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""- 1 H Br P ENNY PRE8
y I V j IsVhUabtd ail; ( 8ie-sjx7te4.J b
tr ita-ae tjl what roc a sntyaaay
. TBI MNt FBISolt delivered teaubsoribert la
U i ;Uaeuaau, OortngtoB aad Hewport, cam bus.
I i4 . . 1 HI I MUttkwMMAf j . j i
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, fj a oan A.wwt.PAtABrj W cabsim.
paiobsop aumaat , . ... I ,
'iloll8.j ImonU40o.il monthitlilwK
John A. Xlliter, JimI auuuiw wd Lhm.
PKjm or AsaiHKiK-r-DTMi ObrotondPtrtoetta,
. voeoi4ii vmuyrji Mtavtnm, .' . 1 " i
THIS BTKNIN3, Tebrntry 17. tb perfbrmnc
will commeoce with Boarclcsglt't pomedy, la two
mm; atiud r i-'Ji I ; i..:
i CnUlnO'UontltOolHnti Boron d BnanNi t)Ii
, Ur ) JeltTUrl, fUftd Sake of Adjoo, aUh WtlU.
After which Mr. OollioB will ilog "The f leg of
a bra
To be followed by th ttaghebfe comed; celled '
ni.TItrooket, with eonm, VoIIIdi i Dr. Horoeoof,
yiehert Klnokle, Beed Bob, Bonee; Widow kfo.
f Hbee, ra. OllOtrtj BoUj, hum fuojt Dennem,
Ullulll.WUU 'J J 'MrSlk.i'.lM j
Oerollne, Hiie Derihem; Winterbloeeom, Fleher
IHnri Hum Hill - - .. ..
of "BoirO'Mbre." f ,
satnraer fi nr. uoiuoe in on ireet cnereoter
a1 'Joa BiteijPrpfrletoread Maoeger; W.B.Lnrtn
" .Alvihtio o tini-Doore open t r, Onrtaln
Mosnte: TemtlTUt cl. tente: Colored Boxm, li
ivuvuH i rnTKie nuxei, eo, ( (
BensAt of XIm Z.ucy .eoU,
i Oi which occeeion the, win ee aaeltted Hr.
eented the third ect of - '
C v, ff,ud, 'V o' Bpeio, J. Mexwellf Uaerlllo,
i i 4. 1 be followed br ! fe ' .2 r J 1 .
Prfderlck Storke, W. Certer ; Iadr OailDe, Ulai A
.wrahem, ,.,r a. . - ";. ;
Te TiTBdler..A.....-;.f.;t..r:;.'. Mlaa ttnvf Hlght
111 v v wmwH wi.u u HWlia w lam noieOI
. ool. Hennerlng, Hr. Bwlft; Dominie Btameon, Mr.
Certer; Henry Bttram, Mr, J. Ulrende; Beilte
J, .Gabriel. Mr. J. MuweTl; Meg Merrlliee, Mre. Vu'
Bertrem. Mix A. qnhem: Mre. OeodUb, Mre,
.r y .Uwe; Xtore, Miee Ii. GreJuun; GlpeOirl, Mill
. . BOTIOK. Tredeimaa end othere ere eeattoned
ieinet furnlehing ear ertlcloe for the theater with
oete. written rdeT.iwned to the Meiiecer. .
, k. TUB jNBW MATIUMAIi UOlKLTedjolBiBir the
Theater( ie now open for the reception of gaeeta.
Boome can be obbined or the day or wecE, and
' i lf; Pike Proprietor i . i Oonwar, Stage Vi.
,. rtctor; J. W, Herbert, Treaenrer, .
raiou or ApeiiMiOB.-Fartiett Circle, Perqootte
ca vaiwuj, tw huh , Ampnitaeawr. no cenM 1
...PrlTate Boxes for eight pereona, 6. m i
i Bon Ofitoe opes from 10 A. M. until i P. M., where
iv .Hoore open at H o'clock I continence et 7)i.- (
' JUet night hot one of the dltttogalihed aotreu,
. t. Mn. Jail Dean Hyne,
.TJ5? fVBNIRO. Febrew If., will be pretented
.'Bueridnn'f corned, In Ure -acU, called v
. Iadr Teade, Mri. Jnlla Sean Eayne; Oharlet 8nr
face. Conway ; Sir Peter Teaale, Sarldge ; Joeeph
Bnrtaee, Sheridan; Bit Ben aula Becablte, Obap.
Hp; Crebtre. Templetoa; Mre. Oindor, Mre.
. i'SrfiouWZ"?,"
To. conclude with - , ,, ,
.'..;..v;BHT8TBAKBB.,r--V;vJ-!.:- ;
.Monger. Hr, Savldge; ReUy Baker, Hin Proctor.
' J To-morrow evening, the Farewell OomplU
' menrary Teetlmonial to Mre. Jlnlla Sean Hayno, and
the laet night of her appearaaoe. -
OOMDUCTBD B?,. , , ,
prof. f:w. RAUCH.
. The first of the eerlee of thete Interoetlng Con
certs will be giren at smith & Nixon'e Hall, on the
erenbig preceding ,-j . v a ,
T Waahingtott'B Birthday,
February at. The Prdrramme, which will be pub.
llihad in a few dare, will oenaiit of a number of tbe
meet ; popular Rational Bonge, and other nopuler mu
Hoof the day. feint
M't V.iHl .mil M. 7 M 1 ,1.1'H, -
M. and 11 o'clock each evening (Iitidey ereulog
-xcepted). i .. -r
jicneie a cenu, or eix ror gi.
- Door open in the eTenlng et
1. Children 10 cento.'
at S o'clock. Mirroi
ily. Doors open In th
nnTeeai7M o oiock preciaeir. Doors oeei
afternoon at 1 o clock; commences at 3 o'dlook. To
Aflernoon Bihlhltlon JjadJea' , Ticlcete, u cents;
Children 4 cent oniy. " '
NoricE.-The Mirror willAxhlblt erery evening
this week, except Toeeday, fhen the Bell is to be
occupied by the Library Aieoolation. 'Jbe Mirror
'Willi however, be thown Tuoaday afternoon at S
o'clock, as well u ever afternoon this week, and
yoeltl vely no longer. , . feiaaw
M. .'.Central Dancing Association,
On FBIDAT ITKHINO, lebruary 17, I860.'
t ' ' .SHA118? OOBBr, President,
f AV1III rVBEIe T ltOTIV"lU0D i.
wsbf v JBBB mwmmm.- ' V- ft '
trlf TBI-1- 'I'1
V 'On SaU-j ieJ.,. '
Tickets JS'ccdU, to be had. at the Hall. . Doors
cpea at 7 o'clock; ti coaaitnoeat P.' 1 fel8d
who, in compliance with unlvoraal reqneet, will ap
pear, for thB night only, ae " Lady Teenle," In Bher
idn?e iaiBiorlal.' School for Scandal.",) ,
Ilwcharfe Tailbg
. . He. 48 FOli U i"H-8TRKET,';' ""'
aalPtf ' Ul X H . LODBOH BtltPIBO..
PP It Charles street, Mew rleas, It a
ImgarMrB f das eV StMttlste Awvaraena,
. ., - ,m1 gfp SULBU pf mi WTDMti ,"; J",: '
and Bailer Iron. Plow Slabs, Bailroai Iplkes
to. A Wo, Ajrenta for the eale of iroataa 8tn Nalta.
Wareiooou Sev If last Beoond Btnwt, Cls-rtaaal I
. Bar All klBJs tea wUtam - " tat'
Mo, M Blitktreet, betweenjyine and laaeev ta
MedlealOellege.Clnoln&aa.Uhlo. reneaewne
la with tneirpaironage,cau reiyeaenna,,
uw Bies. ' " Bpi-y
BBOOS ek 8JW1TH, Ho. Wert 4tb St.
their large bsbuiIibi
it of Wetchesj JeirelrT.
ua inasaoaos.
I)A k ,.,U
. m m.j) awii' sua. tt. riatlAM
ass l
wxiei asfrtwfewaeji,ei 'T?"1!
i . a:r y;,1'"1 ' 'tt--.-1. ,,v--V ',. ; i'i;i'r'i j !';. r-'. ri' ' 4 i
iuirfrLXU V.r'f Z" !r tS . - - ; ai.
I c-dti-iM. j , -.7. i'w; ; iV,'-;''.' vat .ruuLLI Jingoism t.j, .iclsu'D MWAaweftV .. . Ill I .' ' ? ' ,-,. -iWi '
I " "" ' " ' 1 -- ' " - it. ( .u i : i. - . . -l. - .. . . . . i . . . , j i l
VOL 8. V NO,1 155
t'v! f
BBBseseseseseses '
"'r' i f V f -;.f T ' '
Wrris Pluxn.-Hlghl Xxpreem, 4:M a. Xl.t Aceowr.
inuu.iion, e:j a. a.) Acoommooauon, 3:t6 r. m
DftT XX bV1Msb. Al4i) I. If. i . -. 4 , . . , i.i i j ,
Udiakatous abs Cwoaniaii-ll:lf a. .; t:0 r,
M4 ltA.Ki v ,.i
yaioABD Jiseasim.-:2S a. m.; 11: a. lOtU
OuouaiTi, HxnrxroW an DivToB.-r; . .; Uioj
g. m.i wu r. ..jKM r. e:ou r. ar.
aaisna axa OniauraaTi, ll:M a. at.l M r, a. ,
10BB0BD ABB lBBUBArOUB.-U:90 M,: (:M P. at.
tims Muai.-Day Bxpreas,' MhA) X it,t Aeoorn.
modatlon. 4:4A e. m.! eHirht bmh. ll.aii h i
lBDieHaroi.u abb CuiouHavi-t:oU a. n,i Usi5.
w.! 7:1ft . H. . : .. - . -'J
ubio amb nuaiaarm. 7:20 a. a.; z:w p. m.; 7-pp p.w;
OiBOixaaii, Uabiltob abb Davto.-o. ar.; 7jM
v.w f 0. r. ., r. at.; it:ao p. M.
MaBlBTTA ABO 0lBOIMBATI.-:40 A. tl. ts0 P. 1
BicpnOJlD ABB lBOIABaPOUa.-K)0 A. a.l fcM p. H,
tm' Hon. Daniel B. Sickles. It la said, has
eooma a memoer oi an onooaoz Church.
& Of all tha children born in Rhode
ttiand in 1858 one-third am Irlih psranU. i
,th A ntaii named Brown killed an Irian
mani the) other day, tA Orawfordiville. Iud.
btoatue tha latter refund to give him whiaky
JW The plaoei of pnblio amusement in
rang pay one-Mntn of meir receipts to oner-
ihuio lueufcuiiuss.
M1m Marr Ann Cowen. of Prtvidenoe.
R. I.,' eommltUd anioide reoentlp by Uklncr
poiBOU. ' I li : '' ' ,"u ,
I-A gentleman near Lake Providence.
La., reoently drew $19,000 in Swan 4 Co.'g
lottery..; .-r.; - :
Wat, E, Burton ii said to have re
Tiaed the proof of his obituary ghloh (ppeared
in a ivbw xora paper. . ,, '
t- A bill hai been reported In the Maa
Bachusetti Legiilature to annex Rozbnry to
In addition to "births, marrlatfes and
aeami," mo LitTerpooi jfereury now adds tbe
"arvoroee. 1 ! . , ; . ..
'Wm. E. Bnrion was nrl ratal v hnrlail.
',,!,.,,., .. j, i, tilt ' 1 "
acsuruuiK to uie own reaueei. none nni ma tm,
mediate rolatlres attending the. funeraU '
lait 'Tr. from Monroe Cnnnl. w
T., 2f0,000 barrels of apples were shipped,
The Minister Resident to GantameJa
end Honduras, Bon. Beverly L. Clark, of
Kentucky, nag joined, the Roman Catholio
The father ofi IadVwho Wa In.niu
by one Page, e shod merchant on Maln-atrMt.
Buffalo,. N. 1., gave P. severe oowhidlng,
vaveiMB, t t'-j a fi 1 r ! V'tc
f' JBf;''! MUW lii' WeBtem lows, irosilrnnk
on atrychnine whisky, reoently, and when her
BBSDana nnaertoos to oontrol her, she seized
knife and eat but hit heart. " : .'.
US' Keller's flouring-mill. abont twn ami
a half rullei from Tiffin, 0., Was destroyed by
fire recently, eaualng a ion f about eeren
tneusana apiiara. J J i 4 i t. .. i i . t . i
flaT A girl named Lee. but fonrtaan fun
of age, deliberately shot herself dead, at Ham
ilton. 0. W.. beoaute TOODir 'man whnm
tovea naa removea to Detroit.
Amontr a drove of cattle fattened In
i ... A
Woodbury, Conneotiont, and destined for the
New York 'market, are some enormously fat
ones, two yoe weigning upward 10,000
poundev .--.. v.- v ,
Daniel . Potter VU aaanifcted. in
Witooniin, on s charge of robbery, beoaate
the indictment -read twenty dollar , cold
pleoet," instead of 'double eaglet,!; the legal
name of the coin.
A little boy, the ton of the eoncteroe
of the Grand Theater in Lyons, France, was
poisoned to death recently by dipping a broth
In water-colors and transferring Ft ' to hit
month. - ,. r; ", , ,-,' v m
.w. - i
AST During the last three weeks nine free
colored persons have been tried and con
demned ae vagrant!, in Caroline County, Md.,
and told at, Haves. for, the remainder of the
year. f
; -' J '.'J'
Th Niw Fatso Fomioh MmisiBU.-i-M.
Thonvene), unlike blepredeoettor. hat been a
diplomatist all hit life. He tppeart In early
lire to have oonoeived. the idea excreiud bv
Mr. Dliraeli in "tanored1' "the Bast U a ca
reer." In 1839, when twenty-one years of
age, be undertook a journey to the Esit. and
publiahtd an atcount of it, thlokly mter
tperted with remarks about "tmfluma Yaa
eowr," and abuse of Lord Stratford de Bed
oliffo, which helped him. to a place at the For
eign Offloo, .InilSUhe was promoted to an
allaehahip at Bruaiels, and the following year
taw him emerge at a "full-blown Secretary of
Legation at Atbent. Hit prinolpal, M. Pii
oatory, having been sent to Madrid, H. Thou
venel continued at Athens at Charge d'Af
falret, and wat auletlv meditatinir on the
charmi of a diplomatic career when the revo
lution of February broke out. M. Thouvenel
remained at hit pott, and did not tender hit
retignationv.but the Revolutionary Govern
ment, not appreciating- properly the patriotio
motives which induced him to tacrine hit pri
vate inclination and propriety to a tente of
duty, tnperteded hint by M. de Raymond,
sk t --ij. ; . ' ? sf
v . . , . .,. , rrrr 'Hiv
Sbiidiok's Riuidt roSeas TooTiicHt
veaog woman . emnioved in factor: in
North Klngitowo, R. I., oom plained for sev
eral day t of a severe toothache, and at latt
left her loom, laying the Would go to a Doctor
ana nave net tootn extracted, bhe, however,
did not return, and her flendt were anable to
trace her to the offios of any doctor er dentiit.
The anxiety of her friends had .reached an
alarming point, when It was unexpectedly re
lieved by the receipt of a newipaper contain
ing an annotneament of her mamage.,,, ,.rj.
Thb MoDoiodoh EDtrcitioAi' Fond. The
gale of the immense estate of the late John
Heuonoogh bavins' failed) ia producing the
amount contemplated by the donoHo; edueai
Monti; purpoaeg in New' Orleans, , there hap
arisen quite a oontroveray at to what ehall be
done with! the fundi, $700,000; . The Board of
Bduoation of that city have offered to hire the
amount at sii per cent, giving their bonda at
security. It may be some time, however, bet
re any ooneiuaon it arrived at.,.: ,t-' A ;i
noa-lntereourte meeting held In Atlanta, Q.,
Mr- P.. Heydea, one ofthe merchant of the
placed used the following laognagtl tbsll
ouy . goooi wnsrever a oan get mem vne
heapeei! ana, wnen l CO to fltw iori. i go
with the money in toy pocket, and I never
have and aever will ask a mail whether he U a
Democrat, a Whig, a Know Nothing, Black
Kepnbllea,er an Abolitionist.'- - ' f,i
ASiiuttOAt Thiip Stati.r PcBitgtn
young man Who had .taken panige on e
lialsalnnl steamboat from - Momenta, last
week, wat detected with the Captain'e watch
and a valuable Metoaie emblem In hit pottesr
alon.Tbe pasiengen at once appointed a
Judge Lynch Court, which tried and etnr
vioted the offender, and, tenteneed him to re
erive thirty lathes upon mi pare oaea. ' ine
paalsfameatwM duly Inflicted, and the thief
let ashore tt plod hit weary way alone,
A GaSAt WoiIBS. Jamaa RawAaIiI,. tJL
vjntor of the tteetm-tracUon esgloe, and one
wi wb- prnNuesi aueenaateal worthies tt the
agevdied in Bng1an4beat three weeks tlnce,
; .of decline, broaght en by cold caught through
exposure on Woolwich marshes, when waitini
for theoffioiaie to teat hit engine, He watw
mnofglajtt frame, ilmple and noble diapo
iltlon, untiring Uduatry, aad great reniua.
- pMwdered ta' the prime of life by
, uwrwiuunu WUWieUB all IB"
ventort.1 Xhey aooordlngly made him wait
for hours ia the wind and rain, while tantalfgw
lllg him With exnarimanta wlthk.U Tk. f.i
of .thlt nian, working like Archimedes in th
TerV AntA-Atl.tmhte t tu . t, i . . . . ,
w ouay hlmtetf with hia models of new Inven
tions one, I believe, of Immense value In
the eonatrnotion of; loootaotivot-i-affectg one
much. For years he had labored, and, on the
;,s, iuib, wih sneeeti m nit grasp ror
hit traction-engine is at length approved-he
dies a victim to the system V which the en-
Mnooo w tit uovernmontJ Departmentt It
England It strewn with (ha t
and carpeted with their skint, i For one Arm'
?vug, mre are a nunared tSojdtUw Would
that a mammoth tracUon-englne might plow
up the aite , of Admiralty and Horae-Guardt,
and the dwelling! of the red-Upe flnnktyt
who stranala iha klwk -4 ,. '
Q " " W gEWW. HilUg.l '
:-If M :-BBB ' "
A Sibsatiok Fogiaii u Naw Yoatji-The
New York oorreepondent of tht New Orleene
wayw"tayi: A mualionfimtrol hagreoenUy
token plaoe in the upper part of the dty.i La
Travtata wat a married woman, without child
ren, beautiful beyond conception. When the
eye taw her II i bleated her for , the beauty dt
r"r maa ptrtecwon oi her toilet,
In tbe ttreet, In the ball-room, at the .opera,
r i uu.A vuw oi poei i meal. i
Laat week this fair, frail flower anddenl
wilted and died. On the announcement of the
i act in toe newanarjerfl. then vu
dinary demand for white, oameliat, white roie
budt, ortnge bloiaoma, and all ether pale and
preclout flowert flt for the bridal bed of Death.
rjhe of white' tatln, in a rloh eatket lined
L. 'kT material, the faulllets form,
which no sculptor's, art oould rival, lay In Its
lait repoee, wreathed and garlanded, and be.
a sowers, rnaiunwai m
attended,' by men HiCy; and ttrasge to tay,
moetly by matf ulterlv unknown to t.
bereaved hatband, althenvh amnns m.t.
miuuo oi mo amietett wno followed La Tra
etott to the, tomb, each felt himself entitled
to All the place of "ohief mpurntr' at the
'' Foamva Slavbb ib fliwlni' lTh vut.j.L.
in jv ... " rV"
vanauaj xieraw tayt that the fugitive .tlave
population of that o tv hava had a. .a4
tohool-houte and teacher provided fat the ooK
viou cuiiung, lurniaueu at tne expenie or tbe
corporation; they have alto a ehhrah. To the
chool they will' not send their tifi
which Is thown by the fact that the teaober
appointed reoeived hit talarj laat year for
doing nothing; and the determination ; not to
ao son openly expresied by the moat ln-
wmgent oi ine eoiorea retiaentt in Windsor.
It is not the lack of meant to gain an educa
tion that it the ml eanae of onmnlalnt. it .'.
(Aal amorcrmartew it net allowed in (Jit tthoolt
oeneeen wtue and tolortd,
'A DxnjIXIg 'PhTSIOIAB PoUora'l'PieiiM.
At Lookport, N. Y., laat week, a Dr. Oress
well wat on trial on, the charge ef mardering
a patient, whom he wat called upon ormolu.
tewed to attend, by administering atrychnine.
The trial resulted in a verdiot of manslaughter,
the offense being orobablv an ureraat3 u
of malpractice, it having been thown on the
trial that the accused wat addicted to Intem
perance, and wat known to be at timet very
drunk when he administered hit medicines, t
i' 1 "Be. ' 1 , i 1 " ;-, j
Hri' CoTroir TaiDE.' Afinnn oh' t,'.
but Juat entered into Februarv. the raaelnta r
eotton at the shipping ports already reaoh
three million bales, having been for the last
weex, reported, by mail, 165,000 bales, against
132,000 In the tame week laat vear. The in.
crease in receipta, compared with last year, it
now 402,000 bales.1 u Exports Increase to
Great Britain, 465,000 ' bales ; : increase to
France, 82,000; decrease to other foreign ports.
30,000. . Total increase id exports, 458,000.
'.1 v. t I i Bsai '
A LutBAiT Wirg-MnsDSBBB. Wm. k.
West, who is now in prison under sentenee of
death,, for a oonrictioa of the murder of hit
wife Arabella, in Philadelphia, employs all
hit time in. literary ..efforts. . He has lattly
written a number of-poems on rellarious sub.
jeota, tome of which have been published, and
an oi vwnica nave Been eommeaded for their
tuptrior merit. West's friends are busy in
their endeavors to secure a pardon. "'
Yuld or QoLoi The ' Australian oarjera
notioe a verV' decided' falling off ainoa last
year in the yield of gold from the mines In
that country, i Up to the latest date the escort
had brought down gold valued at 7,552,886,
againat 8,184,400 in 1858. The shipments
were xo,uoa,oo, agamsi xo,f V4,ezv. une
twe new fields of greet extent ' had, how
ever, been opened up.
Urldoxt Fats or Fata Lovnia. The nan.
aJty of guilt hat been sadly realised in tbe
ease ef Mra. Smith Bannerman, the Bnglith
heiress, who recently eloped with Rev. A.
Green, her ourata, from London; The parties
embarked at Graresend onboard a clipper
ship bound to AuitralU,. and it was wrecked
the obannel, all on board being drowned.
Political Waobrb. The New York sorrel
tpondent of the Washington Statm tayt that,
tbe New York Hotel, reoently, two dlttln
goiahtd Dtttoerats bet dinners for ten, one ta
favor of Douglas and the , other in favor of
Breckinridge; while ! another gentleman of
fered $l,000 to f750 on "the field" against
DouglBai"'''-11 -
A BtiLLUBt ad LDoiDn PAtAaArH-A
country exchange has this mtrvelloat para
graph: "The reader will not forget that this
flat was made out twe weeks ago and add
from ten to twenty feet to each except Orot
ley who .".are preparing to pump, and alto
Fletcher'' We are Inclined to believe, this
was originally written for our , evening ootem-
the Warren (N. J.) Journal notices the death
a eow, canted by a enake two feet long, and
an Inch in diameter, dying In her. Theanake
was oi tne water ipecies, ana K u eappesed
the eow twallewed it when imall,' ta tUioklng
from a brook. . , . .'"',.,
..! ' " i i '" "'
" Win Snrrvatn Fbom Or obto-A return
the wine shipments1 from ' Oporto ' daring
theipatt year thowt the total to have been
10,547 pipes, ef which 14,5 JO were to Great
Britain, 1,900 to Bratil, 710 to the Banae
Towns, and 424 to the United States.
"T ,ee,,'', ""T"T"' "V j J'l 1
TSiai .7iiaa. Ua.xim i TTnirana '2TKa
Jfapanese mermaid at 'might- he supposed,
turna out e humbug. A letter from arpoati
bie mercantile house In Canton taya that it
Wat manufactured from the head of teal, the.
pawt of a puppy, and the tail of a flah. -1 -
A ViiTtrotrt CouvtrAt the Tuam Hall
Tear't Sessions in Ireland, the Barrister, eon.
gratulated the grand jtry on the nearly total
absence ef erline In their eoaaty. There were
tsiy two asiaalti on the oaUaier.
( TtRaratt TaiotDr QgoaQiA-.Tho' Sa
vannah Atwa gives thete parti oulara of the
affray in Wtyneaboro', Go., In whloh John
W. Walker killed John 0 went: w, -
, Bboruy after, the exoitement in the town
became very treat, and three oltiiena. arm.d
with double-barrelled guns, started In pursuit
m ivaiaer, iur us purposs ox arresting Him.
Arriving at hit house, they found him armed.
Calling upon him to surrender, he refuted to
do so, expreisipg his determination to defend
hlmaelfj at the same time escaping into the
wuoue., Aae party returned to town for doga.
With wnicu to pursue the fugitive. On their
wy thay were met by two more eUlseat, armed
with guns and, accompanied by dogt... The
fV uen .returnee, to tne bouse, when Wal
ker, who had returned, daring their absence,
iiaued from the door, armed with piatolg and
knifey At he stepped from the door, hit pur.
inert, who remained inpide the incloiurt ia
front, called upon him to tnrrender. . Assume
lag An attitude of defiance, lie refused to give
himtelf np, while hit wife, in great dletreas;
clung to him to prevent, further i violence.
Throwing her off, he leveled his rifle and was
about to fire, when the whole party of pur
autrt ditoharged their pieces, killing him in
atantly, putting two; buok-thot through the
arm and hand of hit wife, and mortal I v
wounding his daughter, a little girl about
teven yoartoiq. , ..... ;thl , , ,
How CuiiAg Bscakb a OtATot. Ourran,
tte Irish orator, when a youth, had a atrong
defectta hit. artioulatlon, and at school he
wat known as "ttutteting Jack Curran."
wnue newts engaged In the istudy of the
'" bus ana struggling to overcome his do-
loot, no wat tiung into aloauenaa hv iha. ....
eatmt of a member of a debating elub, who
oharaoterlaed him aa "Orator Mum;" for, like
Cowper,when he stood up. to apeak, Curran
had not on a previous ocoaslon been able to
utter a word. Uut tbe taunt raited his pluok:
ana ne replied, with a triumphant speech. This
accidental discover In himaeirnf thm t
.i - . . . . i
luuouua saoouragea mm to proceed in hit
studies with additional energy and vigor. He
corrected his enunciation by reading aloud,
emphatically and dittinotly, the beat pauaget
In our literature, for teveral honra )
Itodying hit features before a mirror, and
uuFiiuB uetnoa or gestlouiatioa tutted to
oia ratner awkward and ungraceful figure. He
awe propoeeo. easel to nimaelf, whloh he de.
tailed with as maoh cars aalf ha haH K.n .a.
dressing a jar j Curran eommeneed businest
with the aualifloaUon whisk Lnvri i:m.. .t.t.
to be the, first requisite for. dlttinetion ai a
oarruter, mat is, "to be not worth a shilling."
&t7e's Silf-Bilp. . 8
1 . !... ean , .' '
Fran Cohplim-im nv i Tt.
Madame de Saint Qubert!
very brilliant regreaentatlont at the Straeburg
ieJtt.p, .81 w." Pfeially admired In the
"Dido" of Plcoinl. Hiving -performed , tbie
part with more than usual ecfat and success,
the following day she received, while at her
toilet, a scarcely legible note, which finished
With thit atrain: "Romans, who extol your il
lustrious origin, behold, on what depended the
birth of your empire. ; "Dido" did not pot
sesteharmt suffioientiy powerful to prevent
the flight of her obatioate lover. . ' i
"Hut ta the other iWdo the ornament nf m
age had been Queen of Carthage, in order to
serve ber he would have abandoned his gods,
aad jour beautiful eountry would be ttili un
civilised." Madame de Saint Hubert! having
read it, called bar earns aVoAemore, and aaked
her who had brought so valiant a nnt. a
young man of about nineteen, wearing the
epaulets of a lieutenant of artillery." "About
nineteen! That is very young to have to
much wit and admiration; but they learn to
blase Very early ia the artillery. Learn hit
name, that I may thank him." The next
day , Madame do Saint Hubert! learned that
the author wat called Napoleon Bonaparte.
ExrLOSloit bit A Whibksv BonrV fl DIM AV
the Saginaw Indiana are intense wsgt in their
Way. , One of them, having given a trader
tome annoyance, was told that in case he was
teen again with a botUo.lt would betaken
from him and thrown juto the lire. A few
dayt after, the Indian appeared with a pint
flask in hia blanket, at usual; but the trader
was as good as his word,' and demanded the
bottle, which the Indian gave up and started
for the door. " Tbe trader threw the flask into
the stove, upon which, whang went the stove,
and out came the windows, the trader follow
ing olose behind. ' The next time that trad.,.
burns an Indian? whiaky bottle, he will
examine it, to see whether Its oontents are of
"Duponfi make" or'whiak.", . ,
TBI HoHI-COMXIMOiad Chabitt. Braalan.
celebrated juggler, being at Canterbury with
hit troop, met with tuoh bad tuooest that they
were almost starved. Ha ranalrad i iu
eburoh-wardeUa, snd.'promlsed to give the
profits of a night's conjuration to the poor, if
the pariah would , pay for hiring a room, As.
The charitable bait took, the benefit proved a
bumper, and next morning tbe church-wardens
waited apon the wizard to touah tbo receipts.
'I have already disposed of dom," said Bret
Ian; "de profits were for de poor. I have kept
my promise, 'and 'given do money to m own
ptopU, who are do poor-t in die parish I"
"BUl" exclaimed, the -Churoh-wardens, "this
a trick.' "I know it." renlied tha son arv;
"I live by my ...
.'AaiBtlBXa Ihoidsbt m a Kv-lnima'a
LirgAn American gentleman relates, after
leaving a paper of which he wat the editor,
and returning on a visit, be wrote a leader for
the new editor, and he reallv thoupht it cod-
better than be had written for months. Next
day he met an' old acquaintance with a paper
a ui. uaoo. - -An, - sara no, "tmt paper la
but a miserable thing now nothing like what
was when yen had It I" and pointing to the
article he had written, continued: "Look, for
lnttaaoe, at that thing I Who would read
tuoh trashy stuff as that 7 Why didn't the
fool let yew write the article T"
,. ', i i ....
A PxcTLiAJt PadrotrriOH. A Belfaat innmal
has this paragraph t Eupbemia, nineteen
yeara of age, weight one hundred and thirty
eight poundsand Rote, eighteen years of age,
weighs one hundred and forty-three pounds,
advertise in tba Damaritootta ' papers for
husbands. What is. the; lowest figars per
pound to close out the lot T A friend of ours
wishes to knew. "
unit . n f ii-aw .i i
Bxr losioi er a Powdbk-Mill The stalnw
tag-mill of the powder workt ef Band k
Smith, abont -three miles from Oran ate. Nsw
Jersey, exploded on Saturday afternoon, ln
ttantly killing Ohriatian Simmerman, who
was at Me tbe time in front Of the mill with a
wheelbarrow load of powder." Bis body wag
thrown a great dlttanoe from the mill, and
was shockingly Bungled. Deoeaaod waa Un
married, aad about thirty-five years of age.
About forty kogt of powder were destroyed by
the explosion. - ". , . ,
, i
A Russian Loan Rjllbu bt a Sbbp A Sl
Petersburg letter aayir "A serf In the govern
most of Tambow reoently killed his lord for
having stduted hit (tb, i serf's) anlaaoed brUeu
For thit act of vengeanoa tha serf will proba
bly be condemned to hard labor for life ta the
mines. i-m f.,.w iw:it.g
tArxtln er "A ' Pcagios : CoiipAgTl The
Diamond Furnace Company of Jacktoo
uoonty.in nil state, on the BoioW aad Hock
wuuvy.iu wi paw, en un Doioio in noon-
lBeY!' aUrMdr bat suspended paymtnt.
nnm awwMWHna a, au,vvv, -
Washington News.
vr ABniBOToa. r eoruarv is. it ia a n.
deratood ia political circles that Mr. Dougleg.
w nvurw wo nomination, at vnatles-
nn, irom tae united opposition of tha South
against him, will transfer all the strength ho
can command ia favor Alex. H. Stephens. I He
will nave power enough In tbe Convention to
control the nomination of another, without
oeingaDie tooommana It ror himself.
Mr.Bright'a inquiry into the reasons for the
u.iaj in theeoBttructlon ofthe dome ofthe Cap.
Itol, will develop that the contractor agreed to
furnish two classes at two otntt per pound
reapeouveiy. t Application ' waa made ta Mr.
Meigt for an Increase in prlcei, which he! re-
luseo, at oia nit suocesaor CapL Franklin,
aaeraer irom tne war Department raved
the rate teven centtper pound, making a dif
ference of $120,000 In the cost of the mateiist.
The JYmeVs eorreipondent tayt: "Senator
Bright, after to da va consideration, has
named the eonmittee to arrange the Charles,
ton Platform, vln Oreen, Fitch, Bigler, GwlU
and Chestnut, each of whom spoke la caucus
ia favor of Mr. Davit's resolution. Tht object
-f IL. ,.tll A. " - - .
ui tun ouuiuiuwo waa o comer ana narmonite
too several proportions, The gentlemen
named are all on the tame tide.'' No wonder
Benator Bright requires two dayt to reconcile
the appointment of tuoh a oommittee to hit
oonacienco. "'.'U'--1"u
"Senator Souglat hat elmott enUrelvrMav?
rou irom nil into bhboi." -'in,
' Too Htald'i correspondent &yt a 'propoew
tion is now before the Senate Postoffice Com.
mittee, and a bill will be reported to-morrow,
authorising the contract with Zenas Bsrnum,
Hiram Sibley, J. R. Walker, J. II. Berryhili,
J. D. Caton, C. M. Slebbina, Norman Green
and F. A. Bee for the use; by Government, of
a una oi teiegrapn irom eiiieouri to Ban Fran
citoo, for a period of ten years, at an annual
compensation of fifty thousand dollars from
tbe time the line it completed. The line ii to
be finished In two yeara, at an estimated oost
of one million dollars. .-'' -. i
Although the compensation is ; regarded at
imall, it is believed that tbe great amount of
telegraph interest now held by the parties
named in the bill will secure the building of
taw sum. ' f. '.!....., , -
The Committee on Eleotlons' Will "take nn
tho eontetted teat of Mr. Sickles first. It will
probably be reached to-morrow, -n- '
The propoelUoa of the British Government
lor-tne tetuement or the Ban Joan qaeation
has not yet been laid before oar Government.
It it not at ail probable that the proposal will
be accepted, as ths President ha rereatedlv
stated that be would not back down from the
position he had assumed In thematter. .
There is some talk to-night that Mr. Ad.
ama will lead off with the name of Mitchell,
to-morrow, ana mrv liiihndge will vote In the
same way, with the understanding that one
or two other gentlemen who voted for Defrees
to-day will follow la tbe same direction, thus
indicating, aa in the contest for Speaker, who
can be eleoted, it having been shown almost to
certainty who can not be. - ' ' " i
WiSHiKOTOH, February 16. The Poitofice
Bill legaltiet the payment of H.757,000 for
eomnensation to rjostmaatere and elMk.jr,..
incidental expentet ending ta Deoember; leav
ing tne remainder of tha $4,000,000 appro
priated for those purposes tubieet to the im
mediate ordert of the Postmaster-General.' ' I
Several dsje, however, will elapse before
the necessary forms can be prepared for trans
ferring the larger amount appropriated from
the Treasury for the use of the Department. :
.. The certificates of Indebtedness will be In
the order ta which they are filed in the De
partment, and the other debt! in tbe order in
which they occurred. The amount of interest
to be paid on deferred payments to contractors
will be about $100,000. : v - - '.. ,
From New York.
Niw Yoax, February 16. Laet night, de
tective Bennet, on a warrant Issued by Justice
Waldron. of Buffalo,' arrested si young man
named Harry Lazarus, who stands oharged
wmii evuuuiug xuib. xiauurigan, oi taat City,
under promise of marriage.
The Tribmt says that Vanderbllt't propoi
titlon to the Pacific Mail Company it under
stood to include the sals of hit Pacific steamers
to tbe Mail Company; for a specific sum, of
wnien $ovu,uu was to be paid in Factflo Mail
Stock, whloh was to be retained by MrVan
derbilt, for two yean, the Commodore to do
the totlve service in the line, and tho Paoifio
Mail Company the service of the' Paoifio it a
pro rate agreed upoUj the spare boats on tbe
Paoifio to be- employed in running along ths
ooaat of South America. j'' v1' '"
The cause of the great rise in the Pacific
Mall Stook Is generally spoken of as the di
vision of the California trade and mails be
tween the competing liner, on thSbasis of 70
per eent. for the' Paelfio service to the Paoifio
Mail Company, and SO per cent, of the Atlan
tic service to the opposition, to be managed by
Marshal A. Roberts, a sufficient steam fleet to
bo furnished to eaoh to make trl-Weeklv trina
eaoh way, but the faot of tuoh settlement, or
even a concurrence in the preliminary over
ture of tbs kind, Was denied by Mr.. Vander
bilt aad his friends, at too late an hour In tho
At a meeting or tne Board of Education,
last night, a resolution was adopted appoint
ing a committee of five to look after pptclal
leglilatlon on the aubject of Public Education
this elty. ' The oommittee were instructed
to exert than energies to secure, In any act
that may be paieed, to extort authority to cease
the reading a portion of the Bible at the dailv
opening of each school under the Jurisdiction
oune ijoaro, '" " "'-. , -.'" i
Benjamin Rush Floyd, brother of the Sac.,
rotary of War,, suddenly died of heart com
plaint, at ths Lafayette House, ' last evening.
He was In exeeilent health a few moments be
fore he died, i -nU ,t...n.4... -..
Population of Kansas.
Sr. Lotna, February' 16. Aooordioi to this
official returns of the Assessort of Kansas, the
population oi toat -.territory it ov.uou.
f eI M-'CM
I'l-t .
IxTBioaoiHttTv Masauaa Al wedding
took place in Detroit, Mich.,: the other day,
betwten an, , aged female of aixty-five aad a
young man of twenty-one Thay were eeusiu.
and, on uniting thamcelvea in matrimony, ba
eanio possessed of $10,000,; by bequest. . Tbe
donor of thit money bad, upon bis death-bed,
willed them $6,0Q0 each, uadei eoadition thsy
married in tht family.. -i :.'!,...'i .
. s i aw i .. : 3 -
Ths Cognonoof Ghost Acai. The Tair
Haven ghost stUl continues to frighten noo
tnrnal travalers, and the thing hat got to' tuoh
past mat several Fair Kavea ccatlemen.
whoss buelatet lotdt them to walk homo from
New Hav.n at night, now go armed with a
Colt'a revolver, and mean to nut a bullet
tho ghost the first opportunity. - V o
Xf" -I - i 1 ' . -r-yaav ii nun ii irn'.l.itr.ui.
Xhs Bohoolmabtib's Tbopblb. A country
dominie had a hundred boys aad ne assistant.
I wonder now yon manage them." said- a
friend, "without helpV 'Ah," was the an
swer, "i couia manage tne hundred bora wen
enough; If i -the itwo hundred paroats that
troaaie me tnere'i no'menaging themki'"" w
T f"- 1 1 ,11" t ' I
A Mai Snot Dbab tr A CocarstAX-A man
named Stephenson, while attempttag. to force
nit way wto a aouto oi ui-iame, reoently, at
Oqutwka, III., wm shot dead by a Mrs. Bny
dor, the proprittrtti of the bagnio.
f.i-' niTIRMS-'CAtH.i flic
Oae week 1 ne)
One mouth....-.. 4 Se)
lavrger t4vertlseaiente inserted at the following rates
fc eqoar. of tea) lines erl
least bit
JUoh additional... 'aS I T h. woeka 4
mtum i , i iiu m.i.
i Hit
In all Ita'braaoriee done with aeatneae end dlspateh .
Wheeler & Wilson's
IMhelpaf itfeioe; rWe. ii SrVe.t Feartlit.,
' CIHCIMWATI. ;-, . -,
IT Wheelar A'WIbnnaaaiBaMaetilM.'Wttiilai.
Bortant ImDrovamenU. and to amt the demand for
a good, low-prfcvd Family MaohiDe. have intro
duced a NHW 8TYML sarkln anoa tha mmm arin.
ciple. and making tbe same stitch, tfaongh not to
llfniy uuMaao, at (ISTI-lY INSAiliAtlUt.
j. p. en
he Mac!
esance, apeed, noiMleMneetand .implMtyof
it Mechitie, th Uanty and rtreagth of Mitch, hein
kavtog bo chain er ridge on the nnder aide, the
BOTH blOKB, Impoeuble to ravel, and
il a
eoonomr of thread and
nsa it:
or thlnaeat fabric, haa
adaptability to tne tntcaa
red thit tbe meet too-
omu( and popular, family Bewing aUohiae now
Atone varlooa ' ofAeiiA wa aell ae Nm, Yorlr iHm.
ana give lniirnciione iree oi cnarge, 10 enanie pur-
, , . . : : r "
DUHrn w hi oruinary , BeaBM, nem, leu, quill
gather, bind and tack, all on the same machine, am
hem, fell, guilt,
IB. machine, and
warrant It for three year '
oena ar call tor a circular containing mil particu
lars, nrlcea. teltlmonlali. Ao. - ,
jaiiajr, , i r"".' wiu. BVianui ev w.
O'tBJ'.l 91' S
ij a tiuw rxMo;
Coal Cookulg Stove!
Has been pronounce by oomveteat )ndge to be the
.14 Patented Dee. I.'USSS.
, For sale by tbe Inventor, and Hannfaetniers,
,Hanufactory, Covington, Ity, ,
i- .We, H Xeuat CelemOiIwtraet.
trade at the aaoet raaaonable prioea and on the
suit accommodate tarnuwjth, ,nnj).ft ,-tl,i
d If'-
For ; Oil, Fluid' or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's ImnroTcd" LamH and Bnrnnra for
sale by eae ageat, J. JJKLLBHo. (Jovtagtoa, Kj.
1 BanUnwtuVer and Importer of "
'WW than anV oth.p Mtahll.hmAnt In th.Alt.Ai
West, eonatrr, and oit MerchanU and dnuaiita
will And it to their Interest to call and examine my
stock before purchasing elsewhere. jatt
tc.,THB PALMBB.i, '
J THIEU-8TBEKT, CInolnnatl. Ohio, are manni
faotorina ianrelv.
iatwely, Paimar'a celebrate
Foroe1 and Lift Fnmp. Also, hia Portabl
le Bteani
Kaginea.-( AU thoea arno are abont to parcrjaea
TenaeHp Brevrarlea. WlattU
vrivar mrrr iuchi r.per mill, atanroae?
ntailpaa, iHlavs, Wrecking Farv.ara, or, la
eriea, Dry uocka.
inu, lu, muj uu, ijotj wueitj pump I. iieenua, wilt
UUH W tllUV WITIDMn fO Wl ail
is of theae valuable inventions.
1 and tee-tbe work.
or addreea the
ALMXB POMP IXJMPAHV for a oiranlar. whlAh
will fnrniih the naoM.f aiaar wk hart need thoea
rumps wun perieci ..ni.ci.lon. , , iK-Zlqm
Tin-ware, Spouting, &o.
nu. w yinaj-oAassit', xtsi&ai gaunx, , .
tl V"i --"-''-.'.4,..- '
1 I ,-'i,., .varawarenAt;, u ,,j .,,
TVBI8 to order all varletiee of Tin and Sheet.
Iron Ware. Publlo" Lanterns, and other article in
biillne. Manufacture to order all vwietieaaf Me
tallfo Boofllngt Tin, Uopper sad ijheet-iraa.
Lantern Oiae always ob hand. . ,
Order, n-ont a dlataaea aremntlv attandad lr ' t
A fw StilVM. nn hAnd tn rii.nnA. i,f aahaa tnw a-.K
BtovB-pip fnrniihed and put up at abort notioe.
103 MalntTftt4hlweuaa4 sthevc TUrd,
DIB all t hd ef Horse Trappings, tn the best
end moat anbatential aaaanea, Also, a large aanort-
Sent of Bone Illaaketa, Wtlaa, Uarpet and Leather
age,BHdlt BIU. BotTalo Bobes.Vallaiw (tb. nl
aole-leatber), Mall Troaks, Bponge.and a targe aa
ertmeat beioBglngtO -this Uae. . J ivUl aaU ae low
r- o r i j y , rr i y !. van, -, )
v lAlXlO BOOFIHU" kj cCtewt te the ynblw)
as the beat and eheapeet M.tal lUf now ceed, 1HI
Uiflita teeted br aa exBerteaca of run la tni. nitw
and vicinity,' Applied to SM or steep, old. or new
Is ebldar aaed ft tae id aaei
to the action of the eUmeBi
eU, boxed for shipment to
saewntUr Witav
ont expoeure
iBMnta. i
Pretend rhaeta.
shipment to any part t
e wfth
th. Uaited HUtaa. can bauilM br an
crdiaary meeUatoel mtf? ,
. T ; M. 8CUDDER, M: D., Professor Of The
Bj,onrad PeaotMi of Maltcias . la- the Xelevflo
Medical. lA.Lilnta. Bi
TB. ssaoiai . etteaUocn oMh
treatment o
Tlne-itreee, aaar Foatthi tno bOnrs
I ja nuci ly xri dmd.
iBU. urn
f1 '
Commissioner of tbe Superior and Uommon Flea
Oqorte. Bank BoUdlBg, BorUt weetj eoraer efikal
4 lalrd-elawtw nee)-
;. aid ,f.Jif;ti3 ''f"! ei)
in tw I tw)eo tiit. XTx1'1 'b
,; i M ,nWr0 tif"' .wf Jt
... t :7CCE V'-'
sfine-iV 'lv , ,
;; r-i ifi'' f oai,ii
tsf n:i.; 'nJm JoieiR
:X id e.i ; liM
i-.y-'t 1 nil; a

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