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IVo. 110, Main street.
THANK FCr Tor tfiamV liWit-1 patroni.,
hvrttnfire ettM.'iv, n h.m.wnuUt nffAin mil
tMM.4M.tion of the iut-te to his new dU itmiileta
Mortuifint of
Summerloota and Shoes!
Kmnloylne; none but tha bMt of workmen, 1 an
oonAdentluatloang.it up the
Boots and shoes In the oity, and 1 wlirg.ierantoe
eatlal:llon In all cases.
U- Otve ma Trial I j-n
N W. WILoOlf,
lie M-iln street, t .loon south of Ui Market.
N. W. W also keeps a superior srtloleof FRRNf H
N. P. Douglass & Co., "
' N. T. Douglass & Co., .. ..,
N. T. Douglass & Co.,
Will Remove to 76 Wain St.,
Will Remove to 76 Main St,
Will horaovo to 7b Main St.,
I'll 1 1. LIPS NEW bTILDINdl
About tho 1st of September!
About tho 1st of September!
About tho 1st of September!
No.'.7n!. No.ii;!
No,. 7(VI i- No. "i!
Art. 7) 'o 76!
'o. 7ti!
Ni). fill!
Not 7lir
No. 70!
Peaches, Peaches!
Duriny the Season!
No; 300 Third St., Dayton, p..
Xi of one of thplargMt mid bt PfnchOn-h.nl.
In the Ml. ml Valla., re Ma. i ng Ihla lirwlnm
fruit vf rr uay, lu tha hot, rondltlont anil that will
oontlniit.tOfi.t II a. lour tne.araa.n la.ta.
BAHKfcT or UOiC,
rVrM thenttwlleof the bear nuallty, and Infhe
beat nniaihie conuitlnu. '
tj- rney will aiijipiydMlera In (he city and aur
roundlna; country,' on ri'aaonalni. lam and they
particularly Invito thone who drilre to ac! again to
rjlvatham a call They will niokeit dTi.tauKma
They MEAN what thev any.
auf-tf No. oo, Imrd atreet, Uayton, Ohio.
Tunnel Coal! .
AND ' !
ii. any other Coal brought to Davton Alleltlicna
hall be acoummoilalrd with the heat Coal, and at
lower kateb than ever ottered. They .hall be ac
commodated at their own piii-ea, lo reaaon.
AUaTCurjiu ono uad uU!
No.8 Main atreet, or at Perry Co. C o. ohlca.on Ca
nal, near (tehharl'a Luiniier t ard. augt
At Private Sale!
rpiIE undcrvtifiird, wishing to chan;e his
A biialneaa, and intending to' remove fruin the
city, wllliell hla
At Private Hale. It la aituated on the corner of
Wayne and Ulchard itreeta, anil ia In a aood huvl
neaa location, and la doltiir a ri rat-rate trade.
1 will leaw my Bouae and Lot (on which the Cro-
eery ia located) lor a lei ni of eaia.
A good chance will be given If application be
madeaoon. I'llILLlr1 WALTZ.
Until Further Notice !
In uioe caaea, at 36 CKNTti,
Fine iolorrd Mfluino.ypr.
At 93 CENTM1
Hajrl'ooias on 3d St., north sido, .Id door
east of Main.
IT" I ean be found at all hours of ths day, from
7 A. M. utll P. M.
I0U0AUAY. CA LI, SOON. augt-tf
House to Rent.
GENTEKL Dwelling, in a good loca-
tlonj containing aeven rooms, to rent, rn-
at 111 la uliiir.
Oregon Saddler Shop!
Corner ot Filth & Wayne streets.
Manufactures and keeps constantly on hand every
vaaiaty of
Of the beat material and make.
Itte tha only houaa Inthlaolly that uauufacturas
1 return utv't!vi tl,Mka fur paat favors, and
vespecttully aoltclt a continuance of theaame.
C'ttUeua aud farmer, ate eordially luvited tooall
and aea tua.
pova-lvu wt i.i.Tam mitcXkll.
Grape Vines.
'rilB Subscriber has on hand, and in the
A beat condition, 76,nooCalawba Grape V ine Roota,
two y araold, which he will sell lor e.10 per IMU.
A Lao iuo,oou do .which he will aail for aiS per
H.lnvltei fruit agenta and other, to give hint a
Nr tha I unatlc Aivlum, on the rt.av.rfc.wa Road.
Choice Groceries.
SnilDS. Choice N. O. Sugar,
S barrels Levvrlng'e Crushed and Granulated
I bag. olean Rio Cotree,
6 barrel, beat N. O- Alula...., and
So dosaa bhakar llroooia, i-taivi-d snd for sale by
iHAhi.i.5 ruar, -JulySS
Cast loaond at., . Uuma iraaa Mala.
6 HACKS Allien Pea Nuts just arrived.
JjrSI II. m i . blil'I-L.
--"' - , t. 11
J'. -Tsar
l.lfl 7 I I I a Iff
DAILY KMl'lltii
Emjiin liilaiig, Tliiti it., Soil uU M. Mail a Jeff rwi
B Wei his, oo per yeevin adven-a.
10 oeata per w a . payable la lb-carrier.
Single eoplM.pntup fa wr.pp.ri.to.nt..
Cincinnati Agency.
The Cincinnati Tvpe) Foundry Oomnan la
our duly suthorised Agent to make coutracta
and receipt for Advertisements auhacripiioni,
nto. , in IDAI Cliy.
To HtmNgaaMaM. Tbs Empire Job Rooma
areiu complete trim, and we are now prepared
to do work of all descriptions in the best style
oftheart. Call in end examine our work and
learn otir prices.
IT To AnvawTtaxaa. Advertiaemenls or
Notireafnr the Kmpire mnat be banded Into
the ftlice by (en s 'elect- on the daj they are de
aired to be publiehed nal later. We cannot
sgreetoinsen them afterthathour.
Cincinnati Agency. LOCAL AND OTHER ITEMS.
Weekly Advertisements.
Those, who doaire to bar advertisement
inserted in tha Weekly Empire ehould band
them in by Saturday morning, at tha latest,
,Onr advertising patrona will perceive
that, by oar arrangement of reading matter,
thoir advertisements will be always nfte a
very important matter to them.
ILTSea 4tb page for Telegraph Reporia,
. . iTTwo Show Oases for Sale. Enquire at P
A, L AFEEVS, Jewelry Storo.
PiaaoSAL. Oeo. Vallandigham has returned
lo our city from hia furlough to tha northers
part of the State, renewed in health, elastic in
spirit, snd decidedly hopeful of Democracy in the
State and Union. He ntrer presented greater
evidence of health than he doea at preeent, and
he will enter the campaign with a rejuvenated
oonaiitution, an untiring energy, and an abid
ing faith in the justice of our cauae, and Its
ultimate triumph over error and its advocates.
General V. opens the canrsss at the Madison
(louae, on the 0. II. A D. R. R. opposite Mid
dietown, on Weducaday evening of this weak
where ne will be greeted by a vary large con.
course of the sovereigns of Old Butler.
Lost. On Sundny evening last, a Lady's
small Locket, containing two miniatures, was
lost somewhere between Jackson atreet and the
Dayton Viow House, kept by Jacob Kuhna.
The Sutler will be liberally rewarded by leaving
it at thia office.
Tux Hoasa Pais Abounds. The Oronnds are
being rapidly completed. Many of the stands,
sheds, Ac, ire already finished, and the"track"
is being used for exercise. The ladies will be
delighted lo learn that, in the arrangements of
the grounds, direct referunce haa been made to
their comfort and convenience. The stands
will be so arranged that ladies- and gentlemen.
ill be removed from the noise and xadenees
which it so objectionable on many fsir grounds;
snd Mr. Smith has tsken every peine to deserve
the thanks of the thoussnds of ladies who will
doubtleat favor lbs National Horse Fair with
their charming presence.
That there will be a great attraction to all
during the entire continuance of the Fair, we
have no doubt; but on the day a when the lady
equestriennes contend for the prises, the interna
win fsr exceed any other ever attempted to be
created here, or In the entire weat I The oo
caaisn will far exceed anything ever before at
tempted. X large number of ladies the wives
and daughters of our best citizens have al
ready aigmfled their intention of oompeliug fur
the prixea. Just imagine to yourselves read
era, if you can, what a scene of health, activity,
and charming lovelinesa will be displaysd on
that occasion I Of course everybody will want
to aee the ladies ride; and every body will see
'em I
We continue to receive information front
horsemen in d'fforcot parts of the Union, who
intend bringing their stock to the Fair, We
vesture thai it will be the greateat attraction
ever offered weat of the Allegheniss, and equal
to any Horse Fair ever held anywhere. Day
ton will arrange to accommodate all who come.
"Who's Goiso!" The time eet for the grand
Union Picnic, to which the people of Dayton
Xenia, Ac, are invited, is Thursday of this
week, 18ih iust. We would be glad to learn
that a large delegation will go from this plsce
to the Yellow Springs on that day, The Dsy.
ton gentlemen are challenged to a game of foot
ball, and the Xeniana to a gams of "town ball."
on the occasion. Let our lists be filled. The
people of Xenia have bad a meeting to aseer
tain how many will go to the Springe on Tbura'
day; we ought to have a meeting here for the
asme purpose. Let it be named for to morrow
evening ; ana let us meet me courtesy of our
neighbors in proper spirit and force. Where
shall the meeting be hadt Let those who are
familiar with these mattera name the place to
morrow morning in the morning papers; and
turn out, every body.
AAn Irish woman, whoso shuntee ie
looated in the neighborhood of the Levoe, ia
in the habit of getting drunk once a week,
(the drunk running through the 7 days,)
and when thus "set up" she spends the most
of her time at the front door, oursing and
toning the boys, who are attracted there by
her "onrrying-on." The other day she took
it into her head to "ooss" our Carrier, who
in Liu modest way, suggested tha impropri
ety of euoh prooeediog, when she caught up
some large gravel ebe bad by her for the
purpose, and stoned hint from the neighbor
hood !
To Tax Pavers. The tax payers of this
county will find it to their advantage to ex.
amine a notioe intended expressly for them,
in another column, Ac the dooumsnt will
be published in the three papera, daily and
weekly, of "general oiroulation in this coun
ty," and as all the people will have the op
portunity of seeing it, few will be able to
claim ignorance on the subject about which
it treats.
Tub Last Kail I We are positively in.
formed that the last rait necessary to form
an unbroken oonneotion between Dayton
and Toledo, on the D, A M. Road, will be
laid to-morrow I The work le so near com
pleted that the Superintendent ia justified
in saying that the glorions band will be uni
ted to-morrow evening I It ia confidently as
serted that the entire (rack will be ia readi
ness for the rolling material by next Mon
day the 2'.'d Inst, when trains will be run
dear through I When will we have lAa
excursion T Let the whoels turn t Put on
your biggest "drivers."
ITWe submit la "vow" and
others" that
the "iadepacdsBi" ticket business has
iub into the ground, where we propose to Wave
it endmutbed.
Funra, Pumatia, Pirs, Ao Mr. Ogden,
who haa for some time past been located In the
New Berkal Building, J.nVraon at., near tha
corner of 3d St., hss we are gratified to learn,
established quite an active business, We here
esamined some of the work just completed for
asverel gentlemen here, and pronounce it tupe
rior to anything In hia line we have ever seen
in this city. Mr. Ogden resided In Ft. Wsyoe,
la. .Immediately prior to coming to thia place,
and out of a number of recommendations we
extract the following because we know the roes,
snd they are- generally known in the Miami
Valley: . . ' '
FORT WAYNE, IND., April 30th, 1858.
Having had occasion to use theaervieps of a
plumber, I waa introduced to Mr. Oieden, a
ffenileman who had just arrived iu our city.-
The job that waa to be d.ine waa very diffi
cult, and required the pieeat kind of meehsm
Mm. 1 am liaupv lo add that the wotk waa
performed to my entire sattafaction, and as a
master of hia art, I take pleasure in recommen
Mr. Robert Osden haa in the early part of
this month repaired the bath pump and pipea
leadiiiR to tlio bath room in my house in a
very satisfactory manner. I lake pleasure in
giving my humble testimony lo hia mechanical
skill in matters of tbia kind, so far as I am ca
pabls of judging.
FORT WAYNE, May 28, 1857.
We introduced the above principally for the
purpose of showing hovr Mr. 0 's work wss
spokeu of abroad, where he hsd-reccnly been.
The following is from J, 11. Young, Ksq., of
our city, whose work we have seen : ,
Mr. Oeden hss done 'Considerable 'work in
the plumbing-line In my house, which ia
FORT WAYNE, May 28, 1857. J. R. YOUNG.
DAYTON, Aug. 10, 1859.
Mr. O. is comparatively a stranger here, but
he has already satisfactorily shown whsthecan
do, snd all he deairea ia to have a trial in-order
to become generally known te the public. His
work will speak fur htm,
lie has just received a large supply tft Otipn
per I'ipo, In addition to hia other abundant ma
terial, and ia now prepared to fill, In the best
msuner, all orders made upon him. We cordisl
ly recommend him to tb public. V -
Thi MAatuom I'icxio. The readers of the
Empire in City snd Country will please besr
in mind that the Mammoth Picnic of the sea
son will lake place at Wilson Grove, 3 miles ,
south east of Dayton, on Hktnrday, Aug. 27th
The committee of arrangements consists of D.
0. Kemp,- W. Huffman, W. Kneisley, Wm.
Simros and J. Harhine. It will be tha work of
the committee to see that the affair goes off
in the very best manner.
Hon. Oeo. W.Houk, and Henderson Elliott,
Esq., wilfaddreos the people on the ocaoaioa.
Excellent music will be it, attendance.
A Pai or 'bm. A follow who is in tha
b abit of taking "a- We a drhap too much, j iel,"
left hi horse and wagon ia front of a whis
luty shop 'on Friday, while he went in to
take "a we drhap more.' The hone walk
ed off, and when the fellow o&me out, he
could not be found. Home-tine having seen
the critter on St, Clair st. piloted the man
to the place, where his steed, finding ' a lit
tle buooh of bay, bad stopped to eat it. Get
ting in the wagon, and i'grviotr tha- horse bis
fowat head,1' the pair started off for home on a
very slow walk.
OCT We noticed a noted wholesale merchant
this morning "walking" a country dealer
around the upper part of the city, in order to
cool him off, and put him in a condition for
making purchases I It seems the cbsp "got
in" on Saturday svsning, and It being a little
dull concluded to "take suth'n," just to msks
ths tims psss pleaeanlly. He succeed tolera
bly well, but getting in with a party of soakers
laat night, they got him so muddy thst he
could only be clesred off with difficulty this
morning. He w ill not, we feel sure, soon re
pesl his experience of last night.
Kfc-Jhe only candidate we baveyet no-
tioed for position on the Republican and
Opposition ticket for thia county this cane
vass, ie E. S. Yonng, Esq., who aulhoritai
lively announces himself. It may be ob
jected that he woe not discreet in answering
to the call for publishing namee of candi
dates, but be ha oertainly evinoed ' a com.
mendable disposition to aid the printer,
0T"79" ia a lucky' number. They were the
figures which drew the big prise in the Louis
isns Lottery recently ; and the asme number
drew the fine gold watch in the Boaco entertain-
ment here laat spring. It is also a very lucky
number to ladies and gentlemen who purchase
gaiters, boots, shoes, Ac, of Davis, 79 Jefferson
street, who constantly holds the number. Try
your luck with No. 79.
ID Snip reports thai there was a fight over
at the Oarden, at Dayton Vies-, yesterday.
The proprietor ejected the combatants frem his
plsce, and told them lo go aud squsbble where
they got their liquor.
Veering a Poimt or Two. Our oorres.
pondenr "M." ie veering toward the east,
We shall aoon hear from him "toward tLe
rising eun. ' lie has exhausted the North
Ma. EoiToa. Permit me at the suggestion
of numeroua old Democratic frlenda, lo offer the
name of 0. P. Huber aa a candidate before the
the Convention of the 27th for the nomination
for Coroner, and oblige
ID" The Democracy of Harrison Township
will meet at the oflice of George Wogoman,
Esq., ia said Township on Ssturdsy SUth, at
9 o'clock p. tn for the purpose of choosing
delegates lo attaod the Democratic Convention
on the 27th inat.
CT At Springfield, Md., a large ho p growsr
baa thia year lost nearly all his vines and crop
by lightning. He had adopted an arrangrmeul
of wire instead of poles, aud the lightning runs
about on the wires snd cute sod buros the vines.
IuroaTANT ao Tiutiv Asovo(sT We
would again remind our readera thst Dr. Aysr,
so widely known as a most skillful Physician,
especially In all diseases of the lungs, throat,
heart and nervous system, will arrive iu Day
ton, (Phillips Huuse) this dsy and will re
ccive patients fur the term of Three Days only
This Is Dr. Ayer's first visit lo ourcily and all
who desire will now have aa opportunity to
avail thsuuwlvee of hie skill. There ienola
family ia thia vicinity who haa not heard the
name of Dr. I. Wiaalow Ayer, formerly of New
England, but bow a permanent resident of Cin
cinnati, and aaany of our tins. ns have already
used his popular and excellent resaadiaa. It
appeals from a report recoil y published that
of the whole number for the laat six moatba us
def irealmeol al the Institute full a Very large
per em I have been discharged as earea! and
others very materially benefited. We have
just published the etrougeet Utters freest ths
beat and moat raepvctaUe sources iu Cincinnati
iu ftrvf ot Dr. Ayer.
It. A - ..
ne uiuo euoooae mere waa ana
parson in all America bat Would know "five
leet drivers, it tney asw them; bat we find
it necessary to explain to our ertnplary
friends of the Empire, that the 'drivers' In
queetion will use fv feel on the track, tit
every eirius. Luasette.
The fog thickens. That the "drivers," on
whiob our neighbor baa been exercising for
two or tbree dayt past, can "use five feet on
the track at every stride," wa ean easily con
ceive; bat thai they, being five feet ia diem
etor, should measure cnlf five feet at every
stride, paeseth our oomprehanalon. Beeidee,
we oan t "reel ire" their wUiit 19 tons!
Thie latter ia probably, what makes tha mat'
ter entirely too heavy for us. We Submit,
that instead or employing an italicised ad
jeotive to balanoe a bungling rejoinder, our
clever though not very clear neighbor could
bettor have eerved hia purpose and the pnb-
lio information by elating that aha "dtivere''
were five feet in diameter, and the locomo
tive (which is altogether too large to be lost
eight of!) weighed about 19 tone.
... ,j u . .....
"Calobio" od op we Elbmrht. The Cirt,
oinnati Penny Trees has, two or three times
recently bad some simple talk about Dayton
being "fenced: in.'' The us sis for thie non
sense aeeme to be that "Nlo Longworth owne
considerable property in tb suburbs'' of
this oity whioh, after laying about loose for
many years, has been at length fenced in
and put under cultivation.. Thie property Is
situated west ot the city, near the Miami
river, on the site of an ancient quagmire,
whioh was under water and the jurisdiction
of frogs, etc, tha greater portion of tha year
until the Levee wag made. The idoa of eelli
Ing this property to white folks waa long
since abandoned. Believing that a crop
oould be raised off the tract in a very dry
season, some enterprising gardeners rented
it ond fenced if in last spring. Thia ie about
the truth in regard to the Longworth croc
erty, and tha "fencing in", of it.
Not believing that it ia 'expected to in.
oreasetne popularity of "Calorio'' here by
persistently ridionling our city, we are left
to infer that it ie the purpose of the Prese to
puff Mr. Longworth. We respectfully Bug.
gest that there are other way open to earn
a email portion of Mr. Longworth' oharity
money than barking at Dayton blacking
his boots, for instanoe.
ANTt-CuaiiTiAN. Our neighbor of the Gs
seite puts his "five feet driving wheel" down
on ine recent Anti-Slsvary Convention al
Columbua in. this wise :
One hundred snd fifteen delegates attended
ouu-uonsuan uoavention, aiuolum
bua. They were chiefly ministers of various
ucuuuiiueiiouB men oi marx and influence.
Era; Lawrence, of the Telescope, and his
eolaoorers m that convention, who "was reo
resent" tbs city of Dayton, will probably arrivs
a proper conception of their position before
the world.
CT Baldwin's Life Pictures fbr 9S rent, ara
all ths rage 1 Huhdrerls sr ' Scoring thorn.
These pictures excel. We noticed an improved
style of eass with 4, 6 and 8 openings, Boita
ble for families. They are just the thins. Let
sll who desire a pefect fax simile of themselves
eall al Baldwin's 3d St., 3d door east of Ex
change Bank. Baldwin ie permanently loca
ted here, and is reponslble for all work thst
goes from his gsllery. a
Piscatory, Etc.
CRANE'S DAM, Aug. 11 1859.
Ed Eupirb : We cam here Tueeday
last and have been fishing ever since, and
for the benefit of those who fish for large
bas w would say that here 4s the place
where they hold out golden proepeote if you
will only hold out your line. The base are
large, bite readily and there is no scarcity
good bait. South of this though for some
distanoe the angler is routed by the lawless'
nese of many of the riprorian proprietors
"and others" who take tha liberty of coin
ing the river every few day, tha fish law
seems to be totally disgarded here and it is
more diffioult to find an informer than one
who does not recognize the seiner's right
Several of the fish we eanght outweighed
Hob McCormiok's 8 pounder, beeiit-s which
very many entailer onee were taken.
We pitched onr tent npon a green island
"beneath the ombrageous boughs of a whi
tened sycamore, in the immediate vicinity''
of a corn field where plenty of roasting ean
are to be had, and near the houae of some
very clever people who kindly loaned us
things we bad forgotten to bring along, and
furnished ue with oreaa tor onr coffee.
We are under very many 'obligation to
you for ths Empire.for reet assured it oomes
aa a thrioe welcome gnest to be read after
fishing all day. To-morrow morning at four
we expect to be ex-Isled front where we
have epent the last few daye so pleasantly,
breathing the fresh country air, exposed to
plenty of snnehine, living npon "tha fat of
the land'' and eleeping aa soundly aa we
evor slept notwithstanding tha desperate
Zouave charges, of whole regiments of Mue.
There is an abundance of email gam along
shore and plenty of squirrele in tb woods,
but the followers of Nimrod are not likely
meet with aa good suoosss and luck here,
aa the votaries of lsaao Walten.
For the Empire.
Tibw v. a Davto, We have oft as
heard it remarked where A Dayton View? Now
we ara do prophet, but wa would Inst say te
those persons, that they are far behind the timee
and will be still more so, ween ia a future day
will be asked by a traveller from the westers
country, of a eltisen of Dayton View, where is
Dayton T Echo, answers, where T Ws are sot
going to tell any oae whsre Dayton View is,
but in the laagesge of aa author, whe was
wiser than we, (but slightly ekasgsd to anil
the aoeasiowXeossessa a place, which twssiads
ana of ell that ever I saw, af landscape views, of
pleasant soanery, of shady walk ia grove aad
valley, of wring saw aad anvil, at tha
master sUquctue al tha bar. aad weighty oV !
eieioaa truss the i adgsa' baach, of rural dwsl
lleg, splendid sdifioee, that overtook the
placid waters af ths Miami. Is lot thia the
placet and more than ail iheee, in the distaaae
upoa aa alar aud ajt, ths mast rloaseal f all.
we bahold, and le, svua now la prsgrsea, a
splendid publio school building, which hath
sppst and luwsr (toiiv-a, aud iu a few fuii
our hearts will be &W.e glad, wt'.h the rich
toasa. of its ieep aouuu tog bell, Ikuo will rt
soued tironjH fcM tad giors. t
North West Correspondence.
CHICAGO, Aug. 10th, 1859.
fin. KMviat Onee more I find myself af
rived In thie western Ootham quits contented
and reconciled, sfter so longeonntry travelling,
to this bustle and confusion. I wss surprised
to see so many ehsegea and Improvement ac
complished during aa absence of leas than two
wsakt. Bsvsral very fine buildings hsvs gone
np from the foundation te the roof, some have
been Iwrjoved snd others remodeled or finished.
Several streets hsvs been opened, a few im
proved and graded while on Randolph street
where on my departure there wss not a sign of
a railroad ths cars are making regular trips.
He doubt merchsnts and business men feel
these to be dull end hard time but they re,
Solved that there shall be no cessation of city
improvsmeot. The feeling with regard to birs
mess seems te hsvs chsnged little, if sny. Ex
cept thst the public mind ie a little less hope
ful and less importance and benefit Is snticips
ted from the crop. Speaking of crops I found
by far the best looking corn in Iowa while nth
er grains appeared as well ss elsewhere. In
Wisconsin and Illinois the corn is scattered and
quits backward, not equal at all to thst of Min
nesota, though there will be a fair crop ahould
there be opportunity for ripening. Grain haa
Improved somewhat and ths receipts yesterday
are reported as grester than on any day thfc
season, it is metier of amassment lo outsiders
thst grain buyer and brokers, who infest tbs
eorner of Olsrks and south Water sts., obstruct
ing very materially the psaasee of pedentrlsns.
nave been arrested and brought before the Po
lice Court. After a few days sport of this kind
it msy reseonably bs hoped thst they occupy
less street room or repair to less limited guar-
term. - a .
The weather here is very plsssaotand quite
wirin during the day but cool in the night
time, nensvs aad Bom deliahtful showers
whlcb would bsve done incalculable good bad
they fallen in the country where it ia becoming
exceeejingiy dry.
I would write yoa mere had I time hut car
time has almost srrired and I am off for the
M. For the Empire.
Another Sermon.
shall take for me text or rather exordium,
the good old copy "Consider not so much who
spesks aa what ia spoken." If there is a pos
sibility of admiring the English poets, to a fault
your humble ssrvsnt most exclaim percai;j
But with all my blind reverence, I miveryet
could reconcile the treasured adsge of Pope,
" Whstsvsr is, Is right " A thousand lisd oos
' Patent Sermons" cannot explain sv.-ay (he
absurdity of this airy peeudo pulleeoph-. '
It Is about as correct as the one whioh esys,
"a little learning le a dangerous thing," for the
explosion of which I refer you to McOauly.
I shall notice the former, which waa anion
portent clause in the "Patent Sermon."
The poets paints reality just as tho artist im
itates Nature with pencil or brush.
Often their pictures are so perfect that we
almoal believe
"The hsnd that made them is divine."
Hence when we da meet with on thst ie evi
dently over Wtonght by the two enthusiastic
Painter, or dreaming improviaator. we seem to
feel under obligation to reconcile it, even at
ibeexpeneeof sound logic and good taste
There-ia not a sentence In the Eodieh
Isngusge more pernicious to moral progress and
civilisation than "Whatever is,' is nsht." It
would gsg ths Prees. It wonld removu all re
straint from the debauchee, the demagogue, I he
poltroon, the libertine, and their train. It
would permit crime to strut, unbridled, through
the land, and virtus to go unrewarded.
If "Whatever is, is right," then whatever is
done. Is done right, hence good and evil are
synonymous serais. If one deserves prsiseths
ether doea. Nonsense I
Tbs trae press, the honorable aad fearless
fault finder and the soul of civilir.t lion. It is
ths province and duty of every lovar of human
ity lo unmask corruption, wherever it may be
found. What matter if Boms of those termed
howling fanatics" were brought liato exist
ence through ths far. fetched instramedtality of
a Spanish bull-fight T If tha laws of ! procrea
alioo depeaded oa Spaniah bull fights and
Parisiaa masquerades, then should they
through pure respect for their own Meadty re
main silsnt; then indeed might they fwuee, la
ths msrch of progress, and tremble ove the pos
sibls nonentity in the future, of some might
be mortal like onto themselves, if they take thie
or that step in reform.
Tha illegitimate offspring may rejoice in it
own existence, yet despise adultery. Good
mar spring up right where the eeed of evil Is
sown, yst it doss not depend oa it any more
nsn light derwads upoa darkaaaafor iu axis- I
If right is wrong Ihea have one of the words
expunged from our vocabulary and atop the
tautology, but if not, then, oh ye deepiaad
howling fanatic," "fault finder" and "re
formers" t whatever yoa find right commend.
and what yoa find wrong condemn fearlessly,
snd you shall have your reward, for lau
eth the- prophet. '-
For the Empire.
Mb. Editor: Yon oomplain,and with reason,
too, of tha so roily of local matter. Perhaps
the following will da A gentleman of thie oity
went to visit hi friends in ths Eaaa, a short
time ainos), and waa aooompanied by a lady
and her daughter. little girl eix years old.
slaving arrived about aiidoight at the place
be designed etopplng, be left tha train, hi
oompany, who bad some distance yel to
travel, being feat aaleep. A few daye af
terward he wrote to a friend in Dajtoa, and
in psking of Mr. ', remarked eho
had met a Mr. Afar f Acta, an old "apart'' of
bera on the train, aad a "Same" being again
enkindled, the laat be saw of her she we
"closely wrapt ia hia arms," ,
On rer.siving thia information, aoma of
tha lady' friend tsar astounded, thought
she had acted very imprudently, and when
onr informant re turn id, began to make par
tioular and serious inquiries and Jovee liga
tion all to who thia Mr. "Morphsus" waa
Thslr labor resulting in th recognition of
an old aud oherished friend, all waa right
again, aad they raeolved to take "noose',
at tha axpaa) uf tha aforesaid 'Morpheus,',
and toosw their old aoqusintavno in 'dreamr
of tha many peoaliaritiea ttharaotariatia of
that gentleman.
W. X. Y.
Adntloiista-attr' NI.
TUB Subecriber haa heels appointed and
vju.lirioa aa Admlaratraloeaal tb eat ate, of Johs
iitl.. .i, , 4, l-a of aii,aie.vry aouoiy. Tbota
. i: j 1- . oid u lea a-tAie will aati an eetlM
h un aud Uo-e bavin clatasa agaAaal ike
-v.. w .. L.-.At l.t.ta h9 Oaluaasaatt wlUsin
. --.utAea s d-ta.
On ths mornlrur of the Ittn Inst , by Rev.t). Win.
tars, at hla realdene, Mr. Christopher Harm an to
Miss Ann M. Miller, both of retry Tp. ..
On Die evening of the wm, by tha same, at the
same place, Mr. Jonathan Miller to Stlae Callla O.
Love, both of this city.
t l 'J ' I aaaaMaaaaaa
At Toledo, Ohio, on the Sth Inst., Mr. AacniSAtn
McRwen, lormsrljrof Dayton, aged SO eara.
To the Tax Pavers of
Montgomery Co., O.
TH 1! Hoard of Eq-isliratlon of Keal Prop
erty will meet at tha AiMltnr'. nm r a.V.i
tasly 011 Tu,,,,,,,I,ih'h day ( September, A u.
The bonks are now ready Tor your Inspection, and
will be In use by the Board during their eea.lon
Ton will ther.fnre eall and eaamlue tb ariiralae
ment of your property before that lima.
...... HANIfcL H. IfHVllKN, Aud'r.
Aug. Id, IBAS. euglS-dAwtt
(Oatette and Journal copy.;
d isHoilr kin". "
TIIE Partnership heretofore existing be
tween Henry H. Hllgefort and August Becherer.
under the name and style of H. Hilgelort a Co., I,
this day rilesolveu by mutual consent, H. Htlgelort
retiring from the business.
Those Indebted to the late Arm will make pay
ment to II. Bllgelort only.
. H. It, HIL(.IKOK!.
Dayton, August tilth, ise.
f N RETIMING from the business, 1 desire
A to return ny cordial thanks to the citizens of
I'ayton for the verv liberal patronage betowed upon
the late firm, and heart)!, recommend A. itechaier
as deserving a continuance of the same.
Horses for Sale !
A PAIR of large, dark brown Horses arc
for sale. Thev are in rood ootid It I. in. trn sr.n
nnuniviiiuu wuriffirs.
Of Strati's titan uai I
A Manual for Exroptors akd Administba-
tors, in the Settlement of the Ketntns of
- Deceased Persons; with Practical Forms,
Ac, Ac Hy Joseph R. Bwan, late) Presi
dent of the Twelfth Judicial f'ireuit Filth
Edition; Revised, Enlarged, and Adnptodf
to the Present Prnotioe: Uy U. fVNoble:!
Attorney at I.aw, Columbus; with .Norenr&
me enactments and Decisions down ivl
the Present Time: By F. J. Mattliewa
uuK,a ui uieui,Driur iourt, 01 rranann
County, tine Volume, 8vo. Price, in
Law Binding, tl,50.
The character of Siean'a Hanii.l 1. n..n b ...... .
that It Would eeam entirely unneueaaar.. at this
time, toeay a word In commendation of it. The
preeent edition le believed to be much superior, in
' -. w nii uuvoeraioioie ouDilanrui Mil
tha lllahcr would therefore eaneclallv recom
mend It to the attention of Member, of the rur.
r -bate Judges, ana Executors snd Administrators.
A Guide for Guardians.
JU3T Pira,iHE'pi A KKW LAW J100K.
A Oulde, with Forme, Tor Guardtane of Minors an
pIQ lardtan a4 Waid w,h DlreoUoMaraa Pore,..
v-iuri. in unio, oonot-rnlnB IhaelathA
lnsiuoing journ i rnni. lor all steoa frntg the
ris.i -.Liifiu.Hici a busr
dlansi aontalning. also, the l uties of Guardla...
Wants and Probate Judges, in all matters ol Guar
Alasisoip. By F.J. nlatUiewe. Judge ot the Suie
rloe lATtiet of Fraaklla Couny,Uhio. One Vol.,
.,..,ui i . mmiu.. oi., ,i,w,
suglS At No. so. Main St., Dayton, O.
I -UUKK tor September.
V aujjlS D. A F.
the nicest la the market just received at the
New Crocury Store of ,J. K. GkUHART,
augi. - - no. its Jvaaraon at.
Notice) t Ntsa-HeaideBia. .
NOTICE i hereby given to the non-reni-eot
- wnare of kite No. 1SS7. law. iftaa eias
and aswv, on Buckeye stre. t, and 11H on Hickory
St.. in Uie oity of liayton, O., tu curb, gutter, grade
and gravel their sidewalks In from of their loll,
,. ww w-y. nuu ,H aaiurniion oi tnis no
tice. Also, the a n-resident owners of lots No.
1KNS, It,?, lore, on Union street, end No. HMSan-t
460, on Wayne streets to nil vp th.lr h ts, to ahaie
anui.anoa, caneed by itanding water, within thirty
daye horn tha exnlraUon ol thie bu1o-l jiv at..
of aounoll, thie Stlt day of August, Inae.
A. A. llUiTft.HFIKI.ll,
auIS-dAwtw oily Uerk.
Wn(ed, Hrt lias AgeoisT "
WITH a eapiul of 935 00, to engage as a
traveling agent, with one among Ihe finest,
reeiiectable business now befoi-a tha naonle. ano uu
jiar siooth, clear ofailaapeaaee, will be paid to any
one answering the above nonce, others need not
apply, run eallaiacllon guarant-ed, or the mon-v
refunded. Hundreda have been employed, and Are
universally pleased with thalrelluattona. Agante
handle hundreda of dollar., and lully control It,
which ma ee their salary amid, secure at all timaa.
Adureaa liAMkl, J. LLAHk,
(Care of Knplre Oinoe) Aiajtoa, Ohio.
augts-itd.lw .'. ....
Scntxl House a Pprry Sttttt,
No ice to Builders.
S BALKS PROPOSALS will be received at Ihe
ofiee of the Clerk of the Board of Kdacauon,
as the council cnaauer, until ise xaei nay or Au
gust last, ol 12 o'clock M., for furnishing materi
als and building aa addition to tbs &onbweei
School Huaee, sad other improvements. The
work to be dene under the direction of the Build
ing Oossniittee. Plea and speotneatioss ean be
eaen at ths Council ohamber after Monday, litth
Bidders will please make thslr propssals for
cash, or City Bonds at 7 per cent, interest.
Any further information esn he had by calling
ea eltkerof the eemmittoe.
E. LIKbSLY, . j tee.
(Joara aland Oatetleoopy.)
sixca aoara-rtaAL, j olios aai-rauui.
Commission Merchants,
Wholesale- Dealer in Fish, Cheese, liuttsr,
fiacon, Lard; Oram, flour, t lover, Iim
othy, and Flax Seeds; Dried
Fruiu, Ao., As.
ra-Ordere for Grocer las and Cincinnati Macttfae-
turad Cooda, blled at lowest ralee.
C. r. A'tae a Co, Bankers,
Blaohty,smpaon a Co
liay luauaea
4aa.aa a. eraser,
RaipaBhalaer,IryAA C Kikdskopf, bra e A Co
vviiiiaas w. Aiavia, auvea a lAte'.
saiijurr-a mAta.
Montgomery Superior Court Case No. 1210,
II. C araey,
Oarayellua Byaa and BUea Ryaa.
PURSUANT to an order of lbs Huperior
X Court or Mantgnsnery ewuaty, te BBS dtracU-4, I
will ottat at Fublie Sale, at ma door ol tha Court
Houae, ia loaatiyes la, fan, o
Hatudat, SnrrBMBan 10th, 1S39,
atla'eloekr. M.th follow! lUasrlbWlwaJealata,
Lot number BSM ea the out ef aa addltloa to th.
eity oi iiavieai.iBia out ov u. Bockal. H
. U. rkulipe,
. Ldgar and J. l. phlili;, Much, 1!
aht prvsatMNi are aooraitd at aals
sell lor two-lhlrdacf Ul amount.
UHSS-l Ml. la la K)kl at ths suit of C C.
Barua, aelaM Cor Ball UA hyaa. et. al.
Augual (, IKS. MierlS ftlontgoaiary Cm.
Tmvms. '. la-sisa, Au y. AU,S dvawAeilt
Ofi iUllitJof Mtra nice tirwairea, juat re
mU sMnatsf nnjiNi.hbl h-rf a i..
jeta-sw rw.s Hurdli.ass,
i i ft
Or- .. .....
tUt. v W v . A J
THIS heir.-the time f, r..
Inifthe SlravcMfry, 1 . s
Vouii and thrltty plants of tile
:- y ! i pit
ITor,' :.-.:ir !
MoAvoy f.npi-ri-.r.
Peabody's New lUuli.t, ,
Smith Burr Sewillinu,
Kurr's New Pine, nnd
Early VV ashington,
?n?..h.'"' "'"A llh irreal nare. U A..
RAN II l pure and unn Isetl la very Important enn-
i.leranoni and lu flea nonunion. 1h, y wlllh-a,irl
in quaulitim to suit pnroh.aara.at r...,,l,i rri,,
Wm pay particular tientlon to taking t,p arl i.aek.
Ing plant,, ao tha- they ean ho aent Bii-i-n.luiv i,rf
expre..) lo sny ,art of the tnlteo taee.
suit-, Ilaytiin.ulilo. I
Infant School.-
onan a erhuol ro. ..i, i,i.-n i-.- .,. .
als i rears of a,i Having had a long expeiail.nc
aa toauker In Infant achoel. in Hermann. wl...r. i
atitutlo a ol tins kind have i.ad a lei,ied succau..
she would hereby wileit the patrona.. ol the nub
ile le,nlre at ,Na. ski let ereei, arar ihetaML
A YOUNG marriod man, with some cspi.
tal. vel.hea a alln. Hrt- m ......
-M-rc ,i. may anK-, in lima. Uiaee re an In-
i, . .. . P"r""iars .please -addir
Uaytoa Poet (mice. , ,
uce Ilox as
Dr. d. McCarthy
WOI'LIi Inform l.ia friend nnd ilia af
fllrtcd of llavinn attS 1. i. w-...
beena successful recti! lower m M.uu...... ..... ...
gery, during the p;at ten ye.ts, lour years . I which
lime liar, been spent In Imyton, and having been 1'iot.
of Anatomy and Phjalnrogy ,a the Ihy.lo-s enlial
College of hlo lor lour i:are, and Pro,, of Nura-rv
tn the same Institution during Its laat tclum and
on that eixxiunt has wsUo It his l usiii... to keen
ixvicd on tha Medical Utera-uro ol the world, and
......... niriii,.ai journal. of fc.u-
rope aud America the w ii.larlul power ot Klectil
clty as a Therapeutic asv-nt, In almost ail forma of
diaeawt, both Medical ami Surgical, when, piled hv
such men aa lir. (iohlliy Bird, lr. Wilson I'lillllpa
M. Alatteuct, )r. ChaiMitng and others ot nnr coun
try! yet knowing that It-application t,r ihe.e gn-at
men waa Mlmllled hy thcuilvi'S In be enitui ie-l
ami nnrel.ahlei when Or. Cheuthbrlin ean to our
clly ashort time since, clumtj., lohave illMnveieil
new light con. ernlng ihe aipu,-aton of itiiotrlclly
for the cure of disease, he availed hlnuK-li ol Ihe or.
iKirtunllyol attending a course of ! -ctuic, and see
ing the application ol tltl. pow.-rfnl ag , -a tAAiajht
and practice.' by lilm, bo la now tiillv euvlacel ll.it
Mectrmty, whi n uii.1. ralood w,:n' rel-reiwa to lie
po .rille. and their n-tk,M to the vital eo,,,mv,
ae taught by in l n.m -er in, is the mu.t poiii
ntATi uttahlc. reibhit am! ur.'-.:U tiu.nl now k . ,'
I j man for the relief ol pnln and cure of dlai-aae.
P.- Wfi.ild thrrelore tnitirm an wt.,,. i,
eerrr. that in addition tha treatment heretofore)
used ly him, he la now lully prepaied to aiu,lv this
liotent agi-nUn such a manner as to relieve and cuia
jilanyo.sa-vvhiuh niedlrlnes cannot reach. Hewlil l
ulao teach Ihoae who wish to gain a kuewledaaoi '
Its applicatlna en eeeonat-le lerme. The dliuiaa '
to which It la peculiarly applicable are all forma ol
otirouic disease, each aa l ulmnnary enuaumtilinn.
bronchitis, neuralgia, rheumatlam still lolnti, snl- ,
nal weakness sud curl ati,re weAk nd' sor eves, !
ilver disruie,dyBicuila, loridd houcL., nl, s. Imm- I
tanoe, seminal tveakne-., mil ail remais diltlculilea, i
Ac. ' j.
OfTice- No. Kifth at , Dnvton. O.
I hereby certify that Hr. U. MoCarthehaa attend-
the course of Laci urea delivemt by n a In ihe
err of Oai ton. on tha aihiIIcii,.. ni s-o... ,
tha sure of dlaea.e. and lin. B.,n.HUHi i. -,f
and aaaiatad la applying It to nun.eiouaca.es, and
Is Oill) competent to administer it to such aa dosire
to avail ihemeelvee ol ta benefit.
Baylrm, Ailgtiat lath, IKW. ..t augljvlmdxw
. SOIIIKItLi:, , ,1. RTnirKBsV
iA. rof, o.
IIAVINO retaken this well-known and
AA popular Hotel, they s,re determined that Its good
reputation with the public shall nut in Ihe lea.t I
dlBilril.hod under their superintendence, but ralhcr
that It shall t increased.
The houae haa been thoroughly refitted, and every
possible convenience added to every depat I mem.
The Btr will tie lurniahed Willi nothu g but mire
Honors, and refreshing hevcrag. s.
. . . ' -.nv,rMiiDrviuisre, win w in cc scgd n l crire -Jul
hsstlats. auin.iaw
. paint ihop hi,ova.d.
C J. CHILUS Ins retnnvnd bis paint atinn
ytntn Thlver street, nearly vppoelle the Piajt
Omaey,,,. augli-lm
ehaker Yarn.
Ah'V?$ Oraadajoviiers, ntoihersar Amt.a
Had the beat Miakas sain lor si,ir hy
augll-dfew a.t Sd.l.,t doors bom Main.
Wall Paper.
WITH the Intention or doing aa axclussie.y sta
tionery business, we pfiV our -
ir LA It el. jt; STOCK OF
(for a short time) '
A lht rollowlssar rrdrtfotl prirra.
0 Sraji'vVidK tarv At
1 cents.
10 do
ll'i do
M do
ito do
an do
r.S OO , do
I.'. do
a r do
, -' do
So do
so do
so- do
luo do
' do
do 46
And any other at the mo rata.
ie Jd street, LTegg'e Bulitlng.
Sa (Idlerr, Harness & Trunk
JoBeraonat ..between Second and Third
they ever were to manufaeture ever) thing in the
adille, ilarnos, Trunk, Valise, and Carpet
oag Line,
They also have tsasa articles, of tl.a beet Quality
of alock and workmanship always on band, and loc
eele at the loweal oaeb cat
Horse Blankets, Ihiflalu Robes, Whips, Bit,
Brushee, Sc., alwaye for Bale.
t-f Having aaeured in addition to their Brat
elaas force, the eery leee of a workanaa who haa
uot yel been ajiecllad In lim w.u.d, and ohow,
work ha. taken tha premium at the "Woild'.
Fair," Uiey lovlt. gentlt-iaui who desire Ihe Hi est '
work to call sad examine .peotnen, and order work.
. Beisal practical wot Mien, eBe-as-ed in Uia bualnesa
for S wun.ber ol yaara, and bavuig the heat wivib
meo aad the ha.t slock to be baa. they detr comiw
tllAon,Bad Invite aoaipBtlBoaol woik.
Ktl'AlKINU (lv ALL KI.N'D3t
Done In the best msaner, and &t the lowest rates.
TlMV HIVite tha Oaonla frtias all .n, .. . . - 1
five loam a eall. jiS-lf
HAVE the best of Charcoal and couiin.M
Horse Shoe Iron.
BROWN a IRWI.-y-Rave
the beat of Round, Srfuate aad Flat Iiou.
Have Ihe beat of Bond, Hasp, Oval, Half Round and
Sheet lion.
Have I ha aeatef Wagon, Buggy, Sprlo- aad Cudr
Rave the bast of Norway and Breaioa Nell Roda.
Have Ihe beat Slab Steel aad al.b Iron.
Have ths beat of Round, Flat, Square and Octagon
Have the best of Plttaburgh Springe snd Axles.
Have the beet of Carriage Hub Bead, aad Tire aad
Plow Boll.
itava the beet 01 Bellows, Aaviisaad Solid Box Viae.
Manufacture aad sell stoves. Hollow 'ere, c
KeapTlaoallslBde, Sheet, Zine ood troo.
Heap Copper snd TU Bottoms, Bloek Tin sad Solder.
Keat slaplataa, fruit oan tops, and bottom.. Ae.. all
of wkluA w'U be sold to the trade at a fcsweet
C. B. rUrtaaaa, (Supervisor) 1 Bator Peter Sullivan,
va. J p. of Wasue I,. .
John Jay. J Muitoter . to., o.
ON ihe 21st day or July, A. U 1859, said
Justice leeuad sa order of atta ha eat 1 v
above aelloa for the iub jf ev.,uidctiBqu.nl laour
eat ike toad.) 8a foe k. atll g ae-H.ASt.iao
Jul Sirt, ISCHa. . r aui-sr

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