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No Printer.
Farther rot for
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deferred natil tsday.
Cobden—Emperors take His Counsels
Boys, (for that ,o1mi of oar readers we must
occasionally address) are jori not Inspired by
'..' tat example of .lae success ot ih who came
from the humble wnlkief lift and developed
the power within, in aa honest and steady aim
i9 bo usefn) ; took at tho fact tht the Em
gf I jftror of trance, bow lUhe anmnlUf power
and Influence, has oalled Condon, ono of tho
free-trade party nf England, to his palace, to
eonfer with him. Bit oounsel wu enacted
Into law, Richard Oobdsn, M. P., Ii a native
of Midhnrst, Ssssex, England, where he wu
born ahont 1800. His father wu a farmer.
Tha litoekan humble plao in a London
warehouse, ud from a clerk became pro
prietor. Boon he traTeled to tie United
Statu and otw Europe. Energetic and skill
ful, he wu prosperous la buineei in Lanca
ihlre. Ho rlraled and surpassed Manoheater
manufacturer! in the tasteful style of ; hii
printed fabrics. He ued his . pen to adran-
K tags In pamphlet-writing. , His views p free
t .trad were Kt forth lo,' the tract "England,
i v Ireland aad America;" alio in "Russia." He
. snowed that the Great Bear had not to powerful
, a paw or hog after all. He maintained that the
- Teal way to render the great Northern Stat
. friendly toward. England wu to eeteblUh a
., iree end protttnbia trade between the two
countries. He brought about the repeal of
u ! , the Corn Law.- In 1841 he wusent to Par-
f: f ilament front Stookport, bot since has been the
representative of tha Weet Biding. HOgot
the "ear of the home" tiy hia itraight-forward
nojineu-like way of dealing with fasti in his
' speeches, by his elearneis and earnestness,
and by the oourage with which he stated and
maintained hia views.. He bat recently
' obtained the "ear" of Napoleon, who hu heard
and preoticed. "
' On the repeal of the Corn law, obtained by
his indomitable energy,' and the innate power
of the cauu, he was presented with a purse
containing $300,000. He retired from Cotton-
printing, and hu giren all his time u pol
, itios the politios of a peace-league, of the
ballot, of the. extension of the suffrage, of
hort parliament!, of financial reform, and of
' the repeal of the taxes on knowledge. . -v
'This man's usefulness and triumph should
.u.be an exciting example to Yonng America.
81milar examples at home will claim attention,
, ' hut juit now Cobdens's name is spoken the
.world yretiv---iy
The Imputed Naval Fraud.
An investigating committee was appointed
' by the last Congress, who reported on the
alleged abuses in the Brooklyn Navy-yard,
as to the purchase of Anthracite Coal and live
oak timber. Mr. Booock, from the majority,
. reported that there were glaring abuse, but
having grown up dating several years, ne par-
. ttonlar administration should bear, the entire
blame therefor. Mr. Sherman, from the mi
. nority, reported resolutions whloh placed the
responsibility for the abates, on the Secretary
of the Navy and the President, who it wu
contended . had set an example dangerous to
the public safety, and deserving the reproof
..'f' the House. These resolutions, Mr. Sher
man bnraghl forward again yesterday.
The Franchise of a Railroad.
The important principles underlying the
railroad Interest, as to the power of conveying
away the franchise of a railroad, as in the
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad ease are
being thoroughly canvassed in the legal argu
ments of ten able counsel before live Judges
full board of the Supreme Court of Ohio.
Mr. Henry Btanbery, an informant says, made
very able speech on this subject yesterday.
License for Liquor Selling.
petition of nearly ell our CityCounoil
and City Officers, headed with the names of
the Mayor tad a few thousand citizens, pray
ing for submission to the people of an amend
ment to the constitution, to allow license for
sale of spirituous liquor, wu presetted to the
Lower House of the General Assembly yester
day. Hopei are entertained by the sanguine
that free trade in rifle whisky may soon cease.
Manifest destiny will have a great respon
sibility on its shoalderi, if not a mill-stone
about its neck, should it, by negotiation br
otherwise, secure the annexation of Cuba to the
United States. A proposition hu again been
submitted in Congress to negotiate for annexa
tion of the Queen of the Antilles. Another
suggestion made is that Spain and the United
Statu hold a convention for reciprocity In
trade.':. ' ; . ,
The Landlord Law.
The General Assembly of Ohio have passed
the law for the protection of hotel keepers.
Travelers and boarders must give their bag
gage into actual possession of the landlord,
and in cue of moneys and valuables they are
to be at the owner's risk if not offered for de
posit in the safe of the office of the hotel !;
i.i tnrl ". i .i i i ". ' i
When Shall Congress Adjourn?
In the first plaoe, a proposition is pending
to adjourn for. two weeks 1o rearrange the
Hall of the House by returning to the old
fuhloned style of desks, and it is farther pro
peeed to terminate this session oa the 6th of
Jane. ' ' " ' " '"'''"';.-..
Confissiox or At ExTSKSiva Swikdlbi.
Daniel C. Eenyon, Cashier of the Rhode Island
Kxohange Bank, hu confessed to the Governor
of the BtaU that he hu been a defaulter to
that bank for 171,000, and u Treasurer of the
Saving's Bank of Eut Gteeawloh, caused by
dealing In stoeks, the knowledp of which he
las kept la mystery till now by false oathi
and entries. U . i ItiV j. ? i
, PsorosiD Govaasawrv Taucairi Lias.
Znu Baraum applies to Oeagress to receive
$i 0,M per annum for ten years, for Govern
ment rise of a telegraph line from tbeMis
4ioaai Elver to San Francisco, -which he pro
pies to erect and have in working order in
iira years, at a cost of a million ef dollars. '
j ,,' .
Daaa Airromtirf -The Cbsvleatown ( Mau.)
limrtmr alludes to the ladies thereaboat,
who go akatiag purely for exercise, sweep
ever the pead very nicely, and ride home In
-ibe horse cars aad spend the neat day in bed,
their limbs swathed in linimenti and embre-
.it . iJ 1-A A ) T
e'-i ).SR . bit 1 :'-'.' i f niiv' !
it .)-fc.,.4w ;i" life "
BENATB. Mr. DooUttle oalled for the
reading of nis resolution, instructing the Com
mttteeon Terrttorie to report a bill on the
admissioa or JCansu under the Wyandotte
, The subject wu postponed.
Mr. Bigler introduced a reiolution calling
for Information, as to what hu been done
ander the act for the censtraotion of pnblio
uuuuiugi ia tam mij oi rniiaaeipnia, ana
nauiuvnai . legiuauon ll necessary,
Mr. in reported from the Committee on
PoitoSces and Post-roads, a bill for the con-
truction ora une of telegraph to the Paoino.
Mr. Mason made some remarks upon the
introaneuoa oi tae wyanaotte uonstttution.
tie said it wu an unauthentic paper. V
The. resolution nrevldinr for the antxilot
ment of a committee of three, te aot with a
similar committee oa the part of the House,
for making arrangements for the inauguration
of the equestrian statue of Washington on the
22d, wu taken1 up. . The resolution wu
adopted,. It appropriates $3,000. , "
The Senate agreed that when it adjourns it
oe uii jnonaay.. . . - ,
Mr. Slidell oalled up his bill to prohibit the
inns of bank notes in the District of Columbia.
The first section of the bill prohibits the
issuing of bank notes in the Diitriot after April
1, under penalty of fine and imprisonment
. Tha second section prohibits the circulation
of bank notes in the District of under $20,
under a penalty of $25.
Mr. Slidell explained, at some length, the
oajeoaei ue am. .. , ...
Mr. Mason opposed the bill. , ."
Mr. Bayard advocated it. He said the
banks of Washington are now issuing notes
wunout auinoniy oi taw. . ,.. ;
After farther debate the bill was postponed
till Monday. ; .! ..! in., i I .
Mr. Brown gave notice of an act to punish
oueoses against siave property in n.ansu. ;
After an Executive, session the Senate ad'
journed till Monday. ;.,'' i .
HOUSE. A message was received from the
President announcing that he had signed the
Postoffice Appropriation Bill.
Mr. Jackson offered a resolution directing
the Clerk te remove the present seats from the
House ana restore tne former chairs and desks,
and with a view of affording time to do so,
that the House, with the concurrence of the
Senate, adjourn two- weeks. The resolution
was referred to the Committee of the Whole
on the state of the Union.
Mr. Curry introduced a bill repealing the
fishing bounty. Referred to the Commerce
Mr. Keitt offered a resolution providing: for
the adjournment of Congress on the 6th of
June. . He wanted to put it on- its passage.
An objection being made he withdrew it.
Mr. Barksdale introduced a bill, repealing
oertaia sections of the neutrality law of 1850,
ind amending others. Referred to the Judici
ary Committee..' '
Mr. Tyler introduced a bill, providing for
the acquisition of Cuba by negotiation, and
its incorporation into the Union in the event
ef its being so acquired. Referred to the
Committee oa foreign Affairs.' .
, Mr. Bingham introduced a bill, amendatory
of the aot regulating the compensation of
members of Congress, and repealing it so far
u it allows mileage. Referred to the Com
mittee oa Ways and Meant. Also, a bill de
claring null and void all the Territorial aots
of the Legistaturs of New Mexico, establish
ing or protecting involuntary slavery.
. Mr. Leake objected to the second readies-of
the bill, saying that this would bring up the
question of rejeotion. -.
, The Speaker replied that, under the Bnecln.1
order, Mr. Bingham had a right to introduoe
me mil. , ' .
The bill was referred to the Judiciarv Com-
mitta. . o , c t : .i.r- j
Mr. Bingham offered a resolution, which was
adopted, referring so much of the President's
message as related te the payment of the
Armlstead case claimants to the Judiciarv
Committee, with instructions to report en the
propriety of the President's recommendation)
aleo, to the legality of slavery in the Terri
tories. o . i
The election of a Printer wu nosrnoned un.
ui to-morrow. - . -
Mr. Vallandlgbam Introduced a bill, which
wu referred, amendatory to the act to arm
and equip the whole body of the militia so as
to Increase the appropriation from $200,000 to
$600,000. - - . - ,
Mr. Howard introduced a bill, whloh was
referred to the Committee of the Whole, grant
ing pensions to the soldiors of 1812.
Mr. Sherman introduced a bill, which was
adopted, instructing the Postoffiie Committee
to inquire into the exnedienov of ronortlnff a
bill for the division of the territorial jurisdic
tion of the United States into postal distriots
of not less than one State each. Second, the
letting of the entire postal servioe, including
the delivery of mail matter, in such districts
to tne lowest responsible bidder over present
post routes. Thirdly, the re-organiiaUon of
the Postoffice Denartment and mail aanimi in
conform to the foregoing proposition. Fourth,
the abolition of the franking privilege,
, Mr. Sherman offered the reaolntionantiwirtiul
by the select committee lut year, charging
that the Seeretary of the Navy, with the eon
enrrense of the President, bad abused his dis
cretionary power In making eoal and live oak
contracts, and, that the Seeretary and Pres
ident, for bestowinc natronase for elttinw.
ing purposes, deserve the condemnation of the
uouse, jMierrea to the Committee of the
Mr. Maynard introduced a resolution. which
wu referred to the Judioiary Committee, with
a view to the more effeotual rendition of fu
gitives irom justice; also a resolution, which '
wu adopted, setting forth that tha geograph
ical position uf Cuba to the United States ren
ders it eminently desirable that there should
bs free and unrestrained personal and com
mercial Intercourse between them, and direct-'
ing the Committee on Foreign Affairs to in
quire Into the expediency and practicability of
a convention between the United Statu and
Spain, so u to facilitate commerce by the re
ciprocal importatioa and exportation efthe
: 1 . I .... . f . ' - . .
gnvuuuiw man juauuiaoraring products 01
the two oountriee, free of either import or ex
port duties, and the free passage of persons
from one country to tbe other. -- ....,'..
nr. Etheridgo introduced a bill, which wu
referred to the Jndleiarr Committee, to nt&b-
llsh and regulate paper circulation ot uniform
vaina tnrougnoul tne united States. . - -, .
Mr. Pettit offered a-resolution instrnntinv
the Committee on Judiciary to Inquire into
and report aa te the power of employing an
armea xorce u a pone eomxoru in the Xer
ritories. . . . '.
Mr. Morris, of III., introduced a bill to
amend tie naturalization laws; also a bill oro'
vidlag for the people of the Territories
sleeting all their officers; also a bill providing
for the election of deputy postmasters by the
people; also a resolution calling on tbe Sec
retary of tha Interior te report all the facts
relative te tha acts of Mr; Pine, late Marshal
ot we JMortnern District of Illinois; also M to
tse money paid tne District Attorney.
Objection wu made to its nassina. i 1
Mr. Morris expressed surprise that any one
waatea vo suppress; iniormation relative to
public defaulter., i;t n
Mr. Houston Mid if a committee would in
dorse and dignify the object ef the resolution,
ne wraa om uispotea w consular, ma sun
iaeU . , . ..; a iP ... 11 . ?
, Mr. Morris replied that he would prefer it
to go to any ether committee than that of the
Judiciary, or wuon jar. Houston wu a mem
Mr. HoasUn "I don't want my fingers
dirtied with H." t-. - , -
Mr. Morris"! doa't want yon to have tht
resolution." --. : , i . . -.
Mr. Houston "I would not toil my hands
With it,"" :.:e '..-..m: Vf, .
The resolution wu referrsd."
Mr. Morris istreduced a resoldtioa calling
, on we roewsumenenarai ror eopies n isneri,
petitions, recommendations, Ac, aonnecled
with removals and vppotntinnts In Illinois,'
also, u to the sotions of Mr. Cook, Postmaster
at vmoage, ana iniormation as to the remo
val of Postmasters ia Illinois. He said
intended to press such Inquiries. T , .--;
Mr. Houston said he wanted nothing to
f.V f. . V L 1.1 i ,
wita ii. uvutoiuy Business.' r .-
Mr. Motrli Then yon are the appropriate
man.." r :e.- . w
Mr. Houston The filthier it Is, the better
ror you."
Cries of "order." "f -
The resolution wai referred to the Postofflos
Committee. - -
Mr. Morris submitted a resolution proposing
an inquiry into the expediency of abolishing
the armories and nay yards. -jc
Mr. Parnsworth offered a resalutlon Instruot
log the Oommlttes on Foreign Affairs to in
quire Into the expediency of acquiring
negotiation the British North American Prov
inces. " , ,i . i v .... i vi.i - n
Mr. Wuhburne, of 111., introduced a River
ana narbor mi and a bill te. amend (he
Iteamboat Law. ' , " i
Mr. McClernand Introduced . a resolution,
having in view the better protection oft the
rights of naturalised oitlsens of our country
when abroad; also, a resolution whloh wu
referred to the Committee oa Foreign Affairs,
declaring that Cuba ought to be acquired, and
Inquire on what terms this can be effected;
also, a resolution that the House deprecates
ma example oi tne omoera or tne House in ap
pointing ex-members of Conmss to Inferior
places within their Rift, as derogatory both
the dignity of the House and calculated
Impair their influence to the country. ' ;
Referred to the Committee of the Whole;
' Mr. Craig, of Missouri, introJuood a bill
reviewing th tariff of 1840. Referred to the
Committee on Ways and Means. .
' Messrs. Curtis, Scott and Phelps severally
Introduced Pacific Railroad and Telegraph
Bills, which were referred to ; the .Postoffice
Committee. '
Mr. Hamilton offered a1' resolution ' looking
to tne repeal or tne itevenue Lavs ana sub'
stituting direct taxation. ;J ' :
' Mr. Curtis introduced a bill to retire super
annuated offloers of the army. "; ' , -.
The House cohourred ia the Senate's reso
lution for the appointment of a joint commit
tee to take action in relation to the inaugura
tion of the equestrian statue of Washington
on the 22d of February. - '.- . ; ,.
Mr.-Bnrch introduced a PacUo Railroad
bill, whloh wu referred to the Postoffice Com
mittee. " r ". "" " ; .
Mr. Morris, of Illinois, allndlnr to the di
alogue between himself and Mr. Houston, said
ne nad been reminded oy nis oolloneue that.
in answering Mr. Houston's objections to the
Introduction of his resolution, his language
reflected on Mr. Houston's motives and per
sonal Integrity. He did not Intend any such
application.' ! ". ' '' .; , '
Mr. Houston understood Mr. Morris's its-
marks as did the latter's colleague, but as Mr.
Morris had satiiiactoniy explained, he Witt-
drew bis remarks.'
Mr. Otero introduced a bill to orcanlze tha
Territorial Government ef Nevada. ' '
Mr. Parrot introduced a bill repealinr the
aot for tbe admission of Kansas into tbe Union.
Mr. Eutbrook introduced a bill to enable
Nebraska to hold a Convention preliminary to
admission into the Union. -'''V :
A larsre number Of other bills- and resolu
tions wsre introduced and appropriately re
ferred. .............
Mr. Campbell presented the memorial of S.
Daly, oontestiog the Mat of Mr. Esatbrook.
of Nebraska. ... . -::. i
Tbe House then went into Committee on the
President's Message, . , ' "i ,
Mr. Anderson, or Mo., made a speech.
taking strong Southern orounds. .. .. '
Mr. ifenton replied to what he considered
unjust and unfounded assaults en the Re
publicans. , - ,i ,
1 he committee rose s nd the House adjourned;
From Washington.
Wishixotov, February 16. The Committee
on Elections, to-day, took up the contested
election cue of the Third Congressional Dis-
tnoioi ew xora. ....
lr. nt:ii; .u- ui . ... .
statement, to whioh Mr. biekles replitd. uk
ing further time to put in his points. He
MKes me ground tnat, in eonseqneaoe or tbe
failure of Mr. Williamson to servo him with a
notice, the contestant is out of court and can
not bs heardon the merits of his csm.
Mr. Willismson. roplied that, owing to the
failure of the State Canvassers to make such
adeolaration as contemplated by the act of
Congress, there wu no sittina member to no
tify, and by virtue of the action of that body,
there was no way left for him to oompei the
attendance of wilnessea under the aot. . The
case was then postponed till Tuesday next. : '
4 The Committee will ask for the annolntment
of a commissioner to take testimony, so that tbe
case may be decided on its merits. 258 bills
and resolutions, merely for the purpose of ref
erence, were introduced into the Houae to-day,
larger number than ever before introduced
in a single day.
Augustus Wattles, formerly one of the edi
tors of the Herald of Freedom, and an old
friend of John Brown's, arrived hereto-day.
and will, daring the week, give his testimony
before the Harper's Ferry Inrestfgsting Com
mittee. 1 - ' ' ' V"
A Committee consisting of Messrs. Ham
mond, Hunter and Hamlin, on the oart of tbe
Senate, and Keitt, Train, Garnett, Adrain and
Webster on the part of the House, hu been
appointed to make arrangements for the in
auguration of Mills's equestrian statue of
Washington on the 22d mst. ' ,
The Senate in Executive session to-dav
ratified the treaty between the United States
and Paraguay, and confirmed tbe nomination
Gen. Whitney, ai Collector of the Port of
Judse Douglas, in response to a note from
Fernando Wood., denies the truth of the
newspaper statements that the latter, when
the former was in New York, pledged his
entire delegation to him in the Charleston
convention. - ;
The Nova Scotia Telegraph Company.
Halivsx, February 16. The adiourned
meeting of the Nova Scotia Telegraph Com
pany wu held in this city yesterday, but the
leeung among tne shareholders was so unani
mously against the misrule of the lata foreign
news speculating Board ef Manacers, , that
those gentlemen and their few friends deemed
it unwise to attempt to throw obstacles in the
way of the reform which has been inaugurated
by the new Board.. -.,,. r ,vViic,".r a
ine press and the commercial public may
now rest usured that tbe rule of "first come,
nrst serveo, wui ne rigidly enforced at all
the offices of the Company. Jim ,. . r
The arrangements , of the Aaiooiated Ttut
at Halifax are now, as at all times, such m to
insure the promptest delivery of news from the
European steamers, and tho publlo may feel
reasonably sure that they will continue for the
mure, ir ui past tea years, to be sup
piled with the earliest intelligence from Europe
from this point, as. well u from all others
through their arrangements. .
The Slave Trade.
Nsw Yore, February 16. A Havana correspondent
reports that two stssmers,. the
Mtrqui$ lahabana aad the Democrat ware
about to sail for Conge River. They belonged
to Marley, Bustemate A Co., and have bus
fitted up openly and without any molestation
from the authorities. If they succeed the
number of steam, slavers will be inercased
forthwith.. ,r -t ),v,ivi a-Ti m.ii'.o
Besides these, there are soma. for er nv
Spanish and American r ease la being got ready
for the same destination s: i -v; uvo -.
' .,I'ijil
From Nassau, N. P.
CdABLtSTOK, February 16-An arrival at
this port brings the Nassau Guardian of the
8th Inst. ' The Legislature had opened with
imposinr ceremonies. General pierce and his)
wife and other Amerlcau were present.
Death of Stephen Whitney.
Tosi,' February II. Stephen Whitney,
the most wealthy eltiaen in; New Vorki
exosjrs sar, A'wr, ue w-aey, aged. to,
, . f.h.f .rtrf ..i,.i .i,.i-itrl reli
? - j u .'
is I t;lia7 io,'
.')' !?.! .e l'.-ffl,f? s:l,.l4lJ
Democratic State Conventions.
P . t - ml .
iuoBMOHD, vi., reo. io. ino xemoorauo
State Convention assembled here to-day, and
temporarily organized, by the choice of Mr.
Payne, pf Farquar, as Chairmen, which if a
triumph of the friends bf . Wise. There wu
muoh eoDfusloa in tha subsequent proceedings
in regard to tha manner of appointment of tho
Committee oa Credentials. .. After a stormy
debate, it was at length decided by a large
majority, that urn Bocrottry oau tne rou ny
counties, and members report their namu and
be permitted to take their seats. The call of
the roll than proceeded, amid neat eonfusion.
Subsequently, the death of Rash Floyd was
announced, and tha convention adjourned till
. 1 t n ir
lour o oiooi r. jn.
" RiOHUosD.FebruarT 16. ArrsasooMSassioa,
, Resolutions of respect to tbe memory of R. R.
Floyd, were adoptsd.aad eloquent eulogies pro,
nonnced noon his life aad oharaeter.' 1 ' '
. A dlapatch wu read from the Connecticut
Democratic state uonvention, neia ar uars-
ford, embracing the following resolution' .
v , fiuoM,- That the Democracy of Con
necticut sends to Virsinla fraternal regards.
congratulating the Old Dominion on the ef
fectual manner in which she suppressed the Ab
olltioa invasion of her soil, initiated to disturb
her rlahtaand shed the blood of her eitisens.
, This resolution wu reoelred with vociferous
applause, but action upon it wu postponed. -
Calling tha list of counties wu then resumed,
but shortly afterward Interrupted by the in
troduction of a resolution that the Democratic
members of the General Assembly, ' whose
eountiM were not represented, be Invited to
take seats in the Convention.'. -' ' "
. This was strongly opposed, and great oonfu
sion followed, t When order wm somewhat
restored tbe: Committee on Organisation re
ported Genl Robert A. Banks) of Madison, for
President, and the usual number of Vice-Presidents
and Secretaries. ' A resolution about
permitting other than delegated members to
take seats in tha convention was discussed
most of the session. , -The excitement this
occasioned wu intense, and the noise deafen
ing., . The feeling .between the Hunter and
Wise men. nearly, culminated in a personal
collision. The resolution wu at length tabled
and the convention adjourned until evening.
Tne proceedings show that Hunter stock hu
advanced, though possibly all differences may
be adjusted. Cheers and hisses were on one
l -i .i. it i r nr j
uooauoB given aikeraatiYiu .ivi; n idVj cum
Hunter. ' : , X.i !
About 800 delesates are nresont. and tha
bell is densely crowded. , ' -'
rsoviDixos, k. i jrebruary. io. xne
Democratic Convention . wu held here to
day. -... t.. .. ., ."
Wm. Sprsgns wu nominated for Governor,
J. Rossell Bullock for Lieutenant Governor,
and Walter, S. Burgess for . Attorney-General.
,.- ;' . ......
Elisha R. Potter. Alfred Anthony. Geo. H.
Browne, Edward F. Newman, John L. Fran-
ols, F. Brown, Cum. S. Bradley, and Welcome
B. Sayles: were eleoted delegates to the
Charleston Convention. . . t
A State Chnvention was held here to-day of.
conservatives opposed to the Republican nom
inations. , ;'- i ' ' . . (.,,.
It was not large eleven towns out of tbe
thirty-two, not being represented. . ,
wm. Bprague was nominated for uovernor.
J. Russell Bullock for Lieutenant Governor,
and waiter o. uurgess for Attorney-uenerai.
Tne candidates for secretary or. State and
General Treunrer, are the same as the Repub
licans. :,.' - '!'.'- . 11 .'
Strike Among the Shoemakers.
Bosron, February 16-The shoemakers in
Lynn, ' Natiok, "Haverhill, Marblehead and
other towns hare been holding meetings pre
liminary to a strike tor mgner wages, . i i
. The movement is said to embrace operatives
In all the prinolpal shoe and bootmanufactur
ing towns throughout Massaohnaetts. 1
At a lsrgs and enthusiastic meeting of work
men, held at Lynn last night, it was voted to
strike on the 22d last., and a committee of
five wu appointed to notify the manufaotureri
to that effect.. .
A oommlttee of twenty-five wu chosen to
collect money to help carry tbe strike through,
and provision was made for another Commit
tee, to consist of one hundred members,' to
see that the arrangements for the strike are
fully oarrled out. ' ' ' " ' ," , , , j
i Mosu Breed, shoe manufacturer of ': Lynn,
hu failed. Liabilities $75,000. , . . I
From Buffalo.
BcprALo, February 16 The annual state
ment of marine disasters, on tbe Lakes, for
tbe year 18S9, shows the total loss by steam to
be $1,020,100, an inorease ppon the lots of
1858 of $287,868. . , . , , , I
Total loss of life in 1859, 105; being a do
crease (
or 17 fr
from the previous year..
Arrested for Abducting Free Negroes.
AueroTi, Ga February 16. Andrew Bo
gus, hailing from Helena, Ark., wu arrested
acre to-day on the charge of abducting free
negroes and selling them into slavery. Subse
quently he was conveyed to Macon for trial.
From New Orleans.
New Oslsass. February 16. The
eleoted from this city to the State Convention
sre largely Administration." v i-.m -l
A. A. Xyster, Clocks, Watches and
'ew iry, Bos. Ml and 271 Western-row. -
Mr. J. P,rBall, of Ball A Thomas,
Dagnerrelau, on Vonrth-stnet, near Bac,' ii the
original Ball, who was so noted for his superior
pictures. .,.. ntr:., -;::.:)
Dagnerrean Gallery, sonth-wsst cor
ner ef Sixth and Western -row, over Hannatord's
dins-store. Pictures takes and t at In good eases
for twenty cents. Warranted to pleasei
atT Citiaens and strangers requiring gifts
and presents will find a splendid line of suitable
foods as J. 'S.Park's Bazaar of r&aor, north-east
comer of Fourth and Walnut-streets, i . ' '
Card Cases, i.v.. ' :n prvwjiii ia .b:ii)h-3
l-oitwit' Card Beceirers, . fi a ! '.ru;:A v'
. r. "VL 'K&ion I-;.-'0sr4 Baskets, " ;
... -OdorOasti,
WrlUntOssksv ..'(.,. ...-11 j, -,..,
Work Boxes, . ;
If s
u.,vj;raTeung pases, c,.
rancy Inkstands',
tneomi J ii.r,r).wneing.wases,
- .. se.l
:u-f:j!f,''t'W'fU" a-;BOBpngBas,r.-f: i,,,.9-;
Purses end Chains,
Meerschaums, j ....y..., . ,
Walch Htnfl. ' . '
Odor Btands,'
-.1". f -C.'f,'0" 1 '.1 1 ...ij
SAlaanra In fWjft,i.' i
I,' . . Bimn In OaSMi.
'4M J " '
.2;. -; ' . OperaFans;
' .... !. I "A )i: yti
Ilegant darters,' : ;?
''"'"'-. V. Shell aad Steel Combs,
-Opera Olassts,
8teel Buckles and Clasps',
felTd "" " ' v " Steel Bracelet..
lecond aturi
fiinrfnnstti iTttfinlraiP
We are pleased to know that the lotely dasghter
of our brother of the sol)i has been wedded to a con
genial partner, who will make It hlsdatr.aeltwUl
be his hainsse, to aprlskla her, connubial path
With Sowers. Hay (he rloet daa of peace and the
etarrir etea of lore be erer abere them, and the but.
bnl of their sympathetic, bosoms ae'er know adls
cordantsong I " J
UJOATB-MTsl.-bnhnrtdar" mornlrR. Feb
brte Bst. t. J, White. Mr. JameT 2ugaU 'ti
Miss Mary A.tor aU ef this olty ,. ..rf.
KNC.I.InH KltRINHIIN vTmUh.. I. 7 .
.by the Blrtt Be Slihop Carroll" Mr John
sWlish, of Zaneerille. Ohie.to Ml. MrrVA
Iter Of A. H.' KAhlluoil. la., nf ik-
i1KIJ?:flRTifDJTi?0r0B yedneeday,ebj
RlAiJ " !r,vB Po5ke,B,te few Tforl, to
GS.HBLI.-Oi cholera Infantum, Harriet KatA
fOnnscstehl S nf nu
1 ihlr sees aonisM sni tWMt y-tws aara. "
I rxi '! i '"'"' i.-i.. i r .-. tt e'li.-e-'u
corner of HU. and MoonMnHMS."? .
ino. reoruary is, at? o uw, di,ih ""i
or. xne oi toe vm.- ,
Mlat H will aleo fcoture at Wattoul Ball, Tine
street, KUNDAI MOBmHOand IVBHlilO next.
f--7Ci;itBI1lKJ: AMD FKOST
Ly ED FKltT.-l'eliiior's Vegetable Oosmetle
Lotion is the nerr-laJllu( remedy for these gnu
annorancM. It not onlr effeols a complete cure,
often brone tboroosh application, but ltdeorawea
tbe Uabllltr to a return of the same difficulty, for
i. br dr.g.1... wj-jiijjj pAiMjtB .. . ,
de2 ' , 1 So. 45 West Fourth-street, .
f-6 1 ,'IT'T-
OinciHWiTi, Deo. W. 1869. M r. B. Palmer
ler Sin Some tt years efnoe I 'recel'w! a eerere
Injury on my loft arm, near the elbow, elnoe which
lhaTebesn greatly annoyed by a cutaneous dle
on the same After mine rarlous lemediee wl'.hoot
uooeee. 1 was indaced to try your Vetble Oo
metis Loiian.andam happy In Informias yon wt
the use of half a bottle has left suy ana es smootu
and free from dieeaee as Its mate. .'.
, ... . ratefulUrorSN W:DA MNaOWHlB.
. . i if : m , r Ko. I4 West Third-street. '
tor sale by druggists ererywhere. Be sure to set
Palmer's Vegetable Ootmetlo Lotion, and swept of
nothing elae. f BOLON PAlMKB, Agent.
. , dels Mo. SS West rourth-street, Ulnoinnati, O.
tm.f 00VKB7 is acknowledged by the most emi
nent phyelctans, and by the moot careful dnwglstf
throughout tbe United States, to bethemoet effectual
blood-purifier ever known, and to bare rellered more
mfferinfft aud effected more permanent- cares, than
any preparation known to the profession. Scrofula,
SaltBheum, Erysipelas, Soald-head, scaly eruptions
orwhateoeTer nature, are ourad by a few bottles, and
the system restored to full strength and vigor, full
andexpllott directions for theoureof nloerated tore
legs, and other oorrnpt and Tunning nlcera, ia given In
the pamphlet with each bottle. For sale by JOHiJ D.
M.DIXON. Price tl. - wi19-i :
Complimentary .Testimonial.
Cinoinnati, February IS, I860.
Wtfr The nnderslgned, citizens of Cincinnati,
Itarning that you are about to leare the city In which ,
perhaps, yon have more friends than In any other
plane in the Dnlon-a eity whioh yon may well re
gard ai your early homo desire to tender yon a com
plimentary testimonial;' 'Will you be kind enough
to state at what time and placo you will be able to
comply with our wishes? - t ,. . ' -
Kdmmnd Poster, " "
Geo P Buell,
V (I Butler,
A B Coleman, ' ,.,;.
P 8 aymmes,
'IdXlasey, " '
David Kinsey,
M H Vook,
O S Murray; 1 1 1 , ,
JtMolCley, ,' -1
IsaaoBraofS'i'' m
Benjamin Brace,
Tboe (Jottman,
Ovrus fiarrett. a
Jas B Bell,
Fred Bunt," ' ''' i
K M Spencer,
ii - Asa A Clark,-"
. , Samuel Johnson, i
" W Wilkinson, '
J Ourrie Burnet, :
Thoa Powell,
ft WG Ton-ell, -i
i T J Gallagher, . .-,
'' KDMussay, 1
WU Smith,' D i.i
Wm WiBwell,
J U Beard,
u A saton,
WmU Lytic,
Kran Southgate, r
Washington Moteen
B b Winanls,
Stiles Greenwood, .'
Junius Brown,
M B Norton. . .a '..
John W Uenrie,
Andptbers, , , ,. . if.
'J. j
BiiRNKf RorfRK. FflhriiAi- IA. lAfim
To Moure. Edmund Dexter, Geo. P. Buell, O, O. But
ler, -i not. uotiman, uyrua Uarrett, Jas. B. Bell, A.
B. Ooleman and others: . ..
Gsmtlkhkm Your flAtterins note of thle ilittff. in
which yon tender me a "complimentary teetimonlal"
before I leave your city, has been received, and It af
fords me no slight gratification It, having an oppor
tunity to return you, and through yon, my numerous
and kiud friends In Ginoinnati, my sincere, thanks
lor the very generous and uniform encouragement I
have ever received at their hands. My earliest le
oolleotloDB, in a professional sense, are oonnected
with yonr city; and, In now leaving yon for tbe dis
tant home ot nr addition. I shall carrr with' ma. a
lively recollection of this narUnir evidence of vour
esteem.-, - ir 'iv i;"' ii"
With yiiir permission, 1- would name Saturday
evening-, aeorusry ie; ii neing ine last ot my tare
weu enHseement at rise s upeia-nouee.' " -- i
vcrv rennMiiiiiiiv. vnnr nitAniniir. aamni.
leieo juiitA iinaa ua
I I '
' I -. l''-' ' '' ' - ' I ' '
-IN- - . "
. Rich and Desirable ,
Broche Silks, ; "! :""!
At 73, h7H and $1. . , , !
!Wool Delaines I
- - - l M - 'U fiii .. 'i Is.1 't,.:tt,I(tt;. I
:',,'",iir, 'i",'.il''j:,,. -. .' .. . '' i. vTsl .
r ? r At la, vrenh 35 eeata. n 1
ir j j la Rich Celare ai 60 cents, ' '-
I., w ' i " 'ti' . , . . , '. , l:'' ti
Wool ?3PlBi,l&.i$
' At 33 mmd arxc, werth 80. n - e.
j! -.!- Ari UedneedTrlnna.
Ladles! Bleb Velvet and ' Cloth
; .'. ,- At Uanenal Baramlasu iaA ..'.: n
Ladies' Gents' and Children'! Ho
' 1 . iery Mid trnaetwear, XI
liTll'EIlIAL' RRRIillV
v. At $3, wertt , aad 86, werthS.'; 1
, i jyui si ., i ij ,.it,;.l vrt
' . .. I v. r tfelsawj v-rr C v.l 1
sTniisl Rriirtswi - sanil
Tft nnsi t.niiln
rcsa jonaiarsi ana uama, tTWA
vnnea nwiHi, Btrawborrui.
0uwvsjrrsW viia
NOTICB.-.The partnership heretofore' et-
't'l4heSe B. K. Oadyaud' Wm. Ti Weg.'
aer, ander the Brm name of D. K. CADT (xT.
SK iL"?Wwl r.Bi,,,,"l oonsent on' the Tl'th iiii'
S carried on by D. K. 0AD Y, aV
the old eUwd,aadlia(dlone is aathortaed toieitu
all tlslms for and against the lata Orm. 7 faJTawi
PITS.-SOO dmmsandlialf:dfMns Pl
SOD boxes MB, and Layer Balslns i 2U0 half and
;aV";.b" Balslns: lop'kegsPrunes. AtoJ a" .
taats,itron, Nuts,,. In store and for sale
'ton ' '" I .. l''MAABOSI A. vJOlTBs),"
el' Nos. a Sanil Ml m.i. . .
; ' -vvuiu vuua usuei
ire ana
: .. . n,ius nil jnain-etri
wmtwm asiisvn a. WLI
J. ... t.. JlVtsValltl smaUlJUl
r . t ' : AI' "Jnl i 1 I
.sou , trjtt !a iicij r -i:da i
..: ,W w,. and .Improved :
Jbe best aid, only Machines In tbe market suitable
,kl (or all kinds of aaaautactarlng taiaosasasthe
'.'i 'l' A BEW1NO MAOfllVB ' to.$ j
68 1 West iFouttli-Btreet
v.t, in: try'. 'SJaSStfj?e't'..''''VU
ICrami Orsaaaine, Prinoe and 6 fool B
;silk Am tvist.
five hundred and two hundred yard Spool Ootton
. and Hedlea tor the various kinds of,
H , Hewlus Uachlnea,., .
AtHO-Jouvet's one-dime Spool beat THBKE
COJBD tlItK, exprftssly for Bewlog Machines.
v. JOHN II. JOUVET, Agent.
Oak Tanned leather Belting & Hoie,
181 East Front-street, ' "
Manufacturer of Leather Belting H Cinoinnati,
is prepared to furnish any width, length or thiokneas
to the trade, and, warrants his pelting equal, to any
nadeorsold.' ' - .... . .....
rariies wisnwg. a goon orucm oi netiutr seiting
wrinlii do well to call and examlna mv stoolc hafora
purchasing elsewhere. JUtewenber the old stand, 181
ICast Front-street. ' fel6aw
JANUARY 25, I860; h
Have this day removed to their' BI W SrOBI,
Where, with greatlr-tncrtased fcclllUes, they will
" ; eontlnne th f -, .
Blank Book JIaiiufactQriiig, Business.
rj .ii. . ; , , rjaanr-zdpi. - ;
.l if,.
. M., tha store lately occupied by fiearr falls.
No.' 65 Wesi ourtli-fltreet,
And will keep always on hand one of the largest
.'t 'i. - stocks and tbe latest patterns of ( hw
. To be found in the country, which they offer at
!;,!.' , -At prices veroaaWaeUtlon.7'-'''!
No: 65 litest Pourtli-8trt,
l2rnkyx,Y ', lajolning Pike's Opara-houss,
-Jewelry Boxes; Pearl Watch steode i '
Jewel Caskets ; Bohemia Toilet Bottles ;
Oardousee: ,. , ,,,- Bohemia Jewel Boxes :
Pooket-books; ' ! Tooth and Nail Brushes
Pearl and Ivory Ports. Combs and Hair Brushes :
i, monnalffl) , i .i .- Flesh and Cloth Brushes;
i..i Berlin Wire Porto-monnaies. 4o. T ;
For sale by i ALBKBT BOSS, Druggist, ' '
-fe7 M. W. corKlghth-st. and Weetorn-row.
.'i H.i ,'.-.r a'itfrt Cigars, u'v 1 1 "
' 9rth)e choicest brands, tor sale by ' v , ''
"1 ' " 'J ALBKBT B088, Druggist,
fe7 H. W. por, Blghth-et. and Wrtero-row.
, 1 1 " " I . i , I , ' i
--.! ;JI08S V.;.;1.;-!,1'i,;)''e
BtlL8.''i"R I S H' MOSSi JST RE-
V UKlVED andforsaleby ' - '
. ' ALBKBT BOSS, Druggist 1(1
, fe7 , , B. W. oor. Ilghth-st and Western, row.
Auctioneer, and Stock and Bill Broker,
. Ma 38 Thlrdt., Basement, of Masonlo Bnldlnr.'
Stocks and Bonds bought and sold oh cominieslou.
Notes, Dividends and Interest Coupons oollected.
,'v iA AUCTION BALKS '.: .'. si
Of Btocaa, Bonds, i.Heal Estate, Ac, on any day re
srlisj tStrchageil the Vubllo Is respectfullr
-S1A many years In raising bouses, girders, floor,
and vooft, and, being well supplied with too s of all
Klnus' reoalred for anh whrk. I fanl u,nr.ii Y
can give satisfaction to any one who nay favor me
with a call, at the corner of Hopkins and Outlet. ,
f7am. . '. .; WM. f. CQTlit,-
a--.i. .;-t .ni"-f-vl9Tt"iV.3r VA'tinV .Tt'
v.! TODD'S
ui i 1 1 W. W alnut-etreet,' J !
A few eoors above Sixth i next door te Todd's Oyster
!"' Depot and flutter 8tore.J
Soups, Oysters, dame, rih, eats, Tea, Coffee,
o cocked in a clean, andwhoUwrne manneri fre.
A few gentlemen can obtain board by the day or
week, on Tery reasonable terms. Single neals, all
th.et cetera. Included, of the best, go oents. ball
and trv. . r a.u
' . ' Of Alt DB30BirTl'6S.'
mvmvt.-, irarisr west Mftli.street;""""''''
.kSTiTF" K, toteheaper thw htn to
TsHB "OThci ! ' OP ;THB QUEEN o5?
lNSUBAHOB OOMPANY has been remoTed
tswus aiwt tw iiuui'ltrwi Q ins,
- v .MMMAUB.. ', Jl.
On tna nnrth .M . a-vi. -. .
apd Vine, No. 6. lOh. Oom'l feUawadp '
Leather and rmdlng store to Nd. 3St slain
s treet, four doors below BUIh. II. nturnihis s n.
iraas, lourooors DeiowBUIh. II returns his sin.
hsnk. to his old fri.nd.Band .ustonfoV thlS;
, .,,-a.,i,, iwnumHiofl oi in. asm..
Li,?!inAd2,nii i sr m lnduo.ai.nU,
cbaslrg .laewher.. . ,, , . . , TeU
i'-- Just received, aa Invoice of feauine Italian'
Maeoaroni and VeraUoellet also., SiiS'oSiliJ'.
Shre-i and I tjhaet Isinalass, and 100 dozen
Snarl lion ll.l.iiu rn. ii i. , , . .
Ooo par's
in Vox's
fel3 I .HatlwriThaatw BnlMl.rS.
went ; . k tojs;wknMMfated
Wajer Oiacksra. For sal., and raiVbf.,
. as una, assjfllTSrU. SlSklaSl HSM ant lA.fSl asaala.SiaasWal .
1 Ttrr STiirrlrr frtai llh.ns. ,i, T
wholeeal. and retail, by ... .. i .. ,,71
hr. ,. A. M.BOHALD a on.
Mr W?WWWWaHloeBtr,
rvi rfM'M'"'

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