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at w -A!l " '-'
flE. PIUCFSll ' .
lYx). llC,' Main street.
TIU K Fttf, f r t'i vr HUml parron?
Hrcrnrr iKtn1tf1 to him, would again call
tha timnr mi of the purtlle to hie new end ouraplete
Mrtnieat mt
b.uiiini (i Hoots and Shoes!
Bsttnylnr nrabi' ths hart of workmen, t
sua le.it inai letug t up ths
rtoota wiUhw in ttie olty, and I rill guarantee
Sttl.latitiou iu al nasrs.
lt j mi Tr'i I jj
111 tf tie .treat, t Jojrs south or IMHwut
N. V. V Mio ks.tpaasuiisrlor r tula of FRKNCH
A FINK store r,i.m n M irkr-t ilml. vert
suitable lor it Grnnrry er gating House, being
thtirtor there. now om Uilt-tl by A T. T
More, that Horn, uu M.rket ma t, may be eltht r
eo or S.i f.-et ili ep.
Alan a I irrt "mm on the Sfoond floor. Hm40 fori,
sultan e lor itu ullleti Kt.fiame un Third atieet.
kiiqu re 01 r- . A 1. T. M- re, or
J " R.-sl Istara Agent. il St.
T'll HANDSOME ami hielile improver!
farms. I.lng snout 4 mil -s north of the olty, IS
"nan each. LI I V fHoPKHIk will ba takes lu
part payment. AL ll,
4u acres In llano ok County, not far from the
count -eat, Rati three fourths of a mile from arail
road atatlnn. HHiacrea Improved, balance exrell.ni
tlmtior. very Hue land, aud will be sold at a bar
ium. Al.su,
iwi acresone mile nonh wester Vnlna City, well
Improve.!; crrr-k running t.irnuvh Ilia centre.
chard, Borings. At,
iiiiniK wntir, large 'am, gooa oearing or
1 St aores In Dark enunty, part goon timber) geod
land, a No I barn, palmed, gooi ilou. Bl,OuO
down, balance on long time.
A nnrnSer of other farms vartnnslv located aril el'
ver eltaap, togetlitr with a ia-ge amoui tol dealra
bleo ty proiitr'y of ever) description.
Jy" HaH, f.. t LAHKg, id Ht.
Tcirinarf Surgeon
Crnduat- of the J. honl of Vrtrlnarjr ''ediclna and
buiserv, boktun, Niaaaacliueetta.
Dlaeasea of Hara a aoicnrlna Ijr tieated In the
tntilra rf uMiifia rrlli h a It fliniary.
ffl:e at . r John MieiNbi-rtfer'a Irery stable,
Jetteiaun e' .jut bclnw T.nni. Inflrnjary in the
alley oppoa tf nat end of Ainiket Huuae In thereat
or M - Dr re I) lie'a Llnrj blab .
July H il' w am
BaOS, BaG 81
O A I if) 2 hi.iI ' Ixi.h Stark Mills Itae
I ' recelvrltlililajr e can auppl) 8hlp
iea anil Iti Ima in an; qu-olll),AT ,UW lit,
t R , at thti elieap c i-h aimeof
J. H'., Van IIORKN CO.,
July It So to, cor. am and til Mt.
Piices Reduced!
J HAVE nuw uo liunJ an exiensiy lot ol
which I propoae to aall at
PiUti-b GREATLY eeduced
for 'h tient tuontintha tell TrK CASH.
rb i e .vanriu vloihiua raad mnde, or made to
r er, will tluil It g, nili to thelraUvnntare to ca I
H-iurntt ei be Itc, l lirup Mole, MUlh-Wial
eoruer Tnlid and Jede aun aia
T. M. LEWIS. 1
P. S 1 have alao a second hand Are proul Sale fot
a tie very cheap. a sj i d
biuvc anil II illuw-VVare.
Dztjton Founder y.
;iNEFF,BKNNEI' Ai 10., Proprietor.
lorrooiiia 'i70 Third at.-
Cook and Heating Stoves,
follnM-inr Conk Utovt-a, and are prepared to fill
ordcra pioaiulli
"B iNit-rp ' AIR-TIOBT,
' CLrVTOl AIH-TIGU i." ICIevnte.Ovenj
'KINu OF oT0Vt." Klail Uvou.
A l0,
Tin riHto Staves, Mi unit t'even I'iate Het-
iii! rdiiven, I'urlnr Mnvea, Ato , dio.
a vrht arrminR articli.
noaiiptTi tr It onntliiui a to I a great laei.tlle
We eoulu Alia vulnniv with latlnionlal,U It weie
W ro Agents for the sa e of the
Tula R in e haan rotten u within a few months
p tal, an I haa iny advaniAgea over luiold Rtngt-a
1 yuu want a auierl r Htukel Cn I aadexamlM
the Uloue
TJa TnlrJ stri-et. "ai ton. Ohio.
' JyT.smdiimw NKKF, UKNNkf CO.
Tools S Machinery
On Monday, August 1st, IBM.
DY virtue nf a clnn ol mnrtiinire, and a
pnwor to sell, made tu Die underignel by Kufus
Dutlon,they will otfer at public auction, on
Hlondiiy, Annum 1, 1839, .
At 9 o'o ck, A. M , In and about the Manuractory o
Agrlcuiturtl linplciuenla ol H lyuttou, in Uatton
tinlo, tin foliowliig deacribe aianulaoturers' Toole
ruplementaaml MACliinciy all iu line order, vis I
One l-rrf intnr. one pair ol sea ea, oue plainer,
one blow, r one Inllie, J. titrlaui, maker) one bolt
euttir anl tiKinga, one S'a feet engine lathe, one
punch, one p aim r ( .oaarlI Co., niaMera,) o e 14
lei t eiialne tail e. one u Icet atbe, two 4-, englue
latbea. one I'.K b et plainer, two upright drilla, one
'4 iurh an i one i3 inch eliuck, one k y teat cult-rt
one power drill, one leel engine Itllte, oue acrew
euttiug machine, one baud lath'', and one Itttbe,
Ih.UeiaA ann, uiaketa une 7li feet ngtne lathe,
oue a ii-et eoulue re. one 24 Inch Uounwoith
plainer, one 18 inch hanil lalhe. one 10 Inch scroll
c'lU'k.ptrt. Ol So Inch awl-g lalbe, uteibeau ul
lo,., iliifiur ul belta, one STATIONAHf .N
4,1 K, 12 Inch linri'. fer-t stinke. ol the latest
iinpioteuienti une 1H lucl. screw chuck and two bolt
m-i'' li.ea
Tliae inols and machlnei are voitly pew and
nuw in np, rrtiiuu. '
T- tl o a I K All putchnsers under llfly
d '11a s will be reiulifl tn pay eaalit tbuae a'-ove
rllty it 1)1 nercquni d gi e note, at so days from
.iatuol a-tle wi b aood peionii a-curlly
Jy 13 lu tt T O.U AS HhOWN.
Thursday, July
No. 94, Main st.,
will hit aia
Extensive Stock of
iilil httOilS!
Us Is prsparlcg for rail Purchases, aad those
Ho, Yo Anglers.
nil.li ' J K IW.I art a 1 ge- a nice tela
Utagpwl. ( a-are ga4 atioa eaaa, aai M Kkewaa,
j. ikTSL1
VOu X.
! - .. (a ' M l JL
rtrfr ft if irtKtrttJrr - YA
OHIO, S Tl'I.I)AY, JULY 23, 185!),
17 rV.A w
aJ li- JIU
v '.; 4aL
i Hh UAiH LAal'iltat
opeioa op aueuoarioNi
Uiirt kiUit, Isits it, &WI Nif set. Ikii t Memi
Bf Sfatlla.OOpar fi lnadvaoM.
ll oaata pir twaak. pavabla u tbeoarrtee.
iagla eaplea. putup in wrappara.eoania.
Cincinnati Agency.
Th Cincinnati TP Foundry Company la
uur duly tuihor'ftvti A(ret to make contract
md receipi lor AdvarliaMn-nta auMcriptions,
4''.. in that city.
P.. lto-lM Ul. The RmpireJob Rnoajta
irf tn cnrapleie trtna, end we are an prepareal
n Hn work f all dtwnpiMma in the bai at)lr
ftheart. Call in and eiaeaine oar work and
art, cmr prices.
LT I n Aottiim Adrrtiamerila or
NittitN-afor the hmptre rnuat ho band -ai into
he nffice by lea ewe on the day thojr are da-
trmi to rw puni !anei net tmirr wo oaoool
itrrM-tmuaerl them aftei thai hour.
JuOor adyertisinii patrons will pereeiy
tha,t, by oar arrneniBt orroadiBK matter,
'.heir advertisement will be always hoc a
eery tmportani matteriotnera.
tTEDtTi or Exrtaa The paragraph
your paper yesterday connecting; coy name
with the authorship of certaiu letters in the
P.. lice Oaietle, is as mortifying to me as It is
I truat it will be sufficient for ma to say that
I uerer wrote or dictated a Una no any subject
fur that unwholesome publication.
Not a Masom A man named L W
Parsons, who repreeente himself to be a Ma
son, and Seoretary of Wheeling Lodge, is
in this city, soliciting aid frost the members
of the Order. Doubts being entertained of
the truth of his statements, tbs Master of
Wheeling Lodge, W. J, Bates, was tele,
graphed, and replies that no such man as L.
W. Parsons is a member of tbt Wheeling
lodra. He is evidently an impostor, and
the Order, and the community, every where,
ure oautioned against his pretensions. -fjJrTtie
Universalis! ttoeiety of our City,
have) ponponed evening meetings, for the
present, because of the warm weather. Mr.
Burton will preaoh tonnorrnw morning, at
ie usual hour on "The Divinity of Huiuan
Nature " All are invited.
St. Pabi s (EnscnrAL ) Service will he held
10 the Hall, coioar of Main aud 8d streets, on
duuday at l'J a. m. and 8 p, m. Communion
will be adtuiniaierrd in themorning Servieea
jr Kev, R.iribti.s. All are 'invited to aitend.
Mas Vama.i Jam.' CuaciaT. This eommu
iiny will be gratitieil to leaiu thai belt Tueav
lay evening, the SCih iust., has hero cboaeu
tr the concert to be giveu by Mrs. Vatiau
laiues. Mrs. J. wan foiowtly a reaudeut of our
cny. For eouiejeara she was a e- jouuier in
lialy.aud pursued her studies unuer the best
uaaiera. bhe haa auog before the critics of
the Iiaiian et bonl, atul we are pbaaed to note
hat she received the ebconiiima of lhoe moat
..rrjudictd againat any ibiug Ameriran. We
etuewber reading accuuuta ol her complete tri
ituph at the time, but in order tn refresh the
toi'inury of our readers we give the following
liuui Liwight's Jouinal of Muic at Boston that
t iua tiolired her dcest at Ngplee
' Mr Vaiiau (well kuuwu by that name in
1 he ujuaital elicits ut boaiot ) s-iug sevetal
uiecea tt a gtaud coucert giveu at Kaplea, wiih
ieal ruicea, and a lib great pleasure we
lanklale lb lulluwiug notice ol her per lor ui
nee liwm the leading musical jnurnal of that
riieO-valioslioui La Vieiote (Verdi) wn
geruuu VJiita auch rariitctuip Hint the fair
x cu(ri. La MgUura Uarlotta Vallau Jauiea
o .11 n.ienupud Ii) cr ea ul eras tieeal ;
orveisaimul K vaa Ilia brat nine thai Ibis
fnyreyi (aupeiUttve y gotu) ainger p eaenttd
neiaeii tu lbt Nt spoil an public, alio 10 make
urr hupe lor utner tnuuj ke ol which she la
eany wo thy. La bignua Vanan Jauite baa
a voice of KuoU cUipe-a, irue aud tl.aiblr; and
tittiuUfcb abv la au Aujeriiaii, she displays in
uer Mngmg the native grace aud fute accent ol
au Italiau."
R. member ibst tbe O.mrert will take place
aiUuaiou Ualluu Tuesday eveuing.
CT We have uuiy to say io rrply to the Oa
aUe'e apology fur youog Weaiberbee being
diiveu away fiorn the picnic near Col, Patter
ous, on leel Wednesday, that we are assured
the facta are aa we slated theni ; aud bat lbs
petauu insisted oa hie leaving was opposed by
neatly the entire company who desired that he
rvuiaiu. We did not charge "the picnic" wi h
tue act, aud I be Gasette heed not have made its
S element "in jus' ice " u it. We only mention
ed ibe msUcr becauss we considered the treat
meut of the boy unjust, under the oireumstaucee
aud eulirely indefensible. We thing the leaat
said awie, tbe bt tu-r.
Jawuav biLg To-aienT. The eatenaive
sale ol fine jewelry goods about which wespoke
yesterday, will commence at Cbriatopber'a
Auciiou Rooms this evening. We bsve aeeo
the gooda now open for inspection of tbe la
die aud gentlemeu of Dayton and will say ibst
they gre eo,ualuany ever oftVred here. The
fact ia, the Agent is determined la furniah, at
f tir price, the finest grucles of jewelry, and he
on ly ar-ks the people to esituiiio fur themselves
He will cheerfully abide the result. The L
doe will receive every poeaible atteuliuu thw
afternoon, Tbe gooda canuut fait to please
hem iu qualiiy and price.
CT 81 range aa it may sound, soma persons eg
press regrets that the war ia Italy should have
so aiHin trrmiosiedl They are deprived of the
inielleotusl (!) ptovender upon which they have
eiisted for tbe past month or twe. They will
await with snsiuua solicitude, the eipiratioa of
the Armiatice, hoping that it will give place to
bloody episodes t These cormorants are now
caring about tbe columns of lbs pspers for
eduction sud murder raaes.
O- Charley , of lbs Fireman's Oagetts, ack now
ledees that we ''had him where hie hair was
ahort," but he eays we need not be troubled
about il. The advice ie will enough, but un
necessary, for he has nol enough of lbs article
on his hesd to trouble biro or any body else,
Charley's scanty crop of hair, however, muat
not be taken as aa indication of sterile soil
fT The thunder shower of Wednesday eve
mug cauaed great coMlcriialtoa amoag Ihe
Hpriugfield Isdiee. Is one psrlor, ssys the Re
publican, we saw five or aia whose usually Well
rounded p-oporiieue had been suddenly and
aayateriocel) eichaugrd a few momenta pre'
vious f r ;h.e of mare primitive tissee. Bigs
tows steel epilogs .re supposed to be Coadue
lursuf theeli'Ciric fl iid
(7"The'euia N.wasar-t "The showers w
bate had wiibia two or three days have heea
o' grrai adrautaa-e to tbe growiag crops. The
cure, wh'Ch ia eome plaeea was badly 'Ared'
has taken a freak Man. , Raia Is still badly
needed ia same parts af ibe osjatry
geesl avraajy rua WeU twaf feasra) bvuAu-
tX We do not see au) thing unuaual in the
following ; and as it la perfectly harmless, and
may be "etpeeied," we giro Jt a place 1
81HD Aoala I A I- W evenliiga einre. while a
youus niati ( whiaae riante fur the present we wnl
Call "Walker") waa vngaeed In the company of
Miaa , for the pu p-eot whilinii away an
evening of euuwniional plea-ure, a few of
hie roi'tideuiial friends ( iu oumltei) w-rv
made Mq'iaiuied wuh the above facie, and at
once proceed! d to No. 14.- vt, In an If
1 heir fi'end "Ws ker ' could diaengaga himself
fiaT a few nvimeois 10 converse with a very in
limaie friend from an arljoi -ing village
"Walker" eacoaed huuelf 111 good laaie But
fivor fellowf before he bad mi siured the dis
tance uf hail a qiiaie, who should he meet but
ihe ratya from Home." "Walker" waa sold I
He ae encoried to Main and Tl.inl, presented
with bis hat, aad bid a evening.
E. W.
Tag L'TTis W "Ale. Waah Wilson haa, we
are informed, alaughlered bis baby whale, sad
will have the fat iiianufseiured into the noted
Fnarh Oil Blacking, and the hide prepsied for
wa'erbtaital Those abo rlisire to a cure a
piete ol Ihe lillle mooMer aa a niensento of the
"great dtp," ebould It-are orders aoou. Aud
while they are at hie store, they had better eg
amine his summer stock of ptiiBpbotnS.gsiters,
slippers, etc. He ta well supplied at present.
having devoted his entire force to the mauu
factum of ihe above styles.
ITHachel't letters art soon 10 be published
for the benefit of her family Here is a spi ci'
meo of some of the sinsller ones, not toe per
sonal we hope, but neat in iu wit : "My Dear
Friend While walking io the r.'pesgardeo
the 01 her day, my liltleJewish instinct sudden
ly broke out, end I stole four orsogee; I cannot
eicuee -nyself for the net, except by sending
you one of them."
NovilMods "f PuaiSBMiKT Jrffi-rsoncoun
ty, Texas, baa ao jail, in lien uf which persons
sentenced to confinement are fastened, night
and day, to a rock in the public square by a
ehaiu attached to tbe aukle If the prisoner's
offense ie light, or be has previously borne a
good character, he la allowed an umbrella to
protect himself from tbeeuu aud rain.
a7 We call the attention of our Farmers 10
Rick ley's Broadcast Seed 8'Wrj thorn deal'
roue of obtaining litem before fall needing,
should order them imiuediau-ly, ao they can tie
manufactured ia lime bVnd your orders to W.
B Lowe, or D. Carroll, Dayton, and they will
be promptly attended 10
CT A batcbelor aays, "A wuuiau will cling to
Ihechoaen of her heart like a fly to a "Caleb1
em-alive," and you can't separate her without
snspping striugs no art can mend, aud leaving
a portion of her soul 011 lbs upper leather o
your aftVctiuna. bhe will sometimes see some
thing 10 love whete others see nothing to ada
rnire ; aud where foudiieaa Ie once fastened on a
fellow, it etickelike a peony eta tp tosueu
velep, or a lax gatherer to your house door."
A Suirxc Cuax roe tub C'soir The Journal
of Health says, when a child is taken with
croup, instantly apply cold wa'er ire water if
possiblesuddenly aud freely to the nsrk and
cbrsi w lib a sponge The breathing willalmosl
iulsnlly be relieved. Soon as possible, let the
sufferer drink as mochas it can j then wipe it
dry, cover it weiru, and aoou a tjulet slumtarr
will relieve all anxiety
Cr The Card of M-yor Iddiaga, ia reply hi
the item of rumor which we gave yesterday
implicating him with the au horhi of ihe
Day ton 0-trrespoadeuee to Ihe New Turk I'-i
lice Gaseile, ie a positive aud manly deuial uf
the charge.
CTThe Philadelphia Evening Journal eays
that it is luoiored that the robust Formes,
whose disruption wiih TJllitao waa somewhat
angry, .nienda organising a rival opera troupe
lor the next avas He will bring it tbie country
in September. The company will be styled
1'he Carl Fotmea Opera Company," in which
Jenny Fair is to be the prima donna, hie broth
er The dute priuio t uoie. Cesare Badiali prima
baritone, and he tbepumo basso.
(7 A respectable butcher, of Stafford, (Eng
land) having loat aeveral baiters. Was at a loss
to account lor the way in which they had been
disposed uf, A few days ago, however, hia
wife happening to go iulo aervant'a bedroom
nolieed a dress hanging up, presenting muie
than the ordinary appearance of fullness ab-.ee
the skirt, aud upon examining it, she found
the rope neatly bound with calico, supplying
the place of strel hoop
Sir Isaac Lyou Uuldsmid, Bsrt., who
receutly died in London, has left personal prop.
erty in Euglaud exceeding $IIHKHI,U.'0, and
real eatale of a like amount. Tbe will is must
voluminous, and baa no less than fortytwo
codicils, most of them in ibe Baron's own hand
writing. The probate S'smp duty, psyable
thereon is $75,1X10, which ie the maximum.
(7 Should any pf pgr readers desire to know
what sort of man long John Wentwortbof Chi
esgo is they must tksok The Utics Telegraph
for this t Ha is s mammoth piece of bone, mux
ele and II ah, drewd in a style of abbreviated
pants, loose aud flowiug coat, dilapidated hat.
neck ribbon aud imaginative shirt collar.
ttrTbe hi el 'and uf that Pittsburgh heiress
who "ran away" ensue yeare agnwohasup
poaed B.itrlisb adventurer is now Member uf
Parliament for Ihe ancient borough uf Dart
mouiha Hia heme ia Schenley nut- a very
nice our, but she is saiifled.
CTA New York clergyman named R. D
Dwyer, has sued the Sunday Courier for line
in intimating that he wssguiliy of osculation,
forgeiy and fraud. Dwyer is a retired clergy
man studying law, and appears tn have read
Blackftnne far enough to a-eertaia that he can
aue for libel sud recover the value of bia char
Maiai Hoaiie Wnbin ihe last six or eight
mouths there have been sold, ia Ihe town of
Farmington, Maine, to purchasers from abroad,
some sixty horses, the prim smouutlng to more
than 10,U00 prices varying from to lauu
UAuguaig Brady, a German woman, died at
Bellevus Hospital from taking ehluro'orm, ad
miniaered by a surgeon preparatory to perform
ing au or elali.n. The chluiuform was giveu
ia Ibe nasal manner, and ia presence of a Hum'
bar of surgtons.
J3- The Weekly Report of tbs Sew York
Cily Commissioners of Emigrating states, thst
I.Kfcl emigrants arrivee during the sl w.ek,
msking a Intel thus Isr na the year uf 44 7U
against 43 B64 10 Ibe tame date ia Isai.
$y List evening the aimoephere waadelighl
fully cool, aad waa eminently aleep iaviting.
Bueb weaiher after Iks Infliction of aa almost
torrid temperature Is particularly grateful
Sleepers found il quite difficult to arise this
trTaeJadepeadeecs of Brescia states that
several yosng girls kv made vows ,aot to.
SBsny SMyhasaly hat eune'ed pel ill ats f la.
Big, ef Ivsllaa, IsaVyiseVsiSe.
1 -
fdaastiw n Tnnraday evening-, at ihe real
deuce ol the mo her of the brine, by ibe rt
Dr. Thomaa, Mr. T. T. More, of this cily.to
Mrs Jennie Hns'oa. -
The occasion of Mr. Mors a marriage was
oue of the mu-t uinqii and at bi-eame time
one -if ihe moat di lighiful, ever witnessed in
this Valley. The tees by was pefuriued iu
the orchard adjoining Ihe reeideiire of 'hi
bride'a moiheri and the bogha were illiiml
sied with '-sluual ciHiutleaa" lamps whose
br lliant lights were silteued by the gentle
sephyrs of iheevenmg The biiIhIiisiI murmitra
of half a Ihousaud happt vu res, Bud the a) iph
like forms and manly frames moving ta-neath
those lights aud greeu leave., gave tu Ihe ,m
side tnh tlt-r the tmpn-ssion Ibat a meeting of
fairies and their 'affinities" was laying held in
the grttve. Theu.sfier awhile, the tuuraniiinga
were bushed j and hs I it not ben fr the mel
low light and the pleasing eountaitiances of the
throng radiant wuh joyous aatictpaiiona
ihe siiilneaa would have etaveu oppressive. At
this moment the bride and groom unstt'nd. d
stepped Itgittly and gaily out from a bevy t,f
friends, into Ihe reuireof the concourse, and
"in lh- p-vsence of thtaas wiioesaes," benea h
Ihe circling arch of Ood's Ureal Temple, th.y
spoke their vows uf eternal cvnstsocv In ibst
solema hour, nod cortsecrabad place, the cere
muny seemed invested with tenfold its usual
beauty and foroe; and thoimpulaivecnngratula
linns of frieuda who hastened 10 greet the haps
py pair, went tempered by the electric iufluen
ees of ihe spirit of the grovel.
May we not feel a positive assurance that a
enioa euusummaU-d Under such heavenly bus.
pices will be productive of happy results I The
undivided well-wiaee of the community ia
which they have moved without incurring sa
unfriendly breath, go with the wedded psii
ado wo the bright aud gladsome vale they have
juat entered together.
Here's a health to thee and thine, Tom, Morel"
MoXumixt to Kbeuum Uckt. There
baa been recently erected in the anoient
burial place of Quincy, Massaohuaetta, agree
ably to his last request, near tbe graves of
bis mother and sister, a plain and massive
monument of lbs "poor boy of (juiocy,
whoaa name, in connection with that of hie
Merchant's Magaiina, ia known throughout
tha civilised world
ggfi.Ths ballooniste, Messrs. Wise and
La Montaine are engaged in a newspaper
quarrel in regard to the lata trip. Mr La
Montaina announc.es bis intention to cross
tbs Atlantic; in Ootuher. and says that if, in
the meantime, "Mr, Wise oons:ders the
matter of sufficient importance to desire 0
test of our relative capacity, scientifically
considerd, in a trip frutn 8an Frunoieou at
the Atlantic seaboard, with balloons of equal
sire, he knows my addreaa "
Tog EaRTHUViKU AT li.a.HulM Tbs
offioinl returns of the earthquake at Krteru
um, Turkey, on lbs 2d of June, report tl.e
number of dead at 3 SO, of wounded at 2UU,
and uf missing at 60. Of the 6,000 houses,
or thereabouts, of which Kneroum, consis
ted, 2,IMXI bars been totally destroyed, 1,500
have been seriously damaged, and nearly
1,000 of the remainder are mors or less in
JuTha following seolions in the bill ol
rights, reported Io the Kansas Conatitu'iom
al Convention, by its Committee on tbs sub:
ject, will attract attention:
Sec. M No hereditary emoluments, hon
ors or privileges shall ever be granted or
conf- rred by this Hute, nor shall there be
any constitutional distinctions on account ol
seot or sex
deo 21 No oitiien of this Htate shall be
held to appear before the tiuprcuie Cuuit 01
the United Steles on an a peal Irom the Su
preme (jourt of this Mute, but when appeals
are taken uu qui stions of inter bta'e law,
they shall only be through or Irom lbs Dis
trict Courts of the (Jolted States.
Rbsiokip Rev. John W. Scott, D. D , has
resigned tbe presidency of Oxford Female Col
lege, and is Io lake charge of an educational
enterprise in the Eaat. Dr. 8. has been an e.n
mailt and auccea-ful educator iu U a lord for al
muat a ibbd ofaceutury.
, tT I hs College of William and Mary, at their
laie eommeiicemeut, July 4 b, conferred the
degree of Duutor of Divinity un the Rev, J . .1.
Mctlbiuney , Pruleeaur ill the 1 neologies! bein
insry of ihe Pioiesiant Episcopal Church at
Gambler, Ohio.
(T The pljuicsrs ere. determined to enjoy the
entire week. Several picnics went out to Ihe
woods to-day Miuniiw.huck.-ts are In as great
demand aa baskets, aa the flood ia flowing to
wards tha river, principally.
V Robert H. Champ, of Ky., who was sens
tencrd to ibe peniuiiiliary for fifteen years, eon
victed of arrest uutrage upon his own sister in
law, has hsd a new trial granted biu by tbs
Court nf Appeals.
UTThs boa and lte buiteifiy sis both busy
bodies, but they are differently employed.
tT With the absence of "War Nswa," ibsrs
is a lull in 'hs P-lrgraph market,
LTA byiAMundrta ia a self tormentor.
The Imdy nf Mr. Chosie which ia expected
by hia frieoda at Hi-atoii un ttoiuurrow will be
Itilerrvd in ftlouul Auburn.
The Emperor of ihe Fienrli tamed one of hia
heifers ai Ihe lariu rouiileuse, i.ear hi Cloud
"The Princess Royal." How personal!
8irakosch expects tn engage the great Jullit-n
for ihe rail aeaaaiu. I bn ws shall have mou
ster cuticerte
Tbe Dr.O'Cennsr Riahop of Pittsburgh. who
haa 1'i.t gone to Rome, wes Bishop of trie in
1CW 11a has been sil'eea roars a prelate.
Tbs Piusslan Minister is going to Bhsrup
Bpriuga fur the bent hi of hie wife s health.
Rarry, ihs fsmnua bursa ismer. a.eibs Io have
sub-itieti stuee the wsr nie brother Is leciu
ring iu Pittsburgh uu the art
The Preairlent has recognised Emit Christian
Hsmuier ss Vice Consul uf D-'Uinartt for the
Stale of Massachusetts, to reside si Btasioo.
The Briiiah and Spanish Ministers are pre
panne to levv Washington for the purpose of
visiting ihe Ousnuevf resorts in the north
Madam Biscserlantl, who la dubbed on I' s
local bills aa the "must exquisite artiste in all
the wurld." ia a bout to give a grand Coocert at
Hover, il n.
The Spirll uf the Times records the drath of
Mr. Psujuel Lord, the trainer ..I fathma, Mm
uo, Moumou It tvcliusw. a id e'her well known
rare burses. He died at bia residence at Colt's
Nerk. M-Htmuuib euuniy, New Jersey, ea Fri
day Week, aged IS yrare.
It is aaid that Rarer has percSasrd the cele
brated botes Oruiarf , aad that he mrans tu
bnug him ' over the seas" bsa he aval visits
thiecouutry. s
Aa ixrhango tells ua that the "Ha 0
0 Chsndler aud the Rev. J.J Danu-I uadulged
ia a street fight at Enterprise, Miss., thai uiaw
day. No hands weie broken, as we learn from
a., vety .aierpiiMi-g J'tU, the mm a tesjiata'
trie n. wspatssav an ine Mtwn- 1 new, sa vwa-it
' M. WatsAtttsX e4 UsS Mtvof B lvas 4VU4.
t imA p(7vwitl'i1 fi ft iftjoMMt nulnur. hi
i. 1 . a a , I
wtiirDiH ugiu, n-nger-iovirjit turn, i iao titm
to cm oelore tut im w i out.
A ft lorn- yemrt o kr.o, kUm -Uiul. I it .t tiro
if a nritilta ad1 bsiving m-trri d hk I d-tuf-
raiDi 10 eiit-K to toe ehore, l w,,rk w,th
bu Her whoie prultr line Inj In t-n et oc Ut
fiblinUfVei. I hl ftltfevi rerv cool m..l
eonld pf tftd un lni thet mile ntt rur
liic, sad so I ws vjB U ortie bH&u witb n j
Wtj hftd on on ocen -0 to frtt-n lie-litnint
Ottndiioiur wli h hed rimu' rt?Mi.irt (up ol vr
tiihth ettimodT n d Mi Hteniiocoho-e mTetf -ft I
ii ue Jiuiim Cully to do It, the nit diiriutfol b
u en aooui tiuii m uoieo til ui ent tout wot a
wrn ft nana Burt, eu .iwimiiM, iht utte, rutrt o
NIOi II.IDt M'f MBfl ft 0.1 Of cii-Mdle. U;tlitlK
fly wo ihe ki e. ud itriipiwd .( line ncrocl ttt
'p ut the cbiinney. we noon dr w uc roai.ttliv
ana ui wnit-a wa.it viofix, inrUM,a whleu fn the
line wner e&y we werv to oe ura u up
0 ittf hstd uitlr heea wftTit t Ittru iafht. Rnrtft
wtttenped into the tre !. the men b..nt.i nm
Asked him U he h.dH'1 leVMtd) .( ip ob tu leetvu
rur ht wife; ud ttiea Mr. tiUinioK havii.g -hiUeii
neeai vun non llo U4 oe roul etettdv
were tlrmwti lowh uu. It wee hn..n el ,,Tr
towa that tbe ou ducUr wm t b txd, ili'-nh .
the iie Wsie ft t oe i ed, I did tiotep-t)t we lton d
uafBhet ft,iv i-ouvr; but u wo ot l.ltri,ur.
oud the vltw opened uiidor uur fet, I new limit be
street weto airfftd) tbrniivrd with aierere. Co It
wae erv qmer; aod when 1 waved my cap to the
people, be laid soeppiahly that thle we no time fur
a-tcb tolly, and that be thuugbt I wllit think of
totter thioti'S than now to ainu tiieee vepptng
touU. who. he dnred iity, detlred no better fun than
wmmIi meet with en accident.
I had tont bp in tbe best heart, thinklnkr. tn
dead, nothing about the danger we incurred , bu a
wo drew noareraad itearar to the ton. and had
ootbiaa;, a it eeemed, belonging tu this world near
to ut nut tau eiraiiiing ropo, i IhogNU t see the
poru oi uio vnaRriaatiig. v bat Co.lv thomcM t
it I don't knew be tat a" the bott ira of the cra
dle, oerer looking out, though I tld hitu he would
no natter to aeep Die eyea about mm. ao that he
mignt grow urad to tno boight.
Uood Uaarenl what waa tbinF Hera we were
within a yard of tha projecting cop ng, and nlll
they were winding away without ilackinu no. .1
in tha kaat. I guened in a moment that tbey mU-
.ouk our neigui, ano wua tno great purcba-e of
that wtddlaae tha rope would bo broken when It
came to tha block. I (prang np, and citrblrir the
rope.oiimnva nana over nana to toe oiifliig. Vlly
too, eprang up and followed ma lie. tjo. a-ui
t fa. ftodittll they want on wlndloa? ud. till tha
rop-j euag mnu wim in itraiu tliere wae Upon It.
inea it tmappea. and craul-, ttaullngliiiO, and
tha main rope with lu block, fell down. Tbui
ware w two poor meo left in ft moit dmrferate
Poor Colly war aomplctely dated whh aflMrht.
ana imr noinen. ue got oa tno coding, wbi Mi war
only ft foot and a ball broad, be coll. d outs "Where
nan l pray, where can I kneel ami pray?" end tn 1
ta d vary aolemoly; ''Sit down, Jem, Ood will
near e ii wo pray to oiuititung down.
Tha Oolur oi hit fnce wae ot a trMmuirnt him .
and it Wat dtaiorted and twitching, at it be ut in
At. Hit eve war e y wil", HUd drawn into
tquint, and ha oouhln't tit ttea-iy. but .swaged
backward and forward to that I felt ortan he
mnat topple ortr.
Cora, Jm 1-d," I aaid thinking to take tha
affrg -toff him, '.tt bad eoougb, but ken bo
men uea. uitoanpabu aod put your sirui roootJ
tbe rd may bolt will tteady y n."
'Wbtrea e y-.ufand where it tha rod?' hennka.1
In a. hollow r t-a t ough be wm . okiug htraignt
i ue, rdu .mrgii w-woniy a loot or 1 wo tc bit lelt
ay tbi lan-w thar. hewiu b ne blii.d with tin
ingu,n'it ii-pr-erTiioo aidi Uout go ntar
mm, iocb a rcmetuonrfa nit new.waiiied wile.
an l that taking bi'u all through ha Wat a Tory de-
eni lonow, and i tnouni now i th-uld hatalka
him to dona if I bad buen in hit ette. to I
literuiuei to ruu a bit of ruk In hit favor ()
oourta t duret not get un my feet, hut wo king oiy .
mil on my naiidt, i gut t faiui, and uttwg my mru
ronnd hia waiat, and tellinc hi id obarlv aa I
ouald to kaer ooM, I git him with aia arm rnund
'he rod. It bad, however tprung tbe tie pie tot
live yard, down, and waa en loon that it eaei
with otto, and I expected any miou1 to ee htm
lantuf aa i and bee it down, nod the rod tearing
iwbt wiu aim.
TDere waa ft great buttle d ws bel w. paoplc
were rand the yard and puablng to gt In, at tn
than were but raeic re ( men at tha t-bfnmav.
and, by olae looking, I aaw I bent pjt ttioieho.);
nab mit and orr him go nil nwjy to the u
gloo h ue. One of them w ilkad alter with a bni
in his hand, tboo I knew that fomebody had been
hurt by thu f.iilng cradle, aud that ii tbutt be pmh
Mr. Hiaioing.at none ol our men woraba t. jNot
a faoa wa turn I np to at. 1 learned afterward
that our men were to taken np with torr..w thai
i good a mad an I kind a m titer ethuld be killed,
tb-ti tor a wuile tbey never thought ah ut ut. an
the pfOi.le outtide tmn.tjtimd that we had conn-
down with the oradle, thug we were lell io tutal
latioki for full twenty mmuice.
Wuile I wax watoidngt then I al w, feelii g vary
orry lor my poor mttter. I wm a 4rtled by a wild
taogo irom lolly, wh beau u. ki .g ctt-tH It, an
felling a if be waa pottetcad. Ihen I rnew ui
oiurtHg that he wa-gna mad.
Uven r.ow I tr. mbie when I tbtr k of that tim
it wit horrible to pe rd-.wn tha tha't, hUok an'
ooty aod yat inland i nKotit w -Idi riun
at o-.n iderab y I a gbi thun we eie. 1 ht
Colltbank tiod, he Wsia t i daze t ba o-iuld nol
ee iu a ealled my name three t ma, a I cattair
ly cringing in dre.d thath fright mfghtrUir aixi
witn a gbatiiv grin, and bamg with hie mcnih
na begau working bimtalt toward, me. I worked
fiwav lrm blmat nolteteiily aa I ouid,with avari
hair ot my bead etan in an en ft. U followed
me twtoe ruud that horrid coi ing making uimi
bidenut noitoe, and than haliia noma a aeeod time
t'i tha rod. ba g"t tn idea iu hit ma idle I bad that
waa ta len over, fr bt never lut a ten .f wbera
ba waa ail throurh tblt trying time. Then he
tried to gutoa bit feet, bat, at the ilfk of my own
ui i ooutq pot tat to p r tallow ruth on tertln
deaib without ono more tff rt. and 1 oilfd for bin:
io ta' d wa, and he cowered down Itko a h pped
dog ail trembling I tuppote tt had ben put into
hU head thai I waa a dead man .peaking to him.
Thai morning my wife had .ot a latter from l or
inter in Canada, and aa there war parti w ould
no mag out, j lieu put it in my pucket intending
to get our time keeper to raid it for me. It bud a
tcrup of nnoov red paper ftt lh bottom; aad bj
another good Prufidsjo.ee I taj pnd to hav a bit
of red load pencil in my pocket. 1 wroi on lb
paper, 'Uat ui dowi Colly't gv mad," tt it I
that io my tob tcco hoi, and wai f ruinate onoagb
to dropjut' at ihe feet ol a cuu.pl1 of men wbo
wore ttauding by the angina bout door
Utrectly alt wat huttlato rare u a ui. Th-y gH
the kit up again, and I watched it mounting
al wl tiowly, aod when lb Uek twine full ne
twea Colly and uij.eit, I to k it m my hand and
o Ul 1 hav kiited tt. P i-r CjIIv, with hlo teeth
obattarlug, ttili tamlad I wai a tpirit, and I dot
all 1 oould to favor that idea urtil they got ajither
cradle up to Then baviug gjt hiui iu", teram-
b ad n wlt, and eluf 'hmg Lta fa -4 I ehoutd
firthiust l-.wer, an l -o wa g t down, ba wreat
Itng and Q.btiiig with ma all tbe way.
Ua wua in tbe mad-houie for im math. and
than went to toaveugerlntf. tr ba m.ver could tacc
a y height again, aad I a vo oever bad tha unt
alear head lino that adventure.
afanric Strakoacb haa Ufi Nw York fr
Eurupa. U haa gniia to provide atar f r our
ttiea world, and w tnrt-niiv tiuel he may
ueed in tha endeavor. Th anga.eiiieitla ht-
pripoM- to make ara tutarndedtu rvarK through
i wu year, and iitcluda icroia fikr Bo-tou aud
Philadelphia, aa well a Turk.
Th Marioo American ia alightly peraonal 1 1
ita dearriptn.il of Onl. i'rn, ia a eandi
dal for ihtt Lrfgialatore of Alamama. ludt
if t'lia ia nt'i ai fiwu thia a iiifnc: H haa
bwrn ac-rue"d nf braeily Uruiibi-iiinwsa at Hckt
pn or bmm UitfNi, if bullying and rusting at
at art i to, of uahing diagrarrful cnargaa aaiuai
Mr. sjuhuatun at Jmch '
PlNOi-LAB End OP a FaHILT Among Ihs
oebin passengers ul Ihe uotortunate Pi nau-
Ba, there was a Mrs Paiton. Master Thomaa
Paxttin anl the Mieeee Harris! and L111
Paxton Three ail perished in tbe PiianinM,
but their hodtee were) alterwara waslted
ashore and of sxiurrs interred respectably, a
Urge amount of mnnav having he.n found
on ths person of Mrs Pax urn Mrs Paxton
waa the wifa of Captain Paxloo of tha Ha
vannah ship Cooawattes, aad she aod her
family were going to New York to seal
.ntsia t. t.tlt- Ii II . tb. Hi.rnin.i lli.l K.
. . . . 1. r
held Ihe wreck of ths i"..tnona. and tha fel.
oi Mrs. P. and her family, o-hcreo) in the
day on which UaiA tVua died Hu ship
we lying al Laluutta-snd he died thire ttiei
aatag day as his wile and Isnilly periah.tl ug '
weatura. tous one enure taaiiy, -ma
dead of which was In India, tbs remaioilar
wag M itNsWi-s4ic4 v 9 t ; . ..
Cambridgo Coal.
f WILL deliver the ab,r ariiols to am
a. na
part of thu city, At
11 12 Ct.
Per Buth 1
Qurtll'y warranted auirlnf to any tthio Coal Ii
tint in At h ft
Order iit t ' 4. Mlnlck'r.or. Jcffrton nd Mar
k t t'i , or at h A) tile HiHitv.wtlJ m-i w th m mpt
aiipnMon. I . n. tubti, g i.
Sttay Mare,
V u j i.i initn ittr niiiwrn r on rntur
kkv.JiiIv tatlr.aKOH t:t L M a III:, r- therhrow
mdor. iuia.e.1 with whii hnr: all tha ifwr whit u
u tnt- ii etra inint.i ni' M'ot ui inr KtiHiirati
nn a win ffiuton tht- lelt liinu hiui bow naok.ilout
ii yeitrt um,
A litwral reward will bcaivea 'or any Inforaiatioi
oi wnion (na wHi..! can .at lit r.
,JH1 LtnCMAn.
J S3 daw !a)totT, ttiio,
a U("tU. TP and Voiiclicra bird liT KgKcu
7 outort and Guatdiane. to thit date, are all roQ'
taiiuwi for ettlmeut until tht etoud Non ay ol
AUgutt, A. u. aoov, auu air aa io iuwi, iu nn:
Txecwfoft of
.faf rtb tthnail, C'harlra a. Devlne,
Oaorgo aVaiiott, John (ibrrt
Uotft t'mbaugh.
ad(mivitrurrt o
F.t'fatwth Brenner, John lace,
A O Lind-U y, W arrrn i-tte brook,
Oco'te? fl efflick, SaniUci Para,
N arlum kiitdie, Itliam Itoth,
Patiluk taih, Chnrlve Biol it ,
Utjamin Philleuauai.
Gattf atiufu uf
Pater Anthony! he-ire, Catharln Nordyke,
Adam liieint hf t hcira
On in awack
Oaige Letter t heiie.
W .kottnev'a helm,
Bruanman a heUa,
Frank lachiuon mtaori
W tn. and John Hood,
Probata Judge.
m, 'anniruu'a iieir
Wm, Wallace t heira,
Wm. Parrott heirt,
. 1'avlk
Dividend Notice.
TUB .Stockholders ia tho Dayton and West
a. ern TuroDike Road are notified that th 1 Board
of Direct re on the to da ol atul), declared a ilvl
dead el Mity (fro)oeoiaon tl.aahare payabi at the
0tNt v 'i umif uu ui auu tor t omoe at aearoni on
tiieviii, via and io pi July, and at in banaiug oi
floe ol V. Winter eon, ia tvayton,oii Wsoveuav,
ug. s ti. iviM, txic j.
jyiiiIAwtt ;
VV it diatiuctlj underattxd that be
la tr-pared at all tlmia to do ail kind of
Carpeiiier uiid Job Woik.
uw-Mj ihop la oa St. t lair treet, 1 do r touth ol
nuu mi, J -t
' 'I" Lemona, in prima order, just
V rece vod.
Jjil D. a P. B. 8 HULL.
SAl Kti Alricao .fea Nuta juat arrivtd
v J Jl D. t F. It. HUa.L
(Journal and uaiette copy )
Notice to Builders.
SEALED I'ropfianla will he roivfd at tbe
ufflce of the t lei k of tha Board of Kducatfr a, a
me muiio i w(iaiurrr twneia plant aau tut-ciiica-tiuuvcau
ue aoeu) uotu tl let uay ol Angutt next,
or lurui.oioa maieriaiK ai.u outiui. can auullioa to
lie iNurtiit!Att School Hoiitrr. The woik to be dut a
uudel the direction ol 111 Ituildiug Cotutultte. who
ci-we (usj privilege oi luruiauing an ti.e juuitQ
mHty lor th building, tn cott ot th aau to be
diuucte i irom th oouir ci prioe.
rayiuentt at uiiuwi; une-nan the amount to
e uaio by kite JMh day uf Ueceoib next, tha al
anceun or teeiurv the Utot Jul , loeo
Any further Information can tw had by tailing on
either oi tbe oouiniltiva
K. I lNUfLY,
(JeUTnal aaVMltSawiteeu y )
ON vealrrdity, rrnui iund ( n ii tShep
pa'rd, payable to my order la tlnty daye, at a
bank in Alidutelowni
Amouu tifrt uu.
J. H. Hfc;DKltsoN.
Fruit, Fiuitp Fmit!
t'sr rectiivad fit tny tatuMiribment, 2d
treet, doore weetof Jcfierton,
t'lMil tuns:
uf Liverpool Ware, dee idedir th bait aan for put
ting up itul lb the world. Ihrte .an will be eup
piivd wlib an
All. 1 Hi ti 1 Ittf,
Which la the moat eowplet Invention of the kind
uuwn, and will fXclude every parliel of air
I'll ee cam will b hoIu lower than custk. eenaetui be
pun.-htat'd elaewher.
f vraoua deeii ing to put up fruit warrant d t keep,
hum., ua lAtOiaC:. J F. BOt KM,
i in- wil ad t ,f doora we.t ul et.tfvi woo.
llUUKHIlHU Ullte,
ISaatUe ws III tr,
t'lettcli Wltir,
C'lianipuBi V lais,
Of the Unset quality aad al tbs lowest priest
WaOnebalifl ADD RtjlAlL
VTo. 176 3d street, west of Post Office.
jyu wournai ana eiite eopy.)
Sandusky, Dayton and Cincinnati
Rail Road!
OV anil after Saturday, July 16th. ths rate
from Dayton to Ohio White eulpaur S.rLea-a and
return.t. ill be ga,o.
j) ia-d'.ar JOHN H. HUPhOM, 'spit.
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon,
X eures. and uatlriair in-
duatr la the trt ataiealof
Horses aad t st Ie, sa ell
aa noee, ia ats two years
liraetli e la tkayten. la fa-
voialii- known to Ibe pub
lie of Ha) too and vlainl
ty HeraM-tfullyaoll6lta
aroatlauaace ol ttteu pav
tir tita and la'riaMaav, oorner vd and St. Clair
atreer. It-i t,., o . tt hare he way os lutaad at a't
noura, ooin uay aoa at, nt. jyis
for August.
t. A y. B. shulu
ON and after Monday, July 18th, ami) ths
Srst of September, tha uoderslsnaal still opaa
our banklng-heua-s for business at S o'clock A- M.
and eioae at t o'clock P M Ueixtaltors aad these
Saving autea to nav, wm pete ibis 'baage.
njia.i si oua.aaa,
Cenral asnk.
kuxchongs Baak.
Jul) IBth, 'SftS.
For Sale.
t UOrE and Lot. nn Main strsst, 1
sara from the Court House, and isset as the
Teeitraae House. Tbe boats. I. well snlcatialed
lur s Hole ei Boa ruing House, Lot 4t boat,
For tiarliculars. Inquire of
AN( Rode, tiaea, Hooka, Sinkers, etc. . ef tb.baat
j quality tor Beherntea, at tbe Grocery store el
a at w-anaai,
Jy 14 Mo S Jegkrsoa street
Choicest CLWs0 of tbe Stasoa, tod
INo Mistuke!
ITril.Ltsi la weeklv reselrit. durlag ta. PuMJaer,
Having kept Feenet's thasas, IwSiek ts nan aeas
!,. Ik. i,i.t,) he sreuilnat Bre.a'e u h7
equal, if auuenor i il He Invitee peraoastu
lli'i"!', M w " U mm
t f v. ev. s u . r ,u . ru t u n
. J. K. iFBHBT, Age I,
SS Jeaersoa atnsaL
IJLACK Bu'ri'LK', at
at AvS I. st, RgJaLAt KAJTOlI'f.
tte otaiw sTHtcr, "
BETWEEN "Market and focrtm.
(sDtt t0 TO gcaa0 HoSISaOa),)
kadwa staen hia Pllt'RTH purrhaaa tor tbui
season, rrea New Vork, Mil srtelilils, haltihioee sad
...-wUH.,i..Rrn.r.i aa.tntitient 1 1 g-otla tauaily
kept In a llral-elaaa linig more.
Among the aaaottment may be founi' genuine Lu
hln'a t rench s.ti acta for the I a. I. a. K. luiui a
V. . I'"',' 'tin's I'rsnelnan, Oieuira,
M.ule's Harrlanai's, Wrighfs, U in. a an ut r
lerluuerji Fancy Soaiai ol ever) si) Ie ami qua iy,
.uiha Havm'a, tllenn'a, Hauie'ai Honr),i lirerine,
Pranelpans acol t aaiphorateo Mtaj-ai 1-t-neti.e, I ra
Ivsaiul genuine olil -rowa W lmiaor soap, ao., . e.
A fall Itae of pure I. quifs, ky the bottle or plrl,
for nietllrlnal ami mech nn-nl iuiHH)e., lurnrr. .
;lne ta ine, and Biacwwerr) Biaon)) sunsr.cr i a
tew be Wine
lll'KS I Mt Fl I'ID. ' ' 1 ' 1
Ratra quality, suitable for Patent and Cemaiea
Ul I'A I NT.-, A Ml V A I K IMi, '
Of svety possible k leal, eel reed qusJM).
Ie great VSrlifV. bouahtrflrM-tlt tinfe. the MH,r.
t neia, or.aah, ami can ai tl Mill, tl.eieluir, l at-.d
aaeneai aa anl h aisi- in Ibis city.
IKKKil .VKrt IltliLAMi H.TIEH&
Forvrbloh I aetsole agent ear thle elta mM cimi lv.
Dealers supi'llrrl at tht kianulat'luiei . ru-ea.
I'rtTKNT 4lKI.('l.K.-s , ,
Of every ktnit now la use.
Or athoaaaml different varieties.
For th cartala destruction of Insects ta Manta aad
g owars
.C'ostar's Rh EllcrminHtor, I.ytm's Mn
OMitl Insect fowdet: Iku Bug Extermim k.r.
a aura thing.
u-ib -rui. ai, .. . . . . . .
.n-,.,, -.1,, vt nitewaan. enne, ecrnn, mat
lag, CartM-t, Wind. , F.mt, amtsh, Irtuit s sic.
as , without nnattier
lli lh l.itAD ASP MNKKnnil.,
llf ths vsry best qua It., always on baa.lit.liuu aad
rutt) ,iuid Lamps aud Lamutt lc.
Tut I. It, I l.tNllsS.
In en .Ilea, variety, and ef best quality. A Urge lot
ol Varni.h Ixaight recently at furred salt- in New
lora.whick Isaasell to o.altrs atleasthaa Liu
sliuaatl prtoes.
Rablatoa's HalrToale.ua owne r-otieb vist... ni-
aribura Oortlial, Horse Lit inient. ltnre Ft.tttler.
,o., guaranleeO to give entire satlelaitlou
Mlonn'a Cuuuititiri IVwuer, ilutijilitt ii's
Phrsl.lans'nreserlotlonsesrefiillv am1 aeeuratalv
eestpounded, ol the beet aiedl.mes none ether
shall be uaed.
Temyfrieadssndthepubllegeaeiall; I would r
tura aiy moat grateful thank, lor the III eral nation
als extended to the lae ttra. ol H. R., aau woo d
kindly selicit Its eeallnuaaee. aa alae an examina
tion ot mv stock bv thiwa who bat,. k.Mtn-
fere patronised thehouae.
1 am permanently .oeated here, sad expect to BtakS
friends and customers b) lair Healing.
(hllilrett stnt to bii store for sattking still He
waitetl up a sad the same price charged ss If their
parents same theoiaelves
JUM' KKl El Vr P.
A I -rgs assortment of Fruit Jaea nr th.i..M4 ... o..
aad Sealing Wax. ' '
Ilird Seed. and. In abort, .tw am.-. ti. -
Strict Iv to S.V bualneaa. 9
i . . . -
W. t. R0B1MCN.
Hot Weather.
At A. W. ICg A CO.'S, Hustoa luilding.
loth Zlsesnd Porcelain, with an.' without Kilters.
Al A. W. RICE k CO.'K. Hustoa BuUillna.
Maaser'a Five Mtnni. Cream riets.ra,
m a. " nit-a e Lu-e, tiustoa uuikliug,
PluuiteBiilb lain.
HIpHnd apunge HalhTitha.
At A. W. ntLk. CU.'S. Uustoa BulMlng.
Toilet Setts, Plain anl Fancy,
... ... . nta.-. m vu. a, nuaton HUll'ltng.
Lodlow's felf-sealing Cans and Jxra.
oqulring ne wax, soldering or reinent. 1 hey seal
tally and ouea .Milt. I.tmau s.rMm.. ....
fe.-tly tight. Also esrew Ton L'sns, V, ax t ana.aiul
.11 amus ei Lena,
At A. W. Hit F a CO.'S, Huston Building.
and 0OKEfe.lt. UOA8TEH8
Al A. W. KICK A LO HuIob BulitllCE
A general assortment of Tin, Japan Presatd Ware,
Al A. vv. IllLk A L'lx a, Huston Buiniing.
Whiteteaah Brushes, shoe Brushes- Bnitih Brnshea.
C'OOlb Ilmahes. . ust blu.kea. Tea Imalara. iust r..
oeivedironi tie last, at
A. W. HUE A CO'S, Hu.ton l-ulldlng
Biovee and Houao I'uiniabing Qooda.
Ia general. -
At A W.
Hustoa Building.
Thelollowluag listet Ik,Vi BOUKa.Ju.t reo'd.
By V.IL.LAI. b a WIltAlon.
Oodey's Lady's Rt ok for August,
empress Catharine ihe tieoi DuX .
Diss ivery of ibe Circulation ul the fllood.
lbs Tin Irumtiet
L dy e Manual uf Fancy Woik.
umis to burse-heei-trs.
A New Scries ol fcsehool Geopraphy,
Tbeologleaa eu d Misvallaoaona Booka.
Msde t L'LxaevMta and Trac-Hrse.
i-ja thi . I7H..T
Jyis lire door Vtsatol ueTowa Chm.
iiveiy Diseased
Man and Woman
IK. 1 ii)iBti;LIN ,
WOULD amy Io tha dieewaed ol body r
luiuu. tiiat hia ttat la aJavlaa Is. HtmlleMi et.w
henaeihenaoeetit) ol at a a tog Immcrdjaie aupl.ca
Uuu, il ou with to ba he ltd oi tout auawa.s-
rleaoileita no iiaUeateeaotpt thoe dir upeeiy
whereelaa aa saturable Ibe ii angatiatre
aak.doee ha reai eura eueh eaara. or are hs ataie
meaialaiael Ha aeeuMda, euch ea.ea In tvav
ton or are hie euree all mm papvr aisd alar on 1 In
reply, he would ay, h ha cviru, am la curing
every day, juat euch o. He haa retMtt, to
health pertont la Dtoa, who haw been tuOrr ig
Irom vartouediiftet, Ove, tea aud Ml e-ia . eor.,
and upaaroa, la a ew dat a. Ne hne i-ur aau la
euieewueaoldukeeaw, thai hav a.mMt the kiU
of tha medieal utulWaloii Ul aU aneaul Ihe ht rlti
The reaoer might her iaiulr,b v. hat mianaeLch
woodcriui eurieare ueriuribeul hut b irriietitag
thedellcmt memhraaca oi vital . rgajta, bt tiut
giag tha 'OjMAa.t), Uut by direct apt Ui.-aU) a ihe
poelllve aad negative polaritlee ol eh ctj til . -Again,
it aiighi be aaked, haa aoteltetjtn ) b a
empied aa rt-meOtai ag.nt tor )eare,iiii, tu.
rope and tha tailed diitt, with UdiSMtal tue
ecrt Aad, are not numbera i.ow u.Uaft ti, m our
very nttdet, wlthnobtier reeulil lb., t al. teiy
I rue; aad what w aoaeldar Xum lgasai autl
iaUs-arsMUi.pU)t7d ia It appiicaiiua he rtault
haa bawa aAOr lavoraale ti aa euuld hav tiaea aa-
tioipaied. It ha beva eonaioer. d a beiivi-ciat ta a
few oaaa, oaly atad uiritmwm tamo . There
haa been ao tUed principle lorappl.ng tht Agaiit.
aod, therefore, awunilurm rreuii could i beca. i
asBtavoipAto, but owing to the IrtetWi) t laiio m
utiuf tMihwrer. eMMirtrtt) eoo health, rea.aihatii
eureahave haen arloraasJ, which hav iihMi4
upon aa a luek. hit, rather than the rceuit oi a haed
law. The IgaoeaiMa dl plad in the adautai raiua
u kuia aataiatv Agent, ie uapaaaatiM
Thecurreat ! ireaciallt aoolledtl.rt uch tkab
eriaatiaaoch aoworaa to ouovui? th w (soi uci-w- 5,
voua ats4kMlr ttea., and frequently product g
lrTeiaratie iajur, eoBUavve Ii tt appltet b) acaaa
ui matalM csMiiuawr to digeiai pnrtaot Lt ex oy, a
wblhiM,u il to a proeeea ol eaut-riaatioa th- f
ara ploo Hu.lt patiaata ta a ttough eal water, tn by I
mean of the Galvanic Hatter exir-el their itaii- f
ty.aad when e-atiaued rr j 9 eoaeiaiamt i.i.H'h '
04 tisua, tha effect upa the aervifu j u n..
lot t0 that prtedusted by evoroeca 01 ,ijuiu , 4,i
Hulaina. - .
lr chambr1la haa aen the eftVet 4 -uH to, 5 .
meat for ra,and Um reauii ha general i provd ,i: t
l jurioue Ut a pattoi.ta, piovicg wueiuane.), ibat
no peroon aow d aaaua the reap'tiailttij wi a "' ;
later ag to pott en ui ram-vd wuboitt j ooe !)!. tiff V 1
tag IteeUeMta upoa ttwhufaaaorgautiu. aviv-, "
ttuiAgeuMec wttb !.. C 'a r.iiicAuy-tA.o..B . f
iaaew atd oilgnai with hiaiarif ii pbti4F4vpby '
tor lab etrioaJ lata 01 tliw. hraHh ai- due a., in ,
afW. Hka rtrliabi aiathotl for dagtiia ul tarab .
by teirt4al cwatraet, I a vet a, aiao ht lmpi itiV ' '
diecuteii Ul th ua wl ho ptMttl. oaiU bfAat f
pwiaffiiiee to the human boil) wr tt aaadeaiia ti--f dy ' ,
rwauoval ol a 1 dueaeea Alt raw, ami i kti&v n '. "v
t . agmejieal ateav, and a.l o 1 t v.vtfi tie i hU;"
hav Inttrueied b .x - hn thw gumv ui ap- J
rikiag aUity there ikUuguttM wra ,ao r-
lati, ftvmailerel Oavybi Io tAerwjult isUai wm ' ;
(wllow, -t
TK dlratted era Invited to aall and witooo tbav 1
weaijrit. rtul jrt he leooiiy 1 wtaasiH r . A -,
omehm aa Thira atiedrt '
h. ft.t-r c. now .He4ve to e1a a write to- .
turea, aad ev.fatteT tp auMttg tn. vievtrttd
Uweol ti, keaiih atw die, 1 aLtvu.atuI aapai ,
tloa of h a liaportant dtaveey .a Ihe yy hmnit '
f e eeir,iii ut the crvri o eiiwr. t
ThtMM diri l iiu the c.. s)-ioMaul. ttil' -
me tiiiflitjpitioa a bit t-J-e. ,1 '
Hr,,'.- p.t-.-' .-

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