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" WAHI8," "FOB BALI," "TO MT," "LOST,"
,'FOUHD,".lntbUolun,. occupying-ire lines
at Isea.two Insert loj.twa)tr-t v. ntst;,,:.r ;
yAKTED IRONTo bn7forcasb,east,
l m' , wrougnt ana .crwD iron, uall et H. LIONS
CO.'S, oor. of Third and Lock-ttreet, Cincinnati,
m7"AKTKD-SIT6ATI01T-Iii grocery
WW or dry goodj store, or wholesale house, Good
referenoes f iTea. Address P. A. BBKD, at th 011
"onse, ' . fclb f
WNTED-TO BENT ft woll-iurnltned
J .("P1 rooln ut w,th t") In private family
-euitable for oae or two gentltmeu. Apply at No.
1 Central-avenue, ' fe!6b
UTANTED EOOM-Bt an elderly en
w w Hnui of food habit, In a pleasant location
In the western pari of Ibeolty, a room with a fire
place. In the residence of a private family. It woald
06 preieranie with a bed. Ao. The best
lveo if required.
Addres O. P., this offloa. felab
WANTED HELP I clerk, 2 good farm
. haode,l nun need to hotel life, and good
Blrls. Apply at th General Intelligence Aaency,
Ho. 882 Central-avenue. . , . .
feli-bf A, P.CAB80KAOO.
famlliet for a few (ood girl used to all kind
of housework. Thorn In want of reliable belp will
please leave their orders atourofttee, Bo. 883 Central
avenue. fal6bl A. D. OABBOM A 00.
WANTED BOT-16 or 18 years old to
make blmielt useful In a atore. Apply at 116
Mtln-tret. ' felob
1.7. Z tn? dining mom. and on to work In tba
kitchen. Apply at the Madison Hone. Covington.
.......... J
WANTED GIRL -To do general hoose
. work. Apply at 8J3 Seventu-streot, between
Monnd and Cotter. felob
WANTED Oood 6IHL8 for homework.
Call immediately at Mr. WABSBB'S Em
ployment Office, 301 Fifth street, between Western,
row and John. felon'
and lady or three finale gentlemen to board
with a private family. Addreaa 1. look box 5 pott.
"w- felSb
. ?',b,J, situation aa Clerk on a 1 team boat
or In a itore. Can talk both the Engllth and Oor
man Uoguagae , Address J. A. 80BJ.OSS, IbU office.
fe!6b : "
VXTANTED A German Protestant Girl, tn
. do washing, Ironing and general homework
In a private lamllv. Oood wage gireo. Satisfactory
reference required
Cull at ao.aiLongworth-strtet.
WANTED To supply merchants, hotels
and others gratia, with cUrks, book keeper,
salesmen, bar keepers, porters, coo peri, carpenters,
mechanics, laborers, Ao., at the MerchentsMJterka1
Bet Istry Office, 128 Welnnl-street.
feia-b HA LI A CO.
to jl ,600, for three to five year, on good se
curity, at from 8 to 10 per cent., Interest paid quar.
terly or half-yearly. -Address W. C. H., Penny
Press Offlooi v , . Jel4d
WANTED Two good Clgar-makr, will
ing to work on any kind of cigars, can find
permanent situations, at city price, by applying
soon tp the nnderalgned, at Lebanon, Ohio,
folld JT, UiCRttVCBTH.
FOR RENT ROOMS Elthat famished
or nnfnrnlshed, with or withont board. In.
qnlre at onth-aat oorner of Baca and Third. fe!6b
FOR RENT HOUSE A new and ela
gant Brick House, of aix noma, papered, water
and ga, situated on Longworth-atreet, and lew
door wet of ritone, south aide. For partlonlar.
call at S . W. oorner of Third and Main.
fe!6b . M. BLOOD M, Agent.
FOR RENT ROOMS Suitable) for email
fkinlliee. or for aleenln rooms for vnnna man.
Office for rent on reuonable terms all centrally lo
cated. Apply to JOaNWAGaONBB.Oeneral Agent
and :
Beal Estate Auctioneer, Mo. 88 West Blxth-
FOR RENT ROOMS Two or three de
sirable front rooms, fnrnlshed or nnfurnished.
Apply to Mrs. SANDfOKD, Ko. 1 But Fonrth
Itreet. r fe!5b
FOR REN T Large and well-lighted
Boom, with power. Apply to W. W. HAMEB
CO., oorner of Ceatral aTonu and Oolumbla-ita.
. P. .... .. Ifeltaw ! . -
' Estate. A modern two-story Brick-house, gaj,
batb, Ac, on tianklin-itreet, near Broadway. Lot
M by 90.. ? . ,
Brick-house, tlx room, gaa, Ac, on Hopkins,
street. Lot W by 9 to a 10 foot alley.
House and lot on North aid Beventh-atreet, be
tween Cutter and Linn 13.M0.
House and lot on Sim-street, between Fifteenth
and Liberty. Lot 17H by 91. Price 11,900.
Two new Brick-houses, 2i stories high, on Monnd
. street, near Chestnut.
. A 2H story Brick House on Oourt-atreet, near Kim.
Lot 22 by 73. $,100-$l,W0cash, balance on time.
A three-story Brick Mens on Eighth-street, near
walnut, will beexchanged foraLotoratlouaeand
Lot In the eastern part of the oity. '
A splendid country seat, Brick Uonae, with all the
modern ImproTemtnta, carriage house, three acres
of ground, in Ayondale, will be exchanged for a
House and Let on Jourth-itroet, in the city, with a
cash balance if necessary.
A first-rate Brick House, brick stable, Ac, near the
city, five acre of which ia beautiful ground.
A two-lory Pram Bouse in Ayondale, on abont
one acre of ground, will be exchanged for good city
ALSO Sereral Lot of fir sores, two acres, and
on aero, In Avoudale, on the Beading Pike, obeap
for cash and time payments, Ao.
Apply to , JOHN WAGQOHEB, ,
Agent and Auotloner,
feiso No. 58 West Sixth street.
an exoeiiani instrument, nearly new, ot otck
-lABro.,N T., manufacture. Inquire of H. 8.
uutun, ponmgaie nonae, mnemnaii. reiw-
-,n-.uwHii uuiiwi kusaborr wiia auoas aigns
acres of land, Is ottered for sale or leas. Inquire on
the premises, of V. B. SKOAM, Lower Bhrei Boad.
r fel5b
BOARDING A family oao bo aooommo
dated with a line large room and board at 199
Hjcamore srreot, where but few boarders are kept.
Also, a couplt of day-boarders can be accommo
dated. , .. tsl6b
BOARDING Two poraona oan bs aoeom
raodated with a pleasant room and board In a
prirate family, Ho. 7t George-street. feUb
TiQST Onth afternoon of the Saturday,
- at Hmllh ft Hlxon's Hall, or from the Hall to
lne-atreet, a Black Tlotorlne, lining inside of a
brown color. The finder will be rewarded by leafing
It at PAUL BBINLKIH'8 Drug Store, oorner of
Bightb and Freeman-street. felob
(ITIOUNr Taken np last Friday, a brown-X-;
and-whlt Pointer Bog; has on aehaln collar,
with the nam or " 0, B. Sanford, Uorlngton, Ky.,"
engraved thoreon. The owner can hare the same by
. i u m i. ii . di n n. . , nmi.iuME. im u .ma
www mmwim
AfrMi 1 MWm. sawk " ' 111 at k aw
wWLlfflll" IIAIIlllliril
OL IliU jmAbllli .LO
Durable HaeUn extant. -
Call and e them. :',';' !.; 2 :
jattf , . 80 Wert Fourth-atreet.
Biscuit for tea, Ac, at FBBCinBOIl'B,
m Oorner ninth and vino-street.
, y best In the market, AU kinds of lamps altered
to burn Goal Oil at FKBOUSOH'S,
fee JorntrBlnta and Vlne-trst.
cle or new oapie noiaasas jnst receired at
i -f i ' a. A. UULTERfl.
4 A flnimma
No. Mtaad an Mitfa -street.
vOFIlES at . A. A. OOLTKB'B,
, fell o.llanl Ml Malntreei.
end UholceN.O. Sugars at ,
, . A. A. OOLTIB'S,'
fell Mos. til and 831 Haln-straet.
and Prunes at . a. a. uujutbb'B.
fell Mos.madMI Main-street.
IMDTat ;;;. A. A. OOLTBB'H, ,
.: ftuT i u-,: ;.W.Wl WMata-strest,
Aoaim'i BxPBXza ConrT To Adams'
Express Company we oontlnna to be Indebted
for Eastern and other papers, always in
adranoe of the mail. .
: I ,
POLIO! OOIIIT. JilM t.na mnl.l
twantv - flaafll Taat.m1. m nVn t n m an, M& a
. . i -"j "--"at v
which was worthy a record upon the docket of
1.. r. i
muj wowopoiitan vourb . , , ,
S) (.If .
BniOLinT na Vana.anM Tli
of Jamei Wbalden, en Front-street, near Mill,
was burglariously entered night before last,
and the drawer robbed of $34 la money.-
SAuriuD Quods, ATraitttoal There will
I maetlnf of fiarlneU T.loht flnanii tkla
ersnlBg at their armory on Fifth-street A
full attendanoe if requested, as buiinns of
Importanoe will be transacted.
Ohio Coauoa or Mioioirb. Tha eom-
msnoemsnt exercises of this Institution will
take place this erenlng at Christian Chapel,
on Sixth-Btreet, between Smith and Mound.
Tha pnbUo are invited to attend. '
V mniniiaflinif. nuniTAu H Vmm
Fsbruary 15:
O'olook. .4.,- Barometer,.-r r Thermometer.
17 A. .... ......M 29 AboTe sero-33
la m MM.M m 291 AboTa UM-M
t P, M,...........,.....,..,...w,3a : rS Above sero-M
Mil DaowtTlo A man named David Iter.
ley, while in a state of intoxication, yesterday
afternoon, fell from the wharfboat at the foot
of Central-avenue, and was drowned. He 1
aid to have been a resident of Pittsburg, and
a deck-hand upon one of the steamboat now
lying at the wharf.
Oviarmi Rthiii n UmiIm Soil
Overooat wsi stolen from the honse No. 271
Jfourtn-itreet, by soma fellow who en
tered the aai&hliihmMt ilnnhtlau m
sole purpose of replenishing his wardrobe.
This la the only article, however, that he
found, but the fact that it was taken nay
serve as a warnlns in ilia lMf fa unnli
any further depredations in that locality.
LxiTisa DaTiiaao roa wibt or Posraao
February lit .
Charles Webb A Co., Philadelphia, Penn.
D. Brooke, Morwalk, Ohio. ,
John Baker, Mason, Ohio.
Jeremiah Oonklin, Dubuque, Iowa.
Joel Crane, OoTington, Ohio,
Arthnr Thompson, NewOrleans, La.
D. O'O. Kendrick, Newberg, Ohio. (
Hra. Mary Beers, Palnanlie, Ohio.
MlH IXSTiKTI.T KrLi.nn aw a Tii.t A man
named Martin Kelly, yesterday afternoon,
went out upon the roof of the houit ia which
he resldae. on T.lbartv.atnut. .m. trim tm
'J ----", .uu, .V.
oma purpose whloh w vr nniblt to learn,
mi MoqmiDK qizj, leu to lot groan a, 10
atontly killing hlmselt H l4vvs vlfo nd
thrAA nhlliinn. whn. k ihta nnfsM4nnK4A. ammb
F Haviiiiuww VVWIU-
renee, will be thrown entirely upon their own
rvavurve wr aneir support.
GoMrLIlllBTAnv TlBTrunirTir. n .Tnr.n Tlaia
Some of our oltisens, as will be seen by refer
ence to our advertising ooiumna, nave ten
dered a complimentary to Julia Dsan, to take
nlaaa at - lha rinara.liAnaa a. Sbhw.. mU1.
The lady, we believe, ia about to depart for
nllr, M.k .v.. .j
home, and as this will probably be the last
OnnnrllinitT of ilnaulne hav na.fa.manA
we trust the testimonial may be such an one
as win aye lorever in ner memory.
of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, named
Elijsh Dix, was robbed yesterday morning at
Knight's Boarding-house, in 8 torn Township,
of a silver watch valued at $40, a quatity of
wearing acnarel. and CIA in mnnav. Tha al
leged thief is a man named Charles Flactray,
Who BDDlisd at the house for hoarding' under
the pretense that he bad been employed by
w rauroaa company ana would taxe HIS po
sition In their service in a few days.
Judgment Rbitdiibd AoimT una Oitv.
During the official term of Mr. Stephen Halts
as City Clerk he indexed twentv-tbrse books.
for whioh,apon retiring, he olaimed extra pay
ment. As he did tha work without authority
the oity refused to pay the olaim, and he yes
ceraay entered suit tor tne amount before Jus
lice MoFslI, who gave judgment in favor of
the plaintiff in the amount of S230. or 10 for
eaoh index. The ease has boon annealed.
and will shortly come up forjfinal trial before
another tribunal.
Hobbibli Aooiobbt A Littlb Gibl Bobhv
to Diath. A little girl about five .years of
age, uaugnter or mrs. monies, residing on Poplar-street,
near Piatt, was burnt to death sight
before last, under the following elreumstanoes:
She waa about retiring for the night and was
aamiiDg at ins oeasiae repeating a prayer
taught her by her mother, who happened to
drop a oamphene lamp, just at that moment,
ana, the liquid catehing Are, oommunioated
the flames to both persons. ' The little girl was
burnt to death, and, before their sorsaming
brought assistance, the mother also was shook
inglv injured, althongh not fttally. The
somber angel took a fitting time to separate
the beautiful soul of the ohild from Us earthly
tenement but a terrible method; and although
we shudder when we think of its suffering, we
doubt not the departing spirit reached the
heaven of peace before the prayer was heard in
its future home.
Wsixlt RsroBT or ibb Cirr Additob
The City Auditor last night made the follow
ing report to the Oity Council, of the reoeinta
and expenditures of tha oity during the past
weex, ana toe amount oi money swi remain
ing in the Treasury t : i : K.,r
General Fnnd...K..................,. m SO
Watch ruad.........OT........ s.ooo 00
Interest Fund -.....u 10,000 00
fire Department Tund...............
3,000 00
Light Fund......... .,.,,...,......, soaoo
HcMlcken rund..M.M,w. .......,.,... 413 00
Sinking rund-............,.,,......,...,.,,... ' 3 00
vommon nchool Fnnd..M4M...MMMM..r 2 16
Colored School rand......M......,..,. 3,00s 00
$21,81. M
Watch Pnnd..
is sms see si a
Superior Court Fond-,
joe uu
539 50
8,170 08
Fire Dana rim .nt Fnnd
rollo Oourt and Oity Prison Fund. .. its as
vommon oonooi anna.
1 iimumimihi ae ipewe
, . IWMH.IM.HIIIHH Hll-Uf, 9
There are now remaining in the City Ireas-
vj use luiiBwiog sun:
yj'u.rai . una..MMM.i...n,...M.,.mt.
n , wr .
114,151 00
j. .k. u uu... 1 ihwiiih
Tntaraat Fnnrl.
8,0I 11
10,2ns 70
. 1,585 34
. ,5IS5
. 83ft as
4,140 07
4,079 IS
301,691 6ft
21,711 4S
lSa 40
Sunertor Court Fnnd
Fire Department Fund....
Liignt Jund....,..
Work-honsa Fund..
uuamAflo m unibM...,MH..
Sinking raBa-...M..., ..,.
ommon School Fund (Bonds and oaah)-.
Colored School Fund.. ,.n.M.,..
..48,715 00
1 , "I ! -I-...V. ,-....t
Pbbsbttbbiab Cbdich An adjourned meet
ing wss neia iasi evening at ue Central Pros
by tartan Church, oorner of Seventh and
Mound-streets, to reconsider the oronosed re.
tiremsnt of the pastor, Rev. .Nathaniel West,
a full expression, as It was contended, not
having been given last week. '
Several of tne oongregatioa advocated voting
tiofl eoto, but others especially those opposed
to the Reverend gentleman being Intently
opposed to this; a ballot was taken, The
whole number of votes east was ltl, of which
IM were ia favor of the pastor's remaining,
and 52 of his retiring, with t blank.
Notwithstanding this, Mr. West will not, In
all probability, remain, as he hss received a
unanimous oall from the Second Presbyterian
Church of Brooklyn, N. T. A commissioner
had left there, and probably arrived here last
night, to confer with Mr. Weston the proposed
eaangev c: 1 r .( .::,.
City Council—Proceedings Last Evening.
Remonstrance of certain property holders
against laying double track lav front of their
property on Fourth and on Main up to Fifth
street. Referred to Conualttee on Roada and
Canals. ... -. ,. ' ...
AasmttTioR Coanmsa. The olaim of
Gross k Dietrioa was referred for arbitration
to a speol(,l eommltte, vis: Hsmbieton, Beam,
Noble, Torreno and Moore.
BBVBBTurrBWABB,-$160 was appropriated
for cleaning gutters of East Front-street in
Olosixo Citt Omois. The offices) In the
City Building are to be olosed MXt Wednesday,
Washington's Birth-day.
DaHiam Cumsd 3,500 asked by Field
wick A Co. for filling ap grade of Flndlay
street, Referred to Trustees or Twelfth
Ward. 1 v i v ? 5 ...
CoxPLiin. The City Passenger Railroad
Company asked Counoil to rewind action al
lowing Cincinnati Railroad Company use of
uiia-nmi lor street railroad rout; or to pay
the outlay the Oity Company had made la
purchasing horses and vehicles of omnibus.
osmpany. Referred to Committee on Roads
Fiaa-IMBW KlM.Ta riamattUaa m Vl
Derjartmanfc an1 Snnmrtupi w AtimA
see as to the condition of the fire-alarm bell
oa the tower at Mechanics' Institute Bulldinrr.
Stbib Rill.an.n Unir Hit K M Hn
- w. .v. ... .
Van moved to adlraviisa ttvr nrnnnsala fa tha
route No. t laid out at last meeting.
mr. b. b. juavu moved to award the route
on the terms other companies pay, to the Mo
hawk ATI A MMfth.at.raat Pa.aa !..
Haw. & Minion wuiuauT,
vis 1 Oeorge Keck, Richard Mathers, Robert
Brown, Joseph 0. Butler and others.
An animated diianaalnn aninait nn tha atlinla
ine subsutute obtained 15 rotes to 14 votes
in the negative, and was lost
The Auditor waa than dlraalail tn .I .11..
for bids for twsnty years' contract for the
An InarTaalnal a.itamnt araa maa In n . w.
the route to run from Walnut to Vine-street
by the south side of Court-street Market,
Aid to ran Coriihsktals. A lengthy dis
cussion took place on a proposition to appropri
ate 500 to the order of the President of the
Counoil, in aid of the funds of a number of
young men wno are to oeieorate tne approach
ing Washington's birth day. Messrs. Eggles
ton, Run j an and Hambleton were appointed
bwisi suiamitiiee to upena too money.
Vf.min. gtm Phmma. HrtnM A.i:u
tion was made by the Pendleton and Fifth
street Railroad Company to have, on same
terms as other routes; extension ef .their line
by laying double track over the lately con
demned Wooster Tnrnpike above Washington
street. Laid over.
Lirr-btbbh Aoaix. A communication from
Mr. Longworth, asking that the unopened part
fit Tjlntl-.traat ha i nnH.m.J M,.h. . .a..
. .-.wvw w -v. vuiuvuj vi w. au SttVIl
be made by the oity to have the Constitution
ohanged, that benefits may be taken into ac
count in assessing damages for opening streets.
Referred to Trustees f Fifteenth Ward.
Tax roa Latms Watsb Pins. Two plans
were proposed one to at sets a special tax,
sav tan nanta rtn aaj,h fraat fa. nt arltntnlMM
4 - - - -M V. .UJUMJIUJ
property, built on or vacant, on Fourth-street,
where valuable, or on streets in the rear part
of the oity. The other plan was to put the
cost of laying the pipes on the grand levy.
There are seventy miles of pipe now laid In
the oity one hundred and forty miles taking
hath airlaa Af tha atraat Tha At nl.. ...
" '-' . w ww auv uin, f ia,. naa
against laying street rairoads on Sycamore-
U. 8. Aobiovltubal Sooibtt. Messrs.
Pearoe, Noble and Torrenc, were appointed
to confer with oommittee of certain orgeniza
tionT to seoara the next meeting of U. S. Agricultural-Society
in this oity.
Wist Eid PiaavAn ordinance to appro
priate $10,000 to improve West End Park, near
Hopkins-street, was made sneolal order for
next meeting of Counoil. "
. Msnrsa nv Tniirtiv PnnNnll ,muJ i.
meet on Tuesday evening next, Wednesday
bsing Washington's birthday. '
Naw PBHiTBHTiiav. Assurance was given
that $10,000 would be appropriated toward
building a new penitentiary, if the State built
it in Hamilton County, and a committee was
appointed to designate a site.
. - '
Penny Presslings.
Two merchants in this oity having married
ladies named Eliza, an Incorrigible punster re
marked that the two husbands were paralysed
The latest and most outrageous slander
upon the Empress Eugenie, a mlsogamist says,
is tnat sue 11 rona 01 ner nusbana.. '
A wag reading a paragraph la the papers
the other day that a lunatio asylum was to be
built in a town of Virginia, remarked ha waa
aware the Slate had long been fenosd in, but
that he did not know before it was to be roofed
over.' ' " -.-' -t -
Some of our exchanges wonder Macaulay.
never bad a female attachment. It is not
surprising, when we remember the great s
saysst allowed no one but himself to talk in
dis society. .).,, : .. v., t
A woman named Jans Kruelle, was mar
ried, by Justice Ootzendanner last week, to
Samel Klnde. We suppose she thought, with
uamiet,sne must oe "cruel to be kind."
If Ovid lived now-a-days he never would
have written "I have erected a monument
more luting than hope, (Extyi momtmmfwn
perenmu ar,") for he would have learned
that brass, In this sge, more than aught else,
oouiriDUMS to lame.
At the Police Court, the other day, a trial
occurred ia whioh it was shown that a frail
female hid been living with two men, Jacob
Littell and Robert Long. She must have be
lieved in the words of the old song: -"Iiovs
me little, lore me long."
It wu said recently of a heartless but
polishsd hypocrite, that the reason be never
said mean tnings was because no was so fond
or doing tnem. . : , r n t .
' 1 An odd ceniui, who never had mach prac
tloal success, gaveas his reason for marrying
an undertakers daughter, that he might avoid
Durisi at tae puoiio expense.
A young lady refused to . marry a city
journalist after ne nan lost nis situation; sav
ing she had acospted him under the belief
that his business woald keep hint Hut all night.
Her attachment must have been a Platonic
one. .....
The attendanoe, yesterday morning) at the
meeting of the Meohanios' and Manufacturers'
Exchange was quite large, and the interest in
the success of the Exchange seemed to be
more than ordinarily lively. President Run
van ocospied the chair, but as there was little
business ef general interest before the Board,
it adjourned after me election ot tae follow
ini persons to membershiD:
George A. Peter, paper banger, proposed by
0. F.Wilstach. , -
Jeffrey Seymour, collector of statistics! 3.
O. Fllokner, dealer in leather and shoe find
lags, and N. W. Speer, agent for Spoor's oil
poiisn Diaoxing, ail propoeea oy i. u. ueioa.
J. k T. Jenkins, builders, proposed by
B.hl-ta Whatala Jt fla. . '
Willard k Co., manunoturers of terra ootta,
proposed by Mills A Spellmlre. , v
: Boms Daitsaxtiv Joseph A. Wether by
ana James It. rearson intend giving a party
to-morrow evening at Broadway Hall, corner
of Broadway and Hunt-streets, whioh we have
no doubt will be a pleasant affair, and largei
attended by those who are devoted to thl
species of amusement. '
A boy asmed Miohael Castidy was run over,
yesterday mornins:, on Sim-street near Third.
by aa Xxprsss-wagoa, and quite seriously In
jured, t His right am was broken la two
places, and nis body badly braised, although
not dangerously. ; ...
Pub's OrimA-Bonss. Hanav VIII waa
permrmed laat night at the Opera-hooae to an excel,
lent audience. The play wa well mounted, put neon
the stage tp admirable style, and ogtbln aeemed
wanting In thedresse and proper tie. In in render
ing, howeter, tbere were many faults, although re
gardtd a a whole it was fairly eaaottd,', CDhera
aeemed to be no "Orifflth" In the caat, and aa hlfplic I
waa filled by the "Oromwell" of the evening, the
una in the last act sounded strangely enough, and
moie partlcnlarly because "Katberlne" persisted In
the nae of the latter name wherever the former oc
ourrud. It waa hail J,nn,,Fh r... t.lnl- ,n H.nH
"jw-'f" other might and should have been spared.
1 he "KatharlnaOnf lull. rv.-n ... I.- .11
the characteriatlca of that R., r nit. ami h..
exoellensie were mirrored in her tmperonatlon,
ana mrougnout the play they were slrawu in sueh a
manner as to leave one in doubt as to whether her
rending wa good or not. It 1 eur prerogative to
rind fault, and inexercising it now It it only ia the
?!!.. tn" r!ndr ay be applied. Aa the play
will be repeated this evening, we earneatly hope, for
the Sake af coaal.tanr.. h m.v ril. ia k..
chair. , .. .
'ihe"Woleyrt 0f Hr. Conway was very fair, and
appeared to bj fnlly appreciated by the audience; for
at the close of the fourth act he wa called before the
curtain. As a whole the performance passed off quite
Sf rS5i DdJw "ueetly hope may be greeted to
night by an audience f ul ly oonunenaurata to it merit.
WOOD'S TBriTlS. Theandlenna. laatalaht.
ft thl establishment, was quit fair.and the rollick.
Ing humor of U r. Collin pleased It apparently "to
b i topof Itn bent' This evening Mr. xTwIllappaar
ntvroof hlsfaTorit part-"Paudeen O'tUfTerty,".
In the oomedy or Boat) to Good Luck, and as "Paddy
Murphy," in the laughable farce of laa Harri Mali
with all the original muslo, I advertised at the Ma.
tional for tbla evening, with Lucy Kscott aa the
.I.an5e,. ,Mlr?.d. ""Oonsrro" and Mr. Maxwell
a VDon Allonso," the performance to conclude with
iS? S?.04,'01 ,dnu" sutltled Tna Pibati's Firi.
The bi I It quit attractive, and we donbt not will be
appreciated by the habitue of the establishment.
Smith 3c Nixob's TTn.r'Wanr,!,'.
of J'V.?' 5atlml painting of tome of the scenery
end el ties of the most beautiful country in the world,
sUU rwin good houses to Bmith A Hlxou'
Hall. Two exhibition are given dally, and aa this
Ui the Jut week It will remain in the oity, all who
desire to witness It must avail tbemtelvMof the op
portuaity offered them now.
Hunter VS. Dalton. ' Before Jndire Rtnrar.
An notion on a Jndroent raoOTarnd in v.w n,u..
on a warranty given by Dalton In the sale of a negro
"--" -m wuiiu. a. waa arerrea expresaiy in
tbeagreement that the were all "annnit " it
ubaequently aoertalned that the woman had a tumor
on her shoulder, that the boy had a acrufulsu affeo-
'' wns, ana inat tne man, also, waa alfeclel
wilheomediseaae. It wa decided that they were
unsound at the time of the purchase, and that Dalton
abould be mnloted In the amount of the original pur
f.hM., we,i ft 1 ium p'd to Pbytiolaut. This
WHlt.lUllU-U MJ.JUUglUeUt
juoora Anarewa v. enannon A Shannon. A
motion bv defendant for a new trial itiAwA ku
Judge Btorer. It wa admitted that certain papers.
not in eviuence, were nanued to the Jary by defend
ant. These papers unquestionably had a bearing on
the case, and ought not to bare been In possession of
the inrr. It Ia eald. hnaitva,. th.t r ...
jurors could testify that the documents had no loflu'-
.uwe wu luuir aniaus mat toey oia not read the
papers. W e do not think tbat the testimony of jurors
can be received in a case of this kind. It baa been so
uoiu iruiu ,u. eariisst lime, anu in iu uuio the ruling
Is fully announced. .
The reason of that case applies to the present, and
enewtiial would, therefore, he granted.
J. O. Mnthert va. H.nr.' .'.,I,.T.J ,v. ni. -
Cincinnati. Thl it a anlt for paring a sidewalk
near Martin' property, on Maln-sireet! between the
S ..l u":"" niuiuerry-Bireet. Tne defense is
that the sidewalk waa navar ri.riiM. ,u..
city has become a treapaaser in taking the property.
Tbeclty Join, with the plaintiff in asserting that she
holds the proper title. . , ... -
The Stale vs. John Hawlav. B.rnra.T,...
Mallon. Thanrlarmar a mnn. luHM.iuji.i.k
another parlyfU on trial, eharged with robbery and
grand larceny-stealing IMonthelCth of last month.
o roblwryja stated to hare been oommitted in the
The Ohio is still, though verv wrarlnallv. an
its downward cooree, having declined about four or
five inches only during tbe twentv-fonr hour ending
last evening. Th water is falling all the way from
iu.vi.iM uuwu, anu auoui nve ieet mere, and a lit
tle over six at Wheeling. The Lower Ohio ia still in
gooeVaavigable condition for all classes of steamers.
The weather waa very disagreeable and wet yester
day, rendering the wharf extremely unfavorable ror
hlpmentai a 'slush" of several inches deep being
on the landing. List evening the temperature felt,
and a general frees oocurrod, rendering the muddy
streets hud wain. . '
Business at the levee, yesterday, was bnt moder-
mj evu.v, tuv ovuuiiiou oi tn. wnan preventing
hlnners from aendlna forward their frai.ht n..ji:
any "stoff" wa tent to the tipper porta, but
freight for New Orleans ware still aell.a.
ware a. iuiiuwb ;
rtsburgtton.7So.i Molsases, 75o.j Whisky,
too.: Flour. 15o.t Pork and Lard, Joc.t Pound
Freight. Jilao. per 100 lb.
Naahville whisky, per brl,, 60o.i Ale, 80o.: Pound
Freight, J680o. per 100 lbs. ' '
, .i.- j w. vm, wv. yvw vii., awn., AlO. 0UO.
per brl.
Kvanarllle Whlaky and Oil.eoo. per brl.
Cairo Whisky and Oil, Wo. por brl,; Found
Freight, 20o. per 100 lb.
New Orleans Whisky and Oil 80c; Flour, Potato,
Apple. Ao., 60o.; Pork, 65c; Bacon in hhds. 24o.: and
other Ponnd V relents. .W&35o. ner innlha r..T..rH
JOo.; Horses, 10 per head.
Dr. Robert 8. Dunning, the capable and courteous
olerkofthe Jacob Hinder, ha been presented with
a silver goblet, at Louisville. We know of ao ofllcer
more ueeerviug oi aucn a present.
AaatvALS.-Jacob Strader. Louisville; Magnolia,
Mareville; Forest Queen, Madison ; Dunlelth, Neville;
J, W. Obeesman, St. Louis; West Wind, Louisville;
Gray Kagle, Pomeroy: Ohio No. 3, Marietta.
Ditabttibc. Jacob Strader, Louisville; Forest
Sueen, Madison; Magnolia, Maysville; Dunlelth,
erllle; Swallow, Marietta; Lebanon, Nashville;
A. O. Taylor, New Orleans; Weat Wind, Pittsburg;
call iv vw, bin uvula, wbj juagie, romeroy.
Sodbt's Lady's Book. This favorite
monthly for Marsh has been received by Pease
vo., eixta-street, east oi Walnut.1 It eon
tains muoh that. will Interest the ladies. .,
- Ciiocit Cobst. In the case of Ware's Ex.
ecators e. Vie, the jury returned a verdiot for
tne ueienasnt alter a snort consultation.
The jury in the esse of the Commonwealth
m. Joseph Brutsche. charged with toleratlna-
gaming, failed to agree, after a oontultatlon of
thirty-six hours, and was discharged.
The ease of Mrs. Anna Gill vs. The City of
Newport, was tried yesterday. The plaintiff
in wis oase aneges tnat sne nas sustained
dsmages to the amount of $1,000, bv reason
of tha grade established on Monmouth-street.
for whioh amount she asks judgment. After
hearing the evidence the jury, under the
direction of the Sheriff, retired to the premises
to make a personal Inspection, bnt did not re
turn until after the court had adjourned, and
consequently no veraiot nas yet been ren
dared...,- ,-. , ir '
Gbahd Jobt. The Grand Jury found aa
indlotment against J. Q. A. Poster for carry
ing oonoealed weapons, and against John and
Austin Hoffman, for malicious destruction of
We notice several of Mr. Bailer's ' family
pass into the Grand Jury room yesterday, but
tor wnat purpose aas not yet transpired. .
Wm. 8. Bailbt vs. Akdbrsoh abo Othbb.
This ease, in whioh the plaintiff asks damages
for the destruction of the Frt South newspa
per, will be tried on Monday next. A great
Interest Is felt In the matter,and the attorneys
on both sides are ' preparing to exert them
selves to the extent of their abilities. Wa
shall give our readers a pretty full report of
tne matter, -r . . . , . :
Equity Docxbt. The equity appearance
aocKet was oauea yesterday oyjuage juooar,
ana several eases snomittea. ....
Polios Mattbis. John Greenup was yes-
teraay nnea novo py Mayor Jfoiey ror s
breach of tne peace. , No other case was tried,
. IuraoTBHBirr op Thi btbsntb -stbbbt. An
ordinance haa passed the Counoil, directing
the oommittee on Internal Improvements to
advertise for sealed proposals for the trading,
paying, ana uaoeaamiiing or Thirteenth.
street, from Greenup to the Lleking Hirer.
Cm , . . . v. T.. v tm.i. 1
k.,.iu.i.u uuu, w uuu ji . mi is, collator
from Kenton and Campbell Counties, has been
chosen President era tsm of the Sonata, ower
whioh body he will preside in the absence of
nr. rorter, ue regular president.
Assooiatioh. A bill has recently passed the
Honse of Representatives, incorporating; this
society, ana grannns; is coram privileges.
ent.- 1 . , , ; ,. .. , v . ... n . .
au oiu wiu nuaouat pas ine oenaie. '
Stibbts. The present eondlUoa of all the
orinoipal street of tbe oity Is most denlorable.
Should the present weather continue, seme of
tnem wiu soon peeomt unpaseaoie. ,. ;
Monetary and Commercial.
The business tranatoted In Third-street yev
terday wa uiet,aud ao particular movement wa
obsenrpble in any department of nuance. Monty
Was itlU in good request, with a supply equal to the
legitimate demand.
Eastern Exchange underwent no alteration; deal
ers paying lOc. aa before, and drawing at H prem.
New Orleana Sight Exchange waa very dull, and it
would have been difficult for tbe Banker to tell at
the quotation H prem.
Coin wa vary quiet and Uscurrent Money un
changtd. Flour waa dull and heavy yesterday, with a very
small demand, and Whisky evinced no change.
Groceries were unaltered, and Oraloa unchanged,
all except Eye being rlrin. Mots Pork waa Arm, and
Bacoa very aotlve, with more boyers than seller.
Large transactions oocurred In Bulk Meat. .
Th Import and Expoittot various articles forth
twenty-four honrsendingyesttrdaynoon, were: -
Impost. Apples.426 barrels; Barley,l,so bushels
Butter, 0 keoe; Corn, ,S77 bushels; Uncase, ZS
boxes; Oolite. 284 bags; Flour, 1,103 barrela; Bay, 393
bales', Bog, 345 bead; Lard, ISO barrel and M kegs;
Molatses, 42 barrels; Malt. 770 bushel; Pork aud
Bacon, 43 hhds., 46 brie., 230,451 lb.; Potatoat, 1,083
barrela; Wheat, 7,360 bushels; Whisky 107 barrels.
r;x posts. -Apples, 307 barrel; Darley, 33 baabels:
Butter, Is kegs: dandle, S7 boxes; Cheeso, 113
lioxes; CoCfee, 630 bags; Flour, 684 barrels; Lard,
314 barrels, 310 kegs: MoUstet, 207 barrels; Oat,
bushels; Pork and Bacon, 34S hhds., 311 tiereea, 60
barrels, 23 boxes; Potatoes. 1,300 barrels; Sugar, 37
hhds.; Salt, 36 barrels; Whisky, 1,611 barrel.
Thunder' Nw Orleans Picayune observes eon
earning th previous day: " ;;''.'
The movement tO-dav haa tnHlratail aa aart Attnn
of any kind on the previous report, and the tendency
at the close of buafnees waa to lower rate of Dis
count. There ha been nothing don In Stocks or
Bonds to-day, and tbe market incline In favor of
holder. Exchange fa still unsettled, and we have to
report a (light advance in Sight Checks, with a frac
tional aecunt in sterling bills, operations have
been limited throufirhout tha dar. and anotatinn.
Juled as follow at the close of business: Clear Ster
ling sins i(j(miu6. tun or Lading Draft lomaiOT.
f ranee ii jwtigsi.ii a per dollar, sixty-day Utile on
New York, Ac, 1MI&2M per cent, discount. Sight A
rf-.v pv, t,ca, uiiwuih 1
Tbe changes la last week's Mew Orleans Bank
statement from the previous week were:
.1 11.M1
Increase In Circulation.,
Increase in Short Loans,
Decrease in Exchange....
Decrease In Distant Balance.
Inoreaee in Long Loan
t la eM ta 181,139
Tuesday's Mew Tork Times says of Monday's Money
market: ....
Th market to-day open with a ateadr aaaa In
rate, which are 6 percent, per annum on demand
loans and aixty-day discounts of a prim character,
and 7 per cent, for lonaer dates. Tbe Exchange
market, in the face of advioe by tbe Canada that
Money I likely to be dearer In London, exhibit very
little movement at tbe reduced rate of last week.
nut aa tne uunaraer sans direct from Hew York, re
mitter have until Wednesday morning, and there
may be more appearance of activity to-morrow. The
London rate are IW.'MftloeM for standard bills.
Franca are f 6 20tf 6. IS. Tbe letter-mail from
England via Boston to Januarv2it. whleh wuHaIIt-
erert early this morning, makes reference to the prob-
aoiniyoi a luriner auvnnce ot interest attlienank
of Enal&nd to 3X4 per cent.; sot from any in
creased mercantile or trade dem.nd for money, but
to onecx apecuiaiion in inuian ana otner securities,
the free tales of which is inoreaalog tbe demand for
Specie for the East. . .
Tueaday's Tribune obaeivcs In regard to last week's
Hew York Bank Statement: '
Tha weekly statement of Bank averaa ahnws a
conservative movement. The loans have fallen off
notwithstanding tbe advance mad to parties to
whom th last Government loan was awarded. The
Banka are considerably stronger than I shown by
the exhibit, a tbe California Gold by the Atlantic
Influenced the avenue for one day only. Tha Banka
muat hold to-night nearly twenty-one millions of
collars, in uecrease in oepostts naturally ronows
the decrease of loan. There i no very important
feature in the statement, and the condition of the
Foreign aixcnange marxei males tne condition oi
ine nana oi muca ieaa interest man usual.
The following is estatement of the oondlllon of th
Banks of tbeclty of New Tork:
Feb. 4. Ball 11 ' ntaMNinja
Loans ....lm09l,92 tl23.386.629 Beo.t7M.3o3
Spocle.......... m, 19,924,301 , 19,77,M7 Dec. 136,734
Circulation 8,174,460 ' 8,186,109 Inc. 10,8.50
Deposits...-.... 77,677,694 78,471,066 Doo. 1,106,630
Boaroa Boor AMD 81101 Maikit. Saturdar. Veli
ruary 11. The Boot and Shoe Market begins to look
a little more enoourasrins ao far aa aalea are can.
cerned. The past week bna been the most active ono
lor a long time. Buyers are numerous irom an
point South and Weat,and purchase have been made
quite freely during the week. Aa regards prices,
however, there 1 no improvement. Good are sell
In, at cost and under, and tbe nrosnect of an Imma.
diate Improvement Is not very promising, a dealers
are atut anxious to reason inoir siocss. it loots to
us that merchants from the South and Weat o far
have been operating with two much oaution, bat
tbey may possibly make up for it by purchasing more
freely the balance of tbe season. Price are certainly
low enough to indnoe free purchases, and probably
buyers will not be able to purchase on so favorable
term for a longtime. At present price of Hide,
Learner oan not oeiannea ana sojaexoeei ateioee.
nnrriara have been doinff an unnrofitablebininaiu for
some time, and in fact almost every dtaorintion of
Leather le selling at leas than th coat of production,
while for Bootaand Shoes manufacturers can scarcely
realise cost for the most desirable goods. It would
appear by this comparison tbat the bottom of the
Afoot ana cnoe jnarxet nav men toucneu, ana mat
tha bnvera who now aurchaeeireelv at the nresent
low prices are likely to make good bargains.
for tbe Cincinnati Daily Press, bv W.
r. HeWton. Stock Broker. 28 Third-street. Ma
sonic Builging.l
Bones. Ltttie Miami an., nrat mortgage, oo;uin..
tfarn. and Dav. Bit.. Arat mortffajre. 93: do second
do., 85; Ind. and Cin. BU., second mortage, 76H; Oov.
rfrnl Lex. KB., second mortgage, 66 and iatereat; do.
first do. 660176 and interest; Ohio and Misa. BB con
struction, 26; Col. and XenlaBB., dividends, 9096;
Uln. sixes, municipal, va.
Hn.caa. Little Miami BB..84: Col. aud XenlaBB..
83rOin., Ham. and Day. BR., S6; Ind. and Cin. BB..
40; Uiev , .U1. uuu iu i , 00, nur,uern jjnua ui
Ky., 138; farmers' Bank of B.y 120; Washington In
surance Co., 100; Cincinnati Insurance Co., 93; Mar
ch am s' and Manufacturers' Insurance Co., 86.
vr.dn B The market I dull and heavy, and tha
demand trifling at f S 564 66 for superfine, and 6 76
for extra.
WHISKY There is no change in the market; the
demand la limited: sales of 1,000 barrels at KH&
aOTto.. tne tatter rate tor wagon.
Provisions aiese s-ora is neiu with uoaoatea
flrnmasa. at full ratea. 1.000 barrels sold atterbis
kept private. It was packed at Blpley, in this State,
nut is 10 oe aeiiverwi va cu.ni in mil city. A a.
market may be u no tod firm at 117 60 for conn try. and
I7 7518 for city packed. ISO barrels Bump sold at
f 13. There was a very active demand for Baoon. and
more buyers than sellers, at the quotations, holders
generally asking higher price. Tbe tale were 160
bbds. at 9Xe. for Sides, on tbe spot, and VHt, deliv
ered March 10; and 100 hhds. sold, delivered the laat
half 01 April, at tuo. a large pnsines aon in ouik
Meat, and prlco ruled rather higher, end for future
delivery, Me. advano waa obtained. The ttlts were
900.000 nonnds Bidet, delivered March 1. at 8Uo.:
350,000 do Bhoulder,tame delivery ,at6Mo.; 20,000 do.
on tbe tool, at 6Hc; 26 000 do. delivered April 1, at
7o. The product of 1,000 hogs, delivered April I, at
6H0. for Shoulder, and 8K0, for Side and Bams, and
60,000 pounds Shoulder, on th spot, at 6Xc. Clear
Baoon Side are aaleable, for future delivery, at lie,
tay any time next month. Nothing don in Lard,
ana prioea munt oecanoa nominal.
CBAGKLIUQB-1,000 pounds very inferior, sold at
lc. per ponnd. A merchantable article is worth 2 to
3o., according to quality. -
QKtMiKKiiiB There is no enanse in nrtcet: tne
demand Is fain tales of 800 barrel Molasses at 43n
440.. oaan ana time; ana mi nnaa. sugar at flvJWtC,
flotrna nnchantred.
WHEAT f hero Is a fair demand, and prices are
firm at 1 80l 33 for prime white, and f I 35491 38
rn...im.Ml. .ala.nf19nnhn.liuU mlv.rf .ttl OA
OOBN Ear Cora la steady, with a fa r demand at
4g49o,, in bulk. There la a good deal or enelied
Corn offering, and the market is dull at 63066o.i
sale of -800 bushel shelled at 63c., and 306 do. at 66c.
OATS There is a good demand, and price are
firm at 47tf44So, In bulk: sales of 600 bushels, In eack,
at 40o.; 300 do. from atore, at 60c., and 3,000 do. were
enlri nn nrlvata terms.
BYE Ther I but little demand, and the market
is dull at o.
UABL1Y There Is a fair demand, and prioea
steady at last quotations: saiss 01 wo nutneit gooq
fair at 7n.
HAY The demand is moderate, and prices steady
at siy per tun, tor prime nmotny, on arrival.
CHEKBB The demand continues fair at 9aiOo.
For r.holoa.hlaalna Int.. and lift, for Enalltai Tlairv.
BUTTEB The market it dull and heavy, and
prices are unchanged. We quote Central Ohio at 12
OkUn.. and W A. tarn Kaaarv at lOfi.
APPLES There it a continued good demand, and
price are nrm at last quotaiiona.
POTAT0ES-The market la firm, with a good de
mand at S3 ner barrel, for nrlma Northern.
CLOVER 8BE1-Tbemerket continues dull. We
a note It at It 60&4 66 for prime. There it a great
oal of Inferior seed in the market, which is offered
at 4 36 to 4 60! sales of 100 buthels choice at U 70;
too ao. at st eo; ?s oarreis ao. at at ri; io ao. at at 7v;
26 do. prime at 4 56, and 36 do. at 4 60,
Naw Tons Mabibv, February 16-P. M.-There
is some speculative demand for Flour: tales of 6,100
barrels, at Sagas 10 for superfine State and Western;
$6 mi 36 for extra Bute; 6 xa5 40 for common
to meulnra extra Wettern; 16 70CAJ 36 for (hipping
brands extra round-hoop Ohio the market doting
dnll. and thatandanev ilnarnwapil. flanadlan Vlnnr
dull and drooping! sale of 300 barrels, at i 356 76
ior common 10 cnoice extra, nje J lour in lair tup
sir. and dull at 13 70014 40. Oorn Meal dnll and de
clining. Whlaky more active and lower: atlea of 8O0
barrel at 24Hc, and 160 do. at MHo. Wheat dull,
and in favor of bnjer with only a moderate milling
demand: sales of 1.000 buahela MilwaukieOlub, on
private terms, snd 1,600 do. fair white Canadian at
81 SB. Bye In fair supply snd dull, Barley quiet.
Corn steady: aale of 18,000 buahela, at 78p78Xo. for
new white and yellow. Oat In little better demand
at 444o. . Pork It steady, with a pretty good de
mand; aale of 2,900 barrels, at 117 611 for old mear,
its 17313 60 for naw met; SIB 3713 60 for old prime!
fit 60 for new prime, with choloeoltyat 115; in
nlifdeded in tha ula. are 1.000 barrela new mesa, at
seller' option, for all March, at US 60, and tW wa
pa, lur tue ,n,iim. ui vamug iu, ow iwivh uvw
prim, in ali March, at (14 60, Beef firm aud more
active: of 40-barrela, at 4 35(84 M for country
paoktd met, and II 1 Sor312 60 for sxtra met. Beef
Hams firmer: tales of 60 barrels Bute at 13, and
Western ia generally held at S16. Prim mees Beef
Una U BloaiR: salts of 100 tierce Baltimore end India
maaa at mis. Draasad Hoara in demand for Weatarn.
Cut Maais firm at 7a for Bhouldersand MOOMc for
Ham: aalee of 20 barrels plokled Haane at W0. Ba-
coa nrmar: aale or 100 boxes city long-ribbed and
actear auaaise, as iue, Aaua suaay as uoiavao.
Butter plenty and dull, at faftio. for Oblo, and IS '
wr biw. unset 1 mm at vaiio. uonae
firm: aaiea of 1,100 bags Bio at !2Mc; 300 do. Mara,
ralbo at 12H)3c.,nd I.SftlaaaU Java at 150. Alo
lamee steady: sale of 60 ban els Mew Orleana at
Mc, and by aaotlon 60 do. New OrlM at6
s&o ; aodo. at 4Mt5f o., and 100 do. at 33S5o.
Bugar firm: tales rfTSj bhd. Cuba at 7M7Nc; 200
Love Havana at Ttta . aarf a -niA,i 0. hVAm rw-a
at IXo., Sad Mew (kiaana at 7M)7Ka.
BBW TOHX 'CATrtl Vln Varinaar It S.
celpta, 2,463 Beeve; 140 Cows; 467 Voala; 6.364 Sheep
and Lamb, and 3,04 Swlna. Beeves active under a
short supply, nd sc. hither: tale at 78o..nd
eome vary extra at lUlto.; average price from. '
84 to 9c. Veal and Oowa Whanged and dull.
Bbeenand Lamba advanced 26VoVirjc. ner haarf. Rain.
firm at a6tc. , ,
dull and ateady. Wheat Irm; sale of S.ooo baahela,
red at tl 39(91 30, and white at (1 A5l to. Cora
active and ateady: sale of wblt at K&lio., and
yellow at 70A76C. Provision first, wit small sales
of mesa Pork at $18.. Whisky quiet at 36s.
BBIAB8 00,-Bals-room, S7 and Main-
atreet. Hoots sod Bboee at Auction. We will sell,
TrI18(Tbnrday)M0BNI0, FebroatT 1, at alee
o'clock, without reserve, for cash, 160 caae ssn'.
noys', youtn s, women's, miate" ana cnuarea
Boots, Shoe and Brogan. Ho. t goods, and muat
b (old.
felt q. BBABHEAHB t CO., AnotlOnwte.
BABD. at Trad Sale-room. No. 21 West inrth-
ttreet, np strlre. Hook at Aootion.-Cn TH DBS
OA 1 EVEN I NO, February 16, at 7 o'clock, will be
sold by catalosue. a large and valuable collection of
standard works In literature and science. comerl'lntr
some rare and many valuable works, aome of which
are 01 nneavnguin eoiuoua; several volumes 01 tne
Illustrated London Hews, Ac.
N. B.-Catalogues will tie published on Thursday
i ne nooxs are now open lor examination.
fl5b 8. O. HUBBABO, Auctioneer.
SOoenta. - -, ; ....... t
Tn Vacation Polka. Prlc 30 cent .
The Kentucky Girls' Polka-.....,Prlce CO emits.
Tbo Forest Hoc 8chottlche........ Price 0 cent.
xn above nave bandtomelv-illnstrated tltle-pag ee.
feft No. 66 Weat Fourth-street.
tha ever. ' Great aaorlfloe of
rat sacrifice of umhm 1
s , Violoncellos ,r J
nt. lea than any
Piano . Melodeon .
Violin, Guitars, fianj 0
minffs. Ao.. dnrln
Be nine at 100 ner oent. lea than any
other Honse In this city, and firtt-claae instruments
st tnat. uo not pay en inttrument until you nave
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door east of
Plum, south tide. BtttTTINu St daO.,
Piano Makers, and Sealers la First-clsss Inttrn
ments. dealt
at last lost what tie Ladies hare lent needed
and looked for In vain, the Uterine Elixir.
The Dterine Elixir I warranted to cure all dls
eaaoe of a Uterine Nature; Inflammation of the
Womb, the Kidney, the Ovaries, and the Urethrev
Prolapsus or Falling of th Womb, Painful Menetru .
atlon, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea; In fact, a perfect our
Is guarranteed by the us of from two to fir bottle
of the Elixir, of any disease whatever of the Gene
ative and Urinary Organ, ef male pr female, no
matter of how long (tending. Price tl Per Bottle.
Madame ELLIS call particular attention to tba
following Card of on of the moat prominent Srag
giata of Cincinnati.
Ws, the underelgned, are not in the habit ef giving
oor name to Patent Medlolnes; but knowing well the
Lady Physiolaa, and th medicine celled the Uterine
Elixir, we cheerfully recommend It to all female
uflertng from Female Slaeaae of any kind; it la
purely vegetable, and in no oaae oan do Injury; we
say to all try, and out word for It, yon will And re
lief. F.D. BILL, Drigg 1st,
epsr "Oornerof Fifth aalBoe-strrta."
our, without nil, pain In tbe Breast, Back,
Bid r Limbs: Coughs, Oolds, Hoaneneas. Dlffl
ouitr of Breathing, Headache, Flatulency, Heart
burn, Olironio Bheumatlsm, Billion (Jhollc, Cramp
CbolU, Griping Pain of the Bowels, Dullness,
Stupor, Inactivity, Lota of Appetite, and la Pain
ful Menstruation It is a certain cure, and givae
immediate relief. In any of th above dltoa)
It will givegelief in twenty minntes, and a perma
nent cure by the nee of two bottles. Only 611 coat
per bottle so cheap that every person can get It.
N. B. For sal by F. D. HILL, Dmggltt, oornrv
of Baeeand Fifth-street; J. D. PABK, oorner C
Fourth and Walnut; BCIBB. ECKSTEIN Co.,
oorner Tine and Fourth; JOHS DIOKSOir, comer
of Jhn and Sixth; PAOIj BEINLE1N. corner ot
ElgbUand Freeman. AIM, EOWABD B0ANLAN
A CO.. oorner of Main and Voutitti and Madame
ELLIS, 144 Weat BUth-street. p37-r
Gifts ! GUts ! Gifts !
next to Smith A Nixon's Hall, Cincinnati,
Ohio. A splendid Gift, worth from 60 oente to V100,
aill ha riven with evert book for which . we receive
one dollar and upward at the time of sale.
Ullts consist 01 uoiu ana Diver v, aicuw, uaarea
Solid Gold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry, fin Gold
Bracelet, Oent' Gold Veat-chains, and a large va
riety of other articles of rich Jewelry, worth from
60 cent to 1100. , ,. M
Ladle and gentlemen are respectfully invited to
call and examine our stock.
Publisher and Gin Bookseller,
0o31-tf No. 38 West Fourth-street. ,
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
Of every description, whloh I as selling at a snail
advene on New Terk (rises, wholesale and retail. ,
'. ef. VTBBB, Jr .
no4 104 fifth-street, bet. Base and Blm.
PAR AF Fl N E 0 1 L S
Free from Offenelvo Odor, at .
Walnut-street, Ctncinnati.O,
AL with any mannlac taring esUbllthment
swP Wewarrant onr Oils to be sooal, If not supe
rior, to any in the maiket , -
mk- We invite those in th dtT and Trclnlty to
call and exan-in for themselves. - -
star Bo parsons ordering from a distance, satis
faction guartnteed in all casea. Addreaa
.... Vm K. tlABtvtlv, Jtsteaii, wr ,
; , A. Q, HOOOKK, Treaaarer,
' Kanawha o!t M.TTll Man. On,,
del . 07 Waloot-ttreet, OinplnnaU.
QBAVIKOand Light Machine Works to th large
and elegant building
t No. 64. West Fonrth-slreet,
Between Walnat and Viae, Third Fleu.
If yon want any kind of light M ACHIITIBT made or
repaired, Ql MIS A CALL.
ja36tf P. aTTA3tB, K
AXUvJXliliy4 a. Uvl VUsj
n.a1 ftAala 1 MVl
. Dllvrd at the lowest market; rat.
KT Orders solicited sad promptly exca ted. ' .
fobaam - W. M. HTJBBILL, BecrsttuT.
COUNTY-ROAD N 0 T 1 0 BNotioo la
hereby given that a petlUon wiU he nteassiUl
to th Board of County Oommlaaionere of txasaUtosI
County, Ohio, at their March Boad Batatoa, A. ,
I860, praylut to lay ont and ettablith a County Boao!
la lielhl Townthip, la said county, beginning at tha
south-west oorner of a certain half-acra lot attentat
in section twelve OI) In said Delhi Tewaahlp, be
longing to til Delhi Universal 1st Cknreh i Utpnoa
northwardly aero the wait end ef said lot. and
through th land ef Valentine Fehr Bad J.baB.
Puroell, to the Warsaw and Bapld Bu larnptka, faa
th township of Delhi aforesaid.
frllrtwlaw . A PlTrnOHBB.

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