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- "WAHT8,"rOB BALI," "TO tlT'-fcOBT,''
MT01jnD,',o.aln thlceolnan, occupying a.ya u&
W Ises, two IwitlcM.twiitir-llfwbti.f-'fc i '
to Hamilton CJonnty tor a domottle article
weed by evsry family la tbe ooonty. Tb p roots an
UlH .rlf.l.r. IAA HM-ft-lhfe nil ...-I V..4 II..I..
plul. JTor rtloulers call at W. B. DUBOIB'S.
Mo. SO tut Fifth-street. felfb
"17'A11TBD To trim the oar of all the
I??' kM them a If dMlrd, aS53.
t h stables on Burnet-street, between -n
v d Baco and Third Md fourth, . fel7b -
WUUJ machine.- Apply at No. 133 Outter
treet. . . fel7b
WANTED aiaii To eook, wuh and
iron In a small family. Inquire et No. M
-Moand-street, between Gheennt and Clerk-street.
men, to learn crrlwe-tolmmln(. Address
TRIMMER, this offise, : f87b
WANTBD A (mall Hon, with tare or
four rooms, immediately. Address S. J,
JBo Ho. 1,6817. tel7b
ANTED IRON To buv for oaab, oast,
' nT.B r"ht nd orp Iron. Cll et H. LYONS
OO.'B, oor. of Third enaTliOck-streets, Cincinnati,
or dry foods atore, or whalesale honse. Good
reference, given. Address P.JL RCED, at (ho Gait
M"8- L. fcWb
AmANTED-TO RENT a wll-furnished
J Jv-m 10010 " 'th gesHn B private family
rtattablefbronoortwo senUoinen. Apply a No.
13 (Jentml-avenue. faith
J7"ANTEI -ROOM Br an elderly
. T.u !?,, of ?d hWta, In a pleasant location
Inthewesternpartof theolty, a room with a fir.
plaoo, la the residence of a private family. It would
bt preferable with a bed, 4o. The bent references
given If requited. Address 0. P., thte offlce. fel6b
'YXT'ANTED A German Protestant Girl, to
. - . """ irupina ana general nonsaworK
in a private family, flood waes given. Ssllitaftory
refereaoe required. Call at n a. 2jiiongworth-street.
to 1,00, for throe to fire years, on good so.
S5-fJ.fti.vSIB 8 , 10 f'St-. Intereet Jald g.nar.
Pr5rfnolt-7"r"- : A?drr r Sg
TANTED-Two good Olgar-makors, wiU-
J;J.-i?f t?.!ro.'?to" lndofolars,oan find
Bermanenf Unatloas, at oity prices, by applying
oon to tho updersigned, at WbanonTohio. ww "
: jr. utEuruBTH.
Confectionery, now doing aj;ood bntlness.in
, the best location in tbls oity. Bent cheap. The
. atook and flituree for aala low for cau. Inquire on
the premises, Mo. 106 Tina-street. fenh
FOR RENT A desirable famished Room,
fronting on Blnvetrmt. . Apply on tbe north
tint corner of Fonrth and Blm. fel7b
. TjOR RENT Terms reasonable, one verr
' handsomely sitnaled Brick Hooee, of seven
, ivwil, uu iww ceuare, no. m stiiton-sireet- ros
kesston Wth Inst. . Alio throe rooms and cellar a
fio. m Hilton-street. Inualre of KLIJAH BLAOK.
; at Prospect Hill Pottage, Just above. fel7b
FOR SENT A front Room, down stairs,
to a - man end wife, with or without board.
Two or three girls can bars board low. Address
Mm. A. B., at this office. ; ., ... : fal7b
FOR RENT ROOM-Either furnished
Or nnfnrnilhed. with or wlthnnt hnanl. Tn.
quire at eonthreaet corner of Bace and Third, felsb
sT71 OR R It W TT.m i;.ti.j
J? .Booms, with power. Apply to W. W. HA MSB
A CO., corner of Oeatral-aveane and Golambia-eta.
- .,. . ,.,!. IWsawl 1. ; , I .
Estate. A modern two-story Brick-house, gas,
hath, Ac, on Jinklin-itreet, near Broadway. Lot
l , M by 90. ; !
Brick-hoSise, six rooms, gas, Ac, on Hopkins
'street. Lot ftl by to a 10 foot alley.
"' Honeeand lot on Morth side Sevsnth-street, be.
tween Cutter and Linn $3,600. ,
House and lot on lm-street, between nfleentb
and Liberty. Lot 17K by 91. Prloe $1,900. "
Two new Brick-houses, stories high, on Monnd
street, near Uheetnnt. i
. Kt)i itory Brick House en Oonrt-stfeet, near Elm.
lot 21 by 72. $,100-$l,M0caah, balance on time. ,
A three-story Brlok House on Eighth-street, near
walnut, will be exohaoired for a Lot ora House and
Lot in the eattern part of the city.
. - A splendid country seat, Brick House, with all the
modern improvements, carriage house, three scree
- of ground. In Avondale. win be ezohanged for a
f House and Lot on IWtb-strset, tn the city, with a
cash balance If necessary.
A first-rate Brick House, brick stable, Ac, near the
city, five acres of which is beautiful ground. - 1
A two-story Frame Bouse in Avondale, on abont
one acre of ground, will be exchanged for good city
property. . '
ALSO (Several Lota of lire scree, two acres, and
one aoro, In Avondale, on tbe Beading Pike, cheap
for cash and time payments. Ac. ,
Apply to . JOHN WAGOONKB, !
' , Agent and Auctloner,
felSe ' ' No. M West Sixth street. 1
an excellent Instrument, nearly new, of Btack-
f'lBro., N T.,mauufacturo. Inquire of H. 8.
LUUB, Boothgate House, Oinoinnatl. foltd
BOARDING One or two genUemen oan
be accommodated with a neatly-furolabed front
Sleeping-room, wun gas ana privilege of bath, by
sy plying at No. ICS Longworth-atreot, between
fiun .nil mull
fe!7b .
IOARDING A few gentlemen oan obtain
1 pleasant rooms and bosrd at Me. Ui Plum.
street. Also a few day-boarders wanted. fe!7b
BOARDING Four Of Uto yoang men oan
be accommodated with board and lodging at
a,iwnTO suin-sirm. a l.w mora oay-Doara
ers oan also be accommodated.
BOARDING A family ean be aooommo.
dated with a fine large room and board at 131
Byeemore-etreot, where but few boarder are kepti
Aleo. a eouplt of day-boarders can be sccommo,
dated. . - t , . , i--. . leleb
Js i dy evening. February IS, In going lonnd the
"aqnare bounded oy Main end Ryeemore and Fourth
and lifth-streata. a nair of Gold flMTtaolaa. oval
The finder will be suitably rewarded by
i.m at tula office. fe!7b '
Durable Haehln extant. ; y j- . -vj
k& and see them. ,, .;, .
Jaftf , SO Wt Fourth. gtroet.
Cincinnati FueliCo.5
Cannel .Coala,
' ' Delivered at the lowest market rates. .
,-W,OrdeT solicited and promptly executed." '
febas.. -A . w; H. HUBBBLL, Secretary.
; jflone jr mioney ! money I ,
, awd frees i( Weet Btxtktrwet. y
1LB1 an ail klnde of Marebsadfte, at low
rates or TnUnii. at No. 171 Tue-etreet, batWMa
Fourth and FUJI - ' . pju t
juacnusorteau ao..at iiimiiai
orner sTIath and Vim
best In ths market. AU kir- of I- altered
W burn Coal Oil at l.-.-'J ,
-, ' Onrnr Ninth end Tiae-werta.
els ol now Maple Mousses Jnnt received at .
- ... - IIBGDBON'B,
MOVED as Ha. 174 TlBSHtrsst, east side, aboy
Ifourth. .;."'."V.'-V hlHmt
n J f 4l "i- '' r.
..VKBRCAitY ir
.. .
Onto Aro Kmtvokt. Business men will
and It advsnUgcoiu to advertif in the Kt.
lady Slot Tltaa, published at Pari, Bonibon
County, Ky. Termalow. ' - ' - - .
Stxpst RiiLWAT BacKtrTs. The Clnelnnatl
Street Railway Company- paid into tbe Oity
TraaiaryyeaUrdaySSSO 42 the receipts of the
road daring the month of January last. ;
- i
BatOAiirt. J. ' H. .Deter, Fenrth-itreet,
WMt of Walnut, I telling hi extensive (took
of winter boot and shoos at reduoed prjoe.
Nov 1 the time to hay. fi ha a flno awotr
ment of hunting boot --
Bf moioLoeiOAi. OisitTAnota Br Henry
Ware, Optielan, No. 7 Wt Fonrth-itroet.
Foln-ttMy, 18: . s :t ; , . . -..a . ,
O'cto. '. Barometer. .' Thermometer.
' A. 17 .f. Abovasero S
I n .39.16 , Above sero 32
( r , .h . . ' Above aero SO
Fobruaryli . t, m, ;. ( .,
Kev. N. H. Bchenck, Baltimore, Md. ' '""
Charles A. Cobb, Providence, B. I. ' ;
, Bndolph Gelderman, New York City. ' " f
John Kelfer, Hamilton, Ohio.
, Jm. F.Joy, Berlin, Ili. ; ...
Mrs. UlnnaU, New York Oity. -v - - I
lilt Diowpd. A dock-hand on board the
steamer Ithmon, which is now lying at the
wharf, fell into tho river abont seven o'clock
yesterday morning, and before assistance
reached him wt drowned. Ha seemed to be
intozloatsd at the time, but so othtr facta in
regard to him oeuld be appertained. 1 t
BoaaUBT oa Virb-btbibt Tbo residenoo
of a man named Joseph Zeltnor, on Vlne
itreet, near Buckeye, was entered on Wednes
day night, and robbed of money and other
article of Talae to the amount of nearly 900.
The burglar raniaoked tbo building without
awaking tbo inmate, and without any dlsturb
anowhateeT carried off their booty. . ,, j
' Tai Uibdi Gbib Ball at tbi BrRtn.
The grand Mardi Bra Ball, to take place at
tbo Burnet House, on Wednesday, the 22d
init, will doubtless be a splendid affair. Ex
tensive preparation have been mado for the
oocailon, and many of tbe member of the
tea tiWe will be present. . Tho ball will
prove one of tho most brilliant of tho teaion.
Finals of a Malioioui Assault. Our read
er probably remember the circumstance
an affray that took place tome time ago near
the Brighton House, in which a man named
John Kain beat another so severely that be
wa not, for a long time, expected to survive.
The oss cam np, yesterday, in the Polio
Court, for final examination, and rreulted in
sentencing the defendant to an imprisonment
of five day In the County Jail and to pay
fine of $i0 and costs. ' . j
, .7 1 j- - t
. ' Mm-rjsxBrmoLaBT o BboadwatA dwelling-house,
on Broadway, near Hunt-itreet,
occupied by a family whose name w wre
naabis to lesrn, was- burglariously en
tered about noon day before yesterday, and
robbed of $50 Is bank note. The family were
,ia the house at the time, but being more than
half atuplfled at the impudence of the raaoali,
saw them leave the house before they gave
the alsrtn. The burglar were followed tome
distance by policeman Dalton, of the Ninth
Ward, but they turned upon and knooked him
down, after which they tuooesded in making
their escape. . ,, ...... .
Illboil Paticitt. A man named Adam
Baner wa yesterday arraigned before Justice
MoFall, upon a charge of illloit fatherhood,
preferred against him by a woman named Mary
Barling. Their intimaoy existed about two
year ago. and the unfortunate affair whloh
brought sname to the woman and Incarcera
tion to the man, took plane on the 18th of
March, 1858. After hearing the testimony in
the ease, which seemed to leave little doubt In
regard to the guilt of the partlea, Bauer wa
committed in- default of bail in the amonnt of
$500 for hi appearance to answer the oharge
before the next term of the Court of Common
Plea. - i
' Mirobahtb' Bahqubt Pbblwibabt Min
is a. A meeting of the subscribers to the Mer
chant' Banquet, to be given at the Madison
House on the evening of the 22d, wa held
yesterday morning. The hour named for the
festival to commence was eight o'cloek, and
tbe following gentlemen were elected officers:
President Robt Buchanan, Esq; Vic
President W. L. Whlteman, Thos. R. El
liott, Jo. C. Butler, O. H. Collins; Committee
on Toast Henry Henna, Jo. H. Wllby,
Tho. Sherlock, Peter L. Brown, Wm. Reior,
Wm. H.Davis, R.A. Clay, Tho. Johnston,
Jaa. Torrense; Committee on Finance John
Swaiey, George HatohO. W. West. '
A Picefockbt Ham to Bail fob Gbaip
Labobbt. A day or two ago a man named
George MitoheJl wa arrested at the Cincin
nati, Hamilton and Dayjon Railroad Depot,
upon a charge of plokiog the pooket of a
woman named Elizabeth G- Baien, of fifty-i
three dollar. The ease wa tried before
Judge Lowe, yesterday morning, when it
appeared that , the fellow . had stolon the
money, but the woman having mined It before
they left the ear, saw the ohain of her porle-i
monnala dangling front hi vest pooket. She
oharged him with the theft, and called to the
oondnelnv. who 'Anief him Ia Ka IaItm 4ma
euatody and return the money. Hewaseom-
nuiiua, in aeiaait or f 70U bail, to answer the
oharge of grand laroeny at the next term of
the Court ol Common Plea.
bati Collbob or Mbdioirb. The commence
ment exerciaea of this Institution took place
last sight, at the Christian Chapel, on Slxth
ttreet, between Smith aud Mound, and were
well attended. They wr opened with prayer
by Rev. Mr. Henry, after whioh the student
reooived Irom the President the charge usually
given on auoh occasions. The graduating
olas, twenty-eight in number, than reosived
their diploma, after which a well-written and
impruiiv valedictory wa delivered by Prof.
Gordon. .. w .., ... -i a-.r
Among the graduate is an old frlnd of the
writer of this paragraph. Dr. 8. 8. Emery, of
LIpeio, Ohio, a yoang man of intellect and
culture, and one wbo will, without doubt
highly honor the profession he ha obosen. :
SbbbiffV Salbb of Ral Estatb. The
Sheriff' Je of real estate, yeaterday morn
ing, were very largely attended, and tbe bid'
ding wa quit spirited. Thirty-two pieces of
property were offered, but of these, eight only
Wtr sold, a follow: , . . .'
Lot in Fulton Township, attuatedat or near
the Junction or Fulton, Milloreek and Colum
bia Townships, containing 12,230 iqnar feet
Talaed at $500 for ground and improvement,
and sold to E. Tiokaor for $620.
-. Four lota of land In the town of Milloreek,
In Moton 21, township 8, and second frac
tional range in the Miami Parana, being
lot numbered 41, 42, 43 and 44, in a tub-division
of lots as laid ent bv John B!lr. No.
41 valued at $600 for ground and improve
ments, ana toe outers at f law eacn. Bold to
S. R. Hollen, the first for $4(0, and the re
naiader for $80 each.
Lot No. 49, in Philip M. Prloe' subdivision,'
allotted on MUton-itreet, being 25 feet front
by 1110 feet -deep. Valued at $2Q .per front
foot, and sold to Joseph S. Cleypool for $13 84
per root, ".,!, ....-;.' . .i.
Latheld estate, eommsnolnr at a point on
the weatsidf of Broadway, 49 feet (onth of
the south-west corner of Broadway and Woodward-street,,
being 1V4 front and running
tank 90 feet to an alley, valued at $800 for
lease and Improvements, and sold Henry
JCikrfor$T20 -MU -i
Lot No. 4, in the anbdlviilon of T. F. Carry
and others, on the Vlne-Btreet Road, being 25
feet frent by 100 deep, valued at $60, and
old to NUholas Xiahmer for $48 84
Funeral Obsequies to Andrew H. Ernst.
- of the Horticultural Society,' at
the ehurefc and at Spring Grove, teltmn rites
were observed yetterday, in memory of the
departed citizen and lover of nature. ' :
of tbe fruit and flower
growtrt of thU oity and vicinity, member of
the Horticultural Society, met at noon at their
hall, Wm. Orange, President, in the Chair,
andE. J. Hooper, Secretary.
- Dr. John A. Warder delivered an eloquent
Jianegyrio on his friend and associate, and the
rlend and associate of the sympathising mem
ber, whloh was ordered to be published with
the proceedings of the Society. - .n
. Mr. J. P. Foot, from a Speoiat Committee;
submitted the following resolution. Remark
were mad by several of the members in eulogy
if the life snd services of the deceased. .
A prooeesiea - waa ' formed, and member,
with a badge of cypress, repaired to ths Uni
tarian Chnrob, where was assembled a congre
gation composed of ladies andoitiiens of vari
ous creeds. A great number of pioneers were
Present..,, .l-..V . -r-'i-n . ;!... . : ,(,
services reading and prayers from the serv
ice of the Epltoopsliatt Church. In hi remark
aa to the oooation that brought them together
with the solemn surroundings, he laid t The
voice of death seem to be the only one mor
tals will heed it voioe i from the boundary
line of the known and the unknown the seen
and the unseen.
It i not death that we And to beao itriking
as life. That bird-of-paaaage, the aonl, comes
in and dwells with ns, and goes out agaia so
mysteriously to reveal ths mystery of life.
Ths soul Is a plant for growth, to produce leaf,
bloxom and fruit, Whioh may be withered by
vice and -made healthy by virtu and truth.
The deceased waa a the plant described by the
Hebrew poet, whioh put forth it root down
to the fountain of life, the leaf nor fruit failed
from the drought. ' It wa fldellty to bom
and the task of life which distinguished him.
It waa the hard discipline of life that ripened
in him those virtue which gained our respect
and love. He took hi faith from this disoi-plineoflife-hehadaoontrolllngreliglouaideeVM
he thowed that ability that influenced and ele
vated him to a higher, a truer and a noble
life. . He bad a purpose, a definite aim never
relinquishing the germ of the religions idea
which drew all the strength of his great
powers to making It fruitful. A tbe eieotris
current passing through the shell once tbe
work and covering: of the xooohvte mokes the
limestone marble, so did this electric ourrent
or a weii-iounded religions Idea of faith turn
all the limestone of oommon things in his
life into the marble of charaoter, . ' '
His faith was that God waa his father tbs
father of all, and that brought him to the de
duction man is his brother. He entertained
these views, and acted on them when thev
met with opposition the view that Gedwas
not vindictive, wai no tyrant, would virit no
spirit wun eternal punishment. i la faith wa
simple a heat, as sunihine, bnt a true and a
effeotlve. It simplicity of love to God add
love to man was grand and eloquent. Give
your hearts to the principle of nuritr. self-de
vetopment to the religious prlnolple of tbe
ttoa wunin you ana you wm manifest It to'
ward your brother without you. Deal with
each man, reverently as a God, and yon will
need no wire-drawn bridge from the fife that
now 1 to that whloh ia to come. 1 -
A large eavaload attended the remains to
Spring Grov, wherein due time his name
will be recorded on the monument designed to
pome out nis resting piece, xne wnoie Cem
etery, however, is his monument for his taste
and skill was manifested in it from its pur-
Mbohabicb' abd Mabofaotvbbbb' Exobaiob.
At tbe meeting of the Mechanics' and Manu
facturers' Exohange, held yesterday morning,
we aitenaenoe wa quite large, i'reiiasnt Kun
yan occupied the chair, and after reading the
minutes of tbe last mestlng, the following per
sons were elected to membershin: :
John H. Brown, carpenter, proposed by
Barrett McBrids; H. H. Pelt A Co., atone ma
son, proposed by Mr. Thomas; Joseph Bald
win, carpenter and builder; William Cox,
painter and glazier proposed by Jsmes Brad
ley; A. Parker, agency and notary publlo,
propessd by C. D. foot: Kiersted A Hoffman,
coppersmiths, proposed by G. W. Banyan; A.
Buchanan, dealer in ooaf and coke, proposed
by Hlnkle, Guild A Co. - i
On motion of Mr. Lett the Seoretary was
mstruotea to ena nouot to me different com
mittees who as yet have not made their reports,
end stated that as it required a large amount
oi labor to get up the table for the Pnos Cur
rent, an euort would be made to have an
edition ret ly on Thursdey next, and hopad
that all committee who wore not ready to
report at that time would be ruled out. It 1
necessary that these committeea ihould be,
prepared to report at early a day a possi
ble, for it Is a matter of exceeding Interest to
all th member of tbe Exohanno. No other
business of importance belog offered, ths Board
aojoumea. -
A DiBTBUBTrtn, Swbbthbabt A ' Woman
Oppobsd to Matbihobial Dblats. A night
or two since a couple of rural lovers arrived
at the Spencer House from Kentucky, and
deaired to be wedded. Having obtained a
license at a rather late hour, the prospective
bridegroom thought the night too unpleasant
to venture out in searcn or a minister, and
therefore parted abont eleven o'oloek with
the mistress of hi affection; telling her they
would be married in the moraine.
Tho twain asperated and retired to their
respective apartment, but about midnight
the girl arose, dressed beraelf, and going
down to tbe office, engaged th servloe of
Col. French, of th hotel, for an escort while
he went in search of a clergyman. . She had
had an unpleasant drsam she said, and
feared , if tbe ceremony were delayed, some
thing might happen.
Tbe Colons!, ever gallant, and always anxious
to relieve suffering humanity, accompanied
the damsel, found a D. D , returned to ths
hotel, awoke the must we say it? snoriog
lover, who vowed at first be wouldn't be mar
ried, and had th couple joined at once, and
one room made vacant in the Spencer.
f ' ... . , i -J :
Fibbb YasriBDAT. About eleven o'clock,
yeaterday forenoon, afire broke out in ths dry
goods store of Tram A Meyer, at No. 77 Court
street It originated from om defeot in the
flu, and was extinguished before any consid
erable damage had oeen done by the flames;
The loss by water will probably reach $500,
and Is fully covered by insurance, : - . .
Abont an hour later In the day flames were
discovered itsnlng from the roof of a frame
house on Race-street, between Fifteenth and
Liberty, but the Fire Departmsntwa promptly
en the ground, and suoeeeded in arresting
their progress before any material damage to
the building. Tbls fire, it appears, originated
in th aame manner as the previou one, but
the loss may b repaired by an expenditure of
lea than $50.",,.- ." ' tvv .
' Tbbfbiobobban. The votaries of the.'graoe
fol goddess v:- v.x -. J ,r v:i
"Whose feet as she' sleeping look dreaming a
danos," .
will not forget the) first scares damanU of tn
Central Danoing - Assoelatlon, ' whloh takes
place thia evening, at Melodeon Hall. .If
good musts and a' pleasant eompany ean
lighten life aad oan the sombre night-born
hour te laugh, we doubt not they will do to
opon thl occasion, for the arrangements for
the party have seen SUoh as will tend to fill
the night with pleasure to tho who attend.
HoitB Cobcsbts. A lerle of . entertain
ment, to be sailed "Home, ConowW are
abont to be instituted by Mr. F. W. &aoh.
They are intended for tbe eneouragstuat sf
heme talent, and Will no doubt beeoBi quite
popular. ' Thre Is esrtalnly ability aumelent
in thl oily to give entertainment ef this kind
whioh would attraet th lovers of musl to
them, and, properly oondaoted, these will
doubtl prove remtaeratlv. The first of
the aerlea will take place on Wednitdav even
ing next, at Smith A Nixon' HaU, and w
eaHMtly hop to let It ftiUyttdt)d. "
Pice's OrsaA-BOUa A fair Andlenee at.
teeded the eecond reprtaenUtlon of Hanr VIII. at
the pera honee, last night, aodjhe plsypaawdoff
With morn .nirlt h.n k.
Thie-avenlag 'Bheridan's popular comedy of Ths
. ."td Teasle;,?Jr. lionwayae Chatles
uriaea." Mr. itmida u "m n-i-r " m. w,....
Idaa-qoltea promUing young actor aa "Joeepb."
The oast Is good as itoonld be made under tlie clr
cams tanoes, and we doubt not will draw a foil honsa,
Woon'B TBBATBSU Mr. CoIIIrs. th rwvnnl..
IrUh eomedlan, will tako a benet at tble eatabllth-
mettt. thl. eVnlrlff HI. mlli.-kfn hllhin. ha- I....
4.ightinggood audle.ee. doriu the week, and we
mumu. m, wiv iirtiir napoaa w me can new
IKllnMn - Kill .UUk I. .
ouneleu of Tarn ttotuna or Foaipna and Tan Iaiss
Oanioa, in both of w biota Mr. o. will appear, the per-
Natural Tbsatsb. This evenioihas been
set epart, at the Kalkinal, for the benefit of Lucy
mVJr t- ii wi( .iiimo oq tne- occaiion is one
Which Cannot fAll to attmr-.t AltAtlllnn mnA -rlllnA
doubt fill ths house to repletion. Itoommences with
William Vincent Wallace's beautiful opera of Maii
tana, to be followed byTM Oaowa Pbihci, and dote
nuu wiq nwuu ua uura ecu 01 uuy AAaixaisio.
Sbiib A Nixon's Hail. This is the last
night but oneol Wnuth'e oelebrated Mirror of Italy,
snd all wbo desire to witness it must do eo now. for
It will positively be withdrawn after this week.
Singular Homicide—A Man Beaten to
Death at a Card Table.
A few night tgo a man named Adam Heilman
went to hia residence, on Pleasant-street, near
the Hamilton road, very badly injuied, snd
although , the wounds were act regarded as
aerioua he grew ill, and after suffering exceed
ingly until day before yesterday died. This
result caused an inquiry in regard to the cir
cumstances under whloh be received his inju
ries that developed the following facts:
On the evening in question, it appears that
he had been playing cards at the coffee-house
of John Gas, on Vine-street near Elder. . Du
ring the progress of the game a dispnte arose,
wnioa resulted in a general mem, ana ths par
ties interested in the matter, three in number,
fell upon and beat Heilman with a poker.
Bit bud, arm, and body were badly brulssd,
but In spit of hi Id juries, as has already been
stated, he reached hia home; where death via
ited him on Wednesday, and took him to
another resting-plsoe. , .
'After learning these circumstance, Officer
Smith, of the Twelfth Ward, arrested a man
named Conrad Robb, Who, it appears, took a
conspicuous part la tbe affray, and be was,
yesterday, oommltted In default of $2,000 ball,
to await an examination upon a charge of man
slaughter, to Ukeplace at the Polioe Court on
Monday next. The other men are still at
large, nut w earnestly hope they may be
found and brought to trial. The deceased la
aaid to have been quite industrious and peace,
ably diapoaed, and leavca a wife and family
without any protection save the ademantins
hearted world. , . .. . (. ,.(-. ;-,
SusrsHDSo bt thb Nsos to a Tbbb. A man,
whose name could not be ascertained, wa
found, yesterday afternoon, suspended to the
branch of a tree, in the. neighborhood of the
Baptist Theological Seminary, abont i three
mues irom tne city, lie bad tied a nandker
ohlef about his neok, and. although his feet
were upon the ground, whin discovered he
was quit dead. Coroner Carey held an in
quest upon tbe body, but the olroumstansea
whloh led to tho act were not developed.
A thimble wa found in his pooket, and a
card of Stix, Erans A Co.. . clothintt mer-
'ohants, at No. 61 Pearl-street, upon the back
or wnicn was written tne loiiowing address:
"John Greiser, Oxford, Butler County, Ohio"
These facts would seem to indicate that the
deoetaed, who is about thirty-five years of sgs,
was a tailor, but nothing further is known of
him. The jury rendered a verdict of self-
destruction, and the Coroner took charge of
in ooay, wnion win oe aeuverea to tn
friend of th unfortunate man. if. perchance.
he had any, or buried la the event that no
on calls for it..
Ahoisxt Rscobdb. iW were yesterday
hown tome anolent records on file in the City
Clerk's Office, which, besides tbe ourioaity at
tached fo them. Illustrated the rapid growth
of th oity more fully than anything els oould
qo. i 'in oldest is a copy or a bond given on
the 21st of April. 1815. bv R. M. Gano. T. D.
Carneal and J. S. Gano, obligating themselves
to mske a deed to " 'Squire Grant" for lot No
119 of the original town plot, upon the pay
ment of $290, in three payments. Tbe lot is
4714 by 190, lying on Greenup-street. directly
opposite the Oity Hall, and is now worth at
least $100 per foot. . . -. . 1
.Passing over numerous other documents of
a similar character, we find a bond, dated
April 16, 1825, given by William Barnes, "wbo
had recently been sppblnted collector of the
village of Covingten," and fg for the penal
urn of $500, whioh was then regarded as
amply sufficient to protect the interests of tbe
village, being more than ths whole amount of
tax coiitotca, a mere item compared wun tne
present revenue. Though the expenditures of
the city have thus rapidly increased thev have
not kept pace with the rise In tbe value of
property. The bond is signed by the collector
and by John Gray, as surety, and If forfeited
was mad payable to Jacob White, Alexander
Connelly, Jaoob Hardy, Cary Clement, James
uuaton, ivia Mussulman ana J ames llay den,
trustee of th village, who acted in the place
of tbe "City Counoil," th luxury of such a
body bung at that time denied tho Coving'
tonian. --.(,! ' ' '""
W might notio numerous other equally
Interesting documents, but our space prevent
it at present., i(
Fibs. Yesterday ' afternoon, ; about thrsa
o'clock, a fire broke, out in a small house on
Fifth-street, between Main and Phlladelphl.
occupied by John Jackson a a dwelling and
feed store. It originated in tome eparka from
the stove In the dwelling, whioh passed
through a stove-pips hole on the opposite side
of the chimney, and fell among tons straw,
where it ignited.' It wa fortunately diseov
oredland extinguished before It communicated
to the building. The whole damage will
amount to between' one and two hundred
dollar, all of which I covered bv insurano.
The owner of the store was in Cincinnati at
the time, and knew nothing of the diss stw
until he returned in the evening He le an
honest, industrious man, and had invested all
bis property in nis stock. ;-'
t m J,, i.i . ' i f f i ui.-
Cocat Tsstsbdat. This tribunal
is dispatching buslnes In a mannar highly
oreditabl to tbe judge, jury and attorney. -
Th Jury returned a verdiot of $50 for the
plaintiff in the case of GUI et. Th City of
Newport, notjoed day before yesterday. The
oast wa argued by Major Hani for th plain
tiff, and A. S. Btrrv for th defendant.
The case of the Alexandria Turnpike Road
Company v. Charles Dlcksnt, being an aetioa
for the recovery of the first installment of ten
per sent, on $1,000 stock in the above-named
road, wit tried, and a verdiot rendered for the
defendant The defendant pleaded want of
Booce, and SBDatanuatad His defense by teati
meny whloh the jary regarded aa suffialent. "
In the ease of Stix, Erausi A Co.. i. HII.
th plaintiffs petitioned to set aside a transfer
or property on tne part or tne defendant, which
trantfer, they alleged, had been mad with a
jrUw to defraud them. Th ease wa mbmit-
t;d to tn uourt and judgment rendered ror
th plaintiffs, wbo had attached th property
In question. Th remainder of the day wa
oonaumea u eaiung tne mcuoa aooket. '
- Oonmbboul Babk. As our oltisent are vair-
ticubkrly Intareeted In the . establishment of
th Commercial Bank, a brenoh of which la to
be boated in this city, w give the following,
wnun w cup irom uo legislative proceeding
OI y BMiure jwreemavt
"Th Oommmial Bank Bill and th Gov
ernor' veto were taken up. Th H. R. hsv
log pawed the bill mp the rtos the bill and
veto wre rd.. .'. . .,' 'i s ; i e..-'
, ' "Before the Sraate disposed of this matter,'
tne aour tmrto ror tna era ers esstne y."
, We have no donbt that the Senate) will nlti
matelrpaa the bill, a tha Hoot has done,'
kbTtr OoTaraot'i ytto, ' :
' Lleblervs. Marsaret flhnlii. Jndera
Stem disposed of this ease. Th pTatntiff averred;
that he ww potaeeeed of real properly, thatdefeodeat
owned land contiguotiaknd undertook to out (ff bis
list) by building a fence thirty feet htehi that la
do ng to she wascompalled te use a part of plaintiff s
bullaTiag, and that the fenoe iucllneil three Inches
,att' ,lh ,nl impaired plaintifTa hooee.
This lalter averment wonld ley ihe fonndallon ef a
claim fordamaxea. Ihe defendaiithad the right to
shut out the curious gaze of the plaintiff and boild
a fence ee high aeshe ohooee to asoand. bat the
moment ih oeraiitte It to go out of tbe level, she
interfered with the rlgbte oi her neighbor. The
proper remedy, however, would not be In ttfe form of
ejectment, because such a thin as a free. bold in the
.wu. , i. ? enei, mouth the right to tbe
vrivufg. in wuion ine party would ns
The natltlnn nnM k. a-a
It was inliinated by defendant's eonoset that tbe
fence bad beo put In a proper oondltion.
Anumher of judgments wire entered by' default,
o- I" one case in which an atiorney's aame ap-
Oourt said tble would not be permitted, and before
banding the cae over for judgment, ordered the
nam to be stricken out from the defendant's answer.
CailtlBAL BlBS. Bafnre Jn(fr Wallnn
William Fltshoih. a oolored man. ttarA Snrilrtl far
an ateault au MAr O'RrUn. wiih inn, ,n kin k
a uwaiiiiijK uatnm waa oroaen lnio on rront-strnet-neerthe
Out Worka, abont midnight on tha 14th of
aiiuiuy. nnryu onto, ana anotner female In th
bouse, hearing th noise, attempted to raise an
alarm, but were immediately availed by the bar
glar, and the prosecutrix wi severely beaten. The
nmn made his eicaps. In ths struggle a button Sell
from hi. coat, and this was picked up, and when Ihe
prisoner was arrested a button was ontof his coat,
and the one found corresponded wl'h the other..
Jiiood wee also found on all person. He was arrested
in th. oeifThbirbood. ' .. -
A verdict ol guilty wa returned, t
John Hewley. indicted for robberv and arand l.r.
ceny, was convicted upon the latter charge.
. " I--UU-I. Etn,inr. 1U1 U.I.DUBIll VH
tried npon an Indictment for perinry, in ewearlng to
an affidavit on which John Seller was arrested for
mulii ioim stabbinc. It la alleged that B. never com
mitted the act, and that the affidavit was falaely and
oorruptly raaao, . .
ine j ury returned a verdict off guilty.
Gbabs Bal Masoub bt thb Cbobli it Sooinr.
The members of the Cecelia Society, by far
the moat talented and accomplished tinging
o.uiBiiuu m me cay, give a grana oacnuugtM
this evening, at Geyer'a Assembly Room, on
Court-street, betwetn Main and Walnut. Ex
tensive preparation bav been made for th
affair, and we have little doubt It will be one
of tho most pleasant of the season.. ,'.. ..! :
A little after one o'clock on Thursday mom-
lotr, the Ohio opposite this city betanto rise, and
ceuie up with much more rapidity than it bad been
fallln for several days prevlons. Up to last evening
the river had swelled about thirty lnchea, and will
still te rising to-day.
There were last night at 13 o'clock, abont tea feet
of water in tha channel hence to Louisville; tbe
water rising irom rtttsuurg down. Tble Improve
mntln naTlfiration iaowlnv tnthaaonrlDff oiitorth.
different trlbutariea of the Ohio.
1 ne weatner was raw and quite cold yesterday, aad
though less so on Thursday night, it frote all day.
Hutfneaa on the Landing yesterday fell off from
mat oi i nursoay, out onerings oi Ireignt were mod
erate at these prices: - . . - -i
40o.i Flour, 3oo.; Fork and Lard, 360. : Found
sreignu. uffliiao.perlOOlbe. .. . ; .' i
Nahville-IvVblskir, per brl., oOC.; Ale, Mo.; Found
Fre shta. SSifhSOo. nor ino lb.. ' v , ,i '. ...
nt. iiouis ueavy rcuna rreisnw, sso. par ioo ids.;
Wbiikv and Oil. toe. ner brl.: Btovaa. laST Ala. sno!
per un, , ; , ,
xivaniTiiie w duet ana iiii.mh. ner on.
Cairo Whisky and 011,-000. pec brl.; Pound
. reigut., wo, per ioj lus.
a- . vi.n.u-1 -' uim, auu -1 il twvi f wur, ruiawnh
j.ppitw ouc.i rpiti oo.., rmcon m nam. no.: ana
oiuer l-ounu jrreignts, mmc. per )U01is.; Keg Lard,
AaaiVAU. TalAffranh. T-niil.Tlll.; PrlnnuM. 1tf.il
son: Melrose. Mayavlile; Bostons, Portsmouth:
Snnleitb, Neville; Iowa, New Orleans; OlaraDean,
Plttsbunr: Analo-Haxon. Bt. Lonla: J.onh Rtrular
and Eunice, Louisville: Universe, New Orleans;
Sam. Kirkman, Nathvtlte. '
AJsrABToaxs. Teiegrapn, . tiontsvliie: neiroee,
Muyaville: Prioroas. Madison; DunloltU, Itevllle;
Uostona. Portsmouth : Ohio No. S. Marietta: Olnn
dale. Memnhili: 8tonlian Decatur nnil Anrora- N.
Orleans; Anglo-Saxon and Iowa, Flttsbnrg; Xunlce,
lTueeuug,- - -
Monetary and Commercial.
: The complexion of affairs in Third-street
appear decidedly quiet this week, hardly any finan
cial change occurring from dty to day. Money re
main in good supply for prime Paper, and the regu
lar requiremeata of trade. Approved Paper is done
without trouble I the regular Quarters at 10l2per
No alteration worthy of mention was aosarent In
Tblrd-strout yeaterdHy. Eastern Kxcbanae was still
steady at ttso. buying, and i premium selUn
rate. Builneae waa rather dull: - J;
The Citv Produoe Murkat avlnivid llttla ch.nff.
yesterday from Wednesday. Flour and Whisky were
In moderate demand, Wheat, (torn, Oat. end Bar
ley were as ill steitdy, and By e dull. A speoulatir
cenisnd was experienced for Bacon and Bnlk Meat,
with lnrge sales, and unusuully heavy transactions
occurred In Bulk Meat,
Tbe Imports and Export ot various articles forth
twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon, were :
Impobts. Apples, 223 barrels; Bar'ey, 1,105 bushels)
Butter, 4t kens; Ooru, 12,386 bunhois; Cheese, I'JS
boxee; Ooffne. 283 base; Flour, 1,400 barrels; Hay, 2)0
balea; Bo(SL3U4 bead; Lard, 300 barrels and 28t kegs;
Molues, 37 barrels; Malt, 410 bushels; Oate, 3,1117
bushels: Pork and Bacon, SitO brls., a boxes and
26,603 lbs.; Potatoes, 1,867 barrels; Salt, tU barrels;
Wheat, 1,831 bushels; Whiaky, 80S barrels.
tCironTi.-Appl.il, 147 barrels; Butter, 96 keas;
Corn, l,'i70 bushels; Candles, 913 boxes: Clieese.l.ot.
boxes; Octree, 434 bags; Flour, 1,07 barrels; Lard,
in barrels, AO kegs; Molasses, 4'J4 barrels; Oats, 2,SI)3
bnahels; Pork and Bacon, 177 hhds., Its tlnrces, 295
barrels, 20 boxes; Potatoes, 1,71 barrels; Sugar, lis
Salt, lot barrels; Wheat 99 bushels; Whisky, 2,002
We annex a comparative statement of the Exports
(exclusive of specie) from New York to foreign port
for tho week and sines January 1 : , ,, .
11 ' 1S5S. 'ISSB.' I860.
ForlheWMk........ .11.07794 l,ll,-l3 $I,4(M,754
PlSVlonsly repotted., 6,636,600 ... 4,749,913 . 778,40
Since January l.t7,U4J)4 is,778,400 $8,783 144
Wednesday's New York Times, tinder date of Tues
day evealnt, observes : t . V '.,!' . ..i.;, ; t,.;
The trade demand for bill had been dull for ten
days prevlons, and the leading drawers on Loudon
yeetnrday wars compelled to ecoept 108H percent, in
order to phice any considerable amounts. To day
tbe demand improved, and VhH per oent. was paid
for stinderd bills drawn on the epot, and lie pet
cent, for Southern bills with bank indorsement here.
A large butineaa resulted at these rates, though
mainly among the bankers thediselves: and at the
closeof 'Oliaugebonr the inclination was to' place
the Quotation at mX$)( per cent. French bills
were done at 6f.20iuit I8M to tbe dollar, with a fair
trade Inquiry and no decided prewurd of transient
bills at ihe lower figure. Home parcels of the bar
old received tome days aince from California will go
forward by tbe Aala to-morrow, In anticipation of
better rates for eight exchange oa London. The sn
gsaemeata are about St60,0 0.
The market for money, influenced somewhat by
ths fitvoiaDie look of the bank return this morning,
is quits easy at t per cent, for loans on demand, and
67 per cent, for discounts,' the inaide figure being
ourrent only for very abort and select acceptances.
The diatoms to-day were S 266,000 in cash, and 186,000
in Treasury bills; other receipts into the Sub-treasury,
$3,out. disbursements, Bui ,000; balance tblt af
ternoon, 19,861,330... -.,!.. j,,;', k
If LOUR A moderate demand, without any change
in prices: sales of 1,100 barrels, at to 60o 66 for su
erfine, andtn 7006 84 for extra. ;
W HI8KY The market is unchanged and the de.
mend moderate: sales of 1,000 barrels at SuXaiVHo.,
the latter rate for wagon.
PBOVI810NS There was a very large demand to
dsyTfor Baoon and bulk Meat, for future delivery,
chiefly epeculatWe, which waa met pmlty freely by
holders; prioee therefore were not higher. For pres
ent delivery, there Was not much demand, end Bacon
Bidet and Shoulders were offertd pretty freely at "It
aad tlto., without finding buyers to any great extent
Nothing done in- barrel Pork; there seems to be no
demana of consequence, bnt holders are nrm. Lard
Is still neglected, and wa did sot hear of a sals.' Ths
transactions to-day, comprise: In Baoon, 60 hhds.
Shoulders, delivered from 1st to 16th March at So.;
to do. Bides, delivery from 1st to 1Mb April, at lOo.j
60 do. Oloar do , delivered in March, at lie, and 60
do. Bib do., delivered May 1, at 10o.; and too do. In
lots, to bf delivered during the first two weeks of
April, and last two weeks of March, at So. for Shoul
ders: 10c. for Sides, and He. for clear Sides. In bulk
Meats, the sales were unusually large, adding np
1,200,000 pounds as far as nude pnblio, tint it was un
derstood several other lots changed hands. - The par.
tlcolar were as follows; 100,000 pounds Sides, averse
31 lbs., delivered Msreh l,ateic ; 100,000 do areras '
Ing 33 II,, same delivers, at 84o.s 60,000 do. Shoul
der, delivered Marob 1, at 6Mo. 60.0UO do. oountry,
on the spot, at AMo.i 1,000 piece Shoulders, deliv.
sred next week, at tHc; 1,000 do. Sides, same deliv
ery, at Stto.S0,0D0 pound Bides, avaragintt S3 lbs.,
delivered March 1, at 80., and 60,000 do, Shoojder,
same delivery, at 60. , and 7110,000 do. clear Sides, de
livered In March, at loo. One house Is baying rib
Sides quite largely, to pack in boxes for the Keglisb
market. . ......
. O UOUIBIKS-Woobante; the demand it moderats
OIL--Iiloseed baa declined, witb a tale of St brl.
at 6.10. i :i . . ,-. . .i 1 1 - : .
W UK AT -The market I Arm, with a food de.
aband at iLSVtM 3S for prime white, and SI 21A
1 for prion redi salee of Who. bat. -red and white
til W: 300 do. spring at 11 36, in bulk. -
m-Jar Uorn te steady, with a re r sun and at
Bnelied is auu ana Jo. lower.
48tjt4e., in bnlk. Bneiiexi is auu ana so. lower. w.
shelled at 610. ... . .. ... .
.- OATtV-Tb la a nod ttaty aal Mrtsss
Brm at 470480. la bulk. - ,i
tk&lt&iton ia a fair demand, M'.n
steady at tost ouoUUonsi sales of iOoTushel
HAT Tha denaad la madM-ita. aad arlcaa ataadr
St Sit per tun, for prime Timothy, oa arriral.
unaaaar-Teere is a ilt aemeno; aotaers Rare
put np the price of eumaier-cured Western geaerve
hi ioc: eaiM oi ihi ooxm wtatent steserr at ioe
and ;s.AiagJU&lrf at lie. , 1 1 . i ' '
ovvus-iM marvel cooilaue dull and Beery.
We quuI. Central Ohio at l2uS14o..and WmIii a Ba.
aerveattscl .
APPLBa-There tt a fair demand, and prices
POTATOKS-lhe dsmaad contlaoed good, and
pricas are tirni at lut uuokMienei aaiea ef 6U barrel,
prliae Northern at St; 70 buebeU Bttxed at etc., de-
r'Le1fvdnl1I'5,,i!,1!,lll4- . '
-nvquuie prime 10 cauic
at I66i4 Ji. Tbei le a giaat deal ef inferior lathe
market, which is offered at 4 as to 4 a Timothy
is iu fair demand at 3aa at per kushtti, for fair te
Haw Iota atiain. FWbrnarr M -P. St. Aih.
steady: sales of 60 barrel Pots at U aa, and SO do.
Pearls at St 17. .Uotton dull and drooping, and
middling Uplands are nominally at llJso : salea of
700 Ulee. There ia more doing in Floar, aad the
market exhibits a etaady feeline-; prices, however,
unchanged. The demand Ischwdy for the leeal and
Kastern trade, with some Utile epeculative inauiry:
.ales of 1 400. barrels, at to5 10 lor euperfin BtaU;
YXsbt for extra StaU) SiA It tor sapertlne
Western; pi ao6 40 for common to aeeulom extra
Western; i loijaa OS for ehiptang brand1 extra
round-hoop Oblo-the market closing rm, Oan.
mag i lour qtu.ee ana uncnangea: salea or auu oarreie,
at $5 S5t It for oomoon to chote extra. Rye
Floor ia selling slow.y at Si 4 to. Cera Bleal le
dull and heavy: sales at $i 4 for Jersey, and S4 It
for Brandywine. Buckwheat Flour plenty and dull
attioDi&I 7tpercwt.. Wbteay dull and drooping:
ealee of WO barrels at UHu., closing with no buyers
at over U&W4a Wheat m little more eteady, witb a
fair mil ling dnnand: aska of &, bn.hels Milwaukle
Ulubat l IWipl 23; two do wblta Miohlganat SI to;
SO do. common redfouthera at tt StUnd l.onodo,
common whit Keutuck. tn private terse. lire Is
dull: sale of 1,000 bushels at 867., at the Bail
road Depot. Barley dull aad unchanged: sales of
SOU butbele, et 73c. for common Bute, and 78$80o.
for Oanada East.' Corn Is leea plenty, add Srmeri
sales of 33.0UO bushels, at 77ts'9He. for inferior to
prims new white and yellow. Oats in good .apply
and dull. stnOo. for Western and (.'anadiaa.aad
sjMo. for State. Pork ia leas aotlra, but prioee are
Jwitbont material change: sales of too barrels, at
117 ' for old mem; lift i;la 60 for new awes; til 40
or old prime; (14 7t for new prime, aad S17 for
new oity prime. , Bef steady and unchanged: felts
of too barrels, at t. Sl ! for oountry prime; it St
t M for oountry meae; tw&US for npaokett tneas.
aud U jyau eo for extra mm. Prime mees Beer
firm! salea of let tteroee at fit; 10 do. India mees
at S3S to, and 100 do. Cleveland India at f 3a. Beef
Hams are firmly held at fl3 for State, and Bit SOStlS
for Western. Dressed' Boa fir a, at MithSc Tor
Western. Uut HuU are without change; Hie. sf T70
Kickages, at 7c. for Shoulders, and th&Wo. for
anis. Baoon soaree and nrm: sale of 10 boies
long-ribbed Middle, et 9tc. Lard steady: sales of
390 barrels at liailMo. Butter plenty and dull, at
HftlM. for Ohio, and IMbauc. for Slate. Cheese la
Arm at mHc Coffee a ale t: salee of 300 bags Bio
at 13Hi3c, Sugar in fair request and Arm I aala of
300 hhds. Cuba Musoovado at 73474o. -
A CO. Sales-room No. 18 Kaat Vonrth-street.
New Furniture t Auctlon.-THIS (Friday) MOBX
INO, February 17, at 9 o'clock, will be told, atonr
store, No. is East Fourth -etreet, a tuaullty of excel
lent custom-made Furniture. ...
- felT 1 JACOB OBAFr, Anotloneer.
i. 8HKABS A 00.-Bales-rooms, 57 and tvMain
streot. Oroceries, Ac , at Auction. We will sell, on
SAT0BDAY MORNING, February IS, at W o'clock,
at Noe. 07 and W Mein-street, a general assortment
of Groceries, Ac, consisting of soger, eotfee, teas,
molasses, spices, soap, candle, rope, twine, Manilla
cordage, emoklng and chewing tobajco,, vinegar,
glaasware, tnbs, washboards,, nails, eirars. window
glass, ground splcesi batting, mackerel, hops, al
monds, uuesnsware, Ac, in lots to suit purchasers.
fel7 ., Q. BBASaBABB A CO., Anctlonsers.
WILLIAMS-Sale-rooms Wand 14 Bast Third
street. New and Second-hand Furniture, (hitlerp
and a Variety at Auctlon.-THIS (Friday) MOBN
1NO, February 17, at t o'clock, stoeit of Table
and Pocket,Catlry, Plated Ware, Hardware aad a
ALBO-I dosea sew- Brooks, M pairs' blsnksts, 2
boxes blackberry brandy, t kegs Uouors, Ac, .
ALSO A varieryof new and second-hand Furni
ture, Counters, Shelving, Oases, A i .
fel7 - - A. KXLLOOG, Auctioneer.
W AH KBIOA. Stack A Orupe-a
(of Now York) powerful toneoaouDie
grand-action Concert Fianoa, pro.
(of Now Fork) powerful toned double I
grand-action Concert rianoa, pro.
nounced by Llats, Toalbarg and Oth- 1
or great artiais ine dhi iu aiisHun-. . ' ' .
Ws will sell tower for cash then any other dealer' in
the oity. Pianos and Helodeons tuned and repaired
thoroughly. Piano to let at from ft to Bill pat quar
ter. Musical instruments selling at hair-prices.
Don t buy or rent a Piaao until you have palled and
examined th above.
BBLTIINO A BRQ-i Bole Agents, -
Piano Dealers end Makers,
felt '' '' ' Ko. 337 West Finh-st., near Plum.
''Ooents. -' '" 1 , ',' , I
Tbe Taeatlon Polka.......j....- Prloe so oent.
The Kentucky Girls' Polka,...-,......Ptlo 60 oentt.
Tho Forest Roetfkhotttsche.;............PrioitOoents.
1 h above have aapuaonieiv-iiinstratea ut e-psgs.
., ' JonM OHtTltCH, jr.,
fet ' ui.; ii vli;l o. weet Fourth-street.
.'. -:r:-vr rjv ir.J'-' .V' '
', ;i '1 n f ,,r-' j, fhy 1'. Ml'WA uov t)1ft
1 i l l-tC.- iir; ,ir.i.trT,-.,
', -91 j'MWtl ''' yS'-4- .-"WU'-Hl-T-Wl 1,,
I - : ', '&M&LiJ!S'H b!t
1 ':',:- r 1 7 ? ,
j ..Vs r5?
Gifts!: -Gifts! Gifts!
next to Smith A Nixon's Ball, Olnoienatl,
Ohio. i A splendid Gift, worth from M cents to SHO.
will be given with every book for which we receive
one dollar and upward et tbe time of sal. ' . .
Gifts consist or Gold end Slrer Watcbas,Ladlea'
Bolid Gold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry, flue Gold
Braoslete, Gents' Gold fest-chalne, and a large va
riety of other articles pi rich Jewelry, worth from
SO cents to $Hi0. ' , ' , , , . ' , .
Ladle and gentlemen are respectfully invited to
call and examine our stock. . , , t
, . A, A. KELLEYe
1 ; - Publisher and Gift Booksallsr,
no31-tf win... Nd. 2S West Fourth-street.'
';;:;; ;i0BOs,p;:';
Feathers ani Winter MilUnerj; '
Or svery description, wailob I an selling at a small
advene oa New Terk arioso, wholesale and retail
' I. WEBB, Jr., ,
not tslA Fifth-street, bet. BaoeandBlm.
, Pree l'om'bffenBjvsjOdor
wiV.K ijttd'i zi,.' ' ! -1 1
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O.
All witb any maaalaetaring eatabllanateat
n America. .,. . j .. V
sr- We warrant our Oils to be anal, If net tuff
rlor, to any in the market.
5r We Invite those in th city and vicinity te
Call arid elan Ine for themselves.
star Bo, persona ordering from a distance, satis
faction guaranteed in all cases. Address ,
v. n. xtAMrtirsa Jtsjwat, er . "
7 WslBatftmt Oioflinnevtl.
GRAVING and Light Machine Works to the lar
Noi' 64'WfSt
U ,1. ',lit-W Hi.-
uri'fir.'Titl ;'.i: 1 t.w-rt
aor,...'i ('i- t'.,4:.;a 'Si h.n
U (t'l liini (!-ei '''1H1 I h 'j
i.w ,u,m f!v;-B"iJr .tt
.nhiit rjf'.''Y.b! ! !"'''
-'-.,-. 1.-- ..i i,. l -i "Jtk t.'..- .y
U'Vi-oii'! iipj-f-ih
-.Hi.: .:r,.-'l
Huil '. fiffott .3
if yon Jj i .
rep. in, .
iaMtt i,
.' ;fv
':w :rr 1-,'r-j.i i-ni' ji.- iT-vi- 7 . ivi-ii'v
. I . 7 rr . .1; ' A ' I ..
t frti.
"Xlf. 'I:- Ui7 t-
S .; '. i: A t-.;t '
- vn . JL-,-: S i
V,.r. VS
. . - a .JW . '

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