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HP waniia'C2r.'.iH
[From the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.]
BY "H. P. L."
A woman mounts 'ttta'sntrV stairs' s
tDnmrnm laeatreet,
Wetch.o.tftegeallght,WH,gJeee'J , ,
OnhUreturaingfeet" , "I'
Bbe mm the mtdnlfbl Ml glide by,''!
loaiKwawra taeatreet, .--.--bs K
1 tiwilll
to.. . 1- . . ..... i ... " '
A Snak n' I. tha.t finniin'i
1 tawi-
Wild enatcjies of a drlnking-soagJ-i-M J ei .'0 1 !
Asortle,.rs7eal; !... ,coji,, ., (.;.--Wheooeaoajea
theeonnd 7 An, bow she IMS.'
Just where the gM )ightsglmi"J -' "
A raalhlo taagled-wgedeaaueiaart I i .
With a.uli head of steam, ...,(.,, , .,.,
How wlft!yori'hifbhtir g1M rj .imurj:
ThwnipBgiatly.siiiilea, ,,- ,,.,,..,
While listening to the wrH-knawa Kins
Ho hfcenns ont meanwhile.
RlKhun'wMiloxiiiii ll
"Ills weicJ"lMorjM, "X hear Ms weloei t w
Fa s clean out of his wits; n .
He's been at drinking Lager Beer, v try ,j
Fall toon thatitately ship glides PT
And soon ta swept ran sors-- 'J' :
ia wa ofNuaatniMDrr ereaasr 'd j- --1
She stands behind the door; ," -. "'
The drad-laieb cilcka I he opanilf, "st :' ,m '1 1
' He thinks he's therealeoe, ,
But ae the broom-whacks strike hie bafck -'"
U trona wepci.ma neinel n .i.t., .jj
Capital Enjoyment of the Cold Weather
Capital Enjoyment of the Cold Weather in Paris.
The Paris" ftbrrespondant' of 1 th New
Orleani Celta'wrifee as follow In his last
letter: ,,. . -One
or the anstonratio dam m th
stately foubouraf' 'Geriala'' ImtiroVe j
the opportunity offered by the? desotnt o
tho tuoroury, to eio a 'novel fete jtlit bo-
lore nnstmas- aay: fine1 uegane man
sion of Madame de B. 5b 060 of thoee few
remaining resideooet ; npoarswhiali the
upirit of modorn eoonotay hu ' not yet
piasea its irreverent grasp., to .turn the
building itself into apartments at hieh
ren, and ereot vows ofbuildiogeyibr the
same purpose.)' in itna: epacions -trarden,
The hotel stands, as.. A, lordly, welling;
unouia, Between awido, pawed oourt yard,
and the garden, whioh lattur la, in winter,
eimpiy an ample lawn, , witn : an orna
mental fountain and basin in the center.
The fountain is supplied from . pipes un
derground, connecting witn toe immense
conduit in the street outside. . In' the
midst of the coldest weather.' Madame de
B. ordered the silent fountain to be set in
motion, uansed the outlets of the basin'to
be stopped,' (as they' soon "would have
been, by the severiff of the' 'tempera
ture.) and tlQwater thus turned into ' the
garden froxe rapidly, and in the spacer of
a iew nonrs tne lawn was covered witn a
suriace ef transparent ice. nearly . a' foot
in thiokness. :Z. ". :!..'... ! iu'
The further flow was then suspended,
and the in-doors arrangements having
been completed, the imaginative lady is-.,
sued invitations tor t large (, broaifast
party, being careful to state upon her
cards that, the garden had been oonverted
into a frozen lake, and praying her guests
to come prepared tor sports in keeping
with the season and eiroumatanaes.' All
the favored ones took the hint, ' a mer
veille. The gentleman; patronized ex
tensively the Russian winter costume,
appearing in elose-fltting jackets, with a
belt drawn tightly around the waist,
tight pantaloons, furred caps and a pair
of elegant skates. Not a few of the ladies
(the timid reader will please omit the ,
next five' )inee!)'entered mto the spirit of
the affair with equal test, and made their
debuts in r ather Scottish attire,- looking
like very pharming members of be corps
de ballet, snugly proteoted by furs and
wadding, from the throat to , the waist
further, deponent e.iith not - Sleds were
improvised out of arm-ehaira, dragged by
the practiced skaters, while the inexperi
enced held on behind, and kept a ahar)
lookout for . craoked crowns. Servants,
dressed as Cossacks, passed wine and
hat punch among the guests; while those
who were unwilling M-trust themselves
upon the slippery element .. looked at ud
enjoyed the scene from the wide windows
of the house, admiring the graceful ex
ploits of the Russians, and jeering at tie
mibionunes 01 uie jransians ueiermineq
to shine in a sport of which thd .climate
permits them to see .specimen 'only, at
jare inter."n.'.'"'A..'v'.':-.v A,V. t ZZ"
A Dsvoibd . Wim.' Taeitus , relates
this story;::;: zi! :;;;:;
pSabinus tfi Oaul who revolted; against
Vespasian and failed) was supposed to
have burned himself in his house, but he
had taken refuge with hia wife, ; Epinona,
in a cave. Nor has history failed to re
cord the touching devotion of this woman,
who, nobly sharing his confinement for
nine long years, supplied his wants,
reared his children, and, finally, ' suc
ceeded in gettiog him to Some to solicit
his pardon from Vespasian. Snooting
before the emperor, and pointing to her
children, who had been born in the oavej
she said, ."I have nourished them that
there might be mere snpplioants for their
father at thy kness." But neither her
Moris, her sorrow, her beauty, nor her
linroism oould move the top inflexible
inugistrato. SabinuS was , condemned to
death, and then she prayed to be allowed
to biiexeonted with him. "Grant me this
lostgraoe, 0 Vespasian," she said,: "for
continued life under laws such as thine,
would be more intolerable than .the old
dreary twilight of the eaye."Her wish was
granted, and in death and life ! their
destinies were' not dirided. V.'m ','
Diiessino vob ire Davit. A late well-
known member of the Scottish bar, wheji
a youth, was somewhat of a dandy, and
Hoinewbat short and sharp in his temper,
lie was going to pay , a visit in the ooan
try, and was making a great fuss about
the preparing and the patt'inr up his
habiliments. His old aunt: was much
annoyed at all. this butje, and stopped
him hj tne fjomewnat reomtemptuoas
Question. J'Whaur's . thlsV you're . eaun,
liohbv. that vemak ia- crand wark
about yous eW a? .The young man. lost
temper, and pettishly reulied.Vi'm i
to the dew. v.Pu,; Jobpy, tnen,
was the-ouiei'answeTja neednaW sae
nice, he'ljjpst, tftkyt as " .are." ' '''
' Tbb AxoibniGapls ' un i&intVfn'ii
An old history says; All the' Gauls' are
toll, feSKklnDd, golden-haired;' and 'ta-
ribls ibr tbe" flwosneae ef thsir eves.
The are greedy of duarreli. reat brati
garta, aad insolent ,,A whojo... troop of
itranferj could soaxely resist a. single on
of them in a brawl, and farttoalarly if li
wsre assisted by ' hi stalwart bine-eyed
wifs, whognfjbjnx her teeth, 4istoeding
arms, and kioking np her heca Xe'uMt,
will deUvsrllsticuirs like bolts boss the
twisted strings of a aatepult
The Cigar Girls of Seville
mt i ' ift i ? a!' 1
thus of jthj.'S'gM girls tn
i The efearerasj or female bigar makers,
three or four thousand in number, are the
special curiosities of the Seville tobaooo
r -a rri ' ' - v i,.
threes, laughing and chatting, barefooted
or grisettishly shod, in every court and
passage. ; They are the Murillo women,
the city duloineas, and are a seot ana
oaste In themselves, employed hero in
slowly toiling through their annual' task
af making two million pennds of. ; cigars.
These are the woman whose tires per
ished in the llres of the Inauisltion, in
the bull-rine. and the Moorish battle-fleld,
Knifa. ctiihnr. dd ntrar thev ' handle
equally well- What a claok ana Isabel ot
jarring tongues there is as I enter the
onief ball, where some two tnousana or
of these loose clad matrons and damsals
are seated in vis-a-vis groups at long, low,
oval tables, i Their bare arms ana necks
seem as of unbaked clay, moist and yel
low. One of these ohatterinz, quiek-eyed.
parrot women, nimble as a lizzard, and
restlessly noisy as a galleny, can, it is
said, twiddle up twelve bundles of oigars
in a day, each atado containing fifty
Olgart. . : i," :
.(, l.nornouTy in nis June m opwo speaM
.The nimbleness with which that woman,
with the red handkerohief tied over her
head and under ber chin, furls up the
brown leaf into a twisted tube, is some.
thing as near a miracle as you can well
get, particularly as our quick fingered
friend is a mother. " and is thinking of
home affeotinz incidents? Foohl think
ing? what use in thinking? 1 Why, there
is her little brown child in a rude . cradle
by her side. TJie cradle is on rollers,
and she rolls them with her foot, while
her hands twirl the oigar-lcaves. The
little Pedro is'firm asleep in the oradle on
its back, with its little fists catalepsied up
in the air. It ho nothing particular on
hut a little sort of ridiculous dirty white
shirt, and round its fat roll of a neck
dangles an ivory ring, Which, I suppoej
does as well for dental purposes as a coral
radish mounted with silver. A bowl of
paste is on our matron's tabler with this
she fastens that little nipple of the cigar
that smokers bite, off as they would a fruit-
scalk. '-". i-1.. i ,
' On shelves above her, are bundles of
unfinished cigars, brown and fluted, like
so manv Pandean pines cut into lengths.
l do not see around tnem those pleasant
soft, crimson and yellow silk bands which
jbu see in London tobacconists windows;
so I suppose that these are added as a
finishing on and final bloom, we see no
more the old mantilla that the anoient
cigarrera wore, and whioh was an Eastern
sort of disguise, such as the Scripture
women had, and such as you snll see in
the half Moorish town of Tar i fa. It was
crossed over the face and bosom, and was
a provoking, enticing, love making sort of
disguise, that lelt only the signal making
eyes and candid forehead visible. The
noise is as of the Bable confusion of
toiigues; the unruly members buzs like
spinning-wheels. '..,.
A Htdeophobio Cash at Law. The
Civil Tribunal of Tours was recently occu
pied by a singular case an action brought
Dy a physician ot La. wandiere against
one of hie neighbors of the name of
Sourdie, to oblain 2,989 franos, as damages
for having been bitten by a dog belonging
t him which heconoeived tobe mad. It
appeared that ae the physician "was ' one
day taking a walk, M. Sourdie's , dog
suddenly rushed forward and bit him in
the leg. The physieian went home in
dismay, crying out that the dog was mad,
and that consequently he himself was
sure to die of hydrophobia.- He then,
with extraordinary resolution, applied
burning irons to the part bitten, and,
according to his aocount, contemplated
blowing out his brains, in order to avoid
a more horrible death. By the advice of
his friends, he afterwards went to Nizaire,
to take tea bathes, but so convinced was
he that he would beoome insane that be
had himself accompanied by a keeper
!J-J fit - i ri l rr
pruviueu wtia a BiraK-waisccoat, ni
subsequently consulted Dr. Velpeau, and
other eminent physioians, and iromwfhat
they said he became somewhat calmer,
but he could not for a long time free him
self from the idea that he was destined to
beoome mad, and that idea was strength
ened by the fact that when on J3ourdie
assuring him that the dog was "t mod,
he; had required that person to allow
himself to be bitten by the animal in his
presence, Sourdie had declined. For
all this anxiety of mind, and for the
expense or consulting physicians, the
plaintiff maintained that the sum he de
manded was reasonable. M. b'ourdie, in
answor to the action, represented that the
physician is well known for his eccen
tricity, and that the action ought not to
be considered serious. , As, however, the
plaintiff had been bitten by his dog. he
offered him 214 francs, whioh he eon-
tended was sumoient The tribunal
ordered 500 francs to be paid.
Dr. Hall, in the February number of his
Journal of Health, says: "One of the very
e . . . , . i i i
wurai. economies ui lima is mat nionea
from necessary sleep. The wholesale
bnt blind commendation of early rising is
as mischievous in practice as it is arrant
in theory. Early ruing is a crime against
the noblest part of our physical nature,
uniess ii is preeeaea Dy an eany retiring.
Multitudes of business men in large cities
count it a saving of time if they can make
aoumey of a hundred or two miles at
bight by steamboat or railroad. It is a
ruinous mistake. 'It never fails to be
followed by a want of general well-feeling
for several dajs after, if, indeed, the man
does not return home actually slok, or so
near it as to be unfit for a full attention
to his business for a week afterward.
When a man leaves home on business, it
is always important that he should have
his wits about Jam; that the mind should
be fresh and vigorous, the 'spirit lively,
buoyant and obeeriuL JNoman can say
that it is thus with him after a night on a
railroad or on the shelf of a steamboat.
The first great recipe for sound couneo
ted,; and refreshing Bleep" is physical
exeroise; Toil is the prioe of sleep. We
caution parents tartionlarely not to allow
their ohildren to be waked np of morn-
tngs; let nature waxe tneu, np, tne wiu
not do it prematurely; bat have ft care
that they go to bed at an early hour; let
it be earlier and earlier, until it it found
that they wake up of themselves in full
time to dress for breakfast Being waked
op early, and allowed to. engage diffi
cult or any studies late and jast before
rstirinr. has dm many a beautiful and
promising chili brain fever, or deter
mined ordinary ailments to the produo
toon or water onttt Drain.
I ; : Bi.pi ! 8kt goinwHma-Ohlldron are
eloanent teachers. Manv a lesson whioh
has done our heart good nave we learned
from their lisping lipsIt was1 the other'
were going to a pio nio, and of course, the
little ones were in ecBtacies for several
days. - But the appointed morning broke
with ho glad sunshine, no songs of birds,
no peals of 'mirth.,, mere wat every
prospect of rain even hope hid iter lace
and wept . i., . i r -,
"Shan't we go mother?': exolaimed
ohild of five, with passionate emphasis.
"Ifitoleartoft:,r - "
'"Bnt when will it olear 6nT ' f V
"O. look out for the blue skr." ivl'
. And io he had, poor little fellow; . bnt
never a bit of blue sky gladdened his
eyes. - , . $ !ctiv t.;- I
i "Well, I don't care, mother," said he,
when the tedious day had at length
numbered all its hours, "if I haven't seen
iii, a anow mere, is a diub.. say, some
where.? -.i: ., ,:'' w4 . i-l ,
The next moraine there was tv blue
sky, a, whole heaven full of it olear,
glorious blue sky, such at only greets us
alter a weary storm. "
"There, mother, didn't I tell you so f
cried ajoyout voice; "there is blue sky I'
men tne uttie head dropped tor a mo
ment in silent thought -A .es t
"Mother I" exolaimed the ohild, when
he again looked np, "there must have been
blue sky all day yesterday, though I never
.inn. - Ktfr A? it. An. . A
vnvT n liu v ii una, yuu dcv, uicia auu a
no plaoa whee it could iave gone to -God
only oovered it up with clouds, didn't
ne r ; " :i i .
. Aduitibd to tiib Bae. It was for
merly the custom of those applying for
license to practice law in.Missisippi, to be
examined oy the jpresiuing Judge ot the
Circuit Court On a certain occasion,
Mr. H applied to Judge G . for
examination, and it so happened that his
Honor was then in a uttie town where
they had just passed the Maine Law, and
being especially fond of old rye, was in
quite a quandary as to how to obtain it
When S. applied, : putting on a look of
terrible import, and keeping the poor
fellow in agony for half an hour, he asked
"Do you think you oould ret me a bot
tle of whiskey? ' ' ;
"ies, sir, said 8.
"Well, get it," sid the Judge. '' J '
Tho Whiskey was brought. Walking
up and down the room tor sometime.
Judge Ot. said:V , ' ' ',. ;;
"B., will you take a drink?"v, r, u .
"Yes, sir." -i ? ..-s.-v-.
Thev drank i Thb Jndffs resumed .his
walk, S. in horrid suspense. -':-: s
"mr. a., will you take another drinkn
"Yes, sir.':, . m
Again the Judge walked, and. looking
horrors at S.j said: " '
"a. i nave one question to ssk you; if
youanswer.it, you are passed. Were
you over drunk?
"rea, Judge, X reokon a thousand
times!''' . . v . (' .
"You are admitted, sir." ' '
. ' I ' .Ml.
Tbb Decline or . tbb Gallo-boman.
he moral and social condition of Gaul.
in the latter days of the empire, confirm
the words of the poet In the shook of
so many thickening calamities, the pagan
mind knew no refuge from the heavy
burden of its woes but in the illusions of
the passions. The same i vicissitudes
which drove the devotee to the cloister
and the desert, drove the worldling to a
riotous excess. An eminent . modern
ainter has illustrated this aspect of the
eoline with equal skill and sentiment
Beneath the blue skies of Italy, and in
the oourt ot a stately temple,- through
whose many-columned porticoes gleam
the stern and solemn forms of antique
statues, a motley group of revellers is
gathered to a "holiday of. wanton and
tumultuous merriment. On the floor lie
broken vases and trailing vines; their
wan brows are girt with faded chaplets;
their languid bodies intertwine in every
posture ot voluptuous indulgence; and
their looks are, by turn, reokless, haggard,
frantic, oblivious, as they drown the past.
the present, and the future in ever
deepening draughts of wine. Two noble
figures alone, representatives of the old
adorers of Jupiter, draw their mantles
olosely about them, and, with faoet full
cf an inexpressable sorrow, "gaze' npon
the orgie as if they felt that the prophecy
of Romulus was fulfilled, and the . last
vulture had flapped his ominous win g
over twelve centuries of vanished glory. ,
Bbttkb T8Air Nonb. A married woman
was telling a staid single lady somewhat
on the wrong side of fifty, of some do
mestic troubles, which she in great part
attributed to the irregularis of her
husband. "Well," said the old maid, "you
have brought these troubles on' vouTself.
1 told you not to marry him. I was sure
he would not make you a good husband"
"He is not a good one to be sure.
madam," replfed the woman, "but he is
better than none.".., " : ' 1
Droll Order to ah Expressman
The following is a copy of an order to an
expressman, received a day or two since:'
"Sena me. iu galls. ( ot your best gin
fur $10. I want it for my mother's wake
and faneral She is on her ' last' breath.
Sometimes the knows us and sometimes
she don't 'Send it this evening ', pre
cisely. . . 5 . .. ' . .
I m i . ,,:..r .
f42TA bashful youth was lamenting to
his paternal progenitor the ordeal of pop
ping the question. "Pooh," said the pa
triarch, "bow do yon suppose I manage? '
"You'd better talk," responded the hope-
iui, -you married mother and i ve got . to
marry a strange gall" ; t -.
Gifts!: Gifts!:; Gifts!
next to Smith A Nlxon'a Hall. Maali.Btl.
Obis. A ipleodM Gift, worth from MJ casta to SUM,
will bo ilvai with aw book forwbkb waracolT
one dollar and apwatd at Iba time of wla. . . ,
Slid tiold Ohalne, aalandld Mt of Jewelri7iuOol4
raoeleta, Oanta' Oo.A VMt-ohaliialand lun n.
rietr of other arUclaaol. iiob Jewalrr, worth, xtoat
Lndiea and (ratlaman ara rwraectfnllv InvlUd to
oall and ajuuslaaoor itook. . . , ., .,(.,
A. "A. KBLLBSTj''.-;-
I t-l,' 1 SBVlaWMM SMSW Will SWMIaSyif v, ,
noW-W r- lo.MWaH
1 Fonrtb-atreoy
money i Money ii.ioncyi
:r lo an omens. ' f k
tawatalfr.a MWaaf UtahMj' rl
lVilLBT arJ aU Una of If ercbandbe, at low
ftea of iWVil. at o. 171 Vlna-atraat, patwees
iouna an aiiw. joe
I . s? 'IXECOSUCAMdirQ; V'.
Eec of fifth a4 Weaaant-roitr Photofraoba,
HeUklnotrae aod Ambrocjrfea Uk onMper tbaa
laewkara In tho elt.- Oil Colored Fbotompbs
made of aU aiaee, from life to the entelleet ralnlatorav
riotorea nauiraaiu (.oouir., urewi aiaa, jmaar-
nttfa ana snoewia. .Alf worz warraniea.
nol-f : " 1 -r A. B. BUOQMv Arjlaty
mandiaf rural tnre. Tor,' Otoekarr, OlaM
wra,o. .-:.' i i- ... .r - r.
' Wholeealo Daaot, So.JS Cedar -atriet, Haw York;
l Addraai ,.( HktiRTO. BPAtDINO A OO.i, ,
, . " Box Me.alo, New Yorlf.
Fot np for Dealera In Oaaea oontntolni four, eibt.
and twelve down a beaQtifal Llihograph Bhnw.
Oard wirmmnTlna: ear h aeotiaa-e. i t4Hrl "
it -
more aatiafaotion than any other now la oae.
wo oner a reward orONK TBOUBANO noi
LA K A to anr BAreon thAt rmn .na t,. tha .rM.nl
time.ahowaainzrainirtjanoe wherein theT hare Called
to BrMBrra thlr anntj,nt. .... ....
. With thiaSAPK wechallento all eompetlUon, aa
being the beat Fire Proof, Burglar Proof, or Fire
anu DurKiar rruoi now maue; ana sro witiina; to
teat with any establishment .la the Union, and the
art felling flrat, to forfeit to the other, the earn
I IZ.UIO. .... . .. ., .
Wear nrenarad tofarnlah a rMttArHafa.anAatluaa
ooat.than toj other manofaoUrar la the Doited
Statea. .
aecona.Band Safei of other maken, alao n hand.
WereaneotfulW tavltA thA anhiin an nrl
in ear etook before parchulni elsewhsre. , .
' UALili, UAKrlOLiIi OO., '
3Vt 15 and 17 Eaat Oolnmbla treat. -
I 1 Wl HJH ft B Tl H." -1 '
tormarlf of HaU,Doddj Oo.i UU tJrbaa JMtn 0'
W. . Dodds & Co.,
! uiMmnommmawm -cm a ti-Ht
O O SJ Q XI. X3 T17 33 .
r and Burglar Prooi
ZA.T T51 mi
8. VT, Corner of Vlue Second Streets.
TMe Ii the moat reliable USB AST BUBAL A
PBOOF 8AFC that li made in the Onitad Btatata.and
la warranted perfectly free from damp. Can be Mid
at lower prioee, and la of bettor warkmajuhlp than
.n De iouna eiiewnere. -
t. w iwiu b Hip wnvr,wlUB u.uu. M11U WW .1 e
tenniced to eell at pricee that caumot (all to pleaM,
.u,!.f..- Old t Sale
Thkra In ohanf. BROOND-HAHD BAFX9 al-
ware on nana at extremely tow pnoet. T7Ji .
Thirty-Dollar Double Lock-StiUh
''a 1 ' mmmmmmmm
NOCNOBD by nil eomveteat Jndre, whe
ham aeea It, to be the beat and moat deatrable Fam
ily Sewlnf Machine erer introdnoed, reward leaa
ft wrlfle. It will aew all klnda of family good a,
from the Ten thickest to the Terr Smut fabric mada.
and naee all klnda of thread, from No. S to 900,
na ou u aa tonal the machine. , .
Bend for a oircnlar, or oaU and aee it in oporatlon.
Upon earl; application, Btate and County Blgbtemai
An eaergerlo person can make a fortune In abort
Ume. Asenta wanted in all unsold territory.
i" . . ' a, V. BUKTMAN, ,
Bo leaudaxclnalTe agent for the United StaWa), .
eepHfmf 98 Wert Foarth-atreet. Olnclpnatl.
tf t -j
I 'i I. 1
Noa. 19 and 91 Bast Boeond.etrt.et, :
Ja12tf ! , ' OIHOIHWATI. OHIO.
,. ! . .;. - . .. . .'...'.. ' .'. ..;',,
J . (Bacoeatorto MTBS0eJ
1 I ' . .v . .... . . '
Mxnaiacturers and WholaUe Deal
I " - - - rayir '
I I. & B. BRUCE.
Street Uallraad 5r and Omalbaa Haaa
'v.-.- saMarerte-, , ) . ,
hO AD UAHS and Omnibuaei, which we will war
rant aqnal In tylevfliitau and durability, and at aa
lowjnioea. aa any made la the oonntry. . .
iiB k.rn. nf Third and Vlne-etfeetoi. Jal4tf
1 mi. saiti'l siLsniiif
W0t IN, and inch Ohroalo oomplalnta a may be
benefitted by the Hyfranie and Atmoaaihla antoea
SthaSOfleS, ; ' "' .-: 4-
Vapor, Bnlphuf, Iodine, Araeolo, Henarr, Tnr
kUb, BueaUn and naotra-Obemleal Bathe, a Pij
peaaary of MedlMne. and aterr auaaa af aUaaaHa
andtlaa-neUe Apparatoa, .
( .t. WIST UtJMSTa-nVMWU, -., :T ',
F0SJee bre A. H. to t . ' ..- aaia.m
yvMirM. hunter;
-t-4.pAJ iiiiN XlDXa ui d he
.v.i " J IAFT,
; tSoooaaeor to t.owltoa a Taft.)
Re. M West Feartb Stv, bat, Walaal Ylas
h', , UNI fc IOOHY,.,
' ' - r WAATrATrmtaM OP ( l,rr-1
wood-Workiag : llachlnery,
Caraar iaba aadjWtUar at01"eltniatt,Oa
wmw-aa. io won cejesin fjreet, netwaaa Vine
and Race. Battoioa-Bo, at Seres th etraet, b
AVaMrBl WaklvtVli atn l Vcaaaa rianMw U.- la a- au
Cincinnati, Richmond & Indianapolis,
—AND— Cincinnati & Chicago
—AND— Cincinnati & Chicago RAILROADS
! IiJDIAKAPOltby, ,
nil Kima 1
i 8AiB4BlIB0u
J.tlae lVMk Hlr..l uWA (will .AtMaatft TUfWV
A WV V"lil tuiuuaiu liaiiiei waivwaatK eima arerve
Throufh to Indianapolis
.sic.f j , Change of uartv .:'
JHrtti Connection ' JTaa "iy Hoth Trint,
I a a. m.i iiV f1laAl.kii .il TThlAaiM Vail.
- A niCUIUOOUt W(iU VIUJAUAIIbl a)UU vuifaau a -
road, for Anderaoa and all points on the BelUron
taina Ballroad lilnei Kokomo, toeanaport. Para
end all pointa on the Wabaeh Vallay jtailroad,, . ,.
al lDUiail0"il lur .wn. ubuwi wmivw.,. w,
St. Loniaand lllinole Central Bailroad.
At Lafayette for DanTtlle, Tolono, Deoatnr, Bprlor.
field, dplet,Qaincy,and.Bannlbai and St. Joieph
At Cbioago for Baelne, Kenoaha, Htlwankia, L
eroaae, St. Paul, Prairie da Chlea, Bock liland and
Iowa City. " . . . v
Tha 1'Jn F: It. Train makea dlraot eoaneotloa at
Lo(anaport.with Logantpert.Peotla and Burling
ton Bailroad. for Oilman, Bl Paso, Peoria, Barling
ton, Qnincy, Oaleeburg, Oalana and Boaleith, mak
ing tue dlatance .,.. .,,,,,,( ., .ii.'f ,, M ,
85 miles Shorter 1 i .
Than by any other Route,: ',
,"' AMD
Hi 100 Miles Shorte ; fr
7"H A N J-y I AO H I CAQO!
Fare as Low and Time as Q.alcb as by
: ;"? any other Router " " '
Tfclata asolnaiTelr a Weatern and Wortk-wettern
Bonte. havinc aa fatorable arrangemeta with con-
nectlng Koada aa any other Bonte. Pateiog throogh
a hlghly-enltiratcd country, with numerona town)
and tlllasee, it uff.re to pittrona more ploasant ao
oomniodatlon for Alhtr, comtort and Intereel thn
anv other Boutefor th aboTe-oamed polnta. . .
(or Through Ticket! or any further information
be enre and apply at f "I'.-utt i--'
i ' TICKET OrriCEfi v; f.
K9 Walnntrtreet, betwoen Fourth and Flftb-streoti,
aearOlbaon House:
Horth-eaat corner Front and Broadway; . . .
urn lias ine-aireet, uetween itaruet uoaie ana
I'uatntbce: 1
OincinnHtl, Hamilton and Dayton Depot, Fifth and
suui.aireeuiaj ,v ". '. : v. at. nuauuir, ,
' . . Bnperlntendenta
W. H.SHIPMTAV, Pauenger Agent. ' f.ii.i .
Omnibneea will oall for nteeenaera or learinc their
namea at either of the Ticket Offices. ., . . . ,
miu . , ff,a.onin.anat.
OLIS. at which Blaoe It nnltea with railroad!
for and from all polnta in the Weatand Mortb-weet,
Leave Cincinnati daily, from the foot of MJUaiid
Front-itreeta. . . , ....
. :50A. M. Cbloavo Mall-Arrivee at Indlanatnlla
atU:10P. M.; Ublouoat 10-.MP.
12:45 P. M. Tone Haute aud Lafayette Acoommo-,
dation Arriret at lndlanapolta at :16 P. M.
. 7:U P. M. Chicago fcxpreaa-Arrlvee at Indlanap.
ofia at 12:14 A. St. i tlhioatio at 10:30 A. H.
Bleeping Cars are attaonedto all night-tralnt on
thla line, and run through to Chicago without
ohenge of oara. .
ter Be tore yon ara in the right ticket-office be
fore yon purcbaae your ticketa, and ask for tickets
ria iiawrenceonrg ana jnaianepoue.
Fare the aame, and time ihorter than any other
roatov -
Baggage checked through.
Til HOUGH TIURKTB, good until used, can be Ob-
wmau iui a iviavv.ium, a., opauuar ouun wruor,
ct. w . oorner oi uroaaway ana rroni uio. l uurnei
Houee corner; at tne wainnt-atreet House, and at
UVUH VJiu.r, Ma two naiuui.,MM, XJ.UUBCiW.UMI
uenot Offloe. foot ot Mill, ob Front-afreet, where all
eceeaary information can be had. ......
Omnlbueea rua to and from each train, and will
oall fdr oaeeonKera at all hotel! and all narta of the
0117, oy searing aaureaa ateiiner omoe.
H. 0. LP BP. President.
NOVEMBER 14, 1859.
Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
fjaPaaaWKWsai'alSJJ pWtVr1sBVlBsV9BflSw1 .
Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton RAILROAD
Sixth -street Depot.
Traina run throaeh to Cleveland Bandoakr. Ta
ledo and lndlanapolta without obange of oars. . .
Throush Tickets. for all Eaatern, Weatern, tlortb
m and North-western citlee. .
A. m. tCXtHKHH THAIM For Hamilton,
Richmond, Indianapolia, Lalayotte, Chicago, and all
Western Cltiea. Oonneite at Richmond with (1. and
0. Boad for Loganaportj alao conneoti at Hamiitoi
for Oxford, o. ...
tmv a, in. 't'ltAin ror xiayton, oprtngneia,
Banduskr. Toledo and OhlcAffO. This trnln makaa
oloee oonnectlena with all traint learing Chicago tht
aame evening. . Also oonnecta at Vbuha ron Co-
LDMBOg; at Bellerontaine with B. and I. B. B.s at
Foroat with Pittabnra. Fort Wavna aud Chlmuro Ral.
Iroad: at Clyde with Cleveland and Toledo Bail
road tralna for Cleveland : at Dayton for Greenville,
uuiuii. vt looamaer anu munoio. ' .
Ill A. Iff. HKPR.ICaMlH.arM Fnrn.vala.nil
via Delaware for Dunkirk,, Buffalo, Boston, Me
York, and all Eastern citlee. ' Alao connects at Crest
line for Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, end,. .
Kaitern cities, ... . .. . -. . .
, l:40. P. Of. T&AIN-For Hamilton, Blchmond
Logsu spurt, Peoria and Burlington; also Indianap
olis, Terre Hante and Bt. lioala, connects at Hamil
ton for Oxford. .,,
.ouur. in. xitairv f or myton, Bpnngneia
Bellefontalne.' Iiinie. Fort Vavas anil 'flhlfuvcrnf
OonneotaatBelleiontalnewltlB. and I. B.B.
. 11)30 Fa VI. EJC-PltBajB TRAIN For Oleve
land via Delaware for Dunkirk, Buffalo, Boston.
New York, and all Eastern cities. Also, oonnecta al
Crestline for Pittsburgh, Philadelphia,. Baltimore,,
and all Eastern cities. '
sMTThe night Express Train leaving Cincinnati at
ll:SOP.M.,leavoedlly ixor BatoU)h, AUothel
tralna leave dally ixoept Buanijs; , .... .
For further lufermatlon aud Tickets, apply at thi
Ticket offices north-east corner Front and Broad
way) Mo. 16V Walnut-street, near Gibson House; al
the now Ticket Ufflce, on the westside of Vine-street,
between Postofflce and Hornet House; or at the
Sixth -street Depot.
uoia . moajanaia, pnperintengent, ,
.Three ' Trains, Daily.
I Two' Through Express Trslns. - M-.
A. M.t connects rta Oolumbos and Cleveland:
via Columbus, Bteubenville and Pittsburg; vis
Columbus, Crestline and Pittsburg: via Coram-
). Also, for Springfleld
nalnnell end llAlnnihna.
at all the principal stations. . ,
. WKCtiNO TKAIN-COlnmbu' Aooonmodatlet'
at Ai4tl F. at. Thi train stops at all stations be
twoen Cluoionatl aud Columbus, aud Clsolunatl ane
Bpriugneld. i ,
Till a-u Tawtinj mgnr xpreef at JltKO F.
11., connecU via Colore bus and BellairWheeUnsi
via Oolumbne. Crestline and Pittsburg; via Oolnm
has Steubenville and Pittsburg; via Columbus and
Cleveland, -if , . . ,
This Train store at Loveland, Morrow, Xeuls
iu uay wxpreaw rune mrougn to u lev eland.
Wheslluaad Pittabura. via BtenbanvlUa. ariUiani
Change of cars. .
roe hiuui ns.riim.BB rrain leaving rjineinnaa
at llt-'IOP. M., rune dally, except BATCHDAFB,
The other Tralna ran dail,exoept SUNDAKU.
For all Information, and Through Tickets to Boo
ton, Mew Tork, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wasblni
. i-ji all..-, iplii. l. 1 l. '.11 . .
eipnia, Baltimore, w asning.
Faiwf. Dunkirk, Cleveland,
Pittsburg, Wheeling, and alt the Eastern pUtoei,
apply at The (c, Walnnl Street Hooae.No. A Bor.
net Booee, ve.esasixniratree(,souu-eastoorns
Broadway aad Float streets, and t the aastars
Trains rue by Columbus time, which It seven mla
(UeCaeanthaaClusUBati Wave. - , , , .
1 , , 1 , i, DOBAJlD, Bup't.
Omnibuses eaft for passs ara by lawvlng dtrectl.m
at the tlekel (mAms ' - . not! '
fJntUvpt BOTredttddw we uas uivin'jlm
v .i , 'aaauij-eiiqniBTort paw (aoa-ajnaaM
Aiinjo ) tno4U-rAnu0 uruog t.iraioK
' iu ; fueTiotpuewBusemjoj -oif 'lurties
riointuriioa 'ilJiul1sdqcijinBis -uut
anTjepnd paw edda aioqrplioi itoPeevowJ-T
noil semis &i da ind 'sszis ti V
Jnniotl pnw EsTpuLio iqnnI "
1 , ,..1 ni
I erf.1 i in.
' teicelsfor Tluld InL..
Manafactory, It Vine St .
RAILROADS. Commencing Dec. 4, 1859.
RAILROADS. Commencing Dec. 4, 1859. OHIO AND MISSISSIPPI RAILROAD Cincinnati and St. Louis.
thboTjoh withotjt obahob of cabs. ., , ,
Two Daily Trains lor Vtyioennes, Oalrt) and Bt, ' -Ji J
Tnla,at7:loA. M.,andTie. M. """
Three Daily Trains for telnUle,tvt 1M k.Mv.J
O0P.M..and7J0P.M;: ' - .'.
'. Cue Train for Kvansvllle l T:SDF. M. .,-
The Trains connect at U Louis Tor all pofnttni V
Kansas and Mtbraska, Hannibal, Qnlnoy and Kea.. V
knk; at Bt. Iiouls and Cairo for Ateuuhia, Viaaabarc, i:
Hatchea and New Orleans. . 1 'son V i-,
One Through Train on Bandar at Mt P. M. -
Batnino-Fait Line Leaves East St.- lVoufs. ... ' '! .5
Bandars exoevted, at iJl A. MH arriviag at Claota. , .' ? v
Birases Tmjkut Leaves East Bt. Louis dally aliS n . .. .
B Be arriving at Cincinnati at 8:2ft A. M.
1 FOB THUOVItiH SIOKBTB- c - "'!''"? A
To all points Westai.d South, please apply at the
ofDees, Walnut-elre ( H ouso, , between Sixth and ,
Seventh -streete, No. 1 Burnet Houee, corner otBoe,
orin-weet corner of jr runt ana ttroaiiway, npenoer
ltfuseOiBoe,end at the Depot, corner Frontand stUI
streets; W. II. CLiMKNX.Gou'LbupurlilUD.dent.
UmntbusoecalLlor pasaungera.. ", . ', 00W
1 1
'a -1
ChoioFirt-class Jnsuranco it-
j l : .fc-i.w nil ,:ai iu nir.. mil.. .1 ...1. ,.t ,-.t ii..-:
ilk il'lt! if
loVfV; e iMRwl rTiMS.oM.4
Incoitoratd IS 1 9.; Charter Perpetual '
casn capital Enlarged naif a Million, .
". . JMUara, v
ii--' t It a i - ,-.- - r (..' K ' ;:
N ATI in ante-datina-'all nresent local
Insurance aumpaaieaand axeuolea in the Insurance ',.
business In this city. Tbirty-flvo years' constant .
duty Bore, combined with wi-al.h, experience, enter. ,
prlee and liberality, especially commend the JEtna 1
Ineurance Company to the favorable patronage of
this oommnnitv atandlns solitary and alone, the
sole aurvltor and living pioneer of Ciuoinnatl on- . -'.
derwriters of ISM. ' - " '
The largest losx ever tnatnined By any lnsoranee
company at one fire in Ohio was by the A;tna,at- ..
Vhtlllcoihe, April. IH52, and amounted to SI 14,931 67,
moaiiv DAia erior to ttiirtv aavs aiier toe nre.
Losses paid In Cincinnati during the past six years
0177,070 40i
Cash: Capital, - $1,500,000,;
' Absolute and BuimpsJred, with a pet lurplus of .
i .ve dttaia,Mair;v..-(i. 7tZ
And the prestige of forty-one years' saecett and ex-
. ... i iK.perienco. .Investments ef .... r tt.vv.f
Dver $100,000 in Ohio Securities.
t .t j fj ,lf.t' .')yjiii-'wt A. J..A -i !.
' Vliin .Wit TaiteillJ WarvlWatflMa.J-Tlla-a A
at terms douslsttint. with solvency and lair Bronte. ' ' ' -!
Especial attention given to Insurauoe of DwelUegS '
and Contents, for terms of 1 to 6 years. N
application maue m any amy eumonaea a gene ' ; ' '
.mate Insurance baslnoes, UilsUomsany ia enabled
rompiiy aiienaea to. ey stnot wnenuon w a legii-
Hjoneroeaninaeninity iorinepan ana aecorii
ibe future. P Uciea Issued without delay by T
ev CARTER (V MNDlEV, Agent,
-: So, 40 Main-street and Ne 171 Vine-street. ;; ':
.....I; J.J HOUKEB, Agent, Fulton, 17th Ward,
i P. BUN H, Agent, Covington, a.. , B, f ;,
r.ii.a. an T nttiti . u a u aj. a l ' '
1 1 j.'l
IT? 1 1 Ve UUUaUal AWQVT pVAIiw -P-T M -i
. onZi '?ilV.;Ot,..CIl!ICBfATI.;,lA,,.,,,;
No. 1 Front-street, between Main and Sycamore.
Thi Company la taking Fire, Inland and Uarlne
Alike at currant ratea of nrenitum.
Loeaoe fairly adjusted and promptly paid. ' l ; '
fVFEckert, f-'xTBall, i , fiWPomeroy,
William Olenn, WO WhlWher, WO Mann. ,, i .; ,
Sobert Bltchell, W H Oomstook, LOB Htone,
Robt Buchanan, COBhaw, - Geo Stall,
Wm Bellew, .' Beth Bvans,'.-? J H Taaffe, , .
Oavld Olbeon, .i-t:H Brachman, .. J Glabam, , ,
a Clearwater, ...lahesB Elliott. ..VV' !
"7 ,, . ,-: . T. F. KOKXBT, President. , '
;BtFHxw M0BSS, Beoretary, ; . . . ., , poS ..
File and Marine Insurance,
V- I -.'"'r -nil mi a i 1 1 1 . H n i w i t i: i..:.i rr.i
a Citizens' Insurance Companyi
. William Wood, Isaao 0. Copolen, ; '
' James F. Cunningham, . Sydney 8. Clark, . - 1
Andrew Xrkenbrecher, '. Joseph Beaklrt, i ,i
. 0o.W. Bishop, . Wm, Fisher, .
, ti.- -.---i. George B. Dixon. ,,
'"'!' IB A AO C. COPELEN, Fresldentl ,
flro. ,W, Oopiuii, Secretary.
I '- - .. ... A.M. BOSS, Surveyor. ;
Is prepared' to lsene' Policies on Fire and Marine '
Bfska, on favorable terms. Offloe Mo. S West Third'
ilreet. Trust Co. Building. - noSbfm
National Insurance Co., '
; I Cincinnati, Ohio,
(OBlce Bouth.west Oor, Ualn and front-streets.)
aTaxine, Inland Transportation and
:i-.!4i. . . .Jire Klski --,
'- DIBXOTOBSl of ..,.,.(-.
rk U -. ! X uM,.k D.lu-I IImm
Wm Hepworth, Cues L Moore, M Fechheimer,
r X Wledemer, Thos Our, ;SW Bmith.
I L Boss. Thos B Blggsv ' Henry Ellis.
5. 0. DBHKB, Beo'y. JNO. BTJBUOJNB.Fret.
Inoebfm - - ;i , P. A. BrBiawaw, Burrof or. ,,. -.
; . j V-.. FIRR ANd'maRINB. -!'-,"
Eagle Insurance Company, '' '-'
' ""''" ' 3. yr.-6ABBIB0S VnsUmi, ' 1 ?-b
$. W. BBIDBB, Beoreury. v . ... ' v
- DiamAss Henry Keseler, Anthonv Fay, Vs,''. ""'
Wood. J. W. Garrison, Samuel H. Taft, Qeorge W. . ' ,
rowuley. Smith BetU.
BuHvavoaa I. B. Lawder and Danid Baiter. deSaf
' ;v
!.'.. A
'.' "
' :'
buxsa is
a4 rnxort vaiw
p II' vuwjol II; v
r -TTnm tin tri
h(i Spiced Oystari;
, 1NO DAILY, by the Adams Express, RALLY
BrSworld-renowned Baltimore :T .,..,, ,, ,
- B--' aM e a. Aaei '', a " nl V
f reiH Cant Kef and JShell Oyitera,-
r I n
' ' " Depot, 11 West, Flfth-erreel ' r
:M ''."WBISH
Oyster importingf 1 House. v
" I aNO. 81 W8T VXFVHBTKKBTa ' ' f
IBw dally, per Express, hUstlendld Graters. ,
Havlna awnnleaad an-ana-fvaaaanta la RaJtlMinM. mm .
m. mw. M.UVUM.TV anws, . ni aiiraui btiu,. gun
the season be prepared to furnish my frlendaj'ai
sue ress or neaaiDU." witn tne most Ui
BIFALTEBlsaportadto the Queen City,
the very btel Imported. Great Indnoeme
', Order sloliciK
aa aois liupor- a-auaisM.-
and promptly fltled.
Term cash.
"'iTv IffL' j v-"t,f
iaiMw,m -t.M.i
ia, ...... .
Av-sa. HUBS uia superior manner. Satisfactory"
nMrettees liveni Address Bftv I, Breanvne-street, t
qunsev ef Front, .' -.- -r 'i ,.- ' dels- ,
- Ae."Jotrca)lred IS boxes fVeahOoeoa Bbe'' v .
Orasked Cocoa, prepared Qpooa, Brema and One. -late.
For sale, wholesale aad ret.ll, br
Silt Maad Branch Store, W West Fear.. ; J
' 4. 5i

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