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Amusements, &c.
Summer Garden
J OHM TRt'KHKt. haa is-rented to hi. Hon.. In Mo
rtieraontown, nnil lin, onoacd tlt.ra
where the bast nVrre.limeiit. will h found A n.w
TKM -PIN AI.I.RV will aiS.rd In visitor both ainui.
ho-nt ami healthy eieri-isa.
ln'f JOHN TRl'HHKI.i,.
Target Shooting- Match,-
On Mcmdnv, Aurtunt O, 1800,
llniim.l. There will l a nitml.-r of hmilsonie
l.ii.c. iIixii-iImii.hI lo Hi.-1 ...-I h,,(. A general illVlla
tlol, la exriMlill'il totlieciillfliaof Jiytoll lo Mirt(iMtff-
in 'lie oeea.inn.
TIIK I1WIIMICNTAL BANlHscliKntfcd fur Hie ilr.
aii&ltd '
T AWTKO. A trwd Cook. Wnher and Imner,
Tf Apply immediately at ltri, Jtifltrmm Ntreet, Third
r oemw f
WAfXTBD Any nrrnn hitvinirii Vnh Capital ol
aeven to ten hundred dollnrti, enn learn where Ii
run invent It in a good wet! e xfitMifdied, Ineruttve mid
Hdfe tHiMiioNfi hy AtllroNMifij P. O. Hox, No lulu, lhy
ton, tl. pU
To Rent.
Ktoro Rooms, on Third and Jefferson nt.
. BEdKEI..
J Mcil.iiisu on Third street, bus la-en tirwly Painted
unil l-iipi-roil, nnil in now n very desintMe HAlX. bcing
of cil-y access Mini Hell IlifllU-ij llll'l Velllll,ll,"l.
For Sale.
A DOt'MLK Medium Printing Prena, and nt-out Sv
J Ijihiic Primer and Hrevier lyjw. I he Iyhaa
Uh'ii in use iiWittwn yearn, nnd Mill riven a hritrht,
elenr imprpuHion. Tho preia in iu hhi ii no. Per
ffniiN (li'HinnK U purchase t:n tint u larm n. Apply hI
Ihe Diuly Kmpire Counting Kmiin. jylH
IMUt RAIjK. A highly remmended Mi leh I'm
itmlCiiir fnr iU KtUiitru of "Preinmiiin," Km
pi re oiH.'b, 110 Mhmi trtt, jydii
,MIl AM5. Two viilonM Kuro Knnnrt for wile
fit N in Anrtion. I Mill wll on the irtitii !, nl
countv, nliio, on Hiitnnlny, Hcpt4'inUT l, iKtm. 'j hf
proptTtv Known iu tno itwiier mnri,
t-rhiT fit nit. iliviilnl into two
i fw-rp fnift. mi'h tnwt ha 4 wn-n lr and 4i r.
tirnVior; loth tniefn tve rnnnins wnlor on them, ntiri
euhrrof them will rnultch Hflinhtful farm. One of Hi
trni'tM hns on It a sckxI lnHe un-l ham, on-hard of fruit
tree. Ai. For further imrtitruliirs, n-fcr to
jelltjyl JOHKI'H IjAMHKRT.
TMiB. IS All K A HOUSK AND LT, on Main Ht.,
F l- Hqiiareit fro in the Court House, nnd known Hf
tne Tcmpenwe House. 'J' lie houmt in well eukulnted
for uhoO'l or hoimliiiK hnu. Ut 4U inn it, H'J t'eet
rfeen. Kor inrtieuliirn inquire of
jyltl II KNUV KISSINfiKtt.
y ner ol Fourth nnd Jt'tVnmn Mtreetn, (and if wiyit
ed) with all it furniture and tlx tiireH. For tfrtim, apply
61ti,erto F. liKHHAKT, or
iftnit JoH NJIrllKVNt)Ltift.
1 and dwelltiiK houw on it, wituated in Went Honora.
Ft el ie county, Oliio, iit tmleri went of ItiiyUtn, on the
l)u v ton and "Wwtni Rilromi. The nUirehoiiw in ot
brn'-k, 4i tiy fttfeet, two ntorieM liijih, nituatt'd ilnmedi
htely on the railroad. The dwelling in near the rtor
ii frame rutin tre, rontaimnif five roonni and a nort'h. 1
will mII mid proxrty very low and on uy pnyinnt,
In iuire on the pi-emiitoit, or of
jiul . I. M. CURTIB, I-iayton,
LANU WARRANTS bought and soM.
H, - ujB11K5.L.
Flax Seed Wanted.
yU,UUU Wewill,y
Per lainhel fr innrRluuitaUe seed.
jyiKliiwinl H. HKtlKMAN S()N.
Baldwin's Excelsior Gallery,
Third street, 3 doors East of Main.
!X(!KIHtH PhotoKTOtiliM of nil wwh, either colored
4. ..r i.luin. nt. nMiinl urii'i-N. Cull and HXimiliie
aiHviinuua and loiini Ilia inoii Imfore K"inn elMiwIiore.
-m n't iiwifoTVPl-VM ivnrvtvno: fJirntttvoen and all
Jl other tviM-H known in the Vhtiloyntpfiin Art, and
til rto the paleiil eoloryd IVturea taken andjmt up in heat
RMHIOr & t;t)lim. ijiijuhmi. ""u'o'i r. ... ......
None tmt Rod Pieturex taken at Haldwin'a flnhVry,
3d Mfeei, iiuoon i.ani 01 bwiuhw' ium. jj
OO Main Street,
'uoou rii'iiiii-n. '.o on
Thv will tnitn vuii a ifoou likenew for Ten Oenta and
ni.uiirflM. 'riinfr nietiiroH are admired! all imluee
nit, and are warranted to lie aeroml to none taken in thiw
ilv Thev refiiHN-tnilly invitAtlhe puhlie toll and e-
amine their work, ami imlK f" r t he 1 1 1 aet yea. my 'i
Send your Likeness to your Krlcndi.
IlllllIT for One liollnr, on letter nhi-eta, at tha Art
llnllery mid pietura Kmine Mnnulnetory, Tlurqrit.,
en-it is" tho 1'o.tonVe. . A
fi.lrmu T. W. CRIDI.ArlD.
J)K AI.K'S COURT OK 1K ATI!. The moat
eUliomle and noU d work of Art ever minted
all Anieneiili ArlMt, i. tbe'HJourtof llenlb,' by rU-m-limmtt
lVale. Thii. (Niinlilitf cover. 31:1 .ilure feel
eiuivuaa conuiina il Life Hie Piipirea, nnd Iuim never
l-en valued nt leK Ihiui t'AH.OOO. It baa lieeu anaed
uiK.n with wluiiratnin and ileliuht by t iw of Ihouiuuida.
't he ulmlier luw iHireluiaed Ihe onintmg. ami tanned
a nulendid Cliromo Litlniraphie F.inimvmg of it, im
aeniiiiKa n rfe..t Karainule Uopyof tho oriipnal pauit
blir. with all ll Benutlflll Colon.
The4iM-or Ihe KiigrnviiiBi 1 by 31 inches, and
nriee (!,) for whu Ii it in olli red,i only one fifth lb usu
al lirii e of .uililnr work. K'O.inai Ik-idk ille.l inatenil
ot i.wxl, the u.iwl nunilnT. The home .if everv fcnuly
in the land, nliould la adorned with lliia ieture, aa bn
aideM iti. la-auly iuiiui ornament, the lesnon it teae?iea,
illuitriitiiiK the evil, of )iiteuinrani-e and War. and
end of a ood a CtiriMtinn I.ile, are Invnlual.e.
I'eiUe iuiy or the KngravinK: "1 can certify that it In
ni eiiriitewiilailininil'leoiy of the Oriifinal l'liltin.
TeHtiinoninl'i will t ntlluUir, hnvelieen weiv.nl tn.in
diliiiKiu.heil ;lerKnien in .nune of tha Knf:ravim.
Many who reeelve 11, kiiv they would not rt Willi it
len tune, iu iiihI, if they eould not inMurn another.
Clergymen and Cburi-h rtoi'ietie. mijipbed in iiiana.
tie. of not luaa tliau JO copie. at a Ulna, on vary liber
al terue..
Term, tor oneenj.y, f 1 and 4 letter atainp., or
..,..,. tors.. without Htiuiiii.. Kor a letter of aireney
Hluiniir Htieeiul Utiiih. and one eotv. 91 and u lelti-r
ytaiiilix, .ent in ntronK rolls hy return mail, with a
If l or more i. mint in a letter, gel a dft,
' or iiave the letter ri-KiHlerod. Wnla Uie Name, Tow
Uounly and Mime phinily. A'ldreaa
(i. U.t'OI.TON, No. 37 l"rk How, N. Y.
yl1dawl3 P. U. Uox KIM.
Printing Materials.
Type and Stereotype Foundry
It. ALLISON Kupt.,
Mo. ! Vine fttreet, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1,1IINT1N(I l'rtl.-WKst, Cn.es, Unlleva, Ae. "News
I n.u.l. uul.lJ,T.i. lnliH unit Pniitiiitf Material.
ol' every dem:l'iitloll. Ilran.1. and i'.turu letter,
Vitriol!, .tvlea. rtr.BBoTViau of all kind Hook.,
o,.,l u.uii,.inM InrM-tiutiM. ,nt. -I. Juba. Wood
ruu. eUe Kl..iTairtvrliio in nil ita lirat.-liea.
ORtlensburs & Oswrgo Route,
Clvsri'.ll, l.oWKf.l.. I.AWIIKNCK. NASHUA,
Navigation open to Oa-deuabnrsjh an
TH R Northera Tran.li.ratio,i To'a flrat-elaaa
Htenuiev ai-e now iimkma reirulur triia belweoallg-d.-iLtaiiali,
llaweiet, and Toledo.
Mi.,.......ij. l.v tin. nml will r.4.ivaean. anil nrotnia
ili-lni. h.aud hipH.r. can rely iiain a. low raU-a
IMHUIIM. 10 wnn i. ."- .
Kor tH.nl m-t or further nirnriiutiioii. aiily to
JOHN HIH'KINU, Wi hl.le .treet, Ho.loU.
J. MKtKIM, nil Hnawlway New lurk.
W. T. WAL.aa, Ag I., Toledo, Uluo.
Traveler's Register.
rTralnsarriyoand demrt from the Union Depot,
an f-lliwn:
CmeiNNATi, JlAYti.Tn nn Tattoi ArrlTe- ftO a.
i., lit l h. m., ft: 1A ii in.. H Wlo.m. Ueoart: 6 (Ml a.m. .
a.m., ;:: p.m., B:;i p.m.
nAKiu'KNT, I) atton and t'lwci JfWATI ArtiTe: T:W tV
m.,V.'tt p.m. Popart: 0:i a.m., 6 ; p.m.
lUrmif and MicHtoA if Arrive: ?:4T a. tn., 0:1ft p. m.
Iemrtr a nt., it v p m.
Da vtor wn Wratrrm (re !wniNAH)i.it--Arrive? 1:
9a.in., 1:m m., 4:4ft p.m. beiwrt: S:io a.m.. U:4e.
m.f p m.
( tNKRN vili.r Aro Miami (to titiAWAiHiim)-Arrive:
llfiam., ft::iftp m. I(trt: R to., I inpm,
Litti.ii Miami, Coijimhih and Xrwia Arrive:
m., W :1fta. m., ii:;Mip. ro. lepart; M M a. m., a.
in., f tft p. in.
irt.hwnoff (rolriKeanthythenirhttmin and wnt
tiy the K:'yi a. in. tram, iimxt procure their tn kftn hefore
t p. m. Thetk-ket (th. will notbe upen tor thene
Traveler's Register. Time of Closing Mails.
POST OFFICE, DAYTON, June 11, 1860.
nut ice. nuiilx will ! at Han oilk aa
Kor New Tork, Philadelphia, and New Kugltind
Htuton, daily ex.-t-pt Hunday at H:M) a.
FitrfuM-mnati, ., KiM'rn, W'tfrn, Northern and
Hnuthern HtaUa, dally eaoept Kutidayai T:30 A. m, aud
For Oolumtmn and KnneaTilln, O., dnlljr except fMin-
duv HI H:.riO A. M.
For Xenm and Yellow flprintf at BrVt r. a,
Fnr Mmmi-lir(r, Uprninnt-iwn, Frank hn, Hamilton,
En tun, o.,iMid CuiinerMVille, Ind., daily except Hunday
ft:4ft r M.
For Hprini(fteM, lTrna, Tifttn, Pnndnky, Tolto,
ricvf-hiiid.o., Kort Wayne, lnd., ami Michifitn, daily
ex'-cpt Sunday at H:lft a. m.
Vitr Richmond, Cmnhride, Oentreville, Indinnnpolia,
Ind., ami New Pari a, (., daily at tt:0n r. n.
Fur wn-envillp, (., Vnton City, Winrht'ttter, Mimiee,
nnd Jay t'oimty, Ind., daily exet'pt Sunday nt H:tft a. w.
Kor Troy, Covington, Puiua, Sidney, St. Maryn aud
rort Wiirne, nniiv exeepi sunuay at .tn a
For I'mon, Went Milum and L
Mile York, Tuewlay
itni Saturday, nt T:'Mi a
For Juliti.villp, Niw 1'lnmnn nnd Went AlexnnilriA,
Tiipwlny nml Hatiinlny, ai 7:
For r!nyton, Centre flnd
Ltiillnw, Pmtiiy of eai-h
wr-i'k. lUU I. M.
Kor lnlnvilp,TH.non ani Mnfmn.TilelMtiiy, Thilr.
ilnv ami Kutiirliiv fit 'J-2:iHi m.
Fur Vnn.liilm nml Chmitlii'n'tiiirK, at l'2:tltl M. Tura
ilitv Htnl Siitiinlnv.
t'or Titylorrtville, Wodnitiiyli nliH ftnttinltiy., tit MA
E. A. KING, P.M.
Citv Matters.
BtiT'Tlioy have a large lot of dnmson pltitni
and other extra Iruit nt ?i0. .100, J turd street.
.... mva2
B-iryThi! melon wnftona nrc WjrinniiiR to
make a dianlny on our atrccta. Tlie luxuries
are coming down Blightly.
Hfcy-Tliero was not much doing nt tho May
or's Ollice this forenoon. The vae. hnve
fallen Iwfure tho hot weather.
BriyThe 1). I G. will iileaan remonilwr
thnt their elpntion for ollii'i-rs will come off to
morrow, nt the Armory, Third street Polls
will ho own from 10 o'clock A.M. until 3
o'clock P.M.
BkLetters with the follnwing nddrexs are
detnined in the Dayton Post ollice because
the paslage is not prcpniri :
Nehoohcld s, t;o., iviimington, Del.
Llavid Ucalc, Cincinnati, 0.
B6 The Station house is vacant Tit0
bologna is drying out, and will soon 1e so
hard that vags, can't cat it Tho proprietor
cloned this morning, nnd came up town to
keep the Mayor company.
Rir3y FnANK Axdektov, one door north of
the I'.mpibk Building, Maui street, will accept
our thanks tor a liberal sample ot peaches.
Kiunil has now made arrangements to receive
all the choice fruit of the season, which he
will supply at the lowest cash ligurcs.
flrff-On reaterdav morninir we learn there
wns a muss at the Unpot with some negroes,
who seemed determined to go into the car
reserved for white folks. 1' or a little while
matters looked squally, but the "force of
numbers" had the etloct of quelling Uie dis-.
tin-banco, and tho darkies subsided into their
own enrs. .
BrS-The Regimental Band loft yesterday
evening for Wcstville. Champaign County,
and will Iurni8h the music tor a monster pic
lie in that vicinity on Saturday. This Bund
is now in demand ; half a dozen orders are
now received. OF course they will not be
able to meet their engagement with the peo-
Ele nt the Court House this week; but as they
ave lieen "blowinir" a irood deal lately, and
will give us more next week, we'll excuse 'em
8fefiIt is hot, to-day, and when we say hot,
we mean it A friend says tho mercury is
simmering at u!) in the shade! If it bo that
in the shade, what could it hnvo been on the
long nnd wcury route from our residence to
the ollice nt half noxt 1 o'clock this P.M We
don't like to think about it; and wo are pre
pared to believe almost anything told us about
the intensity of tho heat l.ook out for "sun
stroke;" or, rather, provide against tho in
tense heat of the sun's rays.
JUaSWe learn that at the meeting of those
favorable to forming a Zouuvc corps, lust
night, a majority of thoso present decided to
organiuo independent of the military compa
nies already formed, and at once commenced
a preliminary organization. They will have
another meetinif in a few evenings, when
they will complete tho work, and canvass for
rjficicnt memfierB to tho company. This is
good move, in the right direction. It should
bu independent of other military companies;
I .tf!;.nt fllft mninanr
1 fJK-UHt mem 111 M thO Company.
wo are pleased to know that the material
which this company is to be comioscd, nave so
determined. It could not succeed as second-
bddlo to othor organizations. We take this
an earnest ol too ultimate success ol the
institution, and we shall watch with interest
the progress of affairs; and render any as
sistance iu our power.
t& An old friend of ours, 8., who travels
oliout a good deal, and whose senses are al
ways alive to what is transpiring around him,
tells of a little joke which transpired
the up-train of the C. II. & D. Road, the other
An elderly chap, who hailed from Ken
tucky, was on the cars, with a box ol jewelry.
and was annoying every one with repeated
solicitations to buy. The boys there are al
ways "boys at band, and ready tor tun, now
adays determined to have some fun with the
impertinent pedlar, the boya separated, and
annoyed the fellow by calling him backward
and forwurd, and teasing him as to price and
quality of his trinkets, uutil at length he got
vcrv mad.
While giving oue of his tormentors a bit
his mind, another one ot tne party uea
piece of cord to the bow of Ins hat band ana
fastened it to the ceiling of the car. Just
this moment a chap who had been listening
to his talk snatched a breast pin ana siarteu
off with it Of course the pedlar shut the
lid to his little box, and started ott in pursuit
Of course hit hut suddenly and mysteriously
disappeared, for the string hail Hipped it off,
and when be turned in asiouisiimeiH w iooa
for it, the tile had settled down iu the seats
behind where he sat, and he could not find
The pedlar was now thorougly incensed, and
proHaed to whip any one who owned to hnv
inir taken his bat lie was from Kentucky,
and could bun anything that ever grew out
that .State I 1 hose who sat In the vicinity
annoved bv the fellow's gassing, and
did not believe him to lie a Kentuckian, or that
he really wanted to fight "If I thought you
waa aiHiilinir for a luuaa," said a Yankee
the seat in front of him, "I'd accommodate
you I"
J . .. .. .... . t e 1. . ,
"1 in a liucknyn, cnimeu in Joe i.., ami
can put you through the figures in a jiffy
"W-a-l-l, I in a Yankee I sang out a
fellow who sat opposite the pedlar, and I tbi
I can just swallow auy Kentuckian 1 ever
se'edt Come, dry up aud git eout, or 1
stiu ii blile you i"
The fellow, who was valaint u regular fire
enter before he met with foenien, now sunk
into the corner of a teat next the window,
had no more to tay during the eveuiug;
when the can stopped at the 'Burg, he got
K'fWihuvi received tli first nnmbrr of I
the Dayton Honier now Grrmn Rpptbli
can npff just ntllihed in thifl rity. It in
nrntlv nrinted. and evinces comiilerable edi
torial industry,
1 e
Ed. Empire: "Noniile" had better adv!e
the citir-ena of Dnylnn to elect oftiocri for the
roKulotion of thnir dg bun! noun, who will not
mnke midnight hiJMHin, by their drunken
nhoutfl, nnch at were pivnn on the night of the
28th of at the Lourt lioune.
Pilp A V-i I li o nl aui mm unn rt I
ov,.r mm c .j mi ..hi ,.,, .....hv -
1'""' ,w " V '7
anu mo immcnm ii-r-ui.- nii "mi"
moved (ruvo il ine npppnrnnce 01 imvniff a
in 1 1 Di uranrrprHi io(i in lengm. 11 pnHniru
ofT in a Soulh-wpst ilirrntion. Mr. .Smith, of
theS. I). 4 0 Froijjlit DpnotTeli-KniphCjnrico,
(from whom we cleriwd tda infiirinMion) it
it wns the nmsl brilliant M well M the most
thrilling nipht ho ever daw in the heaven, en
tirely etliiing in inten.e hrillianry onj elec
tric nUrai'Uon, the brilliant liynti we have
witncsned in thil meridian from time to time.
tS We learn that the freight and naasen-
per earnings of the Payton A Michigan Rail-
road. lor Jiilr, will probably be somewhat in
exceas oflhose of June, when the road earned
f:it,47H4H. The first half of the month the
business was comparatively light, but the last
two weeks largely increaHed. The mnil re-
ceipts in July will be much Inrgerthnn during
any previous month, the company having a
very favorable contract with the Government.
. - . i
(fgff Yesterday police matters were on a
rise. 1 wo inoiviilunis nnmea r rakk w khtiin
and Tuos. MotuiAN, who clnimcd to hail from
Chicago, were arrested lirat on rharge or as
sault and battery, but the prosecuting witness
not appearing against them, they were dis
chnrged. Then they got drunk and disorder
ly, aud Police IIiioaiiwki.I, was resisted by
ttiem when attempting to Brrest them. They
were brought before His Honor on the double
chnrge, aud clearly convicted. As the enscs
were aggravated, Wkhtoji was fined $H and
costs, and Mohoak fit) and costs ; pretty hea-
y work fur them. 1 hey will probably con-
lurie to "Hlnngh ntt.
Tuos. I.CM.1C, Gko. Knriok, (white,) and
Nun. Di'rkkk, (colored,) were up for drunken
ness nnd disorderly conduct on Wednesday
evening. Lock anil ivmhich were nueii n
and costs, K. paid his like a man ; but U hud
no money, and on Inn promise to leave the city
within an honr, and not show himself here
again, he wus sent adrift. Ui Rf KH waa on a
regular bender, and was endeavoring to break
things to pieces, lie wns celebrating the
Darkies 4th of July with the "largest possible
lilicrty." A pair of brass knuckle, and other
dangerous lixtures were taken Irom the our
key. and he wns lined $10 and costs. Wool
has gone up I
The Philadelphia Hullctin is highly pleased
with the present fashions for Indies. We
must not (it says) abuse Fashion indiscrimi
nately. When she takes counsel of taste we
should commend. There are so many ugly
and inconvenient freaks of the tickle goddess,
and we are so much in the habit of laughing
at her and her votaries by whom wo menu
of course, evory woman in America that we
ought to spare an article, now and then, to
praise her when she gratifies the taste of the
whole country.
First, then, the hat and feather is decuUdly
pretty, r or young girls not married women
and middle aged ladies it is the prettiest and
most tasteful thing we hnve ever seen on their
pretty heads. For all girls with passably reg
ular features and tolerable complexions it is
the very thing It ought not, however, to fall
. -w-k an i. s.t. rt al.A T..nn lorliiAll niuna 4 tin ttr An ana
V rr lunula Wll sn.J, TV in v, ll firco alio ncttici
a bold look. The idea is to droop the hat and
feather a little, so as not to lose sight ot that
modcstv, without which, a woman, young or
old, 18 leatnur ana prunella.
J he nets tor the Hair, witn tne little tassels
at the side, are very gracelul ana becoming
for the same class of girls. To thoae cominu
out, and indeed to all who have a youthful
look, they add a charm of lightness and airy-
ness such as wo have seldom seen given by
any head-dress. Urace, with the hat and
feather and net, may be the rule, and not the
The mantillas are very becoming, and the
subdued tones of the colors, the absence ot all
irlnre and flaiintinir. the different shades of
gray, the coolness and graceof the'wholc style,
ennhlo us to congratulate the ladies. 1 hey
have done that important thing this summer
tbey have mnde a hit
7e riiltet continues to post us in regard to
ladies Inshinns: Very many biik dresses arc
mode with largo plaits, aud not separated at
the wuist 1 he bodies plain and buttoned
trimmed all down tho front with Imws of rib
bon, or ornaments of giiitnpo. Sleeves white
lined with while end bordered with a little
white ruche. Thin materials arc trimmed with
a number of little flounces. These sometimes
cover the whole of the skirt, but more frequent
Iv onlv reach m to about the height ot iiiue-
teen or twenty-lour inches seven or nine is
the number more generally in vogno. The
bodies are still mtidn withbatidHand wide sash
es, tied together at the front or side. Some
tarlntnno dresses are still made with double
skirts, tho lower one trimmed with eight bouil
lones8, tho minor one with two only, and upon
a liow of ribbou a bootiet of (lowers may be
placed, f or summer balls this is a very pret
ty, simple style. They also trim tarlataiies
with flounces placed on each brcndlh nnd
crossed over like a fichu, and held together by
. nP II ,,u.nn ii iroiwlri frit...
the Fast Indies are alto very lasliioiiabla. The
most stvlish aro of grave colors, and are mark-
ed in plaids and checks. The richest styles
come in small patterns, and must be made np
plainly, without Hounces. to enable a dress lo
be Dot out these goods wasn. auinn Diaca
and white raw silk India goods are also much
in vogue.
The Campaign.
came on
n K
O(t)NTAINlN0 Correet Melainotytx I.ileiie)en
j the dttfereiUtuiiiditluteit for tlui PreNiiieiiUal t'lutir
now reaily. The hkeiieNH ot the iTetHleiit on on
and Vitie President on the other u mttt iikmIhI, bIhuU
thtmixe of a five dollur uold pieee. tiudiiiiK a betwtiUful
campaign charm or tnulrfe.
IMUerM aiiruie. ut it. ntu l.L,, I'lUlMlw nuiice, enr
neroT Maui ainl I turd ttta.. AJayUni, ), wilt meet with
promm attention,
Clufw Miini'iied on ferorntale term.
fUtinplew aeuthy nuui ua rvcept of nine three rent
Din mat ye hear the elogaMl
Tla OOIJWIjA aad hla mei
Tmm the denae pine forest of Maine,
To w lie re tlte PaeiAe water flow-
And from Uie Great Lake of the North,
Southward where orange treea grow.
TMH?(JLAH la aounded on every hilt,
And re-echoed hy every one;
And our ne it Chita Magistrate will te,
Autcriea'$ gluriuti tun.
Will bo Heady in a Few Dayt:
Cntaiuing aeleeiioua of Uie lai4 aongii of tlie Cam-
KMign, with many wrtlU
BI.IO oenla per copy; TViMnta per doietv"
f llee nliiba and other, are reoueattsl to send In their
order, early, an only l.iaiu wul 1
pnnud of the tirat
I. H. KKI.I.Y A ..
iMytoti KmpirA.
nm K nttriiinrtitiiu herit4)IVre e&iittinff tietween Holo
I inon Hookwtdter end Mnaea M.vmui-, uialer
firm iii ltwkwftiur A Marutti, l ihwdMy ditmotvMil
tv MiMtunl ooiitttHit. All liavmit- elaiina anuiitttt vud
nuiat Im. prtH'iilel to Mi awe aUiuuit ft.r aiyiiHHtt,
uilUnbUduet ienrui utimt lMpaiii him.
July SI,UMaw MOt-i MAHiL'14.
Special Notices.
jaw-- Attention Award. The memm of tha
aCSi Mimtsomnry OunH are hirr-by noUn.l In
mept at their Armory, Tna-ilay evninn, Aukii.1 Mh, In
full uniform for ll aectlon by yr. M. l,-n. My nr,br of
RonmianlAnt. aiM Jam. HAIJuH K.ii'I V, ii, h.
nS Hall'a Italiam ha received more wetnhty In
dornemeiite than any other Couh medielne hefure the
ptihlle, oompriainff ihenamea of Ptiyidrinna at id Cler
gymen, attaattniA ita iiMrtority for Ute uura of iUm
fttimtion In all ita vahima uteire. Jy:K
" " ' ""
-,,.rM.,n,.( !,,, .K,
h.inilS,.riim vrotR.r.l lo th. piiN-.,,! I!,, .tor
iif M. OIIMKH, mrnor of floronrl nnil M.in .Inut,,
Dnyion, Ohio. jrtew
Bell t& Everett State Convention
ThtuvUr.iRnnl, Htntfi Kxi.-nf jvo t'mniulttu of tin.
Con'tltutioiml Union I'urly of Ohio, in coiiiiliiiiH' Willi
tlM arlirnlly exprp.iMMl vu-wrfi of tbn uu1y In nil mrt.
of the Hlati., and In oUHjinoe to our own iom Ii Uoiim fit
lIlllV. tinrpliV nm.OfWA tti.ll n MualVinniHIlMI ..r II. a
nienila of it. n ami rv..r,.u ill i i.t,i n, iiw. v.,
rnn iroTiia, cm 7u.lnv le lw .l.iVo Muefiirf nr. for
the nurnoae of Birniiim nn Hn-toml H. ki t and rn t.rii
mirftnte ortoiniBitlon.
It I. hopr.1 tlmt the friemUof thin niovcnunt, will,.
out rrfmiM-e to im.t arty a.rocla'tonii,ai wi-ll aa tbp
fHeiMl. of the dlMtiMfruuibtHt itat4man a:td a'riot lo
whom we rroiHw- to h a cordial aupoort for the
next 1'm.idrnry and Vli' Pro.ldrm y, will attend thin
Convention, even at ran, p.ruial nar-rifli of conven-
iroi - r, nun iiwnmi in inniiigurniinK n fMiununi i'mon i-nny
in Ohio, which ahall be elt.-tiad lo check llM'tide of
tionnl atrlfe and nniuioaity now aigitatinfr tho eomilry
and threatening the aafety of our hmtihition and the
l,a..iiMHN of our ieole.
IMI.UKKT KKNNKHV, t'lmlrman.
w. i". 1'nnnAsin,
JAM KH M, iAMi:l
4. I!. I'M I l.l.l
w. v. kthh.V).
jaiiki r.. ii i,t
W. II. Wll.l.lAMl,
John (ikaiiv,
A. H. TllnHI'. Committee.
J. F. CHAai.iwwiiRTii, 8.i-y. Iy24td
JS TllF n,.w .,,. ,..(if 'an f Tra.-femna:
Am Ornament In R.rry Family.
Oiloroil or l'lalli Knirraviniri., liithoKraih. AuibrotypeH
etc., on to (iln, Mnrbleor Wood, sent fi-ec to any
oddrc., on refeipt of iri cent, or Htiiuiva, Ui i
lyltdnwml (IKO. W. I'LACK, TTfi HrondwnV, N. V.
extra in the ItHKiierreot) ( Amhrotype or
Photogmphio line lie ailyimnl and o to HKKltitllM'H
PALACKCF ART, Murket lltme. He In the only
A Hint engaged in tlii ImMinena. tn-Ul
-5T Eilj,
Steam Printing House,
The Proprietors of the Kuriat having made yery ex-
eniveadditiouit to their already tarm and varied ow-
ftortmeiil of
Ollb DmamClUttf 3oQ EmiCS,
which, with the aJ.liU.onal room aflbnlml by the
Render us better prepared tbnn ever to execute every
denerlption of
In the bast style known to tha Art.
Onr press faeilitioa are the moif extensive in ftti'ea,
j having in oKTation
()w0 f t,iem h,,,., fmnoti. Oylindera, the other one nf
Autan' lunt ivteiit,)eimlJ,ii u. hifunuxha luwninn-
borof limre.alona in a very short Uma.
Kvery kind of
Kxoeute.1 In a style en elle.1 by no offlce In the eily.
Huling and Binding done to order.
Baukora, Merchant, Manufacturers, Lawyer., Hul-
nen. Men in abort, everylmdy wiuiIiur I'mitiiig neiitly
and expailitlollnly axarutwl, will do well In give tin aeall
StirPricei as Low ai the Lowest, "tea
(jfjwtMTYfitY Dit i ft f tt A
V WS Vt Vtt' V !0
yriie Havtik Woenayai.ATr lainKbaated in the Ka
nnii.ioi. n,,r.i u. rneiliue. f,,r J,,in Priniiua
I m (luria.a, or Urrman aud KnRllah, on the
.hriut ....ilea. and moat renmuuiiHetanna.
tie tad TttOH tBidifHai" 1m mlrt
(Xrukt fefftHlHt. (t tft an clon6tir ertta. rtT.
rf.tr In tuti4, tbir Ititif(e tfc ttngiif, ('
e4aclni Nut IB eaadMafcarra f rcifeii l Hfa. ,
Ueinouiber the location
HO MulnIStrett
lid door from Market.
To the Business Men.
(Cljc Dayton tULloc.jrnlilatt
f now publi.he.1 HKM1 WKKKI.V, and att.rd. an
Iexe.'lli'lii nieoiinn in r it... i-ni-tn.
mm joii i-riiiiiiia i," .-..ii i.i.
trh.w iu Ihe Kiniare Itull.lniM. lluMaiii ''..
jyailti KAII IdKlZ.
intlN 11. NK1KOI.KI1. NOTAKY I'l'I'I.K
Iff OrtVo renlnd nna-e utnee, Mtnr K.ntij,
in. 7U. kui aiiieoi mailt, neiween w'i"
Hitvinu reetvtd the niintineiit ol ftomry rninu
in u...l L.r tl... i.iihIv .if M i tut if. till ff V. I MHO. the lllxte
I rtiirued lket thii. iH.'thtMiio inlorin Itia IrieiidH and tl
1 iiUu aratitorullL-. ilmt Itf im now irMtrt Ui do nil
I LtiMiitetw MrtHi'uuig Ut wild otti- e tlul inny be euirunlvd
j to him, eturectty, autt ou uie mMirM-w iuit-f.
AMI NOl AKV 11 lil.lt:. (Mti. e. lU-ekel HoiMum,
Jerti-rrton ntiH4. luwr Uif Comer trf Third, m
room lornierty (afa-upie! ty JutMf iinien--e. 1 wnxi-lKi-iaiLfitiii.il
iwud to drawiinr liet-AlM, MorttpureH, rm
trat-t. Hon U. aud lkfu 1'u.iem. aim, .'"
11 1 ril
riHK iMfinerahin lien-tofiire exmlmg
; l.Uvrentha
I U-rNitnied under Uie tin it of L. A H. WinvuufToa
IK lH av umuivri oy iikihiw wwhii. .niifi
im Hiiltionu-d to liae Ihe iiNine of Ihe firm tn nettling ll
laiHNae. I.KV1 Wu..AHTiiN.
July l IHoti. b. IA ai i-.u woiXAHTua.
rpHK uudeniigiMxl have Ihi day entered mt nalaor
I whip under tlie linn and name of l'llllJ.tlJH
Wotd.AHTo.N, lor the piirpone or carrying urn
Milling and ttrain Ihm ne-sn .
T. A. PaiLLiM liaitng pundiaiied live entire Hitere4tl
I.kvi Witi.4imH in th tttoU Mill Uie huaiueee
wdl ueoouhuitvda berftttfore.
i . a. I'ti ii.i.im.
ylvkdi tu wuLiarroM.
Dayton Market.
(Corrected daily by HARSHMAN & BRO., Jefferson street.)
1'here are no material chaages in the re
ports for to day.
KF.Ot'R Wholesale H.'i.nO. Retail Ust
brands O AO.
WHKAT Wio with downward tendency
HeceiptS fair.
CORN. :t"o and Bctive. , u
OATS.-i-lNe and decliiiing. '
I1AKI.KY. littfn fi.'ie, according to qunllly
1IVR l.llc and active.
MAY Old, l I per ton, new. fit pcrtun.
l''liAX-SHKl-l 10, '
(Corrected daily by HARSHMAN & BRO., Jefferson street.) GROCERIES, ETC.
& Co., No. 313, Third st.)
Sugar, firm; ndvnmed n.
('ofl'ee, lirm; atlvanced to Jc. 1
We (jnote to-dny; Cnfl'ee 15f.rJC.
Sugar firm nt H(,i'.i. '
Molasses, dull, and lc lower at UtOiyiT.
Tens XMXrt.
Cheese 7jW,H..
Tobacco 40. ' "-ft I '
Rice ftfo .'if.
I'm rij(i)!l.
Candles 1:1.
Snap ,r,.f.t;7.
While Fish ri,2.rifAn,r,0, Halves.
Mackerel 9, Oll(ii) 20,0(1 ier barrel, as to qual
ly. ,
Dried Apples oflVu per pound.
Brooms &!,2t"(re.$2,tO r dot. , .
Tallow Hfn'Hj. ...
Salt $1,7(1 per Mil.
Beans, While JlUHperbu , . ,
lluttcr 10otI2.
F.ggs KiAH,
Pepper I Of.? 11.
Aliipicc 1 IKoi 1 1,
Ituisins i,7;"if. .!00.
V iilenliii do. lljf.i 10 per lb.
Fiji low 11.
Vinegar l!W9 per gallon. 1
Lead Wi7.'
Shot I, per sack.
Starch be.
(Imnnd Hp'tces !t.ri perdoa.
Tar l,25(n .',00 per bbl.
Mutt:hes 20 per gross.
Cotton Yarns 20 per lb.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR We quote fair to choice brands
Red Wheat at ti 2jfn,4 75; fair to choice
brands Whito Wheat at $"i(.rf 50, and limey
brands White Wheat nt .r oOfo f, 75. Ko
coipta 1,! 17 . brlN.; shipment 225 brls. The
advices from New York continue favorable:
sulcs of 14,000 brls. extra round hoop Ohio at
5 25f.5 40. . , , ,
BARI.l'.i The receipts were very light to
day, being only 2!Mi bush. Prices quoted iionii
nal at 75c.; pnnio and choice suitable for seed
at HOc.
CORN The receijits were 4,003 bush, ship
ments 1,(1.10 bush, the demand is good ut
lll(Vi 41c. for ear, iu bulk: sales 3,000 bush, in
bulk, nt 40c, . The oll'crings 'of shelled are
light, for which there Is a good demand at 50c.
for White.
OATS Wo quote old in modcrato domnud
at J.U'i ,I.,c. Mosaics reported.
UYE The receipts are better, and the de
mand has fallen nil', cloning quiet ut bilfn li,'n-
for prime. There is some inquiry for choice
lots suitable for seed at h4((;iiro.
WHEAT Stiles 250 bush, prime Red at
ll.'ic; MOO do. do. do. in Covington nt !i:Uc
I II) do. do. do. from landing nt '.He, and 150
do. prime do aye. v . , , .
WHISKY The mnrVet h unchanged and
steady: sales of 700 brls' jit HiJt'. Kije., the
latter rate lor wagon.
Toledo Market.
TOLEDO, Aug. 2.
The mnrket yesterday met with quite a
jump upward in wheut with a slight advance
in corn but our country friends will need lo
use circumHn?ction or they will get caught ns
there is not the least shallow of faith among
our dealers as to the stability of the sudden
rise. A Shewd buyer refused to siiy 100c for
red wheat, delivered here in seven days at the
close yesterday.
FLOUR Sales of 100 1.1,1s ex nt $1,25.
WHEAT Sales of full 25,000 bush one
third white, red sold at $1 0I(1 02Gi I Oltc;
white sold at I ()."(" 1 OluVl Olljc at the close
holders were linn at 1 0:1 for red and 1 07 for
CORN Sales of 15,000 buali at 45f.i 45Jc;
and Hie. Last Kales ut close 45)c. Market
closed weak.
Chicago Market.
CHICAGO, Aug. 2.
Then; wns an yes
terday, nnd a good business was done, i'be
ruling prices being $1 00 for No. 1 red winter
wheat; 04c for No. 2 tin; lc for No, 1 spring;
90c (or No. 2 do; ?1 0( (or No. 2 while win
ter; and 1 Otlf'i I IW fur No. 1. Corn went oil
freelv nt 1 1 fu I2e for No. 2, and 42ijf.i. i:it- li r
No. I. i lour nus dull at u di-cline ot ilk- a-r
bbl tin-sulcs being strictly confined to the
itv trade. The receipts were KI5 brls (lour,
ngiilust !Hi2 Ihe same day hist year, and 122,-
109 bu ol grain, against lo.iu.i nil tne same
nv u IH59. The shipmehU were 2l.l,J!iH
bu grain, against 2H,591 bu the same day in
New York Market.
[By Telegraph for the Daily Empire.]
NEW YORK, Aug. 3.
FLOUR Receipts 'J.212 bbls; market
firmer ; sales lfi.000 at 0 lOfVi,.1) 20 for superior
state; 5 0"(o 5 15 superfine western; 0 20
5 35 common to medium extra western; ft oil
J)5 40 inferior to good shipping extra R. II
RYE FLOUR Steady at W MQA 20.
WHEAT Receipts 37.91(1 bu ; market
better; sulci 70,001) bu atl 221 2f for Mi'-
waukeeClub; 1 2I J011 27 for'winter red aea-
tern; 1 25(li)l 32 for while western.
RYE Ouiet at K0a.H.
HARLEY Quiet ; . . I ''.
CORN Receipts 32,925 In; murket firm ;
sales fiO.OOO bu at 62(S 62 for sound mixed
western; Cft for rtmnd yellow. '
.PORK Dull at 1,47(11,18 50 for old mesa ;
19 15c-' 19 25 for new.
WHISKY Active at 20
MBS. L. D. THOMAS, M. 1).,
rKAM'ATK of the Pinn Melieal rnitepmlty
ot the etlv of Phdiulelfihia, aiut prietiwnv h.i mn
ar Ihe imtlmcnl of dtettM of women ami ehildren.
Ample n a-rviH' gneti in Payton on ntienniii.
Bt4 i irtii'u and rrtiileiie No. IM Jen rKiii tunwt,
low iTinh. J'JmL
I r.Vt)TIW itm-tKiilnr aMenltou to jI (linaiie pia.
U wtaett of ue
And especially
)iMeitMH 1 IK-llltMll t l'Vlllul.'H.
'iinl'-e in i!ivti,--.s,rner is Find aiet Jertv-rHtai
.Uta-lM, arlltllH- alieela.
aa. It. K. will l-111 aiu-ii'tawf at luaorHeein lay,
lull. ei ylu..lay. ) Ju.l;ttiii
lK, A. KCKKHT'H eelela-al.-l Restorative Bit
I I -ra. ! -tiw- mi Iiwimn, ltr :aiil'iiut,
iK-l-ilily, ha-k II. a.U In., l..u . i-f Aes-lile, au-l .11 Oat
u.iik'asi.iu .vn.a.iu. Hilk-wins in lia, Irwia ol ItKiie.
lion, w ill. roll .tirv. li,..u. t'-r He ir ii-ms niv la. I..d
J.W. Iihuv Ii'.. I'litllit--. Hoiim-, Ih.il.-IK V. illirm Ni
a. LwiaaiOoaic Ottaa lli.Ui.'l.l, a.-wr Ceblr.-t,lie.
I JoIUImU UO) .J J)1
AHH IHIAHUH. aUtleaMoa luuul aud riul
NEW YORK, Aug. 2.
Tlie steamer Asia arrived this afternoon,
with details of foreign news of the 21st and
22d nit.
'I he Dun, pa arrived at Qiiecnstown on the
Tha bill to amend the Bankrupt and Insol
vent I.bws is the one withdrawn from Parlia
ment ny me iiiivernmetit, it will Im again
brought forward at the next session.
Ixnd f-.liliiu-ttoiic, bile (lovernor of Ilomlmv.
died on Ihe 19th nit., aged fi:t.
Advtcea b om Svnn state thai the Christiana
arc leaving (he interior for (he const, to bo
niuler the protection of European vessels.
.li.inni persons have already arrived at I "re
lates. It is said (hat Ab-del-Kader had offered hia
services lo Napoleon fortliesuppresaion of the
atrocities nt Lebanon. If the French (iov
erninetit will place at hia disposal 3,000 men,
tie engages to t.acily the mountain in every lit
tle tiimi.
Reports were current in Par a of the issue
of 200,00(1,( 00 francs in Treasury bonds, for
ine expeint.ion to nyna, winch is (o be on a
large scale.
(ien. Heicher had lieen appointed French
Envoy to Syria, and he would be followed bv a
Inrge division of troops. Two French steam
gun-Is, at. hail been dispntched.
I he .Viaoixh Oovernment Was also aliout to
send ships of war to Syrsa.
Itrent excitement prevailed anions the Mus
Aelmen, nt 1'hercxegooma, against the Chris
The Piu is eorrcspondeiil of (lie Ltindon Her
ald, iiHUcrut that England will send a regiment
to Mvrtn, and I' ranee will send 25,000 men un-
r Mt-.Mahon. 1 his was regarded as nn ex-
njfgerntion, ibiuigh there wna no doubt (hat a
strong expedition was being prejsireil by
inn, i.
(rent anxiety was felt nt Ileiroiit. respect
ing (be lain ol the Christians, who, lo die
mimlicr of 45,000, hud taken refuge in (he
South KesriKian, and wero surrounded by a
powerful iHiiiy ot jiruses.
I here is iiolhitig n( moment from Naples
and Sicily. The report of the Neapolitan na
val officers reliising lo net ngnliinl Sicily, in
confirmed. Four I'rigntes had joined in this
I he steamer hlla I anrrtn of Liverpool.
and four other frigate vessels had been seized
nt Naples.
A seuii'Olbcial Spanish journal savs, in con
sequence of outrages committed on Spanish
subjects in Venezuela, the (iovi-rtinient hud or
eered vessels of war lliilher.
Loniion, July 21. Mhssrs. riiiringt Circu
lar ri ports Corn steady, wilh Inrge arrivals ol
foreign grain. White American Wheat, 550.
5s; Red, fi:t(o 5l!s. Flour, 2H( litis. Ten qui-
t Linseed Oil stently. V ool, salcslptogrcsiiing
ut well supported prices.
IIavuk, July IW. Cotton quiet, and 11 low
er; New Orleans, tres ordinaire U If; bus H.'if.
Sales of the week, 6,5000 bales. Stock iu port,
Zoii,uou bales.
London, July 21. The 7'ohas a telegram
stating that the French force to Syria will be
X,(I00 men.
Paiiis, July 21. The French Consular re
ports from Syrin stale that the massacres
which hud taken place are the results of a con
spiracy of the Mtisselmen. The rejairt having
been spread among the Druses that European
diplomacy was nbout to drive away the Turks
from Europe, the Hrtises determined on exter
minating the christians in Syria.
LlVKiti-ooi,, July 22. The Kurnjia reached
Liverpool last night.
Cotton quiet, sales yestcrdny, H 000 bales.
Flour firm. Wheat firm nt Friday's extn me
rates, Corn quiet Provisions dull. Lard
Nkw Yoiik, Aug. 2. Circulars per (ho .lain-
report the imports ol t.olton lor (he week nl
11111,(100 hales, anil at sen (ruin the t'uited
Slates, 41,000, against 7 1,000 lodes nt the same
time last year.
ST. JOSEPH, Aug. 2.
The Express from Denver city bronchi 1
052 in dust
A destructive tornado passed over Marvs-
villc, Ktiin-as, July 30, demolishing everything
that came within its reach. 1 hree dwellings,
two business houses nnd the printing ollice
were blown down. Every building iu the
place was more or leas injured.
I ho postage rale by the I'ony express hat
been reduced to oil tier quarter ounce.
A Kcpublican meeting wns held at lluum-
bal, Mo.; last evening. Over 50 members en
rolled tlu-ir iiuines.
NEW YORK, Aug. 2.
- we can get
yacht race is, that the Julia nnd Id-bee
stuiied ut ul.out 4:30 P. M., and at 5.25, the
luliii wns hull a mile nbend.
Wind luodcrnte from thu Southeast
LEBANON, O., Aug. 2.
The Suns of Temperance nre holdinj
pic me here to-Uny. I he crowd is esdmated
ut from 10,000(0 15,000 persons.
TOLEDO, August 2.
The Republican Congressional Convention
for llio 5lh District of Ohio, assi-niblcd lu re
t i-ilnv and iioiuiuatcd Hon. Jus. M. Ashley for
re-election, bv nccbimiitioll. 1. . 11. How
aril wns iionunatetl for elector.
. The mass meeting held iu connection wilh
the Convention, was also largely attended.
attended. 2000 persons were in attendance
at the wigwam nud great crowds in the streets
unable lo nuui admittniice. Siwches we.-c
uiiulc by Jim. Slieiiniiu anil Win. Ashley.
Sherman XI. Booth, was some
time since, awaiting trial for his course iu the
(Hover rescue case, 18 mouths since, wat tnken
from his room, in the Custom House, where he
was confined, at uoou to-dnv, by ten armed men
while (he V. S. Marshal and hit deputies were
at dinner. The keeper was silenced bv threats
of violence nnd locked up in Ihe place of the
prisoner. A carriage was in reuilineaa and
tlie party proceeded with Booth lo the country.
Tho Suproiin Court this morning decide,
favor of the constitutionality and h-gnlity
of Ihe act of the legislature in reference
the erection of imbue buildings. 1 be eon
tract must laj submitted to the council This
Mel lie. the question of the erection of the
City Hull and Court House on Pennsylvania
Npiuro, comer ol tin mil anil .numci airecu.
Galveston dates to the 31st ell , stale
huge lumla-r mill at Austin was burned on the
Jillh ult. Loss ( 100,000. I he tire win sup-
nosed lo la (be work of incendiaries.
A ni-L'ro was catiiriii scuiuir ore 10 a nuuu'
nig iu (ieorgcdiwn who contcssed thai he waa
iBcited by two alajlilioiiihtt to burn the town,
NEW YORK, Aug. 2.
Thu 6'iyui jV.iW.rtt sailed for Huiupton
Roads this evening.
NEW YORK, Aug. 3.
The grand cricket match la-lwucn the Cni-
ti-tl SUkles and t aninlu, ctiminetu-et on .11011-
tlav next on the Holsiken cricket ground.
The players 011 the I'uiicd Stulea title
Sharp, lliirbain. uiiv aim niiiimer, 01
New York Club, Sadler of Kings County Club,
Milium. ui, I of liot hest.-r, Barkley ol Nebul
ainl Keiioard of C.erniantt.wu ; and Provast
and Yeriitin of Philadelphia.
The last five of Ihese are American plu;
NEW YORK, Aug. 3.
The Had betweea the yachis Julia
Rcla-cca, resulted iu the victory of Julia,
which sscd round the stoke titWa minulea
aheiul of the Rebecca.
Flora Temple's lime iu the race, yesterday,
wat 2 22J, 2 2.1, aud 2:24, the winning
three straight heats.
RALEIGH, N. C., Aug. 3.
Hlnte election cam off yet ir
The following is tho ot in this eitr tot
Oovernor Ells, Dem., 19.1; Piml, Oppotiliiwi,
a tn, niBie nenntnr llKimpson, I'cm., 17Jj
Bledsoe, Oppo., 6 61
Unoflicial retnrnt from nine nrecinot. Ii.di-
eatet (hat tho Otiposilion has carried (ha cn in.
Unch has heretofore lieen largely Dem
In Wilminglin, the returns nearlr official.
His gains 34 over Buchanan; seven precinct
..rn ,., new iiunover gives rovt
more lhan Mr. Fillmore received
I he town is not counted, hut the vote ia
The Uemocratic legislature ticket ia elect xL
ln.a Vter
41 III
official despatch represents evervtbi iff
quiet on the Texan frontier. Even rumiors a
to l orlinas or Ins men, or of roblars from la
Mexican side of the river, have ceased.
It it not thought necessary longer to ex
pose (o the diseases incident to that region at
this season, more troops than may be actually
requisite. i
the exhibition of fireworks at Fau
mount, lust evening Prof. Jackson Wat fatal!
umii oj an repulsion ot powuer.
And Business Directories.
Ohio. MtK.mil KditUMi, P
... a .'
... a fit
... h IN
... :i -h
... .1 M
M ivliitfitu M
Iiidinna. HertMitl Kditioii. Prive :i M
lllinoiN, iiiKt mil a
Mitnlrtnd, ;t ni
AltiliMuii, :i ut
t.t'urKtu, ;i m
H-.iith CHrohna , 4 i
,olltf llttlft 4 mi
i ifmiMiii a m
Kiu h of lit' nltsivn WfirUs Mill l Futind nut only n
I, Hlt I)mo1i Iv illlh-lH'"nUc to tilH Illl-lltOMt.' Una.
t)iiiiiuiinix the miuuM mid locitliuii f every ir(iriiinni
inn i nl lliixmew lhiuM in th HUI, vt ilh rtdmUf n v
-ti.'i .f the iH.iiHhtlion ct eiw-h t'itv. town fAiid VJ-
liitfe. Ainu, ,
A Full ami Complete riaRNiricatlnn.
theVftHoilM rrore(-innt nnd llmiflitfi ut Trmh itid
MiiniiliKtnrcM, with IIh tmuie of the firm lih.d-UvHily
,11 iiiiiKi-n ""'lei Pin n 1 ni iniiif llflKIIIli.
Ittt.MookN f'irwnnfd f'V until or exiiren tn nnv dl
iioii on recfMptoi orMtr. at the nt-me ntt. In- tif
nr nt- i-h:iri-!4. AM ont'Tri iiiitv t itddriMMi-d to J.
W. HAWM, hnx ft', IndciimtM.lis, Ind. iV'JHthnl
326 Third St.
AH ju.t reeeivedaftill and complete assortment of
Dawson, Warren it Hyde's
Btfl-Kvory Pen wurrnutM for Ihire win, vtllhirtHtd
1 ("nt". itndthe phvdi ue ol' ('liiiiii;iiiti lor .mother Pen at
nny tune.
I TV y n
tooksellers and
I"AYiXlN, (111 II).
Campaign Stationery!
I fheete letter litner,
ft ' Itttth Pom,
f t'oiiimen-itil Note,
A " h l.ivo Note,
II Kuvel"(es,
1 1 tMitlrt f the Ciii.ditinttwM.
.Aijfri WantclK liUrnl diwounl made.
Tuk.'u at the
jelO Whiuiiton City. D C,
mmiram iii or
Wholesale Paper Dealer
13 8 ,
Stal loners,
No. HO Main Street,
rpilKundertittiMtl tii thm dny duly appoint, d "mid
I iiiatilirii n r..iM,ii,i-uH. -, uir -lllt- in . llll -
imU Kof Inlier, Ute iM MolilifoiiierV eonmv, dc-eJM d
Imvuh. JOHN VvlM-Klil h II,
A. V. Huraa, AU y. July 31, imitkllw.l
!S lnrehy tfiven tliat an applmttitm will lie presented
to the i'ommisuuoitiirw of MontKoiiiery i-oimty, at
wir mreliiirf utt the hrU Monduy m KftUtntier next.
r a Free Turnoikw HMtd, coiiniieitrinii tU (he lHVloa
and Vt'eialern nUe nihl niitniiiK lionh nlitU tlie eouj.ty
line ttftaeeu Motittttiuerv and PreUe timiitio, lo
where the fled rotul iiiU'rtoetM tlisH eaiii(y nmd letulnt
i i riiiuiii, laving (i uitnun" m muuu loiir iiiin a.
July ;tl, l9At, .kl
rroclaiuatlou by the Major.
MAToa'i Crrm-a,
Citv er 1UVTM. JimeM. iaA. f
rHERKAH: It im imete Hiiireiil, from th Iht .
iioinkier of 1 -i nn, niiiniiiv iU terite wittiin tlie I'i
tlutt Uie diwime of hdrit4iulati la UKUaUjler of teo
mti lreitlelil.
Tlteiidtre; I, V. II. n.Laarut, Miiyorof tlie eity
I ton. do her-l oitler, and re,inre. (til fierMilui owih
ni, or hurl mntit,' noy khiihuI of the dot UiimI. uioiii.to
the mil tie (wtllun hve dny, Ooin the tlnte lie res tf, I
tiis or her yiird or h4-', for Um temi ot maty iIhym,
Ut tiiotutV the miiii in (MH-h niafiiier. am to strt'lmle tit
MtrKW-ilHliiy of sUiiiMitw. or uiUr) n"ihoK from hydi
tdiolwuutlirwiM. W. 11. OlLl.fcl'lk, Mayor.
Bite, viti or 1mi LAW- It nIimII Im lawnd ar any pi e
ton to Kill any niiuiud of Itiedoti kind, hriiihl ruiiniitf
el larire within Hid citv. within the time rKsviti,d in the
ott-l;tniHtMii ol l If Mvor tv .tl'ori'Uit: and it hull I a
Ihetllily of (he Mumhid Ui i uue nil Hih h Hlillliiild,
ruiHiiiu! at larne titininlniveniiotiof aut-h prueLaniitti a
ax itjsifveirtiil, it Iw dt-lroyesl. le'ia
("1 Ahl'KN s;KI-s. JtitrevMTwd, a ttnehitiiffre-ti
I abtt purv tail'n PM-esU, rtii-h mji tCnrly York t'U
1 , imiufu LimI and irly Wnuimevtivtl rHlaljaoe, mod
a cet I ni let 1 ol I 'nl Jml'o til, kurly Itlood lte(, kui ly
Cueu Milter, tCiiily :uiirt-ir, Ikartv i ewrot, (Hmou, L t-Ma-e,
t'elerv, fc.t'K flHiit, .t ry MiHy Pet HeKiu, M-l'
aUi, eiad utW-r ortetM ut internum tw uietittou, toiMly'
er with a vuoK-e 14 u( t luwt-r nenti of ihe veiy Uet
vartetitve. L V OOMU LL. 1
ItwyUto Atn-k.ultuml V) aitii-uae.
Ewlil. sVl at.teai trf iMMtoltkve,

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