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riiaf.tdMiD avaar arraaiM'N, ar J
l.mplre Hulldliiff, MO Main Hireet.
Per week, ( ninth! a to Carriers) -..I iS
By mad per annum, id advaao, .... ... W
One 'iijr per aanum,... IV
arnie KMi-iaa tiiroulatpafrea ol prtKa in Mont
gomery cotiuty. fayineuim advance m altuasaa.M
oi every daaoriptlou, aaecutpd on Him Praaa,in
he tieal style, ami nt rwaatmahlft prmaa.
a4VAm.ouacementa under ihia head will be ohartfad
$2. No nam tuaertad uuleaa tuHMjini'anied iiy mo
City Council.
JOHN A. MlMCK will t a candidaf for r-lw
tlou loth City Council, Irom the fourth Warp, nt the
naiiuig spring election, mail
iJMy Infirmary.
C. HNRVRLY wilt ha a aandidatp lor re-election to
the onVe ol Director ol City inrtrmary. mans
ANTHONY WOHh will he onndidata tor Director
of City Infirmary at tha ensuing ejection. uiaU
WILLIAM DAVY will be n candidate lor reelection
to the otline or Aaaamor, lu the ITillli Ward, al the en
uiiiK spring election. urn 17
JACOB 8TRFHANH wilt be ft nandidata for raalea
tion tottie nttloe of Aeor, iu lha Vourih Ward, at
Ui ensuing apring election. nml 7
H IRAM K KIiItRY wttl he Mipported by the voter
of theitixth Wftid lor ArtieNor at Hie eumiiiiH "pnng
aleotion. inal
PANKRATIOS WKIDNKR will be ft candidate for
AesHor iu theft-nth Ward, at the ensuing ttpnng
elH'Unu. mail
City Marf-hul.
STACY B. CAIN in a candidate for rv-election tothft
office, or City Mamhal. man
Market Maaiter.
JOHN MoCVTUIJKoN will be hunporled fur re-c
loclion to the oil ice 01 Market AUmut at Hip punning
priug eiaciiou. . in
City Holioilor;
,MHN J. ACK KKM AN will be a candidate for City
ovi tenor ai me eumiiiii. H)niiN: ntt-uvu, mais
V. KKLLY will be an ludeppudeul vaudidal fur
vity rsouoitor ai me vumuidm eieciiuu. maiw
JOHIAH I.OVELI. in a candidatv for re-nlfftinn to
tha oldce ol City ttoliciior. ma.1
K,HA JKKKKEVHwill be aeaaddal for re-eltyitioti
to the othoe of Con-table at the eimiiug spring elau
Hun. mall
JOHN MKI I Kb will be aoaudidnic for Constat at
thtteiiauiug April elmtiion. matt
A. M. OYI.KRwill lMta:andidat for Countahle at
the nmung April election. niai
A C, BUKLBUKT will lie a caudidatft forOonntable
at th euuiog April lwMim, n9d
Street OomntlMHloner.
WILLIAM HAHI'KK will he auiiporteil by the rill
Kena of llayton for Hiretit CuiuiniHHiuiiir at tlm etinu-
utg ttpruig eiMiiou. maio
I.OKKNT( IIUTZ -'MIih Old tlandla Mrtkcr" will
1 a candidal lor Mlrew CuiiiininniDiiHr at Wi fiintiiug
fiiwrtoii. juai
M. J. HTKFKEN will t a candidato ror Strenl Ooin
irttHult ur at tlteenaiiiug April eleutiuu.
fti Einpirt: Pleane annoiiDi'H the nainof PHILIP
WaLT& a a candidaui Jur Mtroitt OoiniinHNioner and
oMlg lii4 MA.NV Ci llaNS
JollN COLHAUKK will lie a candidal a fur tttnt
CoininiHaiuiiei at the npnng elwuon. tdl
MAMDRL HOtiRIIAUilll will bpaupimrleilrhr Street
CoitiniiflNMiiitr by tliemimfnn of Uayuni, nt the Nprtiiig
rirvnuu. ira
Special Notices.
Look out 'outiir Uii-hy. Th renowned
(iipsT Doctor ban arrived in the city, mid ia
now utopning it the Montgomery House where
he will lull the pant, preaeut, ud future, and
hi'ul all manner ol UiHousea. (Jousultation
Ladipn ol) cents, Geiilleniao f 1,00.
Copperhead Breastpins
For Hale by II. KI.INK.
nittlH .'1.10 Third hL, I'hillipa liouee.
00 TO
No. 9, MiiikKT Stkuet.
He hae now a larj;e lot of superior Harai,
Dried Beef, io., of hia own curiiifr, together
with a full supply of Kreali Meat, for aale at
nll hour. ja.1.1 bm.
Watohei. H, Kline, No. 336 Third at,
una a lot of pawned Gold and Silver Watches
wlncb be ollera very low at private aale.
Da. Rotum's Hcakiiinavia Hkkkuik.
Are vou ainlc. no maLter whut orfrnn i allnnt
ed, depend UKin it the bUiuil, which ia the
food and austenance of every orgau, ia full ol
corruption I My Scandinavian iilnod Pilla
and Blood Purifier, break up the source of
disrate in the fluids of the body. They purge
aud purify the elements of the blood. Hence
their quick and complete cures in dyxpepsia,
scrofula, eruptions, tits, tumors, nervousness,
kidoey complaints, piles, low fevers, debility,
rbeumatiani. headache, want of sexual vivor,
etc., etc, These remedies are astonishing the
whole medical world.
See udveitiHmiiuot. mar9dlui
Lyon's Katiiaikon. This delightful article
lor preserving anu beaulityinir the human
hair, is again put up by the original proprie
tor, and ia nuw made with the same care, skill
and attention, which first created its immense
and unprecedented sales of over one million
bottles annually I It Is still sold at 25 cents
in large bottles. J wo million bottles can easily
be sold iu year when it ia known thut the
Kalbairon is not only the most dulightful hair
dressing in ttie world, nut Mint it cleausea the
scalp of scurf and dandruff, gives the hair a
lively, rich, luxuriant growth, and prevents it
trom turning gray. 1 hesn are considerations
wort h knowing. The Kathairon has been test
ed for over twelve years, and is warranted as
described. Any lady who values a beautiful
bead of hair will use the Ktillmiron. It ia
finely perfumed, chuap and valuable. It ia
aold by all respectable dealers throughout the
world. D. 8. BA11NKS k CO., .
New York. '
jaUdiwCin W. W. Stbwabt, Dayton, j
Dams a Plastatio HiTTitas, Exhausted
nature'a great reatorer. A delightful beverage
and active tonio. Composed of pureHt, Croix
Hum, roots and herbs, it invigorates the body
without stimulating the brain, it destroys
aaidity of the stomach, createa an appertile,
and atrengthena the system. It ia a certain
cure for Dysepsia, Constipation, Diarrhea,
Liver Complaint, and Nervous Headache, aud
prevents Miasmatic disease from cbauge of
diet, water Ao, It can be used at all times of
day by old or young, and is particularly reo
commended to weak and delicate persona,
NolU by all uroenra. Druggists, Hotels, ana
r. 11. 1 HIA UK & CO ,
2U Broadway, N. V.
IVIObl r lNIi UAVANAtj have arrived at hut st 1
vol: xiv.
NO. 21.;
jBailw (Bmuut;
City and Other Matters.
Traveler's Register.
evfrains arrive and depsrtfrom ttie Udiud llnpot
Cincinnati, Hamilton ann oatton.
JHpartt Arrive, i
Uulavllle and flt. touts Mtl...4:.'io am'' 4:45a oi
l,oui.ill Hul Bot.. :l a m S:Viip n
l.ullHTlll. ADdMl. Louis xprlis4:U0 p 111 ClUpltl
OineiDiiAU Mail :UU p m 1S:I6 sai
up at MidMletownand Usiulttoiiouly. t
Kastem Espnm 10:llt a m l a oi
Uolunibii. Aeeommodatlon ft:.H4 p in IMim a m
Knsteru Kxprfinn 1:4U a ni S:SA p m
Theltsiua m train lavn daily s cent Bumlnys.
PaiiiHiuver. mu Utts (rata must purrliAsa tnair tiekabs
baTore S:M p in. ,
f.ndinliy Mail ...mm 1 4:011 am
rliiutsvilla AucommmlaUou s.io p cn u.m p m
Davton and Micniqan.
rhlrano Mall .10:0(1 a 111 S IKI a 01
UlucatfosuillletrolLKxpreHs,...:l& p ui S:4ipai
Indiana Caktaal and Paitos A Wssnaa. 1
41. liOiil. and cliinHgo. s ix) a ni lu lu a m
I'erre ilauta AoiionimHlatlon..,.4:14 a ni 4:16 pai
41. Loul SDd Chicago KxpraftN. 4:46 p lu ' l:V4aui
Aooommoitatton .: t n , li:u a ai
.:uu m b.oii ai
SAM'L W. KING, Agent.
Anction To morrow morning at 8 o'
clock, C. P. LI ii bur & Son will, sell a cook
atove, table, chairs, bedsteads; also, a lot of
Dry Goods, &e, at 280, Third street.
.-.V-a, .
Fire The fire alarm on Saturday night
was caused by the burning of a bed in the
honse of Mr, Huviuger, Kaat Third street.
The fire was put out before any further dam
age was done,
Coming; I They're comin' the Sliurplny
Minstrels in the strength of their quantity
and quality. This company comprises the
best taleut in the minstrel speciality, and the
most of it The Sharpley's have' never been
in this part of the West, and they will create
an excitement on their first appearance. 1
Mammoth 8al of Lota. Next Satur
day there will be a big aale of city prop
ertythe Bomberger Lota on the Hill, East
of towu. It will be a great ehance fer bar
gains mind that! Friend Mao has the affair
in tha best possible shape. We will print the
advertisement to-morrow. '
. ..-.a - ; ' ; I
Th Promenade!. The pleasant weath.
er of yesterday had the effect of bringing out
an unnsual number of gentlemen, ladies and
children, and the various pleasant promena
dera of the city and auborba were greatly pat
ronised, Spring styles ere beginning to make
their, appearance. '
To-Morrow. J. 1. Lentz It Son, No. 104
Main atreet, have juat received a large and
aplendid atock of Boota A Shoes, and an ex
tra stock for custom work. Their advertise
ment fully setting forth the attractions of
the new stock, eVa will be published to-morrow.
' ' ' ' i ' !
A Good Thing'. Brown's Self-Adhesive
Stamps are a aplendid thing for Retail IW-1
era to apply their carda to all packages that '
go out from their stores. They are cheap. I
Miss Mary Smith will wait upon our business '
men to solicit orders. She ia sole agent for
thia city. j j
a ,
Continental!. To-morrow evening the
"Continental Old Folks" will 0mui at Huston
Hall with their inimitable aouvtiira of the hnr-
monies of our forefathers and mothers and
they will continue here for three nights. Tle
Old Folks" have added several attractions
to thoir band since they were here; and the
Paige Sisters are not the least. ' ' II
Already Here Harper's Magazine, At
lantic Monthly, and lion-Ton for April are al-'
ready at Dr. Hea'a, 79 Main atreet He has
also got the N. V. Mercury, Sunday Mercury, j
Weekly, Police Gazette, Herald of Progress,
Harper's Weekly, Tribune, World, Heralj. j
Independent, Leslie's Newsaper, Illustrated
News, io. -I
. ! I
Convention of the People !-The Deme- j
cracy and Conservative meu of Dayton, Cue
. . , .... .. !
atitution-respecting and Law-abiding citizens,
.JiA., ..u l .i it n . . A
are requested lo meet at Beckel Hall to-niyht,
uke some action In regard to presenting
an acceptable ticket for the auffrafes of the '
t.. t. , , t . t. .v. ,,, . i
I eople at the approaching City Election, , ;
Pose the word, and tura out in on Ai l
' " " Dul "our m" ,
"Peace, t'uity and Ilaruionv" , U I
i i j ur. . . i . I
the watebwerd. "Everything for Principles; I,
nnlhinif f. Man " I 1
Turn Out!
Sunday Sohool Statistics Township
agenu whose duty it la to distribute blanks to
i I
be filled up with Sunday School aUtiatici, are I
.an ili , n.i , , I . i '
ia omitted. Delegates ahould be appointed
and blauka returned to me by the 80th Inst.,
o ma to give me ample time to prepare my
report for the County Convention to be keld
lu Germantowu April 9th and 10th. If con
venient, visit schools in person and render
auch aaaiatanoe as may be necessary' to have
the work well done.
Cor. Sec. M Co S. Association.
Banished We have frequently been in-j
formed of instances wherein scoundrels have
annoyed respectable women by their base
conduct, ad w have been asked to expose
them. We do nut approve of this. Our im
pression Is that the better plun 'to deal 4iib
the dirty sneaks is to complain of their eon
duct to the Mayor who will put them through
to the extent of the law, Another way to
deal with these beasts, end avoid the dis
agreeablenesa of a public trial, would be to
have a watch set upon thoir movements, and
when caught in dishonorable demonstrations
of the character complained of, beaten "with
in an Inch of their lives I" ' This would, we
think, be the most effectual way of putting
an end to the dastardly practice 1 which we
ant' consuming. , i Unprotected, virtuous wom
en have only Vo signify to proper persons
their desire to bp protected from the lepers
who annoy tbein, aud the matter will receive
prompt attention from gentlemen who are
immeasurably interested in protecting the
virtue of our community. '
Recently a case1 of the character about
which we have alluded to, was brought to the
notice of the Mayor, who at once look nieas
area to suppress the obnoxious individual
against whom the complaint was lodged. A
couple of policemen nabbed the villain in the
act of attempting to effect a dishonorable
purpose, and put him in Jail. At the pre
liminary examination the Mayor gave him a
celling lecture, and told the fellow that lie
Intended to make an example of him, for the
purpose of deterring others from such disrep
utable conduct. ,,
After the scoundrel returned to Jail and
bad studied over the matter, he sent a propo
sition to the Mayor, to the effect that if he
would discharge him, he would leave the city
and never return 1 We understand that the
sneak was let out, and that he has made his
exodus from town. Let the work go on ; it
will improve the atmosphere. ,
' Pleading; This morning John Hender
son Wm. Campbell, and Stauford Means, were
arraigned on 11 indictmeota for burglary,
larceny, Icq. Henderson plead guilty to all
The others plead not guilty.
Mary K. King (colored ) plead not guilty to
burglary and larceny.
Charles A. Wichman, indicted for burglary,
ic, plead not guilty. '
William Keller plead not guilty to grand
larceny. ' ' " 1 '
. L. ' V, Hersey to fl Indictments plead not
guilty. John W. Dobbins, to murder iu the
1st degree, plead not guilty.
Criminal document will be opeuej iu the
Home George Engle, of the 11th Ohio,
who had his foot shattered on the Alexandria
Rttilioad, last summer, by the accidental dis
charge of a gun, arrived home Saturday from
the hospital at Alexandria, V. The disabled
foot was amputated soon after the accident.
From some cause want of surgical skill and
proper care, probably the wound baa not
healed. Even now the bone protrudes some
distance through the (lean. The general
health of the wounded man ia tolerably good,
- j - . . .
Dead George Carlisle, for many yeare
oue of the most prominent business men of
Cincinnati, died in that city last Saturday
night, after a brief illness.
' ' ' ' ' 1
Great Auction Sales.
Ntmday afternoon, Mm fk at t clock.
' ' ! SAl.S 0' SEWlini MACRINKS,
. i i i
' ' 0. II. COLES, Tti Main street.
N. P. Douni.ARs, Agent. uia21
New Advertisements.
internal Revenue Tax Notice.
lL rmnM whoto T.,M .
iV " imUieaiuiusi list) uadxriha act oioun-
I.KKMM, "Ti proKule liitarual K.uut t-itp(K.rl ihe
i.on.nuiiiii and u par iuieri on ta Puism ims,"
aeprovtxl July 1, Isstt, are HhKaUT NUT I. '1Kb lliai
ai,d a.n.ni. are sor due.aad uaymaoi. or Un
to EI ."Jita'S' ViiiI'nutT ll" U U '" 1 I'AYI1
lu ieiuit ilierroi, tkh rv.R ( KNT additional ta
In raqmrad by law to Imi ootlnolad. Tliaralora, on alt
.nu deim.pi.ni on in,- 6ih day n a, ml nan.
fpeuali. ul tan pr o.uu will tadll. Monthly da
Implant ralurns from BaplrO'lwr lo January, inelu
strengtb. IVB-arMllltM1 K tomne nanaliiaa a dlwuaiiis
in tlia amuia hid.
hMNTuisiii.KV (XiVNTT-AaMwusau iu i
rl"""'l "inc of Ilia Cll'Uir of Ilia lllxtrs-t.
Ile Ilia oity of lnuw, ooruar of Tuird and Jotfsraoa
kuri aii OflUNI Y-A.a..mK. will ha oollMtad
at Ihe oltl.:a of K.ra eottar. iHsuul. Collaulor air Maid
ooiiiuy, llamllbiii. ....
WAKKBN OUl'NTY-AsaaaalnanWaill hai-oll-Ual
?" J vu'oi!atww said
eul'uty, lifljauiiti.
I'UKiu.a cii!NT-Am.amtitaiH haeniiaeiad
!haoltl.-aol JowahCainptwII, 1'rpuly Coll-lur (or
(HjiKKiior -i niivj iiiNiriot of gug, llaytan.
Uayton, Maieh d, lns-aiHWdawl
I? Oil B A. Ij 33 !
Oiia glattadinad Hivda ruiintaiDj
On Kllver-piatfd Moda ttMutdi
1 t'tne-half doaeu Mlrup tioiUeai
' Uaa Winn Uooler,
The alrjve arncl ant In eMelUBlnondltntt, and )U
lw Mid at a Uraiiaiu. Apply lu Koki I lail'ftN,
ntaddU JriWraou it , c a doora balow Maikat.
Tuesday, Wotlnesdiij Ii Thursday Kvfngs
Rtuvrh 144, an, and An, inon.
At.!, stllred In iKwIumea of ONR Hl'.NtHtEt
YKAKM arid, who will nmwsr lu Ihur (IRANI)
VIL.I) KAHHllfKD KNTalKt AIMMKN'I'U, aaaiauid
by Uiosa mauihless and uurivaiiHl Uilladiste,
Whone htnllike warhhuuM have justly oltninid for
them the reputation nf beitif the ninet PKLIOHT-
iui. uunuiirii BiiMiivnei in aoikkiua.
Mr. fJuT4. T Oiiltok.
The eminent Amertoan Baano, whoae rernnrkahle
Toie haaex-itfd tha wonder and ailuiirauun ul thou
aaudii ihroiifhoiittlie ouiiniy.
, Couniii JUuben,
The Krtal repreaentntlvo ul a KRAL LIVK YANKKt,
will aMo tie prepfut every v.tuin. and winj liirt rninnir
oikh oi on, Herotw or Mli" " Kvaoiifttioo Hay,"
"HpmiKlleld MounUiiUM." Ait., ftoouinwuird by
Oraotiy Nlooum,
Who ia now koiok on 10 iK, nnd who will -wtwuoiiaUy
"Jmein the aiUMin.''
Father QulWk
Will "deaoon" tha tiinen and conduct the entertain
menta, luirwIucuiK New KntiireH, p nil mm Molt,
traud Ohoruwea, Aucinnt Harmonion, t;liiirininx BhJ
laiiN, Hide Hplittmg Udditiaa. An tin of Dip Kireitle
and Home C'm'le.
.)ON'T KAIL TO ATTKN r at leat uuiMr tln'i4
oriumal and mwial Mimlfat ItP-ITniotm.atid how the
oltf fanhionad peopta- drHvitti. and hear how and what
tltey imed to mux; and Ikj nuie aud go parly.
ADMIVSIOM, ji-j :ta.
i Doom ormo nt 7; commenne at 7. -1
il. It. ULI-ICK, MaiiMKvl aud Lioiltlllftor.
11 A HIC V JON1CS, Tn-axiirpr.
' ma.l THUMAH WARM I'RHT, AKtll.
HUSTON itXlij.
The People's Favorites.
H II A H H Lt A N I),
ANU ' '. , ;
ni'RMqi K uii:ha troipc.
ActOitm lodged hy the preaH aud tha puMU whvrnvur
ttipy have appearpd In U' the only pfiiiH't nnd U-irlU-mate
'Iron in the woild: wUI oiuat Jluaton Hall an
, Tifketa, AAfienU; rpm-rTdl aealWalW i-etita. ,
for mrtlier uurj(iilar - flitii r iulv(riipnipnt.
nialT J, . NKWCUMU, Ak-H.
"will be sold
MSO yards ttrtiaaaia rarpaf, ,
H Isrt'i Ssi Mirror.,
elaajaatt Kawlng Marklaea,
3 lhaw Casaa,
a iak Parma,
A lat at ataala.
Am smaaaraua eiher axlwrea.
Sale of Dry Guuds Wednesday
ale le eaiuaaaace as 10 e m, a) wa aa4
i 1 a . a, .is
Splendid Property for Sale.
nVl K fiiorilHr otVra fur falP hia TKN-AOH K Hit
.JL adjolulnf taytou View. It ia lrx'aid n a mad a
Urn roeia nonh of iu Halptn Iihe, and n at half a nvlt
went n iheKiver. It haa yiiit finnll I'ramo hoiu-e,
a hrwk Hmnke and Hpnnft houae; n H,rtti of npver-
niiiKK wntri, w un iinrfi vn-nitni m Himire nwo nnna
red tlirt'ty younf Peaoh trvea; aavpral Hplpndid Anuli
tree, NilMripin Crnh-aptp tnw, a niiinlr of AtnWr,
anti a larira tiiimmT or iionila rtierry tme. (.wvi
uaatrerai a larfca number f hearing urapavina: ami
i niimisT ui uiiirrativaiiuiijea w. tirniioin to Ihvn
tion ' i
Thin atfrwtitnrrr-rty Itma ort It om of Ihr moil
dtlihtinl triuldini upotain Uiaaauti , man wtiHihrmii
i i"'"n i"a f(nsnp oi nmiinry, iuurtiiiijx tn
Payroll Wahtern and havton ft Mudihran Halru-Mva
The Hnmitti ia excellent and evti y luut of II an 'be
vunii-ini. iiivPTtnu hum inn-ill aitlPM IJ (lift lOt an
len -po wnn inniry iMRK"rAtiijt:e llpji,. The prop
etiy will he aeldfti a tnrixaiu.
AImo, aevpral etltrihie hUlLDlNa UT iu Niaiu
uiiy areoiTPrcti mr aa on lair torini.
Apply WKiN, tii tlwiMirtatTllwr, In Mlatm Hfv.
fevtiaUw , ,.. . , aPKTHrt Ki'TTY
Ovsters,Fresh Fish,Fruit
or every varlnly, In miwon, (;.ifi i:ii.iiary, OilrAi.
03 Third street, west or Poaloltler,
Dnytou, Qhl 'Jsawnm
OOI.llIKR.4! who hnTP lieen W(iliiuli.i Ih tli'i' mililarv
O or naval ervi. irf Ilia tinned mihm eon get llteir
iiuiiniy oy twiiiuK Uhin or aaunHtua.
msll " (leneml Ominty Auent, Duyion. Ohio,
:.. Noi'IiuK.','
AN and ajte r Tlmraday, tliunh it, all frnighl due.
.. lorniflliona on Ills llimaiia 1 amr miii! liuv
tt'ii and WeHtirii Hmlnm.l. and nil points weal, will ir
raeeivad al Die Uolunilaia nnd Xania lMot.
inalldlw . ... L. lAvil-U. Amnt.
No Better Slaughtered.
HAH Die beat quality of Beef, Ijimli, oc., oferv
market morumir, and he especially 'invites tlw
iuiwwwiiTBaim.aiii, i. i .
llelNdoterinloedUi aUiiKluaraoUnugbn, ilia, tjciel,
mm.i M-nin tin. oi piainj( tne pi-ioile.
STHetntinilier Nn.4ft. - ' nMAtfliA
bl'uABtiROVIC MKbKByTliKaS :
V O l i 8 A. Ia K
lHtTlT, Bhade, and Omatiirhial lYee ian t had ai
our ftrnnnda at vary U,w rrks
We have the fc
lowing Himiltt TrppK, nil td fiua
Sll.VKK-l.kAK Pnl'l.All
UATAIifA, wo vsrWiet.. " ''' ' 1
KUiWKIllhH lAM.'lVr.
Orders may I left at Hie Orm-et di.irn of .Ji.hn f
a.lmr, Maiu Hlruas. 'I'rw.will b,lcl low anil ilellT
roo m any m oi tna eily Ireo ol eliarao. Mow ia Ui
lime to uiske your i'alc:iilleuis lor plmitil., nit-pan
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oanili.Kiieliyeallliia at I In. aiaivo Ui-oueiv. I'rll-iui ol
wt miw , ,ratta will urn maile tlsw.
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UAH reoaived hia apnns suprly of Unoda. and i
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ulynl nil kiwis of in altaadyon hand.
We advie our reaiU:ra loo and eo Inrad O' llriao.
and taken look al Ins
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Wi art.
are niadokuimn. A luuraelaiarirtiuw never unaii
ilia Allanllr. Wlinlnver lie n -presfiils will la iii.t.o
and no imalake. Hia store Is jiiai new crammed (nil
ali-1 nolwilliaundhui ilia -! prion oi mods, lie !
Wllllna lodi-posa ol Uioill al llir lowest possible rales
Heiswel known Ihrnnn a I..... . ....
and Indiana, and irela credit tor Imviiis pure Wium
...... Ivl (,,PUI.,II)MI rui-tMist, n Keeps wn
-laoily cm hsnd Ilia i-elonraled H. T. Iswl-X-lirakr'i
""". nialisMw
UaiiKB tha diraetion of tha If A KM OM A aHXJIK
J 1 1 ia otterud lo rant, al reaaouaoia teroia. Ur
Thnatrem. Conoerta. ljaaLuraM
and publio eshibjUane ceuarally , .
Kttlrelf IV aw Scenery mud Hiuhlatrt
Baa bean iiilrodtined. with a atNtre of .ufNi.m tr..uni.
liide Ui aocommotlate-i all kinHH nt vts,nnM
'.tie rtall w ilMt lai-)-r w)Mla of nua-r tooo par
aouM, and a.linowldi;a4t tu !jm bv far Lite lauiin ti.
itytil avun, ami in ItM-aled in tiia ir.nm...nt-4i ..i
til 1 f Asa Ai I aTsip 4111 iaava- ilLo.. .
" - j , ' .... -n. .ni'iTuiwiein svartw in
, . ., . JUMN U, OXllf I ftLUAK. ,
, Al OHiea, iM, Third si ,or
jana'ssy.. ., ... Anns. Hall.
rlHIOM.AH A. WlbK hamiK taki-n tha Barl.-r Bhoe
on Marital alraat TmMntly owneil hy Jamas Knod-
i, uu ,u fUa moat impruved atyla, a
prepared to do bliavilo;, Hall ClllUaa, hhampooiluj
UamvilaalllMaoldfrMirala aid dtialomara la
Ililll aiall. ItmueuihertiM plaea-nuith aid. Mark. 1
New Jr triM.
rnii K ilildarsiKnei ia prepared to do att kinda of up.
I holsu-ry. repairs ol funiiliire aud re-Vaiuist.iiia
Uao.allkmda of paimr haiiia Joua alahon a.,ii. a
at the rooms alsiva Mr. J. AUs.y'a limit Blur. Ht,
Dayton Conimerclal Collejre,
N. aifl.Thtral 0tr(t Dayton, Ohl. '
1NOOHPO HAT V 1 X IS lflao.
riUConi CotMf-Tlme I Bllmlte4$3(X
Ikaik naarint. ami Artlr,
OOMMKH'MAL t:A l.-l ) LATKH, '-
THHHB at ac)at ayateta, no mytpd fmoi h4s
no niamoriMUl of arlMirary rtiir. h h jttitl-
mat haa a at-sta ui imiiukmi, aaa ursjeayajW by tiu-rMv
(nfmcu a pras-iul ljik-k-tpf nrt finrtiHa ia
laaitt. OouiiiM-iiasa, ataaauta iiiji. (Uumb.. ia.aa4vilrw
Aduiiliiuj-a faxtBsar, Ij.hi.UIihk the Uwim ui he
Utteifl fatvtaer.eka.aa taHf.iiiia m ftliMaW f ft at M
UOavl Ml a iNletlUVN hX4e.
ManhaAftaattd laoli -ftiwai m aara .yasanliy ra-at-
d U vail and AKinitt Ut lIutr-Mdih mtxl nt imtMaH.
iftK iairUA Mn, whieja rMa- fvasetvl twaay jf Htm
4a-aof iUtm a- Utaik-aa-t-psjtip ta Mm bwl Ui-'
v hfttMaa. iVr paJrw-'Uta aMrevia
J-ft . at. OKlJUt. V yioa, Otue,
. . a.H IJAII.V. !
()ii4-.'.(li.,(ij,li()( vt.nisi -oitdy (.i..toiri.0n.rt tv
-XTiaifS tlif dayaf. ..l..Aja...,.. 1 10
Odh iw'MHra, jtmc wek,. a4 , .,... 4 fv
i'na aquare, one month .... 4 it
turn at4)iiaie, lit roe moutni ..... T v
u- xjuariif, ata nttup),,rw.tr....,v..e.Hf lo
One ",haraelkhty wr4,ofie wak,,.,ji...... PO
ii aMua.A.eaUa ek u vltsJuou..M1.,,.,WHM VA
Pr-rMtmre, one yeer Ctl
it a?arii,a lor Ailvruhrairtenia otM'iipyuif; a gntf
Hr!a, or for alfmnr prn-d than iVive -n lti.-r tn'n
kuiottti ai the tniiiia4 Hamni aWTA.ll astvertifraimi t
ar ttlHirna-ri at thaitrp rnla-, n nU a vrilit-t. kir
m-n' In ni.Je prefitiiin m innertton. -tWji cais.mi u
TarttHitinTaiw muHlhe Bvud for Id ftdraooe.
iElna Lire Insurance Cuutnaif)
mHB ,fcUi rAiit pollelea FllR 1,1 r"K, Ihr a WTO
jl "i yearsi r.noovniieiK poiH-iea and i-IHIdieu'a hu
uowmeiit. Also, Nun 'orleitiiift Poliui a, on wliit-h nu
iw is requiraa aner leu y.nri. 9
rlioitMnd dniisrs paid no rvro Ksew ht lhi In v
wiihui the laal atx tenaths, ., -. . . t . ,
Ainoti all the conlnvaiu-ea of man to prolirt the
(Klnily oiniU frnaa want, aoaeoan ae raaea amri- pliti
pin in Itsnharacler, liohle 111 Us leailirea, or eerlaiu .11
it. results, than Lite Insurant-.:, It. I, ihe prop mli-li
Ilia dyin htislstod taavea to
.sun'oKTHii; wjfk oimiis 'nosoju.-
It ia the nnneeD hand of the provident father, reaching
t'oiih from the Krave, and uil unuiianmtiiia(a1iiii,,
and keppinK logviher Hie laniily. tty ti, the in iliu.t
fou ( ,
ven where he haa prWrtrled them Into tef nlty( by tt
tha horMLd4ijru4tneihia--oaHdii wtru
Lata aM-eina-d lent propilioiiH. Ui aiimral aud Woriaiy
-(nHn, it in on tpvAi weapon hy whit;h to rh dPatir oi
hin Htrtlift. 1 r. .';' i . , ,
Lk-i any hn-brmd, fn(hr, nan, iuk himaeir, 'r I wm
tu die to-nf(?rit- would rtirx wh Mr dpar lo ni
Would thane children have a romfortalJe hnnie, aiid
the nipaiiN of ediifitloni' Would thi a iiV hf iittt-iiJu
dent ol lha cold 4'hartliea of the worlor VVduld Una
iK'fd and lecW parrot I provided fur? Wiiiitd tnv
aintp ay my dpliteir Would there la no ia-ribe ol
property by ibmerf ardai ol an almluiruraor lo m.-vi
tlipilpmandH of oredllorai ale iuaiIp alien the market
frtidrtdttwtmard, awd (air pniea iiwikk Ih rvabaed' '
H'.w fpw oan autwtr lhee iueNtion to their aaiinfai'
ion) Thay frav tea-a ihem. and olhrt-h ilia la-liw
(hnl tin y have a Ioiik lea-e on hfi. 'J hi in iau(fi lwi
titli ami cowardly. .-ilM hrava man -..,
ThathetrwyiiTaprJewithU; tha wiaw man, that tVr
rnny aiudy it nature aud palliate tw tliratuin.. The
mtaiift'td -talliatton ftrv at VmiuI, of eay umix io all- -
it in ,
tlPE IISTJRa4Aa3C3a, !
!'' .1. . I , f
Yoimg men jut Btartin-j in Ihiriupmn, whoHe ohief
inprtMi ia I hair uarar ami intrity.alioiiiaiuaure tui-ir ,
iivpf-tt. the Nmonnt of mll UiPir lut.ilttii-c. Such hii
fl of htnt4r-id hotMtMV.whPti kanwii lo tbwri-ad
Mtra, would JiiNtly iucna.Hi ihpfi coundPiHP in tliPiu.
It would aliow lhal tliy dxl not wish to leaf Uieir he-t
rripndt expoacd toan auulabieooDlitiKPncy; and Hie
MIeit (Wirly fojrardeu1 nk rMe trlhwu- which Jh ip.
t-iKht heart pay at Uie aliriuo of juatiup.
l4"-30t (!)
win. n n nirrnii.'lin,
, Aj.al lor tsjytoa and rasiiii
'" -' k 4 . at'''-' ii. .,
WIMkmT. l-'liarH;. KlTUnt(0, j
(alnat ' - " - V
Mont. Hup. Own,
(, IMrvpvThuiiiaaetal, Iiefen'tft.) tintst. N. uniA
I fUKsOANT u. an ordar of tha Hupenor Court of
a. . noaitaiitry wna.y, vnio. ntaiie un tia) aU.Ve
note and ilirtx-ttuj to m, I will oiler a. po!4ic atif-Uliu
-At (Ii door ot tiietturi Uouae inthei-tly Dat'u,
in tliet'oimly and matp Worpttaul, on
' 49alrit4B, .tra4i, uaft. t . i
Al J o'clock pmol Kanlilay, the follownii! deatTthed
ti'iearty, U-wi. Hi hiatal u iMwuntyot MoittKont'ry
itinl Mtai4- 4.1 ( Hi 10 anil in the ciiy m itayUiu. to-wil: loi
tiiinilArfM 1x1 ihoiiNuid uie hoktrwfaa4 thlrtv-lhtir
tiKll; on tlt4 piaiol NHid city ol Uaytou, eaceui ata
'n tfm od the wail aula ol aald lot, runaiaa thniufth
Hip l unrc kl,ianpd Uvnauiuel H. ThoiLuiM. heiiia;iuv
M a imtfillvMrun iff MK-tota -hy ftf. 2rfMvttrt!.
said inijprty to be aoij uu a decree in favor of
VViHiam 'r S-heni-k ftKftinat J. Harvey TlWnaa, and
n5 heenappraionl at ,ipn buulr'l dollare i,li4Mi
tud (mnnot for leH than twu-thirdu d amid m
(itetiwtl (mIup IteiUR KHi0 (h,, Tenui of aal- t-aali.
Raid real a.-tat- in ailuatsMi on Vonnh atrewt, mis
iMiii-waefi ul Council eireet, mid run froin Kuurtii
ircK U)Hytinos-a rtrepftrtmlirii; i hoih atr4Htti,iti
w davvlluu houae on tmch pim! ul itio tot!
II. II. WKAKlAVart.mtiiiMtou
Alam (Lav. Attorney. Icvfrlaaia
lLK.NIUl lionei, VgtM'KKT- KOK ' Al.K
'IA1I tv iuidftrifiiai will aell on ivajwnahle larnta. be-
1 twPt-n now and Annl lat, UihJ, hia holft ituihii
111 HiitiiuatorgaUluu.kwiftHaiiUrw n- , , f .
Thia ii one of th ftneat hotels in the Miami Valley,
mi hM aa emlUiii run of Dwaiueaa a tla hnt. it
1- a arta ihrtte-nUiry trick houae, csnitauiinK la fill y.
the rfM.ina, aud ha- all i,tMatari oiaj-ta1ddihKis4il,
mid wttd-rnn a. tat lied, anti ail m ji'Med vitlt-r. Al-u m
Inrite yanl I ha aiaids ra one of tlx lareiM brnv-l aw
lei. aud in to riue order.
IheUKiHI.NiH itni.riinf thi4prip4nY'-nl- 1,1
lire largfa loltt, one uc(ued ailh a tui htlvrs and is
'-"an 1 uu nly arnuired t a xardrQ; haa also A uni
iii4va 111 tmrinf onler.
This property ia auuat on the ivirnrr fif Mhiii an. I
tlfiuxs streoia.not mora than aavaoty-nre )aid Irani
Lho citnal and ft Convenient duiaua e in.in Uia u.
Uih CitUiiauitU, lJauiilti aid 1muui nulioaU aisd taa
4'nH stand and a tfood payiuj proMrtv.
rwriuniiri ahiui4U4iu wafiae iil uu Uie proiitialui
u the 1. 1 Pin i -., fcst.t,u.ii h. Ik Black.'
rnilK ham tuna lb uaa B."t . mm Tree Inviaorater
X i- 'rom the utile tlian-osietanaaoulot the around
iuui tna nrei 01 June. ,waiMUaUu
ruxi'iLii hIirsk bFimicij.7T7
fpilK itrandeat in-liluliuu out. for sale at
L MXijN m nriiNBuita, n)ThiH trai-
DKUuti and atadawaaai a mil atas-k always on (t,l
and lor sale al reas.aialse prieea hy
.Aes aasa,, asw lavaitSac
Important AnnouncemenT.
. It. KLINK, ,. , . .
lo. saa fkllllpa llaaa, ralral atraai,
TiAaKfl thiamalhod lolsforwi the pul4i lhal ha
lia.aaaajos Ua wiiai ui aioaiieniaa woo
..vietwrsUid aa a . . ,
To d evary awoAar af raaatrp to ,l aW.npAwaa al
ID Ore heat ! vie. tad nt short notlea. -Ihia reiaiirer
lias wuraua ueoaMie snaM walcnae and malr. :. is.
larieisl l ine, ol 4vurop.alid Ai-o 111 uw Oailmt Alalrs
:ii:o he t-suiiot tie eA.-elled lor uuo.1 sik .......
Monte Salsh. Ol eoorae In. work le warnutlad an eat.
i.ut.. air. KliaawiU now to ale. w NsH,a,a.'-
tiOLBid biLvts virniKS axb rnAia
in avorj vatiaiy will u. oflarod at arival 'aala, aud
UrKaiii. n.sy I had m ,h.i. Th. pui lK- sr. ,.,Zu
to.-ll ai Sift, sva, i,iiln. sMa. 1 mrd eaM, sieS la
taut Uv. Dash, aa.l (,1 rewauiavA sa m ih. feet
v, - , j'lWij H, KUIT
W Ii K A T T O
. ' - AMI .
;WB 1 J.IVS . TO
J.4 (mat an 4 ion,
6t,u"roaTorFuB autund. 474 THtun' aT.
I I A VIC Jual raealvad and, leva M aala al tee N West
I 1 rates
MlCHlWAN Affl fH whoeaaslaaad eaaaal, .
-1liAM.MJ ri A ri'h-ui, u,l
; "',, "WKKf OaiilKM,
rAMii.v uaui i.ii. .- '
family ri.oi'N-i.i .irr-w
' Wtt MfilAN M'OKWHKat lit hlra.
J. W. a Woo areiustanilv ,asat.iaa the el... ...
elea. aud av.ryil.iua '-ad nsr the Isi.:.. .hit I, a.
i.usiw.iMMSwsaiaifU, lli araasrvl. .hu,.
paa Avrlvm aad fotatuea Kwiu kahiM,
Vltiuraud korawheat l.iitar-l .....i ...VT . . .
I'-Mlad. They ara Wall Sled Inr I He Holiday, and
IDVttavuaUUiwrv. to eall. wariauwaai lo Dasaaa aauaa.
Ut Irada doli.nd trwa. Leave otieia. tla

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