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Dayton daily empire. (Dayton [Ohio]) 1850-1865, March 25, 1863, Image 1

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ruaLiituft Irani Anunooii, it
Umpire lluUdlug, I to Main Mtreet.
Per week, (payable; to Carrier)..,. .......
By until per touum, in dram,. m,...
Uoe.-ony peraanura ., . H n 3 uo
w"!'!. Kmpikk circulate frg of postage In Mont
gomery county. Paymeut in advance in ailoaaea.
'l every deanriptton, exeouted on Hteam Prentiss, in
lie tmHi atyle, and at reaMoiiahl price.
-, - - . , i.
t7"Announcementr. under this head will be charged
Si. No name inMorted utile accompanied by uie
City Council.
JOHN A. MINICK will beaoandidnt for r-leo- 1
tion to the Oity Council, from th t ourth Warn, Ht the
ennui iig spring election. maw
Oity Iallrmury.
R. BART will be candid Ate for Director of the
1'ity Infirmary, lubjeot to the decimou of the Demo
v.ruv Cunveuuon. mtxli
U. NNFA'El.Y will be n candidate for ieeltction to
the olltce or Director of Oity Infirmary. ma-la
ANTHONY WUlll, will lie A candidate for Director
of City Infirmary at the eumung citation. mail
A h nan or.
WILLIAM DAVY will le ft candidate for re-election
to the ottioe of Antietnor, in the Fifth Ward, at the en
Ruing tip ring election. tnal7
JACOB 8TEPII ANH will be a candidate for re-elea-tion
to the oltlce of Aa-WrXior, in the fourth Ward, at
the eriHumg iipring election. ma!7
If I BAH KKLLKY will be supported by the voters
of the Hixth Ward lor Aaaoaaor at the enduing ttpnng
e lout ion. maU
VANKKATIU9 WKIMNKR wilt be a enndidnt for
A Mfteimor in the tfiath Ward, at the enduing Bpnng
election. Inall
Oity MurHhnl.
KTACY B. CAIN it a candidate for re-election to the
t.tti.'u of City Marslial. umo
Market Miiwter.
JOHN MuOtTUUKON will be xuppm ted for ie--le
lion to the ortiun 01 Market Martler at the viiHinug
ppriui. Hei-ium. iut.4
Oity Holioitor.
.1 UiN .1. ACKEKM AN will be a cmidhlale for City
Hom-itur at the enemiig wpring election, inaltf
I. KELLY will be an Independent candidate for
City Solicitor at the euxuing Mlt-i-liou, uialti
JOHIAH LOVKLL ih a candidate for re-elcctioo to
the orti.o ot City ftuliciior. ma:i
O una table.
fciSKA .IKFFHKVHwill be acnmiMnt for re-election
to the ottioe of Constable at thu tjiiauiug hprmg elec
tion, mail
JullN Hpfcl 1Kb will he acaudidate tor Cods lube at
I lit eusuiug April eleciiou. mab
A. M. OYLEIt will be a candidate fur Cmiaiuble at
the euauing April election. matt
A C. Hl'KLHUKi" will oe n uatidi date lor Constable
at th ennuing April flt-ctiuu. nuW
Street CommiHeioner.
CHAKLK tiKKHER will be a candidate lor Htrewt
C'ouimiMi-ioiicr ut lUv eiiciiuig April tlctn'ii.
WILLIAM HA RPR 11 will be supported by the citi
zen, of Duyum for Htrect (JummiM.'uouer ai tlie enait
iiig h pnn i olnciiou. inaio
l.mKNi'. HUTZ"tli o.j Candle Milker" wilt
be a candidate lor Street UommiH-jioner ui the enwniiig
Hovtiuii. ma?
M. J . HTKKFKN will be a candidate lor street Coni-tun-nu
tier at the euMimg April tdeutiou.
ii. AVioie: Pleaie auiiiiKH the uaiiic ul PH ILlP
WAI1 aa a candidate ;or etrtut Ooiniutioncr ana
oblige I'l Al AN V Cil UkNtt.
Jo US COLIIAUKll will bo a cmididato for Htreet
Coiiimiaxionei' ut the bpring clt-ction. ft-il
HAMIIKL UODKH MJOIt will Ix supported forBtreet
CouiiiiiMHiuner by the citiien-i of Jjytoii, at the Upriug
Special Notices.
Copperhead Breastpins
Kumuleby H. KLINK,
mttlB ' 336 Third t, I'hillipg Uoue.
ii' voir tfjir uoou hams,
No. 9, Makket Htbkict.
lie baa now t lare lot of superior Hum),
Dried Beef, Ac, of his own curing, together
with a full supply of Fresh Meat, lor aale at
Bll houra. jal.ibm.
Watches H. Kline, No. 330 Third at.,
has a lot of pawned Uold and Silver Watches
which be oners very low at private sale.
Du. Kumcn'g Sl'ANUIXAVlAX lltMKUIKS.
Are you sick, uo matter what organ is affect
ed, depend upon it the blood, whiuh is the
food and sustenance of every organ, is full ot
corruption I Mr Scandinavian blood Pills
and Ulood 1'urifier, break up (he source of
disease in the nuids of the body. 1 hey purge
and purify the elements of the blood. Hence
their quick and complete cures in dyspepsia,
scroiuia, eruptions, nts, tumors, nervousness,
kidney complaints, piles, low fevers, debility.
rheumatism, headache, want of sexual vigor,
etc., etc, These remedies are astonishing the
whole medical worm.
See advertisement. mar9dlm
Lyon's Kathairon. This delightful article
for preserving and beautifying the human
bair, is again put up by the original proprie
tor, and is now made with the same care, skill
and atleution, which first created itsimmeose
and unprecedented sales of over one million
bottles annually! It Is still sold at 25 cents
in large bottles. Two million bottles can easily
be sold in a year when it is known that the
Kathairon is not only the most dclighttul hair
dressing in the world, but that it cleanses the
scalp of scurf and dandruff, gives the hair a
lively, rich, luxuriant growth, aud prevents it
iroin turning gray. These are considerations
worth knowing. The Kathairon has been test
ed for over twelve years, and is warranted as
desoribed. Any lady who values a beautiful
head of hair will use the Kathairon. It is
finely perfumed, cheap and valuable. It is
old by all respectable dealers throughout the
worlil. U. a. BArtrnr.S ft LU,
New Vork.
jal2diwfim W, W. Stkwabt, Dayton.
Dbikk's Plantation Bitthhs, Exhausted
jiature's great restorer. A delightful beverage
and active tonic. Composed of pure St Croix
Hum, roots and herbs. It inviiorates the bodv
without stimulating the brain. It destroys
acidity oi tne stomach, creates an appertite,
and strengthens the system. It is a certain
cure for Dysepsia, Couslipation, Diarrhea,
Liver Complaint, and Nervous Headache, and
prevents Miasmatic disease from change of
met, water Ac. it can be used at all times ot
day by old or young, and is particularly rec
commended to weak and delicate persons.
Sold by all Grooers. Druggists, Hotels, and
Saloons. P. H. DHAKE 4 CO.,
aezzaawtsm Mroadway.N. X.
JJROKICHHOR r Ancient aud Modern Lanttuagaa,
mt: LsUiu, (ireek, Krvncb, KpanmU. Ueriuau, aud
ughwh.couUuutasi Uwbiug IndiM aud KuUemea at
the reaidtiuce ot bla rNpvtite acliulara, aud a lua
6wa ifttwe, Iteclt tt a Muiidiug, ton, lb. iwt&im
.LI 1 ' I ""I 1 I ' "II ' . V I J .. I1'.. I M 1
NO. 213.
City and Other Matters.
Traveler's Register.
VTrsias arhv.and dsparttrom the Unios D.pot
' ' iparr. Arrtv.
UiiiisTills and Bt. Louis Mil.4:ao a m :45. m
Loumvills Usll Boat 8:16 a m S OU p m
LoamntleandSt. Louis KxpresM-oo b m s:upm
Uiocinnali Mail :0U p m lS:S6am
8toiaat Middletownand Hamilton only.
KsHtsrn KxnraHS I0:lfi a m 4:'A a m
Uolumliu. Aueommodation. fi-.fi p m fi:U8 a m
s,a.i.rn Axpresa.. ........ i:.iu a m a:o p m
1'lie 12:3U a m train teav.a dally .xeeptHundaya.
Faeuuers en thia train must puruiiaaa ttisir tiuk.is
blore s:oo p m.
dandtiaicy Mail V:4ft a m S:00am
uudmtiii. Aooommuaauon s:iv p m s:4U p m
Chicaxo Mail 1U:U0 a m :00 s m
ClncaKosud Ietroil kxprMa....S:16 p in S:46 p m
Indiana Obittrai and Dattor Wssvrrn.
41. Loui. and C'hieaxo S:llO a m 10:10 a m
xrr uauitt Aueonimuuatiuu....H:is am o:id p m
St. IjoUis and Chiuauo biprena.4:4& p m 12:lK a m
ArommodalinD 9:20 a m 13:50 s m
4:W m s.oo ui
SAM'L W. KING, Agent.
Holiday. This is Annunciation, a holi
day observed by our Catholic citizens.
Those Lots Gentlemen who have much
or little money to invest in real estate, should
not fail to attend the sale of the Bomberger
Lots on the Hill, next Saturday. Don't for
get it.
Arrived. The Ledger, Scientific Ameri
can, Waverly Magazine, Monthly Nouvelette,
Cassell's Natural History, Daily Tribune,
Herald, World, and Times, Magazines, Nov
els, and Fresh and Cove Oysters, at Dr. Kea'i
9 Main street.
In Court. The trial of Samuel Kobbins,
fur the murder of Mr. Kelsey, in Washington
township, was commenced to-day. This Kob
bins is one of a party of fellows who abused
and beat a man named Parrott, in the sum
mer of 1801, in Washington township, be
cause he was a Demoorat. Parrott was de
terred from bringing the scoundrels to jus
tice by threats of murder.
Old Folk last night Despite the un
pleasant weather last night a large and appre
ciative audience were attracted to Huston
Hall to see and hear the "Old Folks." The
people were delighted withy olden time en
tertainniant, and gave frequent evidences of
their approval, as the O. F, programme was
being carried out Just as we foretold, the
concert of last night was an improvement on
the concerts of the 0. F. some four years
ago. A great many items of fine sentiment,
and any nsmber of extras have been added to
their repertoire; and they have learned
great many tilings trifles they may be
which are essential to putting off even the
best things in a style acceptable to an exact
ing public In a word, they have learned the
busineu to perfection ; aud while they retain
their original simplicity, touch up responsive
cords in old and young hearts, and call out the
risibility which is the legal tender of genuine
fun, thoy know exactly bow to suit the heal
thy public pulse, and round off, in the best pro
fessional manner, their unique and agreeable
entertainments. We are glad to note that the
0. F, received a warm greeting. Go to-night
aud hear their second budget of old-time har
monies, and the memories of golden hours
long ago numbered with the loved and depar
Dobbins the Murderer. John W. Dob
bins, for the murderer of George Liodenmuth,
was formerly a resident of this city. His pa
rents died here with cholera in 1849, and we
learn that young Dobbins was himself attack
ed with the disease at the Hospital, After
his recovery he lived for some years with a
relative residing several miles north of this
city, since which time he has been a wander
er, and obtaining a rather precarious liveli
hood. When the war broke out it seems Dobbins
was an adventurer in Western Virginia, and
he volunteered in the three months' service
but he deserted before the time was out He
again enlisted in the three months' service at
the time Secretary Stanton was terrified with
the fear that Stonewall Jackson would make
a raid on Washington and saiu the Capitol
We learn, from those who were in the service
with him that he was a great annoyance, and
the beys were glad to learn that he had de
We understand that after Dobbins deserted
the first lime, he married a respectable young
lady at Moundville, Western Virginia He
soon afterwards enlisted to the 4ih Cavalry,
aud again deserted when the regiment was in
the neighborhood of Nashville. From that
point he managed to work his way to this
city, where h lived ou what he could pick
up, until his murderous adventure ia this
vicinity, which is only too well remembered
by our readers.
We do not kuow when lbs trial of Dobbins
will com. otf, hut it is named for the prssent
term. ......
City Council.
City Council. [Reported for the Empire by A. Stephens, City Clerk.]
TUESDAY, March 24. 1863.
Present Messrs. A. Decker, Iddiugs,
Rogers, Kiersted, Gilliland, Minick, Lehman,
Thomas, J. Decker and Love.
Minutes of thi last meeting were read and
A Petition was received from Geo. Kess
ling and others remonstrating against the
opening of an Alley running through lots
fronting on Flagg and Second streets, between
Taylor street and the Alley running north
from Second street Referred to the Trus
tees of the First Ward.
A Petition was presented signed by J. J.
Wayne and Son and some twenty others asking
Council to pass an Ordinance for grading,
gravelling, curbing and guttering Maple
street, between Charter and the Western
Levee, also Charter street from Third to
Fifth streets. Referred to the Ordinance
An Ordinance to grade, gravel, curb and
gutter in front of lots No. 1295, 1296, 1297,
1300, 1303, 1304 and 1308 on liOngworth
9lreets, was read the first time.
The Deed of It. K. Dickey to the City of
Dayton for part of lot No. 1844, necessary
for opening Taylor street, was referred to the
City Solicitor.
By Mr. Minick, litiolvtd. That the Street
Commissioner be, and is hereby directed to
notify the property holders between Main and
Jefferson, South of Sixth street, to clean the
Alley south as far as Darrnwt Tan lard,
The following bills were allowfd : J. Sauter-
bach f 23,45; Wise & Neuman 93 cents.
Council Adjourned.
- -
Phillips House We seldom notice Ho
tels, aud when we do it is because they are
admirably conducted, and not because we are
pensioners upon their bounty. And in this
connection we sny there is no better Hotel in
the Great Wert than the Phillips House; and
we are glad to know that Gen. Hubbell's ef
forts to please his guests are always apprecia
ted by a full house. The internal system is
admirable, and the ample table is ever loaded
with the choicest products of the fertile Mi
ami Valley ; aud George Mesler knows how
and where to procure them.
Atlantis & Oreat Western B E
The work on this important Road is being
pushed forward toward completion with the
greatest possible energy. On the line of
Road between this city and Akron a dis
tance of 186 miles seven Engineers are at
work. The track is completed to Akron ;
and one of the Contractors who Was here to
day, assured ns that the Road would be com
pleted to Dayton iu less than a year. It will
be a great institution.
Spring Millinery. Our lady readers
will please read the announcement of Mrs
Watson, Tomlinson, & Co., Third street, one
door west of the Phillips House. They are
now prepared to please all tastes in the way
of latest styles of Bonnets, Hats, Flowers, and
all manner of millinery goods. And tbey do
their work in the best style of the art, prompt
ly, and at reasonable prices. Call and see
their goods.
Boots, Shoes, &0 We desire to call the
especial attention of our readers to the ad
vertisement of Lentz k Son. We have ex
amined their stock of boots, shoes, gaiters,
ie., and pronounce them very nice. Fred
Weckel knows how to choose for this com
munity. Their stock of material for custom
work is large, and of the best quality.
' Discharged, On Saturday last the fol
lowing members of the 93d Ohio were dis
charged from Camp Dennison, on account of
permanent disability :
James J. Snyder, Co. C; and Samuel C.
Foster and David Carmer, Co. G.
Indian Doctor. W eall the attention
of the afflicted to the card of the Indian Doc
tor, who is located at the Kryder House, on
Jefferson street, just below Third. He ha
certificates of wonderful cures, and be is a
wonderful man.
Coming 1 Remember the Sharpfey' Min
strels will be here next Monday night Tbey
beat all creation in the way of Ethiopian and
funny eccentricities generally. Stick a pin
Medical W understand that the Gipsy
Doctor has taken Rooms at th Moulgomery
House. It is affirmed that he has performed
som most remarkable cures, aud bis delinea
tions in Second Sight and Clairvoyance have
astonisbtd all who have visited him. Call
aud see him. 2t.
KOBRIS KIHMBLL O tn tsd hut., by Rev. D.
winter., at hia raaid.nce, Mr. Joshua 0. Noma, ot
Harneoi. towukjp,!. Kiss Mai Kiiaat.il, af Jsnvr
on town.hlp.
DOMsOM-Ob TuMday .vaulng. March U, at W
.'clock, Mary Alice, daughter of pamel and Charlotte
K. DonaoB, awd S yaara, I month ad T days.
Funeral will lak. plac. from the raaideou. ol Uw
child's parents, in Miami City, ou Thuradiy morning
at o'clock, lutermenl Woodland 0mtry. bar
via by ttav. 0. tttec, ia the iAav uuapei, Miami
Oity. .
(Journal oopy.)
New Advertisements.
lo ihom, vorrmm, and inim
uvugm i Ui ii uuy, mwi Ttura h. iiauwi.t
- CdMMINClNii '
MONDAY XVBMNti, MARCH 30th, 1808,
The People's Favorites.
Mammoth Troupe of theWorld
Then) Monitor, or Minstrelsy,
Whoa, tour through the Ba.t.rft Atata. has bau a
aucottsaion of ilia moni biillnuit iriiiniphM; aokmml
djid bv tn praaa and pulihe to Da th. only pet-foot
aim i.gmmNie orauuniioa in axiiieui-e, will luuv
Their O ra (Jhalliig I'roKrainine
As abov., .vorylhin. entirely new, produced in tliat
iDtniiUihla atrle peculiar lo
Entire Chun of proruiinifi irli vriiiig.
Ioorf opo at 7 o clock; to coinntno hi 7ai.
Tk'ketn, ki6 teufn; r-trvMt n, 6t oral.
J. P. NKWCOMH, Btwiiievifl AkpiW.
Bam. BnAftPLH, Munagar. iurifdM
To Suffering Humanity.
' Dr. W. W. HICHMAN,
A1TOUI.D aav lo th. alok and aftlletml. that ha phi..
TV h tiliDd to nee, tlui deal in bear, aud (he
lam. to walk without th. lie. of III. klnle or any min
eral drug.
all PJCMALB WKAKNJi.MKaenredinalewdyii.
AIUIHKONIC tloMHIiAIN'ISreheved without fall,
by calling on (he liwitorat hia room, lulbe Kryd.r
Hone., T Jenunon ntreet, ca.l aide, between Third
anui-ounn. nuUMlm
NOTICE la hemhy given thai th. miliacriber haa
been appointed and qualified AdmlniHtratnr no
Ui. estate of Jeremiah Kniil., lal. of Monlgoineiy
iiiaJswll a. OKIOEK.
Important to all Interested.
J. r. LKHTZ at SOS, .
(Suocesaora to Lentx Weckel,)
TT ATE juat received from the Ka.tern market, at
IX cash purchaser, a larj(e aHorlmeDt of mens, la-
men, unys, youin., nii.eei, una cnililreu ftoot.,
Uhoes and liatters, of the tirst iiusliiy and late.ielyle,
and at price that dt-ty competition. Alio, a good as
Morlment of Hats and Cap for men aud buva. All
kinds of work uiade to order, of the best material uod
wort, nuuiatup. A fit is warranted.
rBKlA F. WECKEL, foreniau, Hill aurely please
Oall and e&amln their stock before purchasing el
where. J. r. I.KN'lif A BUN.
ma24 1M Main, between Third and Market.
Mayor's Proclamation.
City or Ijaytum, 41rcU i, 1103. j
mUl otiRliflM rotors of th City of Iavton are here
J by Botirifwl that th animal l net loo for Oily and
i owmnin omiHTu win rr neia in wiiu t'ny on jnonaa
th ih tinj of April 1U3, for th roliomnit offlrarMt
One City Marshal;
On titrtie. Conim.i-iiouer;
One Oily Solicitor;
One Market Mvir,
One Director of th City lntirmary;
Una Wood Maaaurer;
Ou Truite or Councilman, and one Mcmtwr of the
Hoard or -Sduoation ineaeb Ward.
Two Constable. In the City at large, and
One AMBMKor in each Ward.
The polli will be held in th natig) filareaof holding
eleutiona in th evrai WardM in aaid oity. and open
d between the hour of aix and myu o'clock m Uie
morttinft andoloet; atMX o Tim-k in th evoninR.
maiuu W. U. UJLLkattl'ltt. Mayor.
Public Sale rThlty-one LoU,
w la yr Tim le tec Mr m Uod mnA
Vtkmmp Hnae.
mHESE Lt will b oilered at public aale, on Ih
X pranueee, on ttaturtlay, the 2Mh day of Man-b,
&iA th sal to oonimeitce ai one o'clock. baiU lou
are aom of th beat lot aiiuated on bomherger't
HH1, and fronting on Qiutman, Potomac, Uilt nod
Bichard atreeta and Xeaia Avenue, and immediately
northwatof N. Viot'i OroceryBtore.and eoin tbrw
qiiarea nearer th city than the bt Maiy'a Citioln
Church, and beinx aurrouivieyd by beautilul widem'tv
and well improvad property. From the rapid iin
proTeuientH tfoinf on in ihm part ol the city, Ohh w ill
be on of the beet oporuu)ifieiotti d for a noi aud
permanent in ! meat, at ihm property will irfUfU
value etery k yeara.
The Uirma of thin hh1 oflttra to etery man the op
portunity ot prouttsiug himavlf a plMuit and daaira
tit horn.
Th term of ael are aa followa: Ou. fourth ah,
or not with approved aetMiniy, payable in ninety U.ya
from th day of aale, th btiuio payabi iu I hive,
four. (Ire and ik yeara. Bai-k jvtnuu to beaei-ur-d
by inortag on th preinitma, with mterersi paya
ble annually.
Oonvyaoc will run from tit follow, tii pla: th
Franklin Uoua, liecond atreot,t, out to the rale;
th Court Houaa and " onfeirtVoe, out Third Htreet c
th al; HtMphvad'a Orticeiy, corner ot Jfrteraoii ami
Urn, to Um !. Couvytuv Otemaud tMck free
of charge.
Raoambl deduction will b mad to tltoae who
purchaa end pay down iheemouui iq ca.h.
WILLIAM HuMUfcitUKH,jr.,l'ropritor.
A. K. HcOiwaa, Ag.ul.
O. F. Huau A Boa, Aucttoaeara. nia34d5
New Spring Millinery.
Ma. Tkilrsl Kre.t,
TOI'I.D respvlftilly call th. attenuoa oi" their
TT t4y n-aautui aud th. pttbhe to Ituur new rock
Spring Bonnets, flowers, Hats,
W. will sell loo for ouh, sail will .t oureej. to
Nw Firm.
rtl nnderiad ia prard t do aJI kindaofnp
holatery, repair ot furuitur aad rwvi-niaLiu,
, all kind of paper habjpuff aou at hirt awtH-e
ith ruvnttbvvt Mr, J. At-Lwy'v .(rug aturv, fro
IW Main etreet, auutti of th marlrvi.
fbA CMA.A. tlIlA
MILL I N E li Y.
Miaai M. A. OOODMAN, '
135 S.e.sisl atr.eti
Will opan liar Bpnng and Summer styles of
Bonnets, Hats, Ribbons, etc,
For the ioepeotio of JI Intereataxl. ( nuu!4du
Tuosdaj', Wednesday A Thursday Eve'ogR
starch , as, ml HO,
ALL altlrad la coHiimu of ONE Hl'NPHKD
VslAHH AUO, who will appear lu llielr 01UNI.
iy incise maiohieiui and unriveied tialiadiab-,
(Lurgintt Hd Kmiliet.
Whose laiillike wartihnita have iiistly obteiued for
them the rHpiiution tr lieiut ttei mo-4 liKLltiliT-
rui. tAinuftKl' niisut-lia IH AAlaiKIUA.
Mr. Jamae) 'i Qnllok, '
fit. eminent Amerieau Baaao, whose rMuarkahl
voice haaeju-ited the wonder aud adrointuon ol thou-
eanaa uuougnuut tn. oouniy.
(Jousin RsjubajTi,
The ureat renresentalivaot a RRA). L1VK YANKkl
will also be present every evening, and mux his famous
soii,r oi me--neroes oi mu, " e.vaelmllon Uay,
iSpnntneid Mououune," A.-, aeeonipamed by
Granny rllocnm,
Who ia now going on to so, aid who will on-aaioually
-Jiu. m thetsmMiu."
Katthor Onlic-lc,
Will "deaeon" ittm tunaw and eondoet the aniartaia
uients, introducing New Feature., Brilliant Solus.
Unuui Choruses. Alwlent BarmuaMCs. Charmlni. Hl.
lads, Side Hphtuug Uddltles, Dunns of the Tiresiile
and Home Cirel..
a.ION'T FAIL Tt) ATTEN Lal least one of these
onijiiuu ana sooial mimhiri Ke-tnioiu,auil aee how the
oiu nuinioned peopl.dresaed, and lieru- how and whai
m.y uiwi to aingi sua oe aura anil go early.
ADMISSION.. ..... ... US CI..
Doors open at T; oommenr-e at 7?,'.
11. B. UtJLlOR, Manager and Conductor.
HAKKV JOMriB, Treasurer.
mail THOMAS WARHTkAT, Agent.
N . 11 A A H ,
Mo. 41 Main street. U toa, Ohio,
Wholeaale dMler in
IKPft oonntantly on hand a larrr and tin atork
IV oi onnui, lauie ana oniiurrn'i uiv, jaoea,
tMiifN, Ruchfi, French and AmiririQ Floweni.tttiawlv,
Mantillaa, Kmbroiderie uid all km-tN of Trimmings
(joodHof ererr dfHcrlirtiiu in the line lieuiienliv ad
ded ro the variety, and ait good are hold at a email
advance on Kastarn prtcen.
The pmprieior Hpctally Invitn throuirhmit the
huutu vaiiey to giro nun a call. oiMt4r:im
A. XT O T I O 3M
TI'KHUriV. N4H4II lfilli.
M0 yarl Brwaeeta Crntl
S lar;i Mirror,
4 l(tt( lwU( nf arhttiae,
3 Bbw (!.
n Ttlat
Cleak rraaa
A M f StweU,
Am4 wawerwwa Mkn Attra.
Sale of Dry Goods Wednesday
a.1 19 ) mt Itt m, 9 p m
' ' ' IN DAILY, t '
Oneai(htrnl-ltoJt.t)aiUUiaepu. ttt
One nquare, three dnva,i , 1
in aqiiara, one week M...nk
One aquare, owe month.. ...WH(H...mH.MM.MMMM.. S 40
one rijbiir, tlirea monUii,. ,..ww... Y W
uiic i utre, mx motithfi(..i..:...v.l..-'r4.i...irM.. If v
One no,tiare,eijrhly werdu, one week
Per apiare,eAon week lit addition,
Per Muiiare. one veer,. .-.......
a '
Werma lor Adrertmeinenta oceupyia a sreete
iaiMt, or for a longer nenod Uian itTf ifeotfieJ, wed
known at the Counting ltoom. ttAll adreTtiiieuiet t
areohatfreil theaiuve raicw, unleeif a wrilienarew
Bietii Ms niKile previous tn tnMHtion. All oeuaJI art
TertiHecnente m nut he paid form ed ranee. -r ,
jEtna Life Insnranoe Company
THI Mtn vranta poltcie 1tR LIKM.ibr ft terra
of yearn, Kndowment potieien and ohitdtea'a h.m
dvwment. Also, ISon Korlviting foliciee, yo which no
("ire thoutiand dollar paid on two loitaea latlitactiy
withtn the lant aix month. - v
AmoBp all the cfrntiiranoa of men t protecf th
family circle from want, none can 1 feund n ! mim
pi in itaohararter, nobl In it feaiiir, oreertatu I la
it retaulU, than Life Insurance. It if the pros ntni'b
th dying Mill band tear to
It tn the nneB hand of the proTtdent father, rtNtrhing
forth front the grave, and mill nourlih1a; hn otlMprinK,
and keeping together th ftunily. Uy itt Uie, l thu.l
Eren where he haa preceded them Into eternity; by it
th hooertt debtor Katitfteri hia connding iwrtiivr, whw s
late teemed leaat propitioua. In amoral and worldly Sy,
trne, tt la one great wnajxjn by which to rob dth of
hii Htmir.
Lit any h unbend, fkther, ton, auk himaetr. "If J wn
l di to-niht, would Ukm wit r dw to ftt 4
Would thee children hav a comfortaM horn, and
the mearw of edunationl' Would thi wif boindepeb.
dent oi the oold chantlen of the world' Would Huh
imr and feeble parent be providet tot) Woutd ni
aMjite pay mv debtut WomUi there he no vaton- of
property by kr'l aateeof an adininipwirat4r 10 meet
LhilemHndriofortHlitonr-eieH made whn the marKet
itidi dottnwnrd, anil fair prtfea iannut t rekUired'
How h-w can answer thene qufntion to their u!b
tioul Thy lenr t ANk thfru, and rheri-h the briiei
1 hNt t)i-y have a lojig lu.e on hir. 1 tut w both iuul
ixh and cowardly, 'lie itrave mau
Hist ha may grapple with it: th wie than,' that re
nuty unuiy ita nature aud palliate ua threateuiug. The
uipnm ol palhat'on an. at hand, of ey w loall
it in
Ytving men just atartikg In buiiei, wfarum chief
mpital ib their energy and inieifr.ty.ehould iuiure thejt
liTiria to the amount of half Ur-ir liMNttiree. Mu h au
n?t of diHiutereue4l hone-ty,wha koowu totheirvred
.10M, would juatiy intrea their oenhdetv) m them.
Il uirtild ihnw that ihey did not wiah to ieve ihii ti
frifUdn xpoed 10 any artilHblerootibreacy; a&aliiie
Mi(!htiWrly be regarded f Uv tribute whicfi a up.
nittit heart payn at the aiinue of jutme.
. JOHN H. iflUHPfiLMAN, i
tf'H Agent lor iMytou and vH'iitity.
William T.Bchenrk. 1'laintifl, Mont. Pup. Court,
aaiiKit 5
J ntrrey ThonirVt al, I'efen'tn.) Can No. 2fiifi.
1UKliANT lo an order of th Superior Court f
MoniKniery county, Ohio, mad in the above
lae and dirvrted tn me, 1 will otter a put slur auptJun
at Hie door ol the Coon Houee intheeity ol )aytrn.
in iheoounty jtt atateaiuraHaidson
Aoftotti'v, Ayni 4f 18ti3,
At 3 o'clock p m of natd dey. tin following deoribil
fiicwrty, lo-wit. mluaiein the county ol Moutomeiy
and atate ol Ohio and in the city ot ltoytoti, to-wit; Lt
aumtierrd one Ihoufaud nine hundreti aud thirty-four
iwSf) on the plat of aaid city ol Uayion. nut is.
en tet otf the went video! paid lot, running throttgh
the entire tot. owned by Samuel H. Thorn, heiag one
ti h aub-diviiuun ol oui-loui by W. Lonftworth.
M ud property ia to be aold on n rtecrve in favor of
A'llliam T. henck agaicM J. Harvey Thomaa, and
wt been appraiaed at aixte hundred dollar t,lut)
md cannot Nell for leH titan two-third of aaid an
piraiaed value being (MMM M?. TermN of sale cawh.
iid real eatate ia al dialed on Fourth tiet, on
imiwwMt of Uounoil atreet, and rune from Fourth
ftirnet to By nam or atreet fronting on both atrteia.aiih
a dwelling houee on each end of tn lot,
U. II. WAAKLtvV.MatiterCoiiimiwioner.
Aim Clay, Attorney. IWdawt
Si'LKNPlD UOIKL itB(7ri:KTr for "bale
uiAMisBuaa, ,omo. ,
'HHK untltrai(nd will rcII on rraaonable term, be
JL tw4n now and Apnl let. Jaw, hia hotel pre pert)
.ii Miainieburg, Ohio, known an tlia
Ttita ia one of the flueat hotel in th Miami Vaiiey,
mil uav anext'-elleut run of timunene at true time. Jt
in h Inrat thre.tory bn?k houe, oontamhifr twenty,
live ruusia, and ttaa all nn-'eauouy oui-buildinga, welli,
Uid oiateiun atfauhed, aud all in good order. Alao, a
ii K yard. I he atable i on of the largeat hotel ata
uJ-k, and ii In line order.
'IheUKoUNlfl vompnaiug thi property ooumat of
Ave large lota, on euuloaed with a Hue hedye, and ia
isr-aiiutuily artauged aa a gardtta., haa alao uh tmu
Vice m bearing order.
i hir- protr.y u eiHiate on Ui oorner of Main and
Rnde atreeta.Dot more ttian aeventy-tive yard. LYum
Uie canal aud a convenient distance Iron ih depot (
the Cincinnati, tiamilun and bay ton iiulroadauiu ia a
good und aud a gool paying property.
For turttir inloi mat ion pleat cj un th proprte4or
uu tboprumiae. taJoiawtt b. I. ULACav..
rilUK liMt tun to uae Befit'a Fruit Tree Invigoralor
X i irotn U.eUine UielrW ouiaut of Ui ajmuaxi
UH ,,IW . . UU..
riKimiK HUUbK BKlHUkS.
rpilB grandest fnstituuo out. roreal.at '
X i'mUJilm.1 "w 't hird atrM.
DHUU and atedK-iawi a hill stork alwatenahaud
aod fbr aale at reasonable pnoa. t-y -
AbtV, auut ai., near Market.
Imnortaiit Announcement.
11. KLINE,
St.. as PhlIIIM U.m. Thlr atrM,
rnAKKU this meiiivd lolaloriu the oul.- mat L.
1 ha. .nxaawd the MrtH-u u (eailannui who b
To do every men or of repairs to all deacrlptlotu di
lnloebeH.lyle.aaKlat.bort Mtlc 'lata eeaeJrtr
li. wurked upon the Sneel watdiesud u-walry latue
target aulee of ;iiruj.. ao aleo iu tl,M IIii m.
aiia he oeuuot l u,..ll r Xuo4 work and hauu-
re-uled. Mr. K hoe will nuw la
d.te all who want Hie best wurk penoniled. at Ilea
M.we iM it uau he aOurdt.
Ot eTyrariy,willbeorred at pnt.i. Mle, arid
rxv.-e.nj uiay b. had ; ibeiu. Th. poolK, . ,.,IMU
u. WI al ho. Uo hiilliu. Houaa, Third alraei, and iu
"e.t, aad eet r-r-wnuj doue ia l he bewi
uiaiiMr. Mod.tu M. KLIMaT
E A X T tJ
J. WORaiTsi son,
01J PtWTUrl-ICB BCIW.I.B, ns THittO
AVE juat receiTed aod here AtMJe al IN. loweet
itUlWAN A PPL KM. wtwleard ud rta.
K VN II B. at Kl r.bpi i n
rANJi.i ri.iH'H teai uiiavbu.
HlOBltJAJM fcL'tatW Hitr riXt'lbluirav
srittu tr.Ai..! ai a... a.. "
Siim Ap.ee aud
iwuauasi uukwht
hat Flour ar f uaiiuke mat t
juried. 'I bey ar ll biU for t, Hut.uava, ej
u)YiurjMfcHaMrttoilt wrnntimt iu piw.a theaw.
wy HitwvwiimiN. vaia WtAasijk

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