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WmTtTlOQAN. Editor.
Release of "Political Prisoners."
. are,"
Bine the luiMn Muit nW ot
men held aa " political prisoners"' nv
Un mWmnI " honorably discharged "
and onot gln breathe the pntw ir of
heaven and enjoy the freedom of Ameri
can citiaeu. Thia groat and glorioua
reanlt. " But thertl are hundred! who yet
ara eompelled to drag through weary dayt
of confinement in the damp and alimy
cell of tha Government bastiles; men
who ware arrested without charge prefer
nxUm prisoned without trial, and are con
fine.! for thev know, not what. Must
theae thing longer continue in free Amor
ica? Will not tha President heed the
voice of the people proclaimed in thunder
tonee through the ballot-box T We ap
peal not to the arch-fiend William II
Skwaro ; he is deaf to the calls of hu
inanity ; his black heart is steeled to thi
sufferings of hia fellow-countrymen im
mured in filthy dungeons by his duspolic
orders, i Drunken with power be riots ou
the autumns' of his victims. The mute
appeals of the sufferers move hiui not
the sorrows of the bereft wife nor the tears
of children deprived of their natural pro
lector' excito no feelings of justice in his
charred and callous heart. Cold, calcula
ting villain that he is, there is nothing to
hope from him for tha unfortunate men
who ara wasting away in dismal dungeons
to gratify tha animosity of political or
personal enemies. To Abraham Lincoln
then, wa appeal for the release, or at least
fair and honorable trial of these men,
Lot them know with what crimes they are
charged, and if convicted of anything de
serving of punishment, let them suffer, to
tha full extent of the law. But in the
name of liberty, of humanity, of patriot
ism, wa appeal to yoo, let them no longer
nffor and waste away without charge, or
cause, or justification; nay wa demand
of yon in the name of tha Constitution
and kabta corput the safeguard of free
men. Ohio demands the release of the
venerable Dr. Olds not through the pet
ty despot who sits in judgment, at Colnm
bus, on the liberty of her sens, and by
whose instrumentality he was imprisoned
but she has demanded it through tli
ballol-box. She haa declared for haUat
corpus and the right of trial by jury
Mittako not, we beseech you, the import
of her action.
Ytu may yet atone and seek forgiveness
for mnch of the infamy that now weigh
you down. Throw open wide the doors
of your bastiles, and let the tortured vie
time of malice and despotism come forth
to the light of liberty and day, Restore
them to freedom and their homes, and d
riug tha remainder of your short career
desDOtism hide its head, aud justice, law,
freedom of speech aud of tha press pre
vail. ' ' ' ' "
"The Situation."
been outflanked in its mob law chargei,
again, " changes its base of operations"
and opena fire. Ueuult " nobody hurt."
In ita issne of thi morning it doe
even attempt to rlear itxolf of the charges
of giving " aid and comfort to mob law."
The fact is, its record on that point is
clear and emphatio to be argued away
even tha moat subtle sophistry ; hence
changes tact, and make a very foolish
imbecile attempt to convict ua of
charge) which wo have preferred agaiuat
it encouraging and fostering a spirit
mob law. To this end it publtahea
Irom our editorials. Tha- very
ti acts which it produce disprove
chargea which it attempt to etaqjn,
The writer' brain tnuet have been befogged
or he certainly would have discovered
Tha extract which the Journal repro
duces, and to which it attaches the
importance, judging from th profusion
of " small caps " used, is taken from
editorial iu tha EstPtaa warning lite lead
er of the Abolition party in thia comma-1
nity against the evil that would accrue
them if fhey succeed in their effort
have Democrat mobbed for opinions'
take..,, Wa only regret that th Journal
did not publish th article emir ; St
much wholesome advice which
commend to the careful , attention of
Abolition party. Wa hope it will
and oopkuly from our editorials
mob law. It may reat assured w do
desiia to retract one word or sentiment
contained therein; ' AVe deaira tha Jour
sWl to ventilate our record on thi quea
' tion, thorougly. Our file are at it
for the porpoew. Wa shall take
casion to lay before our reader! tha Jour- j
not' l record on mob law fof the paat two
... .
years; also, tba record , oi . soma oi me
leading papers," and oafrs;of t' Aboli
tion party, and let th people 'judga1 for
themselves. V r W y y C: '
Wa will have no trouble in oXmvleting
tha Abolition party of open and expressed
anuria to incite mobs, and have Democrats
assassinated, Th New York Tribunt,
before tha session of tha last Locgreta, de
clared that if Br Vooq, a member, of ,
the House from "that ifiV,' and1 who has
been triumphantly re-electej, attempted to
open his mouth in tha balls of Con
gress, the steps of the Capitol trould bt
erimtoned tM kU Hood." And Caisius
Clat, in a speech made at Brooklyn,
New York, a few days before the election,
used the following language :
"So far from finding fault with Abraham
Lincoln, he rather found fault with him that
ha bad not suspended tbe Aniens corput, not
by a dash of tha pen, but by ropes around tk
Herts of uemocrai i
But we have neither time nor space to
pursue the subject further to-day. Here
after we will present the matter in a more
forcible light.' '' ' -1 '
"Honorably Discharged."
Mr. D. A. Mahomy, editor of the Dub
uque Herald, who was arested as a politi
cal prisoner several weeks ago and incar
cerated in the Government bastile in Wash-
ngton, has been "honorably discharged"
without any knowledge of the charges
prcfered against him. On his return home
last Saturday evening he waa welcomed
with a brilliant ovation, and in response to
a welcome, address, said :
I cannot be insensible to your generous and
heart reception I could only wish that for
vou some portion of your constitutional rights
mixbt be saved Acts which we Diuaned to
hear spoken or in despotto lands line Austria
and Russia, now pass uncensured in the land
of Washington. It is a land of spies, of de
tectives, of informers. I he mere commit
ment of a federal deteotive outweigh the
decision of the highest tribunal in the land,
lor a police othcer can, by a aasn oi tne pen,
immure a man in a dungeon, and the Supreme
Court is powerless to effect his release.
ion know but little of what is going on at
Washington of tha terrible tyranny which
tier oi ted there. l may take ocoaeion Iff e-
alter, when I am less indisposed, to acquaint
you with it.
I no not yet know lor what crime I was ar
rested. 1 do not yet know who were my ac
cesers. I have never had a trial I have
never been informed ol tha charges against
me. I was told by tba Uommandaut on the
13th of November that I waa free. Be told
me that not a single person connected with
tbe Administration (rom the President down
was willing to lake tha responsibility of our
: A Louisville dispatch of the 17th inat.,
to the C'inciunati Commtrcial says :
"A loyal Tennessee reg intent formed a por
tion of Parson Brownlow a eongregatiou on
Sunday. Addressing himself, in his sermon,
to them, he advised them to obey their officer
until they arrived ia East - Tennessee, after
which Ihey shall exercise their own taste
settling old scores with tha rebels in that sec
Such is the recommendation of a renegade
whom Abolitionists have feasted, caressed aud
sent through the land as a Christian minister
and a patriot lie now on the sabbath coun-1
tels Union soldiers to disobey theur olHoers
lor the sake of glutting any private revenge
tae; may nave. minuman
If. that is Christianity, ' may., heaven
save us from the contamination.
tracts ex
wa forever.
- ' . I
r. r i'L- vi V.-U
.a. ... ,u. ,.w .ur.
World in the following wa presume speaks
authority: '
' "Mr Sevmonr as Gevoruor of th 8tate
New York most assuredly can prevent th
..f-iiooini. ni ih. IUrho N YorU.lno
tbe refuge aud hope of freedom, to the purpo
ses of reckless and 1rbo'niible'pdter
day of Utter d cachet, dated at the War
partment in Washington, and meting to
stroy the guarantees of personal libentj in
imperial commonweattn win eno upon
morning of bis advent lo power, Me
come into office pledged rd eopport (hslan-
stilution and tbe lawa, and ne will redeem
pledge. His history and hi oath will aot
falsified hV hia coarse, in the eaetunv (chakr
--nor w ill there arise any conflict between
authorities of the 8late and those of the
lion unless such a conflict shall ba provoked
usurper of power
bv soma ladle brained u
yond the limit of New York. Should such
crisis arise, the lawful Governor of New
will know hew to settle i in . fasbtoa which
twill avert all oontrovarsy oa lbs point at
land forever." . ...... ....
Mr Beymoarwill then pVactlcilly ba oh
same platform with Gov. Oldea of New
While doing all he can to aid the
ernment la its atforts to maintain its su
acy, ha has retolaMly Be hi fa against
arreat , And while New Jersey
long einoe furnished the government her
quota of troops, no citizen of that State is
day imprisoned vitnosi anoariug wneraior.
tain w
often on
yie oc-
aiaTSeveral large Demoeratia aseetinr,
In Ohio, since the election, and a Dumlief
. n 1 ,
mnnenuai iemooraiic papers, oava nomioauaii
Hon. C. L. Vallandingbam as the Democratic
candidate for Governor DM, year. Tba
of no msn would meet' a heartier
. ne from the masses ,of th Democracy
(I. . thai of Ma T. W believe be would
triumphantly elected. 1 Hi election to the
et Uoveraoe of tha great State of
would be a fitting rebuke to tha Abolitionists
w ho have bee a endeavoring lo hound bim
by heaping upon him aim all manner of
aad libelling aad persecuting bim Richmond,
(lnd)Jtfronia. 1
X, .. I. .nil i nl i f i i' i J!j
CastmiatA. Mrl'johd'Thbmen"
oa the bib of Ootoboe, ta Pleasant tswashlp,
Fairfield county. Ohio, Med on hundred'
years, two mouths end twentv-toaa dav...Ha
was a native of Wittenberg, Swiwerleudv,
cam toamanca tu i"u,
.I i , i. , . i i i .
Clement L. Vallandigham.
Upon no tnan'e head, North, South, East
or West, baa fallen more filthy abase than
that of Clem"! L. Vallandighbsrw, ". Every
abolition tbief e heed baa wagiied at bint,
and every Abolition tongue has rev iled bim.
Tba floodgate! of faJeehaod have been opened
apon bin, and Oewan of villification bare
been poured Hpo6 him. Wa fail to racollecl
tingle instanea where any nian,v public
or private, ha received the mountains of
detraction and abase that ha has. ITis eae
tea bare literally piled neon kirn "Onam
upon filton" ' No charge Wat 106 ' base for
sbait'?MiaV'nd Bene -ne shewed - for
thesa to make. With a fiendish malignity,
unparalleled in civilized annals, tbe Aboli
tionists have lied upon bim, at bim, and
at atntt htm, antil the father of lies, himself.
no doubt, made tbe vaults of hell echo with
their proa. .
at one time they swore thai he had tornsd
his aged mother out of bouse and home, and
forced ber to seek relief in a county poor
Donsa ai another tne Administration tele'
graph flashed the new from Maine to Califor-
n, that he ' bad 'made a violent secession
speech In Congress, but took good caro to
never repeat a jyllable of St.-- To-day, he whs
reported to be in Richmond, Virginia, cor fab
ing with rebel authorities, and to-morrow
somebody would swear be was in Kentucky
making speeches In behalf of Secession. In
fact, according to his enemies, nothing was
too saeaa for hiss to do, nothing mean he had
not don, and be was here, there, and every
where, playing tbe devil generally aud doing
treason particularly.
In point of fact, however, Mr. Vollanditr-
ham ia Dot tha base ingrate his enemies rep
resented. He was never in Kichniand con
fabing with Jeff Davis, nor in Kentucky making
secession speeches, nor . anywhere else save
where he had a perfect right to be ; and niore,
he is not ubiquitous, and was never in but
on plaoe at a lima. .
tienerally when Congress was in somen in
Washington, he was in the proper place de
fending the rights of the people against the
encroachments of a growing tvranov. Hero
he waa quick to detect the corruptions of Ab
olitionism, and maauested a heroic boldness
ia his onslaughts upon it When other men
good true men bad quailed before the
iron grates with which Abraham Lincoln, the
despot, threatened them, Clement U Yal
Iandirhara stood forth boldly and heroically as
the champion of the people, and cast defiance
iato the ' very teeth of the A ministration.
Threats and intimidation fell harmless at his
feet Before him, power, sullen and brow.
beaten, slook away, and in caucut aonght lo
do taat or gerrymandering, what rones and
and bast ties had railed to perform.
! Notwithstanding the result of the late elee
tion, Clement L. Vallandigham looms up the
true conqueror. Endorsed in his old District
by a majority or seven hundred votes, his
waa a true victory. ' While the machinations
of evil men ran keep bim out of Congress,
no power on eartn can keep turn out or the
hearts of the" people. To-day he Is a tower
of strength, ' and more men shout over his
name than over any other. " 1
Let Uhto ohertsh her valiant son: Let her
Democracy aee to it that he fares well at their
bands. His eloquence, bis heroism, his love
of liberty aud pure patriotism deserve the
patriot's praise and the' peoples rewnrd
franklin ( Jnf.) Herald. , '
Political Preaching Cured.
Tbe Hartford Timet relates th. following t
A Congregational Church, in a neighbor-
iag State, got so completely enlisted inoue of
the presidential contests that little attention
was given to religious questions. The minis
ter was constantly preaching, praying nnd ex-
nortiug upon political issues, and his deacons
and laymen followed suit at the praver and
conference meetings Finally, a worthy old
farmer. One or the staunchest and best uiem
birs or tbe church, and a firm, underiating
democrat, was called upon to otter a prayer:
"Oh, Lord," said he, "uphold the democratic
I party, which haa received thy support ever
since the great Jottersontan struggle. ' Uontin
ne to bless that party which has, under thy
protection and providenees, brought great
blessings upon' this republic. If it be thy
pleasure, and I believe it win be, oh carry that
nartvthmnirh this strucule to a comolete tri
umph.'. Oh. bless tbe opponents of democracy
I ... i , . .. . . . J . .i r .:
I l5"oiiao T, qui u lien v ut.airuT inpir innaiicai
U,ri,-M -,. if Ilk. Ih;il in Hh
by M eri. hellsve it is. Be on the side
1 Democracy, O Lord, as thou hast been, nnd
of their peaoefnl pursuits, instead of warring
1 "' 'T. "" against brother. And oh,
lt)aeeen tne iestieciaiiy to tree tne i;nns-
1' Churches from the political' strife
rrow 1 the
and tntternesr which 'are tending them a.
under, ' destroying ' their usefulness and
terning them unhappily into mere politv
ai association Let us near something
the Word and tnerev on the Sahhath. ' W
have already been plied to fullneea with polit-
taai taaauaMns, aad oar minister haa i noqoma
a stump orator against the . good old , party
bich tbou in thy wisdom, hath upheld so
long, aud so repeatedly guided to victory, and
saslaiued, in we esiaDiismnani ot sound mta
sares. Oh, turn his auiud from (hose tliiuua.
and direct bis attention to the legitimate relf-
be- glows uuwea, or turn mm over a
sey. gov
bitrary haa
ination re
s be
sition directly to the
bands of the Abolition party, and let them
talsoaar of bs awd provide- e a erae minis
ter or tbe Uospel. At any rate, the present
state of things sanaot lant.. If pontic am
rale, I shall claim on half of the time in be
half of th democratic party, so that there
. L ' J! ! f.L .1
may pa lair uiaoussioo wiinm mesa wails.
Amen.". This was a stumper. If was
first 1 prsyer ever publicly offered In that
church for the success of. tbe democratic
party end Its nominees, thouvh hundreds
praters and exhortation , had hen made
against that party. ' When the old man
fiuished, there was a silence of half an hour;
.l . .3 : - i I i i . i
sum wi moouHir fruou.i aujuuroau. i am mill
ended the political preaching In that churrk.
From that time forward, the minister altunded
to his gospel duties, and left all politioalquos
tions ta be settled' hy the people outside
the church. . Asain toe society prtmnernd.
there was a better faelinu aiuous its nu nihera
r more vbrlstian charity, , more . brut liurly
love. , Tba old mas' earnaat prayai wua
red in mors respeota than one. ' " v
"Samuel, my darling,"! al4 a loud mother
to ha bob, "I've not seen your bonk
several ,daya or more where Is it If'
koowwhare it is.".,., "Well, wherafi. "Wky,
it's only lost little kinder i a th ham,
round out doors, summers I gnats, p'raps
garret, or behind tba woodpile.'1
': They have got a pig in. Ohio ao thoroagkly
dueated, that It haa taken to tunsle. -
regulate hia time by twisting hi tailr-llie
greatat tbe twiat, th higher the. tietean '
Caasiua M Clay it is said is spoiling for a
fight. If be fights, he will certainly spoil
Tha official Democratic majority la Indiana
la 11,4J a Democratic gain of 82,000. , ,
Much coin, much care," says tha old pro-
erb. Much paper, mnch perplexity, is the.
story now.
Two steamer, at a eost of three thousand
dollar day, were- kept ia Boston five weeks
waiting Jor troops. , . , .
f ' TanSei Notion gives as tad new for the
girls, that the aianafaotnre of 'basess M kased
by th now law. . ( -; . ... v .
McClsllan is removed. Were Poor Rich
ard alive, ha would probably amend his al-
manitu, thus : "On remove is, as bad as a
vords, tolls tbe whole story : 1
nepu oilcan, in a lew
l he people have
decided against emancipation as a war meas
ure. ' .--I '. .,!.' J
Dr. T.ambelle, the eminent Paris physician,
says that an electrie shook Is sure salvation
to anybody dying from the effecta of chloro
form.,, j, j..., ,; , , , ,
How dose the President's proclamation
conflict with the tariff? One imposes taxi
on wool, while the other makes wool fret.
' A New York street-walker robbed a Ken-1
tucky tobacco morchant of 1 1,500 and hia
moral on Wednesday night, ' Both were
songht in vain by the police.
' A writer in theEdingborg Reviev estimates
the property of Great Britain and Ireland ia
180S nt twenty-nine thousand millions of dot-1
lars, which is about f 1,UUU to each inhabitar!.
Wherever I turn in thi war I find tha Afri
can. t'harlti Sumner.
Yes, wherever you turn in this war we find
tbe African.
The total valuation of real and personal
property In IScw Xork Mate isf I,4TT,B0T.7U9.
The State tax is four mills and three-fourths,
producing $7,O2O,0U 13. -
The Quarter-master General at Washington
advertises lor several thousand wooden head
boards for soldiers', graves to be of black
walnut, without knota . :
"Seymour Rifles" is the taking name of a
new organization just started under the
auspices of a distinguished citizen of New
York. 1 '
' We are often asked in view' of the late
elections, "What will Old Abe do V We don't
know what he will do; but we are free to say
what he ought to do, he ought to Mr a tub-1
etllut, .. i"' .. ' i ... ' .....
Parson Brownlow is very much disliked in
Illinois. . His vulgar profanity ia so offensive
that ladies do not presume to attend bis
meetings, and soldiers have to keen the pooa-
i ::.. : j i.
ace iruia t-ggiug nuu uiuarwise maltreating
mm. -
The New York Commercial i Renahlioau
sto? rh'r :bvPm?ondaL
ments ot the people, 1 and says: A more or
derly election we never saw,, and we doubt if
tea iraudulsat votes were cast la either city.
The Newburyport Herald, speaking of thai
cause ot the election, says the emancipation
proclamation has strengthened tbe rebellion in
the South, it has weakened and disgraced ua
n Europe; and It ba divided ns at tbe
North. This ia the plitin, simple truth, known
and read of all men. "
Prairie fires are reported to have been
very frequent and destructive of late In north
ern Kansas and southern Nebraska.! . Whole
farms have been ruined and their occupants
beggared. In Lasallo county, Illinois, a large
tract of prairie country bad been barned aver.
caustug a great loss in houses, crops, eta. ,
It is said that a large business has been
done in Connecticut in the collection and res
toration of old postage stamps. The method
of procedure is to offer two or three hundred
dollars for a million of stamps ; these are
collected by benevolent societies and sold to
the speculators. As a million of three cent
stamp or worth $.10,000, and tha collection
and restoration cunts about one-tenth or that
sum, it follows that it is a business that re
munerates some one very well. '
Gen. Kearney's Letter.
Another nuerrulous aad injudicious letter
of tha lata Gen. Kearney, written la May last,
alter a skirmish with the enemy an the Penin
sula, .has just been published in. Wilke't
Spirit of the Time, complaining of General
McClellau'a conduct in not supporting him
properly during a battle with the enemy. This
letter is written in suob au obviou spirit
fault finding, and it marked with so many
glaring egotisms, that it cannot hurt tbe rep
utation of Gen. Mo,Clellan, and happily will
not Uirnish the memory of the brave writer,
whit, it is well known, changed hi opinion
MoOlellan before hi death, and aosnowlede-
eil that he had been mistaken in his estimate
of his capncily. Of all places in the world,
a camp ia tlv most fruitful nursery of f oealp
and petty jealousies, and this reproduction
a letter which the author, if alive, would cer
Uaitlly' Withhold from publication, I Incouaid-
ernie and in-nmra, ... . i -
While on il.m subject, it may not ba out
place to allude lo the strong personal affeo
tion and esU eui which iloClellan alwaya
tertained for Uen. Kearney, although he was
not ignorant of hit seuliiuents regarding him.
In thus overcoming private ' wrongs, for
sake of the public good, Geu. MoGlellait
ever exhibited a marked superiority over
cotetnporartes. W ben the news Of Uen.
Kearney's death was brought to hiuv-i-iron
soldier though he was ba burst into tears,
nd exclaimed: "Brave Phil Kearney! How
ball I repair his loss?" New Vork Sun,
an- f"
Pitoi'Ui:rx ok OsNtatL JioisoN, JBaid th
old Son to a friend at th ertaitaget, a abort
time before his deatht " - " -'
"The Abolitioa party la disloyal orgauiaa-
i.kii Its pretended love of freeuom. UMiiel
ilkuig moraocJaaa tuaa. suul wa aad i
lition of th Union.- Hunett men of
Time has proven -that the old veterin kns
pretty nearly what he waa talking about.
If the scarcity of change shouhj oontipu
it is feared that even1 the moon will find
dimcult to change 4m auartars. " ' - -
-.-: 7-r. rr .
Now 1 the time to get up clubs,' a
boy said when the printer's dog ohased him,,,
. ''Down outsidnj' as th fiddler said whfftbV
isu out oi nis winuuw.
Bocft an Job'; griming.
' '. r ' " -S I J
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Unas of Work, Book. Yb.4raf.aM
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aw-Oraararct aaraad n4 eevt eaajiMt.Jta
Hon,, ddraaa ,,, , 1 . ...L i,Jm nil ml ta
Gen. Kearney's Letter. Merchant Tailors.
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soman! avar brougtil to tint market.
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or St) 4ualtlla; made W th ' heal goods,' ami IN tliS ,
lataat siji, wiU t kapt jteadr maua lur tua i ouv. ,
aianoaor the public. ' ' i ' ' 1
1'hanknij fociwit ItWral patronaM that dettrS ttiair 1
friends and t'w JfiiWrJ'SSWI fd Sjes'Vi'netTisif fnits,
i mainour - " ".
Boots, Shoes, Hats & Caps.
. vuanavjo...- i t: r taaaa.suiwatat,.H
LENTZ dk WE0KEL7 " ""''
MasirtaoTcaaBS umtuwut,,.'..!,
ALSO, vtAtsxa nt ,
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all kindaof Baou anaBHWi nir t. .
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I AU work warnnlad to Si aud ilv SKl.TwWm.'
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and hopa by strut aUaoUasM4auaiiaaa lo merit a hoc J
Bars in tha rulura. IkaajlnuUMi... w
poots ,;"Af;;io;;V
m!l nndaralgnad haa last eaeead a shop fcr th o
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Saooud and m. Clair atraatai ataarajia will ba at al
tiaiM prewwed la aaocaimadata kiaicneloaiaa, rlu
avorvihlug is his Una. si i. v . m
Hia aWok ia larm and of tha vary beat material, and
hi prinas and work will suit b customers.., One him
a salt aod aa fcr younelvea, ... . ' ., 'T'"
i maudlin . . . ,'" ': F. A. tlSsTBR.'-',""',
.1U. .lL!iill!9aj,.w
Boots, Shoes, Hats & Caps. Coal and Wood.
New loal and lood lards,
i WHOLMALBAIia)nmil) I)EALER8W ,'''i': "
lAM) wbtm straai, between Tblsd anal Oanal.eaa .
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larva, and oompnaaa avanr vaneta aa'. aha baai .aaua.,11
must popular qualiuaa ol ooaU . .. .. .... ....... K
.j na oesi uuaniv oi s UAM. nlwaujjftx-auus etaar
kinds of Wdou alwavs oa hand.' x
Coal and Wood daiivarod lo any part of US etty, at ' '
tha lowest prioas for a superior araela. ' otva ua a oaH
a wa ara detanoiaed to givw the beat aoealble aav'
gaina. . - u
I ordara may beleRatNeet, annattaoo.s, Thud at.,'
aad John V. feiWs Uroaaxy, Mass atraat.
auiuiin w.A.iiluaa.COU,...i i
Jew tias& Steam l'lpo Flitarea :
Ms. wa, JaaTaawaaa sat
A VIET suparloraaaorteienli oTtiaa Futeres, a
lautadirom llit U'lUIT NRW Oatt fAtw. J
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liars, blaaa, Vapor aud Mint bhadaav ltlBa rapara,a,t,. it
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lauul avary variety of l"LlliliiUlt, tuv jswolt,
iMmy aeu as iuw m uaa d. sum vwwnara.
I'lnayara alto putang -npHak, 'eHMun, aad Water
Plpa at raduoad raloa. Hy strict attention, to bujiiwa- J
and auparlor workmanahipthay hopatetnarHaHharw w
of puUM patronaaa. . .. . . o IvS
CA8 Attn JSTCAtt'PtPE. J;
VTOTWITUaTANliltlu all oompatalosakt, Btj lut,
Jl bava rauraa irosn oiuiiai A tuava oaiarM
mad lo raduoa tha pnoa ef gaa aad, atoam ptaa and i
U, Iroas aad UW Uus data, puu U,mt,ffifiiH
f'lpest .
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'This will. I ansf av hf Br!VblatAd "bV Aa nor ale
wha aaad work dooa thaaailraM mm" amLaanat-U
tnaa avor praparad aa ra wrajt, Staa-sratax baUaa-1 haw
a,Nt auppiw wlUs Ataa. Jffcams , fussfMWpa, avfcd K
a, vy)WHm fi'
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Home InsiirpoerCpsjiBivm, ,,
I or MEW HAVaNiDUalNu.. 4 ,i.,,un
pAPITAvlJ..s . ta f SOOIOOO, .
I IWtaeaBkraMaweonsyrovaseadi'1 ''"'
1BlBosmpmylnauAuBinlaga;at(Vcbaoda,Eouta ,
. Vuraitara, and other Ineurauis property; at aw low
faias aa araouarsad uy ewas. tlatita.nipaoia.
i nraa-sounna wi uia pruaaa wt utm
daduuUaaT p.r oauL frt LL. UKiluaWsal ara dlvidad
aajiually to the holdara of poliusw la Una flosauaof n
Ips;aoia la aonp iawioinwiwW,inweltiimau.itaUl
usiBourBauaUlitanatavar. . .,t , j. ,c i.
HJMEOTOEaX ' a ...coii l
Doutlaaa B. Baltartaa,
JLavaraU (JandM.
Hudson UaoSald, Oharlvft T. Oaudee,
" Chwles Sholtonj " "' "I
OeorKafoak, .""(-l-'J
Oharle tlOaBdaat. 'X' '
laaaoThompauu, , lnafid . 'ihoiunaolL,
Lutiltu HokThkiaa,1 tifism 'smi, ' ' ' '
Willuu. w. auo. 'tillcn E. Ddollttle'
ItlernalmsS. BlianuSHa,HilvamM mvaaa.
lavorga tluadlay,
l wuiiaua nun,
I vtaihaa A. apaaoar,
Aadrawl.. Kidatoa,
Samual atsllMt,
William Baaoaa M I
Daaial Trowbrulg-a,
baniual Irask, . ' "l it U
...WtiKtAt, Anihoay,
. a.j naiatl ty.Hohnaoa,
Anoa f . Baraaa,
Uoba WoodruO,
i Bwhard at. Cvaran,
HI-.I ( .lvl
JadadlaB WEosk. 'J . a
ul mi ii l-J- ManJaa, Ooaa,
DtvatAt ERtawtMiaTraaiuaiit,
tiiaji.tjMteMkwataiiSMiattsat w.l
attevtatk. ,'1'
Dyeing House.
; - TTT- frffT -nyaiir t
, 0. SU, BT. OLAIH. BET. WtlaUatlrffjaUal
Davtaii Ohio.
ti. rV uadaralgoad Infcrmt'.IWwiUaviial'r.'a W't " ''
iW I ; I pnouoal dyar, and has tuaUwuai a 4r houra aft.u
'na above plaua, aud. la Me.W Vw.ll kloda
nt anas, una, muuvub, wuutia,sum i a i iiM, jsaii aa j
aay aolor that suay ba daainX. ',
, , .1 , I'
siaiun rauo4nataK lataMeSauae..,
'Ua warraata ta ouisn ail a4iJv awaaar ta give
aallaawuaa. aavlua all animus iiaaaaasi s ta.aaili..

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