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rcr Three Nights Only 1 1
AHII 11, 18 AW M, 1MB.
Oeor. Christy, R. M. Hooley, Proprietors.
C. Copplts, Musical bireetor,
BE( to announce to the citixeni of Iy
toa that they wl.l (Ira a .hurt series of their
unique, original and unapproachable
Censlsttnr of Vocal, Instrumental Terpslchorean
and Hlstrionle per-ormanoea, and embracing a vari
ety of new Hoiiki, Solos, Duetts Choruses, Dances,
fee., together with new and origin at mlrth-provok-In
Plantation ftcenea, Ante, Interludes, Burlesque
Opera, Comedy, Tragedy and Farre, tormina a pro
gramme of unexceptionable novelties, and the moit
tttreetive entertainment ever ottered to the olti
tens of Dayton.
Kntir$ change of Programme every evening!
ty For particulars see small bills,
Admission, - 30 ointi,
lKvort own at 7 o'oIock. Entertainment oommen
aa at ft o'cloaa. nreeieelv.
Front seats reserved for Ladles and Gentlemen ae-
ooaiwnylng them.
eprtt LEWIS A. ZWIM.rR, Anent.
For Cash Onlyi
No. 110, Main street.
and moat complete stock of
Boots and Shoes
Erer brourht to this city, which were mtttiufnct tired
exprnslrtolilsorilerliyJOHN H. DKTKHS.of cln
L'iDB.tl, acknowlelKMl to le Uts best Doot and Slioe
MsaufMturer In the West.
la sddttlon I HA K and WILL KEEP ON HAND
a full and varied stooa ol
My Own Manufacture,
Which, for 8TTLK and qUAl.ITT Is UNSURPASS
ED lameonndent 1 cau get up
In the elty, and I will Kuarnntce aatlslactlon In all
cases. Respectfully,
N W. WIL80W,
lit Main street, S doors south of the Msraet.
N. W. W. also keeps a supjrlor arttcleof FRENCH
KTNo Eastern Work kept at this estab
lihmen aprs-da
jo. 68 Mainat.,oppalte Court Houie,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer ia
Foreign tad Domeatio Fruits, Nuts, Pickles;
every variety of Kruite hermetically
Denied in tin nnd filusn,
ten, Salad Oil,
Sauces, Ao.
Wood and Willow Ware of all varieties, Child
ren'aCabs, Toy Wagous, Wheelbarrows, Kockiug
Horses, et., etc. aprll
Opening Every Day!!
her new Spring Stock or
imillaerr and . Fancy Woods 1 1
Her stock of bonnet. Is large and oonslsts of Silk,
Htraw, Crspes, and all other Binds that the Spring
Trade demands. She acepa also on hand a splendid
assortment or
Flowers, Ribbons, Silks, Crapes, Shemollcs,
Bonnets, Lsoee, Head Dre8e,CnpK,
Children's Hate and Flats,
Wreaths, Frames
and Wires,
All of whlcusheeersa( LOW PRIOR?, at her old
and well-knowa .Ubllshment. she solicit a con
tinuance of the public patronage.
SZBIeaching and Trunmlcg done on short notice.
No. 1U Mala stwet, near Fourth,
eprl-Sm DA V TON, OHIO.
Charles Anbert's Estate.
$4,000 Worth o(' Jewelry,
11,000 worth of other Personal Property
At Public Sal by
f PHE pertooftl property belonging to estate
J- ofCharlet Aubert,i.eceane(conitiiting of a large
number of gold and illver watches, clot'ka, jewelry
of every kind, on dark brown 2yewr old oolt, one Una
rosewood nix octave piano forte, household and
kitchen furniture and other ncraonal roierty, will
be sold at public vendue, at the late afore room and
residence of the deceased, tu Uayton,Uhio,on Tues
day, the 10th day of May, loot, roniiuenclng at
0'iojk In the forenoon, and will continue from day
to day thereafter till the property Is ajl sold.
Terms of Hale All sums under t to be cash; all
Usui above and under 60, to be three mouths credit
all sunia above 60 and under luu, to be six months
credit; and all eunir vi audovert&isiouiuautjuU.
In all caaee of eredit, the purchaser to give his note
With approved persona security, for amount pur
chased , to bear liitereat from diy of sale.
Said watshes, elocks and jewelry are all of the
beat uuaHty, and were selected with gieat care
Mr. Aubert during his lifetime, for the retail trade
In the elty of Uavtoii and vU-lnlty.
Sprtiw-dtt h BOLTIN, Administrator.
12 1-2 eta per Yard.
more ot them, at v
The Cash Store
apt IS
Millinery Goods!
11IAVE now on band, and l all keep
through the Mwin, an eleguit Mi.ortiniit
Bonuats sad Hats, f tbs latest and moat approved
style.. Ladies wUblug a geotMl Hat at a REASON
ABLE PHIL K, are Invited to call aud examine.
Bleached sad Pressed la a superior manner.
aprlt-dAw-wlt 47 Main street.
.J -toi
5 SB liitt
3ff5s iffl
Joai0 lttf
g I 1 Kill
trr. - , .
NO. 81.
oeeios o PonuoATiONr
Impir liiUiig. Third it., Soil- iid Wt, Bail I JtfrrMi
By Mali, 00 iMr yr inaduanea.
10 oeute par Weik, payable to thoearr.ee.
ingle copies, put np in wrapper, teeate.
Cincinnati Agency.
The Clnelnnsti Tjp Foundry Company in
our duly authorised Ag"t to makn contract!
and receipt for Advertisements subscriptions,
Ac., in that eily.
To BusisuisMra-. The Empire Job Room,
am in comnlete trim, and w are now prepared
to do work of all description, in the best etyle
of the art. Call In and examine oar wore; ana
learn onr nricea.
ILT To ADTKtTtsias. Advertisements or
Notice for the Empire mnat be banded into
the office by len e'eiee on the day they are de
aired to be published Ml Imtir. We cannot
Sfrrcetolnsert mem alter mainour.
Cincinnati Agency. LOCAL AND OTHER ITEMS.
Weekly Advertisements.
Those who doeire to have advertisement
inserted In the Weekly Empire should hand
them in by Saturday morning, at the latest
W0ur advertiaing patrons will perooive
that, by our arrangement of reading matter,
their advertisements will be always nno a
very important matter to them,
ILTSee 4th page for Telegraph Reports.
ID" See Sheriff's Sals in another column.
GT Suocsjss Ths "Onaitiv's" Last
Nioht. Last night was one of tbe most diaa
greeabla we have had this season ; indeed, we
believe wilh rain and cold, it was 1 disagree
able night of the Spring season ; yet deapite
the elements, the audience at Huston Hall
was large. It seemed as though the peo
ple were drUrmimd to see and bear the "Chris
ty's" In spite of the weather. What astonished
us moat was the large number of ladies pres
ent, who came through a continued, pelting
The entertainment last night was superior to
any thing in the Ethiopian line ever before giv
en in our elty. When we make this declaration,
we but express the judgment of all who were
present. Mr. George Christy certainly stands
nithout a rival in his peculiar roU; and ia, on
the boards, one of the most irresistibly funy
men we ever s aw. He is a perfect gentleman,
and his breeding Is not forgotten when his face
is blacked I This may be said of e?ery mem
ber of the troupe.
Campbell gave "Oh, Gently Breathe," last
night, in his nsusl style. . He is one of the beat
vocalists" we ever heard. Bowers, the "man
with tbe deep voice," ia not only a good singer,
but a Very superior reader. The flute solo, by
Koppiix, was again exquisite, and we would
never tire listening to him ; his performance on
that instrument is truly remarkable, The
Banjo &Ao, put up lo a style as onlv Goes can
do it, was one of the features of the evening.
He could travel on "Blow ye Windy Morn
ings," alone. Then tbe "fancy double dance"
by George Christy and Master Eugene was tbe
prettiest thing of the kind we ever witnessed.
Meat. Eugene personates ths female character to
the life ; bis singing it superior fc aaaay of the
professional lady vocalists, while bis fancy dan
cing exeela that of any dsosueae ever in tbe
west. The leading pieces were put up without
fault, and "Mor"-i-se, and Been-he-see-boy,'
was the beat burlesque ever witnessed in Day
ton, The programme is changed for this eveoing
with the exception of the piece last named
above, which will be repeated at tbe request cf
numerous persons. All through the performan
ces.lhe music of Mr. Hooley'a Magic Violin can
be heard above its fellows. Why could not Mr.
H. be Induced to give his admirers a solo?
Hooley , ws will observe, was one of the first
gentlemen engaged in the"burnt cork" business,
snd wss a member of E. P, Christy's first
Troupe, organised in New York about twelve
years ago. Christy and Hooley are "veterans'
and go through the world on their merits.
Go to Huston Hall to-night if you would pass
one of the pleaaantest evenings of your life.
Tickets can be obtained through tbe day at the
Phillips House snd st Shulls.
Tub "0u Folks" N ixt Win. The long
expeclecd time is approaching, and ths curious
who hsd not die opportunity of hearing the "Old
Folks" at the recent concerts will then hsve the
opportunity. If we hsve been saked once we
have been an hundred times "When uill the
'Old Folks' give another OoncertT" We cai
now answer to all that they wilt give two eon
certs at Huston Hall, on Thursday and Friday
evenings of next week ; when it is hoped that all
will have the chance, to long desired, of hear
ins; these delightful singers snd musicians.
We will also remark that they will, if possible.
be better prepared than before, to give eclat to
the occasions. Let the word pass, then, tnd
let every body be prepared for the occasion
We will apeak more fully hereafter in regard to
the psrlies, snd their programme.
Odd Fsixowa' Fia. The Odd Fellows' Fair
will commence at Beckel'e Hall on Monday
evening next, and continue through the week.
It will be the most extensive Fair, it is elsimed
that has ever been held in Dayton. By refer
ence to the advertisement in another column,
our readers will discover that there are more
than usual attractions offered.
Fins LtOToaa G. Gibbes Msyo, Esq., of
Cincinnati, will deliver a Lecture on Tuesday
Eveniug, April 3th, in the basement of Wes
ley Chapel at 1) o'clock. Subject "The im.
provement of the mind by a system of Artifi
cial Memory." A full eMmifene f enlleiteH
on that occasion.
Bound to "Go In I" Our old auctioneer
friend, 0. P. Huber, says that notwithstanding
(he License ordiuanee, passed by ths city fath
rs of Miamisburg, he will sell goods there at
a Jet ion, and also at private sale. He asks bis
friends to call end see him, aud pledges him
self thst he will not allow them to pay too
much for goods purchased from him; and that
the buyiug community will not be injured by
hie auction room, in the 'Bur. All that Huber
wants, be ssys, is a chance to prove to Ihe peo
pie that the lower they can buy goods ths bet
tsr for them. Of courts the people will give
him t hearing.
sTThis morning when we aross quarter to
5 o'clock the rait waa frosea upon planks in
our ysrd. Whether the frost last night injured
Ibe fruit we have not learned; if it did tot the
fault waa not in the congealing. The fruit we
have examined taken from trees protested by
buildings waa not damaged In the leaat. We
will hope that the trait crop hat escaped in
this region.
aVFrank Andertot hat a fresh supply of
Oranges and other choice fruit. Call tt hit
store 00 Main, between Third tod Market,
and examine bit stock of luxeriee.
Taa "Mmoa" to his Majors. The world Is
In t very bad way, and the contract which the
Hamilton Intelligencer has tsken to regulate it
seems to be troublesome. The newspaper
world, particularly, draws heavily upon the
editor's adminiatrstlre abilities. If the con
trary fellows who print papers would only at
tend to his commands at once, and not have to
be "told over and over again ," the censorship
wonld be endurable. The Cincinnati 'Treaa"
is disposed to treat the Intelligencer's com
msnds with a alienee which savors of contempt;
tbe "Liberty Herald" is growing obstropuloua
upon its hands, and adds insult to disobedience
by stealing its editorials, without ss much as
saying "they're good;" the Urbana Citlsen'a
mailing clerk has a very naughty way of fold
ing ths papers, and is notified to change, while
the attention ol the Maryeville Eagle is direct
ed to thk ssme enormity in that office; the Cin
cinnati Gasette ia charged with sneering at the
Springfield Republican, but is absolved on ae
count of the sneer being at tbs right side of ihe
mouth. These, besides other matters aewapa
pereal, and a dig at "Jacob's boat hi.ms," are
just now employing the serious attention of our
Hamilton eotcmporcry, and he gives evidence
of being sble to "stay wilh 'em "
Ths more serious alarm of our cotemporary,
however, is exercised for Meyers, of the Ger
mantown Independent. We give a aample of
bis thunder in that direction, which we hope
will have the effect of Clearing up the atmos
phere: tTWe sre extremely sorry to see a man we
had supposed poaseased of a good deal of iude
pendent honesty, noticing the miserable,
swtndi.ng hussy snd ber hardened psrenls, who
inflicted our city sometime since as clairvny
ants, professing to diecloae past and future
evente, find thieves, predict fortunes, Ac, eVc,
ad nsaseum. Either Mr. Fred Meyer, of the
German town Indtpendtnt ia a greater fool than
we supposed an editor routa be, or he and the
precious trio of impudent charstana ought to be
sewed up in a bag together, and dragged out of
the villoge as alike odious to a decent society.
If the editor who puffs such transparent swind
ling, will for half a day watch the character of
the poor dupes these people impose upon, and
then go himself (as we did) and consult the or
acle he lauds, hs will be sshamed of thia indiai
cretion. Tbe citizena of Germantown should
drive them out wilh sticka and stones.
In order that our readers msy sppreciate the
above, we will observe that Meyers simply
noticed that a young lady wss in Germantown
who professed to give the past history of visit
ors, and that, as far as he could learn, she had
been pretty correct in ber guessing. That was
Yaxkis Robinsox Yesterday afternoon a
number of show wagons, belonging to the Ysm
kee, came to our city from Strawtown, Ia.,
where thev JjjJ wintered. The teams are
en route for Virginia, where they will meet
wilh the main body of the show, when the
Tsnkee will commence his summer campaign.
He intends thoroughly csnvassing Virginia,
Pennsylvania and Mew York State thia sesson.
The winter season was passed by the Yankee
in the show business in South Carolina and
Georgia, aud be informs us thst he made 11
pay. He will not be around in this region be
fore next year. The Yankee deserves to thrive-
Faixiko Dowk The north east wall, iu the
rear of the Planter'a House, on Market atreet,
fell down, day before yesterday, with a greet
ash. The building Is very eld, and thewslU
re decayed and crumbling. We should not
be surprised te hear of tbe ulter prostration of
all the walls thst are not supported by other
buildings. The crash on Thursday afternoon
was doubtless esused by the rain soaking ths
brick. Tbe building is owned by psrties in
Cincinnati, and is, ws lesrn, valuable only as a
bad bug depository.
ST The celebration of tfcc 1. 0. 0. P., on next
Tuesdsy will be grand affair doubtleas. Ws
learn that the fraternity will be here in numbers
from other places, and that a large procession
is anticipated. The Order here ia a host In it
self. The Supper at the Phillips House in the
Evening will be a brilliant and fitting finale to
the pleasing and imposing exercises of the day.
CT Butter sold in msrketthis morning for 30
and 35 cents per pound ; eggs a shilling per
doxen, A gentlemen from the country, who
was selling butter this morning at 25 cents per
ponnd, waa approached by a huckster in his
vicinity, who vhitptrtd so laud that every one
near by heard it "Sell for 30 cents I We are
all selling for 30 snd 35 cents 1" The crowd
hnstled him out I
If? There wss sn alarm of fire last evening
about 8 o'clock, which was no doubt esused by
tbs "burning out" of a chimney flue at the
Swsynie House. We do not remember to have
ever heard an alarm which attracted so little at
tention. Ersry body seemed to think thst
there was rain enough falling to put out an or
diuary fire.
CTIo Philadelphia on Saturday, a gentleman
and lady, fashionably dressed, were walking in
Vine street, when t stout individual, also well
dressed, appeared tnd glanced st ths couple,
tnd then treated the gentleman to 1 blow which
caused him to roll into the gutter. The fallen
men regained bis feet and made off at a rapid
rate. The aassilant proved to be the husband
of ths lsdy, and took this method of expressing
his disliks to his wife s promenading with toy
body but himself.
EsoArt or Comricxs. Ths village of Weston,
Lewis County, Virginia, was thrown Into greet
excitement on tbe night of the 10th, by the ei
cape of eight convicts, negroes, who were em
ployed by the Stale in the construction of t
Lunstic Asylum tt that place. There were
twenty-two of the negroes confined in a' tem
porary jail built for tbe purpose, and it is goo
erslly supposed thst the runaways had some
existence from without. The officers started
iu puieuii in kheu iu the direction of Ohio, but
up to the last accounts they bad not succeeded
in getting on their track.
IT The Ball of tbe Washington Guard will
come off at their Armory, coroer of 1st and St.
Clair, on Monday evening, next. Great props
rations are being made to have a good lime.
Tickets can be had of Capt. Schreaik, Jeffer
son st , below Market.
IT We were blessed with sunshine, snd bit
ter wind, this forenoon. The weather seers ssy
thst the wetlher will take t chsnge to morrow
(Easter,) tnd be pleasant for sometime thereaf
ter. We will be pleased should their predic
tions prove I rue.
CTThs rsins North, we lears, were very
heavy, and ths river is in a high stage again.
The lands in the low bottoms along Its course
are in very bad condition, sad t great deal of
ground will be uufit for planting tin. Spring.
ssTThe Firemen's (Jasr.tte for thia week
hat made it appearance. It is tt neat tnd
spioy at ever.
17" The esrviee at the Catholic Churches to
morrow will be solemn tnd lmpotiug.
IT The -Christv'e" tre worth til the "burnt
cork" Institution la thecouutry. That' to.
The Blue Bird.
I in so blithe snd glad to day I
At mum I heard a blue bird sing;
Tha blue-bird, warbling soul of spring,
The prophet of Ihe leafy May
And I knew the violets andvr the tree
Would listen tnd look the bird to see,
1'eeping timidly here snd there
In purple snd odor to charm the air;
And the wind flower lifts its rose veined Cup
In the lesvea of the old year buried tip;"
And all the delicate buds that bloom
On the moss beds, deep in the forest gloom,
Would stir In their slumber snd catch the
And dream of the sun snd the April rain
For spring bis come When the bluebird
sings k
And folds in ths maple bis glossy wings,
And the wind may blow tnd the storm may
But the voice or summer is heard in all.
I am to bliths snd glad 'to day I
My heart, beside the blue-bird, singa,
And folds serene, its weary wings,
And knows the hours lead on to May !
The taxes at Rock Island amount to 4 per
cent, on taxable property.
Daniel Noble, on Tuesday last, hanged him-
aelf near Wellsville, "all for love."
A man named Wager hanged himself st Mor
row on the ISth. Ho wss formerly switch ten
der there.
Bishop Doane, of New Jersey, is seriously
ill tt Burlington, and fears are entertained that
he msy not recover.
A young women in Arksnsss recently msr-
ried one of three brothers who sre in jail for
murder and sentenced .to be banged. She ex
pects shortly to bear !r!ow.
The fires in the voodson Cape Cod have
already burnid over about 4,000 acres, entail
ing a loss of some f 19,000. 8eversl perons
uarrowly escaped wilh their Uvea.
The deficit In the accounts of ex State Trens
urer McMeans, of Oslifornis, ia ilOS.OOO.
Proceedings hsve been commenced against his
Twenty eases of small pox are reported In
the village of Columbia, Henry county, Ala.,
and the disease wss increasing in violence and
spreading rapidly through other counties.
The Chsrleston papers snnotince the death
of Col. Tnomaa 0. Elliott, a leading member of
the Charleston Bar, and formerly Representa
tive in the Legislature.
Madame Ristori is stFarie. Her brother and
a son of Tainburlni, the opera singer have gone
to Piedmont to inlist in Garibaldi's compsny.
o -.u, n ix an,;,!. - w die''
J. - of 1, L4. t ji u UU.IMI, WUU fftr.1; u..j ......
in Indiana, was first elected to Congress in
1826. He rodo on horseback to Washington to
take his seat, which journey occupied seven
teen dsys.
Hon, Jsmes B Clay bss been re nominated
as the Democratic candidate for the Ashland
District, notwithstanding bis formal withdrawi
al some months since.
The spring meeting over the Association
Course, Msy 33, and continue all the week.
Good purses are effered, and fine sport msy be
It is calculated that one million tuna of an
thracite coal, ram ibe--Pennsylvania mines,
have already been carried to msrket by Ihe
various transporters this year sn increase of
oot less than 350,000 tons in comparison with
the same trade to this time in 1858.
8mokiog snd reading cars have recently been
placed on the New York, New Hsren snd Bos
ton Railroad, with accommodations for forty
four persons esch. They ase provided wilh
tables, and other facilities, for reading and
wtiiiijg, smJ tie lightm! a, iih km,
The man who trsvels a thousand miles in s
thousand houra may be tolerably quick footed;
but he isn't a touch to tha woman who keepa
up with the fashiona.
Among the visitors now stsyingat the Adel
phi Hotel, Liverpool, Is King Peppel. of Bonny,
sn extensive district on tbe oosat of Western
Africa. His Msjesty, though exceedingly dark,
is s toll, good looking man, about fifty years of
sge. He ia ssid to be highly intelligent, snd
speaks English with tolerable fluency. The
King's nephew, a youth about twenty years of
age is traveling with him, and they are accom
panied by Mr. Twaitea, a gentleman connected
wilh the Sewersge Commissioners of London.
His Majeaty ia unattended by any servsnts.
Conrad Koehler, a German dagnerreotypist,
formerly Postmaster of Beuheim, Hesse Darin
stadt, but siuce his arrival in this country had
been in very impoverished circumstancea, com
mitted suicide in New York on Sunday, by
awallowing a dose of cysnide of potsaaium.
DAYTON, APRIL 23, 1859.
MasAukas CuaisTr's Minstskia:
Owing to ths extremely bad weather on
Thursdsy and Friday evenings, many gentle
men, aud a great many more ladies, who had
set tbeir hearts on being at your entertainments,
were deterred from Venturing out. They were
unwilliog, however, "to give it up so," snd on
their behalf, as well aa for hundreds of others,
we take this method of requesting that you will
return to our city, if not too inconvenient, at
lbs cloae of your engagement in Cincinnati.
We feel surs that our citizens generally will
be gratified with the opportunity to witness
your unequalled performance.
Very Respectfully,
D W Iddings
D A llouk
J H lisggott
J L Miller
J Kenney
W H P Denny
ginith Davison
W R 8 Ay res
J R Hubbetl
J 'i Raeder
Lewis Lsltose
C C Emrick
And other.
D A Hsynea
T F Thresher
Thoa B Tilton
J G Lowe
D U Dryden
David Clark
i U ilealy
Geo Kairow
H Miller
CP Leonard
Daniel Bhull
J E Buyer
A SITUATION in a Wholesale or Retail
Oroeerv Htoie. by a vounc nan. well aeou.lat-
ed with tb. liu.iueM. Uoo iilnbhi aan be given.
Adtlrett A. u. u., oox fos, r. u.
a. LUNCH every day, tt the "Mstro
elitan," at 10 o'clock. apt
Thoa. I. I. luilth,
ulth, )
r.et.ei. )
Ho. IIM.
Moatxoinerv kkiiterior
Rrle I. Kerel.ner, et. al. Court.
PURSUANT to an order .Mued from tbe
Superior Court of Moutaotnery Cuuntv, to me
directed, I will otter at public -ale at the door or tae
Court House, In the slt of Dayton,
bwtwee the hours ol 1 end 4 o'clock, P. M., of said
day, the following dstacrioed Heal Katate, to wit:
situate In said County of Nonlcoiuery, aud known
ad dxiUMted a lot number thirty-five hundred
00j iu the city of Dayton, aa designated In Ihe
ilatof the addition ot lots as laid out by Phillips,
Lto'kel Co., to -aid oily of Dayton,
hnld lot has been aoiiraitstMl at nale. To ha svnl.i .t
the suit of T.J. it. NiuiUi vs.hrte a. JLerhtter,et. al.
Terms oi aluasha
JOHN MILLS, Hh'tT. af. Co.
T. J. H. Imitm, Alt1). uibJl-mjtt
W Cog Vita, la (Ool order and very low.
Dayton & Michigan R. R.
50 Mile Travel and 3 hour Time
aved between
Traini will leave Dayton at 7, -'6 a. in. and
7,'M p. m., for (Sidney, Lima, Delphos, Fort
Wayne. Toledo, Detroit, Chlrao, t.ninoy, Rock
I-land, Galena, Dunleith and bt. Paul.
First Train leaving Dayton at 7,.'5 a. m. , ar
riresatForlWayneatlp.nl , connecting with
trains on the Toledo, Wabah Western road at
2,l.p. tn-, f'ir Huntington, 1'ertt, Lognnnport and
the South Went and at Chicago at 7,:u p. m., in time
to ronneet with all arentng trains leaving that
olty. This train al?o on n arts at Sidney with
trains on the B. A I. Road, Kant snd Wost and
at Pique with 0. P. k . Road for Columbua, and
at WApakoneta eith Hack for Si. !iir;-a, Brcineo
and Minuter.
flooond Train, Loaves Dayton bt 7,36 p. nt,
arrives at Fort Wayne at 8 ,?. a, ra., connect
with trains on the T. W. t W. R. R. at 4,10 a.
m., for Defiance, Toledo k Detroit) at Chicago at
8 17 a. in;, ranking close connections with all
trains for the Went and North Wo-t.
1st Train leaves Ohicsgo 8,17 a.m. Lima 4,15
p. a,, reaches Dayton 7.80 p. m.
2d Train loaves ChiaAgo 7,45 p. m; Lima 3,40,i.m;
reach Dnyton T.50a. m.
The S 4U a. m. Train from Lima connects al
Piqua with Trains on C. P. k I. R. R. for Colum
bus and ths East both trains makeclope connec
tions with trains on the C. H. k D. R. R. fur Cin
cinnati nnd the South.
"Shippingrars n re attached to all night train
between Lima and Chicago."
Through Tickets for Fort Wayne. Toledo,Detrolt,
ChiraKo, and jmtnts West nnd North-went. Also for
Pittsburgh, Phtliwlelphla and all Kaatern cftlrt, and
for all local points on the llelleibiitatneand Indiana
Hnil Road, can behad b calling on H. K. Kiku, Tick
et Agent, Union Depot, Da, ton or on the dlrtV rent
agots on the line.
Fare as low as by any other route,
Be careful and oall tor Tickets by way of Lima. I
I f I he rates ef Freight to nil Points Kast or West !
will nt all time be as lavorable as are charged by
other t-'ompnulea.
Hu Transfers between Dayton and Chicago
or Filtsburg.
apr33 M. 8HOKMAKKR, Sup't.
.vis it- a oons.
Ni. 41 Mtin t., between 1st tnd Sd,
Is now opening a large lot ol
3pring and summer
'lo which sue Invites the atreimnn ot tne Laities. "
No. 127S.
Superior Court of Montgomery oounty, Ohio.
Jonathan Marshman and Valentine Winters, Tart-
.' ,ir.iiuiiu i .vitiiera, rinimiua,
Samuel Shoup, aenlor, Harriet Shoup, his wife,
George W. shoup, t liarle. Miles, Joel O. Shoup,
W.rron Munger, Polly UmbauKhi the Klchmoud
Brunch of the State Hunk of liiulana; the ljiw
rencrburg Brunch of the Mate Ilxnk of Imilana;
the Oayton ilranoh of the state Unnk of Ohio;
Alexander Swayaie, kinsnuel shoup, John Jt.
Coblentz, Joseph Hmlth. feUey G. IJurldiain, David
Thomas, Jauiea llraoeiln, ileajaiuln F. SUoun,
William IJ. Bhoup. ). Ilowi-n, Freslilent of the
Central Bank, the Turner Association, Michael S.
Guncsel, John stamp A John Slevln, anil Jaiues
Slevln, partners aa J. A J. Slevln, Uefendauts.
Stmte of Ohio, Montpimurii Coun'y, u:
Hald Charles Miles, of the State of New Vora
Joel O. Mioup, of the Htate or Iowa, the Hlchinond
Branch of the Stat Bank of Indiana, the Lawrence
butr Branch of the Stale Bank ol Indiana, o. Bow
en, I'ruildrntor the Central Bans, John Slevln and
J.inca sleviu, partners as J. A J. Slevln, and ail said
other Defendants, will take netlce that the above
named Harshmati A Winters, of the county of Mout
Komery and State of Ohio, dm n ti, ...... .
April, l6, die their petition in the above named
Superior Court of Montgomery county aud Htate of
fi..,.v ,,,MU ueimuam., soiling forth that
said Kamuel Shoup holds legul title to the followiiut
described Heal K.tate, In sld Montgomery i-iiunli
Ohio, to wit: Lou No. no, 'js, nu, wi aoa" aso, '
'Jes, 807, sus( 109, aa designated ou the plat of the
cltyolDaytuu,Ohlo,madetiy William Loctwlck's Ad
mlulitrator. Also, the north half of In-lot No 104
on the original piat of aaldoityof Dayton. Also all
that part of in-lot 60, on the original plat of said
city, beginning on the north sldeol Second street 33
teet 9 inches from JeH'erson street, at the ,..', .
91nchwall thenoe northwardly with the centre or
n.u .urfi-uursonsireer, DO feel; thence
westwardlv parallel to said atreet, Hi feet, inches
thence southwardly pitrnllei to JrnVrson street- ftd
reeti thence ensltvarilly with Secoml street, to the
idace of beginning, including the west wall of the
building on nid prenil.es, and lo the use iu com
mon with the heirs and assigns of ficorge (iroveof
a three foot Alley from thenoith.weat corner of said
premises to John Miller's lot, aail the other privi
leges thereto belonging, as siwcined In a deed of
1 hoinss Clegg to snld Samuel slioup. Also the east
half ot lu-lot No. 16, aa designated on the original
plat of said city of Dayton. Also, part of sections
J2,S7, towns, ranifo 5, emt, Ug.uuing at iheS. K
corner of said section 12 thence N. 4',s w. Ul s-lu
poles, on the K. line of said S. to a stone in the cen
tre ot the old Union roadi thence N. "'- w. SB 1. 10
poles with the centre of said road to a iloue in the
hall .section lluej thence s.M'.j w. as 11-10 poles to
a stage lu the half section llni thence N 3w K &
poles to a stoaej thence K. SUV W. 72 1 10 nolrs 10
a atone, on the N.A M. H N imei thenees.4V .14
-10 pole, to the oentreof Bald. il thence S bo1
K. W -10 poles to a stone In the a;. AW l. S l;-,i
Ihenoe H 4;, K. 16 l-lopoles to the-t. line of salii
s. ili thence N.mi-K. 10 i-lu poles on said line, to a
stones thence H. 4'x E. v 6-id poles to a stone, in S.
a".?? I' ft. ' 0-10 pofe. to s stoues thence
N.4'. w. ss 6-10 poles to the place of beginning.
Henry, In aitld state of Ohio, towlti The W iji
10, I t, H. 8. K. sod the K. , of N. e, T. 4, H. g,l . and
of"' TiV "A. 5 "k"" "' H of 'i'.ol
Also the following Real Rstate, In the county of
au Wert, 10 said stale of Ohio, to wit: The k 1-4 ol
... " . 1' ' " " 1r 01 M, l 1 H , K, and the
W 1-a of the S w qr of 0 W, T 1, k t.
Aiao in. 10111 wing H"ai mate, lu the county of
Allen, 111 the stateof Ohio, to wit: The N W or of
the N K qr of k 17, 1' 4, K , K.
Also the following Heal K.tate, In the count) of
,u ,u ntmi- 01 ,iuo, 10 wit: The K l-a 01
S1? If, W3r "theN Wqroftlie.N W qr of s as,
1 0, K 4. hi.
AHoIhe lollowlng Ileal K.tate, In the eountv of
L. mlu iaie 01 unio, to wit: I he N W iir
?, ".''.Al1!' K '' 'ur'h slw thst said
Plalntm. hold M..lr,.,n,. on sll Hra, Ki.
tate, aud that said Charles Mile, holds a pretended
mortgage on all said Heal alatate, In saidoouuties 01
Darke, Allen, shelbv. Augiaue, Henry, aud Van
veri, ami ou alluid Real hatate In ..id county of
. . ' ot iaii lot, sou asm
Lot No. U4S, on Ixidwick's piat.
Thai said Joel I. shoup sud Warren Munrer hold r.
mortgage on par I of .aid Heal KaUte. In al-nlgomerv
county. '
That said Richmond Branch of the State lijnk 01
Indian! holds judgment lleuaoa all said Real K.tate
lu anld foreign counties, and ou part of sold Real ka
tate in .aid Montgomery conntv, and that some 01
ld other parties, dcleudauU, hold lieu, upon parts
of said premises.
lliat Ihe Judgment lien, in favor of .aid plaintllls,
are against Samuel shoup, aud are aa followa: On,
for .".:, 60, and luterrst Iroin Oct. I, Is.,, one lor
lo,),and Interest Ir.im Oct. 1. ltoi, aud the other
for sl.'l,b7, and lnU'irat ftoia March , Ic&i, and
10.1., all recovered In the suH,rlui Court of ciucin
natl, Ohio, and made lieu, by levy. Aud aaaiugthtt
.aid Heal Katate I sold to pav said judgmeata, and
aaaing that certain other Real K.l... to which Mid
Samu. l shoup hold. eiiil!l,l. title, Ik sold for mine
putpoae, aud ihat certain tqull.bie imh may be
applied tu Mine )Urpoe, and lor si&w&cnt 01 .
cuuuta. And said Ilefendanla are hereby notltled that thev
are rnpilred 10 aniiear and anawrr said petltloli ou
or Iwlor the third Saturday alter the7lhday 01 Juue,
.... Altorneys for PlalntirTa.
Dated Aprll 53, 1S5. epr-'l-dtuwislawswe
Skirts, Skirts.
Holmes' Imperial, b'elf-sdjusiing KetteJ
Aiuiue 101 owing neat r.atate, in the oounty of
Shelby, lu said st.usol Ohio, towlti The N. K. or of
tha s i qr. and the N W qr.of the S. K. or 01 H 16. T
7, K . E,and the s of th. s K ir. of sai.T 7. n a K
Also ihe following Heal fc.t.i.. In ..
DoukIuss At Sherwood's Adjustable Iluttle
25, 1:7 tnd 30 SprinRt, i'l(X))MIM
Just received feed for sale at east, prices.
JoJiN, an I'oHati a CO.
Light for the Million!
Cost only One CenTan Hour.
THK introflnction of MACK'S PORTA BLK
OAS (JKNKRATOR Into this city hae demon
trattvl the fact aoanxloualv desired, that Ua I.iout
Is now within the reafh of all. It not only I.KJHTB
theplfraof INJIUTBV ami the MAN-fONnl the
K K A I.I'M V, hut will dlapel the darkness from the
lloM y.A of thoae m tha humbler walk- of life, ren
dering them oheerrul and happy, by placing OA
within thrir means. Call at J. Lanron A Mro.'t
Mirdwrtre Store, Main street, Daton, and witness
tbe aiirceaaful triumph of thin light over all others.
All the iH-ruiMfiil nnd var'ons designs of LAMPS,
liitlla, I'nrlors, and (hurrhes, which serve the
double purposes of ORN AM KNT and LIGH I'.ron
atautly on hand aud ready to pot up on short no
ttce. Ai Dingrments enn be niHde with the tinder
signed to Itfrht toiiftT v t'H rut hki, llALi.n.HToiirB.
snot's and lit:sin:ni r.a, on favorable terma, and
wan suited to Rive antlslf.ctifu. Call lmuiediatrly,
while the axtnrtnient Is Rood, and ninke your irltu
tlonR. W. A W. L. Ul.Ntlih.LL.
aprill-lj wceiuJtdlweinaetf
CKALKI) I'roposals will be received at the
O t ity ( lera's ottlce, up to May Sd, 1AM, to grade
and Rravel On-h.trd atreet; also, to Rrade'nntl giav-i-l
Wayne atreet, at the intersection with Xenla
Avenue. Gravel to he taken I mm the streets, and
tbe surplus earth to 1k drpoalttti in the gravel pit or
pits. U ida inuat be upon the cubic yard.
apr23-lwd City Clerk.
fPlIE oo'pnrtnerehip of Oanson, He. .not
. A Co. was dtasolved on the 1 3th day of April,
by inuMtal eonaent. A!l persons know Ins; them
selves .ndehtrd tn anld firm are requested to call at
the old store, 310 Third 8t.,and settle.
Dayton, April 3.1, '59. M. Lh.LL.
WBFNNKTand M. Eells.or the late llrra of Oan
a aon, Won net A Co., hn e aanoilalrd wilh them
Henry Neil, and will continue the foundry and Move
businetj under the style of
apr.l.t-4w NKFP, URNNKT ft CO.
CTOItK KOOM No. 8.1. on Jcffernon itreet,
O between Market and 4th streets, west side.
Applv to
Justice of the Peace,
On Jofferson street, near the corner of Third,
In room formerlyoacuplcd hy Juatice Torre nee.
rarticulsratteution paid todrawlnR Deeds, Mort
gnRcs, Cnntriicts, (kinds, and eU fral i'apers.
Aluo, collections promptly made. aprSl
TUESDAY, AritlL 20TII, 1859.
Programme of Day!
at the odd Fellows Hill at to o'clock. The en
campment will meet at Maxonio Hnil, on Third M.
The members ot the Grand Lodfre will meet at the
Temperance Hall, on Main atrert.and the Daughters
of KrlHoca at the Universallat church, on St. Clair
The proeeaslon will be formed on Ht. OUir street,
at lo' g o'clock, under direction of th Grand Mar
shal, when the procession will m&re In the follow
injf oril-r:
huhordlnate Lodges, leampment, the Grand
Lodge, the baughter of Rebecca. a.ach degree will
be headed by two horsemen.
The nroce-sion will move at 10' o'clock, by the
following route;
Notkh ou st. Clair to First East on First toeart:
Mouth on Hears to Thtrdi Weston Third to Wayne;
south on Way no to Kifuif West on Filth to Main;
North on Main to Fourth) West on Fourth to Wil
kinson; Northon Wilttlnon tn Keconri; Fast on (Sec
ond to Ludlow; Northon Ludlow to First; Kast on
Firat to Muln; Kruith on Main to the Court House,
where the exercises will proceed iu the following
Ml'910 11V THK BAND.
Prayer by the Chaplain, Bro. J. Baile.
Hinrlnfr by the choir.
Addreas by Bro. O. T. Flanders.
siuirinK ny the Choir.
6. Benediction by the Chaplain.
PAMTEL O. CAIN, Grand Jtarshal.
Tims. D. Mitchell, .1, B. Gilbert,
Hzra Clnrk, John V. N'ntierth,
Lowis I.aroBo, John W. Butt
Tlie proees.ion will then airain l formed, and
march to the Temperance Hnil, and Ihen leave the
(rand Ixshre, South on Main to Third) ast on Third
to Maaonic liatli then leave tlieencainjunent then
Kant on st. Clair to the Universal!.! churoh; then
leave the liana-liters of Rel,ecpa: then n.lh tn
Third; Kast on 1 hlri' to Odd Fellows Hail.Hhere!
or proccaaion n il) oe oial.lsseu.
In the evevlnr there will t. a
At the PMILI.1PK HOUnE, for the nicmliei'S ef the
Order, with their ladles. Tickets for the aimoer
may lie btalnrd of any member of the Committee,
or at James Turner's otttoe, on Jetlerson street.
Hallroada centering here, hare arranseil to earry
brethren to and liom the celebration lor half fare
tare pnlil one wai, will entitle the tleset holder to
return tree.
Large Arrival
Sumirer Silks ateoc, worth 7Se.
Ulacle "Ilka at 800., worth l.
Black Hllks at 16e , worth SI.
Kam y lUregea at 34,'., worth .17' ,e.
Jaconet l.awna at .'vc.. worth -c.
Trench Brilliants at l-J'e., worth ?Oe.
Krench Chintzs st 'JOc. worth -iftc.
alcnclaa at efte., worth S7,c.
Valcni-ia. at l-J'jC., worth 'JAc.
6- Bi d. Muslin at I0',c-, worlh le.
6-4 ill'd. Muallnat loo., worth N'(r.
t Bales Hussla Crash at loo., worth H'ic.
l'J-4 Toilet Itullta at 11,60, worth 3.
Together with an Elegant Line of
Silk, Grenadine, Tissue,
Barege & Organdie Robes,
iMre it ml nml Silk lMuulillas,
Th.it w 111 compare favorably with the altove prleee.
Ohas. S. Weitherby,
Bet. Via aud Baca ate.,
aprlti-dlw C'INt'l.NMATI.
ThelollowlnliiK list of NKW.BOOKS.Juat ree'd.
Turn Brown' School l)aa at Kiu-Iit
schools tnd lloliduy,
Bj Oliphant.
H'iret Things,
vy earoo Mow.
The Pillar of Fire, or Israel in Bondage,
Bv the author a - Print at M,.. ... , ..
Conversion of Skeptic a Member of the
. , , , . , . , .M.P. Maxwell.
d(4fj s Irft.lr Book, for May.
l'" No. Sim, Third atreet.
Butter,1 Butter.'
Y0FikVlwV Kni P001 e" ""iter
. , -..-i.ry, r a.iera avM Huua.
fun.ijViui."' nnh Jr",, u '" "
VMMITKD unmUr of firt-rU po
ahead Busiiirea Men to travel on an hot.nre
ble hualnra. men who n command a eupltal of
The Induoemente Oh the le vest-men ta are from
A to ilO pordar. A food horae und hortf fotttid,
and all enie paid, I'erfeet satisfaction fpiaran
teed, or the tnny refunded.
Address for a Hear daysthrnutth rMytoti Poet Offlir.
aprtt) DANIF-L J. Cl.AHK.
This new and beautmil style of RUMMER HAT
received and fur sale by
Chamberlain & Parker,
apiSO S14, THIRD trKKKT.
Saturday, TphTT 30,
Grand Opcninng
Shawls, VCe,
N. P. Douglass & Co.li,
On SATURDAY, APRIL .10, w will open
tor Inspection tha largest aaaortment of New and
Elegant silk and Lace
Shawls, &c.
Kreroirereil In (his oily. Also al s
A choice assortment of
Rich Dress Goods.
Bleaeherl end Rrnwn RheAtina. Mhietlnu.
Ao. Ihe best """-",
HADE FOR $3,00.
Al- a food
nmriTi n a. a
9 x jlaxaia asrixxvt xat tan.
ii hoops poriim;--.
No. CI .Vui'n it, brlvttn Second and Ikird,
tMjtoa and vicinity, that ahe has Juet raw
turned from the k'aat, aad Is aow opening the lf 11
OaauUfui aaortmnt of
. 'J-' e- ' -V
H Tll ' ' ' fH " "' 1
Miiimery uooas
That ha ever before been presented to Ijeretl tti fit-A
ers. The aaaortment consists, tn jart, ol f
bonnets, j :;
All or which sre uoet faahtojBable patter a, and wrll
select-o wilt s,ciaYi reuruc to the Wauls and the
tastes of her cinrttmers.
Ladles are Invited to call and examine tVer stock,
at her Htore, two doom north oi the Court House.
aprS-lmdaw 0t.
No, 292, cor. of Fifth and Stone Streets.
most reliable houses In th. Weal.
Particular attention will be Ivsa todyelag
Scarlet, Crimson, Salmon and all oth.r fancy colors
Crap, troche, and printed shawls cleaned to order
Of all color sept constantly on hand, for, sal.
wholesale or retail at Ihe old stand, tha Py House'.
mad. to order for eustoman. Aad sll aud of
Hut; Carpels,
m.niif.i., n., .L. . . .... . . .
........ ,v .uunni p.aaauti. uqi TO Sill,
,' - - wi artetaeouaiautly sept
un h.nil am In, .. . ., .... ..... '
CASH paid for rood carpet rata, or carpet rata ta
sen inexchanseforcarpet.
am very thanalui tn the public for their feaerous
patrunaae,andreNotfully aollci a coutlauaucc o
lJ.',J!u'J!; ' au.ru"?wa'L!;l wsi. ti'knkk.
TuiiiEa a iNic. ::
Inks ok KVEity ooix)it and in
A U SUAAtitr. Kent eaMtataetlv .k..J
ghomkr' last, In bottle ol mil tlaa,
. ht tut Hm ok
BeHerlns, from th maauftti.
riia isuporranc which SayHi.hu
attain. d in the west, thai auceteh
11 hweut of thia kind ta oeeeuary,
1 have opened It, aud aow preaeut
mr dirti'i.ut oolored Inks for your
approval. If you think It deaervea
your palrnuage, I shall b thauknil
lor it, ai.d il .hall l..aiy tuturaalw
toslv.yousJlife. .atialactloai.
tuirA Kood trtiole of (-'opy
ins; ink tjr th pint or quem
apr.HdAltw '
I rtuio. jj
tsvTess H
' ami ffl
l-..-i' 1

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