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a.r UK i-
H !(., K.litnr.
The Nw Yoik gohl market i liwwl at
57 to-day. ;"
The Whisky Market closed t 0
to-liny. , , , ... .
Kentucky has not yet elected a Sena
tor. ; 'r ; i; . : .' ;
In tU6 trannJ)ortMon of;-vTiil lmn-di-ed
prisoners from t!aini Chase to Rook
Island, a fev'Uy since, ! aiii dpstrate
fellow tut a liule in the bottom of the
lar.UkroUKh whioli tan escaped while tlie
train was rttnuing at a rapid rate.
CliaiUston datufl of th 126th,', nay that
the firing on the iity had almost ceased.
The New York Custom House investi
iratl.in ia-fruiuo: ou at New York. The
C ev o
telegraph iufunue lid that "certain per
soua" are deeply involved by the evidence.
Who are the curtain persons ? . rrouiiueiit
"loyal people," no donht.
Ha Bank of Purvis & Co., Baltimore,
has been roblxid of $I5:,000.
A complimentary dinner has been ten
deled to Goueral Oraut ill St. Louis. Hi
e m is eouvaleMeeiit.)
A new Ttrtiiiiblieaii dm v. urolialily in
-- ,- t
thu iiiturent of Fieuiout. is to be Marled
in Indianapolis.
Wilson ha withdrawn bis resolution of
expulsion against (Jarrett Davis of Ken
A lesolutioii to renominate Lincoln fail
ed in the Missouri legislature.
The Ohio Legislature haf adopted
joint lesoluliou to appoint a committee to
invMitiuatu Kx.tiov. Tod's ...military cx-
- - --o -
peuditures. '
Tlie restoration of Oen. MeCleriiand to
a cow wand, is legaidei as a condeui nation
of Cien. Grant. "
The soldiers at Indianapolis are becom
lng exoeediiigly unruly. Una house was
completely demolished by them, and the
residence of auother citizen was pluudered
of provisions. . .
Gen. Cairiugton is reported seriously
ill at ludiauapolis. i
The Conscription Hill has been post
poned until Monday iu the House ot Kup
The Democratic caucus meets on next
Wednesday night, when the conservative
address to the people will be issued.
' The President has declared that Ken
tucky and Missouri were now opened to
unrestricted commerce. ' Maryland ami
TleUui&ra will be included iu this order
iu a few days. -
Foreign News.
The City of Nsw York from Liverpool
13th, has arrived.'
Cotton has an upward tendency. Bread-
stuffs dull, aud slightly lower. ,
There is a rumor that eertaiu persons in
Liverpool will shortly be brought before
the magistrate, charged with enlisting for
the rebel service. '
The Londou , Timet thiuks that the
threatened war with Japan will be avoid
ed- ', !,' "
The Holsteiu question is unchanged.
gJA Hamburg telegram says the Danea
have opened the dams of the Luler to in
undate the country. The approach to
Frederichstadt I is practically obstructed
The principal military force of Denmark
is 16,000 men, concentrated in the city of
Sehleswig. Oollosal palisades and exten-1
sive barricade were being thrown lip. The
class of soldiers of the age of thirty-five
have been called out by the Danish Government,
, Warlike preparations are going
ou iu Norway.' i
Putting on Airs.
It ti stated that Weirs, Fargo & Co.'s Ex
press has refused to deliver Governmeut
goods tu' Washington Territory, unless
charges ware paid in gold, tlie agent giving
as a reason, that bis instructions were lotake
no orders on the Government for money.
CW Gazette. ' ' . ,
It is to be Loped tlia the impropriety
"putting on airs, will be seen and re
frained from. ,; It might, if Indulged
suy considerable extent, become a "disloy
al prcti," and "embarrass the Govem
nieut." Va hope that if any of our rea
ders are offered gold or silver they will
judiguanlly reject it, and flail for gieentatdu,
This the way to support the Government.
Small-pox is raging in and around Marioa,
Arkansas. It was earned there by contra,
bauds, but is not now oonlined to persons of
(bat class Cincinnati Oatetlt.
Thus, it is that these miserable people,
set free by Abolitiou folly u l wicked
uess. not Duly fall prey to pestilen.w
themselves; but propagate disease among
the whites. Wha.au nuiuiugated emus
to everything and everybody, this aloli-
tion Republicanism has proven w tiei ,t
The Process of Reimbursement.
,i... ,i......i
A year or two ago, many oi mu
people" surprised themselves and their
neighbors, by making liberal subscriptions
for the support soldiers wives, C.
It was snsisxted by the discerning, at
the time, that there was a est in the meal;
but it was not certamly knowu unliT it
was afterward annouiiceil tliat lliey were
to be reimbursed from the several county
treasuries; and it is' not ascertained that
any loyalist has neglected to lake hack tbo
uttermost farthing thnt be has given. cr
taiu of the Stales have made liberal ad
vances for th prosecution of the war; and
now we are told that the States am to be
reimbursed from tlie Federal Treasury. So
far, so good. The noxt ttep will be to "re
imburse" Iho Federal Treasury for the in
conceivable aggregate of its expenditures.
How is this to Iki done ? Hefore it is ef
fected, we opine tbnt the States will be
culled upon for contributions vastly larger
than their "reimbursements," and even the
loyal people," who publicly subscribed
liberal sums, and blar.oned their charily
to tho world, and then sneaked into the
treasurer's office, and took back what they
had given, will find somo day that the
war imiHMCH exactions on their iiaineti, for
which no warrants will ever lsi issued on
a neighboring treasury. The system of
reimbursement is ft good one. Wii ad
mire it. Jta only defect consists in the
fact that it cannot be made to work inde
finitely. The country may reimburse in
dividuals; tlie Mluto make goon wnui me
comity has given; and the General Gov
ernment miiy repay the State, lint every
farthing of the whole amount is panl at
last by tho sweat and labor of the toiling,
tax-p ay nig people. At una point, tne
system of reimbursement abruptly stops.
What Went with the Monroe
Tlie following, from the London Daily
Knee, makes clear, what was before the cause
of perplexity to many. It seems that Mr.
Skwshu has sold Mexico, and thrown the MoK
sou Doctrine into the bargnin. The Naot
says, (speaking of MiXiait.i.iAs's acceptance
of the Mexican throne):
"The difliculties originally started by the
Archduke were, it will be remembered, of two
kinds. Jn the first place, be required certain
securities against the contingent hostility ol
the United States; aud in the second, he de
manded evidence el his domestic security, if
not in the reanlt of a plebiscite, at least in a
stale of tilings which should assure him that
he was not the mre catspaw of a partial mil
itary revolution. Ou the former of these
points, it is understood that the extraordinary
mission ol Marshal f orey to wasningion uau
for iu result an undertakiuf of the United
States government not to disturb the new
Mexican luonarcny; auu in return iur urn as
surance, it is txliersu mat certain promises
were made by France in regard to the attitude
of that country toward tbo Confederate States."
We have no need to look lor Demscratio
comment on the above. Here ia what the
Boston Courier, a Republican paper, says :
"Without vouching for tha authority of this
painful rumor from abroad, we can only say,
it the Administration baa beeu so recreant to
its promises of moral support to tbs Uaxicau
national cause, its hitherto well detined policy
upon this subject, its professions of attach
ment to the Monroe doctrine, and the over
whelming popular sentiment of the conn try,
as to enter into such an arrangement with tha
uant of the French Emperor or even tacitly
to encourage such an understanding it has
much lo answer for, and will meet on every
hand a spontaneous outburst ol popular in
dignatjou. We cannot serve Qod aud Mam
mon; and if the American people are really
as they orofess to be, the frieuds of repablican
Mexico, and mean as its special guardians to
keep their noble ofinlineut intact Iroin Uia en
croachments of European despotism, as they
solemnly declared they would, it is palpable
treason in their Government to say it will not
resent or resist the violation of these well
detiiied principles, and aa act of dastardly
meanness and servility, for it to encourage
such foreign interference by pleading that the
couutrv is uot in a condition to resist it. The
people desire to know Ida whole trutn in
regard to Oeneral Foray's intercourse with
the Qovernment at Washington, and in regard
to auy negotiations with Frunce touching the
Mexican question, which may bare given rise
to Ibis .uropean scandal.
Another Oath Suggested.
Cougress and tlie State Legislature have
latterly employed UiituiHelveH in devising
oaths, for all public officers, to the effect
that they have uot borno arms against the
Federal Government, and will, so long as
they remain in office, support Lincoln's
Administration, right or wrong. We
sut'ircst another; yh: Let the incumbent
be sworn that he has not ftolen or em
bexglcd any of the' pulilio funds, am
that, whilein office, lie will refrain wholly
from grsnd or petty lareeny. This latter
oath is really mine essential to the public
well-lieing than the first.
It is a fact that the only Northern man,
since the war began known to have given
valuable information to the Confederates
is Mr. Hiuvitv, a ltepnblicen, anil now
Lincoln's minister to Portugnl. It is also
a fact that the ouly persons in the North
kuewn to have furnished materials of war
to tho Confederates, are Republicans
pAl.usa, Collector Biuuxv's Clerk, and
Chairinau of the New York Republican
Central Committee. . Lincoln promptly
mit llllli U Hilar r eJUiail UrOUUUtt.
shield biw from urosecutiou foi bis crimis.
Important from Knoxville.
Danger to Kast Tennessee and Kentucky
[From the Cincinnati Gazette, January 29.]
At lenslti we have full aud definite intelli'
geuee irnia Kuoxrille, thrcugh a letter from
d 2(lh intt lMntnai it u,,. djj
advance, and on Hundar week there was a se
vera cavalry light, in which w lost one huu
red and fifty. The enemy's loss was also heavy.
Substqueuily, the eueuiy mured dowu Ui
llandndge ruad, seemingly with the intention
of Hanking Knoxville. Our forces, under
General Kturgis, led hack lo Kaoxville, but
again cnnied the Holston river and moved
toward Sevierville, which is sixteen miles
Southeast Irom Knoxville. (leueral Uranger
Was moving in tha same direction, and the
Snemy being in force, a battle was believed lo
be pending on tlie 2uth, when osr correspond
ent dispatched his letter. It had been satis
factorily ascertained that Longstreet bad re
ceived re-enlorcemeula from Virginia, some of
tha prisoners biken on Sunday, being fresh
from Richmond. c There was much anxiety at
Kunxville ou the '20th, and a panic among the
citizens, many of whom were proearing puss
es lor the North. Longstreet occupied all the
foraging ground, where anything was to be
bad. This was important to him, but hardly
Icnas to us. The enemy, it will be observed
by looking at the mun, have pressed our forces
back, practically lo Knoxville, and there was
dancer ol auother sieo, lor which it is 10 be
ft ared are not well prepared. Longstreet,
however, will have diHiculty in maintaining
his forces before Knoxville for auy great
leii'Mlml time. I luring tlie lormer siege , he
had railroad comiuuuicalioiis with Hragg's
army. Now his nearest railroad point
HriHlol, which is about the same Cislauce
Irmu knoxville, a it is Irom Knoxville to
Chattanooga. The latter is really the base of
supplies lor our Nashville forces, while Uristol
l.oucstrcel s baso. ' In Ibis respect both
parties are nliout even, with tho exception
that Lorpstr-et commands the only valley
where forage is to be had. Whatever may be
the result of this last movement of the ene
my, and we do not apprehend any thing very
erious, frnni Ilia fact that formidable military
operations at this seanon are impracticable:
but whatever may be the result, we say, it is
pparenl that the salety ol Hast I onnetase
and Kentucky, requires thai Longstreet be
driven Irom that country at an early day.
Another View of the Tax Question.
., . tlon. ; ..
Messrs. Editors: I see you have a cor-
respoadent by the name of PtKNil.tsa. It is
to be hoped that you have aot many tubteri
hert of the same style. I bave no doubt that
Mr. Pkknii.ess is honest in his "views on the
tax questiou," and there is no doubt that he
is entirely disinterested one way or the other.
He will be no better nor no worse off, wheth
er the county foots bills to tlie amount of a
million, or escaies with a few thousand. But
that's not the case with all of us.
1'or my part I am opposed to settling the
private account he refers to, I object also to
paying' the hotel bills of "our soldiers a loj
of fellows from Cheesedom and other out-
andish places, brought here and used to op
press the fathers, brothers, sons aud relatives
of the brave men in the field fighting the
armed enemies of onr country. If an
dent 'bappeued to Lieut. - McLian's pants
while in the. discharge of services to the sweet
and innoceut darlings of tha loyal league, it
is as little as the lesgue could do to have them
well washed iu raturn. I know plenty of them
that would gladly have done the service with
the greatest delight.
I am still more strongly opposed to allow
ng Keith's liquor bill Penniless says it
wil not overrun one thousand dollars. I say
he knows nothing about the' capacity of Ma
jor Keith for liquor. He was a perfect
sponge; a sand hank; a bottomless reservoir-
a very sea for the recaption of every river of
whisky that run in bis direction. ' Let the loy
al league, which assisted in his potations, foot
tha expenses of their special favorite. Whatl
Shall they present bini flags at the court
house; praise him to tlie skies in the daily
press; ride, drink, sleep and get drunk with
him, and then oh, shame turn their backs
upon bis little accoants incurred by him for
the creature comforts of this world? The like
was never heard of before.
Let me say one tiling: J( the Democracy
of Dayton ever bring to their city a band of
soldiers to run down, imprison and iron the
loyal league as traitors and abolitionists, if
we keep "our soldiers at the public hotels,
and should gat so low down as to present flags
to a second Major Kutu, or any other orear
ture like him, depend upon it we will pay our
little hills, and won't ask the poor devils to
divide the cost with us. ,' ' , ,,
That's my platform now, Whoever wants
to dance, ought tii throw in to pay the fiddler.
The alKilitiouists have had their dance, aaa1
The strange coincidence of the tissss is the
resolution introduce I iuto the Senate to ex
pel Uarrett Davis, of Kentucky, who himself
one year npn introduced a similar rssolutioi
to expel Ins colleague, sir. roweii. r.M
And if, a year or so hence some on
ahull introduce, a resolution to expel Sons.
tor Wujson, jt will be another strange co
incidence, but a vary . duairuble one, aud
withal, quite coneistiHit with the history
of times like these.
The Vallandigham Fund.
The amount ol money racaived by the Stat
Central Committee, at Columbus fur Uia Va
landighaui fund, this week, is two hundred
and sevsuty-uiue dollars auu tainy uuu.
IMquirer, ,.
iKsyln the Missouri Legislature a member
I LiV IU lie 11 UI AMCU umm Janu
. i aaI. .,. h.xiiuh hi nrMiim.iiii,.
a. A II.... I. o u..nl.ai an itasiai
remarks. "
By Telegraph.
Wsbhinuton, Jan. 28. Uouss A general
conversation ooeurred, with a view te coming
lo an agreement concerning the considera
tion of the enrollment bill.
Selisuck said it was necessary tha bill
should puss early, to resist any desperate and
wild attempts which tha rebels might make
against us.
The House re-considered the vote by whish
the enrollment hill was referred to Uia Ooni
mittae of the Whole, bv 10(1 to 41.
. The bill then came before tha House, but
farther consideration was postponed until
Monday. . , ,
' Sinte Conness reported back, with
amendment, the bill to amend the homestead
act. The amendment was adopted, giving
benefits of the bill to persons in the naval
Clark addressed the Senate on Davis' ex
pulsion resolution.
Mr. Qarfield advocated the forfeiture of the
personal and real estate of rebels.
The joint resolution of the West Virginia
LegieluUira, praying for legislation relative to
navigation of the Ohio river, was referred.
The pension bill was taken up and passed.
The bill amending the homestead law was
A resolution was adopted, inquiring of the
President what steps have been taken to exe
cute the laws relative to the colouization of
Africans in Uayti, Liberia eta.
A petition from citizens of Wisconsin
praying that the reciprocity treaty he modified
to prevent the Importation of lumber Irom
Canada, was relerred.
The resolution to expel Senator Davis was
taken up '
Mr. Clark thought the Senate was bound to
accept Mr. Davis' disclaimer of intention of
inciting insurrection, and hoped Mr. Wil
son's resolution would he withdrawn.
Mr. Foster would vote against expelling or
censuring Mr, Davis, hut found grave fault
with Mr. Davis' resolutions. Messrs. John
son, Howard aud Fessenden followed.
Mr. Wilson reiterated his love for free
speech, free press, free men, free country, and
free world, and after a few remarks relative
to the resolutions of Mr. Davis, with his dia-
laimer becoming a farce, withdrew bis ex
pulsion resolution. j , v
The bill to encourage enlistments was dis
cussed by Mr. Johnson. Adjourned till Mon
day. .....
New York, January 28. There was some
excitement in Panama when the Champion
left A British Catholic clergyman bad been
brought before the Prefect, and had a crimi
al suit entered against him for performing
mass tor a lew persons in a oolit. 1 an mat
ter is likely to caase trouble between Mew
Orenada and Knsland. An snesgement oc
curred in the State of Antioqna between the
government torces aud some 4uu conservatives.
the latter were routed.
WisHiNOTox, January 28. The following
bar been received here :
Chattanooga, January 28. To General
Hallack i Colonel Boone, with a force of
450 men of the 2Blh Kentucky mounted
fantry and the 4th Michigan cavalry, attacked
aeamnof Home Guards, Colonel Culbertson
commanding, and routed them, destroying
their camp and a considerable number of arms
and other property, and retired to their camp
wunoui any casuauues in uis lurce. iiuuii
aton's brigade ol Roddy's command, crossed
the Tennessee river at Bainbridge, intending
to make a junotionwith a brigade of infantry
who were expected to cross . the river at
Lamb's and Brown's Ferry and then proceed
to Alton's to capture our forces there. We
engaged them, killing fifteen, wounding a
large number, and taking someot them pris
oners, among them three commissioned offi
Our is ten wounded
GEORGE H. THOMAS, Major General.
Cxiao, January 28. The steamer Isabel
and Empire city come out of the Mississippi
river to day. . t he steamer L,qiene anna .at
Craw lord 'a landing in sixteen feel of water,
but can be raised. Her tit was barges and
safe. The steamer Starlight was sunk at Hang
ing Dog Island, but can be raised and most
ot her fit saved. Two or thre barges belonging
to the above boats were lost. Damage not as
New Yoag, Jan. 29. The steamer Austra
lia, from Liverpool 16th, P. M , and Cjueens
towa 17th. arrived here this morning.
The Government investigation into the ease
of the rebel privateer Rappahannock, late
war steamer Victor, resulted ia proving cer
tain olticiala at Bbeernass guilty of gross nag
lect of duty and violation of tha neutrality
law. Toe Government determined to prose
cute the principal offender, Rumblo, principal
engiuaar aaa iuapacuic-oi waeuiuary, ass
was brought before the magistrates and bound
over in heavy bend. No- proceedings yet
against others.
The ease ol the y am pern, seized on ciytle,
had been transferred to the Cour' of ttesnions ,
aud would shortly be debated.
The steamer Germsnia, from Southampton,
took out several heavy siege guus of large
calibre, for the Federals.
Three persons were summoned to Uia
erpool police court on the 16th, charged with
enlisting lor the rebels. ' Only one appeared,
and denied his complicity. He was bound
over to appear.
The Government prosecutor and defendant's
counsel denounced the case as one of the
merest trumpery ever got up, and condemned
the Federal espionage. ' i '
The King of Deuuark bad made a brief
speech, nUliiing biwsell to deumd Danish
right "I " , . . o i j
Austria aud Persia had takaa slatis in tha
dial wiib paoiiia ksadaaaf. .
Opposition speeches ia tha corps legislatiff
bad given rise lo alarming ruuiora in Paris
111 was stated tha Emperor was greatly offend-
I sari 11. ex raw aWaafaa avxfliaw tlimsPai isff B nftatlltilA
I - , w. . - r
Mtm-i U-,ti ,
i ''" aheaper under heavy arrivals.-,
steady. Bacon in fair demand at fur
alight advance. Lard again 6 pence.
Ureadstuns dull and declined.
Nk Yost, January 29 The llrralds
Washington dispatch says Oeneral Pleasan-
is to be chief of cavalry bureau, and Oen
Averill to command cavalry corps in the
Army of f otouiac.
1 be Herald I army dispatch tne Znth, re
ports that 130 deserters came in our lines in
one squad on Wednesday, including picket
i rUi.TiuoRE, January 28. The Senate and
House to-day passed the Convention, bill.
both bills are almost identical, lhey provide
for taking the vote on the question of calling"
Convention, and for the election of delegates
on the sixth of April, in case the Conven
tion signifies its approval, it ia to meet on the
3tth of the same month.
New Yoac, Jan. 29. The TVituns has a
Japan letter of December 1st, confirmatory
if the tact that satauroa bad ottered to pay
$75, Wirt indemnity lor tho murder of the
hngliHhmnn Kichardson, but a number of davs
had passed without any being forthcoming.
It was supposed the tycoon would be the par
really making payment
the reiiiio oovernment has promised to
pay lt.uuti pounds lor bring into the Ameri
can steamer Pembroke, by the Prince of Ne
gate. - A
Ft. Monroe, Jan. 28. The Raleigh Stand
ard says Gov. Vance has tendered the seat in
the Coulnderate Senate made vacant by Mr.
uavis, lo iron, vv . a. urauani.
1 be Ralegh .State Journal says the stars
and stripes were toasted at a supper given on
Christinas evening in that city, at which Hoi-
len, ol the frtaiuiant, reumnstoii. of the
Progress, and Gov. Vance were present.
Ijate numbers ot the fetersburg Expresi aud
llaleigh Jtegister comment on such proceed
ings at the very capital of the State.
Warhinuton, January 28. Colonel Cobb of
Wisconsin has presented to tha Honaa two
memorials asking for the impeachment of
Judge Millar, of that State. The matter is
to be fully investigated by the Judiciary Com
mittee, to whom it has been referred.
New Yonic, January 29. The Heralds
dispatch from the department of West Vir-
una, dated Zolh, gives a report, believed to
e untoiinded, ot a large rebel force approach
iug Petersburg, Hardy County.
Wishinotov, January 28. Secretary Chase
has promulgated an order removing the
stnetinna on trade in Missouri and Kentucky,
provided no products or goods shall be taken
Irom them iuto any insurrectionary Htate or
port except in compliance with the regula
tions of nepteniber 11th, lsb.l. Restrictions
on trade into and from other States, especially
on the Mississippi, Ac, will be renewed when,
in the opinion of the President, it is found
compatible with military nocessity for the sup
pression or ine reDeiuon.
Leavenworth, January 27 Tha Lower
House ef the Legislature adopted an amend
ment making St Joseph the aasteru terminus
of the fee i he Kailroad.
Twelve hundred colored troops bave re en
listed as veterans.
A personal qnarrel is going on between
Secretary Amy and Chief Justice Benedict, of
rew Mexico.
Cincinnati, January 29 General Roae-
crans left last night for St. Louis.
I he ofticera ol the sanitary paid over 20,-
000 to the Commission, making in all 220,-
000. '
The 45th Pennsylvania arrived here yester
day. About twenty-five Indiana Regiments have
St. Louis, Jan 28. lieu. Grant has ac
cepted an invitation to a public dinner ten
dered him by a large number of prominent
. The 1st Misseari Cavalry, 900 strong, have
nearly all re-en listed as veterans.
Tha Missouri river Is rising slowly, with
ery indication of a speedy break up. Tha
Mississippi is supposed to be open to Cairo,
but no boat baa yet some up. Several are
load iug hers for Southern porta
" The steamers Luzerne aud Sunshine were
uuk by iae at Crawlord's Landing, near Cape
iirardean. Loss unknown.
Dayton Market.
DAYTON, January 29.
riARSIlMAN'S FLOUR Mad wheat,
wholesale 6 00, retail 6 00.
WHEAT $1. 25.
CORN H0(i)85. '
OATH fill.
RYE 1 IlK.ul 15
- BARLEY t 45.
HAY Timothy 22 00 per ton.
SUGAR l4tolC ...
.CHEESE. 14lfi.,' "
BEANS Par bushel tl 03 00.
. EGGS 2n(ip0 per doz.
...TEAS 1 OOfiiA CO.
HICK H(o)llr per Hx '
BUTTER 2u(.i)30. . . ,
New York Market.
N Yobk, January 29, Cotton very
dull and heavy. Flour five a ten higher and
in bettor demand u 9ls7 05 for extra State
1 1 74(.$7 85; for Round Hoop Ohio. Wheat
a sliudia firmex and in good demand 61 5'
Ohiago spring; 645 for Milwaukee club,
4d(,i5S for Wikler Bed .Western; 670U
for Amber Michigan, tha latter for ; choice
i Cora heavy; 1 25 I 20. for store. Gets
e. lower b5(BC. Pork shade firmer I 50
(U 6S old; 1 new mesa. Lard
firmer i((gJJ Whisky Miami unsettled
, . T Q a. . j ,1
Nw loax. January Blocks auu,
ILL nil.
aasyi and steady. Muney in fair dsmaod i
seven per cent Sterling nominal United
Slates sixes .at . 81. . Erie 01. New
York Central 1311. Heading 1 1H.
Gold I 67. Coupons' 29: Harlem .
One year certificates 98J. . . , . ,
'. F. ShaUer.sl luii reni'lcwa, is Xeaia, Ohio, Mr. I.
UUtuX loMS InL, BMd.allul uraeM county. ,
RTUTHMAW la this oily. llDUSrV 5. Kim Jsus.
wife i. O. HlutsmsD, la the nh year ol Iwrags.
It was har4 lo part with ti4. Nona knew hsr bat
to lore, and those who kaaw her best loved ber mosl.
It was traly a sad atroks to as all. But to hlr to
wliom shs )aJ pledgtJ her lova only about flfto
mouths sinoo. oothiog but tha Christian's hope can
give eunsotaiioa. And .may that Us tha true balm lor
liaabauJ, mother, brothers and friends In their s4
bareavemnan ' - ' -; I,.1
Hair Restorer.
annual: tour.
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tuifl UlmM-limK-.r (huUair.Ht Mm FH ILL) Pa flt)U8H
Monra lor t'nrtwiiiwnnn ror utmurmen, from nine A.'
M. to on P. M. anil nnven to urn P. M. Liulir. two
till flv P. M ConnnltiUion trtt Profaytteor lMiin't '
cxtennive lalioralury jn tf to ravaga., ftrMl, AliDy,
63 a 85 riillL ST-
MUUsiarv Ooeds
Otoxas am Baawu,
piaoawutt, rAlt.1141. ,0 I
T are now prepared lo oflar lor your lnp ctfoa.
V V a lance nnu ciipkhdi bum'P oi ialu
ICS, QIIStWK, ftbll
ohildran'a straw, rur, uluiih auil Rtlt -
Laccs.llead Dresses UcltiBgs&c
' ' InriildioR every denorlpboh ol "'
hillinert noons.
Our kiralkes lor maautaoturki(
Cloaks, Sacques.Mantilas
Prom all thDw hbnm. rm mioh fltnta oafi apply
Otin luwor rtmo you twi. them Ii era. Our
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Comprlaa al wis anveliiea in aoln wireko and domas-
Our hnvar beina annaaiiav k Hew York. all
oHr ril 6uwl Iu our line allov rat market pares lor
'A salt, feofttre purehaahig elseakere, wMI renrt to
yoar auyaiiiHe."
' tlKVOU CO.,
selT SSand si Pearl street, QmuunaU.
Millinery. Skirts.
H O O Pi , 8 Kd R T 8 i
n oop s ic i n .x a ,
We pay particular aitADtisM to tha Quality of our .
tnatHrlal auJ una ouly Out tHt Euglmh steal.
We repair all Uie.kirU wluoli w M l.wnboutaxCn,
a.uur retail department ia in charge or competent
I ft I !.. Uorneta auU fclpiral UunUwi nouaUntly on -liaiui.
Bold wholesale and retail At No. 997 .fecund ilreet,
Daytoo. , , i r r -. jaadly
Andrew Vf alngsrtner,
mail M. Mt, Wulua MaikM Unn,
Pealtir ia ,
Fresh Meats.HamsSausage.&c.,
Alvraya on nand, of uh-oit-e No. 1 atoek, MilfkUm '
ON the rtUi dav of Jauuarr, 4.11. 1SU4, Hie uuiler
hilfued waa apoluled aud qualiSed Siliiiiaialra
tor of Hie entHle nt ftluiKrel UeblMrt, Itaa. .at ml.-
Komery county, Ohio, dM:eaed.
Marv lan Brisllt, Admhillntnx ol Win! biltfhPs "
chImUi, Plwiilill. agaiUMl JuaaM HeslUy, UeleoJut.
Helure Joint Burnett, Jiifctute ol tHe Preoe of Je.
I,.roo loantliip, Mow-n)ry fuuuia amouat
rlaiiaed SUA 7'. - . . 1 .
ON tlwlsoiday WJaaiwy.lBM.aaidJuaileeiMuea
an order ol AUeulinieul in Uia auove autota ler .
tile kiim ul one hundred and llftrea dollars aud sev
euly Uva Oeuu. - Unae w for healing oa tint Site aa a
of Man-b, laot.atsu'aluik A.M. . ..
jiiau.ll' ... MAUVJANI BBWHT... I -'
Legal. Meat Market.
rnili anderalsnod woaid reaprcllully
i J J. liuorin hiH old etiaUjiaeia aud lite
ptthllu geluirally, Utal lia alauyklera ouly ,
' 1 ' of kla. 1 alouk. aud. auiarttualaujiui.
Hoe. tl sell Mood beaf aleaka kk aixlllveula; Sm3
ttnalily al aeveu aeula, and aoiip-uieale al Sia uaula
pouud. Ike pulaivare Iavittd to aivekiuiataiU.
, , .....a'aKll. KcaaUT, klltk auteet,
dt-Ml t,Mi,ile Watl'a aL.ra. ,.
Leather Store.
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r-ISI'S eoD4uolyna had all kiRda Rl iMSuar.
iia-baiiuie ifppuri aip;oairid'U,aud atufoi.-uo,
liarueaa aud tiiidla lea Iter: altue Mkii liuu: Ml
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(-faifcar Is !' 'outfit. auidsj , ,

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