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fsx-ht - ti-
J. r. HOI.1.IHRTKH, r.rtltor.
Ai"(it'ST a, iMf.o.
or ui.txni,
for fUTKi.wit .irfxiie,
nt resesaAWAa.
roK mkmbkh of boahk or nmi.ir works,
? Mra.
PKhAPHIM MKVF.H, of Nat C...,n(y.
WILLIAM H. Mkiik, of I jetting Omit).
MPTWlrT m.ri-TiiHA,
14 Ihstrict Wn. 4. Kl.im, of Hiitnllton rotmty.
J..mi Hit r, Miiiiiilinn ceiHil v,
Jaihi H. FfMi, f 'rfHri'4niiii.
Hit H. WaI of Xhi-ll'V it. fill! V.
Kiw ri Sm f.vfi m ii, 4.f Ib'iuy roiiiii v.
N.:wTit A. Irv.tir, of Ttronciuntv
HrAif !. Cnrm n. ol V .-tie c.utty.
Chkmtkr Mutt, of Viiintll oiint y.
.loHN l. .IMW, Cltu kM(i citlitilV,
JtNH M . Mil t.m, iH M-tif4 fmnHT.
Hsmiki. P. f'twrttii, i) h ruiklin I'liiiutf .
N'it,i.iA In mn, f l'iM'..ntm,
Hi Kvi.i.Mi, nf Ahlmvl "iiritv,
n Miti.AH V. John. H-.nn Ctumtv.
Amuh l,vw., of V itilniMrt"ti -imly.
W 1 1 jut (. K KNNnX, M )A id ti thl. roi II 1 1 y .
1t, K, I "iRTrH. (i( Hllliilllll I 'llllll Y.
I'M (Ml KM 1 1. Al' ., (if llki fulirll).
l.r.'H.m A. ami, nf A-hintrtilit,
tJiumiK WiciwtKit, il Ji'll-rriiii.
3rd "
aid "
Hull "
l:nli "
lull "
lwh "
Hh '
l.NI A. I I AYXI .S.
TIm IftilK nitn wf M"litt;nifHT i-imiitj' Rr f
nl to litest hi tlw nmml t)!viffr hotiUiic rii"t
nfYPtwl TwnfiiiM in Uw wmnt- ( )i,.t,s hi t'i-
At So'
liielt -
..day, Anavr if,
p. n
in. in trirv'riii Tii"1iit-, ami o lnk
.ti ?- Wnl in iMylon.ft.r tin- ,nir,Ni ofi )ntn'
iDit Uflfnat-! (o rr'(M'iit tlinn in 'iinty lnnviiliiti.
lohp hcl.l ill the Kvw I Mm i-ili' Hull, turn in pn ii
of rrertiuii in I Hi) ion,
Knch Ti)iiMiui in wi oI'Ihim p with fonm r nl"i of
Conrn lionn will lieentitli'U to ('iKht.iuul t'lu li Wnnl in
Ihtyton to two Ji'lrRtcft.
Hy nnniutnoiisi nrfpinont of tlw fontrnl Comniitioofi
nf Prctilfl, 1intlT nl Moiit(tmrv rotintji n, . wi lt n
the nnuniniouH rtcfiirr of thr ttmoTi"y ufilif lntnct,
Hon. Ci.rmkn'T !. VALl ANiuuilAii, oiif irf"int nA nml
ftticient Hpn'N'iilHtiV4. hiu H-n ilpi lun-il tli I'i-iuo-crntic
mii'titlnir for ronjn'M". ty mvlniiintMin.
By nnliT of tin-'"ininiit''.
JONATHAN KENNEY, Chairman. W. H. GILLESPIE, Secretary.
ii in mi; its ami nino-risrr.o
You arc all Invited !
We are authorized, by the Huilding Com
mittee, to announce that the
Will be raised on Tuesday murnimj next, Au-
gut 7, i860, at 9 o'clock A. M.
It is expected to raise tho whole building'
44X00 feet, and put it under roof, un that day
The Democrat of Montgomery are invited
to be present, with their hammers, and aid our
boy in putting the Ramchk together.
There will also be a fine Hickory Pole rais
ed in front of the Ranciik.
Will be set for nil those present, near the build
ing. Come along, Democrats, there will be a "glo
rious good time."
"Irish Americans."
Don't forget the meeting to-nij:lit, at Nix
on' Hall, nt 8 o'clock.
Meetings To-Day.
Judge BaoiioTT, and others, will address the
Democracy of Washington township, at "'Tam
inany Hull," Centreville, to-night.
K. S. Williams, Kscj., and others, will
SK.ukat Mt. Pleasant, (six miles west of Day
ton, ut IlttTKll's shop,) this til'ternoon, lit
Breckinridge Meeting.
We have beeu requested to publish the pro
ceedings of a Bkli'kiniuiiok anil I.ank meet
ing, held in this city yesterday. They will bo
found in another column. We have hereto
fore expressed our opinion relative to the
formation of a I!kk kinkuxik electoral ticket
in this JState.' We had hoped that upon the
"sober, second thought," the friends of liiu.i'K
ntRtmiE would have seen, what is so plainly
visible to all, that the formation of such
ticket, can but aid in throwing the vote
Ohio for the candidate of tho Kepublicuu par
ty, Abraham Lincoln, thai rcn roe catl
far BaEc'KivRinoK in thin State, trill lit virtu
ally a half a rote far the JiejmbliraH nomi
nee. Under such circumstances, we cannot
conceive how any man, claiming to be a Dem
ocrat claiming to be opposed to the election
of Mr. Lincoln can reconcile it with his own
conscience, to favor the formation of a new
electoral ticket, and thereby aid in dividing
the conservative voto of the State, which,
we wish to carry Ohio, mutt be united. Dem
ocrat of Montgomery, is Aiiiiauam Lincoln
your second choice? Do you prefer the elec
tion of a Bectioual Republican 1'resideiil
man who has declared thut this Union cannot
stand, as it was framed by the men of the
Revolution to that of a conservative man?
Knowing your past labors to defeat sectional
ism kuowing your exertion to break down
the Republican organization heretofore,
do not believe, we eunnot Is-lieve that there
i i
a single man among you, who favors, or who
will aid, either directly or indirectly,
bringing about of such a result. If any such
there be, however, we npicut to them to con
sider the position they occupy the great
they itssumo the odium which
will attach to thum, If, when tho vole shall
counted, it is made manifest that they cos
have prevented the vote of Ohio from being
cast for Aiiuauah Lincoln. .
A we were out of the cily yesterday,
cannot slate the numlier present at the meet
ing, or who all participated in it. The pro
cdUj;s of the meeting, a published, are
only guide. We shull refer to the matter
Reading Matter for the People.
Tin- prnpvMnra nf th Havtm Fri design pith
llslima .hi'rllv a MimxT of jllK'.-l itaMimsous, fttuM.
" dislnlaitlon in Din rwiiin, at tli (WlusHli.
In ires:
4 prig d-iriimenta, per hundred...
" " " Itl'MlSlllld...
" " " hundred...,
I " " ttmu.tid..,
la" ' " hnndrd....
Ii M " " Ih'msalld...
IS " " hmidnsl....
I. " " tlli.llSHIld
..- I "
.... It Ml
.. I nr.
. ....
1 HI
Ttiea prV-e. are a rl-np a It
... It 1KI
pur. IiaI in Wa-hliifllmi. Aiikhik tlm tliwuiiHiitii
nwl) ,) f, I, nrp:
I. hoof IkniiilMiM Bimhrr Hill iul Koraton
noeiminta , I,
II. Tli riAlftirm mlopfM lit fh fnr iMrtlm
I) iimtiiih M t..i,, ll.'pnl4tithAnl 1'ninn.
in. i.nv,.iii. in. , , ri.'r. muI inir.mi: mm-
Ithil if m-n now 1'rftiitnn'nl tn ifrnrirmft hl4 Htin
Or.lrr from a iIiauukw in miUii, umI iU U-
lintiiirtli-ntlmnlM to.
i rii- inrn.iK l.in-hip chilm In Mmilipiinvr coUDlr
1- iiImi adIm iipiI ri miii hi orhn,.
The mimtty 4n nil mm mAf imvmmai thawr4tr.
County Convention.
be funnd a call for a
IV'niocrntie Cminty Convention f()r the nomi
nntinn nfrnndiilHU-i for Couutr offitet, tolx
held in thp ni-w Hull, now in procvm of erec
tion, in tin city, on Saturday, August 24,
The mil filso rrqiioata the Democrat of the
mriinm tnwnshipfi to nirct for the Miit.
Dit-nt of d-li'fn.t-fi to the Convention, at the
usiihI placen of holding election, on Salur.
ila;, Aujut 1H, W,o. We urfro upon the
DeintH-rney of the various township to attend
ihi- prinmry meelinuB, and end tip full dele-galiuiiH.
Will it be Conceded!
following card in venter ,"(.,
Dnvtnn Caxrtle. The article to wl,'wK L.
for wn firnt piililinhed, we iM'liero Ik a)tn T
Iclii ;.e, and hn Wn exi.tfn,ivelv
into the lteiiuMican MiiKTi W . ..
e shall now
4(P tvltlwI Ihoua ,r. .
nu. t, will have the manli
lU-prenentntire-. ' ''r"r- lUh," our
Mn, Dr- - c,lr'1
litiee' .sr. I am loth alway lo ee po-
. capital of any kind spoiled, but it I
no siimily to truth to say in regard to the
hook you refer lo, purporting to have been
written bv one Mudgc" Wolfe, of Virginia, in
reply to 1'Iki.i-kr that Nmr ri, Merer
' , . ...... i.... i a...
Merer "ellilrrit II 111 My vy, wimiHii
mutter in it be good, bad or indifferent; and
that anv signature to it or to any circular rc-
Inting lo it purporting to be mine, i mjurgery.
I wn applied lo lust winter to "endorse"
souin hull' dozen answers to Ileljier' book;
Imt liRvinir no tiLHtn for that kind ol literature,
in every instance peremptorily declined. It
is unnecessary, therefore, for any one in this
Ci.iiL'ressioiml Diatrut to waste tune or
on the "Wolfe Hook.
DAYTON, (O.,) July 27, 1860.
The Cooper Seminary.
I!y reference to another column, it will bo
seen that the Cooper Female Seminary wil
ominence the collegiate year next month,
Tuesilav, September 4th.
Un referring to the catalogue for 1859 CO,
we find thut the institution is in most healthy
condition, and is, as it ought to be, well patron
ized by this community, and by other places
where the character and advantage of the
school have liecome known. The following
summary of attendance for the year 1839 60,
will make an excellent showing for the "Coop
i'nllrtnnle DefMirtlnent 41
A'lnh'Milc M
I'rttniiry M .1
irr.'tcilnr 11 4
MltMiMU llelitin men! m...,'!"
lintHMtmuiu I'uiiiUiik 13
Tuul .
The "Cooper," under the charge of Rot.
ictor U Conrad, a President, nd Rev.
t'liKii. W. Conkaii, as Vice President, togeth
er with the corps of first class assistant they
have chosen, has been one of the best educa
tional institutions in the whole country. Com
ictctit gentlemen, who have examined its
working, and compared it with that of the
class schools, assure us that this is true; the
marked success of pupils practically confirms
At no former tinio has tho Cooper been so
fortunate in the entirety of its fuculty. The
President determined that he would have
corps of asaiuLunU who would ho unexception
able not only in acquirement, but in their
capacities for imparting instruction to others.
We can assure the parents and guardians
young ladies that he has at last succeeded
his purposes, and has now secured the ser
vice ol teachers who have been tested, and
are known to be just such as aro needed at the
To those residing here, we need say nothing
about the discipline of the institution, but
those who live nt a distance we will say that
pn pils who board at the institution will
under the immediate supervision of Mrs Con
rad, an estimable and intelligent lady, who
will exercise a motherly care over them ; their
moral and social, as well as intellecturul cul
ture will be seen to, and no effort will
spared to advance them in all that contributes
to true womanhood. We speak thus heartily
about the "Cooper" and the good people having
tho institution in charge, because we oan
so conscientiously, and because we have the
true interests of pupil at heart The loca
tion is too well and favorably known to de
mand a word from us ; those who are ignor
ant of the beauties of and the advantage
a sojourn in Dayton, will probably take
little interest iu education to send their daugh
ter or wards any where to school Our rea
ders will please remember that the next ses
sion will commence on Tuesday the 4th, and
we hope that the several department will
filled on the first day of the session.
)Kuibility Id
Ss-The "Young Hickory Club" heldavery
enthusiastic meeting last night, Messrs. El
liott and Cain, addressed the meeting, and
made some very happy remarks, which called
forth sounds of applause. A gentleman from
Georgia who was present announced to
meeting, through Mr. Elliott, that Douglas
would carry Georgia. The Club is increasing
B6?The editor of the Germantown Inde
pendent passed through Clyde, recently, on
return from the Editorial Convention at San
dusky "and all along shore." Here is bis
pression of the place, "on the wing :"
We stopped over at Clyde about 1 J hour,
waiting for the Sandusky train, and found
to be a village of about 600 inhabitant.
were looking around to see the "sights," when
we approached a man and intpiired of him
there was a newspaper in the village. After
staring at us a few momenta, he exclaimed
"Noosepaperl what a noosepaper I" At
moment we chanced to cast our eye around,
and discovered a large pole, and a Hag on
with the inscription, Douglas and Johnson.
We did not stop to explain, for we took it
grunted that in doing so we would be casting
our "pearl before swine."
Clyde is under the curse of Republicanism
Mr. Independent, and we fear "mum paper'"
won't sav it.
Empire Campaign Documents.
Xo. 1 of thee docniiHtntii, eotitaining the
ipeeehe of Mr. Dorot An at Hunker Hill and
Saratofra, i ow read for diitribution. It i
emliellitbed with a beautiful portrait of our
diatingnithed candidate, and the document in
ona of the bent which will be laaued during the
campaign. W e furnish it at RO cent er
hundred, or $3 50 per tliinmaml. Send on
yor order early, a wa will print an edition
ol 10,000 only.
Democratic Candidate for Congress.
We copy (he following from the la it num
ber of the Hamilton Telrgrnph :
We have the; extreme plea.mre nf placing
at the head of our column Ihi week, the
name of Hon. C. U Vallamiighm a the
Democratic candidate for (
Third Congren.ional llintriel of Ohio. The
Dcmwracy of Montgomery, Prehle and llul
lercounUe, through their aeveral DemiMTat
ic Central Committee, have doclarrd him the
nominee without the formalitv of a Convei -
linn. Ihi i done in acccwitaace with the
unauimoti winh of the Democracy. Vail wn
the unanimou choice, an) receiving the
nomination without hav'tme to milnnit to the
lormahtv of a Convent
tli high eotunalinn . which be i held hy
the Iemocracy of un, l.tri-t, and the en
tire atiafnrtou W an in ('ongreaa Iihh
given, no huv room-only to mnkethnan
nouncement wwk We know thnt it will
be receircii wjth.dcliuht hv the Il,.m,u rn, i
the Empire.]
Montgomery county in the
XI a meeting held at "Lilierly Hall," in the
city of Dayton, on the 2nd of August, lxiio,
by the National Ilewiorratic party in luvor ol
Breckinridge and Ijiuc, Daniki. Xkckli, wns
called lo the Chair; Javks Chosrt untl D. (i.
Kitcfi were appointed ice Presidents, and
Y, Hl'HiR and Ihaac Uiu.lt, Secretaries.
On motion, a committee of three were nn-
pointed to draft resolution, via: Col K. A.
Kino, 11. O. riTca and Jamkh Urohhy.
The cmnmittoe then reported the ioIIowiiik
resolution, which were unanimously ndnpted:
Uetalvea, 1 hat we most cordially ntmmvo
tho nominations for the Presidency and Vice
Presidency of the United Slntes, of John C.
Breckinridge, of Kentucky, and Joseph Lane,
of Oregon, and that we most heartily endorse
the National Democratic 1 latlorra upon
which they stand.
Kennlred, Hint wo have lull conhdence in
our Chief Magistrate, the venerable and patri
otic James Buchanan; and that it is our set
tled opinion that impartial history will record
his administration a one of the most wise
and statesmanlike since the foundation of this
The following persons wore then nominated
and apMtinted as delegates to attend tho State
Convention to uo liuld at wolumous on tnu
7lh inst:
Adam Snyder, Harvey Blancbard, Daniel
Deckel, E. A. King, C. P. Hubcr, K. Lindsly,
Win. (loudy. of Miami township, James Cros
by, of Jotferion, and Isaac Cole, of Madison,
Alternates, A Urea Hooper, Ulinlon lull,
David Craig, George Owen, Esq., Hufus King,
Christian Hcllriggle, A. E. Underwood, Ezra
Uethcrington, and D. G. Fitch.
On motion, a County Central Committee
was appointed, via: Col. E. A King, Clinton
Taft, Alfred Hooper, D. U. Fitch and E.
On motion, the Centrnl Committco have
power to appoint one person in each township
in the county as an adviaory and corieipoml
ing committee.
llesoleed, That theso proceedings ho pub
lished in the Dayton Emi'ihk, Dayton Wm hea
blatt, and also in tho National IJcmacral,
Jamkh Ciioshv, ) ... T, .,
D.O. Fitch, ' Vice Pres ts. ,
0 P. Hl'BtR, 1 geci
ISAAC t'OLK, y .
The Seven Commandments—by
take the stump, ile ha issued the following
seven commandments:
then look up your speaker they will already,
perhaps, have been engaged elsewhere lor
that very day but secure your speukur first.
ljet them nx the day.
II. Two prominent speakurs, with the local
aid at your command, are amply sullieient for
any one mnsa meeting. Let tne people under
stand these can be relied on, mid do not loud
your bills with any array of greut names only,
to disappoint your audiuima,
ill. Have your meetings, it possible, jn
doors. One indoor meeting, even if packed'
is worth half a dozen ouUloor noisy gather"
ings. The former is comparatively easy and
the latter diUicult for a speaker to control.
IV. If you must have outdoor gatherings.
then seek the grove or woods, and fail not to
erect a stand for your speakers, and cover thnt
stand with boards, and with nothing etse.
Canvas absorbs and deadens the voice, while
with nothing alaive the uppalfcr' head, his
voice will waste in the air above, and In five
cases out of six he will break down.
V. Always put down upou your platform,
whether in or out door, a piece of course car
pet to stand npon. Never cover with oil cloth
unless you expect your speaker to be lifeless
and dull.
VI. Consmne a little time a possible in
preliminaries, in marching and conntermurch-
ing, get your procession npon the grounds
with dispatch, and proceed at once with the
business of the meeting.
VIL Remember. Your sneakers, especially
the more prominent ones, having families to
support. I here time is valued, and it costs
thum mnnnv ts, (nival on railroads and stnv nt
hotels. "Thou slmlt not muzzle the moth of
the ox that treadeth out the corn,
The Great Eastern and the Sabbath.
We published, from a religous paper, a few
days ago, the reason why the Great Kastem
had been, and always must be, a luilure. it
was Sunday work. For this she stuck in
launching, her designer died, her captain was
drowned, she blew up, her stockholders sunk
their investment, and she never could make
any money. Ood had her in bund; so the pa
per sunt
The excursion to Cape May shows that the
penalty for a violuted Sabbath still pursues
her. In leaving New York some of the tack
le of the eighty-tun anchor broke, and the an
chor was not secured without great delay,
dilliculty and danger; then it was found that
the cock of a water-tank had been led open,
and 2,000 passengers, at $10 each, were put
on a short allowance of water, which was sold
at ten cents a glass. As the religous paper
observed, "People will say this was an acci
dent," but the devout mind will inquire, who
turned that cock?
The escaped water ran among the provis
ions and ruined the greater part of them, so
that the excursionists were put on short allow
ance of food. Five hundred of them were
obliged to sleep on deck, under a shower of
cinder. I he passenger neia an lnuignauon
meeting and eeiwuredthe Directors; hut they
did not get back their $10, uor did they put
the blame where it beloni: on that Sunday
work. Let passenger who recognize a First
Cause, avoid that vessel, as they would oue
that sailed on Friday, or from which a cut
had been drowned, for that Sunday work will
be sure to crop out Vtn. Jrest,
A disputch from New Orleans, Thursday,
say: "A large and enthusiastic Douglas aud
Johnson meeting is progressing tins evening.
Guns are being discharifed and rocket liied.
The Hon. Pierre Soule, the Hon Mile Taylor
and other are peakiug.
[For the Empire.]
Harrison Township.
THURSDAY EVENING, August 2, 1860.
The Democratic Club of Harmon Town
ship met pursuant to adjoin anient, at the
I'livton lew House.
After the transaction of the nrccmnry pre
liinitiai v biinie. ami the addition of many
new names to the list of incmKerM, the meet
ing was addressed by K S. illiams in En
gli-h, and in German bv II. Ktm.
T he arn-eeliea were brief end Ttointed snd
cnleiilated to do the cause much jro-sl
On motion, the Club adjourned to meet in
Miami City, on next Thursday, evening.
Let every imod cilieii of llnrrison town
ship, native and foreign born. lm with then.
Census Items.
Rim'mkstkr, N. Y. The ratio of irnin
through the citv will not increase the popula
tion more than 4 .MM, and leave it still below
:"iO,0(MI, the estimated figures, Theeain Iu the
It-rude from I M0U will be between ll),(MII) and
Ni:w Enoi.mi, Maine does not train more
than about 20,1100 iu its npuluiion since l:',(.
It is now about tiOO.onn. IN rtland, Unld'Tord,
l.cwi.Mon, Itoi kland, Liiniror and Calais have
made considerable gaim. but nearly all the
village and a vnsl muioritv of the n-rrii ulliir-
ul towns are either nt a stand still or exhibit
a decrease.
New liaiiiushiro shows a decrease in a ma-
jorityof the country towns nml a litlle increnve
in the larger phutefi. It i.i not. ls-lii ved that
the aggregate population of the Stale h:is in
creased much,- il any. sun Ic.iO.
Connecticut seems to be the onlv New Em'-
land Stalu that will show n material increase,
unless wqexiopt .Mastaclimi'lls, where the
increase will be due lo the cities. There will
be a falling off in nemo strictly iigricultiirnl
towns. Jtai'kbnin.lead, for instance, now
shows but 1,2x0, imuiu u I,fi2 I ten years ngci
a loss of 21 1. New Hartford hns'novf a pop
ulation of 2.777, u gain of 1.."h1 since iK'iil,
or per cent. The borou .'li of Wiustvud bus
Boston. Two of the wards of tbe citv, nnd
perhaps four, will show quite decided gains of
population since ls.,i, while in only one wind,
so fur as yet known, will there probably be
any decrease. Wards Klevcn and Twelve are
the wards where the increase will be the great
est. The time for tnkinir Hie census is not the
best that could be selected, lis Inrgu numbers
f tho inhabitants are now iihseul iu the. coun
try usni their usual summer tours.
I'iinnkcticct. Midi letown Citv shows a
population of over .1,100 an increase of 9110
since iM.il). 1 he town ol Middh town will nl
so show nil increase, though the new town of
Cromwell has been set oil' from it since tho
lust census.
The census of the Fourth ward iu New Ha
ven is nearly completed. Jt show.f a popula
tion of ulsmt 11, Hill. A noticeable fact is thnt
there are so few children in it the popula
tion being wadu up toa great extent, of peo
ple in business nnd single persons in hslgings.
I'lTTHiicnil A" U M'lirnns. 1 he takers re
fuse to give for publication any items concern
ing the result ol thoir htbors, but from what
we have boon ahlo to glean wo estimate that
the population nf Pittsburgh will he found to
be about lifty-livo tlinusnml, nine, thousand
more than In llOi that of Alle;;liiny thirty
livo thousand, fifteen thousand more than in
1H;10; that of the liiriiiinghnms nnd South
Pittsburg fifteen thousand, double that of tbe
last census; that of tho other boroughs eleven
thousand, and that of the incorporated suburbs,
some nine thousand mnking a total of one
bundle I nnd twenty live tho isnn L
Towxsuies in I'faxsyi vania. In the town
hips of licadiug mid l.uttimore, iu Adams
ooiinty, there are 2, Mi l inhabitants, of which
J. -10 are white males, and 1.2:. i white fe
males, ti black males, and 4 black females.
There were but 41 deaths during the year. In
tho townships there ure 2.17 farms, and the
value of the real and personal property is put
down nt two millions of dtillnrs. In Windsor
township nnd town of Hamburg, Bucks coun
ty, there ore 2,7!'.'i inhabitants, nnd 9 maim
factiirinir establishments, and 100 farms. Du
ring 1M.19 there were but 27 deaths,
Vinotxu.- The census Inkers iu Virginia
are hnving hard times in performing their du
ties, and many of them, in nil probability, w ill
not lie prepared to mako their returns bv the
time indicated in tLcir instructions. In liicli
inoud one great dillieullv is in the number of
times they have to call atone house to get the
informal-ion they need. Sometimes the hend
of the family is absent, at others too busy to
answer, nnd at. others sick, so that miles
and mile ars frequently -walked to get the
census of a single linnily. -'
Tho Xushville Jlaitner, speaking of the
declaration of Hon. (1. W. Jones, tor Douclus
and Johnson, says: G. W. Jones is probably
the most influential, and certainly one of the
most nblo Democrats in Tennessee. Ho was
His own county, Lincoln, has long been the
Democratic stronghold in Tennessee, rolling
up its tweuty-fivc hundred majority for that
A Lowell writer stales that a careful com
putation shows the stcuiii power of the Great
Kastem steamship is equal to the water pow
er that drives the Mills at Lowell. This gives
nil idea of the immense power of the steamer,
equal to that required for the works of the
great maiuifiicttu'itij; pity nf America,
Tho Americans who are engaged ill huild
ing a portion of the railroad iu Itrazil for tho
Kmtieror, aro progressintr rapidly and satisfac
torily with the work. The Emperor himself
on the 2d of June started over tho American
portion of the road to inspect it The railroad
is to extend 'Mi) miles into a culTcu district
The Hon. William B. Kinney, of New Jer
sey, our Minister at tho Court of Sardinia dur
ing General Taylor' administration, and who
has since been, nwiditig at Florence, is at work
upon a history of Italy, lbr which he has tho
most abundant aud valuable material and fa
cilities. Who is this so imunt and thia? !
Tin old AU- llmolit. I'l.l Als Uncial 1
Me' not k'iimI Inukiiiy. sail lie e.oi'l final hi
Pour Ale l.inuolii. hnii-All" LiikiIu, . .
lie amy lie .'i,U HI sililliliu mils,
Tlns Alie Lincoln, this Ami Liavehi;
He'll Is HM'cetly nmulisl l,v pcia.M-nitie tlnils, ;
I'uur Alt) l.iiH-olii, pour AIm Liai-uln.
Tho German Democracy of Lupnrte, Indi
ana, have established a paper called tho Mi
nerva, Jt presents a neat appearance, uud is
edited with spirit aud ability. It hoists the
banner ol Douglas and Johnson and tho Dcm
ocrutic State and county tickets. Long may
it wave in the support of sound Democratic
principles, policy and men.
St. Clair Ciiihk. The first number of it
newspaper ltcurintr this title, hasiust Ih'CU is
sued, it is published nt St Clair. St. Cluir
county, Michigan, and edited by Joseph 1
Averill. It goes for the Nat.oual Democratic
nominations Douglas and Johnson.
Ill Ih.IG, the Democratic vote of Pcnnsyl
yania wus 2ilO,77H, Republican 1 1 7, '.foil, and
American H2.202. Dimis any ono suppose
that ltreckiurtdge will take off enough votes
from Douglas to reduce his voto to u level
with Fremont's in lHjti? The electoral vote
of the Old Keystone Stato will be given lo
Douglas. Lincoln must get neurly all the
American vote to prevent il; and thut he can
not uo.
Patent Office Decision.
of I'utentu hajn decided that it im not
a compliance with the Ktutnlo on l ho part of
.booth co to re tune a palent been u ho the thing
claimed aa patnntabto had been neon by an
examiner ol tho otlice Homo twenty yeam be
fore. Where such knowledge existed solely n
the exHininer, the purty applying for a (witent
would have no mean a of forming ajudineut
except by an examination of the device re
ferred ta lie in, therefore, entitled to be lur
nished with kucIi information ir. regard to itH
whereabouta as will enultle him to begin hit
search fur ii with a reasonable product of
Democratic Clubs in Montgomery Co.
!rw tirtm ii,ti" l'(N a,.OrtAivrii: PiswMint J. A.
.Ionian; We IV..M.I .il. A V. Il'.frr sral W. H. t ill -
I. -i.i.-; T-i'-ier. r. H iu. I'iclo'i; Hernt)(rl., John A.
I'l.'lo'V , Ms hi,. I I'nrl rrrv: v.s'iltiye t oinni'io- B.
M. An--. llr .'. A. W s'ii-m. .Iiirtu J If. t-.icoO ions-
llinn Keiiiiv, A V. Ilol.i ami T. K. I nn-slu r. a
w.-hi..l"V nnd Hi-i.-r.liiv rtilnir, at Dmnin'mtic
Hrn.l.nif Ruiini, ,11, J-fftsun vitmciI.
"IOist fr s-HtTie Cli Vrmtnfftlr, Wtfhmq'im
TW..;i l.tli . r--. Pr.-cl.nt. M.J. H.liwr: tier
Pri'si.i il..hiin.s Mtnns.l: Ttfusin-er, -lutin Norn; is-r-hiry.
.I..hii M-slrew. i'liit. mfl vi y ultwr tiillur
sliiy a jla. if " rsiiiuiiuiv Hull." 'i-iil.ri'lle.
riiMi Wert", rtrsrrtcw.i-te firs." T'nt, M.
-'.'A 'ie--l I' Is-crs; I'r 8. tLiwIons. Prfsl.jnt;
III nif II, l.n I is 1 Ui,t; IT II. ffmi'ler, Trens
tir.s; lliu. P Wv. e.-n-liy.. Mu ntnn of meeting
ihciiIi.iikmI in pro.- Illtifs,
"..s-ira Poi iii ft i s," Vnn Iwjy, MsV Tun
II '.-,,, ''.....nA,,. i ittl. ,.rs: Pri si.h'iit, p. il. ,otr. r :
We I'rcs.il.'iit.A. K. shn.ycr; Trrrtsiirrr.-liihn Ittu-twclh
rKs'i-rtinv, J. M. 1-leviT. Unh HieetH owe ft Mis-.
Pswiw-aATie Ci.ca," itn.vimm Tliiro-AVn I iftlrrn:
Pn-si.h al, P. 11. Kit.-h; Vice Presi.tcnU Muis Mrii.iiis;
Si-i-n-i'irv, W.H. nr-!l ill,.; TrcMsiir..r, Ursi. Wi'Kiunfin.
Ki-.-ntivn rnniiiiulis., Jw-ul, Hurler, llenrire Curtis.
!. is Neil, . I. II. Mei liur, Win. J. ,11. RhM h l.ler,
rlul.uiwls i.,erv TliilM'l.-iy elrsjnua, iiltsirnslely In
P:iyt in View nml .Miiiinlt'ily.
'Y"CVU Hl' SeSY rics." f Mvoit- -Offleersr l'ri'sl
. lent. I,. L. Oill. Inn. I; ne Presi.li-itls, John Hteplmns,
in. 'I'liiicr; Tri'iisiin-r Jos. Zwisler; Hc-ri-liines,! -ein-i-nT
I,. Iliiiltimai., J. K. Ilolliiiever. Meets every i'hnrs.
.1 iv eTi'iiuiif, nlsib h pli.-es nsiutty lie urwijeitiusl Ly tho
MUii;qf, pKMis-RATir Pi is." lt.iltnn I MR' vrs; Pres.
I.I. ill. .1-. Iin M. stojus-liujili; Vi'-e PriiKiitcnts, Niirlnsn
l.ove, Krsrv is HnsHi.iur; Herri-lines, A I'. Mnr-hiill.
Will. I.eonlini.l; 'rrert.il-.-r, IiHne4 Ttiom. Meels
.a P-i.il s JImII. corner of WMne mul Uh-luiril strei'ls
en ry s.jnn-.l.i evelillnt, St o'clock.
Hon. C. L. Vallandigham
Will address the ciliz.etn of WINCHESTER
and vicinity, (Preble county,) on Wednesdry
Krcnimj, Anyuxl 8, 100, at 6 o'clock.
He will also address the citizens of NKW
PA I! IS (Preble county) nnd vicinity on
Thursday Kieniny, Auyust 9, IMOO, at 1
o t:itn;c.
He will also nddross the citizen of Ran
dolph Township, .Montgomery County, in
Union Grove, on t'riday afternoon, August
II), at 2 o'clock.
ITo will also address the Demoe-acy of
MIDI 'I.KTOWN on Monday Knenivy, All
ijust VMh, at H o'clock. Let thcro lie a full
turn out.
Will also nddre.-w the citizens of FA RMKItS
VI LLE (Montgomery county) and vicinity.
on frtturiltiy J-.ccuuoi, Annual 11, 18G0. at
J o'clock.
Judge Baggott and others,
Will address the Democracy of WusliiiiL'ton
Township, at "Tammany Hall," in Ccnlrevillu,
on Saturday evcniity, Auyust th.
Hon. C. L. Vallandigham, Judge
J. H. Baggott, and E. S. WIlliams,
Will address the Democracy nt STIUNG
TOWN', (two miles south of Kew Cnrlisln) on
Sauidaii, Any. 1, lMiill, iu the afternoon.
1'bu Kegimcutul Hand of I 'avion will be iu
Hon. C. L. Vallandigham, and
Hon. Wm. Allen,
of Van Uiiren township, at tho Van lluren
1 Idtel, on Saturday Morniny, September 1,
1HI.0, ( 111 clonk.
A large hickory polo will bo raised on the
A. V. Hofer, Esq.
(Duller Co.,) on the '.II li Inst, nt eight o'clock
P. -il.
Will also address the Germans at. MIDDLE-
TOWN, (llutlr-r Co.,) on the 10th inst., nt H
o'clock P. M.
E. S. Williams, Esq.
to be held at Mr. Curtis' House, on the
lliver Hoad, Harrison towushiii, on (Tuesday,
August IHh,) ut 7 o'clock. All aro invited to
bo present.
E. S. Williams, Esq. E. S. Williams Esq.
A ml olhers, will address the Democracy at Mt,
flcasanf, (six miles west ol Dayton, nt Ilce-
ter's shop) on Saturday afternoon, at 2 )'-
lock. A Hickory J out will be raised.
Nixon's Hall.
The Trish Americans of Davton nrercnnesL-
ed to meet at Nixon's Hall. Friday Evening,
August Ihi, at 8 o'clock P. M., for the purpose
of organizing a 'Democratic Club' to supjHirt
I louglas in tho coming campaign, lurn out
Meeting in Madriver Township.
The Deinocrals of School District Nos. 1
and 2, Madrivcr Township, will meet nt
111! NEMAN'S TAVKRN', on the Valley
Pike, at H o'clock, on Thursday ereuina, Ait
yust Hth, for the purpose of forming a Demo
cratic llui. J. A. .Ionian, A. . Holer and
ither speakers will bo present, and address
the meeting.
Pole Raising at Centreville.
The Democrats of Ccntrcvillo will raise a
polo on Saturday, Anynet Wth, at It o'clock,
Everybody is invited to bo present Good
speukurs will he on hand.
Ho! for Michigan!
Tho ltepublicans of Michigan, have become
most seriously frightened at tho prospects po
litically iu that State. The taxes levied, 1 are
been run up from $100,000 per year under
Denioerntic rule to 9200,000 per year under
Itepublican rule, of which the major part has
been stolen outright by the nHicials. The en
tire upper l'ennisula is in open rebellion at
such proceedings while the apathy manifested
by the Itepublican musses in the "lower tier"
causes them
To shnke In their shoes
As th.-v hear the crater
. Of Polaris' atone,
Ami cry whin's the mutter?
Ho! for Michigan! Bell and Everett.
Tlio Itithmoud (W) Whin Hay; "As
pmrticul men, we whould aim to achieve the
tfri'ttU t good to the cuuntry, and where thut
is not utUuiialdt', we hIiouIU turn at the Koeond
host tlmitf. v aliould Btiive to curry fur Bell
every Slute I hat wo Imvo a reusonable prog-
peet if carivinCi but whore thut cannot be uontv
we ttltuulU throw our wiii;ht in the scale of
l)oiij;Uri, U(t the nmtst nutioiiul aud leattt objeo
tionuhlo of tli o other etiiulidute. Hy thU jn-
lerchimyo of stiiiiinrt belweeu the friends of
iKmjjlus ami l!rll, Inu'olii cim easily he do
i'ct(dt nnd tin; election carried to tho House,
where the choice must lull on UcU or I'ouglua.
Jlr. 'J'had. Hyatt htui come forward with a
tdatcDicnt ndtttive to the John Brown fund.
The amount raUed in thia country in $(i,l.r)0,
which ban beeu divided among the Brown fam
ily, willi the exception of Homo tin mil Bums
tfiven to (!oppiu and other of the aiders and
uhultorH of the couttpirucy.
Ho! for Michigan! Bell and Everett. Candidates.
as. Terms of announcement Two Dollars in advance.
October Election.
lit' HkiK Hill ItH Hl'tltlUll k tltf IhllHWTraif .'IIVtailMiU
im inn. lnliUi luc iiMiniimiiou fur County Auditr. Mr.
II ! im im old nml ri-luiUi Ouiinx na, uud well UtUi-
ANrrtt)NHI"r'HIN, "n lbr ?(t Inst . hy Rev.
T. W.nfers, Mr. MiHi-on At"lerill. uf Jrtillun. Is Misa
JiiHi. A Hue Ions, 'S clisnils'mlsirBh.
New Advertisements.
Cooper Seminary,
da VTom, onto.
HfV. VrTVlfl t, mWrl T. PresMent.
KKV. K. VY. I'llNRUI, Vice Presi lelil.
illH M. I'. rALI.,l'resililit J'nin lpsl.
rplllt full Me.slnrf nt this welt known Seailrinry fur
J. Young Laitlvs, a ill uumliiulu-e un
It ntfrlfi W- Hid ptiWiV t M M hrmt-iinaM ol un mthilii.ti
(4 the l.H,iVrit irrmU. tiw f m -v ol m-mi'tlon iKfid-n
nv. mul ti.t-rncii fvt-rv Iliinif -k-ttnUo in tin lirVrnI
ml prittMti'ftl cdiKiition nf Vuiii( l.mly. It Knrully
in iiHuniiMJly rnmplct.', tuul ti t'tl'irtn or i'Xfnw lmvi
Min ri't tn mi'itniiH tit' tnt ntii4ntiM(( Inlmit nfOi
1'ininlry, tn nil lln d-)i!ltnMilii if H'I-Iti', l.ttm ntnre
inirt Art,
HW-Knr rinli(pnn nn.l Inronnnlion, ftply '
AND nil kin.l of Isomwes, Mallriisses, fn-lilonis,
lleihllnx, Ac.
Corner "f Main nml Heculul streets, over rdi x's HWs.
iih.i,,,:i M. PII.Ii.V
Prrsidonflal I'amiKiisiU 1800.
Ifl irc(mri il to furninh H KntM'-i nml nit PurtiM w?tli
iitf him i c uriM-li'H, nt ultni t nutH'iii Inw mm. Our
i .U'iiNlf liti-ilitii'M lir iiiiuii il.u-tiiritiic vntil'iV iih to otlcr
KM(MTmr iinliH 'iih'iiI'i, iu t leu mvl prict'i, (n utiy en
t:ilin-hnifii( Knt or Went. V lmft mii hiiml i!m follow
Of nil Hi, fron, flvc inchf to flrt'fn fo t Imiir, with 1 1
without iintni-M of tlm -iuhU1ii( jinnliHl on thuiii.
With nnmoH of (tt'.i nun ('ntnliildlif.
rintTUAiTHOK camiiatf:s,
Bi'ruttiAilly ntiiitfiil in C"lrn, m Puji-rnr MonKa.
aid! inii'slui; lutl in Mliort.l'vcry Hung niiiiMHi In ill?
H'llHIlag v wntiiiKii, ior
H A 1,1,1.
Ilanner tor Liberty Volea,
Fiiralslieil. nil siws. nt less thnn luilf Ilie 'nriee fur
Which I hey etui lie printed, lllltl tt:tlTiltiUl Nl'PtKIOH
I irilcrs truni u itistimee will Twelve tirompt nltelition.
All orili-rs iniisl Is' ii s-oiiipteiteil hv, (he money.
Adurciw. I-ALAN 4 '.Met, KAN,
una . ' KnituiwrCloi, i:iis-aiiuiu, Ohio.
rplIK tm.lersiirncd Is-inir iippulnteil Kxeelitel-s on the
1 csuue ill l liMl les loiters, ilec u, sr.uiii, huvili
-liiitus Hill pieseiit llieiu within si.ily duis.
.13 (I. W. KNMKLV.
NOTIf'K is hereliv Klven that tbe snlss nlier tins liern
sppi'aleil nmt qusliheit iwiiiilniitiiHtnitrix wall the
,ia Rinirxcii oil the t'siah' ol nr. (J. llriHlls'ck, lute or
MuiiUgulncry county, Ohio, rirsiM.
liuyton, Augiisl 1. Isi'sl. - auaw;iw
State Fair Xotk'C.
miirc KKiviitiVf fonnnittoo of tli?Oblo Rtnto Hnnn of
.1 An.iitluiT will rii'five impowiN nt thn I'hilliin
II muso, i'Hvtnn, until In o'clm'k on fc'nduy, the loth of
AumiNt, fr tin follow! ii if niritoM-'H:
ii-.i-Tnli'dHp tho 1'iuin llnll, and rif(ht of ftiniib
iiiK Hfl'nvihiiM'nU.
S,ytl To .'iii-i ihp Konux' Hull ftiirl to film if. Hnv
nnd Simw ftr the Stock on xli)litiou during th Kmf.
Thi (miniiti di-Mim to hnvo n lint ol iiiuihm 'if
H'iKiin.H in tin- vn-inily of Jtnvtoti milnmtti-d to th?m,
ti-nin wliich to m-lit-t r'tilrir' I'oli. i', Wnti-hnu'ti, t;iit?
KnfMrH, HuNrintndfiiui, AMMtsmt Huirimi'iidaiitu,
ol H.tllrt, Mlo.-k, An.
PropoHitioiiH to li? nddn-Ksf-it "State lintinl of Affri
oultinv, Thivlon, Ohio." Th lit ut nuniti nmv Ip
Idt will. Mr. I'.Uiibiu, at the l'hilhitf Uoune or otitic
fc'uir (JrouiidH
fliil JNO. II. KIJPrAltT.rnr.Hof'y.
To Lovers of (Jood Things.
IP you wnt your Party or Wodilinjj TulJes decurated
Of every description, that can't l excelled. Leave
your orders at M AllsllAI.L'H,
j)ls No. St J EiislThiitl sL, lwvton, O.
111 NK :ANI1I'X. Of every VRriotv, pure and frenh,
. K' Ui M.Vl.rtllAJiL'H,
j 1 No. 22.1, Kant Tliird hi., lHYtn, O.
S.MALI CAKKH. A jtnod RfwortnHMit of Hm-dl Cukes
kcjit cviifliuitlv 011 hiLiiditt MAUHHAIiL'S
j ik no. jit, i.HHt Third t., ih.umi, o.
Candies. Plumber.
Fountains, Pumps, Steam Pipe,
rpil K HiilwiT.lppr )uv junt rm-ei vwl the liiriMt nnd mowt
1 lUlnvtm- lot of artiflcM in tlm lim, evt-r hronjhl
hfi't'.Hiid iim kikhI H(o'k w ran ho found in l'iiKtitimli,
Hin 1IATI1H rw vnry Hiu;'rior, nnd htx utock of
IM'.MIH nliiiiniud fmii-v. trtit nil of the vrv xmi onuli.
itii'w art iiir lUit-nd of ;inv ihiniof the kind vtr oll-r
cd inthiNi'ily. Hi KtiliNTAlNHuividuo urcutlv tul-
uilrt'd for thi ir Myiniiielry.
I run htllii.lv Mii-huui'-H. OistilKTU nnd Miuinfiu-tairrrM
with the U-Ht ijiiality of Ut tuidKotvo l'u mm, Pij.en,
C'tinh aid for old Coj)H!r, Bras nnd FVwt-r, Jkc.
mil If No. 7.H Jetliiffoii hi., Jniton.
Sharp's IVcw IluiUin lllflc.
UKMINdTON'S OunCsne, lloenn's Inrue Oiilrnltfo.
Isiiuling PisUil mill Uerolvur, Meal's Eleven ounce
Rider's Ten Ounce Double Action or
Allen's 7 ounces, Beven Bhooting Cnrtri'lgea Loading
Kevulvei-, .
At M. PrHNKIIlElt'S, Onn Store, M at,
J)-:ilin0 Uliio lll.H k, opp. tin Park, liurtoa. O.
Head (carticrk Hp ItRifunr, 2n Int., O. V. M. 1
lArTin, (., July JiA, ltt(i. f
SI'KCIALOHDKHH, NO. . The loffttl qimhVd flee
torn of Conijmny K, (Dtiyton Light Uimnl.) nrt tiiTf
liy nolilii'd uud ri'iuurod to at-st-mlile nt thcirarinory in
th city of iMyton.on HiituntHy, An mint 4, IKiri), mul
iIimii nnd thnro, )twuu ihtshimrMof in it in, nnd :i
in, proceed lu-ctinlin to law to the elt'Hion of one I'hi
tain, one Firnt I.iunniiut, oue rWond l.ii'Uteiirtitt, out
Third LiouOmtuiliiiwl one, Kunun, to till vm-iinrifK in
mint lIiiiiH.iiny niiuKfil liy ri'ijiiiunon. Hy rouimiuid ol
Jyiulia h. A. ilAYMvSBriKa-ki Major.
MauulbL'turoni of bovt
Oak leather Belting,
UIHUIKR BKI-TINO, We Lenthernd Fire Knjrine
Hone, (uid rjuction iloxe. Vrivem low mid urderx
pitM)ittly tilled.
All our work warranted to prove fuitiHUictory.
AddrusM. 4HW NHAUP,
mh2liii.u ft 8 Walnut Hlreet, OiniHiiiuitl.
Belting. Cigars.
JUHT Rei;eivd,eliulitebraii(it.flne iniorUit Havuw
Loiij .lnhii, I,n romnelition,
Ktei.heu A. DotijiliM, Henry Cluv,
HixiKTo, Joiuiy Lind,
Im PurtiudA Mato Conehiw, lSuKleon, Plautution.
and vHhoiiM other lirnndM.
A rhoiee M of doiueitieiKnni,
tiroiiHon'M Kmc oiu nnd Vuuiiu PhnrTnlprn, l'itiea.
oImu-oo, huutl, eU(., etc. ut 111 HtNrtTKI N'H
4-iiftronil To Htore,
(ellkly MiunHtreet, o.(.,,hiU. MHiki t Hixiha.
Coal! Coal! Fire! Fire!
CI n TO J. tl. SIKiI'P, (HiKs-essor to n. F. Hhnnp.)
ff Ate'iit. I sin m-llniK ntiKtiioKlieny CsjiiI nl -joiieiua
ier Istslii'l elifMOfr Uiau ou nun get it lu UV other
ymu III Hie eity.
Viinl Hint ome on Hi went aule of III ftuinl H
sin, ls ln.eii First mul Baouul alnwia. Orilers loflat
biiouu'a Huur buav.
Coal. City.
A MFN I'ATllHT m an iinnnma' io prnTini. ior nisi
A s.s.s.i.u unrt wills ltn sins ii.i.u il.'irs.b. ,riTenl
Isi.-liis. riniiiiii ill lr. ! I" nr'in.le nuiuiisl llir prr
nle-iie of llMlroiliolsal Hie l ily of liaj-lon, sixsfsl
April . .-,.. ,. ... ... .
rri'. 1. i" M """" ' - -r -'r
Mv.m, Tht heri'Hller durum the coiil-ntwiwe hi
R.n e ofthe Mny4r UiK'liuii'ti.n in rclntioii to ilnir
nuuiuiff tit 'rte in thei itv, !' provl'd In rSi tioti 7 of
i... i tr. 1 1 if in n itn ihnt ni ihi'i '1 . i'i-d Aluil lM, IMi.il
nlidl t the duK of I he Citv M'T-lud. nnd hii Hi ( unt
o Ink u nllHMiiimN of the dog kind found rnmuno nt
lfrK HllOUI l1IIMir, PH'1 -- int-ni i- a..-, "im HI
oine "Hfi plm'e for I'eniMl not leu limit threi, nor
more llmnti-e ditv-i, U-forelhe mine nre de-.trovi'd.
Hre. it. It nhnll he lh- duty of ud Mur-h d tod. liter
M.'-ii'-eof finVdojiloitriiiitrr, if ntuli.'. of tho
owner-ihipof the min. Imt not without demnn IIhr nnd
nM-uritiK flufii mh-li owner, ii lim' of .Vtoi nl-i, itnd elo
luei.nl ndy for every ility mih h dogplnll U Imrbored
in the itoiind' . ,
hw. 3. All do(pi nnetnltnefl within Ihri-f du) nmy lw
de-lnivel or nold l.y Hie timr-dml on hi" dt -M-reDon, nnd
nil money. uriniUH froni Hiimm or wih-n, -dndl nfler piiymn;
nil eniM-iiHe ineurred meiirrMHK into etli-t the piovm
ititmof thiftrdiniice, Inm ou-i Ii red m couijM'iiHi.tion
to the eity inarnhHl for bit porvlfen.
Htte, 4. All proTiioim of any otdinnnee heretofore
(mwiwmI, emrli'ltnir w ilh the iroviuoliM ol llun oidlniiiM e,
iireherehy n-pide..
Hue. ft, Tho ordihfinee to tidte rf71el from nnd nil er
In puUiefttioir.
WM. nOMHKm.Kn.lVo-. f'ity Couneil.
Attert Aktmojiy HTri-iiitXH, City Clerk.
I'.4NW4l July 17th. IH'tu. IvlH
Real Estate Agency.
AND v -
(Jletff' Iluildlna, Thirtl Street,,
WtAt Uy and etl on eommiMion, lienl Ktnh of
nil kind, Hond, I,itnl W'nrnuil-., Not., Mi.rt-
eriKoit, Ae., imiKe eoaeetioiiM ami n'j(.liiile toini. Will
lfH-iiU Ijunl WrtiTHiitr., iusuie pi'i'iriy at ri'H.oimlle
rule in u'umI ree.poiiittle t .oinpiuiif', nml do n ffenend
iui'iK'y mul iiininiH(on IjUhiut'r! Moeluirni. unlex.)
Hiile if tuiide.
I1ARM FoKHAT.E Oli HKNT. HH m-rt-n ?ofrt inMo
from Hi-onkwlle, on the iinliiumpohH lioml, nml the
.inine(iliiuei' from Ihiylon. u'liu-reH undereniti vuhou,
wi'll lluirdu-d houne ol H ro'Uiu. woolhoiife, woi krhop,
culiar, rtuoke-houne, Htone nulk-hoiiHe, extern, .
(ifMKl nenriitKon-lmrd, :i wll" nnd f-prinir of ijond witter.
Kmrne hum, ;ihy (in feet, fi-nmeeiirrmie andi-nh hoiixe,
and a dinlle -rew ei.ier prei end mill eut lumil, w tlli
n K'"ilh'Hine lioue. AIo, Kll"d ti'imnl hoitne on the
preinixe. Thii Im in nverv re-ne-t, i ilei-intMe fttrni mid
eottveuieut lo the eity. Willi he wild mi fay puyuieulM
or tmde in part fur residence in the eity.
CHASSIS. ClaAUKK. Third ntreel.
IOKfA!,K. 14 aereH, 2 nulen from the ntvwet
Hitnilaonietwo-dtory hriek houne; new-H'ellnr. well
I'Mti-rn, An., Kood fniuie I mm, nnd oul-houm, ehoiea
fruit of everv di-wnptinn. Het iiunlilv of Intnl.
CllAH. K. CLA11KK. Kenl fNtnie Agent,
Cle'w Building, '.Ui nt.
I.HU SALK OR It K NT. A very uonvenient fi:uue
" 11oum, of ft Hooiiif. 8tnl le, Ae )M-Mted ilhui A
Ii minutex' wnlk of the eentre of ttm eity. Will U
nold on live yenr'n time or renti-d ton fpiod tenant.
CHAS. K. C1,AHKK, Third -Hreet.
T.1A It M Vtm HAI.K. 180 ni rei milea from New
V t'lixtine, Jmrk County, mid Y imli-H from Hrown'a
Sl.uion on Ihe 1. W. It. It., i:tOiirren under line eulti
vution. litKKl friune dweltuitf; frttme Utrn. ANo, a
hewe-l loi dwelling, tiood on hurd, 2 pnnM nnd a
ereekof rumiuijr wiiter thnumh the plnee. I'art lt(om
lnnd.Hnd the Imlitix-e le.-it ipnilily ofHeeond hottom.
'flu inm Hrt-mte Farm, and will lie mild W per cent
lesfi Diaii inferior huid Juw ftt dwlly sold tor in the vi
cinity. AI,0,
1 1 T are.es 1 mile went of Hidney, on a lino road. 75
wren tinder eutiivntion. Comfoi1nll frame dwHllinff
hoime oft; rooms. W'ull,eiHUTntorehnrd, &o. Irfind ol
goinl quality.
100 nerri near MmmEtilrtii'K. Kxeellcnt T.niid, nhout 80
a. renunIereuliivition. Krnine H once, lurio burn and
other out buildings, (iood t ndmrd ttu.
33 ereaon the Hlmkertowti i'ike, four miloxfrom the
ily. liandHonie two-tory frame hoitm- tl room.
Kme hunm, kuikI Imtntifc orehitni, hmoke-hoitae, prinn
hoiiHo, Jus., ac. Au excellent uimhty of laud. TV rum
5S aerea henl unality, bc ond lmttom on the River Rrmd
l mile lielow tlie eii v. Hmall frame hoiine. goiwi framo
hnrn.oreluird Ac. Will bo aold low on very eiu-v pity
ft. - CHAM. K. CI.AIiKk.
Ole'tj HuliliiiK..tl ntreot.
An eleimntrnuntry rewdenee, mile from fieminn-
town, cnmphxiiitf liHaiTef- of excellent land ill R hih
Hlrtte or eultivahon;n handsome nml eoimno.iom hrick
dwellinn;, eonlwning 111 roottm, recent) v built; lur(elank
hiirn, and nil the iieeennary outdMitldiuK; 1 iv-reit in
a vineyard m fine Unriiieondilion, IteuriuK fruit lreen
of every variety; nhruoliery, Ae. AIho, a Ix-itutiful liMh
pond on the premium, ttni byaHtreamofrutminiHut4r;
about 16 iteren timlier.' ,
This proirty i that Lately ownod nnd onmipied by
Mai. M. H. Walker and i a one of the hiuidMotuet and
niorttdetaimiJeplaisefj of the kind in the eouulv. It will
l-pK.ldtaoHtxajn,iuilon paymentH it aim the pur
eliaHer. jelu fllAH. K. CLARK K, Third nt.
An exeollent fhrm of 14 wren, 7 mile from the city,
in Miuhontownhip,.w ucrus uiuler cultivntion, bal
ancelieHtoftimlier Imronk, walnut, 8UKr, hickory,
h, Ae, GihkI two-Htory brick hoiiMi li roomn; frame
l-nrti.lanreoridiarilofitood fruit; ninnmj wnier. Koil
itlHMit iu acres best neroiid lxttom, Uilimoe uently rul
ing wheat land CH AK. K. CIJlHKK, Third mt.
40 aerea on the Hlmkerhwn Pike, V mile beyond the
Aylum; well improved and liest iimhty of land; two u
ry I'nime bonne, OrooniH, iMin-lien, wi-fl, cellar, aprinf,
with about 7 wren of fimlior. There ih u Un yard
on the premiaeH, with 40 vuU and everythinK eoinpieU.
AIo u Hue ua-opt'iiiHl Mtouorpmrry. Termn of payment
A convenient two ntnry Briek wellmtcon Jones atreet,
conuuuuiK ' rixMUM, mimmcr kiu lon, eiMtrn, well,
eellur, KUtMiiiK, c wilhdioic fnnt. TIuh proieily
will he. hold at a luirun if application Im made hood, iim
the owner wifhe to remove from the citv. Kiioiureof
j1 OIIAS. li. CIvAKKK, Tlurd nt.
Choice Lot for Sale.
VKIIY auiliilile fern lintel. Tlielot is on tl if North
Ktist eiirni-r of Sixth unit I.ihIIow 00 2-:ixlui feet,
riim'ti. a lis-iinon we)hiiliiiu-itl'orH floUl.atiil Hie pnip
erly is ollcreit in h ,nee unit lernts In suit imv one
nisliingto iHireluiMi. CUA. E CI.A It K ti,
e! Thinl Kli-eel.
Dwkr.fJiNo iiousi-.s,
OF every ileseription nml prieo. Thy folkm-hig la the
lis-ntiiill of siiinenf them:
FlltsT HTHKKT. Iivtwoen Main mulJi-lli'inaii;
HEUOM li'l'UKHT, below l'orry Tlirm line dwell
inn. 'i'HIKT. HTREKT " "
Kl r-l ll HTH KKT, lietweell Main nml T.ll.niw;
WII.KINHIN KT., " Ki.liilh mul Killh:
LUULOW 8TUKKT," firat uud WuUri
"Over th Rhino."
JUNKS B't'UKKT, betwool. Brawn and Jeffi rson;
UKKKN HTKKET, " Ji rti rMin uud Tis uiiiseh.
JACKSON ST., " r i n Ii mid V'u IUir.ii;
WAVNK STKKET, South of fifth!
BAIMIKIlH.KsT,, Nnrlhuf
CLINTON HTHKKT, nenr Tlilnl;
HKCUNI) HTHKKT, East of Welister, "
These aro ninny of them very choie jiieeea of propertr
mid hII aro otliireil low. I tuivo IsiHiiieM those alsive
eniiiiiiTHUsI, u Inrge amount of very ehenp property iu
tho auburls., for wilo nnd tllute.
(JllAS. E. CLAHKK, Rent Estnt Aent.
I8 CliKK'a JluilduiK, Third at.
VACANT LOTU in every imrt of the eitv, foranleand,
trmluehwip. JeUS Oil AS. K. CI.AIiKK, .1,1 at.
T rNIIWN nathfi "Ituun Lnek Mills," ultnntisl on Muln
JV street, neiur thoeentri' of ttle eity ot 4'ilia. '11m.
.Mill lmslour rim of mIiiiiu; iiuu-linttTy ml in eouiplete or
dur. It Iium il liii'u eity mul eouiiti v ein.lni, anil In-Iiik
lortitod mi the Ciuuil, nml near llmlroinl.s, it KHsessia
great advantages iu tliu reeeiving aud shipping ut gnun
and Hiiiir.
There i also connis-teil with the nlsive good anvr
mill, fulling mill, etuding, spinning and fsmer Iooiuh,
and a large lug yiu-il T he w hole is silpplo-d hy an atsiu.
daut power Irum tlie Canal, at the low real of -4u per
Tlie Flouring Mill will he sold anile, or Ihewliols
logi-tlier, t a low erioonndiiriti-rni Itie most rensoiui
aonalile. Jylll Oil AS. K. CI.A ItK K, M st.
FjMIU HKNT. A Hniull Cottage Hons on Third St.,
Is-tnw Wilkinson; 6 aooms, cellar, well, eistern,
wood house, aUilile, 4e An. 'I his riilierty ia fur saltt
Ma bargain, jylu CHAS. E. OLA ItKK, Tlurd at.
ACRKM 1ft mi.en North Went nf Union City, I
M from tlm H..L1...
io untitle itiuin tvl.aiin IV, uuIck n.un the thnvniK vil
lage of Hidut-ville; wi Ht-rcM under cultivn(ion and in
c.n.ps; dwi'lliiiK, out lioiiHen, Muhle, U-hHiik otvhurd,
Ac, An, Suuo cuh, or 914 unm-iu on Uiuu imy-
A aplendiit Fann of 4i;i aereM ndoinhir tit itlnve,
kiMwu a the "Hiwik Karm;' thm eoinpri4-a Uie rii-henl
ifnlyoi liiud in the county, uei.i'ly :um mi -en under cul-nwuion;!.jin-reii
No. 1 l.iiom lumhKuod Nio.k wal.-r,
ttno oit-lutrd. Ac. Umldint.' tuid It m en in (food repjur,
JVatit CH AH. K. Cl.AUKE.ad t.
Sawing, Planing1 and Moulding Mill
for Sale., .
rOCATKD inaeentnil part ofllie City; vacant ground
J nllMi'hed. Twenty-live liornti turner Knumewitli
cnliicly ui-w Uthr, I'lauer, Hhwm, Moutdiuu Mm hi he,
NhiithhK, all in gtntt nmiiiUK urdvr. The pi-iNi ly
wdl be Mold low and oil eny term on application to
, t'llAH, K. i ;,Ai;KK, Third t UayUnt.
Aeventl SoimI irnnroved KiirioN in Marke and PrelJn
ooiintitw.oluo; Ruudolpli county, Iud.,and Jjtwrene
couuiy. 111., at piicua v ithiu the reaeh of all, nuv from
ttloio .mi ier mere. Call uud rmd the dHMct tpUwim.
jyw CHAM. E. CLAitKK. ck-mx Hudduitf, :u U
nilKAP KAHM FOR fl A LK-KH) aen-a N.
j W.ti Uniiaii my, luib, tndcit from milnwl, and
i'..nueM from (be thriving villturn of Ruiireville; AO
Hcren eeMreituiid:Hiniore dea'ttuied flood tn-iiring un h-
ru, iiweuuigi vui-tAuiuintl, e. rri'-e vimhi.

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