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For Cash On!)
No. 1 1(5, Main street.
and moat complete stock of
Boots and Shoes
Kvcr brought to this city, whlrh woremamifActiired,
expressly to lift or.lcrhy JOHN H. IlKTKKS.of Cln-i-lnnatl,
acknowlnlKt'd In lcthe beat Boot And Shoe
Manufacturer In tlie Wnt.
.l.lltliin I H AVK and WILL KEEPON HAND
A full ana VAlletl sloes of
My Own Manufacture,
Which, for STYI.K and H IT A I, ITT Is HNSURrAssV
Kit. I Am conlldi-nt 1 cttn get up
In the city, and I " 111 guarantee latlatactlon In all
catee, Rcspcctfull,,
11 Mala street, 2 doora south of the Market.
N. W. w. alao keeps a superior article of FRENCH
ItaTNo Eastern Work kept at this estab
lishment. Apri-ds
No. S3 Main t.,oppeelte Court Boaie,
Wholesale mid Retail Dealer in
. groceries,
Korean and Domestic! Kruite, Nuts, Pickles;
every vnrietjr of Kruits hermetically
Braird in tin end plans,
.Preserves, Jellies.Cut
upA,Hardin,Oys tere, Salad Oil,
riauces, &o.
Wood ami Willow Ware of all varieties, Child
ren's) aha, Toy Wagons, Wheelbarrows, Hooking
llorscs,eto.,etc. aprll
Opening Every Diyll
a. her new Spring slock or
ftlillliirry nml I'miry Jool 1 11
Her stock of bonnet li large and consists of Silk,
straw, C'rnpea, ami all oilier Kindt that the "prlng
Trade demand.. She keeps alsoon hand A aplendlu
assortment of
l''lowora, Ribbons, Silks, (.'rapes, Hhemelles,
Konneta, I, aces, Head Drescs,Cops,
t.liililren Hots anil Huts,
Wreath, Frames
and Wires,
All of whlc. aheolfera at LOW PRICKS, at her old
and well-known establishment. Mieaollclt Aeon
tlntlanco of the public patronage.
SjfBleAcliIng Ami Trimming done on ihort notice.
No. 113 MaId street, near Fourth.
apr7-Sm DAY TON, OHIO.
Against "Ye Ancient" DAYTON
PIIILOSOrilEilS pronounce the proposi
tion irrational thAt, All "irreaistAlde body CAn
r fer come in contact with an immovAlile one." Be
thAt a it may, one thltiK is certain, andlieyond auc
cea.ful contradiction, that the HfcST Aiid CHKAP
JNT UOOIiSever ortered to the people of Dayton,
rtretohe found at No. 1IU, C'OH. K1F1H ANL1CLAV
aTRKETS, where '
Uuowo,eulnK n large ami magaUtcent maortmentof
Staple & Fancy Dry goods,
lut reielved from the EAatrrn Crtiei, And selected
by himself, expreaily for this market. His atock it
full, consisting In part of
Fancy Silks, CbnllicB, Itrilliants, Lawns,
White goods, of all descriptions, Ho- x
siery, Notions, eto., cto. A fine
lot of Spring it Hu in mer Shawls,
Capes mid iMantillns, a
lurt;e and splendid as
sortment of Iton
nets, & Bon
net trim
lninH, Every kind and variety of Hats a Urge
Btipply for young and old.
At rentt And other expertet Are muoh less Estt
of the "deep WAtcrs," lie feels confident In being
Mhl In .Mil t lru L'llU I'UL'.'AMU tl....
can be obtained elsewhere; not even esoepting the
estAlillshnicut presided over by the geiillFmsnTroni
new lorn. aprl2-9uiaaw
Mrs. H. L. WARREN,
JVu. 41 Main tt between Second and Ihtrd,
Hmyion nnU vicinity, that the bu juit re-
Turned iroui rue Kant, una it now opening the itvrt;-
ett nU UUNlt ItVttUtllll HilrOrtlUlM.t of
Millinery Goods
TtaM hn,H ever before N in nreeen1pl to hercuttom
n. The (i4wortu.cn t couniit, hi pnrt, or . u
All of which are most fashionable patterns, and well
elected with sitecUl reference to the wants and the
tastes of her customers.
Lailiesare Invited to call and examine her stock,
at her store, two doors north of the Court House.
I UST received 1'lutedand llre.Spoong,
,WJ " " Castors
" " T.fcSots.
i liriltunia Cotrco und T. Pots,
LCliuinpagno, W i no und Ornnuicntul M
Truit Bowie,
F4 China Vases,
f. Looking Qlaaaes,
And a gonera lAssortinent of
t , Give us a call.
Ck, aprli M street.
Irn Bl'SH. best nuAlily of Pink-eye Potatoes,
')!) iust received lioui live Njrthweat. la prime
condition, sua lor sale al me anne oi
H. UHANUKNBt'Rt and CO.,
No. 300, -id street, Utyton.
Mourning Gooods.
Hlack Tamartine Ch th,
lllaok (irenndine liernge,
Hlack Silk (ircnudine,
lilaek Kyadere Ilerage,
Hlack liernge Kobe,
Hlack Krenoh Lawns,
.Hlack Krenoh Organdies,
flood stock Mourning Prints
and (iinghain, at the
Chena Valencia,
Bills Ravella Cloth,
Ftccolomlnt Plaids,
And Croaa Over,
Mohair and d Beiges.
A Istge
snd desirable stock at LOW
nfy.V ' " : " "
i usm: Hit ' wim
omo, noniuy, april is, isod.
NO. 7G
amiirt liiUiag, Thiri it, Doili 'it let, I til t Jeurrwi
Br ttsllta.oOfisr yparlnadranee.
10 D.BU pnr Wk. parable w th.eerrfer.
Single ooptM, put np la wrappers. Se.nl.
Cincinnati Agency.
Th Cincinnati Type Fouudry Company la
out duly authoriaed A (rent to make contracts
and receipt for Advertisement subscription!,
Ac., in that city.
To DuaummMiK. Tbo EmpiraJob Rooms
arc in complete trim, and we are now prepared
to do work of all description in the best style
oftheart. Otll in and examine our work and
learn our pricea.
IT To Aiiykrtisrm. Advertisement or
Notices for tlie Kmpira must be banded into
the ollice by tea t'elack on the day they are de
sired to be published aef later. We csnnot
airrvv to insert them after tha. hour.
Weekly Advertisements.
Those who desire to bare advertisements
inserted in the Wetkly Empire should hand
them in by Saturday morning, at the latest
tsJUOur advertising patrons will perceive
that, by oar arrangement of reading matter,
their advertisements will be always nrw a
very important matter to them,
tTSee 4th page for Telegraph Reports.
Senaibls We learn that several young gro
llemen will atari from Miami City for St. Louis
to-morrow. They will certainly ascertain,
when they arrive there, the true condition of
the Pike Peak Gold project ; and if It can be
relied on, they will probably go to that place
If not, they will toek employment in the west.
Tbey are proceeding sensibly, and will succeed
ITT The Assignee's Bale of fine jewelry will
continue for a few days at the Room adjoining
Dietrich's Drug Store, in the Phillips House.
Wall. Bennett is giving big bargains at suc
tion; and as the goods have to be sold, he
: don't dwell long on au article. The ladies
! Kbotild call and examine the fine goods during
I the day. They cannot help but find goods to
I please them in quality and price.
IT Next Tueadsy will be a grand gala day
in Dayton, on the occasion of the I O. 0. F.
celebration. Remember that on next Monday
evening the Fair of the Odd Fellows will com
mence at Deckel's Hall . It is iutended to he the
most attractive Fair ever holden in this city.
See the advertisement in another column.
IT Jake Heldler, Montgomery House build
ing keeps constantly on hand the beat qsslity
of provisions and "table comforts" of every
desirable kind. Hia atock of poultry, oggs
butter, Ac, is constantly replenished ; and his
extra Cincinnati Ham eannot be excelled any
where. Give Jake a call ; he will be found to
be pleasant aud accommodating.
JTThe establishment of E. A. Daniels, 47,
Main street, is a great point of attraction to
the ladiea of Dayton and vicinity, where
they eongregato for the purpose of looking at
and purchasing the late atylea of Spring Mil
linery, trimings, elc. Mr. D. ha everything
in the line which the ladies can possibly desire.
Call in and see the beautiful stock at his store,
47, Main slreet.
" WiNTiD. " Our neighbors of the Gasctte
hare established an advertising department,
with the above caption. It js a good idea ;
and w believe it will become a popular mode
of communication between the peoplejust as
soon as they can be convinced that it will pay.
It ia chesp enough to Induce any body totry ita
KkT'Laat night was stinging cold ; and tb
impression this morning was that the fruit
injured. We have examined a number
0f peaches and oherrics, but COuld not find
... . .
one that was injured by the frost Those
which we examined, however, were slightly
sheltered, but were sufficiently exposed to
have been damaged by froet, if any damage
was done. loe formed last night in this vi
cinity about the eighth of an inch in thick
ness. MiLiTAtT ix MiAHisstiao. On Saturday laat
in the afternoon, the "Miami Light Guard,"
had a large turn out to attend their third pa
rade and Target shooting. The first prise
Medal of the Guard waa awarded to T.B.
Reichard, a private In the company, he having
beaten hia 30 competitors. Col. Vaneman, of
the lat Reg 'l lit Brigade, O. V. M, and Ma
jor Pease of Gen. Speice'e staff, were present
and participated in the shootiog.
tsjovThose who desire a good pioture
daguerreotype, ambrotype, or any other style
of picture should call at Baldwin's Rooms,
up stairs, over the -California Clothing Btors
3d street, near Main. lie i a first class ar
tist, and can not be exoellod in taking pio
turee of little folks, or big. ,
CTHsonlngtoo's Diorama of the Russian
Wsr goes to Hamilton to.day. It ia a really
merrilorious work of trt, and the lecture which
accompanies the exhibition at by no means an
inconsiderable part of the entertainment. We
feel sure our Hamilton frienda will be highly
pleased and delighted with the Diorama, aud
the very entertaining lecture which accompa'
uies it.
DJ" We learn that a horse attached to a bag
gy, which waa in charge of a lady, yesterday,
became frighteued at soms object along the
street, snd ran away. Th buggy was cap
sited, aud th lady wss throwa out, breaking
three of her ribs by the fall.
ErWm. Smith O'Brien,' the Irish pstrioi,
and true gentleman, will be ia Cincinnati a day
or two this week. He wo in Louisville Fri
day and Saturday. We would like to see and
greet the man.
IT Tha Miami River played tad havoc in
the viciuity of the New Bridge, while on a
"bender" last week. Indeed, all along tbs riv
er bank, the entire length of the city, th dam
damage done by lb flood ia unpleasantly appa
jniProperty holder ar referred to th
insurance advertisements la another column
Mr. ( has. K. Clark, Real Estate Agent,
Clegg' Uuilding, 3d st, i sgsnt for these
reliable oorapauies.
Or-Our exchange from every part of th
west report favorably in regard to th growing
ttaT'Th Station Hous teem to have no
regular keeper. Who is to be th regular
f9i lady had her satchel, containing
her money, stolen on the train coming in
from the west, on Saturday ; and arriving
here in the evening, she was in a strange
plaoe and penniless. Kb a had never been in
Dayton before, and had come here on an
invitation to visit in tb family of an unole,
who had only recently moved here; and on
inquiry at the depot she oould not learn
her to find him. Hlie knew ha lived on
5th street, and getting directions how to
find it, aha determined to hum until she
oould find tb bouse. It was soma time af
ter dusk, and tired of her many failures,
she was nearly distraoted, when at the oor-
ner of Fifth and Jefferson she aooidcnlully
met her uncle, wlicn her joy was so great
that she faiaied, and would have fallen up
on the sidewalk, had he not caught her In
hi arm I Our lady readers oan appreciate
this item.
rrWehtdan item in Saturday's Empire,
mentioning the' fees that aeversl youngsters
were taken to the Station on Friday evening.
The intelligent portion of our readers can prob
ably judge of our surprise when we were aerl
ously asked if the persons referred to In the
item were "Sons of Malts. It seems that a
play npon words, snd the cloe proximity of
the item to the notice 6f "Ye Anecisnt Sonnos,"
gave the Impression to some unsophisticated
minds that members of the Mystic Order were
mesut. Those who participated in the pro
ceeaion sxeroises demeaned themselves like gen
tlemen that they are. We regret that "some
folks is so dumb;" and we will bereafier wrile
police items with particular regard to their cal
Ja.Quito an exoiting chase, by "flood and
field," wai bad on Saturday with a "steer,"
which soma butchors wore trying to get over
the Third street Canal bridge. The unruly
muly animal persisted in not passing over
the bridge, and in going into the ctnnl. Afi
ter a deal of trouble he as got out of the
raging flood, hobbled, and started off into
the northeastern part of the oity,when again
getting oontrary, he turned upon the man
who held tha rope attached to one of his
forelegs, and butted the fellow ovor ; then be
chased every person in sight, and finally
spying a tall lady with a red shawl, he start
ed after her "full tilt." The chase was an
exoiting one. The lady was fleet, but "mu
ley" rapidly gained on her, and just as he
had come up to hia victim she suddenly
darted into an open door t The bullied
animal then ran out Second street, east
oleitring the street of every living thing. He
was still engaged in his inspection of Sec
ond fcitreet when our informant left.
JeiVWo were trying to explain some very
plain matters the other evening to a party of
gentlemen who had requested our aid ; but
owing to tbeir real or pretended dullness of
comprehension, we felt that our best en
deavor were failures, and that we were
talking for naught. One of the gentlemen,
a strangor, who bad not engaged in the dis
cussion, but who had paid very murked at
tention to our remarks, attracted our notice;
for he had an intelligent countenance, and
bad nodded approval to two or throe of our
best points. Feeling gratified that at least
one man in the orowd could understand and
appreciate us, we asked "What would you
do, should a man enter your home in the
guise of an intimate friend, and by virtue of
that intimacy, ruin your wife and dishonor
you?" "Well," drawled the fellow, "1
don't know, but I '(pose I'd go after the po
lice and have him put in the watoh house I"
We have only to add tbut we cannot be
expected hereafter to rely on the soundness
of a good looking head.
A Hm.iAiu.K Shop. Ono of the most praoi
tical jewelers, watoh and olock dealer and
Repairers, in the West is Mr. Jas. W.
Uwope, whose Shop is on Third Street a
few doors west of the Post Oifioe. 1U has
a good supply of jewelry, watches, etc.,
which he oilers on the most favorable terms;
and then the purchaser can depend on get
ting just what is reoom mended. Mr, Hwope
pay vory particular attention to repairing
all article in the line ; and in this regard
we doubt whether he ha a suporior any
where. Call at his establishment and veri
fy our declarations.
(T John Sheliabarger has been making prep
aralions for a vlgorou a summer campaign in the
livery business. He haa been getting ou some
new and very fine buggies, and has, in addi.
lion put the numerous vehicles in bis Stable
in complete trim. He haa now better aud more
stock than ever before. John knows just how
a stable should be kept, and has everything to
come up exactly to the scribe.
9eBTlie old Iiarnsdale Itridge, at Miam
isburg, was taken down last Friday. It was,
probably, the poorest biidge evor put across
th Miami River, from souroe to mouth -
There are but two or tires of the same style
of bridges left standing in thit part of the
world, and they ought to be pulled down
Their great peculiarity oyer other bridgos
is that they commence falling as soon as
t.Tliero were three snow storms y ester
day; the first one, In the forenoon, covered
th ground. The atmosphere wo quite
wintorisb all day, and th general prediction
was that the fruit would "go up."
tTBraudeubug baa yet a quautity of the very
beat pots toes to be had any where sound and
healthy. Those who want eoeetpotsloesthould
order them from No. 300, Third slreet.
CT If yoa want good sweet Hutu-r, go to th
Preaervatoiy on the Back Lot Stover A PAaum
can supply you with a nice article.
larThe street in different part ol th
city ar undergoing a thorough renovation.
"A new broom sweeps clean.
fTOoneral Sutter, the old California pioneer,
ia reported as lying dsdgerously ill at Hock
Farm, near Sacramento.
An Olo J tat mas Mr. jew Trammel, who
ia one hundred years old, served tbs whole ol
laat week ae a juryman in the Court at Green.
rille, S. 0.
A SITUATION in a WhoWU or KeUti)
Oroeery More, y jrounf nan, well eoqunl sit
ed with I buetAtm. OtMxl reiereuot wa tie givtir
AtfclrrM A. 4'. I-, , P O.
Several of the principnl railroads in the East
are running enra build wholly not of iron.
Some Yankee down east has invented a new
clolhes line. It eousisls of a galvanised wire,
which will not anil the ctotuea, and ia not
affected by the changes of weather.
Ten dollar counteifeit notes on the branch of
tlis Southwestern Bank of Virginia,, st Wythe
illp, sre in circulation.
The Indiana Furtiier, of Friday snnnunces
thnt the peach crop is uninjured. "A few of
the tondereat sorts," it says, "are slighly af
fietedtbul 'hose, it is belluvt-d, arc tcslly
only thinned cut to their advaulssre. A fesr
tender cherries arc worsted. The tnnlrreat
apples sre sale."
James Sebrn shot Wm. Jirold with a sht
gun, tirnr Petersburg, Ky.; on Satutdny.tlie !.li
inat. The parties had been en a drunken frolic
for several days, snd while "scuttling, (one At
tempting to put the other into a bArrel of wa
ter) Sebra snatched p Ajrnn ajid idiot one side
of Jarold's head entirely away, killini; liim in
stantly. Sebra was lodged in the llurlingion
Weir, late a policeman in New Yolk, wna
sentenced to pny a fine of $.111, and serve1 three
days In the Pcnilciitisry , for oxsaiilting his
ife in the streot, when she asked him for mo
ney to buy bread for herself and little ones.
A jury in the Superior Court of Button has
awarded 1,3,300 damages to Mis Almira Hart
lett, to be assessed from Sewell Packard, for
a breach of marriage contract. The parties
reside in Charleston.
Extraordinary ss it niriy appesr, anvs sn ex
change, a piece of h--rn paper, folded and
placed between the i.,per lip snd gutr, will
stop bleeding at the nose. Try it.
Stewart Henderson, a young in.iti, tr.ts nrres
ted on Monday, at Wheeling, fur committing a
rBpe on Fredeiikn twinkle, o Herman girl of
15 years.
The Oalveston, Texas, News eoiiipluius bit
terly of the potty thefts committed in the Tost
Offices of the Stale, of valtniblit lunil matter,
such as maps, almAiiacs, tfce.
The Lexington and Dig Sandy Uuilroml, Ky
is advertised lobe sold for the benefit nf eredi
The powder house of a preruHsion-cap fnclo.
ry, In Troy, was blown up !at Wednesday.
No one injured.
A company of 50 children left New York on
TucBilay, under the care of the Children's Aid
Society, for the W.t.
Sixteen negroes were linpli-ed nt T.cuisnMe
Ky.,on Sunday last.
A Floral Curic-itt. Tim IVndlt Ujp (S. 0 )
M ienger says: "We wcru Klmwn yi'sterday
after.) on, by Mr. B. K. Sloan, wliaL wu consider
quite a curionity, though otherH may have "keen
the same thing heretofore. It ia a roe grnfU'd
on the peach'tri'6. Tim tree in now in full
bloom and must present a beautiful fippciunnrf1.
The roue ia, we think, of the Mnlii Klorn viiri-
ety; has no ucont, and tho brnnchca, ijf course.
produce no peaches. "
A Stout Girl. Tht:y tntiHthnvt antno woman
of stamina in MaBSficlumtHln. A short timoago,
Miss Klenoro Rosebooka wheeled a bur re of
fluur from hr father 'h store to her m blister's
bouse. Her father, who ia a bltti-r inlid.1,
flare the flour to the minister on condition thnt
ahe should wheel it to him, The young mm
gave her a purse a a reward for ttpirtt, and she
immediately bestowed that tnon the minister
a In a
iXThe following is from the Cecil Whiir, one
of the most respectable JournnU iu the couu-
The Gut Boor Thadk. The l'riniilei on
which U, O. bvan$, the tantid r of the iJuiteg
eondurtt if. A pen end denunciation on the
part of many persona and preMi-s throughout
tho country, of that branch of the piihlmhinir
bun in ens denominated the "Oift Hook Trade,"
haa induced ua to devote a few rmaika to the
eubjpct, and to apeak particularly of the bust
nefl.au conducted by Mr. U. if. Kvana, 4MI
Chestnut Street, l'liiUdeltuiu, with whose
principles and practice in the trade, we have
made ourselves acquainted.
Because swindlers or iuoramuKoH, in any
trade, subject, us to loan, we itro not llitrt'for
to con mu re men engaged in legitimate trade ;
because "Teter Kuuk" traders iu watches de
ceive and cheat the public, boneht walrhma
Iters are not to denounced and avoided ; and so,
because a number of "l'eter Funk" concerns
in the Oift Book Business, encouraged by the
great succeiH of Evans' enterprise, nprung p
in various cities, aud fora lime cheated thoue
who were deluded into dealing wuh them,
there is no reason that a fair, literal and ener
gelic publisher should be condemned alotiji
with tnem. No injustice could be greater.
People muft deal with tradesmen; they mu.l
have watches they must bant hot.ks snd let
them Uke care to seek the plare where they
can prucuri- the articles they wpnt, without de
ception and on the mast advarjtaifcoii tfrms,
Mr. Kvans originated ihft Clift Hook Hiisines
in 1H54, and his great success in it is ihe result
of the energy, tho integrity, aud the libislity
that have characterUed his courbe from that
day to the pre-eut. The sham concern" that
have from time to time arisen, in imitAiion of
his establiahmeut, have now mostly perthed,
while he pursues the tenor of his way, giving
satisfaction to all who deal with him.
'i ke fairness and houesty of the business is
not be doubted, and are easily underhtood He
ia an enterprising man, aud sett mi; out to do a
large bnsiuews, he purchasi'd his toks in large
quantities ; iu order to increase hi bate, he de,
tertumed to gWe pan of hi profit to purcha
4ra, in premiums. The nriuciple of rit'inauu
or Oift has been adopted in many branches of
business, and, perhtp.H, every newnpnper that
haa spoken against the Gift Hook ItusiuuMs has
recognized the principle, ruber in deductions
to cluba, extra copieH, or j;ifts of engravings,
akc. Kvana purchuses whole edition of books
at tho lowest figures ; twdls l):em at the regu
lnr retail prices, and Kives a premium wii h each
book , in every $l(l,(H0 worth of books hu ap
propriales $5,UtMJ worth ol jewelry, watchek,
tito., which are given away with theiMjok', pur
chasers often receiviug gdd waUhes, cstly
cameos, Ai. Iu every caw of s ile, Kvausgiven
what ho pleases and surely the mwt fds: id
ious moralist can find no fault
On the same principle, if a man buy a chest
of tea, is the grocer to be blamed or commend
ed, if he gives his cusUmer a few pounds of
coffee into the bargain? The question needs
do reply. His t ncouragement to American
u thorn, publisher, and manufacturers, i very
great; in a single year he pu rebutted from one
manufacturer alone, f 'lti.UOU morth of Jewelry,
and thousands of perMins engaged iu prlutiug,
book'binding, watchmaking, tic , receive em
ploymeul through his agency.
His assortmsntof bo.iks embraces the aland
ard works of the languages, and every depart,
meut of American literature, and through hit
agency, vast numbers of useful bonks have In en
spread through every part of the country, to the
great advantage of the rising generation, and
iu this Inspect he may wry propeily he held to
be a public benefactor.
In short, in Mr. Kvana we find au enterpri
sing man the originator of a busiueM which
he haa followed with the greatest energy and
strictest integrity, until it having a vast extent
and importance, a boat of imitators (some of
them honest, perhaps, but ignorant of the bus
ineaa) arise aud disappoint and cheat the pub
lic, brihging down condemnation not only ou
themselves, but on the man whose trade i hey
were counterfeiting. To rescue air. 1. from
this unmerited censure, aud to alate what we
understand ia be the nature of the (lift Book
Inninprift, a p-HnUiwIicd and conduct H hy him
hn led to thin tmir.le. No one who (IchU with
him enn be wronged or dinuppointi'd; no' nny
will (lie piirnhnfr teretve tlm full value nf bin
monoy In bonfe. but with ench book a premium,
or Rirr-, and thnt often rerj handsome and val
u table.
Fast Timk Fast Parra. W receive that
sturlinp, wideawake paper, the New York
Daily ''News" within thirty hours after It la
issued from the press. The "News" contains
daily tho entire proceeding of the Sickles
trial, at Washington, besides a mention of eve
ry thing transpiring throughout the world.
The "News" ia the best newspaper in New
York City.
U"Thc Urbana Ciliaen has been enlarged,
and dressed in new and attractive typo. The
Citixen ia a good newapsMr, though radically
rrpuuncHn in pounce a leali.ro winch is bo
secondary and second hand, that it is not a
matter of otjection. Saxton ia a clever man, a
good printer, and au incorrigible republican.
'LT Tho only clothing worn by the inhabi
tants of Siarfl ia a peyae.a kind of apron made
of bark. The king himself wears nothing
Yesterday fSnndsv) evening. Iapu Vhimi ,tn
of l hrist. Ami Kliznuth Kneoht.
Funeral to-morrow Tues(lf ) April lt, at t o'
clock. F. M.
Interment WootllaDtl Cernctery,
grtp&jsa, For fme Pictures
UU 1 w
rhtrtl street, one door Rsst of the Twi rioett.
0. LUN'CIl everyday, nt tho "Motrc-
olhsn," at 10 o'oloek. aprfl
Millinery Goods!
Ill A K now on bond, and shall keep
through the Benson, an elegant assortment of
Ilotinets and Hats, of the latest anil most approved
styles. L ulles wlshliis a Kcnteol Hat At A HKASON
A11LK I' lilt 'K, Are Inviteil to call and exAiulne.
HleAcheil And lresed In a superior manner,
47 Main street.
12 1-2 cts per Yard.
O IN" E C A. S E
more of them, at
The Cash Store,
- Attractive Sale!
IX pureuanoo of an order of tho Suporior
Court, within and ibr the county of Montgom.
ery and slate ot Ohio, miule at the Vehiuaiv term,
thereof, A. i. IM6, iu tho case of
Henry b. Drown, b. Issao H. Kleratotl, Kxeeutora
and Trustees of George W. imHh,det 'i.t
Sophia C. Kierstetl, J.tmes M. bnillh and others,
To mt directed, I will sell at public nuctlon on the
ground Immediately south ami north of the f'tm-lu-n
til KreiKht and P.tssenKer Depots, between tiw
hours ol i and i o'clock, f. M., on
SATUKDAY, MAY 28 TU, 1851,
The fllwliiir deierlheU Ho I Kstate, situate In the
eliy ol liaytou, Montgumery county, Ohio: Being
. Lot numbered 3n Appraised at $4Mi,oo
' " Sli lB " 400 00
" 11 Sttol 41 400,00
" tbtit " 176,00
" 14 lli-eft " ai6,oj
" b67 avu,uo
' " Srif.a 3oo,oo
" " 8iui aixi.uti
u ' ' aou.uo
" 8ift a iKi.oo
Snld Utn being on Ktker street, fronting the Cin
cinnati Freight and Ptiittenuer am pots.
A Lt-0,
lDt numbered 3013 on the corner, aprralsed at ?AO,oo
" atiift on Ludlow street, " eoti.oo
These l.oti being south of Depots and oppotdte
Sihiml Houve.
Aiitl nt tlie door of the Court Mouse,
The south hnlfof Lot aunihcretl 171, on ferry,
het. 41 h nml 6th sts., appraised nt TuOSl
The north 4l feet of tut No, Hit, on Main
st., fippnil-tu at 4,&uo,oo
Tlie south Ui feet of lot No. '.Ml, on Muln !.,
enwi nit), uu i. win nmi r raumin aireeiH,
npitralseu at
800, IK'
j on oi ine weir, nnu oi ine soutn 70 reel.
of Lot No. Si, (routing on the alley,
prntied at 640,00
Lot No. t93, being N. Kaat corner on Basin
ami Ut sta., with large Frame W arehouie,
nppiAksed at 1,260,00
Lots No. SUA at SMH, of 1st -treet, running
haek to hall Hand, with Mlanil Foumleiy
and Majhine liopt Hiihjeel' to mi unex
pired Letse to James W. Htnlth, sppraisetl
at a.ioo.oo
L l No. 7(, with llrick Warehouae. (Vlnr
gar Frwtorj .jon twtst aide of llasin, uear
Ut St., nsprataed n S.loo.Otl
Tin property cannot be sold for less than thea
praliied value, tiiereol.
Tlie terms of aale are: One-third cash In hand;
one-third in one yenr, anil one-third la two yeru
fnnu day ot sale, with luterwMt on defetrid pay
ment), to Ire secured hy oiortAj;e ou the preniiaeg.
To l sold as tlm property ol the heirs ol lieutu
W. Miiilh, deceased, by
Kxeuutor and (iuardtan,
aprlS-ltt and Special Master Commisslouer.
Manhattan Fire Ins. Co,
oi i k i;, mo. (, aii m., n. v.
sj J 50,000
- 125,0O0
Insures Ituih.liiKS, MerchAlidlse, Kurnlture, VesMls
Iu "ort ami their CarKoes,auU other pruvrty against
loss or uiuak h lire.
W. P. Palmer, s.iiuuei f Mott, Rufus L. KorJ.WII
lisiu V. Mott, fctlnln 1). M.-mu, N llliaui W. Fo,
Ricliaril lietie, I'cter Cooper, Thouias Barnii,
Kolrl n All. turn, Moeee 'I aylur, Thus. W. Fear
sell, Henry fcllsworth, Ausustus 11. Ward, Jainrt
I olli-s. Muuev Mitj-ou, 1.. S. Sunret, John Casswell,
John Mewartl, Johu (.rren, KIn--ii b. i'rocker.
U II.I.IAM Pil l I'ALKlkU, 1'resldcnt.
AhbUK J. Hmitii. St-cretar.v.
CHAM. K. l l.AKKK, A(eut,
aprld Clcgf' Hullutiu, U st.
irving Fire Insurance Co.
OlTK i; No 9, WmII sirc'cl, N, Y.
OA3H CAPITAL, 9200000.
Insures Hulidlnn, Furniture, alerehaBdiae, VeaMls
iu i'ort aud I heir Cargoes, and other proprty
agiinst lose or datnatre by ftre, on favorable terms
Mason ThomiUND, William Nlelson, John B. Hilly
er, i lBlrew1, V ndVrlHt L Huston, Jienjaniiu J
Hart, John Sholwell, Ahraham M MiuloMvr, Thouias
I'hriaty, Wm Kadlurd, John homer, fctlvaaua h
Want, i harlrs Burkhalter, 1) Aluntto CjsliRkan.Wn
OtWey, John o Mur, Juhu B Huhhy, Win FJai.-kaon,
Ailam Knttje, Air -vitntler MeKtuaie, Chaa. alirli'kg,
JtiM-ph ;RiKers, Jtihit H lsarauH, Wavid ftanisou,
rVtrr D IV. I Una. Stephen W ray, U ritthl (.1 1 lies. Da
vid 11 Mttaee, John lieMn, FMMlertck Horubvl )rus
Huapp, Uaao iKlell, liela a. Squire, William a Cor
wId. J WatUworih, Wai. Veidun, H A Forsyth, and
aud ( has luuutaou.
M AhoS THOMSON, Preaideat.
Mautim L. ao ei-L, Seeretary.
t Ham. H.. 1 I. A HKK, Agent,
spr 18 I lean's Buildlug, Ihud at.
'PUK Police (JaieUe, oontaiuiDg tlieSiuklcs
X Trial, for ale by
aprie D. a F, M. a HULL.
ICK n.w Balibat best e th teoa.
ar at I. N wKKKII'l.
Aaalicnrc'M nlo. Evtraordimirjrt
PROM the late Brm of Kopkinson, Hro. A
Co., Impertera anil Manufaettirert of Watches,
I'innion.l.. .It- . Srit.ilwa. M.u. 4
menne no M,.,ly, April llth, snileontlnue for slew
c ays only. Nest .loor to Uletrlch's Dm, store, un
iler the rhllllps House.
1 ,Ail lea cull and examino
Ladies call and examine.
Ladies oall and examine.
Ladies call and examine.
liadios oall and examine.
The Inrire-t anil moat splenillil Assortinpnt.
lhe Isixe.t anil uioat .pli nillu Ateortnient.
The l.iLte-t Ami most splendid ss-ortment.
lhe laraest sod most splendid Assortment.
WatChaa. Dlsmnna. mnA . Tl
"stents, JJiamoncla and Bracelet
Watches, Diamonds and Bracelet.
Watches, Dlamouda and Bracelet.
Coral, Mosiiio, Amethyst and Cameo,
ioral, Aloaaio, AinctliTsts and Cauieo,
(.joral, Mosaio, Amellijste and Cameo,
('oral, Mosaio, Amethysts and Cameo. .
Kublse, Fearlt Opal, -
Knbiee, Faarls k Opals.
Rubies, Pearls A Opals.
Eubiot, Fearlt A Opals.
told throoirh the day At wlmlesAie prices. Uomlt
V" . . V AAlesniAD.
t. C. Core, Assignee. aprll-lw
PURSUANT to a firmer order from the
X. Probate Court of Montgomery county Iwlllof
fer At public 'sle at the diKir of the Court House la
theottyif l)Ay ton, In the county aforesaid, , '
ne tween the hours of t sn.t 4 oVIoek p. u r -.1,1
day, the lollop ing Real Kstate, As the vr"perl of
KtlJ. I "ryth,deccA.ed.llnr? tl,t portion ol same
which remnlned unsold for want nt hidden under
said order ol Court) to win
lot No m-rt, m ..illicit, of ll.iyton (iinlmproveil)
Appraised, free nl doirer, At n,Mi. '
A !., I.ols uiiuiliereil W7A, aim! StfJO, In nld cltv
of liavton (unimproved) appraised, free ol dower,
at ?ri,oo each.
A l."0, Lot. numliercd 2H6S, and 5S70, In said cltv
of Uaiton (unimproved) Apprised, tree of dower,
said lots not to sell for less thull half of Iheir All
praised value. 1
TI-.IIMM oi-' M.E-One-thlrd of purcha.e money
cash on dav ol aalei one-lhml In tls month., anil
one-third In twelve mnnlhs. Deferred naymeuts to
iH-nr Interest at tlx ner ce,,r. .ni ...,, .
gage on the premises sold.
AdminlrlrAlrlKol Kll J. fnn th, dee'd
TIIOS. II. TII.TOK, All',. Aprl&-iu&tt
If. naris
Do. 79, Jefferson street,
1. 0. 0. F. CELEBRATION!
Programme of Day!
at the Odd Fellows Hall at 10 o'clock Tlie m-
nampuient will meet at Maoulo Hall, on Third Ht.
The members ot the (Jrand Ug9 will uieet nt the
Teniperauue Hall, on Main street ,aml the DauKhters
of Hehecvaal the Uuhemalist Church, on St. Clair
The proeession will he formed on St. Clair street,
nt lo1 o'eloi-k. under direction of the (.mini aiar.
shnl, wheu the procession will wove la the follow-
mif oriit-1 :
Mttiortllnate lxngv, Kueamproent, the Grand
Lod(;e,the DailKhtersof Kebecva. aCnchdetfree will
be headed hy two hiTtseuieu.
The irocslon will wove at lo'' o'olock. hv ti
following route;
North on Nt. Clair to First, East on First toSeara;
South on Kears to Third; West on Third to Wayne;
out h ou Wayne to Filth; Weit on Fifth to Main;
North on Main to Fourth) West on Fourth to Wil
kinson; North on Wilnlnon to rieoondi Kuion .
ond to Main; huuth on Mttln to the Court House,
where the exercises will proceed in the foliowia
orden 11 TitO Itr TIIK HAND.
I. I'rayer hy the Chaplain, Hro. J. Balle.
a. sing-luff hy the Choir.
Addreeshy Bro. G. T. Flanders.
4. Moa-lug hy the Choir.
6. Benediction by the Chaplain.
The proeeatlon will then Brain be formed, and
inarch to the Temperance Hall, and then leave thr
Grsnd lAr, S00.U, vu Malu to Third Kant on Third
to Maaoulc Hal; then leave the encampment 4h?n
"m -t- -iir iu nr i'Uivcrsaii-i cnurrn; men
eave the 1'NiiKhters of !Vliwca. then mirth tn
Third; Kattoalhin to Odd Fellows Hall, w her?
the proeea.ion will te itini.iiaeii.
iu i ne eveviiifuieie w ill he a
At the P.i II, I. IPs HOtK, for the members af the
urder, with their ladiea. Tickets for the supr
may he hinlned of any nt mher of Ihe Cnintnltlee.
or at James Turner's office, on Jeliervon slreet.
npi !
Thefollowiulug lUt of NK W.BOOKS, just ree d.
Tom llruwn's School Uars at Kugbj.
Schools and Holidays,
By OUphant.
Firat Things,
hy Baron Ktowe.
The I'illar of Fire, or Israel in Bondage,
lly the author of "Prince of House of Israel."
Conversion of a Hkoptio a Member of the
By Rev. H. I'. Maxwell,
(iodej's 1ttilj Hook, for Maj.
spn No. 1M, Tlilrd street.
f'OUKY tf ld ,x)k, for May, just re-
V ' oeived by
spris D. A F. B. SHt'KL
Thot. J. S, smith, No. IIM.
, . , i Mottissi.rr superior
Erie a. Kershner, et. al. Cuurl.
1I RSUAN T to an order issued from th
Suerlor Court of Montgomery Couutv, tome
dlreele.1, I will otter At public .ale at th dour of th
Court tiuu.e, iu the sit, uf baylou,
(N KaTL'MUAY, Al'ltll. 2.111, A. I). 1859,
tM-tween the hours of 1 And 4 o'clock. P M . nl ..is
day, the following described Real Kalsle. to wit:
Miuaie ia miii i.ouuiy oi Aloatuosaerv, and know
AUd d-.igii4ted A. lot aumbef thlrti-llve hundred
(S60U) lu the cltv of Daytou, ae designated Iu the
pistol the addition ol iota laid eut bv Phlilipa,
Beekel k U.., to Midclly ol layton.
Nald lot has beeu Appral4N al 7A. To he told at
ihe toll of I . i. . Kutilk vs.Krle a. ker-huer, el. aj.
Terms ol ealeoask.
JOHN MILLii, Kk'r. M.to.
SMITH, Att'y. aihll-wtt
T. I.
WE "ill " it few dava.a lare amount
of Biainaw (ihavel Fine Bhtoelea. Thr r are
IS INCHka LUNU, KB V THH K.aod of aiualit)
s ipenor to au)thiug ever brought to thii i.iaikt-t
II you want to e the beat fine Bhiu. iu the
aiaraet, oall at our l.usilw Yard, on Wayne atrwei,
beiieeu the Canal aud lutlroad.
apr-4ww a- and !. W. GIB HART.
1H1K UniteU Statee Uemocr a t iTa Ima nao
luat reeetred sad fur sale by
I. aa4 F. I 8 H I'LL
AU Qnalitlea and Prices!
Has Just renelvetl ant now rlft-re
The Latest St tries
Emhraelna; every Tsrlety nf
Straw nn I'ulm i.vhT lltitvl!
CA Pa In fJreat variety, an : at privrs the arxt M
vorahle to purchasers. aprl4-4lawtl
TIIK ftutooriber hna now in hie ator, and
for sale, a nimble to wrinf out elnihe- on a
ws'hlns: day, and to mangle or smooth the cloth, s
iniitead ol irmlii ( them, It will rave labor and lime,
and an nne ha vine used It, wontd not llketotlo
without it. f Ml A R ,K I'tihT,
No. 4 econd street, 4 doors I row Main,
Relative to an amendment to the Constitution, pro-
vidiiiK for Anniirtl ensiuns oi the cuerl
RraoLVRti, av tmk General Asikmbi.v ornir
taii: or Ohio, Three-hMh-i ol the memhrrnof
each house com-orrlnpr therein, that It hesindiahrre
by propoam to the electors ol the state, to intent
tho next annual Octolter tte election, upon the ap
prove or rejection ot Die following amendment, m
a sut'fltttotr for the Itrst clnu-e ol the twi-ntj (itih
eetlnn of the second artlrle of the f ontltuttfin of
this at ate, to wit: AII reaulsr seMiona ol theienrr-
I A -sem Id y ahall nomiiieuoe on the llmt Alninlnj or
January annual y."
Speaker nf Ihe Houne ol Keprenentathes.
April A, ISfiB. rresideut ol the vnMe.
Columdis, U., April j , H6,
t hereby certlfv that Ihe foreaolnv Joint Hef,i.t-
tion, "relative to an Amendment to the Conntltu
tion provhtlR for Annual HeMnions nt the Genera'
n'wnimv, ii a iiue wpy iroui me oiikiiimi mil
ii hr tin
u tr in tuii omce.
A. I. It! wm
eeretaty of Mate.
To the .Public
0 our fruit Catalopuea we Imvo recom
mendat out which we And are used oilier i.r-
tie In the rriiit tree businea. We have, by-haul
latKr, and with mueh exertion, secured a reputa
tion Inr our Fruit 1 reea. All t'ntalnpur- without
the name of "Jacob Hikes k. Kon'1 iinn thi in, itli
the recommendations nf Job. Halnei, H. MimIiI-h.),
Bnhhitt and Herman, Chas. O. Swain and Win.. I.
McKlnney atlaihetl, are spurioiiM.
We forwarn all person irom hitv Inar Prmt Treet
On in tellers haviiiK simh catalogues, repren(intit)r
the trees to te irom our nur-ery, as the me tint luc
Injf on our reputation, and using ournanie. ai well
aa others, without our knowledge or consent
apr-d;iw JACOB TlIKKS ami j
Coal, Wood & iiimo!
nounee to the eltlxent of Hayton aud vicinity
that he Is prepared to supply in Wrgeor smalluuan
tltiesall who may lavor hlui with a call, with t In'
best quality of
C O Ji. JLm .
aijo, ne has on iianii
fie Is also prepared to deliver In any part or the
city, the best
ccoAiivirrR Mm:,
Which Is the mnil desirable lime brought to this
ally. All orders promptly tilled,
ard and ottlce, on Third street, near the Xenla
2 ?
1 !.:
O - l " . DC 9
U t O r-i "2 m - s
i4 I J Vj-. fj
-9' J 5
2 S f
i a
O r
o &
En 3
first of the season!
Ice Cream, Lemonade,
Fashionable Saloons,
Every Day Evening through 1he summer.
tie ir-a i so prepared io mrnirtn private ami wet' -diu;
parties, pic nice, etc., with the best of h e
tuuieviiiiuTrir(i,r.,vi tt ttii hit niitmip nt rn rrnmiu
ble ratei. He reels confident thai heean eive supe
rior aocomwodatlona for thepriee. Give him acnll.
Cor. 2d s Main, N. Ohmer'e old ataud.
Ice Cream. Lemonade
utoH4.ii: oiimh;. .-,
tine Door Kaet of the i'oat Odi.-e.
KrA Splendid Room, fitted up expressly for La
dies. Mprl'J
P. J. W E L T Y' S,
This Day and Evening,
And every Pay and Evening during- the summer
aaaou, at the corner of Mala and Fourth street,
ALL who are sullerinK from the t Re eta of
Youthful haveaa, aelf-Abuse or the debility
aritiua 'rout sexual iiwa-e, can be surely and 1'er
muieutly Restored to lerle t Health, Htrenglh and
V ig-or, by usIuk the
Elixir de Vie.
This most valuable Medicine ti prepared from a
Receipt of aa Kanueut Paris ttiytclan, hud is con
stantly used la buropc with .Never-Failing Suct-eBii.
It thoroughly removes all
Nervoue Debtllty,
Bemtual Emlaatooa,
and Impedimenta
to Marriage,
aud will restore the sufferer aud tle Impotent to
st ite of rertvet Manly Vueor. It will tiniruuKhl
eradicate the i ft cts ot either
nbitri uv or iim:am
from which many thousands areeuatiauall) sutrer
tue without kaowlua a remedy.
The coat of cure la IrirHits. One lottle will Uet
ne nioattatanl i Sititatile for elthfr etK. Merit flee
by mail toaU parts ot the Cal lad tte.
Frier, 1 erUol(le
Add rase
D. 11. ANDEltTOX,
SSI, Broadway, K. Y.
N. B. A C'lreular eontaialag full partlculnrs and
dlrlions will Ih sent with eavk bottle, aud tree to
any addrcM, oa application.
WE have this day associated with us iu
bu.luess II. W. Stewart, under the styl of
Haa, Miuhell and Stewart.
HAAS and MITl'IIHI.!..
AprU I, IDS. pr6-lw
BW Co4 Fnh, la oe order sod very low.
at 1. N. 6B.ia'B.

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