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in E PE ji n Y ?BE a s
lMeB0. U fllT iotatS-lYaaBf.
TBI FIBS Y FiUsa la AaUvarad U ubaorlbar a
VlaoUuialMtotUctoatadanriorir enaset- ,-'
f, rounding etttt d towns, at thee:; j J 1 1
ox (nans a wskk, tatabli to oabiiul
1 -,l ' ' nnaHiiniHi
tags eoeH I04 1 month 400-1 1 wot thi) 1 yeai It,
John Bat, Proprietor and ltnagerjW.S.Inrin,
Treasurer. , --....
Altuatia or Tim.-Door onea at 71 Oartala
rlssestK seat 7, precisely. , .
Patens or Amrasioa. DrtatOirclt and Pero.oett,
SO cents; ramilrUi cl,23 cent Colored Boxes, 16
0U jttory.JQoenUr Private Boxes, o, ; ,. :
., In the great enttion play, la At act, by ' '
Or, lift In Iibtuilani, , ,
--' 'illustrative of ;-
American Soenog, . , , ..
, i American Homes and 1
1 1 'j :'l-A-,: Southern Xife. '
Mm EUtBXBLT htrlng paid th author ONI
THOUSAND DOLLAEd for tb loloalT. right to
thl play, it can only be perfbruad in Clnalasatl
daring hw eagiceaiant.
ZOE, tba Ootoroon Girl, fro. th natural
child of the late Judge by a quadroon
laTa. f. Mlaa K1MBKBLY
Mn. Peytoo, of Terrebonn Plantation, in
th attaluiuu, widooof Jndga r;toD...Ura, Laws
Dora Bunnyaidti Bunnyiids'i only oaogh
tar and hilreai, a Houthern Belle.. MIm A. Graham
JTaol, a yellow boy, a favorite of the late
Jodge'i.und 10 allowed to do much a
Mn, 0. Henri
Graoe, a yellow girl, a eUT..m.............Mr. Barrett
Dido, the ooofc, a alaTe -Mm, Eight
Minnie, a Quadroon !, ,- Win Wood
Oeorg Peyton, Mre. Peyton't nephew, ed
noated in aurope, and J net .returned
kome....u.. -....... u.....,Hr, Stuart
Jaoob HoOlocky, formerly eTeraeer of Tor.
rebonoe, but now owner of one-half the ' "
itM.........,w.r. .fr. Oollini
Balem Soaddor, a Yankee from Mataachu
eetta, no oreneer or Tembonue, great -on
ImproTementa and innntlona, onoe - ..
a pbotograpbio operator, ant been a lit
tie of eterytblng enerally...... .......Mr. Bernard
Fete, an " ole nucie," onoe th late Judge' .
body-aemnt, but now too old to wor.Mr. Allen
BoDDrtide, a planter, neighbor and eld '
friend to the Peyton..... .....Mr. Bight
Wah-no-tee, an Indian Chief, of the Lee
man trib.. ....Ur. 0. Henri
Bat, llate ef th Magnolia teaaMru.Mr. Vanderen
Col. Poiodeiter, an auctioneer and tiara
lewnan .......Mf, Swift
. Jaohaoni a elaoter............,...,.M...Mr. Barrett
Solon, a grief boy lare......n.M.-.....-.Mr. Bbarp
In oonaeqnenoeof tbe length of the play, no farce
wlli be produced on the tame evening.
''Nollimg exicnuala, or nuglit set down in malic."
" Tro, Tyriuire mihi null diorinun agtur."
t :: act lit.1 -
Southern Home under a Southern Sun,
The little Datlciea-"deni,a wat dan Sketr." PETE,
lh old Krrant. GEORGE PEYTON, jail arrivtd
homo. MADAM i'UYTON and tjie Patriarchal horn.
The good oM J UDQK. SALEM SCUDDERS daaorip
lien of Zo. The two OvarMtr. AcoiifeMion The
irang rtlation and aflection eneiing between Madam
Peyton and her hmbend'i natiunl daughter. Plantation
Lift abowing leutktrn watte aud Northern thrift.
ZOE ! The Octoroon !
AiriTtl of SUNNY SIDE and DORA.' Don Sunny
id a portrait. George cannot undentand the social pe
tition of Zee: McCLOSKY arrive. The hard eutlom.
r. PAUL, the yellow boy, and the
Indian Hunter, WAZZ-NO-TXl I
Strang ifl'octiori between th tavige and thit boy ilavt,
eompaluonainth Swamp hut. Paul and th Indian
Mart off for the United State Mail. Forclorare on Ter
rabonne the Plantation to be told. The lat hop of
recovering taeeatat. Judge Peyton Detk. MeClotfc.
y love for the Ootoroon- " 1 cannot marry you but I
will make yo mitlrea of th ricliaat tat in Louiiia
na." Diamond tut iliamond. McCloekeytnd the Yn
k undaritand each other. Scudder confe hi lev
for Zo. MeCioakey diacover the (re paper of Zoe.
Tba Itmdiag' on the ZlissisiJppl !
Scudder rtoraa to ki U trade and take a Photograph
Paul want hi picture too Pete bring 'ternble new.
Zoe confirm it. George' aeciaratnn of hi lev " H
doe not know what I am " The " eighth blood " The
Indian and Paul The Daguerreotype. 'The eavag
far for the machine, he think it a deadly weapon. Paul
art for hi portrait Tb murder. The letter and the
flight " Terrebonne will b told and Zo WU1 be mine."
v Orief of th Indian tt (he death of Pant.
' .' ACT 3d. V'-:
Preparation for the tale. McCloaky claim the pound
ffleth. The tlevet too told, Pcte'iSrump Speech
to hi "colored bred'ren" "huthup! huth upl den,
dartaei." Darbe enthutiatm. ; 1 '
RATTS, Mate of the ateamer Magnolia. GRACE, th
yell, w girl and her children. " Buy ma, maa'r." Pat on
the Auction ittnd hi indignation at going cheap.
Lot No. 4 THE OCTOROON Girl, ZOE !
Conrtemtlion of the Iavea-EXClTINO INCIDENTS
Mo'Clotky bid ! Agaault by George i Bowie Knive
and Revolver, Dortrrevenge on Zo, who ha taken
away bar lover. THE SALE OF THE OCTOROON I
::"';::: act 4Hv
Deck of the Iffajqlia !
" Roll oa the Cotton bale " " Take her guard under."
" She b) freighted down mto the eolia mud and can't float
no matter, wood Hp, wood np, hang on to the tafety
valve, the'Il crawl off on her paddle." Alarm. The In
dian comet. Wah-no-tee, the murderer of Paul. The
Yankee protect him. The Indian pointa ?ut Paul
grave, and the nutting mail bag brought to light.
Scudder on Lynch law.' Unexpected but conclutlv tee
timony. McCloaky in a Is, The verdict and aeitur of
Mc'Cloeky. .. Hia eacap THE SHED ON FIB.K i
-Cutthrop.' " Back her out," Catt orT." The
murderer aflecl hiaeacape the Indian en hi trail I
- ACT tiv:
Soem Utrr-TUA Negro Qwrtor Night
Zoeteeki her old Nur, Dido. The night after the (tie
-The drrnk that cure the Red Fever. Lift i to boa
. tiMtooneWTouni''V
Scene ZdTha Can BreJw SunrW
McCloaky out of danger. Hi lifiht, eacap ( the ladJart
on hi track, The human bloodhwmd, - -
- Boeue 3d-2Ud CJedar 8wwnp : .
Scudder tnd Pet oa their way home. The man hanfc
The wolf run down at Jart.' The Indian and hi victim.
Pelet petition, tkadder protect the white "- ,, w !
' Scene 4th And LMt.-
The partar 'of Terreborme again. '' Zee'i adiu to ket
friend. The Joyful new. Zee" freedom. .1 t
v'" ".'V '-' '.'j-rf-i - ::; ',"W.T..tW', ev.fr isf; laws 6v'v':U'i,fw,'i." .'. .-J
. tfc)i1V-,-'t.i"
4 .!i-i,l , .
M BPJ M- m
i i.Sf?'j".r.-i.'.fS"
VOL 2. NO. 157.
Oorntr of Biztb and Ylne-ltreeta. .
John k. IlltUr, Jr., tola Manager and Lettoo.
' Pmirru ar AnwnHTOV DraM Ofrfllt and Paraoett.
Noentai Gallery, Moent.
voor open at o;, curtain rita at 11 oioc.
' Be-enggement of Mr. Collins,
The celebrated Irish Comedian and Vooallit, for tlx
nlgbta more, for the expreee purpoee of wodueing a
number of bit new and brilliant oumediet
Mr. Collin will appear In two chrctere, and
during the porformai'C will ting " Bo,t of tbe Irlab
Brigade." ' Wloe, Bright Wine," ' lru.1 to Luck "
and " Tb flag of our Union." ,
the great oomedy ealled
"' dm. Tmw Bova am fni laieii BaiOADI.
Captain o'Nell, Mr. Uolllnt ; Duke de Blobelleu, Mr.
Keaa: JUDg IjOUI at.oi (imuoe, ar. ixjiu, oir
Henry Arundel, Mr. Hall Major de Burgh, Mr.
tither: Couotett Dillon, Mr Gilbert; Marchlon
eea de Clermont, Mia annl Waite.
Afi.r which Mr. Oolllxa will tine the great na
tional tone, with full choru. "Th flag of our
Colon," universally received wiin appuyue. . ,'
To conclude with .
r' HIS LAST LBG8. ' -
O'Oallaban, with tongt, Mr. Collin; Blvan, Mr.
riahari Oharle, Mr. Bail.
Rnv.rml new eomedlea are in active rehearaal
among tuem "The IrUb Pott," "The Wraeg Pal
aenger," and a brilliant comedy, from the famon
modern writer, John Brougham, Baq., called "Tbe
tnHnna R.intAr.
8. KJ Pike. Pmnrietor: f.B. Conway. State Di
rector ; J. F. Herbert, Treaaorer.
Paioaa or Anmaaio. Parauett Circle, Parquette
and Balcony, 60 cent; Amphitheater, 2ft oente;
rnvaie noxea lor eignt peraona, an.
Box Offlo Dm from 10 A. M. until t P. M.. where
eata on be eecured.
voor open at x o'clock ; oommeno at 7M.
Tint night of th Romantic Drama called
- The Sea of lee;
Oa, Thi Tbimt roa Gold add Thi Won Flowib
or maxioo,
With new and gorgeou aoenery and effect.
Dnrino? the acene In tbe Polar Beeiona a new and
entirely original affect will be pieeented, for the lint
iipw iu .narm, iiiuairaiina, in ail 1M epienuor, lus
brilliant phenomenon of '
' J .. .. .- 4
THIS XTEKIRO. Webrnarv !ft. will be nerformed
tbe beautiful drama, in Ave acta, entitled
TJcia Bit A, OlC 1CJS.
' " " Aon I Ann II Ptaioo. 1709.
Carlo, ibe adventurer, a passenger on board tbe
vrania, nr. vonway ; uaptain ae jjatcourt, oi we
Crania, Mr. Sheridan ; Jean Medoe, the carpenter,
Mr. Ball; Barabat,a tailor, Mr. Davldge; Pierre
Pacome, the armorer, Mr. Harcourt; Louite de
Latconr, wife of the Captain, Mr. Conway ; Ma
rie, their child, Mint Hogan. , j
imi III. IV Ann V Pcaion. 1?20.
Mtrqnlt del Monte, a Mexican nobleman, Mr. Con
way ; ttorace ae jinonne, a genuemau, ar. vnap
lin ; George de Laval, a naval commander, Mr.
Addison ; Secretary to the Spanlth Imbaeey, Mr.
Templeton ; Barabaa, Mr. Davldge j Ogarita, the
Wild Flower of Mexico, Mr. Conway; The Oount
ete de Theringe, Mr. Wilklne Diane de Laaooura,
with ong of " Happy Moment," Mia Crocker.
To eonolude with
Tb flrit of tbe Hrlet of th4m lntreitlng OonotrU
Smith & Nixon's Hall, 1
On th evening preceding WASHINGTON'S BIBTH
DAT, February 31.
l.-Overture-Caliph of Bagdad.n..H..........Bolldiea
. . Orohettra.
8.-0 Lord, have meroy upon me.w..Prgolel
. - . . . Prof. B. Warwood.
$. Columbia, the Land of the Brave...........Beoket
. - . ..""tbyMiteKrumberg.
4. Gentle Little dear, newi T w. Tt.nt
Bung, with ehorua, by Mr. D. Bieatt. Mitt Sullivan.
Atiea ricket, Mit Mueller, Mr. Helmkamp, Mr.
Ceroid, Mr. warwood and Mr. Moolengraf.
6. Air from L Domino Noir ............Auber
- Madame Bullet.
g.-Orahan Child w.iunkinrf V w n.h
Mad. Bullet, Mlaa Krumberm, Ulta Mueller, Mitte
j niu a. fiuft.i, who orojiettra.
T.-Ovrtur-Tanoredl ................JSoiiini
(.-Forget me not ballad- with flute and
piano aocompauim.ut.........M.,.r. W. Bauch
Mite Sullivan.
. Eecognl(lon-Da HrkenneD........M.....Prooh
Mr. Rnlmhamn
10.-Bomance from Bob.it le I) lable. ..Meyerbeer
. Madame Bullet, rf
J V e?U AV t ea tee. ( a at f ...Bocbta
... Madame A. titahl.
U.-Bai Solo from The Creation MM..Htydn
Mr. Moolengraf
IS. I am a Freeman-aoio aud choma. Word by
0.0. Butler.
Mr. Ceroid, Mr. Helmkamp, Mr. Warwood, Mr. L
Picket, Mr. moolengraf.
li Then you'll remember me pi.no tolo...,-.Voa
... F. W. Bauch
U.-I know tbat my Bedeemer llvetb, from
ABO jHeoaiaa ...wmm..m,. aauuei
UiuHinh A. Wlluin. .
W.-Dmet-from Tbe Ureatlon .,.-........-.. ....Bay da
nistn ua Mr. h Picktt
17.Manforina-Gultar aolo Uompoted and ' '
porformed by Herr K. 8chnpf.
IB. Hail. Wwhliitti.n Baae aol.i Weber
Hung by Mr. W. Young, aocompaet. d by Mr. H.O.
.- .i , Young .. .,.
lt.-Star-apangled Bannar-Solo and ohornt.'
The piano uted It one of George Vogt'a greatly Im
proved patent pianut, from tbe mutloal ettablUh
mentof F. W. Bauob.
jjoore open at 7 o'clock ; to oommenoe at 7,H.
TlakatalS eenU-fomi. at . W H.ueh'a Mluln
Store, Mo. U Weit Founh.ttreet, teoond dcor tt of
Horn Oonoerta. for the noonrasement of home
talent, where every talent baa an oooaalon to bocome
known by the public managed in a proper manner,
are of themaelveo to good tbat 1 tintt th publlo will
ppreolate tbem. I nave taken great cure to make
tbe programme suitable to tbe occasion, and to fur
niah auch a variety cf mualo that every one, what
everatylehe may like, will leave the hall satisfied.
The price bat been put to the low figure of tweoty
flvccentt.in order to enable ever, body to enjoy the
benefit of tbe Concerts, which le not only tbat of
tpeadlng a few hour In pleasant bumor, but alto
that of cultivating and refining tbe mual-al talent
and seal. All friends of music are respectfully in
vited to examine the idea of the Home Oonoerta,
and. if they find It worthy, will plena tut tain ma in
rttiiaingis. netpecuuiiy,
f, , ' T- J. W. BAUCH.
Will give ber witty and amnilng iketch entitled
At Mclodeon Ball, r .
This (Headay) ErenlDjr, February 20
Ticket eenta, to be had at the Hall. Doom
open at 7 o'clock; to commence at 8. , fe20 ;
JsT TO OHIO LODGX, No. 1. A. P. A.-To
be bald at national Hall, THIS Moaday)
SVtiHinu, jraoroary w, lew.
Ttnkiits Is. Innindlna annnar.
Bf orcsr oi w vommitwe oi arrangameni.
rewa W. D. FBEBMAN, Secretary.
Sowing Silk Agency,
Tram, Organtdn, Frlng and Spool Silk.
i twist. Needles and Spool Cotton. I
" ALSO-Jouvef one-dime Spool beet THBIX
OOBD 8IL, expretely for Sewing Machine.
JOHN taVJOUVET, Ajrent ;
' thomas jotjtxt.i ' u . c i ? .um ;
, Seal MaamrmetwrvT,
6o. 1 Bi Seeoed-etreet. between Byeaaore aad
roadway, Oiucluuatl, keeps every (eaoriptios of
lroa WMeae et.
BWdruoVOBUesatMlto. aol-aa
: Onea in Werm'e Imperial palao '
. . ManyGerman Princes tat,
laoh In (lowing laagnag telling
. Of bit klngdom'i wealth and ttat. . .
"Boyal I my land and mighty."
i beid the K.ln of Faxonr. .
"Deep within lie lofty mountain
. . Minee of tilvu hlddn U.".. ... .
'Sex my land with plenty gmtllngt" .
- ' Bald the Hector of tbe Bhlne, '
"Oolden berveate in the valleys,
. Onthehllliltietcholoettwiuei"
" Btatelv eltl., noble eloltteri."
Ludwlgerled, Bavar:a't Lord,
" Bonder me to each an equal,
' Bqual algn of wealth adord."
, . , Iatttpakelberhtrd. the Bearded,
Wurtemberg' beloved King,
" I can boast no (lately cltlee,
. . - Dor th minee whenoe rlche tprlng;
Tet my land on treasure keepefh:
In tbtee forest far away,
I my bad can rest securely
On each nbj tot' breast , J
Then ald Saxony, Bavaria, ' '
. And the Bulsr of the Bhlne, !
. . ' Bearded Count, thou art the richest, ' ' '
- . And th rkheet gem 1 thlatt " . ' ,
t"Th Stat Treaeurer of Louisiana, reports
a Mlanee on aud of $1,308,315.
fisfj. Foxworth, of the Marion (9. 0.)
DUtrlot, eommitted auioido a few day, ginee.
" 'aTTwo bnrglarg wore ihot dead lait week
ntr Palawn, Ark., by a merohant whoie house
they had entered.
jfiB" The number of enrolled militia in
MamchaietU for the year 1869, wire 152,112.
Th aotire force, 5,738.
bw" Fifty wealthy free negro agrioultoriati
from the Interior of Louisiana are preparing
to depart for Hayti. -
jeWlUiam Boberti, an old oltiien, wag
murdered in hit bedlait week in Marion
County, Ky.
JBtfA moniter named Pratt, near Zuingle,
Iowa, eowhlded a eon aged ten yean bo le?
rarely, a few deyi ginee, that the child died.
EThe jailer at Warorly, Tnn., waa ro
oently attacked, gagged and bound, and lix
priaonort roloaaed from confinement.
VA bill hu been reported to the Legl
lature of Maryland, repealing the appropria
tion tuuelly granted to the African Coloniia
Uon Society. , r ' . .. .
'jfrttn. James Soott, ef Shelburne Falls,
Maai.) found her infant, eight weeks old, dead
in her bed on Saturday morning. It was sup
posed to hare been smothered.
The Navajo Indiana recently stole
seven thousand sheep from the vlololty of
Fort Craig. They were promptly pursued, and
all the sheep reoaptured.
fjeptha Horde, a young married man
In Otsego, N. T., reoently drowned hlmielf for
love of his wife's sitter, whom he had seen only
onoe. .
2KB A significant Item in the European in
telligence by the Boktmian is the suppression
of the Peril Ifo'eer, the ultra Cathollo
$Tk man of sixty was recently dUoovered
to hava violated the chastity of his step
daughter, a girl of sixteen, in Winn County,
La. Awful.
fifA child four years old fell out of the
fourth story of a houae, in Montgomery, Ala.,
a few days since, and received no hurt beyond
a few slight bruises.
BefTwo boys, sine and twelve years old,
quarreled about an orange, In Gadsden County,
Fla., lately, and the elder of the tiro stabbed
the other to the heart.
JS9lhe Philadelphia ltdgtr stales that the
fioeit gloves for ladies, inch as Bajou's, are
made of rat skins, while it pretends that those
of Philadelphia are genuine kid.
gFA merohant who lived in Baton Rouge,
La., and wbo was onoe worth $150,000, was
arretted for vagrancy lait week, having in
Ave years gambled away his entire fortune.
aVPhilip Cordon lie made 'eight attempts
to destroy hit life, in Logan County, Va., on
the 14th init., and tbe last proved tuooeeaful.
Poverty wai the cause of bil tuioide.
ct Charts M. Paaaa. ttt flnnth Wlnil .A.
Oooneotiout, last season sowed a piece of
grouna seven ruut jett man two aorea, W11Q
tobaooo, and raited 5,169 pounds of tobaooo,
worth not leas than $1,000.
Mr. John Battiff, at Oskalooia. Ohio.
met witn a latai aociaent tatt week, tie wae
on horeobaok carrying a oatj the oat soratohed
tb bore, when tbe horse threw him off,
breaking his neok. :
Tbe Hamilton (C. W.) Timet says that
horse buyers from the United States are oper
ating extensively in those parts. In Hamilton
audita neighborhood a large number of pur
chases have been e Seated at from $100 to $300.
- A Doubls MuiDsa tx Kiw Toax A party
of three young men from Etoput, Ulster Co.,
X. T., two brothers and their friend, took a
sail in an ice boat on the river, a day or two
since. On arriving opposite Port Ewen they
fastened the boat to tbe dock and went into a
tavern to drink. While there three Irishman,
residing In Port Ewen, took possesalon of the
boat and sailed around. One of the brothon,
seeing them in the middle of the river, went
ti them and ordered them out. Angry words
tniuod, whan the young man seised the tiller
and threatened to drive them out, when one of
the Irishmen drew a knife and stabbed blm In
the breast, Inflicting a mortal wound. The
whole was witnessed from the shore by the
remaining brother and hie friend, when both
rushed to the assistance of the injured man.
On arriving where he lay, they found him in
sensible, when they rushed upon the Irish
men, swearing vengeanoe. On arriving at the
boat, one of the Irishman tolled the tiller and
struck the friend of the brothers a terrible blow
upon the head, and he fall insensible upon
the ice.. He wag alive at hut aoeounts, but
hia recovery Is despaired of. The remaining
one then went to the tavern, and obtaining a
pistol, returned to the boat and shot one of the
Irishmen, instantly killing him. He then
started for Eondout. pursued by the two re
maining eomradetj but he reached that village
in advance of his pursuers, and instantly gave
himself op to the .authorities. . .
' Tan Bawsirf or Lonirrw at a "Fits? Pas--ouiAoe."
Toung Dumas, according to a
Parle letter, eopooialiy intpeots the lortttee to
whom Matt have been given, exolaiming:
"Look ye now, have ye warmly applauded r
Have ye lustily clapped?" "Oh lyes, yes,
Monsieur Mareohal," ting oat in chorus the
lorettes. "Show me your glove I" says he.
If they can't show split gloves he gives them
a severe homily, and ther ran great risk of
being black-balled when the next new piece it
given. - A toed many lorettes are always to be
aeea at uV Dumae'a "Ant performances,1'
partly because' they are teen at every snob
tpeotMle, for they have inch powerful "pro
tector" they - go everywhere. - There Is'
aaothor reason: M. Dttavaa hold that the true
way to make the "first performances" suceesa
ful is to UMhe theater with at many sensitive,
nervous people as possible, for an Impression
is more easily made upon them. Hence he
gives as many seats away to sensitive, nervous
women at he can find women ef this sort.
Arrival of the Arabia.
Saw Toax, February " 18 The steamer
AraAui. with Llvnrnnnl rf.t.. m tk AtU t.. ...
eta ef Queen stown, arrived here this morn-
i The moat Imnnrlnnt 'ttm-tlnit t h
ings of the English Parliament of the 24 and
Qsl 1.A L . - a. lh . . .
u iu., uu ooeaa paDiisuea. Tin Tne rtuiu
of Lord John Ruasel. to Uy beforo the Hous
tht (70rilDOnfinCA tnnrtftirtfV fiewnw onri
defeat of tbe Qovernmeat oa mioorqaeitlon.
Twisw Tnkwa T II J - r J .t. . w-v . . .
evvau vvuu nuiwi UOIOOarJQ W9 DIM Hill UOIl
lll alt TariffieiPi frvm 4V.sk k...a . f. !
fded the Moon, end itated that he had par-
to m awiutiv nentrai poiioy. '
' In response to the inquiry, Lord John Rus
sell said the Government had no reason to aup
yoie that warlike preparations were going for
ward on an extraordinary scale in Franco.
The Government had oa. raatafl w tartJeta waa t
prevent a renewal of hoitiliUee, now -that tbo
uvDgrvaa wh not uienr to meet, ana had re-
fieWed thai mnift l.tlara.ttfn ei.MtanMa. rru A
-vwii eaoeia.1 auuvts af. U9
ratification of the new commercial treaty would
-w wmj6w a. A MID US U SliQ.
Dr. Todd, tbe eminent physician and physi
ologist, is dead.
' JVwte. Bumort were current that the Cha
lont camp would soon be re-established. The
Arrie pronounoes u false the statement of an
approaching departure of the Frenoh troops
from Borne. The sams journal say s It appears
eertain that the question of annexation to Cen
tral Italv will Ka anA.;n.f. .K i.
n. tug .BUlb ui
universal suffrage. All the Powers are agreed
wo prupneiy oi mat measure, tne early
application of which will positively make
known the atatc of publlo opinion in Italy,
Rentet oloeed firm on the 3d at 7f. 85o.
Prince Latour de Auvergne is ordered to
prolong his stay at Turin some time after the
arrival of Baroa Talleyrand, to support coun
sels of moderation, which Napoleon had or
dered him to submit to Cavour.
The Frenoh army is to be considerably re
duced, and tbe poliovof the Emperor tends
more than ever toward peace.
(afy. An affray ooourred at Anoona, be
tween the Papal Chasaeurs and artillery men
on one side, and g tntdarmn on the other
three hundred of the former were said to be
under arrest, of whom about forty were
wounded. '
The Maaiinl party waa said, to bs active at
Rome. ,
General Gordon had taken measures to pre
vent any manifestation.
An address from the town of Perugia, con
taining eix hundred and nine signatures, had
been sent to Napoleon.
Awti-io. Kossuth had suddenly disappeared
Trom London, and it wag thought he had gone
to Hungary. . . . ,
An address of the Hungarian Protestant
Association says the national movement will
resemble an avalanobe. Hungary will de
Uoh herself on the first opportunity from
Austria. ..;
Austria is said to be diresting more troops
Tyrol, Vcnloe and Hungary.
The Qloht't Paris correspondent says it was
generally understood tbat France and England
were about to make a joint summons to Austria
to desist from sending troops into the Marshes
of Ancons, and to evaouate Venlos at the ear.
Uest period, and aeoept such Indemnity at Italy
la now ready to offer. -
5patn. Another corps is being got ready for
Morocco, to be oommandod by Conoha. Re
liable accounts say that the Moorish regular
army had not yet been brought out.
The division is said to number over sixty
thousand disciplined troops, waiting for a great
Tbe objaot of the Moors wag said to be to
draw the Spaniards Into tbe interior.
SouiA Amroi.The Bratil mail of January
had reaohed Lisbon.
There is no political news of importance. .
The exportation of coffee front Bio to tbe
United States since the departure of tbe pre
vious mail had been 115,529 bags. The stook on
hand was 130,000 bag. The prioe of good
first-rate waa 6-1008-300 reis.
XieerpooJ, is&ruory 4 P. Af. Cotton setive
and buoyant; very full prioes are obtained.
Bales to-day 15,000 bales, Including 5,000 on
speculation and for export
Brsadsluff. and Provisions unohanged.
Xondon, Ftbrvary 4 Af The Australian
mail haa arrived.
Several of the Paris journals seem to con
sider the annexation of Savoy nearly the same
asoonoluded. .
Parit, Ftbrvary 4 The ooniingent of 1859
is to be reduced from 140,000 to 100,000 men.
lurt'n, ieimary 8 The journals ef this
day publish an Auatrlan ordinance concern
ing tbe enlistment of volunteers for the Nea
politan army.
Sardinian officers have left for Bologna to
organise the army.
Arrests continue in Venice to an alarming
extent, whioh spreads terror among tbe Inhab
itants. . . ,
London, February 4. The Morning bit,
which has the credit of being the organ of
Lord Palmerston, has a conapiououa editorial
upon the poiioy of England and Franoe on the
Italian question. It says: "We announced at
the beginning of the year that a virtual alll
anoe had been effected between England and
France for the settlement of Italian affairs.
We expressly stated that the two Government
bound themselves by no treaties, but their
agreement was the result of the force of cir
cumstances and the dictation of publlo opin
ion. This alliance, every day drawn closer,
already beglne to produce evident and tangi
ble consequenoes. It is now formally deter
mined that no Intervention shall take place In
Italy and the people shall be left to their own
devices. It is therefore agreed that the States
of Central Italy shall dispose of themselves.
Freah elections are to be held, and the Assem
blies resulting from the popular choloe are to
decree the annexation of their eonatltuentt to
the Sardinian Kingdom. - The Frenoh troops
are to be withdrawn from North Italy and
from Rome at an early opportunity. It is no
secret that Austria, having regard to the Wei t
em alliance and her own serious difficulties,
hu given up all hopes of retrieving her posi
tion and infiuenee in Italy, and not only
sheaths her tword, but putt it aside. . An at
tempt will be made to iuduoe her to grant re
forms in Tenetia, of whioh the is still left
The At( adds that the stubbornness ef tbe
Pope bids fair to deprive him of the whole of
hit temporalities. . ... .
Naples groans under a heavier tyranny than
ever, and the cries of Venice are loud enough
to strike our ears, however we may shut them.
The Italian question, then, being likely to
take atitl larger proportions, our best, safeat
and most beneficial poiioy is that of a strict
line of duty, by which at this time last year
we might have prevented war, and by which
we may now guarantee the peace of Europe.
That line is, "No foreign intervention, but
Italy for the Italians." :
The steamer Europa, from Boston, arrived
at Queenstown at noon on the 4th Inst.
' The Vigo was to tail on the 8th Inst, for
New York, in place of the Qhugo.
In the House of Commons on the 2d Inst.,
Mr. Cochrane gave notice that on the 17ih
init he should call the attention ef the Houae
to the state of relations with China.
The Arabia, on the 5th, when abreast of the
South-stake, paased the Canard steamer Evrotxt,
from Boston, and the sorew-steamshlp Not
Tork, both bound into Liverpool.
The Tuscan JfoW publishes a decree re
voking a oonvention concluded between the
Grand Duke Leopold and the Court of Rome
in 1851, and all eireulars and other acta of the
Government relating thereto. . Two of the
journals , Turin state that they see no hum
in tne annexation of Bavoy to Franoe.
From Washington.
Nsw Toax, February 18. The HtraH'i
Washington correspondent says At the inau
guration, Colouel Shutt't first regiment,
Major Warner's battalion of Baltimore City
Guards, a troop of Maryland 'dragoons, th
oompanies of this dlstriot, and, if possible,
the United States Artillery from Fort Monroe
will be present. Commanders ef Knights
Templars, from Biohmond, Baltimore and
this city, under the eminent Grand ' Com
mander Frenoh, will eaoort the Freemasons,
who have invited the lodge at Frederlokaburg,
where Washington took his degrees; the lodge
at Alexandria, where he presided, and the
lodge at Georgetown, whioh aided him in lay
ing the corner-atone of the Capitol. , ,
Mr. Hatch, of Buffalo, who It engaged in
preparing a report In regard to the reoiprooity
treaty, with a view to its modification and
amendment, bat nearly completed his labors,
and Is here in oonsnltation with the State De
partment in regard to that aubjs ct. There
are a largo number of leading New York Dem
ocrats here, tome of whom are delegate to
the Charleston Convention from the Wood and
Syracuse Convention. They are respectively
oasting about as to the chanoea of their admis
sion into the Charleston Convention.
The Southern Senators and members are
very cautious in committing themselves in
favor of either.
A requisition has been made by this Govern
ment upon that of Canada, under the Aahbnr
ton Treaty, for the rendition of a fugitive
from justice named Ritchie, who esceped re
cently from St. Lawrence County, N. Y.
WigBiROTox, Febrnary 18. The United
States Court at Charleston, South Carolina,
haa assessed the damages upon Captain
Churoh, master of the ship William Ae, to
the amount of four hundred dollars, with the
eott of the suit This was an action to recover
the penelty on a bond, under the act of 1803,
requiring the mattern of vessel, before their
clearance, to deliver to the Collector a certified
copy of their crew list, and bring back or ac
count for all persons oomposing tbe orew.
On February 22d it is proposed that there
shall be an effort made throughout the United
States to raise sufficient funds to carry on tbe
work upon the Washington National Monu
ment during the coming year. Citisens in
every part of the country contribute through
the postmasters of their respective towns.
From New York.
Nxw Yoix, February 18. Weather thiok
and snowing.
Sympathy for Italy, 1int thousand per
sons attended the Italian sympathy meeting
lait night, The proceedings were quite en
thusiastic Speeches were made by the Rev.
Dr. Bellows, Rev. Henry Ward Beeeher, Rev.
Dr. Thompson, Joseph Hoxie, Prof. King,
Prof. Mitchell, and others. Letters were read
from John A.Dix, Charles Sumner, G. S. Bil
liard, George Briggs, E. Joy Morris, Benjamin
Silllman and others.
Mail Sttanun to th fiicifie. The JWhm
says th agreement between Commodore Van
derbllt and the Mall Company had not been
aotually signed at a late hour this afternoon,
but there were only a few unimportant details
to arrange, and little doubt wee felt that tbe
signature of both parties will be attached to
night. It is believed that by this combination of
the interests of Commodore Vanderbilt and
the Mall Company, a very profitable business
can be done without danger of any opposition
line beiog established.
Lane, the defaulting teller of the Fulton
Bank, hat been eonvioted.
The tteamsbip Bonutia, from Hamburg via
Southampton, arrived this afternoon.
Condition of Affairs in Chihuahua.
Bt. Lonia, February 18 W MoManus and
James P. Hiokman, American!, arrived from
Chihuahua, confirm the information reoently
received by Major Phelps, of Washington.
They report a deplorable condition of affairs.
Not only Amerloans, but the entire foreign
rjonnlation hava hean avnallait f.Am h.
oountry, and their property confiscated. Th
vial, was ir.iua; uverrnu. J
A oootlderabl force of the Church party
under Dominirrk Galen. nnltA1 with t.n Knn.
dred desperadoes pardoned by Miramon from
prison. A desperate battle took place on th
Dlains of Talamantea on the 18th nit.
Tbe Liberal ware defeated, with ( loss of
lorty-nvt allied.
The authorities of the capital, in conjunc
tion wua toe amenoant, naa sent to jforl
Davis for the United States troops.
RennivInD' no VAllaf th AmafiniMl l.ft 41.A
eity, leaving a million dollars' worth of
properly to tne mercy oi tna roooers.
Csjen, at tb head of one thousand men,
was marching on tbe capital.
The Liberals wire friendly to the Ameri
cans, but were unable to afford proteotlon.
Virginia Democratic Convention.
Riohhoud, Va., February 18. The Conven
tion broke up in a row at about two o'clock
this morning, without announcing the vote on
the resolution, "that it it inexpedient to de
clare a particular preference for any man for
President," but pledging support to the nom
inee. This morning it was announced that the
vote waa not yet eounted, and a motion pend
ing to take the vote again.
The Convention is now quarreling about the
method of calling the roll and point of order.
The Convention, amid much noise and eon
fusion, and without arriving at any satisfac
tory conclusion, have just adjourned till four
Later from Havana.
- New Obliais, February 18. The steamer
Habana, from Havana on the 15th,hu ar
rived. Buslnest wat dull. Sugar firm at
9i9 reals. The stook on hand amounted
to 93,000 boxes, against 60,000 boxes at the
same time lait year. Sterling Exohange flat.
Freights dull. , ,
River News.
PirrsBuao, February 18 M. River tlx
feet ten Inches by the pier mark, and felling.
Weather wet. .
Lomaviua, February 18 P. M. River
rising slowly, with seven feet two inehea in
the canal. Weather clear and growing oold.
Railroad Accident.
Clivblasd, February 18. The Lake Shore
Express train, while running slowly near Fair
view yesterday afternoon, was run Into by a
locomotive from behind. The passenger osn
were badly smashed. ' No serious injury to the
passengers la reported. -. ,'.! m:nM
Outward Bound.
New Yotx, February 18. The steamship
Oity of WathmaUm sailed to-day for Liver
pool, with one hundred and seventy-four pas
ten gen and $88,000 in sped. She took New
Orleans mailt of the 11th and telegrams of the
17th. 7.- t
Later from Brownsville.
. OaLBAia, February lcWBrowatvUTe
advices to the 8 th Inst, state that Important
nnpsbllehed disclosures have been made at to
the eomplioity of the Mexicaa anthorlUeewilh
Cortlnae, whtob, It it believed, will decide the
queeuon oi war,
r. 'I
TIRM8-CA8H. : " .'
AdvsjilaesaauU not exceeding five Una (Agace)f
we w i ... I ii I One month M
Larger advertisement Inserted at the following rate
for o.ure of tea lines or s
rtlon. ., S9 1 Two weeks
UUolI7 5S Three, waeks . 4
ti......... 1 alOuanin.. . S
i " . Job Printing -
la all It branch done with eatoee ana dltpiteh. '
Tna Ccbtodt or "Lma Ella" Aoaist i
Disrtm. Mrs. Martha , Burna hat been for
tlx weeks pist, with her adopted daoghttr,
"Little Ella," th precocious child, About
whose custody so much noise was made hero
a short time ago, in the Oity ef Philadelphia,
whsre the little one has given frequent read
ings in the parlors of the best loolety ef the
town. Of course, the made host of friends,
and wat about leaving lor tbit city, full of
honor and substantial rewards, but en Mon
day last, Mrs. Burns was astonished at being
served with a writ of habeas corpus, Issued by
Judge Lowrey, of the Supreme Court, upon the
petition of a man by the name ef Brewster, to
whom the ohlld's father, at Cincinnati, bat Is
sued a power of attorney, authorising bint to
assume control over her in his stead. 1
Appended to this petition wet the affidavit
of Mrs. B. F. Kllett, of this city.. This lady
states, In her affidavit, tbat ber motlvee are
purely of a ' disinterested nature; that she
wlahta the child to be la poet talon ef her
natural guardian. The writ ef habeag corpus
c tiled for tbe inttant production of the prodigy
in Gmrt, whereat Mrs. Burns was, of course,
much distressed, but prominent Philadelphia
ehizecs at once stepped forward to her aid,
and Mr. Cbllds, ef Childe A Peterson, together
with ber attorney, Mr. Furman Sheppard, be
came security for her appearance with tbe child
oa Friday ef this week. AT. T. Tribitn; 18th.
A IaWBNsa Bvolmh Catacomb. An im
mense eateoomb can be teen at Bothwall la
the interior of England, near the direct route
from Liverpool to London. It it an immense
vault built of masonry, under a church whioh
dates back apparently for its first erection to
about the year 1150, and contains the skeletons
of thirteen thousand men, probably warriors,
of great site, piled np in regular order, to that
skulls and large bones only appear on tbe out
sides of the piles. The skulla show marks ef
apear and batohet, but no gun-ahot wounds,
and their owners probably All In mortal con
flict anterior to tbe invention ef gunpowder.
The vault waa discovered by acoidant one
hundred and sixty years ago, and has no con
nection with the ohuroh ae far at known; in
fact, the mystery is that there is no historical
evidence nor traditionary legend which throws
any light open the obscurity of its erection.
Be anatomist, historian, ethnologist, an
tiquarian, nor savant of any stripe naa been
able to decide the people even to whom these
bone once belonged. Were they native Sax
ons, or Romans, Danes, Normans, or what?
Nobody has more than guessed. A plausible
theory la that tbey belonged to Danish in
vaders, slain by the Saxont about the year
1000; still this ia but a probability.
Railway Aocidbrtb m Eoton. Calcula
tions, baaed upon the most authentic returns,
have established that since the introduction of
railways into France, there has been only one
traveler killed outright in every 2,000,000 ef
passengers,' and there ha been only one
traveler wounded in every 500,000 passengers.
What wae the ratio of suoh casualties in the
good old times of low traveling? Why, when
the dillgenoes were in use, there waa, on an
average ef tea yean, one killed of every 358,
000 travelers by these vehicle, and one
wounded in 80,000. It teems, also, that in
France, where evsry care is taken to prevent
timid dowagers, nervous rentier, and fast
young people getliog into danger at stations,
tbe reaulte have been lose favorable than ia
Belgium, where one only has bsen killed in
9,000,000 of travelers, and one wounded in
2,000,000. . Against railway acoidenta eco
ought to be able to assure hi life and limba at
vara mall Bgure In &ray. In. Prussia
and the Duohy of Badett there bae been but
one killed in every 17,500,000 of travelers,
and only one wounded in 1,200,000.
Momtirr i CiTisa. The following table,
made up from oflloial reports, exhibits the
ratio of mortality in different localities,
among both the white and oolored population:
White Colored
Place. Population. Population.
New York city.... ...... 1 In 3D 1 in a3
Boston..... 40 ... Sri
Philadelphia.. ti ... 27
Dal tiruore..- . 40 ... 3K
Charleston..... 39 ... 31
Providence..... . ...... ..S3 ..90
Hhodo Island............. M ... 40
Kentucky.............. 69 . ... 72
From these figures it appears that the num
ber of deaths in New York, oompared to Ken
tucky, are as three to one. This is owing to
fast living, filthy streets, imported paupers,
and multiplicity of medioal dootors.
Gab abo Small-fox. The St. John's Arut
says : A gentleman of intelligence and ob
servation informs us, from all the information
be can obtain from medioal men now having
many case of small-pox under treatment, that
there is no house in the city where gaa ia
burnt, of the ordinary consumption, ia which
the disease has yet found lodgement. The
gas, it Is supposed, Is a powerful disinfectant,
and henoe there is no contagion within the
eircle of its influence. He says that a person
burning gas may eontraot the diaeass abroad
and take it home ith him; but it will not be
communicated to any other member of his
.family. This Is a tubjeot well deserving of
' CistitJi M. Cut t Nsw York. Hon. Cel
sius M. Clay, of Ksntaoky, delivered his long
xpeeted address before the Young Men's Re
publican Union cn Thursday evening, at the
Cooper Institute, New York. The hall was
crowded, in tplte of the fierce storm, and the
fact that the price ef admission waa fixed at
twenty-live cents. Mr. Clay expressed his
views on all the prominent political topios of
the day, Including Dred Soott, John Brown,
Helper, Sherman and Republican prospect
for 1800. .... . ,
Ai Abioobdibo Attobbbt. O. T. Baird,
who haa gained considerable notoriety as
Prosecuting Attorney of the Common Pleas
Court in the Knox County (Ind.) District, hat
been ealled suddenly to New York, "on ao
count of tlckaess in Alt father! family," aa he
alleges; but others aver that the true reason it
that he feared the developement ef eertain
transactions, wherein bribes were received by
him to quash "information" afrainat parties
charged with violation of law. . - '
A Sotfsbib roa Dbvottor to Nbqbobs, A
man by the name of Sherman, who haa a
negro woman for a oompanion, waa eeeorted
out ef IUinolstown to St, Louis, on Saturday
tight, by a number ef dtiaena who did not ap
prove of his choice of a companion. He had
been previously ducked in Indiana, and eow
hlded In OoUlnsville, Illinois, for th tame
offense. He hu a grown ton and daughter
by th woman. .... vt
"Tat Chicago Calista. Tbe lady whe figured
it tbe Chicago erim. eon. oase Is now In Al
bany.. She 1 an adopted daughter of Brattua
Coming. The lady was married tome fly
yean slace. The wedding wee a gllt-edred
affair, and led to an Imawnso time centrally.
The lady ia very good-looking, and haa three
children. The husband keeps the two oldest. '
The infant it kept by tbe mother. The in
jured husband will allow hia erring wife $4,000
a year to rive otw- ' v - -
ii'-f- . ' ""aanap , f,. .'
Safe Harbor people are addicted to domeatio
wines r One day last week a wagon load, eon
elstleg ef fourteen semis of eleWbetry wine,
from that piece, paased through Lanes bar, '
m mutt for the Philadelphia market Tola
kind of beverage for wine bitten it anew artt
vie la market, at least In nek quMtlC.a.

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