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Jiauii (Bint
., Kll.r
"Kual ' asset juetiea ell ". f heteer
sate er irtrwuivin, rehatuu or olttioelj
t-eaoa, vominere. ta nonaal ln.iUellp witB all
aalloea, ealaanliea elliaaoee wuh Bone;
r me k ' IAM.mM'1 i all
rtvtfa .alhemoetompaanle.tiniuiaireli,a for our
doroe.twivine.rne. uJIAa earael bulaaias enamel
aoi raniiM eeo taatlenoieei
Thepreerialouof the general tnttmrtwlit in lie
whole c.natioilloeal tipr, e. Hie eheet eiehor, K euf
beeoe t home anil nfel Jf ehroail;
A jealous oare is rlgl.1 C eleolion by the eo.
A mlM Mid enrraetwe of abntea, whleh ere lop
ped bj the eemnl of revolution, here eeeieaule rema
die are uMirovtiltili
AliauluW aooilieaoenoe in Ihe ileeleiona or Ihe nil
Joril?, Ihe ,lel principle of repiihlloe. Irnlll wlnrli It
BO apnea! hill to fntve, the total principle u. iO.ui.-1i
ate eerenl of .leaeotlent;
a well ilteelptlneal militia, nnr heat rltanrJu peaee,
and frlh Aral momenta of wer, nil easolana n.ejr re
Uerethemt rhe euprameer of lb elvil ver In military an
thorite; ... .
e-'oumnrlnthe publie eipenee, that lelar may he
IteMI? lair,tene,Ji
The honeal payment of mtra'euls, anil eenred, rr
Servatloa oflhe nuMte faith;
lt,.miraeniel ofegileullure, eait uf ooauiierce a
lee haeMtmeuti . .
The .1 rti.aion nf Information, ana arraignment of all
el'i.eel at Ilia har of putilM reaaoe;
Freedom of religion.
r'aaa.M.M or tm raa.e;
dml h-ee ee. eferea eattler ( prof cf low nf Ba
ss as uoar.'Si
uial lit eelee!...!
A Farewell Word.
Tli Eipiii having passed into t)io
hand) of the Mmn. Hi bbahuh, of the
Logan County Qattttt, my connittiou
with th ppr ttirminntoil ilh tlm lt in
u. In that AnnounciiiK tint ni'viiaiic
of th ti wliich LV6 lur over two yii
xit4 bolwoeu tin rotuUra of tlie Empiiik
ml luywlf, I hU ay but littlo. II. n
I bv lille.i tha oneroim ami rKMnnil)lu
poaition, U for its rvadon to determine. 1
have endeavored to do my duty ; if I liavn
bn guilty of ihortconJog. or error, they
were of the head, not of tha heart. Ac
tuated toMy by eonvictioa of right, and a
deaii to advance tha prinoiplra of that
party upon the triumph of which hanga
the laat hopa of l'eaoe, Union and Consti
tutional Liberty iu this country, 1 bare
now, in rvaigning tba editorial control of
the Empire, do recantation, to make,
nothing to taka back. Nothing haa boon
aaid through iu columns, which, under the
tame circur.mtancet, would not bo again
My Intercourse with the people of thin
eity and county haa been very pltaant,
and the many friendships formed in their
midst ahall be chorished while life lasts:
. v . I.ifca UiaaaaaralJ, they ahall avar Kreao ha.
It it nnnece'sary to introduce to tha ivad
ra of the Empirs; the gentlemen who suc
ceed ma, and who will barcafter control it.
Thoir njiutation for ability it known all
over the country through the columns of
that able and racy pspor the J.ojun Gt: tle.
They are gentlumt'D in every sense of the
word, and their Democracy is beyond cavil,
Under their control and mmiHgement, tlift
Emimrk cannot fuil to comiiu'iid ilxoll' to
the patiousgo of the llpinocrucy, nut only
in thit county, but tin oughout the Rtuto,
and will take rank along with the lending
papers in the country.
For the prosperity of the Enpina! my
beat wishes shall ever go forth, and to each
and every reador 1 say : UvoJ Bye f
"Hara a atgh to thoaa who lova me,
Anil a amile lo thote who bale ;
Ami whaUTnr aky 'a ahora mo,
Hata 'aahaarl Itor avtry fat."
To the Patrons of the Empire.
In taking charge of the Eupihk, we
limply undertake touonduct a Democratic
papar, and eery few wordt of ei plica
tion are necessary. Ve assiMue, as our
own, end shall advocate (be principles
and ideaa of the last canvass iu Ohio, with
out OjOalilleatiou, or modification of any
sort. We believe that it was right, and
and in every aeusa expedient, to put Mr.
Vallaruioham a the head ol the ticket ;
and to make hie cause the cause of the
Democracy until restitution be made for
the atrocious wrong which be has aulVeied,
and is Buffering ; bcaue until thia is ef
fected, the Constitution aud laws, as well
as the sacred liberties of the people, out
raged and violated iu his peraou, caunotbe
iudicated or restored.
The Eatnm will insist at all times most
etrenuoualy for tha Bnprumary of the Law.
We ahall admit of no simulated necessity
for iu violation, in any emergency,
by the I'resident himsell, or Dy auy ot nit
aubonliuatee. We hold paramount lo
... . . , , ,
all thing, else, the principle that Uf
must Oovern. Thia t.riuciple ,ust not ho
aeriUc-d though it shall be assuiiiej that
eacrUioed, ttlou8t Msuu.eu . .a.
a paruoular evil may thereby be remedied
Of avoiiled. Butter auffur any auch parti.'-
. L. ill K. .neo.nter the uie.s u.elcss
ill, thau enooentcr tue uieasuieicss
diaaeUr which BJiit flow to every iutereat
of the people, ia every relation, if once
he admit ted aa a priusiple, that our rulers
may govern without law. . Government
without law ' la Despotism Pospoliam
without limit jr control. It il a hcUuio
vary right of the people, whether tocial,
political orreligiou ; whether it relate
life, liberty w jropeity.
This paper will maintain that whatever
we poa-eas that is Valuable tou. a. a p.opl.'
whatever of politic, or pntnolio couceiu
that if worth living or dyiug for : is in
the OnuAtiic Law. All that we have en-
jovefi of wise gimirnment, of national
proNiwrity. of individual secuiity. of so.-ial,
t.olitie.1. or religious ..rivileire. is but the
development and outgrowth of lliat prpci-
on vbartor, made by the IVople ami tba
n. . . I ll.."?.. 1 iri...
Plates, ana insenitM iy u liinnns, m
Supiint Law." Are we akod tol aban
don nub a system as this, to accept in its
stead, the rapt Ices and whims -of faction
isle and UMiipois? Of whomsocwr, in a
word, sliiill by foa or fraud obtain pot
aussioii -of the tioveinmeiu ? to we
emnlnle the iron rule of Amttia or the
anarchical enrcer f Mexico?
A pKvr, sieadily ndbefing to tlm cread
which we have avowed, can never incur
the imputation of a want of patriotic de
votion to the Government, however "die
loyul" it may teem to unrpr, nd to
the iniu'ons of usurper. The Empiiir
will ever be ready to vindicate its patriot
I "I'
ism. Those who prefer "loyalty" to pa
lriolit.ni a devotion to men, instead of
adherence to law will do well to miIi
sciilie for Nome oilier pnper.
Wo dissent wholly from tho policy of
the party in power : lis uucoiistitiitioniil
and merciless eonscripliou, its enormous
and tmnecesaary taxation, ita arliitmry
ami tyrannical pertox'utiou of citi.mis, iu
vapory and ruinous system of liniun'c, ttot
less than from the illegal aud cruol confis
cation euiti'lmcut, the edict of Abolition,
tho dialiblicnl claiuor for externiinntion,
the abominable ideas of the Wiiitiko let
ter, and the Jacobinical measures geuiMully,
of the Radicaliim ' now prudominmit iu
thewdatiniatratibn of the tSovernineut.
For tlte remedy of existing evils, aud
the prevention of others which seem iin-
minout, wa look to tha returning reason of
the people, made operative by peaceful and
legal meant, through the instrumentality
of the ballot, the enactments of ln-gixlii-
live assembles, uud the adjudication of
. . .. In conclusion : we come to Dayton in
tho expectation and hope of making it our
permanent homo. We shnll labor, r.eiil
ously and faithfully iu our sphere, to pro
mote the local interests of the city and of
the people wilu whoin our lot is east.
Fernando Wood's Proposition.
Tim Louisville VemiKrat makes the follow
tliaf Cninnieiits upon Kernando Woyd's auA
We see tluil Furnnndo Wood has luiulo a
move lo tee if peace commissioner's can't
do aomeiluiiK for a realorution. Ilia omin
ous I bit I the proposition was laid oo the table
by a iiuijorily of eight. A olianen of live
voles would have carried it. Ill peace pre
pare for war, is a tfood maxim. In war pre
pare, lor peace, is viiially goml. It may he
cliarKi d that tbia will encournro the rebels.
II it ilai's, il will be llivir own fault. All so
ber people who look on this contest will rw
jrsid Ibis movement as praiaeworlliy. It plauua
ill tiovernmenl in a Invorable li(lit before
the world and before its own people. Sooner
or lateraucb a proposition will carry, aud it
will end iu a tiiiion ol these Slates. .Ma
iianiuiiiy and concession will 'enlist the sym
pathies of th world, aud will liud a rcaponie
in tba beans of the masses who leal no inter
est except in (he restoration of the I'nion.
Perhaps the time has not coinu yet for wis. loin
and moderation, but lliu time, will come.
Virginia Omitted.
It is a fact wliii-b seems to be passed ovr
without aUtai'liiiK atleulioa (hat Virxinia is,
by the IVeaident, rxclnUed from the list of re
bellion States which ho proposes lo "ri'con
atrurl" undar the lat troclainatioii I1 nien-
tiuus Aikanaas, Texas, l.oui.iana, Mississippi,
Alabama, (leorgia, Florida, Sotiih
Carolina and North Carolina, as open In tin
nun tenth of iho Presidential vote principle
Tenm-sxeo 18 the eiuanelation procla
mation, but il ia in this list. Virginia, wliich
is in tlie stuaiicipatiou proclamation, it
The present baatard government of "West
Virimia" is doubtless the block in th Presi
dent's wuyjuat here, and he dons not attempt
to Kill around it Hu will doubllusa hatch out
a new aebstne for the especial benetit of the
Virginians btl'ort his terai it out In Hit mean
time Ihe robelliuu children of th "mother of
Presidents" are left out in tlu rold.
No Children.
or pieced a bal.yoii.lt, or droned a doll,
, ( j,, buff (ir ,
t a curJ,,t Jot turlv burly, or auy of th
eamea with which childhood disports iiaelf.
' '' "'ir ' n,"1 h" u"n will,inl
, "i,. .,.n;,.
Wstalk of Adas and r.vo, says an rx
change, aa having been belor th fall lu a
happy condition; but on thing they missed
they never wer children I Adam- sever
, pir ""o'-7,, .- "..--
kh wrm .,.mhi .......
, Mi (ir )rMj t,ll, or rode down hill on a
hand-sli d. And Kv never made a play hous ;
I J, ' ""a-table set ou w"h he (ea (liiniis;
I ir:::.? Vbr Z jum'lhV "ruR
,u,r i,ttrl. no ,iiun ef childhood Healing
Btvk from the Iiuik paal; no luulWa voiu
vhantinK a lullaby UiUieear of iiilancy, la the
still hour o( nielu; no lather's wordt of kind-!
nea. .iK.uUii.eI froia th churchyard wh.r be
sleep.. Ad.iu and Kve, and ihey alone, of
llis oounlless Bullions ot men aud women
ver lived, had no rliildhood.
Let Jour trottbletb what they "nay, tievr
aay di. Let your lair turu gray or while,
never say dis '
[For the Empire.]
[For the Empire.] Lincoln's Message and Proclamation.
Ki.itua:'! hava carefully read the
MesiaRs and lWlamalmn, mi boing a man
of oma ifnxrtaiire (in my own ettimatian,)
,1 ill pive my views on thaae eilraordinary
lapeia,-and at old Abe is an old broth-
'P " '".
Whtrt.n, lie clothed rail-mauling;, aud
bi);tf nilll
wood chnppiiif, i(l reapecta-
making said vocatioa his hobby, to
.;. ;... ,!, ,.l . ,.f a. .i
and his
compeers, suit
WHertiu, I also would prefer twenty Ave
thousand dollais a yonr to my present voca
tiou, and
II Vrciu, I also iiosseat a eonsidurable
ainniint of conceit, of my own Individual
Itrealiieaa, and -
IVAerfii.i, I am also looking np to the time
bun my rtjtutalhn as a rail ivlitttr and
wood cAe);r will enrry me te the Presiden
tial chair, snd
ll'WiMn, I fear old Abe issy bring that
position in bud ruputo before I get iu bis prts-
ent hrrth.
Now, therefore, I, l'rofietsor Dow, pro
claim and iniike known, that I most euiphati-
lly protest aftainst, aud olijact lit certain
portions of said exirnordinary Stale papers,
(just issued by my friend old Abo,) as derruia'
tory to our craft, and as having a tendency lo
uriiifr our iiooiu cailui inlo iliiiepute, there
lure, I do ordain, that the aaid rail splitter,
Abraham Lincoln, President of the liis-Uni-(oil
Stales, revise, modify or chano;, an much
of said extraordinary Siuto Supers as conllicls
with common st'iixc, and troitd moruls, a cony
of which ia herewith transmitted.
"l or these, and oilier reasons, it is llioutjht
best that Ihe support ol these persons (liltrr
titrtl sfees.) shall hn ineludsd iu ihe oath,"
(President Lincoln's Message, lifili column,
third clause in the Kmpikk ) In this porlion
of his messj;e, he intimities that the f'inl
slaves who ure loo liisy to work, must be suii-
ported by their former owners, In lieu of
uninesiy, sad psrilon, ho having virtually
proclaimed away the property in said slaves,
and now asks the owners lo support said no
g roes.
For iu th ostk ol hit proclamation he asks
the former owners of said emanoitated slaves
lo swear, among other things, that they will
also "abide by and, faithfully support all proc
lamations or ilia President, mad during th
existing rebellion." Now, suppose th rebel
lion should last two years lunger, (which it
may,) aud (he PreiidentJihoald see til to issue
a proclamation, (atl?r the oath Wat taken by
leu thousand former slave owners, in good
faith,) (o the oiled that they must feed aud
clothe snid hundred thousand free Americans
of African descent. Hoar then f must they
do it or purjure tllemselrna 1 Or ai(ain : Ily
the oath, all proclamations, present and future,
during th rebellion, (having rulerenc to
slaves,( must he support I. Now, the gener
al tendency of war being devastating, iu dis
tricts where large armies are subsisted for
yoars, the real vatatos are made worthless ;
the oiiiitiii ipulnd slaves become inert and shift
less, their lormer owners penniless; want and
starvation will ti tin Ily ensue; and I lien the oath
having been taken, a proi-lamnlion issues, to
support the emancipated slsues. Hut those
who tindi ihe oath have no means left for their
support, and can no longer control their labor,
and consequently must violate their oaths,
troui forco of ciri-umstauces entirely beyond
their control. This is unfair, uncharitable, un
holy, unchristian, aud utilieooming Hail
Splitter. No honest man can take such an
oath, and honest motives cannot suggest such
an oslh. Now, therefore, moreover, nuver
theli ss, nod U( twilhttshding, unless said
Ahraha-n Lincoln, Hail Splitter, President of
Iho United Slnles, and ex-olticio Commander
ir Chief of tun American army, do, within
twenty days next succeeding the date hereof,
rescind, modify, revise or change laid extra-
onliuurv runte papers, so thai honest man may
rvturo lo their dinner allegiance without risk
ol perniriiig themselves, his name- will
a rieken from (h lint of honorary membership
of our noble fraternity, and he be forever ex
uonimuuicsted from all fellowship with all hon
ott Kail Splitters and Wood Choppers, aa un
wnrihy ot the title ol our honorable falling,
(iiven uuder my hand and tlreat Heal ol
our noble fraternity this Seventeenth day el
December, l'.i(;litrn 11 unci rod and sixty
aod Increasing; smoke has an upward tendtl
Tuiinesaee, Icy; snow receding; mud firm; greenbacki it,
Chief Clerk and Wood Chopper Kxlraordinal;
nt n ayne lowntuip.
P. H I he vflert of the Massage la vert
striking on our local markets. Uold ia hail
and nun W, lealhsr is touiib; rata are stesf
aud deuliaiuei war alnvks risk exempt in fe
iiimnl, cripples inurmaml plenty; Wide Awtf'l
ailvsncinir on t a nail a; polilicat honesty ven
inal; witidbaKs iullatiiiK. , P, 11
Stand Firm!
"euaiu-o w,oo wuo wiisn. lo ... ....e in.
D,,,,,. , ,0 .a-smbls. of whioh he kt IW
1 M,nt 1 ",r", n, ,"''1 '(ctrical
i 1 !" l'''".rats stood ths.f ifrunnd lh dslvr-
n,'" 7 '"."l u,,n,, U"'(f ,,0"1e- P' l0
ular ; lllionisls slunk awty. team the dikson to
via oaitu eanurira ni irien.it W""ttai nrna
, ' ?" 1,1 ,h,, ,wnnl 1?''".rd! "
,l ""mocrarv, .laud llrm, U I fall that
I ' "eeoed lo eusur aueeaa Aitlnnili driven
, "" k h"m "'J .(r""llJ' I' Unuola
dynaal.y driveu l.uu. his r;ulilici .eek pre-
loli.o lioio a aionareli. V alUn ahatu re-1
oeived many thousand mere votes ban wen
ever hefiir oatl for any Demoeraii i-andidatH
lortOuvror pf Uhio. AUheugh any Uem-1
The Hochrtler ((nd.) Xcntitttl of anient
date, contaiui tho fullowiiiir icl!nt a'l
to the Democrals lo stand firm in the e :
''Stand firm I" said Vurhae tllniliatii.p'is.
' Stand firm," echoed Vallandigham frq his
military prisnu. We were prvssut at i(iaii'
epulis when Vurhses uttered th ahnv tints
It was at th time of the ureal Deitl ratio
meeting in June j,t, ud H the iiuia i the-
day when abolitioniets, frown frsnlicil th
slilit ol so many Deuiocraia, weia ualnievery
meaiia to precipitate a collision bslw m .the
citiaeua and soldiers.
AUiinucn in the vast asaeuihies U near
til epeukers, am) momentarily espcll that
in cannon ul Itaacall would pur a (urdei?
oua atorm Ot I hut anil al 1 ni, Iha aftianca
yet w loal all sense of I Ii daur In jdtniras
hot and abell on th
I 'f the. nohl. Vorhae. a. with for proud-
' ' brow, and (Usui., e,yele .
hi,;h .n..,"", drafged at a tiffal Iroist
. h ,','K1'1." ,h nu!'' i-l f
Jiimaiiiiiiaasaaaa) i -- ;--
ooratawsre Immured In Governmuuf liastli-s
many drtrn front the. r homes, mu ftitini.
dated by .Abolitionist,, end prvnt d fr in
voiiug ; although tha elceiion in e'OiVi
8lattswre flaring frauds si.d .miser,! i
mockeries, coercions, instead of wtioij,'if
though all ihe meant and applies to i '.
of the Administration had been used to a-e-vnl
Demnnrats from voting, Ihe fact la hp?
parent and significant that the I'emocfati u('
toe Northern Slates, east at th ractil - eta
lions one hundred thonssed more Votes iin
were cast ftr Donglat In all tlffe; Siateiin
lotiO. ', i
Let Ihe Democracy then "slriid : firi."
Only by doiog to caa victory be gained, 'ltj
doing to victory can be gained, Lot if it il
not gained, If the star of that madness wltel
rules the hour shall still remain in the ascend;
ant, two millinas of united contarvatives nay
have Ihe proud consciousness of knowing
thai their combiuad iulluance at the ballet
box can keep th old ship nf 8tatvway fron
the breakers on which Abnlilianista is madly
driving it, until Democracy takrt Hhe he In,
and then all will be right.
Stand Firm! From the Hillsboro (O.) Gazette.
Peace the Policy of the Democracy
—Peace the Policy of the
Aa far aa tha Influence of the (Just tie
shall extend, we wish tb inculcate Into, Snd
establish the Democrat io party, on a Pesre
platform. Acting and practising Dsmncmtie
principles purely, there's no other fosilinii to
occupy. To take a position that fall bdow
this, it a tacrine nf principles lo police, r in
compromise to abolition fanaticism. Cleirlv,
the faith of tba r'alhers ia right. Shall we
abandon them and leek power hy pandejing
to a fatal coercive poli .7 ?
I (1 11 oilier yeart rhnmpiunt of Plate Hightsand
Constitutional gu iranleos, thall ws cowui llr
courtanarchy and despotism, forsooth it is
the popular rage T The Detonereer kn,w,
that war on tho Stales by the Federal Govern
ment la disunion, per te They alwavs held
a State Sovereign and Independent oil nd
questions involving national axiitencs, of
which the States themsslves, are sole arbitra
tors : (hat (he only meant of perpctuaiinr the
l:niou of these is, so to administer the fed
eral power as 10 render th t'uitm desivnble.
That war on a State could nu restore it to
the fold again ; that fp not fares is the on
ly poer 10 lie successfully applied.
Thsa trlthe ware demenstrated for txven
ty yeart, slid are sslf svident in the light ol
present an nasi operinnc. This is the true
theory of I the Kenublio. Administered on
any other Iheory it it destructive of, lint only
seceding States, but nf the whole Uenulilie.
Ijemoornti all know this and acknowledge it.
No Democrat contends this is a just er a safe
war. A! agree, it is destroying the Ilspiiblic
and wilt if prosecuted long enough, render
reconstruction even under Democratic aus
pices impossible. Why then not honestly,
openly atd earnestly, tell the people we are
opposed (otitis or any other war on the Stales?
ma, euuear ii ia ainppen 1 no eeuer. i e are
in I'avor.of iWe. We want Iho Demnrrnlio
party Uvbe put on apeaca foutins in 18(U. Wa
want ni one who has had anytlnag to do in
protecting (hit war on th States, as a can
didatcpn the Demoeratlo ticket. W ask no
votes pa the ground of "prosecuting Ihe war
on Dfiuocrat principles." We want no Mo
Clelln as a candidate lor th Presidency.
w would have a sound States-Riithia-Peaea
mail who is opposed, from constitutional prin
ciplts, to a coercive war on th States. Thit
is Sis only rut position the Democracy can
ooeupy. It it Ihe only one upou which they
can over he successful. A direct peace par
ty s tha only onw that can conn-els auccoss-
fuly with the .Abolition war party. If the
Democracy wish to lie tucuestful let them
nsinfully maintain Democratic nrlneinUa W.
ctVe not how often or how many (leneralt are
pa un .il,, I'oinueraiiu ticxei, inev will invar-
my ana ueservmnv be beaten. W oinidur
tempi to carry elections under a prttenso
supporting tho war. libels on Demourae A
emocratio war ticket is no belter than an
boluion war ticket They are both enemies
the Kenublio.
We would rathor vote for an Ahlii;..,,i.t
haa a Democrat whn n-r..... n u. iH 1
if making war ou Ihe State. Ho would th
T 1 'l"w,T"r l0d the war professions
i by Democrals. thev ara iLni a.i.l .ill
not b suecessful. The mass of the people
are opposed to war, and only want a straight
forward Peace movement, to develop Ibeir
strength. Peace it the polioy of Ihe ltepub
he Peace it tht policy of Ihe Democracy,
now and forever. Un a peace platform Ihe
Demooracy can carry tha election in 1804, by
immense majorities. Un no other basis tan
it be true to itself aad lo the people.
Not in the Message.
Leader enumerates three
sentences, as iu the President's late Meassge,
which, il says, should b wrilteo in letter! of
gold. On of these inttnoi Ihe Leader
give at this "I proclaim full pardon tu all
who solemnly swear to henceforth faithfully
tupport, protect and defend th Constitution
of the United Htaies, and the Union of the
bretee thereunder,"
The above pretended quotation It a f.ilte
hood intended to deeeive aud gull th people,
ilier It no such sentence either in th ales
sage er In th proclamation appended u il,
If thr had been, it would be worthy to be
written in letter of gold and inscribed upon
very flag and banner carried by our troops.
It would be more potent in restoring Pau
and Union than all the musket and cannon
balls In Christendom. Hut the radical Jaco
bin Leaguers, plotting in secret lor the ceer
tbrow ot the Union, would not permit Mr. Lin
coln to make tuck a proclamation. 11 wat
allowed to preecrihe an oath ef fealty (o the
Constitution and the Uaion, coupled with an
oath of fealty to tht Radical Abuliliuu policy.
Th two wer joined together so a to make
out on oat ii, and to foroe a man, ia a teueded
!i"t,'1to wer. 'f 'ebl, be Hire h cau obtain
f hefor. he e.n en-
tioaiat and will faithfully remain an Abolition-
mi, unui fifarrsmen.
It is tometimet very well that wa appear
fools to that w may endure funis.
; aiitoa dtttaae. Mr. J. V. Haiarda, of m
Second street, Ciauinuati.Ukes (rat pleasure
. In Isforajln. ail who are suirsriu with pilss
that h used a tntall quantity ol Dr. Sir.ok
all land's I'il Kemlr, and it ITotd a n-rma-that
uont our. Thit teems to be the dm with all
who luak us of this spleadid prnaration
Il it wanufauliirad at Mo, I Katl Kourih
street, Cinclnnsitl, 0., aud tuld by all Dru
but gists. '
have ae lleotual ear for thit Irulv trouU
uieaaing oi tu auuering lo tnow tiiat we
Plantation Bitters.
s. T.-xeoo-x.
rrnnt or (!!- r)f htthtu Iruultltxl wit h we.Vnsai(
Utiiulj, tlfiitnlD.h of thA htwrt, laoh of ti4itt
Ut iWf H.tlra;, lurii. Itror, const(ipUoii, M .,
, tittMivtj t Ut!br It Ut-y wilt imt try ih r.atinttMl
, Whit-h ir mow rK'tuninoinlit hj Ut hiytmil iiitJiral
' BitthnrtliM, and wftrrianiorl to prtHhto a iinmrriml
bailMtt4l:) ajtrW, 1 1try AT IUVC.1t tl Jlty BifrrtaVlitft, r.
(Wtly iir, and tnual ajupfn-eHi sit ntlii lunir wlmro
ft hlihy, gmttl timuUnt it rttiilrt.
ll.tsjr puiil, wlrrtiigUteD una tr-vigor.) .
They urtit. ht.lihy Ajun'tiin,
Th rAniiiHiOoitot'hAnBrol wator nt1 lltt
Thjr ftwrt'oiM cii.oUMf diMiimtnti. aU tit liuiirH;
Tlt.y RiityihPii tlmaiyifti. ami aiilifcn tha mlmli
Tliy pnivntil iniiiTi.tto nnd tnlarmiltt'itt ft-?frN(
Thoy mnt (h hvMh am. acttjuy nf iha loniat'lii
Thf oura it) mr)Mia ami uonstisHtloni
Thay aura iltarrliua, .linla ant) cholera iuortU4j
Thoy intra hvnr (.-otupleum ami tiorfmu l)aiUinA;
TH? makf Iho wmiK fmiikt, lit IhiikihU brilliaiik.
KDtl f al-aitttl naiuro'a nr. ra-ttorar. Tboy ara
' wm(Hm of ti ooltttratrtl oahaa Itark, wtutrr
, firaan, aaiNHOa, rouia ami hu-tii,all troNarTiitu par
I bxMj intra at. Onm rum,
1 hMaKiviMsllta riaiitalioit UHlont to hmul.
I ra-l i.f our iiavallo.l antldlera wuh tha mnnl ahuiifli
hig ttltttw.- 0. W. ANDUhWrt,
tu't. 9oM,tra)' lloma, Clnctuoall."
" Tha riaiKnumi l.Uiara haTooiiracI nianflivfir
j niilauit of whit'li 1 Wfwi Uul up proxtrata, anJ hmi
Ita ahantUn uiy tttintnofii.
U U, KlNUHl.ur,ClaTiUuUt()hi.M
11 1 uwa tnut h t4 yuii, fur I vanly toHtTa Ilia
t'laatatut Htttrra tmra ikvpI my lifa
I Hav, W. U. WA'Jt.t.NKIt.Matlrhl, N. Y."
I t a Ta.tu wilt aoiH mt uto h.ltli mora of thy
riHULttion 1 tittrn. My wiTt Iin hpu jf'cntty lriiant
I latl ly ilu-ir nan. 'I hy Iri.n.l,
AHA i l'HKI.N, niila.lalrltia, Ta."
" I liRa '.f m a jtrvnt rtuth rrtr frnm tytia)aia.
u.l h I iMnhtiilth rut, him;. Tha 1' wtlnlK.a
HiMrsi lirtvu flirt'! ntf,
; Ituv. .ti CATUukN, lltx'healnr, N. Y."
Kfrt-I 111 tw ntv -ftmr 4ha mnra of your
PI aul mum Ihlifin, iha ,aiulirily of whU h ara dUlT
tnpre.atK wmh tho K'tcnm of our l,.n.
BVKKM, OMAI'WlCK A (V)., -Pruj.rle.tur
Will.. Hotel, VNhii,k-(oii,i, C."
(Siiohara ona ill IhoueitmiH of ccriithmt. ttally r
oaiTotl. Thoy arc IminMiHtly ttanutWial (a vk (Mr
o ia aoit lUtiieal ft' not I tut.
t'tiutt 'iiaof rtl,llivt boll la. Ki our altftiatiua
a lrl itAtlhM. Thoy art mil rl.l by tha
Hull on. Thoy arn only M m mir pataut Ing vhIiio
ImtMt'a, by rnitptH'tntilo U runout, gruoura, luieiila. aa
toMia, ateamtHiata aiii ottaulry ioriA,
v. it. iiiukk h ro
.law'tm vou Urnatiwtiv, N. V
Boots and Shoes.
OKOIttlK I I ) 1 1 1 WAII'S
uoor ami m:ok siokc
No. 1)18, Third St.. Kustor low u t hick,
Mii.N i. i'UK UTTI.K lloV, "
rplia lullia will plea lakenelieo tlialilieSuLwerlne
.L lisa in, on lifliul a luiri an.! eoiiiplcte aln'k ot
turlbeSall an.l Winu.r ite.ir el lliu v.-nr tNiat ,iihIiit,
eompnaius all Hie kitiua lliuteAii i,nakil,ly la, reiunMl
will be a,. I, I
llnrlne Iha War.
Kri.in loiit e.perieliee lit Iha ttliaitieea, leaweik.fe
Slyln ami tlilraeility, ,miiqoI Ih, auriMiaatl, ami lo
Olte,iiiM.'.a liu .Iflit-n ,.o,Mi.MiHn.
Allsiiulaot le,t,a nun ..I..H-. .m.n na..c
l.Hllii.K Until tt ALT,
Panpla'aSlioeHlnra, No sta.'l lur.lat , lhiji,,.u,
Important to nil Inlm-slnl.
J. V. l.KSiTZ at SUN,
I'llieeeaaera tu Lenls . Waokal.)
HAta Juat raeeite.1 from Ilia Naatrn market, al
eall ,llelm.f.a, a l,o e s-tH infill if ,ii,mi.( w.
Iitiva, yoiillia, lina.r,, and elul,ln.n'a Ue,t.,
Slioe. an.l Ijailora, ef III Ural .,i.lity ami luteal al) In,
ami at (irieea Una il.tfv einupoiitioi,. Alan, a uetxl aa.
anrllui'lit fir llnta an, t'ai, - for lun ami l,a. All
klmla of wnrk li.aile to order, of tlio bnal inaieriiU and
werkiiiaualii. A nt ia watriiiiU,.!.
HI Ml. K WKIlhKt,, fiueuiau, will surely nlaaae
you If ynii Klvelliem a trial.
rail ami eiemiue lltelr aioek brfnra tniri"haaineelae
Whare. J. K. 1.KN1. HON,
aulS 1n Maln,talaril-n I I, it, I ami Market.
Restaurants, &c.
Heekel's BullUliig, Mn. 14 JtTraes st.
THO JKff 111 1X14 It TADI.I.S
Of ttM uealtnak,ne reslr t.r uea.
Oyalnra, qnall, ll, ilie-k, veiilaena, aod all kiaits ot
Santa ami rl.h IS llieir araaoo.
WlNkH. l.lutMH-1, AI.K, I,
Tiieit4iiir art ritrotfutty iii-itr l
ir.ial K B
' Cooper House Saloon,
Mali fe(rt, .ioali th Market lloatt
MsV. NAUJuHTH, Prop.
fplltrt He,lfMiihnu-Hnlhfoliy. (v-tw, yuM
I wilii tttn'k, vttiuaioH, aitit Mil kiii. In uf a tin vim
An in tlietlr mo.j. MpU Hi nil hours.
Th Lwr ia s.ii,titit wuh ihu HnNt imI nto( olmi.1
ii'ltiorw. i n ui4 wrauui oj ulur taitd luiauUJi ,
WtsTst OU IteUiii
Jyaitjr iy ibnB nd Italftfitu. Million
VTOtM.D r,vtoinilt titforni lut numerous friD4
1 f tint autUxitttra tttt h Itu uriliM4 lit
Eating Saloon and Krstauram
'rmrl owntnl bf Mr. T. rn. tu(hitl oom.r A
TitU UI Ludlow, wKr It will laa ahl i till lnntt i.
ul'P!y 'tll with Ih twill thai hiatrkk'l iHmU. t
Otrtl'KH teWVtMlftf IU ItWM iMHitf.Htl
ikamMa, m
"SOM -T - ,1 'WV'!i"l
5rS tW-Ji-.'
.-t .'Ii '.i'i-
J ' ' 'I
! i f ' r . -1
I 1
Paper Hangings. &c.
tiA;i,a MisiTAmui.M. umrm,
Window shades.
T, Weet Knurlh elreet, lut limall.;
Ot)l ato,.k of Taper llaninnaa, I'luli.oi I'apere. Slot
Trail. Iwiralll II iiIiih bliatlra ia Hie linral .,.r
et-l-,,,1 low-al.TIi I'tlV.O a III i.lir Ivlall ,lr rlti1r,l
W" liafe, I I.illiuti l,i nur lai k alwk el J laiu etui
Keinatita I'apeia, all ilia
Suicrn or Kiiroicati Mnrkrts Afford.
Tlie a,,ial atl,.lli.ii of fain, h, a l,,l. , !,,, , ,,
Mil Hour ilraauii, reu,., Uou,, ,r. 0 iaiir. Iiilla,
.1 linom rnoina ia l ollr.l In III,-.,. Iranillnl l,i,
lie we are ellei inaT at lee" irie,.a.
ill Klmla or Mlore, ami other Mlia
Slade In Uritar,
7 l koilllll allert, Clmoniiali. olne
H. II llaaaaa... auitali.
Ili M . JL LI E KS & "il ii K l; I A TS.
I1KVUU -(.,
w a tu i-KAiii, e r.,
witoLhaai s
Pllllliiary Uoe,la
Jr are iinwnre,.rel In otter r v,,iellii , lion,
V a laritn ami e eunnl ln..l. m i-.i..... . 1
il.lreu a aliaw, mr. ,lnh anil hit ' , '
iH'cs.Hrad Drrssrs KeHInss &v
loFlnilinn etery ilettoriptinn ef
I la 1. I 1: H V V ft o H.
Our Ikeiliiioa ler liiaiiu'aeliiriini
loaks.Sacaues.Mant iin s
. A 'I
am all the near fal.riea, are aeeh that a-eenn ,i,,l,
-f I,,,.,,, eiMMuit-re. nnr
VA-T-r' .SIX AVM.h
itiiin.eall the novelltoa in bell, frei, iiaml ,l,mi, ,.
rnr l.iiver he,i,x eonalii.il I j Ii N.. V.nk, e lull
r ail bmala ,u nur line al loweal mai Lot ,ri, o li
Ta rail. Ia.fre unhaalnK rlaimhere, will rr till to
wo a,iannK,,"
I'KVllll A 111.,
I"' s:tan.l si I'onrl airoel, Cnomnaii.
Millinery. Pensions.
J 1' If TIM I. flirt AHTV,
Uorncy and Counsi lor at I.au
Will rIt. trumit attoutinu to uni'lirnHun. lor
Breaks ok rAi, ui iNTiKs.rtssioxs.
At ftll othrr rimmp UrYxo ihn Kitti utlvf I'i-i Mil
milH nd in tlmCuiirl of ( tniiii!..
rfur lo; Hon. II. M Htt-n M , H. I ; M. M.
V killMtli, I nlfntMtMioK Si imttMn; J.M Jlltirki K M
Siiitl, hnrrvUl vol H im; Wi Iihim K.-M.-kk, K- hnvl.-r
'I'- " Ki'iiko, Mt'inixira f 4?onuryMi ( tiluiioi
iV. KwitiK. of In-iiKtm, rtmi uihfrn.
Jits UH'tiTMitr-iisi. tl.'fiif in nifoim iTrrHni lmvinii
illnMifle Bj;i.ittt tiw (iovfi-itmini ol tnu i iinrdHisttt
ilk I to i tro.rtl to iroNftult their i tiun-n mmIi
nhtilfltiit Anil on rtsHMt'imliiti irrnm. Hln iumMii'itl
M wlf.t.rnt Rll Ihe tirtuilit o( this nillllnry lu-rtlfftil
fjoiiy MilJitRinifni ttuti oolltiiuitul mwty ioi'iuitiuu
(II ron- wttiuii'tl ihe ntililnrv ncrTio rtor
Mt. I, I hit I, bi.,1 mr iiMtliUU tty wound or time
RIotlMlett) It) ItrllNllHIM.
j' uUw of fuiJir ho au k iHrtl, or tti ht-fo t or
Hfr Uttir ttiMoitiiiKt), itDin wonitiiai rHi J, oi
.rOiUirk.t)tlii Wit lit U MVl'Vlta), tkf tUll(lrl lO 'tt
lie.; 1
I ao withv. thfin I lie plit!Mt n, nn.ior mlirn yosti
okxf tre tatttititvtt lo r'naitiiiat.
u0 llow noriliilin,,hvn thisnittlirr,if wholly
oin bna..,t.i,i,.n(on tlrtiMNci un mii'i'tirl.
( lib moilirr, thm ihi etitsira nf dt-i,nf.,l, nmlr
Mi rw-nf mum, ir wholly or In iwrl il(uafiii
4lMjMfKi for atuiinort.
j MottNTlKM,
UejnluUH, mn who i?rrv? tKOTMmr oninit'il lo
Mi h t nr dittohnrK"!, hy ropnon vf wuttinU rt
ot"t m bull I , ttrtt ('(tiilliMl tolrniinty.
'OiiwiIk ttittl itrtnetriinr imv tltii ttH tKnOil ilitr
Hijmitt hh liillowfi. Hrul, lo t.t witlyw, KOtnut, il n
wlcw4 In hlnt hlhltft..
)i tiioil iiiiiiiHrrieMl' llfkl, In ftrber; rxnnl, if no
fN'tt'l'to nitilltfri ihint. If no htlhiT lior mother, ihou
! rtillivratitud iaui, A irnr of hv joi r iii
tl!'t'J' J I'H'i'i H I. Md'Ain i .
t'ltN H.NTOnci.MAI-K..t imyton, MunUo.n
('' JfiMY, Ohio, it tl i T Hiilhoritl nsneiH'iitl.'.. A - lt
', i j ri ui-.ii hiiil Uti.id tty litiit, will r'fiaj
, 'fiirt iiriitioii. ol i. tit
1 v II'"' ? i sti-t"!, (JIVI'P lllltl MM'tH nl'UIIIs)UI llr I Its
Meat Market.
jejM f pH K nuilfrstlittnl woitht r.'ttHHTUiilly
"aj i I U lor tit III Uli I'llatlHIIIMta Ull'l (lit)
-'A pul'lw Ht'114-t-stliy, lllBI lit) HlHtluliltTW only
t-s ssietWe. a( Ktl I I,,..U. jaud. nal m ii haluii.l .. j
IU. Mil good IseVajl Btl'llattt eta tl hi sill I P , fi.,-
il tU'Hl Vain a.iHa, itnd tMii-nit',i nt lu t sMil at
pUti Th ptitalll- Mi's IUV It'ti to tilV IlKII atl'Mll.
,K is
I 'l't''te. U.ll', ttlnrM.
Meat Market. Hotels.
O'-t ' ''i ('pOatiU ihltiton nnd WoiWhtm ptlrod
ri't J undatrn'KHfsIt who tvtnsri.mrlrl wiih th
AiittTh-an jlnf, In tltn tM"y, lor . itiiu v .ti,
he I
I tlm ttvll'ituowu land lttiiil-r Holrl lot M
yrttrai. n.t il.tfte him U Ut hi liim.lp n
tO IO tlf ItIC Klll.Oail f II, -11 lo stUe-IIti Hilt r )
.t..iMt of Ut 1'Nl'l Kl b I AT krt llli'i hi. mm m Aral
uiu 'lit to Mlo Mtmv l-lv litai Ii ml i hm, al
f t., Uttiitt, fit) tha Hiipliantna and t omiml of a llnl
.il, i i -t, brtlwr, Ywo loMt t rdar,
)'.t IMAli M. I' ATT.
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