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A 31 W. f BAH01800." JOHH D. OAXPWIXL.
. WHOM ill WOfmWIWM. ' - ' W
BER9. v i :
Ia erder ta meet (he efts expreeaetl
wishes ol ewe friend 1a the eaaatrrt wa
desire ta be faraUhed wild a Cheap Dally
Paper, we have redwood the arlaa f aar
aabaorlptlaa freea ta three dollar per
year, payable la all eases ta adraaee. Far
ay leaa period haa see yesus aar tern
will bo at tbe aid rata af fear dellara.
Three dollars barely aafflee ta pay far tbe
blaak paper wa aa la prlattoc 1, yet we
re determined to We tao eeaatry mer
chaau as well ear city patreaa, the
ebeapeat aad beat paper oyer pabllsked la
the Qaeen City, The Frees tarnishes the
oaaie Markets and Tebwaph reverts etvea
by oar barter eetetave varies, with a create
variety of general aad aslscellaseeaa read-
v V--- ri"''-j
The Library Tax.
The arguments by tome
Hamilton County members cf the General
Assembly la favor of the repeal or suspension
of the library tax because this connty holpi
to provide a fund tt sluoat children, la conn
tie hiving more children and li Wealth-
are otusing peroral of those who had favored
repeal to oppose the pending bill. Theyolaim,
nd wisely, too, that saoh aa objection would
joitify change in the school law Itself, whtoh
would be fatal tp it- The wealth of the 8tots
is taxed at a nnlform rate, and the fund is dis
tributed uniformly to the ohildrsa in all dii
triots, poor or rich alike. Xaoh child la the
State U entitled alike to the benefit of the
Gonoral School land. -
An Imputed Napoleonic Idea.
It is claimed by tome that Louis Napoleon
is besoming possessed of the extremists abroad;
that John Mitchell has been oonrted in France,
and that Thomas Vraaolt Meagher it In place
in Central America; that Oobden was cham
bered ana feted at the Tullerles that favor
has been shown to Generals of moderate dis
tinction in the Crimean war; that the removal
of Walewskl is a sham, and that at a toheme
Napoleon is coquetting with the English Min
isters,' with the free -trade treaty of commerce,'
whtoh will cause a resignation of the Ministry,
and embitter England against Franoej that the
present outcry ia Franoe against Napoleon for
the time being, is only to result tn securing
the Emperor a position to declare "Ihe spirit
of my government has been peace; I favored
a commercial alliance with Kngland, which
has been rejected; I hare concerted with Bog
land as a non-interventionist in the affairs of
Central Italy. "I have, at the risk of offense
to the Sovereign Pontiff, striven to conduct
the negotiations for a Congress excluding en
tirelyhe religious question; have incensed the
Bishops and Clergy, and the laity of Holy
Mother Church to please England, who, in the
. Antl-Gsllio persecuting, Pope-hating, Protest
ant spirit of former days, has scouted my proffer
ed services. Now, at a true sou of tbe Church,as
a true friend of France, impelled by my doty
to her, I nuke this grand eoep d'etat of a war
of raeos a war of. the Catholio against the
Protestant. I summon all the divided ele
ments of discord at home Into union; all the
offended ohurohmen aad all nations jealous of
John Bull and his creed, to aid ms in saving
Traaea from dismemberment ia maintaining
the proud position of France as an Independ
ent sovereign and defender of the Catholic
faith." ' ' ' , '' '
It is oontended that the next foreign arrival
whioh brings news of the debate in Parlia
ment oa the 0 th Inst., when the finance budget
is to be discussed, that the Minister will bs
defeated, and that the English people will rejeot
the treaty, that Ireland will sympathize with
Prance; that Prance, reconciled ' with the
Pope and in alliance with Austria, and other
Catholio powers of the oontinent, will com
mence a great war to humble England, whom
Lonis can not forget humbled the first Napoleon,
who claimed that be was immolated while ac
cepting proffered hospitalities of England, that
he was led Into a snare when on his way to
America, but Instead was sent to Bt. Helena.
The nephew of his uncle, while an exile in
England, in 1840, remarked: "I likeyoa very
well as a people, but I most wipe out Water
loo and St. Helena." These views are im
puted to the French Emperor, who cannot for
get Waterloo, Elba and St. Helena. Boms
contend that this course would secure to Na
poleon a consecration by the Pope. Now, ws
do not profess such penetration or views of
the antagonism of France and England, per
. We await events. : It would be natural to
conclude that the Absolutists the crowned
heads of Europe the defenders of the divine
rights of Kings would not favor the preten
sions of Louis Napoleon, and abandon tbeir
maxim that regal power can only bs lawfully
assumed when it is hereditary, or reached but
through the right of transmission. 1
The views above Imputed may have no fonn
dation, for it is to be hoped that Louis Napo
leon, to whom an Inscrutable Provldeace has
given, more fully than any other ruler In En
rope, an opportunity of aiding in restoring
freedom to the unhappy nations, and of estab
lishing peace upon the Continent, so often sat
urated with blood, will not fail in performing
nls nigndnty . ... ,.
New Planet.
Another planet has been mapped In the
clear upper sky. "Le Vsrrisr's skill dlvlnsd
his distant ray." Dr. Lasoaraull, an humble
observer, near Cbartres, France, on the 26th
of March last, detected it at a black spot past'
ing over the sun's disc, whioh ho calculates to
be distant therefrom seven degrees or ten
millions of miles over one-third nearer than
Mercury, the planet hitherto known as near'
est the sun. Some astronomers eoasidsr the
asteroids to be fragments of a large planet
wbloa has been shivered Into pieces by some
great internal explosion, or an external shock;
forty of then have been discovered aad named
since 1800. Others recognise them as inde
pendent bodies. With Hersohel we may say.
"The iters ere the landmarks of the Universe;
and amid the endless and complicated flaotaa
tiens of our system, seem placed by their Cre
ator as guides and records, not merely to ele
: vate ear minds by the contemplation of what
Is teat, but to toaoh us to direct oar actions
by referents to What; Is Immutable In . hid
- works. ' ' " - -" " ;,
A Scotch Divirs or Hoors. A minister la
Scotland, while lately remonstrating with his
congregation en the prevailing vanities of the)
day, rigorously soadstnned thef vast expense
of female attlm. anA italad Mitt "thaVU'll V.A
now put iron keep found the women.'' , -
" l Jocks aLmtio. Charles J. 7 otter, a spirited
editor, late of the Ohio Stattaum, tnceeeds
George Wilkes ia the editorial management of
IWA-es's tint lor HjnrU 0 Me. Times. .' The
proprietor has left for Kngland on a riitt
air. Foster was a law partner of 'John A.
orvlh, Esq., and praotloed for a short time
in tntaotty. jus is an animated wriud, and is
about issuing a new romance, entitled Ten
Acre. I
- - v aar
"Keaxltb entire village of Stamping
Ground, Beott County, Ky., was recently de
stroyed by fire, causing a Joss of $25,000 to
$30,000. w
G. P. Leges fell from ' the ton of a
freight oar on the New Orleans and Jackson
Railroad, last week, and was aotaellj ut into
three pieces by the oars. '
" Put's "OrtiA-Horei The weatherdoubt-
Im had Ua effect upon the theater goiog public lut
night, DdTiBoMooioBo.Dii,t the Optra
Loottt, wa not attended br to large aa audleuce aa
otherwise might hare Been ezpacted. The play
ftiemed omewhat toll, and ret thoee who wltneietd
it appeared to be pleaaed-'more through gallaatry.
perhaps, than eaiUlactlna. Tbiivn!ug hai baa
act apart for a complimeDtary testimonial eojnlta
Pean. 'The hill tof the ooculon ta a capital one, and
combine! Sheridan Knowlea's popular play oiThb
II onohback, with Poole'e famous comedy of BmpsoK
Oo , in both of whtoh the beneflclare will appear.
Thia is her last appearance in the city, prior to her
departure for California, and may posaiolr be the
ouly opportunity her frlenda will have of wltneuing
her periormncea. We, therefore, expect to see the
houae packed, upon the occasion, with auao an au
dieoco ae will cauae it to be for hei a pleasant mem.
orr forerer. ,
v Wood's Thiatiu. Mr. Collins will close
the week at thia eatabliahment with the farorlte
lrlah drama of Boar O'Moaa, the performance oon
rinding with the capital burleaaue of Pocasomtas.
Mr. V., tn bie peculiar war, is quite popular, both aa
an actor and comlo singer; and the programme for
tblaeTaninc. during which he will sing ''i he f lag of
rinv rtnlnn will tlnnl.tla. .lv.or . r.nidtl knnM
Natiohal TatATaa. Luoy Esoett will oloie
her engagement at the National thia erenlna. The
lint, aeoond and fourth acta of Tbovatoki will be
cren, with the fair prima donua aa "Leonora," to.
irelhar with the domealle drama of PattUMPTXTa
vinrcii and Taa Unas Old or Genoa.- pro
aamme certainly in which there ta aufflcieat mag
na tio power to secure an excellent houee.
Smiti A Nrxoa'a Hall. Wausth's Mirror
cf Italy will be exhibited this afternoon and evening
at Smith Nison's Ball, for the last time.
WASHINGTON, February 17.
BENATE. Not in session to-day.
HOUSE. Mr. Pouke Introduced a bill to
incorporate the United States Agricultural So
ciety. Referred to the Committee on the Dis
trict of Columbia, i
Mr. Miles rose to a question of privilege,
saying that the House, at the last session, had
positively ordered the chairs and desks then
in ubo to be removed from tbe Hall; but not
withstanding this he noticed, to-day, that in
contemptout disregard of the order, the floor
has been docked up with the re-introduction of
tbe same chairs and desks. The Doorkeeper
had no right to bring them in. He called on
tbe Speaker to enforoe the rule. This blend
ing of both systems had the advantage of
neither aad the disadvantage of both.
Mr. Maynard asked whether Mr. Miles was
willing that the sense of the majority should
be expressed without objection.
Mr. Miles was perfectly willing.
Mr. Washburne, of 111., as one of the squat
ter sovereignty, said that he was responsible
for bringing in the seat and desk be now occu
pied, i
Messrs. Rust, Conklin and McOlernand made
similar declaration as to their seats and
desks. They, as did also Mr. Harris, of Md..
explained that no blame should rest on the
Doorkeeper, and assigned as their reasons for
reintroducing their desks and chairs, that there
were not accommodations. lor one-tenth of tne
House at the large table outside the bar.
Mr. Miles was happy to exonerate the
Doorkeeper from blame. He was sorry that
any gentleman had undertaken lndireotly to
put aside a standing rale of the House. Ha
thought, however, that the Doorkeeper ought
to have sternly resisted the importunity of
members. ,
Finally, a speoial committee of three was
ordered to inquire into the expediency of re
moving tne benones and replacing the onalrs
and desks, and to report the cost and time the
change will occupy.
W t it. if. in.. .
iu.r. xieitt, iroin tue joini committee umase
arrangements for inaugurating Mills's eques-
bi iii4 omit, ii pffumgwu, ispviHU a JUlUt
resolution appropriating $10,000 to defray the
expenses. Passed. -
Mr. Sherman moved that the election of
Printer be further postponed till Monday.
Agreed to.
Tne Mouse passed tbe senate resolution giv
ing the consent of Congress for Captain
Sbubrick to accept the asword tendered him
irom president- urquiza, or the Argentine
Confederation, as a mark of his approbation
of the distinguished character of that officer.
xne senate bill to abolish the franking
privilege was read.
-. Mr. Vallandighem moved to refer it to a
speoial committee, that the House may have
au tne loots.
Mr. Stephenson preferred that the bill be
put on Its passsge now,, but he would have no
objection to its taking the usual eourse and
being referred to the rostomee Committee.
mr. Houston saia tne Dill involved no
new principles. Ho desired to keep it in a
position where a vote could be had on it He
moved that its consideration be postponed for
three weeks from Tuesday.
Mr. Vallandigham moved to refer it to tbs
Judiciary Committee.
Mr. Reynolds moved to lay it on the table.
Negatived Teas 72: navs 82.
The House refused to refer the bill to tbe
J udioiary Committee. A parliamentary s trug
gla ensued as to what disposition should be
made of the bill.
The House refused by thirty-one msjority to
refer it to the Postoffioe Committee. It was
referred to a select committee of five, and the
House adjourned till Monday. ,
Virginia Democratic Convention.
Aionitoxn, February 17. There were no
further proceedings last night, exospt the ap
pointment of a committee on' the con
eiatulatory dispatch from Connecticut. - 1
This mornlna:. ths vote taken on last hitrht's
"resolution to admit as delegates all the Dem
ocrats now Here from eountles not otherwise
represented, was decided in the affirmative.
Ibis was a triumph for the friends of Wise,
and great cheering followed the announcement
of the result. , . -
The following resolution wet introduced by
wen. vnapman:
' Rualvtd, That it is the opinion of this Oon
vention that Henry A. Wise is the choice of
the Democratic party of this Btate for the
Presidency.' ' ' 1
W. D. Wallack; at a substitute, resolved
that this Convention pledges Itself to support
any national iioxes mat snuii do nominated
aooordine to ths usages of tbe party. -
A substitute for both resolutions was Intro
duced, declaring, in efteot, that it Is Inexpedi
ent for this convention to declare a preference
for any of, the distinguished gentlemen who
have been named In connection with the
Presidency; but that it it expediest to declare
that the Democracy of Virginia will give their
support to the Charleston nominee, ' The reso
lution and the substitutes were discussed at
length, but no definite action was taken on
them. ' ' . ' ' . - ''
The Committee on the Connecticut resolu
tion reported the following ia answer thereto,
whioh were unanimously adopted:
Suolftd, That the Democracy of Virginia
have received with heartfelt gratification the
kind message of the Democracy of Connecti
cut, and In response express the ardent hope
that the efforts of Connecticut may avail to
preserve the Union from the lawless assaults
of fanaticism.''"- v :- -
, Muolttd, That Virginia congratulates her
sitter-State on ner selection of a true and gal
lant standard bearer, in the person of Thomas
J The eonventlon then adjourned tiil P.M
an v nr w wmmamiM',iteMKim;'na.
The proceedings were more orderly than yes
.terday. .. .. t
The convention tbur far I'll P. M.I has been
occupied in discussing the resolution of prefer
enoe tor tne rresiaenoy saa tne substitutes.
Great excitement exists, and if a vote be
taken to-night the result will probably ,not be
announced till to-morrow morning. ,. it-..
- aa ' i
From Washington.
WirHiKQioif, February- 17. The vote to
day on the motion to table the Senate Bill to
abolish the franking privilege does not afford
a fair indloation of the sense of the House on
the subject, as some of Ihe members who re
corded their- names in - the negative would
have voted directly against the bill had the
question, on Its passage, been presented. "i :
Although Mr. Colfax, " the ' Chairmen,' 1 aad
the majority of the Postoffioe Committee are
understood to be in favor of abolishing tl4
franking privilege, they art said to be against
interfering with the present law In regard to
the circulation of newspapers.' - ""-"A
Tbe House, by thirty-one majority, refused
to give the bill that direction, and referred It
to a special committee, whioh was move! by
a gentleman who has publicly expressed his
opposition to the proposed measure. '
. la order to show tbat Kansas had the requisite
population under the law of Congress to entitle
ber to admission as a State into the Union,
Judge Arny has sent for certifled copies oi
the registry and census token lsst year, and
for copies of ths various election returns of
last year. ' They have not been forwarded by
the Seoretary of the Territory to ths State De
partment here. ' ; ' ",: "
From certified copies of the returns whioh
Judge Arny has obtained from the elerks ef
some or tne Counties in Kansas, ns concurs
with Judge Petit and others in the opinion
mat there are over iuu.uuu lnnaoitanui witnin
the boundaries prescribed for Kansas in the
Wyandotte Constitution. - ' " '
In Allen County, which Is on the New
York Indian Reserve.there are over S.000 per
sons, and ia Lynn Connty, which includes the
Aliami Keserve, mere are over i,uu regis
tered votes. These are two of the extreme
southern oounties, and owing to the troubles
wing out of the claims or tne Indians to
ths land, Judge Arny says their settlement
has been retarded. .
Among the resolutions adopted in ths House
yesterday was one, on motion of Mr. Val
landigham, calling upon ths President to com
munloate the recent letter of the French Em
peror, on the subject of commerce and free
trade, If any had been transmitted to the De
partment. ' - '
The Army Medical Board, which recently
convened here, has reported favorably on the
respective ambulances of Surgeons Finley,
Coolidge and Trlpler. Several of each kind
are to be plaoed in the service, so that their
practical advantages may bs ascertained. The
poard also made important changes in the
standard supply table tor general ana post
hospitals, &c '
Among the recent confirmations by the Sen
ate are Wm.R. Parish as District Attorney: for
Southern Illinois, and John H. Lewis U. S.
Marshal for Wisconsin. ' .- '!;
The receipts into the Treasury last week
weret2.000.000. The raiments amounted-to
$400,000, and the balance subject to draft is
$9,000,000. - 1 v. '
The Congressional committee of the inaugu
ration of the Statue of Washington to-day
arranged" an extensive programme. Special
invitation was extended to Oenerel Beott,
who, by telegraph, aeys he cannot be present.
owing to physical Indisposition. A tub-com
mittee nas in enarge tne military arrange
ments, and will invite the military of some of
tbe principal cities to be present; among
others, it is said, the Seventh Regiment
(National Guards) ef New York.
it it intended, as far as tne briet interval for
preparation will allow, to make the occasion
one of very Imposing interest. ' Major General
Jesup is to be the Grand Marshal on the occa
sion. Plaoes ars provided in the procession
for tbe Judges of ths Supreme Court, members
of the diplomatic corps, officers cf the army
and navy, the President and his Cabinet,
members of Congress, Mr. Bocook, the orator
ef the day, and Clark Mllle, the artist wbo
executed the statue, and officers and soldiers
of the Revolutionary army in uniform. .
Late Foreign News—Arrival of the
Toaa. February 17. The steamer
JTangaroo arrived at an early hour this morn
ing from Liverpool, eta Qaeenstown. ' She left
Liverpool on the 1st and Qaeenstown on ths
2d inst. - Her advices are no later than
previously :rsosi red, yet they contain tome
points ot interest.
ice Dublin rrtmum or tne za publishes a
letter from the Roman Catholio Archbishop
of Dublin, calling for a tribute for the
Pope, .. .
The Jotter nils two ootumnt and a Quarter.
The London Daily Nua of the 2d inst
thus notices ths aspeot of the Money Market
the previous day: "The bullion drawn is
abating. 1 be amount of gold withdrawn from
tbe bank to-day was 30.000.
"Ibis day's smallness of withdrawal was par
tially occasioned by the receipt of 00,000
Australian gold ny tne aucei, wblon was this
day sold for exportation, but In the discount
office in the bank to-day the demand was ex
tremaly heavy, and the disorganisation of the
discount market was mors complete than at
any period since tot autumn of 1807. in all
quarters money was tight, and many of the
ordinary channels of accommodation were
completely closed, borne of tbe principal es
tablishmentt to-day declined to take bills
even from tbe regular oustomers. Large oar
eels cf bills have been sent bock to the Prov
inces and Scotland. In instances where trans
actions took place, 44)i per cent, was the
rate for paper having a moderately short pe
riod to run." ' . ' v . i
Democratic Convention.
Boston, February 17. The Demooratio
Convention of the Seventh District, held at
Haverhill yesterday, elected Frederick O.
Prince, of Winchester, and George Johnson, of
uraaiora, as Delegates to the Charleston Con
vention, and B. F, watson and George N.
Dyke, substitutes. The convention was of
rather an exciting natnrs, occasioned by
double delegations, but ended harmoniously.
a no ueiegates are uougias men. " '
Fire at New Bedford.
Naw Bsnroan. February 17. Two wooden
buildings, occupied as mechanics' shops and
a grocery, together with dwellings adjoining,
at the corner of Miller and Second-streets,
were destroyed by fire tost night Messrs.
Pollard A My rick, coopers, H.H. Wood and
mason Alien are among tne suoerers.
Fire at Tarrytown, N. Y.
Nxw Ton, February 17. A fire broke out
at Tarry town last night, opposite the depot,
destroying eight or ten buildings, ocovpied as
stores and dwellings. It oommenoed at twelve
o'clock, in the store cf Mr. Evarjs, The
buildings were all wooden. Lost $12,000;' In
tured. - v.- -
'' ' ' 1 " 'I'' )
Fire at Hartford.
Hiarroio, Com., February 7. The man
ufactories of Bquire Parsons, and Grilley A
Perkins, in this place, were destroyed by fire
tnis morning. ' iiose of tbe former 1)60,500,
and of the latter $10,000, insured for $34,000
nnuo,ovv. , .
' " -
From Montreal.
MoRTtsAL, February 17. Hon. Mr. Merin
the new Solicitor-General for Canada East.
net been ro-oienea., : ' " - "
River News.
February 17 P. River
rising slowly, with seven feet in the Canal,
weather rainy: mercury 41 degrees. .
St. Locii, February 17 M.-e-River raced
Ins slowly at thia point, with about six feet
and six Inches to Cairo. The Illinois Is also
falling, but it In good navigable condition a
far at open.' Nothing from the Mlssotrl. The
tar as open, aoiuing- irom tne aiusoan. xno
weather has turned cold again, aad tbs pros.
peoU of a speedy opealb of the Upper Mlf
slsslpplaraanythrDibitiJattsriBf. - t
I il ' J U tHi'1 f 't 'I 1 I 1 'Ullt I'TAt V It tt
. v
rtiusitm i xm-rtrrmtrrt"-- -
nXIPM-OTrTLIB.-Oe Wedneedar. Teb. IS. br
Ber. J. T. BalL Mr. Samuel Keeper, of Bantlogtoa
Qountr, Pa., to Hiss Mary Ana Ontler, of this eltr.
lLBUO-DKVIB.-fn Ooelniton. o Thnradar
erenlng, Feb. IS, at the reeldeoeeof J.O. Drrer, br
ne Ker. J. worreii, aawin u. aiore, oi vot.
nston.-io HlaeAllie M. Brrer. formerli of Bochee-
ter, Mew Tork. t i -'.,--( , ,.
BHITH.Tebroarr 1. of eenanmotlOB. Henry J.
Smith, aged twenty -four rears and nine montbe.
-.v "' I ,-- p.
AT- A. A. Byster, Clocks, Watches and
'em try. Doe. Ml aad m Wastera-cow.
fisu leansoa m aauery, ewnerivi
Plate, and Main-streets, Teg guy it a wtll-nn.
Ib4 ilketess for tbs cists and upward. ' felsaw
i 1 t Hi. i .n-'vu
Aatisiioi Mtistrs. Bali- k Thomas
hare some line Moturetat their Qallerjf ca Fourth,
street, near Sate. , .. .,, . .
Daguerreaa Gallery, south-west cor-
set or llzth aad. WesterBow, over Hannafbrd"!
drnsmiore. Plot area taken and at in food eases
lot-twenty oeuta. .Warranted to vltasei . . . .
jW " CoLoaio PaorooiArHS. A tnperb
oolored Photograph, warranted to retain ths finish
la eor elhnate, can be bad at Dewer A Oo.'e Gallery,
No. lit West Virthtreet, for one dollar, btlng a
reduotlon oa their former rates. Olve them a sail. '
i ,
Ltw. aro Phil." These names are
algnlfloant of the "International," where a tnperb
lnnoh can he bad, together with the -best liquors Im
ported to this city. Their billiard saloon Is one of
the best n the city,' Drop In. -' 1
, Ctosiso Om. Sprague "A e Co. art
aloelngont their winter stock of fashionable Ooate,
Fanta and Tests at cost prices. The attention of the
publlo ta soUolted to thU fact, with a vitv that those
desiring a fine salt of olothlng; can be accommodated
at a flrat-clua house. Store southeast eorner of
Fourth and Vine-streets, opposite the Foatofflce.
1 1;
FisaioiAiLX Hats. It Is eonoeded
to Messrs. Hibbert Bro., Ho. 310 West fifth-street,
that their cheap Hats and Oapsaxoel those of any
other house similar to theirs. Their three-dollar
Bats are of good' finish, light and easy on the head,
and are as genteel a corerlng for the "dome of
thought" as any one might desire. Call atd select
one. !- ' i- i:.r..i i i .... .1 . , .
. . :. 1.' ' s . ' ; ', 7 ,.- 0 .
Citixens and strangers requiring gift
and presents will find a splendid line of suitable
goods atJ. O.Park's Baaaar of Fancr, north-east
corner of Fourth and Walnut-streets, - . ,'
Card Oases,
Oard Becelrers,
;' Oaird Baskets, .-'iil.
i'"'-' Yi' ;. OdorOaus,
Writing Desks, " ' ' '' " ;J .
vrora noxes,
!v, , I , Trarellng Oases, ...
' ;. ':,!' t : Dresslsg Oases,
Fanoy Inkstaads, . - ., , ' .'!.'.
Trarellng Bags, ,., .. . , ,
Shopping Bags, . ' "
'' ; ' Pnrses and Chains,
Vssrsehaumt, "'.' '' ; w ' " '
Watch Stands, ' ..A
Odor Stands,
..!.,- . Pocket Knives,
Scissors In Cases, '.!.,.' ',!'.''''.'."
Baiors In Oases, . ,-' ...
Opera Fans.',' , r ''
Opera Glasses,
Elegant Oartera, U'--. :..'..;;', vit.-v
' ' l - Shell aad Steel Combs, . . r, ,.
v Steel Bnckles and Olaaps,-
fend - Steel Bracelet.
VtLJ PaBtor of Boberts Ohapel. Indiarafolis,
October, 1857.-Dr. O. W. Boback Pear Sir: I have
ueed roar Blood Furifler for a nervous affection,
from which I hare suffered much at tlmea. While
It la nleaaant to the taste, tt eertalnlr till haser
effect upon the nerves. Please accept my thanks for
ronr aina regara, ana oeiieTe me youra, ,
Tor sale at Kb. t Xaai Foarth-atreet, and br drug.
c j. w. -r. nnmi itiiK..
gists and
merchants generally throughout the
Irfi This eloqnent and Inspired speaker on tbe
new religion 01 spiritualism win lecture in tne na
tional Ball, Vine-street, on SOSiOAT M0BNIN3
and EVENING, February It. felta
OOMPANT O-Tou are hereby ootlfled to
attend a meeting at jour Armory, on Elm-street, be
tween Fonrteenth and Fifteenth, THIS (Haturdar)
VESHIO, at I o'clock.
Bj order of tbe Oapiala.
r. rrrniAB. u. b.
tLfJ ED FEET.-Palmer't Tsgetable Oosmetlo
Lotion is the nerer-lalling remedy for these great
annoyances. It not only effects a complete cure.
11 Decreases
cultv. For
sale by drnggiits generally.
BUAiun raiimsu, atenr, . .
deM Mo.ss WeatFonrtn-atreet.
ktW. Oiroihkati, See. 17, 18M.-Mr. & Palmer
Dear sir: Come five years since I received a terere
inmrr on my left arm, near the elbow, sinoe which
I have been greetly annoyed by a ontaneoos dVeiue
on the ume. After using various remedies without
sncoeas, I waa lndnoed to try your Vegetable Oos
metlo Loclon. and am happy In Informing yon that
tee nae of half a bottle liu left mv arm mm amonth
and free from d Iseaee aa ita mate.
1 tiratetully youra, . . -
t ' r . v JOHH W. DiNENQOWEB.
Mo. 146 West Third-street.
For sale b drusarlani everywhere. Be rare to set
Palmer's Vegetable Uosmetlo Lotion, and accept of
nothing elae. , SOLON PALMEB, Agent.
nezv jio. bo west onrtn-street, mnomnau, u.
bJ OOVEBT Is acknowledged by the moat em
nent physiolana, and by the most careful drnggiats
throughout the United States, to be the moet effectual
blood-purifier ever known, and to have relieved more
suffering, and effected more permanent enree, than
any prepareuou xnown to we jproieeaion, Bororuia,
Salt Bhenm. Krreiselas. Scald-head, ace.lv ernetiona
of whatsoever nature, are cared by a few bottles, and
and explicit directions for theoureof ulcerated aore
legs, and otlier corrupt and running uleers, ii given In
the pamphlet with each bottle. For sale by JOHN D,
M.DIXON. Price tiT eevlt-y-
Complimentary Testimonial.
.,. ,:. ' . "OiKonriiATt, February 15, lt0. '
VC The anderslgned. cltltens of Oincinoati,
learning that yon are about to leave the city in whksh,
perhaps, von have more friends than in any other
plaoe in the TJnioa-a city which you may welt re
gard at your early home desire to tender youa com
plimentary testimonial. Will you be kind enough
to etnte at what time and place you will be able to
comply with our wlihes? .
Fdrdand Dexter.
K McXIevy,
- Isaac Bruce,
t Benjamin Brnce.
ThoaOottman, .
- Oyrut Oarrett, '
JasBBeli, -Fred
Bunt, ... ,
"Ik Spencer,' '
f AaaAOlark, ;
r. Samuel Johnson,
' I Onrrle Burnet,
' Thos Pewell,
WO Terrell,
TfOellegher, '
K D Mnaaey, . . ;
1 WE Smith, . ,( .
. O ffOeolfroy, '
' Jabs W Henrle,
. l .',. i-K.',. I,, .jf
.." GeoPBuell, .
,1, OUBntler, :
. , ABOoleman,
; PS Uymmes, -,
- David Kinsey,
. M H Cook, ,
. OS Murray,
Wm Wlswell,
JH Beard, . .
' OA Eaton, 1
Evan Sonthgate.
. Waeklnglon Hotel
' B L Wlnants, :
if Mllee Greenwood,
' Junlua Brown, . , ,
7- MB Norton, " '
And ethers. -
' - ' i ; i Bramr Hones, February 16, lsO.
Toitessrt, Edrnnnd Dexter, Oee. P.Baell, 0. 0. but-
irr, i dub. uotiman, uynis u arret t, jes. . Den. a.
B. Coleman and others:
OiKTHMsa-Ioar flatterlas note of thia date,
which voo tender me a "com
Bnner me a 'comBllmentarv teetlmonl
nerore i leave j
re venr eltv. hi, immii rflnlad. And Ik af.
fords me no ailiht gratification Ii, bevlne an opnor.
tanltv to return joa, and through yon, my nnmerons
and kind friends In Oiocinnail, my aloeere thanks
for the very amaerous and nnlfona encouragement I
have ever received at their hands, sly earlieat te
collectlODS, In a profeaetonal sense, are connected
with your city; aad, In now leaving you for the dis
tant homaot By adoption, I shall carry with me a
lively recollection of this parting evidence of your
esteem. -- i ...T ;..., . . .......
- With year perm lee Ion, I would name Saturday
evening, February is. it being tbe laat of ay fars
well engagement at Pike's Opera-honae.
' . ' Vary reepeotfolly, your obedlontiervant, ,
Oo DUtsvrStreot, betweeti WIaBt aad Tide;
NOTJNOI to his patrons and the poblle (bat
the tamal Concerts (Free-eod lasy) will take place
THIS SVIMINa, and will be continued ta tbs
evenlnse ef Tueaday and hat or day for the fntnrs tin
til further notice. 'r- 1 ' MM,
' 1 . ii1' ' 1 t1 -
' ftVBA HONEY Choice Cuba Boner.' In
!V u:,,1VSU?f,i iXiPiH
1 ir 0
ttf I ... I.... It . . I .
i .seio JttiiimiM IisMia tAt
The Most Fleuant, Healthy and Hu
tatxous Beverage. w v
In the World!
t TJTR fiRUf '
London, admitted the value of good ale, yet
tuppoaed that a (Ire-cent loar contained as much
aourlahment aa live cents' worth of ale. - -DEM
IfBANKLIN waa a great man, lut chem
hitry and phlaiology have made great strides alnce
that time, and almoat all medical men, including the
greet chemlat Xleblsr, admit that MUSTY ALB,
being made of pure hope and malt, bee ereeerties
above thoea even of good food.. It la a gentle atlran
lent to the debilitated, glvea tonlo to the convales
cent, and energy and nutrition to em .
f a'thenrlglnal and only OeButaeta Ame'r
oa. and aa proof of Its popularity over all other ales,
see the number or apurloue Imitator whlefa. have
Min tin In thia Anil all thn nrlnnlnal eltleB from
New fork to New Orleans, and wbo are trying to
deceive the public and undermine the charaoter of
liume s, ny sailing as genuine. a-uaiy, vanoue apun
am tnw.nrlftd kloa .
. All judges and lovers of good ale cannot fail to be
highly g leaaed with Hunurs Genuine Hasty Ale, now
oa taf at taj. sxa .'. v-.-svy
Cottage, 104 Main-street,
Hit stock oonslats of over flvehandred barrels, of
Tarlosa ages, la very fine oonditloa ' : -
Ilnme's Light Musty; Ale,
Made especially for 8PBINQ TJHV. Is eenal. if not
superior, to that which he sold laat Marco, and
wblch created so great ao excitement all nrer tbe
Onion. It poetesses all the strengthening qualities
of the finest Imported Engliih and Bcotcb Ales, and
(s preferred aa a beverage in consequence eflte purity
and llghtneae, eapeoially for leeiee end Invalids.
Mr. Hume deairee to inform his friends and the
public, that be baa not sold a single barrel of Unity
Ale to any dealer or saloon-keeper In Vlneinnali,
aud that all are spntious except that whioh la sold at
The Musty Ale Oottage,
t no. io main-street, ...
. .. y Ann AT ..',, ; '.,
So. 293 Fifth-street, bet. Western.row and John
street, south aide, ' feli-tf
West Fourth-st.
'cor-TilUATI01V Z '"
" ' ' -OF-- '
-' Rich and Desirable '.
Brbolie SilkB,;- ;-1 ?
; Flounoed Silk Bobes,
At ex, ra, arx and$i. ;
"Wool Delaines!
At 30 and 37 eenti.
; : At 1, 19 and 20 cents. .
j At 13, worth 33 Beats. . - v .
: , la Hlch Celerst at 80 cents. .' ,, .'
"Wool 3Fle!Xic3.0
' i At 35 and 370., worth 50o.
At Kedaeed Frlees.
Ladles' Klch Velvet and Cloth
t At Taasaal Bargalna.
ladies' Gents' and Children's Ho
' siery and Underwear.
" AND ; ' -'
At 99, worth l, and 6 worth $S.
i Expreaa. warranted to be onaarpaaaea. Alee
Cove, spiced, ana ItcKlea vvitere, eneioe
Banunta, itcmes, Bauoee, ana wunope.
smtn iODswr, ana uiema, rreaa
uutnea reacbea, gtrawmmea,
macKbernea, etc.
Cincinnati Fuel; Coiy
yo TJ a li lodtt EN Y i j
Cannel Coals. iJgXSS'gsi
. Delivered at the lowest market rates. -
V Orders solicited and promptly exeooted. .
febeam ; W. M. BTTBBBLL, Secretary.
s ! ' Fr from OfTenslve Odor, At "
- BeTo. ' o7.r::-';;-v
Walnut-street, Cinoinnatl, O.
All with any mannfacturlng establishment
a America.
W We warrant oar Otis to be saaali If not snpe.
rior, any in the market, -v' ; ......
SMT We Invite tboee In the city and vicinity to
sail and erairlne for themselves.' .
StST Bo neranna nrd.rin a frnm a rfl.l.niM. maIm.
lawiwn aoervnieea m en ceeee. aaarees
taction gnannteed tn all caees. i
. ' Kanawha a;U.M.
ent, or t.V,
eaearert "i ,;
1.0U Mai. Cle.. ' :.
7 Walnat-atreet, OiaeiaoatL
F D O JWi El Bf S $
' ! Feathers and Winter Millinery, .
Of every oaecrtptfot), which I ass seUlac at a small
ad ran oe on Sew Ierk ariose, wholesale and retail.
, i eT. webb, etv.-i;;:
aat ; "d4 Fifth-street, bet. Baca and mat. 1
FRUITS. 300 drama and half-drnmt Fifs ;
MO boxes MR. and Layer Balsins t 900 half and'
rania, viiroo, nnis. ao. ADiiureaoa
fi7 . vi.iillss,MaBau
'"' iw-eowvut st
ndlor sale.'' -Wwf
. eo tTIBi V '1
New and Improyea
'; yttv ' s;y-v ' -
' .W4jK0--""e H '
The best had only Machines ht the market suitable
for all kinds of , manuiactarln purposes at tne
ftROVE R" & B A K E Rv
.: X. . ...... . T i i ii
tt?ji.a- BBWlitW uajawnn vim -
68 ! Vest'1 ronrtli-Btreet
v rjsistfl'-" '" " "i':
' MAiorAcrbsaaoF"---"" '"'
Oak Tanned leather Belting' & How, :
tr ' 181 East kTront-atreet, - ;A
Mannfacturer of Leather Belting In Cincinnati,
Is prepared to furniah any width, length or thiokneea .
to the trade, and warrants his Belting equal to any .
mndeorsold. , , ... .. .. 10
Parties wishing a food article of Leather Bel Hog
woold do well to call and examine my stock before
Snrchsatnceliewhere. Bemember the old stand, 181
lattrrout-street. teloaw '
JANUABY 25, 186a i '
i .JTeire this day removed to thelt NXW 8I0BB, ,
ZQS MartirL-ot., ,
Where, with (reatly-lncreased racllltles, they will '
.w i ""' eontlnne the "' ',:: .
- ,' JOB PRLNTIN0, " i
Z' ' " u JWDlNd and
Blank Book Manufacturing Business.
.1 fc-t ... UaMtf-2dp . ..- .
M. . the store lately occnpled by Heary falls,
' No. 65 West rourth-BtTeet,
And will keep always on hand one of the largest
k . stocks and the latest patterns of- '
i To be found In the eonntry, which they offer at -
i ; , . At prices beyond competition. -, . .,. .,
o. holmeo &son, j
Ifn. flfi Wflflt: Tt'nTirf.h-HtT'Afit.i
y jai7amf ' Adjoining Pike's Opera-house.
Fajwy. erticles,
v jewelry swzee; reari waicn sranas;
Jewel Caakels ; Bohemia Toilet Bottles J
(Isrd-caees s Bohemia Jewel Boies ;
Pooket-booksr Tooth and Nail Bruahes :
Pearl and Ivory Porte- Combe and Balr Brashes!
. monsalee; r lean and Olotn Brashes
Berlin wire portc-monnales, ao.
: For sale by . ALBBBT KOH8. Ornggtst,
fe7 . W. cor. Klghth-tt. and Western-row,
jau: oi me onoioest oranca, ror saie D
feT 8v w. car. Blghttjett, tmj Wmten-Tom,
JW UB1VKD andforaelebr . .
ALBBBT BOBS, Srngglst, ' - '
fe7 ' 8. W. cor. Blghth-st, and Wee tern-row.
Auctioneer, and Stock and Bill Broker, '
No. 29 Thlrd-st., Basement of ftfasonld Bnldlng.
Stocks and Bonds bought and sold on commission.
Mercantile Paper and iana negotiated. "
. Motes, Dividends and Interest Uoupons oollectsd. . .
Of 8tecks, Bonds, iBeai Iletate, Ac, on any day re- 1
w'Che patronage of the public Is respectfully so
licited. - .' . latocm
many rears In ralaini houses, slrdera. floors
and roofs; and being well supplied with too s of all
kinds required for such work, 1 feel assured that I
can give satisfaction to any one who may favor mt
with a call, at tbe comer of Hopkins and Gutter. J
iem- , wm. r. vuiitii.
'.-.-GOTO- :
r r
w Restaurant.
No. 251 Walnut-street, ;
A few ooors above Sixth, next door to Todd's Oyster
i;epoi ana xiuiter piuret s '
Soaps, Oysters, Game, Fish, Heats, Tea, Toffee,
Ac, coeked in a clean and wholesome manner, free
from grease or slops.
A few gentlemen can obtain board by the day or
week, on very reasonable terms, single meals, all
thvet teteraa included, of the best, 16 cents.
Hud try,
felt ,
j ' , 5 AM DUaQBirtlOHS, , . : . : . . !
,'. , .! No. 127 West Flith-street.
WsT" Twenty per cent cheaper than elsewhere In
therity.r - v- : - - feiacm i
1 J
-Li INSUBABOS OOslPANT.btS beau removed 1
front Ko. U front-street to tbe
1 ' Times Buildinpre ; .
On the north tide of Third-street, between Walnut .
ana vine, no. Be. mt, iwm.j leisawwp ,
r i
tls Leather and finding Store to Mo. B Main- "' t
street, four doors below Sixth. He returns his sin
cere thanks to his old friends andcostemers for their
liberal patronage, hoping aoontlnnanoe of the same. ;
Feeling confident I can offer great lndnoementt, .
ouyera win au weu u oau aaa exaaune aeiere par
onasing eisewnere. - - - ...
mficClRNl And vERSftcBLLi; ac. ;
M-K- Just received, an Invoice of genuine Italian'
maccaroni and Vemoloelle; also, saaee Cooper's
Shred and Sheet lalnalaas, and 100 ilosea Cox's
Bpgrkllng Gelatine.' for sale by
' felf ; national theatre Bnlldlnt. Sroanioreaet.
Juat reoelrtd, 80 cant Bent A Oo.'s celebrated
Waler-Orackers. - for sale, wholesale and retail, by
f - a I .. , 4: sloDOSALD A OO.. : '
fclg 11 r M and Branch Store ate Weat Fonrth-et.
Ylnefari. 10 brls. White Wine
Tlneear. In
nr sale...;.
A . i-w t m V. -t,-T
Woe. Tl and Ml Maln-atrewt.' ,
'err final'
Biscuit for tea. Ao., at riBGUSOrVB, ,
Oorner M lath and Vlr-streets.
J best in the Bucket. .AM k'""''0' lamni altered
it In the Bucket. , All ktrrof lam pa el
(JealOUat '. '. 't . -CrjaOava.
so nuro.
Oorner Vlnth Sad Vlne-etreets.
ele of aew Maple Molasses laat recofved at V
Store an
"ObVlN PREEM AN, it.' C; HAS Rl
JCa HOT1D to Xe. 171 TlneHttrret, east side, TS
. -m'' f'" ''
t ejS ST (T. J ;',S;y.v,t. I,' .
I '.' T
- t
--d .-sso

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