None but responsible per
sons need apply. fellb
. T ,.nian, at any employment where he oan make
himself generally useful. Good references given.
atoibw a. iu., iuia oujue. lellO-
if on House, Covington, Apply immediately,
' ' " Ifellb '
"VyANTKD A GIB L To do chamber
nT, J"1, n,Dd oWWrsn. Inquire st Mr.
BROOKE'S, Madison-street, Newport, Ky. lellb
, on vests. Apply at No, 71 Providenoe-street
. "WTTANTED By a respectable girl, a situ-
" n u cuamuormaia, or 10 00 plain sewing,
Address M. H., thli offloe. fellb
WANTED -A MAN Who understand!
driving and the care of bones and to work
in garden. No one need anawer thia who oan not
srive good referenoe as to capability and good habits.
Address Lock Box 1 414, Poitoffics. fM
FOR SALE A very good second-hand
, - ? Baggf in good repair, for sale very low.
, ALSO-House and Lot in Oxford, Ohio-good
Trame House, six rooms, porch, Ao. Lot 66 by 164,
nicely Improved. Offered vary cheaply.
, fellb ' Bsal Batata Agents, 67 W. Third-it. 1
57 and W Observatory-road will be sold cheap
for cash, or traded to a carpenter for carpenter-work.
. fellb .
OR SALE A deairable Lot, 80x84 feet,
to a U-foot alley, south side of Loogworth
ttreet, west of Plnm. It li convenient to the mar
kets, and In the molt quiet and pleaaant part Of the
city. . Apply to J. H. 0KTZKNDAN8XB. Bait
Tblrd-slreetgpr on the premlaee.
ply at J. W. WAYNE'S Washboard Factory, on
Xlgntb-etreot, east of Broadway. lbs room la to by
lu feet, lighted on all ildea. fellb
. papered, with eight roomi, carclago-honw, gar
den, o.. on Wftlnnt fillla. Apply to W. L. KVINS
A CO., No. 34 Weit ThlrdHtreet. fellb
OR RENT COTTAGE Of four rooms
and attle, small barn, with three or four acres
of rich land, suitable for cardeulng purponea, lying
on a good pike, and near the city. Poaieeeion given
Match I, or aoouer if desired. Apply to the aub
serlber. No. 4 Publio Landing, from 9 to 10 A. H. or
1 to (P.M. fcnaw'j I. OBANI.
BOARDING. A pleaiaot room, on teoond
floor, suitable for two or three gentleman, can
be obtained, with board, la private family, at 16
Plnm-itreat, near fourth, fei3 b
BOARDINS A wntloman and wife can
obtain board, with the comforts of a borne, in
very pleasant location. One who an furnish, or
partly ao, their room preferred. House anpplled
with gas. No. aS9 Berenth-etreet. fellb
BOARDING One or two gentlemen oan
secure a comfortable room, newly papered, with
board, in a prints family, by applyiug immediately
at No. 187 Longworth-street, between Elm and Plum.
Terms moderate. fellb
BOARDING A gentleman and his wife
can have a nioe front room, with board, st No.
76 Lanrel-etreet. fe7aw
T OST On Saturday evening, about 8EV
JLiENT f-ORB DOLLARS in billi, prioolpally Ohio
nd Indiana. Ten dollar! reward will be given to
the peraou returning the lame to the Commercial
' Offloe. The loser is In limited slrcumstaacee, and
anable to bear the loss. fclSb
FOR 1860 !
tat oaQptsT,
I .. . , -
"J'at"v SIX OBN B A W tEKi, '""'-wwwr.
' WX.OIHTS A WK ' .;, ;:-
' !
JLA M tbs Psan Press OBce,
If roe want servant, advertise In
i - i' i i THB. BNNT PKBS8
Ir roe want a house, advertise In
If roe want to ssll anything, advertiss In
If roa want to bar anything, advartiss In
la fact, svsry want supplied by advertising In
To Miaoa arts. Oar carrier for Newport
will diitribate businsie eardi, hand bills, pro
gramma, Ao., with great care In that oity dally,
on the moat reasonable termi. Leave ordsri
atenrofflee. ltawd
HruisiiL. Daring the week ending on
Saturday last forty-iix marriage lioenies were
Issued by the Clark of the Probate Court,
against fifty-two during the week previoui.
CoKCiar at thi First Uhivimihst Chdich.
The eholr of the First Unlvenallst Ohurob,
asaiited by a number of diitingniihsd ama
tenri, will give a grand vocal and instru
mental eonoert at the church on Plum-street,
between Fourth and Fifth, on Thuriday even
ing next, . 'i
Diitb or Piorassoa Caiwroao, thi Scot
tish Vocalist. The numerous personal and
professional friends of Professor Crawford, the
noted Scottish Vocalist, will regret to learn
that he died, after a severe illness of gome
weeks, at the "Star and Thistle," on the cor
ner of Sixth and Lodge, about eleven o'clock
on Saturday night.
Cutties' Ast Uaroa Elictioiof Ornons.
At the last meeting of this organization, held
at their hall in Selves' Building, the follow
ing offloers were elected for the eniuing term:
President, J. V. Ditmars; Vice-President, B.
O'Eeefe; Recording Secretary, E. B. Lewis;
Corresponding Sesretary, C. W. Wllllami;
Treasurer, Adtm Riefj Sentinel, Henry Damp
7. . i i , e
MeriosoLofliciL ObbiivjlTiokr Br Henry
'Ware, Optiolan, No. T West Fourth-itreet,
Febraarv lit
O'clock. . Barometer.
A bore aero 2S
Above aero iS
Above aero 67
February 1J
Above aero 21
Aboresere 37
Above zero 40
7 A. M.....M.J9.36
IJ M...ra.M m MM
e r. m M.g
O'clock. . .: Barometer.
7A.M am
13 VI 4 syeeeeesssese eseessssasaeswseeW.63
V esseeane eeeeesa m eeesese e
February 11 1
Joha B. Jones, Falmouth, Ky.
Wm, p. Balllday, LonsTille. Ky.
. Thomas MeaselL Dnnkard Postoflee, Peon.
P. Klllan, alt. Healthy, O.
Oharlee Bayback, Princeton, Ind.
Uiaa Mattle B. Wooltey, Maabville, Tenn.
Remaining February 111
Messrs. B. S. k B. A. Soney, Baltimore. Ud.
Heatrs. Leavens A Benton, Oramel, B. T.
Wm. Karr, Bra., Memphis, Tenn. i
M. Goldberg, Jlq., Uemehit, Tenn.
Mrs. 8. Morae, care of Brltton A Co., Hew York
Thi Simtiroi or Jausi Beans Comhotbd
to Immisobmskt fob Liri. The sentence of
death recently paned upon James Burns for
the homooide of Miobael Burke was commuted
day before yesterday by Governor Dennison, to
imprisonment for life. We are not lure that
the prisoner received the announcement with
greater joy than a large number of our eiti
zene; for whatever necessity there may be for
an example of thia kind, it ia muoh easier to
die than to be an exeoutioner.
Mibohavto' Exoharoi. The growing bus
iness of the Herohants' Exobange has com
pelled the members to enlarge their apart
ments in College Building, and they have
therefore torn away the partition that formerly
divided the hall in wbloh they meet, making
one large room of the space heretofore oeoupied
by two. We are pleased to notice this fact,
and believe the day not far distant when oar
merahanta will and it to their interest to build
a Chamber of Commerce which will not only
be adequate to their wants, but alao an orna
ment to the city.
Pboobbmnqs or thi Cocbtt CowiiresioiiiM.
At the regular senion of the County Commis
sioners, held day before yesterday, orders
were passed amounting in the aggregate to
$817 08, of which $368 05 were paid for gravel
in the Carthage-road, and $252 for bridge at
Negro Hollow.
A long communication was reoeived from
Mr. George Moesiioger, who proposes to fur
nish the Board with seotlonal plats of all the
lands In the county, not inoluding town lota,
at a cost of $3,183, but no action was taken
upon the proposition. ' i
Fourth Waed Indifehdbst Aitillirt.
At a meeting of the Fourth Ward Independent
Artillery Company, hsld en Columbia-street,
between Race and Elm, on Saturday evening
last, the following officers were eleoted: Csp
tain, J. E. West; First Lieutenant, William
Stevenson; Second Lieutenant, John R. Batch
elder; Third Lieutenant, John M. Losier;
Fourth Lieutenant, Charles Ismaalj Ensign,
Timothy Clsary; First Sergeant, J. 8. Pollook;
Ssoond Sergeant, John Clark; Third Sergeant,
John Linnwood; Fourth Sergeant, Jerry Fow
ler; Treasurer, J. E. West; Score tary, D.
a m
Pbisob, Jail abs Hobfital. In the City
Prison, at the close of the week, there were 123
prisoners, (15 of them females,) against 120
the previous week. During the week 81 pris
oners were discharged. The tew Female
City Prison contains 17 inmates.
In the County Jail there were 7 lunatics;
32 females; 5 on bread and water; 38 onehaln
gang; 80 ia main jaU 150 in all, against 151
the week previous. .
At the Commercial Hoapltal 23 persona were
admitted during the week; 26 discharged; 0
born, and 4 died Wm. Mitchell, John Mont
gomery, Mary Jane Sherman and an infant.
In the Hospital last evening 145 patients
were under treatment, againat 163 the previ
viouj week.
At the close of the week there was not
a single ease of small-pox at the Peat-house. .
Fbidibiok B. Lillit vs. Thi City or Cib-
000 Wobti of Rbal Estatb. The eounael for
plaintiff in the ease of Frederick B. Lilley,
t. The City of Cincinnati, for the recovery of
ten acres of gronad, en Vine-street Hill, valued
at $50,000, day before yestsrdey fileca bill in
the United States Court, of whioh the follow
ing Is an abstract:
The plaintiff ellegee that William Burnet
proposed to aell to the eity of Cincinnati, for
the sum of $3,000, five acres of land, forming
part of oc hundred and thirty acres, situated
in section number two, of township number
three, of the Miami Purchase, thsn within a
mile of the city, but now adjoining it, and
that be proposed to donate to the eity five ad
ditional acres. Both the sale and the gift,
however, were offered only en the express con
dition that on the ten acres were to be erected
a House of Correction and Reformation. The
plaintiff farther alleges that be offered to the
eity the right to sell aald land on removal of
eeid Iloase of Oorrectlon and Reformation,
and'that the offer was accepted by City Coun
cil en the 13th of August, 1847. .i
.. After the oity had purchased and reeeireoV
eonveyenoe of the ten acres in the month of
January, 1848, the plaintiff alleges that It
purchased another lot, la a different location,
about a mile distant from that conveyed by
Mr. Burnet, asoV there created a House of Cor
rection and Reformation. As the eity has re
fused to put tee aald property to the use for
whioh it was' conveyed, the' plaintiff elaima
ifcai aald property, has, therefore, reverted to
WjOt Buriet, nl fee Irs or assigns,
Y. M. M. L. AaaooiAtioa Tie Cowsa
UtJADEi-CaiTissiAi. AsHivsasAkT. the com
mittee of one hundred and fifteen, appointed
by the Board and members of the Young Men's
Mercantile Library Association to mske ar
rangements for the proper celebration of its
Quadri-Centenelal Anniversary, met accord
ing to adjourmant at the Merchants' Exchange,
on Saturday evening, Mr. J. W. Hartwoll in
the chair. .. j-- r . -
The sub-committee of fifteen opened the
business of the meeting by presenting the fol
lowing report:
' After due deliberation and a free interchange
of views, your committee respectfully submit
the following reeommondations: - ,
That the oooasion be celebrated by a literary
and festive entertainment, to be given at Pike's
Opera-house, on the evening of Wednesday,
the 18th of April, and that the exerolsea be
eonduoted after, and consist of the following:
Quadri-Oentennlal Annlremry reetlralof the Young
Men's Mercantile Library Association.
PiKa'a Oriaa-Hocsi,
Wednesday Erasing, April IS, JM0.
House open 7 o'olock En tertalnment oommenre at .
Grand Overtara and other Miulc, from 7X to S
Dramatio Headings.
AnnlTerserjr Address, ey an acti's member.
Annierarr Poem.
Grand March.
Mapper. .
Tickets, admitting a Lady and Gentleman, $3 each;
additional Ladles l.
After considerable discussion the report of
the committee waa adopted, with only two
dissenting voioes, both of whom objected to it
because dancing had been suggested as a part
of the festivities, after whioh the following
committees were appointed, and the meeting
BxecutiTe-Theodore Cook, John W. Hartwell, W.'
J. Waiteman, Joseph Tnrrenoe. Qeo. W. MoAlpin.
On Hali-Milee Greenwood, Thoe. J. Blggi,jr.,8.
O. Newton, J. L. Talbot, Ben. Ivans.
. On Inritatlona-B. B. Blnman, Edward Taylor.lr.,
J. H. Brotherton, Charlea Dexter, M. T. Williamson.
On Muiic-Henry O. TJrner. W. K. Nixon, B. T.
Blnman, Samuel J. Bale. J. W. Vinton.
On Printing-John D. Caldwell, f. H. Baldwin, T.
O. McQrew, J. T. Cole, George 8. Deed.
On Address Thomas Sberlock, A. 8. Wlnslow, O.
H. Hilton, O. W. Bowlaod, John Wynne.
Beading aad Peem-H.I). Huntington, T. J. Gal.
lagber, A. B. Merriam, J. U. Wilby,. A. Oano,
On Badges Wm. H. Ooolldge, H. M. Jolineon,D.
A. Olidden, Jamee M. Glenn. Jobs 0. Schooler.
On Bupper-8. B. Pike, J.M.Keeler.O. W.Tbomas,
O. J. Acton, Rowland Bills, jr.
finance The Board of Directors.
On Dancing -P. B. Gloon.K. Lorlng, John A.
Townley, James B. Pierce, L. T. Barr, 0. 0. Bngbart,
IS. T. Carson, A. A. Marsh, H. D. Geddes, 0. P.
Marsb, Geo. Bogen. jr., H, G. Baton.
On Beceptlon B. M. BlBbnp, B. Homana, 0.
Brasheara, 0. W. Bush, A. D. Bullock, George Shtl
llto, Veo. W. Jonee, Jacob Traber, jr., 0. H. Kllgoar,
W. B. Orane, George H. Cbrlatian, B. B. Bayes, W.
H.Oomstock, George F. Davis, James F. Meline,0.
W. West, W. B. Davis, Henry Mack, George 8. Dodd,
Isaac Wolff, Jamee Eipy, John D. Minor. William
Woods, J. M. Murphy. W. H. Woods, T. McBuniie,
X. Waasenloh, W. 0. NefT, (ibarles B. Foedlck,
Thomas Ong, Thomas H. Fonlds, K.. Yardly, T. Q.
Gaylocd, David Gibson, J. J. Rickey, 0. H. Boots,
Newport; John W. Carlisle, O. H. W llllams, Charles
Beakirt, P. A. Spinning, James Taylor, jr., Newport.
Sooibtt. The Cincinnati Horticultural Society
met as usual on Saturday, at their rooms in
Bacon's Buildings, President William Orange
in the ohair. The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved. Mr. D. B. Pierson
then offered the following resolution, which
waa adopted:
Bttolvti, That the subject of a plan of
facilitating a system of accounts between the
Secretary and Treasurer be referred to the
Council for arrangement.
On motion of J. P. Poote, an amendment to
the by-lawa, regarding the diepoeel of the
order of business of the Secretary at their regu
lar weekly meetings, was announced for next
In regard to the next meeting of the United
States Agricultural Society, some resolutions,
whioh have already been published In our
columns, paseed by the Mechanics' and Manu
facturers' Exchange, were read, after wbloh
the following, presented by D. B. Pleraon,
were unanimously adopted:
Rnohtd, That thia society learn with
pleasure that an effort is being made to secure
the location of the United States Agricultural
Pair for 1860, at or near this city.
Rmhnd, That this society will co-operate
with other organisations in Hamilton County
in promoting the location of aald Pair at thia
place, and that a committee be appointed to
promote that result.
Betohed, That a oopy of the above reaola
tions be sent to every organisation of a kindred
ebaraoter, and that they be requested to co
operate with ui.
Whereupon the following gentlemen were
appointed for the above purposo, vis: F. Q.
Gary, D. B. Pierson, S. W. Haseitine, W.
Btoms and Dr. J. A. Warder; and the Society
preeect their compliments to the Mechanics'
Institute, and request in return alio their cor
dial and moat effective co-operation with then
in the carrying forward this grand object.
The question for discussion next Saturday,
presented through the proper committee, is:
The best method of preparing and planting
grape outtings, either in nursery or orchard.
The Council are requested to meet next
Saturday at this hall for the transaction of
important business.
The following gentlemen, Introduced by E,
J. Hooper, were unanimously elected to mem
bership, via: Joseph L. woodward, T. W.
Howell and W. E. Marsh, after whioh the So
oiety adjourned.
Mmtino or thb MioiahioV add Mai
trrAoruBBBs' ExoHAiea. At the meeting
of the Mechanica' and Manufacturers' Ex
change on Saturday the attendance waa
quite large, and the following persons were
added to the membership: Henry Vallette,
merchant; A. B. Holabird k Co., mschtnists;
Taylor k Anthony, Insurance Agents; W. W.
Winder, painter; J. B. Soder, Solioitor Eagle
Insurance Co.; C. C. T. Dumont, engine builder
and boiler maker; Brans k Williams, stair
builders; J.N. Tattle, edge tool manufacturer;
J. B. Ryan, manufacturer of Dodge's Patent
Stoves and Urates; Sullivan k Mclntlre, steam
and. gas pipe fitters; Casper Gelse, builder;
Jaeob Dlahl, agent of Oabluet-makers' Union;
Henry Cloaterman, chair manufacturer; Wm.
N. Thompson, belt manufacturer. .
On motion of Dr. Foots, the following named
Committee waa appointed to revise the Consti
tution and By-Lawi of the Exchange: 0. D.
Foote, H. Camming, R. B. Moore, W. H. Ma
loae, J. B. Elliott.
Mr. A. 0. Hodges submitted the following
preamble and resolutions:
Whbbbas, It appears from a report sub
mitted by the Committee on Banks and
Banking, of the Mechanics' and Manufac
turers' Exchange, on yesterday, that it is im
practicable to have a good, working Banking
Law in Ohio, until the constitution Is ohanged;
Am Whbbbas, It la believed that a banking
institution may be established without being
a Bank of issue, and, consequently not in
conflict with the Constitution of the State of
Ohio, whioh may be made useful to the me
ehanloal and manufacturing interests of Cin
cinnati; therefore,
Rnohtd, That a committee of five gentle
men, members of this Exchange, be appointed
by the President' to submit a plan for the
establishment of a Bank, the atyle of which
shall be "The Mechanics' and Manufacturers'
Bank of Cincinnati."
Baolvd furthtr, That If after aald plan of
a Bank shall have been submitted, and it ahall
have been approved by a majority ef the Ex-c
change, that then the necessary atepa betaken
to procure an act of incorporation from the
Legislatures of Ohio. . .
On motion of Mr. Foote, the above was re
oeived and entered on the minutes, and, on
motion of Mr. Whitaon, the reaolulions were
adopted, and the following named peraons ap
pointed the Committee on Banking: A. G.
Hodges, D. P. Pierson, A. B. Letta, C. 0.
Whitaon, J. W. Shipley-after which the
Board adjourned. -
i ; i a t
stittjtb HiSTOatOAL Sooibtt. The Historical
Society of the Catholic Institute, whioh meets
every Tuesday evening, at Metropolitan Hall,
have eleoted the following offloers for the ensu
ing yean President, Dr. J. J. Qalnn; Vioo
President, Dr. O. Bruehl; Recording Secre
tary,. Dennie J. Tooby; Corresponding Secre
tary Joseph, Freaewest; Treasurer, Frank
Tia Wbathsb. na Crrv Asa ni Wr
The Week which, with as, has just died, was
born on a beautiful sight The sky tbiokly
studded with stars smiled a benign welcome
upon mo new-comer irom ine realm of Time,
and the morn that followed Aurora daneed
gaily on the eastern hilie and filled the atmoe
pbere with the delicious balminess of bar
breath. . .
The youth of the departed Hebdomad was
fall of life and vigor, and the dreamy Dave
seemed to exist only that they might beautify
Mm. Ia his middle age he wept sad and sor
rowing tears, for ha saw as all sooner or later
must see that life waa inane, and that happi
ness was not upon the planet to whioh he had
been doomed.
Later in his life he became atern and aol
emn, and marched to hie fate with heavy
tread. The North wind chilled him to the
very soul, and although the aky looked bright,
and the ahinlng spheres accompanied him
with their delightful harmonies, their music
pleased not him, and he listened in pensive
eilenoe to the lovely variation of Nature's
eternal anthem. The stare sang to him when
he died, in pity, seemingly, at hia frosty fate,
aad the low, wisred requiem the breeis is sigh
ing e'er his tomb, is, as we write, a fitting
death-song for one whose life aaw so muoh
beautiful sadness.
During the lifetime of the Week, the eity
waa unusually gsy and its prinolpal thorough
fares were daily crowded with elegant and
fashionably-dressed ladies, who made it bright
as the sunshine in which they glittered.
Business was brisk among the eholesale mer
chants, aad the blue sky seemed to yield them
yellow earth, while the Nighta brought dreams
aweet as their own glowing faces.
The theaters, leoture-rooms and other places
ef amusement were well attended; the Hotels
were thronged with visitors and strangers;
balls, parties and routs were resorted to by our
eltlaens, who pleasantly danced through the
darkened Honrs, and laughed at the sad face
of the Week aa he eynineally and snseringly
wandered by them into the Past.
Abbbbt of a Codtli of Allisbo Tinvsa.
Officers flrogan and Jones arrested two men,
nemed Charles Banfield and Daniel Finnigaa,
yesterday afternoon, upon the supposition that
they were engaged in the larceny of a lady's
trunk, whioh they found in their possession.
It contained about $250 worth of wearing
apparel, and a letter, written by William
Brenlngton to Misa Kate W. Lamar, and ad
dressed to Wilmington, Indiana, The parties
were confined in the Hammond-street Station
house, to await a hearing before Judge Lowe.
Widows akd Obfhars I. 0. R. M. The
Metamora Tribe, No. 6, L 0. R. M., will give
their second annual Ball on Tuesday evening,
at National Hall, for the benefit of the widowa
and orphans of the members of the order. A
great number of tickets have already been
aold, but considering the praiseworthy object
of the society, we earnestly hope to see numbers
even of those who will not attend contribute
to the laudable object
Horn Iistabtly Killid. A, eouple of
young men attempted to pass the toll-gate on
the road between this eity and Sedamsvllle,
yesterday afternoon, and in their haste ran
againat a wagon with the buggy they were
driving, when, the horse besoming frightened,
ran away, detached himself from the Tabids,
and rushed with such foree egainst the plat
form in front of Ingraham'a distillery, that
the shock instantly produced his death.
Fibs oh Satosdat Evbbiro. About eight
o'clock, on Saturday evening, a fire broke out
in the liquor establishment of Edward Haaer,
No. 872 Main-street, second door above Ninth,
which extended to the adjoining buildings on
the north, occupied by Henry Essman, also a
liquor-dealer, destroying property to the value
of $800 of wbioh the former loses $600 and the
latter $300 fully insured.
Pocks? Piokiso. A woman whose name
we were unable to learn had her pocket picked
of a porte-mannsie containing $45, on Satur
day afternoon, in Fifth-street. She haa been
stopping for aome time at the Planter'e Hotel,
and went out for the purpose of doing some
shopping, but when ahe came to pay for the
articlea she had pnrehaaad, found that her
pooket had been relieved of all the money it
An Alliosd Dbalii in Couhtbrfbit Monit
Cobviotbd. "Doctor" J. B. McKeebau, who
waa arrested at the poatoffice on Friday,
charged with dealing in counterfeit money,
was day before yesterday oonvioted before
Judge Lowe, and commited, in default of $600
ball, to await a trial at the Court of Common
Pleas. '
Ladisb, Attbhtiob I By reference to the
proper oolamn it will be seen that Messrs.
Deland k Goasage, 74 West Fourth-strict,
will offer rare bargains this week in dry good'.
They are now selling gooda almost at a sacri
fice, in order to make room for their spring
stock. Don't fail to call at 74.
Light Riadiro S. W. Pease k Co., No. 28
Weat Sixth-atreet, have received the New York
Horn Journal, llltutrated Newi, Ltdjtr and
Frank Lolit for last week.
oibitt. The Allowing bills have recently
passed the Eentuoky Legislature:
To amend the oharter of the North Ken
tucky Agricultural Sooiety.
Te authorise B. W. Foley, Mayor of Cov
ington, to receive the acknowledgments of
deeda, Ac
To charter the town of Florence in Boone
County. i
To charter the Covington and lank Lick
Passenger Railway Company.
.. To establish an office for recording deeds and
mortgages in Covington
To charter Independence Lodge No. 3, 1. 0.
of Good Fellows.
For the benefit or E. B. Bartlett, late Clerk
of the Kenton Circuit Court.
To oharter Kentucky Lodge No. 1, A. P. A.
To amend the charter of West Covington.
The following bills were introduced:
To charter Covington Law Library Asso
ciation. To charter City Fire and Marine Insurance
Company of Covington.
We are unable to oonjecture what Is meant
by the "Covington and Bank Lick Passenger
Railway" mentioned above, and merely give
the announcement at reported in the Legisla
tive proceedings.
Child Bobit to Dbath. A littie girl, the
daughter of Mrs. Connoway, who resides on
Scott-street, not far (rem the river, was so se
verely burnt on Friday laat that she expired
yesterday morning. She wes playing near
the fire at the time, aad by some sooident her
clothes caught in the flames, whioh soon en
veloped her.
Miutabt Mattbbs. At a late meeting of
the Kenton Cadets the following officers were
elected to fill vacancies! First Lieutenant, T.
J. Harris; Second Lieutenant, G. E. Blackburn:
Third Lieutenant, J.W.Davis; Orderly Ser
geant, Charles Flake. ' .
Jail aid Poob-bodsb. There are twenty
one inmates in the jail, five of whom are
women. In the poor-house there are sixteen
children, eight women and two men.
Cibcuit Cocar The Circuit Court will com
mence IU spring term on the second Monday
ia March, and continue five weeks.
OiBOorr Coost.The Cirenit
mences in this city to-day.
Municipal Eliotiok. The munloipal elec
tion takea plaoe on the first Monday of next
month, end already politicians are actively
engaged in eanvaaaing the city. There are a
great number ef these patriotic gentlemen
avhfl. Wei nnlnratnri - it. wllHn. hiliuAn.. k .
terranta of the oltv during the eomin, Jr .
' ... .
Piss's OrsBA-Hocssw-Charles M. Barras
Z I.,ib,V?T'.l!f.,Ww' a this elegant establish-
mentlu his well-known original character of "Ver
iS . B;S?ndr of Tea HyrocHoMtnue,
tfii L5VJJ I,"ord Orphan." In new barleequeiea'
-1 2lT"".0"j0"1' HLr. Besldee tble he has,
weandorstand. eome awful disclosures to make in
EJlik ,0 ,";,y''l"J'of the Press," in retard to
which cnrloelty la already on tip-toe. and the'iolte
ment le Immeiiee. We doubt not the boose will be
crowded, aa thia is e natter in which all are inter-
Wood's Thbatsb Mr. Collins, the popular
iu l. I?.'llM,.wli,,,ltr .'" tabll.bment
..? of Users, In wh ch he will sine a
'''' best sou and as "Teddy" inthi Uugh
able Irish turce of Tanni TisTlLsa.
Natiobal Thbatsb -ThbDacohtib or tbs
RioiwssT, with Lucy Escott and Miranda In the
K' i'lH l h"r,Vf f "! nd "wa win be ptoduoed
fwgeaudSn'cZ !. and doubtUe toi
Smith A Nixob's Hall. Waugh'a Mirror
HaHtml!! V hb."toB imlt
and etening ' to day, both afternoon
S. Loenstein vs. Coleman and Vail. Jodie
S.i'illrS b'da ,hta P'slntlff loaned to defend.
fiL" ,?.'? money, and aa condition of the loan
required them to bor ot him onehunrtrcdandtweuty
Th.Vri1u 1' h Brandy, .Hi SO permllin.
The defendant executed their two notra for 1738 N
each for the money and the brandy, blending the two
counlderatloni. aud executed among,, to neura
galel T ult " orou,ht to '""''" the mort!
oia'w.?1ffId.'b,'.tn,,?ilniC0ntn,ct'' "art.
.i.PI""Laf,.,t "os'i'ould reooTor the money lent
and the market valueof the liquor, which wm proved
per gIflou"U " aH mr thU '""a1 uI
wli!$!!ilZll iow"'!f' ,th,t th utM ld for
Frenei Brandy waj a Tilialnousoompound.of domee
to manufacture, contalnlcg.ai a bails, whUkr. with
Uoguaio oil, oopper, and an ahnudaucs or Quluea
i iwtJ ??J',.cin,tr?iWM obnoxious to the statute of
remedy bvlntHfmus t go out of Court without
tJJ, 'IJt,AlltT(1L Msoisybatss. - Josephine
Wldekindvs. Tho8tateof Ohio. Before .InogeOol.
line on error to proceedings held before 'Squire Bell,
on aoomplalnt against the present plaintiff in error!
hIiiSW tmolJ of "he JeaS.'
Held-that there is no authority or law for impanneb
log a Jury In criminal cases before a Magistrate; that
J"oes "are Bnal jurisdiction In minor oHensee inly
where the defendant pleads guilty. u 7
nm!tl0i IIhPV1011 nhtrict of Walnut
Hills. An aotion to recover about 11,000 on a oon
tract for grading on the Burnet and Oorry Bond,
lying on the north corporation Una of the city. '
Hi.tei" v,h' baroBd being once
?I . 'h "u u w" Incumbent on the defenee to prove
if.Vi WTLl" 1on J"', and that the re
&d bJ,he tmnlssloners of
the Road Wstrlct that it waa highway was pre
U was conclusive, evidence of the fact that
Judgment waa accordingly rendered for plaintiff.
John P. Cheek va. J. R. Whaley and J. L.
Cassidy. In this case, In which, aa stated in a for
mer report, a judgmant waa rendered on eubmleiion
for thv plaintiff, Judge Boadly overruled a motion
lor a new trial.
N. Gosborn re. The Cincinnati Street Railroad
Company and the Oity. It was claimed that a part
l i between Bleb mond and Ninth, on which
tbs Street Ballrosa Company were running Ibeir
cars, wai the property of piaiutlff, and tbat the oity
bad no right to grant them the use thereof, there
never having been auoh a dedication to the city aa
would authorize them tomake or allow the franchise.
A temporary Injunction h.d heretofore keen allowed,
and the case waa before Judge Btorer for final hearing,
No particular change has occurred in navi
ftlD this point siooe our last Issue, last even
ing the River was about at a stand, with something
like ten feet of water between here and Leaisvillo a
sufflolent suantity for all olassee of eteamers.
Considerable snow baa fallen eiuce our laat, bnt the
dava remain modarila i r. .t- ."
and the nigh ta rather cool. The general belief it
that we ahall have no more very cold weather,
though we wiU doubtless be visited by a few "tfaarn"
Business on the Landing was good Saturday, and
thedeMrtlnff boats wantnntwith ... 1 I . rri
offerings ol freight were numerous for all points.
SSlJ nou,ohI,!? w"f m"de ttom tk rates of iriday
laat. We quote as follows:
Pittsburg Cotton. 7v Mnl.u. . wi,u.
Vi. flour. 2flo.; Pork and Lard. S60.1 Pound
Irelghts,)jl6o.perl00lbs. ' ' "
P!!u.,1:,p?,,,M0-i AU'M0'i T0mi
Bvansville-WhUky and 011,(1. per brl.
pKiefrbV ' Mi P0Md
New Orloans-Whtrty and Oil 80c; Plonr, Potatoes,
Apples, 4o.. Wo.i Pork, Mo.; Bacon in hhdi. aso.: and
otber Pound Krelgbi., u&3io. per 100 lba.; Keg Lard,
20o.; Horses, SlO per bead. '
Mfi!M,iI.Jl'c Btr?l,,OT- Louisville; Prioress,
Madison; Melrose, Maysvllle: Boatona, Portsmouth!
Uara.Poe and Aurora, New Orleans; Wenona, Nash!
vn Gray Jtagle, Pomeroy; Ulckman, Arkanaas
DPATOBE8.-Jaeob Strader, Louisville'; Melrose,
Maysvllle; Prloreni, Madieou: Ounlolth, Neville!
high, St. Louis: ii. mtthugh. Arkausaa River; Ma
reugo, New OrleanrWriiy JSagie. l'ouierov: H. n.
Hears, wneeilug.
Monetary and Commercial.
The financial week closed rather quietly on
Saturday, with a good demand for Currency, but
without auy scarcity. -
from their oorre.pou'lente, and bauk-notua ere com
lug in more cosloualv from the eiimitn. ti. m...
etary ease will be likely to continue for some time to
come, aud it is probable in a month or io thtt our
iuer wm oe aeoKiag opportunities to invent their
funds. Bates for good Paper rule at they have ruled
through tbeaeuon.at 10 1 J per annum.
kliuteru Exchange continued steady on Saturday,
and the demand waa still iu excess of the supply.
Dealers paid Htftioc. freely, aud aome partita gave
43o. on New York; nailing all tbey would draw for at
X preiu. on the different polnte.
flold was dull and New Orieaue Exchange in lim
ited request.
Time-bills were offered moderately last week, and
were readily done, when Brat-clau, both on the JEaat
end South, at the rate ofg0io per cent, per auuuui.
for aixty days. ...
The rates of Uncurrent Money st the close of the
wek were: Indiana Stock ii; Virginia (except
Whllng City) H; Pennsylv.nl. Cln.r.r)7sJ
aonrl(8t. LomaJ H; Missouri (interior) 1J; Iowa ,
III nolal; Wlionn.in J, Marrland (interior)M: Mich
igan 1; North Carolina I; South Carolina I; Georgia
l; Tennessee (old) tfi Tennessee Free Banks 1: Ala
bama 1; Canada I.
The rates of Exchange and Coin at the termination
of Baturday'a bualuesa were:
Buying. '
New Tork Sight....,. K($46o. prem.
Philadelphia " hmt'iHo. prem.
Boetoa " HmiOo. prem.
Baltimore " . M prem.
New Orleans " .,na,u . H prem.
Amaplflan Oold u .Mm 'j.
X prem.
X prem,
X prem.
X prem.
Thelmsorteaud Ixoort. ol varton. artlnlaa in-thi
twenty-four boars ending Saturday noou, were:
lBroM. Apples, olti barrels; Barley, l,m bushels;
Butter, 2.1 kene; Corn, 4,16 bushels: Cheese. 341
boxes; Coffae, 1,030 bage; Hour, 1,967 barrels; Hay,
Mo balee; Bogs, 8 head; Lard, 157 barrels and 30
kegs; Molaaaea, I3S barrels; Malt, 3t bushel; uau,
71 bushels; Pork and Bacon, m barr4la.iM,629 lbs.!
Potatoes, 1,171 barrels: augar. 113 hhda ; Salt, 13S bar
rels; W heat, t,2iu bushels; whlikj, 1,370 barrels.
axroEis-Applet, VI barrels; Barley, Hi bushels;
Butter, 110 kegs; Corn, SO buabela; Candles, 1,161
boxes; Cheese, 261 boxes; Coffee, Ml bags; flour.
717 barrels; Lard, is barrels and 163 kegs; Molasses!
367 barrela; Oata, l.Ble buskels; Pork and Bacon, 144
hhds.. 10s tierces, 311 barrele, 77 boxes; Potatoes.
1,404 barrels; Sugar, Ml hhds.; Salt, eg barrels;
Wheat 60, bush.; Whisky, 1,160 barrels. '
FLOUR The market oontinnee very dull, snd
prices irregular: sales or 000 barrels, at 15 40 for su
perfine, and S5 Ktm IS tot extra. Samples of Cali
fornia Wheat and liour were exhibited on 'Ohauga
to-day, which attraoted general attention, all being
of a very superior ebaraoter.
WBISKT-Noohangeln the market; the demand
la good at full prices: sales of 1,200 barrels at Sua
JU)o., tne latter rate for wagon.
pttOVISiONS-The market presented no new fee
ture to-day. Prioee have not undergone any change
of eonsequence: Holders continue firm, st extreme
rates. There Is quite an active demand for rum
Pork at I3 604413. Not much loqulry for mesa. Tbe
sales were N barrels mess Pork at SI7 76; 600 do. de
livered at Circlevllie before May 1, B. 0., at tie; 100,
000 pounds bulk Meats at X and 8Hc and at these
rates there were more buyers than tellers. Lard In.
active; there is some, demand at luMsJIOHo., bat
bolitert contend strongly for HMc.
GROCERIES A fair demand for Bugar, with sales
of SO hbde. at 808)4a. for fair to prime. Molasses
steady, and . fair business doing at 4446o. Coffee
firmer, and good trade demand: sales of 300 bage.
at isfflUAfe. for common to prime, and 13o. for choice.
WbYKAT-The market Is firmer; but holders are
not disposed to aell .t tbe unotatloos. We quote
prime white at ll Suajtl S3, and tl 36l S8 for prime
red: aales of 300 bushels good white at'fl 36.
OOBN-Ihe market for Ear-Corn it steady, with a
fair demand at 484e., In bulk. Bhellsd is in good
demand at 66o. in sacks, buyers furnishing seeks:
tales or 0O bushels Ear, In bulk, al 480. -
OATS There ie an improved demand, .nd prices
are a shade higher. We quote them at 47(3410. In
bulk: sales or 6 JO bushels, lu bulk, at 47c; 7uo de. at
4eo., and 6no do., from a tore. .1 4Vo.
BYB-The market remains dull and unchanged:
sales of 200 bushels at 9fto.
BARLBY The demand la fair, and prices steady
at (160600. for prime tall, and umMo. for fair to gooJ.
prime Timothy, on arrival: aales
A I mere is . fair demand al super tuo, for
iimomy, on arrival: aaies or yo nates prime
OHIKSB-Tbe demand continues fair, and prices
firm at last quotations: aales of 100 boxes xtra large
Western Reserve at Inc. .
BUTTER The marker1, is dull and unchanged.
We quote Central Ohio at nioo., .ud Waste) a Be
serve at 16c
APPLKy The market for green Apples Is firm,
with . good demand at last quotation!. Dried are
dull at 6a7o. per pound: sales of 6,000 pounds Dried
at 00 -
roTATora-The demand Is good, and prices firm
at ti per barrel, for prime Nortneru.
CLOVER HKKD-Tb. market is dulland -naetthd.
and prioee irregular! Jhey range from It to to fit-
".'2 w, " . do'
vva A.I
Street Railroad Routes.
CUcbmaH Artel BaUroat BmAoak-' '
meeoee eoraet ef 'Jonrth and Walnae,. Ihsnee ;
west oa foarth to Vine, north en Vine ta
Ssvsnth, west en Seventh to rreeman, norths
en Freeman to Ninth. r
Bturning Thenoe east on Ninth to Walnirv
and smith on Walnnt te the plaoe of beginning.
Cars connect and ran from the corner of Ninth
te Western-row and back. Care ran until
ii:ov r. m. , zeuow ears, ana sirs or tne
whim light.
City Fhamger BaUrtad Rout. Commences
corner Fourth end Main, thence west on Fourth
to John, north on John to Findlay, west on -Findlay
to xtaymiller, north on Bayullltr to
Bank, weat on Bank to Patterson, north on
Fetterton to the Brighton House, on Western
row. Returning. South on Western-row to Fifth,
east oa Fifth to Main, and aouth oa Meln to
the place of beginning. Cars run until 11:30
P. M. Tallow care, and sign of the sen '
I'ght. ., . j. . i
.. .
Bimmgtr Railroad Routt. -Commences cor
ner of t bird and Lawrence, north on Law
rence To Fourth, west on Fourth to Binith,
north on Smith to Fifth, weat on Fifth to
Hamilton and Dayton Depot.
JfatwrnMic". Thence back to Wood, south on
Wood to Third, and east on Third to place of
beginning. Care run until 11:30 F, M. White
cars, and sign of the oases light,
aa mmmmmm vmmmmi
Nsw T sab's Psuikts Pabis. The Petit
correspondent or the New Orleans DtUa says:
It la estimated, from statistical refereecs, that
the amount of money expended ia . Paris for
presents, during a week before and a week
after Now Year's Day exceeds thirty million
of franca, or about alz million of dollars. Ia
thia total, confectionary figures for two mil
lion, children's playthings for two and a half
million, dry goods, laces, embroideries, 4c,
for not lest than eight million, objects of art
and oariosities for two million, jewelry for
fourmlllloo, poroeUine for two million, bronzes
one million, books and engravings one and a
half millions, photographic portraits, small ar
ticles, and what In French ia termed bmbtlo
ttrit, four million. In Paris are thirty eoiteier
ye, or house-porters, who receive an avers go
tarn of one hundred francs each, on Nsw Year's,
maklog a total of three million. Allowing en
average of twenty franco, (a moderate esti
mate) to each ef the one hundred rnd ten
thousand Parisian servants, and we have a
total of two million two hundred thousand
francs; and the postmen, newapaper carriers,
eommiaslonalrea, Ac, receive at least half a
million more. : .
Thb Fibst Victim or thb Hawbsvilli
Tbaosdt. Dr. Davidson, the wretched essss
aln and maniac, who made the diabolical at
tempt recently to murder half a doten people
in HaweaviUe, Ky., has alnoe died of the
wonnda he rsoeived on that occasion. He
was the first victim, bat before his death he
acknowledged that the maobine exploded too
aoon for himt and he also confessed thet he
had another similarly prepared ia hit own
Aa Ehstioal Dasn oa Natosb. R. J.
Fullerton wag robbed recently, In Shelby
County, Tennessee, of $120 in bank bUla. A
man named A. J. Phillips waa accused of the
robbery, and, upon being arrested, was seen
to swallow the notes. A physloisn was at
once called in and administered ipecaenanha,
whereupon the bills were speedily brought to
Aboiiibablb Tastb. An exobange informs
OS that a vonnv ladv a.va Brivnnli. tha I...,
has such a aweet voice, and wears such pretty
outuraa on me aivino jacket, inat ane can t
help loving him. She must have very bad
taata: for a more awkward. IH.favA.aH
rude fallow than Brlgnoli never took tbe
it- -. a . i . , , ...
opBrauo awgs. Amcuiariy considered, be is
good, but aesthetically, he ia abominable,
MiavaLous PaiSBRTiaBBTB. The Kansas
RegUttr solemnly asserts tbat there is now re
siding in Leavenworth, a lady, the wife of a
moat respectable and Influential citizen, who
haa had a strange and vividly graphic presenti
ment of every fire with which that eity has
been visited during the last two or three years.
Eiadtto Mabch. The New Tork Btrald't
Paris correspondent confirms, In every poiet,
hia statement respecting a portion of the
French Imperial Guard having received ita
camping equipage. The regiments quartered
at Versailles ere in perfect readiness to maroh
At a momenl'a notice the officers believe fur
Italy. -
As ExturUBT Lad. There is a lad in
Sanbornton, N. H., who is pitying hia tuition
at school this winter by the sale of docks,
whioh he shoots in the open water about San
bornton Bay. Be will make bis mark yet in
tb. world.
STON, in Sale-rooms, No. 93 Mnla-street, urxt
to Trust Oooipauy Bank. Large lot cf extra fine
Printed All-wool Delaines, Rich Tduriin Delaines,
Vine Lawns, Ac, at Auction. TUESDAY MOHN
INO, rebrnary H, conimouoing at bnlf-ra-t pine
o clock, will be sold, without reserve, large Invoice
of Printed "All-wool" DeUlnee, baurt.onin styles:
rlob Muslin Delaines, with a large lot of Hue Lawne.
aud other Staple and Fancy Dry Goods.
AL)-To close eonalgLment, lot of fins Kid aud
T-impico Skins.
felt THOMAS JOHNSTON. Anctloneer.
SHnURS A O0.-8alee-roome, 47 .nd S Main
street. Regular sale of Orncerlna at Auction. We
willeell. on MONDAY MORNING, FeDrnary IS, at
nine o'rlock, a general eesortment of Grow rles, Ac,
consisting of sugar, molasses, coffee, eoap, starob,
candles, chewing, sm iting and aix-twiat tobacco,
S round anicee, woode.-ware, g'aeware, paper, nails,
t, bedcords, rope, rigars, brandy, gin, whisky,
vinegar, soda, twine, indigo, nutmegs, Ac., in lots to
suit purchasers
felS Q. BRA8HBAR3 k CO., Anctlon-ars, "
k OO.-Sales-room No. 18 Kast Fonrlh-street.
Jn sstoclc of Dry Gooda. On WSDNJC8DAT
MORNING, February 18, at half-past nine o'clock,
at oar store, No. 18 Kast Fourth-street, will be sold
a stock of Dry Gooda, whioh will be found delaines,
barges, delbta.ua, plaids, maraene, eaoslmert, jeans,
gloves, buttons, tape, brades, trimmings, nndept
sleevKt, Jackets, hoods, etc, to bo sold in lots to suit
foia JACOB GBAir, Auctioneer.
nooente. .
The Yaeatlon Polka. M. .Price 30 cents.
The Kenluoky Girls' Polka Prloe CO centi.
Tbo Forest R.set!cbottiaohe........v..PrloiiOoente.
The abort bare handeomelv.illusTra.ted title-pages.
. . . , . JOHN OHVROR, jr.,
S Ho.ee West fourth-street.
that ever. Great sacrifice of eawew t
nanoe , sieloceons, Violonoelloe.S
Violins, Guitars, Banjo Rtrinn, Trim-I
mlnge. Ao.. durtoc the Holidsvs.L
Sellins at 100 enr oru t. less than anv
other Roues in this oity, and flrst-olaas laatramenta
at that. Do not boy an Instrument until rou have
called at No. tit rlftb-ttreet, second door east of
Plum, south side. BRiTTINQ A BRO.,
Piano MAkert, ud Dealers in first-class lustra
saente. deSltf
Durable Machine extant.
. Call and tee them. ; 1 , ,
Jafltf ' BO Weat yourth-etret.
' tUBrrATTnaaaa op ,
Wood-Working Machineiy,
Carey Jake aaeWatet a CiaeaMtltQe

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