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Campbells Are Coming,
; i? a n i) (tImbi n atmomFtai-knt.
Kmeen Performers.
Cnmmcmolng nn
JI O Nil A V, A V U II, 1 1 T II , IRS 9.
Original Campbell Minstrela,
Prom 441, Ttrnadwar, New York, will have thehnn
or of appearing- as aliove.wlth New Rung I, thorn
i-e, Operatic B'lrleanue., Pances, fcp.
v. J-Knr particulars archills of day.
Ti.-lcet., .10 cent, liners open at SJ, C'clockt Per
formance to commence nt 7,V
nn? MR. A. JONES, Agcot.
Benefit of Mrs. O. Henri 1
Saturday, April ICtli LAST NIGHT,
Will lt nt HUSTON MA LI-on TitnminY, FmnAT
ami s.i vhdat ilvrviKuN, April 14th, Ifth and lh.
Ailmlflfilon 2fi cent". ('tiiMren 10 cent.
Conmifiu'i.'H moving At u4 o'clock, preclwly,
e7a7 .&t."m orb,
mo :ti mti.i:i:t,
Wall Papers.
WK wmiM invun tlin nttantiun of bnveri
to otir NI'KINO STOCK of
Paper Hangings, Decoratiooi, Ac ,
WMcli la now vny complete. We deliver patkA
frpn wtt hout charge, in Any part of the cHv.
A W RICE k Co7,
(Siucniiior to J. K. CroiHj
Hus'od Buildiug, Dayton.
KKKI'S ronntiiritty on Man'., nt Whlele
Mitl RetHll, ft I urge ftiRortmrnt of
Tiu, Juhjiiiim1 & Frotsnrd Ware,
Alio, a Inri variety of Cooklnr. Parlor. Dining
Hottm nud Itux St oven, tuch ai
LorKwood'n Economy,
T 11 I U mil I9 Ml ,
Ice Cheat, and Iceberg Befrlgtratora.
Of nil fil7?i,(1oiiRrlptloni nrni prlc. Th ure of
Invftliiftble lmportttnre, purticulnrly when Ice It In
uch demand it. nt I he prenent im, To mnk e a
vmfill qtirtntlty tell to good advantitge, theiur wny
li to procure nn
Water Cooler., Ic Cream Freezer and Bathing
Tub., of all .hiijtei and sizes. Also a general u
MH'tmtmt ol KitoUen, Pantry Laundry and Dairy
Utensils. .
TOSH OLINOKR, no long nnd well-known tothe
J clttiena of Dayton ant vicinity a a Hupertor Tin
nnd Sheet Worker, oontlnuea aa Korenian of the
Manufacturing Dejjitrlmeut, and we are prepared to
tin all Kimlaot work in nur line of tratle, from a Tin
Whistle to a Boiler llreecliing, In the most work
mnnliko manner, and at ahort notUe.
We are prepared to do , ; ' '
For all sizes and descriptions of buildings.
All orders thHiikiully rauelvei) and promptly at
tended to. A. W. KICK and CO.
IMssoliitiOis Notice.
' PUR partnerhip heretofore existing be-
-1- tween the undersigned, Is thin day dlstiolved
by iiiutual consent. The business of thetirrn will be
nettled by the senior uiomber, J. Lebensberger, to
whom Accounts mtty be paid, and who will settle the
dehls. J. LKUKNNllKHCsKK,
ruar i lie Truck!
THE undersigned will continue the Clothing busi
ness In all Its branches, nt the old stand, on 3d
street, one iioor euat of the Central ilium. He re
turns his th.niKb to all his patrons for their liberal
pntronnge heretoiore, and desires to lnlorm them,
and scores of new ones that he is better than ever
prepared to accommodate them and thegreatpuhlie,
with h full stork oi Heady Made Clothliig, of every
desci Iptioii, Gent.1 'uruIshUig Goods, etc.
tJtHulias lilh collars, to tit ml up, and straps to
keep down thte w)io are inclined to ilitt too high 1
In a word, he ha every thing In the Clothing
line, which the public luavdeslre.
"Clear (lie tiack, Unhid t-P'
Pine Pocket and Table
M I.tltV.
WnptenliolnifYa Pocket Cutlery,
American Table Cutlery.
Chen a Valenola,
Bilk Ravella Cloth,
Plccoloinlnt Plaids,
And Cross Overs,
Mohairs aud da Balgee.
A Urge and dcalral.le stock at LOW CASH
I'HK t s.
aprli JOHN, VAN UUBEN and CO.
Furnishing CJoods ! ! !
Now, Xovul, IClegnnt ond Useful. A large
hit of tliono indispensable articles just re
reived. The HOYS tliut mischievous class, who
tour their clothes I liuve no doubt will call
and see mi, ns years of eiperienoe has
proved to tliein that 1 can suit their juvenile
toatce; nnd if there is a boy inside or outside
the CorporatinD, who has not worn my
JACKETS and J'AXTS, 1 wish to see him,
and thoroughly renovate his external ap
pearitnce, by dressing him up in a suit of
iut woll-litting garments. Parents are re-Hjif-ct
Hilly invited to examine the Roods.
My stock of Ountlemen's Wear is one of
of the must complete and beautiful in the
market. Cull and examine the Latent Style:
apr'i- No. I, Main .Irri Uaj-toa, Ohio.
Dwelling House to Rent.
N I'irat street, went of I.ndlow, lately oo-
ruliled hv Joshua Hhcdca. eoutalulus 7 Kooaas.
with Ktidilc and large Lot.
Inquire ol N. M. Niilllvan, .11 3d street, or at his
onict'ou .Ulreet, wml oi the Fhlcllpa House.
WK have this dnv aasooiated with us In
tiHilur.s I). W. Stewart, uuder theatyleof
Haas. Milohttll and Stewart.
April 6, IfrtB. apr6-lw
AIjAKOIUN'U man wantd, on a larm.
In.yilre at the Montgomery Houss, Osxtoa, O.
Mil. I! I , 1
(113 1
NO. 70.
tapr. liiltiikg, Third Si.l ild H, liii A Jeffrwi
Vftlttft 00r rrn advanoe.
lOrratt pr We, pTMbi to thooarrtor.
Blnfla cepM.putup in wrkppvri, flcwit,
Cincinnati Agency.
The Cincinnati Type Foundry Company i
our duly authorised Agent to make contracts
and receipt for Advertisements subscriptions,
c, lu mat city.
To BnummMiw. The KmnireJob Rooms
sre in complete trim, end we are now prepared
to do work of til description in the best s4jl
ot the eft. vui in aadsxessineour war ho
learn our prieot.
HT To A DVttansiM. Advertisements or
Notice for the Umpire nut bo handed into
the office by ten e'elec on the day they are de-
tired to ne puousnea net terrr. n e cannot
ar-rcrlo insert them after that hour.
Weekly Advertisements.
Those who desire to have advertisement!
inserted in the Weekly Empire should hand
them in by Saturday morning, at the latest
Sk-Our advertising patrons will perceive
that, by our arrangement of reading matter,
their advertisements will be always new a
very Important matter to them.
ITSee 4th page for Telegraph Reports.
Y. M. C. A. There will be a regular meet
ing of ths Toung Men's Christian Association
at Wesley Chapel this evening at 7 o'clock.
A full attendance of the members is requested,
as business of will be transacted. .
A. T. BABBITT, Rec. Sec'y.
Ths Mails. Business ssea aadeiUaens gen
' erally will please see our correct Tsble of the
Time til closing the Mails at the Dayton l'o.t
Office. m
. (IrxttAL Ohaxoi of Tme. Our readers are
referred to the advert isemente of the various
, Roads direrging from this point, and to the
1 "Time Table," which we have prepared with
great care, in another column. A general
. change of time is made to-day, and our Time
i Table wilt be found eoneive and correct.
Matt. P.'a HimrraaLS. This aosurpaseed
Kthiopean Troupe will open a ahort season at
Huston Hall this evening, when they will give
one of their irrisistibly funny and severely
chaste entertainments to all who really desire
to see snd hear something refreshing. The
Peel's Campbell Minstrels will show the people
this evening that they, have not been told the
half about the excellence of their entertain
ments. Oo early and get good seats.
Gymnastics. On to morrow evening, the
German Turners of this city, give a Gymnastic
exhibition at the Dayton Gymnasium, They,
will be sssisted, we learn, by Prof. Rcemler ;
and the occasion will be a pleasant one, and
we hope to see the Room filled to its utmost ca
pacity. The EitraTAixMixT bAromoAY HioHT. The
very superior musical and dramatie entertain,
ment given by Mrs. 9. Henri and Troupe, at
Beekeia Ball on Saturday evening last was, we
are sorry u sy,' bqt poorly attended. This
was owing, doubtless, to ths very disagreeable
and rainy weather. Those who failed being
present oertainly missed a rare neat and elassi
eel treat ; and we hope that it Will be repeated
that our citiseos may have the privilege of see.
ing and hearing this truly talented lady artist
The absence of music on Saturday evening
was another matter to be regretted. Mr. Henri
informs us that he had procured a piano, and
had made positive arrangements with Dr. V nger
to accompany the musical portion of the enter
tainment, but the gentleman very strangely
failed to come up to the mark, thereby annoying
Mrs. Henri in a very unpardonable manner.
But notwithstanding all this, she aequited hep
self cbamingly.
Mr. Williams is an excellent reader and actor,
aud Funny Henri as a pantomimist, athletes
and dancer hss few equals. The audience was
delighted with (he entertain ment, and the gen
eral desire was that it would be repeated; which
we hope will be done when the weather is more
Since writing the above Hi, Henri informed
us that entertainments will be given on Friday
and Saturday eveninga of this week, at Deckel's
Hall ; the first to be the occasion of a Benefit to
the talented and accomplished lady actress and
songtress, Mrs. 0. Henri, and the second even
ing will be for the Benefit of "Funny Henri"
unrivalled pantominiat and delineator of the
funny genus, homo. On these occasions ths
best musical talent will be obtained and every
effort made to please the people. Remember
Friday snd Saturday evenings of this week.
GtT out or tub "Wat." Our readers will
remember the "Balloon Mania" which raged
here last Summer, gotten up by a soi.disaot
Professor yoleped Wilson, and valuable side
arrangement "known of all men" as Miss Wsy.
This couple figured extensively in this place
and Springfield, and were unfortunate in both
places, having to leave with more dispatch
than was pleasant. Since tbea we have seen
occssionsl notioee, we presume more truthful
then complimentary, of Ibis pair,, as they were
floating towards a southern clime. The Delta
mentions their advent in New Orleans, and
stys that Miss Way in company with ooe pro.
feasor Wilson, will make a grand balloon as
cension from Congo Square, Mew Orleans, in
tending to cross Lake Poncbartraio, if the wind
serves. Previous to the ssoenaloo, she will
take pert in public debate with a Kentucky
lawyer, on "Woman's Rights." Miss Way
certainly exhibits great Turaatility of talent,
and while her oral arguments will undoubtedly
have much weight with the audieoce, it is to
be fesred that ahe will make Prof. Wilson wait
too long, or that her own weight will be too
great for ths balloon to get a wey. Should the
wind fail, and the party lose their Way, the
wsters of the Lake cloeing over the concern, it
could be said with propriety that a very great
nuiaance had been disposed of.
IT On Saturday afternoon, aa overburdened
sesffulding, at the Phillips building, now In
course of erection on Maio, between 3d and
3d streets, fell suddenly, precipitating several
workmen and a large quantity of brick into
the cellar bdlow. It was almost a miracle that
the men escaped with only a few bruises.
The affair created quite an excitment In the
neighborhood for a ahort time, aa the report
went out that several men were buried beoeatli
the bick snd rubbish.
8kasom OraaiKDl To-morrow V.i. Weh
ty, N. K. corner of Main and 4th streets will
open his Saloon for 'He Hummer Heaaoo. All
those who wish Ice Cream, Orange lee, and
other luxuries own be accommodated, lie
will be open oa and ffter tomorrow, dur
ing tb
ST It has been aaserttined that In this vicln
sty, few, if any, fruit bads have been Injnred
by the frost' Very general examination has
been made, and We hv had the results repor
led to ns daily. The trees in this vicinity are
very heavily laden with fruit blossoms, snd tt
is evident thst all these cannot arrive at main
rlty ) a great many most fall off. In order to al
low the trees to perfect ths fruit which will re
main. But this falling off will be caused by
nature's; Inability to sustain so great a draw np.
on her resources. Up to this time the frost has
had nothing to do with blighting the fruit
bnds ; for examine them where you may, they
are nearly all green and growing, which eonld
oot be the ease had the froat killed Uiem. The
bade, then, will remain upon the trees, in all
probability, until Mature is unable to afford
them all nutrition, when the more feeble will
drop off. After this throw In? off, the probai
bility is that we will have a larger fruit crop
than we have had for several years past. Let
us, la the mean time, "watch snd pray."
Killxd Br Liohtkixo During the Violent
thunder storm on Saturday evening last, a Mrs.
Hanstlne, who resided en Wayne at., south of
the Ditch, was killed by lightning. It seems
that shs had gone to the eew stable, in the
rear of the lot, for the purpose of getting some
thing she wished to use at the house) and when
on her return, and about midway between the
etable and the hooee, she was struck by light
ning and instantly killed. Her clothes were
set on fire at the time; and when discovered, a
minute or two after, her body was bsdly burned.
It Is supposed thst ths lightning was attracted
by a steel vessel she wss ferrying in her hsnd
at the moment of the dreadful eausuality. The
house was not at all injured in the shock, but
the family were almost blinded, and were con
siderably shocked by the electric discharge.
The unfortunate woman was thns suddenly
separated from husband and young child, while
she was in the prime of life.
Ducmasohd. It will be remembered by our
readers thst In lsst November Henry Mack, a
young man engaged in butchering in this place
wss arreeted by the authorities in Greene coun
ty, on a charge of forgery. He was admitted to
bail, and has since sttended to h is customary
business here.- Last week the Grand Jury of
Greene county failed to fiud a bill against Mr.
Msck, and he was discharged from custody by
the authorities, with the very decided belief,
after every possible light wss given the case,
that his arrest on the charge waa most unjust.
Mr. Msck conducted himself in a eommeoda
ble manner during the pendency of the annoy.
ing snd unpist charge sgsinst his character,
and his cxboneration will be received with dei
light by a large circle of friends.
Fine Jiwilbt Assionie's Sale. -Those
who desire to obtain, at low prices, the best
quality of Jewelry, are referred to the advertiss
ment of "Assignee's Sale of Fine and Rare
Gold Jewelry," in another column. We called
in to see the stock, and must ssy that to our
economical eyee the (fleet was dsssling I It
is by far the Isrgest and finest displsy ever be
fore offered here at public aectlon, and as the
jewelry will be sold, no nastier wbst it brings,
rare bargains will be doubtless obtained by
those who would be pleased to obtain jewelry
at cheap coat. The aalea commence to day, in
aeeen in toe niUlipe House, next door to
Dietrich's Drug Store, end will continue for a
few days only. Improve the opportunity you
msy not again have so good a chance to get a
supply of fine jewelry goods at merely nominal
prices. Wall, Bennett, ths salesman, will ses
thst the Isdies receive proper sesommodationa
at the room. We need hardly aaanre our lady
readers that he will see that good order is pre
seived in the saleroom.
Tax Retxolb's Faiemox Bolt. We see the
Patent for this valuable invention hss been is
sued. It has given greet satisfaction here, for
the pest six months, in many of our moat com
plete Mills, such as the Commercial, Oceola,
Oregon and Ohio. We learn that its lesding
sdvantages are that it saves from 3 to 10 lbs.
of flour, per barrel ; requires no additional
room, or power; and never Injures, while it of
ten improves it by giving it additional color
and flavor.
Niuut Tbiivixq. Last evening some thieves
entered the cellar of Mr. Meals, on 1st street,
snd stole therefrom a valuable copper boiler.
"Oo the ssme, by the same,", (as ths marriage
notices have it,) the cellar of Mr, Boone oa 1st
street, was also entered, aud a quantity of
canned rruit was stolen . Ws bsve heard rumors
of seversl other small fry depredations commit
ted since lsst Ssturdsy; all going to show thst
prowlers are on the lookout for "snaps."
tXThe Cincinnati Commercial hss been en
larged, a column having been added to each
page, and the columns lengthened. We are
pleased to see our city eotemporary following
suite to our leed, and closely following our
issgssss in speaking of the change, and pro
posing to go back to the old aisa just aa soon
as ths rush of adv s abates. We are "sum."
Fcrmitubi bale. Christopher A Outer
will tell a large stock of splendid furniture
at the Rooms on If am Street 2d door above
Second street, weet side, en next Thrreday.
The ware will be sold without reserve, and
will afford an excellent opportunity to those
who desire bargains in that line. See the
Perns faraa Birr. Stover A Fflacm, at ths
Patent Preaervatory, In the Eastern Msrket
House, keep the nicest and best fresh beef, aed
other meats, in town. Thsy alto keep an ae
aortmeat of fine fruite. Give them a eall.
ITIa New York city Ohio butter is quoted et
90(325 cents per pound, whils in this city the
moet venerable qualities are in demand at 30
40 cents.
Edit EMi-iaa ; It waa the custom with
the ancient Hebrews, when any person appeared
among them professing to have the apirlt of
prophecy, to have all hie asyings written
down by the scribes. The document was then
placed by the High Priest oa the spoehrspbul
side of the Tabernacle, and there remained un
til the aayinga were all, er whatever part thereof
waa verified, waa recorded by the eeribee into
the Great Book of the Law, sad placed on the
other aide of the Tabernacle. Now theo, aa
one of the ancients of our people le under
stood to have made a celebrated declaration.
not long since, via i "That two of the City Dada
would leave that eoutewhatcelebrated form , the
Council, ooe from choice, the other from ne
cessity;'' whether the aforesaid declaration was
made in the spirit of prophecy, or not mstters but
little, aa the aa saying has ka-)ore sfasa veri
fied . It u to be hoped, then, that ur modern
scribes, will write dowa the saying, together
with the addilwQ, in the Great Book el the
Law, to be read by all the people, fpf ieaeraJ
to com. .. . M,.
eighteen estates In Cuba have recently suf
fered severely from a fire which rsgsd through
them all for seversl days in sneoewaion.
Mr. Rsrey , the horse-tamar.ls to reoei re 1 5,000
for irnparting to fifty mee la the British cavalry
his system of horns taming.
In the recent canvass in Niagara, Orleans snd
(leneasee counties, New York, for Senator, there
wss no lees than one hundred and ten candidates
voted for.
Mr, T.B Jones, the sculptor, has returned to
Columbus, with the mold of Gov. Chess's bust,
snd hss located in Walcutt'a building, cornet
of High snd Town streets, where the casting
will be done.
The bodice ot two men were found in Rise
River, on Thiirsdsy, one at the point where
the liDCinnau Railroad cnasaee. in the town
of Shelbyville, snd the olher about a mile and
a half below. ' .
Mr. Charlton Morgan, of Lexington, had re
ceived the appointmentof Consul at Nice The
Statesman apesks in the highest terms of the ap
pointment. ,
Says the Ohio Stat lonrnatf The Artesian
well has reached the depth of Ifibt feet Going
down le elow business with the great bore, but
as its rival, the Legislature, has left town, per.
hap the well will get a new St rt
Since the arrest of Argentine, the Virginian
forger, in Boston, he hss been indeotified as
the party who, some time sines, uttered forged
checks to the value of $3,9b0, in Charleston,
South Carolina.
The Vienna correspondent ef the London
Times ssys: "Under s'l circumstances, ae re
gards Italy, thedar.g. . is panting off fjr the
present. It is a great point, that IheKuperor
Napoleon seems well disposed, and so long as
he remaina so, he hss a right to be judged fa
vorably." ,
Reports having been made that the Turkish
Government waa preparing formidable armai
ments, the Turkish Minister in Paris hss given
sn srsurancs that the Divaa had merely organ
ised two camps of observation of 5,000 men each,
one at Sophia and the other at Shurola, in Hal.
On Saturday last a woman ofltalian extrac'
tion, residing in Chicago, gsve birth to twins,
snd soon after became deranged, and, horrid to
relate, before the children were relieved from
her grasp, ahe mangled oeje of them with her
teeth, causing its immediate death. The poor
women IS improving. ,;
One dsy last week, the wife of a man living
near Georgetown, Del., left her husband snd
took up with a young man. The next day the
husband called upon tile rival, when ths two
men sat down on a log and calmly ad justed the
difference, the husband accepting seven dollars
snd a dog for hia claim and right to his former
wife. What a philosnshsrl
The body of a man, aupposed to hsve been
five months in the water, was found st the foot
ol Mulberry street, St. Louis, on Wednesday,
There were oo hia right forearm the letters "A
McF." in India ink, with representation of two
stars and a heat, and the flgures" 1827. "Seversl
severe contusions where Jound about the righ
elde of the head. Foil play is suspected. .
A Berlin correspondent intimstes tbsprob
sbility of sn esrly abdication on ths part of the
King of Prussia. It is supposed thst a political
amnesty, prepared for publication st the chrls
tenlngofthe infsnt Prince, will be published
on the secession of Wilhelm I., ths future title
of the Prince Regent The Prince and Princess
Frederick William will be styled Crown Prince
snd Princess.
We learn from Mrs. Brister's psper, the New
srk Trews, thst Mr. J.M. Oonnel, of thst place
has secured letters patent for an invention of a
telegraph cable, which be thinks will transmit
successfully a sufficient current of electricity
between the old snd new world, to render com'
mnicationa intelligible.
There waa an electeon riot at Toledoon Von
day, in which Dupnty U. 8. Marshal W. 8
Johnson fired a pistol in a crowd that were
misusing him, I ut fortunately did no damage.
TheTVmMsays, one held him around the neck,
.another caught him by the beard, and haudlrd
it as if it were aa engine brake. Pretty close
quarters. A bowie knife was picked up that
somsooay oroppea in me melee, snd forgot in
his hurry, about the time the pietol waa fired
The Hepublioan candidate for Met-
or of the city of Hamilton, waa elected on
Monday last loe Democracy, however,
succeeded in carrying the balance of the
ticket liooofocoiam dies bard in Hntler.
We ehould think it did. The result in
Old Butler for the last five years shows a
democratic; majority over all opposition as
follows :
In 1854, 292.
1850, 8fl8.
1858, 1004.
Dying pretty bard that, Isn't it T The re
salt of the Mayor's election was from local
and not political causes, all the rest of the
ticket being elected by from two to three
hundred majority. We very deeply regret
the defeat of Mr. Dalton, wlioouyA to have
been elected.
IfTTha Diorama of the Russian War ssid to
be an Interesting and thrilling srtistical work
will be opened to the public at Huston Hstl on
Thursday evening.
KxTEAORoiXART Kkvklatio. The New
Orleans Delta publishes an account oi a
man who offered another 009 hundred and
fifty dollars to put another mas out of the
world ; the money to be paid when the in
dividual bad received bis quietus. Instead
of killing the man, however, the pretended
assassin told him of the projeot, and agreed
with bia that be abould lay quiet until the
money had been paid over, which be did.
K thousand dollars has since been offered
at hush-money. '
Inc'Kndiasism im Kkw Orleans. New Or
leant must be infected with incendiaries. la
our dispatohee another disastrous fire is
mentioned, involving a lose of two buoSrsJ
thousand dollars. This makes tile tree In out
week, which destroyed property to the
amount of a million and a half' dollars.
.B&.AIa ranob near SaorumsBto, Califor
nia, a young went to town to buy some traps
Cur ber wedding next day.' While there
ahe met aa old flame, married bin, and
took him borne, - The diaappointed grouti
wae to ginerout that be joined in the mer
making, and volunteered tt) do Ike fiddling
Pub. 22.
AN ACT to Incorporate the Washington National
Monument Society.
Jf ft rmortnt hf (He Smnte nnd Home 0 Xtp-
J IK' li ffiarm fa C'oyrt ims.
", met, for tat perpose ef eemp!etla the
tloa, new In progress of "s gnat national mono
Mat to t memory of Wehlnrtnn at the seat of
the federal government," Wlnneli Bestt, Walter
Joeea, J oh a J. Ahert, .Tames Kearney, Thomas
Carherry, Pater Fores, William A. Ilradlev, Phi.
Hp R. F.adall, Walter Lenox, Mai hew t. Manry,
and Ihomaa Blatdva, (being the survivors of the
persons meniloned la seartaln grant bearing date
ea we ixta day or April in the year one thousand
eight hundred ana forty etgfit ny Jamet K. Polk
Uiea rresidaat of the said United States. In virtue
of a Joint resolution ef Oobstsm, spprovad on ths
thirtr-flrrt day of Janoarr la the saute vear. of aa
authority U erect a monument to ths memory ef
""is waiBtngton, oa reservation numbered
three la the said elty of Washington) snd, also,
Jonathan B. H. Smith, William W. fteetoti, Eliiba
waittaieay, benjamin Oris Tavloe. Thomas H
Orawlord, William W. Oerconn. aad John Carroll
Brent, and their sneosssors to be sleeted in the
manner herainoftar directed, shall be, and are
Hereby, created a corporation and body politic by
the name aad sty Is of "The Washington NatleneJ
Monamant Society.
Ban. x. An bt it fntlhrr rnnrlrH. That all the
preperty ana ail ana singular the rights and priv
ileges thereto la ths sforasaid arant. shall be. and
the same hereby are. vested In. and eonflrmad la
the corporation and body politic hereinbefore cre
ated 1 aad that any and a. I property aad right of
property 01 bit ana every una and description
whatsoever, whether ia poaassiien or revarsioa or
la expectancy, whlek may at say time before the
passing or uia act save been acquired bv the vol
untary association heretofore known bv iha n.m.
01 tee nasningnn national Monument Soeisty,
or which may hereafter be acquired by the eorpo
ratloa and body politio hereinbefore created, shall
be, and the same hereby are, vested in, and eon-
nraaeu to, ins eorporsuon and body pelitie herein
before created ,- aad that the said oornoratirm
and body nolitlo may apply to its nsea, snd for ths
purpose 01 completing me erection or the monn-
meat aioresaio, according to such by-laws, rules
and regulations aj it may, from time to time, here-
arter, asis ana oraatn, and any and all property
of any aad every kind, and description whatsoev
er, which is bow appertaining to said monument,
er which the eorporatioa and body politic hereby
created may hereafter acquire, by purchase, gift,
or other lawful means.
DEC A. And t, ,1 fitrikir tnarlmtL Th.i I
shall be competent for the persons hereinbefore
named aad described as constituting the corpora
tion and body politic hereby created, aed their
euooessera, to remove, by a vote of four-.Hrthi ef
toe seta persons, any or their number,- and the
person to aaaaed shall no lone-er be a maw r
said eorporatioa and body politic, nor have any
authority therein Provl led, That for any other
act within ths legitimate object, of this corpora
tion a quorum of Bve shall le aufllolent for the
transaction of business : Provided. T.iat natina nr
all meetings which may not be provided for is tba
j-iaws ana eminence. 01 ine corporation shall be
Iran to aU members thereof residing within the
listrict of Columbia.
Sec. 4. And ht ft fnrlkrr marled. That whoa
any vacancy shall happen In the said corporation
and body politic, from death or realgnatinn, or
otherwise, the remaining numbers thereof shall
elect and appoint a succeitor.to till the same, with
in vou ubjb Kimr toe nappening Ol sues Vltcenoy
and that on failure to file the ssme within thirty
days, it shall be the duty of the attorney f the
United tttates for toe District of Columbia m ,,.
eeed against the said corporation and body politic,
hy a writ of scire acVni, for a forfeiture of the
charter hereby rran-d before the Ctrcait Court of
the District of Columbia and the adjudication of
that ojurt thereon ahall be conolnalrs. And should
this charter be so adjudged forfaited, the moan.
meat aad other improvements and property hold
ur.der the same shall be visaed bv -tha PmUm
of tha Uaited Slates usder the care and custody of
we vvasaisiioneT 01 i-uouo ouuaingt, or tuck oth
er officer of ths United States ss be msy designate
er appoint ier the time being,
Bte. e. And U furtksr eniultd. That ths
aaM eerpetaaloa aad body awUtts; Iweinaefore
created shall, by ths name aad style of the
"Washington National Monument Society," hsve
perpetual sueeession, shall be capable to sua or to
be sued, to plead or to be Impleaded in any court
u, w, vu,u,t in iut uauw ouues ; may nave
endnote a common seel, and the same may destroy,
altar, and renew at pleasure, and shall hare power
to purchase, take, receive, and enjoy, to them and
their saooersors, any and all proporty of any kind
and deacription whatsoever, for the purpose of
completing tue erection 01 saia monument,- to dis
pose ef the same as they ahall deem most condu
cive to ths objeot of completing tbe erection, now
In progress, of ths monamant aforesaid; to sleet,
so toon after tbe 'passsge of this act aa may be
convenient, aueh ouioers as they may deem proper,
and to make and ordain such const. tjtlon, by-laws,
ordinances, aad regulations oonscnant to tha ob
jects of this charter as thsy may deem expedient
and pioper, aad which shall aot be repugnant to
the constitution and laws of tbe United State;
and to repeal, alter, and amend tha ssme : I'rovl
dod, always, That the President of the United
States, for the time being, shall be rx officio presi
dent and the governors for the time being of ti e
several States el tbe Unlta-l States shall be respee.
lively ojhoio vice presidents of the said society,
corporation and body politic, snd that all meeting,
thereof shall be held sad all record, and papers
thereof kept at the elty of Washington.
Sko. 0. nd bt it fnrtkr SHacfcd, That this
act may at any time be altered, amended or re
pealed by the congress or tba United Htatas.
Bsc. 7. And be it Airfare enaricif. That all
lawt, aett, or resolutions, 0- any part of any law,
act or resolution, inconsistent
with taut 1
act, shall
be, aad the sama are hereby repealed,
Bsc. 8. And It further ennctrd, That this
act shall be la fores from and after the passage
Sec. V. Andbt it fmrtktr enacted. That noth
ing in this act shall be so construed at to author
ise thli said eorporatioa to issue any Bote, token,
devtoe, scrip, or olher evidence of debt to be nasd
aa a eurrenry.
Sac. 10. And be it fnrtker enacted. That each
of the corporators In the said corporation ahall be
aria ueoie, in ais inainuusi espectty, lor all the
J-k. ll-kllllU. C IA .) L
ww.a " ... 1 -- v - ... wifivfa.iuii, u.-.-n
contracted or Incurred, to be recovered ay suit, ss
other debts aad liabilities, before any court et com
petent jurl.dlctioa. Provided, however. That
nothing herein contained shall be imeoBstrned at
to render said corporators la said eomoratloa in
dividually liable for any debt or liability eon,treet
ed in the naaae or behalf of, the t aelimgtoa Na
tional Monument Sooiety at'aay tiase prior to the
twenuein aay ei uctooer one thousand sigh, baav
4 red and fifty sight.
Approved loTebruery 1 819.
Fiuutino ovkr a Grave. A fight oounred
on Hunday, at the city Cemetery, beteen the
keeper of the yard, Jacob Ilellinger, and aa
asHistant, Tboclangford, who was digging
a grave, which resulted in the former being
shot by I,angfurd with a pistol containing
buoksnot. . The wounds are not considered
dengerous, and the shooting party wet ad
mitted to bail yeetardny for Lis appearance
at court Vioksburg toutbron.
ON Saturday, tbe 24th ol'April, 1859, at 3
o'clock, P. M., we ahall aeli oa the premises
herein alter described, to the htjrlicet bander, the fol
lowing de-ualbed lota, la Mtamlabuyg , Atoattgoouu-,
eouitt. Ublc, to wit : . v -. - v -
Lot No. 6U and a fraction en tlaf river bank dpi-,-alte
the weet end of Lock tttrei, Uetweea tlie oM
State Houaeaudtha river, ant Wtween ttie Mrilfi
line of lot No. lot aail Iheaortaj line et lot r-:o.
Lot No. let la appeat-ed a. t't-io. and Hie fraction,
above deeertltol ta appi ataed at S'Jo.
Saul pmiierty must mna at .Mt,wilttrd. ill the ap-
fral-ed value tn-tJiltd eaali, tha te-t ia i-neor
wo veara. wltb4Bleri-al.; ana W.etlrferred t--rr-"-Tr
to liear lalereat, ao4 bevecunHl t, atort:ir u-tl,,
reu.iaeB. nJi.ii'iirui, v
.1..... tkNI Rur.i:U
1, 'Adtn'ra. of X. iiatihiitlfr, de'd.
Jotta Howaso, Atl'y. al.a-4w
SaLr f Reel Batata by Ottiar of Covn
1'V.i. nt 8
lathecltv of Alavtoll Will be cild to Lie nirlieat
bldtU-r Uia undiv Interea. of Ine n.iuot bene oj
Joba Jlaily, ae'il , lu tun folloa-ti.i: ti4 Kalate,
towrt: beiog ona.i)Llh Bod oae-li:tl,ot aMelRat
ol theaomb pad 1,1 tbe tooftk-tteel quarter 01 e
tiua as, Iowb a amu ,Aaa a. ea.t. w.a ao forth, na
lataioa ninety. I wo aatva, more u-aa, upon the lot-
auwlna terui.. ue w 11 : i aaa lb oa ttay ot aale.
Said iireaiioee kave aa-ea aiioaiiM-d at aiaw,eu, ami
eaaaul cell lue teas Ihaa two-llurdani theairnuaed
Value, Ihareut, GILLIAN M At . Iht.ll,
t;uardiaaO( minor urlrs ot JoJta Ualu-y, drV.
' ifoat 'at ALB
TWO desirable .HuilJiug Its c Ing-
X rwih strew, will he mttl o vry (vorhit ii
AlMllV liLv
- 1- r. iiiL-a,
Railroad Time Table.
Trains arrive and depart an follow:
t train.
, a m I
8.00 a
8, a m
4,00 p m
7,st p m
10, St a a
7,1 9 p aa
Mo p m.
SprtagOeld k Colnui. Kx.
T,00 a m I
MS a
Delaware Clare. Kx.
8.vc a m
IMI a ml
T 4t f ra
T,.".0 a m.
1.4 p
',40 p m
Delaware tvpress ,
1st Train,
- I S ee a as I 7.65 a
td "
I 7.5 p m I T.JIO p
DAYTOli k WKSTKRN,(ToIndlanapoiis.)
1st Train,
t.tt a m
a m.
Id "
.Id "
11.40 a m
Mt p
n.I6 p
1.1 a
MIAMI, (To Indianapolis.
1st Train,
id '
I 8.10 a m I IS. 66 am
o.ve p m I a. 66 p
A OOLTraUiiJs.
ist Train.
Mo ami 11, .10 am.
I S.St pml S.iSam.
- 1 M a m MO em.
Id "
Closing the Malls,
Closing the Malls, POST-OFFICE. DAYTON, April. 11, 1858.
Until further notice, mails will close at thl. of.
nee as follows:
For New York. Philadelphia and NewFnelaad
States, dally, except Sunday, at 0 16 A. M.
For Cincinnati, O., Eastern, Western, Northern
and Southern States, daily, except Bandar, at
t UA A W , - n
, .' n. m lu ,.v r. in.
For Columbus and Zanesvilla. 0.. dalle, ac
cept Sundays, at .U A. M.
ror.eniaand Yelk w Springs, 5.30 P. M.
For Mtamiaburg, Qermantown. Franklin. II. m.
llton, Raton, O., and Oonnersville, la., daily, ex-
oanuBty, bi e.v r. m .
For Sprint-field. Urbane, Tiffin. BsnJu.V. T.
ledo, Cleveland, O., and Michigan, daily, ttcent
Sunday, at 19.1 A. M.
For Richmond- Cambridge, Centrerllls, In.lla
apolis, la., and New Paris, 0., dally, at ll.to
' M .
For Greenville. 0 . Union Oilv. Win,.!,.....
Monde aad Jar county. Ia.. dailv.atcent 8u...'
- 1 Qii s a '
For Troy.Covtngton,Piqua,SidneyaadSl.Ma.
s,0., and Fort Wavne. Ind.. dalU .ii K..
A - an A - u
For Union. West Milton and I.llil.ri.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7.30 A. M.
for Jonn.nlle, (tew Lebanon and West Alexaa
ria, on Tuesday, Thursday and Satnrdav.a1V.3e
For Clayton, Center and Ludlaw. on Vrl.u. .r
each week at 0.00 P. M.
For Henlrr and Bellerook, on Thursday nfa.nl.
week at V.CV P. M.
ForOentreville, Labanan and Mason, dailv .
eept Sunday, at 11.00 M.
Far Vandalia and Chamberaburg, at 13.00 M.
on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.
7 nvuneseaytand Saturdays at
E. A. KING. P. M.
vssSsTox fine Pictures
rm -"y 00 to
ndl"!snf',0n' iM" Fj,,t of ,h 'own Clock.
Ho. 88 Main st.,oppaelU Court Hotue,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in '
Fo'reign and Domestic Fruita, Nuts, Piokles:
every variety of Fruits hermetically
aoitfou in un ana glass,
Press rves,Jellies,Cat-
vera, oaiau Vll
faucet, &o.
Wooil and Willow Ware of all varieties, Chlld
Uorti lfY W"on Whewlbarrowa, pUking
, , ---- April
Extensive sale of Fine Furniture,
WK "'lleell on THUUSDAV, tbe f4tW
.' - dyo'APrl!!' o'clock. A.M., Inthebuild-
' ' " uae a Louleotionery establish
nienr.the following large stoca of Furniture, eon
slstlng in part ol-one Ane Tleste Bedstead, and a
Sjirlng Matraas, l-iench Sofae, lxrnnge., Couches.
Mamie Top and Veneered Tables, llure.'ua. fierc-.
tanea, line Parlor Cbalre, Hucklog Chairs. Din in.
Hoon. Chair, Arm th.lra, u. iaZIrtmJn t of
Hni'"l!o?'f,slr."n,, sum "ne
almoel every article ge'nerally lound In 'a eompllte
Ta,BM.t All sums under tJ6,.a.h. All ouerSW
sixty days. Over 60, ninety days. And aileuaT.'
over floo, .la months credit.
aprll-4td . -AiuUoneera.
Aainpe'a Sale, Extratvrdluairyt
OP FI1.E AMD lABir -, S
UUOM the Ute 6rm of Ifopkinson, Broe.
A. Co., Inipwrtere and Hkaufacfumre ef Watches,
Diamonue, etc.. -JH7 Broadwar. Naw v..b ,n -..'
mence oa Munday, April IMIi, andaxanilaueluretew
daya only. N.-.I dour to Oletrlch'a Drug store, urn
Ant Ihe Phllllpe House. . . - '
Ladicwcall and examine? . .. .
Ladies call and aamine..i'.i, "
, lilies call and examine. ,.t
Ladies call and examine. ' -'
Idiee call and examine. ; .
The largeaAhd moa,sptenilld asaortment.-- .
'Ihe laiKatand mo.t autvaaia aiuunatent.
Tbe larfce-Utuid moar splen.li.f-'aamrtKeat.
The laigeat end most apleodld aaaortment.
Watohea, TJIamonda and Bracelete.
wattnes. i)iar6rti. and
Walxbi. aVMiuuae a euad Urpoclet
Watched .Piamouda and B.aooleyjtf
Coral, Mosaic, Ametbyets and Cameo.
Coral, Mosaic, Amethysts and Cameo.
Coral, MuesJa, Ameihyste and Cameo.
Coral, .'.JosaiJJ AmetliyaU and Cameo -
J..'. Rubies, Pearit Opals.-- -
I S Rubies,-Peerta a) 0;!,1. e
e -. f Ttabtsej rearfe 4 0.ail-
,V Hubiee, PeaiU Opals.
All vnuds warraateilYB renreaented. ana Wilh be
Bold taveuugn,, le dav-Mi wholvanle tirtcee. Ueoda
soeaai .MibitlcnS-' ln Bl.Nfik.1 T.Saleauaa.
V. C. Core, Asalgnasb arll-lw
Dtnlna Tbesl
Dayton & Michigan R. R.
J.'- v :; r W sW "
- evuu (, t nM.. .. ( stneyy, IL.iifili, ul.A i- I-
-, Ti. l' 1'r vt,.l-i: :- ttj, -:o.t-. Oni, i d '''".
.m iraiHK i n If lis-t-riitrttr.- n,tt ,t,.'yi k ..f
!, !. t)11 rA'i -it A t. . ('; ff.nv '. '
cituufcftj nt Vt iawkwia41t4 u i : :i UK... k it. , ,
breed. st ium! Mll:ter. e-- 1; . ,, , i: rl St ' .' .
With trttHft iiH tut t f ( i , A. K.gJ , i,
.1fe, M. U .,'"' ' !' kiui'slFalL, t" VI
Uit u-.i.r.h I i:. .
- . ;,V,0ft t-
U.I'rU I .'. 1
li,' - ,.
-IA art ne, ,) V a
11. . .I.-:! 3,, J , , ;
Nri: 1 U-mb iaseMiu. .
V A st i.J4 a. ru. I t
Ohiov'o st i i ax. rc
st 7,W I "
ttra tt,v r. t. ph
itrailr- IkK I i Mi i tV
a, on!
i t'4Hl H t LU'-
fii I. -( t ftlt'Wne i'i4l(t.
eMail leajllltt, ITBa ' .NyiaJ
et. Also lor I
.U.'tetHf.( JlllJy.efl(!,,taWelf Mll KaalaMB itit, ahel
fuT Mil lt-Ai kti. - 'B iltr toesU.IOUtlu .UltJ alMsiak
Ha.1 k-r-;, mn W ..-a b al.tuu M. ft. Kino. u.
Afftiut, tujun iyeul, lMyiNi of on tUAJ&rNl
er.la ua the iuie.
gate ae lew as ty any ether rente.
ate careiuiaaal call Iut liu,u byway of lima
spell M. SHOtttdAlaltaVaupt.
.tlexdi d
ON onr flint ( inl.itrutn r ftuM rr
atopntlnttnni wlileh w tint, or tl( u Mhs-r
In th frttlt tr butlne, U h.v
lt,tr. ftorj w'h imifti eNerUon, Mcurei) r1'
tl.Q firtr our rrntt lrt, All ( nrnli-irur- n
ht ftAsii of "Jnoob Mihet h Mn1' urmn the m, i
thr roffBitnsrt'ltloiiB n) Job. Hulnet., M. Sin.-,
tvibhltf sn1 HormAn, rlii.it. fi. Hkl Mtiil W ,
MoKlnnr tt'vohoii, r tpiiriou.
SrV rrrTrft ft. I (rrtn- ttnm iMirfftr trnit 1
from livr h avium emih afctftluv peprtft
the trtti to be from mil nur i y, tdv itr inti
ln on our i-emitnttw, 4 nmtn mif ha , Rt ..
M othrr., Without onr kan;virifrp o: rnnnt, ,
pr-iUw JACOl Hi K..t' A ft nd no
Opening Every l)ay(
her new Spring Rtoek of f
nilllaory nnd rnnry .oole
Her stock of bonnet. Is Isrge snd consists of f
Ntrsw, t rapes, anil all oilier Binds that the tpr
Trade demand, She seeps alsoim hand a aplen
aaaortinent ol ,.
Flowers, Itihbona, Silks, Crspes, Hhemclli
Honnets, Lseew, Head Incases, Cape, '
Children's Hats and Klnre,
Wreaths, Frames !
and Wires,
All of wlilc she nlTrrsat LOW PHU'KS, at her
and well-known eetaltllslin-ient. shesollolt .er'
tlnuanee of the public patronage. ,
(.leaching and Trimming done nn short noli'
,.w. ronm airtw,. near poiirrn.
Mrs. IX L. WAIlItEN, f
A'o. CI Main slbftveen Seennd ami Jhin
,.. JL ,Dr,?B "T "We'ly. " she has u.t V '
turned (com the kaet, aud la now opealna the lar. '
rat snd moat beaiitlliil assortment of .,
Millinery Goods
That ha ever before been nreaented in h. .,.,n. .
era. The aaaortment eonelala.la nart m
All of which are most fashionable patterna, anil well
r M.T"h ,p11 "'errace to Ihe want- d the
tastes of her eustoniera. '
Ladle, are Invited to call and eaanilne her .lock '
at her store, two doors north of the Court House I
, X s. n iL
. S -o"o ' , .
3S -Ytu
Jt :
.S3- "
. C ..A ' . aT.
iZ Ji 2 '
SK if.
' O ' ; 5 .- '?
few ddore Et if tl.4-Post Opriow i
DAY f 0
Jllltr Kfttlata ,a.n,n.na.
will be cured satactr Jo tbe owner of such hor
aea, end If nqt.ajooe) ni be refunded
'.Wn 4otMl!D' H"rlere will be .hod to pre- I '
vent It, aad wwrint j.-t, of mnneyn-funded. 1
n Xif?;0,1i'.!KJp"'l,"""l " "n'h entrustd v .
. . .u. .a,, laeora. ne reeneetful v
V'","-"? tW-!e lppy to aoconunwlaw aa nmny
eai onaa aa wajrmvur aim with II.
apr-uawiy NATHAN tyklUAN.
(Journal and Gazette .
Bounce to the cltlrrns ol !.(( ''id vicinity
il vicinity
r.7Lr.ir 1 . mi'l'iy in in vi Jiallquaii
i.'H.ii IT " U"at bm "Uh eealljtlll, tlj,,
oualltv at -a v" "a
b?il qmUltjf of
V S -". . which Btmatm -e'.
oiVtrtiriau,Tji uff-tjoiii (iixsMutr
vteta-aiso preparetPto dellv.t la u.n.rtiik
elty, the
W'lVii a llr. ".m brought to this
k ard and umm.
laruot. fl.
auet, near the Xenkw ''
OrricioreHxCia., HAx.k Davtoh a R.Co, 1 ; ' -t ;
.. - ClHCIHBA.I, April etb, tg,S. . 1
THK Annua! Meeting of the fitockboldors
,t..?2S!i.li2,T'r be held at itw-iroifi, :.
sr-et lepot.) In Ciaelanatl, csTuau..,)..
'e'ween tbe hours of nuw and .
"J!", Vftw"Dl"' ' '"n a report ol the V
smnL!! to.'" w. .Hug, win -
eubaltt.d. Aud at tba aaiae placa. aod on the -l - -i
aa.ua day, betweea the hour, of ten In Ihe morninr. ' . -and
l three la the atternoon, the Stuckholilere wilj
make eholee nl nine Dtreetnra to arrve the en-ulna" '
XtJ' '."JL4" .la1 aihn "usta.sa which m.v bi .
- ' BHOBT. Sw'V. , -".,
apre-it , ' '
For ..Sale. : -.s' ,
. ii.ii.xuiw louBg rarlt lrn rny "
ltune. IS hand. blah. . ' i
"t a r-DJ ioo Siuio'.ntw. Tenwaea,-
Inquire of
T, -f.'
Li-loAaT siora, no. tj, east aide, JeeVraoa street
nqrcItaHt Tailor
Biwo 3ddaiid 4fta, Deytou.O "
M- I
la bliani;h.yni. aWwtTtU xuv.l-ol woikuirn.
that he? . pirp i
ke to Dialer, tit the.
jjitj of thrtrn'l n-J ,rin
T to tL.te i :,t,i.Ki
u wff all a- iiU. !'
tt-Ai k .
i. y'- - .i,v C"n;M
IfevS ( Patent : Hdvolv
Unit isei
Mkhl tlwa
t- ' j t:! luiilrf Mil oir-.'kiiiikla
turri. ISu .
tnlltt-O te 11
up a. v i.itio ty all;
. . U.y.Veiat, tirtt
N.ifw tit isrt
t ett'af thM) Hfl. r
Ia4.4 .
-'-XXIoutxiia ; C poods. - j
laesramert- si lotti . , ej', . n
jlaok Orefllidiiie, V. ' ' ' . V
ttj.-ipiir' , atuai'K nyaaere iierfior-
i.ui'k Hereto KuLea,
. Itlack French I.awi.a
uooa stocg .nourning I nnta
and Itiogham, at tbe
M-LL NCli every day, at h "Metro
pelttsa,' at It o'clock. ... . apitj
t '

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