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r. I.OUAR, Kill roe.
Democratic State Central Committee
of Ohio.
' AVe leam that the Democratic Slate
"(.Vntial Committee Las been ' called to
meet in Columbus on Wednesday , next,
the Sfith Instant; Wr hop thf"ri wltt
till irttcwla n'i . 1 1 nll.l JUlJj.
City Convention on Friday
Ueckel Ilall being engaged for Stn
day night, the IVmooratieC.ily Cooveu-
tion will be held on Friday evening, in
stead of Satnrduy a was intended,
Filth Ward Meeting.
The Democrats of the Fifth W ard aro
teo, nested to meet at Wai.dF.n's Hall, over
Marshal' Hardware Store, on Thursday
evening, instead of at their usual place of
voting;,! ! ' lit ; . ' 1
Democratic Ward meetings.
' The Democrats of the various Ward
in the pity are requested to meet at their
usual place of voting, on THURSDAY
EVENING MARCH SC. and select ten
delegate, to meet in Conveutiou lit Bucket
Hall Friday . night March 28th, for the
DuiDOse of noiuinaUne candidates to be
voted for at the approaching city election,
Tho Ward meetings will select their can
didates for Ward officers.
The Meeting at Becket Hail
last Night.
The meeting at Becked Hall last uighl
waH the best evidence we could desire of
the iletcrmihatio'n and eaiuestness of lein
oerats. The meeting was designed siui
ply for business, and the notice was given
but aa hour or two before the time of as
sembling. And yet the hall was filled.
It means soiui'thintr. It shows that the
people are awake to their own and the in
terests of the eoontrv. It foreshadows the
itoom" 'of 'Abolitionism in this country, au4
carries hope to the lH-a.it of every true jiu-
triotv !(..-'! .1 i .
The meeting was organized by calling
Wjluam Drkev, Esq., to the Chair, and
the appointment of Anthony Stevens
Secretary. The object of the meeting was
stated to be for the purpose of consulting
upon the propriety of taking some action
in reeSTd to the' Siirinpr Election. T. F.
Thresher, then read the following resolu
tion which had been handed him and
which, after amendment, was unanimously
adopted : .. .
Whiseh, Tha exigencies of the times de
mand united action on the part of all con
servative men.
Remind, That all citizens of I lay ton
opposed to the treacherous and unconstitu
tional policy of the present Administration
be requested to meet at their respective places
of voting in the several Wards on Thursday
next at 1 i o clock P. M., and elect Ten IVIe-
gates from each ward to meet in Convention
at Beclcd'a Hall on the evening of Friday,
March 27th, for the purpose of nominating
Democratic Ticket for the united support
of Democrats and other. Conservative Union
wen at the ensuing April election.
After the adoption of the resolution,
loud calls were made for Mr. Vallanuiq
tuu, who was present, and spoke for half
an hour. His remarks were received with
great,, enthusiasm,. ,.Tnos. F. Thhkbher,
was called tip and made a few remaiks, af
ter which the meeting adjourned.
A Record for the Execration of
The course of Robert C Bchenck in
Baltimore is furnishing another sad illus
tration of the debauching influence of the
infatuation and fanaticism of . the present
Administration. ( '.
Gen. Schf.ncb seems to have been in
formal tufU he bpolusellers, ;-jTel buf is
termed secession unisic .1, Ami that the
photographers have calls for the) pictuivB
oi the rebel generals ! His transeendant
wisdom devises for these lamen
table evils the efficient ' remedy of com
pelling the. booksellers to vear, ftyf
"wont do bo any more" and of confiscat
ing the pictures of the rcfractiuy photo
graphers ! . '," ,. 1 .
Jiow what is the meaning of all this ?
Is the telling of rebel music and the pic-
litres of rebel' statesman 'aiid gi'iieiafsj the
cause of the sucesnion ceutimenta prevail
ing n Baltimore or i it an effect ? If
the latter what effect is the action of Gen.
IscHKHc it dalculated to baVe upon the se-
ceiisionutiuieiit of that .city ? WiU.H
conform it to .tbe Generals idea aud defi
nition of loyalty . , ,
V take it that tliose who buy aece-
bion music aud like to sing il have seoes -
sion s'vniDathiea aliWy which induce
them to make b purchases. The for
bidding the purchase therefore, caJiooi
so far as we are able to dUcover, result; iu
restraining those jtisloyal proclivities;
But Gi. 6ciick. roaiej this an occ-
most tyranical and infamous oath a
promise that they will 'tiot iptak con-
lemptiiousli or intuitively of tin .cit'ilor
military r 7A i,titd bUdr, ' bupr
pose General ScHKKfrfc haul bwnl askei t
take an'oath of this kind afterthe passage
of the Fugitive Slave Law or during the
Mexican War, with a promise that upon
ifs'vtbTatiori all Ins property sliould "Be con
fiscated, And hifriarlf consigned to prison! -V
'UU wl)M CouU. b..ompttUatl, tu4aku
oath Ijke this,pvould..dfxerve au ifitatey
as black'as the man who could ak it.
i Tre thm 0usi' pbrtidh wis Mrickmi
out, but it wilt statld as a part W this iufu
mous record tlut Gen., Si'hkkvk dumamt-
Vj take yie fuiiowuig, front the .Balti
more Daily ti,ntl ot March 12th 18(jll :
Mention was made of the fact-' on Tuesday
last that the music publishers of this city
had. .been, ordered ' hf J Xieral -Soheu'ck,
through I'ruTost Alumhul Fishi ,to stop tin;
ale of all Southern or , "Secensiun" music
until further orders, aud to send u the oflicc
of the latter ottioiat all such musiethen on
hand, which order was coin plied with. Yes
terday, Messrs. Wj IX Miller, of the firm of
Miller & Hescham, Henrv McCaffrey anil
George Willi?, all music publishers, were
summoned betore Provost Marshal Fish, who
informed them that'' General Schenck deman
ded the surrender oi the plates nf swh mu
sic as had been anppresed, and also, a parole
to the effect that no . more' of such music
would be published or sold by them.. These
conditions were complied with, and the gen
tlemen were discharged. 1 Later in the day,
however a sergeant called at the respecting
places of busiuess ot these geullumHn, wilu
the following blank form of an oath, accom
panied by a note trouu the f rovost Mursiuil
tatiug thai the Commanding benernl was
unsntished with the conditions In which they
had subscribed in the morniiiL', requesting
the parties, respectively, to sign' the nath; nr
parole as the not styled it: . ,
I., hereby make solemn' oath and
give my parole ot honor that twill in every
respect demean myselt as a true, loyni and
law-abkliag citizen of '.the 'liied htatqs
should: neither doing myself, uiding, abet-
ting or countenancing, auy act prejudicial to
the good of these United States pud its civil
and military 'law8J,i'or 'speah trisultin(,dy or
contemptuously of the same. iFarthermore,
that I will not correspond with any purties in
the States now in rebellion,, neither by words,
tetter or signs, or be "Julereiii -irf any1 is
mercial transaction, directly or indirectly, in
which goods, warn or qw-rchasdise are sent
or carried into auy .of, the States abovtiuiuu
tioned nor wilt I MalteHnp te po into nir o(
these States now in rebellion , bindiiig nivsell
in no less peualty than the confiscation nf all
my property, real and personal, and imprison
ment tha tin the setielBonjtoslt. i !! i .'
All the parties declined to sign the docu
ment, but subsequently signed modified form
of which the tollowing is a "copy;
We, .hereby make solemn oath, and
rive our oarole of honor that we will in every
respect demean ourselves as true, loyal aud
la abiding citizens of the United htttes
should neither doing ourselvo, aiding or Abett
ing or countenacing, any act prejudicial to the
good ot Uiese Lniiea. states nnq nui'i.ii vjuo
militarvUws. -Furthmor that wi tvill not
correspond with any parties in the States now
in rebellion, neitner Dy wora, letter or mii
nnless under the proper military supervision
that we will not attempt to trade, ourselves, or
be interested in any commercial trani'ttrrions.
directly or indirectly,. in which goods ac
or merchandise are sent or carried into or
designed to be carried into any of the Stains
I above mentioned, nor will we attempt to go
intn anv ot these states now in reueunin.
The following is a copy ol the parole which
a niened at the first interview vesterduy;
Vet k . hereby give oar parol, ! honor
nnd pledge ourselves solemnly to discotilinue
the unification or sale of music which is or
ran be properly called Secession" in its len
dency or sentiment, or any i-lus of music
wmcn 14 Jts worus encourage, sj uipuiui.c or
commend the action of the Stales now i
hellion, orparties eogaged in such rebelli.,n ;
also music witnout woruj, (ucil oy m name,
beading, or dedication stamps it aj ftjfli nin
Suppbession of CosrtDEBvrE ricTutits
The following order was yesterday issued by
onJiT of Genel SehSneltwith'relVfeneetd
the display of Confederate pictures :
Headers MiiUi-f Prp'x, 8th Armv Corps,
Offiob rsoyosT Marsiui.,
Baltiuouk, Marfh 11, 1863.
Detective Pontier is hereby ordered fo pro
reed to anv nbothographist, or dealer ol pic
tures in this city, and seize all pictures of
Rebel General and Statesmen which they are
publicly or privately exposing for sale, as
they have been repeatedly requested not to
display such pictures for sali, and further
more ordered by iIrshol Van NubUriuid not
to sail such Dictures. aud the sate at such pu-'
tures is hereby forbidden hereafter, unless by
special permission ot the military autnoriues.
1 .. r . f 4, - rt.- u n u..i ,j.
1 er oraer oi ueo. tv. nLirUi.
Lieut. Col and Provost marshal.
A Voice from the 35th Indiana.
An officer in the 35th Inauajlegiuieiit, in
answer to a letter, written. tp, hjinby.ft friend
in this place, uadar date pf urf,;(;iiuuro
March 12th, 18G3, says'. ,, ,,,,,,
' "You ask me what is th,lMMeU Jibe ar
my of the Cumberland on the, e'ro I'roa
luuntion. As far as my knowledge und ob
sarvatiou extbndsJ'twb-lMrd' 6f the tttihy are
opposed to It U anybody tells you that a ma
;..r,. of the soldiers are in favor of the Proc-
lumiktinn. vou can tell him l is a liar. Those
resolutions against the Demooray jr.ou speak
nf wm niuLnled through by some of thn
large shoulder strap gentry. Our regiment
voted against the resolutions gotten up lor
the benefit of Governor Alijrton by two clmp
Uiiuraod'ugsrinawoses wasceim
I .1 ..Un' hlarnMV our mils: thev to IJ
1 a,, i,iut the utmost ouiitidence in the
I patriotism of the Uemocrat Ugijlure of
indiaua, and further that if the country was
saved at all, it would be through the I leuio
cratic nartv. So after some war to the knife
.,,,l,e. during1 whleVfba KevSVerid getirte'
,Un i hiued. thev look their leave, evident
ly not well pleased with tbe feeling of tbe
Irish Kegimenl,
Letter from a Soldier to Hon.
Letter from a Soldier to Hon. C. L. Vallandigham.
Th fullowiag letter from a soldier teflon,
n t . . . , - .,
C. K Ai.HKmoHAM,can.rtencWd in three
nveloha, faatins 'leen nimld a many times
to dilferenl ersuns, in onS.'f to insure its safe
trawHmissi.sai If any one doubts the genuise
oos of'ihe IplW, they can satisfy themselves
by cslling " st this oflice, and we will show
them the letter, and the envelops through
whwh H- ewrne i . -
March 12th, 1863.
lTTuN. Slit T aiu an enlisted maii it
scrvinMttrtbe linlMd Mates, having Volun -
. J !. '".,.(.. f tfiA.,',,.! II....
leeniu troin .mii ,uiy ilu i.-mu, riiii nnv
seen near twnmy luonths liurd service and
1 tnke this method of thanking ynu from uty
heart of hearts for the featiess manner jin
which von have wideavurcu to have an Honor -
nbls adjustment nf our Nsiionsl dilliculties
and eiht-tcnth of this whole army (Hose -
crans') join n o, in doing so, in thanking yon.
Our otlicers and those who lavor the war lor
the monev they nra ' making out of it have
grossly niisrcpi esented, the feelings of the
men who compose this army. The , retolu -
(ions of th Indiana trooiis thu a the admin-
istration pn;ers have taken snch pains to
publish to the world were all Jtosil, they were
concocted by our big othcersand by thum put
through after a fashion ntnid 1hernrr of
nun, who spoke of tlu rn as a d daboli-
.: .1.1.. I .1 L. f
lion uooe. 1 mwu;ni. wi willing in ;u iw
dav. aftor seeing your lnt snicch in Congress
wtHth a privaUi soldier, httided totl )ti fead
been cut out of a paper and sent liiui in a
letter, it looked as if it had beeu rend ,'bv
several liegimnrs as it was Very much worn,
it would have done your heart good to see the
very careful manner in which the boys handled
a lit ry spot Ocenhuck cnnld (lot have been
handled with more care nnd it was kept out
of sight of the officers as it is not good for a
miir soldiers health to be found in possession
of any free document, hardly of the Ieclnra-1
of Independence. Iear sir go-on;
through you and the party ao : we look for
twi'ntv months experience reminds
me thul this North American war can never
he fought out. Our lighting (lays for princi
ples are over, we ' came Out to fight for the
Constitution and Ijmun of Jatkert. , ihe
administration fine grossly iiKCKivrn its,; and
against our wills, our principles and every
sense of justice it has set us to fighting for
the cause ol the cursed abolitionists alone.
It is true we won the big light here but State
pride made us fight. Sir I sny again go on: do
uotir rfutytiuid wlcir Wn rots.: homenncf UHO
.1. : 1 1 .1.. ... t 'L'...l.- A I 1. 1
vole we will U'l iiurr. , r inner ,'ouiti nui
cniumaud one Vhth of th vrAes here. In my
t'.oiiifinnv are, sixty five erl'ective men. U'li;l)
we cauie into serviw there were hut ten pf
us democrats, now there are not six nilniinis.
tration men iu the company 1 tee will reward
you, the MJCN will stick to you biitour tlb'I'l
CKKH will not Oh if wo could vote bore,
and IfAUr.l) to vote us we. pleased this war
would now have been over, and nil of our
enemies with wjium 1 have conversod have
same opinion. They do not vanl to war
upon us they say and 1 am sure we do not
want to wuge a war i,ke tins upon theni or
anv other man" -Sir 1 initMt cloxe ; my camp
fire is going out-r-l cant sign my, name for
fear of punishinenl 1 can't send this direct
to ynu lor fear it will'be stoped in Louisville.
God bless vou as u friend of humanity und
our country. ' 1
, hoiJjiKa I'ltoM ruiNi ipi.E
fNoi'K My grsnrtlittller linigbt eiglit. vears
for the country niv father f)mht in 12
I have been at Sliilob I I PerryvilleM Stono-
river; lor the l oustitntion always lor the
nigger never! ! ! . ...
March 12th, 1863. The Suspension of the Writ of
Habeas Corpus--How the
Members of Congress in Jefferson's
Day Regarded It.
In 107, iliiring the administration of Pres
ident Tbos. JclVeriUJii. in the. fiurr conspiracy,
a bill was introduced into the House l Hep-
rosoiilatives authoriiug the Presiileul to sus
tain thti'Writ of hnbeas corpus for three
monlhs. Jlcre is the, , way . the hill was re
ceived.' "' " " " -' ' .,
' Th upiHAieutVvf the bill Acfe'red to blinii
their abhorrence of it by refusing to cnnsidri
it alieritbiul been read ones in the House!
Mr. Elliott, of Vermont,; opposed the bill ou
the grounds far mom cogent now than they
were nity years a'o.' i ne mil gives, suys
Mr. E. "the power of dispensing with the
oriiiuary operations of law, to a host of lliese1
'little great men , who are attached to every
gO,erluu. uuder Ileuven. I wish not to
reneet upon any nl lf)ese snborrtinate officers
who may be employed bj' .lhe goternuiBiit of
my country Hut no one can douht tfist in
times of alarm and dnnger many men will be
clothed with the junction. jo.illaeJ who ar
incompetent fo file disoreet exereisc of such
bisiodles discrytioiij '. I fsvaiieyswiqj)
to nee such persons' Invest -a Vilh'lhe means'
t;t aiming at lhe. heads bf tlicir (ifivate ene
uiies, ui alh'V innocent und uiuitleudiug citi
zens, the thundniunlis iu! public indignatiolii
or scorching them with the lightnings of pub
lic suspicion. , Hays. tha poet: , . . . .
M.'.ail.l eat int-ii thlin'li-r. Jave weul.l lla'pr be uuist,
Fur very p.;tly plnnif i-rtieiT 1 '
WouM u-ehM heiivea lur UluuJr."
joiiii uanuoipu touuwed on ttte same skis,
lie said he should rugard the bill as estahliM
Jjig s new era In thA Clnvcrnment., "When I
was (),'! said Ititnilolph, "I recollect to
have consulted such chronological tallies as I
could get access to. 1 recollect to hate read,
that at a certain time monarchy wosubolished
iu Kuaia ; a little while after the hint Dicta
tor was nunsed ; thvu tho second ItictaCur,
and I believe, as in t ca'se of appoplry,
she hariHy 'got over )llii'-;lliin1 Sfc,,J birfteve
a suspension of tbe writ'-Uit hulieas ' corpus
irrglitjiavc here iMMUU. clfe:t, o the estab
lishinent'ri 'the urst ilictatur.lJ at Home.
Jn what situation would it plau yourselves
u4 tb iH'iiHi.of 'tLhist.'tJsiitrV' 'wiiuld
leave the. ui aty.it Igi'tcy nat , uirjty. u e jus
tice ol me reaue, uui t tna ruero
y hI every
lit hkryV"
subaltern tttlitei I of llus : asmyi til l
I he debate was closed by Mr. Dana, ol (Jt,
who crritdrs (tie rins So tn j'h tibnVe (hi
Semblance ot liberty that under iio prcteijbU,
however pluiisihla und specious, .would lie
OoiiKiuil to plats lia liberties of the nation,
even for a short specified pjcrlqdi In tfiu hands
of tbe great apostle nf American republican
: n'i
ism .j jiuaoutrsoa, , ,
"The Lilf, suys Mr, l'una, "authorizes the
arrest of persuns, not merely by tha President
or other high officers, but by any person ' act
ing nder him. I imagine this to hi wholly
without preuideut. If treason was marching
Ui force, os from our seits, f would not agree
to do this. I would nut agrae thus t ilesirov
the fundamental principles of theCnnsiitutinn,
or to comniit sqch an ac, either of .despotism
nusillaninity.- Undw tkwviaw ol Iheaulr.
ject I am disposed to reject tbe bill, as con-
taining & T.t..p.iition npon which I cannot
del berate. 1 ne Dill was at once reiecieu uy
f . ,. . A
i... ., - ta thn nrenent seasloB of 0(Wr
ffress, to place ttie uoeriy oi tae ciiiAeuju mc
Utf am;Ksai ui a single inuiviuuni.
The writ of habeas comas has' tow beta
suspended indefinitely in all the State the
Dleasure. of the President I What a contrast
between the-Congress of 1807 and that of
IH6H. Oanrien-
An Infamous and Damnable
An Infamous and Damnable Plot Discovered--The Designs
of the Abolition Party.
. icy of this Administration, or be exfirminaled.
j To enforce this hellish scheme they expect
f the Government to furnish them with arms
I and munitions of war, under the plea olne
1ie ioessity to protect the so called Union men of
. i.- x-...L : .1.. H.l-r..l
ject of this brganization is to be backed up
..by the State and National authorities ; wbeth-,
;r revolution is to be forced upon the only!
party of the North which dares to avow its
, unceasing love and fidelity for the old Constl
it, tution as it is and the Union as it was; npon
I the only party which has dared to raise its
j warning voice against the lawless usurpations
of .power ugainst the theft, robbery and
plunder, againstv the llagratit missteps, bluu
tiou ders and mismanageiuetit against. the illegal
I arrest and imprisonirient of loyal citizens with
pence ont legal process er Warrant of laV against
i The most iieartless and damning plot ever
I r . .1 . J!.. .
i eoncociea iu a tree guvernmeut ama uvcu uic
. covered in this country. Its place is in a se.
, cret political organization of the Republican
J party. Nor do we by any means suppose Ills'
. routined within the limits ot Irawlora conn
J ty. We are well assured that it extends over
j the entire length and breadth Of tbe State j
, that its numbers, ties and bands unite In evel
ry county therein. Its avowed object, as giv
I en by one of the leading members: at Crest
j line, in this county, is the subjugation of the
1 llutternuts of the North; tbat they must be
coerced into the support ot the Abolition pol
f itiv iiurku ill I'ABtuuiig lua uumniui euiuts
and behests of this blood-thirsty Administro-
lion. It remains to be seen whether the ob-
unconstitutional emancipation edict, wbioh
invites the slaves ol thn sou in to re-enact the
horrors of St. Domingo, by murdering de
fenceless women ' and children against all
these wrongs, with art endless ' Catalogue ol
others, which have been perpetrated by the
officers and imps of this peace-destroying,
Constitution-violating,, law breaking Adminis
tration. : ,., ... t. ,:
We have been long satisfied that a 'secret
political organization was being' perfected in
the Republican party nf this country, for - the
sole object of pubjecting :and destroying if
need be, by force ul arms, the only true Con
stitutional Union men in the orth. The pol
icy which has finally been adopted by llip pow
er that be, in the furthet prosecution nf this
unnatural war, reqiVTres that all ineii'who still
love and revere the .old. Constitution 'of our
fathers that all whb 'afe'in favoi" bf preserv
ing inviolate Ihe guarantees of the Cunstitu
tion to the people hnd the States--thot all
who are in luvor ol restoring tbe Union aa it
is must be executed a traitors, without jury
and without trial. . This 19 the last hope of a
party whixin wicked nd base 'acts i of '.infainy
and oppression have driven its members to
desperation.)' ".... . 1 - . 1
11 this is the programme, and we do not
doubt it then we say to the Democracy of the
North, watch and be vigilant ; plant your:
sutves upon lb Held ConstilaliOn, plilii Jrusnlve
tbat yon will make the same sacrifices, if nec
essary, to sustain and defend it that the fath
ers of tbe lfepnbHe endured art 'order to ie
, cure it. Stand, as you always have stood, the
advocates of constitutional rights and the en
foreuiucnt of IhiVlaws. Yoi knoW'yonr rifjhts
nnd krtrming tnfnt resolve that yon win'inain
tain them, at .whatever .cost. . lAncV if revolu
tion iHMSt-PQmp.-rif AholitionisH.and lawless
niwreaiDs arp Wuip4 ly I'.iro, tl(e,iSie upon
Northern freemen if it must bo war for our
constitutional liberty then, we Say, be ready,
and let duly find you at your posts Oraw
furd lk. frirmihr, .1,.,,,,. ". ..!.-,..
The Tax ov Piuijiissosv. Notkh, As some
dolibt' has been thrown on the precise opera
tion of the tax on promissory notes, we pub
lish the following notice on the subject from
tbe Bureau ef Internal Revenue : ' " "
It would seem : to be a reasonable con
struction uf.ectioi) 6 of the tt:Of UnroU'f
amendatory ol the r.xeise law, that promis-
so rv aetesi not eTce-eititil"thirtvjtht,dBVli.
including the grace days, should bear a one
cuut stamp; exceeding thirty-three days and
not exceeding sixty-three days, including the,
grace days,, two cents; exceeding sixty-three
nays ann pot pxocpqmg nmety-inree days,
Ihree cents. . vonseuuenliy a note at sixty
thrue days, including the grace i days, would
possess a legal value by having a two-cent
stamp affixed thereto. The saws rule will
apply to notes having a longer time to ran."
8&Suuscriptions were made all over Ohio
lost year to aid in paying additional, bounties
to volunteers The patriotic gentlemen who
so liber ally contributed their money then bare
applied to tpe (.cgislatur to reimburse them
and a bill U actually now u it's pasmtga.ljevy
nig a lax upon t lie comities lor the purpose
of paving back these subscriptions, ,' "flie next
we will near is tbat the contributors ol old
socks thread hare shirts and pirronshions to
tne noiaiers Aids will want likewise to b, re
imbursed. Tha patriotism prevailing now S
days is hardly skin deep, and the, more 'clam
orous the less there is of it DefiuHct ' Dem
ocrat. " ' ' I ;l . - . ' '. ,,,!! . 1
A csuntry li4r,:ho works for glory am)
pi'trits on trust, "ib reno'nsible for the following
1st, is reponsi
enalheniatlcai-' asptra'tibri' on tte man who
won t pay tns printer! 1 "'
i "May he have Bore ' ey,, 4n(j ohes'n'n
burr fur an eve-stone. ' Mar everv dav of hi
life be mors despotic than the I ley of Algiers.
.Tiay nenever be permntea, tq; kiss, 4 hand
aorqe woman, - May bis boots leak, his gun
h"g; fire, aud fishing tines , break. May his
IHPf 'htisWBsteneiJ with ttuss.'.'and his soup
' seosonea witp spmers.-i way ois Iriend run oft
with his ife and h;is Children take the whoop
ing coiiiiii. iuay uis cams aie oi murrain.
J L: j L! j .'
u."i v "lew niaftaraea. .uaaya segy
ment of eats caterwaul uaderhis window each
pi4 6'ilier-rMUhprt 'hill fcul dtashter main
Joiie eyed eiitor, and his busipeB gq ta ruin
imiu ho gu wiir.B legislature.
i. . ii -t , ... i 4t ,i Mil- .
I BTKAi.iNO fersons in a position to know,
say ut Jeast f 3 ,gtM,UUU have bse stolen. iB
tbe 4uanWrinasiW's Department witflin1 (he
last few months, i i .
jSr"iosh a'roity, its a gal t I was
to iiidi (Ut baby A. Liukin ; but dat a
all op wid me now," said pompey. ' ,'
I- - ..."
ft?, Wilt Kourltyi Jr'yf, ll(,u,(t.
TrHiwMreut tV'nnluw HlmJeH I I l,s Ihik.-kI ever
onereil to vrelern buyers, , In our sAil .lejwninenl
.KitS. tti wie.egnt.iwsiif laivf lik t -uy aud
Kastern or Kuropt-an, Markets, Jfliorfl.
"The ii'Hl Mioil.n of Iktnille' inlehillirc to orlis.
nt'Uieir itniwins foin, Vii'f'vtrs, ISimm"'. tiatls,
-i., niiiiii, luvm- m rmiwra rieAmimi Itrtfiils,
whK'h We ur onvrlng hi low priv.,-- -
,... . li. , v, ii. ,lMfK'l
All Kinds ot ajtor. and other Bhailta,
1 - . ' . M.J. i (irilH. '
" CAMXRiiJ hANtlFAcVlfniNll UtlMPANV,
&7 Wfsl Vimrlh .w i:ii,..i....ut, i.i..n
H. H
nrtwrirAn. .leirnity
I., r iW..U,nOUS.'
X n in ("lux Htt),aii(i the ),iu- ii.muJIv, that
fu uw aVliixetd ClHiUstsriH Die irmt i)r-rtf( rnfu-hine
Vr lllTtUtf tl i .U.'.i ......
C V K A IV I Hi 1 F I. A X "s k'k II
AnilnlluthHrkinlHof'tfraii.' TIiin si.ll u...i......
top sereea ninleelloii(,inil Ann si-reen same lWUI,i.
l0, lower sereroMBIin-tlDi.g. IT aoe ll.e work
uiomiiKiuy, won nnnti'tion im Kimnmieeil
fernuan wwinngsq Tmrrtt-tsvTSTnts nr County riul.tn
kL lltkSM uleasus ID rnbiriuLil,n r,.ii....k'
llemen in liihosru towu: l,es i Uauaeli, Jno.e. Luit,
eil.jJohii ll. Uayue,, v.,,,. WH. O., Koovri. Kr(ra,.T
J.SI.MuUluskay, Aw VuEk. Uuvnl Kiru.'i'n.u .. '
1. a B. llall, rupia, Olno. , .. '.' j,
.AitorUcrssdureiMed Ui- SfilTHIi tHi' 'l.nim...
AKeiil i ul 1moii, Mull t piomouy lWIled U. ' I !
s ot kfttx Suva v sietMi Uv tluw's" new t bH-H.1.1
M.ll,snJil,ey uk1,i.HM,r' i SominTuihu? u
lliebew ,ilu,e, hav. ever. eea lor eleauZ
Uliliicm Hi...u
L 1 1ST 1 M Ifi JSi T LJ M
, Kor ttie speeilv and elteetai
IN pie HeniiDj; the ' Liaiinmiuiui " lo'Hlw ',ut,lie n
oiihui meoenlKliil i,io,ieUr,1liVu,e,ia.,iLiuH1
ilav.tda iiutmah lo Is. uIii,m.i ..... . T?
OLAIM Ihutlor all the piirmaem ol S KAAIIlA J. "
" ..luiuii'uuim um i
SiEVEtt BKKY KQH. 1 I-ill.
ro say eaQ or Kheiiiluiim, no uiatlar or how luna
suwliuft, wllere the dUHCtiou. wer earslejly loiloweu.
.hil'TT Nuf,1'',' ln"" " ,h na"k.i.l.ie,and
chest. C.mpii la tha ioa,a,.h, Koraiui, Mp,ial lirili.
"o0 ,"'. A:ureiilMir.., Ban Am?
...i.i """" 'ooumelie, Heailae he, u .
it BJ'tH like ft ehurin. . wv.,
'I'he" Liaiuieiilmk In Itie re.ull or i.mnu
psrHeveriusipriuieut.siidTOpejii,.,,,,,,," "
nee rut ol I Ik UDpHmlleled sueeeMVU.ie Z ,,,':
wr.ien uti ouier l.iaiineiit toi,Hf.Hi.u -..:i.
bioiuieuoilu.wliuriivcc.ltis Uiod, ,,, .,u e
UiSUUtllu ill 'J.1 eHiit. r.ll I...H, a, .......
fall dtreeliuun Ipr use, anil mHiuilaetured only ,,'
nil lo 'IW .TA'Aa 1
, , No- rinr.i ire,,t, luyioii,ii7io
"L tuB'l' tiJnj(iu... ls,SWfim
Tl i. TT! .-.rrvr... m t-ci d
-X. o
"''" -a-l-l WEST Or PHH.nW llOPHk,
MhKaiialiaiKifiirArtlli.-liilTeoih. It it i'.i
aiuoity, he claims that liiseperieuei iii-iiii,'"i,ri7i iu
saying that It ih truly a vatimbla iinpiov. ineai 1
thro. panuiiUs, atfaaM, ,mtn&i, to. ud C
atyle. of work, vis: 1-1, il, ran t,e.(a.le u, Mutvi.
itwll mora aK,.y to ih grtmSlba metslh!- , ,
aud i inuvL l,KhKf lm4, It
thorouuhlv u.biedi .Lai..Uit a.., j.-.. .. . " .
eheapkr. 'Be .lo eatl. iim,V,u To Id" .li" ,', "hM"
iu lemli.Msio; sdMiiv xuld,at4 ai
deJ , l,n
i..,-Tlfcw 1. .pa m. lii -i
aisliet pre-iiire.
v,:i ul ylt'bM ki3t .WtHiatuc..!: .
Crd Hh.airaph. , ,(,,. Mmuii.u WyXiiuT
faily,a follow,., . . ..; ::,,(; i uf ,fli. I. ?
eaerat I'UJI Til D MB, iu lim weildiux huh
20 eenU:
'ara,3eaenu TOM THlfniB.'in 'wefiii.'L
couu; ,, . ,. ( j . ,, ,.. ; ,,''
Mr. ftndTMrs. General TuM THUMB, in Ueddiu,.
dSHtstvewiHi . .' .'.! ...'i! .ivi -'1
ittZ-T W .S'r.r. rpcon
W'tlftf?"" "Mfcs'A'uVv. f'-irJlWrouireard-
Tll. HI HA I. rSKTr,'(ster
I I,
reo'oiue laelnrel f.ij
the UlllUAt; rA'rri'V,' (si.
lleri.a-npie euloredi 74
1 . !. ... a ..1 . .. . .
ufUII. . ..,
I ho pnee or card pieturrn'olored, Hill i.
lmii ,,ini.ji,i,.ii r.'e. inl o ira t- oaS
po.mg msmpj. - - tiumu kus f0tTuT:.Tur7:aaiuMi'isM.,
Nona VHUII11U3 unl..
les; fiampcd W1U1 our ifnln aiark,
ih. iwai of trie ,l.i.,.,V..,.i,
a.ft, i ft 01 raie, on
V VVK" rl"".W?t,!?f'' """ "'sm "M ei. '
e or
t,. ... . . fl.iou.u.rfu nruauaay, . i,
MaauiiailurMHot beat Huouruphk. AinmviH Vrd"
i'utJln.rl u Card Photograph.. , i-elnnuas
Kh. Neaau... of these ex.piHite rpieiin-es T. i,
''V7l. a ..Ma .7 , ,.,.,Mm ,
,1.. iLJIPiilLAUlCLiPHlA"' '''" "I
Shirt and Collar' Ibuse
l,000i Uozen vllkkorf Shirt.
1 ftftft 1 ASHORTKri rA.vvy
IjUUU lTKAUe.uhlllWs;Ki
1 i!u 11
awhitk'm own an jIrth
1 000"
:wo '"Il '
r! .
yn Urernlls,
,,,,,aaDpft.pJrisoro1ui,ii.Bi'wi:wiii u.
inn.' t,J 4elars)a asuiaitst ana ,i'e;fi nl-h
Maen aits) Marseille! Botroiniind flllan
l'al 4, lui.l tvi UHD 'on e ' -'''''" '
.rT8 1 rrnMsiiivu
imvhiI iif.tr . Sn' V .' . t
,,,1, jn.lJsurch Aitei,.iiudiatoa.
u. n::l
uyo1 i.il...
Railroads. Indiana Central & Dayton & Western R. R.
CHAUSi.OB litlK,
ON Slid after 'Monday net! trniua on the li, ,,.
leo.r will I.... me V,oo Pepot, .T oo,
lS:UWin,iUS'm, and 4:49 pm." '""" iol.
iXl'S!' 10:10 ' 6:16 '-
the t:UV in, and 4;4i p m, e.re trlnnl.
ulo.a eounwuoDft in ul pomu, in M, V,'e,t ,n.i .-S .la
v;li.m Irani I. Uh- ehorWet ad quieke.t rouv'
lo Che ano mid Hie NunhaeM.
..am', - "witttdeut.
Dayton and Michigan Railroad.
N ud. ,Ur enadiiy. Slay ; ,Ma
riiiumle poiui., .h.,iu 'Ti.ua .. I
.Toledo aud Uhaano Man alSJUft i.
., Uuoimoaud Enroll i,Killfcxiiri (,,,,,
?1L H. MhuKMahhK. ftupenuaea:.
Sandusky, Dayton and Cincinnati R. R.
3:40 w.?irr A-a,,u,a
m; i llrlBiin win, iraii ,..r V'..i?..",r '"".luu" W
'i al iuie.H win
uo Ji. 1.
..,.,uH ,uviinuald:46p,u ud l.i.t.,
K. h. Ko.ua wnvinx m Ulevehuid il S 4n . V
bunkuaatiJO.ui.aau Uu.lalo .1 S", '
Wwt. ftrriyiiiK iu tolodo at 110 a n, IJair",, Li ?".','"
ni, Uueiyo ai iu;, a m. aud caudal ' 16
,;,lMK- '"''"I're-slur bpfmald
U.H ud helk-ioalauio, ooiuiouiu.a torijt uT,,
I nun eomiz fcanlou l'iut,ur i nu
aod,m?m, a Cri me a? , , T.yV
p m. Uonia st, will, i ,, amnaj 7UT i" "
b:S6 . m, and Ch.OaKOai .'"g, '
rweCiieN ftuiMli4t,K at 7:4b h n,.
I' 111 Hiia JbutiMu a( 6:;to
' ti.,
reacl.iUKOpriUKtield al s.o p In, :r,to)4 u,'!1''""'""'
est iaiwnr at t t:ss u m. 11...:... 'r:'" ' "
aud UuutNvilleat in.lya 111, , ,u
neaeui via itiiS Liua to all b.ua.- k ,
WiMt. esn he had at ll.e Viea,' ,T .,V". h 'rt.1'' "ad
-fASI'l, . kl.NU,'l,..UM A.T. , '"l""l'l""l't
i.;..T ..." . ' """'?" " anyotlLU- touu.
JVTU. cwr. t.eu. Tick,,, AKeuT: "
Illinois Central Railroad.
. IdlANOfc. u
ON aud afler Monday, Xoismlidr Is I Hi
, Uhiu will leave diatlooa and l i.i.u
V rnv(i
LKA I h: . .11.....
''" North, l-tu pin and ll.uu
vaiuji aouiu,4 6o a u, ;,.u rur '
.. . J.J..AVH. 1-A.Sa"
, tioum NvUUi,l.:uua Ul KUU i.M ma . . 1
Moiua Souu, , ti:joa u. aud t-i ,'n. ..
Dayton, Xenia and Columbus Railroad.
' ' tl IvfciMa 1 'itl I V iraj,.a, H "
j. iaueu.,,,,0, iiayiouTo :: ""-
1 hrMI I Mill V ....... ( . . " "
Runt MH lOtluw.'i: NiL?i, u
Ui Wily ftt Amia Ktnii ....,, T
P.m.. moon m h!1 f,'l-ulinou .f
'rtf.-U ilaloat HIW
inuiiH run i;otumhut tiinu,
j iiroin tick ((
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
A tlvKVl li.t.iiu.iAi.i.iii... "
uiKUAi unit KuiiMitoi
,1 nun... ,.,......."" ' '"' . "1 I
bt'UMMJtlll 111. it 1'. . k
. Ul U li.fli 1 ' .....
' Wja,r all ,i,e KM,.r",",'".; V) "J
. ,m mn v 1 ui 14 II. Uual 11
i.avo Wiluuiou ul t,:uo, ? 41. m i , ,. U1 , 1
.taayo, Ihepnaupal W,S,UT K'
-J!":.f,:.s.VMW.,!i"i.;i'au.porui,ou aij,
Dayton and Union Railroad.
- arsa.-j
UM Juiaitr Wftuiif-Htiit-; ."honnry tih
tuniuti M-niw, uilu ilij-uu it tvla
vltiJUIi lib MIUHM; .
' H 111, HUQ 'a IMi .
....... ,,t U ,. 1
I.t-ivti lyiii,, tti urli.li in. nnd I "'it .
ILL l, 111 1 1 li I v, .. . '
' a. 0. bTiiii.su k. u......
; . . .
Dayton and Union Railroad. Livery Stable.
yMto,l all , ,e, r.V"1
U'1'la.-a, .., l.ioJti,...ort.r.,,oioa. """
. .il..".":.",''? jaeparnu 10 l hur,,t,v u.
r .rnBointuie eriuh.
J.I.1VM .-tTII-,i.-r
Dayton and Union Railroad. Livery Stable. Dyeing House.
" "uumi. lo mum n tl
wM4i ,
0-.4W,l..Vlol.hi HlHv KUUK'I M KIPtTi,"
1' 1 ,,1, .1 - i t avton : .1 it.in
Uty ,uua.aMwJ0u,rll,B,, j', (1
llo v-awaul. 10 ,im, a i , i. . i". ' ''' W '.''..
i.ren.e mi.
j - . - " I...UH.I io al
am a 10
W ''1
tile u .
. u.ea,.j lo priIUJ
'SI'o.aiav.lviH. I.
llklvjl.lK UIKUI'Mj.
Drugs, Medicines, &c.
i ,lJH U Ci H. ;
VIi6lehalc ltelail Druggists,
I Bio. 55, Ttitrd atrefit, Uaj toit, o.,
Ana eettnuf at rudueod pricea lor oath,
warrajuauto ba aan.proHDid.
seta .
COAL CJIlapd;otir LajnuMurmde i.r
. I ;7-a wAi-tnaa'a
'4Q, 'Uurao. j
()A L, and Carlwu Oil ol stiparier auahlvl alo. lj
J brieating Oil, for sat at ih Uru, ",,'rl ol
' I.TK'liK t
A riNsTlotoi Varnil,
lea lur.-.alaehwapat lh lirili; '
;.''J';: 1 'RED JACKET .
r j.- IVA V'rt KM. JAt'KET seel.au, ih.r '
1. BiaataoW llillaa. b,r all ni.nu, nils.....
aalefti u. Urinj-lurtiof ,
" ' " ' WAI.TRU8 K.I.SLl
A T No. S, Market lr.'et, norlh
Ida, harfcUjfoift
V BlefHiru woue'M nuo,T prepai
bul.liwMft4wwfvhest oushty of ph and Cnrea
lean, Voijalat.lM,i!atin LO W SJIT 11 H u wii
1 10 nuiuhh the
a.vs sum s uriiil.
il. ' . ,

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