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, vrrvr Q TEN CENTS
korlÁll 10 PER- WEEK
: '
liTEEPStiOESBuy your shoes at
POTTERS, 1La West Fifth at. jy1810t
I old reliable house 01 B. CAVAIINA4
rN have a fresh lot 01- choice Key West
,, IiIaltb , , Jyill-St
A ANTEDTO SUPPLYThe public with
NY' good Photographs and Ferrotypes at
t iB LI'S. 609 MI4114011 street. Covington, Ky.
v pen every day. ,.. - ap5-4tuo
t te .
tINV. As oNgeDa er. PhAo uteNsorredGst Oi jnete ler awUotterin:s
'.. tor small mitts. Try him. es 12 IST! Sixth
twist, Covington, Ky. - Sp6-41no
IWANTEDYOUTo go to the concert of
Seidensilekor's Band at Shickling's Hall,
S22 Vine street?, THIS LVKNIND; concert ev
'try evening this week. 10
r ANTEDYOUTo go to the eoncert col
f. Behicusticker's Bawl at Schick ling's
p all, 522 Vine street. THIS EVENING; con,-,
ert every evening this week. ' 10
i ANTEDYOUTo go to the concert of
f Seidensticker's Band at Schickling's
all, 622 Vine street, THIS EVENING; con
tert ever, evening this week. It
t ANTEDYOUTo go to the concert of
Beidensticker's Band at Schickling's
all, 522 Vine street, THIS EVENING; con
' tort every evening this week. ' , It
r V V that you can buy a pair of good shoes for
. git. rae to thoenNe edlYr cgokmS II) ea iSntog, eNe ter:, E nj ys tat b
it V V man, to treo boots; one who can tree four
teases a day can Butt steady employment anti
good wages by applying to WM DEN
CORNER, Hamilton, U. Jy13-St
hiSTANTETYRemember economy is the road
to wealth. You can save money by buy
ing your Boots and Shoes, Gaiters or Slippera
S. MARX, 24.0 West Fifth street. He ki0118
retail at v.nolesale prices. it
REPAIRThe most app.roved wringers
ray sale at F. TETTEN BORN'S, successor to
Udell Ladder and Wootienware Company, 219
Vest Fifth street, bet, Elia and Plum. jy13.10t
Ant-class Sewing Machines in order to
tire Dually trent the business. Will sell at
'OST tor CASH. Cantor AGENT, 220 W alnut
treat, Ant nom jertl-tt
WANTEDThe longest pole knocks tits
persimmonsDELL a suecess in mak.
ling every style of Pictures. Old pictures
popied to mutt or no charge. 160 West Fifth
istreet. ; Jytti-2t,TuAS
FOIL BALE.N000 old papers, in lauldrod
packs. at this office. , tf
CiuR SAL1CA. good Route ott this paper.
Cat' at this office. .1,Y8-tt
12 SLIPPERSFor nice ones go to AD
iOTT'S, 206 lank street, between Elm aud
"Iwn. iy13-at
EN0.11 BALECARHIAGESNew and see..
U end band in great variety. t'or bargains
All at Ili and 21 West Seventh street. Oho. O.
iLILLEIt & SON& sel-tf
dence, at Hannon, Lolorado, adjoining the
remillea of Dr. William A. I beautiful sit.
allow an a aoamtessningmatistasee, overlook
itg the grandest soimery the tontlherit.' Tile
ountain creek, a clear mountain stream, rues
trent of the property. The house lias six
Doms, ivith eloeets, etc. perfectiy new. and
Mit in the mait substautlal manner. Will be
Did on accommodating terms. Apply to
LAPP'S real Mate nice, Oolorado Springs,
Oloratio. . ly13-st
V objections to the country. Address M.
F., this (Ace. jyIS-St
V V and girl tor housework; city or country.
Court street. jy13.3t
V V and' intelligent boy ot 12 years. to work
t a store or dice. Adtitess DOLD
41..K. Wi St. Clair street. jy18-311
VVittioADyeEt..880ItTay.tiT010011reciyongie :Igooretdo
ie country, Aditiress JUILN a', Star odic
)y13-20 ,
OSTA LACE CAPEOn Fourth greet,
LA between Plum and Knee. The finder will
)eeive t2 reward by returning saute to 168
lum street. lt4
P ",.- ,.. - STOLEN.
Nti Court-otreet Market; between Vino and
, ace. Return IA) AND BIEN, corner Ninth
, nd Harriet, anti receive reward. . Hy,
. ---.......--
' 'orbIttos saloon IturnettAccidente, .2o.
- . ecial to the Star. ' , . L. . ' .
COLUtaktis, O., July 13.---Chrbin's se.-
. eon, itt: Westerville, Was partially
. .urned Sunday night. The flames we're
, hoovered lit time to be eXtinguiehed,
,ut not before the building was badly
. amaged. It can not be occupied until
' epaired. Corbin has been sick abed for
everai days. -- . , , - - . -
! A ailed adjoining the Buckeye base
' -ail grounds tell in, yesterday afternoon,
nd about tiny boys who had crowded
. . pon it to witness 'the game, then In
, 'regress, were thrown to the greutid.
ore than a dozen were . badly injured,
' , . d Several had arms or legs broken.
' A dental student natned Dian Smith,
- ' ., Dr. Emmeninger's office, ,was serious
': hurt last evening by theexplosion of a
, uloanizer with which he was, experi
.. eating. .. .. - ,, ' ,
- . --A. communication Was received by the
ity Council last evening from County
, tuldomitora4r Sitio7.deRre, eaxakporetsbs do :nth: ians.
. rm nimof the existence of any statute
o the legality of recent municipai levy
,- ' lieWing a levy. of more than isji mills. '
. -------.--
ZINO4mm Ettiod--.1tegitnentat Boonton,
'- tootal to the Stat. '
, ,- . .
. DATION, . 0 July 18.--A. brakeman
amed lierace Itiugget was crushed to
. eath nigbt before last at Bellefontaine
Idle eogaged in coupling oars in. the
epot in that plitoe. ..... - -
. .
, The third annual reunion of the 7lat
- hie Voluitteers will be held here at the
oldiers'lleme, July 20. -
- . Gen., T. J. Brady, of Muncie, Ind, the
'pew Supervisor of Internal Revenue
,', ler this District, is expected here to-day.
- ?., I - -That Bent Bolo :
. ., ..
:', 1 LONG Bitxxcif; July 13.---Probably no
, - aby forty.eight hours old has ever ore
tett so much excitement and specula
' . ion in this wateribg-place as the late
'' ; nivel at the President', cottage. -Con,'
atulations and wishes tor good health
. f the young mother and son are being
. eoeived from all parts ot the United
tates. But few have been ,fortuvate
bottgli 1111 yet to see the "young men,"
-' ' ut by those who bay be le said to be e
-- ne 10j4-901Uld PoIl ' . - - .
. . ,, . , ,
-WASUINGTON, July 18.--The National
Bank notes received to-day for redemp
tion amounted to 4066,000;- custom re
ceipts amounted to $409,097 43; internal
Irevenue receipts amounted to $186,571 81.
1 The annual settlement at the Phila.
!dolphin kint was oompleted on the 3d
of tho present month, and the showing
I was one of the most satisfactory in the
history ot thiL institution.
, The total amount of gold operated
upon by the molter and refiner during
ME year was 742,300,276 standard. Troy
ounces, valued at $13,804,712 11.
'The amount ot loss on wastage of oper
ating on this was 87,003 otinces. One
thousandth of the whole amount ot the
operations are conducted with the hon
esty of the einployes, and the perlection
which has been reached In the processes
of seperation and relining of the pre
cious metals.
in addition to the above this mint has
manufactured a large amount of nickel
and bronze coins, and numerous metals,
being the only one of our institutions
whieh operates in ttiese, beside supply
Ing the other mints With tiles uecessary
for coinage.
SANTANDER, fitly 13. .The Spanibh
steamship Bayones was wrecked near
Metric, on the Biscayan coast.. The
crew were saved by Carnet fishermen.
It is said they will be held as hostages,
and the Carlists threaten to shoot them
if the Royalists bombard any more coast
LONDON, JUly 13.A, Copenhagen ills
paten states that an -explanation will be
demanded oi Germany for secret soulYcl
Inge, last week, taken by a Prussiau
Romm, ;July 13.Garibaltli, on his ar
rival at Civittn Weenie, ou the way to
Carprera, was drawn to the hotel by the
people. The town was illutaluatea last
night. ,
LONDON, July 13.L--The members of tho
English National Rifle Assooiation are
how extremely anxious to make arrange.
meats tor a match against tue Americaa
team. They otter tee Arneridaas till.
ver cup to be snot for among themselves,
and to be taken to America and after
ward used as a clutlienge cup. ,
, , Big Piro. .
Nkw YORK July 13.A lire at 157 It
torney street itnis morning damaged Iliu
building and mores of Li.
and R. & IL:IBauer , to the extent oi
111.0 I
LONO BRANCH,. July I3.The first race,
for a purse of 300, for all ages; (Win of
nonlife, was won by Searcher; Inspi
ration - second, ',slaps bird. Time,
1 . , .......o...--. ,
For pito.
BosToN, July 13.--Plymouth Stoddard,
who murdered Policeman ' Baxter,
I pleaded guilty to-day to murder in the
I second degree and was sentenced to.
States Prison for life. .
, .
4.0 Ow
Anti-litonspoly Contfontion.
ST. PAUL, MINN.,- July 1.8.The Anti.
Monopoly Convention called to .mect at
OWatonna on tbe 21st,--bas been post
poned to the 29th inst. It is said that it
will probably indorse the Democratic or
Republican ticket. -
LANCASTER, PA.. July 11--Judge Hays;
for tarty years Judge of -the District
Court, tiled at his residenoe, in this city,
this morning, aged eighty-three leers.
lie netired from the bench last January.
lie was held in high estimation by the
entire community. -
CT. L-,ALLIo, MLA ZI,' U my 10,ILitt 11111,1
Monopoly Convention called to .mect at ,. -
OWatonna on the 21st,-bas been post- .. ' ,
polled to the 29th inst. It is said that it
will probably indorse the Demooratte or - DESTRUCTIVE FLAMES 14; OSWEGO.
Republican ticket. - : - OswEdo. N.. Y., Julyi 13.--A fire broke
out yesterday, in Lewes it Co's planing
Deceased. mill n W est 2d street, destroying the
LANCASTER, PA.. July 13,---Judge Hays' building, maohinery, and stock. Total
for tarty years Judge of Abe Districl los8 $20,000l insurance $0,000. The
Court, died at his residenoe, in this city, flames cominunicated to' the adjacent
this morning, aged eighty-three leers. buildings, destroying Decressier a Mc
Lie hetired front the bench last January. Daniel's carriage shop, 1.,ss $3,500; lu
ne was hold in hign estimation by the surance $1,000. AISO A. Solitian's inarhle
entire community. - residence, loss $2,000; insurance $500.
Also P. S. Perkins' pump factory, loss
$10,000; insurance $500. Geo. Skinner's
Army of the Zentiessee-Desision.
paint alibi) was damaged to the extent of
DES NOIRES, IOWA, July 13.Secretary about $1,400, fully , insured. - Cooper's
of War Belkuap spent Saturday here in livery ett-tble was . slightly- damaged.
consultation with our citizens to make The loss will probably not exceed $1,000:
arrangements for a reunion of the army insured. Gerson Meyers' residence was
of the Tennessee In September.' lie has idainaged by water principally, loss 43,-
left for Chicago to it)in en Sheridan 111,1000 to $5,000, fully insured.' '
the Yellow Stone excursion. , , . .
The opinion of the Supreme Court in . ,
the Brandt embezzlement case will ,.- "Wrillia IVInni .
probably be filed ou Thursday and is an
important one. ,, . . , I ,.,..- .,- ... 1.T T T.I., loT
'P. A.m..
2'ho Brie Bleetiolu
Nxtv Tonic, July 18.At the Erie rail
road election but ono ticket is being run
for Directors, at noon two hundred and
thirty-six,thousand shares weve voted.
The following is the ticket: -
Hugh J. Jewett, Edwin D. Morgan, O.
Roberts, H. J. Stebbins, Homer Rams
dell, P. R. Baltzer, B. L. M. Barlow, L.,
H. Mercer, R. N. Grant, Courtiandt
Parker, D. B. Guthrie, Giles VT. Hotch
kiss, Asa S. Parker, Samuel Sloan and
Thomas Dickson. So far there is no ex
citement. -
NEW YORK, July 13.--Jay Gould le
credited what the assertion that stocks
will be dull until August 10th, when a
bull movement will be started that will
carry all the speculative stocks 20 to 40
per cent. higher. ,. . , , .
Nearly $7,000 have already been sub-
scribed here for the sufferers by the
French floods. . . ,
. The Misses Minnie and Lilian Cdaway,
managers of tht Brooklyn Theater, have
been served with an order to show cause
to.morrow will they should not be die.
possessed on accouut of overdue rent. ,
Dispatches from .Peekskill say there
was an entbUslastio demonstration last
night by the citigens of Peekskill to do
honor to Henry Ward,Beecher. About
one thousand people marched in proces.
MOO to Beecher's cottage, where the,
, , ,
latter received them on the lawn.,
oy , aa aaaampa,,11,4
t After musio
band, the spokesman explained that the.
' demonstration of citizens was fpr the
Inirpese of giving expression to their
000fill0008 la him as a man aud a Christ,
' lea minister. Beecher replied in ,a re-
markable speech of an hour.. He -re.
I viewed aspects of the late trial, and-de.
' tared his honesty el characler and con-
fidence el hie countrytnen in it had car.
Heti him through, and referred in touch.
ing Aerial). te the devotion oflqvmeuth
1 Chilreilo . ' ,, , ' ,- . -- - . , -
21(.8 BMGAZIA..
Mon of Broths on Trial of Musa..
SARATOGA, N. Y., July 1.3.The day
opens beautifully. The weather is warm
and clear; the lake is calm and smooth,
and no wind is stirring.
There is a fair crowd in attendance,
and everything is being managed
smoothly and systematioally on the part
ot the authorities.
cornett wins.
SARATOGA, July 13.The Freshman
race toclay was won by Cornell. Time,
17 minutes 22 seconds. Harvard came
in second, Brown third, and Prineeton
fourth. '
Commemorative Modal.
WASHINGTON, JUly 1.3.The Direetor
,OI the Mint has s received front the
Messrs. Wyon, of London. through the
kindness of, B. F. Stevens, U. S. Dis
patch Agent, a beautiful Ireine medal
struck by the corporation of London to
commemorate the recovery of the Prince
of Wales.
From Raviilotion islands.
rove has returned to 1113nolutu from
Navigation Islands. The Constitution
was adopted May 18th, and Malletoa
elected King May 2Ist, retiring Pula
Pulu to the Chieftainship. Col. Stein
berger, made- Premier. will resign the
Commissinnership ot k'oreign Consols,
and all the people acquiesce in the elec
tions. Murder Intl KG
RALEIGH, N. C., July 13.A moat hon.
rible murder, committed last March, has
Just cotne to light. Scott Portia, a
white man, cut his wifea throat and
thou attempted to cut up and burn the
body. , Failing In this he killed his eightyear-old
bOtt tO prevent him from dis
closing - the crime, and buried both
bodies In the marsh, where they have
just been discovered.
The Bing inundators Coming Mama. ,
NEW YORK. July is now stated
that an agreeineut has been made be
tween the District Attorney 'and Peter
B. Sweeney's counsel that bweeny will
return front' Marie to meet the indict
ments againsifthim for participating in
tbe Tweed robberies and bail in 00,040
will be aocepte leis. also said that Like
work orreetitution of the Lug plunder
is soori to begat, and that Ex-Commissioner
Walsh will be the lirst to hand ,
over his share, amounting witil Interest
to about 30.000. 1e total plunder of
the Tweed Ring Is placed at $15,000,000. !
Several of the Ring erinitnals have of
fered to psy over various amounts rang
ing front $50,0011 to $500,000. Sweeney
still lives JO handsome styl in Paris,
although all his property here is at
tached. ! !. ,
, Inereosinti pollen , , ,
CoNsTaimunewc, July 111.--In order
to cover the taro deficit IA, revenueots
limn by the itudget,. thd Government.
intends to double present import duties.
LaNnozi, July 13.--Tite American ride
teain will arrive in this,oity on Wednes
day the fourteenth inst. ,
LONDON, July 13-1 -P. 21.The funhs
are quiet and unsteady. Consols for
money, 94; consols for account, 94.
U. 8. bone firm: Gs, 106X1g166; Erie
LONDON, July 13.The fundS remained
quiet., çuusols for money, 94 1-16494.
U. S. bonds, unchanged anti stron4
10 40s, 104(4104; new Os, 1.03y,(4)103.
Erie shares,r234.
, ,
LONG BRANUM, N. J July 11Today
is another great day at1 Monmouth Park,
and large arrivols are noticeable at the
hotels, including' many persons who
were hdavy losers at the last; meeting
and have returned to try. their luck
again. At the sale of pools at the 'West
Buil Hotel, however, less than the usual
aniination was shown.
On the programme islst a trial purse,
oue mile, in which Cariboo, Desperation,
Venango and Seemlier will start.- - See
ondOcean hetet stakes.- 1 miles, in
which McGrath's Harneý's, anti Pur
yeas'stables will be. represented.
ThirdPurse of POO, for - mile
heats, in which - Vandalite,
Nary Lang, scratch, The -Hoaxer,
Bob Woolay, and Corning will start,
and feurth, the hurdle race of two miles,
in which Deadhead, Divalo, Trouble,
Risk, and Minute Moil...will run.
McGrath,s stable is the lavorite for the
Opeau Hotel stakes, selling at $240; Har
nay's, $74; Puryeas', $10; Chamberlin's,
SARATOGA, N.- Y.; July la.Tne entries
closed yesterday tor the athletic sports
to come off at Glen Mitohell the day after
the boat races. There APO 110 all, aver
aging eleven for each race.
lags, of St. Louie. Anti Atiantles played
Baseball on the 'Linton grounds,. result
ing in a vtotory for the St. LOUIS 011,1D,
to 2.. , ,
rHILADELPHIA, uly 13.At a meeting
of the Baseball Club, held last,
night, it was agreed that hereatter when
any player absents himself from a game
without permission of the Dire2tors be
shall loose oue inonth's pay. A bommu
nteation from the Bosteu Club, to mate
tile home club respon:ible, iu case of the
crowd breaking in upon a game, and to
give the game, in soul' case, to the oppo
tate club.wasvoted down. ,' , ,
Eltainisowr, Kr:, July 18.The game
of basebail yesterday resulted:. Capi
tals,. of Franklort, 14; Mute, Jr., el
.000 Iv Emmy, atm vorlitag win 111.11,114
and fourth, the- hurdle race of two miles,
in which Deadhead, Diva le, Trouble,
Risk, and Minute Moil. wlli rum . , ,
Mc Grath,s stable is the lavorite for the
Oesau Hotel stakes, sellingat $2,10; Hap.
nay $7,2; Puryeas', $10; Chamberlin's,
;11 ' - '' - :' ' - " - ,!
i - tint trtmEnte a'r cilatN tfrrionnt.L.
' SaitaTeda, N.- Y.; July la.Tee entries
closed yesterday tor the athletic sports
to come elf at Glen Mitohell the day after
the boat races. There APO 110 ill all, aver-
aging eleven for each race. -
- -. , BA8E-BALL . ,.. ' ' :
B KLYK, July 13.--BreWa Stock
in s, of St. Louie. and Atlantles played
Ba!se-ball on the 'Linton grounds,. result,.
ing in a vtotory for the St,. 1,0111,8 01110, by
' ' ; ',- a
ralLADIELPRIA, July 13.At a meeting
of the Atilletie Base.ball Club, held last
Eiglit,, it was agreed that bereatter when
auy player absents himself from a game
without permiesion of the Direetors be '
shall loose oue inenth's pay. A bommu.
vacation !rem the Bestea Club, to mate
the home club respon:ible, la case of the
crowd breaking in upon a game, and to
give the game, in swill case, to the oppo.
hite club,..was Noted flown. ,'' . , ,
.' Fatitneowr, Kir:, July 18.--The game
of basehail yesterday resulted:. Capi,
tale,. of Franktort, 14; Nagle, Jr., el
Leablville, To - ,- T' ,.. , - - - . , , . - -'
BOSTON. July 11Benjamin C. Smith
was arrested this morning, charged with
swindling the North National Bank mit
of 000 by forging the name of Charles
Newell.- ,
JOilitr, lit", July 13.--Robert Simp
son, a wealthy farmer, diect at his plaoe,
three miles south of this eity, a few
weeks ago under suspicious circum
stances. Yesterday an inquest was called and
the body exhumed. The inquest Will
probably continue the whole of this
week, but the following facts have been
developed by the evidence so far ad
duced; Simpson's sons aver that their
late father's Wife was also his daughter
and their sister, and that the father and
daughterhad one son born to them who
is now 13' years old, and it is charged
that this inhuman daughter in collusion
with a teuant ou the farm, by the name
of Darwin, who now has a ten year
lease of the, place, giveu since the old
man's death, , bad poisoned , Simpson
with the intent of getting possession of
Oa the poet-mortem examination It
was ascertained that Simpson's heart
was badly diseased and migat have
eaneed his death at any time, also that
the presence col poison in tile stomach
was possible. The stomach was Sent to
Chicago for chemleal examination. The
whole affair looks black, though the con
tett among the heirs in regard to the
WM lett by the old man, leaving the bulk
of his property to hie wile, may have
given rise to some of the dumagiug re
porte. timorge Hard, Esq., who drew
tbe old inau's will, says he was perfectiy
sensible and clear as to ail the provis
ions of that instrument.
Itiastuy .aisa---Arreating tho Lung Point
Sr Louis, July IIThomas IL Win
ston, formerly treleht conductor on the
Missouri, ICanms k Texas railroad, has
been missing for six weeks. The young
man is said to have relatives liviug near
dean Thompson, an old and wealthy
-of St. Louts, suddenly cheap.
peered on if une 30th.There is no clue to
his whereabouts. He had domeetio or
naucial trouble. -
Five meu are now under arrest on
suepicion of complicity in the attempted
train robbery at Long Point, anti the
authorities are satisfied that they have
got the right ones.
'The Riot at Lawretteth
LAwiticzick 31aSS., Jui4 13.A serious
riot OCCUCNte here last evening between
Orangemen and some peoplo near the
boat where the Orangemen wore landing
atter their return from a picnic. The
Orangemen wore driven by the crowd to
station.irouse for , protection. The
Mayor addressed the crowd, but' his
voice was itrowned amid groans and
hisses. Lie then Caine out and needed
the police in escorting the Orangemen.
The crowd thiew stones, bottles, &a.,
striking nearly everyone in proces.
Mal. Die Orangemen trod their' revolý
ere iu the crown anti many were hit, but
none killed. ' Great excitement pre.
veiled. ' ' '
A Bled lam Dodge.
'An'extensive printing lionse, supplied
with leaf t for storeotyping and print
books mien a large scale, and which
is inteuded to give employment to nearly
200 workmoo, has been established in tbe
village of Rouse's Point, New York
State, on the Canadian line- The pecu
liarity of this enterprise consists In the
tact that Rouse Point is a yery small vil
lage, with uo trade to speak of, and that
the OW110113 of the printing house -are
Clioadions, who have set up their estab
lisinnent on American soil in conse
quence of provisions of the law in regard
to copyrigats'which give American pub
lishers an advantage over Canadiane lu
the reprinting el Eoglish books for the
Canada market. In Canada no English
book can bo reprinted without the per
mission of the author,'whose copyright
extends to the Dominion, While in the
United States publisaers can reprint any
English book and send it into Canada
for sale on paying a duty of twelve and a
milt per cent. which is collected for the
benefit' of thit author. The Canadian
publishers who have located lit Rouse's
Point think it cheaper to 'print their
books in this uountry anti pay the twelve
and a half per cent. than to deal directly
with the English authors- - .
'' A Smuggler's Wooden Leg
Perhaps the most ingenious method of
deoeiving the Custom-nouse officers that
has come to light lately was the device
of a man with a wooden 'leg. His name
YRS Earnest Bobruman, and he was a
'tatty of Saxony. Ile was usually
dressed very shabbily and traveled se a
poor emigrant. Ile was a skillful story
teller anti betrayed himself by telling a
Very humorous story a seoond time with
in the hearing of the same detective who
was. oa board one of the White Star
steamers with him. The climax was
brought. out in stunt an ,inimitable man.
ner brokeu English that the officer
immediately recalled that the voice atid
manner of another, one-legged emigrant
who had come in a ship of another line
withOhn only about two months before.
The fact of a poorly dressed man mak
ing two journeys to America in so short
a time excited his suspicion. He ac
oordingly reported the eircumstance
when the vessel arriVed in Port, and un
usual diligence was used in searching
his baggage and person, but nothing was
totted until his wooden leg was removed.
It was an ordinary cheap artificial leg,
fastened to the natural leg at the knee
and armed with a ferrule at the bottom.
When it was taken off it seeined mum
ally lignt, and on careful examination it
was mond to be -hollow and to contain
about $5,000 worth of laces and precious
stahes. He had been a diamond broker,
but had become poor anti subsequently
entered tee. Prussian army in the French
war as a , private , or nou-commissioned
ofiléer. fle lost, his leg in battle and
when he recovered ite thought this
mettuid'ot retrieviug his fallen fortunes.
A Penneyliatila mho has eaten a box
Ot 110813; but Pennsylvania Men don't
know math- , If oue of them -happens to
niistake his 'inside for his outside, it is
an error of the head and not of the
his bil
It wal
and a
ally li
was I
at al
war. I
- 'A 1,
O. 80,
an er
' A' ;
wi") 1
0,f Gel
117 bu
Such 1
in Ka
, A problem in relationship mitht be
construcLed from the case of Mrs:T. W.
Talmage, et Columbus, Ohio...who is a
grand-daughter of Mrs.. Harriet rarics,
who was a niece and adopted. daughter
of George Washington. - ,
Mrs. Cartiey. or Leaven worttio,' killed
117 bushels of griussiaoppers in ono week.
Such tlarneyage in sifery eity and town
in Kansa! would soon exterminate Vie
LONDON, Al M.Major Muretta,
Japanese, total y ignorant of the English
langhage, is the best marksman at Wita
bledon. lia makes astonishing long
range shots. , , -
ilessrs. Moody and Sankey'a farewell
meeting, took place last night. The
Earls of Shaftesbury and Cavan, Samuel
Morley, Met; Right Hon. Cowper Tem.
ple, Mr. MaoArthur and OSTOB hundred
clergymen were present. Speeches wore
made full of praise of the eminent revi
valists for the fresh lite and enargy they
bad introduced in the churches and the
steadfastness ol their converts. A sug
gestion was made that a memorial.of
some kind be presented to Messrs.
24( lily and Sankey, but lir.. Stone on
their behalf said it would not be ac
cepted, and nothing would give them
more pain titan such a step.
EDINBURG, July 13.Mr. Robeson,
Americau Consul, gave an informal ban
quet to the Team last night at tile City
WO. Several residents of Edinburg
were present, and expressed their regret
that there had been no opportunity to
give the Americans an official reception,
us tbe manifestation of Scotland's kindly
feelings towarti the United States. Col.
Gildersleeve says nearly ail the members
ot the Team will reach London in time to
take part individually la the several
matches at Wimbledon on Satur.aity.
The standard furnishes advices from
Zara, capital of Dalmatia, which repre
sent that tbe Panstavie emissaries
spread reports among the Ilerzegovin
tans that the Turks intended to wain.
pate the Christians. These falsehoods
caused the insurrection. Masses of In
surgents surrounded the towns of Gasko,
Neversine , and Stotatz. Six hundred
fatuities have nod into Croatia and Ser.
via, and twelve huudred have arrived in
Dalmatia al different points along the
frontier. '
VIENNA, July 13.--The PrE880 reports
thAL the weavers on a strike in Braun
have assumed a threatening attitude.
Three battalions of inlantry and two
squadrons ot cavalry are held in readi
ness to preserve order.
PARIS, July 13.--Au ollicial telegram In
the atoniteur corrects tale exaggeration
as to the number of people drowned in
Toulouse., and .states that so tar only 216
bodies have been found. ,
In the Assembly the University Edu
cation bill was discussed in detail clause
by clause. All the amendments moved
by Liberals have been rejected by narrow
majorities. The Clericals are jubilant,
anu congratulate Bisuop Dupanloup on
their AtteceSd.
A motion will soon be introduced in
the Aesembly proposing a recess from
July 2.5th to November 4th. "l'he Left
Will meet this by moviog that business
be proceeded with uninterreptediy, with
a view to bringing about an early disso
tattoo.' " "
WIts-rEnuoLitit, a porter at
Theinas Wardlaw Co.'s pork-packing
establishment on N. Court street, was
overpowered by the beat about noon to
day and was taken- to the Cincinnati
Hospital. ',,
JOSRPH VEHICAMP charged with ma
. shooting A'ugust Henry at Se
. danisviiie last April lath, as inentiolied
la yesterdays STAR, was adjudged...not
guilty in the Criminal Court this morn.
ing and honorably discharged... ,,
ago stote 2 wortn .lead pipe from a
stable, was sentenced in the Police
Court this morning to thirty days in the
Work-house, and lined $125.- His accom
plice, Chas. Miller, received a sentence
of thirty days..
'A PLACARD - the window of the
Adams Express olUoiroffers a reward of
$2,950 tor 1,11e capture of the robbers who
stopped the train on the Vandalia Rail
road, at Long 'Point, Illinois, some time
ago, broke open a car and murdered the
engineer. A large amount of valuables
consigned to the care of the Adams Ex
press were stolen.
ARTHUR Spurn, charged with lunacy,
will be -taken- beteretho Probate Court
this afteruoou and examhted. He was
arrested last night by Lieutenant, Snel
baker and takeu to the Third-street Station-house,
where he made several at
tempts to hang himself. It dually became
necessary to remove all his Mottling lest
he should accomplish his purpose.
Cuas.EVERSMAN And Witliam Miller,
the twe men olio caused the death of a
horse on Spring Grove -avenue. by driv
ing him over au embankment at the end
of the bridge, Wen arraigned , before
Judge Lindeman this moruiug on 'a
charge of cruelly driving and killing a
horse. Eversman was.fined $25 and wet,
and Miller, thelminediate bause of the
animal's death, $60 and costs.. In de
fault ot' these sums they Wer0 remanded
to prison.; ,
, ,
, The Ritter Freshets. '
At midnight, last night, Licking broke
Loose and commenced rising at a rapid
rale. Up to daybreak to-day, the Licking
had risen nearly twelve' feet and is still
pouring out.
All the barges, floats and rafts lain 'up
in the mouth' of Licking were swept
dovro stream -by the freshet, and three
barges, containing thirty thousand hush.
els of coalovere sunk by driftwood near
the elevator' of Gordon .ft McClure.
Here the Ohio yiver OBI morning was
rising quite fastthaving swollen eighteen
inches during the night. Our latest re-ports
indicate this freshet to be pretty
general, as all the side streams are run
ning out quite-freely. - '
Tne D. T. Lane and Thos. -W. Meansy
botb with heavy Otis, were enable last
night to proceed up-stream, tbo current
lu the neighborhood of the Suspension
bridge was 80 strong. ,
- Tbe Kanawha river at Charleston, W.
Vs is 11180 on a tear, having 'reached
the height of 15 feet, and still rising Ilt
he rate of 18 inches per hour; -
,At Ironton yesterday the river rose
vilit feet.
-The Big and Little Miamis are running
out lively, and the Kentucky river rose
three feet yesterday at Frankfort.
Of course these freshets do a great
deal of damage to property, but' as yet
wellave heard of ,
It is strange that the young man -who
Wears white duck pants to a picnic al
ways sits down is a black raspberry pie,
and not one -that corresponds with the
pOler QL)116 petit& . .
rho New Camp Ground and Oss AIM
Camp Nesting.
The Camp Meeting at the new Childs ;
nett Camp-grounds, neat lovelaud,' --
gins this afternoon. Untisual proper
tions have been In progresi for weeksild
expectation of this event, and arrange. '
milts for the best of ministerial talcs ,
and for the noconimodation Of a tarp at.
tendance have been made. 1 , ,
Al -the sale of lots semi time Moog
purchases were made by very many el
our most prominent oitizens, and a large.
number of buildings and tents have been - ,
ereoted. Yesterday and to-day the build "..-
Jugs have been rapidly filling up and tail
proprietors making ready for the mason
of prayer and praise. .
The grounds, although new, are-excel:
lently; arranged and , convenionoes ed
every' kind have been provided. There
are five boardinghouses and restaurants '
for those who wish to board, and pa
eery and provision store for those ,
wish to oecupy tents or cottages anti -
provide for themselves.
A post-oflice has also been erected: '
and those in attendauce may have thole '
mail sent to them regularly. Several
news.stands are. in readiness and pre.
pared to furnish papers and books of all
kinds. A number ot other public '
ings, amounting to fifteen or Sweaty in
all, have been erected, and, the grounds
with their avenues, residenees, tabor-
nacles and business houses present the
appearance of a thriving young city. -
'the number of private cottages, at.'
though large, is-not so great as would .
have been bad the weather, been mote
favorable. '
A monster tabernacle,. capable of ae.
commodating fully live thousand peopl
has been erected and is comfortably and
neatly arranged. Besides thirtbere are' '
three large lents with the capacity of an ,
ordinary church each, and with ampia
accommodatious tor prayer and experts '
once meetings. The scene at the grounds
this morning was one Of unusual activity
and interest. ,
The railroads yesterday and to. -
day ran tree freight. cars for the &coma.
medation of those removing irom the. ,
city, and also commenced the sale of re
duced rate tickets to and from the
, grounds. Large numbers availed them.. -
, selves of tke opportunity offered yestea,
day, and were this morning la full pea
session of their temporary homes, ,
, occupied in putting the finishing touches
to the arrangement of furniture, eto.,
and in aminging to assist and tempora
rily accommodate their friends tyke. wan - .
to arrive to-day. -
Manyof the families who are to attend ,
' yesterday sent their furniture and '
heeded artícies by trusty employes, whit.
this morning, had the homes in remit. -
nese to welcome the occupants on thole
Many, however, with that , natural ,-
dread of "moving," have deferred the ,
ARM( Until to-day, and the -trains this
morning ,were 'loaded with furniture. '
kitchen utensils, provisions, trunks,
clothing, and all the paraphernalia -
attendant upou eveti a temporary trip at l'
thi kind. The palisenger. cars were
crowded with noxious mainmas,eager and :
jubilant children, worried paternals, bee
lore whom visione of stove pipes, cao. -
pets, bedsteads, and the hundred annoy- ;
ancea of the day loomed up, and wills
the thoughtful workers,whose-fiwn beg
tokened au earnest desire teat the fruits
of thb season might be plentoeus itad en
' clueing. , ,
U'p to noon, when our reporter left tha
grounds, everything was in a state ol
comparative contusion, but was grata.
ally assuming proportiors, and the proem -
pects weré that by 3 o'clock the' tante : ,
and cottages would be occupied, the
work of arranging completed, and the
attendants fairly settled in their homes.
ready to enter into the spirit of the -
alternoon's services. , - ,
Prayer meetings were held in Several
tents at nooa to-day, and the voice oil
prayer and song was beginning to lat
heard over the grounds as the reponse -
pocketed his notes and prepared for ,
hurried trip to the office. , ,
This afternoon at 3 o'clock' services
nre to be held and the opening Genteel
preacned by Bev. J. S. Chadwick. form- ,
erly of Covington but now of Louisvillit.
Appropriate services will alii0 be held
Ws evening and to-morrow the morn. -'
ing, afternoon anti evening...1 , ;
An unusual degree of interest la want. -
feste.d, and the peespects are that Ilia
meeting will be ode of more than era- ' ,
nary results. Ample accommodations
for transit to and irom the city have been - '
made, ea the trains on the Little Miami -
and the M. tit C. roads run at redueed
rates and stop at the grounds.,,
.111Lielf C01:1132 - ' i -
Drunk and DisorderlyAgnes Murphy, lt,
D. Emkwood, W. F. Heffner, each 'tlismissedi ,
C. B. Shafer, J. A. Conners, each Mg and costes
dolm Dugan, ten dayst Margaret Weldon,
and costs; Edward Dunn, costs;,Jos. Huns, ,
and costs; John Hauser, Frank Beaus, each
, and costs; Elizabeth -Doane;
5 days; Jennie Nickles and Kale Points, easel - .
33 and coatis; Wm. Jolundon, rx and costig -
Jelin Francis, 53 and costs; Mary O'Brien, la '
days; Lawrence Bennett, continued to 20th
inst.;'Joshph lloffman, 80 days and 110; .
SCILWall, $5 and costs; Charles Donis, same; ,
ClitideS York, Herman Rovind, Theo'. Schenck -
anti Andy Cook.eacii continued to nab inst.; ,
George Whittaker, tecorrigibility,,capias
miscellaneous,,Solomon Weld, petit lei- ,
ccuY. continued to 14tn inst; Caroline eraidti
vag, tildays; Frank bender, abusing lawny, '
and 030411; Frank Bender earl-yin); coneeided '
weaPens. Si and costs; CAs.:nrad Bender inter-
feril!g w ith Meer, disiniesed; H. D. iehweed,,
receiving stolen goods. dismissed; Peter link.
ler, petit larceny. mintinued to lath; Jaen Ler., ,,,,
nelle.vag, Sti days; J. Cunningham, cutting with '
intent te wetted, ousts; Patrick Sullivan,
corrigibility, House of' Refuge; Chas. Resta ,
man, cruel driving and killing a horse, S25 and
week Wm. Miller. same, MO and wets; Fraud -
Gametty, petit larceny, costs; Jae,. .bintentba. '
same, so days and $10; Wm. Tavis, same, se
days and S25, John Schneider,- petit, ,
ceny., 10 days And $10; Ann Click, sautes
continued to the lbth inst..; Wm. J. immissucar.
Henry Howard, false pretenses, eaeh MO and
ten days; 'George Engel, cruelty to alatinateIIP
and costs; Annie Eckert, thief, ninety days; . ,
Lawrence Bennett, reetsting eMoer, continued
to tioth Met.; JAMBS Ditty, receiving Mole& ,
goods, contintled to lath lust.; Charles Staler, , '
petit iareeny, thirty days; Wm. Tyndall. sagas,
so davs audgetat Hattie vag, ge &gag
Joe Watkins, petit larceny, 86 days aud $104
Geo.-Sheriff, anusing family, continued to -
inst. ; Minnie Forrest, Lizzie Bonner, street
walring, each 6 months.; Henry Backman,
house breaking, continued to letit inst.; malt- -
Moue cuttingdiame; Ana Clityteaspetit larceav. -
continued to 1-th inst. ' , ,
Assault and BatteryInsins Blunkoostng.
R Lambert, cotalented to leth tat.; Jag. Bay
Ins. costs; David ?reek, -dismissed; ,,
Smith, 0 and costa; Peter Johannes, gl asat ,
costs; Anton Maier, twenty day and go; An. ,
drew Smith, 6,1 and al,sts; Jeanette Stakrt. .'
sod costa: Annie Miller,- John. Brown, each
mots; Frederik& Frank, Wini. DOA Walk
Meets, dismiseed. , , ,

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